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I 9: A
Itqsljmllc patriot
howijw- , ,. .
-IKAP.JONB'. unOTr'"
Office No. 16 Ilcatferlck Street.
ATJGTJST 23. 185
Hon. J. J. CrmewdeYi.
' The ditstioguibbed Washington 'corfecrt
dcnt of the Philadelphia Pteia fpeuks "as fol
lows of our Kentucky statesman
I .have uo hesitation in proHcWrncing untrue
this rumor, originating with "a Tenn-wee pa
per, that Mr. Crittenden ba'd declared that he
would not accept tfamination for the next
I'reridencj, if it were tendered to him. He
probaMr naid tv4:e what he has alwayo de
clared here, ttiftt h-i has no aspirations for the
,. ltositioa: bet he i too good a citizen ever to
refuse to accept any responsibility that the
, Amerka people may di-cide to impose upon
., Whk : The people of Tennessee regard him
iu the lijrht of a competitor to Mr. Dell, and
hence tbe creation and circulation of tbia ru
The only fear in reference to Mr. Critten
den an a President would lie that, in one re
pect,he might too much resemble Cbarlians,
one of the ancient Spartan kings, whom Plu
'tarch declares to have been so good a man
a not to find in his heart to punish the bad.7'
His genuine benevolence and genial good na
ture might lead him too strongly to syinpa-
thise with the '-ins," and thus jeopard the in
tercuts of the "outs." Perhaps, however, like
. CharlianB, be might have a Lycurgus at his
elbow to encourage him in the severe admin
istration of the laws of custom and of party.
."'. The above absurd talk U based upon a par
agraph which appeared in the Lebanon (Te.)
JLrtdd stating that J. J. Crittenden had been
in that place, and declined tbe use of his
name in connection with the nomination for
the Presidency. The Herald had reference to
Mr. Crittenden of "WHoon county, Tenu.. and
not to the inveterate place hunter of Ken
tucky. A. H. If. Dawso.v, E-mj., of Georgia,
delivered a lecture in New York, on the lliUi
Inst., for the benefit of the Mount Vernon As
aociation. Commenting upon the ruruor that
J. mix A. Washington, contemplated removing
the remains of his illuxtrious kinsman, he in
troduced tbe following extract of a letter
from Mr. V.:
'-The charges made in the slips of newspa-jkj-s
you have inclosed to me that I wished
or designed to remove the remains of (Jen.
Washington from the vault at Mount Vernon
are simply ridiculous falsehood. The pro
hibition of the removal of Gen. Washington's
le mains w.is one of the stipulations which I
I isisted upon having inserted in the charter
and in the contract; and my d etermination to
make no contract without this prohibition
seemed at one time almost an insnp rable !
stacle to making any arrangements whatever
with the Association, but tbe opposite parties
were obliged to yield to this iK:nt, or not
make any contract with me for the purchase
of Mount Vernon."
Xlie Sew American Cyclopaedia.
The third volume of this highly successful
oi k has been for some days before us. It is
excellent in various ways. Its positive, in
trinsic merits are great, win re the preceding
volumes were good it is better and it indi
cates such an increasing editorial watchful
necs and ability as to warrant high expecta
tions of the publication as a whole. We con
fess rurselves not a little interested in the
" proper execution of the ta.-k which Messrs.
Kiplkt and Dana have assumed; and we won
der somewhat at the indifference shown by a
few of our more influential contemporaries
toward a work which will be inevitably
look d upon as a fair exponent of tbe stan
dard of American attainment in the various
dfpartmcnts of science and letters.
The prcscut volume, although the third of
fifteen, is occupied by only a part of the let
ter It. from Beam lo Browning; and this
renews an apprehension which we have before
vxprssed, that iu the middle and latter vol
umes the articles will necesearily be subjec
ted to disproportionate curtailment. Th.
editors however must now be fully awake to
this danger, and prepared for it; but if they
do produce a work entirely symmetrical in
this respect, it will be the first time, we
believe, that sucb a feat has been accomplish
ed, in a serial publication, within the compass
of a predetermined nunilier of volumes.
Should a curtailment be found necessary, it
may be made with most propriety and advan
tage in tbe department of American biogra
phy. We know that it is intended and with
great fitness that the Xew American Vydoptx
dia shall le quite full in this department; and
we would not see one jot of its particularity
iu this respect diminished wiib regard to those
who have achieved an honorable distinction
in any walk of life, or attached their names
inseparably to any great interest, or even re
commended an excessive reticence as to jier
sous who have attained a bad eminence. 15ut
the editors might with advantage be much
more exclusive than they are What, fur in
stance, is the claim of L'kkstox S. I ! rooks to
nearly halfa page in auy cyelopa-dia?
But we turn to some of the mauy note
worthy articles in the present volume. Pro
minent among these is that on Benttty, which
presents with great clearness all the various
theories of the beautiful that have been ad
vanced from the time of Plato to that of
- IIeoel; and which, if its definition that
beauty is "the quality of obji-cts which gives
delight to the B'sthetic faculty," le unsatis
factory, is in that respect only like all other
articles that have ever been written upou the
subject. The beauty of object may be
described; but abstract beauty has yet to be
' defined.
The articles Bet and Bee keeping are among
the finest papers upon subjects of their kind
that we have met with; bill in details. sys
tematic in arrangement, and simple aud clear
In style. They will be found int resting to
ail readers, and filled with information of
great value to those who are or may tiecoine
bee-keepers. There are several articles of this
nature iu tbe present volume; among them
are Jiois. Brootn-eorn Bleurhings Blow-pipe,
The article, BilU, gives an admirable des
cription of the sec red volume, and a very
comprehensive though compact bistory of the
vicissitudes through which its t xl Las pas
sed during many centuries and in various
toiigucs. With irudence and not a little
skill, it keeps entirely clear of all tbe doc
triual and practical questions with which the
subject would seem to In? inextricably involv
ed. A Jew or a Christian, and among
Christians, an ultramontane Uoman Catholic
or a Unitarian of tlic tuoet latitudinal iau
views, may rend the article, and find iu it no
ground of oitenci. except perbtps iu the
wmissiou of something that would provoke
the reaentinent of tbe holder of au opposite
creed. Tlie articles Bihmgrnpho and BtUta
mania are excellent in their kind, and filled
with tbe fruits ot wide and various study.
Tbe former contains au enumeration of tb
most valuable works in its department which
may be consulted with great profit by p ntons
who are afflicted with tbe Incurable disease
treated of in tbe latter. The cognate article
upon Bookbtnduif .exhibit thorough knowl
edge of the su:.-ct, l full and exact in its
description, and may 1m? profitably read by all
those wbo are particular about tbe appear
ance and stability of tbeir libraries. On
JloohseUtna th ti is also an article coutaiuinga
ma of very intcresUug iuformaliou uuoa
taw important branch of trade, which, w
believe, is not accotwible iu auy other volume.
Among the important articles which give
evidence of having been pu pared by wrturs
who have nude their suly-cts stecial studies,
are Blind, Blood, Botany and Brum, abicb,
recording the result of the very lat iuvea
tigatiuMs of science, give such lull luforuta
liou upou their respective topics that be who
wishes to know more mail himself become au
. Biography baa been mentioned as a depart
ment la which this Cyclopaedia excels; and
upon biography there is au article la which
the bibliography of the sul j- ct is exhausted.
The biographical articles iu this volume main
tain tbe eminence of tbe work in this respect.
Tbe series upon tbe UosArAHTit family is a
noble one; but the opinion with wuicu thai
upon Xapolkom ends, that be p-awed. per.
hap, the in-t lofty aud eoumtaiMluig iuiel
lect ever given to a human being w.ll feud
many dissenters from lU extra vaguoce. The
artrW upon CuiKi-ornt liuostn. although
too minute la Its details, aud tu our ooluioo,
pitched throughout lo too laudatory key, is
perhaps the bdt sketch that has b n -written
of the career of that remarkable and gifted
wwuau. . This U alio true of tb artkle upon
Ei.i4AB.iTH Bahkkt Biwwmso; while that op-
on TtoBEBT Browxtxo. thoueb. Wlttc Vrit
marked discrimination, doett PcantjQsffce, and
is cold, to the greatest dramatic pV)et of . the
English language except ShakSespkabe.
While npon this subject we revert to the
euggestion in onr remark npon the articles
Baron and Bach in the second volume, that
they might possibly becompelled from foreign
sources unknown to us. When we surmise
that this mlglit be the case, we had in mem
ory certain passages of a too modest Preface
and Prw'ftectns. and were ignorant that al
though an existing authorities are conf-ulted,
every Yticle in this Cyclopaedia is written
specially for if. We are glad to be able to
iVe credit where it is due for two of the fin
est articles of their kind that we have met
with. That on Bacon presents a new and
profound view of his character; and the one
on tbe Bauhs gives an unequalled account of
that remarkable family which bears so impor
tant a part in .the history of music. . -
Among t'ic very few errors which we have
noticed in tb present volume is the perpetua
tion in the article on Beheading, of the popu
lar notion, that lr. Gnr.i.oTix pcrif-bed by the
Instrument of death which he invented. This
is a mistake: Gi'iuxrrrx died quietly in his
bed, in the vear lfe!4. We are somew hat sur
prised, considering what names are found Hi
this work; to see that of Albert Brisbane,
who for good or for ill, has exerted an influ
ence in this country not unknown to the idi
tor. is omitted.
. We have not la-fore noticed that the ar
rangement of articles with the same title ac
cording to the alphabetical rank of their sec
ond titles, and the carefully m ule Index to
each volume make this Cyclopanlia peculiarly
easy of reference. X. Y. Chur. Sr Enq.
Xlie Atlautic Telegraph How tt will
ibe Worked.
The Battekt to bb Used in Teleobapuino.
The primary source of the iufiuence which
will be charged with the service of the At
lantic Telegraphy will be a giant voltaic
battery of ten capacious cells, which may be
appropriately termed the "Wbitehouse Lami
nated or perpetual Maintenance Battery.' on
account of the one marked peculiarity which
especially fits it for the employment it is de-
sijrned for. This battery is made upon th
Smee principle, so far as the adoption of pla
tinized silver and zinc for its plates is con
cerned; but it differs from every form of con
bination that has hitherto been in use, in hav
ing the plates of each cell so subdivided into
subordinate portions, that any oue ot these
may be taken away from the rest for the pur
pose of renewal or repair, without the action
of the rest of the excited surface of the cell
lieign suspended for a single inomeut. The
battery, in fact may Ihj entirely renewed a
hundred times without its ojM-rution having
been troubled with even a pa-sintr intermission.
So long us a fair amount of attention is given
to the renewal of its zinc element, piece meal,
it is indeed literally exhaust less and perma;
nent. This very desirable quality is secured
by a singularly simple and ingenious con
trivance, iiiece.i ltscir is torineu ot a qua
drangular ' trou ah ot gutta perch a, wood
strengthened outside, in which dilute acid is
contained, the proportion of acid to water
being oue part in fitteen or sixteen. There
are grooves in the gutta p: rcha Into whi h
several metal plates slide in a vertical posi
tion. These plates are silver and zinc alter
nately, but they art not pairs of plates in an
electrical sense. Eieh zinc plate rests firmly
at the bottom on a loni bar of zinc, which
runs from end to end of the trough, and thus
virtually unites the whole into one continuous
extent of zinc, presenting not less than 2,000
square inches of excitable surface to the ex
citing liquid.
Each silver plate hangs in a similar way
from a metalic bar, which runs from end to
end of the trough above, the whole of the
silver being thus virtually united into one
continuous surface of equal extent to the
face of the zinc. The zinc docs not reach
so high us the upper longitudinal bar, and
the silver does not hang down as low as the
inferior longitudinal bar. The buttery is thus
compos; d of a single pair of laminated plates
although to the eye it seems to be made up
of sewral pairs of plates.
Nature has set the example of arranging
extended surfaces .into reduplicating folds
when it is required that such surface shall be
packed away in a narrow space at the same
time that a large acting area is preserved, in
the laminated antennas of the cock-chafer,
antenna;, indeed, are the types of the White
bouse battery. If any one of these redupli
cate segments of either kind of metal is re
moved, the remaining portion continues its
action steadily, the eff -ct merely being the
same that would be produced if a fragment of
an ordimuy pair of plates were temporarily
cutaway. TJe silver lamina fire of consider
able thickness, and securely "platiuate" all
over that is. platinum is thrown down upon
their surfaces in a compact metalic form, and
not merely in the black pulverulent state;
consequently they are almost exempt from
wear. Each zinc lamina is withdrawn as soon
as it amalgamation is injuriously affected, or
so soon as its own substance is mainly eaten
away by the action ot the chemical inenstrum
in which it is emerssd, and a freshly amalga
mated, or new zinc lamina, is inserted into
its own place. The capability of the piece
meal renewal of the consumptive element of
the battery into this interpolatory and frag
mentary way, is then the cause of its "perjet
ual maintaining' power. Tbe intensity of a
vottaic arrangement depends upon the num
ber of its pairs of plates, or cells. If, iu the
exp rimetit, the intensity of the electricity
bad been increased, without Soy alteration of
quantity, merely by multiplying the nuiuWr
of the cells engaged or by some analogous
modification ot instrumental agency, the body
which rtsisted the current of the batterv with
such complete eff' ct would have leen flashed
through and burnt up. like a fragment ot
metal that had inferior powers of resistance.
Tkaxsmissiox or the Cvurext. The pri
mary voltaic current procured iroin wis
battery, will he used to "stimulate and ' call
up ' energies of those fleeter messengers,
electrical in nature, by the aid of which alone
can the message be expedited. The voltaic
current therefore passed to a silk-covered
wire, in innumerable coils, enveloping a bar
of soft iron immediately sheathed iu gutta
percha. Several miles of thisjline wire (So
20) are twined altout this iron centre; then
comes another coat of gutta-percha, theu
another coil of wire, thicker this time, (No.
14,) and miles in length. The voltaic
current, passing through the wires, aud
reaching iron core, converts it into a power
ful maguet, exciting a current of electricity
which i d-livered to the No. 20 coil and
thence to the cable, whence it d parts on its
Transatlantic voyagn. Electricity having
thus produced iu the first instance magnet
ism, and raugnctii tn having reproduced elec
tricity, a trausmissive power is obtaiued,
which the orignsl currnt did not possess.
' Tiib Ueckivixo Instki'mknt. The tran
missioit current generated iu these double iu
duclion coils, on reaching the further side of
the Atlantic, will ot course have become
somewhat faint and weak from the extent of
tbe jouruey it has performed. It will not,
therefore, Im set in this slate to print or to
bard woik; but it will be thrown iuto a sort
of nursery, known as the receiving instru
ment, wnere its Waging energies will be
restored. The conducting strand of the cable
will be here made continuous with a coil of
wire surrounding a bar ot soft iron, ubich
will In-come a temporary magnet, etrong iu
proportion to the number of turus in the coil,
whenever the current passes.
This tempotsry maguet will hue Its pre
cise polarity determined by the direction in
which the electrical current passes along the
wire. Tbe pole which will be north a ben the
current passes in oue direction, will bo south
when it ruus the opposite way. The appara
tus relied upou by the Company to effect this
object-is an improuem -nt upou the relay mag
net, which figured in Messrs. Cooke aud
WbeaUtoue's pate ut. Tbe advantage of it is.
that the temporary niHguet has do other work
to do titan to make the small permanent mag.
net traverse upou its almost frictionleaa pivot.
On uccouat of ibis peculiarity ot construc
tion, it possenaea tbe utmost sensibility. It
may be put into vigorous action by a six
pence, and a f ragmen I of line placed on the
moist tongue. Wbea two or three ot these
instrument are scatt red abont in tbe room
where the large double induction coil are at
work, they are commonly heard clicking
backward and , forwards automatically, ami
doing a little bufbien ou their own accouut,
although uo currsut of any kind is thrown
upon their coil. They are then merely tra
versing -pou tbeir pivoLS, obediently to tbe
magnetic4 attraction of the great bam, bating
their tuaguetisin successively reversed some
two or three yard away, and curiously
enough, are sympathetically recording, at
such times, precisely . tbe same signals aud
m -usages that the great inaguel ars sending
off through the tTAusmiwiion coils.
Tub KaixuuHso MachijuskY. The actual
recording work of lbs Wiegraph will be per
formed by llii ordinary iustrutneut of Pi of.
llorw. I-i that recording lutruineul a ribbuu
of paper is enrolled from a hollow cylinder or
drum by a tra of clock woik. and as It U
unrolled a sharp sttle, luagueticalty dirtcU-d,
ludcuU a series of dots or lines upon tbe pa
per. Whea tbe style is thrust down only fr
an InsUut a the paper is drag d beneaih. a
eU is buttressed. n bvu it is kept down for a
hills ui"T than aa lutanl a k-ugtbeusd boa
or duk is left on th ouward moving paper asT
a track
But Low
U the style thus magnetically
eontroled? It is held np by a stronjr spring.
neath It there is a soft iron bar, which be
comes a magnet whenever a vol taio enrren t
is turned out from the local battery along a
coil surrounding it. henever the soft iron
bar become a magnet it is stronger than tbe
spring, and drags down the style to make its
dot or dasb, as the case may be. When it
ceases to be a magnet the spring comes into
play and lifts the style up so that tbe paper
traverses on beneath, traceless and free."" The
style is held down an instant,' or more than
an instant, accordingly as aa instantaneous
or as a prolonged current is sent from the
transmission coil, and therefore from the. local
recording battery through the short circuit;
for as it has been seen, the two will Is; in
magnetic and electrical rapport, although
severed by tbe Atlantic's breadth.
f There will be only one conducting stand
laid down in the Atlantic, but yet enough
distinct signals can be transmitted by this
one wire to accommodate all the letters of the
alpbebet and the several numerals. When
a message is sent -across the Atlantic tbe
crank handle of the might battery will le
worked backward and forward, miking its
contacts instaptajueous! or prolonged. When
they are instantaneous dots will be: formed
on the paper ribbon by the recording -Ftyle at
the other side of the Atlantic; when they -are
protracted, dashes will by traced there.
Words will be spelt according to the way in
which instantaneons and protracted contacts,
aud therefore dots and dashes are cau-eel to
succeed each other. The. trace on the paper
in America will corr;pond to the movement
of the band in Great Britain, or vice versa.
The clerks who attend at the recording
instrument become so epxert in their curious
hieroglyphics that they do not need to look
at tbe printed record to know what tbe
message under reception is; the recording in
Rtrument has for them an intelligible articu
late language.
They understand Us tpeech. They can close
tbeir eyes and listen to tbe strange clicking
that is going on close to their ear whilst the
printing is in progress and at ouce say what it
all means. X. i. lme.
Crown Glass.
It is well known that the manufacture of
crown glass used for glazing windows and for
other purposes has been extensively produced
by blowiug tbe material into the form of
globes, and afterwards, by means of the opera
tion called Bashing, such globes are thrown
open iuto flat circular plates called tables.
Heretofore, the metal when tak-n from the
pot has been rolled on a smooth iron surface
iu order to bring the outer end of the metal
to a conical form, the extreme end of which
becbuies the outer axis of the globe, during
the operation of blowing and working the
glass into the required from. This outer axis
is called the bullion. During the expending
of the metal iuto the globular form the work
man rolls the bullion along a straight edge or
bar called the bullion-bar, as is well under
stood. In doing this the outer end of the
glass globe, whilst expanding and continually
revolving, rubs against the bullion-bar, by
which action parts of the surface of glass are
disturlsed or made irregular, and as the globe
extends in dimensions this rubbed surface
enlarges: the consequence being that when
the table of glass is complete there are at all
times more or less waved lines for some
inches around the bullion or the centre ot the
table of glass, which le'ssems the value. The
avoidance of this difficulty has been effected
by dispensing with the bullion bar, and
supplying its place by the application of a
tube or hollow bearing for the bullion or
outer axis of the globe of glass during its
expansion. By this means that party of the
surface which was rubbed by the bullion-bar
is in no way prejudicially acted on, aud the
waved appearatiee before consequent on the
manner of operating is avoided.
A New Species ok Cotton. Mr. Thomas
Smith, who resides in the immediate vicinity
of Richmond, has a small field of cotton
which is considered a curiosity by all who
have seen it. It differs but little in appear
ance from the ordinary kind, except in color
which is as delicately crimsoned as a maiden's
blush. Not only is the stalk of this gorgeous
hue, but the leaves also, the vividuess of co
lor, fading, however, as it approache-s the
margin of the leaf, into a purplish green.
This is not the effect of disease of an extran
eous circumstance connected with its culiure
but a peculiarity in the plant itself, every
stalk possessing the same rich and healthful
glow, aud as thrifty as any cotton iu the
country. Where the seed originally came
from we have not as yet ascertained. . The
prospect eif a heavy yield is equal to that of
any other species, beiug well boiled, and the
wee-d of vigorous growth. We were shown
the lint of a few bolls, of last year's growth,
and for fineness and length of staple we be
lieve it not inferior to the sea island. If this
cotton turns out as well as present appear
ances indicate, it will be a valuable acquisi
tion to this branch of agricultural insdustry.
Richmond ( Va.) Reporter.
A Kiss that Dion't Pat. The Toledo
Re-cord gets off a good one in regard to a
citizen of Iowa, whose wife iu his absence
had been kissed by a drover while giving a
glass of water. When he heard of the out
rage he started in pursuit, found the drover
after a hard day's ride aud accused him of
the theft.
The drover admitted the truth of the soft
impeachment said he had been long time
from home, was sorely tempted, and in an
ungarded moment of frenzy purloiue-d the
kiss; but that he had not damaged tbe womau
in the smallest particular was very sorry,
thought it was no matter to make a great ado
about, and therefore begged to be excused.
The husband finally concluded that this
was the right view of tbe matter, and agreed
to settle it upon tbe receipt of $5 for his
day's ride. This being satisfactory, the
drover banded over a $10 bill aud received
$5 iu change. But when the aggrieved Ben
edict returned home and consulted his detec
tor he found the bill a counterfeit. He found
he had suffered the indignity of having his
wife kissed by a "nasty drover," passed one
day iuthe saddle aud lost $10, and concluded
that it didn't pay.
Ax Outspoken Epitaph. A remaakably
outspoken one, from a monument in Horsley
down Church, in Cumin-Hand, ruusas follows.
"lle're lies the IsKlie-s of Thomas Bond and
Mary bis wife. Sue was temperate, chaste,
and charitable; but she was proud, peevish,
and passionate. She was an affectionate wife
and tender mother, but her busbaud aud child,
whom she loved, seldom saw b r countenance
without a disgusting frown, while she receiv
ed visitors whom she despis-d with an endear
ing sinil-. Her behavior was discreet toward
st-angers, but imprudent in her family.
Abroad her conduct was influenced by good
breeding, but ut borne by ill temper."
And so the epitaph runs to considerable
length, acknowledging the good qualities of
the poor womau, but killing each by setting
against it some peculiarly uuamiable trait.
1 coufess that tny feeling is quite turned in
her favor by the unmanly assault which her
brother (the author of the iuscripliou) has
thus made upou the poor dead woman. If
vou cannot honestly say good of a human be
i.ig on the gravesioiie, ihea say nothing at all
trueer't Magazine for July.
JZ-ir" The Washingtoo correspondent of tbe
X. V. Times says la relation to the two
feimmissiontTs wbo have arrived there from
Tbe commissioners do not hesitate to say
that much remains to be done before tbe
Mormons will be brought to . that obedience
which Is necessary for tbe continuance of
amicable relations. Accepting this proposition
I am credibly Informed that tbe Government
will so mature its plans to this end that tbeir
purpose must eventually be accomplished, in
tbe face of the oppeMliou which may be array,
ed against it,
Tbe Commissioners also verify tbe accounts
published of the conduct of the redoubtable
Brighatn Young toward bis deluded followers.
So unjust and tyrannical has this U-toiue that
It is deemed uecescary . to r p. -at tbe instruc
tions bervforo given to tbe officers of the Gov
ernment la Utah, to afford them all tbe protec
tion iu their power.
To Prevent Flics mo Tkasoo Horses.
Tbe I'rairie Farmer gives tbe following Ua
ple recipe for preventing the attacks of these
pestiferous and dangerous Insect :
Tsks two or three small handful of wslonl
leaves, upon which pour two or three quarts
of soft cold water; let it Infuse one night, and
poor tbe whole next morninj Into a kettle,
and let It boil fir quarter of an hour. ; Whea
cold it will be fit fur use. No more is req air
ed than to moiflea sponge, and before tbe
bore goes out of tbe stable, let tbuee parts
which, are tbe most irritated be sm-ared over
wiib the liquor, via: betweea and apon the
ears, tbe nock, flank, etc Not only the lady
or g-'otleman a ho rid-s oat fr pleasure,
will derive a benefit from the leaves thus pre
pired.imt the .coachman, tbe wagoner, and
Iall others wbo uo horses daring tlic hot
How to Xell a Lawyer.
, ,A. few years since, a gentleman being be
yond tbe limits ot bis neighborhood, inquired
I ofa pert negro if the road he waa traveling
l-d to a certain place. Cuffee gave the re
quired information, but seemed curious to
know wbo tbe stranger was, as well as bis
occupation. For the fun"' of the thing. the
traveler concluded to humor Ebony a little,
and tbe following dialogue ensued :
"My name is . , and as to the business
P follow, if you are at all smart, you can
guess that from my appearance cau't you
see that I am a timber-cutter?"
-No, boss, you no timber-cutter."
"An overseer, then!" -: ) .: j j . , .
No, sir, you no look like one."
"What say you to my being a doctor?"
"Don't think so, boss, dey don't ride in
.'iWell, bow do you .think I will do for
I sorter spec's you is dat, sir."
"Pshaw, Cuffee, you are a greater fool than
1 wok you Tor- don 1 1 look more like a law
yer than anything else?" : .
uXo sirrre. Bob, you don't dat."
' "Why, Cuffee?"' . .
' Why,- now you see, boss, ise bin ridin' wid
yon for morena mile and you hamt cuseeda.uy.
and a lawyer always cusses." Cbr. Charleston
French y In a Fix.
"Ah," said Monsieur to his friend Sniffin,
my sweetheart has given me the mitten."
Indeed, how did that happen?" '
;VelI, I thought I must go to make her von
visit before I leave town; so I step in de side
of de room and den behold her beautiful pair
son stretch out on von lazy."
"A lounge, you mean."
"Ah. ye-s, von lounge. And den I make von
vere polite braneb, aud "
"You mean a polite bow."
"Ah, yes, von bough. And den I say I was
ver sure she would be rot ton, if I did not
come to see her before I "
"You said what?"
"I said she would be rotten if "
"That's enough; you have put your foot In
it, to be sure."
"No, sare, I put my foot out of it: for she
says she would call her sacre big brother, and
keck me out, but I had iu ten seen to say mor-tifii-d,
but could not think of de vord. and mor
tify and rot is all de same as vou in my dic
tiouare." Singular Disappearance op a Lady. A
letter from New York, on the 13th, relates
the following siugular circumstance:
On the 2Gth ult.. Mrs. Eliza Brannan, a
daughter of the late Col. J. B. Crane of the
United States army, aud wife of Capt. J. N..
Brannan. of the Uuite-d States army, stationed
at Key West, Florida, came to this city from
Stateu Island, in company with her mo: her
and brother, for the purpose of shopping.
She parted from them about one o'clock to
call on a lady friend residing iu Third street,
and this is the last that has lieeu seeu of her
by any member of her family. It is feared
that bbe has met with a violent death.
The Easton Express publishes the fol
lowing recipe for a novel luxury for the green
corn season :
Take a dozen or two ears of corn, the
swtH-t varieties preferred, husk, aud, without
boiling, grate off the grains. Stir into ibis
two table-spoonsful of flour for every dozen
ears, and also an egg. previously well beaten,
and a little salt, and a very little sugar; it
the corn be sweet, about two table spoonsful
to every dozen ears. Let the whole be well
stirred, aud baked in a greased tin-pan lor an
hour, in a hot oven. Then cat with fresh
butter or cream.
The drvq trade m Cauxtta. Physicians
in India raise blisters with red hot iron.. and
dress them with Cayenne pepper. If such
treatment doesn't make men "smart" it is
hard to say what would. The favorite cathar
tic of that country is pills made of gunpow
der twelve are given for a dose. A minute
after they are down, a coal fire is administer
ed, wheu a movement in the particles takes
place that either eradicates the disease or the
invalid commonly the latter. Queer coun
try, that India !
Beauty". In his essay "on the sublime and
beautiful." Burke holds that all obj cts hav
ing tae power of relaxing the nervous sys
tem are beautiful. If that be so, what an ele
gant thing is a shillalab. That haudsome
women unnerve a man we may admit; but
that they do it any more effectively than a
bat over the head, you may safely deny, and
coutinue to do ho as you rememler the last
"wake" you attended. If Burke is right,
then what an object of beauty there must be
in a hangman's rope. Queer stuff, this meta
physics, isu't it?
Size vs. noise. Men are a good deal like
dogs, only more so. It is with the man just
as it is with the cur, the less there is of them
the more noise they make. During the Slieve
gammon movement, the only man who was
determined to overthrow the bloody S ixtons
was a gentleman of Cork who measured four
feet two in his loots. The littlest toe-corns
have always made the biggest aches, and will
probably always continue to do so.
now-a-daysare large, a recipt for diminishing
the quantity consumed will be a great desi
deratum. A recipe that will prevent gas
from escaping will be equally so. These can
both be accomplished in the following manner:
Take a club, and everytime you meet you
meet a stump speaker or a fourth of July ora
tor hit him on the head. A certain cure, or
money may be paid over again.
A dead level Au engineer on the Central
railroad uses tools of a new pattern. When
he wishes to establish "a dead level." he has
recourse to the New York , that being
iu his opinion, the "flattest" thing known to
the scientific world.
p-tr-The local editor of tbe Auburn (New
York) Advertiser, on Sunday uigbt. was seiz
ed, gagged, and bound to a lamp post head
downwards. Exchange.
Provoking. To dream that you are hug
ging an augel, and wake up with the bolster
in your arms.
In this etty, on Saturday Bight last, J. A. McEwKy
Baow-i, hi fa m son of W. M. and M. J, Brews.
It's deeply ympsUiiiw wita our friends, Mat Bsuvy
and Udy , st Uio iuss of their iitU bab. 1
' Dyspepsia and Debility Cured.
Tbbooosb faK, Esq., of the Pittsburgh aud Sua
beoville Stilrusd tfls, say :
"For yer I bars beso so Invalid frum Ityspspsis.
With a hope of relief, I resorted to many advertised
remedies, but failed lo deriving the benefit sought for,
unlit I tried your HOLLAND BITTERS, lbs hapuy
eRVcU of which apon lbs digestive organs, and la re
storing s debilitated system, causes nie to recommend
t euaodenily to all suffering from pysoepsia."
Foreign and Domestic
. A.srv
Ready-made Clothing;
o. 41 Pa bile Square,
UTE lab pteasurs is asaouiiHnf lo oar friends
and 1)m trade r juoTjX,j , lit a ax m rece.iM
of our aiuek J
c--Fall and
c - Al
Winter ' '' ;
Whlrh ws offer fur Cash or to paactoaj dealers, at a
sutail advaor oa. Eastern
iiur slues tabram all tb varieties ssuaity ken
a Wbolcsai tirr voMis ifou, sua kki4 ma
great cars sutt Uata,asat icea U aa Uas asar.
kel aOWusd.
Ws tawrefurs teste tbsas visaing nr asarfcet Is tail
aad SasjBJtt ear guoi sad prices, aa ws ar Sets.
i : ti oAtor Bmsiu u u n watamg la pir
Imm. ALUMS, ANDUujO.li ft CU, '
aagt3 m
v . FOll K11NT. v
AVEAT sad eusnfortabt Ssnrtticg, UtaU4
byas)4 tb NaslxiU aad 1uti HAjtrt t
Ueuot, la H Hire's A4ua, with a gtaud ctsw aad
very coeeeaieae mirry a reader tt s Sestmbla
rostdeaes. Apply tw. W. l BoVO.Jr.,
auft-tf ; ,., a fcl I-Wry U.I
1858. Fall and Winter. 1858.
importers and Wholesale Dealers ut Foreign & Dowustic
Staple, and Faery Cry Goods and notMii?,
No. 49 Public Square, HashTille.
WE are now in receipt of our assortment of Fall
ASb Wixtt.b Dry Uootk, Vaiaenn aud Rum
jiads CLonuxo, embracing all the grades and styles
of such good usually ottered by us, and comprising
many lines in which we have not heretofore dealt.
We call me attention of buyers particularly to our
FANCY DKI'AKTMENT, as ia the selection of goods
under this bead we have deroted. uniuual car and
'attention. - We are -enabled to exhibit this season a
more elegant display of rui goods than npon auy
jirevious occasion. .
Believing, that with onr stock and our rucas, we
can induce even the closest buyer of goods to deal arilh
us, ws invite tb. trade to a close examination of both.
-, - - MOKUAN ft CO.,
aug23-ww2w No. 49 Public Square.
AN ACT ' -
Te) repeal an act entitled an act "Tb give "persons
the privilege of watering the streets, passed
April 26th, 1855.
. BtU enacted by the Mayor and Aldermen cf the Cilf
ef Ifasknlie, Tliat tbe abuve act be, and the same is
hereby repealed, said repeal to take ell'ovt from and
after tbe first day of January, 1859. Passed August
llll, 1658. Attest:
v JOHX A. UcKWEN, Mayor.
' W. JL Gunx, Recorder. aug-23-lt
il.L AlttTIVG, 18SS, will commence on Uuuduy,
September 27th, with a sweepstake with three
year olds tMO entrance (100 lorieit. Two mile
heats. Eight entries
Eli Odom names br f Mary VTylie, by Albion, dam
by Sovereign.
Also, names ch f, by Albion, dam Ann Chase, by
Blyttiei Guild name Hiawatha, by Alb ion, darn by
W. O. Harding names br f Tennessee by Epailon,
dam Kate King, by Priam.
. Also, name, ch f by Albion, dam Delta, by Priam.
T. G. Moore names b f Betty Mauey, by Shamrock,
dam Ida, by Belshazzar.
W. T. Koundtree names ch f, by Glencoe, dam Jane
Watson, by Priam.
Also, uumes ch f, by Albion, dam by Priam.
TUESDAY, 28th.
Sweepstake with two year olds, one mile out (300
entrauce $100 forfeit. Seven entries.
James Jackson bauios ch f Fauuy Bugg, by Am
bassador, dam Ida, by BoUbazzar.
A. Barnes names o f, by Aibiou, dam Ann Chase,
by Leviathan.
. W. T. Kounutree names cb c, by Eiilon, dam by
Hugh Calgy names b c, by Albion, dam by Levia
than. W. T Cheatham names ch c, by Glencoe, dam by
Leviathan. - -
, Eli (Mum naras b c, by Albion, dam by Sovereign.
Also, oaines b f, by Albion, duiu by Sovereign.
Second Ka s With untried three year olds ('200
entrauce (5U lorteit. Three entries.
V T. Cheatham names ch f, by Glencoe, dam by
Leva than.
Blythe & Guild names F.flle Dean.
W . T. Koumllree names cb t. by Albion, dam Eu
dora, by Priam.
Thiru R-kik. Giles county stake, with three year
el'ls Saou entrance, play or pay. Three entries.
Jockey Club Purse, (2ou. Two mile heats.
Jockey Club Purse, (ISO. Oue mile l eats.
f-BCOND Kaca. Swet-ptLike with untried three year
olds (luo entrance (.5 lorteit. tine mile beau.
Five entries.
I). I, lladlt-y nam c-8 b c, by Allen Brown, dam by
V. T. Roundtree names ch f, by Albion, dam by
Littln Tri-k, by Priam.
T. G. Moore names ch g,by 3d Boston, dam by Le
W. T. Cheatham names cb f. oy Glencoe, dam by
K. Mi-rriweiber names ch c, by Ambassador, dam
by Pacific.
Jockey Club Purse $200 one mile heats, three best
iu Ave.
Jockey Club Purse (260 two mile heats.
aug23dAwtd S. J. CAHTF1R, Proprietor.
JHnctioic Sales.
Auction Sale of Groceries
Lanier, Phillips & Co.
OX Monday, AuUt 23d, 1858, we
will sell lor Cash, iu irontot our Warehouse, s
complete aiorlmeut of Groceries, couisting in Wis
follows, viz:
40 htiils. Supar;
200 bugs Cotlue:
75 bills. Molasses;
40 bbls. crushed Si pow
dered Sugar;
45 kits Mackerel ;
8 sacks Almonds; .
' 12 cases Sardines;
20 boxes Cove Oysters;
10 bajrs Pepper;
25 chests lea;
20 bales Cotton Twine;
100 boxes Star Candler;
100 hits. & qrs. do;
75 boxes selected W. R.
100 bbU. White Whisky
IS " N. Y. Braudy,
15 Holland Gin;.
3(10 kess Nails;
7ft doz. Painted Buckets;
30 nests Tubs;
45 boxes Starch; .
150 " Soap,
75 " Doyle's Candles:
100 doz. Mason's Blacking;
35 coils itope;
15 cases Matches;
100 boxes Flasks;
Together with uumerous other articles to make up s
complete sale. LAX1EK, PHILLIl'S St CO.,
augl7 td No. 39 Market ttreet.
Auction Sale of Groceries,
Tuesday Morning:. August 24 la, at 10 o'clock
, Ho. 15 College street,
Nasliville, Tennessee,
WILL sell tn Iront of their Warehouse the follow,
ing articles at Auction:
50 bag prime Kio Cod'ce;
10 hhds. Sugar;
20 bbls. Choice Yellow Sugar;
50 boxes Hyson Tea;
60 " Star Caudles;
60 half boxes Mar Candk-s;
45 qr. " " "
10 casus Ginger Wine, a nice article;
40 boxes extra Virginia Tob:-co;
27 boxes various brands of Tobacco;
"10 b xes Kentucky Leaf Tobicco;
20 half barrels extra Whisky;
60 boxes Brandy;
10 cases Aromatic Bitters;
150 reams Wrapping Paper;
200 dozen Mamin'a Blackmir:
1) kegs Nails, assorted sizo;
8o0 barrels Whisky, assorted brands;
20 barrels Holland Gin;
15 hi " " "
60 bbls J. II. Smith's Old Reserve Whisky;
25 Otd Bourbon Whisk v;
15 " Oi l Mon-ngehela Whisky; .
SO " Malaga Wine;
75 one-half task Cognac Brandy;
60 boxes Whisky;
Together with numerous other articles to maks up a
compu te sale. HLLOX k CO.,
augil-ld Xo. 16. Collec street.
Closing Time "Sale of Groceries
On Tuesday, the 24th of August,
u a n n i s te c o .
win orrra ma sis, at Armojr,
At W. II. Gordon Ac to.'t Warehouse,
135 hhds. N O Sugar, all grades;
125 bbls. and half bbls. Molasses;
ll(K) boxes Star Candles; -
6O0 bbls Whisky;
150 ackages Brandy;
6 JO boxes Soap;
too kecs Nails:
SO cases Sardines;
With Pegars, Tubs, Match, 8r-es, and many ether
articles. The above Goods will be Bared with liber
al privileges. ... .
Fr all sums ander S5O0 rash, over S5O0 atd ander
fl.OOO sixty days, over SI ooO aad under 1 000
ninety days, and over 1 000 four mouths; for ap
proved endorsed Botes parable tn Bank.
auglS-td u io HARRIS CO.
Barey's Varieties.
THH popular sod long establish Company, hv
tug b vn much eala'ged, will pertorm In this
"liy, under a
Oa tills (Monday) Hlgbt, August 23nd, lS3tL
Tbe performances wilt consist of :
Xcw Sonp and llaticcs.
Dramas, Comedies aud farce.
On To-sigh l ntl be ptwnled xhe Drama of tbs
Tv be followed by a Laufbabk fare.
Doors open al 7 o'clock ; Hrrtormaao to cot
awnee at S.
Ts-kes of adraowtoa Ftrty Ceota. ChliJrea aad &r
ra Trwly-6v. t'rars. -
TtM uvMax laka saars tm mnmin to the
einaens of N lahrtlieliul h ba mad.aa Mgatfemeut
wth Mr. BILL rAKKOW.tbe ravoras, f ir a Ivsr
aiugs. tx will appear ia s tni of hi. beat p-
nutO-St t J. U GRAHAM, AgsaU
For TbrN Ktskto OtUytt "
Toe oriiaal celebrated aud rart4 raaowasd
Chinese; IrtisU . and .Jugglers,
I TT IU. si v thras caT their oederfui alartalasaW
if at lii. abov. aBd tUU, uo v- . '- .
Todart tTodaKwday ood Xatorodaiy
. -fcveulaxa, A. Sslta
- Puf nartKmiars txa aU bilu: -
. aoJ9 K 8-Si!r0, rprter.
WE tsavo a Ur ( s-r bum causra. Sloe law's,
J I. tar 'at a n l 4 Mmmts-1! 1-iu-eL Tbs bow
arVK-i. urn ths arst tvcsu.wut tb. vioai faa j t
ijMiwnlVe. AVMntuSU OX
Ttetu "Lbofrtfermrnts.)
Nashville Female Academy.;
THE next Acaderax year begins September 6th.
Hurine the week previous Preparation Week"
U our Teachers will be in their planes, new pupils
will be received and our classes arranged, so that on
the following Monday ws can commence our regular
work for the year .
On Saturday, August 28th, at 4 o'clock P. H ., onr
friends are invited to visit the Academy, at which
time all tbe Buildings will be open for their inspec
tion.' During the present Summer 'he work of laFt
year has been finished , a spacious "Ext rrise Hall,"
and otlier additions tnade,relnliiig more particularly to
the health of our Pupils. There is n other Jcadrmf
Byrildings in the Cnilrd States equal to ours in extent,
eonveniesu-e and healthvines.
- A knowledge of this fact, and also oritur system
of clarification, m ill satisfy any intelligent person
thai large as our School is yet a child here receives,'
from Teachers, more personal attention than she poss
ibly can even in s small private school. We tbuik that ia
our Buildings, and eho in tbe number an 1 experience
of our Teacnere, we shall be better than evr p re
prepared to do all that parents can in reason expect
of a School, in regard to the health, and also the reli
gious aad intellectual culture of yonng Ladies en
trusted lo our care, sillier as Boarders or Dav tk hol
ars. C. D. ELLIOTT.
Wood Working Machinery,
And Circular Saw 31 ills,
Corner John dc Mater it., Cincinnati.
Wood Working Machinery,
And Circular Saw 31ills,
JC ers of
Sash, Doors and Blinds, Fnrnitnre and
Chairs, Rail Cars and Agricul
tural Implements.
Hub, Spoke, Felloe and Wheel
Shafting and Pulleys, with Ball and Socket Hangers,
far eupe ior to those in ordinary use, ami at the low
est price, for descriptive Orculurs, price, Arc, tu:.,
Corner John aud V atter streets,
aug21-wly a.NCINXATI, OHIO.
Commencing Thursday Night, August 19th.
B It K AV E 11 ' S
Gorgeous Seenic Speclacle
or tiik
M a in in t h Cave,
Falls of Niagara.
This Exhibition is one of the OLDEST AND BEST in
tins couiilr) , aud lias been exhibited with irreut suc
cess in nearly every city iu the I'nitvd Stat"-.
The Kxhibition will be int-rseriuni with i-ONGS,
MLslC, Kc. L.icb Exhibition to conclude with the
Original Marion-tit Family!
fS, For pirticulars see Small Kills.
NOON at 3 o'clock.
Du. G. D. DE.YLE, Manager.
. No. 53 Tuhlic Square,
NASiiviLL r:, ti:x.m:ssi:i:.
1(TEare now ofl'.-rinff for sale on accommotatiiig
.'rni (such us may be contracted at time of
each sale)
n i:kciia dise.
German ,
New England, -Mens,
Wrapping Paper,
Negro 0-naburgH,
N- gro Keryyes,
Negro Itrowu and
Mixi-d Jeans,
( liina,
Dry t:ood.4,
1 hlia-lelpliia.
New York,
M .1SH04- ll uset ts ,
New Jersey,
Traveliot; liaga,
SaU bcls,
Our buxiness nequainttitre with the manufacturers
and importeis of tbe articles in which w, deal, at wide
spread, and is no here conflm-d.
We conduct all our buying of Goods m-ith ready
money, and thus try to protect ourselves from the oc
casional necessity of paying alxive value lor any arti
cle we may buy.
We have ample Sales and Sluraa Rooms, and are
otherwise Well prepared to do buninew to any pru
dent extent No House in the United States of equal
magnitude, can practice greater economy in the con
duct of its business We sell as low as wo can to ba
com penated for the labor and rutk of trade, but no
lower unless it oe to secure ready money.
We are free buyers of good quality well packed
Feathers, Ginseng aud Beeswax, al all tbi-y are worth.
and invite shipments to any exU-nl, to be paid for on
delivery with money ayuig Hank NoU-s or the thing
itself, if demanded. Yarn Nicks, Country Ijiineys
and Brown Jean,are pun bared by us with nierctiau
die at the t nin of detiverv.
Buyers of Goods al wholesale will and the Nash
ville market as well or belter furnished with Fall aud
Winter Stocks of Goods than ever before. It is now
the market tor nice things and good bargains for those
wbo know how lo pay. Our own is not the only first
claxs wholesale establishment in our city. We sim-
p.y claim to no oue of Uie nest.
Aug 20 3m
FU and Winter Dry Goods.
Vorclgn a m domestic
Ready-made Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Tint, Varieties,
&C, AkC,
Mo. 1 .HaahTtlle Inn Hleek, -IV
"IttTE arc now li rereita of our Stork ol Goods
VV f'W tha FALL TUA1K. h.h csmprisea every
variety of
' Foreign and Domestic
Together with a complete assortment sf
Bradr-madc Clothinr, Boots Short and Eati.
I'aiUng, as we do, alt the above branches of but
neaa m oo, we think we wUI b able to uflrr suck
leraet to trade with us, and would respectfully sullea
aa examtnauoa of ear Stork when In the city.
mufTM-u ttA.13 St w.
SKSBT eaaa.
Jam. w. caav
u eclipse . ,
Livery and Sale Stable
CASE 4c CEE,rrV Proprietor,
- r-. r : " . i .
rJ L XO. 7 MAKKRT rrHXET, " " " ' "
Horses, Baies and Carriages,
.(xtrssTiT em fnm aiaa.
Atatr Parttcoaar tunuua (tvea to ihs Ruardmgaa4
Fate of Stack. aagls-laa
Dialogue between two Ladie
' about IJabie.
A JQ'Rt.WeU, well, wail I Kara liau-
tuaaihed ta se vua wt ahufiaag aw sum aiar
taa birth ut font baby, a boa yoa rmumiM ta tbm
bnaae More thaa a nrBlh wtwa y Hir eahee cbttdrea
were bwra. lUw is isj TUot e at soma secret admit
H. Uobdisnef ? . . .
at Mwrra It M aeser rrt.aad I U WI1 yoe all about
H. a ell. I I saw adeem a tn ibe papers, e sne-ll-
ciM.biw cuw an UTHovrjumc uk kuruuti
KtXlFT; the advent awt staled uat a ewM ro
be ve the pavata at tabor, w auAerod eo aaaca tm
my forim-r eoaSBeimssu that 1 tlht 1 wuuld t
koUie aad try aad see t a did ad aay rlief, aad
aw ver hi mf Lie did I bave aay this t Uiaatw
atuavli guu4. I suSVred scarcely aay b tbe bd4
was burn, aad t felt alama weA enough t; sum day
to M up. i4(M very erotnaa Ua a ro:a I be
eoegad to got WoUla if abe wdaeirnas ot bavavg aa
aaay time. .
Una. Lisrvevrtmt a weaiderrai drvry. I'll step
ta bare at Ja. Bawws's and r a bottle ad tak a to
tllea as aha will be UMiSa4 so a. . aft-tC
" " Ucuf Pat li cations '7
English Books.'
THOMAS MOORE. Edited by Lorl John Russell,
M. r. 1C vols., 12mo.
2 vols., 8vo.
RARIFS. By Leigh Hunt. 2 vols.
BYRON Illustrated. 1 elegant volume. vo.
THE PUKE I'E SULLY his Memoirs, 4 vols.
BOSWELL-S JOHNSON Croker's edition. 1 rol.
Historical Description. 1 vol.
KOCTES AVRROSIANJ!. By Professor Wjlfcoo.
PLUTAFCH-3 LIVES. vols., l:'roo., hstf calf. .
RABELAI'S WORKS. 2 vols.. 12tno., cloth.
THR WAYERLEY NO YELP A bbotsford Illustrated
edition. 12 royal 9vo. vols., hair morocco.
THE WAYERLFY NOVELS Cadcll's beautiful edi
tion in 48 vols. , calf.
SCOTT'S IJFE OF NAPOLEOV.. 9 vols., 12 tno.
MEMOIRS OF COUNT . SEGUR, Ambassador from
France to theO-urts of Russia and Prussia.
LORD ERSKIVE'S SPEECHES. 4 vols. , cntf.
vols., half calf.
MISS AUSTEN'S NOVELS. S vols., calf.
SHILLER'S WORKS. 4 vols., calf.
GOETHE'S WORKS. 4 vols , call.
THE NATIONAL CYCLOPEDIA. 6 vols., half Russia.
For SaU by
W. X. I!EItIt V fc CO., Public Square.
Novelist's Library,
With Lives of the Novelists.
By Sir "Walter Scott.
10 Volume, ICoyal 8vo. Half Calf.
Joseph Andrews, Man of the World,
Tom Jones, Julia de Ronhigne,
Amelia, Castle of Otranto,
Jonathan Wild, Old EnclUh Baron,
Roderick Random, i'anvla.
Peregrine Pickle, ( Uiriha Harlowe,
Humphrey Clinker, Sir Ch. Granllon,
Oiunt Fiittioiu, Gulliver's Travis,
Launcekd Greaves, Mount Henm-th,
Don Quixote, Barham IVwns,
Gil Bias, James Wallace,
IH-vil on Two Sticks, Henry,
Vanilto Giiizal-s, Sicilian Romance,
Ad. of a Guinea, Romance of the Forest,
Tristram Shandy, Mysteries of Uduljiho,
S'iitimeutal Journey, Iialiau,
Vicar of Waketit-ld, Castles of Athiin and
Ras-lx, Duuahayne.
Man of Feeling,
An I'lecant Copy,
W. X. BDUKV Sz CO., Public Square.
No. 39, Market Street,
A AS 11 V I L. L. E, t i: . .v i: ssi: li,
Medical, .Misffllanrons and Scliool Hooks,
Letter, Cap, .ens, Wrnppins
and otlier Paper? j
mrm a likuk jiiktikt or
Ink. Slates, Pencils and Stationery generally.
Gotley's Lady's I!took,
T?oR SEITEMHKR, jurt re. rived l.y
X' au(!ls-tr
Harper-it Magazine.
HARPER'S MAGAZINE, for Stuti-inljer, Just re
ceived aud for sale by
aunl7 F. HAGAN.
Yankee Notions.
YANKEE NOTIONS, for S-dember, Just received
and for Hale by
aug17 F. IIAC.A.V.
v. w o ows.
MAN UPON THE SEA; or a Ilintory of Maritime Ad
venture, Exploration and Discovery, from tbe ear
liest aires to the prest-nt t me. Comprwine a detailed
account of Remarkable Voyages, Ancient and Mod
ern. By Frank B. GooiRitn.(lhrk Tiuto), with nu
merous Illustrations.
S1IKRVIAN POTIER by I H:ijai VaxTBOcsnaiK.
TARIS W ITH Il-V AND PENCIL ; its People and Lit
erature, its Life and Business by Davio W. Bakt
LaTT IHuKtratcd.
TWO MIIJJONS ; a Poem by Wiuxam Aits.v BrTLn,
author or "X.mking to H'ear."
Jut-t reci'lvod and for sale hy
augll-tf au CHARIJ-K W. SMITH.
Clodey'ti Lady' Hook.
C10DFY j IJIMES Ih)K lor Sej.t mlwr, Just re
T eetved and lor sale by
a.iKls-tf " aao . CHARIXH W. hUITHv.
No. 4 Public Equare-
ashvillr Foundry and .Maehinr Shop,
87 College street, Kashrille,
MAN'UFACTl'RKMeam Korinea, Flour, Grist and
Saw Wills and M'll Machinery of every descrip
tion, Water Wheels. Cider and iMicar Mills. Canfmtrs
and Machinerv for mkinr vrunimin Itinme Cane.
It a 1 1 road and eiitrartorw Work,
Muie I'uwera l.ir lurrick, Bf'l lu Cal.nif and tiadia,
ewilcli a. Vnvn. Turn tabU-s. Tiiuk t alves, Ar.
A rcultertural Iron llerk of every de
acriUuu for rtore Fronts, l"-ll.ti-. Veraudalis.Ikal
conies, C-motory enclosures. Vault and for
Bank and B" Hoosee: all sf lle RflTHt
style sf nallerns and swell finished, at
Iavalrrn 1'rlrea. Ins ua le uiitei wiiu aod
Iroos, Kettles and Waon bnc on favorable tormik
Cransford. MfWhirtf r tt Co.,
Foreign and Domestic
No. 3, Inn II lock,
1"! fX tanm respectfully invite tb attention of the
trade, la tha mry cateauu and amU ainrlal
stock of
Ready-made Clothing,
Mantles, Varieties,
Whlrb we ars aaw teceinrg and will bava rsady for
sibibiuoa by taa iiih of Aufist
Our swek ia eom prised ta part af
Brown and EIrachrd "Shirtitr nd Shrrtiusi;
U. 7-S tod i l Cinatar?i, Creii Sftrks;
Prints, CuttA., Titkin-rt, Tlaid Uau)i;
FUnnflt, Elankrti, Tvenli, Jcant, Satlnrli;
Clothv rauimfrtt, TciiiuRi, Tallan' Trim
minsi: Amrrinn and rrracc, flaia aud Printed Dt
Unrs; frrnrh. Grrmao and Zufdsh Scrlnon;
Ihtl Silks, Fanry Dmi Silks;
Clwki, Santiri, Miail;
Irivi LIncni, Jicoart Siisa and CicrkfdSai-
- liss; - - '
Ucti tad Enbroidfrift, Ladies' Dms Trln
oifi?i; ....
Coaael Taffeta and Tehft likbcns;
ti. kfary Twilled Jfanr linifjs ini Xe?r
BlaaVrls fcr risatrn; Rridj-Eaie Coth-
laj, Battans, Tami Conks, Jewelry, It.
Tha lataat ananas af Draas (iaads aad praas Trlaa
auaa wai k added tu ifea stMk, as taaf aaay asaka
taaar atKaraoc ti taatera aaarketa.
iiKANfluKi), ataatUitrEx (a CO.
aa(l-at& . . tt
AT W 11 0 li lu S A Ia K .
T7X are now receiving a deatrahle stork of Staple
- . -v , and uia
entire rUx k will he to hand by (lie 1st of September,
to wbs h we invite the attention r Merchants buvu r
in this market. Inducements will be onw.i.l n
and prompt time buyer.
A full supply on kind of the celebrated Dttfonr'a
Anchor brand BOLTING ClvOlHS. all numbers, from
No. 1 to 11. L. B. A- T. It. FITK,
No. 1 Public Square, near Wire Bodge,
autlS-li ik aw Nahviilo, Trnn.
A. rATTKSKOT. A. A. miO3iAS.
TT AVE now in store, and are rontnntly rrenivinir.
a a mie awnov-ni o ail sinus oi t'AMl.M.T u K
NITUFE, which they are determined to sell as low as
ail V aaier Iuam In tli rile Ik. um. iMu
rantuift their Furniture to be of the best workrunnalun
an.l II i K ii. . r m k - . -
- u iii iiiiii uaa reinruen inini
the cast, where he KrMuallv aelectod the ent re ntock.
whs-h is all of Rawer Masi-rAm-Rie and I nt-rr
Sttl. Our stock Couku iu iai t of !:omwou.1 and
Mahogany larlor Furniture, wme of whirh is very
fine, tocother with Chamber Setts, Rook Ois.-. Ward.
mbes. R clmiii( Clialrs, LonnaM' Sifaa, Eay Chairs
French RedrU-aiis, Numc Surn'x Malingaw Chairs
Dres-lnp Bureaus, ExtenKiou T..l'l-, etc., etc and a
complete assorun.-trl ot all kind of
Low Priced Furniture
and every variety of Wood and C.me eat CHAIRS.
We will endeavor to please all, aud will take morn
pleasure in showiut; our stock to those ho may tavor
ns with a call.
aufc-17-3ni PATTERSON k FREEH AN.
Atlantic Telegraph Sncccssful.
ZJ iff 4tt -2ftX
New York lIillinery Emptriiura,
32 1'nlon St., !VaUllIr, Teun.
RESPECTFUILY snnounres i.i tliv ladies r Nah
ville, State of Ti-fiiii--ee. and a 'Hniiinit Statm
Ui.it she will receive in a fw tiny troin New York
the largwt and most uiaiuni-ent tiK ks of
Freuclt Pattern Iloimets,
ai well a the rhenpvsl ever bro-i(:'.it u tins cite, in
part a follow :
IOiki Fall and Wntr Ronnets.all color;
1500 Ij.lies and -M Urowu and H'h.te I-chorn
Itlooiners. new Mi'les;
400 Cliemel. Fancy ItiiKle, Mart-beau, Pl.iin aud Flow
er Head lirefcaea:
Wo I.vlh-s' Drrsii Ca;
1M) l"Xes extra Ann French Flowers for Party and
Hrl.lHl apKiiitun-iiU,
l.MW) pin-en Rh Ii Winter ltonnet Rilihimn, new styles
2M boxes White, Red and colored I'luuu-a. '
Kin broideries
?u.'li an Collars, Sleeves, H imik-r. -tiiefs, Setts, Rtnds.
F. lKiturs.i liiiilrrii'n R.di-, Wai-u amKia-s. AUr-e
ha of l'ak-nl Sktru and l orw ia. I ..li -.uks of the
uioRi popular styles Furs iu prt-at quautitv, all thu
way from the Itorky Moon tuns.
a. Old Itoui.eU, reuovatird and r-triinnicd iu No
1 sly to".
auijH tf " vp.a IwiYIE.
W. A. & J. Ci. McCLEI.L AND
A RE o(Tering their entire strrk of t;o.Hti at gr.atly
J, reduced p.-ices. Drrs filks, lb -rases. V.imlei,
Ac, (rrently below Cost. Now u the time M -;.-t th
yreirKl bai gams ever ofl'.-red for Uioee that will r:-ll
s''u- autie-tf
Atlradive Sale of Real Estate.
we will otl'-r for sale to the In.h.i hi'hl.r, a
sph-nilid tract i f land, on and neartne Murfri-esb.iro'
luriiiike,and exti-n-tiiiL' within iibont HIanU ! Uie
Mount View (-Li lion, on the NaKhville and hatla
uooa Rnlroal.
Thocs hinds have been divided hito live tract,
rariKiiiR from 'U to 102 acres e.ieli. havtiiK a fair pro
portion of cleared and timberel land f-n each, sever
al never failing aiiruifrs. The w boie tract is under
good lencm; h.i rooit und productive wil; mmI mi
jirnvemeiits: jnod orchmts: chI dwelling, ba-hen.
Hit 'Vf lionae, and all n-re-!arv out booum, in a very
he-tfthy locality, and about II nnles li-oui NaKiiville.
S.ile on tbe premises nl the dweUriie hotiee of . H.
H. Wallace. IVrsous wuduna- V- eiamtne the lands
will pleaite call on lr. Wallace before the day of aaie. t
ale on liberal credit.
(LiUe of the SatkriHe Fbtuils Academy,
fH-l. (rive instruction in Jll.-li , comMeuciuc
t f v-pu-tnber 1st. Futno, t,u:Ur and Hnging
(Htmiin a system) will he tauiilil at the usual terms.
Orders hi be left al Mr. McOiire's Muw More. I s-
kut street, aud Mr. Cuarke Smith's Uaik Store. ColleK
street. augl7-lm
At ."No. 21 Public Square.
LADIKS' Fiue KM Slippers, (LarRe Bows);
" " " " Bnlts;
" " ' Bunkum;
" " Fmbroidered Velvet Sliperp;
" " Flnin " "
" " Lastier '
Children's line Kid Ankle Ten;
" " Hoobi.
A I. at o
GenU' fine I'at-nt lumber Congress Gaiters,
" all Calf - -
aiigUMf , gav SNTTER k FRfZZn I
Great Reduetion in Goods!!
It. C. Jtlr.VAlUY tc CO.
ARE closing their entire stork of DRY G'lODH at
prii-es that wilt serpen yoa Call and buy
Uuslins at from A rent lo US per ard.
Silks at hall c st.
Embroidered llaullm at fonrtb coat.
Carp, ts at (frontlv re-lured price,
(till at ouce aud get barcamt of
augl6-f K. C. McNAIRY CO.
A. C. & A. B. BEECH.
Ha. 17 Collree Dfreet,
"PHF1R Fall and Winter Htork4" Dry oodn,eoniiuw
1 tins- of tha latest styles of Silk, and Traveling
Iresr, liooiU, etc Ladaf ', Mimk-s' aud luMreo s
5teel F.xuinou Skirts, together with a well selesSBdi
swjck af ......
Staple and Fancy Goods
-rnrrally. Notioiis, etc.
A Tan, a larre Mnt lalin de lames and Lace CtifK-'
taina. Carpets and Oil ( lothr of varfcm syle aad.'
trualita-s, all of a btrh we are vOi-rutc at very shoaa
proftia ta cult dealers or to punctual ct-nHW aa.
time aui;lr-uj ,
Of every Variety and Style.
I HAVE a sample ot ClU.t MBIAV COAL OIL. am :
ft-w LAsl-S, suitable ror Wartime It, on exhlbl- .
tioa al aiy old stand, HICK "ht UIN A HAlX. aad hhaJl
very hate a fnll swiifdy td bMb, to sell la sifc
wha wab a cheap, lite rboafK-sl, food Luntand aa.
tne same tint the saleai.ae it is Haiimaitqs U explode
Theaa Ini are aa eaaily aiauacea aa a sum waa
Lamp, aad ts not cotnplwralwd itive st-aty, olear
lichl.at aa txM-nae not rxi-MdiiiK one saw ts Aowr. t
Mivna snartal altrntioa tito I a4-anJ Hl, abdaaw
purchaser eaa have tho prrvrh-aw- ot reuirnir rfts
lamp, after a week's traUrtf IV t net give enttre
atiIartioa. A. H . IHCliS
Af House fumBdiing artMtbafon aaie as aoon aa
re ervad. - A. H. H- y
an(l-3wdsw '
J. TlarUttMimtt.
WUI open oa Ttirid-T,. July Zlh
nADAncjrLiKVincEMiv .
TUt sek-brMad lYof'aaur aa J Teacher,
Som Orl as aad aWatphts, woaki re- f '-"V 1
spactlully tntMava aa tba ladaai aad ties- a- "'jrZ' i
tiaasaa ol KaaOaHla Maatsha baa aaaa seuct- f-JT
te4 bv taaay anaaraaaC ta aay ta upsa a DANUNfe '
At A IE M Y. 9m austs and aaaoarafameat tiha haa-
atat wnh a awry av wnoro aba has umrut, fives btv
bopa for U sua here, rb wUI leacb IbeeetebTa- '
aod aad faala-aakls liaitsra Qaaanlto.ta alaimi otT
mkt aApsrsaw r Ham aal at tha Academy ,
taa f"tawm laiauiaata law:
Lattcaa's Irad ruar
la Vanairla,
t-aib-wttwxlriaW-a, t
Umflmmm ro&s.
Nat airka,
la saairacnaa,
" l.'IVni.'W, . , ,
tv Tmie aha, ' .
Three T.nw Walla.' ' 4 11
tianndi I at ca, ""
Ctpcsslan On In, '" s
Fin-aaa s I anua, " .
la Pjkdlale,
Fa ttuet.
ta aWiUua. rVacea Kw atM-r aad at las as..
Taa rVtwar lac, - La Oa ttaoua, - 1
SNa raawl Ittaca. hwaa Ituct,
Hrhaaad rtiatr. Horaptpas.
taraaa "Totka, La NaapeAnaaa..
IW Ataatiaa Tim lays, Tkuradagr aod;
aajs.fraaa 1 till f. M.
For Mi stars. LRUs ksM aad LadteaIaadajnsM
Tbaradaysaad aalaraays, treat, 4 UU e. Ma-
Maavcavi lparlawa by rYS. k. Km.. , ,
t'ur mvtm af Taaaai aUtr af aUdatMt Ytnaa4tba4 i
tbrr reaateaos, Ctaninarcati Hotel, hud aV-fc Auaaauyy
at ctuas beer.
. Al taa aad a tha aas-toa taarw-wiUlJa aalScr-,.
ata,waaad Faa-v Drems UalL ' .)
at A DA t: T I M'K NT baa at bar pos-isssioa lettarso?
raroaiiaendataia from aevaral of tkc-nrapaciahW oatv.
im ot Sow talawaa, MiMni-aa, aadj otbar pa oca,
wbjck aba wUI laka frooi rdaast ra la atowaus. U f
ib bo auy a ah Va tuiwit Uaua.
- .
m, . 4 "
i t i t
; , ; wsT-s at

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