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All. Y S 8: Xfii-'WXEXJ.T . WEEZLTM
U V,A. CARP 4t CO,
Asnosr a. cure.
OfflteNo. 16 Deader! h Street.
JOHN BELL, of Tenneeaee.
. roraF sxATg at LARGE.
I. G. TAVLOB, of Carter.
Hecltrtlen f Blrtke, aia.rriat.ee
n lea.tJs.
There is bill now pendiug before the Le
gislature, introduced in the Senate by Dr.- G.
B.PKTEBB, Senator from Hardin, M'Nairy and
Hardeman, which deserves the hearty com
mendation and eopport of every Representa
tive in the General Assembly. Every physi
cian of onr city should make it a special duty
to dm bis hearty endeavors to influence its
parage. Taking into view the important in
fluence wbiclrlbe passage of such a law would
Lave on the future practice of medicine in
this State, on' account or the value of the
medical s tatistics. or, in other word the vast
number of Btatistica which would be collect
ed in relation to the health of the people aa
affected by our peculiar climate, by our hab
it, Institutions, occupation, Ac.; it would
seem that onr fhyticiant, leaving out of view
the citizens tbemseltes. would see at once
the great importance of tie subject. Though
it ia believed that onr doctors of medicine are
sufficiently informed on the subject, and are
aware of its importance, still their lukewarm
neas and silence on the matter, argues ill for
the success of the measure, for it cannot be
supposed that the members of our General
Assembly, engrutscd with so many other im
portant public measures, can take tbe same
interest, or inform themselves aa well as
those (physician") who are supposed to have
made such subjects hpec.alit.es of study. It
is therefore hoped that our physicians will
come op to the rescue and work for the pas
sage of the bill. Tennessee has been behind
long enough in this regard, seeing that her
sister State Kentucky has succeeded so
admirably in br yptem of registration, and
furnished such excellent annual reports un
der the leadership of that prince of statisti
cians. Dr. Wm. L. Si-ttok, of Georgetown.
Tbe Kentucky Registration Law has been in
operation since 1352, and has produced to the
present time eight admirable reports. The
States of If sine, Connecticut, Vermont. Cali
fornia, New York. Pennsylvania, Louisiana,
Wisconsin and Michigan hare had Registra
tion laws under the consideration. Tbe State
of Massachusetts commenced its registration
reports in IS 43, and bas produced fifteen or
sixteen eminently valuable, useful, and sci
entific annual report, chiefly prepared by
Jo. G. Palfkst. Esq., and Dr. Nathaniel B.
SuranirF, both of Boston. New Hampshire,
Rhode Island, Nt w Jersey, South Carolina,
and perhaps several otbr, bave laws on the
subject, and male arjiiuil reports, and why
should not our beloved old State of Tennes
see, which is, in many, a great many, public
improvements, so far ahead of some of the
Other Western States. Below is given the
Memorial of the State M-dical Society, and
the bill now before tbe Legislature.
Of the "Stats Muscat. Society," to the Tenneaee
General Assembly, 1853-60. 33rd Session.
To the Central Assembly of the Stole of Tennes-
jfSV A OP i iv . imiuai ucciiug ui me owic
Mdical Society, the undersigned were ap
pointed a committee under the following res
olution, to which we mobt rtspecuullj call
your attention:
Resolved, That the President of this Society
appoint a committee Jo memorialize the next
General Assembly on the subject of a Regis
tration of Births, Deaths, aud Marriages, of
the State."
Yur memorialists most respectfully ask
that your honorable body will take into con
sideration tbe propriety of such a law. Tbat
there is a necessity for such a law, is too pal
pable to admit of controversy. We therefore
submit the subject by simply saying, tbat we
earnestly desire tbat you will pass such a law
at this present session.
Joiix P. Ford. Committee
J. El MixLove, )
For the establishment of a general system at Retis
tratioa of Births, Marriages, ud Deaths ia this
F.ccnox 1. Be it enacted by the General .1s
trmhly of the State of Tennessee, That, from and
atU-r the pa-sage of this Ac, it rhali be the
duty of the tax collectors of ech county of
this Slate to require of the inhabitant of said
counties, at tbe time of making the gem ral
tax returns, a jmrate returu, stating the
fects as r-qu;rt-d in See. 5, in relation to
births, marriages and deaths, and causes of
deaths in their re-p.clive household, during
the yer; and returu the sauv? to tbe County
Couit CWk of bin comity, said returns to be
Deatlr kept, and in a well bound book; and
ia each case in which the Tax Collector neg
lects bis duty, be shall le fined live dollars,
and the-ciiien refusing to Ktve the required
information, charged five per cent, on his
general tax.
Sec 2. Be it enacted. That it shall be tbe
dntv or all Clergymen, or other persons who
shall hereafter celebrate or perform tbe mar
riage c reniony within this State, to keep a
register of alt uiurringes celebrated by tbem.
giviug tbe infrmatiuu required in St-c. 5. and
return the same to the County Court Clerk
of. tbe county in which raid marriage was
performsd. within thirty days after said mai-
Sec 3. Ji U enacted, Tbat it shall be tbe
duty of all surgeoiw. physician, cb rgtuien
and niidwivea to k.N p a regi-ter of all births
aud deaths at which they bave attended, and
report witUiu thirty days to the County Court
Clerk of the county in which said birth or
death r-ccuir d.
Skc.4. Be tt enacted, Tbat parens shall give
notice to the County Couit Clerk of their
county of the births and d-alb of their chil
dren, etery householder ahull give like notice
of every bit tb and death happening in his
liom-e, or. tbe eld.st person, next id kin.
shall give said notice of the birth or death of
Lis kindred. The keepers of all public in
stitutions shall also give said notice.
Etc 5- Beit enacted. That in the record of
birth. tbe date of the birth, name of child,
sex, color, free or slave, place or birth, plu
rality birth, still bora or not, ill gititnat oc
not, If malformed, if slave name ot owner, it
lre colored fall namt of pars at, maiden
nam ot mother, residence of p renin, slave
or free, occupation ot parents, and when
registered, ahalj be entered.
That, In tbe record of marriages, tbs daU
of marriage, nam sod surname .of each,
slave or tree, age of each. Dumber of mar
riage, color, occupation, residence at lime ot
marriage, nativity ol each, religious r lirf.
names aud uruaaie of parent of each, and
Oocupaiiou, nanus, and residence of pefaoua)
perfoiuilng marriage ceremony, and tints ol
registration t-kall be entered. -
That, in the record of death, the name,
time of dt-atb, colr, slave or ftee.inarrlid vr.
single, sex, nativity, occupatiou, if slave om
ot owuer, age at dialh. place ol death. Cause
of death, by diae aud what disease, liugrr
lag r not, If ascidenUl, bow, if by killing
or murder, and if by suicide: shall be to
Sac t lie M enaettd. That every person re
lating to give tbe above information, or g
Iccttcg to d.M.-barj( the dull- s above meu
tiwaed, wtthiu the tpaxe of six mouths afier
each birth, death or marriage, shall furfetl
sum not exceeding fire dwliars, to be reov.
end by warrant bclore auy JoaUca ot tbs
Peace, or by preaaiinent by the grand jury.
' fcxC- 7. & tctl. That the County Court
Clei k of each couuty ahail oolaia. record and
index, la a well bound book, kept for the ea
pecial purpoae, all of the inform. tioa ia re
gard to btriu. mart iage and deaths, rqlned
jo ibis act. which auail bo forever earellly
preserved irrLls office, logcihsr vitit U orig.
Inal lists sext in by )he Tax Collectors, pby
sicians, and others required to make each re
turns. A duplicate copy of the above record
to be prepared and sent to tbe office of" the
Comptrolb-r of the Treasury of the State, on
or before the 15 th day of February of each
year, wlich record is to embrace the inform
ation collected as above for the year next pre
ceding, ending tbe 31st of December. -
Sec. 8. Beit enacted, Tbat the Governor of
tbe State shall appoint within .thirty days
after the passage of this act. a -competent,
well edacated person, as Registrar, whose
duty it shall be to make from tbe collected
statistic in tbe Comptroller's office, an annu
al Report, showing in tabulated form, accom
panied by any remarks which may be deemed
necessary to illustrate, the facts collected,
keeping tbe stalistii-s of each county separate,
and -of each incorporated town separate from
the county; and to cause three thousand cop
ies ot the report ta be printed on or before
the first day of January of each year; to
transmit not more than fifteen or less tbau
two copies to the office of each County Court
Clerk, one of which shall be forever careful
ly kept in soch office, and the remainder sent
to bis office distributed to the citizens or their
respective counties; the remainder to be dis
tributed to the various State and other libra
ries by the State Librarian. He shall be re
quired to have printed suitable blanks for the
nee of tax collectors, clergymen, physicians,
Sec., with separate columns for each of the
Items of information herein required, and
send a sufficient number or said blanks to tbe
clerks of each County Court for ilistribiition.
He shall annex to said blanks such instruc
tions as he may deem necessary to secure tbe
faithful execution of this act. He shall fur
nish within three months after the passage of
this act. to every County Court Clerk, a well
bound blank book properly ruled, aith head
ing, to sbow the information which may be
collected by tbe requirements of Sec. 5, of
this act. lie shall also make a report of pro
gress biennially to the Legislature.
Skc. 9. He H enacted, Tbat the State Regis
ter shall receive annually a salary of five
hundred dollars, that tbe County Court
Clerks shall receive lor each record of binhs,
matriage and deaths five cents, to be paid
out of their respective county treasuries.
Tbat tbe county Tax Collector Bhall b emi
tted to retain ont of the taxes collected by
tbem fire cents tor the entry of each birth,
death and m-iniage.
Skc. 10. Be it enacted, That the said ll-ts of
births, marriages and deaths return d to the
Cleras of the Coun'y Courts by the lax Col
lectors and othi rs, as also the original tabu
lar record herein r quired to be made and
kept in the said office, or a duly certified
copy of any birth, inarriape or death, from
either of them, and certified by the keeper of
such records, shall bereatter be ail mi lied and
received in ail courts in this State as prima
facie evidence of any such birth, mnrriage or
ileath therein r corded or so certified. The
Register shall cause to lie bound the returns
rec ived from the County Clerks aud otheis,
in one or more volumes, with indexes there
to, each year to be bouud Sfparately; thee
records to be carelully k-pt iu the Comptrol
ler's omcc
Sec 11. Be it enacted, That any town may
anact municipal laws, more effectually to at
tain tbe ol jects herein contemplated : Provi
ded, they do not conflict with the main and
specinV object of this act, viz : to secure the
most perfect registration.
Skc. 12. Be it enacted. That the sum of
is hereby appropriated to more effectually
attain the olijects contemplated in this bill.
Sec. 13. Be it enacted. That this act shall
take effect immediately from aud atur its
passage. -
This bill, (Senate Bill No. 278), was passed
on its first reading, February 10th, 1860, and
was referred to tbe Commilte on tbe Judi
ciary, and was returned by said Committee
recommending. its rejection, possibly without
the due weighing aud deliberation which tbe
subject demanded.
For the benfit of those who may desire to
investigate tbe subject, reference is here made
to some of tbe sources of information, most
of which are to be found in the State Libra
ry : 1st. English Statutes at Large, vol.". 56,
7, 60,72,4,5, 6,8; 2d. English Parliamenta
ry Debates, vols. 97,8.100.1; 3d. Encyclo
pa;dia Britannica, vol. 18 ; 4 lb. Edinburg
Review, voL 80 ; 5tb. Bentham's Works, vols.
1, 3, 6, 9 ; 6th. Quarterly Review, vols. 57.
CG, 76 ; 7tb. Report of Sanitary Commission
of Massachusetts, 1850; 8th, National Cyclo
paedia, vol. 10 ; 9th. Brande's Dictionary of
Science ; 10;h. Compendium of the United
States Censu?, 1850; 11th. Plymonth Colo
ny Acts of 1639 to 1646 ; 12th. See. also the
Regixtraiion Laws and Repot ia or tbe vari
ous States, chiefly after the year 1841, though
Kentucky passed a Registration Law in 1821.
In tbe Senate on tbe 29th ult., the invalid
pension bill was reported and passed, and a
resolution adopted requiring tbe Secretary of
Navy to inform the Senate as to the number
of marine hospital, tbe anmber of patient4,
and tbe expenses siuce 1854.
Mr. Skwabd presented a memorial from the
Legislature of Kansas praying admission into
the Union, and bung a speech npon it. giv
ing bis views at length upon the slavery
question, and the political condition of the
country. He poke of the coming Presiden
tial campaign, and of the Republicans hold
ing to the principle of preventing the Terri
tories, by constitutional means, from becom
ing homes for slavery and polygamy. He said
tbe policy of the Republican party was to
stand by the freedom of speech and of the
press, the steady improvement of the public
domain by homestead laws, and it will en
courage mining, manufactures, and interna
tional commerce. He was no assailant of
Stales. All the Slates were parcels of his
own country. He said it was well and wise
ly arranged that the States were sovereign
on the subject of slavery within their own
borders. He said that John Brown and his
associates acted on an earnest though fatui
touidy erroneous conviction. He pronounced
act one of sedition and treason, and crim
inal to just the extent that it affected the
public peace, and as destructive of human
life. He did not think anything serious would
grow out of tbe repeated threats to dissolve
the Uniott.
Mr. Docolas followed in reply, and in de
fense of tbe Kansas-Nebraska bill, which had
been assailed by Mr. Skwakd.
In the House, Mr. Parrott presented the
memorial of the Kansas Legislature, asking
admission into the Union, and it was referred
to the Committee on the Territories.
Alu r correcting the journal so as to put
Mr. RcrriN's name on tbe record on the final
vote for Printer, thus making the vote a tie,
tbe House renewed tbe balloting without
makiug an election.
At 2 o'clock the House went Into Commit
tee of tbe Whole on the state of tbe Union.
All the members, with the exception of
about a dozen, went to tbe Senate.
Mr. Reagan made a speech, maintaining
that neither Congress nor territorial legisla
tures can abolifih or hare power over staves
in territories, which are tbe common proper
ty of all th people. ,, . ' . .
Mr. Carter asked but failed to rsceiva con
sent to Introduce a revolution calling on the
President, if not incompatible with the pub
lic sen ice, lotrnmit to the House copies
of any correspondence which the Department
bas bad with Governor Houston and pthsrs
concerning the difficulties of our Soathero
frontier, and alo that be inform the House
what measure, if any, have been taken to
protect our citlsens and preserve the peace
of the country; that be also Inform the Hu
whether orders have been Usued, authorizing
our troops to enter any of the States ot Mex
ico; and If so, that copies of such orders be
transmitted to the House, with all other Im
portant Information relating to tbs matter
la poses tioa of the Department.
Mr. Grow discussed tbe propriety of dis
continuing forever the sate of the public
lands and all dedication thereof to Ires homes
for freemco.
Mr. Jcokias advocated protection to all
Industry and eoodetnaed tbs frta trade poli
cy f tbs Democracy.
Tb committee area and tbs Hoqm ad
joorsed. ,
qj Je Nashville Custom Bonie,..
We are very glad to learn that the Secre
tary of the Treasury does not regard tbe ap
propriation for the erection of a Custom
House in this city, as having lapsed into the
Treasury, but tbat be is determined to com
mence tbe construction of the building at an
early day, if the appropriations by Congress
this session do not exceed the revenue col
lected. ' So there is yet a probability of the
success of the Custom House project. - . -
1h Legislature aud tbe Banks.
The House of Representative yesterday
amended and passed on its final reading tbe
bill to re-charter the Bank of Frankland, at
Knoxvtlle, the Merchant's and Planter's
Bank at Memphis, the Bank of Clarksville
and the Bank of Middle Tennessee at Leba
non. The Union and Planters' Banks were
also autboiiz' d to establish Branches at Pur
dy, Waynesboro, Chattanooga, McMinnville,
Iiartsville and Livingston. These measures,
with the exception of the Bank of Middle
Tennessee, originated in the Senate, aud were
returned to tbat body for final action and the
amendments were promptly concurred in, aud
they are how the law ot the land. They
passed by such majorities as would indicate
tbat the present is the best Bank Legislature
that has assembled in this State for years
Tbe idea of repeatability and individual lia
bility, so much haiped on during tbe last
canvas, may le considered as thoroughly
exploded, as well as the still more absnrd
notion, that a prosperous people can dispense
with a sound and we'll regulated mixed cur
rency. We hope now, the Bank question is
Tlie Tlexlcau Treaty.
It would seem from tbe following dispatch
tbat there is little worse to expect the ratifi
cation of the treaty with Mexico:
AfW disposing of the morhing business
yesterday, tbe Senate went into executive
s'B ion on the Mexican treaty and continued
two hours iu discussion.
Mr. Mason opened by saying be had
brought himself with some reluctance to ap
prove the sul j ct of lbii project, because it
up pea red at firt blush to favor a departure
from the settled policy of the government,
which he would never sanction. But in
view of the state of anarchy which existi in
Mexico, be was willing to make the experi
ment. In regard to the objection urged
against Juarez, of not representing ibe
regular government, he supposed be was a
much entitled to that recognition a the other
taction was, though now rxurcising authori
ty over only a small district of country. lie
thought, though unable to give any positive
assurance to the Senate, tbat the ratification
witn the aid which we would render, would
establish tbe Liberal cause in power.
Mr. Wigfall followed iu an able and ef
fective speech, denouncing the whole scheme
as utterly unworthy of countenance or tolera
tion. Tbere was no government in Mexico
capable of making a trraty or carrying out
its stipulations if made. We did nut want
Mexico or her mongrel population. Juarez
and his Indian crew could not govern them
selves, and if brought into contact with our
people would not fail to contaminate them.
Mr. Simmons closed the discussion in one
of his strong, conclusive, practical argu
ments. exosing the sophistry of the alleged
commercial advantages. New England had
no interest, immediate or remote, io this
treaty, but exactly tbe reverse; it substan
tially proposed reciprocal free trade with
Mexico, which would require us, under tbe
clause inserted in every commercial treaty
for tbe last foi ty years, to admit tbat natiou
to an equal footing with that of the most
favored, and enable her to claim similar re
lation, which would resnlt in destroying our
revenue and compelling a direct taxatiou.
This poiiit, and others equally forcible, pro
duced much impression.
Mr. Hammond claimed the floor, and would
have proceeded but for the announcement of
Mr. Shanks' death.
The subject ia postponed till Thursday,
Mr. Seward having the floor for to-morrow.
The treaty is as dead a Julius Caesar. The
development ot to-day will probably bring
several Democratic opponents into line who
yielded to the persua.-ions of the President
and were prepared to conqner their prejudi
ce. Messrs. Hammond, Chestnut. Johnson,
aud others may be counted adversely.
3- Tbe Chicago Times, Mr. Douglas's or
gan, publishes a very siguilicant article upon
tbe platform which is to be laid down at
Charleston for tbe Democratic Convention,
It charges Mr. Blight with the intention of
constructing this platform 60 as to kill off
Mr. Douglas, and declares that no man nomi
nated upon Mr. Bricht's platform can win the
Presidency, and furthermore declared that no
man can be elected President who does not
adhere to the doctrine of Popular Sovereigu-7-
Tte Mustang Liniment cures Kheummtism;
Ike Mustang Liniment cures Stiff Jitints;
Ike MusUing Liniment cures Bums and Wounds;
Ike Mustang Liniment cures Sores Cleers, Caked
Breasts and Sure Xippter; A'euralgia, Corns and Wart
and is worth
To tbe Tinted Slates, as the preserver and restorer of
Taluable Horses and Cattle. It cares alt Sprains,
GaMs, Wounds, 81 iff Joints, kc. Did joa aver bear
of any ordinary Sore, Swelling, Sprain or Stiffness,
iiheron roan or beat , w hich the MarUDg Linimen'
would not cure f Pid you ever visit any respectabla
IrogKit la any part of tbe world in Kurope, Asia
nr America who did not say "it was tbe greatest
discovery of ibe age?" Sold everywhere. Every
family i hould bave it; three sizes.
BARNES k PARK, Proprietors,
mar2-lm New York.
Xo Meiclianl
Visaing Baltimore should fail to examine Ibe stock
oiioie l for sale by
Fred. Fickef & Sons,
It is one of tbe most extensive tn this country, and
llie proprietor are Tally prepared to compete wilb
Northern Cities. feb28-d2ia
"ffra U'lD'low, an expenencea nurse ua
emale physician, bas a soothing syrup for children
wtbirj , winch greatly facilitates the process vf
toeiht: j.by sofleniDR tbefun.sre lucing alliaflama
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bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it willgiverest
o yourselves aed relief and health ts your infants
arfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement is
' uotsercoliicnn. ane7dawly
TftR election will be held at the following places.
In Naahviile, on 8Tl RDAY, Marrb Srd,l60,
an4 the folio-ring persona are nrputived to act aa
Jtolgi-s, Clerks and Receiver oJ votes :
l t ant J N. liubbs, Wm. Roberts, J. T. Jooe,
Ju.igos.Tboa. C. Crui.k, Albert Akera, Clerks: Thos.
Ilnbnou, Kerrtver of Votes. KteciMw to be b eld at
Cameron's Carver, corner vt Claik and Front Ms.;
Coilarl, Magistrate.
la Wr T. J. Hiito.C. F. Berr aad Wm. r
mumbrana, Judges; F. Sloan, II. B. Buckner, Clerks,
W. H. Tow i sen , Receiver of Vote. klecOoo to b
-M at Mrera.Uuui Coa fehop. Market at.; Pjsr.
4 Ward A An lersoo. L. H. I-an'er, Joia Long,
karat, Judcea; Van Hulman. Sam. D. Nkbot, Uarks;
B.T. Jobisou, trciver of Votaa. Uectioa to b
brtd at Bo) a"s Oowa, Cherry at.; Alexander Mag la -
V 4uY Ward H. C M vim, 3. 1 Ryan, C. Z. H. Mar
tin, Judges: Julia Muter, Thomas Weakly, Clerks;
A. D. Crei-Bi,Rrooir of Votaa Uerih-n to be
beid alH. C. Mirlin sSbop, Cherry St.; Robertson,
Sill Ward Maann Voaov. W. C. LofUn, J. P.
Cutmn Jud.es; W. Krycv Tbompana, Heurv Mc
Lwra, Ctrks; A It- SSi kwa J, Kca.er f Vatr.
fciecuoa to be nek! at A. it. rbaaklaaa'l (09c, Vtua
st ; 'erta, Mg trt-".
4u W rd U- - 1-boa. R- MtCaaa, Mik' rarriab,
Judges: H -y JubBo, A. C. Kotu, Clerks, Vaa
Bu,!U, Receiver tJeetlou W aeld at
Tart-lry fy le's SUos, Aluket a.; Cvrbilt, Magta-
tratav '
5U Ward laaad Paul, J. Petty, Albert Andersoa,
Jututve, rrv 1'arks, U.llM,0tk;J. M-Maawtawa,
Kwciter of V. kWuosWb tt Id at tU usuat-
Oos. Mark . ; . MagwtraW.
SUaarS M C. Uxtuu.C.K wiue.H.Cr.ll,
Jjugea;A.P rk:pwxh, J. U. Jea,0uka;CU. H.
tV,r.h-eiv -f Vea. 1-JociK.a to b bald at
ljtt.tr k tiMtia's ur, Cheevy street; Wdaeraea),
MaMra.. J. AliXA.SMJt.
aart-44 - Coauaev of iwVHiaua laMSty.
J, KA3. W. J. MAR3.
Ka. U Collage suwas, KaabviUa, Tsaasss .
swtm Uaaed aad rJ. aad lissis srsaaxry
jktew aad bil ta BmmA tstiabl laaoraaS
-J',- mmimmnmmr
' f : Thtbsdat, March 1.
Honse bill to repeal the charter of the
town of Louisville; passed first reading.
. Tbe vote pawing House bill to change cer
tain -county lines was reconsidered, and the
bill amended by striking out tbe provision
changing the line between Rutherford and
Davidson: rejected.
To authorize citizens of Springfield to sub
Fcribe stock in a Turnpike Company, and Tor
other purposes; passed. , . , v.
To incorporate Shady Grove Seminary in
Stewart county, and for other purposes; pass
ed. To extend the time of acceptance to sus
pended banks, and lor other purposes; pass
ed, n
Several Senate bills passed second read
ing. Adjourned till 2 p. nv
The bill to encourage a proper organiza
tion of citizen soldiers was reconsidered and
a bill in lieu adopted and pawed.
To incorporate the Rome and Tmstall's
Frrry Turnpike, and the Rome and Dickson
Spring Turnpike Companies, rccommittecLfp
To incorporate tbe Tennessee Coal and
Railroad Company. Pawed.
To incorporate Glenwood Cemetery ' at
Clarksville. Passed.
To repeal sub-eection 2 of section 4126 of
the Code. Rejected.
To s- ll the stock of the State in the Leba
non and Sparta Turnpike Company. Re
ject d.- - ' '
To change the line between Wayne and
Hardin counties. Passed.
To change the county line between Put
nam and fcniiih. Amended and passed.
The Governor's Mansion Bill was made
the special order for Mouday. 10 A. 51.
Senate look up House mosjge amending
the bill chartering tbe Bank or Clarksville
by incorporating tbe Dank of Middle Tennes
see, at Lebanon, and concurred in same,
non-concurred in amendment declaring the
charter of tbe Citizen's B.ink forfeittdand
concurred in similar amendment relative to
the Bank of Hist Tennessee.
Also concurred in suudry amendments to
bill n -chartering the Union und Planters'
Btnks, Merchants Bank of Memphis Bank of
Clarksville and Bank of Franklaud at Kuox
ville. . . , . .
The Senate took up the message nomina
ting Gen. Wm. A. Quarles. Supervisor of
Banks, und concurred -in the same.
Mr. Stanton called op the motion to re-cou.-kler
tbe vole rtjecting the bill to amend
the Code in regard to tresspassing ia taking
iruit fiom trees, fcc.
Thursday, March 1.
Various standing committees reported.
Mr. Gautt's resolutions recponMve to those
of South Carolina, were referred to the Com
mittee on Federal Relations.
Mr. Sbeid introduced a bill to charter the
Pelliam's Creek and Docherd Turnpike Com
pany. Mr. Williams, of Hickman, a bill to char
ter the Centreville and Nashville Turnpike
Mr. Gantt, for Mr. Barksdale. a bill to in
corporate the Iiartsville Central Free Agri
cultural and Mechanical Fair.
Senate messages were taken up and dis
posed of.
The special order, being sundry bills to in
corporate banks, was taken up.
The bill to re-charter the capital of the
Union and Planters' Banks, aud to incorpo
rate the Bank of Frankland at Knoxviile,
was read.
Mr. Gantt offered an amendment that tbe
Dunk may establish a Branch at Purdy; and
the Planters' Bank a Branch at Chattanooga,
which was adopted.
Mr. Woodard moved to strike out the 7th
and 8ih sections of the bill which, on motion
of Mr. Gantt, was laid on tbe t.ible.
Mr. Morris, an amendment tbat tbe Union
or Planters' Bank may estatilifrh a Branch at
Waynesboro,, which was adopted. m
Mr. Smiib, an amendment to allow the
Union or Planters' Bank to establish a Brauch
at McMinnville, which was adopted.
M r. G uy offered an amendment that these
Banks le subject in all things to tbe general
banking law passed at the present session of
tbe Legislature, which was r jected.
Mr Gillespie offered an amendment to char
ter tb'; Drovers' Bank at Dandridge, with a
capital ot one million dollars, which may be
increased to two millions; and may com-
mumi tu Btnpnft with a paid ia capital of lllTee
hundred thousand dollars.
Mr. Gantt demanded tbe previous question
ahicb failed, yeas 21, nays 43.
Mr. Gillespie's amendment was then reject
ed, nays 27, nays 38.
Mr. Bennett offered an amendment that tbe
State Bank be allowed the same privileges as
given by this act and by the general law on
tiie subject ot paying out Brauch notes; and
ul no an amendment allowing tbe Union und
Planters' Bank to establish a Branch at Iiarts
ville, which were adopted.
Mr. Cheatham demanded the previous ques
tion, which was sustained, yeas 37, nays 29.
The question was then taken on the pas
sage of tbe bill as amended on its tbird read
ing, and it passed, yeas 46, nays 19.
The bill to charter the Merchants and
Planters Bank at Memphis, with a capital of
oie million dollar, which may lie increased
to three millions, as read The previous
question was deman.lt d and sustained, aud
tbe bill passed its third reudiug,yeus 39, nays
Adjourned till 2 p.m.
The House met and resumed the consider
ation of the special ordr, being the bill to
charter the Bank of Clarksville, with a capi
tal of one million of dollars.
Mr. Martin o&ered an amendment, incorpo
rating tbe Bank of Middle Tennessee at Leb
anon. Mr. Baker, of Perry, offered an amendment
making the stockholders liable as general
partners for all the debts of the Bank, which
was laid on tbe table, yeas 33. nays 28.
Mr. Gantt moved to strike out so much of
the bill ns requires tbe directors to be stock
holder, which prevailed.
Mr. Baker, of Perry, offered an smendraent
that tbe charter be repeal able at tbe discre
tion of tbe Legislature, which was laid on He
table, yeas 39, nays 25.
Mr. Lea offered an amendment tbat the
charter be repealuble at the discretion of the
Legislature, which was laid on the table,
yeas 44, nays 19.
Mr. Martin's amendment was then adopted
without a division.
Mr. Gantt offered an amendment declaring
tbe charters of the Bank of East Tennessee
and the Citizens Bank of Memphis forfeited,
which was adopted.
Tbe bill w.s then passed, as amended, on
Its third reading, yeas 38, nays 23.
The House then tok op bills on third read
ing. and the following were disposed of:
To reduce the Slate Tax to five cents on
tbe hundred dollars. , Amended snd passed.
Mr. Bicknell. by leave, oHered a resolution
to rescind the resolution beretof.re adopted,
to furnish tbe members postage at tbe ex
pene of the State.
Mr. Braselton proposed a resolution in lieu
that tbe members psy tor the stamps already
received by thern under the resolution wbico
was adopted. ' After discussion tbe resolu
tion was referred to the Judiciary Commit
tee. A message was received from the Senate,
concurring in the various amendments t tbe
Bank Bill, except that declaring tbe charters
or tbe Citizens Bank forfeited. From wh ich
the House receded.
Adjourned till 9 A. M. to-morrow. '
A. & t A. B. BEECH, -
: " ,' . at . ;v; -
No. 67, Collecz Street,
Are receiving and opealng every day an ele
gant stock of Spring Good; tbey will be con
stant!? receiving antil the 15th of April.
feli2i-tf. - ; - - r
Hem iDfrtisfmfnte.
f ' 'J TO-NIGHT -'-r
or o
WUl appear, ky desir in llta Great Ledger
' ; 'Drama of the
Uro liicf rttsrcf nfj. ""
Prospectus of. City DIap.
TIE plan of map contemplates the following;
points i -
1. The limits of property sLArn, will extend from
the extreme .-outliern boundary Northward I j to, a' d
Ire lading tbe Buena Vista Springs. From Hobson
street, the most easterly of Eiigefield to the extreme
limits of the Harding. Bostielc and Wa tkios' addi
tions. This wlU embrace all the late-t auditions to
Nashville. and is made op from the best authorities
an'l from acta. 1 surveys. - ,
I. It wlit show the incorporated limits of Nash
ville, and those of the present taxation or free ter
ritory. a.vAll the wards of the city will be cambered and
ehown by appropriate eolonnir. - -
4. The division ol property will be carefully bid
down from tbe nrtes and under the direction of Col.
Tnnmas J. Haile, who bas spent most of the past four
years in obtaining the most accurate iuformaum on
this subject.
5. The lots will be accurately numbered and sub
divided, and tbe additions will give tiie names of the
original prrioietors. Ail kis oonated to the city for
school purposes, parks or public squares will be in
scribed w ith tbe uanies of the dotors.
6. Tbs grouud plans of all the buildings in Nash
ville, b gefield aud their additions in their respective
proper localities. feriBaner.t and temporary build
ups, being ltt nctly iiet.igi.aUd . .
7. A view of toe City of .Nashville, with fifteen
views 'of oar most prominent public and private
8 The size of ibe map will be six feet nd a half
by four feet and its prcei wil be S10 per copy.
It is now well advanced to completion, and arrang
ments have been made to have it Lithographed, col
ored, mounted aud varnished iu tbe best style, and
will be ready for t-elivery by tbe first of June.
it is neetlk-ss to say Uut su-h a map is now the
actual want of tlie community, tad indeed the whole
Stale landed proprietors iu and around hashville
need nut be reuuuiieJ that this map contemplates
their immediate aud material iuterests.
, J. A. HAYDON, C. E. fc S.
mar2-3t THoilAS BoulH, C. E.
Lectures on Geology.
RfSPECTFUHY announces that in compliance
with tbe invitation of a number of distinguished
ciuseus of Nashville, be will give a course of
Six Illustrated Letturei on Geology.
Commencing Monday Evening, March 6th ond
Lecture, Tuesday Evening, allrch 6lu, and followed
as per tuture notice. .
Ijxtcrs 1. Evidence of Design by the Creator in
tbe structure of th.s Solar and 'terrestrial System.
1jkoxkk 2. tgueou- cootiition of the Interior of
tbetaith. Causes of Vol -anoes. Karthquakes, and
the elevation of Continent aud Islands , Composition
and 1'o-iition of Kocks, Gold Uepusits, Quarts, Veins
and rormatious ot oiiloruu.
Icrcaa a. First Created Animal Life. Clasr iQca
catiou o Bocks, by f.il remains found iu them.
Ijectckx 4 Coal Beds. Mow lae Coal was pro
duced,witti proof tltt allCoaU, Graphite aud the
Diamond . arc of Vegetable Origin.
Lscxokb S. Tbe i eriol of Kvptiles. Organic Be
maius of myrUOs of AnimaU that existed on tbe
Karth and in tue Ssaj mil lion is of years before tbe
Creation of Man. The Waroi blooded Animals, iias
tadou and Mammoth period.
I-Bctckb 6 The Present Orde- of Animals with
Man aud Woman. Age of the Earth, Agreement of
the Bib ioal ant- G. ologu ul chronology. The Har
mony of Geology wiib ibe xoai.c account of Crea
tion. Each of the Lectures will be illustrated by the ex
hibition of a ceries of
Large aad Splendid Paiutings,
which cover over 8,000 iet of canvass, sud were
vxecutad at a cjsi of mora than Fook liioi'SaHO DOL
LaKSl They represent Volcanoes, tlituria scenes,
Coral Islauus, Coal, Veeiation, teptilcs and Mjus-U-rs
of tue t'eep. and Uis Auuuals ot the Breadamite
World, the Harm alootied Animals md the Hun au
Race, buing ail ri'prrseuuuvtn ol tbe enure Animal
Crual.on ibe finest oi these paintings were execut
ed by UiiesuiI SUiiU'.of 1'hiladelphia.
r lib uuiuersai.y admitted tnat a view of these
Paiutiugs alone is unb more than the price ol the
wi.ole courve.
tickets to he Course 1 50. Students to tbe Coal se
$1 00. Siugl. aninisbiou 6J cin.s. loors open at 7
tu Commence at 1 mar'i
'I lie Iccler llow
WIIL be tested on MONDAY, MARCH JTH, at
10 o'clock, at ft. 1.. Nance's garden, Maple
st. , 7th warn, south Nashvil.e near the Murfrees
boro' pike. All ixirsons are invited to attend. Tbe
Agricultural Bureau are invited to take charge of
ttie trial. Compel iliou of Plows invited. Bring on
your Plows I will pay tbe expeuse ol Team and
Plowman. JAMES PttLEK.
Package Sale
Boots and Shoes for Cash,
MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 6th, at early gas light.
BEN J. F. SHIKLDS & CO. will sell on account or
the manulacturers, iu order of the invoices, a
Lirge aud beautiful stock of seasonable Boots and
Hioes consisting of Men's Boy's, Youth's, Congress
and oxford tiaiterf Calf snd Kip Brogans, Boots,
etc. Women's, Mises and Children's Boois, Slip
pers, Union Ties Gaiters, from tiie best Eastern
These ho s were made before the grent Eastern
Shoe Strike, and will affora a good chance for br
gams before life necessary advance in prices, bale
positively Without reserve for cash on delivery.
No. 27 and 89 Central Hooma.
P 8. At the commencement ol our larre sale of
B'Kts and Shoes, on Monday evening, the 6th Inst.,
wo wm ciumj inrew invoices oi one imponed cigars,
frmn Ne Ymk, New Orleaus aud Atlanta, Ga,, by
order of the consiguees.
mar3-td B. F. SHIELDS At CO.
l?or Miivch lS(iO.
Wilmington, Delaware.
u Muacr,nii lucdvicuiiun f.i luepuouc to tue
following spleudid ocheuie to be drawn during tbe
irou ti ( in a-n t K
MngnlUt-'ciiV Scliemcl
Grand Consolidated Lottcrj
or iiel.au aui:, ,
To b, drawn in Wilmington, Del., Saturday,
Marco ov, iooj.
78 Numbers 13 Drawn Ballots.
lPaiXkJF 70,00(U $70,000
l ao.ooo au,uoo
i- :::::::::: ife'i.
1 " ' . l io
l 4 6.OO0 f 10,000
g ' ' a.soo 20 000
. a,oio iioo
10 SSO 10,000
267 1,W 267,000
o la.ooo
6 " 1&0 9,760
64 1041 bJbui,
ti 10 4,650
4 810 0 192.410
21,040 " 'iv 640,800
J2J96 prises araountin ft o I, ioxio
TwKel-o ,ilalves$10,tiurter a,e.iglithti o
AOertincatvofPackageotaeWboles,cosu.. $29000
do. oo. 26 Halves 14l60
do. do. 2yarter T4 76
do. do. 26 Eighths, 377
CrauJ Consolidated Lollrrj cf Delaware
.Lxlru Class 15.
fo oeJrawnin Wilmington, Delaware, Wednesday
. rt-b.29t isco.
; Urtrf other Ticket a. Prlxe.
Prizes payable iu foil without deduction
In. htstLotlerunvtry i'rittitJrawn
lpriteof $60,000
2 ap 1
n' 44H
1 4.000
3 -- 3,640
i t -
it s" 1,000
10 - 4O0
i 10 4' .. ........ . 400
Stt XK)
' 100 " ICO
26,000 '- $
Aad 4 Approximations priies ranging from $20
ip U $6v0.
- 15 Jl66iris amounting to 6340,000
Wnolriekel10;Ha!ve6,Quartrli9 -Persons
who desirtaeedoulT reranthe risk aa s
ackag erwhich we wilUead aCartiScaltasfol
JiincateofPaekag of 14 Whole easts.... ..$74
4. d. IS Halves, 4$
, do.- o. ! guartsrs," 24
i da. . o. IS eighths," ...WU
Frlxa Insmedlatclv mtfr tha
If llardersaddrvaart tw tAnrstoirauTit
. ,Villagtoa Ximl. .willcneet with orooipt atvea
ver. t- r : , - r
parses stlvl eg at a dietaace should hst Sztremely
cautious of whoat they arder Lutiery Twaeu or Cr
tiaoalea aif Packages of Tttkota. The cvustry ia
loaded wilti bcoa and fwiajluig Loueriea. twetj
tadacesaaat I tmid out to get pevaoas to invest no.
uy ia lb Capital Prtaasa of from giO.OOu to $40r
uoo bead their kIwbms.. with Tickets at One Dujar.
6100,000 Capital Prises ara wSered, Ticket la. All
awcai.ia evry irataaca, are fraads; aad ef agewy
sect u tbem for ticarw,ii m to mttchttbreva away
withoat the sbadow ef a euasjoe at getung a prlxa.
ttcwara e! all Lottonea wUrr the Capital PriM is
aaasaailv largs ia coatpariaosi to the price of Tu t
ts, la luataare vtwrtlarga prtaca are ade.
d for a email coet of Tickets, pat tt duwa for a cr.
is.a fraud. - -VA.C, eKoaUkilM CO.,
saarl - lUaairara.
- . Large Sale -
Of Beeaa, Mm, Ac, BsAarday eveatag, March
BrSBtLs Ejw jig VWl.iul reserved ad
( ssi y
Axrrzixa co.
. AND r ' ' ' "
WILL do well to call and examine aa EirKA
- Medium Virginia
marl-tf " " . Ko. 44 Union Street.
Chancery Sale.
Thos. J.Foster and E.S. Cheatham vs. Hugh T.Scott
and others.. r
PUBSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, at November Term I860, in tbe above
named case, I will proceed to sell at public sale at the
Court House, in this city, oa ....
Saturday tbe 31st of larch, 1S60,
That beautiful residence on the east side of the Buena
V'lEta Turnpike road near the city, now occupied by
Dr. Scott, together with tbe grounds attached, divid
ing the same into Lots, and continuing the sale until
enough shall have been sold to pay ana satisfy the
decree in said case. These grounds will be subdivid
ed before day of sale, and plats of the same may be
found at my office for examination and distribution,
and purchasers or those otherwise in teres led are in
vited to Call. .
Tkkks. Cred its of 6,13 and 1$ months, note to be
executed with satisfactory personal security, lien to
be retained and sale tree irom equity of redemption.
marl-td 3. E. LEAVES, CAM.
Sale of Michael Mc ally's
PUKfU NT to a decree of the Chancery Court at
Nashville, at November Term, l-68 hi tbe ease
of Hiram Vaughn, AdmY. of M. VcNally, deceased,
vs. Elm McNally , widow , &c, and the creditors, I
will sell at public sale, at the Court house in this
city, on
Saturday tbe 31st of March, ISCO,
The following parcels of property, to-wit; A Honse
and Lot on West side of Cherry St.. South of Broad,
lot fronts 80 feet and runs baek in rear ISO feet Lot
in rear or what is known as the Peek Lot. of 36 feet
by 40 and lying next to alley Lot of 06 feet by 160,
in Hty Factory property and being Lot No 20 ana
part of I t Ko. 28 in taiu plan.
Terms Credit of and 12 months, notes to be ex
rented with satisfactory p rsonal security, lien to be
retained, and sale free from redemption.
nurl-td 3. E. GLEaVES, C. k C.
M 0 W IE
E. HOWE, Jr.,
Universal Hemmer,
rTMTRN'ING any hem without pre vi one folding, from
J the rarrowvst width to two and a hall' inches,
aud all kinds of fabric from Cambric to thick Brid
cloth, Toweling or Flannel. Like the Howe Machine
they are superior to anything of the kind beretolore
We hive recently bronghtout from our New York
Office two ladies, w bo will, wnrn dttired eo into ram
ilies, ami give thorough instructions upon the Howe
COiE ttWOS, As' is,
marl-tf 63 COLLEGE STREET.
A Choice Assortment of
VALISES, .Sec, &c., SwC.,
TO TIIE T 1 A tt E
IN'o. 21 Public Square,
TwASUVIIaIaE, texx.
2G Cherry st 20 Cherry sU,
TXi to cad the stUstioB of their friends and of
the public to tbe lact that they aave for sale
Winet CQcqoalltd la flaeneu fed purity;
1 Larger Variety than tan te found uj-
; where else; ' : - t
A Tarictyof fine TTineitbst tan be hnni
: ) nowhere else, at prices that defy eczspc'
:tiiica." "
' As we deal oalj in Wiaea we are DETEIU
MINED to undersell all other ia tbe trade.
Parti desiring to parch willeooiuU their
Interest by giring us a call tad COM PAKE
onr Wloee aad r rices before purchasing elae-
..... i
where. . - .
Etery article Inpsrted aad io!i If es a
. rasted geasise.
: N. By For list fne. call ud gtt a
circular, ami free hj soaiL -' - ' ' -:
0Se tad EaspU Hoots, No. tS,CherTj tt
- Up eulrs, three doors abcte Uaioo-
Kiepert's Large Wall Maps
V op
' have jast received a set of
lifpfrt'i Large Wall laps cf indent Histo
ry, embracing:
1. Map of the Reman Empire. .-
67 inches high, 103 inches wide . . '
L Map of Ancient Italy.
80 incbesjhigh, 73 inches wide.
i. Map of Ancient Greece. . ; -
70 inches high, 84 inches wide. '
i. Map of the Ancient World it the time of
- the Persian and Macedonian Empire. -
84 inches high, 96 inches wide.
i. Map of the Environs of Eome.
45 inches high, S8 inches wide
All on rollers. .These HAPS are con
sidered tbe most correct and reliable illustra
TORY. XV. T. BERRY & CO. bave also jast
received: . . . ,
Sydow'i Wall Maps of Physical Geography,
consisting ot
1. Plain Glebes, Mounted on Boilers.
!. Europe, " 44
S. Asia. "
4. Afrira, " "
5. North America, " "
6. Sonth America, "
7. Australia, " "
.Although these Maps bave but rccentlv
been published in Germany, thej bave al
ready found their way into many of the best
schools in the country.
;. ;W T. BERRY JtCO.
Public bquare.
Daririn on (he Origin of the
By Means of Natural Seleition,
Preservation of Favored Races
in the Struggle for Life.
1 vol., 12mo. 432 pages.
W. T. II E It 11 Y & CO.,
ha rs also stst recei ted,
The Path which led a Protestant Lawyer to the
Catholic Church. By Pete; H. Barnet. lvol., 8 vo.
liumanies. By T. Wharton Collins, Esq., Professor
of Political Philosophy, in the University of Louisi
ana. 1 vol. 8vo.
Eighteen Christian Centuries. By the Bey. James
White. 1 Tul. 12mo.
Murphy's Game of Chess, Edited by Lowenthal
1 vol. I2ino.
Seven Years. By Julia Kavanangh. lvoL12mo.
febSl-tf Public Sqoare.
gri (DnoliSa tit.
Just Received.
Thompson & Co.
EG leave to call the attentinn of their friends aad
customers tc the Onest assortment of
White Goods
ever brogbt to this market. Conaistiuf of
And, in fact, everything coming under tb. head of
They bave also) Jast received aa extensive assort
ment of
Carpets and Carpet Regs
febjs '
rpHK undersigned is now recei vine bis stock of
.L SPKINU AM rUMMEK UOOltt of tb. Vrry
latrft stylrs, for fn tk men's wear, and invites the
attentmn of it is cu.tomeis and the inblic generally
to rail and etamine.
Also cutl's Spring and Summer Fash inns for ISCO.
feb24-lm irtii No. li College St
New Spring Goods,
FOR 1860. ',
Allison Anderson & Co
Wbeleasile Dealer In
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
Ready-made Clothing,
Ko. 41 Pnblle Sqeiare,
TTfl are new la receipt of oar Irring Coeds, aad
? V deire to iov;W the atieoAi-in ot oer irieads
and the trace generally to an exam:oalioa of ear
nan I Urge, baotiS4m. aad hIki stock, which we
oflcr os acoosmodMing trrma.
AklX-iN, ASI'EBSON CO., " -
Ccmpanioa to Dr. Sine's Eiptdilion.
Sr. Iiijf.'irrtie Beat J.nrcrj ia 1551.
Advralcrtucd ObirmtioBi ia Africa;
By Eev, C V. Thuibas.
Btcbelft Tomra (La Frminr.) :
yilmt tad Trails;
' tj Thonaa Bood.
A Trip ta Cuba;
By Mrs. Hew.
Jvrt received aad for sale by
41 0ii. 1 est.
For Sale at Latimer tt Stanlej's,
'Tio.Tl Clturcla Street, .'" "
Ofift BCSnrXS Rd IrUa Ptatnee;K VwsWls
OUU Seatl raiaioM; Sua kusdwle lra Meat; te
dasea flue Beef Toasues; irid Baa Caavaai
delivered to as; jwrtwa 4 the eUf tt ef eosu
BT THE ACTUta Of " LOVt"' -
By Mlcisetet,
Traaatated froia the French by J. V. Tatisxr, at. TX,
for sale by BAGASi It TEEAN ,
febtT-V K. rasa street.
February 24tb, XSCO. . . ..
TAXIS by G B. tzsjam, a Wh. aad Kd
- PpMMd Cw, vw a j e-acg t"a!f. Tt-e Cow awe
a ben m, aad tia ewaer caa have ka k; tee
UlM ad wttSH-sat aad eppiy-Sg to sae ew Waad at-.
West aa4'U!. , , biTiW ,
Vm Tlatr Bocta for LClzu
LAMTS Heavy Je4 feaota, wHha4 efthoathe,
at tili.ael femx s e r '
swaa A2 LuMjt ai
; WATtETtOOil,
fY? no. 47,
TwasUTllc, Tcnii.
Agent for the sale of
Celebrated New Scale Pianos, .
A. W. LADD k CO 'S
W1ji' Fair Premium Piaaea. .
'nAIaLETT, DAYl'S ';& CO.'S
. - Pianos. ' ' '
CnriToled afelodeoes, - , , 5. . . -
Or fan Sfelodeoas,
and Harmoaiaras.
For Parlors.Cherehe .Vestries, Lodges and Schools,
has bow, and will continue to keep,a large aad cam
piete assortment of
Instruments of every Style
of finish aad kind, made by the above named saaaa
factnrers, at prices varyios- from
Fifty te On Tbssund Xellars.
Ever)" instrument suld by them
Will Be Fully Warranted,
By tho Biakers,ai.d kept io ! tane twelve montha
rrum date of purchase,
Free ot t'.Uarsc
Principals of Female Colleges, Seminaries, and Vqtia
Teachers, will be supplied with instrameats by
Pajinj Ten per cent, on ?irrt Cost.
Ail persons wishio( to purchase, and all lovera
of music, are respectfully invited to call.
MA II VI BLEU, 4 Cent,
,! im 27-Jtwa.wlj. No. 4 T Ourck Street .
American Almanac
Repository of Useful Knoirledge,
W iilb. laJlit I860,
Jast received sod for sale by
41 College street.
feb9-tf aao
Xew Uonks.
Tbe fate of Sir John Franklin discovered Capt.
cClintiKk's narrative ;
The Rivals. Mustang Gray, and Bernard Lite, br
Jere Clemons;
Professor at the Break fart Table Holmes' Anta.
crat at the Brcakfut Table; Holmes' Footfalls on the
Boundry of another world, by Kubt. Dais Owen.
Tnebrrat Tribulation, or lhiucs com In c on the
Earth, by Cumming. ;
Preiliciana,or W it and Huiuor In Paragraphs. by
Geo. D. Prentire.
A New Book for Bt ys, by Capt. Mayne lUed;
Tbe Busy Tars. illuiuaicd;
LonKreilow's t oeois, new edition, 3 vol.;
Jut received and for sale by F. HAGAN,
tit-X 4t Coikjie stnet.
A Southern Books
Leisure Moments of Miss M. H. Bm, of VirglnU
Dediouted to Mvs Naai-ba taiDKs. of Kashnila. i
Price I 24. For sale by JoUN Yt'Kh. A Co !.
ape i .
Gold Pens.
1 - " . viurn vt aupvriiv
quality Gold Pens for sale by
Stl.n.r. f.irlnn. n .1 .11 n.K -
4UH.1 XUKK, m tu.
No. as Union street.
Blank Books.
larrs and Cm. 11 I Amm lw. T 1
usu dw, mil iHks. m- moraoilutc rooks. Record
and every other kind of Black Book in common ase
r i - l
ivraaie o j
dec28-lf JOHN YORK k CO.
Books aud Stationary. )
Bookseller, Statiouers,
No. 6 lnlnMreet,
JDCT raceived a small lot of F.rergreeas, among
which may be f. und choice samples of the Il1 -MIA
THUJA tiCXllit-N I'AUs. Those have been carefully
taken up and the rex. ki-d by a practaau garo
euer. Tbey are in prime cndiiMn aud for sile low.
Early Corn, Early Peas aud
Beans, Early Cabbage aud
JTJT received, a full supply of choice Testable
Seeds from Bliss's famous nurseries, only Sve
ceuis a paper, or fifty ceats a dosea. -
4s7 If yoa want extra early or extra large Cora j
or Vegetables, of any kind or defcnption , tor tv. X j
oeuts you ca obtain a supty of any oam kind suhV -,
cietit fjr the m id a mail l.mil? . '
Ali0.HOWkit tttltS, a rrut varictv,
CUeup V'lougUs.
EXCEL AD EAGLE PL 'CGII5, various sixes, for
one or more horses, ior sale at manufacture! a
KPADE3 AND SHOVELS, Ames'.and all other first
quality maaulaclutea.
KaKLS AND HOtS, all sites and patt tds.
Garden 11 g iupleneut. ofeiery irat.rilioa,
. alACKESZlK MIN'-illS,
febS-tr . . e aou 14 I ullcge. street.
Mill Kins; of Trotters.
r HI3 capital M-Trau tailHin, abd iety toal getter
- J. that has vi-tted on the NaliTiil. i r Grounds
la lets than S inmate aad 60 srcoiids, aill make hi
season ior Ifcf.e, Iroiu March 1st to Jul) 4U,.t aiy
stable, 1ft milra from "a b ville and 1 Bnlrfr- m La
vergee, m TH iXTT I IVt lsl LAia ti e Season,
with Ih. t-riviiege of returnir g tnares that ma But
prove ta foal the next aeasua. Lima, uaira.
Ji US hllX,
febSo-lm Lavergae. Traa.
Nashville and Chattanooga IleRj j
Change of Schedule.
Sunday next, Feb. 2G, 1SGO,
ftoubUs laaily Paaaenger Trains, bast aad Vteet,
will run aa l.lixw s: . , . .
v -- ' ooixa Bistro " -
Leav. Nashville at 4:4, a. . and S,r. M.
Ariiv. at I hall .11004 a a r. a., aad I a. M.
Ct'MIXti Wk-HT.
. Leave. Cbartaa-f:a at a. a. sad I r. k.
Arrive at Naihri.le at 4:10 r. . aou a. a.
AU. rail connection, and shortest route t Boa'os,
Nt Vert, fhlia urlphta, tuiliroi.. RiBg
tua Qty, Kiebmesid, ru rcburg, I yuchbarg, Haex
TilW,ewvaaaaii, Cbarkatnu, atirtgm.fy, keoij h,
Kmi Or lean , Ac
Auth Traastotiaecl at Ptcveasoa with Traias ea
MesBphM aad I harU W Raiinad, ana at I l.al
ga with f raiua u kt T -"- wa aad lvi ja aad,
western aad AtUsiic Kailr ad. '
Tareagb Tickeissoay ta to-4 at any hr ew apeH
catwa t Tk Agent, at ftxm at 1 . the
lowitig puces, snd at tbetoit-wiig -ra;es, 1-
Xasbvuls to Aw Twt,T;ur rn,i
I jbsUburg , Va
ase eo
. FhilaipbU,'
;j ee
Washiustua, '
Kichmodd, "
I'etcrsburg, '
B f lunnrl. .
f bawsvOie,
av.aaah , ;-
si w
: e :
TircF?riBXS, te
. iee
xt ee
, ,
11 ee
it eo
. . . H
siraigooaery, : -
1 abiarula,
braad Juaetioa, . - ,
Kew Urkeaas, vie Meaipsns,
- .. . . ferajd JaaelieB,
II ee
is e
4 )
K. W. COLK. SepeteAeadeBt.
Call bj Delc-e Fire Co. 5. 3.;
. . . ... .nrlffnlV V V rXTN 0
T tM ri n. - - - - i
xtaretl Is. TVkcM adKi c WUTTIt !
Udwstl . iWMrfUaefiiB-
pan jr or at lw v ' 1 ' '
W tX.SZX'S BASD has t- eejtaged.
fctA-tf . - : - - J
Coal Cil.
K BSl S. eOAt. OtU eery saeriof artie'e, wst
. I A Ba as
J rrn aou 1TV., v rn
rruv.vrrs-s cn,sir oa, Ur oa, Coi i r
Cczl CI Urps. j
GprtSXN CeaJ Oil Lame.. W Stylee, tdtea
wa 6 eeired C"i- frmr, Ur a-
! i.

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