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Nashville patriot. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1858-1860, February 18, 1858, Image 1

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taHaaaesaBMMHnHMHaMBMMMMnmaMaMMHMHaBaaBHaa mmmmmtammmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmsmmmmBm mnammmmmmimmsmmmmmamammmmmmmammmmmmmmmmKmmmmmmmBmmmmwmam wmmmmmBmmamtmmmmmmmmmtmammmmm-
- f m xnarn oa tm to cqasuuis, a aorAsa. -. :
OoaCMiuara 1 aay,. a 1-00 -each ad 'ai ianeruoa $ JO
' - j -eek,- 3 oo each addifal sqaare 1 b
44 weeks, etO- -44. OO-
" 1 month. 6 00 ".
- tt SbioulUs 00 " ' 4 M
t ' it 12 00 " " t 00
ia . t J '- " It, 00 " - i - 09
w " yi " 00 " " " MM
aaxcwARia at ruusm.
One Square, one y ear , 30 acb addilieaal aqnare SIS
Written notice mast be given to take out aad stop ad.
rertisements of yearly advertiser before tbe year ex
pires, otherwise we shall charge till done.
No contract of yearly advertisements will be dlseoa.
tiaoea w about previmis aotioe lo us, nor will any charge
be saade for less than one year at tbe yearly rates.
aa- AdTertisen exceeding tne'spaot eo&tract
ed tor will be charged for the excess, -f - '
rw J -mm mj .
r-. - - Jb sa iiM 9 f r - '
rauy, per annum, ........ M 00
Tri-Weekly, per annum, ft 00
Weekly, er annum, 3 00
One Weekly for two years, or two Weeklies
for one year,ln advance, 6 00
When the Daily, Tri-Weekly, or Weekly ta to be
discontinued (paid in advance "at the time subscribed
for), tbe subscriber must order, otherwise It will be
con tinned, at cor option, until (aid for and stopped.
If not paid, it must be paid at the time of discontinu
ance, or at oar option. It the party is good, it will be
sent until paid.
Remittances by mail, in " registered" letter, at oar
5t. on5.
HJIjolcsale pri) (Snobs.
1 U K: v 11 11 Y lL. Ll i 11 U i a w li 11 uj u a q
Bridgeport Insurance Company
Bridgeport Insurance Company, Lo
cated at Bridgeport, Conn.
2 Capital Stock .X0,000 00
9 i 44 . . " 11 P. i!W,61ft 00
1 Cash on band and iu band of Agents,.. 2S,79 06
2 Real Estate, koxk.
45 Harlem R. R. Co., 1st mortgage, Tn. 45,000 00
15 New Jersey Central do. " 7'8. 15,000 00
11 Pittabnrg aud Steubeuville Railroad
1st mortgage, 7 ierceiit 11,000 00
6 Kris and Husquehanun Coal Co. , 1st
- mortgage, 7 per cent 3,000 00
60 New York aud bar ku walnut Coal IV.,
1st mortgare, percent 25,000 00
58 Bridgeport Water Co., percent S8,0)0 00
4 Debts of the Co. secured by morlgaKe. . b'J.'JHi 0O
6 " secured by Murk Collateral 9,450, 0,300 00
" for premiums, Notes for premiums, 10,yJ5 47
7Sh's Pequonnock Hank Stuck, ln 74'i 00
28 " Bridgeport ciity bunk stork,. 102 2,f.02 00
1000 " Huiwm I"aint Manuf iri(C Co., 20 20, (too 00
840 " Great Western Insurance Co., SO 17, 'JO. I 00
600 " Dork Coal Co., Philadelphia.. 'JO 10,000 00
100 " Bridgeport Bridge Company, .100 10,000 00
21 " Chicago and Milwaukie Rail
road Company, C5 1,305 00
ft " St. Louis and Iron Mountain
" Company, 100 600 00
Bills receivable, endorsed and stock as
collateral security, 36,4W5 00
$Uti7,147 12
5 Amount of Liabilities to Bunks
0 Losses adjusted and due
7 " " not due,
8 " nnaljnsted,
9 " in susiieiise,
0,550 00
8.S18 87
f,H0 00
!S,6iK) 00
10 All other claims against the Company,.. 17,100 00
11 The greatest amount in any unit risk... lu.OoO 00
12 The " " " city, town,
or villag", . nro-KnTO ri j..
13 The grentcst amount in uny one- blix k . . . 6,000 00
14 Act of Incorporation Chai ti r herewith.
THOMAS E. COL'RTKNAY, l'reaidont.
T. UoCGH, Secretary.
Personally appeared T. E. CouribmsT, Prei.1ent,and
TiU'mrr Horuii, Pecretar.v, of the above Coinpaiiy,
and severally made oath that the fori'oiiiR sLit iik uI.
by them subscribed, is hi thtr belief true, tfcfurc
seal. Noury Public.
STATE OF TEXXESSF.E, CnnptnAl-r' s Office,
N'AtiiiMi.tK, t'elu uary 3, IfriH. f
This is to certify ih.it ihu Bmoi.KiMfir k. t Com
PAXY, located at Itridtrrport, ill the Sut: of Cuuii'ttifi.t.
has complied ith all tiie ri-quirenienLs of Hfi art punned
by the Uencral Aineinbly ol the Mate of Tnni'twee, in
March, 1S5J, ent.tlcd An Act to regulate the agencies
of Iusuraoca Companies Iii.t iucorpurat'!d by tljeUitu
of Tennessee," and tiuit Jiiski h Nh u? tiie li-gaKy au
thorized Agent of siud Company in the town of .Sacli
ville, blate of IsuueM'e.
J. C. I.LTTRELL, Comptroller.
The subscriber continues to issue Politics, both Fire
and lUrlne, of the above reliable Comany , at equita
ble rates. JOSEPH NA.H,
feb5 3w Agent.
The Greatest Invention of the Age.
West's Patent Galvanic Cement.
roil noovnu.
riIIE subscriber is now prepaiej ti) cover roofs of
X b jiKUngs, With a new uiid betu-r art.de than ever
before known. The public are aware that ourOovern
luent has had scientific men experimenting, and that it
has been the study of the Ar lnu cli and liuiiderg, for
years, to discover an article for roofing purposes, that
would stand the sudden changes of the weather, and
be impervious to lire and water, and remain a perma
nent fixture. As yet, nothing has bee a attained witb
oul costing more than the people wish. Ihe conlrac
Uon, expansion and rusting of metal roofs, are so great
lu changeable climates, that they become utt-less, un
less being remired at great expamse yearly, shingles
are not tire proof, and ran not be used ou flat i wis,
aud the various CimHitioiis and Cements that have
been brought into ue lor rooting, do not stand the ac
tion of the wentlier, but they run wlieu it u warm, and
rrark when frosty, and aller on or two years become
crumbly and worthless: whereas, the inventor of the
Calvamr Cement, lias labored twenty years to combine
articles to obviate those difficulties, an. I ran lestil y from
his long exiHTieuce, and uumeruus U stimouials from
relluaie persons, who have had Ins coiiiliinutioii applied
to tiMir iiililiiMia, tii.tl his Cement is the cheapem
snd bestartu le r.-r lielore Uan il. The romuuiatiou
of this Cement is such that it is cali-nlated for entire
new roofs, Oat or steep, covering over old shingles
wilhotit removing them; lining rave-troughs, winning
around buttlrnicnls, chimneys and sky lights. Cover
ing car tops, Mi aiiirr i ks( c. This ( euieiit, ly 1L1
nnn-coiiilurtion mid galvanisin, prevnls metal roofs
from rusting aud unsoldering, an I res:is the extn ines
of lent aud coid better than anything ever Uiveutud,
for entire roofs or lor rovvtiug uu ial ami (he out f u
of woikI tout lnms. m.iUing tl.i in lire proof. Its ap
pearance is like slate; beautiful for the rah palate or
the nuinale cottage.
The undei n.gueil h i ving serui eil the right to the State
of Tennessee, will sell rigl't ( Teiritory, by Countiex
or Towns, oil reasonidile lei nw-;
The subscriber ic also pre'urod to lover roofs of
bull lings, lu any irt of the Mate, at xhort notice:
This Rstf i no being put on Hi this city, for the
benefit of all concerned, and warranted to excel all
other modes ol iloonug. 'Ihe suhi-criher h.i had his
mode of Koollng tot.'. I us to It" .piu' tics, Ji'.i ing the !a-t
year and a half ill the city of Memphis, which lias
proved satisfactory , to which a in u.Uei of the inorl
proniin-nt citizens can t- st.:y.
for further u.loi uiation enquire at the omrc, where
samples may he seen, t'tllre Willi A. V. rt. Uiioslev,
Real rotate Broker , No. o.. Coll (.. i-ue. Nashville,
Tenn.; or. address box ;i, rri oilier,
testimonials ol ton follow nigeiiileri-n who have
usod it, with hosts of others.
W. S. HENNETT, Pkopiuktus.
Attached Is a note from Joh L. Moiiox. Esq., Arch
itect, by which ma) be seen tlm opinion of Mr. ,-amuel
Sloan, the ceh bialcd Architect, and wr.li.r upon Arch
itecture, whose experience with this mode of roofing,
without a doubt, is i-atislaciory to nil.
McMi'liis, Uarrh 12, 157.
Mr. W.S. Rkhnftt Win n in Philadelphia,! a., u few
days ago, 1 called upon Mr. Saiauel Mium, tlie cclcbi Hi
ed A rr titter I. and ui.thor s the Moan Work on AmIii
tecture. 1 atked his opinion as to Ihe durability, c,
of West's l uti nl Ito. f, such as y.m are using in tiie c.t
of Slemphis, and he t.iM me l.iat h" I.a.l ao L s:taii..u
in saying to me that it is a good and 'durable r.n.i, and
is all that its advocates cla'tn tt to be; farther srytng
that he is nsing it ou a flue building for hiniseif.
Respectfully, JOHN I MoKtiAN, Architect.
OKrn-k or ttnL O.XTBJit h Tixx. R. R. Co.
houvjs, Ts., Oi t. 1, ISjT.
Tills will certiry that the M. C. & T. R. R. Co. luive
purchased of lr. W. S. H-nnett, the right to use on
their Cars, Bri-lges, Uuildings, Ac, fcc. West s CialVJQ
ic G-nieilL. Having seen it used and tested, I liave no
hesitation In recomnieiuling it to be the bust and cheap
est covering now lu use.
11. P. SEH.Y. President,
. . . U. C. i T. R. K. Co.
E.NUINQJI'8 A. (ilEMKJtAL f I r'T'S OmcS, llKMrWIli SNU
.Mkjoiiis, June 2fl, 1M7.
To Whom it mat Coscxrs: Tins is to c.-rlily iluil the
Memphis aud t h.tileton lUili ua.l Couipuny have pur
chiised of W. S. Itennetl. Ihe right to prepare and use
upon their IVpois, Itiuliluigs, Cars, Ac, Ac., Wests
t.aKsn c patent lire aud water proof Rooting, and llutt
we believe it to be an ecououucsJ aud duiablu cover
tug, having already had it in e for right tnouihs.
PAM. TATE, Pre-iileut
. i. ' , ' K. C. ARMS, Ueu'l SupL
-. llKntis, Xlurch S. 1.'.T.
. W. S. BESjrrrr, Ent lear Sir. Ihe furl wuUu our
know ledge of the durability, Ac, of W est a t.alvans:
temeut; are these; The building you coveted for us
last Spring, I am happy to stale, has auswered our ex
ectations. We can. therefore, r onniien.i it ho me
public for ail roonng purxjse, ss a light, cheap, tire
and water proof roof. It does not gvl soft and rua
from the c Heels of the beat X the sou; nor does it
harden snd crack from the effects of the cold. Any
persons wishing to know iuie of this aj in W , can ?
at our nuinufactory.
v s. iu:rrE t m
Carriage Manufactory, Monroe M., Memphis, lenn
lluinr", Tenn., Dec. th. Isit.
To Warnt rr mat CortsjTUis la to certify that
W. S. Bennett covered two root's for me last r-piiiig
with acompoaxion called West's I 'men l CalvaoiC CX
msnt. one of them was a new deck, the 0LVr an old
sh rgle roof, which are giving perfect satfarti. Ha
also repaired adomer window, which Waked badly .and
bad ballied the skill of t'arrs nter to preycm its leak
tng, which he surree-le.1 in making peif.slly l.gl't. I
do moat cheerfully recommend his uiode of rooth.g to
tbe public. for all roofing purp.,aii'l believe it lube
a permanent Allure against Qr and water.
. ProprieUr Cotanioi-iial Uoti-L
' ScraurrcirDssrr's Ormn, Mrvnn Obt R. K
Misrnu., 11rx , Ki b. 19, lsiT. j
' Hj linxxriT: l"tvr Sirs-our company having Ken
trotted very much with leaky caia, put some of your
Patent Paint upon theui, and so tar as niy know .!,-o
extends, I can cheerfully recommend It to any who
wish dry roof of any sort.
' - Tours, sc., H. CTmv, Supertnteu.tent
Muki-him, Ttrxji. , Jan. 14, 17.
-W. H. Ikiini tt made ai'pUi.u to
To TUB Pl'lUJ':
as last Soinmer to cover uur bmMinga wdh West's
Galvanic Cement: R being a new thing we thought w
would liy it; had it applied hi our llu ksmitli Miopand
Engine House, attached to the Foundry. They hare
proved all required of a water proof roof, having with
suwd sotne of the greatest stiM-um.and are giving kohI
aatislactioa. We ran onlv add, try it and ou will bo
aaUaueU. tt RTIS k KNAPP, Iroo Founders.
Mxarms, Jan. 14, 1.',T
Mr. rVnnett baa done aome small amount f rvodiig
fnr me m his pecaliar wsy,w:th Coiu n slnir, ctet
wMb a preparatma tbe basis of which appears to tx a
Coal Tar. It is a very eflui'toal and light nsf, and -pears
lo prmntse considerable durability, from the
preservative qualities of the roniKwiuon, whan e
tralM the cloth and protects ft from tlx Intlueuce of the
av aud water. Tbe Composition does nut h-urty and
run from the effect of the heat nf the sua in bummer;
aor does it harden aud crack from the in (luetic in uia
tor. A. P. MEKiliL.
Oct. ly.
,'.MIame! Ilarnea!! "
NCnCE ! Iiavo fctiujved, say liaraeas fe'hoa frusa
Ieadertck slrer, so Ao.f, (ur stairs) Mouth aide
Public bu.uare. whore I sliall coiintanlly keep on hand
a vaiety of Coach and iluggy Uaraeas, and aise kip
and ogh ski collars. . '
Jw- - C. L- nowiaiojf.
From S. M. PETT1NGILL CO"8 Advertising Agency,
119 Nassau Street. New-Yorb,
and No. io State Street, Bourov.
p k Co. arc Agents for tlie most tntluenual and
largest circulating Commercial papers both in the
United Stales and the Canada.
TO sell Goods for a manufac turing house tn this
City. Salary from $100 to $150 per month and
exicuses. On receipt of $10 we will forward samples
by express with instructions; or, address enclosing
P. 0. sumps for particulars Qpv
Real Estate and Stock Broker,
No. 20 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio,
jI jiy Post Office box 2340.
Nashville & Xew Orleans Packet.
WM. STRONG , Master. F. SJIACK1XF0RD, Qerk.
(1 .500 tons burthen.)
rpKIS macniflcetit fa.st running JTTTIk
J. steumlioat, drawing ouly 3
r.... L-.o.r M.-IU run ns a regular
packet during me present season. uonS
accommoduUous for Passengers, flock or freight, '
solicit lor her a share or public patronage. For freight
or pausage apply on board or to
A. HAMILTON, 'iS Market street,
JollX 1. TAYLOR, C. S. Mail Packet Office.
H. H HARRISON , Front Street, and
P. F. 11 AR1 "CASTLE, " " Agents.
If. DL'FIELD. Agcut, at Perkins itCo's, N. Orleans,
Ucgular Nasli ville and PaducaU
li O O 5 T .
rpilE flii low water steamer, Jl
X and elegant Ireii ht ami su- ?
r,..i h :ii.wi'lu'er lutckct LOOK-
OCT W SI', Master, will run as a regular packet be
tween Nashville aud 1 uducah, leaving this city every
Motidy and Fridav. she is one of the last.sl boats
on the river, an! pitsseugais will Bud her comfortable
in every respect. lebl
Uegular Naslxville & St. Louis
Weekly 'Packet.
tt.Y li li 1 VT W liST.
THE silendid steamer and tin
rivalled passenger packet,
Master, w now making and will continue Uiiongliout
the season weekly trips between Nashville and St.
Loms, leaving tlos city every Thursday ut 4 o'clock.
For fre.ght or putsage apply on board or lo
f. bl A. HAMILTON, Agent.
Memplii At aN'asliville Regular
Friday Packet.
. M. U7. VAX.
rr'HE splendid new passenger
JL steamer B. M RCNYAN,
.i.a f n i rn This snlendid
steamer is now being finished at Cuicmuati and will be
here about the 1st of February. Her day of leaving
Nashville will be Friday on each week, lit 10 o'clock
A. M. jan'Jl s A. HAMILTON, Ageut.
j-TT T "
The staunch and approved light water Packets,
SSEVKXT V-SIX, P. K. Bakclat, Master,
SWALLOW, AtK. FRAZim, Master,
PRINCESS, Milt. Aike, Master,
HAVI.vr. been ;-l,,l, . thoroughly re-
paired und ecsrjtil newly furnish- J
ed with ruperiur mtaLimiSUBSL facilities for the
accotnmisliition of pussengei s, have commenced their !
reeular U'U hiv tr it s. The commandants and courte
ous clerks of tin steamers will give s Cincinnati
aud Louisville prompt aud satisfactory attention to all
orduts eUlrnsUid lo tin ill.
lor freight or passage apply to
Uovi iiiu H- H. HARRISON, Agent.
Nashville, Rome, Carthage, Burksville, and
AVaitnboro' Packet.
III.ANCliK LEWIS, J. I- n.ttT.A, Master.
HAVIN'U purchased the above
r ... .....1.. I ..wi rL
I I x
JL uiWL U mm , . . . . v , . . . . " .
leepccll Jlly S0lll.il W iHJI llollOl
your pati'uii.ige. The Blanche Lewis will ruu regu
lar!;, in tin- tra.le. h h is of very light draught; lias
excellent passenger ui cointii'sl.itioiis, and well adapt
ed for the. upper ('iinilH-i land. All hiismess -utruptod
to 111.- niiult be prollll tly aud fa.lolilily atlellded t,.
no-14 fin JOHN I.. ItATKMAV.
Regular ja!iville and lew Or
leans Packet.
fr'HE line and substantuil as- -, ,' " !k
1 setig.-r and fi t "te imer, ri''3jj
JAH H. LI.'CAS, H.t:. M'i- na'vi. .,rir-E3CaW
was, M i.-ter, will run as a regular packet fx tween this
rit.. an 1 '-v Orb aiis. deriug the pri-Si'nlseasin, mak
ing regular si verlei'U da' ti'ips
tel.lir rdisrellanconSe
V we va t iucr t akc p.
AM prepared lo furuish O-fllus of every descrip
tion, from the flue Casket to the plainest servant
t'otlin , logi tner Willi everything necessary for Fuuur
al. All orders h it til my Ware Rooms, iK-a.leritk
street, next di.or to the I p and I'p Livery Stable, be-iwt-en
Cherry an! Summer streets, will receive my
promof attention both nay and uight.
H Furniture repaired or made to order in the best
styl... jj i J. H. t'L'KP.Y.
Vmicpal VmlePtaUcp,
-lril.I. give hisaltenliou to all Funerals wlu-u called
I V iimiu, us lier tofore . and will luruixh every thing
that m re.uis.le on sill h occaslotis, ol bent quality aud
111 giKnl style. Will also keep ou hand every style of
wood and cloth Collins, wheels, A.C
V. ill ulso attend lo tiie Hii.base and locatioa of Lots
In Mt Olivet t eineu ry , and will procure deeds for the
same, being ui.tliorix.'U by the coniiiy.
id siso atl.'nd to the removal of bodies to Mt. Oli
vet liiHii other Ccnwierice, at a stipulated price, as per
lvKknssi cs A. V. 9. Llndsluy, President Mt. Olivet
Cciuewv ; C. W. Nance, Secretary; Rev. I'r. Howell,
Rev. J "T. Edgar, J. W. McCotulia, Esq.
UOHSli, SI '
Ornamental Painter,
&i Union Su-set, NASHVILLE,
(tiet o.-u I berry aud Summer Sli eets )
jtf tirder l.om the country promptly atwuJed lo.
ih-y n if
r.vixT suoi.
HOUSE, 8105, AUD
Ornamental Painter,
No. 02, Crilegs Street, up tuirs, opposiu the
Sewan Huose, KaahTiUa, Taua.
Jan. I 4 . i fl
r. a. stall no. .v, a asasot or. a m. Twoanms. ,
; Ilerlhold, Bcrnoudy & Co.,
, AD baAiaaa la
Rope, Ilatrxiiis, Ilucon K Flour,
Ho. Ui, $coai Street, ST. L0UZS, MO.
AaCuaaujiisUaoals u alt swuiiietB Prudutio reMv4
ana pro.bjaiy alteutml to. ,
May ta U-wawtJ. - .
SoutU extern Seel uutl Acricul
tuiHl Vurrtiou'4c.
VlTlwlX . 1U0T1UUH,
U Kaia SUeet, LoiiTill, Kentucky. -
t'R Mia ut fiwiii m isua vutupiaW, WSM1SI4 ia
part ol
s.wiu Dubeis a en lot t f taiM uraMI bc4;
, ,iJ 4irkar , d, ! ..
aM l-d lop or Uorua lnu. aea: -
, I t
Tuautajr , am; i
AaM . ituver .
..ft, UkHt Oraage
iuO ' WllK-t
S " - llai .
M , 44 . Tup ouajaa,
-"' Careen ftda irdn B4at -
We ara preparil lo fuxuaiit frwU au4 geuvuue Gar
des itoeds, of lb. grow Hi uf loA7,by the poaad, nujle
papor, of to tvl coulaiumg lull ur W ppra. A
liberal discount made f 4mW Order reiectfut
' . - . . T T
"T W. -w aT. -a. 4
From VISCHER, OWEN 4 CO., General Advertising
House, Appleton liuiiding, S4d Broadway,
Champion Fire-Proof Safes,
WITH Hall's Patkti Powcer-Piuxjv Locks, the same
thai were awarded separate medals at the World's
Fair, Iyondon, 1851, and the World's Fair, New York,
1S53, and are the only American Safes that were
awarded medals at the London World's Fatr.
These Safes form the most perfect security against
Fire and Burglars, of any Safe ever oUVreJ the public,
and can only be hud of the subscribers aud their ageuts;
wbo have ou luiud and make to order all kinds of Boil
er snd Chilled Iron Bank Chests and Vaults, Vault
Dists, and Money Boxes, or Chi-sts for Brokers, Jew
elers and Private Families, for Plate THumuuds , and
other valuables. And are also Patentees (by purchase)
and manufacturers of
Jones' Patent Permutation Bank Lock.
s. c. HERR1.SU & CO.,
Nob. l.S, 137, and 139 Water street, and
No. 261 broad way , cor. Murray street, N. Y.
AfiENTS. R. W. Knowies, Richmond, Ya.; Rowland
liro., Norfolk, Va.; J. II. Thompson & Co., Lynch
burg, Va. ; Bell, Prentiss fc Co., Savannah, fieo.; O.
Mozouge Co., Mobile, Ala.; T. T. Twitty, New Or
leanri. febll 2m
mai"factt;rer8 or UtFBOVED
Kerosene, Camphene, Floid, and Oil Lamps
CUAX DUIilluWtt,
MA1K TO OKDEat roa
No. 132 William Street, near Fulton, New-York,
f.-bfi tly
DR. LARMONT'S I'aris sud Indon Medical adviser
iuid MiUtU&e (iuulc Twentieth edibiui, 4'J0 pages,
one li'iudred electrotype pictures, cloth, $1 and four
letter sump. : mailed free. Among its contents is the
anatomy of the sexual organs of the male and female,
all llu-.r diseases aud weaknesses ; latest discoveries iu
reproduction ; a ;iew and healthy mode of preventing
Conception ; qiuicks their recipes and specifics ; the
author's unqualified Paris and London t.-cattnent of
Oonnorrhcea, Oleet, Strictures, Syphilis, l"rimary and
Constitutional Emissions, IniKtency,eU;.,at 8 Mercer
Struct, opposite St, Nicholas Hotel, New-York. Address
letters to bos t44, N. Y. I. O. We recommend Ilr.
Lirmont tu the alllict -d." Courier drs Estati L'nu,
S aat Zeitumi, LcmKral, Vai) Book, Mercury, Alia,
lMire GaitUe, etc. marchlT dly
To Married Women,
0a the Voluntary Control of the Maternal Funo
tion, strictly Moral in its Tone.
I)Y a Professional Uenileman who has male the Phy-
siologyof (irocreatmn his sscial stiuly the greater
portiou of h.s life. It clearly rehearses the philosophy
of Imprerniition, and contains a summary of all the
uiodes resort.! to to prevent conception ; iointing out
which are efili:ieut, discussing their virtues, with re
commendations and directions how to easily and safely
forest.il conception. Sent under seal, by mail free for
$1. Communications strictly private.
ROUT. J. Rl'SH, M. D.,
. dec20 d8mo 48 Broadway, New-York.
Jltusir, pianos, &c.
J, -.w or Meinway a: win, a. ix. i.aie k ixi. ,
and Soebbeler Smith, ol New-York, itTjF
lo whxh the attention ot purchasers
is invited.
Also, the largest assortment of Sheet-Music, Music
Rooks. Violins, Accordeons, Flutes, Clareouetts, Flage
oletts, Irunis, aud Banjos, all of which will be sold at
the lowest rales. If you wish a bargain and the best
Musical Instrument, call at (the of.f Musical Store.) No.
Xi Union Street. JAMES A. Mct'LlRE.
N. B. I have every size snd pattern of Melodeons,
manufactured by Carhart, Needhain Co. .New-York,
which I will sell at their retail prices. Also, a Urge
assortment of Feather misters. J- A. M.
Wholesale and lu-iail Healers iu all kiuds
.MUSICAL jIERCMXDISE ad piaxo fortes,
IltOM the celebrated manufactory of Crow Ai Cliris
toiiiier, New-York, and the best Melodeons now
an."! in lii" I tided Stales, manufactured by lieorge
Prince A; Co.
Alt 'tition of the pul.lc is called to our large cata
logue of the l.iu-l petdicaiionsof Music, Music Iliioks,
and lustrui-toiH of all kinda. Also our hue stock of
Omuirs, i..linj. Yioliiicellos, and Buujo-Mrings. In
fact, every ihuig lu the Masic.tl Instrument line can be
found at BENSON'S
We n "l" etfully Invite small country dealers. Teach
ers, and Si -Iks ils, to give us a call before purchasing
els "Where.
P. S. All kiuds of MiiH cal Instruments retired at
No. 20 Union Street, Qrst door fioui College. jau'5
LonUiiis-iilasses, &c, &.C., &c.
A l have now in store a line stock y-fg- i
?V i f Pianos, Mcloileous, W mdow - ' I - .-t ifj
Sh-idc.-, AH.it.-' M:iteril,etc.,aiidureT'TjJ t
st.tl uiaiiiiliicturirg Inside IShuds all J " " J
kinds of dill Works have recently added hugely to
our sti-clc of
Ornament fur .tllrror, Ac.
In t word we Intend to kkit rr with tiik TiMt?, please
our customor. and induce tbein to wtronise Him In
ste.il . f scudnig abroad. W. Jc R. FREEMAN,
feh7 X i. 12 College Street,
Late of bowling Green, Ky. Nashviiie, leun.
"Naslivillelnn Stable."
Market Street, next door to Evans & Co.,
axil title, Xcnneaaec.
HAVING taken this well- JRQ' ''if,
1 TTV knowu and cutivetueut QJM
v- Stand, and thoroughly re- Kf-tJ
pftuvi ti, are prepared lo oiler accom
liiuilations for B-mrding and f rutisient Mors, s, or Stock
ou rle. unsiiriojiaet by any oilier place, and perhaps
a iiUlccke'iprr.
They have also on hand aew and Que supply of
hacks m ;;ii:s, eve,
Drswu by Que and last HOUSES, for the ai-cotumoda-lion
of the traveling public.
They are also prepared to knu k and dock, break aud
gait Horses to hlirm-ss or s-t ldle ui reawiuahle lellua.
Satiofai'Uou uixrrtiHteti.
They will also receive and sell slsk on conimission.
and frum a tliorough acquumtance with Uia trade, they
particuUrly iuvite the attention uf their friends at a
disbttico to tU.s branch of ihcir business,
feaj lm
American LU cry & Hack Stable !
r). Aashrlllr.Xrnn.
WlNii lo the ptessure ia nxHuy nutters, I have
J reduced my prior riileeu li laeut.v live per cent ,
lor tha lure uf t'aJuie Horses, Udgji.-s, lltk, Cars,
My slock Is as good as any ia tbe city, ccwisatliKg of
s large, number of u;i Horses, Que liuggies, .a. i
Hack;-, (with caief :1 aud rAlwieDced urlver,) U
eUier with any aud re.-y thing k,4 ia stable to
aire. If you want to save nuuiey , aud get good suck,
luu't U:l to give nu a Cail, ou Cautclt iU.l, junt be
low the foet-umce.
iul If M S. COMTM.
T 1 Tit T. WRltiHT CO , woe Id reelect-
! II fully tnorin tbii nbt.'ns of Nashville .'T"V
and Hi public geuAMtly. that Uu-y h SfTK
purchased Use wed know a Livery stable and u
and axtures, furiurly occupied by Wia. J. Philips, vu
Markrl Strel, jaat tK.Hw the fuare.
We have sr.t rats lots ami bwxeuila io ar com mo
dal dt overs, and all oar liutads who way (avur us
With their uairooag..
We isMfe oureslvea lo give aatisfacuoa In alt ca s.
We Uave a large auluber wf ftue baddia UWsea aol
One Buggies tu hire et all baiea.
Tae (act is, we do au la wad swHig swrpai d by any
f table w Ihe Southera country. CooM along aad eve
foe yisirvivw,.
rbA ly . WM. T WTtfCHT CO
CommlKslon Mcrcliant.
ATLA.t Ti, fi i.
COVnONMEXfW of aay kiaa of Teon Produea
a kfetaafarearea are rraueetfuHy ata.
mr A lvaaoee saade oa aU caaalaaMta aa aucsi as
r Molted la Kure. J
T Hsuuat 4-ted Ss es wsf sa apeeuiauaes la
prwaura ua bis ewa irawM, Ute ilwi" will (ire ass
esclaetee su- som ia la taiareaia of Uses U snay
btw tie waa reaantnuaesila. -
Aaa. I, tea lyoter '
To our Old Ciiitoiurn K Friends.
irS Issva new Iwdal erelve at kiA. 11 (W4a
I I rark Scroti, a hnre we are prenansa to frasl
thaas woa alk.susef drunks, ewsfc as rUaa i., hA)r ,
Uia, aud W usee l all turn ut 1st beat aual uw :
aiax lueercu, uA1 aaa ck.a uvg, a sanrty 4
the va4 cigar. (Mir dva-e are tu du every lh U
eatar lo U4 MoakS uf oar paUoss. Call, tuLa ,
ly Xor yowractvas, as wa are always al ear pass.
jsal la J. U mCK 4 J C IXiSX
From tbe Newspaper Advertising Agency of JAMES
E. Iii miERIXiOE, No. 14 Second Street, St. Locb, Mo.
G. & C. TODD & CO.,
Ho. 212 HoTta llain Street, Corner of II organ,
Leather Beltinj, French Bun 3Iill Stonrs,
Eabber-B siting, Lacing-Leather, Eoee, Steam
Packing, Bolting-Cloth, Screen-Wire,
and Mill Materials generally. .
n ? m U oi .. SB
o-o - . "O 3 -J
! I S5 1.5 I 5
o- ou a (2 65
1 in; 7c. 10 in. 83 M In. 4c
li " 10 lot; " 87 S-16 ' 0
1 " 14 11 " 90 H " 8
2 ' 18 11 fi " 85 H " 12
3 " ai 12 " $1 00 fi " 1 ,
Jffi " 26 13 " 1 22 y, ' 20
4 30 14 " 1 34 i " 24 '
fi ". 4 li 1 44
5 38 16 1 58
6 " 42 17 " 1 70
8 4tt IS 1 82
)i " 50 19 " 1 Bo
7 " 65 20 " 2 10
7 fi " 60 21 " 2 24 -
8 " 65 22 " 2 38
fi " 70 S3 " 2 52 I
9 " 75 24 " 2 6ti 1
fl; " 80 " I -
inarcniT ly
prnfcssianal axte.
J. I). Winston & W. L. Xichol,
Omen No. 27, Nokth Chekrt Street,
febl 2m !YaalivllIe, Ttun,
Besidence, Cor- College and Watkins' Avenue,
Ofllcc o. C3 XorlU Clicrry Street.
jau27 tf
MASSOX 31. BRIE.raud 31. 31. BEIEN, Jr.
Attorneys at Law,
OlBce No. 47 West side of Cherry St., Cooper's Build
ing, formerly occupied by Ed. Ewiug.
I HAVE taken in co-partnership my son, M. M. Bri
e.v, in Uie practice of Law in al! the Courts of Da
vidson county. One or both can generally be found
ill the office.
Prompt and especial attention always given to se
curing und collecting all claims. (Money always rea
dy when collected.)
"i have been constantly and regularly enpaged in my
profession, in the Mountain Duitiict, for the bust twen
ty vears. and will continue to attend to ticcuriue and
colluding all claims entrusted to my care in the coun
ties of (annou, DeRalb. white, reutress, Overton,
Putnam and Jackson. I ha vs a general acquaintance
with the merchants and business men in those coun
ties. The Merchants of Noehvillo, and nf ether places,
might llii'l it to their interest to confer with me iu re
lation thereto.
I refer to any and all person? who know me, for my
ability and prompt attention to buHinens. ,
mar 17 dly MANSON M. liKlt.
L. 31. TE3IPLE,
Attorney at Law;
Office same as fhcriff's Olllce, Cherry street, up stairs.
"1T7TI.L practice in all the Court holden In Davidson
V V and Sumner counties, and wilt give his Individ
ual munition to ail business mutinied lo his care.
ap7 tf
Attorney at Law.
"IT7IIJ. attend lo any bunineis that may be Intrusted
V V pi him, with such abilities as he poH8ese8. Ofbce
back of (.ow.ly s Jewelry store, uu the Public Kpiare.
Juu27 lin
Alto r n e y a t li a v ,
HprliLstleld, nilMwourl,
TI I. atti-ud to all business iutrueled to his care
in touth .lbw)iiri. " ' marlO dly
Elastic Fire and Water Proof
ri MIE undersigned is prepared to introduce into use
A k: Tennessee. W. K. 4 HILlwi It CO S PATEN f
INO.und asks the attention of Arch.lecu, Builders,
Kaaroa I toinaul , and the public, to examine its
superiority over other liooung.
Arcldtectt and Builders
Should not fail pi examine that Roouug, as it la better
and cheaper thau nuy thing in use. The material
foi mi a hard and smooth surface that a ill resist the
action of the atmotiphere in every climate. It is iu
pervious to water, elastic, and flexible, i It contracts
and expands with ihe champ's of the atmosphere, aud
will neiihor evaporate, crack nor rot; and, as to its
durability, tliere IS no question.
ll is piai Uaity imperishable, and will perfectly re
sist any ordinary external exoure lo Ore, us M fully
aud abundantly proven, and we will warrant it water
prooi. w e will anaaiie to pus our itoomia oa over or
dmary good alieathmg, old shingle, tur-and gravel.
tin, zinc, copper, or iron roots it making no dillorence
how sleep or da they may bo lor seven dollars per
one hundred square feet; it being far cheaper than any
roof ot the old style, aud we are sure it will give bet'
lor aUiaci.uu. -It
will also he found to be the best thine ever In
vented lo cover or mend old leaky liu, tar and gravel
roots, or around chimneys, scuttles, dormer wiudows
and gutters, where the tin ta rusted through. Tins
Cemrtil cau bo put on to hist as long as stone, and
loi in a perfect adhesion to any otijint UJ which it is
applied. Tin Rools can be ceuieuted over (aud war
ranted not to leak) at two dollars and afty eents er
hundred aqaare li, wliii b is cheaper aud mm n ecu
Ut than pam l Thm Riadliig will be found to be the
best thing fur covering targe Root, where they are ex
posed lo tire such im Meam Mills, Saw Mills, Kacio-
m, Hail raid Cars, lirtdges, 1 pots, atattoa lieusi-a.
Su.it)b(S.l tswks.aud in iactevery kind of ltoof be re
there hid exlerual exixjeure from lire. Aa the RoT
is perfect. Without a joint in it, M preseata bo chance
for lire to communicate, and any light substanue will
burn out Without igniting.
iir luanranoeOUicesat Cincinnati, and oilier places
where fluids i. Co s IV m 'lit has bxa nsud, lusure
Builduigs with Kool covered wall ums (enieut, at the
s-uue rates a for those covered with Iron, Copper or
mg- The Cement will be furninbed to tliose at a dia
lance with directions lor using. -
Mf Ooiw s sMik ui aim aad4Msioe4, UtrvuqU
Post ooice will be promptly attended to. ... i
I would rpectfally refer to the followtng gentle
men for whom 1 have covered buildings a lib the Ca-
niciit. .-. -
Mr. II M A FvEltoYH,
MaJ. A. HaMVN.
Meaars. J. A Ut ilTS k PMlTil,
" . Mct-L IXOLGH HOUCU, - ,
ToL n T. AVTER50V, Supt N. C E. IU Ok
Rev. V. IX IXUOIT, aihvUla,
Mr. W. a FKAfARD.
- E. U. OLAtfCa.,
' " r. r. 'ti.kiv.
JOLLX MEATY, . I i i '
M. t. 1. t'LAiUURNE, '
" M. KftK'KEl.1., " '
" J S. WIUJkKll, " . .- '
" JAA iHI"tN',
, " R- J. iUJ'-V " r-. - t-
' a v. u-vps-urr, ; ' c - j
f - -A. II- KKM'KKH, - "
" ENUCH ENLKV ; ' -' "
Mira. HAUitiAia. k Me HJRTPt. taiVia
- l'CKi.K k ALLEN. "
" , KLAl Ultrilt a MaRRmXEU, - "
- w. H. owiujo-xi a ca, , -
CU. A. J. PuU, Maary couaty. i
Mai. A. J. Laj.U.iN, LarkJaxa eoaatr. - -Rector
. G. SllirH.t ojuaibia.
kra. a. W. MuluiAM a (Ax. Marfrnabiira.
K W MiFAl'l'EN CO.,
ixiPta a mesnh-ee, m
' " U. B- Ml Kit kit CO.,Kb!byTtUe.
Mr. JA3L A. YuWUX, Lewvburg
Messrs. McRKV.VtiUci k OA. UarkasiOa. .
Mr. It, a. KlUlir, MAmbeMr. . , , , w
A. J. RKUARXvjUS, McMwarilJa.
ST" Tne Nanvflle CTiatt.iiiwya Rait(va4 Cwp.
y have eiWuaert ttus Caaaeut fr Use enventig a tket
care aaa ether sink. Aim use Mc Miaa viite k Maa .
cba.r UaHraa.t t" iwnv. Carte t re ess as4 M
tTwiiiMB aad eWwtkrra, wa.ri tlv Cs
e Mt (eaeral aaa fur sweeral nan. caa
eaeaaia.toA. - ,
Tna istiteMptiie Mas taeaa estgagaa ta varteus aaud.e
of temiiW raitsf tue saaajr rwrt, aa4 timers batia a
taat ae aaa sataea awn esp.ru ewe aa4 tsnsn.
duraig SUa4 tune. ' J T A'AIHLksT,
- Vmwm Ka. Is twaanck atrrt, -4selb4f
- . apfoaae hart tSica. -
klp riiir.nviTiot, etc.
ALL ifl'U due tut prevkm l tl fear Hil,
be colWtod by sua at Jatt'-arT CimJl, u oc-fute
MagtraU, If Jwt pet bc' U al sw. It shati
apply k alt perifc, a ulie ihti-mlm. ;'A ur4 to
toe wise m&ami." ,
4cl-f . C. JlwJf AJ5T CO.
At the) Old Stand. No. 34 Public Square,
- ns ursi ia j
jan25 ly
E DGE tools,
j. . P LAICESl .
d ba1tixg kjtives,
A rcints,
(at sjrkjia.v's old stand,)
No. 34 Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee.
Jau2i .
WILLI A 31 S & CO.,
jru.a tf. NASHVILLE, TENN.
47 illarket Street.
w. ii. mTnciiin,
13 now opening at his et-tablishment. No. 47
Market Street, next door to M. Burns', a
large and well selected stock or Hard
ware, Cutlery, Guns, etc, which he
intends oOeriug exceednuily low for
cash, or to prompt dealers on short tune. Among
the leading articles now on hand will be luund the fol
lowing, vis:
Pocket and Table Cutlery.
Carpenters' and lilac k-
smilhs loolr.
Axes of every description
and make.
A large assortment of locks .
Hinges and screws.
Flush and Square Bolts.
Shovels, Spades and Forks-.
Grindstones, Cranks, and
Riflctiand Puools.
jan25 tf
Dcmbl" and Single Barre
Shot tiutig.
Mill, Crows Cut, and Pitt-
Cotton, Wool, and Horse
Curd!". Trace, Halter, Wagon, and
Log 4 tiaitiii.
H.imes and O liars.
Picks and Mattocks.
Carry-Cooibs and Horse-
- Brushes.
No. 44 College, and 41 and 43 Market tu.,
Naaliwllle, Tenn.
OFFER for sale on good terms to cash or prompt
dealers, 600 tons of their celebrated Ckarcoal tic-
Jmal iron.
150 tons well ajwrtnd PitLburg Iron:
6U hammered lroe. including. Plow Moulds;
0 " best Tennessee Canting. :
16 " tast, Shear, E. A A. B. Steel;
lOOti keg aort.-d Nails and Spikee, bi-st brand;
200 Caat, Wrought and fteel Plows, all sin s;
00 Setts Waeon and Bagrr Axlet, all sixes.
Also, Anviis, Vices, Files, Chains, Axes, Straw Cut
ers, tc. febl aitoap'24
MAXt't-Arn-itr or
Copper, Tin, aad Sheet Iron Ware,
Naahvllle, Tenn.
HAVING succeeded Uie late di m of
Stewart k Owen, snd n tamed
the old stand, is prepared to attend to
the demands of his old customers and
public tieuerally. lie has in store,
and will cotiflanlly be receiving, am
ple supplies of
Move, Warea, and Crate,
Plain and Enameled M armjot Kb Irov Mimn and
Gariv tTATVR; and In short, every thing usually
keirt in similar establishments.
His sjnorUiienl of ctoves challengea competition,
comprising every style aud variety. . lie lias the
"Wrougat-Iron Cooking Stoves,
Among others an article which is tu great demand
He will manufacture for the trade and for retail, and
lo order, ail kinds in nn and Sheet-Iron Ware, and
koep nouMantly on hand a larre amortroeut.
He uivio-s the oUeuUoa of ail t his eelabUrhmout,
pledging buusclf lo entire saLelaciiou.
B Si No. 11 xith Market Street.
' Molt's Pattnt A?rlfn!tural Fnrnafrs.
rrIIlS article was constructed In ei(uuenc of a
A. suggestion from the American Institute, that
sun pie. portable, and knw-priced furaaco, was much
needed by farmers tor boiling an 1 iicainiug food, aud
for many mechanical and domestic pui pes. It took
the premium at the L. S. Agru iltnrsl FaIt at Louis
TUle. J iwt received. ... T M. STEWART,
No. 14 Market Street.
Also Coal Cooking Ranges, and small Cook up svives
for coal. w. H.
Philadelphia. -January,
GITNS, &c&r
"7E are receiving illrrcl from the makers such
T V addltioo. to our sto-k as will enable us to oOVr
to bevei s, this eeaaoci, an MxnpIete aa aaaortment nf
new aad desirable e tU in our Use, as can bo found
la aay no use in uie cot ntry. -
lua-ludrd are Urge mi oic sof Cutlery, from Woel
enholm's. ihvtgws', Y ok-'s snd iUkii
1 Ilea, Teals and Mat a, frvtu Btttcaer, Spear
aad coeatwr Miaaers.
Clans, Itltlea and Platola, from the beet
riii,leii-i., ikli.i. i,,l A'orrx sti M mufactorera.
' lloes, (. Italna, rythea, Axea, and heavy
llardaaru geuevaiit , at rnIK t uih-ea.
Merchants vautmg irsa North are Sulxlted to cxaaatne
otr r""l before purchaaUiZ ejeahere.
Whiie the o.ual cre:.i a Jl be out:ni1 to reTiahle
aad pnxnpt deahns, our knu fur ca- k a .11 b rertaia
to aaLafy tuw tin puroiuuas 1. Uutt way.
ill! I IVlTUii'lll A. IYI t.
' No.' 440, Matket suevt, (liiUdelpha, Pa,
janll dvwstri-wiw
" fc;i.'fc , CS14BIUI1 -:.; - . F :
WorccstcrsUlvc Sancc,
'f ' LTTJUCT ,
BONOCXCIP BT ' (' .Aimr4A .
CONN o lSEl' RS XXatlieal Gentlemaa.
TO BS rut
, AJO AJTUCaaia TO ,
ever variety
Af . -.
W mrc-tTlLa, May. 151.
"Tell LEA . frJiHIVa
that their sULCIl m bsga.
ly er. ei.it to luuia,a4
ia, ta my opts. ma, too
luoat pa . lnlii. as w.d
as the saoet tkaiM
The aaly Medal awarded by tbe Jar, es the !Ce
Tork ExbdMtiea fur rw.Sf i !sor. . wa t.bUiae-1 by
1XA k PEKRINjJ, fur their V iKCiUJI!k'.jiALCfc,
the work! wale rune of wbs-h havnig led to b 'iiuruua
f.inaia, purrlia.ers are vara- -U faiwexW ta aeo
taat taa aaaaraaf "LEA k r.KJUS?" mrm aopri m ij
apaM the bvuie a4 Mopparj aad print apua sue to
. bole Wh riles. s Afr' w Use Cnited "btrs,
Ne, 40i ILroadwar X. Y.
A SVirk. aim) ia Mur. . A Uibn mrntsd tu
4'rwl sitlfxesMil (rooi Luland. aiay e Itsscp
-. r Advance Taxes.
f Cottjsnua'e tavam, Or. II aaa, - ,
Nashi-ie, Ja. IS, I'iiA.
TAX-rATnui a a ausire toeead iW .! ia of iba
ti ih-gw 4 the taw aauwa. pre payianbt t4 ti.
pnratkOA Tate fur the year li. are bvrvby aot.Drd
taa ttoey wJ b aa q ky calsmg aa alwve.
IblreM m Use rate 4 tm f (yl a luouta, w .4 be
alttset4 oa too fare af certiorate men. 4. - owaers vt
fetaMe praswty wuioa tUa ttioua i Use Crwatiea.
Will fta4 It a Uknf adug w call.
jaalWIsa a. HMH, CrWcl-e,
I l i t OLtlo Applet 4 : i
1 1 lUxRJX-Chosca it Ane,j-t reeeure
lJl ea WBitttost, aaa Um sato by
etii tf 0. rx rxcxrr.
lHcaI3lCrAl PU1CE8,
BY -
. T. & W. EAKIN & CO
No. 43 Public Square,
Nashville, Tenn.
t3T We call attention to this stock., aa we will sell
them vet y low for cash, or to prompt dealer. ,
jn25 X. & Y. EAKIN Ac CO.
WE have now in store tbe largest and btt assorted
stock of staple and Fancy Pry Goods that we
have ever before offered in this market, to which we
Invite the particular attention of city and country
merchants. Alu, now iu store, a large stock of -
Ready Made Clothing
Of the neatest styles, and of tbe very best qoaUUea.
ALSO, " ' - -
71 cases of Panama Hals. Leghorn Hats, Palm Hatt;
fine Soft Hats: fine Fancy Silk Bonnets: soft sua w Bon
nets; Boy's, Misses' and Infants' Hals, Caps, kc.
90 cases of BOOTS AND SHOES, assorted kinds, for
Winter aad spring trade
Hardware and Cutlery.
A large and well selected line of Hardware m store.
All the above Goods will be soli under tbe market
price for cash and prompt four mouth's jiaper. Give
us a chance at yon; we charge nothing for showing
yon through.
jauia TiUHiK a L.L.iia. .
Roca's Remedy for Pulmonary
and Tubercular Consumption.
TTAVINO been appointed sole Agnt for the sale of
11 1km Gkkommo Roca's celebrated t Yur roa Vw-
n nmn.i, the public will now be put in punsenamn of
one of the moft extraordinary rmn'dn exlaiit lor
what has heretofore been cousniered an incurable
1 liave the more readilv undertaken too agency,
from the fact of itM extreme mul.city being an out
ward aiyrticaiitm, the ai Uou of w h.ch is seemingly mi
raculous, and its having uouenl Ui- su attributes which
make up the numerous couiounds now In general
With the utmost confidence in the success of this
remedy, which luti hcreUifore liei-n used in private
practice with great uccecs, as is rhown by numerous
letters and certificates, is now offered to tiie public.
A pamphlet, containing dirertams, letters front dm-
tinguished uidividuals, aud; documentary evidences
from the physkiaus of the hospital of Havana, Ishuid
of ( uba, Ax., will accompauy the remedy.
These sissuk volumes m us praise, and publicity
only require-t to render it as popular as it is bcuefl
Cal. Address, JA M liS R:KS,
sole Apent for the l niteu states.
No. S41 Marfcirt street, Philadelphia.
Principal Office, luVX) Kirzm aikk. febll m
Persons of Cousumplire Habits,
rjlf) THE G.EIENRER0 COMPAN'V: Tor the flrrt
L time in my life 1 am induced to certify to Uie truly
wonderful efitct of a popuUr m.-Uiclne, but in send
ing you the certificate I feel t!n.t I um only discharging
a duty that I owe to the Gnefenberg Company , and
more especially m sunering ncmanity.
About the hi nt ol June last, 1 had a negro man taken
with a cough attended with restlcKKuet. spilling of
blood, and other riangerous symptoms of couKunipttoa-
I immediately called in a truly skuirul and ecientine
physirian, who told me it was a case of Consumption,
lie treated him for several weeks, but be gradually
grew worse. I then bad another physician of great
reputation in lung diseases. He examined lnm, snd
also decided H to be a hepeles case ef consomption,
and said it was useless to spend money ia trying to
euro him.
I had previously promised the Grivfenborg Agents
here, Mewrs. Wells Lowell.) that w hen the doctors
gave him op I would try the ttrarfenbe-rc Oonmimn-"
tive's Balm. I did so and to my agreeable surprise.
the man began to improve sfUT taking only nve or six
doHes. He took ouly two bottles ol tbe Halin and
three bottle, of thOrfenterg Sarnapnf'ia Cnmpound,
which Coxt me tlie small sura of nine dollars, aud to
.1 .. .. , .,..(. .. I u -,tMU If. .... t. . I .litfl
and be is doing uie good service ou tbe plan union. I
consider him perfec tly soond and well as he ia fut,
hearty, ana strong, witnout a TeMire or sign of diaeane
ClaitKirue, Ala.
I have 'ised the Grafenberg Cousumptive's lialm in
severe e.i-ies of rfninmptin, in my practice, w ith the
happiest meet. I wkIi all would use it.
S. A1E11ARLS, M. P.,
Toueti's Wells, Tenn.
Tlie Grwfenterg Consumptive's Illm will eBectuaMy
cure Consumption nud alj cmplnints of the lungs. Iu
canes of Cold on the LdDi: and ( best, languor com
bined with lnttlcult Brcathiuc, Paitia in the Chest, mid.
r.roui hiiui, the ilraifi-nherg Consumptive's Balm will
effect a complete cure and prevent the diseae from
bceontinjr a confimi'vl Consumption. In all roses, de
lays arc dangerous. They are as sn hundrod fold to
all duwiajtes having a t.m.-ni y u Consumption, e
earu'-stly ad vise ail to procure iheCouaumpLve s Balm
ill f i.
J-Tho price of tlie OiomimnMve's TVlm In M per
how.. AIAX. MArtvlLVZIE, NahvUle,
Aif-nt for tho Gra.feuberg Couipany , fur Teuueeeee,
AUn.itna. and Georgia. (lanu u
The Great Englhh Remedy.
Thorn's Compound Extract of
Copaiha and Sarsaparilla,
Pwners advantages not enjoyed by any other med
icine for tbe core of sexual diseases, which must
with on rttligliteucd public render it assuredly highly
iK.pul.ir, aiid a desideratum long soucht for iu the med
Kl worhL It needs irn confltiemetit or change of diet.
Is its approved form, that of paste, it is entirely taste
less, and cause, no uBpla.anl sensation to the palieut.
li has ac piired tlx- utiuoet luine ui alunwt every 4U"t
of Europe; it list been examined, aprovcd of, and
sanctioned by the faculty of nn-d'rlne, and recommen
ded by tne most enuneut tlie profewuoa. Pre;ared
lv J. W. TI R ii IN . tuemist, lAdoo, and fur sale
wholesale and r.-inil.by Jons A. Takrast A Co., Agents
for the I mted stales, 2TS GreenwM h street, New 1 org
As the above valuable preparation baa Been exfn
sively counterfeited by unfir.ciple4 parties ta tbe
Lulled Slates, the proprietor has adopted, as s precau
tion .gainst imposition ou consumers, a Label, of ha:a
the following is s fsc simile, snd which will bo found
burst tu upon the bottom of each pot of tbe. swihm
Intended for sale la the I niled state., 1 ana das, ttnuaa
Provinces, west Indies and couth Amerioa.
The stamp around each p will also bear the name
of tae Fruorieti aad of tbe I nised Malee agesta.
Iiruggtsu and l"ealers will observe on each dosea
packace the r.4ioas-r labejr
leeonVA'VT Cavti'. . The mereaaM repotatkm and
great denial xl far Tnora's 0tupuua4 Extract ut Copai
ba and raraaparilia, have b a mdureoaeata for eatiere
to OCu-r Uuita lewis ut this t aloable njediclbe. Veadera
are perUcuUvrty warnei nf this fa. t, that they may be
oa their guard, ana d( ds-fw e aay wapare aurle
caic aisled ie mjure their r pcutiioa , an d oeetrey the
Ukcrif the vnginal preparation , lo okviato which
the Subs-Tiber (.iiLe t Jarn-a Tarrant, by ahum
ll wa n st Kttrodoce tiiio tne I OHed tnaaai Das at-
tached hie SMruaAure to uta cautiea, to coaetrrt.it
wtuch f.'jrt-ry. Joaa TABAt.
Address vrdurs for Uie shoes arwda a ah foil direc
tSuos for khlpmeat to
J HIN a. T tttJUNT a rn , IVnrgn,
, . .- Ko. ni, Greeawa-h, tJraec Warrsa ta., X. Y.
Is-e. T aly. ..... i i.
a. . aivo.
a. In ywkmnr.
wa. tox.
Plansng M.U ai.J Loniber liepot. Eighth ctreet.aear
kmtiKky tvcural Mailraae Ikrpat, tveaagtea, Ky.
W majutsntute and keep oa Land aa eMcaaiva aa.
aiwtsaeat of rwab., laasrs, Mfaas, Uwar aa4 Wiadue;
Tr mm . ifcsM, Muailiai, Maatris, I1iu-r, Wbae aaa
Veikia Pine Fkawuiglwtvatg, Patent Weather hoard
tag aad Platted Ifceirda ut every variety of quality a4
tha-kates. We afsa (uraadx eaabes- n tao twagh
Paatted aad Gtaae-t Saa aiae.ts ea head. Walaoteaa
eauar hard w aorked to dec. li RMS t till
TJirC.ENn.V E AMBl'-orVPE the Preodoe IVtara
aeyuaa euiaoana the asl eifke of liaeaees
yet totroaaosd , aa4 etaado wsusnt a rtvaf:
Tune cannot rhdoge Uirsa,
Ijg fat n.tia taoe theaa, ,
. c , I .ua res' -1 m
Made aa lsrture by LAKtXMfc,Ceaer mt Cam i )
aad I asai Mwta,aa4 pvt ( ai I'p- etys a aaa
ara prwwt.
Mr M4e at aa otW r nnsna to NathrUia.
Xumber, Lumber, Lumber. - "
SQCAK O-tiAlt aad ail tthmr kiada of LawWt caa
he baa st the lacerra. aw hUil,aa Ua Kaaaadca
aM CanaMsja Pn road. 14 m'Ji-mt from eheii).
. . . - wm m .
e. - WU.bsia
- Aowr or ri is fi T CirtnMt or
health! Life or death! These
are the questions Involved ta
the adoption or rejecboa of this
specific by martyrs lo external
diseases and injuries. Having
received the indorsement of tne
distinguished jama .the late Dr.
KlVI' anH It. fW,.w lri
i i during twoawful winters in tbe
regions or eternal tee, it Is bow
coining into general use ta ev
ery sec Lam of the civilised
globe, and its marvelous cores
mm .. are everywhere exciuiig as-
Tlie AClic ted Rejoice.
Hrynaxm and TuoraAjros
have tested its virtues , and are
rejoicing In freedom frnrn long
liugeriug PAIN and IHSFJLSE,
which oilier remedies failed to
core. Have you tlie Bromcmi
tu, Nci-baluia, RairaATiMi,
Sctntru, Ear-Achr or Tool a -Acs.
Are von amictad with
I Oid Sokai suOering from
sOv 2z Brcww, trRAiss, Coura, Sous
The .Arctic Liniment .:
will afford yon instant relief.
Everybody is liable to
lturm and Scalds.
Vat thuM drn.fi fill aeeidnta
i, I .I iw r .Ji urr . . : ...
iV ' 1 fi ? " U ' 1)7 ARCTIC UlRk.T snould Oe
VVit&?Zi kePt OD taa,J; lt ord ur
. ."'?.' V'W wZritr and immed iate relief, often sa v
' V i'i ' hig from death. Every steam-
i'';trj 7 ,wZJsr.sZ'. ooaianu rauroan irain suouiu
V '.. .A?r8Z-A L-iv-d it. W ho that has heard
the shrieks of anguish uttered
by thi scalded and maimed
vk'tims of explosions and oot
id llutt some
l l ". . ji-a I means of relieviiu
iiig their tor-
ays be acessi-
lil- Such docs exbt In this
balmy tntui controlling agent.
It Is
The Mother's Companion.
Stunt ljps, PmrLXM, Ax. La
dies w ho prist a pure skiu,
void of pimides, blotches,
Sf'.pW.'O ft'i'tt ecnrf, and decolorations
af rffTLrf ffVjs and exeresenc.-,sholdat-
tp). --i-"w'i7f1' : .t' tack theso Uespamers ou
?e5riy "&f il I beauty's domain as soon
as they anr with tiie
An t.c Lwunent. It l ex
cellent for the ban-, givUi,;
it a hea'tliy ,glej appear
ance. It la
Good for Man and Beast.
It is a sovereign remedy
for the various diseases with
which horses are afflicted,
curing the most alarming ca
eca uf liKiMM. rirauoa.
Krai mi-II alt, rente m,.
Woistw, SatEvr, 5rAti,
KIM) Bum, IUO HcaIi, 1'otl-
ry s.aik-k?eper,orany pei-.
A son owmue vaniai'ie uoaeas
should lie without this valu
able remedy.
For sale hv all respectable Iruggists and Dealers.
Prices id tlie Liniment. lii c.-nie, W eenU ui.l tl a
b' ttl''. A oue dollar bi tile eotilauis as much lAtiiment
a eight twenty-five cent bottles.
Extraordinary Announcement.
Fverr purchaser of a dollar bottle of the ARCTIC
LINIMENT receives, al Dr. Bragg's expense, tlie I'nit
ed tlut. s Journal 4 New York for oae year. Tbe
Journal is a lame illustrated paiier each number con
taining sixteen pages, beautifully printed on cb-ar white
pa tr, and filled with original matter front the meet
brillaini writers of tlie country. Certificate of sub
scription and full particulars of the novel and philau-
thropa enterprise, or w na u tuis oner torms a pari,
will aecomjwtiT earn bottle. ( - ,
- An AGENT wanted In everv town and village. "?'
BRAGG k BUKKOWk, M. Louis, Mo .
New York Office. No. ST.l Broadway.
Comraunicatious should always be addressed to St.
lAMlis. '
For sale in Nasliville by Berry fc Pernor Uie, A. H.
Biwcoe, G. W. iiendersUot and 4. rlreun.
fchia ly .
Coughs, Colda, lluarsrncM, I atfl ar bbsa,
Uruuchltla, AVltooplutT-lauest,
Croup, Aatbma, Incipient
And for the relief of IxMiM-jaipuve la
t.ents iu advance stages of the ritaeaMt.
We aeed not nnK to the public f
its virtues. Throughout every town,
and almoHt eveiy hamlet of tbe Amer
ican States, its wonderful cures of pul
monary complaints have mail R wK
reaJy known. Nay, few are the fam-li.-et
in anv civftizi-d country on this
con line nt witlHMit eojne wreonal expe
rience of its eflW-ts; and fewer yet the
commutiiti. any where which have
not amoBK linui sutue living trophy of
Its victory over the subtle and danger
ous dhowses of the tiiroat and lungs.
While it u I he most -i erl ul antidote
yet known toman for the fotmidable
and danc'DMia diseases of tlie pnlmo
uary organs, it la aieo the ple-isanie.t
and safest remedy tliat ciul Imi em
ployed for inf.tf-.tK and young ierous.
Iliretits should liave it in store against
the tBsidksis cm mv Hist stmils uimn
them miiH-.-tusred. . We have ahaudant gnuud en he-
lk't e the i hskht ITjt ral saves more lives by Uie eon-
Kuuiiition it prevent than those it cures. Keep it by
ysii, and rure your colds whiie they are corahie, nor
negle t thcin until no human skill caa mister the iaex.
orable ranker that, fastened on Ihe vlUls, oaW )ur
life away. AU know Uie dreadful faulity uf lung dis
orders, aad a they know Umi Uie vlrtut s of Uiis rem
edy, we need not d more than in swine theai It le
anil made the best It caa be. We spare no cm, do
care, so t I to prol-Ace the mct perfect possible,
snd thus afford tlr-e who rely on it the best agent
which onr skill can turuisb for their cure.
THE ecwoces of Hiruiauy aad
Mola-ine have been fumed Iheir nt-
nut to oroduce this best. mt rer-
"i LW fecttiurcaUvewbictiUkbowntoi
V Inaamerable proof, are shown that
K J Hum Puts liave irturs w hah aur-
j ua. iu excelletice the ordinary mad-
F Icine., and that they wm aupraea-
dentedty apoa the rsteotn or all men. . They are saw
and ' to take, but Dowerful to cure. Their pea
etraung repertH stimulate the vital activities of the
hodr. remove the obetractior.i of IU organs, purify
the blood, and expel the aieeaee. They purrs oat tha
foal humors which breed and grow nwtesaper, sumo-
late aiuggb-h or caorder-a organs into their aaturat
action, and iinnart kealthv tone lo the whole system.
Not only do they core the every -day complaint of
every b.1y , but alo formaiaow ana surnvw "mt
eeees that lias Iwltled the heat humea akUL While
Ui. y produce powerful effects, Uiey are at the Santa
time,ui d inmu-lird doses. Uie safi-et and best PI,J,,
Uiat can be rmplved for children. Retaf sugar
coated. ti.ev are tdeasant to take: and eeiag purely
vegetable, are free from aay risk of harm. Cures
have bcu tnaiie which ur belief were they a.H
uhstactlated by men of such exalted taentioa and
character aa lo forbid Uie susTtrtooof sm truth. Many
emmeut clergymen and ivM-st-s have leat thesr
balnea to cerWv to the imblic tbe reUaUility of ssy
remedies, while othais have sent uie Uie asatirauc uf
their convection Uiat tnf ITefiaratinas eootnoote on
tnetaeely lo Ihe relief of toy auMrlod, suDencg fellow-
lite A(iil brlow Caaiod to idrased to furnish grata
my An-iK an AIpuiimc, coo Um tug direct loaa for thrir
mm aad rrrt-uceUa of thew carea, of Use foUow
Cbeoee. Rllveis Cecrtpialnts, F.Keumtia. Dropsy,
Hear to urn, lirlj. u. arauif frum a fowl Stoeaath,
Nauaea. lTi.tigeM., xorhtd lnartMia is the Bowels
and r-e in t ft-rrfntm . rlaeaey. lie or
trte, si! I'H-rroue and Cmaaeoaa Vwa wbvh reqeva
aa evacuaot xiecs-toe. Scrofula or king's Evil. They
also, by pArifrtng Uie blood ana al'mulauag the sys
tem, rure KJioy CHnpLuitU which It would m he saa.
yumti taev ooubt reach, .ach aa' Ikaafaeas, Partial
BlladReM. Nnra!gla aad N'erris Imtabdsy , Derange
xoeau of tbe Lrver aad Kidneys. Jwjt, aaa oUssr ka-
elred ckh'Im u are4ng frum a tow atato of tha hoay
ar obvr tlun oT as react:.
Do not he cit off hv xwr!Bcwloa aealsts wHh snrae
Mint p.U Uiey KKke awetp prvQtaa, AK for ATT S
fills, uni uke aHh rg also. No other they caa grra
voa crrn im t re with tha ta its tatrhvee value er rura-
tsrm aowrrs. Tt" ax k waait Use heat aat there ta toe
sbrat. aad tUrjr ahooAd have . .
rrrssrva krDr.J.C.ATEHs,
fraetieal and Analytical Chemist, Iv.il.
Pxms 2 h Cra. r IVik. rnrsTUsusi sua 1
-1 s vt ; i
lil Rllir 4 IiEMOVUJA. ehra-
JO . KR0V', a4 sH DraggMs ta tne tkf.
ir.!rf i!i a hankln, Coioutbia.
- TUJa1a k LUu., 1 iarksvUia, ,
K. I 1'fUtV. f sefbyviU. .
, rOlTlL a bl.vhx.okt:, CaSsiia.
Aad ad ijeajert ta aiol7iao evarywisera.
- Dan. paCTakv, .
rVhl 4ai Aeemasa AreaA,
S. fiAliOMON, '
a S. tStitTTl MARKET tTTUX?. J . :
"f a SII T II. LIT, TE1E8tEK," '
TT 'li n wrf ,tBy twwtin W Use etU-
I t swoa? hsh Uia, that ha bee parssa- W
arai y turasnl suuMii aa abo , aa4 a pto- C-J
par- 4 t et'ute suy k ta l baa. lie
at rere've a Lbera! aaare of patroaaga.
la 11 a i .
I ahli for Dry and Green Hides,
TT wai Use awheet saarhot pnea ta oaeh. tW
fwy aaa traa UkkM.iesavorwa at aw fereves
W Umi iv hamg n.iev to tral C tail mi fee
twfure 4nsusg of Uivea iiH-re
r. a c. xwtxMjv.
. Straw Cutter.,. , ,
XTa aave a Ui.'- wt wf Mraw t'euere, iai-hure,
1 liirft'S ..-I Uu'l Psi.-i.t. The UlUt
artstto M( tha at praamsM at the tr Fa at
Loots vU. AJU..Mi (XX,
a. '
x r -
("I'-y'W ft
Strcnstlienlns Cordial
TUe C.reatea( Reined y In the World I
rrilllS CORDIAL Is distilled from s Berry known oa
X 1 v to tnvsetf, and chitnically cotBibtned wah son,
of Uie most Valuable medicinal roots, borbs ad harks
known lo the Biuid of man, vix: blood root, blacST
root, wild clserry bark, yelbr Sock, dandelions, sar-
saiaril la, elder flowers, with others, producing the
nnt infallible remedy for Uie restoration of health
ever knowa. .. .
II Is Kslurt. Own Bfrnrdy,
Curing diseases by natural laws. When taken. Ha
healing influence Is felt coursing through every vela
of the bode, pniifykig and accderaliof tbe circulation
of the bhxHl, It neuirnlixes any bilious matter in the
stomach, and asrenstltens tiie whole argsiiitafloa.
McLean's Streagtheauig Cordial will eJectually euro
Liver complaints, lK.pcp.-ia, Jaundice.
Chronic or Werrons Debility, Diseates of th'
Kidneys, and allniseaes eriing from
a Disordered Liver or Btomach.
Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward PUes, Acidity or Sick-
nets or the Momacn, iminess ot nmi
dnU pam or swimming tn Uie Heed, Palpitation of the
Heart, fullness or weight in the Stomach, sour Eructa
tions, Choking or Suffocating feeling when lying down,'
dryaetw or yell..Bna ol Uie ikiu sua tin, .-mjui
Pweav, inward Fevers, lwiii iu the Small of the Muck,
Client or Side, sudden HusUm ol Heat, uepreasasx w .
Spirit. Frightful Dreams, Ijiuguor, lkpoudeiicv or
any Nervous liisi'swe, Sire or Blou be. on thrkia,
and Fever aud Ague (or Chdls aad Fever.) f wui
alwi cure disease of Uie Bladder aud Womb, such aa
HenuiiMl Weakness Ini-otititience of I'rlne.KUanguaiy,
Inniiaiuuiiuiu or Weakness of Uie w ouib or Bladder,
Whilex, Ac. .
Tltere) la no Tltatake about It.
This Oirdial will never full to cure any of Uie aboee
disease, if taken as per directions on each bottle, la
German, Fj.glh and French.
Orcr Hall" a Hllllou of Ilottlca ''
Have le-en sold dnrmg the pan six months, and ta aa
iu4aii e ha it fulled in giving entire MitiHlio lion.
Who tiien will stittvr frmii aeaknexs or flvuuity wnea
MtiLeau's SuwugliieDir.g Cordial will cure you. - ,
, . To tbe Women.
IK) von wish bi be healthy and strong f Then goat
dice and g.-t ine of McLean's Cordial. It will invig-'
oxate and surviiguien your biood to now uirougu every,
ve:u. and Ihe rub riv IiI.h.ih of health lo mount to
ynnr chmk bgAta. Evry bultlo war ran tod to give
SiiUaotcUoB. ,, . .
. For CItllilrtrn.
We ar to parent., tf vour children are sickly, wn-
trv. or aillfc ted wtth remplainv: urevaleot amooR chil-
di en. give them a sutaiLquatit.ty of ilcU-an'i Cordial,
and it will muke them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try it aad you will be convinced. . Ll.
Every Con n t ry JH e re n ant .
Sliould not leave Ihe city until he has procured s .ap
ply of Mi lans Strengthening Cordial. It m-Us rapid
ly, bucatiMn tt always cures. A liberal datcount will
be maue to Uioe who buy to s. II agaiti.
CAt TP N Beware or l'lticcndJi or dealers who may
try in palui upon you souie buieror earnaiarula traahr
ahichtlu'V can buy cheap, by saying it is just aa
gooa. "Avoid each tnes.' Afc fur VIcLoaa's Htreorth
eulng Cta-dial. ami Like tiuUung else. Jt ta Uie only,
remedy that will portly the cikkj inorougiuy, ana at
the same time etreagUica the system.
One taMfpHinfu taken every morning just berora
bmakfaM. is a certain preventive for Cholera, Chills!
aud Fever, Yellow Fewr or any prevalent dmeaaa.
a- l'tice only i ix-r tioitie, or six o.tnw tor aa.
. ' J. H. McLEAN,
Side Proprietor of Uio Cordial, --.
lj(0 jpin,, , Volcanic Oil LinimenL
aa rrinctpal Hepjd-eu. the oonier of Third aad'.
line street, St. Louis, li.-soiiru
sra- For sale In Louisville by REI J., ALBOTT a Co. ,
Smnger Bro., and Ray moad A: J'attua. . - -
McLean's Volcanic Oil Lialmeiit !
For. Mail or Beast.
Another Remarkable Core Performed fcy Me-
Lea&'s Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tliniiiaa Ford. a hao knnth. Uvmg near Cass s venae
on Ten' h su-e.1, hail a luirrd le running sore on has
root lie trieil varH-es ijuitnente. eaivea. sr., on.
oould do it no good,,, lr deeiMiriMl of .ever bewg abla
lo work at hi trade a.'iiin. In cause lie could not bear
any weight tm his toot; aud by one small bouleaf
McLeau a ohaiiR,- Luimiriit , it is now perfectly cur-.
ed.' ' '
Rhmtmattrai. Psralyis, Neuralgui. Bmiees, Spram..
Stan. In the Joint or Mnwliw, Sir Throat, twelU
mg. Farwhe or Toth-arlie. wounds, Frexh Cute,
jure, slurus. Scalds, Pains, Ac, yield to Uie" magM'
influence r this wmi'leiitii lAniuient.
For Hot and Caltle K is an infallible remedy foe
Chafee,Gail!f, Scratches, Cracked Heels, Laoteueas,
SpavUi, Sweeuy, Splint, Fa-tula, Bruises, Swellings,
Wound. Rattie Snake Bites, aad varioue other daieas.
I e. wUa h annuals arc 1m hie to from lujurnv or acci-
.leiiu. . ' ' i '
Kverr Cennu y 1erctuuit should obtain a supply of
IfrlA-sn's Volrauie oil Lluimeut. It sells rapidly be
cause a al way cures.. '
A Literal do-count will be t'tode to niurcuanls who
buy to .ell again. '
air Veraale by i. If. M 'LEAN. Proprietor, corner
of lhtrd and Pin. slre-u-, St. Louis. Missouri ; also for
sale as bve. aovl .
. . I I . .. .
orsrSvesrd, - ;;
Ana Use various aJfoction oatiseaiieut tipoa tllsor.
. , tiered .
. Stomach or Liver,
orb as la lirtK, Acidity of Ue Stomach. CholiC,
ama, HearUiore, Iasm Aptie, iweptvoeovy,
Cut4ieae-e. Lliad aad lUewioig Ptiea. la aU er.
vous RheumaK, and Neura'urie AOectioos, M has, la
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