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Hostile patriot.
( na un oa um to unmiiit'ii a aoTAKB. ) , r
One Square 1 day, $ I 00 each ad'al maertioa 44)
1 , U0 each addit'al suuare 1 M
" 2 weeks, 4 60 "
" " 1 month, e 00 " ... a oa
" " T mnUi tlrt " " , 4 M
4t v - HC1 t M
" 44 a 1(00 " M
" 12 44 - f 0 - " " 10 00.
One Pqnare, one year, S30 each additional square SIS
Writtea notice must be given to take out and stop ad.
vertuaements of yearly advertisers before the year ex
pires, otherwise we shall charge till done;
- Xoouotraotof yearly advertus meela will be discos
tinned without i-rrvious notice to es.nor will aay charge
be made for lese tbea eae rear at the yearly rate.
ATar- AdTertisen ezcaediar Um apaee otmtract
ed far will be cliargei Xor tia exoeaa. ..
Paily, per annum, $8 00
Trt-eek!y, per annum, 6 00
. Weekly, per annum, 8 00
. One Weekly for two years, or two Weeklies
for ono year, in advance, i 00
When the Iwily, Tii-Wcekly, or Weekly is to be
discontinued (paid in advance at the time subscribed
for), the subscriber mind, order, other w we it will be
continued, at our optioo, until paid for and stopped.
If not paid, it mod be paid at the time of discontinu
ance, or at onr option. If the party is good, it will be
sent until paid.
Remittances by mail, in " registered," letters, at our
St. fonbe
HJIjoIfsalc prrj (DooJu.
Government of the United States.
The Hxecutlve.
Jakes BrniAXAX, of l'a. , I'rui'Unt tf tke tT. Stales.
Job C. Bwccvridhk, of Ky., Vict President.
The Cabinet.
' Lrvrw Cup, of Michigan, Secretary cf State.
Mowkix Crura, of Georgia, Secretary f tke Treasury.
Isaac Totccr, of Connecticut. Secretary if tke A'aay.
.Jons R Floyd, of Virginia, Secretary rf War.
p Jkruhah II. Eunc, of Tnnn., Attorney General.
J-Co Taoxnox, of Mia., Secretary rf tke Interior.
Aabox V. Baowx, of Tenn., Postmaster General.
The Judiciary-
Rockh B. Ta.vkt, of Mary laud, Chief Justice.
Jou Mi Ijlax, of Ohio, Associate Justice.
James M. Watvk, of Georgia, ' "
Joh.x A. Caihsi.l, of Ala. , "
Joh.v Cathon, of Tennessee, " "
Pktkk V. PiMit, of Virginia, " "
Battel Nstsos, of Xew York, " "
Robkkt C. Grikk, of Penn., ' "
Natuas Cumnn, of Maine, " "
Tbe salary of the President Is $.'5,000 per annum
that of the Vies President $6,000. Each member of
tlie Cabinet receives (8,000 fer annum. Tbe salary of
the Chief JuaUc. of tb Supreme . Court ia IdJMO, and
of each Associate Justice ,000.-
The United States Circuit Court for this (the 8th
Circuit la held in Nashville on the first Monday in
March Justxe Catron presiding, with Jacob McGavocit
as Clerk.
Tlie first session of the u6th Congress began on Mon
day, I'ec. 7th, 167. The Vice President of the L'ni
t ?d State is President rx-"ff-i of the Semite. James
I- Orr, of South Carolina, is the present Sieaker of
the House of Representative)!, and James C. Allen, of
Illinois, is tlerk. The following is a Lai of tlie Con
gressmen from Tennessee ;
' Senator.
Jonx Pbi.i., (American) wlmne ti-rm expires in 1SS3.
AxriRsw Jtmssort, (Itemocrat) wIium term expiree
In 1S 3.
A. 0- P. .Vkhmuhw, (Dcmi-rnt) has been chi-ted to
take the l-late of Mr. 1 II, and Uis term will expire in
First riatrict Au.sirr O. WAnciis, Iem.
Second " I ik.ux MAVrD, Aiiht.
Third "
Fourth '
Fifth "
Fixth "
Seventh "
Eighth "
Ninth "
Tenth "
Sami ki. A. Ssiim, m-iu.
JottX II. i-AVAOK, Drm.
ClIAKlM KFAIir, AlllL-.
l.r .lll.K V. Jomcs, IH-IU.
J(nN V. Wkii.iit, Iieiu.
Femx K. Zoi urxirrrs, Amer.
J. I. Atkivh, i ih.
-ffn. T. Avert, rvru.
The .Senate fmiw u of a nn inli-rs, or two from
e u.h of the iSm2 Stains. The lluie if Iteprem-ntativcH
U cnmimw l of '.'37 members, a.t follows : Maine fi,
New Hampshire 3, Vermont 3, Rhode NUtid 2, M.-hu-clinn.-tLi
11, Connecticut 4. N'cw York '.ui, New Jcruty
5, Pennsylvania ;.), l elawaro 1, Maryland , Virginia
13, North Carolina 8, South Carolina 6, ;iigia . Ala-
bmu7, Florli'a 1, Itiisiana 4, MiixHippi 3, Tcxa.i 1',
Arkan.art 2, T-'imessee 10, Kentucky 10, Ohio SI, In
dianll, Michigan 4, I'linni 0, M-somi 7, Iowa?,
Minnif ota 3, Wisconsin 3. California 2. H'si les these,
the Territories of Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nebras
ka, Kauiu and New Mexico, have one ilelegate each
in the House of Representative.
Covrrnmtut or Tcnnrmtee.
Ihk.m G. ll-tHHi, overnor.
F. N. W. BfRT-'ji, Secretary of S"tt.
James C. I.t rrKti t, Comptroller of the Treasury.
Gaaxwt iit C. ToBHKrr, Treasurer.
Joiix L. T. Smki, Attorney Geu"ral.
The salary of tlie Governor U '.,0K) per annum,
tllAl of the rtecrel.u y of fclute $I,5 K and p"rfys;tr-!;
'on!ro;ier of the Treasury $-,"si and livi f.ir wisn
ing Free Rank nolcf; Treasurer SI, -MM); Attorney ;en
eral $l,.Sno. Tlie I-gHature roiinsM of i'5 N-u;1'tk
and 76 Representative. the iK-mocratK having 18 S'n
ators and the Aniericans 7 the number "t Amei k-jh
Representative is 33 lenn cratic Kepresentatives 42.
Kuprenie Court of "fennrsnf.
. Judges P. L. Cari tiikw, of Lebanon.
Rout. J. McKl.xxKY, of Knoxville.
. R. II.tiKi-'. of Memolits.
Tlie Court meet at Namtvim k tlie l.sl Monday in
December; at Jackson, the 1st Monday in April, and
at Koxvi!iE, llio 1st Monday la Pi-j'teiuliei .
Clerks Jamui P. t i bh. Niv-hvilh.
W. H. t.riiri, Jai kson.
Ja. V. 'AHiiuax, Knoxvilln.
IiaiK-rry Court.
Eaftern Pivisiou Seth P. M. Luckey, lliauceilor.
Middle S. P. Trie.son, "
West'-rn Isaac P. Williamson, "
Fourth " II. I. Ridley,
I'Uth " T. Nixon Vandyke, "
Fixth " -t-phen C. I'aatt, "
The Chancery Court fur tlie Middle l-ivunon of Ten
nesee opens at N.i.-livi'.le on the ll -l Moudavs in May
aud yovettiber; at Frakklin on fi: Mmdays iu April
and Ortolii-r; at Pulaski lit Monday in March and
September; at Colniuh?a, third Monday lu March and
Septi moor; at pruigtUdd, Urst Momlays in June and
lecember;at ( larksville, third Moudays in April and
October; at Dover, Thursday after fcecmtd Monday iu
April and Oetobor, and at I.-w ishurg, on Wedues lay
after the third Monday m February and Augiu't.
I'. S. IlUtrit't Court.
The Idstrirt Court of the I'uitcd utiles convenes at
Knoxvillu ou liie third M unlays iu April and October;
at Nashville, uVst Mondays in March and September;
ud at Jackson, on tlio second Mondays In April aud
Circuit Courlsof Trnnree,
Tho Circuit Court id tbe tth TeuueHwe Cnciitt, opens
at Nashville on tho secoud Mondays in January, May
and Septeuiher; at Franklin, un t!ie second Mondays
in March, July aud November. Nalluiiuel Ba.xu-r,
Judgs; W. A. lute. Attorney t.eneral. Tlmi e ai four
teen Circuit in the i-tate, ' Circuit Court for Sum
tier county, which is held by tlm Judge of tho Crimi
nal CMirU for the counties of Montgomery, Iavidson
and Rutherford, ou tlie third Mondays ui February,
June aud October.
Criminal Court.
Hon. Wm. K. Turner is Judge of the Criminal Court
for tlie counties of Uothmford, Itevidson and Mont
gomery, and John J-haue, laup, is Clerk for this coun
ty. It meets at Nashville on the first Muuday in April,
August aud Ileci-uiber.
Tlunlclpal (iotrrmurul of aaU llIe.
bUN A. MrKwKX, Mayor.
First Ward Jon. Coltakt aud G. F. Joui.
Second Ward T. J. HiiiSaud W. P. I Kw ns.
Third Ward J oh K Hi aud U. W. ftAKoast.
Fourth Ward Iumo T. Wake and J. T. Hrow .h.
Fifth Ward Ai. M. Fouo and J. P. C limax.
Kuth Ward J. IlAYMEand Jont A. Fisiikr.
fceveulh Ward W. A. Iavw and Isaac I'ai i.
Fighth Ward C. II. Co.ni.ku aud Iaa P. Jo.mo.
W tin ah A. Gtxx, Recorder.
CMARLKs J. Frujut, Troaaurer.
Gowiucy M. For.o, City Attorney.
A.vjS eusjx , RoveniM Colka tor.
Jt. L. Gltvs, Water-Tax Cellecter.
J. il. Ssablbt, Super iDUindent Water Works.
T. J. Uaile, Tax AasuMior.
Wm M. Ilaow., Cuy Marshal.
." J. EvEnxrr 4 W. it. Wukivscx, IVputy Marsbalk.
j; ay A. Putty, Captain Night Wah h.
V atiiuucs M.uisuAit, W. II. Kit awvAXT, Saw t u.
J. Sta kKY, Joum II. UaiM, W. P. WaiSo, Wttuaa E.
McAu J,R. U.fxvm, Wh. YAjutott;H, Auxamhck
Baaxa X, W. fl. HhjvsiXY, Java A axiu-iey, W. H.
CaoexH ait, Joux Rauuu, S. McCAtA, A. C. Tt ctvui,
R. M. V vrsox, ajid W. J. Hakjusom, Niht Watchmeu.
W Du, tee por of Work-11
R. .Cots, Wharf Master
1 . . . II..... . r .
Ja MlK.NWia, Street Overseer. .
The 1 rd of Mayor and Aldermen meets on the
ocond ud fourth lhursdays of ca.h montU.
PRAP iCiL VATni-.MlSt'E AD JtULU'tt,
YY f-l'Ui reMpocUully niuiounce to the citi.
w f EeiiS lit Najthville. ihmL be Laa Ikeriua.
nea y kjcatea bmiaelf on above, aud is pre- 7tU
par it to eaucute any work in his hue. its
ho to receiv a LU-ral aivara of patronage.
al for l)ty and Grreu Hides.
UJZ will jay the highest market price in cah, for
lry ana Lreu ituu-s, delivered at our Uiutery
iMuraNo. 3 liruail t-treet.
We trust persons having Uides to avU U1 call on ua
Wore dwposui of them elsewhere.
J U P. k C' AXUEltHjy.
; ; Straw Cutters.
WK have a large sloctt ef Mrs Cutters, PlucUlr's,
bauford'S aud Cuuimiug's PaU-ul. , The hater
article took Ike first premium at Uie NaUoual Fair at
SiVa. - -Sj Ctt
From 8. M. PETTINGILL a CO'sS Advertising Agency
119 Nassau street. New-York,
and No. 10 state street, Hoktox.
P. Jk Co. are Aireuts for the most inrluenual and
Urgent circulating Commercial papers both in Uie
L'nib-d tUtea and the uuia :a..
fTVi sell GiwhIs for a manufacturing house in this
X City. Salary from $100 to S150 per month and
exiieiutes. On receipt of (10 we will forward samples
by express with instructions; or, address euclueiug
1'. O. sumps lor part.cuiars.
Real Estate and Stock Broker,
No. 20 Elm st, Cincinnati, Ohio,
Jt-1 dly Post Office box 2340.
llegular IVasliville and Paducali
rfHE One low water steamer, M
I .. .1 n. ........ r ... k.
utio cituaui iicuiui aii'i rau-
perb paswiiger tiatket IAJOK-
Ol'T, W . Sixm, Master, will run as a regular packet be
tween Nashville and l'aducah, leaving this city every
Monday and liniay. She is one o( ine fastest noats
on the i iver, an 1 iiagsengurs wili ll'.id her comfortable
in evury resect. teui -
llesular IVasliville Si. St. Louis
Wcelily Packet.
S.V Ia ai 1 Fa
rrxuH splendid steamer and un
X rivalled Kissenger packet,
Master, i.-i now mnking ;iud will continue tlirougliout
tlie sen son weekly trips between Narhville uuJ Kt.
Louis, leaving this c:ty every Thursday at 4 o'clock.
For fre.ghl or paige applv on b'uird or to
fchl s A. HAMILTON", Afc'cut.
3Ieiuiliis IVasliville Regular
riiday I'acket.
. uTT x v a "x .
THE splendid new passenger A. 1 ."fl m
st amer H. M. HUN Y A N, FT..Wtt&ri 1
Capt. Jas. Miiiek. Th s si'leudid rfrgi it aSfmJm
steamer is now- lieina finished at I inciiinati and will lie
here about the 1st of February. Her day of leaving
N'ashviili! will be Fuday on earh week, at 10 o'clock
A. M. j.-iir-'l s A. HAMILTON, Agent.
The staunch and approved light wat-ir Packets,
SEVESiTV-MX, P. K. BauiiaY, Master,
WALI.Ot , Aiex. Frazikk, Mister,
PRI NCESS, Miit. Aikex, Master,
HAVING been f v. thoroughly ro-
l.re l an i lFi...fri'ggVi j newly fnrnish-
aceoiunto.lat io:i t, j-.?-se:i;;ci's, have-coninieucetl their
r gular ! s-day tups. Tin: coinmandaiilM and cuui te-
i.e cleika oi iiiese tdiatii"ts will give at Cincinnati
ami lomaviile pi oiii t and sa tisfactory uttentam to all
onh'is ent. llst.'d to tie 111.
Foi freight or iKtssae aojilv to
uovk .mi II. II. HARK1SOV, Agent.
.asliiillc, Ronif. fart!ia?r, Burksville, and
Wailsbnro' Packet.
IILAdir. I; LU IS, J. U Batkxx, Master.
HAVING purchased the above ".'.fl
ho:.t lor trade, I ni.iM bSPlfeS-l
respectfully soi.c.t a p"" ..i -' -i--'---fe
your i iti i n:..o
Hi.- IlUie lie 1a.w;s will run n-L'u
i.irlv in tliu t a
he is of vert hht draiiclil: has
excellent passenger necoiani stations, and well adapt
ed for i!io upper Cumb "rl.nid. All busiutbs entruvtod
to uie sll.i.i be promptly aud luifutullv atl.-ii lej to.
uoN tin JOHN 1 RATEMAN'.
Keiilar .'aslivi!le aud ,cw Oi -leans
IIIF One an I iiUstiiituil ias fl T1 , .. M
X senger ami fieiht stcimer, fc.stTC.wrf'aa 1
JaMI S H. I I I AS 11. G. Md'o- -"1rt.l.i. raiu aA.
mas, M.ter, will run as a regular packet lii lweeti tuiS
e:t and 'New origin's, iturui !. iireseutscaisou.nuik
iiiK fegnlar srventeca ilay triis.
I'eb 1 If
v? -i-L
.1. II.
c i' n it v,
IAM prepared to furnish Collins of every descrip-f.'-n,
l'roui tho line t'a.-i.et to the plainest servant
Cofli.i, ti geth'-r with everything tievevsary for Funer
a's. Allor.ieis leit at my Ware Kooms. IVadericic
street, next door to the I p and Up Liveiy (-Uthle, be
tween ( hen y und .Suuniier streets, will receive my
prompt .mention both .lay and ii'.ht.
!) Furniture reaire.l or made to order in the best
style. jyi J. H. CIKRY.
(r'tcvKSKOK To Mar-onus, )
V n ii e i a I V n i e v t a U c v ,
"t rll.l. gne los iitlenlion loud Funerals when called
t iijs ii . ns hi e tot ore ; and w id furn.sli et cry thing
lli.it r' ip i.-.i.' on s.ii h oci osioiib, i t best quality and
in jfsid rtvli". Will r.lso keep on Land cvcl) stylo of
W"! ainl Cletil t'ollllis, .heels,
VV ,11 al.vi alteud in tuu p.iii'lt.is ' and location of lA'tH
m Ml. olivet i elm teri , and w.ll procure ileeds for the
saiiei, l Mlig ituliio, it in by the c-inimli v.
.il ills., .ill iuI to tin', i . oiMvai 1 U.kih-s to Mt. Oll-
el from other I emeleries.al a stipulated p.-ice, as per
nclled ulo.
K'kacRv'Cs A. V S. Lunisley, President Mt. Olivet
Ceinctry; C W. Nam e, S-cn Ui v; Rev. lr. Howell,
Rev. J.' l'. Ldgar, J. W. McCoiuh, laep
oi t-J tl'
It. T. riaE3HMi,
Ornamental Painter,
6i Union Street, NASHVILLE,
(liolweeu t berry and Suuniier Movu.)
4 4 Orders from tho country promptly attended to.
Isav 27 if
Ornamental Painter,
Nj. 52, Callego Street, up itairs, oppout the
Sewanoe House, NAb.Yille, Tdiia.
Jan. 1 U.
r. a. SKKnioin. a. r. sm.xot or a. m. tuomi-mix.
Hrrthold, Ucruoudj & Co.,
Hope, Ilaggln;, llacoti & Flour,
ISx 131, BiOO&A StfHt, ST. LOUIS, M0.
U-(uvauuuUil all auutuuru I'rouuco received
ana iiCuioitiy atiotdoU to.
May la ui lu ly.
Commission Xlercliant,
ATl.A.M fAt U . .
CONSKiNMENis of auy kiuu ot Teuuosee IYoduce
or maculae! jre are rCA.i t. i.iy soln tlod.
ai Ailvaacx-S luale ou ail col .a uiuculs as suoa as
reemt vd In Storti.
As)- Ikoug pU-tlgtst not to euAjs In spucuUuoua in
pnia ui bis own Ai count, uie abuvu will give his
vxciuaive aU- btaou lo Uia mtroto ot Ui-MM Wao Way
favor h.iu with ciiu.ujueiiu.
Jau. 1, ilyuiw dec. li
Souths ester ii Seed aud Agricul
tural Warehouse.
irvwix luuvriiunN,
13 Maia Street, LoaisviUe, Kentucky.
01 U CUa.a ui anslt la an lamiyictii, imniil la
part ol
a.oou btutcU Kentucky Blue Grass Seed;
X.uwa " inviMra livi ao,
mot Ktai top or Herds Gl aa seed;
6M " limoiny vio,
t) " t Kivwr , tiv;
bob " laj Uiaiijs Uf;
. SLS " sttlfcjt do;
. too lijinp Co:
' " Lautwry . ' . t. cu;
e tu , " Tup uiiiuiia,
Careten tdt arxlen Srcdatl
We are ureparsst to furuieAi Uesei aud geuuuse Gar.
deu txMKl, law growtll of l7, by tbe uuuue, atugle
tnper, wr bl boxes coulaitiuig luu or M papora. A
iberal uaaxMaal swade to aoaAvrs. tlrders feap-Uuilr
auliCAUMl. ("'J PITM.N IU101UU4&.
Oliio Aiile.
BAHREIN Choice Wuiwr Appb-s, Just rcctYc4
no imaMilKMik, a4 iur ewis by '
V- AA. i,iLX,
From VLSCHER, OWEN k CO., General Advertising
Hols.-, Appleton Building, 344 Broadway,
IalGIIT! IalGIIT!! lalGHT!!!
Kerosfue, Camphene, Fluid, and Oil Lamps.
made to okoer ron
No. 132 William .Street, near Fulton, New-York,
febtt tfy
DR. LA RMONT'S Paris aud London Medical adviser
and Marriage Guide Twentieth edition, 4'J0 pages,
one hundred electrotype pictures, cloth, $1 and lour
letter stain s ; mailed free. Among its contents is the
anatomy of the sexual organs of the male and female,
all their diseases and weaknesses ; latest discoveries in
reproduction ; a new and healthy mode of preventing
conception ; quacks their recipes and specifics ; the
author's unqualified Paris aud London treatment of
Gonnorrhrra, Gleet. Strictures, Svphdis. Primary and
Constitutional Kmismons, Iiiipotonoy ,etc.,at bl Mercer
Street, opposite t-t, Nicholas Hotel, New-York. Address
letters b box 844, N. Y. P. O. " We recommend Dr.
Larmont to the afflicteil." Omrier tiet JCiall Unit,
StaaU Zeitntyi, Democrat, Day Book, Mercury, Atlai,
HUux Caustic, etc n.archl dly
To Married Women,
On the Voluntary Control of the Maternal Func
tion, strictly Moral in its Tone.
BY a Professional Gentleman who has made the Phy
siology of procreation his special study the greater
portion oi his life. It clearly rehearses the philosophy
of iuiprcguatiou, and contains a summary of all the
modes resorted lo to prevent conception ; pointing out
which are ellWieiit, discussing then virtues, with re
commendations and directions how to easily and safely
forcsMl conception. Sent under sea!, by mail free tor
tl. Communications strn tlv private.
dec'J9 dStuo
u48 Broadway, New York.
Jllusif, pianos etc.
. or it.. i...ti.. .... l. i l i.. ......
jl IT V llilT J1IB1.1 VVIV ll Mll-U I M ll'.n JJ
y '"Ir i ii-uiwav a nm, .. ii. uaiu v vo., f
; ji'i ano oetin.ier .v miihii, oi .ew orK. n,r
T-Jr to w tiii h the attention of purchasers ,
is un .led.
Abo, the largest assortment of Sheet-Music, Music
Itooks, Violin?, Accorileons, Fiutes, Ciareonetts, Flagc
oli tl.-, Druiiis, and lianjos, all of winch will be sold at
Hie, Iowa st rates. If you w is!i a bargain and the best
Musical Instrument, cull at (the W Musical store,) No.
33 Union Mrccl. JAMKS A. Mx.LI.KE.
N. B. I have every size and pattern of Meloiieons,
maniif icturcd by (arliart, Needham ii Co., New -York,
which I will sell at their retiil prices. Alio, a large
assortm' nl ol Feather Dusters. J. A. M.
4 I.AItt'.Kil stock than usaal of ihoso - 'r-
J.X. cen-lii ale l 1 unos. nian'il.u.lure.1 r
nianiif.ictui'ed r i I.-'.j i j3
I -t inway & l"i"iC "fl
eiinii.m at the J J J J
bv A. H. ti ilo ,t Co.. and
.Sons. which filok the orei
M.i hiuiics: Fair,) is now offered at very low figures
lor c.u-ih or four months ijer. My stock of sheet
Music, Iks ks, Violins, Aecordeons, Flutes, etc., is also
very large, embracing all the diirorenl sues, styles,
and ipialit.i s.
I have also a ided the following articles to my busi-iH-hs,
v.z: Table Oil-Cloths, ( ill colors.) Oil Cloih Kuril,
l-'e.ilhpr. I histei-s. jtul Imii-luin iriinieii ts . sueh us
Candle Sticks, Girandoles, Lamps, and ('lock. The
iitt.-nt on of the ta'iie.s ls particiiuu lv invited. Call at
trie Old Music Store, No. IU Cuiou Stieet.
jan-5 JAiS. A. MK'LUHE.
iEW 311 SIC
.-ifr- i
hull sale and lletad Dealers in nil kinds
IattoM the celebrateil maiiiilaftory tif llruw & Chris
topher, New-York, arid tho best Melodcona now
used iu tin) Ln.ted suites, manufactured by George
Prince & Co.
Attent.i'U of the pubic, is c.ill -d to our large cata
logue f tne latest pi. Id eations id Music. Mus e I'-ooks,
and Instructors of ail kun s. Also our II le stock of
GiiilurF, Vtoiitis. Vioiu cell..i, and P injo-siriivv". In
fact, every tiling in tho Mus.cal lustruim-Mt I ne can be
loiu.d at ' ItKN's'ON 'S
Wo n sHTt!il!v inv.le small country dealers, leacli
e s. and Schools, to give ns a call before purchasing
eise Imrc.
P. S'. Ad kin's of Musical luitrnmrnt- repaired at
No. '.0 Cuiou si: ci-l, tiist door from College, jair.o
Eooliiii-tilasse-i, Xc, &.c, S.C.
II Tl'. have now 111 store a line st.s a r. i
W of 1'ianos, Mclodeoiis, Window- . i 'i
Sliades, Alt sts' Mtib'rfctls. etc., ami are "jTrt 1
still uii.niilact'iriiig liiRi-.le lilmds all J " " J J
kinds ul" tiiii Works have recently added largely to
our stock of
Ornsmruta for IMIrror, Ac.
In a word we iiil. ud to kKr it wnu tii. timm, please
our customers, aim induce them lo pal one nosiE in
Me.id of sliding abroad. W. k U. FKKEMAN,
feb7 No. 11 College SU tot.
i . i: v i w c ih
American Livery & Hack Stable !
- j
- C II l K I II STKLL T, o. r-r5
I s-
C! .aaliillc, Xcuu.
OWING to the pre-s.ire in money nialters. I have
reduced my prices liitc u to twenty-live ir cent.,
for the hire ol rt iule llorsts, Bmks'u-s, Hacks, Cais,
My sliak is a gisvl ns any in the city, consisting of
a Lugo number ol line Hoiset., line Uugsies, No. 1
llaeks, (w.lli careful and eTiCnced orivers,) to
geUiiir w.ih any an I every thing kept in atihles to
una'. U' voj want lo save tuont v , jtiJ g- t g'SKl stock,
tou t fail to gv ine a call, ou Church Street, jul be
low tiiu Port OUlue.
Junil tl M. f. COMIH.
L I V Va IV V S ' V A U Ii li ,
Dealtrirk Street, bilmrM VWerry ami Summer,
ii:aii!ior a ii ion as
above M-ihle. and
pjtcn.iso.1 the fixtures,
st-a W. tc.. therei.i; ana
they take this melinsl lo uili in the publa' that l!cy
are pic(sired b furnish Su lute llotai ji, tio.sa and
llugHies, Cari lagea, eU". , un the short. nt notwe, on
returnable turius to all who may' have occasem to lure
them. O ir horses are In good ronditiou. anJ our Bug
gies and H.ii ness are tp w or In tln-ro.igl repair. We
have maiie extensive addition to our au-t poesa
facilities in this lino of barines. eqiial to aay in the
C'ly. Oiir conveuK-ucea lor boarning Imm-s by thu
aay. or week are unequalled, a a Mi t of ill's extou
sive stable (which was receuily bmillwas uil.d up
vxpremly tor lb s branch of h'isai-a, and bav
teemed the svrv ice ut the 0 -st aud luiat experarticed
Of tiers lo bo louud lure or els -w ie;re.
Our I anon is the most clUibie in the city, being
central, convenient to tne Square aud the principal
buSlu-T llioioliv blare.
Caraiul drivers furuistied if required..
A shaje oi' p.bUc paUonae at reepoctfolly sols itd.
NasbviuJ, De. II, tl
"1 TTM. T. WKIGHT a CO , would rsi.ct. .
V lull v inform the citix.nj of NaAhv uie iT'"X
ami the inibla: generally, that they have Sa?A
purchaxed tlie w ill known Uverv stihlo anu uk iik
aul Lxture, formerly occupied by Wm. J. i'btlipa.ua
MirkiH street. Jual below Uie Spiare.
We have Si si rate lots aud bo stills lo acc.mi mo
dal Orover, and ail our trtends who may favor us
wit a. theU pab onage.
We pleiige ouiaeive. to give tatisfa.non In all rases.
Wa haw a huge number of Hue cddle Horace and
fine Kugg v. to hue at all lauea.
Tbe fact t, we do o 4 inu ud being snrpaaBrd Fy any
SubUi iu the Southern country. Come aloi.g and see
lor jriMirodves.
lebu ly M. T. WRIGHT a Cl).
eoiniissiox um urns,
m;v uui.ea.s.
a. a bjutsi. a r. .nuiui " nao. i aoe-iujt.
, t-r. - : . AND - - '
-Wholesale Grocers
aa Misrm rua rs swoa , "
i Kuu eo Maia Hrett betereea becotta aaad TatN,
Ja lvWeTsrtf.
From the Newspajier Advertising Agency of JAMES
r xiL uut-ruout, o. 14 becona fctreet, St. locbs, mo.
G. & C. TODD & CO.,
No. 212 North Main Etreet, Corner of Korg&n,
ST. LOUIS, aio.
trather Belting, French Bnrr Will Stones,
Sabber-Bslting, Lacing-Leather, Hose, Steam
Packing, Bolting-Cloth, Screen-Wire,
and Mill Materials generally.
i- - -e -c i. S -a - i. J
S 1 11 i 1
S (6 - S A a- fa. o4- 3iN
Ui at a3 c & m
1 in; 7c. 10 in. 83 ), In. c.
l)i " 10 10', " 87 3-16 0
2 " 14 11 " 90 i " 8
2 " 18 11, " 95 Ji " 12
3 " 22 12 " tl t0 K " 1
2X " 26 13 " 1 22 i ' 20
4 " 0 14 " 1 34 i " 25
4i " 34 16 " 1 46
6 " 38 16 1 58 '
" 42 17 " 1 7l . - -
6 " 46 18 " 1 82
6H " 50 19 " 1 96
7 55 20 " 210
7)i " fl n "2 24
8 " f5 22 ' 2 38 I
8 " 70 '.'3 " 2 62
9 " 75 24 " 2 66
9f " 80 "
marchl7 ly
Proff55tonnl (arl)5.
!HA.'S0. 31. BRIE. and M. 31. BEIE., Jr.
Attorneys at Lair,
Ollke No. 47 West side of Cherry St., tAxpt?r'a Build
ing, formorly occupied by td. Ewiug.
I HAVE tikeu in co-wrtnership my son, M. M. Bra-E-v,
in the practice of Law in all the Courts of Ha
vidsou county. One or both can generally be found
in tlie office.
Promt t and especial attention always given to se
curing and collecting all claims. (Money always rea
dy when collected.)
I have been constantly and regularly engaged in my
profi ssiou, in the Mountain District, for the hist tweu
ty years, aud w ill continue to attend lo securing and
collecting all claims entrusted to my care in the coun
ties of Cannon, IieKalb, Wh.te, Feulrcas, Oveiion,
Putnam and Jackson. I have a general aeipiainlance
with the merchanu and business men in those coun
ties. The Mercl'.ants of Nashville, and of other place,
mi!ht fln f it to their interest to Coiifor with me iu re
lation thereto.
I refer to any and all persons who know me, for my
ability and proni t attention to busiucM.
iuarl7 dly MANSON M. Pill EX.
L. 31. TE3IPLE,
Alto v n c y t t li a w ,
Ofllce same as S'h-r.J 's OlQce, Cherry street, np stairs.
"17IL1' practice iu all the Courts hol.len In Davidson
T V and Sninuer counties, and will give his individ
ual ntientiun to all business intrusted to his care.
ap7 if
nAs removed h.s ulliee from No. 42 Cherry Street,
to No. 38 Cedar Street. july8
1. 11. EDWARDS,
Alio v n e y ; t li a w ,
Sprlnsflf Id, Jllnauuri,
TILL attend to ail bii.siucss ir.u usiod to his care
iu South Missouri. mar 10 dly
i ts n ti. a - ak 1 e? i cr
rriERMP $40 a Si'ssion of live montlia two
L L"Ssons every week, each til ty tniuut
nan in ne pain in auvance. - i
le ssons by the moulu, $10 to bo in ad
Ajr Orders to bo loft at West's Music Store. -,
jau4 y
Elastic Tire and Water Proof
ri'IlE uudei signed is prepared to introduco into use
I. ill Temiessoe W. E. CHILI'S 4 CO S PATENT
arfks the alUaitiou ol Archlb-cLs, builders,
itailioad Coiiiininii s, and thu public, to examine its
supei ionty in er other lloofhik.
ArcliitectH and Iliiilders
Should not fail to examine tins Risiling, as it is better
aud cheaper than any thing iu use. 'ihe material
tonus a hard and smooth surface that will rt-siM thu
action of the aim- sphere in every climate. It is im
pervious lo water, eiastx , and tk x'ble. It conlracis
and xpanils with Ihe changes of the atmosphere, and
will lie. lln r evaisirttu, crack nor rot; aud, as to its
durability, thi-ie u no pu-slinu.
It is piaet.i ally uuponshablc, and will perfectly re
Sjit any ord.u.ii y exu-i nai exsjsnre lo tire, as Uk fully
and abuiidat.tiy proven, and we will wurraut It water
proof. We wol eu.igu to put our Rooting ou over or
diuary good siie.itnin, old shingles, tar aud gravel,
tin. A oi , copper, or iruu roofs d making nodiderence
bow sleep or Hat tuey may be for seven dollars per
one b nnn red sqeai e leet; n being lar cheaper than auy
roof of the ol.i aty le, and w e aiu sure it wdl give bet
ter Butisiactiou.
It wnl also lie found to be the b-st thing ever in
Vi nl. tl to cover or mend old louky lui, tar and gravel
roofs, or arouud chimneys, scuttles, dormer windows
and gutters, where the tin is rusted through. This
Cement can bo put onto last as long as so me, and
form a pei lot l auhesion Many object lo which it M
applied. Tin P.oois can be cemetilod ov.r (and war
ranted not to leak ) at two dollars and fhlT codIa per
hundred square loet, which is cheajier aud much b t
ler than )wiul. lhis Koohug will be found to be the
best tumg for covering large Hoots where they are ex
posed to lire auch a. st.m Mills, Saw Mills, Facb
rats. Railroad Curs, Bridges, l-iots, MaUoU Houses,
SI.Miiuhoal lHH-ks.aud in l.e I every kind of Hool w here
tliero is an t-Ali rual exH4iiiie from 111 e. As the Knof
Mi (wrlii t, witiioi.t a joint In it, U presents uo chauce
lor Ure to communicate, and any light substance Will
burn out without nrniLug.
9 j- luxuraueeotdcesat Cincinnati, and other p Laces
where ( hilit. Ac Co's Cement baa leeu used, iuaure
iuildui,'i Willi Kooia covered w.Lh this Cement, at the
s.one raloa as lor Uiueo cov ered w ah Iron, Copr or
4v- The Cement will be furnished to tlne at a diS
tum ai w ith directaina lor using.
AsT Urdei S"lit to tiie undersigoed, tlirough the
Poat OUIce will be promptly ult- uUed to.
I wimiIJ respectfully refer lo tlie following gentle
men for whom I have covered buddiugs witu Uie Ce
ment. AacHrrsrTM and Mwm wrrmxirs or sa&avujuk.
Mr. ii. M. AkK.KoVH,
M.asrs. J. A. HCC.H1S ft PMITII,
COIiMAN ic fl'AlX,
" Wel l Ll-Ol Gil a HOCGII,
Pjv. C l. FLLIOIT,
Mr. W. M. sHAPARD.
Sup t X. aCK.lt. Co.,
E. R. GLAst)CBkt
" l. F WILKIN, -"
" UM. fcita KHX,
J X. WlLLAJUt, . - - . V -
" K. J. JltlUS. "
" A. V S. UVl-IXT, "
JA. H. ktSUKit,, " s
FNoCH lS?liy,.- ...
Mesa... H.vsUuooK McWUIRTER, Xashvlile
lit' KG ALLfcN,
" SLAI GUri K a HtRRirORD, "
W. H- GokinjN a CO ,
Cul. A. J. PoLK, Maury coui.ty.
MaJ. A- J. iaANUMiN.DavklaoaeoUDty.
Hector F. i bVlill.Coiambia,
Uwra. & w. Morgan a Co., Marfreboro.
R. W. McFAI'l'FN k CO.. "
" V. U. MiKIVEK CO. , Shelby Vlll.
Mr. JAS. A. VUtli, Uwmburg.
Masaia. MckkYXOUe Cv , Claris rule..
Mr. li. h. WKIGIir, MMM-lwwter. : ,
A. J. RlCARLuN, McM'uavtlle.
Bar Th. Kaahvtlle a CbattuAiooga R&ilruaa Ceasjw
y Skave adoptnj lUm CcfBoat for Uie eu eraig vt Ummt
cars aad otior Work. Also the McMiuntUie X Maa
cheater Railruad Cuuipany. terUtcAAVS aad bratimo.
aiaov frca Cuicoinau aad elsewhere, m here tbaCa
aeat has beea ia general um ft several years, caa
be esbibfted.
The adried has beea eiAg&gal la vartoos Btodaa
of lawnl roou ig fur oucy ywua.aaa (UUors kuoM-if
that he has f ahivd aucue cgpvrvntce aud kotow ade
dui Kig taat tuuw. J T. NATHl lCr,
OQce No. ii 1 a-w k asn. s
eel Wtt ' epfue f-trf.4 ftflj.-.-
cheap : "
. - AND ' : '
t'lslcm Caaalmera !(
44 - . 44 Coal
OrtivCMtt, Ar., at,, At.,
(srontssoaa to auutaux a nxai,)
At Ut Old Stand. Jto. 34 Public Square,
UKAixna a
. Jaa25 ly
Edge tools,
i H OPE,
XV AatoKJ,
(at kirkman's old stand,)
No. 34 Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee.
(kihkmaVs old stand,)
47 Market Street.
xv. ii. mTncii in,
IS now opening at his establishment, No. 47
Market Street, next door to M. Hums', a
large and well selected Mock of Hard
ware, Cutlery, Guns, etc.. which he 4a
iutencis otlermg evceei'.inelv low for r
cash, or to prompt dealers on short time. Among
the leading articles now ou band will be found the fol
lowing, vir:
Poeki t nnd Table Cutlery.
Carpenters' and lllack
smiths' Tools.
Axes of every ciescription
and make.
A Urge assortment of locks
Hinees and screws
Flush and Square Bolt.
Shovels, Spades and Forks.
Grindstones, Cranks, aud
Rifles and Pistols.
Iani5 tf
Doub'e and Single Karrc
Shot Guns.
Mill. Crow-Cul, and I'itt-
Cotton, Wool, and Horse
Cards. Truce, Halter. Wagon, and
le hams.
H un -s and Collars,
t'ieks and Mattocks.
Curry -Combs and Horsc-
Tia Plate and Sheet Iron Workers,
HAVE always ou Imnd Tin Plate,
Sheet Iron, Tinned Copcr KiveU,
castings. I arior ami v iianioer urates, '
r?vi i IT , iih-msip, iiuu is o'iii'i'i. an-
sortnient of articles usually kept in
our line.
Country MerrhariU are re-piested to rail and exam
ine our stock before purcluising elsewhere, as we are
jirejiaredto fdltlieir bills upon as rood terms jRJ,fipv
Jl'ST received, a lot of Superior Floor Scales. Also
Platform aud Counter Scales,
jau'.i McC., B. Co.
A FINE lot of Castings of all iiaUoms on hand at
uA. jau-& SlcC., B. Co.
T ATE are now making Wrocpht Iron Stoves a little
V V better than any bouse in the I'nited Stab's.
juni5 iU-C., B. Co.
ROOFING, Guttering, and all kinds of Tin. Sheet
Iron, and Copper Work done in the most workman
like manner, and at Uie shortest notice bv
janUa . SliC, B. Co.
MAMTAcn her or
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware,
Kaslivllle, Venn.
HAVING suceeeded the late tlrni of
Stewart ti Owen, and retained
the out HL'iuu, is prepared to aitcuu to ip.-
tue liemon'is f Ills oiil rusiiiieiaauti
public generally. He has iu store,
and will constantly be receiving, am
ple supplies of
Movrs, AT a re si, and Orate,
Plain and Eiiamulel MiRuijazm I sot Mavtius and
Gakuki Statisx; and in short, every thing usually
kept in similar establishments.
His assortment of Sbvew challenges cnmidiliou,
Comprising every style and variety. He has the
Wrougat-Iroa Cooking Stovet,
Among others an article which is in greut demand.
He will ntanufiv-Uirc for tlie trade aud for retail, and
to order, all kinds of Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, and
keep constantly on hand a large aAsortuient.
lie tnvio-s tlie attention of all to his establishment,
pledging hiuiscU to enure aatud action.
Jan 25 f No. 14 South Market Street.
Mutt'i Patrnt Agricultural Fcrnarcs.
THIS article was constructed In consequence of
suggestion from tho American institute, that a
ainipb, eririahte, and low priced furnace, was much
ceded by farmers for boiling and steaming fiad, and
for many mechanical and domestic pitrpoees. li U'k
tlie premium at the L'. S. Agrs ulturid Fair at Louia
vllle. Just received. WM. STEWART,
No. 14 Mark.-t Street.
Also Coal Cooking Ranges, and small Cooking Stoves
for coal. W. K
Jl'iT received from Cincinnati, a few of BLUNTS
(.XlAL CXSKINli P.ANGrM, small sire, which we
are prered lo furnish at Cincinnati pi ices, w kh ex
pemKS added,
A gwal assortment of COAL CtKiKING STOVFS, which
we will put up axel warrant, and which, bow that coal
is cheap, and lu the reach of every one, is the Stove
for umu.
FRANKLIN ST0VE3. for Cbal and Wood.
(iiAMilUt ANU iilNING U'JOM tiu li5, lor Coal.
Thirty Handsome paltei-ns Parlor Grain, from Win.
Jackson's Muofct ry. New -York, lotumon Mantle
and Jamb Grate, all sun and patterns, w hs h we wUl
sell low lo suit the Uioos.
1 lb IL
auxCTACTt tans oj
Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron Ware, tc.,
. -Vo- 13 Broad jCraaf, caa 04 Smtik Mark Strut, ,
JITST raceiTpd aad for sale, a largo and Cumplets
asaortaintitef (Atoklag aud lioatmg Stores, of every
airs P S-c, aad pa tiers that M br ought to tote Btarkec
We are BwuiiUacturmg the Wrought lroa looking
Slovce of all a:, ran.-uvg iu prwa Iruca SU1 to (i&u,
Ol itr bed aa boavKM mat Yial. -Ttu-Ware
abo4ale and reed.
Cojipar anal Sho-l Iron Work for all Binds of mi
chov.vy , Sdearnboatit, Matuwary Eagwee, etc., Mtiiai
aa4 iHetaiery work, made at the shortest bhAkv. Soda
Fwinta aa.il. aad repaired ; Kuwiiuc aud Siouuu done
W.la. seataees aad diapwKb; in fact,ev.iy tumg that
rwqair Tia,C0(Her, or street Iron, at done by ua to
the beat manner aad as eheap aa anr.
NiA, lit Broad, aad s4 twuta itark a Street,
an?S NWviik,Tena:
'Havana Cigar Store,
Aa. fl CMar Areat , effuni tka fAastassrCMl UaUL
THE PARTNERSHIP aevwutuee sAetAae aetsreea
1 hmms Caraoaa aa IAM aaeorsagajea bavatg beea
oMuivai, a at a;a uituuiaoa lo ccluiu. the I beav
kws. lie retaras thanks kt at uaaM'uus cuatimens
fur lber bberad awtreia, aud Inform Hunan biat h.
loUitUA to teea eaauaaauy ea kussal a ifalM ask of
Clani id UM Ihms aa4 bast brwioiS ever betwg at aa
Uua lus-'k I, wturb be wdl kJ at aoodrraie prtkca by
toe boa. lie mvara hi oil cttatusnus aaj Um J-wWa;
fearraiiy lu give aua a CalL
,a4 v c caoitAt.
i have jllso rrrnTi it iv tus exar or mt
A Drlnkius Haloont
Wheea aa be had aa aasaa es tAswora rf tbe beet
iAolity, awl ep tmm aay aiaa ot armk ba4 may be
cwised fv. I aaiy M a purt-MW aaT vw bberat ptttrua
v' uf the Pulat, aad wui iae say but cuuxwtucs W
taw aU wbo aaaj Cive mm a Celt.
Jau. 4. C CHOSUT.
1 1 13 C li 1 VttlCES,
T. &. XV. EAKIN & CO
48 Public Square,
Nasliville, Tenn.
&f We call attention to this stock, as we will sell
them very low for cash, or to prompt dealers.
Jani T. Ac YV. E I KIN Az CO.
just received.
T7E have now in store the largest and best aseorted
V V stock of Staple and Fancy lry Goods that we
have ever before offered hi this market, to w nab we
invite the "particular attention of city and country
meichauts. Also, now in store, a large stock of
Ready Made Clotliiug
Of the neau-st styles, and of the very bust qualities.
218 cases of Panama Hats, Ijephom Hat, Palm Hats;
flue Soft Hats , fine Fancy Silk lionuets; soil straw Bon
nets; Boy's, Misses' and Infants' Hats, Caps, Ax.
90 cases of BOOTS AND SHOES, assorted kinds, for
Winter and Spring trade.
Hardware and Cutlery.
A large and well selected hue of Hardware in store.
All the above Goods will be sold under the market
price for cash and prompt four mouth's paper. Give
us a chance at you; we chaige nothing for showing
you through.
Tlie Greatest Invention of the igr.
West's Patent Galvanic Cements
TIIE subscriber is now prered to cover roof, of
buildings, witli a new and belter article than ever
before kuowu. The public are aware that our Govern
ment b is had scieiitiiic men experimenting, and that it
has been Uie study of the Architects aud limlders, for
years, to discover an article for rooting puriaaies, that
would stand the suddeu cliauges of tho weather, and
be im is-r vious to ure and waUT.and remain a perma
nent fixture. As yet, nothing has been attained with
out costing more than the people wish. The contrac
tion, eXKinsion and rusting of metal roofs, are ao great
in changeable climates, that tuey become useless, un
less bcutg teKiired at greut exieiise yearly. Shingles
are not Ure proof, and ran not be used ou flat nsifs,
ui i liie various Coruss-.tioi.s and Cements that have
Itccu brought into use lor roofing, do net stand the ac
tion of the weather, but they run w hen it is warm, and
rrack when frrsdy.and alb' r one or two ve.irs become
crumbly and worthless; whereas, the uivriitor ol the
Galvunic i emeiit has labored twenty years to combine
articles to obviate those difficulties, and can testify from
his long exjs'1 lence, aud uuuiiToua tvistiiuoi.ials lioiu
relisaie persons, w ho have had his comMnatioo appiieu
to their buildings, that Ins Cement is the cheapest
and best article ever before knowu. Ihe combination
of this Cement is such that it Is calculated tor entire
uew roofs, Hut or steep, covering over old shingles
without removing them; lining cave trouchs, seaming
around balllcmentx, chimneys and sky-lights. Covei
tng car t ips, fieanier-iiecks, A;c. This lenient, by its
non-conduction and galvanism, prevent.-, metal roots
'rom rustng and unsoldering, and resists the extremes 1
of heat and cold better than anything ever invented,
lor entire roofs or lor covering inebtl and Ihe out side
of wood buddings, making them lire-proof. Its a
Hui aiu e is like slale; tieautilul lor the rich palace or
tho humale cottage.
The undersigned having secured the right to the State
of Teniiess.ie, will sell rights of Territory, by Counties
or Towns, on reasonable terms;
The si.bsctiher i aiso prepared lo cover roofs of
buildings, in any )art of the State, at short notice:
This ltisil is now being put ou in this city, for Uie
benefit of all concerned, and warranted to excel ail
other tnislcs of Rooliug. The subscriber lias had his
mode of Roofing tested ai to its qualities, during the loat
year and a half in the city of Memphis, which has
proved satisfactory, to which a number of the moat
prominent citizens can tesLJ'y.
For further information euipiire st the rif.lre, where
samples may be seen. Otliee with A. V. S. lauilsley,
Real Estate Broker, No. U-S. College Street, Nanlivdlc,
l'enu.; or, address box H, Post-cthoe,
uifr;,wiia',utfJL''ilWii,'r!:,w'" l""ve
W. S. BENNETT, Paonurroa.
Attached is a nolo from Joux I- Mnw.u, Esq., Arrh-ib-ct,
by which may be Men the opinion of Mr. Samuel
ppsin, Uie rclcbrau'd Aichitecl.and writer upon Arch
itecture, whose rxs-rieu-e with this mode of rooting,
without a doubt, is sntir.laet.iry to all.
Mkmihis, March 1?, 15T.
Mr. W.S. Ursnrrr. When iu I biUiltli.hia, l a., a few
days aco. I called Usiu Mr. Samuel Sloan, the celebrat
od Arciutei t. aud auUior s" the Sloan Work on Archi
tecture. I asked hie opiuiou as lu tho durabihty, Ac.,
of West's Patent Rivjf. such as you are using in the city
of M imphis, and he told me tli.il he bad uo hesitation
in saying lo me that it is a good and durable roof, aud
is all llial its advia'ites claim tt lo be; faither sayin;
lli.it he it using it on a tliw- buildiiig for uimelf.
RespecUuily, JollN K MORGAN, Architect.
Omn or Mp. Ce.vtsal : Tkw. R. R. Co.
Bom-ait, Tbm., Get. 1, IS57.
This will certify that the M. C a T. B. K. Co. have
purchased of Mr. W. S. Ileunett, the nclil to use on
their Cars, Bridges, Buildings, Ac, ke ., West's Galvan
ic l enient ILivii.g Seen it used aud U-sted, I have no
lies.laliou in recommending it to be the best aud cheap
est covering now ui us'.
11. I Ntr-I.i , fresiiient,
M. C. a T. K. R. Co.
EvGt.vKEa's axd GiwimAi scrVs n(T;, llEMmu aso
f UAaiA.-no ItAiutOAO.
Mihcuis, June SG, 11&T.
To Whom rr hat Covrmx: This i. lo certify that the
Memphis and Charleston Kill rood Company have pur-
chased of W. S. Biiitn tl, the right lo prepare and use
urn their Kepots, Bndmugs, tais, tc, Ac, wests
Galvauu; paU nt lire and wolT proof lt-siling. and Utat
we bi'lieve it to be an economical aud ouranie cover
ing, having already had it in use for eight months.
SAH. IAl., ri-eswent.
F. C. A It it-, Geu'l Suj.
Muraw, March 2, 157.
W. S, Brxxrrr, F. Hear Sir. The fai ls within onr
knowledge ol Uie duiabllitv, Ac. of Wot's Galvanic
Cement, are theee; The budding you covered lor us
last Spring, I am napr state, no answer eo mir ex
pectations. We eun, therefore, rtsooimend it lo the
nubile for all roottng purnoAes; as a light, cheap, Lie
and water proof risf. It does not get soli and run
from the em-els ol tbe beat ol tne s in, nor oorstt
harden and erai.k from the effects of the cold. Any
person wuihuig tu know mors of His artarle, ran call
at our uutnulaciory.
n. s. laaii: ti iu,
Carriage Manufaclorj', Monroe si. .Meiuphui, lena
Mrarau, Tenn., Pue. th, 1KSA.
To Wuost rr hat Co-a: This is to certify that
W. S. liiu. tt covered Iwo roofs for me last SiTing
with a coniiitioa callod West s Putent Gulvaiiai t e
Hieut.one uf tln-ra was a new deck , the other an eld
shingle roof, whah are giving perfect satisfactmo. He
also repaired a Homer wmdow , which lvikei badly .and
bad battled Uie skill of Caria-utera to prevent its leak'
ing, which be succeeded iu snaking perfecUy t-ght. I
do most cheerfully recomiueud his mwle of routing lo
the public, for all roofing purposes, and believe it to be
permanent fixture agamat flie aud water.
Proprietor Cconinerc ml Hotel.
St riovriDCT Ornr-, Msamts k Ohio R. It. 1
Mums, TKj(.,Feb. 1, lbi7. j
M. Ltirrri Iiear Su ; Our ooiiiany bat uig been
troubled very much w.Ui buky cars, put some m your
l'au-ut Jaint upon them, and to far aa my knowledge
exu-uda, I can cheerfully recommeud a. Lu auy who
w ish a ilrv roof of any sort.
Yours, ax., H. COFFIN, Superintendent.
Mi arms, TRnt , Jan. II, l7. !
To rna It bijci W. S. Bennett made application In '
ns last Summer to over our buildiugs wtb neat's
Galvaaao Cement : it being a new tniug. we thong hi we
would try it; bad u apfihe.l to our Ulackiuuilb Shop aud
Engine House, attache J to the FouuJry. 'lby have
proved ail required of a water proof roof, buvir.g witU
Stood some of the greatest storms, aad are giv lug good
atutvfbctiuiL, We can ooiy add, try a and you will be
saus&cd. LXSSU it kLVAi'P, Iroa uadera
"llnnai, Jaa. 14, 15JT
Mr. Bennett baa done some small amount of roofing
for me in but pecaliar way, with Cotton stuff, coaled
wub preparation Um buAjs at wbarb appears to be
Coal Tar. li w a very effectual and light roof, ami ap
pears to promsM eooeidorable durability , from tbe
pmiervative quai:tMs of the ooeapoeatoa, wdurh peoa-tratr-s
the clotu and pr nereis it from the uiBuenee of the
bat and wwiar. The Cucapuaiuaa dnt-e m bqutfy and
m from the iI.iU of the beat uf the sua w Summer;
nor bm it bar -Aon aad crack front the icngs-nce in the
cold ol Wmter. A. P. MUUUI.
Ort. ly.
a. a- auro.
I. t- ajtMisaof.
wa. tAWO.
ltauiag M.U aiii Lumber lA-put, Fihtb atrer4,Bcr
kentucky leatral iuiiresst Befaa, Uevvua. Uf. -
It soanotarture east keop baad aa exiinaive a ,
eortiw.nl car Ntife. llaure. Musua, lamr aad Wontow
FratoM, Baee, UuuldAUX, aUakebi. PUaru r, White aue i
Yettow Ciae 1.jrug,?dvittg, Patent WeaCwr buaru
lag aaa PLae4 Bvwrus oi every variety U ouau ana '
thaikaeas. We also furauvh lui&ber ia lb. rough. (
fa rti led aad Clajed aaa aJ ways ea hand. Wsisutaoa
other baxd wooaa worked to order. TUOU CA-lU.
brpt S3-sa . . . - :
, i gi:t tiie REST.
r1Ht CENt'lVE AstBKtrnfPE th PreeBiuea Pw-tur
X m beyieid tooiutraie the mI at; t. ef UkUKM.
yet tutrodaiea , aa saaada wrtawmt a nval:
Taae caaaot caaafi tbeso.
. - lAgbtoaaaeS taas iwa,
UampcsMa ceaaut awwtd theaa, , - '
lMBt caa twver roarb laeCB, ,
' 1 " ' Bast oanaet crrwAe tha sa '
iLUa a bereoje by LAiuXiaKX, Corae of Ctrry
aad l toua JAresaa, autf put as m bj-toy atj kt s
era pra-cw. ' -
Mite at a other roosM kt Nashville.
A rrw fees auaww of lr-k-
Concha, Coldn, Hearseneis, Influenza,
lAroncbltia, AVUoplncrCoaclt,
Croap, Aatlitna, Incipient
And for the relief of Consamixive pa
tients in advance stage of the disease.
We need not speak to the public of
tu virtm-s. Throughout every town,
and almost every hamlet of the Amer
lean States, its woutlerful cares of pul
monary complainw have made it al
ready known. Nay. few are the fam
ilies in anv civilized country on this
comment without some personal expe
rience of ns effects; and fewer yd ihe
communities any where which have
not among tbena some Itvinir trophy of
iu victory over the subtle and danger
ous disease of the throat and iiings.
While it is the most powerful sntnlote
yet known to man for the formidable
aud dangerous dLK-asew is the pulmo
nary organs, it is also the rSMuauatest
and safeet remedy that caa be em
ployed for infants and yonrjg persons.
Parents should have it ui si. ire against
tlie insidious enemy that steals upon
them unprepared, vv . lave almndaut f rounds to be
heve the Cnetucr larri saves more hves bv the con
sumptions ir prevents than thoHe a cures. Keep It by
you, and cure your ooida while ihev are curable, nor
bes-iect Uiem until Be bums, skill caa master tbe Inex
orable canker that, fastened on the vitals, eals Votir
Lre away. All know the dreadful fatality of lung" dis
orders, and as they know too the virtues of this rem
edy, we need not do more than to assure them tt is
still made the best it can be. We spare no civt.ae
eve, no toil to iiroduce the must vrfect possible,
and thus afford those who rely on it the beat acut
which our skill can furnish for their cure.
THE s s-nce of Chemistry and
Me iicuie have been taxed Uieir ut
Uiost to produce tins best, most per
fect purgative which, is known to maa.
Innumerable pruois are shown that
there l itis have virtues which sur
pAss in excellence tho ordinary med
icines, and Uiat they wiu un prece
dents ly upon Uie epteem of all men. They are safe
and pleasant to tike, but nwerfil to cure. Their pen
etrating riertics stimulate Uie vital activities ui the
body, remove the obstructions of iu organs, purify
Uie blisid, and expel the clmease. They ptuge out the
foul humors which breed and grow distemper, sinmi
lati slngu-h or disordered organs Into their natural
action, and impart hoalthy bine to the w hole system.
Not only do they cure the erery-day complaints of
every lusty, but also formidable and dangerous dis
eases Unit lias ba'll'il Uie best human skill. While
they produce powerful effi ts, they ate at Uie aaine
time, in diminished doses, the safest aud best phys.c
that rn be employed for children. Being sugar
coated, they are ples-nnl t lake; and being purely
vegetable, are free froru any risk of harm. Cures
have bi-en made which surisms belief were Uiey not
substantial! by nieu of such exulted posiuon and
character as to for hid the suspicion of untruth. Many
eminent clergymen and physicians have lent their
names to certify to tlie public the reliability of my
remedies, while others have sent me Um assutance of
th ir conviction that my 1'reiM.ralions conlribulu in
miinsely to Uie relief of my aulicbul, suffering fellow
men. Tbe Agent below named Is pleased lo furnish gratis
my American Almanac, containing directions for Uieir
use and certificates of t'uuir cures, of tho following
Cost, vcbefts, Bilious Cotrplaluta, Rheumatism, IVop-y,
Heartburn, Headitche aiisu g from a foul Stomaih,
NauM-a, ludiirestion. Morbid Inaction of the Hiwels
and Pain arising therefrom. Flatulency , Loot of Apia--til',
all Ulcerous aud Cutaneous Ins-ases wha h reipure
an evaruant Medicine, Scrofula or King's Fell. Itn-y
alo, by piintyiug the bl .l and stimulating tbe sys
tem, cure many complaint which it would not be sup
(shscJ they could reach, such as IleafticMi, I'ai Ual
lUmdiiesa, Neuralgat and Nervous Irritability, IWai.gr
merts of the IJver and Kiliieys. Gout, and ether km
drwl complain U artsiug from a low slate of the body
or bi-lrui turn of its functions.
lki not be put off by uuprimlpled dealers with some
other pill they make more protil en. Ask for Atkr'
I'ilis. and lake nothing else. No other tliey can give
you compares with this in its intrinsn; value or cura
tive pow ers. The sm k want the beta, aid there Hi f'r
Uirm, and they should lmve it.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AY1CICS,
Practical and Analytical Cucmist, Lowell, Ma.
i'KK-c 25 Crs. ras Box. Inn UuxiA ro 1.
BERRY & TEMOMLLE, Naahville.
Bet.nl by
J. g" HROWN, and all Druggets In the city.
THOMAS M HKO , larksviile,
fi ll r lu'.rA;t,iLtihVlf mi'.; Gallatin.
And all dealers in medk-me everywhere.
fehl 4m Advertising Agent.
ri"lllS great specitic, which is a triumph in Ihe pro
1 gress of medical science of Uie nineteenth eca-t-iry,
is not presented lo a public free from pain, suf
fering, and disease. It was not discovered, nor la uow
prejioieci fur thuse ks-s-e J ol sound healUi and ro
bust constitution, but for a large cuvm who are suOer
iug pain.
Have you the Brrmrhititi
Have you the AruraU.ta!
Have ou the iir or Txlka'itfi
You may rid yourself eutireiy of these dtstreeslnc
evils by Uie use of Brage's Arctic liniment.
Am you affix i-l with UM Surmf
Are you .ulferuig from severe Bruita!
Are you enduring pain from .vpcaut.'
One bottle of the Arctic lauiment will surely give re
lief sjieedily.
Itkeuatitm Is a dreadful complaint.
Sctifttla is a liKilliMiiue disease.
Yet such is the womlerlul healing properties of
Brake's Arctic louimeut, Ui it it will alima-l Instintly
cure acute and chrome Klieumatisiu aud remove
Why will you sulfur with .Vurey?
Wlur will you suffer with tiie 'ilea?
Why will you submit to f'Si'ufuisu.'
When by using the Arctic Liniment you may find per
manent relief.
Tin-re are In this world Uiousands and tenr of thou
aan lswho are year after ye-ir, siillering with one or
more f the many diseases with which humanity Is
attlK-led, until disiwiruig and nigh onto Uie grave.
Wounds, bruraes, burns, scald head, chilblains, piles,
corns, warm, bib of Insects, sore-eyes, toothache,
ear ache, neuralgia, sore throat, paralysis, diseases of
the skin, tumors, wees, rrtig worms, arurvy, coke In
Uie breaet, nre.i,Kiiffiiai in theyouita, rbuumatiara ,
ir "'it, etc., have fuxieued tiiu them, aud tbe pour auf
lerers are Keeking an antidote.
To all siH'b, Br. Bratrg's Arctic IJnlment comes as
ure and speedy remedy, it ts a balm for every wound,
ud it never fails ! Hundreds and Uiousands are I
ing its virtues, and are reyoicui.1 In freedom from pata
and suffering.
Farmer, aai Horse Kaisen.
Ir. Rracg's Arctic luniuteut is also a sovereign rem
edy for the various diseases with which borses are
allUrtod during Uie mord alarming rasea uf brnuvea,
spraua, struig-halt. wouuds, sera telle., sweeuey,
svin, ring bone, big bead, pull-evil, etc. No farm-r,
hvei y-sLiln. keeper, or any poison owning valuable
borsus should be wiUioul u
ZU Preparation.
The Ingredients of the Arciic I.iniinenl areof Uie mort
costly kind, while the utmuM eare Is bealnwed ui
conisunding Uh-cu by on of tho muanber of tbe
coRiiwny, wbo makes a rsonal exaniuiattou of every
boUle put up. -
, . No Family should bo witutont it
In cases of accident, it is m to have remedy at
hand lo apply instantly. Many irves are thereby saved,
when if tell to the plodding lime of a medical piactl
tiouer, most have been loet. Tbe Arctic Liniment m Uie
best specific, as M arts upon the part affected matanUy.
11 is put up in tie. , 0e. , and tl bottle. The &nc.
and (I bottles contain bOand 100 prr rent, more I Jul
metil lhau Uie Ifrc. botUee,and are much cheaper.
Every ptTMHi buyusg a tl bottle of Uaaou's Asvrnc
Limjiikvt, will be furnished si ir. Bragg s eifemw,
with lanejs-sa s I'aitod Slates Journal, publudied us
New York, for one year, by filling np the cert. lie ale
arounl earh dollar botU aad wnJu.g tt lo J. M. AJi
SKSua k Co., No. 371 Briatdwav, V Vwt
Sole PropriHtura St- Lo ioi, Mb.
' W. W. Berry It IVmoville. WboieseJ. Agents, and by
0. W. lleuderabuU, A. U. K.cur, aad J. raretcb.
Persons of Consumptive Habits,
fpO THE CJTtNBERO OOMPAVT: Tar tbe first
X I'm ut my Ufa 1 am mdjeed in certify to tbe truly
wuedorful rffjets of a poooiar tnedicAe. kwt In aeei
tng yoe the certiucate 1 fool that I aca oaiy dkacbargmg
a duty that I owe to the Grssfenberf Cctnp&y, sad
more especially m s'ltforuif bantaarty.
About tbe arat ef June laat, I ha 4 a gre eaaa takea
via a cuogb atteaded ana reaslcatacwa. .Mtuwff of
bluod.and other dangerous sytoptoens of ouneumpui tt.
I tuimediatrly railed la traly akiiifU and K a-ntiOc
ph) ssraui, wbo InUl see a waa rasa of eauua!aOft.
He treU-4 bias for several weeks, but bo gralasUiy
grew worse. I then had anisibrr p'lyaaraui of great
rrputataa la lung aisr.aee. He es imteed bin , and
lao swtW n to be bofieteM east of oauiu4Ma,
aad swsl a was use to to aaaA sa ssey ut try uig lo
cure bim.
1 bad previotatl penmawvf tbe O -srfenBwrjr Ageau
here, (iL-aars. Welle k WU.) tbt wheu tbe ovtura
save baa np I would try lb Cra aaborg Coasump.
uv. s Halm. ! did so and la my agreeable Mrsnw,
tbe uu began la untwovc aflor Wkmg ociy five tar S.X
doaea. He baA eoly two bottaas o? the Balm aad
three bottle. l tbe Oratiwa berg bars swrtila Coenpcssad ,
wbarb roel sue i!m saiail eiua of a a duilaro, a4 U
4ay I eonenW kiuieutirv.y rarea. Ue to worth IJU",
aad bw eVwag e rnsd errrarw ea tbe pfawtaixitt. 1
"sliT bust wrtn.e euuaa aa t wet) aa be as rat,
hearty, a4 at. 0x4 , witusMit a veet re er r n i ilimaasa
left, JjJSi HVtLiv,
tTajbursst, Ala.
I have a4 the Craseeberf Ctrvsumraiee' Balm ta
sevwre cawee ef r uaaatnapuiai , m ay ractacw, wb the
heppKea tuecu . 1 wiab all snwii t u. a.
8. ali-PARH. M. n..
Tiia' Wells. Teesi.
Tbe Grarfeaberg GoasaraHire s Kdm wHl cBstel1y
cur toaaum tiit.es aad ail mshIahiM ef the buues. la
ewar of told ua tbe Leaas a I lewt, larwr euan
bu4 w(b Isfficult BrtaiiUif, Paiua at U. (Isrvt, aa4
Oreacbael, tbe firarfewberc t'oasumptivs's HLm win
ac a euan I' care aad -i mt 1 freea
esa94 eas&anaed C.,u.et pt.ea. la all cacae. 4e
ars are daafeeneav TWr are ae aa beastre4 fid to
ad dataaeae beee toaaearr 10 tuMiiicMM. We
enxljt 4vke ail to pra;wx vbCouvUMp4ive'i tieia.
-I1 price mt th. CuMwot-t r' Balm ta tl per
ou e. - . AIXX. MArtitXax, '
AuL IoS the Crsieabere Cosapeay, tor Tiiiinn m s.
AUUam. aa-1 GWi;uv. vi-.a tf
M c L E A N ? 8 .
Slrcnstlieuliis Cordial
Tn Crcateet Uemrdy ta tne TYrldt .
rriHIS CtiRHIAL is distilled Trom a Berry known an
X ly to tiiv-U. and chrmKiallv combined w ilh soma
of the nmat valuable medKmeJ ronta, berbeaad barks -
known to the Bund of man. vis: blood root, black,
root, w ild rherrv bark, yellow dock, dandelions, ear-
aaparilU, elder Uowurs, with ethera, preducmg the
mivt mlaliible remedy or the rextorauoa ul beaita
ever known. '
It la Satnre's Owa Uemtedy,-
Curing diseases l y natural laws. When takea, na
heslii'g Influence is f.-lt coursmg through every reus '
of tbe bod V. perif rbig aad aeuelerauag tbe cwvubutoa '
of the bl.aid. It neutralixisi aay bdioua macter ta the
etoraacb, and stretirtfxtis Uie w bole organiaMioa.
Mdaan's Strengtaeiiing Cordial will enectuailT cur 1
Liver rompiamU, luaptpsia, Jauiuls-e,
Chronie or Nenroua Delsility, Diaaaaea of tl
Kidneys, and alladiaeaaea arising from
a Disordered Liver or Btomach.
PysjiepHia, Hoartburu, I u ward PUw, Acidity or Sick- ,
lies, uf the Stotn.teh, fullness of Blood to Uie Head,
dull pam or swtmmui iu the Head, Palpitation of the
Heart, fullness or weight ill the Stomach, sour Eructa
tion", (linking or Sull sintinc feeling when tying down,
drviiesaor veilownesa uf the Skin and Fyea, Nsrbt
Sweats, toward Fevers, im In the Small of the Back, .
Chest or Side, sudden flushes of heat, Iicpresalon of
Spirit. Frightful lT-am, languor, Bespoodency or ;
anv Nervous I)iaoiue, Sure or lilotcbea on the Skin,
anil Fever and Aeue for Chills and Fever.) It will
also euro disca- of the Bladder and Womb, such aa ,
Seminal Weakness. Incortineuce or t rme.stranguary,
Inflammatiuu or Weakness uf Uie Womb or Bladder,
Whiles, Ac.
Tlie re la no JI la take abont It.
This Cordial will never fail Ui cure any of the aboea
diseases, if taken as ier diroctiooa oa each bottle, la
German, English and French.
Over Half a Million of Bottles
Have been sold during Uie past sis months, and in no
instance has it failed in givuig enure satud action.
Wbo then w i.l sutler from weaknesa or deliilily wbea
lie Loan's Strengthening Cordial will cure you.
Xo tlie Women. .
THi vou wish to be healthy aud strong T Then go ai .
once and cet seine of Mi lean's Cordial. It will lu vig
or a tr and nreugthea our blood to How through every 1
vein . aud Ihe rich rosy bloom 01 beaJfh to mount to
yonr check again. Every bottle warranted le give
l or Children.
Wo say b) parents, if your children are sickly, pu
v. or aifla u-d w ith coiniilainui prevalent among cod- '
dreu, give llieiu a small quuiility of McLean's Cordial, .
and it will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try it and you will be convinced.
ICvcry Cottulrf DltrehiBt
Should not leave the city untd he baa procured a sup
ply ol Vcl-. au a strengtlienuig CorUial. It sells rapm-
v . because tt aiwavs cures. A lioerai onreuBi ui
In made to thi se w ho buy to sell agaua.
CAITIOX liewai of Druggists or dealers wno may
try to palm u-n you some bmeror Sarsaiarilla Lrasb I
which they can buy cheap, by saying tt is just aa
giKsl. Avoid sm b men. Ask lor Nclx-ans Mrecgtn-
nini t ordial. and lake uotlutig else. 11 ta Uie ooiy
remedy Uiat will purity the blmsl thoroughly , and at
lb. same time atrcnfUieu the system.
One Liblesissmlnl vakeu every morning lust or rore
hreakta.' I, is a cert-iiu preventive for Cholera, Chill
and revr. Yellow Fever or any prevalent disease.
li Price only bl per bottle, or six boulea for $4.
Pole Proprietor of the Cordial,
Also lIclA-an Volcanic Oil Liniment.
AViT Prtnritail iei4 ou the corner of Third and i
Pine street, St. l4t is, M'saourt.
t For sale m lAuiavd!e ly BFIJ., ALBOTT k Co.,
Spruiger U Bio., and itaymoud k I'auuu.
McLf an's Volcanic Oil Liniment !
For 31a n or Ilcast.
Lean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment.
iiicad ton voi iisi:lvkji t
n.ma I ord.a blacksmith, living near Caas avenoo
on Tenth street, had a horrible ruiiinng sure on hla
foot. Hj tried various I Itunietits, Salves, Ac, but
could do it no gissl. lie tieired of ever being abla
lo work at Ins ti aiie ai;iiin. b-cauM! he could not bear
any weight on Iim fm.and by one email bottle uf '
McLean a Volcuha- lanimeut, he is now purfecUy cur
ed. PJiemnati-m, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Bruises . Hpraina,
Ftiffiiewa in the Jo'tds ur Muscles, Sore Throat, Swell- .
lugs, Far ache or To' t'i -aebe, Wounds, Fresh Cut.
Sores, llui rr, stalds, I ions, Ac, yield to Uie" magic" 1
InflUi uc 'if this w -n ierfiil liniment.
For Hin-srs and Cattle tt m so infallible remerly fir
Ch.ifi-s, oalls, seiatihm, Oacked Heels, LatueieM, j
Spavin, Swei-ry, i-phnt. Fistula, Bruunw, Swellliga,
v omuls, Kail I. Snake P.tee, and various other diataa- '
rs w liii b auimais aie liable to from Injuries or avci
tleirta. Every Country Merchant should obuln a supply of -MrlA-an's
Volcausr ld Liiiinienl. It sells rapidly be- .
tauae tt always cures.
A lilieral d.scimtil will be made to merchant who ,
buv to sell aaio.
- For sale by J. II. McIXAV, Proprietor, corner
of Third and I'me alrects, St. loans, Missouri; also for
aalo as above. BovJ
And the various aXxtion consequent apoa a dlaor
- deved
Stomach or Liver,
Such as Inihgeetaie, Ackdily of tbe Stomach, Caelic, -Pains,
Heartburn, Lo- of Appetite, Bespundency ,
Cosuvene. Blind and Bleedmg Pile, la all N.r
vnui Itbeuaialar. and Neuralgsj AAVctKma, it baa, ta
numerous Uituuc-s. proved highly beaeacial, aad la
others etfoctej a decided cere. - - '
Thai to a purely vritrtable rom pound, prepared ea
tnrtly sciitibftc' fnnciiW, after Uie manner of tba
celebrated Holland pn4eeor, Boerbaee. Becauae of
Oa grvat sucreaa In eiuM of the European States, Ha
uitmductioa irtn the fnlted State wa intended mora
eepecnlly for U 4 our fatberlaad acatterwd bore
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fart, mfosmg new health and rvgnr m the sysvers.
N0I1O Whoever expeetatoand that a bveraa
will be rariMrtl; but to th lac , ta weak aad ,
tow eperKed it will prove a gralefel aramatte cordial,
peim.it tT aaugular reaasdtaJ proparttea. -CAl'TION.
The yrrm popularity uf this delightful Aroma fcaa
iudured Mar annaiKMs, wbkik ta public ahould
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ao y tiling rbw MlJ yo Uavs gtVMl Beerbave'a Hoi
Uad luwi a fair trial. Owe buttle will coavatc yoa
bow wfluru lv superior a tu ail three mutoUoo.
4Vy bold at (I per bottle, or ( kutUes for 13, by
m:JA9II.' MCE, Jr at CO.,
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rittaoarsn, Paw
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8UUto sod Cawaiia
a g- T..i in .Se.hr ill by
EwTV.PLNHATO.V k CO. , Wlioleeale Arenm,
AM, by I. A. M. kliOK,
- apih dAwly and by Wugetot feaerally.
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1 S-JO.aOO fnet SaJety lutii.
T. A. McCAIX, Avt.
IVHX keep constantly oa baad a aupply of Pry
ad ltorkUu( Wmee. a Uirh wul faratob tbe trasta
A CthH.mi4 pra'ea, Irvaibt abbet. :
ton .A T. A. MoCALL, Ag.ct-
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JVM ItAMAUr. 42 CVlbe htreet, w ut receipt et
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