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pittite fatriot
' " AJrwoxt cavr, in r. .,
f. . S9I1TII, CAJrH 4e CO.,
W. HT. SVflTH, Kajrt.
j' ' Office, Wo. 16, Demderttk Street.
The Length or the Session.
The Union and American manifest coniiider
ble tendernese on the matW of the length of
the present session of the Legislature, as re
f ferred to by as a few days iuc It takes
sue with us that the session will be unusually
' nd nnnecessarily long, and puts forth a flim
sy argument to show that we are wrong. It
" refers to the fact that the sewiou of 1853-4
" was 144 days, that of 1855-6, 155 days, and
that deducting the time (12 days) during
which the Legislature was adjourned by joint
resolution, the present session will le 149
days and adds that the Utter will be shorter
than the two former. Accordingly 144 is a
' greater number than 149. The statement of
7 the Union and American shows only one session
of the Legislatures of Tenneeeef to have
been longer than the present. Now, we did
not say that it was the longest session that has
erer been held; but that it was "longer than
vtuaL" According to the Union and American
" the length of one session is the standard of
' what is usual; and although the present session
is longer than every other sew-ion except one,
' it is, nevertheless, shorter than usual I This
, i simply absurd. The Union and American,
and every one of it readers, know that
what is customary or usual is not de
termined by a single act or event. But
to make it appear that the present session
is not longer in fact than any of its predeces
sors, the Union and American resort to the
quibble of deducting 12 days for the adjourn
ment during the Christmas holidays. Why did
it not examine the Journals, and daluct all the
days in which there was no session ? it would
have been equally legitimate and reasonable.
It must be well known to our neighbor that
the reason and argument used to bring about
that adjournment,were that it was and had been
impossible to do business during the holidays,
because a quorum could not be had. And
" the Senate Journal (we have not that f the
House before us at this moment) for 1855-6,
shows that the Senate met ten days during the
holidays, when there was no quorum present.
If you wish to make a fair computation, why
not deduct these ten days from that s'wion,
as well as the twelve from this T That would
make that session only 115 days, and this
the longest session that ever occurtd in Trnntte f
We leave it to the candor of the Unum anil
American to say, whether he, and not ourstel ves,
is really in error.
Our neighbor further takes issue with us
that the length of the prenent semion was un
necessary, and quotes only what we e-aid of the
Revised Code, and not all of that. Now we
will make the Union and American the jadge of
its own case again, by asking it whether all
the time spent in points of order, discuwion,
explanations, Ac., was really nflid for the
public good, or for judicious legislation? We
said that the delay could not be saddled upon
Code, because the public time had leii other
wise squandered. We further stated that the
Code, could have been adopted in a much
shorter mode than that pursued. It was not
indispensable that the Code should have been
read three times over. As we stated, the Code
was Intended to be a difrc.t of thetttatutes al
ready in existence, and the fact as to whether it
is such is confided to the Committee of able and
honorable gentlemen who ha ve it in charge, and
the reading of it before the asw uibly is a matter
of form, which might lie disieusMl with. Cut
our neighbor insiuts that the Committee could
not have examined the Coelj ia a shor
ter time than they have doao ; and there
fore the session will not be unnecessarily long.
Now granting that the code could not have
been dinposed of in any other way th iu the
manner in which it has been done, yet it is a
fact which ought to be well kuown to the
Union and American, that about one-half that
committee has not labored upon it at all.
That labor has been devolved upon a sub
committee. There were appoints! two revi
sors, who divided the work betweu them,
and why should not there have b en two ub
committees, as well as one, having, each, one
of the revivors to aid thora, and thus shared
the onerous and thankless labor, a id short
ened the time by half? This might have h-m
done greatly to the public iutret, and with
out great inconvenience to the L-gi-dature,
and so it was " unnecessary " (as necttty im
plies an atmence of alternatives) that so much
time should have been consumed by the code,
and both the hypothesis and conclusion of the
Union and American fall to the ground.,
(jif The Union and American bay it knows
nothing about the facts stated by us in refer
ence to the absence of Mr. Ilkkius, of Mary
land, from his seat, at the time of the t ote on
referring the Kansas questions to the Commit
tee on Territories. We thought as much,
from its previous articles ou the mbji-e-t. It
needed no other confession to satisfy us of
that " fact" Our neighbor aks our authority
for the statement that Mr. Harris, if present,
would have voted differently from his col
league. We cheerfully state that his position
was made kuown to us through a private
source, in Washington, which wedeem unques
tionable. We have not seen any public ex
pression from Mr. IUbkis ; but the L'i.u.n ami
American may rest assured that we were care
ful to have evidence of the fact before we
made the statement.
The Union and Amerii-an coutinti": "But
we o know that it was no more m-cewary for
Mr. IUkkis to be abneut thaa for Mr. Davis."
If you will take the trouble to look into the
"facts" you will tiud that in the co of Mr.
IUrkis testimony was taken before a com
mission, and that on tbo 15th of January Mr.
IlkJUtUi obtaiued leave of absence from the
House from time to time, to attend to ta'aiug
that testimony, lie was, therefore, abscut on
business of importance to himself, and that
brought about by his democratic oppoticut.
and with the express leave of the llouae.
Another fact, which it may be well to mea
tion, U that Mr. W. r. Whtts, at hoe In
stance the contest is Dtatle, (km nut rUtu timt
net Jor rttf, but only deaJrv tbt the m-t
may be " vacated." This f.tct f itm-If ren
ders the whole corneal ridiculous and inexcu
sable. To verify his afflrmattou, our neighbor
trill have to thow a titnilur chain of iW-u iu
' regard to the content about Mr. iHvu'a atsau
. . If he has a fancy for turning his hand to iui-
possibilities, a fair ojx-uing is now r-tiU-d.
' A Reckvt number of the Wt tintltk 11
xit recouuts facts respictiug the Airicaa
desert, not generally kuowu. li is Uu.J that
not a blade of gracs, or a particle tl erdare.
Can be found ou the. whole saudy epaue,
taat the pains mid tauwriifci ul. tun uam-a
spring from the burning suud ami that, iu.-tad
of an nnbrokea level surface, the dta-it con
tains the most picturesque xx-nery, iu the
numerous ridge of hills, rinin,; in out.' loca
tions into high mountains, and um.aluliig rock
. of formidable magnitude.
ySf A gentleman baa discovered a u ay to
diiper a crowd of idl-t boy.-. Ho off. is to
teadt them Catechism, and tie instantly nut
;Bs7 One man naked another bow bin beard
was brown and his hair whiUf "Because,
aald be, "oae is twenty years younger than
t oth r. ,
From IX Aw York Weekly Ditpalck.
A Tnrillins; Sfen In at' Dlaoecttns
Itoom. i ; j
prtae value of the following brief, bot thrill'D aarra
tive, coesists in its being voueked for a fct ! Tba
fearful event baa caunod, we are Siformed , tbe mostio
tDiuw excitement among the very few who bave an in
timate knowledge of it, and Ktroog efforts bave been
mad to auppreiis the adair from public notice. We
present the intelligence in the exact !ii iu which we
received a, exclusive of namea. We might have given
it a better literary (Irene, but fact requires no extrane
ous decoration.
'' : J ; c CkrroBEB, 1857.
Editor Arte York Weekly Derpatch :
" There are epochs in everr medical man's
history, each of which comprises a lift-time of
horror. Only tliree snort weeks ago I was one
of the gayest students of medicine and sur
gery in the United States. To-day well, let
me not anticipate.
Two years have elapsed since I was sent
from Mobile, bv mv father, to study mi dicine
at the North. I lit-tened to my first course of
lecluri-s in J uilad lpuia, and there made the
acquaintance or I roiessor , who is, pro
bably the best demonstrator, in physiology,
that ever taugnt the young idea bow to shoot,
aliopathically, on this side of the Atlantic. 1
was fortunate enough to become a particular
favorite of his, and was introduced bv him,
with an especial flourish, to oue of tha clever-
eft surgeons, I think, in the world. His name
is . I will call him the Professor, how
ever. He is one of those individuals for whom
you at once conceive a great dislike, or a .won
derful partiality, and it was the latter I, at the
first time we met, felt for him.
He Has a strange being; at least be seemed
so to me upon our first meeting, aud forever
afterwards. Oftentimes he drank deeply, and.
while under the influence of drink, he would
let tall curious hints coocerukig " blighted
hopes," " the rascality of kindred,", aud " the
folly of supposing any anection sprang from
the ties of consanguinity." On one of these
communicative occasions he told me a heart
rending historv of family exiKiriences. I
gathered by piecemeal, from his conversations,
the fact that one ot his own blood bad treated
him most heartlessly, aud driven him by fraud
of the grossest character, from bis native place
to this country, peuniless and friendless.
I ought to say, ci jaont, that his drinking
bouts were conducted strictly upon the gen
tlemanly plan, and were seldom or never
made knowu to the public, or even to the ma
jority of those who ranked anion?: his imme
diate friends; and furthermore, I should re
mark that he is well advanced in years, al
though no doubt 3ou know that already.
" My evil spirit is upon ni i," he would
sorn-times say to me, and then, he would illus
trate, iu bis conduct and manner, the most
hiugular phases of hypochondria I ever wit
nessed. It appears that he was bom in the town of
C , ( I muni be guarded, for I am now
violating confidence.) and was unfortunate
enough, considering the laws, which give the
elder brother evtry thing, to ! ushered into
the world after b;s brother John. For this
frrrt he felt the in tensest affection. To him
he confided a history of his hopes, to him he
looked, more than to his infirm father, for ad
vice; to him he communicated a narrative of
his love, and of his successful' wooing. The
maiden of his choice, was hentiuli biui in wealth
and station, but his brother approved of that
choice, and he was content. It is necessary
to my object, penning this narrative, only to
fctate that the elder brother seduced the girl;
robbed, by a fraud of the basest character,
her honorable lover of all his iivaiis. (also
reducing the old father to penury by forger
ics.t and then dccampeel, takiug the girl along,
to Italy.
" Did vou never take veng-nnce upon He
seducer?'' I inquired, when be related these'
facts to me.
"I did not regard either of them as being
worthy of my anger," he replied, '-aud I nev
er followed them an inch."
" Did you ever hear from them?" I queried.
" Yes several times. The lat news I got
was to the .rftcct tl:it she hud lieceime suame
leos and besotted, aud was living iu a condi
tion of public infamy in l'aris. Of course iu
had left hi r."
" And he?"
" Had become a gambler some wrote to
me, a thief. Here he shuddered. Certain
it was that he had squandered all his ill-gotten
This was all 1 could gather of his early aud
domestic history. But to the point of my
Three weeks ago. the Professor was to ex
plain to us all (a cltue of tud :lit) a certain
condition of the human stomach, and he was
to do tbis practically iu the dissecting room.
There was a dispute as to th'! propriety ot
some of the late Doctor Marshall Hall's teach
ings, with reference to the division of the ner
vous sv stein, and tlie Protestor was to settle
the dispute, scalpel in hand. The division of
Doctor Hall, permit me to say, arranges the
nervous system into tliree sections the cere
bral, or seutiiueut voluntary: the true spinal,
or excito-motor, and the gauglioaic, or nutri
ent, or secretory.
The Professor is one of the most skilful of
lecturers, aud a precise aud haud.-ome demon
strator. His devotion to the anatomical
brant-he's of medical science itmounts almost
to a monomania. The patience with which he
will work around aud elaborate the smallest
preparation for his cabinet, is spider-like.
Connected with the mooted questions con
cerning the stomach, were olh-rs which it is
unnecessary for me to descrilte; but they
made it imperative that the body, to be dis
sected, xhould le that of a male adult some
what aged.
The uight arrived. We were all in our dissecting-room
apparel. Th-; body eutirely
nude, and completely covered with a cloth, as
is the custom, lay upou the table, and we im
patieutly awaited tli Profesnor's arrival.
The conduct f students in the dissecting
room is not, as I presume the iiiort of your
readers know from the many able sketches
you have published, particularly digaitied. In
fact, it is (iu view of the sad proofs of our
wretched helplessness and mortality spread
around) frivolous, disgusting, ami utterly at
Vufiuiiee with the so-ue. and the b-ilimiite
purpose of the assemblage. Hade jests, pro
fanity, the iat"tnperate use f ardent spirits.
piH'-siiioking, t!U'., are practiced aud iudulge-d
iu by all, or nearly tilL On this uight we
were in the wildest spirits, and when, soon af
ter the hour appointed, the Professor entered,
he found us engaged in a most animated series
of laughs ut the spectuclc of a lighted cigar
stuck between the lips of a half-dissected ue
gro. The Professor appeared to le at joyful as
the studeut. He regaled us with seve,-al an
ecdote more pointed than polite, but calcula
ted to inspire the heartiest mirth. I is'rceiv-e-d
that he was in his lsst mood. There he was.
a perfect picture of the mau of science, bend
ing, for the moment, from the dignities of his
station, so as to insure a fceliug of ease to
those who bail cou;rcgatcd to receive his in
structions. And case, in the presence of the
preceptor, let uw tell you, is very serviceable
to a pupil.
"It astonislilntr." he said, as he prepared
hiuMulf for tlm tHisiuevfl of the liitit, "how
soou we get to be fauiitiai with the r lies ot
mortality. Habit is everything. The first
tiui ) that I was introduced to the dissecting
room, 1 wacotuH'lld to bite a piece of bu
rn n nVsb, that being considered, ummig oiy
companions, a rile of initiation thut could
not le dispensed with. The eusatiou of hor
ror I experienced eaauot bo duscriU-d. 1 vow
ed nvntully t.ial 1 would oe r enter such a
levoltiiig place ngaia. but in thrr uioniim 1
was the most reckless of the member of all
the clae. Sotr 1 hau ll j the d ud a if
they were mere tmles of eotto.i: Dtsvuxe iu
every sJtape I face without f.ar. rp.-ctae.L-s
of tuo most aptolling cuoia ter puiw by me,
leaving no imiresMou wunh mentioning.
And tbts, gentlemen," mxA be, raising bi
voice bud approaching the table whercou lay
the ubj.a.-t, "this faculty of couqairiug our
weaknesses Is what ! us t aluabij as
puj'fclciajis. Nerve! tout, young geoilnneu.
Is our greatest M in d.Sieult practice. I-tu u
to aupprvMi every abroach to nrvoun-a
whool vour-lvr to tie the severest auflrr
ing w ith adamantine Lrmnt never betray
th slight-! te-ar, a-d. with hard tudy to
back you, tb-rc cau be uoUiiug U re lard "your
progivs in the nobu-st of all ihs I .-arae d pro-
Here be made the usual rlxn to the janluir,
and mt otneial pa.Uu'.ly removed the cloth
from tbesu!fct tuo Prof tandiug, theu,
With hi back towards the table.
Our nn-t buelaet," he nwuiuol, "is with
th i stoma t.'"
We gathered uuihI Ltiu full of auxloti cx
pecistiou. "ou av parlicuiar atu nllon to uh"
be coiitinueu, btu-ing Um scalp, aad half
turning towards the lLl "lbs Cit bicisious
are rry importaul."
V'e rouCL-atraU-d our vWon npon tie
curp-to he looked tteadity at ut.
- will uw," he irs5iBet. sreinour atten
tion directed upon bis woitU.atid inovrtueoU,
"Uy open the body dT-t lly beucath the rv
giou of the diaphrsUi.'
Ue now faced aUmt full at the table, and
lifted the scalpel, lis paused an iusUiit.
Ws giued, all rmrnmtam, ;oa th body.
The scalpel drecended. Scarcely bad it touch
ed the lean, lank, acraggy, and nahnrablc rtlle
of mortality, ere there was a fearful change.
Tha most perfect silence reigned In the room.
The scalpel a aecoud lint touched the body,
and thcttj as If tha UttoruincBt had been a
: alvanic battery, the supposed corpse, with a
ountenauce most horribly contorted, sprang
p and seized the Professor by the gown, and
luen fell back quiescent. A glance of horror
end recognition seemed to pass between the
fsubject" and the Professor. He. as if struck
by lightning, staggered back, with a loud ery,
or rather shriek, and stood, in an attitude of
despair and wild terror, gazing vacantly into
the air.
BefoKJ we could recover from our terror and
despair, he had fainb d.
We looked at the body; the muscles of the
face were working those of the limta were
twitching convulsively, and yet, as after in
vestigation proved, it "was dead. Why it should
have made this strange manifestation is not
to be resolved into a matter of certainty. One
of the physicians connected with the institu
tion says that he has witnessed the same phe
nomena among the bodie-s of those who died
suddenly in fits, as well as of those who were
slain by cholera. Heaven only knows the
reason of the terrific and curicTus demonstra
tion! But the strangest part of my story re
mains to be told.
We naturally supposed that the Professor
swoone d from fright. We applii d restorati vets,
and finally be exhibited indications of a con
sciousness We explained to him that the show
of life given by the poor, faded form upon the
table was purely spasmodic, and fallacious;
but he incredulously shook his heud, mutter
ed, "it was the hand of Ood.': and relapsed
into insensibility. A second time we restor
ed him to his senses; and his first words were:
"K move the subject! Hide it from my
sight !" and then, as if agnin horror-stricken,
he fell into violeut couvulsious.
We remained near him until he seemed to
have recovered from the ellects of the scene
enough to be left in cbnrgtr of one watcher.
Before we retired, however, the explanation
of theProfessor's extreme aftright at the :ene
of horrorwas made. The revelation (for such
it was) given under pbdge of secrecy a
pledge extorted from me by the surrounding
circumstances. The corpse into which the
Professor was alnuit to plunge the scalpe,
was that of tin liriAher !
How or when he had reached this country
is not known. But it is known, that after
earning an unenviable notoriety among horse
jockeys, gamblers, and the victims or profliga
cy generally, he gradually sank into the mire
of dgradation until he became a dweller in a
den of thieves well knowu to the police. Here
he was seized with desease, and deprived of
his accustomed strong potations, delirium tre
mens was the consequence. He was kicked
into the street attempt! to commit a high
way robliery was arrested, tried, and Con
di mind to the State's prison. Before reaching
there, however, he was to all appearance dead,
and was in that condition conveyed to the
purveyor of subjects," and so brought to our
bSMecting room.
The college (in which we do not reside) is
for the present closed. The r mains which
greeted the borrilicd vision of the Professor;
which sprang from the same loins as his own
benly : which he bad often enfolded in his anus;
and in the integrity of the heart that animat
ed which, he had once place d the firmest re
liance, were silently plactdin a neat coflin.
and deposited, not to be disturlxd again, 1
hope, until the day of resurrection, iu a se
cluded spot iu Cemetery.
I send you my name, as a pledge of the
(ruth of what I have written, but you must
not disclose it. 1 have no excuse to otter for
making this awful afl'uir public, other than
that the terrible impression I received haunts
mo continually, and this seems to Is; a good
way ef partially relieving my mind of it. 1
i'ltend to quit the 'profession,'' or rather aban
don my studies. The shock I have experien
ced would forever disqualify me for success
ful practice.
Tin cause of the Professor's present danger
ous illness, which has lsten guardedly alluded
to by the perss,is hereby explained.
Correspondence Philip S. White.
Si'kinokfkijj, So. Ca., Feb. 10th, 1858.
To the Jlttors of the CnurlrMnn Vourirr;
The inclosed intere-sting letter from Phillip
S. While, as well as a previous correspondence
with P. D. Anderson, ef Maryland, with the
remarks of the Editor of the Spirit of the
Age, I desire you to publish iu your widely
circulating paper.
They will be glad tidings to many in your
city, um well as in other parts of the State.
For Philip S. White was an early and devo
ted champion of temperance. He travelled
nnd lectured much. In your city his unrival
led eloquence and wit Wus listened to by huu
dr ds iu 1.2.
1 have had much opportunity to know
White, and 1 Wlieved him to merit the good
wishes and welcome of every friend of tem
perance in our broad land.
His li tters speak for themselves, and will
touch a chord of sympathy in every generous
heart.. Your friend,
PinbADtt.riiiA. February li. 18.")?.
Ihar Sir: Your kind letter of "the 25th ult.,
is U ture me, and it seems to rebuke me for
not having sooner answered it. It merits the
imputation of a want of courtesy, yet I have
an excuse to eitter for it, which your generous
heart will no doubt gladly accept. The teo
hasty actioii of the Division, ay which my
coumction with it was dissolved, so irritated
ine, that I determined never apiin to seek ad
mission into the Order; and. no doubt, 1 would
have executed mv purpose had it uot been for
the interest which your letter conveys. 1
had no sooner peruwd iis contents than I re
penb d of my determination, nnd resolved to
resume the position from which 1 had dispens
ed innumerable blessiugs, uud by which 1 hud
myself U'en blessed. 1 hastened accordingly
to my old Division "Hope- Division" that,
uuder the a-gis of its talismantic name, and in
a placid haven of its bright sea of happy influ
ences, I niij'ht cast anchor and ride iu safety
for the remainder of my life. To await the
gratiucation of this desire, which wus consum
mated on lust evening, is the excuse 1 oiler
you for uot Moni r r plying to the expression
of vour generous hcnt.iueut-t.
Vou desire me to pnseut yeur kind regards
to my wife aud daughter. To my daughter 1
have mentioned your civility; but, alas! my
friend, to my wife that message can now only
be borne by some winged iu-.-ss ng r of the
spirit land. It was the long aud weary vigils
around her dying couch tliut led to that im
pairment of my health, for which stimulants
were recomuieuded; aiiel, for ther.e of which
my Divsion, no doubt, thought it right tos hke
my name from the roll of its lue-iuliei-s. Upon
the oceurreuo of these two evt-nls. 1 be-came
alike iuditterent to the claims ot the tinier
and the clamors of my enemies. There is
a d.'gree in misery which, when harshly dealt
with, drives the victim ol'tciier to rashness
than to reason. Such at least was its cttect
oil me. But let that pass; used to abuse, I
have grow u patient under it. Keoson. ut all
events, is now in the ascendant Memory
seeks to drop a soft veil between the prevent
and the tast Hop i pointing to au unerring
future and Philip is himself again.
1 dee-ply sympathizi with you for the death
of your excelleut daughter. The extinguish
ment of ''this light of your hou.se" throws a
peculiar gloom urouixl your betkrlb tlt.111, in
asmuch asoJie w as the only oue to call you
father; Imt she has lef t bebiud her eight 1 sT
lights, who, by imitating a mother's virtues,
will no doubt irradiate tuat Ux iu. aud bring
that wemtcd halo of jov partially ut least
luu k to your heart auA home. Ivatb, uuder
any circumstances, is a sad visitor to the
family circle, fur whatever insy be the prepa
ration for his approach ou the part of the re
latives of the oiject of bis visit, a indicri
bable d -seda'.iou of the heart will attest his
ptvt':ice, aud aui ;u.ii.-d tu ni'jry will wait
uhu hU departure. I speak exp. rimc-utully,
for how di-eply I have thns f. It br iikeruvugea
ujsjh iuy own household, my heart only cau
d.K.-riU'. Had 1 more of that Christian philo
sophy for w hich you are mo rinincutiy Uisiui
Kmaed, I might b-ei less ncuiely ucu aa iu
ilviiou. But my nature has not Uru suiti
cieuily turned that wsy reason, wi'h hir
cold U.i-, r, point it out, bot the milting
beurt will not profit by tbe 1. sj.i.
Oae uiigut uppv! thai these oflliclimw
were Mrv'vie enough, yet iuy eucui-, us if to
pit- IVl.ou upon Uaa, are Mtk.ujr. iu many
of tbo Southern p.-iuls, to wound m more
d.eply sulL I aui charged bv tie m with hv-
lilg InJ rescued fiolU drUukrliUeaa J the
UwM.raia-e rtfoitu. aud with having fallen
back into the ratal abyss arum. I uertj not
say t- y em that such atta ka are aa ui;-rnr-tm
m they are uuirue. 1 never was a drunk
aal In uiy life t.evt r could be one. My a hole
lut-titu! .ciH.otnr revolts ag.Uust the ice, and
Ul V physieaj COwtltuliU i-rbiU it- it se Ui iu
rate titai 105 owu U lotcd South, w h re 1 rxt
pxl vrt to live and die, ha b-eu the theatre
of all the acting against my career of b-nevo-lence.
Wrll, Jet that also pas. Though
greatly mortified by it, I bave benevolence
enough to overlook and forgive it.
Writ me soon, and fail not to place tae
foremost amuog your friends aud admirt-r.
Youra. tc, PHILIP h. IllTE.
Hon. John Iklton O'.SealL
Ou . C tU A.M.
Letter Ooaafbtllr. bite.
It gives ns great pleasure to lay the follow.
Ing letter from Philip S. White, Ea., before
our reader : -
rauaDELnrii, Dec. 4tb, 1M7. ,
Dr AmJermm Your letter of yetrrdy,
enquiring whether 1 axa engaged la lh Uqnur
traffic, came duly to band. My reply is, that
I never sold a glass of liquor in my life,' and
would not do so, before God, for the wealth of
the country. The story is an invention of the
enemy : : and the surprise about it to me is.
that one of your knowledge of me could have I
believed it. - .
During the long and painful watchings, of
both night and day, over the decline of health
and final death of my wife, I liecame so pros
strate and out of health myself that, by medi
cal advice,! resorted to the use of ale as a re
medial agent for my physical affliction. I was,
perhaps, too public in my use of this remedy,
in my position in the reform ; and on account
of. which my Division thought proper to strike,
my name from the list of its members. For
this I cared but little, for, with a-mind con
scious of its own rectitude, and with habits
Uk well established to fear a vice which I have
so long and so successfully resisted and de
nounce d, I disregard alike the suspicions of
friends and the calumny of foes. . I do not
know-whether I will again connect myself
with the Order of the Sons of Temperance,
but you may rest assured that I shall continue,
as I have been for near twenty years, covered
all over with a thick blanket of uncompromis
ing, unmistakable, ete-rual hatnd to the whole
machinery of the infernal traffic in intoxicat
ing liquors. - Y'ours. Ac. . -
. SENATE. ' "
Satcbiuy, Feb. 20, 1858.
The bill to amend the law of 1856, to pre
vent incompetent jrtsoiis from teaching
school, passed the third time. ; j.
Mr. Travis returned the communication of
tha Presidents of the Planters' aud Union
Banks, with a bill complying with the sugges
tions contained in such communication. .;
Mr. Golf had leave to introduce a bill to
regdlate the salaries of officers of the Peniten
tiary. lhe bill for the benefit pf the Memphis and
Charleston Railroad Company, (consolidating
the Nashville and Chattanooga and Memphis
and Charleston Railroad Companies, from
Stevenson to Chattanooga,) was taki n up.
Mr. Burch, (Mr. Jones in the chair,) opposed
the bill, aud Mr. Walker advocated advocated
its passage. ,-
Alter several ineffectual attempts to defeat
it, the bill passed the second time.
Several other bills passed the second time.
The bill to increase the capital stock of the
Nashville-Building and Loan Association, etc
was taken up, and House amendment thereto
amending the charter of the Mechanics' Li
brary Association of Nashville, so as to au
thorize the issuing of bonds by the company
to the amount of $75,000, for the purpose of
erecting an Exhibitiou Hall, was concurred
House bill to uicoporate the East Tennes
see Telegraph Company aud the Nashville
and Paducah Tele-graph Company, passed the
third time.
Tit le 1 7 of the code was read the second
time and passe-d.
Adjourned till 9 1-2 o'clock, Monday morn-
Fkioat, Feb. 19, 1858.
A large number of local bills were disposed
February 20. 9 A.M.
Mr. Roberts presented a petition from Jas.
Gibbous, and others, s curitics of Win. Mc
Bridc. asking ri lief. K.T rred.
Mr. Lack-y introduetd a bill to establifh
the 10th civil district for Laud, rdale county.
R. solution calling upou the Governor for
information in re-gard to the management of
the Slate Bank was adopted.
Senate bill to extend further time to the
Kiiovville and Charleston, and the South
western Railroad Companies, passed first
S. nate amendment to House resolution to
adjourn rinr die March 15th, to adjourn on the
8th. was made the sjwe-ial order lor March 1st.
House bill to provide for running and mark
ing State lino bordering ou Virginia, passe d
3d reading.
Mr. Ewing presented a petition from 50 of
the p titiouers for a change of the line bet
ween Rutherford and Davidson, asking that
their said prayer le disregarded.
Senate bill to amend the laws authorizing
judgment by motion against collecting olli
cers. she-rifts coroners or countable, passed 3d
Mr. White of Knox, ubiiiitt d a resolution
providing tor report from the joint Finance
Committee showing the sum uee-essary to meet
the indebted uess of the State for the next two
years, and whether the present revenue is suf-licb-nt
to meet the same.
Mr. Cooper's bill for the benefit of widows,
with Mr. Duulap's amendment for the benefit
of bachelors, was nji cti d.
The bill to protect the fish of the State was
laid o:i the table.
House took up the report of the Conference
Committee on the bill providing for County
Jndire for Davitlson, Shelby, Knox and Mont
gom ry, which report recommended that the
Senate recede from its amendment striking
out -Knox," and that the House rtcide from
its amendment to Senate amendment striking
out - Williamson." and tixing the time of elec
tion ou the first Saturday in March. The
Si-nule having concurred after some discussion
a motion to lay on the table was lost, and
the House concurred.
The special order was taken up, lieing Sen
ate bill for the relit f of Culviu Adkins, in
the sum of $50; of Hamilton couuty, in the
sum of (j()0, with House amendment to re
lease Jr. Overtoil from turiorafce tax upon 37
acres of ground ou the river, iu the southern
liiuils of the city.
Mr. Douelsoii spoke in support of the House
Mr. Douelsoii (Mr. Coor in the cha'r)
poke in favor of the claim of Dr. Ovtrtou.
M'-sers, Vaughn and Living opposed the
cntcuduicnt, aud it was tabled ay ta 43, noes
Adjourned to 2 P. M.
A Hetuarkable Aurora Ilorealls.
An officer of the steamer Powbattan gives
the follow ing description of an Aurora Bore
al is, seen at sea ia laL SI deg., the "brilliau-
cy ol the coloring of w hicli beggared descrip
tion": "The btmr whs S A. M., and the Aurora was
in the shape of a mammoth low. The string
ot this bow was a dense oblong blutf of cum
ulons clouds that extended from N. E. by E.
to S. V. Its highest elevation was atulined
immediately uuder the North Star, about -5
deg.. and the space between the boWand the
string was of a rich piuk bile. The shades of
this piuk near the string were inconceivable,
fain I and soft, but as the eye raided itself to
ward the bow, they U gau to d m u in rich-ue-ss,
uutil where they abruptly terminated at
the sharp almost black outlines of iu lower
edge, the intense richness of coloring, cotu
biued with the suddenness of the contrast, re
sulted in a couiltiuatiori of marvellous beauty
and rare grandeur. 1 thought this was ail
ve-ry tine, but when a do?, -o or more columns
of a bright white and piiosporcsc.-ut light shot
dow u, fau-ltke. from the dark ui Toco of the
bow, apparently ctrnvergiug to that part of
the string where the arrow would tit as a cen
tre, aud when the ce ntre of lb- larobient
and palpitatiiic; coIucium of Northern light
grew and expanded uutil it apparently absorb
ed th-se nearest it o;i cither aide, and when,
in addition to this, a beau KM grtt-uadi blue
vo. md lculy observed to spring into xit
e:ice u .d struggle, as it err, for laasb ry with
the delicate piuk, aud phosphorescent white
spot, when ibis had ail ovcunvJ, I looked
upou a displiy of such grand aud subl.m-?
ik-suty a swept the iiu.igtualio.1 forward te
th cud of Time, and tuuutd it lLin who is
cull.d -Faithful and true, the loid of God'
ld uon a white horse, with the 'sharp
sword of divine wruth prucecdiug trout bis
mouth.' and cau d me to picture this glori
ous udveul attend d by a m mil or cue. For
it was a k ne worthy even of taat coming;
thU glorious binding of Nature's arctic huen.
So t(;u-UM wo thu Nortueiu light that when
I turned towards the CJuaf W-rtuowU-r, ami rti
coui.tsred the coutrastiug gbx-m uf the South
ern lamri, the rye was paind Ly the sudden
change it ,wa like eM-rgiag from a bril
liantly lignu-d room iuto a eioik aud gluuuiy
A re I.
X will tell you a akxr U The way to make
yo-irself pbu-iug tu otLrr, 1 to show that
yo-4 rare br ih ou Tie wlnde world ia Lke
"iWnulieral .Van field, who "cr.d for t.o
body, uo, not be tR-eatJ tioljiy cartd for
him." Aad tha whole wt-rkl will fre ym
so, if yon giv them the aam caate. irt
jwj'Ie ver therefcrtj that ymi dorarv f theta
by show ing them the aail cuirth of &;
la which there Is no u-d-, w bow roice U
too Ull to w-aw, aud with kind looks and
littU acts of attenthn, siring othra tht
prei. reuoa In every- iinls ;8yArnt at thi
labia, U th fiUda, walking, aatu.g C stand
ing. Bs Chtk.t. "I Rrrer coIaUk4 of toy
COtidilioa,' MJ tbo i'cfaiaui pU.t fcli, "tut
oner, wbea my f-tl were ban-. r4 J La4 no
raatiey to buj ttuni Itul I Ou I nu UUot
text, ao4 buui cookat vitb my lot"
. The Annual Spring Fair of the Davidson eoanty &g
ricuUural and Mechanical SvcieiJ, for the jrear 158,
will ba held at the Fair Ground near Nashville on the
4th to 8th of Mar inclusive. Liberal premiums are of
fered,' a list of which,' with regulations for holding,
'"may be had on application to L P. Wimjta, Secreta
ry, at the office of the Southern Homestead , So. lTJi
Peadrick Ptreet, or at this Office. Membership Ticlc-
'etu entrtliug the holder to all the privilege of the 'So
ciety for the year 1858, and free access in the grounds
during tha Spring Fair, may be had for $1, on applica
tion to Thos, B. Job.isox, Treasurer.
' i' Vt"V '"" " ' Wa. G. HiRKnto, r ,
reb, 12 tHwiwtd. . .
lleit) 3lbufrti5fmrnt5.
For Cairo and Memphis.
THE regular U. S. Mail BUom- -J ii
er J. U. CLINE, Kuiorr, IrsSjnSS
Lutter. will
11 leave for the above mar i nnrXT
and all kitermed iule porta on MOM A , ieb. -J, at 2
o'clocic, P. BI. or freight or liassape, liavujg superi
or accommodations, apply on b ir'l or to
fcb22 It A. L. 1A Vis1, FTont Street.
THE Gentleman who purchased a Theatrical Ward
robe in Clarksville, can tiud sale for it, U he wishes
to dispose of it on reasonable terms.
Appiv at tbis ouice for further inlbrmation.
Fcb.-ii-du". .
AlJUtGE and remarkably well
formed MALTESE JACK. Is of
fered for sale, at a great bargain.
He can be seen at the Se-waue-e
lirery Stable on Front fclreet.
Fob. 22-dlw.
TOST on Friday night, the 19th inst.,a
. 1 . .. ,- . -.. I'll ... U.I V. . I-
lime keeoer. 19 Jewels, mudc- by. Jos. Johu- Ki A
son. viii'
Th" finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it
at No. 12 Lk.-uderick street.
(oal Cooking Stoves.
"ITTE hare jut received from Cincinnati a supply of
V Cojil Cmsjmj tToviss, which can be recommen
ded as a first rau- article. Also, Coal Rinuex, fcisuut
asd lxn'Bi-is 0nxs, cheap for Cush.
feb22-lmd 14 Martet sti ect.
Magazines for Mareh.
Graham's TTlasazIne for 71arcli;
Gody's i.ady's Look tt
Frank "Leslie's magazine 44
Yankee .'Notions "
For sale by F. HAG AN.
Allison, Anderson & Co.
No. 41 Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee.
Spring St les, 1858.
"IVTEare now receiving and opening, aud shall, by
- V V the 1st of next mouth, hivo reauy, ior sale, our
usual stock of
foreign & Domestic Dry Goods, Ynrieties and
Adapted to the PPKIXU and SI'MVLK trade. Ve in
v.t j those visiting our Mai tt t lo rail aii'l examine our
slock, as we shall oiler iuUui-eniei'.ti to thuoe purclias
iiig ior coA or to ynmrt iu- rcluiei
ALLO.X. A."iLnsO. A CO.
Feb. C? iiui.
( hark v(o:i aud Savannah
JVasliville aud Stations on IN. &
C. Railroad, west of Stevenson.
First f hois, (ineliniiiijr liaU-) per loo $ 15
ocond Cla." " 1 00
Third Class li K0
Special K:it s for Furniture, Ac " 2 30
COMIimiloN" Ix'lween KU-annTS and 1'ropollers
plyinir between New York i.nd Chnrlt-sb.n and
Nivnnnuh hi1 cui'sed a re.lm tioii In M-iiui-is f c nlits
i n tliroc'h ;Mvis. As tln'ir rhm i!" in y 11 m tiu.te
we jrive uliove the rat' from liarli-s ton or K-ivantiah
Ui Nasliville At the Fame time we uaraiiti-e the oft
shall bot exreeii. at any I me prior to 1st of J'lije. the
rates as heretofore advert;se-il h! Through liaU-s fr-.m
New York and ''lnlu'l, lpliiu to Nashvill.- in co:iii(vt-tnin
with Cliarleston nin Sava iuah Su-amship Lines, vn:
First Class, per 100 ..$1 Wo
Second ("lap"..". 1 75
Third Class..." 1 55
Skm:ir1 liati'S." .- 3 SO
Consign (;oim1s to Ayent Central Hailroad avuiinab,
and to Affelit South Carolina Haili-oad Clmrlestoii.
Overcharpes and daniaeif (except ('amat'es m cur
IneatHoa ) will be promptly settled a heretefore.
For further informntiou or Cards civinc elassiflra
tion. kc., apply to meat t!ie V. ,tc Ilailroad I'rMt,or
by iimil to CliAS. V.". AM F"S"N,
Xcb'i!-' General Aijelit.
Clianeery Court at IVasltville.
George 1. liiimlet n. the Imisville and Nashville
Iailroad Company and Jas. T. Faulkner.
VT the office of the Cierk k Master of the Chancery
Court at Nashville, on the liltu day of February,
15K, on motion of inlpa nai t. by com wl ii die
alMivccaum-, nnd it snpe-iriiip to the Kitislaeium of the
Clerk and Master, tlial the mul ieien!aiit. Jjmis T.
Fai'iKMctt, it" a non resident of the stnte of Tennessee,
and therefore the irlina:y prorcFx of th: Court enn
not lie served non him, it i ihi-relore ordered by tl.o
Clerk and Jln-ur tin t pi bl.tut i-n be mailc for l"'ir
weeks in serress on In the Nashville Patriot, a neus
paper published in the city ttf N.ishviMe. requirini! the
Said delVniUiDt to atar at the n t term of the Chan
cery Court H be hilden for th? com.ly of I aTf'ix.n, ot
the court hot'se thereof, in the city ef Nashville, on
the first Momlav in May net,nd answer nt'' h:II, or
the same will be taken for released as to him and
set down for hearing cx pnite.
fcb20w4w Pr"sfee8 si Cl-rk & Master.
For Illciiipliis and JN'eiv Orleanr.
ON FKII'AV, tho ? th inst., , .
the splendid new sp-unier
P. M. nt'NY A.V. J.u. Mil I CR.
MaMcr, will leave here as above. For -nSs.4-e, liuv
Uif splendid actiuiuiodutuiif , applv I"
febLHVta A. HAMILTON, AjfenL
rou ki:.t.
TWO 6ew Frame ilat e (just fii;:3Ued Deal, er m
foruhle aud conv.-uieiii: arrange l.hitueb u wist
ol Frankhu Turnpike, aud near tlie radroa l cre.smg
on Same. J NO. E. GLL-tVi.
"Coal 'laches and Cook Stores.
"I'lJ'E have )u.t r--lved a supply "f the bet it
V t terns of Umisville and t mruiiiati Ci'AL KAVel
Fj', which eo k with the snuillif ( jrantiy of coal aud
hnh will put up at the lowest pric.-s.
Coal Cookfn; Stoves,
Of rsrsxis atierrs, w.rr:iti-l to be the hctpial
tiy, and if different Siea. Wn.ojiht Iron Cooking
f-V've-s, loch liave uerer been eicelleil, fur ciUier
cl or wood.
fel.20-tf Mi-KF.V7.IE niJOX.
hav a Krrat variety of beautiful Puto Cxjrs,
tit ban.tai nn aaortraett ever brought to
Xiod. tUe. hieh w. U1 a II cheap f'-r t ash.
febiO-lf ilKF.Nie A: UI1X)V.
Que enswarc, CoLcmiin Warf , ic.
rrillK subsrrilwr haa the pleasure i aiioui.cin to
X his fra-itd y iieriliy ,il I tie- t'Ub;- urtM-tilr'v,
tliat Mr. Hu1pe lias jit arrlve.1 wiUia Try Uiinl. k
of .! h in in linn. As ciial b isrra tv to lueot t
wanu of hia ftMmdr aad old ru.uirnrs.ciilie f.c-a
or trade, si borptiifnra. Wc lirt-ptak for liua m call.
p..ni in avcoad aiury, No. ii, re.h :c Siav.
feb-M-tf iil-VJ. F. WilUJe?.
Fuitlier Great liediiction in
t tf& &-ic
wv-a iirVrw
Columbia, XashTillr, Ja. Adser
nnd 3Iarion.
rpirr lone or Me,m-h. wll tak- Frc'cl l on C-d
X rteei i.r.l for tlie vuth aud teoulo el im low aa
by any i-ther line.
Frv'hta on ail Meavirrmet t C.ooda TEX tCNTS per
fo nfl uUtvr t'jotl m iirufiortaia.
The Ftnuuett ioave reguUrlv err WV1nrJa and
Iiikurai-e by thu Liua lower than bf any other
courey auce.
Aksuia at Xew Vorlf .
H4Fi!! V.l JVTltN k CO.
HENRY Jlfci-Kueitf Ol , Aeuu,
ft.-.0-lw Chailt.,!i C.
Apple Tree.
VUrt 4 rboK- Af hs Traa-a uM f hand 1 fjf
a.ik bf t.Vtitu) laJ r. MlllUW.
8itttt4 oa Uarket S jmC,
Xsd Bear Ui ruUia f iuaxe,
1 pe tur U a-cvuukiuMNMi 4 ta.
JL (wbh'. boue tuta Urea tMrot,f .'. g
raaW4 M4 riui Bticd. 1 u prworhfef ! I
l Astaw BiiH ry aUiwUi M th otult t4
gttm, ta Itaaf4 th r-UuH.4 uf laa abi:.
ner4 f m? .. ...,1
lj4 tr m t4 M
tvtll iUtiXJL? m, WitnW, Prtwiw.
X Sent UwelllMs llt fmr JmiI,
Sm- ATXU U Bjea. W, ua tha tiaiik Tarapiaa.
w t Umt fmnwviara aptlji V
a. v. g. uyijguT.
Boiler It lret.
KZG$ JBMr tir ptm racci4 aad fbr aal
(fcblt) IA B. VlLUTt.
3mn5eiacnts. ,
Birtli-dajr or tlie Immortal IVaalUngr
Iod, tlie Fatber of his Country.
Grand Dramatic Festival
, ' l . f ; ' .. AND "
. OF
On Monday Evening, February 22nd, 1859,
Will b acle-1 bv sjieciai request the moral Tragedr of
the GAMESTER. Mr. Rwverly , Mr. W. H. Cain-; Mrs..
IJeverly, Mrs. W. II. Crj-p. Aitir which the great
NatKicul Anthem of HAIL OJA'MBJA will be sung
by Ui whole coinoaay, when will lx intro.iuced the
?n oerb A llecAr-cal T-ib'.sau of K ASHiyO Ti 'X CftOSS
1XG THE VELA H AKE. To conclude :tU an entire
ly new Farce, D1AMOXD CCT DlMOXi.
For full partic-nl&rs se-e pregrainme bills. febS2
Ieietli or
Tuesday Evening, Feb. 23, 185S,
Jlr. ant Sin, C'rivp hare kindly vol
unteered tlietr services.
Ilrpclilicii of (he Oralcrio.
THE Oratorio of the Creation will be reiated for
tlie bene-lit til Profeinr WKIEK. at Mil Fellow a
Hall, ou Till KSI-AY SJtiHT. FebmarT 'J5t!i. b.-ing a
I comiilinicntary ben.-lit t.-inlcreil to hun by the Lacies
1 and Gentlemen enHed ia its production.
I Tickets $1, to be Lad at tlie Music and Book -stores.
I fibia-tl BUNiaA
Mm 3v5ocrtt5fmctif5.
Dry Goods, Ready-made Clothing.
IV.vsUviUe. rVenncsscc,
No. 1 altvllle luu lilock.
Spring Stock of Goods,
To an examination of which we would call the atten
tion of merchants buying m this city.
inducements will be oUered to Cash and rnoHiTtime
buvers. EVANS & CO.
t7&wakin & co,
Imj orters cud Uholesale Liiilcrs ill
IVo. 48 l'ubllc quarr.
x ash vi lll:, ti:axssee.
Spring Stock,
Which will be complete about the last of this month,
and tu u;iti we will add the
This stock will be found very extensive aud will em
brace i iir ui.al variety of
I"orci?u and Uometic
d:;y ccods, varieties,
Ready-Made Clothing.
And haviiif; Im-cii piirehaed at treat advantafte, under
the existing piesture, will be old low lor C.is-H.or to
Prompt 31ercltanls on Time.
x. v W. IMIil.X t CO.
! wnmi I.lirOItTATIO.XS !
Importers and Wholesale Sealers in
!o. 1G, I'll 11 ir Square, AAMIVIIXE.
"1 1 7E are receiving, ami i!l have ready for exhtbi
I t tieii at au early day, a very d.pu.tle and cre
l'lllly Selected ussa.rtini-lil of
Staple ami Fancy Dry Goods,
A'airieties, X.C., &;.e.,
To h!ch r call the attention of all r buyers and
tti.i t'.le ccneraliv.
feblT w. MOUCAN" k ( O.
V. W. U Wll.U .U CO.,
Portable (ii::dia and Boiling
Nos. 4i and 6", Fast Ei.'hth street, between liioad
tva and Mrnmnrc,
WE ri'RMSIl 1 rr.nn.CTE SILL at y.ia.
ryIIH conij Fieri h Purrs, Z0 IwVn ( inm
X fmmr). Hiilt r-.c tnt, two ira of cotiveyoi ,
lo"f. i l rlevrtort, with h.-ltm and t.enr.nj', .l
reo-iy to r'tn; ile-l ;. t t in diain -ier and lu ! t louj,
aed Mlk Ik.lt.i'f: ' U th. (I'eM i tcb jtnker brau. . I
We guaranty tl.m MiU bi turn out
Fifty Hatrrlftcf Flour per Day!
t build larje ..d Flm.r 11:IU. aleo Com and Fet
Mil', Mntit Mat hue, ilour I aekei, kr , ud Iwriiiish
to order
KitSliica, Ifollrr and "Will .rlu or
Mil kluda.
Tt best Ii u h At kcr bund th.lt rt Cl 4h and P-lt-!n
ol ail !!- at !wet price..
Circr.lura, r1 Ire particuUr, w-nt upon apthralioo
nil taiep vncliJHd.
UblT Uly W. tV. HAMFJl & CO.
u o u s li s rv li u x .
b0 Itevard!
"1TAS atoleb frojii toy kUhlr, ou the y.
II Vaui.u pAc, lwf noli a lri.ui a.h- TimS
vi.W. on tl:e Lufhl ol lav Ul, Wii u t, S. I
a larte I'Al'I'LE HUAT HliF. .' J Ce rara.
; tuU iHr l. altoul pktMn ItulijA bi.-h. lr4ul .;rn
i Cnelr. at.d m.tkf eli m a be.- . lie ti&a a at b up
j in hi lo-a'i when in.ttH p. fvir hitn the i-riK
4 being bllle lame. Nu iurva i Ue tvJ. la.iiC'.ie
th iili'iT reward f. the a- f -der if tb,- :i
uud return of ll.n lrrr, or i.r l!v rvt-.iru f th
hora. iu; toPrf'Bi.i a Ij n (turd Ui t .e aUuvr a II
kx- tliaukfi'lly r.-.-u-i at tUt LeH,e i4 Kir.naifKa,
N. k lua 4. Co.. Nau ui, leu ii
f!b!6 1.1w I AX
i easu t uiMi res sriXILATlCX n TI E
5Io4 Valuable Ileal IMate
i:vi:k offfkf.d rou sali::
MltJ. clU., ii tbo bm rcaa.uu.uM l.iu,
I nnt.EX AC&ES Aa.i. lour iolririu
the cay, on ta M-r1.e-t.ir' li.ro;o,ou D ilriA t,
w.iii a uu5i.:i-:iil CA'i. T 3ULL, ui vu ria aU.( ot
tier.ali cuu;ilet; l'pti'ier no it liuiK'rt trr-;i-i
I a, AJ Uim4 t-k it'v. Ax., 4c. Hi v. ciuu.e
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rim Sill hj it-'i itr.iV-f.-B. tn I'.i.kh re.tt.
aad all of it nrtiin -i y la r.l rt.n, t.ulil.w4
FL 'i.r and Mii a raa bt- uad ia tlm 'rt. Tl la
tb- hrH invv.tniet Co -J h;deoim.'. tha we luv.
ever pT;-e4 u , U. l l tu.
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e r mm kalurtfa), IC mmf of Ma nxt
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k, ,iiv,i.i V Vu. . .S.auU oa ..
14 X a . kd m'vtt MLt. la Xub. lo, 1
Ui, m-txX !N, VO M a Aieoite I A:i. MimI,
U i S. 1. 1, 1-2, I-, oJ 1.4, oai W.tinuff. firt
l. Vmss. f.i, li. ti.. abd l.t, u Vkeu,
aaJ r ret- Au. , L4 Nis.i t,. I apg At
ul H dliMiM. iU4 W(4,U,M,iii , liukl
mi io AJmm Mini, iwl ukiaituj by Ui t'-Lli ua4l ,
l-ots ff, I. II, 1 IT, li.u j ,, Mri rnai
A'w aad l it rtrct, aad tKrautml t j 14
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Tb II be thot rrr, oai a ere It ef 1;
xtkUa, a iii usternt Irutn Uttc,at4 a4.-a m aU m
aevaruy m M tu iWil til mm timmvi. mi im
rvtaa oa Um proper jr.
3-t4 . k- tllt..
For the Cold Weather.
TC?T rCM t4, Ie '-t.U bed dean" rl
" l-t m-tmi frstiea Ur jhw. U wM;
Al No. 2), fDhUa evias.
u4 KVYt r k rzizmi
Ell nttr-A kbla ZUof J t rece!TS mnt .
pook fist:
W. Tr BERRY k CO. have on sale a fine collection
of OLD EXGLLSII BOOKS, anxing which are the fol
lowing History of the Antitnt City of rantcrlnry.
Civil and Ecclesiastical, Ac., Illustrated with Ma pa,
Chart., and other EspraruiKa. It. folio.
Stackhoiise's History of the Holy Bible,
S vols. 4 to., half calf. . -
Finkrrton'j Bodern Cfcgraphr, '
A Tola. 4 to., old calf. ... ...
The Works of Pr. Isace AVatls,
vols. 4 to half rore-o.
Eayles' (Teter) Kistoriful Dictionary,
4 rla. llnra. half morocco, abridged.
Bichardscn't .Nmtls,
19 vis., half calf.
Life of ratkrrine IU Einpress of Enssia,
5 rolg. mo.
Hoole's Crlando Fnrioso,
6 voia., old calf.
Life of Arrijifina, Wife of Germaniens,
2 vol.
Hume's ITistory of England,
15 vols., old calf.
Orations of Demosthenes,
3 vols., old calf.
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations,
3 vols. mo.
The Works of St. Evremond,
3 vols, fimo., old calf
Harris' Eritish Classics,
in 8 vols. Siao., with Er.gravinpa.
Shaftesbury's Characteristics of Men, San 1
ners, and Opinions. 3 vola. 8vo.
Pope's Iliad and Odyssey of Homer,
vols. Situ. , old calf.
The Works of Ttter Pindar,
In 4 vols. 12nio., calf.
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy,
6 vols.
Dryden's Fables,
Folio, Uusgia, with Illustrations.
English Prologues and Epilogues,
in 4 vols. 12ino.
The W orks of Josephus,
L'Esirango?B Translation. 3 vols. 12mo.t 1709.
Memoirs of fount De Crammont,
in 3 vols. Smo. , with ntinieroe.a portraits.
Richardson's Clarissa Harlowe,
in 8 vols. ido., oil calf.
3!rs. Earbauld's EritUh Xovrlists,
in iO vol?. l Juio., half morocco.
Ballautyne's Novelist's Library
111 10 vein., Iloyal 6vo., Culf.
Cobbttt's rarlianieutary History of England,
2d vols. Fro., half Russia.
Tlie Works of Laurence Sterne,
iu 7 vol. 12mo., calf.
The Works of Sir William Temple,
2 vols., folio, old iir.
The Works of Henry Fieldin?,
14 vols, bound In 7, calf, flue old copy.
The Sflrct Works of nenry Fielding,
6 vols. 8vo., half calf.
The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett,
a vols., imir cair.
The Works of Dean Swift,
tu 13 vol., full calf.
airhol's Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth
Century, 9 vol., half Russia.
Memoirs of the Duke of Sully,'
5 vol. Fvo., calf.
The Works of Anna Seward,
In 10 vol. 12mo., calf.
The Life nnd Letters of Pasrhcl,
2 veil. Svo. , calf.
The roetirnl and Frose Works of Drydrn,
8 vola. 8vo., calf.
The Hive, .
A Collection of the most celebrated Sotitn, 4vl. linio.
The Anrienl and Modern Drama,
Edited by 8ir Walter t'coit. vols., calf.
The Select Comedies of Moliere,
in French and Fiigli.--h. 8 vol.
Mrs. Inchbald's Modern Theatre,
. 10 vols, l.'ino. , half rait'.
Philosojliiral Transactions,
in 11 vols. 4u., old calf.
Charles James Fox's History of the Eei:n
of JamcB II. 1 vol. Svo.
Wraxall's History of Franre from the Ae-
cii-moo of Henry III Ui the ueih of 1jjui XIV. 3
vols. 4to., old calf.
Mitfurd's History of Creece,
S vols. 4to., Knseia
Dishoji Ltiruct's History of His Own Time,
2 vols , loho.
Lord Chesterfield's Letters to his Son,
2 ml. 4to., calf.
Goodwin's (William) Political Justice,
2 vols. 4u , hulf liiOKi o.
The Creek and Latin Forts Translated,
3 vob. 8vo.,elf.
Trarlx through the Fr.itrd Slhtesof North
Anierica m the year 171-5, K(". and 1197. Py lb.
I Hike Im- la i!ocbrftt:rat:It Ioai court. 2 vola. 4lo.
Seeker's (Archbishop) Sermons,
7 vols, fcvo., call.
Warburton's Divine Legation of Soses,
7 vol. Svtt. ,calf.
Cook's Voya:es Eonnd the World,
vols. 8vo. ,ca!f.
La Pcrocse's Toyare P-nrd the World,
in t!i years 174irS7. i vola. vo., half calf.
Voyofe in Search of La Terouse,
2 V11U vo., half call.
The Abbe Eajnal's littery cf the Settle-
Diem and Trade of the F.uroprans In th East aud
VVrxt iB'ia-s. I Voia., calf.
For aaia bf V. T. IUX.RY CO.,
fcbl Fublw t-quare.
Spiinj and Summer Eodlc(s,
a x r
Rich Pis Millinery,
Imurt;TiiUiiH Tor ISoH.
"f XTE oilJ ri i--tfulijr it.f.im our IjuJjt frirada
aad C'K c oei.lr t: a. that r a Ui be prepaMd tu
fUw tlx to t Uli rl and u M leud:d Uk 4f tbe
above '. ever u-ei ei wr( 1 f Lie tlU-rhiey U'Uiu
Iikk by Um 1' lhtu Ibih March, lbs t k alii be
pel eh.toi !iikr.v ii'b oh auri al rxurUMily k
pfH -s. and i.l m-II at ati"1 pn lit lor tu canJi 4ii .
Ve l.vr a l.r.'e m1 of .rau'aula c ! Ui Vn
t!.l v tie If,: nd U' fi.ti ikI, al a-.v 4 . e, by the 11
A '. ri aU au.l V't rrl im-mlia in 11m h
Ian y fwn .. a,- , I arts llMad I'reewea, ju-
Lro.ri we, and ti ; 1 1 y li.iu il l.a!f pia, a o
11 t: k. ! kli ll-i W ot p ovt, lr ar ttu
K' ii, I.. i: rx ii .t ty in l.j b Ui.ij.ery .is,aad
"mli f-U tteru H.n., uLviraal aad
uUI, If
r wi-qi:. eui.
-r l.a V'i.lmefi iwaar,
. 4f. In tot. at., uil.1 Uuo Iu rial tUbk.
b Mi U
VI 11C TUaillCCO.
1 TTr Lav I-- 3 'i'!tii j.i jifiaeia i Vaahvlll
' f Hie aie rf Jiu-s TL.aa' jr., KkbawU
Ji.t rc. ;vej -.a bvxatf th funu?f hraads.vls:
JtU. -F it: i ii!.
' ; . titl...
.utar 1 r.ir.
te :Tl-rt fTONCK CAKT".
bth iU rillkt tb lMntactr' ivioea fuc
CS U1.11K. WklY klU.
. a -rf
ci:.M:itAi, m 1. Mis'
Ascnt ana I'uWector.
J. (i. 31AUS1IAI.I .
RF5TFVmii.Y Ul4 the btana Mr h4
tl M! bat u ruum ..r. !irM t tbat A Varit
-Ke4 m tb ikM nm t4 afeia ai4 U Intaac.
t--aa 1 f s, f -U ikMM aei t ur eu g
tM.ca t- t f ay rv.y v( a b-a4 )ai.4ly
I' T I" If I :
Tt.e Ktat as rcpav4 by tk . u. Raron. M td
r k accvc Kl.lt las
j IVaboJ) rrccium FroLLOc torn
- w . . . . ... a . 1 .. . . 4.
Jl e 1 rra lav w aaiv iiana utKy bzv
alt 4rbra tta, aat W a a m artrty,
very dUVtvM Uvm Hat Wyandotte, lb ltwiat wf any
(rtWef luad
Fr rta.-ttian la curvuiar. hk k v srtll rWaaJl
aaiuFatto),tuuW( cwlinriau-) Iruta Tma
(miiiwimi . ktluy tiF.owimrd 014 fur aa irttrl
ialkt, nrnnuss aa4 wfbl, mat Ma tUrUa K
14 cult or ,
tmm lor a baWJ mwet l, kaU uW $; fmtk
J, ai-t M mau.
Vrr mmt aaaiay mt Buck a a titVIS, av4
ikUkwItlii it) J II Un.lll
q m a
fmU rcr4 aa4 fr a by
Auction Sale of Groceries
" BY
Lanier, Phillips & Co
Orv Jloiidar. rbrnary 28d, 18S8.
Will to-il fiM' I uh in Irunl n a. . U -..I T
complete aiisortmeut of broreriea, con.aiting iu iiart'a
fiilli.ar. vi.-
40 hhda. Vew Supir; 100 boxes Ptar Candles
200 baifn Colfe: lno hlfs. k qr. do;
S hblK. New Volate; TS boves selected W.
40 bbhi. rrosbed and pow- Cheese;
. "re'l !ear; 100 bbb. TlTiiie TThiskv
45 k-ts Mackerel: 1& V. V. Brandy:
10 pkf-s. M. R. Raiains; 15 Holland Ore:
10 sarts pn. ,0 v t R
sucks Alrnonds; Sno kecaXaiU; -
JO boxes Cuvs tlyatera; tu-nu Tub. ; '
10 Lairs I'eppcr; 45 boaes Starch
.'5 che-ts Ti; l.VI " Soap-
its e?o?ir",nn Twi"; ,7i " 'M le-a Cables
SS cols Ko: l.M) 1U Blackint-
1 CKsen Jlau bes; - loo boxes Flanks
Toeetber :0. numerous oilier article to maka an a
complete r1c. LAXttJi. I HIIJ.IPS CO
febit; id M Mmrket slre;u
Auction Sale or Groceries
0. f"rM?J? rrUrumrj 6tli, 18S8,'
o r. li, a. VI., e wui oiler tor sale in from of our
R0 hlida. Vew Snptr; 50 hbla. Holland Gin
W bacs Cotlee; "o Vinejr- '
50 bhls. Xew Crop Viola-200 boxes Cl.wirare-
.": 100 " Tobacco, iari
5 pkK. Mackerel Fiah; oua brand. -
1O0 bs. VI. K. ItaisiuK; lmio bes One Salt
loo half do. day 10,oiio tine Segara, 'various
100 qi ar. do. do; brands
300 ke-K Nails; 100 bixes Star Candles-
150 bins. Cincinnati Wbra- 50 ' Starch: '
ky. varHts brands; 50 bxs. Cognac lirandr
50 bhlii. Knurbon Whndiy; -.ti ciwn Mdb-hes; '
60 Xl tnoncahcla do"; l'6 coils Cotton. Hope
50 " Am Brandy; 1 Ml canes Fresh Pea, lies
21 cai-s .irdiues; 2D'J boxes Cbeewe.
3 tiercek Fipn; lo tierevs Rice,
W :th many mUer artH'les in tlie l.rorery lm.
KliiKJ-AllUCal, NKVINS k C
feb 20td Waa
No. S9, Kmrket Street,
AS1 1 V 1 1. T KN X KSSIIE,
wuuesAtj ine nrrin iiutn n
!Ketlieul, Miscellaneous and School Eooks,
TocrmcK wrm
I-eler, Cap, Xew, Wrapping
and other Papers;
a mi a umii rnvmrmrvr 11m
Ink, Slates, Pencils and Stationery generally.
Hide and Ssek ; x.-vei. Ry wak Coiims, Au
thor ..f "Ttie laj Kivrel," lc.,l-c.
Plaiter'a Nortnern Bride; By Caroline W neim
Linda; u .4
Egbert Graham ;
Bena; or. The Snow Bird; " "
Marcns Warland; "
Ciurtship and MarHaye; " "
Eoline; or, Wagrclia Vale; "
Love after ISTarnage;
Helon and Arthur; -
The Baaahed Son ; "
The Lost Daughter; " "
The Lost Heiress; Iiy Mrs. ouihwouh.
The Diea-dd Daughter; "
The Darted Wife;
The Kissing Bride; "
H'jtribution ;
The Initials; a b.ve Ptry of M.Kiem im.
Habel Vaughan and the Lamp Lighter.
A fiitbvr lilly junt received by
f.-bUif F. H.VCAV, Market st.
The Creat Dic-oi erieaof tlie Age.
ik. Mvi(.viM:tv joi n.i.s,
Jin-t rea 'y, with TAvo Mapn br ArroBKntitb; a wr
trs't on steel, ami 60 u;-rb iMuslratlons, otia volume,
I'rii e $.i St.
Xliwt.miiry TravHa au.l HeMtrrbes In Smitli Afri
ca. Inclining a skeb h of hixteen Years Keaklenre in
the interior of Africa, and a Journey from the Ca ut
Good Ho to Loauilo, on the West t'oaxt; tlienr
arrot the continert, down the river IjimbeMt, to tha
F.iU rn tirean. r.y PAVIO L1VIXCT.W, IX.I)., I).
C. L. Jnsl iM-eived by F. llACiV,
feb.'i tf Market Stree t.
For the Counting Iloom.
Check Books on all the Eanks;
B'ank Note Books;
Blank Drafts;
Bills of Exchange;
Fine Bed Inks;
Blotting Board ;
Rulers and Pencils;
Bank Pens a superior article ;
Copying Books and Brashes;
Arnold's Plmd;
Bill Heads, rost Boxes, &e ;
febit. if nan
tFKVA-E SKIXNFJ?; or, 'ea..y in mnd pound
fUlirh , by TiiKorioitK llo..
Jl.-I WIIiJAM, a Tale f Huki,maUe life, by
Yul Vi." AMUIICA IV WAIJ. JTIIFFT, by fiso. r.
Tkai ir.
lAKKfS IX TIIK FI.OM KKY LAX1; ar, Popular
Ut Itrtttlfitt it .VirrA Ckimx.
S1A. A l l.tli: nR FYUIYTinNt! AN7 FVt RYTKINO
Mill EilX RliUKM LSAMIMJI, or, tk, I num if (km
Xi(k mn t Ni.f.
TuliY. -r'N;S AXI POEMS F THE tWilTII, by A. B.
Iw-ee.ve.l and for tjklo by
i.-Miir iu nur.i.Es w. fiimi
""E Invito the auMla of Vert banla and Tiaelcra
t V gruvral'y to our large st.tk ot
Sf'.col I'ocls and Stationrrj,
At tiricea w lit, h canuvt 1 u. j lee. Our to-k of
llscclivneous Uooks
Is also Uree, and re vill sell al very 0t itV
low TAr to thu ho buy lo eil MkEJJ't
learl.ers onuld lo well to examiDv Saasiss
our st k. Wc will tuiJte sciai arrai.eiocnl tosujk-
J.lV Schools.
rTTT.VHX k FYAXi", Afruu.
Aug ly la.t Ci.la 1'ubbc lsjuare,NahvUl
fT'IIE f. lh wii f l a MI1U XlS.ft -rorty hM
X will be s'livB to I'uittaat-rs of buokk al Uta lima
ul sale by
The Vnited States BaeTclent Society for tia
Eiruavoa ox vse ul Knowledge:
r.t. li i u svt Cold w steu-.hiu.i.t g ctMi, tioe m
I Oil ut AM h-T Cold . --clic, Luiitil g rases, M
I null t l.u-:.-r .. i'. T. lU be, Lunt-nj caat-s, MM
1 s' t-e-ij Wab Us, hi Lt.1 r taaes, 16 IX
lluLl tf mirr Jurl, liurta g Mte, i 00
OvbU' iku.'i i.m I mtw. tMi 1 ics, iw t ui IS caret
.. ,) r oo
liet.u' t "ai.fiMiiia Tlanimiil tjrrm, IJ 0
l.ri , ttM.blv cm Uii'Mlure lK'keU, 10 00
N l i f t .n..-o I lt. suu Wo, i 00
at' M or loeo J-Wv 1U.UOI1J, i 0t
, lii -kt-ii.r 't ilwn ; tin a, i tK
Ct-i.U' to. Id 1 cu and i id ae, larfe, )U
lain 1 m iiid IM.M r.-ar, - a m
r..cr lvtic:l aod tU, three titciuuocu, T SO
r'.lvcr I ei t ii and ti4a ivta, SM
t.oi.l l. k.u, to (Usw-s. S SO
i.,i.u 1 ..-r l. rid l.u.k's, hvaty, a 00
ladve tuiid I-lraM ill, S St
Mr' to id Lar l-ro;, t SO
Ulh' boll Vno M me, S ta
C.I.U' l.i'M Horn lk.Uuia, S 00
laUbS' Oold 1.-UI11, S M
U'ia" 0"t-i l.-nc, 1 M
I..H1,' 1.nI Lrf, 1 M
!:. 'it w Kibu. 1-a.s, i oo
I a,r 1 ii b l-old Uy Vrlt, th 00
I ,i. U . j .u! er I Ulei t'aatoi , It 00
.-.:r 1 1!,ks heavy , Ir Ml t 00
7variis, " " t M
' " liu Inks, m S OO
DU--a Urpc aud vli.llc assoi tnieol of BiiwUa
Cr. a urtxi. , U lU vja.rt.lauj (Mbaiueitlal, Vtl J( la
tlu I. - ma ii f-I U tu ISO.
use ,4 l'ie hh. articir will be fire to t pur-
-f rl vat kkid IL l:lu the work la 'M.
Xuf i-txi by Ujmrit an urdr lur baAa. with
iu.m.1) iui.M,, ol rti aa evtea busk aad in
a .it. every tea U-ki, twilW Um or by iJtra.
Al vtkri lot Kka aUi IKvs'Hy uuoaitiai
ly a.kJ.
'laf f.:, la s J civi ui aco-iuiiaay the IVkAs
rv,A b 4. raa be hit Ut mu prt bv mail. ft
ah ut tue a 01 bcaMal by tuail W aay orv)r
aa-n aiiH-ln a-t-
u tut f !'' u Paaks takes at Ir :
U.MS 4 a. (a,
rttaunrvaut, ,
" La.scum,
n r. Kti cr.
At-aT Fm Tax jporsarr.
OU !'or4.JBe Itiul.iiBf, rurcr vt Cedar and I Wry,
Naab a., bc U b4ji and Cilia ar ota for Uk
aittt, uay aaJ sthk febll f
"Vlauost Vlauost'
Tt't U call th aitxaUua of twraoaa sJmc flue
1 lANlk' toil tuoa.U prvea avor, rtv'v4
U tsy r-'( siwaur leaijiu-t. TUe kiaWtumwts ar
Iruta vwlcbtkted Biikkvvs, iuu.cr ba, aaU tsarrauV
4 M.vixir rwUCikiaj-. 11 1 t Suit U Uuta.

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