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v. hy. forrra, nuiia caixexdeb,
, profkiktoks.
W. IIY. SMJTIf, I ,,-.
OTlee, jfo. 16, Ueadrie-U Street.
MOHDAY, FZ3HT7ABY 1, 1857.
In pursuance of a 1 tLTiniiiiition heretofore
mintioacd, ncudout tb.j Patriot this moru
iiip; in a new dross. We think it will be gen
erally eono-el 1 that I ts apprarance is neat and
eligaat Tint mw typ s which we are using,
are from the foundry of Metars. Jas. CoiiSEU &
Sox, New York, ar; iuhJj of a new description
of metal, and we wnturj to Buy, ar ia every
respect, the most supi rijr ever usod in Nash
ville. It is really a treat to an " old jour " to
finger thorn. The Mo sers. Conner not only
make good types ; luit are oMiing, enterprw
ing hu.-i aet men, win .in we take great pleasure
ia commending to the attention of the craft.
We cannot let this occasion pus without re
turning our profoundeht thank to our patrons,
and the public, g Mi- rally, for the lieral man
n'T in which the Patriot hua leen sustained.
With pome iriif'giviiigf, a little more than two
years ao, we purc'iiic; d the f-KtiiMislimc-ut, but
have had no causf to regret the venture. On
the contrary, we have had occasion to fclici
tite ourselves upon t'u- large aecc tuioiis to our
kulicription list, and the great increase in the
ad vert win r and job printing patronage of the
office. The march of the Patriot Las leen
Ktcftd'ly onward, and "vi;b the continued favor
of our friend-, it shall know " uo Hep back-
vard.'? Th.; expenditure which wehavemude,
in the midst of a severe monetary pressure, to
keep up the gente l appearance of our pap"r,is
an ( anii.t of ourl sire to give our readers, and
our ad vcrtiM rig customers, all the ael vantages of
gornl iinprt-taionn, as well -ah to sustuiii the favor
able imj'wivn already mad J upon tint popular
heart. -May we not hopj lWr t-till greater
ne ssions t' our subscription list and adver
tising patron.-.
1 ermewsci' IIoikIm.
At the Stock Kc!iaii-'e Sales, in New York,
on the 2")th uli., ;:i:'0() Tennessee 1-oudw,
H ill at y.ic, and slO OOO at b'Jic. Thud they
continue to appreeiat".
The Lecomitox Consi iti tiov. The Wash
ington (iries)nji.u nt of the Charleston Otar
itr kivs there is a majority of elrorn in the S
nate in favor of the admission of Kansas with
the Leconiptoti Constitution.
SotTiiEitx l'Afim liu.noAi. This magnifl-et-iit
enterprise is now upon tlie solid ground
oT assured prosecution. fi hi; comph'tiou of
t veiity miles by t.ie Hi'ih of next month, w
eii res all its chartered .riileg, and ;L-sures
to it forever tiie i't !c .-t donation of lands that
leas ever endov 1 ;t:iv luodtTil und -1 1 'king.
These twenty miles, are now fiiiislit d. at.d the
Company is n:l !" tin: wood." We learn
from an authentic ourcc, that in th(; new Li
rectory to llo rr.a:eaement its fortunes will
le couiniitt. d under tie.so new ui:d haply aus
pices, there will be se. iiid geiith men ot large
means, each of whose sinie names would Le
(noiih to command gein-ral confidence.
The result anuoii ic d above is of the great
est importam-e to t!ie .-outii'Tn section of the
I'nion, und particularly interesting to Mem
phis. M'-ntfli Hull, i,.,.
1Vufe!iiii;;to!i Item.
OiTicial and other intelligence received by
the President and the War l)epattmeutprovR
JJrigham Young's purpose to be hostile. It is
beli. vcd that he can nuisti r S.lKit) men. Ex
t:'iuive ruuiilic.itions of orgaiii.ed Morinouisiu
have been discovered iu Texas and ('aliforniu,
embarcing im-ti lioldiug rehonsiblc otiicial po
hitions. No nppr-.-hensioii felt here, howev
er, ti to the result of the conflict.
Mexico is reported to have made overtures
toward the sale .f Sonera and other territory
to the Unit Stat -s. S!ie asks a price, how
ever, which the Administration is unvviUiug
to give.
Up to Saturday tle re had l"en issued from
the Treasury Ivpartmeut 21H Treasury notes,
of the denomination of J 1.000; and 119 notes,
oi" the denomination of if "0tl, have been is
sued to sati.-fy land warrants. We also learn
that 'JsS of the $l.t!M notes, und 12: of
$.500 have been taken ip on exchange
of jirivate imliv ida.i'-'. Army and Navy
warrants to the amount of s'2,.r00.0iK) are
no'.v on the Trea-u r.r's tabl, to satisfy
which. Treasury not, s will Lave to be cm-
ployed. It is t-liiuat d that by the cud (f
this week, Hot -s to lie- amount of Sij.000,
000 will have Ix en i--:i 'd.
The (iovertinient of Peru has paid $40,000
to this novcrument for the benetit of the suf
ferers by the oufriiv - at ( hiucl.a 1: lands,
when several Ani -rie.i:i Cuptains were pushtd
with bayonets over the side of a Permian
l'riuate iido the sciu
Pfadkhs. Those who reml may be dhid'-d
into four chisM-s: 1-t. Sponge.-, who absorb
all they read, and return it in te ai ly the same
Ftate, only a very Ihtle tlirti. d. 2d. Sand
Ua-scs, who n tain nothing, mid are content
t get through a book for tue sule of getting
through the lini". ;; l. Siraiu-ba. w ho re
tain merely thedi-e-s of what they rend. 4ll.
Tdoeul Iiiainoi'd- -1 unally rare and valuable
- w ho pro iit by w hat tiny read, and enable
Others to prolil by it ul-o.
Z it" The .idiingioii correspon
dent mys that the Si nate special coinmittii
on French spoliation claims decided ut their
lust meeting iu laoi of reporting a bill w hich
Mr. Critt ndeii is pr p.u-iug. It w ill include
till the n ports huvtoioiv mode, tog-ther with
the votes, Ac The initio by which the com
mittee propose to pay said claims is to issue
United States live p rccnt st.uk. They limit
the amount to live millions, to U paid pro
rata, provided they cxeeid live million dol
lais. jr The spitial Wa-hington CtorresjKin
d 'lit of the New Yoik Tntmif refers to (Jen.
Scott's departure for California us a lixed
thing. He says:
The California combination for carrying oa
th Morinoa war from that sid- of the utoitu
' tains ha ettivt'. d it oii ct. (J.-n Seott will
tart for Cabforuia next wink with full pow
ers fr Jin Covernni -nt lo organize in that State
an army for the invu-io.i of I'tah, if the latest
advi.res from Salt l.ak- City, which he shall
receive in California, are such as to watraut
the p."ocution of ho laities. Ia that case he
will e nploy the regulars uow o.i the Pacific
nide. mil w ill al- call upo.t the Govi ruor of
Calif irnia for voluute. i s.
II expects to reach S ilt Lake iu June,siin
ultaieously with Col. Joiiu-.to.i. It isapu-t
of h's plan of operations to conduct th tinny
up t te Coloralo liiwr, which Is U lievd to
Ik? nivigutile for three imudrcd miles a hove
its ju action with th (ilia, und iu tha exact
direction of Utah. A o. fleer of the army is
now engaged i:i sunet iug the river, and so
far as it has been y. t examined, it h;is lu
found a deep t-treaui. without siual falls,
with a current of three lu'ilcs an hour.
rtxcliaiic Hank.
. This bank is what i de omlnattd a "Free
Bank,'' and was estahlh-hed u f.-w ycai sine
Ly Messrs. W. V J. Sii -uce, g-ntl, nn-n in eve
ry way quali led t maiiare a co!:c.ru of this
kind. The liauk has pro-p.-rcd; and notwitlt
otuid.ng the ii. o e ory r. vuUio i now jo--Hesfs
s u ilimited co llidenee in the commercial
not only in the comui trial community, but
as far as its notes circulate, it is oue of the
Lt-t hunks in theStst ,
The Messrs. Sp -ue hare added much to thi
commercial pro p illy of Murfti etbuV attd
Lutiicrtord couniy, and Lave won the coofl
deuiv of all who ka. w thetu and it ia a coafl
dDce which they fully diwrve, and we ate
glad wse that a generous community award
it to th"ja. Tue notea of the Exchange liatik
are a current us gold aud silver, Msrrut
lor 2!f jt'ih.
The New Bank Law.
AN ACT. ...
7b enforce the Semtmphm cf Specie Payment by On Sut
penaea aouuat to oner to tAevr acerjAanot certain
amemlmenU to their Charter, aud for ukerpurpoa. -
Section- I. Be it enacted bv the General A-
tembly of the State of Tennessee, That it shall
be, ana ih tieretjy made, the duty of the sev
eral banks in this State, which have suspended
ppecie payment, to resume the payment of
sj)ecie ou all notes issued by them, on or Isv
lore lae nrst day of .November, 1858; and
from and after the first day of July, 1858, no
such bank in this State shall issue, emit, pay
out or circulate any note of a less denomina
tion tnan nve dollars ; and from and after the
first day of January, 1S59, no note of a less de
nomination than ten dollars; and from and
after the passage of this Act, no bank, agent,
peson.or corporation licensed or chartered to
do a banking or brokerage business in thiB
State, shall be permitted to pay out for
circulation the note of auy corporation or
association of individuals which has not
been chartered by the State of Tennessee a
violation of this provision shall be a misde
meanor, and any person or corporation as
aforesaid convicted thereof, 6hall te thud not
less than five hundred dollars, and not more
than two thousand dollars ; nor shall any bank
pay out the nottsof any bank charter- d by this
state, except us owu or brandies, and tlien
only as provid. d in the 7th section of this act :
and no bank iu thisState, shall directly, or in
directly, sell or dispose of gold or silver, or
sell or d.spose of the not-s ot any bank what
ever, for any premium or discount whatever ;
and it is hereby expressly declared, that the
tratiic or trade in the legal currency, or iu un
cuneut bank notes, is not a privilege intend d
to lie, or granted to the banks by their charters.
No lauk in this State diall pay over any divi
dends or pronts to auy stockholders or owners
of stock, during the time of its suspension of
spi cie payments, except the pronts arising form
the P ink of Tennessee, or the dividends to
which the State is entitled from the stock
owiud by it in the Uuiom and Planters' Banks,
which are to be paid to the State as directed,
by existing laws. No bank shall hereafter
pay iuti rest, or any consideration whatever,
for money of any kind, deposited with them,
whether such money be iu gold or silver, bank
notes or paper currency of any kind. No bank
in this State, while suspend- d, or failing to re-
d -cm its notes in gold and silver, shall be per
mittid by itself. it oflicers or agents to sill
exchange upon anyplace in the United States
lor a higher premium than two per cent.
S'i". 2. Be it furtlur ernicied, That any Lank
in this State w hich has suspended specie pay
ment ot its notes, ikj and is liereoy required
to lile its acceptance in writing, with the Com-
t oiler ot tne btate, to the several limitations
and provisions contained in the first stctiou
of this act, within forty days from the time of
its passage, as an amendment to, and a part
anil parcel of its charter. On the failure of
such bank, last aforesaid, to file its acceptance
of the provisions of the lirst section of this
act, as aa amendment to its charter, withiu
the time above prescrified, the Attorney Gen-
. .i 4i. t...i..:i ':.....t : i
eiai vi uie juuu uu cucuii. in iwucusaiu ouuk.
is located, on lc:ing untitled of the non-acceptance
bv it of the provisions of the lirst sec
tion of this act, shall proceed, in the name of
the state, and at her suit, to institute all legal
and proper steps to have such nou-acceptiug
bunk s charter pronounced ioneitiil and uu
nulled, for violation of its charter by suspen
sion of specie payment, cr other cause or
causes, and its atlairs wound up, as in such
cases is prescribed by law. It shall be the du
ty of the Comptroller to inform the Attorney
General of any non-acceptance. Any bank
accepting the provisions of the first section of
this uct, as an amendment to its charter, and
after such acceptance failing to comply with
such provisions, such failure shall Ih: and is
declared cause of forfeiture of charter. All
contracts made by it after the time when it
shall have failed t comply w ith the terms of
the l;rt section ot this act, are hereby declar
ed null aud void, and no suit in law or equity
shall be maintained by any such bauk or banks,
upon any contract or demand so made. And
it is hereby made the duty of the Governor,
on sati.-tactory lulormation being given to him
that any sucii accepting bauK or banks as
afore-aid. have failed to comply with the pro
visions of the first section of this act, to direct
the Attorney General lor the judicial circuit
in which such oltcnding bank may be located,
to take all legal steps in the name and at the
suit of the State, to have the charter of said
bank declared forfeited and annulled bv judl
cial sentence, for non-compliance with the
provisions of theliit section ef this act, lx
fore ueceiited by it as aforesaid. If, on the
trial, it shall appear that such accepting bank,
after its acceptance, has failed to comply with
the pro isions ot tue first section ot this act
judgment of forti iture shall be entered against
it, and thereon i-aul bank shall o into liqui
dation I v the a poiutuicnt of a Receiver, to
be made by the court rendering such judg
ment; and it shall ho the duty of such court
to take Isjnd and ample si runty from said
Peceiver, conditional to faithfully collect all
the debts of such bank, to take safe and pro-
er care ot its edi cts and assets ol any kind
to render a true account of the same. Said
Ueceivi r to apply the effects of such bank
first, to the payment of itd note or bill-hold
its; secondly, to the payment of it depositors
and oilier creditors, pro ruU. It, alter pay
ment of all the liabilities of such bank, and
nil the costs of its liquidation, there remains
any surplus, then the same shall lie paid t
the stockholders of the bank, or those entitled
to the same.
Skctiox 3. Bf. it emitted lif the authority aforr
taiil. That any prcsid lit, cashier, teller, clerk,
agent, or employee if any tiank, who shall
knowingly violate its charter, or amendment
thereto, or shall rem- ve or secret the etucis
of such bunk, or in a: y way conceal the debts,
liabilities, or assets oi the bank, lor the purpose-
of uvoidiug or defeating any judgment
of the courts, or for the purpose of defraud
ing any of the cnditoisou the bank, the per
son so otfeuding shall 1-e dccmul guilty eif a
high luird lUeunor. and ou conviction, shall be
tiui d iu a sum rot less than two thousand
dollars, said line to eo to the use of the com
mon school fund ; ai d also shall lie imprison
ed ut the discretion of the court, not less
than one- nor more than six months.
See. 1. Be it niiictiii tit Uie authority oforritiitl.
That uu act, passed n the 12th of February,
Is,'. 2. entitled "an uct to authorize and regu
late the busiiuss of bu, living, " lie and the
same is hereby ivjk ah d, so far us lo prohibit
and take away all rieht. after the passage of
this act. for any iudi idual, or association of in
dividuals, to avail thiuisclvis of tha provi
sions of said act, or any one atue .datory of it,
for Hit; purpose of cnaiing any new banking
company, bank or ;u-.-o iaiion, net now iu ex-isU-nc".
Said act is alno repealed so far as to
prohil.it any bank uow iu existence, under
said act, to increase its capital block or cir-
culali Ail free bunks may have the power
to nd.ice their circulation to $."U.()0, by de
jHisitiug with the Comptroller their issues, and
they are allowed to draw bond njual to the
amount tin y may deposit with ti e- Comptrol
ler ; and it shall lie the duty of tl.e Comptrol
ler to burn all such bills : J'rwii eri, any bank
accepting the benefit ot this clause surrender
its brokerage pri ilege : Ami prvvidnl, That
no bank which has failed tod p sit the second
call of ten per cent, additional 1 Minds, shall
withdraw more thaa eighty per cent, iu bonds
to the amount of uctcs withdiawu from cir
culation, and d-p'sitcd with ti e Comptroller.
St c. 5. lie it further eiuicteil I y the authority
qorrvi,.. That it is hereby rco-i-red of the sev
eral bunks in this State to maWe quarterly re
ports to the Comptroller, vcriiicd by the oath
of the president aed cashier thereof, of the
true conditiou of said bunk, its assets and lia
bilities, stating particularly the capital stock,
the amount of such capital a. tnally paid in to
said l ank iu sold and silvi r, and w hen paid,
and how much of its capital stock paid in, not
in gold and stiver; aud iuuch us.-, lo show
wln n. how, aud iu what j-aid, and wheth r
such payment, to Its full exteut, is then, at
the tiui of the statement, of the value of spe
ci ', a .d if uot, how much less l:i their Ust
judgment. Such etuteuieut shall also show
the then liabilities of the bank, the amouutof
sp-rle of lis own on hand, and the then amount
of its not iu circulation. It U hereby mad
the duly of the Comptroller to cause said
statement to be pu!dih. d iu oue of th lead
ins; newspapers iu th-i city of Nashville, aud
also in o.ie apcr iu the county or lowu whe re
such bauk U located, tf any L'urt A, mul f ttot.
n tJte ueAtti Hfte'ptiper Ut titck bunk, at th Cct
of th ? ljiak w hie staU meat u so published ;
said statement, aud all I auk statement rc-quir-
d ui.d r this is cliou, shall l.-siru to.
us true at the time mud -, w hlcit shall lie at the
hour of two o'clock iu the day on which mail
out. Hanks uccepting the provisions of this
act, as l. fore iu this act rovid d for, shall,
with s irh acceptance, file a statement of their
then condition, uud continue thereafter lo
make q iurterly statements as hen ia piovid d.
St". . He it furtlter modul ly the authority
trfurf.4i i. That the U.uik of Tcmie-c shall,
by the frt of Jaauary, 1551, ro-apportioa
and divide lh) capital Hock amouif hr seve
ral brum he, so as to make equal lue amount
of cupital receivable l y said l-rauchts n-sjKC-tivily,
accoiding to "the provisions of her
charb r. J'tvtiiie!, TIe amount lort of the
capital tdoc-k of the taivnt or any branch bank,
fchall te dis ftuutcd out of the Mim they would
be entithd to nccive under thi Siciion, if no
such loj had accrued to such parent Lank, or
brunch bank: l'rtiai furt.rr, Toat whenever
the fctock of the Sute in the Union and ITau
ters' Banks is sold, or the proceeds thereof in
a ty manner real! d by the llauk of Tenue
g.e, the sain shall be divided and apportion
ed awoug the branches of said tank, accor
ding to the proportion directed to be observed
. . , i t ) "j i : l l
Dy said nans iu uiviuiug ner oriiutii
Sec. 7. Beit further enacted ly the authority
cforvtatd. That no bank, or branch bank in
Tennessee, shall issue, emit, or pay out, any
bank note, not on Its face payable, upon de
mand, at the counter where issued, emitted, or
paid out. But no such bank, or brancn bank,
in this State, shall be under legal obligation
to comply with the foregoing provisions of
this section, until the nrst day ot tsfptemuer,
1859. from and after which time they shall
strictly conform thereto: Provided, That noth
ing herein contained Enaii be so construe-d as
to prevent any parent bank from signing, fil
ling up, and registering notes intended for cir
culation and payable at their branches, to
whom said notes may be remitted for circula
t'on. ... . -
Sec. 8. Be it further enacted hy the authority
aforesaid, That nothing in this act shall re
peal, or is intended to repeal, or affect the
rights of the note-holders, or depositing cred
itors of banks, as they now are by existing
Report of tlie Commissioner of
The annual report from the Patent Office
the first from the pr s:-nt Commissioner was
transmitted to Congress on the 20th ult. It
embraces a complete summary of the opera
tions of that ve-ry important aud interesting
brancn of the Government for the year 1857,
and suggests various improvements iu the pre
sent laws. Mr. Commissioner Holt has evi
dently Riven close attention to th-ioffice placed
under his charge, and studie-d well its wants,
as well as the existing imperfections in the
AiMilientinns for rmtonta during- the year, 1857. . .4.771
ratenw irraiued.mcludiriKrtesiDB.c ,910
Uranfd to Uie citizens of the L nited States 2,Si'8
Granted lo cituteus of other countries 42
The largest numls r of patents were granted
to citizens of the State of New York, being
8o5 in number: to Massachusetts, 421; to
Pennsylvania. 311 : and so on dow n to Kan
sas. 1. Duriutr the months of October, No
vember and December, the business of the Pa
tent Office declined rapidly, yet the number of
patents issued during the year 1857 exceed a
by 408 the numlter issued during the preced
ing year. Patch successive year shows a regu
lar increase of the number issued.
R.veintu of the office for tlie vtvir wure....$l!Hl,13?,01
Kxiiuuiiitures for Uie Siiiue time 21 JtS-,i0
E ccess of expenditures over receipts $15,45'),(iS
This excess of expenditures is occasioned by
payments for stationery, parchment, and liooks
urn-chased in ISSG.and by the falling off in the
receipts of the office during the last quarter e.f
tlie year.
The following is a statement of the patent
fund-i :
Ammmton hand, Jim. 1,167 9 S5.llW.54
" received during Uie year l'.r,iC-J,il
Total resources 251 ;.! ,.ri5
Expenditure for ttie year 211S,i9
Palanre Jan. 1,18.18 M,71!,46
France is the only country in which a greater
num'ier of patents have been granted than in
the United States-. With a population of near
ly 3'J millions, there were issued i.lS7 patents,
iu the United States, with a population of
twenty three millions, 2.1I). Great Britain
and Ireland, with a larger population than the
United States issued 2,115 during the past
JfEVoi.iTioXAitY Claims. In the House on
1'rielay a bill was introduced by lion. Ii. 1-L
Fenton, "for the trn d uttlmieiit tf the claiutx f
the ntVcer and ioldiern of Uie Uerdutknary army
and the iriilowt and children of (hoxe who diid in
tl.e rrrvice." Mr. Fenton. who is an able and
leading member of the New York delegation,
investigated these claims during his first term
iu Congress four years ago, and became fully
satisfied of their justice. At the present ses
sion the subject has received a careful revision,
and, although confined to his room by sick
ness, he has through his friends succeeded iu
introducing a bill which it is hopt d will re
ceive the favorable action of the committee
and of Congress. We understand the bill al
lows the half-pay for life promised by Con
gress to the officers of tho Continental army,
aft- r deducting their commutation certilicaU a
and pensions under the act of 12.". Jt also
grants 1C0 acres of land to the surviving chil
dren of Revolution wlilim. The heirs of these
oflicers and soldiers will lind in Mr. Fenton a
faithful advocate of their just d wands, and
from the known competency of Hon. S. S.
Cox, of Ohio, chairman of the Committee on
Revolutionary Claims, we shall doubtless
soon have an able report Btllimore American,
2 Of A ult.
From the Iyiiiulou Times.
ICacIiel, tlie threat Aclrosw.
Death ok Madkmoiski.lk Kaciiki. Many of
our readers who, till within the past two or
three years, have been accustomed to regard
the performance of a s'-ries of characters by
Mademoiselle Rachel us one of the regular
events of th:; London season, will be shocked
to 1 -nrn that on Sunday last she depart d this
life nt her estate in ('amies. That her illne.-s
would have auy other thati a fatal result few
indeed ventured to Imp., but nevcrthless,
deuth. w henever it com. s. is sudden iu its as
pect, especially w hen it brings with it a change
of tastt s and habits.
Mad .-moist-He Rachel was of humble origin.
Her father was a hawker, of the II -brew per
suasion, and she was liorn on the 24 th of March,
1820, at the Swiss illuge or Muuf. w hile 11( r
parents were engaged on u professional tour.
The family afterw.rds setth it for some timet t
Lyons, where the eldest child, S.irah. pursued
the vocation cf a vocalist at the various
cafes.'' while Rachel, the future actress, col
lected money from admiring connoisseurs.
Ia IKV't 1'uris ln-came the residence of the Fe
lix family, and little Rachel, rising from the
merely linancial d- partment. joimd with her
sist r as a singer at the "cafes" on the Boule
vards. While thus einplovul. it seems she ut
t nctcd the attention of Af. Choron, founder f
t'u I'oyal Institution for the study of sacr d
ni-tsic. who at once took charge of her fortunes.
However, he soem discovered that she wt-s
more suited for the dminutic than the musical
profession, and he accordingly placed her un
der th.' tuition of M. St. Aulairc. In ls.lo
she was admitted as u pupil at the Const r a
toin. Her first a-nK:tr nre in public as an nctr- ss
was in April, 187, at the Gynuiase. -when she
pluyid in a farce called "La Vei.deene," with
out making any particular sensation. It is
from her performance of --Catnille,' at the
Th-ater Francaise, un the 21 of June. IKJS,
thut her L'uropean reputation is to le dated,
and to the end this character has remained
the most celebrated in her reK-rtorv. "
After her last engagement iu this country,
which took place in the year ISoS, she paid tin t
visit to the United Stati-s which brings the re
cord of her professional life to its close. Re
ports of dt-clining health or of convalescence
formed the staple of intelligence r'sjx-cting
Mademoiselle Rachel siuce her return from
the other sid 'tif ttie Atlantic, until conjecture
was dissipated by the im-l iiicholy fact record
ed at the head of this article.
The X. Y. Tribune says :
The fatal malady of which she died was con
tracted iu this country during her visit to
Host on iu the autumn of 1n.. It was great
ly aggravated at lliiladelphiv where she
phn id a single night in a cola theater, the
performance ln-iasr followed by a violent pn-'-utnoaie
attack, ll -r last appearance on the
stag" w as at Charhston, S.C., w here she play
"Adrleuue Lecouvreur.'' A lady iu the au
dience, ou that occasion, wrote the next d ly
t a friend in this city, that Rachel would
nvr uct agaiu. a prophecy but too exactly
o ii it din 2 lh 1'orsiu.
The Xew Orleans IMUi calls loudly upon
the legislature of Louishinu, now in setisio.i,
to denounce the Administration, which that
paper lalorcd hard to elect. It sound-i the
tocsin with becoming energy:
'Already have two lotteries opened upon
the Administration. Virginia aud Alaltuma
have taken the lead in the introduction of res
olution condemnatory of the outrage at Puit
ta Arenas, Let a long line of dro peur out
from rwry Redau and MalakoU of tiw South
let the toice of con.lenuiulio.l ring out, mid
the lresideut may yet K-yru that a part. u,d
au Important port, too, of this great uatiou
lien ttu.-i ride of the Potomac."
Fatal Dikl rx Minnesota. A quarrel be
twet u a lumberman named Ciggy and a Chip
pewa ludian Chief known as Hok,-iu-tlH-Day,"
was setth-d by a duel at the Indian
Agency, above Crow Wing, Mim'mia, oa the
iSth iust. The weapons chtu were rcvol
Ters, aud the distance sixty ft-vt. Oa the first
flre Giggy waa wounded ia the right side, aud
ou the m-ceMtd ia the left He then fell to the
ground, but, rvcovrriii;; himself, tn-d the? third
round ia a rerutuU-nt joiitu and sho4ing
He.le4u-thIay through the lx-art, killing Lim
oUntly. Ttw uufot lunate Chljpew leave
erea irvn 1
fT A dispatch from Washington states
that Hon. Whl Prvtou, of Kj, Lt to be thi
jlew Minktcr to Spuj-4.
For the Nashville Patriot.
Farewell to IVashvllle. .1 -Fair
city of the "aHis" adieu,-
"With tears of fond regret '
Thy fast receding shores I view, 4
For how can I forget . . t,
The scenes of youthful hope and joy L
Whea all seemed bright and gay,
And not a grief or care arose,
To cloud my life's young day.
Sweet "Cumberland," t-y the I've strayed ,
And culled Spring's earliest flowers;
And on thy verdant banks have played,
In ctuldhood'a happy boors. - - - ;
But, ch! no more 1 11 pensive view,
Thy chrystal waters glide;
I go where Mississippi rolla
Majestic, deep and wild.
Yet tho' I wander from thee;
There is hallowed spot
Within thy bounds tact never can be .
Whilst life remains -foryut.
For there in death's dark slumbers rest,
The friends so kind aud dear,
Wh.iso memory 's shrined within my heart
With fond religious care.
But tunc when gentle Spring returns,
With all her vernal showers;
Some other hand than mine shall strew
Each lowly grave with flowers.
Vet olt will i'uncv sadly trace.
The deepseq'testered shade;
And linger o'er the grassy mouud
Wkere they are sul'tty luid.
And dear loved ones I leave in grief,
Whose hearts are warm and true;
And deep the anguish of my soul
As I bid thema iieu.
And yet to soothe each aching heart,
A hoe divine is given;
Tho' friends so dear ou tarth must pari,
Wt all caa meet iu heacen
. And now, the last embrace is o'er.
The boat hath lei't the strand
And I jw-rhaps shall see no mare, .
Oue of tliat dear-loved band.
And as I fiuze the win ling shore
Conceals them from my view;
Ye friend so dear, a long farewell,
Home oi my youtii aiiieu.
SrtiMtR Sallik Wet, January 25, 1S58.
AYaMb lust on Banion.
Somof the Washington letter writers report
that advices received hy the War Department
from the Utah expedition are of a disastrous
character, that Brigham Young will bring 8,
000 men in the field and that a large i uralx r
of Mormons from Texas and California will
hasten to Salt Luke. But Ion, the Washington
correspondent of the Baltimore Sun. says that
Col. Johnson's force is quite safe'. His officers
and men were only anxious that no reinforce
ments should arrive prior to an engagement
w ith the Mormons, if one they mean to have.
The Mormons, as a body, it is report d by
some, cannot be driven into actual resistance
to the troops, even ty tlie ord r of lirihain
Young. Some will probably migrate, and
others will submit, and be arr. sted. tried, and
punishe d for crimes and inisdemea tors.
A dispatch to the I'hilad Iphia Journal says :
The nomination of Joseph A. Wright, of "In
diana, a minister to Berlin, is w ithheld by the
President, and it is probable that even if sent
to the Senate, it could not be confirmed. It
appears that Governor Wright has rendered
himself an object of rid cule at the Prussian
court by his total abstinence demonstration.
But that is not the main reason of the Presi
dent's action in this case. Wright is the pol
itical rival of Jesse D. Bripht, in Indiana, and
a strong friend of Senator Douglas. This ac
counts for the milk iu the cocoanut. If the
President persists in slighting Gov. Wright, he
will add a most influential politician to the
ranks of his opponents, and throw Indiana into
the hands of the Senator from Illinois.
A letter is said to lie iu existence, written
by the President to Gov. Wise, assuring him
of the hearty support of the Administration in
his contest with Senator Hunter, and stating
that its policy was linnly tixi d in favor of sub
mitting the Kansas Constitution to the people.
Mr. Hunter totally repudiated that principle ;
the Administration saw he was the strongest,
and went over to him, betraying Gov. Wise to
his enemies.
Gov. Wise is laying his plans, and will have
his revenge. He is preparing a letter exjio
sing the tre-achery and criminal conduct of the
Administration towards Kansas. He cans
nothing for the Legislature. He will appeal
to the people. He will take the stump, and
invoke the power of that inngniliceiit oratory
which crushed Know Xothingisru iu Virginia
iu 18o4. 1 b- has already triumphed In fore the
people of Virginia on this viry issue of the
right of the people to ferm by their representa
tives and to conlirm and adopt by th ir own
votes the constitution under which they will
choose to live. Tin's was the issue which he
fought isit in tlie convention a'ulou the stump
in 1849 or '50. lietween the sections of tide
wati r and trans-montoue Virginia. His ow n
constituents of the Southeast were unani
mously hostile to him, but he argued them out
of their opposition, arid made them yield to the
thin settlements of the West.
From the Xe-u- York Tribune.
The Seivlnsr ."Machine.
An almost unlimited number of inquiries
from our read -rs, on this topic, usid-.- from our
owu personal niten-st in the matter, as a pur
chaser, has induced us to devote considerable
time to in vi stigating not only the respective
claims of d lierent machines" offered to thi
public, but also wheth r even the best of th in
would bo a paying investment. On the latb r
point we have Is-eome fully convinced that
nearly all kinds of family sewing can b - done
more rapidly, and even better, by machinery
than ly haiieL We consider the'difle n nee in
this respect fully equal to that of tlm siting
grain by a machine and by baud. Take a
single illustration. The other evening on
going home, w found a sheet just "basted"'
ready to be hemmed or stitchid. Though we
have never learned to use- n thimble, i having
nlwavs U-e-n favored w ith a kbal mother, sist. r.
wife or fri -nd to do all need d stitching.) oil
! tho aliovc occasion we proposed to turn u-
ler, and stitch the sheet. The result of the
trial w as, we stitched the cdg. s of the sheet,
at the rute of a yard, in three minutes, '-including
stoppings." aud som esnl judges
present pronounced our work not to lie excel
led in uueiie ss, regularity and lieauty of stitch
by the bst hand sewer. TbU wus our first
trial on actual ue-tHlle-work we had played
sew , w uu pieccB oi ciotn, a uozc-n tunes lit lore.
We have since far excelled our tirst thort.
Any of our lady n oilers can estimate the ad-vantagi-s
of sewing a close, fine, strong stkh.
even at only the rate of a yard ia three mi
nutes. We could give many illustrations that have
already het-u developed in our owu family in
less than oae months trial j but it may suf
fice to say that wlare there is much sewing to
te deme in a family and where is there not!
it is cheaper to employ a good inuchiu-,
even if it trust $200 or or more. Sup
pos; a house-wife could, with a machine', do cp
Ler family sewing daring a v.iir,ftiw than
by working with a nctdle. ami having the as
sistance of a seaiiistre-s five weeks. This
would save, in wages and board, say $23,
which would jwy the iutercft on StrO, and
leave $11 for wear and repair. We estimate
the saving as greater than this, and we are free
to say that, looking at tlie subject in barely
an economical point of view, if our machine
; could not 1 replaced we w ould not part with
it lor toy or feoOU. -iuccoetwa$I&3 $110
fer the machine itse lf, and $1 fer Laviug it
put in an extra cabine t, w hich rves the triple
pnqiose cf a table, woikslaiid, email chet of
drawers, Ut-idj being a handsome piece of
" furniture."
With regarel to th difficulty of using the
sewing machine, on hich point m.i.iy i.eju.r
i have liien made of us, we think it requires
just about the saius degree of skill, or " gump
tion,' as the Yankees teim it, to use a sewiug
machine sueceswfully, tliat it d k-s to operate a
eomni'iu gruin-tlm-stier.or a mowing muchiue.
Our own was sent bom; with only th: mauu
tacturtrs' printed directious, aud it has tieen
worked successfully. Oth. r have found some
difficulty, though not of an iusurmou itable
character where a good machine has been ob
tained. As to the ls.it kind tif wwing machine,
we are luatU to uty a word, and have uo in
terest iu doing so. There are three, p.rhans
fexir kiudt now bcfere the public, either of
wnicu is iwtter tban uo kind.
V ha e tejuud
none of th m imjM at I tha i $63 to liM
iupI upwiird, that we coa.-iil t .-1 worth buy
ing. WL'vli-r Jt Wii-oa s, Sjig t't aj !rotr
Jt Kitkcr' tiiae'hiuvit, all wore utnlcr llun-e'a
jxiU-ut, uel are-, so fjr, tlw lt-t luoe-hiue w.ul,
we thluk. U'e w r iut-.-re-atiil m witoewta
the oiK-'i-Atloa of liobiio-ou Jt Ii-j. r', but nut
inujfh to give It auj pre fi rx-uce over the oth-t-ra.
For our on faui.ly u., we became tt-b-th-d
tliat tirover h'.ik t machine u the
bi t, auel Wr) mcctrdiuglr j-orchoae-el it, .
Aerwm AfncuttwnH.
To all of which, tho IViltme aaja araen.
That th wriu-r ot node f w m-chint-a,
that we l.-Udj pub!ii.tl. prvfera Uluw
leT X WibooX elm cot htuXe thc-m jife-rr-blc.
kaour that ail the machine above
naaicl are irood, mad no are terejl other )t
eou; aome vf Uk-iu, for k itif purport, are
bctur lhQ uthrrs. Kur Lirh pmc wh.ch
lAachiae t Urt, pure ha r mot thctxiadvee
' Th G rarer & lUkrr machlae k capable ct
atra lag with equal facility, all kltuia of thread
-hulk, usx.ii, or cotton, aud of the ale i ap
propriate to the felric acwed. No oiLtt n-
. ' - Satchoay, Jan. 30, 1858.
The House met on Friday night, and ad
journed for waat of a quorum.
' ' Senate resolution instructing our Senator
and Representatives ia Congress to vote for the
admission of Kansas as a State, under the Le
eoinptou Constitution, was taken up. Mr.
Richardson offered a re-solutici in lieu, leav
ing our Senators and Representatives five to
act as may liest promote the peace and harmo
ny of the Union. Mr. Rowles moved to lay
the resolution in lieu on the table. Motion
lost, ayes 20 noes 34. The resolution in lieu
was then adopted. ay s 33, noes 31. Mr.
Caldwell ofi'ered a re-solution iu lieu of that
just adopted, declaring that the people of the
territories acting und r authority of law, have
the right to frame and adopt their owu domes
tic institutions: aud instructing our delega
tion in Congress to vote for the admission of
Kansas under the Lecompton Constitution, if
they are satisfied, it was frauitd iu accoruance
with these principles, aud is r publican in
form. Mr. Newman moved to refer the w hole
6ulject to the Committee on Federal relations
carried ayes A3 noes 61.
Senate resolution d;n ctory to tlie committee
on the revised code was adopted.
Senate resolution directing the Attorney
General to institute l.-gal proceedings against
the Bank of Rust Tennessee, was adopted.
The vote bv which the Act to amend the
charter of the Citizens Coal Company of Nash
ville passed a third reading yesterdayr was
reconsidered, and the bill w as referred to the
Committee oa Coqiorations.
Adjourned till 2 o'clock, P. M.
Part 10 of the revised code passed third
Part 11 of the revised cle passed first
A uuinber of local and private bills passed
second readiug.
Adjourned till 10 o'clock Monday morn
ing. Advick to Ladies. We are aw are there are
many of our lady re aders who are complain
ing of weakuess and debility. Our advice is
to go at once and get some of McLean's
Stuenotuenixo Couiuai. and Bloou Pikikiek.
It is a delicious Tonic, and just the thing to
STREMiTUtN and iNVKioi; ate the whole organ
ization and Ft iuev the Iiuior. See advt rtise
muit iu anothir colnm.i. For sale bv all
drujjibts in this plac
feb 1-1 vv.
rather no pre tend, d s cret.--. The Med:cal
Faculty p-.iblVheil n- soon made, all their
discoveries, and almo- t nil that is known of
real value for the cur- of dis use, lias U-en
dihcovered by tin m. Dr. Aytr tak' 8 the hon
oraik honei-t couive, anel riht Ucnui-e it is
honest. He tik 8 to work and invents the Wet
remedy whicli medical i-kill can devise for the
cure of certain compla:iits:-thcn publ'hes
what it is and maintain- bin monopoly of it
solely by makin;; it chop r, belt r, more per
fect, thuu anyliody ls- can. If the p ple
wouhl exact this e.f u 11 who ofli r m eliciiies,
th'-y would have much less trash to swallow.
Xtw Orleans tfnjan. Feb. 1 lw.
Oa tlie ICth of Jauuury, l y tlie Rev. J. K. Carnes,
Col. SjivrKi. V. Iii'RK.x, nf RiiKcilvilie, Ky..to Misw
BhTTin J., elik-st ela'iUt.-r ol" J.is. G. I ut;e, E.,of llar
rpn co., Ky.
IVasItvillc and Carthage Packet.
rT'llh line iKissi-ni-ruiie Iri-i.'ul f jy " Z
JL f!.llllTi;i,A.M IIK I WM.-, 9f? J
jelfv 1.. i.UKK.N. Jlul.-r. W.U fWiSTrf-
leave for Caittinet- THIS I -AY ft 4 o'clock I. M., and
cor.tmiie as h regular -ai !;-t In the tnnle, l"-avi:ii: tiiis
city every Vi inlay and 'I tiurs-tay evenin;;. For pas
sage or fioilu applv on bount or to
f.-t It " A. 11A5!!1.TG:. Aeut.
THE regular imssenp-r and
I'.-cyhi Me.mi.-r. l.K-KOi 1".
W. Man, Master, will leave -r
the iibove un I all inl-i in -dii.t i.i e lias iiav , VoN
J.AY, Fell. 1, at 12 M. M e is one of t!i f io-st l.n-Us
rn the river, an I pafSTii' rs will Und ti -r r .nil'url.ihle
in everv resjiee t. For tVeuri-t ei asi.- u;.!v on
board. M.i;t
For Cairo
!JII Jlcilll!eis.
1 'lir. regruo i . . .nan si- run- - A.
X erJ. :. CI. INK. Ksh.it. tTC 1
Masler, will leave for Itie above " - rtxrs. -rr:j '.a.
and a 1 int rme Uate m! is o:i MoM AY. Fell, l.iiti
o'rlm-k, I". M. K-T freitrlil nr kiss .iir -. h:iviiii wiicri
or aeeoiannidatioiis, applv on Irnn'O or to
fol.l It A. 1.. 1AVI', Front street.
For StMithlaitri and l'adiicali.
riHK reiiutar ssilii.'er i.ml
X and freiKht M- umer I.LI.A, t!:'
r.esHone. Master, will leave tor ''.- r-1
tlie alx-ve and nil intern. edL.te jiortrf, on Till"1 PAY
Fel-ru irv 1st, at 10 o'clock, A. M. For fr-.-iu-lit or iis
Bane applv to A. HAMILTON,
feMlt A'.-nt.
For Cairo and IVew Orleans.
TllV. faM. tft-.aiii'-r and i'-tn
.tMW-,(er packet. JAMK
I.l'CAS, II. G. McCi M is, Masi
v.i l .-:ivc lor tlm almvei u'l t ;
Tlien ' -iy. Felt. 2d, at o o' -!h
fi-i i;,l;t or ia:i.ige appiv on In
lebi .t
ar 4
ii. I
ll n.It-l III ' laH- ol l ou
I i'. M.. u..tive'ly. For
ar-l or t-i
. HAMILTON, A if en L
Nashville & New Orleans Packet
i k i n v v. .
WM. .STeONU, Masl -r. F. S1I ACIvIJ-;Foi'.l), Clerk
(1.&00 tons b irtheii.)
THIS magnificent fast runiiinpi i " ,' n
M-aiiibeat, lirawinc onlv u lT?!Zr rv
feet water, will mu tie it regular naV..
pui-L.it inn 1!.' tin priH-nt s -js.'... iia.mi.' a.ijH-i i.-r
at-ci-iiiiiioi'al.oiiH for l-ii.-s.-iiL'1-. s, st'i-U ir Iteibt, w
ftobeil lor her a laliaie of p ib:.i- patiouaj,-c. l or lleiglit
or (wiMiari fpidv on bnaid or
A. !IAMILle, :s Jlark'-lftrnl,
JullN V. iAYl.;U. I . .-. Mad 1 ae t;et Olltee.
II. II. ltAKIUSOV. 1-1 out direct, a;nt
I'. F. II.eUU'A.-'ll K. ' At'c-nts.
Tt. 11 F1K1J, Agent, ut I rrMue fc Co's, N. OU.-unH.
febl S
J. D. Wiaslou tfi V. L. Nirlio!,
HATF. MVMljtTI'l lK! V;nn. 1 T.'IK
umu .No, 1.7, Noinn l hi:m;y Mih.it,
f.-bl .in uKlitillcf Truil.
V Card.
11. 11 lliyi
11 tny int-i s in iln est-.tilisliniei-t of
lies .c to , to il.-is. II. II. llayneH
an l H. J. I.yW-, i iii'ieate t!i: npi.:i.ii.ty lo return
my .iiccre tha:.k to the Ou-I iijj pi.blie lor the liberal
mlriiuii.'i- tliey luivi- best, we 1 n-i:i tli Ute Urni. Ill
t-.-ivmr i;ieni, jK-rinil tne iw'i:cit a e-oiiiniu.i e- of ttial
llte;iul lrejai;e, t.i ull.cl, M is. Ilavnc K L lel,
by tlieir tut v'i ity , l:nli..-l. y Mil iu-ain.nis muiil.uu U
bui:n-, aic m elei4.-rvi-.it ti.c.ll't.
K. U. l.YXS. a. J. it lis.
ii. ii. iiaym:s . co.,
Purchase and bale of Negroes,
At K. W. I'orte-r't old ft enl. No. 33, t'e-dar tttrcrl,
fyl !Ui lile, Ti nn.
Shingles! Miinles!
CYl'ltUSS i-lllM.lJ for sale at
tj P.iic V"harf.
YUuulusUx Seminary.
0a tho Gallatin Pika, 2 alio from Naihvillo.)
AIU'llleiNAL lioarding l'u; ii ran mrivwl into
llu lurt.t. ttiui to fl.l veai.ck-a Uiat ti4ei recnmjy
ot. urrtwj. A-i.tuiooal Uay I ;;.:! ca i n.is. 1m- rse-riv-i.
A U atsoo 5ie.jl 1 b iuai irituetie-lr-iy. Ttie s- le-ioa
eouinieiicerj Ifie 11 of J- i. ii.ovr, ISft;, and Kill e-Aio-t.mif
t Ini 1-t J"i!y . Fit u-i uu. kc, apply
eitber l. ll.e lruici:J l t.'i." .-miliary, or N. I. C.tow,
Attorney i t Law , ut Lis -Ue e, No. '.4 I -I't. rxH Hi ret
fcbl ,n
Naiii L eitetvi.
m v i: i v Tv a u ii .
(Know ii as tlx Old N-l viilo Inn Sealdc.)
Kortli ITlarket St., llle, Trun.
A Hit pre(ired I acA4iinu- J
. . TV . . . I: t .
CL witi Ho;.. l.arf., lii l
m. ur rt. l.-s ui me hn t -l
tf-.i r. mjr Hor.'. benrvi! ty Un iy,
t aa-i, o mi.ie urnn-a
febt a
rr'HE uiKiergai rrspu tfaiiy nn.uets ti Uje ct
X. ISebkl-ir NAilVeiir 1 4 It til U tilled Up
Ou Cte owaer oe Ua-woc. ij i sLci-u, witer
few tufceau lo k-e;i liu
fur Ill lM(-k by otrn l "ile.u.li. Ul Uuatttem U
(Merit l:be-rl luuuc ui iUtmi.a.
f t tf "ft JJ- Hl'Ultili.
rj-HF. Co prtirh. of H.Ie.Ju. HcWHlKTEB
I. ti. Utvum .h . h tot -twA ta Ui
mvU, tt.t, AvC . t Juita W. ItcWiAuk-r aitd i-euuLu
f. ii. huvr, eMi"tc Uw :yl aai uroi wiu ui U.
lijU-r Ut-tu. -r , ! Aic tM-..m -i lu up
IIm tiiM ut Wm but, .4 . toe turn ut Um Bum
IB tojjuiii.t.m l. o. l.ji-iii ).,
MjuS I. MeUiiiilTUL
nitTNO k-U ny kiteru-i ui eU B"'4rXot.SuKk,
At U Ubru. kea-TU r, ta ile M bbW
m. !. Me aU cajui iuit ihe ww U.m ;
t arr iU Irtflef Mif fcuat. e Uwuu Urn tU Ukc curt.im-
e o tit Mitd &.IU, .ax! aouiii r.4.uif mi ai micjm
mm aa g iusack eriii y A a t .ij.i.met ut Utetr
M-eUuil hUui utiitHt.
. . .W. H. CRIsT.
ti. rAKTlJTt'H.
.J. W. liKANCH.
Scau or rBKTW. Prws Orcle and rarqiiett 75 ctH.;
Family Circle 60 eta.; Colored Gallery :i cts. Itoors
op-n rmst six. To commence at seven o'clock.
Box oftice open etaily from A. M. tu 1-', and from 2
to 4 P. M.
The eminent Ameriraa Tragedian EDWIN BOOTH,
positively for s.i nights only.
Oa Monday Evening, February 1st, 1858.
Will ha M U-t tlmkfieare' Trace'lv of KING R1CH
ARI THE 111. Itic-hard, Ii:ke erf Gloster, Ir. Edvi
Boith. Queen, Mrs. A. I. Mkxkm. I'as Iw Ix-eix, Si-U-rs
Hknari.x. To conclude with a tie-w Farce of the
For full particulars see programme bills. fehl
P. W. 31AXKY i CO.,
HAVE fre.tn tiie wreck of their Store and Shop bjr
ilrc- on Friday tbo iit of January, oj-ne 1 in No.
2ll. M.erki-t street, three itooryb-low Fnioii Hall, where
tlieir frienda and the public will Ibid them prer-are 1 to
s-ll Tin Plate, Hlouk Tin, bt-e-t Iron, CopK-r, Wire,
Marbelized Iron Mantles, Parlor ami e hatnhtT t.rab-8,
Ceik Stoves, Coal and Wood Heating M'W, Tresg.id
and Japanned Tinware, Common Tinware, Ace, tc, at
wholesale and retail. Job Work done to order with
neatness aud dcsikitrh.
febl lw P. W. MAXEV & OJ.
Wall Papers.
VT 15, 18. 20 and 25 cents; irlaz-.-d S5 to 60 cts.
Together with every description of
Borden, Fire-Ssreens, Center Piece, Window
And all the most fashionable styles for Parlors, Halls,
and DiuinR-riHims.
Terms, Cash lor all small bills.
Nor 28 Peiblic Sipiare. cor. Peadcrick st.
N. P. raper Hanging done ui the best manner by
conipe-letit workmeu. fcbl lni
Parffinc Cancel Coal Oils for Lu
bricaling Mac!ii:iery.
is Seotlaml the Caunel Ciml Oiis have bet-n very fa
vorably known an 1 extensively eted in the place of
iertn, for the last few years. Oils of a similar nature
and quality are now being m.-ule by the I'nion Coal and
Oil Coniiany, and are very highly valued wlierove-r
known. This Oil has the same weight aud will bear
the same tcinieratiire, when winter strained, as the
be-st Siterni, and is fully eipial to it as a Lubricator;
havii.c bt-n snbj-cte-d to tlie severest tests upon bolh
heavy and liirbt machinery , and given entire sitisTac
tion. This O.I is -e:iiliar!y adapted lo llailioa s, Cot
ton Spindles. Machine Miops, and all m ichinery
where a tlim Oil is reipiind. It is more economical
than ordinary oils, as it is sold at ul.o'.t the sain- price,
and as half Ihe ipiantdy will do uu c.pial amount of
liihricatiou ami eto it belli-:'.
lliis Oil bcin entirety without K""i, shoi.l I be used
in the saute manner as the unest spei ui. Hie oj-ninjrs
of the cans aud feeders used for ordinary e-miscr Oils
should be rt-diireel, otherwise, the Oil will be wasted.
These Oils will be funui-In-il to dealers at tl.e factory
prices, a li'mg freights, ins irai.ee. and exi haiiL'.-, and
all Oils sol 1 by tins teuipany iiic fully guarranU-ed as
For sale by Kwin, I'eiidli ton ifc '..i.,i.f this city,
Aiieiits, lor th j t'niou Coal and Oil Company , Mae s
ville, Ky.
We call public nitention to the following c-.-rtllicates
of gent'cmeii knouii h(re uud elseu here.
Ae-nts, Nashville.
JlA'UlM! Ml' ll', J 111. It-iS. j
Tliis will certify that we ale usiiifr tie' I aralline
Cuuuel-Cml till ma le by Uie l .tiun Coil and O.I C ui
pany, Maysv llle. Ky.. iu our Machine .-hop a:: 1 on the
iocoini.tivcs ou the road, and have t sted the Oil very
carefully Ut dii-t ove-r us ipianla-s ; we arc ei.t ; i ly con
vinced it is a very line O.i lo: machinery, and tti.it one
callon of tins eiil is Icily equal : P.vo callous oi the
best lirduil. It beii.s i-ntnelj Ire. Iiem ruin, our ma
chinery will run with less -w r than w.lii any Oil we
have used. Aulne-ii the Oil has a thin a-ipetrance,
it has a h.brieat.ni; body superi-.r toai y Oil iu oruiiia, y
us;- and ll is -.v. Ii adapted to liailroa Is.
e. It. KMAU.I.S Ma-ler Mechanic,
Nii.-hville an 1 e iiai:ano..i;a lli.i!ioad.
Mr. Knowl.-s is Master ol Machinery of our llc-n'.. and
a reliable man iu whose- st iiem. i.ts we would e-oiili 1".
V. K. MKVFN.-oN, Pr.-s, !. :.t,
N.thville an 1 ehatl.iii('.-i K.nlroad.
it. I. AM i it-oN",
ipe- int"li !ani of N. A; C. K. 11.
Na.-iu1i.ik. T-iiii., Jan. If jS.
We nro npioj- th - FamlHee ( au.e ivl od in our JIi
rhiiie h.p, and t.:'ne pr.-ut .l-auie In slating tiial wa
have never i.s l any nil ..-.i;al t i it. lt will wear very
ii eiit'y lonei air. h'.bi icate ini.re taoroin lny liian the
b.-st ip.al ty of Ui'd or otli r ...-.liua: y ml, is f .- from
J.-.IU1, and is .j i.-t s : h all o;i as is nee led lor m icluna
i v. W" (lii'iht n. t it iu. it com.- ini.i etu-ral ti.e. We
think tl.iso.l li liy eipuii to tin- beet S.-rin . and that
o-te gallon is woi th lUMie than two ol the I t ijiid
0.1. ANlfW ANIiKlvSON.
M isnm ML-eit.wu s omi-E, M. k C. 11. It.
M -niph.s, January !, !i;iS. j
This will certify that 1 am usute; the PAKAIT l.VE
CANM"J..('OAI. OIL loaniiliu l.iie I by the l ii. tu t mil
mil Od Company of Mae sviil-, Ky ., in our Machine
shops and on the loconn.t.w s on the lein;t;;is and
Charleston Kaiiroiid, and have iiieeu it lie several
tests, in ord ;r to prove ,t.s ipial.lies us a ii.l.i icatuiK
il. 1 have no hesitation m rei otuiu mim' it .is a -l-rior
oil for ILulr.u I porjioses. tt. th ei regard bi
-com my an 1 a a K-rl'.i t Lubricator. 1 lull ve it ft
b. the best oil I h ive i:s.- i,an'i that o lie nlio:. will go
as far lis two g itloiis of Iird enl. Hie niacl-.iuei y is
now ruiinieg in tae s:iots w.tu twenty per e eni, less
iower than is req-iired tor ord.na.- y mi. Th lluid.tv
ot the oil arises. I am convince I , IV- iu the t tal ab
seucu ol gum. an I does not e ll t its li.bricating pro-tei'ta-n,
but only rei'iiri'S that the orila-es iu the oil -caps
and li-e lers suould be re-due- -d in order to use the oil
V.M. R. NICIioL-J, MasU-r M.u hinist.
Miwiux, Kv.. November 14, 157.
Ti Ott V lioM Ctt.il flld (ui (5.mllt ;
eivTiKMiA li.i mg used your I.i.hncing O t. luade
from hi til Coal, on the tna. hnerv ol our tot ton
Mnls (mi billing H.gwo ami Munoh-s) . lor tlie last f. w
weeks, we are prepr.red I . say t!i..t v.e have umd t
g.n-idly v jjH.-ur i any etii -r, ceepi:ng t n- tut
Ms-iin, and fully ejial t i ii. it ii'-t.c.e. ,.r when we
h've been pa i!:g li lu one il. -liar see eniv li e edits
t-i t' o d.llai s j.ii'1 lei .ty live e I ts M-r all.-i. The
.l ei :r-l r bi.t -s ve: y rl - liy mi-r the mat hiiu-iy ,
wears lingaii I .s Iree troiu jiiiiu, Hhicii eai.s:-s Iru--tiou.antl
ciii.se. pa-iitiy luat.
Ill view of llu- siipenor tp.'Ht ty of tills Oil, ve have
adopted it f,.r our iiills. From tin low pr.ee at which
It le sold we tl.e. ht not it lae.-i ceine n . t gi ue.id use.
JAM'AltV WisH'
Proprietors ol Ma) n llle i otuui Milts.
To our Oitl C'ii(uiii(ri Piicmls.
Tf. have in.
T rn k Mree
local, d oilir-tdves ul No. 1J lleade-ulti-r.
we are prcuied to t-iri.isli
theut a lib all kiln ft of drinks, sta b a I'.rau.ly, V. tr-l y ,
Con. and Wines T nil deM-riptioiiK t.t I lie best .pial ties;
ai-o toha.-i... sni.-k.ng an I cli - 1 g, ith a a 'c ty of
Uie b'-t e-;g ii . liur ei.-sir.-s are t. lo every li.i.u: U
e-Mb-r to tue Lil-s of our lutroi.. Cill, k' - i iu -ii,
try lt-r vo.irlves, as w. are i:lait.ilii-ir ..
jau-oT-.-.m J. L- li'.lCK ii J I- FVtl.KV.
iiiima.n niTiii:us.
No. 44 C. ll.-c.a-ld 4 1 aud 4.I Mark, t sL ,
aliIIIe, 'I run.
r'l l K l r sile ou geasi li-iiix t lA-o nr prt.tu4
al -r, &Oel Urns ol their cel. bral.nl e i.l.x-ll IU-
Jtf-t trm.
IV) Ions well assorted I'ltt-bure Iron:
U t ' haiiiiiieietl lion, mi lueiias Plow M'.ulil;
Sit " tie-t T uut -e at.iiBti.
IS ' a-l. J-lwar, t- 4 A. H. Mecl;
I0.nl k-.'S a..i U-.1 Nail aud pi.-s, best brind;
tie) Cst, W rotiglit and Nml I'lotts, all sixes;
2"i !elt W.tit and Buggy AvUs, ail il .
't-ft. Ai.vii-, We., File., liiei. Axe, htraw C-it-U-rs,
Ac. Icbl CUmzi
Strayed or Stolen,
VPOtT the rlh il.y ti January , a small lighl BAY
Ml l-f , & or ( yems ol I; h - lias ou bun liu- in.uk
ot br.-e ii.i.g ana l- .m.-s; be I. It tioitie w til one sltov
on. I Ml Kive a lde-rul rett ird Ui any oue lie w Ul
bring bitu W) uie, or jie iulortuaU-'ti wher.of h- cut
befi ur. l. .'No. L. Lot E.
laiij 31w
Tor Sale,
VNL.VT CiCM;;Y I;!! KM K, lir n. h
oj Itie lj i:.t.n iirbpii.e road.th i le
stk. !
ui tue tli l k'li fiul.-, conUiib c l.e.iriy nine s-'yVi
ucres f cipurnT land: aboe.1 luree acr hat a -
bwen I jtaiewsiully cuiuviu-l la vr ctable, Uie l.-u
a wull tinibere.1. lb fmprovt tuei ts cousoi v a
lia.O'-d lKsf ith thrva r, aud luf heti, u.4
pu.ehb.tjrleKtl-u.it aud U-o t- t wile; M"rr re4u,
sUUie, cjirriae U , i.c , and wjII eui.U.-J .la
Cti leuoe., Ac. Auy pTiiiin eieirtH. of )ieiivhasiii(
aer Ii a I4.e-e, caa oliU n bartnin on titv-rt I iii by
Pi-! atu lu Net. iti. Co.e gts Mrert, SU Jie-, tcnji.
UlJV lot
Ejiiaca, Car Culleg aai Vitlasa" Avata,
(Htxutt ui rrsiart,)
Offlr Tio. tiS or tit 1 Ucrry Mrect.
VfieMjU Farm lUuJ, wh-. a.M e.u-ratals 4 parties.
uih-. llMp.e .t Us." Pau tut UUk-r. t ab.l-tf
Attorney at la.w.
'l'l7rLL twn4 Ut any b.l.wai vK.t Buy be b.lre.Uel
II tu turn, 4uw naUtiiUj. mjt le t
bai'K ui Imway i.ot U) Muic, va iui 1 i-u.t euart.
e.a.7 ilu
!Hrarva! Mgrwt! lor SavJeltt
4 No. 1 MAX CUU&, aud tut .f-, m b sa.-tdid
j. wadhc-r aad ifjoc;. Ai. a ku4 Uuuly M Likely
,rr, aujeii .U l uit tu.
vow a O.
to uLiiktiurriiv
t COD lUackaut.Ut a4 t-Uikot tat tu 114 r.
Id ax. Nj. i ..-ct.. ,ii
iQftnfl -i'-1- l" ou Kivr Cod la
lOUUU atlba (ual tarel te.0.t r-V.c, ai
j n-- f a. a L. . Cbaalbaia Waielaainr, car luiijf
crvauert aad eaa.ttad, at li (Jm CCitia prf buhA
Apt.lv lu Ilia ' i-V-.d
4V 4 4VAIWb.
pooh pst.
W. T. BEP.RY Jt CO. have on sale a One collect'oa
of OLD ENCLISU BOOKS, ainot.g which are the fol
lowing History of the Anticnt City cf fantrrbnry,
Civil aud Eccle-iastjel, Ac, Illustrated with iLius,
Charts, and other Fiigravinpe. It. folio.
Stackhoase's History of the Holy Bible,
3 vols. 4 t"., half calL
Pinkerton's Mem Geography,
4 vols. 4 to., old call".
The Worki of Dr. Isaac Watts,
6 vols. 4 to., half Morocco.
Eaylfs' (Peter) Historical Dictionary,
4 vis. limo. half morocco, abridged.
Cichardson's Novels,
19 vis., half calf.
Life of Catherine II, Emf"s of Raisia
3 vols. 8no.
Hook's- Prhndo Furiosa,
5 vols., old calf.
Life of Agrippina, Wife of Ccnnanicus,
i vols.
Hnaie's Hisiory of England,
15 vols., old calf.
Orations of Demosthenrs,
3 vols. , old culf.
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations,
3 vols. mo.
The Works of St. Evremond,
3 vols. 8mo.,oM culf
Harris' British Classics,
in 8 vols. Ruin., with Kugravinjrs.
Shaftesbury's Characteristics of Men, lan-
tu?rs, and Opinions. 3 vols. vo.
Pope's Iliad and Cdyssrry of Homer,
6 vols. Pmo., old calf.
The Works cf Titer Pindar,
in 4 vols. l'Jnio. , calf.
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy,
6 vols.
Drytleu's Translation of Viigil,
4 vols, l-uio., calf.
Brydfii's Fablrs,
Kolio, Kiiss. w.tti lIlastratHitis.
English Prologats und Eplagars,
in 4 vols, initio.
The Works of Josrphns.
I.'Estruiiire's Tialisl.itioii. o vols. 12mo.,
Memoirs cf Count l!c Craumont,
in 3 vols. Hmo., with numerous I'm traits.
Richardson's Clarissa lkirlowe,
hi 8 vols. Snio. , old call".
31rs. Uarbnuld's Pritish Nuvcliats,
in 50 vols, liiio.. half monx co.
BiillJiityne's Noi list's Library,
IU 10 vols., Ho) a! rvo., calf.
Cobbt'tt's Pailiameiitary History of England,
;.tt veils, hvo., hall Kussia.
The Works of Laurence Sterne,
In 7 vols, limo., call'.
The Works of Sir William Trmrlf,
vols., folio, old calf.
The Works of Henry rielJim,
14 vols, bimnd in T,cuif, line old copy.
The St-lcrt Works of Henry l'itldiug,
5 vols. 8vo. , hull calf.
The Miscrllaneous Works of Tobias Smollett,
6 vols., half calf.
Tlie Works of Bean Swift,
ia KJ v'.. , f'lii cull'.
Nichols Litcrarv Aneedotcs of the Eighteenth
( ent'iry, 9 vids., b::U lluSia.
jlenioirs of the Iluke of Sully,
ft voN. Bvn., calf.
The Works of Anna Srward,
iu le) vi Is. ICmo., e.ilf.
The Life and Letters of raseliul,
2 vols. Svu., calf.
The rottiral and Prose Works of Prydrn,
8 vols, hvo., e-iilf.
Tlie Hhr.
Ae-nlhi t.otu f the nv-.t ceebr:ib'd r-'onf ,4vls. ICmo
The Ancient and Modern Briiina,
luliled by .-ir Wa.b-r t-.-tt. S voU., catf.
The Sflt'ct Comedies of Molicre,
in Krench uud Lnjilish. h vols.
Mrs. lndibald's Mo.!eru Theatre,
10 vols, l.liie., half calf.
Pltilosophical Trunsactitins,
in 11 vols. Jl."., old t a.f.
Charles Jamrs Fox's History of the nrkn
of JulIIOS II. 1 Vol. frvo.
Wraxall's History cf France from the Ar-
rciisiun eif Henry HI to the eleallt of L-uis l . 3
vi ls. 4bt., old calf.
Mil ford's History of Crerre,
5 vols. 4to. , Kussiu.
Bishop Burnet's History of His Cwn Time,
a vols., fohei.
Lord Chesterfield's Letters to his Son,
J vols, -int., e :ilf.
Gihuhvin's (.William) Tolitiai Jasticr, -
J vols. 4to., half uiorocro.
The Creek end Latin Toets Transcribed,
Abeillard end l.'tluisa.
The History f th-ir Ijves,
-tj.-hiy lour years, from 1
Oeiitiuie L-tli-rs, from Uie d
corripri.:ii a wri.sl e.f
i-.t ui 11. ;., m .th lit. ir
thi tioin.f .m!ii.:e. 1
vol. 4b... h.itl call.
Trauls through the I'uited Stairs of North
A Met ica tu th year K!'S, IT'.t , and lT'.'T. Ty tlie
Iluke le Ijt lMheetucaull Linu oult. II vols. 4t.
Seeker's (Archbishop) Sermons,
7 vol.. tn-o., calf.
AVcrburton's Divine Legation of Moses
7 v .. rv. , rail".
Cook's Voyares Round the World,
f vols. M n., culf.
La Pcronse's Vojaie Hoand t!;e World,
in tlw- years 1 T s He ST -. ti vols. vo., half e-alf.
Voyage in Search of La Pt rouse,
l vols, rvo., half Ci.lt.
The Abbe KajnaPs History tf the Settle-
l-i'-nts and 'I I .i 'e ol lite U u oj jus iu the Last and
1M l.idi- s. . i
t or sale by
Vi. T. L'U'.HY k fit.,
1'ub.ic Spue re.
ft. I
Twenty Choice Varieties for Oae Dollar.
aliKsbM.iber re;mUully auum.u.xs that, ,
Ut suHy a uul that lias be-eu f rratly dr -jif
U.HUUe'1 by Aniat-ut' i H..eia, h lias pur
ch.es l fr-rtu Mr. It. 1L Ihiss, ul mirumti-l-l. M w ,ajt
. til. e-.it Vi h. HoWtT Se.:., Uliilll Llw beco
found u.l are kn. au in every st.ete of the I ns-u, Ut
be if tue un t reljel.le charae'U-i a. I m.ike lio ltd
luwii'K extriut fnuu lUir' .UhHiiw, I U.tt It Buy be
e-n liMt 1 wil Uiem at rv-liy I. p -. II aix-da
m.biare tu t otily Ui-we ot li s Kuta.Mti;, but aekic
tei. t.'om IIm Ix-.t Ji!i.h, l-ren. h.andij. riiin Oow
n .:(. I !e t ar t l st lull I k-prs? tlul nowur
nl have Ix li-re eximnuulde I tu ti.t liwrke.
1 Lave aeltle-d ecl it my Urge cel.et Uext tit Bower
M..., I'n nuM lsut lul at.d sh'.ay t ara Uea, ra:h
oil Uituie I in odor, and ceicuUw vt pr sl,H- a Hue
rfl.-ct ueii uauleU out iu t-ds t kiou in the C "r.f
b..r ler. I bav. ba 1 trntt Ii variety eJ.-tu . ll) uirkiNd
.lii tu.. li. ui.soi an t U'Kl ti uane, b.--iit, l.itie e4
fl..merii:j color ol Uie B.M.-r, ruauii.-r . ;ioiii(,
be-liu-r eive t or Iran. ii-', kc , ll.n time .1 al.eH.ld be
au, aod uiner valualov h.t.ta a. to Us t u.i.i.m.
lu 4rlitif Uiese vark-Uea, 1 have be-en caret. I U
Cluue all aiiali are hiiy uiooiuei tie Lave au ui. ituilk
Cant aiH-.yiuce, so tut tl.e collects ll c.tiia a
ou.y Uete a b. li are re-aily ! y and bAU-ie', aud
a la 1 Iwiini ouuld irve tu Utm n.u .ucta
ot auy lady or p-i tii-nutn ale. mul l be ti, aed la
re.er Uieltt. T!u: Coil T le Hi Jl im 1.1 lre f
to any rt f Ije i otn.li y al Ui loUoa ii pra- :
itairuiit'i.1 Nu l,ct.jae twe-.tjr etiosa var-jHira
ut Aluiuatii 1 M
. Vj. ' niMdU vi twenty cb. .)arK-
ttr 4 tlK-naiala and Ivn-uuh.. 1
u So. k, cutuuAta tea extra line arte
U e4 Annual au 1 ivrt ouiai., embra
ciu Rjai iM Ut. new tuti ibtMn4 m
i..t.uu.a t
Nj 4, ruti..at bra vr.y t ben vari
rtie, aelnVt d fioin 1'r.ic tier e4 b l-aa-
an., brrnuu taruUu, aud J-ce -iiiL,er.
.-t.iu: TraJjLt Ireucii Aalr., aiul lsjl.le Hul
l u-. kM, rjeil 4 abii are uJ at tartly
ci.ts ily
l e. ... u. ur.inr.f wui iUe ii-t J tue mioiw
ll.. A m. Utv.A. il.tiU 4tauc c u m. 'e o
biiuef x-UfC ataJti. ALlJk. J!AC.Llt,
Btr'.nvi a rfciJfb-' rtata- tx -ia to
ttMif te Vua lituovu Tut aaaaa au. BeiAa
at ra Xit.M tM .
e-. .1 ! H - Ue raa4
ildrrmru vl tue if 't
H r . . .. v. lr (m,iu..s!j ut lw ufclW
bm W (UTBl.-b tlM WllH J li U BAOMW
Ot alt Ui at b. bu . aiteDtiwg it aasi r tui, lUl Uta
.aua ,4 iu ;r inu!. OtMMeiiaa. aad li.. Ward
lhr l:te la.auU Uta H'"' taty t ou, aoaatVat
ewtU2 tit IU.U uS A. mft m earn aad vtxy
iKmf u auat a .oit asuUl l-at rf wacii .MitntMl
. ,.T TlT.i y fra iUiM etatiu. Uie atouUt ea fe b
rear V .
car. i, Ittllraarled, TLi.1 ewl-r tc trttuUr
ahad b. aiLAua iut Ireu U wdtff
au i Uuaid m uw tf ft bv. ai au I' ".il or ra
.ata or . ke ft iM ed moia-i th Ira 1 Uifc . .
IwKC M.fca, U. ekee:jo t i WUtk,
W t& a.ttaaw li ' H ' ' 111 P
tat. Ha It euacleJ, Tliat Avl ahU ba m
lure lru aA ....
Jlnctidxi Salts.
Time Sale of Groceries
u.vnuis -jt -co.
(At tV. ir. Cordon & Co.' rreIoae.)
I I r-;'"' rrtrte Ai vim. xtt, ofTer for
AucUon at W. U. Cwdon A Co.'s Ware-
250 hh.la.Vew Orleans So- 1000 bhls. R,-ttflel Whta-
par, all (rradMs; kv; various braada.
500 ba Kio Coffee; SV) boxes Soap-
i-M bids. Molasses; -."h, ,Utr.. fainted BucLete-
151 half do; l.io nNTubs- BUCkett
20 buses Ur Candles; 5je) ke-L's
1SI half do. ei:
With many thM- artieV;
Tliee ciwH wiU be off.TO 1 in large le.u with hbcral
All fim un'er$.VN)cas'i: o-er $5-0and uner fTVX
eiajs,i.- approved euaorse-d
ne-t.1 lutvitb! in 1-...L'
n t-n (wrabie iu Lank
Auction Sale of Groceries
f'r,1", ,'"- arjr 5th, 185S, nt n
.V "".- e .u u rii.r u. iiouiof Uur
R0 bti Is. Vew Sncar;
m.1 f ... .
M b'.ls. Hoiinnl Cia
in V-neirar:
uuis. Jt trop JIOUS- -tKI b.txes (iptsMwire--s;
lit-) Tobacco vnrl.
5" tike. Mackerel IVh; mis bran Is- '
100 bxs. M. It. K-tisius: 10:1 J,, rm-
10-lhalf A.t. do; i,i,:kki th, S-jirsvaneHi.
10V ouar. do. do: b-,.ti !
kes Nails: ion b.tves .-tirr.n ii...
153 bbls. Ci.iciiiii-iti Wins- Si -.!.. '
"y. virions b-auis; hi bxs. '.t-i it- Hrandv
SI lb -.lot bon Wh i-ky ; .' (-ae MiU-hes- '
Rd J..ii.niruhoU do; coils C.tt in Hope
S " Atn. Un i fy; l'Vl cases Fresh I'eacut
21 ras.-s Siir.lir.e-: -. im ,,,.( Ch.-ese. '
W.lh many other art clos i.i th- ;roeerv iiu'".
ja:i23 1 1 BxvhA
Auctioit Sale of Groceries
Lanier, Phillips & Co.
0 noiielay, I t hruary Mb, 1S57,
will sen r tsii.i.1 Iront ,.f ,.ar 'a.-etiuu"i. a.
cun-ih-o ifsortmenl of lifts er.es e-otisit.U!i ia part it
follows. Viz:
4d hh-'-a. Xew Sonar:
! Ti -xed Siar Caudle,
lo I hlls. i: qrs. do:
2'HI b i -s Co!' -,--
"tS ttbls. Xet Mol.iss -s:
.5 t ixes s.-leeted W
4J td.U. cru-Iie 1 MUJ jh.w-
i n..s
uereit Miar;
45 kits M.ic'.-rel;
1U bids. White. Whisky
1 " X. Y. Hrandv!
l'. l pkirs. M. It. IUisins;
Il illaii I ;iu;
X. F. Rum:
10 sacks l'ee-4'is;
1 )
S sacks Aim .lids;
T. e as -s Sardines:
W lioxes Cove Oysters;
IU brijl 1'i ie.er
i5 clients Tea:
-'l bales C..U..U Twine;
::. cods IlieM-;
IS ci. s M 't. li.-s;
Si"l ke.'s Xads;
T5 dox. Riint -d nuckets;
:id ll-MS Tebs:
J5 Is.x.-S St.ire.-h;
!.' ' S.ih:i;
7 - Iievh- s Can tl -s
lo-l d. r. Mhs.ui- p.Ucku.jr
l'l boxi-s n.isks;
"her t th uiiiiieroiis other art rle un
coliml. ! ssle. l.AMl.l:. 1 111! I ll S k CM.,
lehl t I No. ;u "arket t eel.
Vif'fOtttOlS 1011 FVJ111.V ISE!
Oiiiiiiou or Ilto J inl;'- oT the late FIe
-Iiniti-' I air.
T t!u- l ite .Mi e-!i ui.c's I- n r. hi-lil in tho
"itv nt Wliti'ii iti OoifU-r. I.s.", the
.Iinli!- ntii!:ili-il to txi'ipue Hrticles in
CI I--- 41! Nt. IT. 'wii 1 1; t IUkh:"s Sceeiny
Miit-iiiiie-s: No. in. i., ki:'s n i-:imm:t
iihi:i tli- I'HINCU'A!. iiiiits ninl im-rits i f
tin- te ii tiiiit'liiiii'S us Inline s :
Tin- iiiiechiiii-s un- Ixiili twivtlirt'iul inn
iliirp s. tiuii is. iisino two M-punti- tlirt-itr?!
(nr iiiitk i i. '4 tin- Mitch; .hut of Ukiivki. t
liAKi.i. ii-tiL' It"- tttfiitl In. pi ('t)MM(i.N'
s'oor.s n iti! two .i;i:m.i:s ; i.i.iithut
. S.'i:m:"s i.sin - I mul oiic ip eille.
t In nt In r thri ml M'-iliiin; Irniii u I.WllIUN'
lt;i.u;--c IN A .-lll'TTI.!-:. a-i 1, iu tin
iii:liii.n n! t!io e-'i:niii tit i-. is liesl it!niti:il tt
mm: ft ri iiiNC - Ai'in.KiiV. .w-.
Tin- (;i.ivi-:i; .v i aki:i' :.s tin- l.I'.at
t"(IVIM.I('.Tl-:i MAi iliNK'tV. AMi. tlK
Clil ItSi-:, KASIKI; ;KI; mlvaiiluve'
iii si-titu.s wniiiU t kk-wini -
lN'ti : in:.!, witli t!.i- i-xi-1-i.tinii it tiiie I'l.iti.
in, sii.liilt-i v. A f.. ili" ii'-ioioii 'if tin.
i-.i!iiin;tt i- i.-i;i.M" i n r i i i amilv
Tin J'iirt f this rcjnti t rt-fi rriiifr to
tin- Siili r Mji-hiiil- lis l-st Hil:tte-il tu tilltj
Cl.itliiiin w.is iiite-ii.lcil tti lu r.M)KI"Tol
l'.V IilK'MMi rTI.Kiisj.f KU M AN LT
IN WiH.'K-MHil S. .VC. TliK SAMK l.V
Hi'.r l-.ii'KNCi-: T' SAMULKUV, AC.
i.tii. i. i riii.ii 4i Ai.i-,
Kashvills, Tjao.
Xashv lile, T.-iin., Jaiiu.u y ls.'i,--if
L. ,i.v
zi i: it i: iv i:
1TU Till!
A It I",
51ei r ent i;i .ei Co IwraniMi KatiT
X1 woi ld it-pi tfi l'y lt. :t- ihe n.u- of Nash
vil'e and s-u r..tin"i-: count. e. bicall and -xinnie
tie-in . Itelore buy nig , as tun' ex imiiiHtioli only is niecea-s-ti
) lo si.t. : a it one tli.it liiese Mje lilues are Just
h.it are wui.U-d in ever j -t.tiii.ly.
Hie t. lloa ins are i-olo i I tli- food ipiahtie of the
l herlrr A IImiii .Tlacblnr.
r.-acty aud ec. .1. i e- .1 st.l. n, al e um both sid'-
of tin latua t..ei: eeiii.oiu. ol lhrd; im li. 11 y
aud Ihoiti. flih-s ol e-.ei-tM.t t ;n, -rtal d ty , eua.t f
cp- ralii'lt and tnaiuiereue nt , sa-cu, .pi etmtv. J luove
mer.t, .lietith, liimiie..', anl durabii.ly ol m-iuu tliat
wdl tot rip or nm-: .ip,.l'iab:l ty l a vai a-ty vf pur
eea and lii.tenai, e..ntitiict..ew. aud ek-Kutc etf
mo-b-l and heiti. t a J ami ' Ui.-iu.
tts e uirr 1- L. ll . ch s l r .' Store, 4) Collet;
?trti. Will MJK k IV LS.
d.cl-.' dii iu AjtntiU lor ieuueeaee.
Ailt aiK-e Tairn,
I .aix-nii' unn r. i irv II ail.
Na.-bv.llf, Jan. It, W.8.
r-XAX-rAVLl-' ho .1 sire Ui aead lli- iuwivea tif tlie
J. ril';e-:- of tiie U a.lot..'it -e-S4 uieiitof Cih
I.uatiou Tui -a f-.r the year I-i.ar.- b-ieby U'dillel
lb.t tbi-y a.il be aa.t.-d i-'U by c.ilnng as above,
lub-n al at ll rat? ed it.- -r c-bl. a lu mlh, w.il b
all. wed OU the lace .f e ei I tle lite lr-M.ed. Uwnel of
tavebie pn.fity tnin thi Li iia t the dTjuration,
wi.i b.td it l Uu ir atlvai.Ue . ail.
Jau.S ;ui A. ML-OV, Cde-cUr.
Liuuber, Lumber, Lumber.
fti ri;H t HIAK aud ail other k nds of l.umtw-r caa
kJ b.i bal at I'm- UuTti.i-f" .Wiiui.iiti li e Nahv..
a.iu ( hjiuuufa b-e.lli-a i
Iti uulc In. in Nn.ln lib-.
Jaii'.i Mu
i v.tvf.tt.Tr,
Xo. 30, I'roiil Mrrrl,
Cine luitati, Ohio.
K alt-nt . to Clime ur fZ
l.rt. Ult. HiletllY and ftut
. , vi us. MjAi-, lalu a uv-ua
l IU- titiJ-'-L. H ITIJl, tUKIIAt.t. aud a-ia.
Ciaeit:u..li UauLLaet ure klid lYislure jeue-ra.lv.
l"u baf" uiale tor caa, aud prejn.it custom
er, k -t all the A-ivi:,tax.- of eieenuiU at.d low praa
a In b ui- a j e tuUeaue. & a
ii. 14 ti
l'or Itcnt.
fj-xHAX C4Mmiy fiiiu.i', f.ir oi le. from the ff
1 c ir.eHi lUJ Nauvi.le aud I laeUaut. t;ij
liiiru, at l.l ocl.U. w.lh lei.ty acrca ei4 sa,
Krouuei aalU.ble b Cart! 'U;.
!-. . if 'Vi' k tft.Xn. "0 (tarry t-
no. 13 csnJAii stui:i:t.
HAVJNvi Ulety, very uue-Xpi-etoeUy reeivJvJ2
aa uveMT. tif au-rar ' i
ria "TrweJi CaJaimerInd PImIx Veatiaga.
.ill anake them up for r exxet-ueea ta order t.
(Wa Uf-lu out, auU luaaa rm U o.r Nb .
k.,. abjb a eite mrf. aa a- m w j -
.11 I-.'. I at (rt.Uy reslue e d
VLinUN Abb'TT,
16 Cvetor Mreet.
OIlo Apple.
1 1 ( BARltlUJi Cbirtra Wwtt-r Aile, Juax reoeiT4
1 0 1' "U e.el.-ta, aud .or T rrvrv
wlstf ll. IX ma.LT.
liaivaiuUcU V Lr,
OX Laa4 au4 La- ai 1 7
a " r k v- - - - v
"g -.r"sa,"

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