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Wishing to confine our business s near as
possible to the CASH SYSTEM, we hare deter
mined hereafter to collect our subscriptions,
' within the city, QUARTERLY. To earrjr thia
determination into effect, we have placed our
whole city list in the hands of Mr. WILLIAM
GILL, who will make the collections, and also
attend to the delivery of the Papers, and see
that subscribers are served punctually. We
hope this arrangement will be satisfactory to
all parties. Those who may desire to save them
selves the necessity of making four payments
during the year, can, if they prefer it, pay in
advance for the whole year.
Ckisp's Gaiktt-. Mr. and Mr. Crari.fr
IIexhi'u lxTif fUiH announced to take place
thin eveninpr; and pincerely do we wfrh ibrm
a bumper. Our citizens Lave not attended,
ns we could have wij-hed, to tft their quali
ty; but we can pay, tliocc who have attended
liave derived great gratification In witnowing
tlieir performances. Mr. IIknki is a lively,
vivacious, Iady-lik", clever acinus. Mr. II Ex
it f, an a pantomimic, excels anything we
have had lieie. and certainly elands preemi
nent aitMng-t Iim comp'-er. We hope tliey
will not be sufFered to leave our city with a
lnul imp region, as another visit would place
(Iicia ia the li.-t of our Nashville favorites.
Tiik Oaikty. Last night the performance
wt nt (! with great eclat. The charming and
t lented Mr. Hex :i m de a hit us Jnilan,
Let yourg li.-tfi.r Milly, the Milk Maid
and Mou Juan. We only regrtt that the
attendance was not larger to enjoy the
treat. Mr. Iikxki, as Scaramoulic in the
1 liter i cc, u ar" inimitable. Mr. F. Itoche
1 -sern s f.r-:it crulit for the manner in
which he perlormed the at t of Algernon, at a
very hln rt notice, iu the pretty piece of the
MJd with the Milking I'aiL
rit We notice several important (t in
town and two or three tracts of country land
udvertifliil by Nance &. Wooowaisu, to be sold
at the Court House gate to-day alout noun; two
I 'its on Kro.id street two on th corner of
llttfh and Monroe street three in South Nash
ville, and two track in the country. Purchas
ers will do well to attend.
Fkkk IJakbeite. The proprietors of Ruena
Vista. Spring!, having tilted up the premises
with op ciul reference to the comfort and
amusement of visitors, have determined to
4ive a free barlMcne dinner at that pl,u:e to
day, together with the free use of ten-pin-Jilleys,
Ac. The public are repectf jlly and
cordially invited.
Pi :m.v: Mketim;. There ill lie a public
meeting of the- eitl.ens, at the tViiirt-house
this evening at 2 "cl.wk, to consider further
of the Irtiilding a now bridge ac ross the Cum
berland river at th:s iiit. A grneral at
t-ndaiue f those favorable to the enterprise,
is deMi'ed.
Memphis Lots. We won Id call the atteti
t'o:i of hpt'ii)atus in real et-tate to the ad
ertiseinentof M. C. Cayie & Sou in this
morning's I'atukt. T.'ie lots they offer for
.il- arc uuixngKt the most valuable iu that
IVist growing ami pnipp roii8 city.
jrT The third of the ser'n-s of articles
from our curri-spnnl-tit, OusKltrE . will be
fo.tnii in our iiii)ie.-st'o i this uioruiug. We
a.-k for it a general reading.
Kx i it Hams. We noticed yesterday ihat
our friend 11. W. ISahnk on College street,
v asnceiviug from the country an extra ti:ie
lt of liacon Hams.
0m ic S.)I tiikkk I'Afine Rkroad C.i.
Mm-ii.il, li x is, 11. IS, lbifl.
A tf.'n.T.il iiuvtiutf 1 ill .-t.M klu.l'lris i1 11 1 in unt
il my w ill lie lieM at 1 villi vlli't, Ky , en Ttiui il.iy , Hie
i:.illi il.iy ol' November, next. A III -i Un' of tliu Ii-r-
tn:s of tlie '..mi.iny uill hh he lieM ut tlie came
t'lii' anil il.iee. ltiusiiieh. ot imiMrtauce will be trauii
m ti'il by both TiiocklioMi-iH atel 1) ro torn. .4 coin
j. HHi.-ii lis iee:i in. .ill) Willi tliu '-n"W l'iiiii.ti,y . '
t oiiiins to le coiiipiMi'it ef !':n- Uirs leil linn ..t'u a-t
t i" oli rniiiui:i ili iii.ui' s tor tin' sum ol u!oui ..-J,-l.ii.f.
Tlie I ! m. of llir rii:i;foliiisi' i. i iire tlie piy
Im'iit or this lU'leliteiiie-Mi ill tliree (iiil instilments,
Hi 3,5 an '. 7 iieinllm in m.-ti or n.iinve l ni'ot!ule
p i p.T. It is desirable to oroni tly extie;uisli IU in
.Meiliie.s t'uit vre may roin- in possesriuiu of lie
l;uels.eiU propvi ty of tliu mninny , und pi unpily
riM'evl i li llie I'onstriiciien of tbe Road. Tbe
in. m s to :m ptrnet tlie m xt '.'5 uiilea lieui III tlie
Treasury of IVxuM. If tlm deyu. be J.ild olf rel.ev
. tntf Ah'i Coniiiy of Its ie-iiiiiiiry liab.l.iim, am! tlio
ab.Iity to priN wil with the Ibuid lit. rlimvn, no feurs
lieu'l t I'liiertaiiif l of tie to Ktil.ty of Texas or ef
tie' RJ irdians of tier roerly, tier publie p"li-y and
Ii"r Ki.id Ill ni l li.uior yea, of h.-r lileral:ty in
III fnU:re, i ui llie l-ast, torn irls tbis j;re.it enter
i isef :t bein tlie b.is,' liu of lUe va.-t railway sys
lem ui' 1 nite.l States. The StockUol leri are trailed to
fi' lliT to el -el a m w lurri tnry an t t i act upon a.l
an. I every sobjei t wtiieh iliey may ripliUnlly ion.
Si.br. JKRI1IA HUi.KKS. t'ren.
1 i view of llie great in iirt inre of matters l.i b
1:! I U : t!.e aliivr nie.-titiu', it b m. tlie duty of
ui: tile s'l m kliol lers I i be pres. 'lit, una those mlio
c.i:ni"t altei.d in iiitmiii tHiould have their stick rep-
rc-e:.ti'd by praty.
A'l .it'K,kli'i.lrr4 il th fomtuny resl liutf in or
r ir tin-t ity of Na-iivitl are r. i ieiei to meet w..n j Application should be tuaoe to Lragg A liaf
tiv ainrnoi.q at 3 11'r.rfc, u 1 lae Hlc of t k u.t ' ioes,St. Louis, Mo., 11I11I !ntisl ulw ay s be uc-
: Suim, No. 14 CivJar b-r l'i.' put n ko ol' hi'.ri t
lu,' it delr-ito to reorei.l lie ni in tliu ni'i i 111;
ol' Slot lilo.bb rs, to be h. I I at l.mii'Viile, Nov. .&lh,
7T" Tlie Lufayi tte Juunial copii s our re
nt, uk of the r. cut marriage at Harlfoid,
Co 111.. of i. Warren Neeomli, jr.. great
grandson tt (i;'ii. Joseph Wair.-n. to Mary S..
y-Tiiigest Liug!iliT of the lute Dr. (. orge
S.IDI.'ier, ami gr ut grand d anghter ol Cell.
1-r.al 1'iituuai. as pre.s miiig u must l.ilerest.
iug naam of r 1l.1t imiary iiain s a .tl
lu mm '., ami adj :
We iere pr "S'-nt at a :miliir "interit.ting
ii i.-.ji"d a -rat gmm! d iiiUii r of "obi I'iii'
with a great graml-nii of our gnat grand-la'ii.-r
s.mi y . urs ngo. We wee lb.- r -Miltnf
it 1 li rough th' wii.d'iw aswe riie.ay iningter
w Hi a salchel u Li W.u k pns.i t ij,.,g "11 .
willingly t" flu !. an I a mow ' five
nu.-nn is with a tii'iK-nlim- aaibitinn. imHiiit-
t iiim 1 a pa r stills, aiel f. ui I ssiv p r-
litiibiil.itiiig the i-idevvuik. 1. makisuitt' britiii
gid iy 10 ltMk ut h r. Dmug into UiebowtU !
i :ie 1. 1 nd ' for a wolf wan uolhlug to eajcu a
p :rfjriiiiiiice.
Calhiit xt Lajit. Jiviix MiCaktt, of La
fay (tte county, was tried, convicted and
ficuteurctl last week, at Oxford JJtsx. to five
years' imprisonment In the State peuiteuliary
for phasing an obstruction on the track of
the .MissLbnijiqi Uailroad.
Ajikanhaji Swamp Lamm. The Com mis.
; aioner of the Cent ral Land OOicM has trana-
1 mitted to the Governor of Arkuusa a patent
Humbert d 4, for wainp and other lands iu the
district of lands for hale at Helena, muring
to that Statu und. P the grant of September
'iS, aud containing TiiJZS.i3.
- To Drulen in Oi'ntert.
I hv comvleted Arrangpiuenu tbw ws.o for fur
nmbn.g Ibe best oyU-r U bo luul In tair t4 r,iucb
n l.yun Haven Buy, York Ititrer, Miuoti'a rrt k , W la
ter u Hrituob fUtiU, Hora'a Harbor, Nnuaetuond Kir
er, antt utbor furor a. kuida. tj uyiart ar oiiie4
Inst a few Juaint bvfurr liif Mart, o that my cu
..niier may 9ely Uxa gvUlug theui fraab. ab
sera piU in Kea aud Caua, autl furarardwl wait
iu.Uu h by fcCo.'nd Olowr'a tjiru, alu
,y sUb" Uiut "art iif Hit) country.
All order at' jonipnie'l by Um ettab, will moat with
nitueduitc alien Una, and ar vol te Had.
i saiparkor Kreab- NorAitk Oyatara la bm had ai my
ivtr Ita-el at Um k defMt of C. t H. Maana, a
: ii Vry alrw-t, la Um rear of Um fctato tiank.
; Pui-aa Uebucm. I aell boU aveya and Caua al
1 jn, and luilVfci 74 etmU.
iao.lw JOllS AOaUBXUK
Fraud and Peculation on m Sonlhern
A Committee was appointed by the last
Georgia Legislature to investigate the affairs
I of the Western & Atlantic Railroad, in which
thet State owns the principal interest. That
Committee have just reported to the present
session of the Legislature. They have dis
covered fraud and peculation to a very large
amount. Tbe Savannah Republican gives the
subjoined extract from the report, paying that
it is but a sample, and promises to continue
the subject :
The fallowing is a li.st of the defalcations
returned to ui, and the result of our examina
tions with regard them :
PO. 1 W. V. HiKhop, former ag't Chat'sra, 8.313 90
2 W. T. Wilt-on
" .Atlanta, B,H'3 Hz
" Ebiwao, 1,094 10
" Kingftou, 745 24
" Ialuo, tfi-2-1 41
" Kcttnca, 4W! 89
" Carteiiville 2,-.'4J 01
44 Calhoun, SU3 82
" Tilton, 60 72
" Inilum, 4,133 53
" Tunnel Hill 1, 134 05
" Tunnel Mill, ft! 06
" Chicka'pa. 213 40
" I'altoD, iO.1'20 08
3 J. W. Kirkham, 44
4 J. W.B. Summers, "
6 J. Pvrnn, "
a H. T MW'ly, "
7 W. A. JlcCravcy, "
8 S. W. I-wsuu, "
9 J. Roitertson, "
10 R. A. Holt, "
11 W. Kiii-mi. "
12 W. " Xorrie, "
13 J. Vail, "
14 K W. Harprove, "
15 K. B. Reynolds, "
Atlanta, 8J4 tS
ltj Note of N Oiislty Son. insolvent, and
In h.inrlc of L. N. Whittle, Attorney, 120 00
17 T J, Summers, former agent, Adairs-
ville, 92 70
Making a total due and unpaid, of $53,448 24
We will continues this subject to-morrow.
ipsT" Mr. Howard Stacxtox, the renowfled
Chess-King of the old world, peremptorily
declines the challenge of the youthful Ameri
can. I'acl Mokpht. lie pays he could not
think of undertaking such a contest w;thout
'ample opportunity for the recovery of his
old strength in play,'' which he could not do
"without giving up a great work on which he
is engaged, subjecting the publishers to the
loss of thousands, and himself to an action
for breach of contract." He adds:
'The result is not. perhaps, what either you
or I desired, as it will occasion disappoint
ment to many; but it is unavoidable, und the
less to be regretted, since a contest wherein
one of the combatants must fiitht under dis
advantages so manifest as those I should have
t-i contend against, after many years' retire
ment from practical chess, with my attention
absorbed and brain overtaxed by more im
portant pursuits, could never be accounted a
tair trial of skill.
I. S. I may add that, although denied the
satisfaction of a set encounter with you at
this pi riod, I shall have much pleasure if you
will stgain Ix-come my guest, in playing you a
few games, gaits aeon.
This is nothing less than a yielding to the
superior prowess of Moitmr without a contest.
Mr. Statxton's '-great work on which he is
eiigag d' would probably suffer iu its sale,
by a defeat of its author, and the declension
may be as well ascribed to prudential consid
erations of a pecuniary nature, as to a care
for his professional reputation.
Dkatiiok "Jim Axdkkson." Jamks Axueb
sox. a veteran typo, formerly of Nashville,
was killed in New Orleans last Sunday. The
Diftti gives the circumstances of his death as
.Mr. James Anderson, an old printer, at
tached to the I'icayune oflie, was almost
instantly killed last evening, just after dark,
by being run over by the Lafayette horse-cars,
at the corner of I'oydras and IJaronne streets,
while he was lying across the track. Alter
the cars had passed over his liody, crushing
him terribly, he was picked up before life
wasic-tinct and taken to the Charity Hospi
tal, where he, however, soon expired. The
diceas4-d was one of the oldest printers, in
th! city, and a member of the Typographical
The Crescent says that it was manifestly
attributable to the carelessness of the driver.
Tin? passengers in the cars were very much
incensed suid threats of lynching htm were
freely made. He was taken by a police
officer to jail immediately.
ti II IIS.
Three 11 it t id n-t 1 Double llarrel Guns will be
sold 333 per cent, cheaper, for Cash, than the
s; nne (jiialily of Guns can lie bought else
where. Also, timl" Moore & Harris's extra line,
win runted equal to Wesley llichards's, at
very low ligun w; besides Single Cutis, Iiilles
oct!2 ' 34 Public Square, Nashville.
Sokb axo Inm.amki Evks. These disagree
able complaints are generally very prevalent
al this s. uson of the year, and it is therefore
a matter of some interest to the public to
know that they may tut cured most eflectuully.
The l-st remedy yet discovered is Bkauu's
ActTu: I.i.viMb.vr. as the following certificate
will show : , ' x
Wfc.sTt:K Citt, Iowa, Nov. 9, 1S57. '
ln. JJhaou: iiear Sir: t'or more than
three years myself and daughter have been
alllicted with inllamt d eyes iu an aggravated
degjvo. aud tried various physicians ami nos
trums to no cil ct. Ai length 1 was induced
to try the Arctic Liiiiiiieut. und in 'I mouths
I wan nearly curiil and my daughter was en
tirely well, ullhoiigh part of llie lime she hud
bet 11 totally blind. 1 also used the Liniment
fir 1 1:. tiiiKiii.-iii iu my back, and was cunil by
pai l of a bottle. 1 would not be without your
invaluable remedy iu my house.
Yours truly,
W 1 I.I.I am Kcsskix.
J. J. Wadsworth, 1'ost Master of Iowa City,
couliruin the alsive sbiteineiit.
! or sale in Nashville, Tenn , by Utiiitr !c
A.ia-eui wanted iu every tow u and village.
coiiipauiid by ooil reference.
Mi'Lkan'h SrntXGTiiKM.o CoitntAi. is re
ceiving the unanimous rtcommciiduiion of
the 1'iess, not only al St. Louis, but all over
the country. This remedy is evidently tliu
result ot close observation and study. Wher
ever it has been i.sed it has been recommend-'
nl with the highest encomiums ot praise.
Persons can have uo conception of its clhcacy
w about giving it a trial. Oucu inure we
warmly r. C'luuieml this rem. dy as a stijv rior
Toxic und Ai.ikkativ . iioy-w
hubc-i-ye at Once!
If yml w.sb to secure it ci;' ol llial clek'aLt Kill; nt-
VOIk, "111 It VllLAOK lLAt KSJ.IT1I," IIU ClUI AtT JoI'M-
X..L, Willi tbeotbt r preuiluiiiS, bo tare itml nubucribe
Im ire tbe 1st t Ju. lb.v. onueu ctttia uf
lie above. ami full uita'i.l r liUen, by uiiyiiig to
X. I'. IB e.-,Ii 11.. se,, n.l Vei I. in. eiio Uer
beadiu Ne 1 wtwtt, ic. buvll
alPlai:Aa Ai. SON,
Sioclt, L'Oiitl aud Aote L'rokers,
Af?otiaturs ia alt kiuJs of Sfruritir,
aak Building, No. 19 H aaaaa Siret,
iHui A. M'llU. a. f. aiajXTox M'UL4.
i'ailituiar uUvulion tid lu aouuieru Kaiboad,
Jiiuu.1;, ana uluer aevnius a.
al 'ii iduu, warranted
lat rot 1-It atl al
J. W. LAXGLfcY as Ol.'a.
fll PlJtTW Jual rcteivod aud for a.U by
U L nova
ii. II. i'tCKKY.
l'rod uce.
W will pay Iba Liiv,l uui'( rsa In I'aMl for
tiaLUit, La4, lited'truM, nln4-a aud beva-
. fc.ai.Nu M-uuty.
oll J-
lluiu Iron.
IlUll.S jual recvinad and lor aaW by
uma. Ii. IX. I'ICKEY.
I AM now irrpard to furolah any nurubar of Sua
t'arrtsaa to toa riding pub.isj ua aa rawjt,alU
lern aa any uiliar (miaott catt ailord It. Il uu mI
I me CarrUfe lor taitibx . sJo'lu.tf , I'laaaurn vt
UtiameM rtuu., lor Partira, lUlla, Waaoli.jt, TraTft
lui, 'umrala or any oiuor irMae, you tan b at.
coiuuiodutotl al uiy S4 .bbi on t'burt b aireet, Jual ba.
low tl.e I'uai-Utti. a. Iaaeuf(er lakea t a ltd I rum
Ibaditlt reui Utilroad 1 K-Ha m.1 ilm itaual unco. My
loan.a ar aiaMl auj aafe, my dnvrra Iruaiy.aud tn ,
Carrutra Uuo. ri.Uull aoia.il a Uae id Iba
ta.UKI. U
Later from California, Oregon and
Soutli .America.
. New Yoek, Nov. 12. The steamer Star of
the West has arrived with $1,600,000 specie.
Tbe ship John E.Thayer were burned in tbe
Gulf of California. The crew was saved.
Tbe Roanoke and Saratoga were at Aspin wall.
The ship Genl. Cushiug for Sydney went
ashore iu Sau Francisco harbor and ia a total
The loss bv the recent fire at Jamestown
was only $17,000.
A storm occurred in southern California
on the niht of the second, doinjr great dam
age to buildiugs and fields. At Sau Diego se
veral houses were blown ilowu: vessels were
cast ashore. Ls Angelos aud San Pedro al
so suffered.
The Indian war in Oregon is ended. Colonel
W right having granted peace.
Frazer river miners are returning. No
business at Victoria. The settlements are all
San Francisco markets dull.
Chili dates are to September 18tb. rr.
1 tie Santiago 1 ue.ttie has been burned.
The crops are promising.
The mines are yielding larger than ever.
Kolivia succeed' d iu quelling another revo
lution ou the I'eruviitu frontiers. .highly
leaders were sentenced to death. It is expect
ed that this will secure peace with Linare's
Cai.i.ao, Oct. 12. Echeuique is still at Bo
livia, organiziug a lorce to invade 1'eru.
Business is stagnant.
Svdnky, Aug. 27. The ship Norway ar
rived from iio.ig Kong, with 1,230 emigrants,
Arrival of the Saata I'e Mall.
St. Louls. Nov. 12. The Santa Fe Mail of
the lsiih ha arrived.
Colonel Miles had another successful en
counter with the Navajoes.
The l'ike's 1'cuk gold accounts are favor
The Indians are peace able.
Terrible Ciale.
New Yokk, Nov. 12. Thre was recently
a teriiblo gale at Turk's Island, by which six
vessels were w recked.
Market by Xelerapb.
Nkw Yokk. Nov. 12. Cotton drooping;
sales I,o00 bales, rlour advancing. White
Corn 7aA(tj75; yellow 83. Mess I'ork, old 17
45(; I7 jU. Whisky 22.1. Dressed hogs 7c.
per pound. Litiseed Oil 60. Tallow heavy
Forto liico Sugar tlfsJi Cuba b(aj78.
Cincinnati, Nov. 12. Whisky 19. Provi
sions firm. Mess Pork SIC. Hums 8 J.
And tlie various alleuli'iiip ctuisequcnt ujKin disor
dered Stomach or Liver,
Such as Irnlii.'1'stion, At iility tif the Sttunaeh, CholiC
r.un.a, Heartburn, Iiss nf A;iiilite, Iiesionilency
CiistiveiiPKS, 11 1 1111 Bin! lilofdni); Piles. Iu all Ner
vous Klit-n 1 11.1 1 it-, and Xt'tiraliric Adit'tinns, it ban, in
niiiuerniis inst-tiiees, pniveil lulily beueticiai, uud in
others-elli'ttsil a tleeiilml cure.
This is a piirt'ly veneUilile ctinviun(t, preuared 00
Htr:i:tly Hcieiitiiic priueiiles, uftcr the niuuner of tin
celebruli'd llnlliinil n'ilcstir, liiMThave. Kecuuse ol
its Kreat siieeeH in uiest tr tlio Kurtifieau Statt.'S, it
intriHliii titin mui the t'niled states wus inteinlud uior
c.iet.iully lor tlnj it( oar futlierlituil scuttcred her
ami lln re ver tlie f.iee nf this mighty oiiutry.
Meetiiiu w itii (rrt-Hi suet es iimitiii; llieiu, I new utlo
it Ui ilia Anit'i lean m!iiiu, kunwiun that iu truly won
derful iiielii:in;il virtue must be ui knowled),'ed.
It is ui ticiiiitrly rfronum nded to tlinsu er!tnn
whose consiilutiniia nuiy have boeu iiiiured by ih
cnuliiiuiHiS use 11I ardent siirils, or utlier forms ofdm
aiialinn. iw uerally iMstautniietiiis in ctlect, it llnds iu
way thrifty to llie tsi'itl ol life, thrilling uud iiuiekeu
iui; every norve, raising uji tho (Iroopuif? spirit, and,
ui fai t, iufuHiiif new health unit vii:or in the system.
Xo'lil'K W hoever t'Xeets to Und this a liev. ra
will ht; disappointed; but to the sielc, the weak a
low spirited it w ill prove a Kriitei'ul aromatic cordial
possesaed ol singular remedial properties.
t; 'f 1 o .
Tlie (.reiil peiiiilantv of this dehi'litful Aroma lia
indueed many iiiiiuilionit, which tlie public tflioul
guard uiiaiust piireliasiuH. He not (M-rsuadt'd to hu
any tliuiK else 1111I1I you have Kiven Idwrhavr-'a Uo
Lilld Ititters a lair trial. One bottle will convince J O
how inliiiiiely superior it is to all these iiuitatioiis.
jj- Sold at $1 per buttle, or fix bottles for 5,
TIIK Stil.K ritOI-KlKl'tltt.
ih;j iMtii; jr., & .,
Mauiiiuclai iiik PliariuatM iilists and CheiiiiMs,
I'lttaburuli, t'm.
Sittl liy lirutoiisls Kfiierally ihruu(;huui luoLuiU't)
slal.-s and Caii.tdaH.
(-.so.l ai Noshvillti hr
y IS, I'KM't.KioV Ct.,Wholegala Ag't
W. W. UKliilV .V HKMuVIUX,
"' - It. A. II. l;t.t'uK,
jo. ;. i:i!nv,
HKMOVIIJ.!. .V liKl.l.,
U. W. HKMi;H.-ll!ilT,
IH-. T. WVA l.-i.
Vi:iJ., iitiol'KIt i to.,
lifj-i 11 .v. Ill XlUi,
And by Hrui;Kisnt generally throughout tbe State
apjt ii.V:w 1
A ' M'Rsi: 1. tre vt au infurt. Apply
" -It i,l tatJU-U
A VKiJKOglrl from 12 t-j lit years old. as a nurse
a L ror b.tUiuic ol llie year. I
or particulars iitqiiira
at lius ollice
M It S 1 C .
CF. TIU'KSTOX will rvsiime his les-
sous iii Vocalization uud 011 the l'lalio
Eorte.im Sloinlav in-.t, Sept. filh.
Orders in y be left ut his loom al the Se-
M.tneejlot,! aepUi-lf
ill i: A T 8 T O II U .
Mo. '2.1 Sotitli Front street.
"1X7E wuiilil 111I0 nil our old customers ami tae pub
he ui large ttiat we have re ope.ied our UKAT
SltillEa ab. no and ui I eiiutiiiue l keep an exeel
lenl sipply t.t rh'ut-e Kresh and Salt Meals of all kuios,
to winch we in vita lnu utloutioa ol Sloaiiiboii.siueu
ad Families.
Uir reopie licuiir 111 tlie country can at any lima of
throat ooiam Kr.sll and Salt Meats; also, I ned Beef,
Mui1' I and tjreon Stilled Tongue, fig Eeet, 4o., in
qilalil:ltrs ttt suit.
Bf K.iiudies supplied wiih I'ickUnl I'ork, Beef and
tuuin barrels aaO hall barrels
1. C. Ctilj:.IA Jk UlVLK.
uov4 5m
ArtmlnlMvator's Xotlcc.
HAVlMi quahlle t at 4 ilinntstrator of the estate of
liOMka ll.vllilK.irr, dt'Ceasod, of Cheatham
county . notice hereby giteu If all tlioae ludel-Uid u
llie aaid rsuie to make pa) uteul.and ai! Iliose bavin
claim against ml estate ivr requested to tile llio
aaliie wilu the Clerk of l Lie C'ouuly t'tiurt ol lltealltain
cmiiily nciordiug tolnw.aa the uisolvency of aaid
statu h ta btreu auggealed. ii. W. SH ELTON
nov4-lf Aiiinniisuauir.
Furnishing aud Fanry Goods!
Just r. eled to day and f r m'or at
a. u. m v i liii's
Furnishing Store,
tMKkjt rinuc kji it axd otveua T. ,
; s U v c. v 1' e tin esse e,
VS1'I NI'IB assortment of
WMta and Colored Marieilki Shirts,
very ir, l U aud p-Ueru, warraiiUd of tha beat
Htalel lal.
Wbila and IVt.wad tanen tVatoin SUirU, all aiaea and
orraatod Ti HI aa repre-fii4 M ilUM uJ ai.
CnmM I'Uil lauuu lit-a. u Mill Is;
Ltubruidarad Liueu Uuaunt Siorla.
A tar; ad ll . l.t u d atoi k ot
CieutleiueiiN lTnder.vear
oC A titers an, t'ahiHer, i-baker ItatiUel, Murluo.
Can loo. Ktauirf-t, aad CtU4i.
UadertMrU aai Crmwera.
ul rctrxtvrtl aud lur aala by
auTft-tf J. II. McOIIJ.
'JD and S.Ik I'U.u Olotiea;
. Kkl " 1-uaJ "
IWtm aad I asaiinef (ilovea;
litHk plaia aud l.u.-d Uuvr;
ltva k aud Cl"V! totuw' t.aunllets;
Kid, silk aud laaitutor La.lMta' Uaamhtn;
And oar i) Ie In kiuuecwua to Btruuoa , Jual ra.
cnd and kr al by
tM-U. J. II. UcClLL.-
Half Uoe.
LAItr.r attx-k ft ludtau. Shaker FUnnal. Cask.
i. . r, Iinb i Wtatl, M kit" aad Col-ted ilv,t-
ao. ab iirnaa I'm o miuaa tiau-a iiali Ikiaa.
juat rr riv4 and iu aH tty
. KasnviiXK, Nov. 13, lh5S.
COTTON-Sales of a few email lots yes
terday at 9ic per lb.
, TOBACCO No tales. . ' ". "
WHEAT Prime red 75c. bushel; prime
white 80c. " "
FLOUR Fine, $33 50 bbl; guperfine
$3 754 50; extra ?55 50.
. BACON Shoulders CJ6i: hams KXglOJ;
clear rides 88jc. tt. But little doii g.
LARD 89c. Sales light.
SALT Barrel salt S7Jc. bui-bel; coarse
sack $1 CO p sack; fine $1 75.
WHISKY Rectified 22c. ft gallon; coun
try 4060c.
GROCERIES Sugar 810c. ft 5) by the
bbl; off by the bhd. Coffee, Rio 11J
FEVTIIERS 4243c ft lb.
IVew Orleans market.
Snr Orleans, Nov. 8 niyht tUTTtiN The de
many was more active ami general to-day, and abtn.t
14,600 bnlt-H were Hold, witiiout any maieriul change
in prices. We quote as before :
Ordinary f 'i 9f
UimiiI Ordinary 10)jf?.19?V
Iiw Middling 11 11
MiddliriK H,n;
Gottd MiddliiiK 11 4' 12
.to. lining rair
Kair ,
xrATF.MKvr or oonoji.
Ptork on hand Sept.l, 1858
Keceived tti-day
...bales. 30,471
. 15.-J37
.3U8,t)70 413,J07
Koitfed previo'isly
. 222,Wy 29,261
KHirted to day
Exported previously
Stock on hand not cleared 215.117
TOBACCO We notice sales 3 bhds at Cc., 252 at ,
and on Saturday , 17 at .
81i;aK 'liie tleniaiitl has bfen aetive, with aales of
1. boo 1. 1 1. SKI bhds. at firm rates. fair to fully fair.
Senile, f, lb.
iluLASSF Abo active, aud about 2.200 bids, sold
al '2i'Cii)'Mc. for prime and choice, come common at
i'5ai-5i, and a small lot vt f"rmeutiug at 24c.
I'tiFFEE We notice pale of 1,300 bins, of which
542 at lOJic, Old at 11,50 at 11 , and 50 at ll.c
V lb-
Cltarleaton market.
CiiARiRSTo.v, Nov. 10, 1 I'. M. CtTloX The cot
ton market was quiet and unchanged this forenoon.
The sali s to-day were 1,400 bales, at prices ranging
from iJZ to 11 1 cents.
Cliicluuatl marketm.
Ci.vriN.NATi. Nov. 10.-CHrSE-Tlied niand throuch
out the week has been brifk, aud ralher in exeess
of the receipts, and prices have ruled tirm. 1 he sales
comprise about tf ,0O0 box-'S ut 7,';for seluctttl W.
R-; ,4fW-'.V fr hurlisti liairy; lulOtjC lor fancy
brands KiiKiish fair ; lulic for Nutmeg, aud ltc
lor I'me A ophv
CAM LE-i ANDSOA1' The market has not under
gouo any change since our lust, though it has been
quite dull lor Can lies, at our q.ioutio is. Wa coiiti -nue
to quote Mar Camlles, ut 'Jot: for full weight. Tal
low tlo, ll 'jand rj'.c.anil Opal 10c.
Stiap, ft'jf for I'alui ai.d No, 1, and 7c for extra.
CKANIU.ltltlES. Tue market is tinner, an I clioice
Berries in hug barrels are now seilimr al $105)11;
small barrels and boxes 87 bU($3.
EKl'ITS (Jieeii Apies are iu go .il demand, and
prices are firm at 32 51 50 & bid. according to
quality. Thi; market lor In -led is tlnu and prices stea
dy. We quote reaches f 25?J 50, buying, ai d
a 5i':i 75, sell ng; and Apples $1 75. buying, und 1
9 -(a ., selling. Kusitis are dull and lower. We utiw
quote J!, it. at $2 50 1), box, and Uiyer at 2 80. a
uioi'S are iu good tlematid and prices are lirm at $5
b.ix. uranges are t-t-ady ut $1172)11 for lib'.s.. and $4
7-r'S5 lor boxes. Eigs are tirm'at 12-jgl4c. C'urrauts
KATHEI5S The market has ruled steady aud firm
at 44c.
IlioN Tlie market is without chnnpe.and the mar
ket is steady, al $J6 fortlhio Tig, and 2l3c for liar.
I.EA11I1.K. There is no quotable change in tbe
market since our l ist Weekly K -vievr, and we conti
nue our ioriui r quotitions. The demand is good.
Sole, city t inned f It 2Sg30c-
HiMiiliM k, do do 24(gj27c
Harness U-ather " i .25(S(7r
Skirling ti "Ji-jso
Cilf Skins, i dozen tJ.ut&:b
Kip do " o&i50
t'pper Leather tlos 'Jiajofl
britllo do 340
C EX 1 :il A L, C031 31 1 SSI o.
Mo. 30 Front .street,
HAS special facilities ami many years' exH'rienca
in tilling oroers tor Clover and older Seeds;
I'heese; sur and other Can. lies: I-anl and Linseed
-lis: Cordage, aud ether ai tides of uaio Produce aud
Sells Cotton; Illoonis and Y'm Iron: Irie.l Fruit,
Eo.it iiers; lli'es wax; t.iiigeiig, A;c. ; making quick sulfa
and prompt returns. uoVJ-tf
nT wT iraVii" s 7
G E O O E R ,
yo. 27 C'ullcs Strret,
VOrLll riviet llully inform llie ciliz -ns of Nash-
ville and viriuity that he has mi hand and will
continue to keep it general a.ia.u tnieLt of Groceries.
All articles ueci a.iry lor laiiuiy use w ill be found at
his house.
rersous wishing to pn cure fiuo Ijqiitirs can, by
calling on me be accommodated Willi the unrest urti-
t ie 01 every de-criUiou, atid as cheap as at any other
boiii Im tltitv. f
0ovl0-tr '- K. W. BAKVES.
Slielton's .Marble Work;
Church street, next door to Cornelius's Cabinet-shop
.uii villr. Trim,
' I Ilr. unilorsignea woulil iniorni His Irienils -, --
X und the Hjlilic girnerally that he w ill con- C 1 '
liuiie the il.Ki:LK HI si Nli-S in tins c.ty , at Vr2
in.-, .-(loo, next iiiHir tu Cornelius s Calnut-
Rhop, on Church street, alia calls ateulmu to
tlie st.t k of
.ftarble IMotiiiiucutK, Tombai rtc,,
Thich he lias on exhibit, on and for sale, embracing a
ffni.i variety , iiiihed tu the most superb manner
lie is pre paici! to inanul.e tuie ou tlie bhorb sl uolKe,
harlllf TlHIItrl; and every dest:i iption 1 1
.Murlilc II tirll, til Hie liuust Ain.ni au and ltal
uti Maible. 11. s work will, us lieivtolore, bo war
ranted, und his prices to suit the limes,
lain. II M. L. SHF.I.TO.V
New Hardware House.
rpiIE siil.sri ibers have assotanted tle niS' Ives Ui
X gelhel , lur l ie iurioo of doing busaiiss iu
Ilanlwarr, CulliTy, asitl lluuxc Furnishins
Tlie business w ill b t ouiiiii te.l under tin' stv le of
M.n keux.a A: Muiehin. AlJA. ilAChlAWt.
NasllVdle.tKt. l,l5S. W. H. MI.NUliN.
HACKi:Z,ir& 31!.MIH.
Have rented the II.. use No It Coil.-u kinet,a fuw
doors below t ho seaauee llou.-e.
'Ihei.' stis k ol llaiuwure is now cttmph le, and con
tiius.it lea-1 ..s gre it a viiru'ly us can be l -unO ill
all) house lu I'lO clly l .e-y w ill euueat r to Keep ut
til line s the best u licles i. tu, ir line, an I tu sed ut
llie luwusi p. sis. At ta. ir claliiisuioci.t luay bo
1 .mi i f..r
aUlLQES Kvery tl script on 1 1 ).t ks, from
Hie b.'st ipei.uy t lae cle-ait pl ; Iluils,
lm. ties, atti'tl and Nulls .a all siz.-a.
CABPENTKES I'laitta, Saws, Cutsets, ouuges,
nun llannuers, and every descripltoua ol
to.. Is
ELACKSHTTHS Vlsea, AuvihJ, Sledge Hammers,
r el, tw.
PAINTEliS Ihusbea ut every aise and quality,
Nwlt Tools, lluslere, (.aujel's iloir I'eu
eils, Ac. , ac.
STABLE KEEfEHS Tlie finest English and French
ii.o sv ui nsUes, American liruidirs.Cui ry
Combs, lluug Forks, ltc.
FAKMEBS Ststoc. S4it,veis,Scthes( I'M-ks, c.
GAitxliiiltiiS I iUkes, rruiiuig lui plenum is,
l..es, a;c.
SPOETSMtN losible and S.ngle Barrel -yH.I Uuns,
low.i.-r Flttsss, t.aute Haf, 1'ercusssin
Ci, Ac, I'ot kel Pistols, C.dfe kevolv
rra,Al:au's uud all the near luiprove
ittents in iru Arms.
HOUSE XEEPEfitS-Hatod F.rk,Tablo and Taa
.-fss.us, imry ll.iauled Cuiiery .f every
iM'teru ; Kuivea aud Forks id" all kinds
CANDLESTICKS llrilianta, 1-Utuial.ed Tiu, Japan
law, t4 all kiu..s.
BASKETS every sliaia-aud aice.
WAilt.itd AND TEA TEATS From lovu. each
U(i tnc Uuest allly.
WOODEN WARE thicket., K.dling Fina, Traa,
FEATHEH DUTEES-tu.tin Brualiea, Ilrtton.s,
1'opt a ttua.ut aud t) ta, Utn,, aud tr-a-t
05NA2LENTAL OlK)D3 I'late Warmers, toal
lotui ortt, ko., 4.C., Ac
M Uo.lJk.A MINCill.V,
14 Ctdlege treeV.
V l--. a
A P-X bu lu reci l t.f Uwir usual Fali aupply ef
aCX tKwaia and antio rift Oues u their wwu lui-
vHL4U.ui, urioi.x wbal wdiUt louu4 aluua .very
r a autl uimIiIt trmu l! a iLrrnw u.l.. il.. I a
otxtbla ban. I 1-ugtiaA r reut b.
tlM- WOlltd Call IMIJ.-H I ir ll..l,lu, Ia IK...
U lal Ul tiCXa wliM.lt Ut b Uand very Urao aud
.Wiplela lartia-imlu,,
VoliuetL'o. -
Jonv rrf(;vsos piai itv(ira:iv Tf-r.Afro.
(of aala b '
Rock City Mills. ;
J. E. IIAU5I AX & Co., Proprietor.'
JE. BACMAX & CO., Manufacturers of EOCK CITY
FUd K, will pay the highest price at all times,
for Wheat and Corn, at Uieir Mills, corner of Line and
Cherry streets, Nashville, Tenu. v -
From and alter this dale, until further notice the
price or
Kxtra Family Flour. .$2 50
Fine Flour 2 00
I'll boiled a 54(
Middlings..... .......1 25
Bborta 75
Fine Bran.. 60
Mixed Brau 60
Coarse Bran 40
Corn Meal 00c p bushel.
All articles sold by the
undersigned deliverable at
any place in the city free of charee. When selliue by
tlie quantity , their rate ol discount is 10 per cent from
retail prices. J. K. BAL'MAN" tc. CO.
jy2fi 1 '
If oofland's German flitters.
Prepared by Dr. C. M. Juckst.n.Xo. 418 Arch Btrec.',
Scott, Courtland co , X. Y., March 21, 1857.
Dr. C. M. JaCKso.x: IK-ar Sir: lu behalf of the af
flicted I fleu a few lines to you I have suITered and
doctored myself, an 1 know how to pity those in a
like condition. Until I commenced taking your Bit
ters last summer, I was not able to do anything, or
even to sit up any considerable length of time. Be
fore I had taken the Urst bottle I felt like a new- man,
and now, after having continued the use of them a
short time, in the worst season of the year, am able
to labor hard eeery day. To say the least, I thiuk I
have received more benefit from the Kilters, than all
other medicines I have taken. I have not only need
your Bitters myself, but have given bottles aud parts
of bottles to those complaining of Dyspepsia and Liv
er Complaint, aud in every case, they tell me llicy
have taken no me lieine so beneficial as the Bitters.
Respectfully yours,
For sale at the Principal Office, 418 Arch St., Phila
delphia, and are sold by druggists aud store-keepers
in every town and village in the United States, Cana
das, West Indies, aud South America, at 75 cents er
bottle. See that the signature of C. M. Jackson is on
the wrapper of each, bottle. novl-lut
I lie "J.iixir,"
Prepared by Dr. J AS. WILLIAMS, Tor the cure of DYS
I'Fl'SY, and nothing but IiYSI'EI"SY, (as advertised iu
another column,) has, by its own merits, obtained for
itself so high a reputation in Philadelphia, that Physi
cians acquainted with its properties, are using it them
selves and prescribing it to their put.euts, convinced,
by observation, of its great ellicacy iu restoring the
disordered digestive orgausto a healthy function. Xu
nierous cases of Dyspepsy, of the most aggravated
character, which were abandoned as incurable by
some of the Medical Faculty', have, by the use of this
Klixir, been restored to perl'jct health, as attested cer
ilicales testily. itirl3-ly
JI ash mile, Tens., August 21st, 1858.
This Bank has removed to the corner opposite the
Plunders' Hunk, in the old Union Bank building. The
building formerly occupied by the Bauk of Commerce
is for Kent ou favorable terms. Apply soou, if you
waul it, to
augUa if JXO. D. JAMES.
To Nervous Siillerora.
A retired Gentleman having beeu restored to health
n a few days, alter many years of nervous suircriug
willsend (free) to assist others, a copy of the prescrip
tion aud a supply of the remedy, ou receiving
slumped envelope hearing the applicant's address. IH
rect the Rev. Joux M. IUu.vall, 1&0 Fulton street,
Brooklyn, X. Y aprl3-tri-w s
Parafline Camitl Coal Oil,
For Lubricating 31acliiiery
mvt.x, i'i:ui,lto.s &. co.,
UK. KIMS lI.M'i:.S ItV
HU. K1XU, formerly td New York, for
the last four veitrs of Jaiuisvillc. Ken-
t .i , nun who has tievoted Ins attention to the treat
ment of private discuses for over M years. Hatters
himself, haviiiutleuded to a practice fur so many
years, and cured So many thousands, he Ls enabled to
cure al! diseases of a private nature, no matter how
bad they may be from injudicious medical treatment,
or from neglect or their own. Dr. King's lhsS'iisary
is Xt "J3 Deatlerick street, between Cherry and the
Square, recond story , where ho cures all diseases of a
private nature.
Oonokkiiiu cured w ithout nausektus medicine or in
terference w ith business.
SrHicrrRKsnroM or recent date, cTectttiilly cured in
a few days, by un operation which causes no (tain.
Where a .stricture exists health cannot M enjoyed.
Perhaps no disease causes more mischief autl under
mines the constitution so much.
svi'iiuis, with all the diseitses of the skin, growing
out ot neglect or bad treatment, can be ellectuully
cur.nl in a days.
Skmixai WittK.vKss Pnrtlc ul.-iruttciitioii having been
given lo til s disease, ami all the consequences grow
in fr nut of it.brouulit ou in many cases by the de
structive habits of iiicoiisidcrutu Youths and exews
sive iiid'ilgeiicetd the uissiotis, a negl. t t of w h.cb will
undermine llie cons utul ion, rendering the subject until
for business or society .and causing premature oh! age.
Females who may bu laboring w ith any dillic ulty ol
ti e Womb may rest assured ol iuiiiie.linie relief.
Peistins residing abroad, by writing and stating
their case, wiln a feo enclose I , ilireeted to lr. A. King,
No. L'3 lh'aderiek street, Nashville, Tenn., will have
the uecessnry medic ine sc tit to their adtlress, with ne
cessary ilirei lions. Strict secrecy t bserved. Ottice
hoursfroiu il o'clock iu tbe morning until t iu the eve
ning , .... luay-itidawly
Tin:iti: can bj: had at
Plain k Ornamental Eueravin" Lstablislimen
OEAI.S for Masons, I. O. O. F., Stuis of Tein;erance,
lO Xuktrics I'ubia:, Insui aiace, lUilroad and I'lnuk
Roud Comuiiies,Ciurts, Stales, Ac. Alsti,Steamlioats,
l'wl-tilice stnuiis. Meei Stamps Engraved lo orderl'.r
Blaeksmitiis and Silversmiths, ill fact for al! those Mau
ulaaluitis wim may wisti lo stamp their names and
adtlress upt' ii their work. These stamp are warrant
ed t st.uii(. stiver. ti'dd, Brosg, Iron and unl'iuered
Steel Wltlli lit the slightest illjlll y lo the stamp itself.
Mcia Oi-1 I all kiuiis made lo order. Jewelry made
and rcpiuicd. K. I l.l.Lll,
11a..ei .t st. eet.a d.ar from the rublicspaai'e,tip.
(Hisite llie l.cHiulicui llaiiuer Ullicej
al.glW-lt wlllli
A KE weli known and eagerly sought for throughout
J it.e wnoie t onliie-iit of Ainerita.
Arirr l.cture tlieir uitrtaiuclmn could any s-
r.eo ot t ... .1.1-it a .i' in s be found titat were equal to
auy euieigeii, t . t i.il were always lo be relied ou,ad
were wu'.iei r. en a u,e isiorest iierstHis .
. cirr l.l iurt' l..e oialeuberg I'll a. rtMild yon
obtaiu t ;n t e- toil remedy for Uoloi.i inseasra,
laver Ctutiiiaaiou. liysjNrpsta.l .w-tivenesa and A-ttimtt.
ntver it"lur tins lever and Agio leno-dy
cuuiu mi) Ibiug Ik luuud that cured all case d Clnlot
and I-ever lor a a-.
,ever Itrfure the Green Mountain Ointment
was Uiere Ut be iou.d, for oc. auy Ituutediaus cure
for Utirits, ltriiUM.s, Cuts, old rs.res, la- sipelos, aud
tutt.taiiiiialitHis, either exu nial or itiU'i uai.
-rfr lie fore .MarU-lI' f ferine C-
tliullcun was I all eg oi me VVvu.u, aim otuer
Llenue Uiseases found lo be curable. Now, leu caaea
out ul twelve aro cured bv tois iinsis aie.
Mt" It auy pbysH-utn supfMaies lUal ihis ia merely a
quack remedy , we would reply, -ti it is prepartd
by 1'r. Pomer.. , of l l.uat alUiy and old pnsyaian
of the AlloikiCiic seb.ail Ihtl we will furnish any re
puLible pUisKiaa .uty quantity uf its gratoitouaiy to
teat its Uter its on bis patients, ana l lrtro-rtiiore. by
wnuug lo iT.I'tuueroy , be cau Im- furnislit-a with tu
ttMiipouel I i it. 11 la the grutesl bleasiug tu Um
fettial aex toat the acieuce ol uioutctue boa cicu ertd
iu a century.
.Vr ftefore he Gra-ftiilM-rg P-ysetilary Sy
rup, waa there a certain reineuy .r i;ka1y Fiux,ly-
senlery, iHarruta or Cholera ttow, all can be cured in
a lew Hours.
A ever itefor thriotrtMlu. te.n uf IheOiddrvu'
PuuaCva, cuulu a 'tiler I eel llM? lite t( tier babe kale
fr a day, while under live years of a.-e. V'-uUilul
UUk'aaea d stroti luixl a llies can led litem od ihi
Utut luotiH tue curua litem, even after teh di'Ur aud
liuta- a have prubuiutced lueir b4 b'HtJlca. Prsjw
uuly 5c.
Aclrr fteiore was any Tonic Hi tier so popular
aa Uto iluaiUi Inlur, tu-t Caw- J&c. Why ahoutU tbe
woiid autl.r trout 1'ismp.u ut 'til.oua tilx-aaes.
wlnio this aiiiiple tneda.aie can, at ah Lan-l, pratinl
II f
lever ilrlore waa any prejiaj-aiion of Suraa
painta au pvwvt lui aa that compuuued by ttw Urtat
feubetf Co .
.Never flcfure. Itaa tlie Cofuramptive'a Ualai
fouua i la equal. Ilw many are lb uuw ttt Ut aad
beallU, w ttu WJtiU, Ui, have entered 1 aUi'l
laia portal, usey ha 4 ttoi b ra rt7c.amitije4 tu
um Uua Ut prrlorruca W auauy iKaarviua 1'ial are
loudly tauuuar
CTrr tie for were I lW and kindred diaeae
c rtaoi ui cur. have i ntanlrt ol parawoa ra-tu-vly
r-cuvertt-l. af UT IK atotltf. aad mbo' rt pby.
aa tana bad axaerted that buUiuig but Uie kuJecuutd
ad 4 reiK. .
Never llelor cutiU lufUmad ryea and wUt
aeaa ut l.t b voted tor tacitly -live uu. lba Eye
Lottun ttora 14.
.Never Itefure wai any B pubi tdim! tt
eu.ta.t a aa luutii UMsda-al kawwiCtt aa the litaslt-u-hmrt
Manual id Uealta, lr la.fcty re teata. U
vugttt t be ut evrrjr Ulu.ly ut lo land.
. e t e r ftaelre baaauy Ait imaac ba publia hod
Bv valtMUta m iu ii.aitlt a xioftai' . It ia luruailMw
aratu.UM.aiy by ail In U4uis. ood by
ALfc.. uM KKxnr.,
ct2t-if - liCtw tun 1, -NUnllle.
VWV1PWD of twci ur cent, on tha CapHal
MutK ot Ka AaatiVlb t'ouitsttrvmt J;.aiaace
Cunt!aj tsaa tu tlay n iri i'f turn ltrrt.ur, out
U tha prilia of the Utdatt m'tts.
.Nov 1, lviA. jAil-a Vt AXJUii,S)c'y.
OUVaU4lt4 ' .
or SaIc-Cd iknt.
: 11. W. ULASCOCR,
Auctioneer and General Agent,
Furniture, Vehicles, Stock, At.,
Particular attention to Salt of City or (Xuittry
J WILL also attend to tue CoLtecnxo of Accorsrra
Nirr km, Ire, in Ihm or any of the iI'Jfiio ttn .vnics
OtDce, Patriot Office Counting Room, w here orders can
be lelt in my absence. )e7
Valuable City Property
On Saturday, Nov. 3th 1858,
AT THE CUURT HuUSE GATE, I will sell to the
highest biddtr that valuable property, situated on the
corner of Line aud Sun Iner streets, fronting 110 feet
on Line atid running back 100 feet, front 011 Summer
street. Ibis proi'City will be divided in three lota
fronting on Line including the frame houses, upon it.
Ih.s property is immediately infroi tol the limes (free
st hot I) Building, and close to the line private resi
dence lately erected by Mr.ilerriford, ami also several
private residences iu course of construction, adjacent
toaud adjoining this property, which makes it every
way desirable to the business n au. We would ask an
examination of this property before the day of sale
as we are determined to seilaiud w e are coniideut that
such an npiortunity w ill not be ollered again soou.
The uicreased price of proerty in this Knuon tf the
city, is rapid and steady, and we would advise those
who w ish lo buy on speculation or for improvement,
not to let this opportunity slip.
TERMS OF SALE A credit of 1, 2, aud 3 years with
interest from date, notes well endorsed, payable in
Bank, and a lieu retained.
nov. 4-td. I'.eal Lslate Agent.
OX WEDXESl'AYiOV. 17, 1858, on the premises,
one and a hall miles from the cororaiiou of
Nashville, on the Murfreesboro' Turnpike Kuad, over
looking the city, and divided into
some of which are heavily timbered, and beautifully
situated tor suburban residences lor geutlemen en
gaged iu business in the city, and others wishing te
live near it.
Tb-ms. tine third payable on the 1st of May ,185!
.ue third on the 1st of January. lfcoO, and" the re
mamtler on the 1st of January , ISfil. Notes payable
in Bank, with interest, satisfactorily endorsed, aud a
lieu retained.
Omnibuses free. A collation ou the ground.
E. It Uuisoot K, Auttioner. A. 11. FORD.
P. S. For pl tl.or other information, apply to E.
R. Gijvsgick, or myself. A. II. F.
I AM now t.n'ering for saie. privately, upon f
accommodating t rms, the farm of Jamks K
S. IliiL, situated on the ikllsboro' Pike, tl, aVf
miles from this city, and adjoining the lam.s ,, -d
01 Willoiighhy Williams. Juo. Hill, Vclix Compluu and
John Williams. Hie tract contains
Fitly Acres,
about thirty of which is in cultivation and the balance
heavily limbered with hickory , sugar-tree, ash, arc.
The Eoil isof the tine t quality, with two excellent
uever-failii.g springs.
1'kiii the tract is a hewed log house, iu good order.
There is also a heaulilul buil'lmg site, und w ith the
proH'r kind o' improvements tould bo made one t!
the most desirable places ill the county. We will give
a bargain in this proHrty as I um desirous t.r selling
For terms of sale and particulars call on JAMES S.
illlj., oi. the premises, or to
H-tl3-lf Real Estate Agent.
t on kali:.
o 30 SHADES in the Citv Loan and
IRitM lO
1 Building
ng Association. 1-or particulars enquire of
E. R. GLASCOCK, Agent,
laOts In lc;;ocU.
I HAVE r,T sale privately, -.'3 lots iu Slc:avock,
situated tm JctScrson, Mailtsou, Fillmore Avenue,
Florence, Alberli Avenue, He muTshoit and James
stree B, which I will sell at great bargai p. Itiese
l.otsure uniting some ot the most beautilul in thai ud
dition, and to those of small means, wanting cheap
homes, nuw is their chance, tor pai tit ulars call ou
E. K .I.A.-Ct CK,
oct7-tf Agent
1'WEIJ.l.NO H)LSFaiid UIS,
iu Fwing's Additiou, fronting ou
Ewiug Avenue. One isa twostory
frame containing live rooms, with
other necessary out houses, all iu good order, being
newly built. The other is a one HUiry frame, cou
Utining 4 rooms, w ith orber otit-hoiises.in good reiir,
and both iu gtssl neighborhoods. 1 will give a bar
gain in this priiierty as I am desirous of selling.
For terms of sale, Ac, cull on
octl3-tf Real Estate Agent.
kxi:ci:tok' sal.i:
IJl'RSl'AXT lo the power vested in me ns ! xci utor
under Uud bv the last w ill and tesLiliient ol DAX
IEL CAKMACK , tieceused, I will sell, on
f rfdit), the 10H of Aovrmbrr, 1858,
to tile bighesl bidoer, at the late resitleuue i f liaiuel
Carmuck, utt easi tl, il miles Smlh t.f Nashville, near
Smyrna Meeting House, the following d.seiibeU leal
an. i istrsoiial eslale, lo-wil: lhe Irart of l-alnl on
w hit. h a iii deceased resid.dat the tdue t f his death,
boun. ed by llie lands of Margaret Phillips, Wilbani
t'fcievle. and be heira of John W.ilx.n, conlailnng
about 140 acies. stn Tiact ol IjhuI is bneiy ualer
cd, has comlort able iu provemelits uud would niakta
cai'ital ock Faun. Also thtee acres of cedar Itnd
on the Water's of Stoue's river, beU-vcd lo Uo well
Aixt The follow ing named Negro Slaves, to-w it:
Tempo, aged ah.iul 'M years, very likely, and a gisid
house girl; Hem y ,4 years old, and Martha, J months
tdd, clniilren ttf leniM", Mary, about lo years old,
very likely , ami a gool house girl; Wright, 1 2 loublha
old, chdd or alary: Frank, '.a year old, very likely
and au excellent wagoner; l'orl, il yeais old, very
likely and a potnl -w hip sawyer. Al I same time
aud place I will sell 6 head ol Horses, 2 Mules, t head
of tattle, 40 or 50 bead of Hogs, 1 Wagon, Corn and
Fodder, Farming Utensils, Household and kitchen
Furniture, aud many oilier articles too tedious lo
Tkkms. Tlie Lunf will lie sotd opon a credit of one
and two. years, llie slat cs ou a credit ol la mouths,
and tlie t'i isliabl,- piopcity on a cied.t of month
upoji nil sums over live dollars, ull sums t. f5 Hint llll
Oer cash. Ni tes Willi two g.aid securities will be re
quired and a lieu retained u,.ti Uie laud lo secure the
p.iynieijl td tlie purcliose money. The t Tms tf Ihe
sale lu every iiisl ujca lu bit cuuiplicil wilii Oelore tha
pr.H.-rty is removed
THOMAS Htil.T, Fxecuior,
ocll3-td oi Iumkl CaKHaik, dee'd.
Tit ustj: Li's
o r
Horses, Buggies,
of Trust, Ut lue n
ecnU'd by 11. t . liiixx H,
duly r. g.BUTetl ui tlio
Itegister's ttllice of la nisou countv . Tenn . in fltMik
No. ', pages lll and WJ, I will.ou ?ATl KHAV.'l HE
aTTll KAV OF Not'EMUEK, IS.SS, proceed to aeli al
Pubi c Aut turn, tor ash, at the Court bouse) a rd gala
iu Nashville, tint loll.iw nig uescrilied Slock, Ac , to
wn : 1 norrel aud I B ack Mare, 1 Lutck Horse, 1 Uy
Horse uauied Jim, 1 i.rrrl Horse Iiuined Tom,;: llu.
. swt tiu Harness, 1 iiacit aud Sett ut Harueaa. said
prorty ia stdd lor the purswe uf comply uig wiUt
tbe provisions of mud leed uf Trust.
oet-i-td Trustee.
Chancery Sale.
BY virtue of the power lit me ver Utd by a decree
reudered by tlie Chancery Court at Vtaslnuyioii,
leuu., IU lour cues consolidated, iu which A. C. Uty,
W. h. I.reer, Noel ii and Walker, o kiU'ti A Co.,
are complaiuauls, and n . S. Ib-rr aud F. P. Salit-iu
aud others are tieieudauita, I will rxpoiw to pubt
aae Ui llie liuhet bolder, at the H -U'l at the sulpbur
Sjmgs, KUea C'tuuly, lenu.,on
3Iondaj, 20lh Daj of Xoi. next,
ctaliuuuig from day to day until all the prutctty at
old, lite, loiiowmg preriy , lu-wit: A rry Urge and
Hue bd of Furuilure, cuUfislUia tu pail of lie .atuaua,
MatrKBaes, PUI..W , Hue and split burt.xu t uaint, SiI'd
UlNif, Wwti otauaa. Lounges, Jenny Liuu l- king
Cu rn, titui b. s, CenW-r laba-s, Varbltt To,. Tabma
MauLut.) Solos, Vu.lf.gouy lUa.ku.g Chairs, Uua large
Mirrwra, uue very Uua Plant For U-, CoAuig uva
aud I m u;lar, a lort'e aa.rllu-lil t4 Ur.e table Mare,
coiisk-l.ng in pari d very Uue sdtrr. Giasa and
tuoettaaare table Cutlery, Ac; in lattl every Ibu.g
nvcMary Ui the luruiautitg and carry u g on ol a llrai
class lii-lel, and id the Uaatl totihaiiititiie aud tluml ia
lue.aud all new or ue..rly . th-astea the above,
lucre w ui oti aokl litfu t, li"fc, talOe, W oous, tiug
ga-a and Firt mg lu i .i.a, ail 4 li Ubeatud
uu a credit from uura t4 aaie nil .Mil day uf A pril,
livi. NtOa W.Ot apptuvetl aeturi-y Will be requttn 4.
1 here a ul also be awiue Cora void at tbe sattte time
and place lor ta-i. W . t, UtLViiU-:,
Iuiv-t4 C'lvik and llisr.
For Sale.
U'E are eUlng a spk-uuid k4 of I-ANuIKd'.N,
Al. llii. Ait AXitCOlili'21 lldlAt to, very low .
J. ti- LiM.14.1 tu,
, 44 luua trct.
nAVINU tbta tUf aMtuunl Willi la U,e China
tu.il, J. C. i atda,lHXa.lur tin ty i o lit 1 aut
UlM j.C. Uo.UtU.
kUI i C. C. PJUUiIi.
j. c. luum. c a. rttuu.
j. I. n.nm.x v co. .
Jk-w-aaura to A. 11. Uk,
DUUICT lauliTli AXO btCALXKa t-
CLiaa, Gla and Qurrns-uarr
JkO, 46 Publia jux, JiaAvis Tan.
TT liter a any 1
Wtt.dea la tt ucry -hi
taluua aa cu reiiic4 M.ttoua livai at ltru
lwv, waKteoit uiiiuaue guwd limt It a. tea
mai. uier owniA, l - ut Ai.i.int., iaao
.1.1 r.. . It ,2 . A l..-. raa.
I'urlertsuvea flvco a-4 raa-Jad- . t a.
A arftail ..tiet t-f tlt. STUIVI'H) COLD
ri-SS, waitbu ctuiva by SttM-ro.nK Just r,a vy
F rl4tit,
4n.UJ-tX .. Ut l WJ I to.t m
We are now fat feelpt "of onr Fall Stock of
Tbe Larsest and Uest Assorted
ing EVERY article oi-iiully to be FOUND
being unusually large end AMSIILNG
All Goods at Reduced Prices for CASH,
Sign of the Hig Padlock
aug28-2m o ASUV IIaIaI-, HCKX oFaSS-Ii.
Continue to Draw as Usual
Witiiout Interruption!
THE following Seheme will be drawn by S. Swab
CV., Manager of Ihe tularin Aeadeiry litU-ry ,lt
eaeh tf their Single Number Lotteries for Novkmmib
185H.at Al'iU'STA,Oetrnia,lu public, under the au
periutendence tif Cumniisiooiient.
Class 40 draws Saturday, November 6, 1858.
Class 41 draws Saturday, November 13, 1858.
Class 42 draws Saturday, November 20, 1858.
Class 43 draws Saturday, November 27, 1858.
50,000 Tickets!
5,485 Prises. Nearly one Prise to everrnine
Masnillcei.t Scheme
1 Prize of 70,000 4 l'rizes of 000
1 " t ao.oOO 4 " K00
1 ti tt ki,cmhi 4 14 " 70
1 tt it 6,000 4 " " 100
1 tt it 4 .Ol HI ISO " 500
1 tt ".-. 3,000 5( " " 300
1 it tt isihi loo 4 " l'J5
4 tt tt 1,000 -jao ' 't iio
4 Tri'std itm Approx'g to tTO.tMaU'rirearffl
00 "
75 "
60 '
JO are
10, OttO
6 .ooo
4. OtiO
S. ooo
" hoo
" 6O0
t 2t)
5,485 Prize nmonntinR to $320,000
Whole Tickets 10; Halves $5; Quarters $2 60.
O i
.A Circular rhowinK tlie plan of the IxiUerlea
will he nent to any one denirous of receiving it.
Certificates of Packages will beaold at thefol-
lowinn rates, wtiieh in Ihe rtfk :
Certitieulea of l'itt kage ol 10 Whole Tickets, $R0
" " 10 Half " 40
t tt 10 Quarter 44 20
" lOKiRtitb " 10
Enrloite the money to our address for tlie Ticket or
dereil, mi receipt of w hu h they w ill lie forwarded by
Orttt mini, l'urt Iihmtk can have lii keu ending in auy
figure they may tteiti;tiuU.
The List of I ira n NnuiberR and Prize will be sent
to purchaser itnmeiliiitelv after the drawing.
a-a Purchusera will pleane write their miniature
plum, nd Rive their pon Otlice. county and htale.
ttiT lietnenilier thai every Prue ia drawn and laya
ble iu full without deduction.
STi All prizea of f l.ooo and tinder, paid immediate
ly alter the drawing other prizes at the uitual lime ol
thirty days.
All ctunmpnicatinn strictly ronfldential.
AddrcHi Urdem for Tit ketn or Certitlcatci" to
S. SWAN fc O)., Autrnta, Ca.
Srj"PerfttiiiB refiditiK near MotilsoTtcry , Ala., or
Atlanta, lia., can have their orders tilled, and save
time, by addressing t. Swan L Co., at either of those
g A lint of the number Hint are drawn from th
wheel, with tlie amount uf the prize that each nne te
entitled to, will be puM;Mlcd alter every drawing, in
the lolltiwini; palKTH : t injuria (rVn.,) tift'luu til
Ut, Arte iH-lmnt Itrlla, M,nl Ki-tiitlrr, CkarUmnm
Slun lanl. Xaxhrillr G'Urttr, Atlanta Ittlr'tliiffncrr, Xrw
i'urk WerUy Ikiy ., .Vieonnui Daily .Vrtre, HirJt
mod IHrjHitrk, Xew Ynrk t'po''A, and I'aulilituj
(Mia.) i'lariim,and Little Jiocl Ark.) Irue Ikrmucral,
Swan k Cos Lotteries.
PERSON'S who desire to try their luck m these cel
ehruteil littenef , which draw every Saturday in
ihe yenr, cau have llieir ortlera proniily attended to
without the riak otaundiuit bv mail, bv addretauug
Ilttz No. 04, P. IK, Kaaunll.
A copv uf tlie OITicUI lrawine will be aent to each
purchaser inimo tiatrly .irter the drawinp taaea piace
For nrieeiiaee ad vertiKeniuitt III a'uHher column.
Prict.f wtudo lickeU 10; calvea d; quarter tt
0; eiKhlba SI 5.
)rofrssiofliil (arii5.
Late or leiujtUts,
HAVING removed to NatdivilU-, otters lit, prfes
aioiiul set v K'e Ui Ha clliaeiis. OlUee 4id lvf.
deuce Ul Mieiby Medical Collt jje, comer of Broad aud
Viuestrtela. auga-jm
Attorncj and Counselor at Law,
Will pra-iice his proleaaloa lu the Courts of 1.
vidatm county.
timet No. 11 , In Capt. Williams' Building .Cherry St.,
!S AM1VILLI T:..M:!!f4KK.
du. joiin w. jioutox,
Ecsidenco. Cor- College aad Walkins' Avenae,
(roaatou-v um irr KtT J
Offlre C3 .ortU t Uerry Street.
Janl'T tf
3l)trir's Salts.
CT virtue of m teudiiumi eipoo , to toe directed,
aud delivered froiu the Itouurable Circuit Court
til llavltlaoa county, Teuuewe, at ua Aug. Urrm, leM,
I will t-xi-nw tu public sale, to Ihe hialteat blJder lor
caalt, at tlie Courl ttoiute yard fate, in the City ta
Naahvilie. t.u AltRIIAY. THE -Wtw tAV t" NO-
Vl.illlrJt, l51,ali uie riRitl, I II. , eUliu , jturt t aud
eatalti wna h lite Charlotte Turapio Couipooj Uteu
bowl, or may have aittce acquired lit and to me lotto,
lug l M-ribtxl Ua l ol iaitd,l Ui( lu latvidaou couuly,
St le ol li-uurMW, IhmiuUvU aa lollnws: tKutuuig at
au liu aluutp uu McNairj hue, ruu'ilu aoulK eavr
en aud atuii eaat wtlu tlie Hue of MoJ. John ttoytl's
heirs, Ute fade lo the tnidtlle of ttiw luru
p.e roatt, Uieut . w lib hai I rxul s -ulh t ueg.,
weM 151 pole lUrwu.b a siuatl apru ( , borUi IS drg.,
eat V 1 10 pulua to a rta-a , tiMuc iwl 1J ntio. Ut Ut
beg luuinic, eotiloiuiti , by eattutalKUi, IK dea, uiorc
or ten, being Uie aaute ti'tvc) etl by Joe. 1. tau-Oou
lu the j'reat. Juul, tire l..r auu t ouaj ny ul tu Nab
vilM aud CltarWtte TurtipiVe Cuupali , thtro at a
cotitforkaolebia.lt dran.J autl bbl Uuuvsoo Mid
tut, b) Ueed,rrteiel tu U.a ttaVhiaoo cuwbiy kef
UUet i udtte. Hook No. 2, tg lid, Ueuil let ami ua aa
Ute XwM-rt ul aoid Clu Wt.e lurbutav Coup y ,tu
aott.i ua.utai rttOc4'u ta i.turm t a run u
J A MLS SI. Ui.NTuN,ScriS of Hat tdaua c
CIVIL 11 S O 1 IN K II It ,
extJl-tr " 0 li K HMER fcTUEET
? APPUji,
. IdJltA. and
Tot wLarb. U" talet warket -n.a lu lu or Wvfe
rir ui kw -I. P. C. AlEiui."i
u. ii aaj At tiMlega St., swarf Urooid.
UTE -! lu pjtt all lu Itry lUlea cmu. i
UM.Mii.UiSMit4,M lut :a mut
Um feifcUA u- kvi ra I aab.
P. C AM'EitStlN,
N.. AA a. ltd 4' loiase ... It .r IVuu.L
1IT have Ml aad k uW, karr stow ef
V V it"uU. 1 aad UaK tattaw d "ft lautar.
w bkE . we tdB.Uttf al tba tu s,ilo t a. ti
aja. P. C. AMJCiN,
Xa. AA aud 41 Ctd-e 4. , Isrwr IV-oa.l.
'E ttw a Urge s4ut.lt id u-te Wbite Lea l
l'-kl P. C. AV'UCMlN,
e;er offtr to the NaporiUe Trade comprti
to RltCVCE tbe f&rr.e, we are now ct
THE next ordinary drawing of tbe Royal Havana
Loiter) , conducted by the Satnutu Government,
under the nupervt on of the Captain tieueral of Cuba
will take place al Havana, on
Saturday, November 27tli, 18S8.
i A , O O O W i L 1 A IV S I
Sorteo Kuinero 6C8 Ordinario.
Capital Prize 100,000 Dollars
I rrizeof
1 44
1 i
.. 60,000
.. 30,000
,. 15,000
6 Prizes or S2,000
10 " 44 1,IK
i " 6oO
143 44 44 4oO
1 0,000
2o Approximations.. .R.IM4)
4 Approximationa to the 100.oo0, of KjOO each : 4
Of 400 to 50.000 ; 4 of 400 to 30,000 , 4 of 400 U 16,000;
4 id 4O0 to 10. OOO.
Whole Ticket. t20; Ilvea$10; Q tr
ie r
Prizes caftird at sit-hl at 6 per cent, discount.
Bills on the Nashville City Ilanks taken at ar.
A drawing will be forwarded as soou aatheresnll
bectiuies known.
AafAll orders for Pchemes or Ticket to be ad
dressed to Iio.V KOIiLlUl'LZ, (care of City Poet')
Charleston, So. Ca nova td
gaf5; (Cop5 pnH tire.
Modeler of Fashions,
No. 23 l'ubllc square,
iVASiiviLiaio. Ti:iM:ssioE.
The Fur Season Open.
Francisco, llie Furiier,
tiim ,t ,s "'w prepared to show to .ww-
r-' SB''4Jfl the Ijtdieit a aplend'd Mock . v rz
tV;'4. 'f KANCY HKrSH KS,rt.n- tW.f
lui I i Mi V siaui'ii of Umk.Satile, Ljtix, Wi'i
Mono Marten, made up in the tunet faahiouabl
A. J. FItACaCO, Farrier,
oct9-tf No. 23 Putilic Square, Nanhvllle.
l O liltSkl HAT!
h Mill attr&rtins uoivmal admiration
At Ihe Hal Emporium of FRANCISCO.
The Cable Hat,
oct9-tf l utdic uare.
Cbildrru't Funry Huts and t'ops.
V LAUGH attMtrtmeiil Juki received at
KANCISCO'S, h aahHiuable HaUrr,
Qftn-lf Va public iNuare.
bruads, by
HAVANA CKiAltS, Tartoos
. ritla.V-.
EW lilt SIC!! mVllIlSIC!!!
J 1ST received, tlie now and opular Music, ti
Soug, Velio w Koae t Tela ; In iTearus 1 See My
Mother; Netty lot.re; Nelly Cray; lireame, by Mia
Hodges; liujier in Itiirsful Ke.M-, by 'orter, and
Stars of tlie Summer Ni:ht (l edition), by 11. Web.
er; Polkas; Atlantic Teleprai h, Juki out; Kclectte;
il.iy J ,eeo and Pic Nm; Schtuimhes; In hrarora;
Uivura Letter IloX; Teuneaaee aud Oattle V. allies;
Nitulie, b) Hgdeu: May 1 lower and Medora, Ittpether
w ith atastturkas, tjuadi lilee, ketlowaa, Ac , Ac: all of
w hub are deatiued to have world-wide circulation.
I have also a lull assortment of all IbeSUudard Ma.
sso of the day, betide Mumcal Instruments or every
roriely , fntm a 10 cent Harp to a S0OO Piano. Call
early at &i I'uioo alreeC
rjHK irreaUst bargains in Iiao
J- ones IB rr .ork ciiy cau f y.t .Wii . I
be bad at the Manufactory of CI M- VT 4 II
MlNod at CANFlUJt, 7. Broadway, Bear Bleecber
street. Piano on pUiu and oruauteutal t aaea. Pearl
and Ivory Keys, al prices below all contellUoa ,
wboieaale and relau. Ktery Ii.atrumenl warrantetl
lor it ytars. CI MMINliS - CANHkJ4.
iTl.'J-lJm t7 Hridwav, New VorC.
iHillincrij iBooh.
V urs t F u rs ! Vursl
J VST received al Ut NEW VoK MU-JMJiV EM -PulUlM
the must apleutlid asaoriiucttt ut Sara
ever exhibited ta Uie Uuici of Naaltvllle.
Okottos suubkBou. Joan kAsaa
General Commission iltrchants,
New Orleans.
J AMI'S HANkHEAD A 1X , Naahvill., Teas., will
make caaai au voucea oai IoHImU , Tobaaw aud utlf
r 1'roi m c tipped lu Um above bouse.
But e.-U
Rio Flouring Mills,
For Sale or ioea&e.
1'K have 4eieriu d to rvtu from bnslnees,
I I luerrlore, Wist ttt sell (or ktaae fur IcrBi uf
years,) vur Bu li.kueau aa lite luu Mills, at M rtra -feuTu',
leuu. w Ui Bui atU'Otpt lu git e B ueacr4
leu ut tbe Mdl ku titla Mttii tumuetit , aa we pf raute
auy sua wkUttug lu bay wr toaa swtW ateaua lu a s
Uk ki! twutuswiiM. Tt Mill building at lu brark
Vn by awioe44j() staa-ie hib, cuverod witlt tiM i. The
bomr-botM ta ul bra-k, U by 40 !, cuverud lib.
ttu. lue K4 uB tsbk tiaoH Bail Is aiiualcii cuulatfj
atMl sta acres) ui gruuatl uh twu CuM-r Mwie,
a. Im", m imI dwel.iug botw, w ah atx ruu uta uud B
uajwoge, aud guud out buuaua., 1 id tut la as writ
oo4ou lu rauttug ur ltaraoig ut y tut ia Ut
iwk'. Bar tug a sum ber ut sue trw iu it, and B
Meter la .ug atr atu ut water tabBUtg Utrougtt it. A
rai.rvat ruuuuig iu lue aU tiuw, inumwi tlrari,
auiuu gu.gr aaa a.' iru as tue Naabvtlle a d '
in. v a b iiruad. i.itd a twsu I wnu le Naabvulex
auJ Cbatlawws) Umirttad k r wive aud U-ber all
tee ul, guut to ur truat tbe suul, ai tit Biul; Utaa
sttiui to ai r eiiafuus tf ra u. .g. iiveraa of 4
ox rt itau-n i, evurytiMau us tia rmautog evwvr '
rtt ui uaUBave atorit w ftwii.'w At fumi hid great
ituiits,u lu gituata-, At;., a a iuudt ,1 iay
utit tu. l ut tuu tutud a item.
w . ,.a,-r tue wutur , aa above described, for SAO .000
Sitt.ouu ut ta cooa tu guud euab buIm. I But-
ut ouu, tuu aud tutw ) ra.
ttu prwtu- f Um uuu, u ruuy aeoje u, mtu
um tuau utuet ail lite p) uwuu, (xn t4, ut course.
Um Srai. I sur Waal Ul we bare rua iue sulU IBM
utaa, u wdi pay at tue rates, ol over Ml irul pw
anuusa. lu ut ttil'vu euet .-; ineii iw4 u Ae
uli ihhm- uitlls.l - or Utr s luriuu a, w bite tlurjr
ut.U uuta. mm ta CwhluruL ur ks at. Bu lutuk.
liywaatusgiilMijrMlMM U1 (U-a lty a-
lUKuk'ij , aa we a uuU to duH u ul Uu:tut uua
uay 4 t a-r,by tuu S.atot eauuary Beit, we
ne ba a tlutwr lr-.au Jbe targtalaiure uf uut MuU
u.s-ruur.ttt.g tuu Utd... Bua b lua uurvitaacr ca uua
too ua Be tuui IkkA. AuJrr
lil.tA,ia RA.'M-w.
wrOan?a Mnrteaabsru', Tea.
SHUT ti boui.4 Cuor, '
la u bs - "
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10 40

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