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Spmal Hotter;
Depmrtare of Putenecr Xralne.
Niaavaj.CHTTiKooo 4t40 A.M. 3 P.M.
Tiinssukluum 8:00 A.M., 2:55 P.M.
Locisviixb N'aaavii.Li 4:30 A.M.,10:30 A M
. ...... . iall.iUiiExpTs3ll5rM.
Etaimis k KtntciT 2P.M.
ArrWal of PaitatrTraIni.
ViaHriL'.K A CHATTASlKMii 6t 1 0 A.M. . g P. V.
TtisKNEB ft Alabama 9:45 A.M., 6:20 P.M.
UniTuu Nashvilie 6:05 A.M,5t36 P.M.
Gallatin e,xpres9:10 A.M
Edobiuxb k Kbbtvckt 9:30 A.M.
Departures or rrelslit Trains.
HAsnvnxBa Cbsttaxoooa 6:45 A.M.
Express f reight 1P.M.
Trtsxssaa A Alabama 6:30 A. M.
LotruniLsftNAsaruxB 4:45 A. M.,3:15 P.M.
EooanaxD A hbstccbt 2:OOP.M.
Arrival, of Frelsht Trains.
Kabbtillb At Chattajkxma 6:00 P. M .
" Express Freight", 9:52 A.M.
Ttn.wn ft Alabama 4:30 P. M
Locistills ft Vashtille 6:45 P-M-,9:10A M.
Eooktuxd ft Kbstccbt 9:30 A. M.
From the Christian Advocate and Journal, New York,
Aug. 4.1833.
Tab IIocEXEzrcB's Fbn SrALnrso's PrAm
Slc. Small conveniences for general fnmily use
are ofteu of mora value than wi.at are called "great
Inventions." iitarMimattkatintbeCnitedSUiteB
there are at least fire millions of hoaseboida.ln all
of which the annoyance of sqnikin , r kely chairs
ofas, tables, etc., is constantly experienced, and so
long as furniture is in thin condition there is always
danger of a -smash-up." The experience of the city
hoaee-kreper, wiih May-day before ber eyes, will
readily suggest the value and convenience of a really
trustworthy prepared gloe, that can be instantly
broaght in requisition where repairs to fornitoreand
other household wares are needful. The want of
oca an article is as constant and universal as the
family, and a.tberto it has been a want misapplied.
This, however, can be truly said no longer. Spald
ing's Prepared Glue seems to be all that has been de
sired in ibia direction. It is kept soluble by cbemi
cals, retains ha strength and tenacity, is convenient
and always "up la the sticking point," is pat up in a
bottle with a brush, and sold at twenty-live cents.
Ke houhe-keeper in city or country can well afford
to be without a bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue.
It is just the thing for the horary and schools, a here
books are constantly ia need of repair.
The popularity of the MEXICAN MUSTANG UM
MENT, is coextensive with the civilization of the
' globe. Other articles claim to aJlrvxale pain and
: distress this cares. Family Physicians, Govern
f meut Hospitals, Farriers, Planters, Farmers, Livery
I men, dec, bave particularly demonstrated this fact,
r throughout the world. N'b article ever before re
., ceived each o divided praise and suppertfrom Medj
t cal and Scientific men.
f I Of years' standing, has been totally cured. Piles,
5 Ccera,Taavra, Running Sores.Scrofula.Stiflr Joints,
Feloas, Swellings, Burns, Biles, Boils, Chaps, Neu
J ralgia. Salt Rheum, and all aches and pains upon
man, and kindred complaints npon
. ' suchasRing-uuuB to-ii,ficrau;ueat spavin, Poll-Evil,
' Sweeney ,liouf-uJi, c , are subdued and cured by
Mustang JLin intent.
t Mr. S. Lrrcu.Hyde 1'ark, Vt., writes: "1 bat the
horse was considered worthless," (but case was
ISpavinJ "but since the free use of the Mustang
! liniment,! have sold htm for one 9150 cah. Your
Liniment has been doing wonuers up here."
I 420 Bkoao STsasT, Philadklfhia , Pa.
I Extract.) " In lifting the kettle from the ore it
'becaaie unmanageable, tilted over, and scalded my
jhanda very severely, almost to a crisp It was an
.awful sint. The Mustang Liniment appeared to ex
tract tae paiu. It healed rapidly, without sortheaa,
and lei t ao scar of account. Truly yours,
f "C AuLtj FuarEa.'
. Such language as this is but tbeeonslant and uatu
Iral echo wherever this article is used
, This iJBiiuent is indispensable to plarters and
Jowuera of horss and mules. Mr. Jon lasix,
'of Montgomery, Ala., sola aslave lor iiuo.wliu was
.raised Irom utter uselessuess by this Liniineul.
;' Every family should have it. Be very particular
aad euquirefur the Mustaug Liuiiueut anu take iiu
' Sold by all dealers throughout North and doutii
' America, Europe, and the Islands of the Oceau.Ior
Cents, au cents, and 4 1 per boUle.
UAiOlj & i'AKK , New York
! nov2a-4mdtaAw
Health and Happiness
rYiKX-Vti HEX wno are suffering from theeOectso
a. youtoiuiiuaiscretion can ne surety anaperma
teatly restored by using the
Couccutrutcd Cure
1 Ketnedy of Great ani Certain Power.
Thuiremedy is put upmsoiall vials, and can be
t by .uailta ay address. A trial will satisfy,
settlor a e,nljoi will experience a great
eaetit. A circuUr couuiinin ful I pirticaiarssent
.lree)-u ippiicuon. rrtce, per bottle tl.
. tmcoottle wili-asta month.
, r. ThisremoUy issaitablefor either sex.
Ailreas, E.C&'JGKR, Medical Agent,
alyST-tl 41 Broadway New York
!tflr-a IB.iIN'Gormerl3 ol New York ;fc
i rirTsjra. DK.alNU.formerl ol New York .for
the .ait four years of I.ouisvii!e . ken
ic,uu arho Has J jvoteu b is client m.u tu the treat
atof private diseaesfor ever 30 years, natters
Liiaself , having tlteudjd to a practice fur so many
roars, aod curea sw many tuousands,heis enabiec to
ire alldiseaaesof a private ualure.no matter how
'ad they may be. rum lujadicious medHalireatiueiit,
r'rom aegiecioitneiroisn. lr. King's inspeutar)
Nol 23 Ueaderick street, between Cuerry and the
X iitniJwiiviwiF .wcreaccwrefeaii4iaeaactoi s
L rivate nature.
I M . . - -J .fc.... j
iuowibbw mrvu wiLuuuiiaus.ousmeuicmf orin
frierene wun ousiuess .
fas' days, by an operation which causer no pain.
sere a Stricture exists health cannot be enjoyed.
r naps no Uea-e-:awaes moremiscbiclaad under.
iBestheeonlttilkn so much.
'irrwiLia. wtlb alltheJiseaaeaef theskia rosic
it of aegiect er bad ireatioeat au betfU.cleall t
irediaa rewaaya.
is visa t dfBABSBnw FartlcolaratteotiorhaviDj ba
jreatothis iisease.andallthe consequence grow
'g eatof itbrougbt on in many cases by the do-
hmbiftjiof i uronailerate Youllts and ncitt
i atadulgenceof tbepasiius ,a negleclof w hich will
'dernuaetttecoasiitntion.rentte: ttif luesuopjctunkt
easir.essor locieiy ,;i nd causm: premature outage.
iFCfwales o may ueiaounag witu any inucuiiy of
FnoatWM'"""""""' luBwsicriiici.
srwnna esidlnK abroad, by writing ana stating
air tase , with a fee enclosed ,direte'to I'r.A king
. , . . , i. . V- 1 II- r 11:1.
p lewesaary medicinesent to tbeird1refa,witl. na
Vsary diroctlons Strict secrecy observed . UB'ce
irsfr m'" clockti hemornlrf until fl in toe eve
1 1 ' in thm CatieJ M-aU-s, a rtif e ia A rcpeciavbia
jbsj v v s ciuvra wj an unjw B,uaj amwwvaB B'f uin bbs m
i certainly realised. For further particulars ad
' ess Or. J. Hbsry Wabssb. corner llb street and
""oadwsy, New York City, endowing one postage
I .tmp' fcb21-dwsm
f n -
i, YJT ANC FACTvRrjt or Iao Fsabb
f tl llMlN'il.SUL'IKE mil PARUiR
' LAND P1ANU UKlr-S, made with
' '1 the hnprovemeuts conuuaive to
pertority of tone, touch wad durability. GOLD
KDALS awarded at tbe Fai'S in New Wt.lSal,
4 and '64, and in r-t. Louis, 184t. Dealers, echooU
- i.1 Families will save money by calling befure por-
lastng. AH innruments gnarantoeeror tsree years.
arereoa.s 441 BKot UE ST., (a lew doors west of
'-oadway J New York. feb21-tai
3 :
Clerk, and Alaster't Sale.
f iUiam A. Campbell, Adm'r. i. John P. Wiles aad
! others.
' f JfTirtae ef a decree of the Hon. Circuit Court, at
' . Kaabville. Teaa.. nrooouneed tu llitsksnnbis
its Jaaaary leria, tseo, I win eipoe ta pablio
l JO the big beet bidder ua tbe bw pWceof ke late
; jilham Campbell, decM.,ua TCrlAV, ?H TH
' JvYUF MAKCH, i860, the fr-llovia Neffeeea.viat
! fjvia, CharieB, Mary, Jesse, Wssbiagtoa.Joba. liar,
f jt, jkaacy, Caroline, iana, Haunab, Mar tab aad
e 1 il slut am ths ama aav.ww lbs dmsiim
it aII Lb. Tract of Laad om which the said Was.
I mbeU, dec 'd., resided, couUming about J 60 acres.
I said Laad aaa ecroesareaoM loruiviaiua amoag
e heirs of said Willtam Campbell, dee'd.
' Tbbi- Said Negroes will be sold up" a a credit of
" aiwnt " autaa auk approved security will be re
1 ired. Paid Laad will be sold, epos aeredA of ,t
;' . ity will be required aad a Hon retained aaultaa
rchas money 1 paid. DAVID C. LUTE,
I janli-U Clerk aad Master.
) Pure Apple Brandy.
f fT"Ehsve Jost reeeived seaaUsbtpaBestof PC1I
, V APPLE BRANDY, which for ricbaees aad
t vor a aapreeedeotaa
Nob. i Asd I Market st.
i tecii-ti
"Bell" Flour in bags 4 00, in half bags $2 06
Old Hickory do, 3 76; - 1 0
Eagle do. ' 25; ' 1 6
Mixed Bran , perlOOlbs. .nedollar. -
Cora Meal, perbashel tl 00.
Delivered to Ul parU of the city. Bep21-ly .
The City Press The Kan throws into
its leading editorial column the resolutions
adopted by Ihe late Opposition Convention of
Virginia. These Resolutions were boru pn
the same day that Washington was the 22d
of February. They consist of ten resolutions
without a preamble, from which we infer that
preambles in the Old Dominion, like hoops
in Paris, are going out of fashion. They are
first rate resolutions, and would look well in
Tec CiTrPaera; but as we had nothing to
do with the getting of them up, we shall have
nothing to do with publishing them. Tbe
junior ot the Newt, w ho is possessed of much
felicity as a paragraphia!, says, "It is stated
upon reliable authority, that there is not a
single lawyer in the county of Scott, in East
Tennessee. There seems to be a good open
ing for some of the starving young lawyers
of our city." It is almost incredible that our
neighbor can for a moment think of sending
the "starving young lawyers" of Nhville
into a county which can't take care of one ot
her own. We have a poor-house here for the
relief and entertainment of those who hunger
and thirst, not after righteousness, but after
toast and tea; and if any of our young law
yers are threatened with the pangs of starva
tion, tbey can go to that benevolent institu
tion for the relief of the indigent, and there
spend tbiir days in maiden meditation hun
ger free, until pro?itcts brighten until they
'expiate by imprisonment tbe crime of being
young lawyers. But don't send them to Scott
county. Don't send the serpent of litigation
to tt mpt tbe Eve of that unsullied Paradise
to fall. Remember the olden story of the
fruit of that forbidden tree, whose mortal
taste brought death aod Democracy in the
world, with loss of Eden, and all our woe. In
tbe uncultured wilds of Scott, every cabin is
now a court-bouse, where the palpitating
heart and unlettered tongue of verdant man
hood plead the cause of love at tbe bar of
rurtic beauty, and the people are happy.
Send lawyers among tbe m and above all.
starving law yer!" and you'll run them to the
expense of starting a newspaper to keep
things straight.
' Wh re ignorance of lawyers is bliss,
It is folly tu be wise"
to say nothing about tbe cost ot tbe thing.
Tbe local of tbe News aj-ks "What is a Rail
road?'' We refer him to the tax-payers of the
city for an answer. Will he be kind enough
to tell us tbe difference between tbe new
route from here to Louisville, aud Old John
Bkow.vs list of his men at Harper's Ferry?
Wby.one is a railroad, and the other is a raid
role. Tbe Gazette lays before its readers the Gov
ernor's message to trie Legislature on the
sul-j' Ct of tbe South Carolina Resolutions.
In glancing over the message, we are much
Cattied to find that bis Excellency has
adopted our views touching the Resolutions,
and according to our tacit recommendation,
declines to permit Tennessee to meet South
Carolina aud other fire-eating States in the
proposed convention. The Memphis ftj-
lanclit, which does n't mind eating k small
quantity of carefully cooked fire now and
then, may eome down upon the Governor
and us for the action we have taken in this
matter ; but it is hoped that the Governor
will be able to witnstaud the force of tbe
shock, and we are satisfied we can come very
near it.
The Banner also publishes tbe message in
question, accompauying it with comments
which run through three-quarters of a col
umn. The Buniicr wants to know if our
Governor received the South Carolina Reso
lutions at the same lime they were received
by the Governor's ot the other Slave-holding
States, and "if he did," what did be wait so
long for before he transmitted them to the
Legislature ? "Cannot tbe Governor or the
Uitiun and Amertean atks the Banner, "give
us some information on tbi point? We
should like to know when tbe resolutions
were received, aud whether or not -timid
counsels prevailed' to prevent their imme
diate transmissiou to the Legislature." We
think it hardly probable the Union will trouble
and fatigue itself to furnish our inquisitive
coiemporary the information be desires, but
it is very Jikely the Governor will. Such
information may be Kit at this office ; we
will take pleasure in sending our neighbor
word to come aud get it..
The L uton baa an article on "Facts" facts
cinm cied, we believe, (tor the paper ia not
in reach of us at this moment, and we are
too indolent to rise and get it), with Speaker
I'aNM.NoroN's Standing Committees. Demo
cratic newspapers gain nothing by dealing
in facts. If their party would believe half
tLe facts that Lave been told them by tbe
Opposition press 'a reference to the men
they have placed at tbe bead of affairs At
Washington, tbey would rush into tbe ranks
ot the Oppoeiiiou party by squadrons, regi
ments aud brigades, tbe government would
speedily be rettortd to its "pristine purity,"
aad tbe present style ot Democracy would
exi t only as a hateful legend of tbe past,
and the recital ol its deeds would serve but
to frighten erratic and ambitious youth into
the path of political Integrity.
ICTThk mabmace of the lion. Wu. Brazel
ton, Jr., and ilis Maouik Lewis, in this city
on tbe evening of Tuesday 28ih insL, was tbe
occaeiou of bringing together much of tbe
trauty aod chivalry ot our State. The fair
bride wtt aUeuded by ber sister, Miss Jcnnt
Lewis, M;s Bkazelton, Mi Uobx. Miss
LixosLaT, Mies Torr, of Memphis, Miss Mo
Naiky and M'us William. Tbe talented
young bride-groom was 'assisted' by Mr.
J o. Urakcton, Mr. Kio, Mr. Will. Ewi.vo,
Hon. Moat., Whitk, tt Memphis, and the
Ilous. Josikau G. Pica-TT aud E 11. East, of
the Uous of Representative. . Among the
brilliant throng wre the lion. John Bell
Ex Gov. 11. S. Foot, aud his Excellency!
Gov. I. G. Harkm, aud many others who
have done the Stale service. It was a most
brliiant affair, and we wish our gifted young
frieod and his lovely bride every happiness
that falls to the lot of humanity.
Last Appkaranck p Miss Gocuknbkim.
This evening Miss Gocgcmbcim make ber
last appearance at the Gaiety, 'and those
who have not seen her, should not fail to at
tend. The play for the occasion is Tie ILJ-
dt Utn4 with Mis Goco-NHat-as Cnpi-
tola," Mr. Kiuu as "Black Donald," aud
Mr. Jacison as " Wool."
Sttn Corn. A. JaNXiNS, Market Street,
has Imported from Ohio, for the accommoda
tion of the farmers of Middle Teoneasee, a
vory choice article of Seed Corn. Those
wishing to purchase would do well to call
Jroot-s or Election, Ac, Ia our advertis
ing columns will be found a list of the judges.
clerks, receivers of voice aad magistrates ap
pointed by the Coroner for the election to
morrow. AUo a lint of the places at which
the election will be held.
STWe leara from rararraph la the New
Turk iSmb, that "tbe capUol of TenBease, at
Nashville, not yet finished, has coat so far
$28, 000." . Pretty Heavy price for suck a
buUdioi, woulda't yoa saj? ;
v Db. Botntos's Lzcttres. We have the
pleasure of announcing that Dr. Botntox Is
to give bis course of Six Illustrated Lectures
on Geology, at Douglas' Hall, commencing
next Monday evening. Each of the Lectares
will be illustrated by a series of splendid
paintings, which are said to cover three
thousand feet of caovass, and to have cost
over $4,000. "The advertisement will be
found in another column. Believing that
these Lectures wonld afford oar citizens a
valuable fund of information, and at the
same time present a fine intellectual enter
tainment, a number of onr citizens address
ed Dr. Bot.vton ia the following card of in
vitation :
NaSHTTLLR. Feb. 25, 1860.
From the distinguished reputation which
Dr. Boynton has acquired as a pepalar Lec
turer on Geology, and kindred sciences, and
tbe interest and charm with which be invests
the subject by tbe exhibition of a series of
beautiful Paintings and Philosophical Ex
periments, the undersigned respectfully in
vite him to give in this city, bis course of
Six Illustrated Lectures on Geology, at such
time and place as will suit his convenience.
Signed by.
Prof. J. B. Lindsley, Prof. B. C. Jillson,
Rev. J. T. Edgar, L. G. Tarbox Esq.,
Rev R. B. C. Howell, Prof. J. W. Hoyte,
Prof. W. K. Bowling, Prof G. S. Blackie,
Hon. F. K.Zollicoffer, Rev. H. N. McTyeire,
Hon. Andrew Ewing, Kev. J. B. McFerrin.
Gov. I. G. Harris, Rev. C. T. Quinlard,
Hon. John Bell, Hon. Neill S. Brown,
S. N. Hollingsworth, R?v. W. E. Ward,
J. F. Pearl, Etq. . Rev. L. L. Smith.
We are indebted to Mr. Smithes, Adams
Express Messenger, for the Louisville Evening
Bulletin in advance of the mail.
ST-Tbat large trade sale of Tbabce &
Lrci's's staple and faucy dry goods, ready
made clothing, shoes, boots, bats, caps, straw
goods, fcc, &C-, commences March 6th, and
continues for four days. We advise all mer
chants to attend this large tale of new fresh
and fashionable goods.
Large crowds attended the immense
sale of splendid Furniture by tbe Uabot
Brothers yesterday. To-day they continue
their sale at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and
at 3 o'clock in tbe afternoon. Tbe goods are
beautiful to behold, and are selling at an im
mense sacrifice.
A. O. M. C.
Every member of the order, now in the
city, is requested to attend tbe meeting at
the Court House to-uight, punctually, at 7 J
o'clock. Positively no disappointment.
Hlver Aewi,
March 1. Minnetonka, Paducah,
Glcnwood, Pittsburg,
Acacia Cottage, Carthage.
Ida May, Pittsburg.
Minnetonka, Paducah,
Acacia Cottage, Carthage,
John Gault, LouUville.
The river is falling with about 7 feet water
on Uarpeth Shoals. The weather cleared off
beautifully yesterday.
The fine litilesteamer John A. Fither leaves
for Paducah at noon to-day. Passengers
may expect a lively time on ber.
The Red Rover passed Memphis Wednesday
morning and will be ia port to-night. She
will load with despatch for a return to the
Ciesent City. With "ample room and verge
enough" to accommodate any number of
passengers, and with the cleverest of officers
from tbe pilot bouse down to the hull, we
can commend her to the traveling publio
with a hearty good will.
Tbe Gen- Anderson was delivered to her
owners yesterday at Pittsburg, which place
she will leave for Nashville, in the next ten
days, loaded with iron for tbe Nashville and
North-western Railroad. Tbe Gen. Anderson
promises to be an Eclipse in point of speed,
whilst her appointments are all of the first
Henry Winter Davit Challenged.
Special Dispatches to tbe Cincinnati Gazette.
Baltim okk, Feb. 28, I860. There is a ru
mor in ton that Mr. Compton, the author of
the Resolution of censure of H. W. Da via,
pas'd by the Maryland Legislature, has
clmllengcd Mr. DavUon account of tbe per
sonalities in bis reply to ibe Resolutions
made on tbe 21st iust. Mr. Compton has
been in Wui-hinglou several days.
.Cotton nurnt Cortlnaa Still In Texas
Nkw Orleans. Feb. 28. A portion of the
Uu ion Cotlou Press, with 1,000 bales of cot
ton, was burnt this morning; loas $50,000.
The Arizona arrived from Bruzus on the
25th, with $100,000 in specie. Capts. Tn
biu's and Tomlinson's rangers have disban
ded aud returned borne. Cortinas is in pos
aession of the west bank of the Rio Grande,
and continues bis depradations in T-x.
Capt. Sherman's cavalry, and Capt. Fowler's
rangers are guarding tbe border to the ex
teut of their ability.
The A flTray at College.
During tbe past week. James W. Reese, of
Georgia, came to bin death from tbe effects
of a blow on the bead, inflicted by John Bell
Brownlow, of Knoi villa. This occurred at
Emory aud Henry College, both parties being
students. It is with pain and reluctance I
allude to this melancholy affair, and but tor
tbe many notices by uewspaper editors and
correoiideuts. which I have seen, I would
refruin from making a single remark. It is
legitimate in Editors to notice all such occur
rences as items of news, but wben a case is to
undergo a judicial investigation, as this is,
nothing nupht to be said pro or con, touch
ing tbe merits of the case.
I know no harm of the deceased or his
friend, and if I did, I would not utter one
word ot complaint, in tbe altsence of any
information, I presume them to be clever
people they have my sympathies in their
bereavement and I Would rise at tbe boar
ot midnight to render them any kind service,
supposing they would do tbe same for me.
But justice to my son requires the statement
of one or two facta. Tbe deceased was a very
stout young man about six feet high
weighed about one hundred and sixty pouuds.
lie gave the firs l offense in words, and he
gave the first blow. My sod. though a mem
ber of the seuior cla, bad j ut passed out
ot bia20ih year weighs about ont hundred
and seven pounds, and is phyically feeble. He
was knocked down when ia the passage, on
bis way to bis room his antagonist whs on
him beating him severely, aud having kicked
him in one eye, that eye was blinded with
blood and sand. With the aid of a small
boy putting at bim, my sou got from under
him, and in the same moment, seised upon a
small chestuut stick whhiu reach, and struck
tbe one unfortunate blow. My son left for
East Tennessee openly, going to the Glade
Springs Depot to take ibe cars, and was so
advised by his friends, being myself in Nash
ville, lie did not leave until after tbe Phy
sicians pronounced the deceased la no seriaas
danger, and until uiy sou , was arraigned be
fore the Faculty, and acquitted, and ordered
to go to bis studies. He will return to
Abingdoa at the proper time, aud surrender
hluueli to th proper authorities, and await
his trial under the taws of Virginia. As be
ts not, and never aaa a quart elsoooe young
man, and in morals ill compare favorably
with the better class of young men at Col
leges, I respectfully suggest to newspaper
Editors autrabclr correspondents, the great
Injustice t-f visiting upoa bim the political or
personal sins of his Path a: a, over whom be
baa never exercised any control!
. U. i'lKOWXLOW,
Editor of the KnoxvilU Wkg.
Fcmcabt IS, If 60.
DaILT Patbiot OFf ICB, I
Nasbtillx, March 2, I860, f
. COTTON Sales jesier&y of 4 balca at
. TOBACCO Sales at A. Hamilton's of J
bhda. ai the following figures: 6-&0, tA3,
P 05, 3.70, 8.20, r33. 2.15, axd 1 at Fiaher,
Wbtleae A Co.'a at 1.4J, 2.44, 00. 4.T3,
105, 2-75, 2.50, A JO, t 4.10. ,
'.s-v-.--Siv.- rcoBvviATSi. ' " ' ''
As the agents of tbe A. B. Hoae Shuttle Machine
saw fit la their reply to a eommaaieatioa from the
Grover Baker Agent, ia the Cnioa aad American
of the 26th, to have their remarks genera, wa par
pose to examine that remarkable Socument : J ,- (
"The statement ia a communication from the Gro
ver a Baker agent in this city, that we are misrep
resenting' and humbugging the people In regard to
tbe 'Hoes Machine,' we pronounce onqnalifiedly
false." This then is yoor answer. A positive deni
al to the whole charge. Now, we propose to bring
the facts to bear upon this case, and let the public
decide whether they are sufflceot to s as tain the
charge or not. By your own admission yoa say that
Ellas Ho we, Jr., has no more to do with the A. B.
Howe Machine, (there really being no such machine
as tbe " Howe " machine J than he has with any
other Shuttle Machine. Tell as teen tell thiscom
city why the same ot A. B. Howe has been sup
pressed and that of Eliar Howe, Jr., continually
used. Aad here we remark, that the auppressingof
a material fact is equivalent to telling aa out roth.
Suppressing the name of A. B. Howe, who is the real
owner, and using that of Ellas Howe, Jr.. in connec
tion wi'h toe Howe Machine , is the same as saying
that Eliaa Hjwe, Jr., is the proprietor. Mow, we
aubmit to tbe public if this is not the real impression.
Thus the agents of tbe A. B. Howe Machine are con
victed cn their own admission . Is the charge of
bumbuygry and misrepresentation well founded f
We will answer this by asking a few questions :
Why did you upon your advent into this town, and
as long thereafter as you could, say th it you had
the original Hows Machine and that we were all pay
ing tribute to you t -
Why is your advertisement, which appears still
in the Patriot, headed "Who invented the Sew
ingaMachine E. Howe, Jr., original inventor and
patientee, established in 18457"
Why hi the same notice go you say that the A.
B. Howe Machine ia superior to aU others, which you
know is false, and insert those twenty articles (sto
len from Ladd It Webster) styled "what constitutes
a good St wing Machine," informing the people what
a Uachiue should dor .
Very kind to be sure. Why is all this, unless to
presume upon the credulity of the public , which is
deception, and u overleap tbe whole listen to tbe
following: "We respectfully submit tiiat our pa
trons are tbe best j uilges of the merit of our Ma-1
chines. If any of them are ditsalitfied they can re
turn the Machines aud get their money ;" leaving it
to be inferred th.it their patrons are all satisfied, if
not they can return tbe Machines and get their mo
ney freely and without hesitation cr delay. Can au
dacity and presumption go further' Again, we quote
frtmtbe record: "Tho Howe Machine as is well
known, is," mark the lauguage, "manufactured by
A. B. Howe, of N. T., brother of Ellas Howe, Jr.,
the original inventor of Sewing Machines. We bave
ue ver asserted otherwise." Well there was no use
of it.' Ihe question as to who makes tbe Howe Ma
chine has never been involved, wholly unimportant.
But it does appear now that tbe Howe Machine is
made by A. B. Howe, or that the A. B. Howe Ma
chine is made by A. B. Howe. In other words, to be
more plain .A. B Howe is makiog his own Machine.
Ho strange 1 Importaut information 1 Again,
"our advertisements here have aeen tbe same as
used by A. B. Howe in New York." Here then is our
excuse. Listen! A. B. Howe is a brother of Elius
Howe, Jr., the original (admitting it for argument)
inventor or JSewi g Machines. Therefore, A. B.
Howe bad a right to make a Machine and use bis
brother's name to sell it, because my name is Howe
and your name is Howe, aud Hows am I to sell my
Machines uuless I use your name, for it is no better
than any other Shuttle Machine. A. B. Howe used
deception to Introduce his Machine in N. Y. , there
fore his agents here are justified in doing the Same
thing. W bat code of ethics have we here? Truly it
"could only emenate from tbe source whence it
There is a rule of evidence as universal as liw it
self, "false in one, false in all." Now we propose
to apply this to the followiug : "Tbe Howe Machines
have been awarded the premium at every iHate
and County Fair, where they have been exhibited."
They were exhibited at the State Fair here last Fall,
and at tbe County Fair iu Frankl in. liid they take
the premium f No. Will tbe gentlemen be so kind
as to inform us where tbey ever took a premium,
where there was any other Machines in competition?
If tbe A B. Howe Machine badany merits at all ove r
any other, aud the maimer it lias been introduced
here is sufficient to prove this Machine we would not
say a word. . But kuowia ', as we (and we intend
this community 6ball know it too) Jo, that it is an
mferior Machine, we would ba doing injustice to
our own feelings ,iu justico to the interest we repre
sent , and an open disregard of all that is honorab le ;
fair aud honest in trade, were we to remain sileut.
feu29-2t PARSONS A CO.
For Attorney General.
SJ f We are requested to announce S. L. Fixlst as
a candidate for Attorney General of the Niuta Judi
cial Circuit. Election Alay , 18C0.
Stjr We are authorized to announce Jamks E.
Raias, Etfq., as a candidate for the oOice of Attorney
General ol the Ninth Judicial Circuit, coniMsed of
the counties of Davidson, bumner aud Williamson
Llection next May. ocUi-te
For sue riff.
yj We are authorised to aunounce JOHN K.
EDMoNDSON as a candidate for Sheriff of Davidson
county, at Ibe ensuing March election. oct-6-le.
TTVWe are authorized to announce JAMES M
HI VI UN as a candidate for re-eloctiou to tbe ollice ol
tiheritr of Davidson county, at the ensuing March
election. scpUbld.
Criminal Court Clerk.
M f We are authorized to announce CHARLES H.
HAYS as a candidate tor Criminal Court Clerk at the
ensuing election. decSl-te
SIT We are authorised to announce JOHN" SHANE,
Kan., as a candidate fur re-eiec ion to the oflice ol
Criminal CourtClerk atnexl March election, mylit
Jj We are authorized to auuoonce r. K. M
f ATTfcKfiuN' as acaudidatefor CrimuiaiCoi-rt Clerk
atlheensuiug March electiou. may t-id
County '1'ruatee.
tf- We are authorized to announce Jobs W. Mas
Tin as a candidate lor County Trustee at the ensuing
March election. oclll-td
syg- We are authorised to announce E. A. RA
Woo. f II as a caudidat lor Trustees of Davidson
county at the ensuiug March election.
rWe are authorized U announce WM. JASPER
TAYLOK as a candidate for Trustee of Davidson
county , at the ensuing Marcn elocDoa. Jao2 t
a- We are authorised to announce litN'KY L.
Il'bllCK as a candidate for Couoly Trustee, ai tbr
eusmnx March elocuou. aeulu-ta
DtKo aa a caudioateior ibe ollice ol County Trustee
ol Davidson County at tba election to be held ia
March, I860. aprciu-td
sr We are authorized to announce SAMl'EL P
AMfeNT acaudidatefor County Trustee at the nex
March election. apria-td
tf na are authorised to announce IsHAM
CLAUSE a SaoliAt tor Trustee of Davidson coua
y, at waaext Marcn iecltoa. aug'io-te
For Tacx Collector.
4X9 are authorised l annouuee Dr. JO. W.
BRuWN aa a candidate tor Revenue Collector of Da
vidaon couuty , at the eusuiug March oiecu a.
77We are nuthonsed to announce Q. C. DaGROVE
as a candidate for Hovcnue Collector of Daviuaon
county, at the ensuing March eiettiou.
4 We are authorized to a on ounce W. B. Yocmo,
of ft bite's Creek, aa a candidate for Revenue Codeo
tor at thj eusuiug March elccuuo. '
ar We are authorized to announce DANIEL G.
ClUKK j cau.li.iala lor ttevnuue Collector ol Da
vidauu county , at the ensuing March electiou.
As We are authorised to announce ACTOS"
VOL Sii as a candidate tor fax Collector of Davklaoa
couuty at the eusuiug March elocuou.
4JT Wears authorised to announce A- 3. RAMSEY
aa a candidate fur ntate and County iWveaue ladles
tor for Davldsou county , at the euaouig March elec -twa.
ITT" We are authorized to aanouoca JUfcX A. BAT
TLaae a candidate for the office of Revenue Codec
tr of Davulaoa county at Uie enaumg March elec
tion. . decl-ie
Sif We are aatborised to announce JOHN GRELR
aa a candidate for re-election, to the otnee of bfctte
and County Revenue Collector at Uie ensuing Ma-a
stecuwa. ... - decJl-ie
a We are authorised to anDouoce AXDREW
GKibUOKYas acandidate for Tax Collector of David
Son couuty at the easeiag Maroa election.
dec AM ,
mr We are authorised to announce ROBERT T,
Pti a kR3 aa a eaa Jtdate for Re venae Collector ot Da
vtdaoa eouaty at the eaauiag March election.
Wa are authorised ta annnaaee E. D. WHIT
WoKlH as a candidate fof the oface ut Kevenn Col
lator uC Davidson county at the ensuing March alee-
For "lacletrate.
' AW We are atbns4 v aaaauece 3. B. RCT
I -A.N ii as a caudiuata ler Magistrate a tula District
at the ensuing elect ob. tebJS-tf
4T- We are aetbonsad ta aaaoone DAVID H.
WatoK as a caaaiUate lr Magsstrau ta this titauKU
For Ceaalablalet District.
Mr W are aevuurtam to aauvaace a. a. CARTER
aa a santilj .t lor Cwatable ta this, the 1rt i
inct, at the March, etrcikta. ait-te
W are authot ised to aaaonae Caps. JKSE W.
ra, as a caaatuate fur LousUkb ta ia Ute NaehvUia
lhirKt, at tbe easaing March eWctio.
We wiQselt Um baiaaca'af ear . .
ft f i ' . .... . . '' ....
. v -
Greatlf Reduced Price,
-.-. - Ta saaaa reess tW a -
laarge eiprlng titocli.. .
fabewlat f AWUR, X!EitC5 k CO.
From Waablnctoti'
Wasrisgtox, Feb. 29 Senate Gwin re
ported the Military bill without amendment.
Wilson presented a memorial from a num
ber of Boston merchants and onderwiiters
askiog for a bi-monthly mail between Charles
ton, Key West and Cuba.
Seward presented a memorial from the
Legislatare of Kansas for tbe admission ot
that Territory as a State. He made an elab
orate speech on slavery, charging the agita
tion to tbe Kansas and Nebraska bilL
Donglas responded denying that charge.
Senor Mata, the Mexican Minister has resigned.-.
, .
The Postoffice Committee will report a bill
for a semi-weekly mail from tit. Joseph to
Placerville, and a similar service from El
Pas8Gv.,- . - .
Steamboat Sank
St. Locis, Feb. 29. The steamer Chal
lenge hence to the Illinois river, sunk Tues
day above here. Ber freight will be saved.
. Uiaaoari Opposition. .
St. Leers. Feb. 29. The Missouri Opposi
tion Convention nominated Edward Bates
for the Presidency, r t
" From Nlearagna.
New Tore, Feb. 29. Nicaragua advices
say that Yanderbilt has secured a transit
concession by paying $100,000. and one dol
lar and twenty cents on each passenger pas
sing over the route.
Fatal Accident. ' ".-
Cixctkxatl March 1. While the workmen
were taking down St. Xanire Catbolie Cburoh
this morning the walls fell burying twenty
laborers in the ruins. Ten dead bodies bave
already been taken out.
New York, March 1 The steamer Edin
burg haa arrived at Cape Race, with Liver
pool dates of tbe 15 lb.
Cotton Sales of 3 days 18.000 bales, of
which speculators took 3,500 bales; market
quiet but steady; Consols 94a94i; Money
market slightly easier. Manchester advices
favorable. Market firm. Breadstuff firm,
with an ' advancing tendency. Provisions
The Italian question is unaltered. Glad
stone's budget is actively opposed. The re
puted conservatives have resolved to oppose
Spain refuses negotiations till Tangiers is
Livxbpool Thursday. Cotton quiet but
firm at the previous Friday's rates sales to
day 4500 bales. Flour firm and steady, but
quiet 23aa2& 6d. Corn advanced 6al2 penffe,
closing quiet, yellow 33.a33s 6d. Beef quiet
holders offer freely, but t-how no disposition
to press sales. Pork steady. Lard quiet.
Sugar firm. Coffee quiet. R in steady.
Turpentine firm. Rice steady. American
securities geuerally unchanged.
i London. Wheat has an advancing tenden
cy. Salem, Mass., March 1. An arrival brings
advices of the African squadron of the 14ih
Capt. W. L. Armstrong of the Saa Jacinto
bas been suspended for disobedience of orders '
and sent borne.
Lieut Ilughes takes command of tbe San
Tbe Mystic proceeds to St. Helena with
the requisition of Gov. II oy for the Captain,
officers and crew of the bark Orion which
was taken by tbe British ship Pinto' with
800 slaves on board.
Hlver .1wi,
Louisville, March 1. The river is rising
with 9 feet 6 inches water in the canal.
New Orleans, March 1 Cotton sales to
day 8000 bales; quotations unchanged. Tbe
steamers news bad no i fleet upou tbe m-ir-ket.
Flour bas a declining tendency at 6 40
6 50; Extra 6 75a7 00; Corn buoyant at
75a85; Lard in kegs 11 J; Sterling Exchange
8a8; other article unchanged.
Kew Orleans, Feb. 28. Cotton, sales to
day 5.000 biles; middling 10all; sales of 3
days 21,000 bales; receipts of 3 days 44,000
bales, against 27,500 bales during the same
time last year; receipts at this port ahead of
List year 3oH,500 bales; at all southern ports
634,000 bales; whisky 23; coffee firm, advan
ced . 12al3; freight on cotton to Liverpool
; sterling exebauge 8a8: on bills of lading
7a7; New York 60 days lja2 discount, sight
par aud J discount.
llousc tor lcnt.
containing three or four rooms in ex
cellent repair, situated on i-oiitn Huh st,,
Learlv op. ogitethe Wilson Spring. Posses
sion given immediately. Price at the rate of $200
prranuum. Apply at thisolttce, or to JOHN' H
TON" E, on the corner of lie tuumbraue and iruce
streets. lebzS-tf
Cooking S tovc s
Wrought Iron Stoves,
Three Sizes at Reduced Prices!
rilE '1BOP1C, Three sixes for Coal!
I 'HIS Is khe bext Coal Cooking iStove ever iuvvnled
J It craws well and bakes perfectly Wecanirive
one hundred references of families iu this city, who
use them. Tbe Kureka, two sizes, for either wood or
coal. The Beauty or the West, an excellent heavy
' cooking stove, for either wood or coal, aud very
cheap, ine I oaen, coat covk stove, two sises. Tu
Pilgrim, coal cook stove, very heavy.
1 febl-tf. Kos. 6 and 14 College Street.
Cheap Cooking Stores .
I HE following stoves are for cooking with wood.
A Tbey are from the beat founderiea in tbe coun
try, and as we have a larger sun k of them tbao bare
ever before been brought to this cry, they will be
sold at very low prices for easb, or to puuetual cud-
iomers: Black Uak, three Sisea; The Comet, four si
zes; Tbe Crescent, three sizes; Tbe Indiana, three si
ses; Ihe Victor, three aixea; The Tennesaeau, four
sizes; sue loaa, uiree sizes.
febl-lT. Nob. 6 aud 14 College Street.
Parlor and Heating Stoves
f TTE bare Jost received large additions to our
V f stock u the above stoves, among which may
be louuu a variety oi elegant
Parlor stoves; eliding Door Stoves;
'ranklio Moves; Dining Room stoves;
Laundry Stoves; UOic htoves:
8bop Stoves; Church Stoves;
or au sizes, tor coai or vom.
fb2-tf Nos. and 14 College street.
Grates and Mantelpieces
IVTE bave a very large stock el Parlor Mantles
v v and Jamb Grates, of every price and size;
venoersoi various rivrrai: at iroi-ima iron Man.
febJ-tf Nos. and 14 College street.
Seed Oats.
BCSHELS Canada Black 8eed Oats:
600 " Mxbtean White "
To arrive on Steamer Lebanon lolay,and for aal
oy tiaxj utui'a,a a tu ,
feb I S-tf Nos. aod Market St.
Seed Potatoes
ryr BniS. strictly choice Neshannock PotatMa
fj purchased expreasly for sale, to arrive aa
ateauier Lebanon to-day , and f-r sale by
feblt-tf Nos e aad Market SV
Fresh Peaches
IV store aad for sale a small shipment of celebrated
Freak Peaches in cans.
feblS-tf Nos. aud t Market at.
Magazines for March.
7F Cave Harper's, Laaltea Godey and all the
nest Magaataaa ia tna coeatry for March.
fb33-tf No. f I'ntoa street.
EW BOOE3 A variety of Kaw aad Popular
Books ot Romance, last received by
BACK Numbers of the Lder. ateraary. Weekly
Waverly aad Irving Magaatue, lost recetved by
febaa-tf HAtsAM TREANuR.
for 184S, beaad. fe sale by
febn-tf W. S I'aioa street.
Get the Uest.
al Qoarte Pagoe; 1M0 so per b weod cal tiiust rat tuns;
n-W aw words aad dettuilioas: 1100 exoelleat ar.
tacles an Syaeoy at, aad ProaoaaciBg Yocabc lary cf
aaaes of satiaaat usea ; (or sal only by
- r. HAG AH,
feb 1 S-tf 41 College s.rt.
Spring Barler
Onfs BCHi-LU Nraig BarUy, par FUaaacr
Raayaa Aad Utr m-ia by
5TKixo tt CO.
Steinway Piano.
T HATE ioot reawlvad aadeSVr f aula law. a
X See fckTaJ CaJTaVU STatAY tlASQ, ae
kaagtag ta a g aal is men ta sea 4 tbe Uti. I ha
Lauara.uasvta n am srtsa, Taac nere aad AauUt
ar ssvisMtaaaJt aswt try a i JoilM LtCJt .
tabaa-tf ateaw laW, v Cue sir.
Bt UUtr Of fVX, tor Mrch.fJf !,),.
fcti3-ai - - tUttA aJtatAKtat.
fas EeB
i3rp Oc;, tic.
air docous,
aran docslas.
. - Dealers at Wholesale in '
Foreign and Domestic
Clothing, Carpets, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Bnnets, Umbrellas, &c,
No. S3 Public Square and No. 59 North Market St.,
JVaslxville, 1 ennessee. .
WE invite the attention of Merchants to an ex
tensive and brilliant Stock of Goods now opened
aod arranged for the Spring Trade .
We solicit the patronage of Dealers, feeling assured
that we were never better prepared to serve their
intrnst.as regards maguitude of stock, beauty of
styles aud liberality ol terms. We acknowledge no
superior ability iu any city of the Union.
nirl-2tn DUIULAS c LU.
1 la O V A la.
Fite, Shepherd & Co.,
Successors to
li. U. fc T. tt. FITE,
HAVE removed to No. S, Hicks' Building. Nona
side Publio Square, and bave received their
DRY G 0 0 D S
- And Clothing,
To which tbey invite the attention of Merchants buy
ing in this market .. marl-ly
Foreign aud Domestic
Varieties and Clothing1
Boots,SIioes, Hats, Bouiiets, Ate.
No.l NashTllle Inn Ulock,
ARE now ta receiptor their SPRING STOCK, to
which tbey invite the attention of the trade.
I860. 1860. 1860.
Spring Importations.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic
nets & Straw Goods,
No. 2 I n ii Block.,
KasuYllle, 'Tennessee.
E are now in receipt of our very large stock of
& .8 0 BD
Which com prises all tbe new styles of importations,
with much care la the:r selection, and we are tleter
mined to oOer our (iiKtoiuirs aud the trad. gener
ally, oar goous at prices that will cualionne ctiinpe.
tinod withauy marktt in the United StaU-s. We in.
vite the trade to bive our stock adoee aud early ex
RE now receiving and opening aa una sal ly de-
L. airaoie cw ot
rmbractof a great variety of Naw Articles, Styles,
-, which they ara prepared to offer to tbe Ketatl
lrai.e,oa terms tbatcaauut be eberwiae thaaaaUs
factory to parchaaera.
I'. S. e wish ti purchase a Urge quantity of
WOOL, tor abasu the highest market prit-e la eiaa
will be paid. feb28-tnwawlm
wm.s.eIkin & co
North weal coraer Public Sqaare,
' Especial Bargains for Cash or for abort time
prompt paper. csarl-aawtf
Many IVew Goods l
, A . . Callsadsea tbe display of ,
Thread Lao. Coinears; r ' " ' ' 1
Thread Uce ralle; . ... ,
I Cotuced Guipara Pails; . -.
Colorad aad Black Berege rails; 5 -,
Braaacia and Pvutt Lace Berthas; -Broaseila
aad Poot Lac CapM;
Fall Sets EsabreMer.4 J aeon eta;
Aad every deecripttaa of Ladiea (israssU ta Ja
osw aad iJaea, beauMeily eiabrsvaerea
Onr BAsUiAtX ColS fut ts added t. daily, af saea
tbings as w. are aoxioaa ta get clear oT
a wiU wtt apoa or frsraaa ta a taw Says
With er usual prltg catati-gse.
SMiaa tt at. c survaiaT a u.
For llent or Lease.
1WTLL reut er ioaae say daea aear a M erfreea
W.. i t.i . . f mm Ih. w a I k. - - - - -
ysar.se wait toe . iv:W- af ,srs. There ta
a eoeveau-et Itrirk IhseUg with karaea aad rd
luablrs. and a Srteedtd alt of eaeeUent wairr.
m If SMV iwatvv sw, - ' " " " - ?"iw W
raiauis all kin4 markebeg.
? Express id Clark. Hie.
TBS Suaftra ExareaaCasaaaay rwnrtfany sa
aoeac. that th-v are aw veaniBg mwnaM
thrMa t nrr-.iit via. K a K.aad af.Cat.
Ka:! can, es t ar. prvared w ferwara a. tb piac
ad tatcrvMistg saitsta u p : a ra aaa t&p.aa
aiigwes aaaiv east by acrsea. Iney awi aiao
f&faardta aU piaf set afci. reaM, cpUi g
wvhtaaaaav. sUtirasHts. ftoi a. a-w, drsJi. .,
aoitw4a4 a4 pmt rtera atade,
gf Vflioa !. ta Pabw ara.
toblTatf A K tI,srrt3Wsies.l.
Modeler o Fashions8
" H. 23 Pctbllc Square. :
That Dcautiful Moleskin Ila(,
At FRA.XCISCWS, just introduced for tho
Spring and Summer Wear, 1S60.
. 1 1
E are now prepared to maDafactare this UlmXj
m.w a., bhij Hua"Uk aiva a.wu Miun nvUCVS,
A I ) a. a . 4- a.. a. I
A. J .(rtA&Cl.0,fasbionablt:riattes ,
f-b2S-t i
Oar French Soft flats ;
WE ara in receipt of some beautiful styles of
F rench Soft Uats .direct from parisaU colors,
to whicn we ask the attention of all. . .
, A.J. H4AXC1SCO ,
HatteraodFurrier.Xo.23 Publi. Square. .Nashville
rblZ5-ll . t
CHILDREN'S New and Fancy styles of Hats aad
Caps, ready lor Inspection.
; A. T. FltAMCISCO,' '
Ieb25-tf No.23PublicSiaare,.Miahville,Tent
Marcli 6tli, 1SGO. . .
Sl'BLVa and Summer iry Uoods, Clothiug, Boots,
fthoes, Fancy Goods, Yajkee Motions, doaiery,
Wliitetioods.Carpetiug, lUluug. Oil Qotlis, llaru.
waie, Qceeus ware, CuUery , 4a; , c , all ot which
have bwen purcuaanu u( arl class Ataiiulacturers
aud Importers In America, with orucstocloae wHh
out regard to prices; Cumujeuuuig Tuesday, starch
6lh auu co.iinoiug f ur days.
trUtS YtttlT LiBaiUL. '
fcblt-ld TRA8CE k LUCL'S.
ALL who wisu to atteud Jtr. UvJLU&AK'S Clases
suouid Uo o latuioOtalely , aLlie there is au up
poituuily. Yuuug geutleuieu who wisu good sala
ries aud frood situatious, should Qt Uiemseives for
niliug such situations to toe sausiactiua m tueir eat
ployers. Good
Is easeutial to every business man.
Should betaugut toeery cmul. Iu tue Philadelphia
HiU ricjool every pupil is required to learu it.
wuy should the citizen ol Mosuvute be told that it
reqoirts several years to leiu it, aud not on. lu a
huutired has abilities," to learu it wuejso mau
boys iu lo'U, 8 to 1 J uais ol ago, htva learucU tt
wita ilr. U.,aua read aud write u aa easily as com
luuii print.
Why should Tcunesssuns, by allowiuglhemeelvM
to b so deceived tu tuis luattor aud fcopt so behiud
other States, as to have to seud torso many years
to otuer Mates lor Leisiauva Heporters. Ottt it la
not lor reporting aieue tuat it is usei ul. It is regard
ed iu other cities ouo ot tu. greatest eUucattoual aids
that cau oe louuu.
Hours S to 11 A. M "3 to 5 P. U.aud I to 9 at night.
II Ail.U uwvi Ukj .odS to Cherry street, uosl
LA Ij tue lrader's uauk , uu. door iruui L uiou. 1
take uie occasion to return uiauks to m V irienua ana
cusiomora for tue lioral pauouuge bestowea at Uie
oidSlaud,aud hope mat cuaue oi pUte will uwt
out cause a couuuuauce bus aa luureaae ui the
trade heretofore received.
juitr-a J. H. UcGILL.
Furnishiog and Faac it o yds.
AN order to sell more Goods w. htve resolved to
asii loss proiits. our stock is lull at all times,
aud cousists ol a hue variety or Shirts, Neck lies,
Scarfs aud Cravats. LMibKAKAK ol b,U, Csh
mere, Lamb's Wool, Moriuo aud Col.ors; blovas and
tiait ilose ol .very kuid; Handkerchiefs, fcuspeu
ders, ebirt Uusoms aud tireasuig Koues, ac. ae. W a
hav. also a choice lot or Faucy tuuut, such as
Combs, urusues, Canes, i'orte alouies, Pocaet nooks,
Cueas-meu, Luatuor Travehug Uags,atnli Mirrors,
scissors, A.C., aU for Sale Ouoap by
Shirts Hade to Order.
AS we will soon seud orders for Shirts we request
all who pnler their 's made specially for tuem,
to leave their messurra with tltr.-ctivus, Ac., and
iwnum tuey auaii ve maue aa requirea.
Jtu26-tf j. H. MoUlLL.
Conger's Saloon.
AT thit New Saloon on Market street, near Ccton
a substantial
will be regularly set every warning at II o'clock
aud every evening at S o'clock. Jao20-tf
T A SICII.FKVVI!' r1anra C. ...It
XJ KanUiia.or Stirof the Evening, (Wallace,) 7e
Fantasia Serioea.from Norma, by Viereck, aoc
cradle Polka, by Mueller, ft&o
How Can I Leate Thee, a&c
in. Merry U.ti4en. by Glover, 2
witue a welcome Home, for Guitar, ' " 35o
Star of My Soul, for Guitar, 10c
lai as kiss Him ror Jlis aoiher.for QniUr, 36c
Music mailed postage freeou reeeixt of the marked
febl-tf AiUaioa street.
Xcw I.ooUh.
A New Novel, by Miss Pardoe THE AOOPTbD
tir in complete.
Tbe la-ctures and Life of Lola Von 11.
Tbe II tuuted House, by Charles Helices.
For sale by Jt'UN YORK k CO,
ilorttkan Double I h StreniAof Ordinary FoOuk
IOR making Soap wlthoutlimo, with little trouble
. aodattnOiugespeiiae. The cheapwtarticle ever
discovered for the purpose. One pound will make
-or uiteen gauonsot goca soitsoap, or ntu.
pounds Hard Soap. Printers will Had 11 a superior
articieforcleaninstyp.. ltis perfectly solableaad
-sj as vui (Uii4 latejgg
Hrokeniosiaalliempsaad pat up lal,t,4aud
.-j4anufactared at tba CHALLENGE CHEMICAL
vuaAe,srwiKijaaiiiioi. bj
oetS-dawly 181 PearlstrMt.New Tark
Produce, Commission
Frentlna; an Collcg; a aal nsurkat ata.t
South af Uread,
"Xaslivlllc, Tcnncssscc.
LviiS ly '
Qf,ri Bales Prima Timothy bay just received aad
JJJ tor
ft f Bctea Huugarska Grass just race!.. aad for
UU sa
si by
FC Bales Straw for bidding, pack 10 g gaods, ae. ,
JJ Just received and for sale by
4)rCA Bigs Bn, heavy Oats, Just received aad for
aaie by
1 Ff B" VblU Cora, Just received aad for aaie
twu oy
vfinn BtHELS P&IME OHIO OATa just ra
alU U U oeived and for sale by
(lf( Batas Put. Shingles, jus, recetvtd aa '
UUU for sale by 4 v , - .
rpHEabava.aa sreM as assay otaer arualea la tba
. A. r M ana vumossutoa naa. wut a. kept
ataalljr ca bta4 aad sold at lbkwee martt prMasv.
iopj--t,y . - , a.s, rajuuatt CO.
To Farmers aod Planters
Seed OaSs, Seed Potatoes and
Clover Seed. -
a. jekins,
V. 14 ta&ta atu-litt ctreat
bask. Kbaoari OaU,
bauariOaU, 1
sastf I vaata Uaas, f
iVWhewd, 15(
very heavy aadciaaa
sww -- rvfiw
M bbl.CWvr
fefcl. Early lrisa Pa.
AS bag Aa
100O Valea Tlasaby 4ay, lou tarsC-ra Meal;
t19 da. i4sf; . M kata, net Irak fv-
l&oo bags Cora; Sslaea;
. lira.; .. 1S AjpieS: -
ao do. trl . A fc-fjc ttaueri
aod b-a aaa bbia. Fiar, ti WrvU Lard;
Tta barras OIL CAKE, a sabertoe anxl. af fe.4 t
Krae.,Cws, Aw.1sa a etch mm waa ral tha attea
Usji af UMt A. ;tsIS,
, . Sa. 14 Sai ktarkea street.
ysavUta Jaaaary t,!a.
frsaiX!i uoif q.k.4 vn irr ssra,
br A. JtK!S
AaaAl It K. 14 Saai kwttt sra.
ilfTTT taraa. LWra aad css t
- frtsU Li.f.si;avt.a.
V r
' L.OS ii CO T1A O ED
.-a Jr v
' ' Sirjfr Flantatloa and 1 " '
ui - J "1 .
$85. ',
; : -595,
:? a f '
flave always sold mrii?r at a big ber price thai any
other u, that they art belter,.
Ana capable of doing a mack greater variety of work
tnaa any oilwr alach ne ever oaered to the public.
la the purchase of
CYieav Sewing Macliiucs
Thousands have been deceived and disappointed.
bat with
There ia never aay failure or s&Urtake.
This Machine is Superior lo all others for Plantation;
aud Manuiaeturing,bem easv to manage. 4oea not - :
rl out of order, ana sews from tne micas owise w
iiu to Ibe coarsest Usuabuigs. t
Tlic Family Maclilne
Is admired by all that have used them. Tbey do
most beautiful Miietw.c, riemnitug anu fatnaruig.
W. warrant our Machines to give ...... .1
or no sate. : Certiucales can be shown from partiea
living mall paruut Miduki tcui.esse, thai nav.
used the ...
5 '
From ona tothrM years. All wishing to purchase -
Sew ins MacUlucs
Should call and examine the superior advantage, o
lb a Machine over all vine a oeiore ouytng.
Fall and rellahlo taioriuetwa about bewtng Ma
chines tu be bad by ssuduig lor
Which ts a beautiful pictoral paper, entirely da- '
voted to this salectt sent gri.tut.
J. T. LOttD, Agent,
4a North College street.
Jan 31 -1m
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. CO
mi) SiQblts.
NOUTU MAEfcxTj' oTliilLT J
TBE aedersigaad bets leave la lr-rra bisfrteada
and tbe public tbat be bas still aa band a aaav'
ber of bandsotn. vehicle of all klads,aud a spies
did stud of buggy aad saddle tmiwi 'for th. or. at
rastyoaaggeatsoa COl KTING tXPli'lTlO.SS.br fei
tb. aceo(o:n-iUal'i.a C Yoang America and Voaag
H bat mas living, of asy sort of prograivspir!tL'
woald be content saaaail 11 behind a sIjHW HuVfk
wbea bekB.wstnalaa ANIMAL CF rWl KIT ceaid
PsvrliaMt 4triDf Comet) fur f IC-MCSa4 uT
mA a ft 1 Ikria.ra afeiawitr4 a... tta.A wi..a k.. a
akBa vial . a.vait avi sw y w asaaa ..
vera said about Tas sa Coaca, from the Lavuiaaa
laiBST aTALaa,a North Markrtsuert. k
W . C. aics rJtaaji ,
sa2ft-lf I royra-lec
f TTM.T. WKIGHT CO., naaWresr. l-
1 f alty tefsvsa tbeotbaaaaaf Saaavihe
aag the public g.araijr that nv have i
putxaaaeu tfa weUkaow a Livery Stable aad tue M t
aad Sxvurea.fora ariyeoeapMd by Was. J.PUtl a.oa ,
Market Ert., at I badow tba Square .
WahavaSrst-ratelou and oux-atalis ta Maeajstc.-
datetrovaas adali.ur frieaas waaasaj favor a ,
wltblbsivuatroasge. -
W.ttassa Iargeaaabsaitacaaa41.aiarsead '
a Bsggifs I. btra atail tisses . . "
labieiatb.aaatbaraeoaatry. C.aieaioag aad as
far tMnsiTM.
fahA-ly -.-.-.' WM a waits T m wt -
Nashville Spring Races
yrivL fciiE.vac t
On Tuedar, SOtta of SCO r m
AStt CoSTlM-k" l'Ata . t
Tu,rf-T n. rA 9wstasaka tee aarried tbreo a
aa laaiJ .trawiI-te a atiio
Uislan. mr sa-r. aa atak.-4. hia "
- aid $ rtb. rse. hi raa. ' '
Wsaasday, Ay A .ky a rare A30 two
t kwriy ? sl . tar, year elds .
I aia o!3awsu. Ae trft iUt. .
v Bw 8J taweta" to aad 114 tf tho
use ' " ' " ' - ' -
rvW. J 4sf rsesK-ur fatan-9C4
&i6it tl Jekty tlib Para, f Two
U iila.
JusM fay . s .witake. hv sbse yar U-4trS
ah ot i aiau.i SiOO t... iftiH s.-a frf- w
tbs-. or gave 6U tbe ga -Clak to add L,
,. t ib taca is ru.
To aaaaaaaaetaswlsto' tireh. ("re. por oeta
atreS9 Uab nijogj c. asirsM a b taaoa ti -
ae .'rt-e4. M I'. CiATitiM, .
c;,5t ' " ' Ir.'j-r
-. - ?'
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