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utile patriot.
; " fcTnifr'iry IpXwp sc. co
l V rriToss.
W.BT. SMITH, IJaiitor.
IRA P.JONES. jmun-
OflIe. No. 16 Ieaderiok rtreet.
AUGUST 30. 1858
Tennessee and Alabama Railroad. We
' liare received the sixth annual Report ot tbe
President and Directors of this Road. The
running distance on the road for the Ja?tyear
has been 28.4-10 miles, and the total earnings
amount to $55,098 99, and the expenses $23,
083 73 leaving $32,015 26, as the profits.
The Company have been engaged in extend
ing the road, and have expended $222,309 28,
la . the" work of construction, towards Mount
. Pleasant, which when completed, will can y
the road 57 miles from this city. Tbe En
gineer reports thai the road will probably le
cpeued fdr balnea, to Duck River in Decem
ber next; to Colombia in March 1859; and
to Moont Pli-aoant In June 1859. The Super
intendent nays he Is "permitted to repeat the
gratifying fact that no train Itas ever been off Vie
track tince Oct road was put in operation, a period
of more than Utrte years, and that no passenger or
train hand has ever been injured." We doubt
whether there is another road in the Union
that can make so favorable a statement. The
road is a most excellent one, but much of its
success in this reppect is due to the extraor
dinary care, attention and laithtulness of the
conductor, Mr. D. W. C. Rowland.
The President 6tates : 4-The action of the
rWiimnv'' fin obtaining an amendment of
their charter by the last Legislature) "termi
nates their Railroad at Mt. Pleasant, instead
of the Alabama or Mississippi line, as author
ized originally by the charter and by subse
quent amendments, thus reducing iU length
from 145 miles, had it been run to tbe Missis
sippi line, to 57 J miles." This, we are bound
to consider, a great error in the true policy
of the Company. We took occasion to com
ment upon this subject several months ago;
and we were then assured, by a large stock
holder and then and now a Director, that it
was not the design to stop the road perma
nently at Mt. Pleasant, but to carry it foward
to the Mississippi line, as originally projected.
This however was a mistake, and tbe road
will be stopped at Mt. Pleasant. This cut off
Nashville as an important poitit in the great
thoroughfare of travel between tbe North and
South. We thought and still think that this
this road should be a connecting link between
the Louisville and Nashville, and the New
Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Roads.
Such a union would make the shortest and
hence the quickest and cheapest route between
New Orleans and Cincinnati and best for all
three of the roads. The failure will c r
taiuly operate greatly to the detriment to
Nashville, and we believe it would be to the
interest of tbe business men of this city as
well as the capitalists, to take immediate steps
towards tbe formation of a new Company,
' for the purpose of carrying out the original
design of connecting New Orleans and Cin
cinnati directly by a railroad traversing the
richest part of the Mississippi valley the
. great cotton, sugar, tobacco and provision
Slates of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi
and Louisiana. Is there no hope for a recon
sideration of the action of the Tennessee and
Alabama Company.
From tlie Slempkis A valanche.
Affray Uetween an Editor aud fllank
An affray occurred at the Gayoso House
about three o'clock yesterday afternoou le
tween L. D. Stickiney, Esq., editor of the
Eagle and Enquirer, and Joseph Lenow, Esq.,
the newly elected President of the Memphis
branch of the Rank of Tennessee. A cane
was used by Mr. Lenow, while Mr. Stickney
had recourse to the weapons which nature
gave him. Fortunately neither party was
seriously injured. The cause of the attack
was tbe following paragraph, which ajs
peared in the Eagle and Eiquirer of Tuesday
"At a late meeting of the Roard of Mayor
and Aldermen it was stated that Jo-epli
Lenow. while acting as Secretary and Trea
surer of the Memphis and Little Rock Rail
road Company, pasted tbe leaves of the Com
pany's cash book together, thus hilling his
official transactions from scrutiny, lie has
since been elected President of the Memphis
branch of the Rank of Tennessee. We recom
mend the Captain to Cave Johnson Xo paste
vp the short comings of his suspended iustitu
tion." During the afternoon Mr. Lenow was ar
raigned before the Recorder anil fined $10 for
assault upon Mr. Stickney, and $10 for carry
ing concealed weapons.
In reply to the above extract from the
Eagle and Enquiter, which gave rise to the col
lision between Messrs. Stickney and Lenow,
the Directors of the Memphis and Little Rock
Railroad Company make the following ex
culpatory statement :
Owes Msrms aid Little Rock R- R. Co.
Mkmihih, Monday, Ileceiubor 1,1 h5d.
We, the undersigned. Directors of the Mem
phis and Little Roek Railroad Company, have
carefully examined tbe books, accounts and
vouchers, of Joseph Lenow, late S -cretary
and Treasurer of the said company, from the
19th day of June, ls.'iG, to the 18th day of
Oetoler, 15S, the time of his resignation,
and tiud all bis account and vouchers correct
and satistaciory, aud respectfully refer to
his annexed balance sheet. The report of
the committee, viz: II. L. Gtiion and D. It.
Turner, who examined into the books, ac
counts and voucher up to the l'Jth June,
1836, aud on the tile in his oltlce, Is found to
be correct.
We take pleasure In saying that the said
Secretary aud Treasurer has kept the ac
counts of the Company with much accuracy,
and is entitled to the thanks ot this CouipiUiy
for the faithful aud honest manner iu which
he has lichai'(cd the duties of the oRk-e. He
has handed over to the Company all tbe books.
Touchers aud asela belonging to it, iu his
U 11.1.1 AM K. HARDIN,
Ilme-gade 'klss.
The Petersburg Intelligencer, referring to
the North Carolina election, truly and forci
bly says :
It Is In-yond all manner of question a most
disgusting spectacle to see such men as Ran
som aud Miller, after making the hills and
valleys far and near, echo aud re-echo with
their tbundcringdt'uunciaiions of Democracy,
coolly cast oil their Whig armour, aud put on
tbe brazen panoply ot that very Democracy !
A Christina aw curing by tbe Koran is ecarcel
a more scandalous seciuieu of reuegadUm,
than an old Whig wallowing in the in ire of
Democracy. We wonder equally in both ca
ses at tbo revolting versatility of faith aud la
flnnity of principle which are exhibited.
Democracy, always au insidious and dan
gerous enemy to the people, has been growing
worse and worse in iu uature aud aims of late
years. Yet it is iu this iu uoet demoralized
aud demoralizing sUe, that it baa enticed
over to its motley rank more of iu opponent
than ever before. Toombs, Stephens, Cllng
nian, Faulkner, Wise, with a hundred others
that used to make the welkin ring with their
burning anathemas against this tutwt despotic
and corrupt party, as titty oar pointed it. are
all now vociferating iu praim-a and wearing
Jta livery, just as if it wert tbe most exquisite
ly virtuous political organization that ever
Lowered blessings on a people. It U the
very same party, in a far more deU rioraU-d
condition, now, Hint it was in 1X40, when all
these men were driving their daggers iuto it
vitals. Lynchburg Virginian.
A pretty woman U like a great truth
or a sjreat happinese, and has uo more right
to bundle herself up In a green veil th4ii
the sun has to put on green tpc acl
SliMyodls Ejpot tar. . . .... .. .. ;
We agree with our Mead Watkla." Love-
, liucM ought uot to hide U.lf under Wd.l.
Fnr IXe Xaihrtlle ratriU.
Com bark to me t my life Is young,
My soul In scarcely on her way,
And all the starry songs she's sung,
Are prelude tn a grander lay,
Come bark to me ! .
Lei thin nong-born sonl receive thee,
(lowing It. fondest truth to prove;
Xfliy an early riid'sttboa leave me,
In our heaven-grand life of love?
Come back to me !
My burning lips shall set their seal
On onr betrothal bond to-night,
While whispering murmurs will reveal
How souls can love in God's own light.
Come back to me 1
Come back to me I the stars will be
Silent witnesses of onr bliss.
And all the past shall seem to thee
But a sweet dream to herald this 1
Oh, Come back to me !
lUrnw, Ohio, Aug. 16th, J 858.
Lookout Celebration.
At an informal meeting of the visitors at
Lookont Mountain, in the State of Tennessee,
assembled from various States in the Union,
held on the 19th of Ane.ut, 1858, it was de
termined to celebrate, in a suitable manner,
the laying of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable,
by addresses from distinguished guests, and
by the erection of a magnificent bonfire on
tbe extreme point of Lookout mountatn
overlooking the city of .Chattanooga, and the
six States of Georgia, North Carolina, Virgi
nia. Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee, and
to be seen over a vast extent of territory ;
and that a general invitation be extended to
all visitors on the mountain to assist in the
In pursuance of this resolution, a large
company, numbering several hundred ladies
and gentlemen, the beauty and chivalry of the
South, assembled at dark on "Point Lookout,"
attended by a band of music from the hotel,
playing national and patriotic airs.
On motion of Col. Lemoyne, Col. John
Robinson, of Miss., was unanimoiibly elected
President, and Col, Jus. A. Whiteside, of
Chattanooga, and Capt. J. K. Duncan, of New
Orleans. Vice Presidents, and Ethan A.Free
maiid, Esq., Secretary.
Spirited and eloquent addresses were deliv
ered by Col. Jas. A. Nesliitt, of Georgia, and
liev. S. I). Haiti win. of Nashville, by tbe light
of the lieucon, which flashed afar its message
of joy and triumph, and tbe acknowledgment
of tbe gratification of the assembly on the
consummation of so prand and glorious a
project. On motion, the President appointed
the following gentlemen as a committee to
draft resolutions, expressive of the sense of
the meeting on this occasion. Col. E. C. Le
moyne, of Memphis; A. D. Mandeville E-q.,
Jr., of Louisiana; John L. McEwin Esq. Jr.,
of Fraukliu; Capt. W. D. Fulton, of Chatta
nooga; and Samuel J. Rovce. of Augusta.
On motion, the meeting ndjourned until the
following evening at o'clock. Three eheei s,
hearty htid whole-souled, rent tbe air in honor
to the Atlant c Telegraph, and three equally
as hearty for the ladies assembled on the
At 8 o'clock the chair calhd the meeting
to order. The minutes of the preceding
meeting were read by the Secretary, when.
Col. Lemoyne, chairman of committee on Re
solutions, submitted the following:
Whereas , The great problem biis l-en solv
ed tbe great experiment successfully pre
formed of connecting Great Britain and
America by a chain of communication, un
derlying, in safety tbe waves of tbe stormy
Atlantic; through which the tamed lightning,
enlisted in the benign service of science, com
merce, diplomacy, and social and domestic
life, may pass with the speed of thought and
the precision of written language:
1. Therefore Resolved, That we hail the suc
cessful laying of the Atlantic Cable with
proud satisfaction, and a heart-felt dePght;
and fully contribute our share of the admira
tion due to energy, science and skill of the
two great nations which have accomplished
this sublime undertaking.
2. Resolved, That iu our opinion this achiev
ement, as it is the most signal of modern
times, and perhaps of all past time, in bring
ing the two continents into distant contact,
inaugurated a new era in the relations of all
civelized countries with each other, and is
calculated to exert a leneficial effect njxm
the future fortunes of the human race. We
therefore respond cordially to the Prayer of
our President, in his reply to her Majesty
Queen Victoria, that it may prove to be "a
lKMid of perpetual peace and friendship be
tween the kindred nations, and an instrument
designed by Divine Providence to diffuse re
ligion, civilization, liberty and law through
out tbe world."
3. Resolved, That we concur in the sugges
tion of President Buchanan that "all the na
tions of Christendom spontaneously unite in
in the declaration that it shall lie forever neu
trgl, and that its communications shall be
held sacred in all the places of their destina
tion in the midt of hostiliti-.-s.''
4. Resolved, That ve feel a national pride
in the success of this great enterprise, b--cause
we Is lieve that it was projected by
American Mechanical skill.
- 5. Reovel, That while we consider the
Ocean Telegraph to le the crowning develt p
iii en t of tbe most brilliant of modern Inven
tions, and worthy of the conjoint labors of
two great natiorm.we do not forget the honors
due to the American Philosopher who first
snatched the lightning from tbe heavens, nor
those due to his illustrious successor who har
nessed the fiery steed to the car of science
and trained him to do the bidding of man.
6. Resolved, That these proceedings be pub
lished in tbe Chattanooga Advertiser and '
Gazette, the Nashville Patriot, the Natchez J
Daily Courier. Memphis Bulletiu, and the
New Oi leans True Delta.
Which were unanimously adopted, On
motion tbe meeting adjourned sine die.
Iu A l'redlcaineut.
Tbe rj -ctioti of tbe English Compromise
Bill by tbo people of Kansas, his obviously
placed the bogus national iXmocrrcy in a fad
andjK'ipUxing predicament. Rut they sr . just
where we would have them be they are in
a fix. and no mi.-take. If the Democracy
ret use udmission to Kansas under her new
constitution, on account of not having a
population of U3.0!)0, their party in all the
Northern States will le shattered into a thou
sand fragments. This we consider inevita
ble. On the other hand, if the Democracy
violate the terms and conditions of the boast
ted English bill, and actually admit Kansas
with a population of only thirty, or forty, or
fifty thousand, the party in all the Southern
States will be knocked iuto a cocked hat.
This we think inevitable, also for it is not
to tie crediti-d tbut tbe people of the South
will submit quietly t so gross and outrage
ous a swindle. It is altogether incredible
that Southern Democrat would assent to the
slm nu ful and ignominious surrender of the
only eousidrraiion contained in the English bill,
that is worth a sliver to ths South, and in
duced them to ucquiosve in its passage.
Repeul that provision of the English bill,
which prohibit Ue; admission ot Kan
until site has a population of 93.000, aud the
whol South will rise up, almost as one man
that Is, the Democratic South to pull
down 'be AduiinUlraliou under whose aus
pices the foul work was consummated. Es
pecially will there be a mighty roar of iu
digatiou from the Gulf States such an oue
a will shake the Democratic organization at
the South t-i ita very fouud.it ons.VVea!rvdy,
all through the South, observe nunicruu aud
unmistakable indication of what will be the
coupeqiutice, uhiu the happening of tbe
event alluded to. The AU'uiiiiatration and
the Democracy will go douu together, Uiev
iUbly. .Some of our Democratic contemporaries,
herealiouU, already clearly ptrcfive what
would follow ki abandonment of the Condi
tions of the English bill, in regard to the ad
mission, of Kansas. Hence, the .SumA .sVir
iMimvral zealously urge iu party to -platit"'
iuelf oil tbe alternative of the Compromise
BUI," and add "On that safe platn.rm we
ran stand and be united. On any other, tr
sluttrr th party i tin Suutn, mnj grr ts mtjwt to
our enemies keener Um Cx sward nf. SaUtdtn."
Our contemporary U right. Uulee the Dem
ocracy faithfully adhere to lue English bill,
tarrying out all iu provision la a fair and
bouet spirit, the Democratic jiarly in tb
South will ludetai be aiMlU-red bloated for
ever and a day. JiicAmoAd Wktg.
: CT The Loudon Jimes review editorially
the lamentable condition of Mexico, and con
eludes ae folio:
It seems there Is nothing left fur the United
Slates but to cotuu mutate (lie woik which
they have brgnu. and ajtorx tbe Und of
M otitexjtaa aud CorVtt, wLJcb, even nuder
the la-dj of the slave driver, will uot regrrj
the iliusioa bt lb liberty of ihe iikc
Republic. . : . . . ,.
Tlie Philosophy of Pala.,,.. ,.-,
SirTlumphrey Davy, when a boy, with the
defianTronstancy of youth which had as yet
suffered nothing, held tbe opinion that pain
was no evil. He was refuted by a crab which
bit bis toe while bathing, and made him roar
loud enough to be heard a mile off. If he had
maintained, instead, that pain was a good,
bis doctrine would have been unimpeachable.
Unless the whole constitution of the world
were altered, our existence depends on our
scnsioility to suffering. An anecdote, re
lated by Dr. Carpenter in his ''Principles of
Human Physiology," from the journal of a
naturalist, shows the fatal effects of a tem
porary suspension of this law of our nature :
A drover went to sleep on a winter's eve
ning npon the platform of a lime-kiln, with
one leg resting upon the stones which had
teen piled up to burn through tbe night.
That which was gentle warmth when he lay
down became a consuming fire before he rose
up. His foot was burned off above the ankle,
and when roused in the morning by tbe man
who superintended the lime-kiln, he put his
stump, unconscious of his misfortune, to the
ground, the extremity crumbled into frag
ments. Whether he had been lulled into tor
por by the carbonic acid driven off from the
limestone, or whatever else may have been the
cause of his insensibility, he f. It no pain, and
through his very exemption from this lot of
humanity, expired in a fortnight afterwards
in linstol Hospital.
Without the warning voice of pain, life
would be a series of similar disasters. The
crab, to the lasting detriment of chemistry,
might have eaten off Sir Humphrey's foot
while ho was swimming, without his enter
taining the slightest suspicion of the ravages
which were going on. Had he survived the
injuries from the crab, he would yet have
been cut off ia the morning of his famous
career, if, when experimenting upon the
gases, tbe terrible oppression at his chest
had not warned him to cease inhaling the
carburated hydrogen, nor, after a long strug
gle lor lite, would he Lave recovered to say
to his alarmed assistant, "I do not think I
shall die."
Without physical pain, infancy would lie
manned, or perish before experience could
inform it of its dangers. Lord Kaims advised
parents to cut the fingers of their children
I'cunningly" with a knife, that the little
innocents might associate suffering with the
glittering blade before they could do them
selves a worse injury; but if no smert ac
companied the wound, they would cut up
their own fingers with the same glee that
bey cut a. stick, and burn them in a candle
with the same delight that they burn a piece
of paper in the fire.
Without pain we could not proportion our
actions to the strength of our frame, or our
exert ions to its power of endurance.
In the impetuousity of youth we should
strike blows that would crnsh our hands, aud
break our arms; we should take leaps that
would dislocate our limljs; aud, uo longer
taught by fatigue that the muscles needed
repose, we suould continue our sport and our
walking tours till we had worn out the living
tissue with the game unconsciousness that we
now wear out our coats and our shoes. The
very nutriment, which is the support of life,
would frequently prove our death. Mirabeau
said of a man who was as idle as he was
corpulent, that his only use was to show how
far the skin would stretch without bursting.
Without pain this limit would ts; constantly
exceeded, and epicures, experiencing no
uneasy sensations, would continue their
festivities until they met with the fate of the
fro? in the fable, winch was ambitious of
emulatiug the size of the ox.
Sir Charles Bell mentions the rasp of a pa
tient who bad lost tbe sense of heat in bis
right hand, aud who, unconscious that the
cover of a pan which had fallen into the fire
was burning hot, took it out and delils-rately
returned it to its proper place, to tbe destruc
tion of the skin of the palm and fingers. This,
of itself, would be an accident of incessant
occurrence if the monitor were wanting, which
makes us drop such materials more hasty
thau we pick them up. Pain is the grand
preserver of existence, the sleepless sentinel
that watches over our safety, and makes us
both start away from the injury that is
present and guard against it carefully in the
time to come. London Quarterly Review.
The Doon of the Heart.
Every person's feelings have a front door
and a side door by which they may be enter
ed. The front door is on the street. Some
keep it always open; some keep it latched,
some locked, some bolted, with a chain that
will let you peep in; and some nail it up. m
that nothing can pass its threshold. This
front door leads iuto a passage which opens
an ante-room, and this into the interior apart
ments. The side door opens at once into the
sacred chambers.
There is always at least one key to this side
door. This is curried for years hidden in a
mother's bosom. Fathers, brothers, sisters
and friends, often, but by no means univer
sally, have duplicates of it. The wedding
ring conveys a right to one; alas! if none is
given with it.
It nature or accident has put one of these
keys into the bands of a person who has tbe
torturing instinct. I can only solemnly pro
nounce the words that Justice titters over its
doomed victim: "Lord have mercy on your
soul!"' You will probably go mad within a
reasonable tune, or it you are a man, run off
and die with your bead on a curbstone in
Melbourne or Sau Francisco; or if you are a
woman, quarrel aud break your heart, or turn
into a pale, jointed petrifaction that moves
about as if it were alive or play some real
life tragedy or other.
Be- very careful to whom you trust one of
these keys to the side door. The fact of pos
sessing oue renders even those who are dear
to you very terrible at times. You can keep
the world out from your front door, or receive
visitors only when yon are ready for them;
but those of your own flesh and blood, or
Certain grades of intimncy,can come in at the
side door if they will, at any hour and in any
mood. Some of them have a scale of your
whole nervous system, aud can play at the
gamut of your sensibilities in semitones
touching the naked nerve pulps as a pianist
p: likes tlie keys of his instrument. I am sat
isfied that there are as great masters of this
nerve playing as Vieuxtemps or Tbalberg in
their line of p-rtormance.
Married life is the school In which the most
accomplished artistes in this department are
found. A delicate woman is the best instru
ment, she has such a magniliccnt compass of
sensibilities! From the decD inward moan
which follows pressure on the great nerves
of right to the sharp cry as the tilameuts of
taste arc struck with a crashing sweep, in a
range which uo other instrument possesses.
A few exercises daily oil it at home fit a man
wonderfully for his habitual labors, and re
fresh him immensely as he returns from them'.
No stranger can get a great many notes of
torture out of a human soul; it tnkes one that
known it well parent, child, brother, sister,
Inmate. Be very careful to ahum you give a
side door key; too many have them already.
2V. Autocrat of tit Break fa TalJe.
A Nkw axo Vaij-ablk Scuooi. Rook. We
have received from the authoress, Mrs. Francis
B. Fogg, of Nashville, Teun.a copy of Bar
ri niton's Elements of Natural Science." It
is a neat book ot over four hundred pages,
from tbe publishing house of Graves, Marks &
Co.; and is the completes! aud best arranged
work on the earth's formation which has ever
fallen in our way.
It I, properly, a text-book on physical
geography; including, as it does, all the well
established facts iu hydrology, geognosy, geol
ogy, meteorology, liotany, xoology and au-thr-'pology
; all set forth with a brevity,
lucidity, and propriety of connection, which
must command tbe admiration of every reader.
1 bat it Is a model school-book, is proclaimed
by the fact that it baa already bea adopted
by the Fourth District School Board of this
city, and will be used in tbe school of that
District hereafter. X. O. Crescent.
DisTttrssiKO. It U reported, that while a
youLg gentleman and lady were gsr'-ig down
from the summit of "Lovers Leap," a high
Cliff near the White Sulphur, that l be lady In
attempting to pluck a flower from the aide of
the Cliff lost her balance, and fell with head
long rapidity down the sidi of the rock. Her
attendant baateued around to the bast of tbe
Cliff, expecting to see her mangled and life
less body; but bearing tier crv ot distress be
looked up. and beheld his lady-love safely
suspended by ber stet I hoops from the pro
jecting liutbai of a gnarled ok.
Tbit gf nlleinaa b! to juimuon aid, Krfore
she could be released from her embarrssaioa'
(tositioti. It was, however, accotnpluhed
without Injury to the fair fWaiouabla.
burg Ckrotnd.
Lootocr ro Boor Baxk Notx An at
tempt was made by a woman, Tuesday night,
to pt off two tweoty-d dUr Mil of "The In
surance Bauk of Columbu." located at Ma
coo, There ia no such bank la existence, and
our readers would d well to be on th look
out for note ot this character, & the person
ha etU-inpud to pots (beta ay ah roccivtd
thviu ia UtM city. Savumtk IijmbiKiin'
-rmrr.rTstlits Overlooked."""'' -
For the benefit of many men and women,
we publish in to-day's paper some very excel
lent rules, which we take from a work pub
lished many years ago. It is work that ought
to be highly prized, but few men these dayB
ever pay it a passing respect. The prelimin
ary line will acquaint the reader with the
author's name: -
"And God spake all these words, saying
Thou shalt have no other gods before me:
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven
image, or any likeness of any tiling that is in
heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath,
or that is in the water under the earth; thou
shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve
them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous
God. visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon
iue tunureu umo me imra ana iourtn gener
ation oi mem mat nate me.
- - . III.
- Thou' shalt not fnlrp tha nam of V
" ....... v, i. i .uc AJV1U
thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold
aiui guii. uiuii laiLeiij ma name m rain.
Remember the snhl.ath !', tr. :
- w UUlf
Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work;
but tbe seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord
iU " 3 - I Is. a 1 i a. .
my vjtou; in u vnou snail not ao any work
thon, nor thy son. nor thy daughter, thy man
servant, nor thy maid-servant, nor thy cattle,
nor tbe strati trer that in within tin, r-
V rui
in six days tbe Lord made heaven and earth
tho at. a an1 oil tttn i l...M :.. i . . .. '
mi, tun in hit-Hi linu resieu. tne
seventh day; wherefore the Lord blessed the
i.i. -.i. j t i ...
eauuuiu uay aim uaiioweu it.
Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy
urtr u,aJ w upon me jana Hiiicli tbe
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not steal.
Tuou shalt not bear false witness against
thy neighbor.
Thou shalt not COVet thv netfrhhnr'a hmico
thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor
his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his
ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neig.i-
oui a.
How to Teach the Alphabet.
At a recent school meeting in Boston Pro
fessor Eukilsox (not Raihi Waijkj Arava)
has something to say of that which he had
seen of teachings in Europe during his
tie spoke or what he Faw in Dresden. He
spoke of teaching the alphalet of its usually
being regarded as a drudgery, which he
called a sad mistake. He cited an example
of forty boys, seven years old, coming to
learn meir aipuaoei. it was taught bv a man
competent for a College President. He com
menced by drawing a fish on the blackboard,
and inquiring of the lsvs. '-What is tLat?''
One answer was "A fish;" another, '-It is the
picture of a fish;" and another. "It is the
drawing of a fish. 7 "Right," said the teacher
to the last. They were then required to
make a nice sentence alout the fish. This
being done, he then placed before them the
letters that make the word. They were then re
quired to put the letters together so as to
spell the word. This was done: also the
making of the letters on their slates, forming
tne wont, they wens next required to draw
the picture of the fish. This was the method
of teaching the alphabet, by no norioe, but
by a most learned German scholar. This
method of thoroughness was everywhere
practiced in teaching a little at a time, and
constant repetition. "The effect of this
method," said he, "was surprising." How
uulike is this method to that pursued in our
primary schools. The teachers use no books
iu teaching. Consequently their minds were
w holly on the matter of teaching watching
the effect of their teaching upon the children.
When their interest tired, their attention was
directed to a new subject, aud thus the hap
piest results are produced.
"Whitk Folks Gktti.vo Sassy. A few
days ago. while Conductor Woodall's train
was stopping at Xeuia. three "cullard gem
men" got aboard, aud attempted to enter the
ladies' car. The conductor Btopjx-d them,
and told them that if they wished passage
ibey must go further forwanl. Rather than
do this, they stepped off. The conductor
spoke to the brakeman. a stout Goliah sort of
a fellow, who never objects to a muss, and
told him to see that tbe trio of colored tren-
tility did not enter the ladies' car liefore or
after starting. The brakeman eyed the trio,
who evidently intended to ride in that car
and no other. They did not like the looks of
the sentinel however, and after growling
awntie. one oi tuem sairt:
"Come on, gents; let's go take dat for'iird
car. White folks gittin so sasm. now-a-days, dat
gemmen nave no respect suncn an.
They took the forward car, much to the
regret ot the brakeman, whose hutre fists iust
then began to itch for a few fancy strokes.
tn. i lines.
P-parted this life, in Humphreys county, en Pntur
day morning, the 21st Inst., Mrs. Aktccis Lcc-S, wife
or H. R. Lucaa, Esq., after a aliort, but alas t TaUl
Iu the dfwane of this estimable woman wa are
forcibly reminded of the uncertainty of lire and the
certainty of death, that even in mid youth We are in
the midst of death. Tha pride of the family circle;
endowed by nature with an aroiabl and atTeclionaia
disposition, which Justly entitled her to the rrse t
and Mtwm of her numerous friends aud relatives;
blessed with a kind, affectionate and doatin; bur
baud, and two interesting liule children; In'faet BUr
roumled with every comfort of a worldly nature,
calculated to rentier life's journey pronperous, happy
ami contented, one upon whom friends aud fortun e
smiled; yet in the midst of ail, she has been cut down
as a ll'iwnr ia full bloom, the place that knew ber
shall know hor no more. She is gone, and gloomy
solitude now purvad the home once made cheerful
and happy by her presence.
.Appetite aud StrengtH Heatored.
Wilham Young, of a .nth Pittsburg, says :
"After hain suITered severely fr several days
with a moot dwtrnwing; attack of Diarrhoea, I pur
chased a botue of Uuerhave Holland Rat-rs. It
gradually checked the diaeaeind restored my bowcU
to perfect order B-f.ire I had Buished Hie bottle I
found my appetite aud strrngUi returning. I believ
It worthy of the character you give It, and shall re
commend It as sutb." augU4
Hero bocrtiscmenfs.
Auction Sale of Groceries
' No. 32 Market Street,
OV' FRIDAY. P KPT KM BER ., at 10 o'clock,
front of their Warehouse:
100 hh.ls. Sugar, fair to M Vbls. Holland Gin;
ii " Sweet Wine:
2&0 !XI Klo Cot!-; .
1O0 bbia. Molaxaes:
100 half do;
loo kegs do;
J,o fexars, - Tarkma
I los rvrdlal;
VI (taret Wine;
24 " Lemon Pyrau;
d coils Cotton llo: '
IS (9ra uo;
& dos, Hm tri;
V WajihTubs;
Zi bos. Tohacou, various
10 caaa MatL-hes.
160 boxes War Candles;
loi) half do do;
liM jr. do. do;
60 b-. Tallow Oo;
."OO bnls. IWI. Whisky;
60 oW Uiur. do;
W " Kye do;
so Anter. Brandy;
To2Ttkttr with aianr otlier artklea w th linrm
l. KlKlU'AnucK. .StVlNri a Cu.
Auction Sale of Groceries,
Taeaday Horning, August Slat, at 10 o'clock,
X. IS CoUge street.
IVatlivllle, Teuura&ee,
7IU.aell m In.ot of their Waretuxtaa tU follow,
f tng arta Ua at Aattioa:
" bogs prima liwi 4e;
SO bbU. Otofc-e Ylkw ugar;
fc boxas Hysoa To ;
M " IXjt Caadirv;
M katf bole Mat Cao.lk-s;
4 qr. "
10 raaos Cuger Wm, a awe arttcle;
40 buirs extra VIrtua tiewc;
ST fcoirs (vwiu bmed ttt Tubacca;
,14 b .ra Ktky Lraf Tfeoco;
to half barrels eaira Whtefcy; - .
10 cases Artxnjaie Huuwa;
I rwauui WrapcM t'apcr;
tuo doses Maaua's tUackisc; . -
kegs Sails, sim rwd j.-s; ,
3"0 barrels Wbuky, amtffcni braads; '
20 barrvU Bultauut Uw;
1 hi " "
1 bbU J. It. Sana's Old JUsmrrm Whisky ; " '
' ti - citd tt.turtua wtttoky :
na ha.f Ciac TVn.iy ; .' ". '
Ttktr was. BUJiKroos ottvr arv.bw ta avtht ut
aHM lne sate. ,' , , MLU' t, ,
au.JO-44 . . . l.tuiHau4
V Saturday 28th, between Noel's Stable and Frank
lin College a FORT-MON A IE containing SoO. ia 3
$20 uot'S- Leave at this office or with
aug-30-tf. - WM. HUME HAEHI3. .
Annual State Fair for 1858.
The Fifth Annual State Fair of Tennessee State
.AgriculMiral Bureau, will be held at the Bureau's
Grounds, near Kaxhrille, commencing on Monday
Oct. 11th, and continue during tlie week. A liberal
lint of premiums is ottered, which together with tbe
mles and regulations, names of officers, judges etc.,
presented in pamphlet form, for gratuitous distribu
tion, may be bad on application at the raricos Print
big Offices, and Book-Htores in the cKr.
aug 30-td. TI10S. B. JOHXHlX, Treasurer.
Serifs Snlrs.
BY virtue of a venditioni exjionas, to me directed,
and delivered from the Honorable Circuit Court
of Davidson comity, Tennessee, at its May Term,
1868, 1 will expow; to public sale to the highest bid
der, for cash, at the Court house yard gate in the city
of Nashville, on Tl'KSIiAY, THE 31.T DAY OF AU
GUST, 1858, all tbe right, title, claim, interest and es
tate which Mrs. C. It. Willis then had, or may have
since acquired in and to the following described House
and Lot, sitt'ated on South High Street, in tbe city of
Nashville, Davidson county, in and on which Mrs.
Wiilis resides. Said Lot bus about 49 feet fronting
on High street, and running back about 2m fwt to
the Ti'um-ysee and Alabama Kailroad. Said Lot lies
between the proierty of Mr. Bradfute ou the North
aud Mr. Mowl y ou the South ; levied ou as the prop
erty of Mrs. C. H. Willis, to satusfy a judgment ren
dered in favor of Thomas W. Chilton
J. M. HIXToV, Sheriff ol Davidson Co.
E C. DRAKE, De,.uty Sheriff.
Jy21-td By J. W. Biukey, C. D. C.
BY virtue of a venditioni exponas to me directed,
apd delivered from the Honorable Circuit Court
of Davidson county, Tenn., at its May Term, 1838, I
will expose to public sale, to tlie highest bidder, for
each, at the Court-house yard gate, iu the city of Nash
BER, 1858, all the right, title, claim, interest and es
tate which James Perry aud K m. Tucker then had, or
may have since acquired in and to the following de
scribed Tract of Lund lying in the county of liavid
son , District No. 3, containing 10 or 12 acres, bound
ed .i foilows:on tbo South by R. Savage, on tlie
Vortu-wct by A. K. Kozeii, ou the East ti Win. E.
Iliiggins; levied on as tlie property of James Perry
aud Win Tucker, to satisfy a judgment rendorsd in
favor of Majcey, MoClure & Co.
J. M. Hl.NToX, Sheria of Davidson co.
jy29-td By K. BRANCH, Deputy Sheriff".
BY virtue of an execution to me directed, and de
livered from the honorable Circuit Court of llavid
son county, Tennessee, at its May term, 1W)S, 1 will
expose to public sale to the highest bidder, for raih,
ou the premises, on MONDAY, THE 6th HAY OK SEP
TEMBER, 1H58, all the right, title, claim, interest and
e.-tito winch O. S. Galhreath then had, or may have
silica acquired in and to a certain tract of laud lying
ill the county of Davidson, Tenneisee, described as
follows, b-wit: beginning at a locust tree on tbo bank
of Mauker8 Creek, the southeast corner of a tract
of land, on whieh Mrs. O. Couuell now resides, run
ning west with the south boundary line of said tract
of Mrs. o. Council's, sijcty-lwu polus to a slake, on
said line, thence, uorth liileen degrees, east tweutv-
four poles to the Creek, thence with tlie meanders of
said treek to thu begiumug; supposed to contain
twenty acres; being the same conveyed by Win. Cou-
nell to O. S. Caibreath. Li-vied on as the proerty of
. oainreatn ana others U satisly a judgment and
Cost rendered iu favor of I,ee Siiute.
J. M. HINTON.Stierilt'of Davidson co.
jy2S-td By E. C. DRAKE, Deputy Slieriff.
B virtue of a writ of venditioni oxHinas to me
directed, and delivered from tlie honorable Circuit
Court n Davidson county, Tetiu.,ut its May term,
158, 1 will cxiMise to public sale to tlie highest bidder,
for rash, at the court house vard gate, in the citv of
Nashville, on SATURDAY, THE 4th DAY OK SE11EM
BER, 1858, all the right, title, claim, interest and
estate which Kjtward Vaughn then had, or may have
since acquired in and to the following described tracts
or parcels of land.to-wit: one tract of land in Dis
irict No. 0, in Ikividsiu comity, Tennessee, containing
by estiniute niuo acres, and bounded as follows: ou
th uorth by the land of William Howletl, ou
the wft and south by tlie lands of Atiram Duiinivant,
and ou thu east by the lands of Keiijamiu Tankersly.
Also, one other tract, lying in the county aud District
aforesaid, containing by tt:ruate six aires and eight
poles, and hounded as follows: ou tbo north by the
land id' Win. Howletl, on the west by the land of Jas.
(i. Shepard, on the south by the land b'-iongiug to
Goodwin's heirs, and on tbo east by the land men
tioned above: being the same tract of laud sold by A.
Duiinivant to the said Edward Vaughn, on the V4lh
of February, IMo.and the deed for which is register
ed in the Register's nfflee of Davidson county, Tenn.,
in Rook No. T; being levied ou as the property of
Edward Vaughn tn satisly a Judgment rendered in
favor of Martha Vaughn against the said Edward
Vaughn. J. M. HINTON', Sheriff.
jy J7-td By J. II. MAURY, D. S.
BY virtue ol an execution to mo directed, and de
livered from the honorable Circuit Court of David
sou county, Tennessee, at its May term, 1858, I will
expose to public sale to the highest bwU.-r, fur cash,
at the cuil-bousn vard g ile,in the citv of Nashville,
all the right, title, claim, interest and estate winch
William McCoy and W. R Paul then h.-d, or may
have since acquired in and to the following descrilied
town lot, in Maury aud Claiborne's addition to Nash
ville, to-wit: Lots No. M und 40, fronting 35 feet on
the Lebanon like, and running back lAn fi-et to a 20
feet alley, opiHisite or nearly opposite Slade's Store;
Deing levied on as t!ie property id ntlllam McCoy to
satisly a judgment rendered iu favor of Mr. G. L.
Claiborno against said McCoy and Paul.
J. M. HINTON, Sheriff.
jy27-td. By J. B. MAUKY, I. -
"Y virtue ol a venditioni exHnas, to mo directed,
A J and delivered from the Honorable Circuit Court
of Davidson county, Tennessee, at its May Term,
1858, I will expose to public sale, to the highest bid
der, lor cash, at ttiet'onrt house yard gate, in thecity
of Nashville, on TUESDAY, THE 31ST DAY OK AU
GUST, 1S58, all tbo right, title, claim, interest and es
tate which Jesse Morris then bad, or may have since
acquired in and to the following described lot, lying
in the city of Nashville, Davidson county, bounded as
follows: beginning at the North west corner of a tract
of land Jonathan Rams tuirrhasod of John Nelson, at
a rock running North with the Nolensville Turnpike,
forty-one feet and four inches to a cedar Ht, thence
east alsiut 300 leel to a ris k, thence South about forty-one
feet and four Inches, on said Rains' hue, thence
west to the begiuuing; levied on as the proerty of
Jesse. Morris to satisfy ajudgment rendered in lavor
of A. J. Ramsey.
J. M. HINTON, Sheriff of Davidson co.
Jy22-td By E. C. DRAKE, Dep'ly Sheriff.
EY virtue of a venditioni fXiii.im to nie directed,
and delivered from the Honorable Circuit Court
of Davidson county , Tennesse, at lis May term , 185S,
I will exiMMe to public sale, to the highest bidder fur
cash, at the Court house yard gate, iu liie tity of
nastivtllc, on f.AllKUAX, INK .th DAY Or AC
GUST, 1858, ail tbe right, title, claim, interest and
eskit! which Ji-lT. Munks then had, or may have since
acquired in aud to the following described tract of
laud, lyiug iu Davidson county, being part of the I lay
or Fly tract, situated on tlto South side of the Nash
ville and Cliattauooga Railroad, about 13 miles from
thecity of Nasbvilb, containing 4 acres and ninety
three poles, near Bounce's Gap, and the Southwest
corner of Lot No. w, of the subdivision of said tract,
bcuig known as It No. 4, iu the subdivision of said
Iuy or Fly tract of land ; levied on as the property of
Jeffersvu Munks to sulisfy a Judgment In favor of
Isaac U'hitwortU.
Jylfl-tl Sheriff or Davidson co.
BY virtue ol two executions to me direct.-d, and de
livered flout the Honorable Circuit Court of
liavidsvn couuly, Tennessee, at Its May Term, lSS,
1 will eipose to sole to the highest bidder, for cash,
at the Court house vard gale, iu the citv of N.ihv-ille,
1858, all the right, title, rla:tn and interest and es
Ltle which Elward Smith then had, or may have sine
acquired iu anil to the following doscrilied tract or
;ntc0 of land In Davidson county, Suite of Tennessee,
bounded as follows: begionmg at tlieorui rofll. il
villnand li.-unilln streets, running thence with said
Bellviile utriTt 40U feet to a 2 feet alley, thence ltll
said alley 2.iO feet to Holt street, tlieiive with Holt
street 400 feel to Hamilton street, thvuee with Ham
Utun street to the beginning 2S8 fe, t ; beuig levied on
as tha property of Edward Kinrth to satisfy two
Judgments rendered In favor of Clement M. Holt,
agaiutt aud Edward Smith.
aug 2-d Sheriff f Davidson county .
Fashionable Dancing.
HAS arnved la tha city and will enm. 3f.
mence formmg his Clasae on SATUK frT'Jp
DAY, sxpt.,4Ui,al a o'clock, A. M.,a4 S Vt
o'clock, P. M , at bis Rooins ver Bench's xir
Store, ob College strevt.
A rornM-t and alegaRl axHhod of BnrMy DnnctBg
w ill be laugh I as d.ad m the fslilofiabte Saiixma
In Lonibitt aud Parst, aad th principal ciUes to tlie
l'uild States.
Ixacing is now so universal, that it canaot he- dia
miimm1 with ia the adtkatuiB ot oanfc Indies and
Gentlemen. Jt is indeed both unrCul and uruasBeutai,
as It forms and strvngUiens the body and improves
the carriage.
Mr G. will be amited b bis daughter, which will
rnabb Ibi-ia to Utlrod uc gru many fastnoaabW
Ikutces taught by bo other Pruleaaor in Una rwyloa u4
counuy. Mr. G.'s raabUiUmi art ao well known, aa
Tnacurr, to tho rit -tis of Nashrille, that it rnqmrea
only this unouncecaeut lo insars iiim the atti-nUna
of ail tbtaa desuruua of Hoprvemct la this ologaut
The celebrated LANCER'S QCA1KUUX will b
A Chun for Genttn'n wilt eojiro'DCe on MONDAY,
th 6Ut, St half part 1 1. M. . aug A-lw
bkactiful cnTmxGTofr
1-or Sale.
If! AVE NT.VE chow Vo.lUn.,la la aVigeftehl.
wbMh I will sell o the. uaual liuio paytuetata, or
fur cash, W suit urviiais.
mnS.1-damiU F. K. ZoLXJCCF EX.
KO. 1 4, Ol.I.Ilti: ST1HXT.
A. rarnouam.
A. a. nsaus
HAVE stum ta storv, aad sra rotuUanihr ronetrtnc,
a 9m aMortsarDt of all kttxls of CABINET It R
irUkK, wba-k Uwjr arc iMrrmieJ waaoil aa tow aa
any Mtur btnus ta tbcity.ai tbo aaase time war.
Taotuig Uvea- rorailurt to b of the bos wurksaaaaliv
" Bailv. um tut arm baa juxt rrtunml Inv
Mm msI, wnra k pri1v smtmtrA 1st cobro stock,
whafe ta all of Ksrcrr Mali rTi aa a4 Litm
Crrvaa. Oar stuck euexjo m fart uf Hiwod a4
Malwcaciy farW Forwr, wssm of M k M very
UvOmt vak Chambi rMt, BmJc Owf, Ward
nea. Klmaig Ctkaira, Loatoco. Sola, Ky Ctsura,
Fremrh rletVad , Vum itCtnds, Matuaay Cbalra,
Drtng tturoaos. Ftvsuuoa Tab, u: aud
lirtata ai
ortarti(f ail aJBHts of
Low Priced Furniture,
an Svery rirM; vf Wno.) ar I fsm K-at ClLtrKi'.
Ws will osxtewviY Iu pW shd w.li IdL lois h
teaaitr Ml stiyhi our st-4jl V1 U'c Wb luojr favor
MS v ait a call. '
aU-iaj , rATTCtSJUi' i ELiXAN.
Bailey's Varieties.
THI3 popular and long established Company, baT
iug been much enlarged, will perform in this
City, under a
0a tMa (Monday) Kight, Aognat 29th, 1858.
The performances will consist of
icw Soups sm Dances,
Dramas, Comedies and Farces.
Ou To-night will be presented, the Iiratna of
In Three Acts. To be followed by a New Farce in
which MR. JOHNSTON and MTSS , will take a
Doors open at 7i o'clock ; performance to com
mence at 8.
Tickets of admission Fifty Cents. Children and Ser
vants Twenty-five Cents.
Toe mnnaeer tnkes pleasure in announcing to tha
citizens of Nashville Hint he has made an engagement
with Mr. BILL FARROW, the Favorite, for a few eve
niugs, who will appear in some of bis best pieces.
aug30-tf J. M. GRAHAM, Agent.
Commencing Honday Kight, August 30th.
Scenic Spectacle
ill am mo tli Cave,
Falls of Niagara.
This Exhibition is one of the OLDEST AND REST in
this country, and has been exhibited with great suc
cess in nearly every city in the I'nited States.
The Exhibition will be interspersed with SONGS,
MIS1C, &C Each Exhibitiiiu to couilune w itb the
Original Marionett Family!
-For pnrtirulara see Small Tiills.
Exhihitiou WKDNESHAY AFTKKN'MiV at 3 o'clock.
augao-td Ik. G. D. IIEALE, Manager.
(Ojanrcri) sSales
Store House on Union fetreet.
Vm. H. Evans, Adm'rof Charles M. Elliston dee'd.,
vs. Alargaret KiliHtnaud others.
BY virtue of a decroe id' the Chancery Court at
Nashville, in the above chum-, 1 will o'tferfor sale
at the Court-house in this citv, on SA'I I'KHA V, THE
4TH 1AY OFSE1 TEMHEK NtXT.au undivided fourth
interest in the Store-house ou the north side or I'uiou
street, in tins city, and at present occupied by Ellislnu
& Matthews, but iu case uo saln-facloi y bid "be made
tor said fourth interest 1 will proceed at th Fame
time and place to seil the whole of ki.1 store house
and lot. The lot fronts about lUfeet ou I'uiou street,
and runs back about 64 feet to an alley six feet wide.'
Tkkxs. o and TJ months' credit wuh interest from
date; uotes with approved Security, pualile in Hank,
required und lien retained, tale free iroiu equity or
redemption. J. F t.TAVES,
Jy-"J-td Clerk and Maater.
Valuable Iluiltling Lot on Mar
ket street, near the Square.
lUicbt l I). Smiley and others vs. Julio O. Eaiug.
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, I will sell at thu Court house in lux
NEXi.tlial valuable vacant Iit on the ea.-t side of
Market street near the Public i-quare, fronting 2 to
'-'3 feet and running back llo feet, and adjoining the
block of buildings now being erected lv Messrs. Mor
row k. Maxey. Further jmiticuuiis will be given ou
day .r sale. j. k. GLEAVKS,
jyg'J-td Clerk and Master.
Bugs I-ot on CUerry street, next
to Commercial Hotel.
Samuel 11. Rugg and wife r. Ko. ;. Stuih-y and others.
BY virtue of a decree of the Chant-fry Court at
Nashville, in almve cause, 1 will otler for sale at
the Court bouse in tins citv. on SATURDAY, THE 4TH
DAY OK SEITEMRFU EXT,the Bugg House and Lot
ou Cherry street, north of and near Cedar street, and
adjoining the Commercial Hotel. The Ltd trouu 54
leet on I berry si. and is WO feet deep.
Tkkms 160 to be paid iu cash, aud the remainder
to be due and 'livable in 3 equal instilment, due 1st
of Nov. Ih58, 69 and till, for wbit-.h approved notes,
payable in bank and bearing interest from day ol
sale, will be required. J. K. G1JCAVKS,
Jyjyj-td Clerk and MasUT.
Rroad Street House and Lot.
D. F. Wilkin, Adm'r., Ac., . Sarah Cameron and
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, iu above cause, I will sell at the Court.
house in this citv, on SA'l I'll I 'AY , 111K 41 11 DAY OF
SEI TEMltEK .MAT, the House and U t ou north side
ol Rroad street, and est of and set-ond from Summer
street. Said ll frouts IV leet ou broad street and
runs back 40 feet to a 10 teel alley.
Tkkjis Creditor oue year with interest; note well
secured, payable in bauk,aud lien retained.
jyiO-ti Clerk and Muster.
House and Lot on McLeiuore
BY virtue of the power and authority Tented in me
by Robert Tin lall aud J H. While, I will offer for
Rale at the Court house ill tins citv. on SATI KDAY,
THE4TH OF SEITEMHER XLI,tU on theoast side
of Mclymore street, north of Cedar street, fronting
on McLemore street 60 feet and running back half
way to t-pruce, street on which is situated a frame
Dwelling and other out-houses.
Tkkms omul 12 moiiUis' credit, without interest,
except (60 which v. ill bo required in cash: not, g well
secured and lien retained until the purchase money
is paid. J. E. GLEAVES,
Jy-td Clerk and M.ister.
Dunavant Tract of Iand on
Aortli bide of the Itiver.
Ed. Vaughn, Adm'r.,:c., r. M. Everett, Adm'x., ie.
and others.
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville In above cause, I will proceed to sell
to the Inchest bidders, st tlie '.Mirt-!iu' "i tbiscitv,
on SATl KDAY.THE 4T11 OF SEl'TEMlil-Jt NEXT, Iy.ls
Nos. 1, J and 4, in tlie oivisiou of the iKiuavaut Trat-l
of Lau'l.and being ail of said Tract of Land rerr.am
ing uiuiold: No. 1 foliUiiox Si acres; No 2 couLnus 03
acres and 1-1) ole,aiid No. 4 contains acres and
6! ole. Terms and all otlier part cul.irs made
known on day of sale. J. E. i.l.EA FN.
jv.--td Vrk and Master
ix tirAirrmra to scit,
Ko. 4 Public Square-Jyl-O-dswtf
I Invite the alh-uuun of tlie public to my large anu
well selected tt-nk of Rooks, Fapers, Hnliooery and
Fancy Goods.
Can be snpplied with ticUool .Books of ail kluds al
tho lowest prices.
- Text Hooka, -ForColleges.Acadt-mies.Public
aud Private Schools
ooostactly on band.
irlrdlral Hooka.
A complete assortment of Kt-ki published by
E lane hard Jt Lfl, which will b jld at Catalogue
Rellcloaa Hooka.
Tha publications of the (arters, Martins, rreshytA
rian Board, Atuerican Sjud.iy Scho-4 Cuioa, Amerl
caa Tract SicMy, American Hi lite Society, aud tha
Maasacbusetia Sabbath ftcbuol Society.
nisrrllaneous Hooka.
All Standard Works ia Froaa aad 1'ot Uy, together
with the new PublKlif of tlie day.
Children's Hooks.
I"rticolar aumitloa baa bowi g ren to this dirt
mrat. More Uian 1,00(1 volumes of the best Juve
nile Books now published. Parent, eiimiM them.
Itlaok Books,
Sncbaaraas Booi.s, B.ll R..ks, Note Books, Do
Books, Journals, Lodgers, Copy Buolu, Coca pool Uoti
Rooks, buries for IMS, kc.
l antr Goods.
Work Boxes, lapter Machto 1 leaks, PnrtfeUao,
Backgamiuoa Utards, Ctieos Mon, Chess Tablo, Draft
uea, GoU aad Peart Pen Holders, I'carl aad Ivory
Folders, Porcoptno Pui Holders, G4 I Fooeuia ieaa.
China Ink SrtU, Brnose Ink Slls, Ac.
tor lb) (ouullng Room,
Letter Prfes, Cupying Rvioks.Cheik Uot.ka oa all
the Hanks, Commercial X4 Paper, Envelojw, lUd,
Black aad Btao Inks, Saad, Pea tUtks, Check Tuts,
Erasers; Psa Makers. Gold aad Stcol I Sous, KiU Payor,
Ko4 lap, Baoksr'a caaoo, labor 'a pooch. Jrc.
ABgS-tf aoa 41 CollcgO
aat var-n aaao r
90& WorMnj, 3Iac hlnerj,
And Circular Saw 3IU1,
Crr 4 ob 4k M ailer sis., I laclanatl.
At So. at lsiB.le ksaaro.
HXVllBtt At .VlllZZEliL
LADtE' rtao KM fciirnwa, (Lares Boas):
44 . Bwskms:
PjuKrotdered Vclvrl Siipprrsi
44 " Plaia "
letter 44
OiO-troa's eo KuJ lnl lo:
- ltns. ' '
' - -illle. ' '1 . 0 V
OwnieC Sao Patrol Imtbr Caamw Caters,
all Ctf .... 4
ad4lM( fXVI'Ut k UUEXU,
We are now iu rectipt of our Fall Stotk of
The Largest and Best Assorted ever oflVrvd to the Nasnville Trade compris
ing EVERY article usually to be FOUND ia HARDWARE HOLVE. The STOCK
rx'mg unusually large and WISHING to REDUCE the same, we are now of
fering All Goods at Reduced Prices for CASH,
Sign of the Big Padlock,
ns28-2.n X.ISUYUaIaK, TlM'.SSUli.
ttctu Pnblications.
English Books.
THOMAS MOO! IK. Edited by Lorl John Russell,
M. P. 10 vols., Umo.
2 vols., 8vo.
RARIKS. By LtdKh Hant. 2 vols.
BYKilX Illt,trated. 1 elegant volume. 8 vo.
CKG1J-:V'S LIFE OF GKOKGK IV. 1 vol., 8 vo.
THE M'KE IE Sl'U.V liis Mt-nioirs, 4 vols.
BOSWTUS JOHNSON Croker's edition. 1 vol.
Ihftorual Iosrriiititn. 1 vol.
NtNTES AMHHirsiAX.t. By Professor Wi!Mn.
PI.l'TARCH'S I.IV1N!. 5 vols., i;mo.. Imlf calf.
RABELAI'S WORKS. 2 vols., Umo., cloth.
THE WAVFJU.EY NOVELS A l.hotsford Illostrstod
edition. 12 royal Svo. vols., half mororro.
THE WAVFJJ.EY NOVELS Cadell's iH-antirul edi-
tion in 48 vols., calf.
SCOTT'S LIFE OF NAPOI.KOV. fi vols , 12 mo.
Franco to the Courts of Russia and Prussia.
vols., hslf c.tir.
MISS AlTEN"S NOVELS. 6 vol?., calf.
SHII.I.ER'S WoltKS. 4 vols , calf.
GOETHE'S WORKS. 4 v.. Is , calf.
THE NATIONAL CYCI.OI EHI A. vols .h.tir Russia
THE CYtlJM'EIiIA OF ;F.k;R.4PHY. 4 vols.
For Sale hy
V. T. Itl-IIIt V A CO., I'uLIlo Square.
anpC tf
Novelist's Library,
With Lives of the Sovolists.
IJy Sir Waller Scott.
lO Volumrs, Iloynl gvo. Half C'slf.
COST 1 v i v :
Joseph Andrews, Mnn of tho World,
Tom Jonrs, Julia de Roiibifinc,
Aintdia, Castle of Otraiilo,
Jonathan Wild, Old English Huron,
Roderick Random, P inula,
Perepriao Pick If, Clarissa Harlowe,
Humphrey Cluiker, Pir Ch. Grandison,
Couut Fathom, Gullivrr'sTravtds,
launrclot Greaves, Mount H'-unt-lli,
Iou Quixote, lUrliam Ioo ns,
Gil Bias, James Wallace,
rv-vil on Two Sticks, Henry,
Vaniilo Gonctles, Ficllutn Romance,
Ad. of a Guinea, Romance of tho Forest,
Tristram Shandy, Mysteries of Vdulpho,
Si'iitimi-ntitl Journey, Italian,
Vk-ar of WakeQt-ld, Castles of Atluln and
Riiaselas, Dimabayue.
llau of FieliDir,
An Klrffant Cop 5',
XV. T. urillKV Ac CO., bile Square,
Xo. 51 Market Sfrfti, .ashrillf, Tfnnexsrf,
Invites Country M-rchanU, R.skoeUers and Ih-alers
fenerally to examine his stock and prlr,-s. His aa.
aortment compno-'s a full sttirk of School BooVi,
from an "Elameatary S-Iling Book" up t'lrouch all
the series of Text Books used in tho Oiinmon Schools,
Union Schools, Attdeniies and Collepes of tho West
ond South-west, aud unsuruaatnl for extent and vari
ety by any bouse la the trade. B'.ankUookt, nian
B lac lured with ei-p-UI reference lo the oaiits of
Westorn IVl.-rs. T.o AocouuU and Ilccutd Books
aro all nralij paged.
memorandum ana Pan nooks
Neatly put up ia pc4-kar and nnmbered.-
Bankera' Otst-a and Bill Cases, all s.aes and styles.
PortfuW, plain aad olepant, all prions, suine bew
and beautiful stylos.
ShOeo, Ainerkao anj Ei.jjlish, a full aiwortment, by
tlie case or dei'tt.
PUfl pens, all qualities, from the best luakers, In
cladin tbo celebrated Bank Pea, and otlier styles
imported to or tier.
Gtdd Pens, all six -s, from lite smallest la ties' Pen
l thelargtist tji(nw;ui( I'en, Bisaulat turvd Ui order.
For sale at New York prsfea.
r 1 1 1 ne ;ia pe ra,
Inrludirs; aft rariet.es Cap, letter, Ksth, Nut", B:llet,
and Ledser,rocv:vod direct frt.m tuo Mabufacmrera,
aad f-r sale by tho iru r cue.
Envelope Every variety of Fjiglwh, French aud
Amncu manufacture, lmi-rvel to order, aod ro
Oeived dlrw t from first hauds.
WritiAf; Iak IShM-k, B'ue aad Rod, well lacked
aad rtatdy for ahippmn'.
Wntinf Flaid BuUor a OeUbrated Amortcaa
by Um aoapa;fmao r eak.
Stationer! Hardware aal &sdo Ktati.ery t
ail kiuda, Cmab ai.4 ta mm! urdor.
KatsltsU Porkrt Ditties,
Wit or without reterrnce, cheaper and more elegant
Utaa nuy ubw, iaarWd direct, and ani l at a kiaaJ
ssoilljr Itlblra, .
PUio, fiao aod rW-l, aad oeaMafclo tr Ihetr cheap
S4M aad porfrtU f vwtoMsii(i
H ifit.l, WcdxjJ, Tbeot-vtcal, Artrohural and
Sdrd Works, kstaes by tho Wotdms vnir hii
tho C4Kjtry, colaotly tin sale, at tha Wwcat f Arra.
I'opalar New Hooka,
rJy arrtvttit.aoj lov sale to ttesk-rs al Laatora J.4w
hiof prkvs. Cbeaa Puhleui.o m prr biadMtf, a
Ur(o svock oa baad. Orders aula 4.
II Ail AN,
ausC6-dao tat 1 Market ot.
Ma-aAlnes Tor September.
UHk'Y"S UaiT Buoa:, -
TANKCK NonoSU; oust., w
KSK . . 4.
WHITk- C rKKFLTT ItmiX. ,.'
TVs above, a Ma bock lnoWit, tafrUMir ernb all
las tats asoifvjms, for taio by
asi(?s-ar TkWkot strort.
V Godef 'a Itdjr' liook.' '
Gonnr-a iawe-i rout if s-fvi-or. jin ie
c -tvee s&a lor aasi er
.lt . baa CUiEUa W. tiUUi t
Modeler of Fashions,
Mo. 23 l'ublic Square,
1 5 "-v. '-
W O li K SklX HAT!
1 8 5 S ,
Is now rt'ady fjr Insprrlion ami Drlivrry.
A. J. lit A.M'IM'O.
Introducer aiul Modeler of Farlnons,
So. -i I'uhhc Square, Naslivil'lo.
C FVTI.EMF.V are invited to call aud examine this
I new aud popular stv lo
A. J FRAVCISCtl, IUt Store.
rPIIK iri.NfiAl. VI.AIUS.A new and
X beaiuii til lutstirtott-ut al
aui:u FRANCISCti'S.
Childrrn't Fanry Hal and Car.
LARGt assortment ust received at
I V- FKAXCISCU'S. frashlonuble Hatter.
-3 I'uhhc ryiiare.
A I AY be had !n the purchase pf several ten acre
1 I la-o-.i ll. Iiuisvilleainl Nisiivilie huilnwd and
..iii.it, n Turnoike, -ix ami s hall nub s Irmn V.tf livifl.t
and w.tlitn a half ni le of the n er. Tleif lots ran
In- h.ul lor le-i. than half the priec paid lor ttlur hits,
.-ilii.iii Die .itiie ids anee fitim thecity minllii r roails.
A '-co lor .Nile, a l.il iu timcity, on Unlit st ,tnitli
ol (t, ...1 . Apolv to S. K. Mi-' !y, Mailet si., nt-it
ilo.ir to Watson House. au-(V-.'Jw
Uialogiif between t Iadirs
nlioitt Habie.
11 TRS. JON'RS Well, well, well Sarah 1 are
ll L t-inu-lieil 1.1 see ynu out shopping so stMn after
i lie birth of vour luthy , w hen you remained m tbo
hoiine more than a munili when run. .-bilileM
"ere bor. liw is it? There is some secret abont
il. Iki tell me T
Mhs Smith It I uo secret, aud I'll tell yon all shoot
It. Well,l I saw advertised In the sts-rs.a me.li
KF.IJKF; the advertisement slull that it would re
lievo tho wins of labor, and I suiter-! so much in
my former confinements that I tliouKht 1 would pl a
bol lie aud try and see if it did afford uny relief", ami
never In my Ills did I have anvtluuir to do sun so
mut b (otj. sufTeretl st-arcely auy when the child
was born, and I felt almost well enoHKh the sni.ieilay
in sit up. 1 ad v isu every womaa who miming ta bo
contlued to get a biHlle if the is desirous of having an
easy time.
Mm. 1oji Wht a wonderful discovery. I'll rtep
in here at Jo. Ho am! g-t a bottle au.l take it to
Mien as she will lie con fined sotu. anv-tf
IB hereby plven that the ai'etiry held by Marlin
(Jillrb.u In r for Marcus Fcchheimer, tif linriiinali,
trhio, is from tills day on d'scutmned.
l .(wdi S. Perhlieinor In Dly lepaily authoi icd At
torncy t.i s. tlie np tlie Imsiiios-e
auji-'ft-st. S1ARITS FFC1IIIK1MFR.
XASllVlLLi: .
IAI.L MlFTIVn, 1 will commence ou Monday,
teptemlor 271b. wuh a swntiintuko with three
year olds fcloo cnlrauce 1(K) lorieiL Iwo mile
beats. Light entries
Hi Odont names br f Mary Wrlie, by Albion, dam
by Sovereign.
Alatt, iwam ch f, by Albion, data Ana Chase, by
HI) the A Guild name Hiawatha, by Albion, dam by
W. i. IUr inf D3fues br f Teunesseo by EpsiltMi.
dam Kate Kins, hv ITiain.
Also, natnos ch f by A ibiof, tsia Delta, by Priam.
T. Q. M'-ore names b f ia-lty Mauey, by Mianirock.
dam Ids. by ftelsltaxxar.
W. T. Roondireo names ch f, by G leitcoe, dam Jaae
Wataon, by I'riem.
Also, nanus ch f, by Alhimi, darn by l"rtaro.
Pweepstato wWh two year oi ls, one mile out 4300
entrance SIOO forfeit. Seven entru-o.
James J.tks-.n names ch f Faiiiiy I'uts, by Am
bassodnr, dare Ida, by Ik-lsharzir.
A. Broea b mines b f, by Albiou, dam Ana Chase,
by Lertsthaa.
W. T. Round tree oames ch c,ly Fiiloa, dam by
Oleoct. ,
Hujib Calfy names b c,by A!hion, dam by Levla- ,
W. T Cheatham names cb t, by Gleocoe, dam by
Hi Olom namea b e, br Albion, dsm by Beverrln.
Alan, amirs b f, by Albion, dam by Suvereign. .
r-ie H- With untried t'iree year olds tlOO
OUtranee $V forfeit. Three entries
W. T. 3eatliaot names t h f, by Clencoe, dam by
Itiythe A CnIM osmeo Flfle Teaa.
W. T. Riwmiltreo Dames eh f, by Albion, dam Eo
dora.by I'riam.
Taiso Raul. Giles eotmtv stake, with Uireo year
ottta 4M0 rutranre, play or pay. Thrae anirasa.
- WrnNESflAT.SPr,. -
Jockey Club Parse, ffM. Two mUe beats.
. . THt'RSIAY, Vm.
J-kcv Clab Perse, I ISO. Oee mile beoW.
SiatiND Pvstx. ferlaks sab untried Utroo year
olds 1 no etilrano furieit. Oue mUo beats,
live ootrteo.
1 P. Iladk-y urnsi b c, by AIloo IVomn, dam by
W. T. Rooniteeo names ch f, by Atbkw. dam by
Utile TrVk , bv Peetm.
T a. Mauro name cb C.bT 3d Isiatna, dam by La-
W. T ilieathaai aamee ch f. ny Gleocoe, dam by '
K . Memwetbor Daises rb c , by Anbasaador, data
by Paeibo.
Jockey Club purse fjuo ut at Jo beats, three beak
in Bve.
FATtlinA V". , .
Jnckov Oub Porao tJM two Bi W boaia. -atitflkUflid
I". J. CAKTLB, proprlotoe. .
CUEBaAmi ....
CUV.(dS!-tt R3
Hah ' I Uemtlnmns,
At 1UMUS, '
Oaly Cood I ae.ee,
s afuraatB TO
WoMwrSH.kUy, M .
T-ll I XX k rvk
that 111 tilt
YACCT ts bifhly os
tovouod ta India . and
to, la any epumo,
tho exist palatable,
aa well aa u.. mtl
httSnaSBMI i a r C B '
tual Is wtailc. '- -
Too aaly MedaJ awartloS by tbe Jury of tbo Mow
York tih.hHRin lor twc-s ,aiv, vUnurS by
UU a I kJ.Kl4, (us their V tKt k.-41JtHlKA I Civ,
the wurkl kk fasuo of wba h havuig led lw numerous -leailsUube,
pauvtMcrs are Mii,el!y mioemt to eoo
that the aaawo oi 1XA pLitit'.NS" are tnr,To e4
aiMi the botue aad pwpjwr, aud pro, ted uputi Uis la
bels. ... . ' . ...
flute Vbokeale Aeests for the Cnlted Maws,
i -No. 405 UreaoWtj, XV M
A Stork ale-avs ta store. AW, order receivos Jo
4itm ehi;ai04a froat tii,iaad aiaj b Ij tore . ..
tJ ...

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