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N A S H V i X JL K : j te best interests of The City Press ei,jht or j J,
- a. t
New Obxcaks, Hareh 16. Tbe weather
-rr - -- - TenBtMfe.
. i. sr. m.i itm i. ..a . , -
-2T I-
UAJi Ai It it r Li Al aCaa... Mi Li
aav. I
j ggpgffol ttntim
:i:,I5TElIE5T& OF THE RUUOISS. . . . .
DartorV of Puwuctr Trains. -
,SJTlLUBrTT3M)OOi4j40 AM. 3 P. M.
Ianankiuuu- 8tOO A. M. 3t65 P.M.
Ucmtiui N ustiiu-4:30 A.M.I Ot30 A.M
" iail i.. Exjret3ilal.M.
ElMliriSlW T KXSTCCXT 2 P.M. ,
Arrival f?tiwDefr rraina.
HaaivtllsA battaa6:IO A-M..8P-M
Tssxsasss & Auiii-9:4S A.M.,6:20P.K.
LvCteviLLB as Sahhvilib- 6:0&A. M,t:36 P.M.
: ' - - ttiHuhr Mprest9tlOA.il
( Emvik It Kutvcit 9:30 - .1.
' 'Departures or f re la lit rralats.
sTassviixbA CaaTTASOf-OA 6:45 A.M.
- ExiretwV'reigbt 1 P. M.
Tkiskmkk A Alababa :30 A .
Locum ls A Vashvixis 4f45 A. s(-,315 P. M.
Enaxarraxn A acsTCCET 2tOO P M.
Arrivals of Frelzbt Train.
" . Express rreight, 9:52 A.M.
TxsnsnB fc Alabama- 4:30 P. V.
:, lontnuit apbviuev-41,4 5 P M..9tlOA M.
' Cnwiiu b EuTrcti-tt:30
i From tbe tne Independent. New York, J!j 28,1859
Cura. Oor advertising coUmns conlaiB ie tea
Umooiee to tbe value of a n. w article known as
'Spaldiog's Prepare-I Gloe," atrial to housekeepers
for mending furniture. It m prepared with chemi
cals, by ebrb it U kept in the i re per condition for
.Immediate ore, tbe chemical, by a bicb it ic kept in
Abe proper cotditHai fur wicedtate nsetbe cbemi
I oa:sevaMiraliaa?BBs'i.ssinapFoe.,ieiug
' 'aSta harden, we can assure or readers that this
i arveie bu the ei el.t pbreuutoicai quality of
"Ur-e ad aviveueas "
! ! a ui -w
FTne popularity or me Ur-XICA:. iiLSiAi u.-i-VENT,
istvxiensive witb the civilization of the
I 'lobe. tber articles claim Lu mjlenaie pain and
i Ifliatresa tbts nrn. Family Pbyaiciaus, lioTern
I imeut Uoepitals, Farriers, planters. Fartoers, Livery -
l jj:e.a, Ac, bare parltcalarly aemonstraled tbiafact,
I i hroagbout the worM. fto article ever oeiore re
p;eived saclt nudi:ded prajce and auppertfruu Medi
nd Scieiitifc men.
1 " ' K1I..I JIAT1SM
Jw 7eara'undi;ig,biU beeu totally cured. Piles,
( Jlcer,Taoi-ri, Kuuiiii)gSoret,croluletiO J'.icti,
p-'eloo. Swellingg, Burca, BiV-B, Boila.Cbapa, Neil
aigia. Salt Kbeotn, and all acbes and pama apoL
' nan, and kindred complaint upon
aehas Ricg-buue o-ilti-ituc, pviu, Poll Evi.,
w momuej ,iiouf-il , ac , are subUueU Hti cuieu bj
31ustaus Liniment.
I Mr. S. Urea, liyue .ark, Vu, aritea: " that tbe
t(re was considered worthless," (bia c.be was
fiparinj "but since tbe free use of tbe Uasuuig
gjaimeut, I bave sold bim fur one 915uca-b Your
isimutlm been auuig under upnere."
f : 420 BuoAOoiEajtT.I'BiLADiLtrHiA, Pa.
Extract. " la lifting toe KeUle Irom tbe lire it
Ixcaim iutuaaaseable, tilled over, aul scaldea iu
2 . 1 .1 . ... - i.
I Awful sigul. Tbe il isiaun Liuinteut appeared to ex
Israel U pain. It healed rapiuly , wiliiout sortueen.
Atad lei l no cr of accouut. 1 ruiy yours,
T. C AhLfcj t oaTER.'
'j Hch ifeigaage as this is bat ibeconsiaut and natu
Jal avba berc ver tut article is ue
f bia ijunueut is u-iisyensabie to plat ters anu
-riwaers ut norsva aiid iiioies. Mr. Jons Jaxikls,
,i f Moulg'tiiie l ) , Aki-,4 . a Ha (re lor MX'.uu a.
aiaeuiruui uuer a.ieSuesb by this Ijuiinent.
..'.iKf laiii. KiMiuiu luve it. tie vert uarliCuLu
. . .
J nd enquire foi the iutau uiiiaicul auu ta.e uo
Ibold by all dealers tbroubout Kilb and Soulu
.menu, turope,aua lue 1I i la ol the Uienii ,lui
a cents, abceuta.ai.u St' per l..llie.
UAu.M-t Ji l'AKK, Xew York
f nov24-flmdtwAw
3ealtn and Happinesb
A I'tnV EiirLL HKAlLbV
yJON jrua aresalTerins; from tbeeOerts o
X yauturaiiU'liscreitou can besurely and perua
restored by asiuj the
touccuir.aeu i.urc
1 ttcincdy a I Great tad Certain Power.
Tbisrame-ly is put apiusmall vials, and can be
-nl by uailto a-y aldress. A trial will satixl .
Lseltfora eeK, xm-1 yo will espvrieuce a (real
Teaedt. A cire alr en,l uaiiiic inl I pxrticularsebt
f rree ) .iB tppliuAUwo . Price , per bottle f i .
I OneboUle will al a month
. Imre.aedy isauiiablefor eitbersex.
A'l Ireas,
. CK j'ULK, UedicalAgent,
47 Broaaaay New Vork
j lr fy"fca K.il.VtS.formerljol .Ve York,io
,jLs?aBaBri theiastfouryearauf Ixiutsville. Ken
c,iiu whoua J jrot. bis ilteui:i.i. to tbelreai
1 eat of private lteae for over 30 years, Hatu-r
Yssaeir-aaving itteal:d to a practice for mm,
r,B4cr Jio many tboucnuln , hei enaMet. I.
ire all tiseasesvf a private nalure.no waller b
'id they may be.rouii ijulict.xs mediralireatiuebi.
:,-otn 'iele.trtlieiruwn. lr. Kins 's j
! Ve UtKraJerick street, bet ween Cherry and tl.t
oar,econdstoty ,wKer bee.rcal 1 liseanei ol
.-ivata uature.
...fov.wsuBA tared itbuui iausauuieedicmoria.
'f rfereoce w itb basiuet-s .
4f4icrrsB f 'Jlti jrr :B t late ,Hactua!lcure-ti
few laysjSky an tperatiop which cautn wiu.
bare a itru:tureexit Health cannot be enjoyed,
ruaps no (mease aauses more miscbie laud sutler -ista
thecanstitutmn mu b .
firrmun.witb alltbe tiseaseol tbetlcln .iroami
tl ! ialectnr bd reatutent a; at. be toTectuallt
aiAt VBACvsaa Particularaitentioi bavu It
totbis lisease.ana al liue i-r-osequei.ce rw
it aallfil. braaicb t on in auanv caves bv tbe ite-
.sctivebabitsefiaeonsi-lerate Yotb and excs
iaiaiiceoceofinettai.u.a-iegiectot .Kt-s .. -
.aarmlaetae oui!taiiiD.rnaa: tut tk -i" ii
r basiBessor tociety .and -ausininrn: es.i
Females wbo may belaKorinr wilh anv 411 j
Womb m tf res tassured of immtHilatc r.rf
Peraaos . esidinc abroad, by writiui; and .lalisi
alriaaa.wilh areaencloaed .directeriolr. Kins
. 24 Oeadarick ttreet.N'asbville.Teaa., will have
aeessary medieinesent ttbeirntlreas .will. n-
rMarv-4retla itneteeerecy observed Up ee
rsfr m9 t'olockir bemornmrumiloie threwe
. . aatv:i0.lndam ly
For Attorney Usncral,
W are requested in announce S. l Fittv as
akudtdate for Atloruev General of the Mutia Jmli.
U Circuit. Election May , 1;0.
aTar- Wa are aulhoriset to anuoaura Jambs K.
JTiiss, (., as a eaadKlale for th Rtce of Attorney
fAaeral wf be Ninth Judicial Orcait. comMed of
Vis eoanisea or ! tvilaN,unip.r and UUbausun
lection aext aay.
fV U la'
vRf O'MG
.... w , w a.
ilGllalA V.VT
Li . a - ' ' - - . ;
.1 (
rw ;
l Universal Hemmer,
- - -.
''-ICENIXG aay hem without prviofidrflEf,tVoi
' ' toe carrowast width t-ttae and a ball iocbea,
all kmitm fabric fr.m Cambric toll tck Br--ad
.ta.Ioweila or ruaaet. Like iba How U-tcbias
! Vy ar saparior to aaytbinf of the kind bcreAufuis
tro -acad.
' Vehiverajcsntly brotifbtotit from our Kt York
two laCirs ,wha will, whra at.af f twtafaas
ws.snaigivetborotisb taau actions upon tbe Meas
. chuMS. - i t
com: uuos, ak'is,-
arl-tf - - COtJ.EtiE STPFET.
ROCK city mills;
' - RETAIL PRICES. : -"Bell"
flour In bags $4 00, In half bars
CMd Hickory do. " IK. 1 0
Esgle 4.- - a 25:" "
Mixer Bras .perlOOlba. nedollar.
Corn Ileal, per barbel $1 00
Delivered to ill parti of tbe city. p21-1 j
The City Fbess. During s recent roysge
to tbe higher latitudes of Democratic incon-Lst-
ncy,tbea5anrTdi8Coreri-d s curious pai
sage." whicb. sb it baa a direct bearing upon
tbe Territory or Kamao, may not inappro
priately be calh-d tbe Norib-Wel Passage,
that aqua incognita K long fiought by adven
turous oavigntore, Lut never found until
now. Tbe passage refrrrtd to is one whicb
occur in a tpcecb of Rocta A. Pbyob, "the
vainest man in America," delivered recently
on tbe fl'jor of Coogresf. 'I proteet," fays
Mr. Pkyob, "againM tbe assumption that an
opinion on Territorial power shall be made
a teat of political fidelity. Tbe policy
of the Democratic party has been to tolerate
a difference of opinion in ibis matt, r of Terri
torial power." This tbe Banner regards as
a couveuii-nt doctrine ' "a carious pas-sng-:."
It certainly is a conveuitnt doctrine;
but we can discover nothing particularly
curiou about it. in getting np their doc
trines, tbe Democratic party always bate an
eye tingle to tbe convenience of tbe thing;
and when tbey fiud that a doctrine is becom
ing a little iucouveuient, ibey get clear ot it
an toon as possible. You will remember that
tbe Tennessee Democracy, not a thousand
years ago, thought tbey Lad a beautifully
Convenient thing in the doctrine of a metalic
currency, and tbey clung to it lik a wet
bvaD-1. af to a pealed pole until tbey woke
up one fine rooming and lound it far leu
Convenient than il bad been cracked up to
be, when tbey dropped it as ihe boy at tbe
blackcmtih-Hbop dropped tbe hot bnnsc-t-hoe
without waiting to be told. If it were not
fur thi convenient doctrine enunciated hy
' Mr. Pkyor. tbe Democratic party would fl.id
thie question of Territorial power alwut at
avtkward a piece of docirinai property a
tbey could potuiOIy poeaers. Without it
Sen a tor Doi'OLAd iu the Charleston Conven
tion would be but as a Email dog in high
h- nip. Such aiM would be tbe cae with
numbers of other prominent members o! tbe
p.trty, to whom bope wbiepers of a chance at
Cbailefton. No; this pas-age iu Mr. Pktor's
speech is not curious. That gentleman knows
that if an opinion on Territorial power is
made a tctt of political fidelity, every candi
date before tbe Charleston Convention will
find there the representatives of a section to
rise up and question bis political fidelity,
aud thus seriously dicturb tbe haimony' of
tbe conclave. lie desires therefore to see
this apple ot discord left at home. During
tbe ravages of the Maine Liquor-L iw among
tbe topers, Patrick O'Rakkkktt was ar
raigned for indulging in the contraband
beverage. LI is mother was a witness.
"Patukick will ickuowlij, yer honor, that be
dbruuk a few dhrop av tbe cratber, but as
yer'riverence don't agree wid us about the
harrutu of av tbe d brink, we'd bettber be
aftber laving that pint out av tbe tethimony
cntrily, and let Patukick' cbaractber for
a fober, bard-w-orkiug lad help bis ould
mother to plad? his cause for bim "
Tbe Union, without intending anything of
the sort, is lending its aid to the defeat of
tbe Democratic parly. It couldn't posmbly
be engaged in a better cause, uuless it were
to turn out to preaching; but as it is uncon
scious of tbe direction of its effort, it will
decei ve no credit for the good it may chance
to aecompli.-h. It declares, in substance,
that Mr. Bates' only chance to defeat the De
mocratic nominee ia to secure tbe entire
Llack Republican vote; and then it proceeds
to help Mr. Bates to get that vote by pro
ducing evidence to show bis thorough identi
fication with the Republican party. Can il
be that tbe L'niun secretly desires ihe down
fall of th Democratic parly? We fear we
can never give it credit lor that sort of polit
ical virtue tbe greatest of all political vir
tnec, as the Democratic party is tbe embodi
ment of the greatest of all political iniqui-ii-.
Free homes for free men" Li the subject
of tbe principal article in tbe iVeic. which
has reference to tbe homestead bill that Mr.
Grow La.- introduced in tbe House of Re pre
sent alive. A sjieecb was made by Mr. Grow
on tbe occasion, in whicb be fall to Growl-
ling at ibo frtquent defeats such bills bave
met with in Congress within tbe last seveu
yer. The local of the aVrtrs. who openly
prof- Ne to be neither a ChesTEkfiklo nor a
Cocxt" D'Oksay, (but declines to deny that
be is either a Kritii'b Beac Ckcmmkl or an
American Arbiter EtUganturiun ) writes a se
vere article on '-Public .Manners' or the bene
fit of tbe youth of Nashville. lie tken that
youth to task for their conduct on tbe streets,
and, more particularly, at tbe Theatre. Our
local contemporary baa doubtless heard of
tbe folly of singing psalms to a dead berse.
but if ht? is disponed to question the efficacy
of that sort .f musical entertainment to re-
caij the deceased animal to life, it is strange
, , , . , . . . ...
mat lie eii'ruiu iuiuk w atjcoupiisu any got HI
by lecturing untiammeled Young America
ou Public Manners." Parental authority,
ex. rciscd iih christian constancy and sever
ity, is tbe surest antidote to youthful rowdy
ism at tbe theatre, and tbe newspapers may
an well lake tbe lockjaw and be dumb.
Under the cap. ion of "An Innocent Woman
fearfully Abused," the U2tU tells a touch.
ing story of a Mitt Tiek, at Keokuk, who was
taken from her bed by a band of Regulators,
carried through the snow half a mile, and
taten severely. In order to make ber con
fess tbatshe knew who set fire to a neighbor's
bouse, and then left to crawl home to ber
chiltlrtn, (tbe precious little Tier-drops,) as
bei she could. It afterward transpired that
Miss Tint was lonocent of all knowledge of
the h'Mise-burniug, the Gizeft means. About
ihe Uazttii article on "Wind and Gaiter
Boots." and ladies' ankles, Ac., we have notb
iug to say. Glance at the ladies' feet if you
will, and you know you will, but don't talk
about tberu.
FriE.vTiric Exhibitios. This evening Dr.
BoTSToa proposes to condense Into a single
lecture tbe experiments of an entire course
ol lectures up.o CbemUtry, Natural Pbilos-
pby and Eh-Ctro-Msgmtisai. If all tbe ex
periments are performed w bich are announced
in the sdtrrtisemcnt, it will be one of tbe
most amnsiog, exciting aud interesting ester-
taiumcnu ever given ia this city. Among
tbe experiment are those, with the Gyra-
scope a rod of iroo suspended in tbe air un
touched by snytbidg ; cause ol the magnetic
needle's pointing to the Norta explained ;
proofr that the earth Is a magnet ; magncta
charged aod discbargrd; a small caoqoo. will
be loaded with water and fired off with an
it icle ; a bonfire built witb Ice ; show how
tbe ships at Sbatipol were to be blows op
wilh an illustrated history of Electro-Mag-netism
; the whole to conclude with a beaa
t ful balloon asaensioa. Each cxperisaefit
will be fuily explained.
Bot ad Shoe. Messrs. Faaaab A Dt
MCKtui have received their large and choice
stock of boots, shoes, trnska, at&t and are bow
ready to supply their cu.Umcrs with every,
ihiag fa tbeir line of the very best quality,
nd ou tbe beat of tertna. Tbeir assortment
of boo la and shoes la oae of tbe moot exten
sits ia the citeotnpriaiag all tbe Uieatsiyles.
Their supply ot - Jsdkw' aud children' eauc
Is aUo Urge, and was selected wilh muek
laaie and card. . -
V' - tea
- Gevtlemaxlt CoyDCCT. A week ago to
day vre administered a mild rebuke to the
editor of the Franklin Reevao for biB unwar
rantable and very uncall-d-for' assault npon
ouT character as a gentleman, a scholar and
a Grand-son of Temperance. We have al
ways regarded him as a man of noble and gen
et ons impulses a man who would generally
do right when be fouuJ there was nothing to
be made by doing wrong and we are pleas
ed to find that tbe estimate we placed npon
bia character is not altogether incorrect. In
the last issue of his paper be acknowledges,
in a virtuous, manly spirit, that be treated
us in a ' most shameful manuer, and very
handsomely apologizes for bis rascally con
duct. We cheerfully accept bis apology
(though be ought to have sent us a new hat
or a box of cigars along with it) and forgive
bim the wrong be attempted to do us. .
When the Review came to us Saturday, and
we found that the editor bad begged our
pardon with tears of penitence and contrition
iu bin eyes, we at once resolved to do him a
good turn to give bim some good advice.
We are glad to learn that since we began to
notice bim, be has been encouraged to attempt
to make a man of himself, and haa Aut on
some clean clothes, aud now looks quite re
spectable. We hope he will persevere, and
prosper. If he will call on us wbeu Le comes
to Nashville, (entering by tbe back way after
dark, so as not to compromise our standing
iu society;-, we'll take him aod talk to him,
and tell him how to conduct himself in fu
ture, and will also give bim some oldclotbes
to t gin a new life in. Tbe tearful and noble
heurted manner iu wbicb be apologizes for
tbe great injustice be did us, has convinced
us that be has all ihe elements of respecta
bility in bis nature, and that if properly en
couraged, and soothed and sustained by an
unfaltering trust it. our friendship and pa
tronage, be will yet do comparatively well.
A Rica Stock, op Goods. There is no mer
chant iu tbe S-mlh-west wbo possesses a more
refill, d and delicate taste in the Selection of
fancy dry-gaods the thousand and one great
and smill articles that go to makeup a lady's
wardrobe than our friend L, F. Belch,
whose large and eb-ganily arranged retail
store ia one of tbe chief adornments of Col
lege street. lie understands thoroughly the
wants of bis fair patrons, whose name is le
gion, and never fails to bring out something
everything, in lact, that is attainable to
delight them. Mr. Bekch is a true artist in
biri line, and bas reduced the purchase and
exhibition ot tbe gay fabrics of his trade to
a science as beautiful as it is difficult to at
tain. !
Mr. Beech's new stock of goods for ladies'
and gentlemen's wear is one of th handsom
est aud most extensive he baa ever purchased,
and embraces a large variety of exceedingly
rich aud rare goods, which are dally attract
ing an array of beauty and taste to bis splen
did establishment.
The Tbeatre. As the dramatic season ia
rapidly drawing to a close, we should make
the most of the remnant left us. Mr. Booth
is to give us another week at the Gaiety,
which everybody wbo is wont to attend the
Tbeatre will be glad to hear.
This evening Mr. Booth plays tbe splendid
tragedy of JPicUih, in which be does some of
bis moat brilliant actiog-.
Tbe entertainment winds up wilh The Dumb
Bait, with Mrs. Ettib Hv.vdkrsox as the
leading character.
J&f" A fire broke out uear the Howard
Schojl building in South Nashville yester
day morning, but was speedily extinguished
While tbe engines were returning from the
fire, Mr. Sukfhkrd Hooo was run over by
the carriage of Reliauce Hose Company No.
3, near Broad Street, and was seriously in
jured. While on their way to "a fire in the
rear" of Dr. Wells' Drug Store Saturday
morning, tbe No. 3 Deiuge boys upset tbeir
splendid engine ou Front Street, making a
perfect wreck of the fore wheels. Mr. Wood
Bknson was struck on tbe breast by tbe
tongue, whicb be wasbolding and was seven -
Ij hurt by the blow. Mr. John M chain was
knocked down at tbe same time, but escaped
Ice Cream Saloon and Dinino Hall.
M ssrs. An-dkkws at Thomas bave taken tbe
room in the Collouade Building formerly
occupied by the Gas Company, and bavu fit-
led them up in elegant style for an Ice
Cream Saloon and Dining Hall. Their es
tablishment is one of tbe handsomest in the
city, and there tbe public will find all the
delicacies ot tbe season prepared in the best
mauuer. Make a note of it, and call in.
-J.hx K. Edmt.ndson, the newly elect
ed Sheriff of tbis county, baa appointed Ed
ward Wimtworth, A. Cbexl. and Wm. Rob
erttox his deputies, aud W. U. FtasroN,
pST" Dr. S. M. Jamison, who was danger
ously wonnded' in a rencounter with Vr.
Wood all last Friday, ia thought to be in a
fair way to recover.
Fink Bctter. Messrs, Roea, IIakdcastle
& Co. bave just received a splendid article
of fresh Rill Butter. We have tried it, and
can recommend it as a good article. House
keepers in want of good butter should give
them a call.
- BlvsrNewi.
March 10. Eastpoi t. New Orleans'
Ella. Paducah.
Edmonia, Paducah,
B. M. Ruuyan, St, Louis.
Ella, Paducah.
The river is in fine navigable condition for
all classes of steamboats.
Tbe MinnttonJu. fs tbe packet for Paducah
ner hour for leaving is noon.
For St. Locw. That floating palace, the
B Jf. Rtmytn, Miller Master, leaves for St.
Louis to-day at 12 o'clock. Our good look
ing and clever friend Bissicis bas charge ot
tbe office, assisted by Feed Welle.
For Nxw Ori-Eas. The new and substan
tial steamer Jdw TTeoda. arrived from New
Orleans yesterday with a lair trips She
leaves for tbe South t-mrrow evening at
5 o'clock. Capi. B-.td wilh this superb
steamer ia bound to give entire satisfaction,
and make money. Longwoktb the chief
clerk la very accommodating and poli'-e.
JouNSxira la the assistant clerk.
Decision or 1m portast Trial. About
two years ainoe tbe Belfast ran into tbe
Humboldt, near Vicksburg. ao.1 thd result
was the sinking of the. Utter. Tbe Ham
boldt's owuers iusiitutej suit for dam we s
against tbe Memnhis and New Orleans Pack
et Company, ana tb ca-w baa for some time
bt-eo pending in lb Lot tod butes District
Court at New Orlean, Yesterdiy. however.
iuu-iiincc was recriveu ia lam city i on me
uit had terminated in favor of tbe Packet
Company. JJetnfjJku Jtytu. 9Jt iasl
PrinciMs; Types,
As4 all aihev avtalan( aaaloratla, are kept baod
Is large qttaauik-s, and aotd at lbs Wwstl prices, foe
Bit saustiu' ot4ea or cah, st Brace's Turk
Type Vwaadry. Botaaa fo.il of to atoders sty las
are always oa Uae shelves, ra ly foe immedlsta tta-
tiara,ts f-aniataf fro a t4 i tu uou lis. ...
me ceatta wui pre a toe pana aw a paapaiat
of -Pnowd pajcimjaa . Faoi,'' aad other taeeU,
wnach Wul bwnaaaaaaa) sal pruaUuf vfffcvoa saaduaf
aaa t-uvr aaaravav.
A laahtatoer of a Hsasawf who c bo seas tat His
&u 1-.-4 a . . rli iiawul, aac.aaa'aa taas aaw. larva)
tunas b ro Ute aia4 y aaf aaiy.laad, ad IWware
4 otja of the ars calaiedit a, all M a Jo as I
a b Jt, at Iba baas of auaa.m a parcaaaw fraMS) ma at
say own aoaaatMrca, mt haw times lbs aaatraal
aa4lMU.'. , . .. Ad-arssa
aiiSOBtaE BAITS, i ;
j-.'iT3rfarwalr,UtABi!or sueet,.?- i
; ; . - J CaBrreBflanal, . ' , t
- WA8HIXOT05, March 9.
Senate. Met at 1 o'clock. Various reports
and petitions ' were presented.7 but owing to
tbe noise and confusion in the hall, scarcely
a word could be beard in tbe reporters gal
lery. Tbe private calender was taken np and tbe
bill for the widow of Gen. Perxtfer F. Smith
was passi-d after an amendment to include
the widows of Generals Macomb and Riley.
Tbaddeus Hyatt was brought in and re
plied in wiling to the questions propound) d
to bim. He denies tbe authority and juris
diction of the Harper's Ferry Investigating
Alter a portion bad been read a debate
sprung up as to tbe relerence of the whole to
tbe committee to report a synopsis of the
document, which" occupied several quires of
paper. . .
After farther debate the reading was or
dered by yeas and nays yeas .40, nays 12.
The reading lasted two hours in tbe pr.euce
of only ten Senators and galleries nearly de
serted. Mr. Mason offered a resolution that Mr.
Hyatt be committed to jail until willing to
appear before tbe committee and answer all
questions propounded. Some Senators inti
mated a desire to discuss iu and Mr. aianon
accordingly uttered a resolution remaudiug
bim to ibe custody or tbe serges nt-at-arms
tilt further orders trum the Senate, which
was adopted. -.
Senate then adjourned. '
JJuute. The Special Committee on the sub
ject of tbe Pacific Railroad was announced as
follows: Messrs. Curtis, of Iowa; Kellogg, or
Mich.; Rice, of Mass.; Fenton.of N. Y.; Stout,
of Oragon; Davis, of Iud.; Farnsworlh.of Ml.;
U.im 1-on, of Texas: Alt r ch, of Minn.;
French, of Me.: Scott, orCaL; Taylor, of La.:
Phelps, of Mo.; Blair, of Pa Smith, of Va.
Tbe Special Committee on Oovode 'a cor- j
ruption resolution was announced as fol
Messrs. Covode. Oliver, Winslow, Train, I
and Robinson, of III.
Mr. Gar ley, from tbe Committee on Print
ing, reported a joint resolution repealing a
part ot tbe act of Marco last, tbe adject be
ing, be said, to give the House tbe control f
its own printing. Ibis resolution would not
add to tbe expense, but give tbe Uuse pi in
ter one half tbe compensation.
Mr. Barksdale moved to lay the resolution
ou tbe table. Carried 98 against 65.
Adjourned until Monday.
Washington. March 9 Treasury receipts
last wek $2,706,000, including Treasury
notes. Drnf.s paid exceed $4,000,000, draft
ia-ued $3,758,000.
New Yoke, March 9-Wasbington dispatch
es Siiy that S. E. Boyiugion, cl rk of the
House Sta. ionery Room, obtaiued irom a con
fidential irieud nearly $200,000 in transfera
ble Post Office ceruncates, and raised 80 cts.
ou tbe dollar thereon in New York, aud de
camped. It is supposed be bas gone to Eu
rope. Tbe Goverument loses nothing by
bim. He bad not entered on the duties ot his
office. ' ' " "
Steamboat Iturnt.
Memphis, Match 10 Tbe steamerHickman
bouud from LiUieRock for Cincinnabi with
fifty passengers but no cargo, burned Moo
day afternoon 16 miles tx low Little Rock.
Two lives were lost. Tbe boat is a total
loss. Insured for $8000..
From Quebec.
Quebec, March 10- Parliament has voted
$8000 per voyage to the Canadian steamers,
and $10,000 per annum for s telegraph to
Belle Isle, exepcting thereby, to reduce the
time between Europe and America to six
days. The line will be completed next sum
mer. Passenger Arrived.
New York. March 10. Tbe passengers of
the sliip D- rtill Cliutou, wbicb stranded yes
terday, arrived bere to-day. ,
New Yore. Mareti 9 .-The sta-amerNiannra
t ike tbe place of lb America and sail, d on
the 25th. .
The America and City of Albany arrived
There bave been heavy gales on the coast
of England. -
The steamer Odione from Dublin for Lon
don, collided with the schooner Uerione on
the 19th. The steamei sunk in twenty
minutes, drowning from 40 to 50 persons.
Tnere. are r a mors of an address from
Emauuel, which are exciting the Sicilians to
Tbe armaments of Piedmont are accilera
ting. A report is current that a plot against
Napoleon baa been discovered. -
A Madrid Telegraphic dispatch states that
the garrison at Nellille made a soitic. Tbe
Spanish 18 was 333 killed, 146 wounded
aud 21- mia-ing. ,
Overland Zilatl.
M allot 's Station-, March 9 The Califor
nia Overland Mail of the 17th baa paaoed
Trade was dull. ....-. . .-
Dr. Chse was tried.but tbe jury disagreed.
"Resolutions akiog Congress to dissolve
the New Alraadeu mine injunction passed
the Assembly.
Silver nines have been discovered in Wes
tern Utah and Cinnabar ou tbe border of tbe
Geizer Mountain and other localities, ther
by adding to tbe Carson Valley excitement
and threatening to drew the mioers in laige
numbers Irom CalifiTuia.
Tbe Washington Legislature appointed
d legate to ibe Convention at Vancouver, to
consider the necessity ol a Northern Pacific
Columbia .There is' great indignation
agaiu-i G- v. Douglas on account of the flie
dollar tax on each mule load of provisions
sent up Frazers river.
. ; f Arrived.
New Orleans, March 9 The steamer Pic
ayune has arrived at tbe Balize witb Uoudu-
i annates or the 17 in. ...
. Seymour. ex-Superintendent, baa departed
for England. .
Berkeley. ex-Secretary, is appointed Lieut.
Governor of ll-aninique.
Tbe bat que Wm. O. Alden. from Belize for
New York, was lost on tbe 1 ucatan shore on
tba first of February. The Indian burned
the vessel and cargo. Tbe crew has arrived
at tbe Belize.
From Havana.
New Yore, March 9 The steamer Quaker
City, with Havana dates of tbe 5th has ar
rived. Business was inactive. Sugar dull.
Exchange depressed. Health good. TbeUa
baueae were rejoicing at tbeSpauiah victories
over tbe Moors.
markets. .
New Orleans, March 9 Cotton quiet
Sales to-day 8,000 bales; Middling lOJallc;
Sales ot tbe week 68,500 bales; Receipts of
tbe week 56,500 bales, against 36.000 bales
during Ihe corresponding lime last ear; Ex
ports of tbe week 96.000 bales: Total export
of tbe season 1,417,250 bales; Receipt al tbis
port ahead of last year 334.000 bales; At alt
Southern pa rts C82.000 Itales; Stock at New
Orleans 526,500 bales; Mt I tasca dull at 34a
35; Coffee firm at 12113; Sales of the week
5000 bags; slock at New Orleans 39.500 baga
against 10,500 bag at the same time last
year; Freight on cotton to Liverpool ; Ster
ling exchauge 8a8f ; New York sight par t
Daily Patriot Opuce, I
Xasutuxx, March 12, 160. (
COTTON. Salea light Saturday at 610o
per B.
TOBACCO. -Tbe sales ol Tobacco amount
ed to 28 hogsheads, at $2 15, 2 30, 2 40,
2 60, 2 60, 2 75, 2 0, 1 95,2 15, 2 3d. 2 30,
2 35. 2 60, 5 05, 5 4 j. 5 60, & 75, S 75,
5 25.4 45,6 10, 6 25. 6 507 69. t ,
- FLOUR-Demand aciive. Extra'$7 00(
7 5U bbL; Supt rflne $6 50; Eiua
Famili Flour in bags, $3 50; euperSLie $3.
per 98 These are wbolesala prices; tbe
retail figures advance 25c i a ffJa, aud 5oc
WUE VT Prime Red and White, la d
maad at $1 10(1 25.
BACON Uaoi 91c; Should. 71c; Clear
Side 10 ajloU Mt
LARD Wequor at9j3I0cHB. Tbe
demand coaiinuv brisk.
Ysksers Hales at .Trlw's Landing.
Ttuca's Lanih-no, March 11.1 ico.
Sales of Hi bhdA Tobacco, as follows;
$5 45, 4 00. 4 SO. 4 75. 2. 55. 2 75. 2 25.
a Oa. 3 15. S 5u. 3 85. 3 tU fi TA 3.1 4
70, i 55, 6 05. 7 00. 7 40, 7 45," 7 35,
7 65. 7- tO, Q 9X 8 K5. CO, 9 SJ, 3 at 3 Id.
2 at 3 2d, 3 at 3 35, 2 at 5 35. 2 at ft 50. 3
at 60, 2 at 7 70, 2 at 7 55, 2 al 7 75, S at
g 00. 2 at 7 9 J, 6 ai 7 95. 2 at 8 69. 2 at
S 35. 15 at 8 40. 2 at 8 90, 3 al S 73, 4 at
8 80. ' '' , -
Tobacco aaiea every TTratapiIay. ..
: . - i mi TT respeetfu iiv. - i
- Ouai, li Mis 4 Co. i
Cliaiicery- Sale.
Thos. J. Foster and K. S. Cbeatham vs. Hush T .Scott
and others. '
ptTBSUANT to a dec-ee of tba Chancery Coort a
A Masnviue, at November Term 185, ia the aoora
named case, I will proe ed la sell at public aato st tbe
Court House. In Ibis city, on
Saturday the 21st of March, 1S60,
That beaoll' al residence on tbe east side 01 tbe Buena
I'istA Turnpike roat; near tba city, now occupied by
Dr. Scott, tojret er with tbe f rounds attached, divid
ing tbe same I .to laws, and continuing tbe safe awl
enough ehall have been auid to pay an sstisfy Hie
decree in said case. These rroonds wUlbaMjbAivia
ed before mj of sale, and pats of tbe same may ie
found at my office for examioattoii and distrib-jiwa,
and purchasers or those otherwise interested are ia
vile ' to Call.
Tkbbs Credits of 6,13 and 18 mouths, notes to be
executed with sati-factory personal security, ben to
be retsined and sale tree from equity of redemption.
marl-td . J. K. G LEAVES, CAM.
Sale of Michael McAally'a
,v ? Property.
PFR5TTKT to a decree of the Chancery Conrt a
Nashville, al November Term, 1-69 in tbe case
of Hiram Vaughn, Adm'r. of M. McNally, deceuaeat
va. Eliaa McNally , widow, Ac., and tha cre-otors. '
will sell at public sale, at tbe Court bouse in tbis1
city, on
Saturday the 3ht or March, 1860, '
The f-lliwiDg parcels of property, to-wi: A Hoeaw
and Lot on West side of Cherry St.. Sooth of Broad,
lot fronts 30 leet and ru..s b-ck in rear ISO feet Las
in rear or what is known as tbe Peek Lot. of 55 X leet
by 40 aud lj u.g next to alley uot of 60 Twt by 150,
in Hmy FacViry property and beiug Lot No 29 ana
part or Li.t Va. 28 in said plan.
Trias Credit of 6 and 12 months, notes to be ex
ecuted witb saiisfac.ory p rsonal security, lien to be
retained, and sale free from redemption.
mitrl-td J. G. tiLKAVKS, C. ft C.
Sale of SlaTes.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Chancery Court, at
Nashville, in th- cases of Hoosou vs. Pitts
Walton vs. Pius ni merman vs. PiU,I will seU at
tbe Court bouse u bis city, oa
alardar, the 7th of April, I860,
C-rtain Slaves of tus defendant, K E. Pitts, to wit :
Louisa, Aitsey, Lucy Ann, Maria, Marina and Ellen.
T tails 6 aud 12 mouths credit, pun-.taseis to
execute Lotos a-itb good personal security before de
rireryoi property. J. E uLEATUi,
tnar7-td . CAM.'
Buildiug L.ot-Vine Street.
UHSUAVT to a decree of t'ie ;bancery Court, at
-A. Nashville, in tbe case of BeDj. W. Evans vs.
reby E. Evaus and others, 1 will uOur at public
at ihe da't h use, I tbiaoitv.ua
Satcr.iaf, April the 7th, 1S60,
Tbjtt parcel of ground lyiu.- on the west slue of Tine
street , prt f ibe Judge Whtie property a.d toe
Lot tseigoed to ibe Eva's beirs,ironi4a feet;ueptb
161 i, alley on N orlb side as well as ia rear.
This is a valuabl. building tot in an excellent por
tkn of tho t ity , and on toe better side of the street
for a rerideuce. . - r
TiKSt , VI 18 and 24 montbe credit, with inter
est so m1 sccura required and 1 en retained.
uiar7-d.I , I. E. GLtAVLo, C. A M.
Anderson and I ucy Evans vs. Joseph S. Evans
PUKSUANT to a decree of the Ch incery Court at
a8bville in above case, I will sell at the Court
House le Uiis city, on
oataruaj, April the 7th, I860,
Tbe tract of laud ou nun L Audesou aud Lucy Evans
reside, lying iu District No. 4, and containing about
"6 acres.
Tkkms: ix and twelve months credit; good per
sonal security required, and la retained.
marcb7-td Chancery Court at Nathvilie.
Henry K.Peck vs Wm. Tanner.
PCR UANT to a decree of tbe Chaucery Court at
Kasbville in above uarued case, I will otf-r at
oubln xale at the Court House in this eity on
Saturday, April the 7ih, lSoU,
All tbe right, title uuu iuteresl which Wui. Tanner
bad on tbe 2 1 si March, 1H56, or wbu-b he mav uave
sluce that time acquired ia ibe SC. ax ami A op
Orleant lelegrapK Line. 5-le to iuclu -e al. prime
get, franckite ..nd &Mturet altacued to said liiie.
Sale to pay decree in tavor of complaioaal lor $ H)8,
besides interest aud costs suit.
J. E. GLLAVEts, C. A M.,
marcb7-td Cbaucery i'-,uri at asuville.
lO SHares Bridge Stock aud
.Lot in Hays' Plau.
PUi.VCANT to a decreed tbe Chancery Court at
Nasbville.ln tbe causes of Naxbvillo Marine nd
Kire Insuriui: ComjMuy V4. Teun. and A;u t. H.
Co., aud of Jaci b Mo iavi-ck vs. Geo. W. Lmroln, I
will s:ll at public sale at Ibe Court House ia t.us cny
Satnrday, AprU the 7th, I860,
ten shares Wiie Suspeu.-ion Bridge sIock, on four
niuulbs' credit, an. i lot No. 8, in plan of Hay Fmaory
i.ols, (43 feet front and a ceruor bit,) ou 6, 12, and
18 mouibsuredit, witb interest. Good personal sou
rity required, aud lien reumed.
inarcb7-td ' Chancery Court at Nashville.
V or MarcVi IStiO.
'. Wilmington, DtUtwart.
The Managerscall tbeiuntion of ibepublic-tatbe
following splendid Scheme to be drawn during the
present month .
lavttiacenl Scheme
Urand Consolidated Loiter
Of UlsLA U AUb,
r bt drawn in tViluiinglon , Del., Saturday.
March 20, lsao.
1 fsiinf ao,uoiis... $70,000
l " au,uou do.ooo
J t "11".. 12)50 ....... ai.aoo
X b.ooo i KM
8 2.&O0. ; 20 OO0
- - 5 2,000 1a,5oO
IU . . i ... -M..m. lO.OHO
267 1,000 -J67,000
' ' JOO 13.0O0
4 , 160 9,740
- 6i ' . luO. ....... bjmv
65 ' 70.... ...... 4,ai0
4 810 40 li.4io
27.040 M si) &40,SW
.1-2300 jrises araountiuct o I,20'2,OVO
Ticaett i0 ,Halv.s10,guarter 5 , Elgbtbsa 0
Avert! iicaltof Packageoi26 Wbolesosta. .f JftflOO
do. oa. '26 Halves 14 60
do. o. 2Juarters ... 74 74
do. do. '26 Eigbinsr , 7 7
rand Consolidated Lottery of Delaware
- JmXtra Clatt 15. '
fo bs drawn in Wtlmingtoa, Delaware, WedBssttay
' Feb. '20, 1860.
Kvary other Ticket a Priaa.
Prizes payable in full trithont dednetion
in' ktttLotltTitttvtry Prizti drawn
Iprtsaof So,ooc
2 " 12,400
t ' &,lKK)
a 4,000
S 4 ' . 3,40
1 ' 8,000
M 1,14X)
10 400
100 "
m. ltd
And 24 Approximations prises raagiagfrom $20
ap to $aoo. -
25,366 irisea amoaatiag t .6140,000
aVbol.ricket$10,iialvek46 .vtuatter,$Z4
Persons wbo desirtseeaonly rotuiuh. risk oa a
tckags orwbicb w.wilat.ad a vertiucaUaaTol
lows : '
jerUHaateotVarkagcof 16 W'bol.s costs. .....$
do. do. 16 Halves, .... 48
do. ; do 16 Quarters, ...... i4
do. da. 16 Eighths. " It
frizes Paid Immediately altar tha
a-ST II rd.rSAdarcSSet tor autSC8,BaiABBBJIVf A
a. ,4Tilaiugtoa J,el.,willmeeiaitb prompt atlca
la,aaatbepriateaonicialdrawtngsea tasaooaaa
Persons living at a disianca should ba Sxlremaly
Cauliuua or whom tbey order Lottery Tickets ar L.r
ti'Jeales of Pacaagira of Tick tta. The country is
Booded with hocus aad swindtiug Lotteries. Every
luJucaSMXil M held oat to get persons to iavast bm
ary ia thaim AjapUal Prises el froes $20Klea $40,.
ooo bead th.ir scu.ines aitb TaLsts at UCM Dollar.
$ 100,000 Capital rTixea are o8ar.d. Tick eta $6 All
sikh, la every I stance, are fraaais; aad tf asottsy
t scat to toein ror tjca.au,it is 4 machiiorawa sway,
withoatthw attadaw of a eataaceaf (eutof a crtaa.
beware af ail Lotlortea w bsra the Capital Pra M
atoauaily large la eoatparaaoa to tba price Of Tick
et. Ia every laataaea waters large prists are atlar.
ea for a assail aos af rickets, pat H do a for a ear.
taiarraad. EKA.SCE, BEuAD8LNT A CO.. .
awa . . Ma aa era.
New Spring Goods,
- FOR 1SGO. '
Allison .Anderson & Co
ta;iilewsil Dealers 1st'
Foreign and Domestic Drj Goods
- as a - -
Readjrmade Clothing,
Met. 41 Sall fcsaarw
W " raal af ear fepttag kiaWs, aad
1 V o.iraj I Vila- thai aWStttaa mi imr If MtaM.S
aa4 tba lre geacraiiy k aa xaw:aauoa cr Mr
Itaa I Urga, kAaaaoabs aad aeaect abacs artscA as
i,r Alt atTbaka. . ik- a aas
T7Ast Ltui ike tr rAHitix. tn.
, a- )recve$ , juus j-Ualt," tu.
f,i. A .-... . . 5 : ' '
A Choice Assortment of
V.&LISES, &c., &c.,'&c.,
... - : - - 1 h ' '
T O T 11 E T tt A.D E
CALL AT . i'
No. 21 Public Square,
... - . f ,
JUG Cherry fct., 2G Cherry st.,
r - '
BEG to call tbe attention of tbetr friends and of
the public to tbe tact ttaat tbey bave for sale
I -1 .
r t "i ' " -
Wines cnequallcd ia fiaentsi and purity;
A Larger Yarity than can be found any
where" else; .. m .
A Variety of fine Wines that caff be fjund
nowhere el.e, at prices that defy compe
tition. '
As we deal only la Wines we are DETER
MINED to undersell all others ia tbe trade.
Parties desiring to purchase will consult tbeir
interest by giving us a call aud COMPARE
our Wines and Prices before purchasing else
where. Errry article Importtd and sold by 11s war
' " granted genuine.
N. B For list of Wines call and get a
circular, sent free by mail.
i . . . E. LAMBERT at CO.,
Ofi&ce and Sample Room, No. 26,Ciierry st.
Up stairs, tbree doors above Union.
feb2i-tf - ' '
Nashville and Chattanooga RR
Change of Schedule
" av i t-n a v.-1
Sunday next, Feb. 2G, 18GU,
Doable Iiaily Passenger Trains, East and West,
will rau as lollows:
Leave Nashville at 4:40, A. M. and 3, V. M.
Arrive alChatt.iiooka 2 r. m ,and$ a. a.
Lcavee ChattauuKa at 8 a. M. and t r. M.
Arrive at Nashville at 0:10 r. a. aud S a. M.
ALL rail connection, aad shortest route to Bostoa,
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Mashing,
ten City, Richmond. Petersburg, Lyuchbnrg, Knox
vitlc,SavAnoh. Char lesion, Montgomery, Mumpbai,
iew Orteaus, Ac.
Bah Trains (iunnct at Ptevepaon with Traina oa
Meustdiis aud CbarW.sl-0 Railroad, and at Cbatuto
ga lib rraiasou East Teunessoaj aud Ueorgui aud
Wsslrro and AtUuiic Railroads. , . v
Through Tickets may ba bad at any hour an appli
cation to Ticket Agent, at office at tiepot, to tbe fol
lowsug plains, and at tbelutlowiug prates, vlx:
Nash v ill. to New York, via CharlaUa. . C. $J0 00
a 'Lynchburg, Va.- ad )
a Philadelphia,'4 . . tW
baltiniore, " " 0
- WasluiigtoB, " M - " - Ss o
, biclimond, " " ; .'200
Petersburg, " " . . 14 00
-. " Lyitruburg, r "
- baiem, - r- - - - mi bo
at n,g luiuiel, V0 76
Cbristiausburg f VirgialaSpringi, ia 76
aa 1 " hhawsvllle, I . , t i SO 76
'-Knoxvtlle, w
Cbarlestoa, , . , -St 00
' Savannah, " il 00
; . Mauon, . : . . 1
" Augusta, r -J
-c Atlanta, illtaj
a. - Wt'OiRoraery, 1 0o
, Hautartile, . , 1 00
a Grand J miction, ; 11 Oo
" Menpba, 1 00
Its w Urh aas, via Memphis, 0
aa a a " fcraod JuncOOB, WW
aa McMinnviUe, , 30
febtT-tf. : . - E, W. CULE, Saperm Undent. -
Crersreena! Kvergreenat
fr5T receivtMl a small lot of EvergrMBS. among
whicb may be f uud choice sav.pMa of tee EA
THCJA lX:CllfM ALL Tbawa have beea caraafully
ia ap aad the rotas laaraod by a pr Uoa gar a.
eaer. Tbey ara ia prime condition aad for saK low.
Kariy Corn, larly I'eas and
lieana, llarly Cabbage and
Jl'T received, a fall supfdy of cbolre Tegeubl.
feeds Cross BiHM'a Caoaoaa aarseHea, enl tee
swats a paper, or arty coats a deasa.
44- If ym want extra early or extra large Cora
tar t egetabtrs, of aay klud or deserii.oaw , to a v
ewats yea ea eAtata a sapidy of aay awe kiaa euaV
v let. I (or the as. of a snta;! Uauly .
. AlstK rLMlit feEEDs.agraaat variety, :
ltx-if MACAaJallK M M1NCHIX.
Cbeap llougli!i.
IXZEL A-DE-VGLKPLOCOn?, various slsoa, for
I -a c-ae or aaur horses, fur aaie at aaaufacaerera
pt-aese. - - - - '
&PADES AND SJIOYIXS, Aaes',aad aU etbsr trst
ajoahly maealac lores.
KaaLa AND UorS, alt s:xs aad paUeros.
UaralaaiLC 1 KpieowtiU of at ery leacrt)tioa ,
MACAE.MJE a MiNCaiS, -tet-SX-tf
94 It coijege street.
Am sgwl n waawrd ta every Iowa aad esaa
l ia tbe laaaal Hatra, ta sacage ta a reepeevabie
aad easy bestoeea by which ta. above prvaia at'
be eerttiaty reaiaMd. fur Inn oar pa riK soars ad
dresa tie. J. Haaav ASXas. coraer lata atreart aad
veeadwaj. New York City, eactoaipg a ratatago
Sta asp ..- UOal-eaw.at
TVTAVUrACTTRia e laea raaaa je-I..,
Ill .KAU,X4L ARK.-eBd PAEtXiH f" ""
OHlSO l-USd U4.rM, SUdasiU jf tfTl
atl tW aisrvauieat8 aoaataaive bs J af
aunmaway of t-'aosf b aad durability. tVialD
MKDAL awarded at the I ta New Vr,lkal,
4aa4 "e,eed a e. Leeut. Is4. lie'l-ra, Wwaat
aad PaaaMase a in sa ve aseaey by ealaag before p-ir
caaatBg. Ad iaraa.wts gaaraatad for lrr a ear a.
arvrtaa. A3 Mdia- ME sr.. (a taw a era a'Mt (
taroawtwayj N.w Xawa. fee;i
Mill King; ef Trotter.
rt tlfVS aaa-iat Morses (-t:tift, ak4 as!jr ! gne
X taat has trotted a tba Vaaavitie far t.rovaxts
SB (esstbaa t uutateaawd W -! J. 1 ! &Ai fc-s
iatkaes I -f 1. U! aarrA tat ta i-lf tl -..al mf
autHe.ls mtJmm freaa Ka avUfc. aa. 1 t t.fr -oa La-t.fgna-,
at TJi7t tVE UkAtXAtt - a-saat,
ua Ua rrivOea;af raAriag aauw aaa aey
W-awf aa twsj Ut aJU ssaan m. Lea, sweaM
PsbJi-la! XAera..Tea.
srp taocatas,
f . -T r-. BTSD DOrGtAS.
' : . Deaiars at Wholesale ia '." " -
Foreign and Domestic V :
f lo-liiing, Carpi ts," Doot, Shoes,
Hats, B luntt?, Imbrrllas, Ac.,4
t ". j i a . '3 ' I -. - - - -
No. 63 Public Square and No. 69 North M.irtct st.,
lNasliTilie, '1 ennessee. ; -
WE Invite tbe atleotina of Men hani to an x
leuai ve ai d brilliant SiOek Of Goods now Ofieaed
aod arraiiit?d for the xiruig Trade -J
We solicit the patronajre of Dealers, feeling assured
that we were never b-Uer prepared to serve tbsar
iul.-r st. as reirards magailade of st-ck, beauty of
styieand lib rainy 01 terms. We ackuoa ledge no
Btiperior ability in any cay ot Uie ITuiou. '
mtrl-2m rxa'GltS Jt CO..
tr.1V "Ii V3 V A Ia. .
y ...
Fite, Shepherd & Co.,
- Successors to
Ia. . & T1. II. HTR,-;
HAVE removed to No. S,IIIcks' Baild a. North
aide PubUc Square, ana have received tbeir
And ClotUing, . . r
To whieh they Invite the attention of Merchants bay
ing ia this market. tuari-iy
Foreign and Domestic
a , '
Varieties and Clothing
tloot,S)lioe, Hats, Bonnets, ic.
ta.l Natbvtllelun Black..
N ASH V 1 lalala . I la . i liSSKK.
ABE now in receipt of their SPKI.VO STOCK, to
hicU they iavita the aUennoa of lbs tiade.
leh7-oly - ,
I860. 1860. 1860.
Spring Imp ortationsl
; t s T
, Importers and Wbolesale Dealers in
Foreign ainV Bomcsllc
. - ' ' 1
-- -
nets & Straw Goods,-
No.' 2 Inn Block.,
Xasuvlllc, 'rennesscc.
1 ... ,
WE sr. oow in recelra of oar very large stock of
(& (3D (0 ID ,
TChich comprlKea all the new styles of importations,
wHU much care iu tbeir selection, sad wa are deter
mined to oiler our customers and the trad st-uer-aliy,
our giHiils nt price liotl a 111 oualleoge cotupe
ti(Hn witb auy mark. I in the Lulled btalea. We iu
vile tbe trade to give our aiock acluee aad early ax
. (JAS.DNER &, CO.
.Jm f -.----
...... ; - - - - ' !
: a '. " I '' ' ', it- -
ARE now 'receiving aad opening an nuusally ds
siraOle tStock ol
ranbracing a great variety or New Artie lias, Pfyles,
c, a-tta b tb.y are iwiared to oC.r to the Kaiail
1rawe,on tortns IQ u cannot be otherwise lAAaaaAi.
laclory to purchasers.
P. A.-m a iU tt purchase a large quantity of
WOOL, ror Khtea tbe bigbaast tnark.t prK. in Baau
will oe paid. .... tsbSS-riwa lm
. . . Xorib west eernar Public Square, -
B)S) Espacual cUrgatus for Cash
pruuapt aaper. . -
r for abort ttsse
Jast Rcceircds
rJttompson.'&..C6;. :
BDG laatvs to call ibe auenuoa af their rtieeeA aad
ciuaunan u tle Baast assoruseut ef , t ;
' v White Goods- .
a .
ever brt(bt to thai tuarket. CvBaisting ef -
UXtX SHEEnSUB, . .... ; - f '
; " LI SEX DEJf ASK, .... !
UXI3T roWELS, .... v
, . . - ' USES WAPKIVS,
' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' UXEX DoYUES.
Aad, la fact, every talng eoniiog eadsr tbe brad at
Tbey bave also Jest received aa sieataiveesaufV
Basel of . , , - .-: - .
Carpets &u& Carpet Rcs. ,
rb ' . : : .
R. C. McNAIRY -8b CO,
arc icanxo by imx tslux
iHanyt IrcT Goods!
t " " - X eBBBasaaaamBBBSBaSI
Ca:iaa4aotAttdaaiayar - , r
Thread Laee Cutasara; -Ttoead
Lace 9aib; .-'-.," --..-:
CaaVared Gaifaare raits; 5
Colored aad 6Ja Bereg Fetls; .
tresAi aod PB Laa IWthae,
ErataaliS aad Ptas&t Lace Caparf; "--.
, laii ease aasbrars Jassapu;
Aad every atearipooa m Lad' Uarsaaau ta Jae
aeaa aad Iaaa. (SeauWiaity easeraM tar eat
taaar aABViaiJii UfCXl EM ta waawt e aaury r efxach
taaiaars aa we are esjaMta te get etearaf
.ui ettKSHS tMt tridsiaa few day
w.ta -r miMA ryrt cata.g..
: Ao-lf ' . CM"AIRT A CO. '
Uu;a fur ticnt. ;
f-'isrn'iTiR? p skirt riiiivu. f
r . ! . . m. 1 rmm m t . aMa-a t a . a
:!, t r. pa r, ait tati ma ta It-1 b s-. w j
I ep e,Ul?4s Wii .rt-. P- .
Sta f.Tr-a tm tatariat. if. P.. avl late f
are tu ftamu -apfwy- at 164', e ta l-'iiX rf.
f'l?tv-,.atiatjB-a vl rfcaittfl. aa4 r
a.r ts. ixXib-ii
- . . -.: .asA2e -it::-!.
"fcli tote plR
An aperient and stoinachio prrparatioa af
parisd of Oij-gra and Carbon by com.
bastion ia Hydrogen, of fcigi medical autaor
iiy and extraordiaary effieasy in eatb of tba
f ollonring complaint, viz. :
iJisiLrrr. kesvdus Anxcno53, xxa-
THE cKIK. etc. - -
TL3 TR0K beinsr absorbed by tV.e fclooi. aad
tbns circulating througli tbe wbal y.tia, no
part of tbo body can escapo tbeir truly wonder
frl inJuenc. t.
To experienca of Uicusands daily proves tliat
no prration of Iron can for a moment be
cO-UpATod witb it. IinpuritiM of tha tlool. ds
pressiOTT of vitAl energy, pa'.s and btberwiss
sickly compl :xions xni.catJ its necessity in al
most every conceivable case. In all cases af
female- debility iSoor aibu. rhl jreiis. etcX its
effsctt ara delibtiully renovating. K ramedy
bai ever been discovered, in the erbole history
of medicine, vbiab exerts s-udi prompt, bappy,
and fully restorative effect. Good apptti te, eem
plete digestion, rapd scquisitfon of streagth.
vitb au tuiusual divpontion for active and
cbeerfal exercise, laii&ediateiy follow its asa.
As a grand atomacbio and rtnral restorative
it bai no superior and no tabstircte.
Put up In neat flat metal boxes roaatatnlafr
SO Jil". Is, jirlee 5t ceatts ler box t six tsnxas.
1 50 ; one ootra Imira. CO. KW awl. tow
DrttaXt'ts ajenei-ally. "Will e sent free ts
sny sdilrrst on rertiut of the prlre. All let.
ters, ortia-ra, etc-, alKaouti le atlalitssi il to
5 General Agronts.
3:iH URIMDWIT, lb V.
ir.TL Trie above la a tae-alaalle of taf
labcl oi each taox. m
.tlltS. Wl.NSLOW,
N experienced Nurseind Kemalei'tiysiciaa, pro
27A Seul l-- tbe tttoDliocol mothers .her
lorCUildrrn Trrlhlnc
wbiebgreatly faciiltiaes the proccsfof teeihlB(,b
aorteuiug the gums aud reducii g all iuflaraalha;w
allay ALL PAIN' aud ipaam-dic iction,and is
Depend upou it. motiirrs it will give restteyea.
Price 26 cfuts per ttoTXLK .-it:
WehavepulupAud sold
years, aud can Bar, is
it, wual we bave Des.r
auy oilier me licine NLV
thi.articUfor evertea
WM.M laVTt JK of
' he.ti able ta. say ef
El FIAT A t I KE, a be
Uuieiy ui-di .Never ou: e know an (astasia
of lissalixiaclior- by any. one wbo used it, obi
tbe. contrary, all are iiv I iKulru with if s opera
lloua.al d Apeak in lulluat of billert cuaiiu.enda
liou olits luAacicalelli-rlr and uu-dlral virtuea
We speak iu llur mallei j '-aaav s no tjtuv,'
after t-'u year's ci.-ri euoe. a.a nui eta
asecTAiio-N roR tax riuit sui u; viui vtani
tM-LAHS.-- In almost every Instance where the 11..
I an l it itfi-riog from pan. and exhanclios , rl:a
will be 'ouutt lu flfleeu urj tweuty tniuutct after
the . syrup Is aduunisJ lorcii.
t his v aluable prepai a nu ts the oreaCripttot
of oue t.rihe Mi-T I'JL m I'r.UltM'Kliand &K1L.
KILXIX.-LMO Nr h.f fa Unl, and has bees
used -with NKIERKAU-S iN'larccwaf ia
i TllOCSAXl'S- vy CAr.. ,
N'ol ril revci-ll.cLli I'rulu l-aili, but invig
.irales the stoiuacb and''' In. a els, lurmu acmi
ity ,aml ivnoue ana en - eigy to tbe a buie sj a
tela. 11 will almoM In siiuilv mlieve
., t KlrlXO IX TH E -t mjWUJS.AXD
V1SI' cLic ;
and.ivercomrconrulf n.i.t.a wlneb if not speed!'
retoedied, end lu Ueulb We Sfelu-x c it the boat
aud st'KKST BKair iituiw w.mid.Iu all ra.es
whether it arifes fioin X tea-tiuug. or rrom any
other causa. Wa would say to every mnthet
whobasa child suUrrni (. f r.nn al. y i I the f i.rera
ing &i..ii..'aiuta I-ti Xi'l LEI' Ylil'Jt , PKEJl II.
stand bt-taeeu your uulU r child and tbe relief
tbal will be sure , AftSolXTELV sl'RE
to follow br uts o tLl uediciue. If. timely
uset. aQ
Kullliret lloc (for oslr iSl will icoompany each
ontile. Nuue eeiinn.e ti." loss the f ac-sitaHe ot
CVaVtlSAy r'EHiilXfc,Nea York, is en tb. oat
side wrapper,
ritl by irui;i;u.tthronf b out tho world.
Prtn-itai oiuce No. It, Colar st. Xew York
jaue7uAWly Price 2 eenu per Wottla .
OoriiHS, Colim lioaaanvaasj t.
HrxrMA. Iskitatvis, Nataui at
any aOV-cuon t the Throat CL'KED,
he Hacxivu Ctn ou iv Covsrar-atoa,
iiao.vo 1TUI, Mnuorl aO ( H'(.B, Aara
wa,- CAKtanSB, K K I.Il'Vtli by
p.l.iWN'S HtlVi HlAL TKtiCHES,
irCorun l,aikMiK ,
A timfU and tlgurUcotmitmniumfmrCirau.,kt.'
lr. ti. F. rtuiKLOw, Hostun.
" rscoatstauttf tktir um ( l'i sue M-it.va.iuj,"
Rev. K. H. taaeiv. e lork.
' iiilKxlmlarf rtli'f in BmiMura''
R. v. .. .-il.-r.-if u, M.. rmU.wn .Ohio.
" BeaAcial wim compelled Ut tomk. iwfri .ng fnm
Coin." Kev. S. J p. Axokrko,!. Umimu
- Hffrefuai in remtontta llaarttntn art I JrritaJitm sj
tkm fanot, so m niSrutnis and aaaa.
Pri'l M.MACY JOHX-niX , LaUrange. tia.
leachertaT Matc, Sutitbera Ei-male Cnllege.
"Grrtu hrntUt wAra (tWea brW Oaa a law awl
inp , as lkr) pirrrnt urMwu. r'nfm Uaear poM ((fat I .
lAaaaA taey tnllbtmf jraaaatal alMMlur tm as.
.t Kev. K. KoWLkT. A. tt ,
Preeideut Alliens AaiWate.Teaa.
Fo'd by all PrasgutU, at 25 cents per b".
Also, H xows'
I tNiaraiics. OirLarlte ACca
Hititiut ATav-raaHU. aje
ho 2a-dliaAwtm -
Av VP1 ex , Km X
Save the Piefps! .
Jt aecvlttdt toiti kafrpta, aan eaaV rayslalaeT
asaiic,lt U tery desirable to taareetamtt cbeap ae4
coaveaieM way for repairing lertutare. Toys, reck
ery,a. s -I
aas sta aii sacb ..orjeo..ie, aad ae twos eh old eaa
aOiwd te be wahoau tt. It at always ready aod ap ta
tbe stacking potat. There la no longer a tier ess f
for bmplng cbMrs.spiiatered veners, bead Ires dolls
aad brokea rra4lrs ' It ts Jii tb. article far eeae
shell, B"d tt-er uraatnectal ork , SO BofMtlar W Kb
la-1 let of reautKaeet aad taata. -e ', .
4 Tois adnulr.bte pfwaaaratioa ta used sold, betas;
cbetbicaily bold ta e-tlut oa, aad prisee.Lr all tb
ValuabW )LiauLiU-s of lb. isea cablnet maker' CI
It sna be .d to Xtxe place ot vriiBaary, taaaaiage
Vetaig' vastly more a :ii..Te. ' m
-I'.'U'tl IX EVIKY HCr?K.M
K.U. A li.Taua.-.atopaniri"au JibvU.. I'riee.UcU
- j .
Wholeaais Iepr, Sa. 41 CeaHr t , Xew Y"fk.
AXJre liE&TaSPALBf50 4r0,
. . HuA, Xo. w.t, Aoa lui,
Pet ap few Dealers la (.m. coeuiaui Four .Eijrbt.
aii-l ta'-Jtc tr isn 1 b atdot LiaQ.i'atiai aaaoar
Care a wtopiy tag tact ja Aaga.
mfX fcti.ar taorue Mat'luKii PEfa.rr
C l.L C em sat. tea uaaea as tNl aBuuliy a v rat,
bot.l.uia.-aa -'.- '
, t-tatd l ai. prowiocot i-la wooers. Psagjta, liard.
ear. and u. titr. Aiatauars, far cars, aaat, EasaCjr
SL.re. ,
r 1. try merchants bo j14 aaiAC a Boas aaf, AL .
D'ia"S r?. PAKU' il.J.k., r-ja BaaAiag aa t&elr
lav! It it stead aay CtLaale -JaclA-1
. ,
Thr 1'jaftsslans.aail Eipcrlcsct
DrS'iTVlCl'ree thetefi4l,.' a a Baralsgahal a
ea-ai w to Ui a. wiao tut-r 'r n swtoat -Jt bat
Hi . t- l.(M. I .aw .teas Ol H-l. Waat a ,
prewat-ur. ii.-av, ac ;ana.aiui of yeutbfat
eaapewavtier, tfe bavrai kaS I ef self abas. At
tb. aau.a t.oa (waytaix vol sagtasa ttaat Ssi.
wet . '
tiv n v)4 tias crd raatbj saorscaaae.
tt. !iua s. .n.-.' aMwa-estK tri- I :ilaii.g
aad e,aiai :. aar . au (i.tln. aa tbe
r totn i a '. oati , twariag the address
( iw vi .ai-t- ""
SiAltlt 'ft. MtYFAtB.. l4t
SWT J-Sjjaltar h-V,-aa.i..i.a..S. X.
1 j - . . ilni Vi o j
1 !
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