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Daily Nashville union. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1862-1862, June 17, 1862, Image 1

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NO. 57
N(, 6 COU,rB 6TREKT.
', few Moch Jimi received and for Kale
, low to riose out Con iimentu.
OHM WM- r'olt.for falo by
-JJ apt C
connok & rmo.
boxi-s SALT, for sale by
CON'NOn & P.I to.
V; " fiiit iioi-K. rr ea!o by
1 PU a,. 8
' " C bb'n. -al OIL, lor Kile by
connor & nr.o.
S " ball bid. Coal OIL, for iule by
t i rf doziTi KHOO.M.M.ror silo by
f f -)U l CONNOR A URO.
j f boxrn SOAP, for dale by
OCii HTAwJU, foe sale by
p 8
1 cheat 4 TEA, for Bale by
) tmlfcheeuTEA, Tor sale by
f ) cad u s TKA, for iale by
Z apt
y1 i'A boxes Ycoat I'OWDKR3, for sale, by
r cults SODA, for salo by
A ap s
ji MATCHES, for sale by
11 boios Htar CANDLES, fitr nilo by
I t boxes COrKkK, fur atUo by
j apt
4 ijj bbts. VINEOAK, (rsale by
5 , : ip CONNOR A BRO.
1 kit! SALMON, fir salo by
i r 7,.ip8
, - 4tll MACKlUlKL.for sale by
I iU IIKHKINO, lor Halo by
.Its RHAl),Pr sulo by
I apt
bbli. TROUT, for salo by
Bps (,w.le.wi A ihw.
bblg. M ACKKKKL, for sale by
it.li. CIDER, for suit) by
Ml boxes driul HURINU, for situ by
fl - ' f, .v-v,o k. Tin's
looxes Dried bculed, for Halo by
p (j uwiM'n ss ev
il keirs NAILd, for sale by
it ai8
bbn Oi unlio l b Jgiir, for salo by
,,, Ci-NNOR A BRO.
r: imirH MKAI.. for mile by
bbis FLOUR, lor sale by
1 oaks HAMS, fur aalu by
' ap 8
Uciiaii SIDKri, lor alo by
4 ' hii R
Tibia Uiio I'Ol'ATOl'Ji, lor milo by
up 8
, hours 'rr.-ah Oar.i.-u tKF., for i.Io by
?.u M. IS, lor Full) by
llrHS I H'lVllflWl ii.tii.i,biiiip
' u,,i if CiHi.lH. winch wa will close out low. at
I lfMJ u lfl. u lur.ru ii.Lllt ill!
t 1 ttllU'l, NO. D ulingei.reri.
i ... .var t. IIAIllITI IllklVd
lo, 13 f CoiHinercUI Street.
Wr build,' -WOjJSA INJTJJ 0 U 1 S
I 'fUHilar Attention Riven to all
I niieiii; also, to tlie purcli ' l Produce ou
Jjiuuuil iijian'rn uriois, or iui" .
T r Orooorii's, &o.
iiicvnM : Baldwin A Do.M,Pt. Uuli : Colllna,
inij. S J Muirarcn. I'blladul-
i'Voo Uard' Uu'Uon A 'o., Biwlon ; I). D. Ryne
aTURRBAV, tl.a iltlh PA V OF JUNK, 18fl-
f ill oxihw to puhlio aiilo.to lli biKb't bbldor,
Si, at (lie uiri in.u-.in ""j .
1 KlltO WAN.uame HRisTOfHitii, Hid ab x.t
.... J .... Il, Tirclln r V II Jo in tt . XIT
f H I Kalu in v ha'uilH, In favor of J.
i'l.K Bll'l millicr m v"W vii...-.j
SnA' VriTi'ii'iws". l"t J"'1" W. Mrlin
..u"' T. u . i.. u iiIliu ilia imoal hours.
.lilV " .. . r I -ul.,,irl
nw.. ..,
itd J. M. lll.Yl'oN, bbarilT,
AND uiiir.n.-.
1 .i'ft..Ti., i.r,1:,rv4, In'iJ, cutiUod aa Act
' the Bale f vlnoiia, rpoliuoua, or inUx
VuorH. &u., wil l..-r. 'f. r 1... rmidly enforced
.1 r ' ' jno. Ml 1,11 hMl Ul, Mayor.
1 j "re.MayVI, Imu. if.
10 WW, IO ' '" ". "7
41 alarat btreet
i but wo i in jnll
t thr (Juan . Juno (iih. mvi. a oe-
v txrt the ben utts to
1 T.'miii. had klrl la
i l.roilina- thi two '""" c" "u
) iTOilin W,lu0,j,nbau.ii
A biw WO"
j . ed to eoma f-rward,. prove
I . ' ' U1...IH -... 1. H... ..t II. fl.
t ,""'. - -
Committed to Jail
'",D V'" I-1. l K-v. hu lielollllS to
uVctpper color i Mimll .car uu.ir corner
r,, .tad t . ' i.u forward, prov.
' , . il, Li w dH.e'K.
iuu lyi ''!.- j M im,iN,
iltTanl janor oi w. v.
I5aavc and EiOyal
Second Tenncsseo Eegiment of In-
ADI.E BOIUF.O HI N will be nrdved In th-ig BckI
itii nt. now rai'lly fllliric up, at 11 adquartoj s.
No. nnrlli Market slrm-t.
Ilruvo an I hr-i-io conduct will alwavi roi'fdv pro-
mol I jii. NMilw r pains nor ei -Jie will b '' ed to
rnaWc it cm of tin l't rekiiTits In t!' Sirvice.
Pay, ilil'lcen dollura jwr m mill, liicimluig every
tiling. Bounty
$100 and 1GO AcreHoI.aud.
ThoHD w ho desire to raise companb t will please ap
ply as above.
(iniel-lw Colonol.
New Millinery CooJs, wUich tbey oflor to tliu
Tfiide at low prices.
Their Mock coiiltn or limes' ana misics' rine
Lc(linrn, Kii(5llh1' 'pbt and (ipatra ilat; Children's
and Infants' Tin baua and Orloiss; KngHxh and HwIks
Straw and a variety f Iloiiuetn; Black and While I acts
and Buckram Crowned Frames; also, a lurje assort
ment of
Bonnet and Trimming Ribbons,
Including Buffs, all widths j New Vlowcrg, Ruches
Wreaths, 'pn Nt, Tulle, Turletan, Crown Lining j
jiiacjK aii'i i nun tuK1 i.o " i i.i mic, ""o . um-u
adino Veils' and a variety of Boiiuut and Mantilla
Kilks, Ac, Ao.
No. 16 Public Square.
T VTIH MUBl'IIY liavo also ro
I i n.i'Kiui.il it-ao I u.im.lu nf IjhIiu' lit nllnnifn'sl
ut.il M.uiia) Iljwa mwioa rimtor KH titter J JfeiV nf
vcy dcscriptloD hhiI stylo, Builaliln I t City and
touiitry irmio, wiin ii uvy unor wuuioh;iiu mm ro
tail, low, lor Cash. June3-2w
Market Jfo. 36 Street.
Have just received a large Stuck of
n n spuw.
Vfia sLiaS iii Jii sLaJ IW-
Hoots and Shoes,
IlatP, Stationery, T7rngs,
. Nail.4, and Dye-Stuffs,
SALT, in IJarrclR,
SALT In Ui'g?,
Which we offer to the public for
PI I'll AS .
I; i
COUNTRY Merchants would do well to c&'l upoa
V US,as wa can mi meir wooie out iruiu our hiock.
All Current Southern Funds Tuken nl Tar.
june 8-tf.
HAVE now In store
Blue Cloths and Doeskins,
For Army aud Navy Orduis j
FIVK 0-4 roKJKIVS, (K.'Kiilation Jl '!c;) YKMXiW
SCAKLKT, CU1MSON and l.llilir UlUll.N tl,uilis
atsn, A Ft i.i iim or
H and 6-4 l!LCK lMrMiN3 aim iiis.a C.11.-7;
For sale at the lowest market prices. may30-lm
Claims Against tho U. States.
A LI KS A. 1IAI.I. will sttend to the collection of
'1 ctnims tixaiiiHl any of the Unite I Stales autlea l
t:es oithor here or at Waahintjtou. He may be found
at the Sewanee lloean.
Nashville, June 1-0", liU.
7antcd to Rent.
NEATLY H'KNISII ED HOUSK, contalnlnn four
2. nve. S'X. or seveu rooms Needed lor several
inoulbs, and will be well Ukeu care of by a Kcntlo
lii.u and l ii. A riatoublu r ut will be paid for
houiio of aln va dew rlptieu pleuNtutly situuttd. Ad
diivKi. w itb pai liuuUrs,
MivSl tf 1UH67 K. tl., Nafh villa.
i TOI.KN'. from 11 Ill'l.tlUlRANO, .! Her, on I n
O b,n sireel. UN K I'AfKVf I.I.VIll K.S(il.lll
til d.ll W ATI II. iiianuf.u'tiin d by Jno. ,l,.lmion l i v
erHHd. Tho W.ilcti H of "mill six-, U'" while d .il
loraved on the 111-I ' ' m ujmi, 110111 111
L.tll'T III llH( ye.ir lh.l.; oil ino eumiue eutrnn
"ll iKACa IUtUkK." I lie sNif'i Ken.ir I will be pi
(or auv li.l rrni itixu that n.y 1 al lo the leit.v.rf 11
the pi'.ipe.ty. 11. H. 11 AN MI K
I- i.l-ni'e Jourtial please copy to the ami. 01 i J.
HRattontlon of cltiiens, atrarrrH, and others vis-
Itini N'iHhviIle, r-otiirinsr uiednlul aift. Is reject.
ful'.y.c.illed to tins o:Hon, No. 21 t .-HiltTicli r tre.el, tiec
ond Uoor, between Cherry and the S(nare.
Dr. U01.EMAH Is an old nraclillonor of medicine; hit
almoiit uuUmiled fxrienco and (I itte.-mtf klh-k.
for niiiny yeiirs ia.it, in the In r.tineiil ol i-kivjits Inn
saiw, h is iiidiired him to devoto hu undivided aiteii-
lion to all diHcuxen .of thi. nilnro. Many caKes of
the most Invetorato character have promptly yielded
to bin improved metliod of treatment.
l'rimary, Secondary, Tertmrv and HiTeditiry Hyph
.t, ill.... il .1 I....... ..I ........
and urinary nrgan, meet with no remHtance to Inr
A I fenmli) irr!fiiInrili'H and fu:ictliinnl Isdernnre
mimui i ttf-Wmiili, i l tiia iiiBeiyj arifniit; l.uui
(ntnition and ill inanee-l p;-.rl nril ii'ii.
Every cash of Kedociiile Knptnre, and 01 riies.ano
'roliimiig of the Rectum, and in"it caxes of i'mlula,
cn be cnrnd by a process nearly palnleas. if either
of ti.o latter c.aaea Is nnderVikeu bv Or. Colemnn. a
Cure Is intvtrial'ly warrantvi, ax a careful eximiuatic"!
ways p u-senlH the noeew.iry Indicuiinnn or iwxtit or
faihtrr.by his Improved method of operalinir.
i rHons of eitncretx anidyintf In person or by letter
('loHoribinir caw) an the Orst symptoms of any acute
rjiecitlc diieaae.un ba cured, In nioet caaos, by thf
aoortiva mnthod, In forty-eiKhl liners.
Strict eonlidenno, prompt attention, and moderate
Chares, will govern him with bis patrons.
" No mercury used In the treatment or trnrrea
dvMojrs, aa he believes (in most cases) It. produces
worse disease than mat It is given to euro.
OUlce hours from elzht In the morning till Din.) Is
tbeeveniug. Jan 10, 'O'i-ly
United States of America:
WHEREAS a libel or laformatlou was filed with
in and for the lli ldlo lii.lricl of Tennesaee, at
NitshVllla. on the VOth ilny of May, A 0 , IStiJ, by
John Trimble, Ksq., Attorney for the United Su es
for the Middle Diatrict of Teiiuussew, w ho prosecutes
herein on behalf of tuo United SI ilei, iiKiiunl a cer
tain l ot and t lio Uui (IniLM t ereon, situutod Ironling
ob Mario t Street. 1 1 the City ol Na.sliv4Ho, known ax
Kills Si Moore's rout dry and M ichine Sin p, Katt of,
B'ei near Broad street, in tho City of Nashville ; also,
aQ tho macbioory, tools, Hxtures aud lmp euients
sndiniliTi.il coLiiected with nail lt andsoi.nlry
ai d filcbins ."ho and lluildinir, for reasons hi (t
causes In said libel ol iulorinnti'iu meiitioued, aud
praying process attain it the said properly, that the
same be condemned as fi Tf lied.
Now, therefore. Ifi pursuance of the monition, under
the seal of Bind Court, to me directed and delivered , I
do betcby Kive publlu notir to all persons claiming
sai l 1 ropcity or In any manner interested therein,
that they l and appear helore 8 ml . ir uil U.urt, to
be held at Die City of NashvlJc, In and for said Dis
trict on the UOlU day of October, 18fi2, at 10 o'c'ock in
the foieiocn of that day, then and there to interpose
tlr ir claims, aud t tnaku their aliivalions In that
bebalf. K. K. OI.ASMK K,
Jims 14, 1SG2. Ut. U. S. Mursual, II. D. T.
United States of Aineriea:
WHEREAS; libel of iiifonnallen was filed within
and for tho Middle District of Tcuuhsk.-c, nt
NmhvlUe on tlin 2nd t'ny of Jm.e, A. 1)., IWi, by
John Trmhln, Kq., Attorney lor tho United States
lor tho Middle limiilot ol leiinenxfe, Who seenoetitos
lien in on beha f of the Unite! Stales, nKaim-t certain
pro etty, viz: a curtain Lit, situated near the Soiiih-
cast comer ol Uroad aud Front streets, iu the City of
Na li villi) . bemu tuo next Iott) tho corcrr lot ufo'e-
iid ( n which c rn T lot is situated, the IlraKS roun
dly of B. Cole ; faid lot front tin on Front streit ruu
Uiiig bui!l towards Hie river, iliei co ne'irly aradel
t liie liver, and tli' n e buck 1 1 Front i ti 1 et , the cor
ner of sidd lot on Front sttuet f.irlliest fn'ru Kmail,
beinir opposite a Fiuall Ubicasuiitli's shop, Mi1u.1t d on
the ether S'de of Front street; and u so, uil Iho llul'd-
iiiK on s 'id lot, and also a I the Uxtun s, machinery,
ton s, inipl' iiilis and mat r al- of every d. hi rii ii 11
c uiiu'hm w ill s 1 d 1"! mid build in ; h .id hu Mine
ou slid lot hemp II. 11 li'iind'y "I one 1. M. I lent hu,
ami pniYir proci b iifainnt nid piopcity, that tho
Bam bo C II li'lllljcd II I I I ! 1 : I c 1 .
Now, llieioloio, 111 pursuucee of the rnnnition , un
der tin) seal ni Said Court, to loo tlitectcd and deliver
ed, 1 do hereby Rlvo public notice to al! persons
claiminu said properly, or 111 any muunor niton uteit
therein, that liny ba ui.d niipear bo ore said Circuit
Uomt, to he held al the city of Nailiville, la and for
said District, on the 20lli dav nf October, 184, at 11)
o'clock, iu tho forenoou of Unit day, then and there
to imoipoBP tht ir claims, mid to make tin ir alleya
lions in that behalf. E. R. tiLASCiM'K,
June 14, lHtiJ lit I'. S. Marshal, M. D T.
United Statc3 of America:
TS7IIKF.KAS. Inforn nlion w8 H'e.1 within and lor
? the M idillo M-triet nf Tennessee, al Nimuvilia,
on tl.o I'atli day ol' M iy A D., IHI',2, by John Trimble,
r riq. , Attorney or the liiil" d Mat- S ly llio ilidd.o
Dixtricl ol lenin khcc, who rnwecuti'S Herein en 1.1I111II
ol 1 he I into I Stall, ai;'iiuHt certaiu propei ty , v x : a
Lot situated ou the NorlU-cssl corner of (.berry Hireet
Hud Franklin sireel, iu South Naalivilie, and tho
buildings thereon ; the raid buiidlnK' recently erected
for tho purxe of preparing materials lor the niuiiu
lact ire of Giiiiiow ler ; also the 111 iclnui ry and tlx
tureH oeinei t-d with Bald eolalillslmieiit, ruylux pro
cess aaiiiHl the same, that It be cu Jriiu,. an tor.
Now, therefore, in pursuance nf the monition, un
der th seal of said Court, lo me directed uui deliv
ered, I do hereby givo pulilu; notice to all person
cl inning sai l pnp,rly,or in any maimer interested
thereiu, that tin' V he an I appear In fore said Circuit
Court, to be held at the Cuy of Ni.Khville, In a id for
said D ctr.ct, on I ho 1. Hi day of O. lobor, litti, at Id
o'clnt k in llin lori'uoou of that day, then mill there to
inlerKio tin Ir claims, and to nuk tln ir allei'idious
lu that behull. JK. ui.ahcx k,
jmo li-14t U. S. Marshal 11. D. T.
Stop tho Ilorso Thief.
1 "M FT V lilll T IBS ntlWAlin will he nuld for the an
1 prehensiou aud delivery of the man ami a Roan
itnitu iluit was slo'eu on Sunday u ilit , the 81I1 lnt ,
Ir )in the stable of John M. Vi uiKtead, livui In vt 11
II union county, six miles cant of Franklin. Tho
horse Is the property ol Mrs. Mary A. Patleroti 1 lo
lsadaik roan,7yirs old ; a k1 od Bagty Horse ; a
heavy tail, boldn it rather to one "lo ; trots ai I pa
Ces loierahly well, can im biuoeif quite gay, bis bend
u, ; he is uealy shod all round. He is very noted for
unhitching bmo-ell hen letl slauiling hitched. The
man who atole In 111 Is mippoeed to be a deserter from
the 1 ederal armv. He i a small man, soin't HI years
111 en, with bimliy head ; Intd ou a Hoped bat. Ho
baa been 111 the lu-Ubboi boial several wi-ek). lie
called liH uame Jofni Col man, but bis real name Is
Johu Cook, which will be found on bw blink. t.
1 lie above reward will be paid on lbs delivery nl
mi.l borne lo Mia. ilrv A. l uilernon, t u Miles noutii
of Naiihville. n ar the Nolei.Kvil'e I iiriin ke
N. ll.-v()S be belongs lo Ibe ft7ih or tmh Indiana
Kigiuielil. UAH 1 A. rAlTrKMI.
june 11-lin
Shigir'si Si wing Slarhlnc
SrApirf Alaeliin'., la goud mil. r, warrant' d, at
UoS Lli'.N tliii'.l'T.
piueS-lw I. J. KAUFMANN
C O J. JL, !
Ol BUSUFLS COAL, j i-l rudved
VF4l'V OU ( OI! ,'llliel t , Kill lor Bale.
order leli nt the aiM, C: tSI.il I .-.nA.l AN
('ill... I. if SI. l.-iS wi.l bo promptly a; led.
n,a4 U. 1). U!t iWr.V, -Iteiit.
glashrillc ?iiou. '
T i: ii 31 s :
IUiit U.vion, pr sniiini... 0)
" " " We-k, VI)
Pki-IVkkkit Umov, per aunnm, $5 do
Viikkit I'Miin, por aunuui fi 0J
Tlie Uississippi Eiver Opened,
(Co-rcspondciice of the Cincinnati Ca.nte.)
National Flotit.ia, Missrii'i-r Rivkr,
rll'IT RlVKR, )
df Memphis, V
t, Juuh 5. I
lx biuuc OF
Thursday Night
Fort Pillow rtA9 Fallen! The only re-
tnaiQing ftrongbold ot tho enemy on tLie riv
er tb. i much talked or ''last ditoh," nnined
sitor tne ce.i urau a tircu uic'T uirn-iell.
vbrre-the rebels have so long promised the
world they would die has nt lust been
liandoni'd- Another evacuation hua been
Htlded to their already lonjr list, rik! the
titiher ot Witters" i now virtually open
fl'om its source lo its moutb. A few minutes
n(.'0 we saw the lights of gleuminf? in the
dixlanca the last timo they will ever shine
on rebel mierule in that hot-bed of treason.
lv e to-roxrow's sua goi s down, tho doomed
city will be garrii-oned by Union troops;
a hundred guns will command its dusly
sti et ts; ilia "flair of the f ree heart's hope and
borne" will again float in its sultry Ireize;
too reign or urrcr inaugurated bv tne lead-
era of the bogus Oonfddiacy will know ii 1
no more torever, ami ma loyulistts there, If
th"re beanjcun giveuttcrauce to their long
stifled feedings, with no one to molest or
make them aliaid. Uut I aniicipnte.
Early last evening it became apparent
that the enemy were evacuating Fort i'illow.
13etwce.i 6ix and ftveu o'clock dense vol
umes of smokij were eeu riiug in the direc
tion of the Fort, nud as the shadows of thu
coming night began to thicken, they were
succeeded by ti;rce tunics which shot up
from n bundrtd dilfeiout points, above lh
tops ot ihe hlsrhest tiecs, biilhantly illumi
nating the scene in the- immcdiiile vicinity,
und leaving no doubt in the minds of those
on'the- flotilla that tho Immense barracks of
the enemy bad been fir.-d and abandoned.
Dm in tne cuDflarninui, Biuud twelve or lif
teen heavy discharges of artillery were
heard, and bd'tiro the evening was too f r
rdranced, smne o( the shut and shell from
these could be semi plunging Into tbj river
a s,hort distur.O) b'ilo tlie gunboats, and
M'lidiua; there bugo columns of spray in the
Bir. It needed no iiuusuui diviimlion to
comprthend ut a glanfte that bi.'fore abandon-
iu:r their woik-", the cuemy bad loaded iht-ir
guus, pointed tiiem up St earn ai d tlien np
pli.'d the torch to ihe r cat ii The de
sign ' f tliu was to keep th" (1 nilla nt n rs-
secte.lil i (ii-t tnoe until tbey could mako
good their i i-c ip .
Tne nigiit wore siw.iy slowly. All were
anxious to advance, but Iheoidurto do sj
wad not given till live o'clock this morning.
At that hour tlie flag ship Denton weighed
anchor aud siarted Iu tuo direcuon of the
fort, signaling die remaining gunboat.-! to
follow. On turning Cruigheud'a point, they
were not a little surprised at seeing the stars
and stripes already waving over ihe rebel
woik. It was afterwards learned that du
ring the night. Colonel Ellet, f tho rum
Heel who it will bi rem"inbered, acts inde
pendently of tho Flag (jffljer had moved
down the Hlrenm will) two or three ol his
boa!?, and finding uo enemy to dispute bis
paifngi;, had lmded ut tho Icrt aud hoi" ted
tlie banner of beauty on that fl .g-tad' where
the re-bul ensign hail so n cently wavtd. The
uct w is thought to bo rather discourteous to
the flotilla, Muno of the t fibers id which
matiil, sttd a liulo ill leeling, hut tb is soon
Wide away lu 'be general j y of the occasion.
l!y eiclit o'clock every visiel, diie:tly or
indirectly connected with the flrilla, was
riilnrat tha fort or iu motion toward it.
The gwnboals were huddled together iu the
stream; the tugs were i-eretmhig and bust
ling about as if they had never before had
ou i to so much buniui;ss to attend to: t ioam-
munition bouts the Great Western, black as'
night, and the Judgo rorrcncn, exactly the
reverse were lazily aiming down; the tow
bonts, piifliun niuiiu hlowljr wish two or
three mortars upiece lnhd to them, were
doing their utmost not to be beliiud the rest,
und the rams and tiansport.i were scudding
along at their highest rate of rpeed. The
scene was most inspiriting, and every pule
on the tloliila bout quicker ti the eight. N j
wonder the hoi-pitalti of our laud foices were
almost entirely cluired. No wonder that
pale faces grew fljshod. N wondsr that
tach vied with the ether who Hbonld b) first
within the deseiied rebel stroughold. The
long, long ranker of inaction was over,
and something towa'd closing the account ot
the rebellion on the MiMairsippi was about to
be done.
When the transport having on board a bri
gades of newspaper correspuiidsuti reached
the lort, we foun t l:s Intrenchmenti thiong
ed wiiu our meu, Colmiel iitch, of the
1-oi ty-HXth Indiana, having been on the
ground some time with bis regiment.
Our trauep.irt had Imrdiy touched her
landing before we were on surf, leapiu
Uitche-H, sculii g f.-carpmeiUa, eei lug in'.o
niag izuies, looking down lb') ui'iztl a of
huge guns, creeping Into en 'in.ite.i, lo'.kiug
tin iiukIi fuibrazuren, t xe uiin,; g puihi ,
tliUilniig iiluuiat perpend cuUc LiUl-, walk
ing se luin, ly Intel luiu iijle II I nt Liea.-t-i
u t k , and kicking urouud t ie c'.iari ed re-
mains ill Hi ) it'ii o..kt.g p.ic?. AH
v.ir'5 :.;otiii 'a d nt tho St of the works
und i J.it c ti t 0 1 h'j-jr t . at h - i b eu
expeiidi J upo'i tl.et.1'
Fort rill nv is naturally the stronemt
place on the Lower Mississippi. The Chick
asaw Filnfr, on which it stands, Is from sev
enlv flve to one' hundred f- t high, and is cut
up by nvinea in a most remarkable manner.
Thos ? who have only seeu it from the river
have no idea how brok'-n. roug'i, rolling and
rugg"d its surface is. IJeforo the evscuuti hi
of th tort ten tbcutatid detertnlned mn
could have succets'ully held it agai.ist ten
times their number. As a def 'naiido point
it is even preferable to Columbus, and al
ihongli more puns were mouiited at Islard
No. 10 than nt Pillow, th-- fornix placo i'l
no', n mrnri wiih tlm latter either in coin
nmnding po-iiiou or sfrenath.
Tli" v. oik on rt Pillow wi bgnn on
the 1 3 Ii of April. IHlil, and waa prisecut d
wi'li jrre:it, vigor duritiif nit si of tlu numueir
or Mill, jeir. From ilire- to (iva thousand
negroes, no I am informed by on of the na
tivea, were employed upon it at ono timo.
Its iritrenrhments in ihe r- ar are miles lo
length, and have been constructed under 11)8
superintend .'nee of able engineers. Their
conn'.eroar s are lined with plank, and the
whole works surrounded with diicbeB of the
m0"t impsssablo character.
The bluff presents a bjld and almost per
peudiculur front to the riyer. From its base
to ihe water's edge, there is a klud of pU
tesu, livo or three hundred feet wide, aud
irenerally etavated above high watsr mark
Here were loca ed the piioc'pal batteries of
the enemy.. Embrasures have been ruadi for
about jorty guns, but appearances do not iu
dicate that ra xe than iweoty-flve have at
any time been mounted. In thecoostructl n
of the batteries, sand bags, railioad iron,,
and bcavy timber have been used without
I cannot give your readers a betier idea
of the armament of the tort than, by making
the following transcript from my memoran
dum book. Passing along the line of water
butteries, about half a mde in extent, be
ginning at the upper end, I made the anucxed
entry :
1 128 pounder, rifled, caseumed.
1 heavy 10 inch gun.
1 8 inch Parrott.
1 21 pounder, dismounted.
1 32 pounder, burst.
1 21 pounder, burst.
1 32 pounder, burst.
1 !4 pounder, (Dahlgreen) burst.
1' 32 pounder, dif-mounied.
1 heavy 8 iucb Columblad, burst.
1 heavy 10-inch Columbiad, burst.
1 13 inch mortar, burst.
1 128 p uadcr, dleinounted.
Ou tne bluff, but eight gu.ns and two mor
tars had been mounted, ot which six only
remained, as follows :
2 32 pounders, dismounted.
1 Gl pounder, (rifled) burst.
1 lo iucb Poi ruU, ut-mouuted.
2 10 inch mortars, ppike-d.
All thesj guns, exoept tho mortars, bsd
been heavily loaded, and fires were built
around them, which burned their carriages
and caused them to explode or dismount
therast Ives when discharged.
The two 10 inch moi tars are located a short
distance back of thu brow of the blull', below
tho lower end of the water bitteries. They
are old fat-hioned but verv good guns. The
13-inch mortar is split directly through the
cent x. Poi lions of one half of it are em
bedded In the mrrounding works, and the
other half in lying wheig it fell. The metal
is porou, hard, nod altogether unsuited for
the use to which il was in this instance put.
This couQiina the statement I made noma
wetks ago rtdaiive to the bursting of this
gun. .
It appears from the statement of snnvi of
the nuiives, that the sunender of Island No.
10 the garrison ot Fort Pillow was about
20,000 m-'U. All of them but about l,ol)0
weie '..iihdrawn some tlx weeks ago t rein
force Beauregard at Corinth. A week ago
thu garrison wns further weakened by the
withdrawal of the Twelfth Louisiana, the
only full regiment in the fort, and during
the last two or ihp'e days not murt than
ttvtrityfiot mrn rrai.i barely enough to
mako sure the work ot destruution. These,
wu were infoi raed, retreated into the interi
or, but not bef jie per tot ming tho duty as
signed them in a manner that must have
Ixen highly satisfactory to the rebel author
ities ; fxarlice more burrou of irophl"
thau Fori Pillow it would be diftkuli to
An at.ack upon Fort Pillow was coutsm
plated by Col. Fitch yesterday morning, but
was not made owing to the uou-fulMillmeut
of some plsns. All things were ready, how
ever, this morning, wbou au atHiuli would
have been tr.ade had not tne evacuation iu
the meantime laken piaco. A bridge of cy
prcMS log hud been ibrown ovr "sloo"
between Flower Itland and tha Tennessee,
shore, on which our foroes would have cros
sed, landing neur itfo head of the upper bat
tery, aud in such position as to have u
tllailed the enemy's g ins without their b-lng
able to reply from any of thera. Col. Fiteti
Is sati0el his plan would bsve succeeded.
Perhaps so, aa ihere were only seveuty five
men iu the fort ; but if there had been two
or three thousand ludead, I ata inclined to
think bis plan would not Lave woikud en
tirely as be anticipated.
About twelve o'clock, Flag Officer Ivls,
who hud made up his uiind that the eucwy
should not have time to lottily another place,
even if they were so disposed, signaled the
fleet, and started down the river. Tne -Liu-cola
armada" was au imposing spectacle, as
it movtd off. In a few minute we panted
Fulton, and an heur latex Uuiidolpb, without
encounlt ring any opposition, and iudu-d
without seeing but vry few persons. Ttio
plantations were generally duaert-d, many
f Idem ioUii;bs .bt;UgU they had not been
occupied 1' r a year. 'l tie reoeut Hood, 1 pre
mine, bad driven moi-t of the people uway
Occititliallj a yruup ef iixes would
ya.tiero i the river bank, Hud wave l! eir
toiM nl in in the uniat i iiUniKiatic in it ner.
Fn iu UmdolpU ti this p.ilut a lit'.l u i-
ciju..i ccttvU y.a nailing nioi'g oj t'le ear-
face of the river. Evidently somitpersom
wete stiiviog hard to mske a show. AU tha
Cotton wc saw would hardly maki a dozi
bale, and yet it had bo. n thrown Intj tba
water, a handful at a tinn, in stich a w ty
m to create the impression thit a grot
amount htil been il 'stroyed. In two or three
intsnj''s, we saw smoke arising from plan
tations where pome silly pxsnns bad proba
bly burned their kin?, 'while tblr neig'ibirs
were endnavonmr 10 gt h'm out of exist
ence by u-ing the most opposite element.
Thee ileirtoii'-tia'ions gave no uua'iueJS to
any one on the flotilla, and if the silly peo
ple eiu'ftg' d in ihetii c in stand th i acriu38
I nm Furo w. need not comnl-iin. 1ft thein
burn their cotU.il and everything ele -y.y
own, themselves included, i th.y wi'li, anil
'hu world n-lll FtiJi iiiov. nl.it'.p Tory Coui
As we approached the hd of Island No.
27, a rebel steamer was discovered two or
three miles ahead. Tho gunboats which
were all iu a flock, turned loose their Parrot
guns, causine tho neighborhood of the steam
er to become exceedingly uncomfortable.
She showed her heels lu double quick time,
and was hotly pursued. Leforo reaching the
loot of tho Idand, which i very largo, she
made lor the Tcnnes-iee shoro, where her
captain, finding escape impo'cible, jumped
on land to his heels. The boat proved to
be the Sovereign, an eld St. Louis and New
Oi leans packet, and two or threo of her
crew who remained on board, stated that she
had been up the river burning cotton when
our gunboats very unexpectedly come upoa
her, and unceremoniously put a stop to her
Nothing further of interest occurred du
ring the day.
About eight o'clock this evening the lights
of Memphis were descried in the distance,
and Flag Officx Davis concluded to wail
until morning before advancing to the city. .
We re now anchored close to "Paddy's Hen
and Chickens," as the group of Islands just
above Memphis is called, and in two or three
hours for the night is now nearly spent
will probably bo lying under the shadow of
the Memphis bluff.
Disgracing: a Captain.
At West Puint, Va , the Captain of color
Co. I, of tho 31th N. Y. Volunteers, refused
to deliver colors to auother company oa ths
ordr of tbs Colonel, and at dress parade re
luBud lo p irade his company and eveu stack
ed arms and told tho men not to tako them. .
The officer was arrested and tried by a court
martial for mutiny, lie was convicted and
would have been shot, had not. fjen. MoClol
lan commuUd hid sentence. The public dis- "
grace of tho Captain Is thus dosctibed by aa
eye witnns :
The ceremony took pi ico in a large field;
The regimen's were formed in c iluruus of
divisions ; each column w as clone to the next,
no that it made nn unbroken front. They
were then formed into n hollow square, the
Cnmmand-rs of regim-nts, brigtd'-r, and dl
vision und stalls were in (he enfru. The
prisoner was brought in under a h"avv
gund, and baude.ull'ed. They marched to
the centre of the sqimre. The prisoner stop.
P"d two paces to tho Iront ot the guard : the
( flicer commanding tho guard then came
forward and toM the prisoner to take oil' bis
hat. Ho then read lo a bind voice tho char
cos, specifications, and the seuteneo of the
court martial, which wa: "that his nwcrl
be broken before his luce, that ho bo publio
ly disgraced before the division, and servo
one year in the District of Columbia jail;
and that it Khali be dNgHieelol for any sol
dier of the array of the Potomac to assoclal
towitti him horealt r." After his wai read.
j ergeant emme lorward and cut all tho
brtiPi buttons off his coat lljin took hid
sword and broke it in half, euylne-, ai bo '
did so. "I hereby d'C'are it disgraceful for
all men of the Poiomao to ustoiitie, with
this man here-arter " and then threw tho
piecs on the f round. The prisoner was
march' d off un 1 r the same guarJ, urnl wo
wi re marched back to our camp.
Ilukt Tennessee,
It Is sUted that the Hon. Uailiu Psyto
snd the lion. W.w. 11. Polk, of Tennessee,
have been uppolntel tj a"t,g Co'ii'ni.vioners
by (ov. Johiinin, to criiler with tbs'Presi
dent on tfieTinjui t"iot suij 'cl of driving the
inturguut lorcs out ot IIi-i T nn"i-H e, and
of relessiiig the irler:dsot tho Union in that
beleaguered soction from the oppret-sion un
der which they are held by a nate l usur
pation. Wa am sure that every lover of bis
country must wish tor them success In their
application. That lia-i Teunes-ieo, at this
stiigo in Ihe progre-s ot eveut, shotill siiil
bo loft io ploe lu lusoleut and neglect, Is to
us the luscruublo mystery .sj'"th-. war for
the Union." Instead of being almost the
last ronton destined to bo occupied by our
forces, It Heetus to us that a veiy early day
in the wur tbtxt were oouMderuiiou.i of mili
tary itralegy, combining wit'i obligation
ot the mo.-t siced politilloal duty, lo dic
tate the expediency of lha uju? emat for
which Gov Johtifoii now calls iu the name
of Ibe devoted loyalLii who have proved so
lininovablr falthlul lu tho (ioverum tut, eveu
lu the darkent hour ef their sppiri-ut des.r
tion. NtitiuMl l'dtUf)tn"r.
Union Jlsa la It lelmitortd,
TitAiTOKH Anur.s.TF.1). Three uien, whoi
are believed to be natives of Yirgiuia,
were arrested hero yctiul rrrirrof
the Provost ularahai, for very tlecided
iiianifestations of disloyalty. They ve
the names of l'enjaiuin 1'. Ilotuplirey,
Jatae Humphreys, aud J. T. Pnt hrd.
The two first-named are watchmakers.
The last-named wa a clei k in a cornuiis.
sioii house here. All were defiant, and
execrated Ibe Southern. Confcdi raey, j,ro
claiming their devotion to tin) United
Slates. Tlo ro were lihty-six persons
in (.'aille Godwin yes't-rday, and actes
kious are nude t the 'number daily.
1 1
! i
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