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Sptnai Uottccs.
' Departure) f PMMiftrTrtlB.
W uartuLX Cttax 4 40 A.M. 3 P-
Tujbni k luuii - 8 :0O A. M., 2tSS P-M.
' LDcmvoukiiiMTiiu i:30 .M-,10:30 A X
t " ,a-1 t iprer 3 1 1 5 rJI.
tNi'ius Ksxttcst 6:30 AJL., 24S
Arrival f PtMferTrlBi.
!f iMTiuii LwniwK!-6! 1 0 A.M.. 8
TnnMi A AUUi-9l4S A.
Gallatin r.spr9tlO A.at
tMmoiA Kurcm-lO A.U.t 7 f. U.
Departure ef rrelsht Trala.
If.taavui.EJc CaiTTASoo C:l 5 A - V
Exnwarigot 1 r. m.
TDXMt C AUlll-ol30 A . 9., mm If
Envbu A kastccaf 44 F.-
Arrivals af rrIeh Train.
Nxhtiui A C tt 6 : OO P M.
. Express rreight, 0:52 A. a.
Im" ."'A r m' fill OA H
EMiFin KawcaT 1 a. a.
51 exleaa 71 lane LlnlmcnU
Intrinsic virtoe atone eoad insure .he aucceaa
whxhtbis article baa attained. For Kheumaliani,
twit Rt,trora, Burns, Bruise, Stiff Jcmts, or Gala,
prainf, Pole Fvil.and Swellings upon Horses, it has
cffl aal. Xo peieoo will be without a who has
ooee trsted its value. "Aod wi-b reference to the
gnrT ertimalioo of the Mustang Liniment, 1 can
cheerfully say tuat no article ever performed so
many core in our neighborhood a this. L. W.
Skits, 6rtdge0i-ld, Conn " S. Ldtcb, Ln , Hyde
Park, Vt-, writes, '-that the horse wu eotisMered
worthless, (bis case was spavin,) but since tiie Tree
use of the Mustang Liniment 1 bar sold bim for
1MI. Your Liniment is duing iiin up here."
buc'a tesuiuon a rcjcbiug us every laf. The hslf
ia not ti-ld. Every family sbiuld Lave it. Ik wire of
im.ilalir.TU. Tne geiiuii-e Husticg is sold bjr all re
gpvcLtble dealers throughout tee world.
aprt-lm Proprietors, New York.
Bead the following let er from a clergyman,
wellkDown in West Tennesa-, North Alabama and
Maausaljbi :
OiiU'it, Miss., January, I860.
Messrs Cuu A Ft Lisa :
If I dll cot think you were troubled with mora
teslia"Obi .Is than you Bud time to read, I woult send
yoo word la relatim to watt your Ambrosial Oil baa
ooee fur ne. Siffle it to ay thai 1 had beea sbIT r
in j wilu brseae, r obstruction l:i the Broncbilal
tabes, f-r many years, a id it w is letting bad thit
I coal 1 srarcly Oil my app-Mntm 'ula. Your A mbro.
s.al Oil p-rfcUy restored m:,aul I now can work
without difficulty.
apri-tf REV. A. L. HCN'SaKER.
Toe popularity of the MEXICAN HCaTANG LIM
MlbSr. is coextensive with the civilixatum of the
globe. Oilier articles cUim to atUeiaU pain and
distress thia curt. Family Physicians, Govern
ment Hospitals, Farrier, Planters, Farmers, Livery -cuen,
ax., have particularly demonstrated tin fact,
throagh.ail the world. No article ever before re
ceivedsuch undivided praise and suppertfrotn Medi
cal and Scientific men.
Of years' stauJu.g, h.is been totally cured. Piles,
Clcers, Tumors, Running Sores, Scrotuls.StiB Join Is,
Felons, riweilings, Horns, Bit-s, Boils, Ciaps, Neu
ralgia. Salt Rheum, and all aches and pains upon
man, and kindred complaints upon
sochnsRing-boue ! ,3cricinr, rvuv.n, Poll-Evli,
Sweeney ,Uo'f-il, c , are sub lued and cured by
Mustang IVniiment.
Mr. fx Lrrcw.Hyde Park, Vs., writes:" that the
horse was conridered wortliiecs," (bis cae was
Bpavin,) 41 but since the free use of the Mustang
Liattncut,I have sold h;mfurone $l.Vca-b. Your
Liniment has been doing wonders up here."
420 Baoan -tkst, 1'HiLaouraia, Pa.
(Estrwct.) la iifung toe keltic from the Ore it
became unmanageable, lilted over, and scalded my
Bands very severely, aliuoxt to a crisp It was an
awful sight. The Mustang Liniment appeared to ex
tract the pain. It healed rapidly, without sort ueas.
ad left no scar of account. Truly youm,
"C Anli.-! rOsTER.
Such language as this la but tbecousunt and natu
ral echo wherever tui&arUvie is ute-i
fhia Ijniuieul is tuuisiwnsabie to planters and
wuers of hoisoa and mules. Mr. J.-B.x Uaaikls,
of Moutgouiery , Ala., .!.. aslave lor oO.uu aa
raised iroiu ulier UMsic-ia.ieia by ilis Liuimeut.
Every family suould have it. Be very pailtcuUr
and enquire for the Muat-iug Luiinient aua Uie no
Sold by all dealers throughout N-'rlli and South
America, turope, and the IiU.ti.ds ol lheUceau,lor
36ceulS, BU cento, and $1 per bottle.
UAri.Nk-3 Ai'AKK.New York
Health and Happiness
for weakness
For weakness
YOU.VO MK.V r bo are suffering from tt.ee Oects -youthfalindlscreiion
cau be surely aud perms
eauiy restored by uuig tbe
Ciiucciilratcil i'Airc
1 Rrmrdy of Great mJ Crrlaia Power.
Thisreinedy is put upins-nall viais,aud can be
sent by mailto auyaMrrss. A trial will satisfy.
Cseitfora weeiclaaJyos will experience a great
eaeOt. A circular oonluning ful I particulars, sent
(free) on application. rrice,er bottle 1 1 .
One bottle willlast a intntb
N B Thlsremedy Isauliable for either sex
K.CK7iKK, VedicalAgent.
4T BrnaHway New York.
, bK.KISG.rormeri) uf .Vew York. for
t he last four years of Louwville, Ken
tacky, aua who has iievolid iiU aH-olf-a to Ib'treat-
meat l private disea-es tor -r U years, 0 tlteis
hintaalf, haviug .lt n'e I to a rart ee hr so o ny
years, aud cmed no otia)' Ih-tuaan 's, be Is en tb k-il
to cure ail diseatea of a privili nature, no ra tier
how bal Ih y nxuy b- Irotn u4 licious medi al ireat
menl, or rm it-g'ect ! th 'r -wu Ur. King'
lhspensary is .No. 3 IJea-le'i-: k sUeet,bHweuOter.
ry and the square, a coud sl-ry, wnere he cures all
diaeas of a pi Ivat natui e
Uhwkhi cured with ail naureoua m Miciues or
in lerft-i eut e witii busiueM
tTrKTraKa of el l or recei t date, ttriectaaliy cured
In a few diys, by an opetatiua wha:l) canape no
piiR Where a Mr Kit ire exi ta betlib cuwl be
njoysi. Perhaps no uia -a-e ciuai-s m re misubief
sad dit leriuines the cvas'itutioa e much.
SimiM with all tbe itise..sa of the saii, growing
out of ueirct or bad treauaeal, can ba e:iecttjh
ared ia a lew days.
3xutAi. Hs.txasj Particular attend a having
beea gtVMU t tb s aiea4e,a id all the cousxiut nte
2roi ig oat of it, brought oi la tn my iii ay the
eetrucuve b Uxts iut4i0 i 1,-r.te ViNith's ud n
ceeaire .n .ulgcoce 'if th piaaiooi, a neglect ol w hk t
wdl ua lermiae the eouatitauoa, roudent-g the sub.
Jectaaiilf w baaiaeas or sasiett , and c4aiig prema
ture old age.
rem ties wu may be Uboriag with any difficult
f the Womb iay rest aair.'d of lia alia'e relief.
PerwMS raaidiug abroad, by wrlll.,g and stating
their nasi, with aloe eocluaed. d.reci-d li lr A.
Kiug, Xo. a Uaa torah atrvw, Sas.iviile. Tenu., will
have lha oeoeawary me iwmea ar.it to tueir adJraa.
vmn noc -aeary 1 KUmi strict srecy observed.
OfflJO boars (roux o'cU k tu the m vuiug until a ia
taeaveamg. y-dwly
Election oh Tmcuoat, Mat 24th,
far Altara aBral.
TsT" We are aatSorisaj to aanounco Tl t. H vTIL
JAMS as n candidate for ro-elecUuo to tbe i-lnco f
AUorney tieowai la tbe .-sxia Judiciat tuatruit of
Tewneeae UvcUoa Sub uay of May, lo.
pria-ld tut
s)ar We are authorised ta aoaoeace Jaaas K
Raiaa, Kaq. , as a eanuiiate for the ettce of A ttoraey
Geweral of tbo Nlulb Jedtcial Ureait, cuaapaoed it
to eoauuea ei iMruM,3iiBsar and wuiuoaeon
AIHYIDRx'O of wans ram carr est tbe CapHat
8tKK of lie Naabnlle aud Cbatlaaooje aud
road Cooxpaay was ttes day toerwd by the Inree
tors, oat ol tba prott of the iaal sis eoi 11. pays,
bio oa and alter tbe 15th max.. at tbe (B a of tbo
Trsasrer4a NaahrUle. W A.UiAV,
aprt-lax treasurer.
Tobacco Sale Days
0a JCaadsrs, Wsdaeslsrs bji4 TriiAjt,
' stT Tola srraageeesiit a made tar ths pnropoae of
ooui accommuOai.Bg buyertaud piaotors, said 1 hop
Wilt bo aatlalaaHory,
mrl-tf A-HAMILTON.
Yau Ira.
tnnn CgaX OOO CLEA. f!M.rP 8EXD,
1UUU ' A.jKms,
AsaftA.sf Ko.U6oii Msaet awes.
n snaaxn o v TT TT ffVC '
-BelP' Fionr l bags MM. ' b J
Old Hickory do. . 7Si.V.
Eagle do. Sj " "
Mixed Bran , per 1001 bs. ...nedollsr .
Corn Meal, per barbel $1 00.
Delivered to tU parts of the city. . nepll-ly.
Xoncs to CaxniDaTXS We will not insert beresv
ter any perron's name as a candidate for office in the
PiTxior, unless paid fur in advance. marlo-tf
3P The warm weather which we bare
had daring tbe press t month has caaned
hoam keepere to think earlier than nraal of
summer comfort. Nothing, ther know, Is
more comlortatle in a family, when tbe Hum
mer ban glows with its accustomed fervor,
tbao a water cooler, an ice pitcher, or a re
frigerator. For the monej expended they
yield heavier returns than anything in tbe
catalogue of housekeeping article. Mr. J.
W. Wilsox, it will be seen l.y our advertising
columns has an assortment of these things,
aod many others, to which he calls the at
tion of the public.
gives us much satisfaction to find
that the Young M n of Nashville are earnest
ly engaged ia tbe god work of gettiug up a
Library. Under a charter granted them by
the last Legislature they have taken the
initiatory step to organize and will com
pete the organization to-uight by the elec
tion of officers. As a meaus of mental im
provement too much cannot be said of the
advantages offered by a well-selected library
and the rivalry which association in a com
mon work stimulates. We trut, therefore,
that the efforts of the Young Men to secure
a Libiary may b aliozetier successful.
For a wonder tbere was not an alarm of
fire yesterday. Tbe incendiaries who had
been o actively at work for a week, or more,
seemed to have come to a pause. It is well
they have ; but let not tbe efforts to detect
thfin cea.e. Tbe riplu of property and life
which have fxeu incurred already demand an
example, and it it to be hoped that the guilty
may be taken and the law rigidly enforced
sgaii'.st them.
The temperature of the weather yesterday
was an improvement npon that of the diy
previous. Old Sol hid himself behind a cano
py of ciondn. which shed an occasional tear
upon the thirsty earth, and the winds were
just cool enough to irrpnrt pi :nMire. Still
here was a cry for a real old fashioned April
Tbe leading journals of New York City
have employed an express train to carry their
pa'-rs out on one ol tbe railroad io advance
of the maiL That's enterprise. It would
starile oM fogies here, especially old fogy
Attorneys General wtio adhere to the notion
that only their dear Uncle Sam ought to car
ry "mailable matter."'
We have heretofore omitted to mention
that the Louisville Courier now prints as
edition fo 'Sunday. I'liutcd o.i new types,
and containing a great variety of reading
matter, it is one of the b-st papers we bar e
seen. Sutcriptions are taken for the Sun
d.iy pnp-r alone from all who det-ire it.
JEBA team belonging to Mr. B.iiliy. of
JetlerRonville, ran away yesterday mid into
the river. Tne load of w!iit-ky was rpilt great
ly to the di-u-t or the loaiera. Toe horses
wue reniued. Lou. hern.
The driver of that team will die of re-morw
some day, if he don't do better.
f ffTbtirsday night tb store of Showers
&. More. containing $9,000 ii notes and ac
counts, was entirely coru-uuied. Lou. Dam.
How lucky in. being raved an indefinite
anionnt of duuuing. A million of April
thcctr aud more might have fallen before
those uotes aud accounts could be converted
iuto tach.
Like Napoleon. I have always had a great
contempt fr women. Give a woman a fine
dres-, a looking-glass and a lew sugar plums,
and she w ill be quite satixtied. Ixird Byron.
W? can now understand the reason whv
Rvron was popular with women. They could
tee themselves reflected in him.
fT-In a cemetery ueur Buffalo is an epi
taph on an honest Scotchman by bis friend,
who held such a good opinion of the deceased
that he bad inscribed on the stone:
With sucb as he m; I be saved or dammed!"
ftjTThe California Yeast excitement has
about played out; the Yeast, howevei, con
tinues to work and grow, aod the bread made
of it to come up and go down.
We are again Indebted to Adams' Express
Company for Louisville papers in advance
of th m til.
Soith. Tbe Sixteenth Annual Meeting of
this Society was held in this city in Mu' berry
Street Church, on Monday night. Bixhop
Eap.lt presided and opened the meeting with
singiog and prayer. The Secretary, Dr. E.
W. Skhojv, then read his Annual Report,
which w highly Interesting. It shows col
lections for the purposes of the Society du
ring the past year to hare been $234.442
and a deficit to be met by next October, of
some $25,000, to meet expenditures which
were demed necessary in nrging forward
the spread of the truth of tbe Gospel among
men. Tbe report of the condition of the
missionary servics was full and encouraging.
Tb B'ard of Managers bare it in contem
plation to extend the field of their benevo
lent enterprise still further in Central and
S-Hith Am.rica, and to Japan. The Confer
ence of Biahopa, whose session in this city
baa just cloned, has designated for tbe posi
tion of mWioissry to the empire lat named,
a young minister from Mississippi, Rer. W
T. J. Scu iTAVT, who. in tbe course of t'je
evening, addressed the Society, in modest but
feeling and eloqtient terms, in relation to tbe
labors aod d iti-s that lie before him. He is
a young man. but we were extremely favora
bly impressed with his amiable and intelli
gent bearing and his brave CbrMian resolve.
He is evidently a man of great promise, and
as well qualified as any of bis age, to assume
the high renpnoi'ibiUtiea to which he is called.
Rev. Mr. I'McmtT, a missionary from Kan
sas, addrrsaed the Society, on the condition
of the missions of tbe S mi t hero Church in
that territory. Tbe Society was also enter
talqod by spoeehee from BIbor Parvi and
EasxT. and by remarks from Dra. Scsvca
and xicFaaaia.
Tbe following oSkrars were elected:
vies ru-t Mores.
Bishop J. O. Anuv, Rev. A. L P. Oisks.
R Paisn, T.O (ksMiw,
" r. usaw, - M. .. McTvnas,
" Jos. Cau V, " J.B. Mcfsaais.
- st. H. Kavaaaroa, U b. Ueeios.
Rev. i. W. tlanoer, laaae Paul,
- A. P. aUFarriu,
. J Ail
" Jobs H MV,
" tt iiaa,
W. B Cuopor,
N. Hoboon,
tL y. ttoMick,
Lie. a. Mar us.
P. W. hUxey,
W. a. aiiiaAja,
T. Aauersua,
Iiby aorgaa,
T. L. hraualurd.
Jwp W mwk
Rvv. Dr. E. W. Sebou, ScreUrT. Isaac Ut
ton. Treasurer, ana Rev's. . JJ. Myers, of
Charleaion, IL 0. lie Anally, at Si. Louis, and
J. C Keener, ol New Orleans, were rtseoa
aaended fur reelection ta the General Coaler
eoea. lha saetinf ths a4JoarotL
.BODE, jr
o to oocasKJM or ths brsctios or. thx mm w
111 New Orleans, April 12,1860.
. i '
bt aC oar xt'xaixT.
-be did heap
Tlie wbUeaesa of hu soul, and thus men o'er bim weep.'
- Childe Harold.
Rafl," Art triamphantl tboa hast nobly wrought
His godlike fc-rtn, now reea In tcnlptur'd thought;
Thy hand bath left the loity Impress there
Of that proud spirit which could all things dare,
M'b'-ee might, whose power, tn kingly aspect shin
And clothe thy work in majesty divine.
In this we see thy greatest, highest trnvt,
The art which hath a talisman o'er dut,
A potent soell to break the letters round
And call Uie sleei er from the mouldering ground,
Tbe soul, that soaring, often seems to give
Ths spark which makes its bright creation live.
In every liueamect what grandeur traced,
Repose of energy serenely graced -
With that calm dignity besi-eaking mind
Which could remain uiawed before mankind,
Aud, for the love f Truth, ber rights I rocia'al ,
Regardless if the world apjdaud or blame.
M:h was bis meic, bis glori -us presence , when
He reigned tbe Nt r o: his t low-mm;
Aud from the heigut to which bis wisdom soared
The daxzdiig splendor of his genius poured.
Ab ive tlie power of death, naught can ecli -se -Tbe
voice tiiat gushed in mnsic from bis lips -The
litfbiniiig uaL-ti ol eloquence whcb raxsd
Tbe fattoeibies of Tyranny and blazed
Around tlie ruins, that the world might see
Tueron the pure white throne of i ibertv.
W hat kindl.ug ra 'gic to hia words'was given
The prophet, sage, and miaigler of Hcaveul
What iunpiriit ou m .til a breath to seal
The feud wmch ye-irs of Htrife had f.iild to heal;
Buhoid bim make thy many griefs his cwa,
And plead b s de an Alexander's throne, "
Till o'er the giant Andes roll'd Ui4 car
Oi Independeoce, berx : of Bolivar I
And tliou,ftir land, wuo-te sous, tbo' bowed beneath
Hie yoke of bondage, braved the et irms of death,
That, s.ung to mudneS3, in thy day of wr ith
llurl'd thu iderbolis along the tyrant's path;
C lino of the beautiful, the brave, the free, ,
He plum a the angle in his flight to thee,
Saw in Iby cau e a power to rend thy ch.tin,
Tby ipartyred fatherg riin; Iroin the slain,
tvvke J tue spirit of thy J-p trtaa miht,
Aod hailed tnee victor ere h t ceased t:e flgbt;
Nor paused till rum:ir hi heard his voice, aud lept
Tuelr venge nice from tbe s:abbard where it slept;
Tnl waved the scepter o'er the throue of Crars,
And war and glory were the rising stars;
Till Irom thy classic shores the Moslem horde
Was t wept in munw-s by the flaming sword.
Inimorul Greece! ir homer lived to-day,
Ahroad, tnro' all thy coajtis the name of day
Would be tbe theme the deathless Muse to Are,
And swell to grandeur tbe imperial iyrel
And t iou, his own, when otaer lauds r-svere
And hold hi s-tcr, a memory passing dear,
O thou, Columbia, in whose cause he vied, '
With esr:h's chirf minds aud faction's brood defied,
11 seir-r M-K'eU" ui and untaught to yield,
lhe fearless bearer of his country's hliield,
In all tbe triala of whose uarkest hour
lie tired the beaxQ iu thy a'lCieut tower,
And pointed to the heavenward tatb they trod,
Iby noble sires, the rboeen band of God!
Columbii, tliou, on thy heroic lat
Haul trace I the recrds ! thy g orious chief;
From all thy swrs their bnghto.1 lustre shed
Has firmed a halo o'er his honored h- ad;
From all thy n-ter Ptites will aha s rise,
Anil clj.n from Kreenom'a self a s.ier:0ce.
Thereon hicrjbe l his name iu li. iug light
A sun by da , a si-nu-y-orb by night.
But n 'er agun, aund lhe tnmest'a shock,
llay wild waves dash around thy granite rock,
Nor dai.g r look Ui reach tbe fortress wbente
The rag. i- soars alima i in thy ief nse.
Nor dfc-crd stir the ouie-ilsa.f tlie groat,
Nor hope seem trembjng in the sctils of fate;
But bovi ru g oVr, the angel Peare be seen,
Nor cloud apH ar l dim t le calm serene,
Tue dav-spiiin; of te lii:bt whence f h idows flee
Aud g.ddru knnles are rained eternally.
A.d ye a bo uud the bowers of ewec-U'St bloom,
Have rU d his linage from tbe silent tomb,
Utt as the ble-wd light of day returns,
Kenew the fl ime wiiich n thu altar burns;
Keel, as be I.-it, whose iikenesa meets you here;
Recall the voce uh.rh only S)ake bi cheer,
Aud an ye uum with trali ful hearts to vl.-w
The form f him whose words were heavenly dew,
11 s spirit will imbue with love e tch breast,
And smile above ye from lhe liud of rest.
Culm an the oc. au hn the voire which gpoke
"i'eare, iaco, be still I" along the waters broke,
II s spir t p:.sed from eart ' to Us repose,
VicMrious oVr tl ela-t i f all our foef
Yet, tre it lied, he taced the advancing King,
'ioin death, lull-armt-d t e nullity chief did spring.
In more thau all his wonted splendor stood
The id o: Glory o'er liisuuion'a flood;
His last ol arts the lleii'1 of wrath lo quo 'I.
And lire the p pie wb m he loved ko well.
Bdoved ol all, bore all cr wns oi fiue
The Jewel d virtu.- which adorn thy nam',
I'uro min..-d man! Tnis nue-uiiie it shall be
A sin me for Kro-dom hallow'd all to thee.
And hi-uce her pein Will go gladly forth
To pit fiur hrth'Ts of the iarineet North,
As one t: e South wl 1 by thy siatu stand
And send tbe w.iti l.word. Umox! thro our land,
ith this fond prayer, that with each coming day
Columbia's oracle shall be her Cla1
"Oi.dGax," tlie ftmous editor of the Frank
lin (Ky.) Democratie Btnntr, was iu town yes
terday, looking in tip-top condition, and
ready to hoit tbe banner of tbe Charleston
Convention. We wish him tbe best of luck.
Hirer 'ewo.
April 17. Tempest, Louisville,
Clipper, Cincinnati,
Mclro.-e, do.
John A. Fisher, Paducab.
The river is fulling with 3 feet water on
narpeth Shoals. Despatches from Burks
ville, ssy a riKe is coming down.
Tbe Ella is the packet for Paducab to-day.
ITi r hour of departure is 12 M.
The Rtil Rovtr is laying up at Clarksville,
awaiting a rise.
The Memphis Avalanche gives the follow
ing particulars of the sinking of the Defender:
Through the officers of the Ingomir we
learn that th" steamer lhfender, dpt. Evans,
bntiud from X;w Orleans to I'ittsborg, pick
ed up a snag about three o'clock Saturday
evening, when near Laconiu, about one hun
dred miles below tnis point The snag struck
the stem of 'he boat, about a foot under
water, tore her bow off completely, and pass
ing upward, carried away her forward cabin
bulkhead and parsed through the hurricane
deck. An unfortunate dk passenger, who
was Mtanding near tbe bow. waa literally im
paled by the terrible monster of the deep,
and was instantly kUled. Two other deck
passengers are miseiog, and it is supposed
that they, too, were struck by tbe snag, or
jumped overboard in their terror, and were
The boat wsa immediately headed for tbe
shore, and succeeded in reaching it.butuuck
almost immediately; and when our informant
left, ber steru was rapidly settling in deep
water, with her bow ashore. The work
of wrecking commenced Immediately, and it
is thought a small portion of the cargo
which was stowed on tbe main deck will be
The Inyom-rr was the first boat to reach tbe
scene of tbe disaster, and rendered what as
sistance she could. Sbe brought.lhe Defender 't
passengers aud some of her crew to this
The Drfendtr waa heavily laden, ber car
fro consisting in part of 56(1 hogsheads sugar,
330 barrels molasses. 400 dry bides. 33 tons
copper and iron, 300 sacks cotT-e. and a
large amouiti ot miscellaneous freight, most
ly for Cincinnati and 1'1'Uburg, and which
w ill nearly all be lost. Tbe boat was one of
the largost class of stern-wheelers, and waa,
we believe, osrned in Pittsburg, where ahe
was partially insured. She was between
f itir and five years old, and was worth proba
bly $12,000. We could not learn tbe name
ot tbe p-raons killed.
The DfuUr has always been a paying
institution, and bad she reached Piitsorij
would, we understand, have cleared $5,000
on tbe ronud trip. Tbe snag that put an end
to ber existence is said to nave been out of
water, and one of the ugliest looking custo
mers in tbo Aliasiasippi.
ffTThe exp'ess ngro promises to bring
nut some rich developments. We learn from
Cd. Jones, tbe Superintendent of Adams Ex
pre here, that on Subday nrning a white
man. a citisen of Cincinnati, called at tbe
express fiict in that city for the box which
contained tbe nerro, giving the name which
was put on it. The geutleman in attendance
bad beard nothing of the affair, but after look
ing tor the box, could not Had it and told tbe
man it had not come. The ex pre company
are determined to ferret out tbe whole affair,
and bring the guilty parti. If detected, to
The box which contained the aegro wsa
standing before- the Kxprr- office yesterday,
and cUimed a good d-a cf at ten Moo, It is
about tbe rii of an ordinary shoe box. Col.
Jones off. red to pay tbe reward and all the
incidental expense incurred for the aegro
for the purpose of forwarding bim forthwith
to his owner at Nashville, but the jailor can
not give him up unle the owner or bU au
thorited agent demands him, and make aath
that the aegro is bis property. Lm. Jmr.
AVoruxa, tsSroKT, Kill hx Cati-
The Hamilton (0.) Tit$rajA aaya :
Last Tuesday, a little child of Mr. Shaf
fer, (slitter of iir Campbell, who reJJea ta
the First Ward.) wha lives in G-rmaaUiwa.
got ptseasiosi c-f oa old pistol and saappvd
it several timea, after which aha handed U to
her mother, and said ia a playful tnauner,
-shoot me, moth.''' Ur. Staffer took the
pistol sod pointed the arnczU toward her
child and pall4 tbo trleger, exploding the
cap and sending a ball throngs the ebUd's
Brad, killing it iu'UaolIy. The pilol sad
aot born tlrod fur bigt thas a jaar. aad was
auppoaad B&tto b loaded.
. jprom raUlststoai i , i
Washisgtoh, April 17. It ia reported that
there is a decline in Douglas's prospects here
on account of tbe diversion of the New Eng
land delegates who favor Toucey. Connecti
cut is led by Whitney, collector of Boston.
The Man-ball of Ohio reports that the in
habitants of Abtabula county are ready to
resist by arms the authority of the Senate to
arret John Brown, Jr.
Geo. Hamilton and Major Brittan again
addressed the Military Committee in favor of
tbe Texis regiment bill, demonstrating the
impoasibiltj of making infantry effective by
mounting tbem. The result is unsettled.
. Pryor and Potter have been arrested. A
street fight between them was feared yester
day. Tbe Senate refused to adjourn over for the
Charleston Convention by a vote of 30
against 20.
New York, April 17. The Shipping List
quotes cotton dull, sales of 3 days 4.400 bales;
(Means middling 11 f, freight to Liverpool
3-16a7-32; sugar dull; declined , arrivals
being largf ; molasea firm; tobacco active;
alerting exchange 8J. -
IIoc3K. Bouiiam resolution to adjourn
till the first of May, waa rejected by a vote
of 113 to 69.
Nothing Congressional important.
Washington, April 16.
Tbe Tribune t correspondent says the city
is still agitated by various rumors to the ef
fect that Pryor has disclaimed his second's
action in rejecting Potter's terms, and had
addressed another note, offering to accept his
proposition, which was not done under the
advice of Mr. Pryor's friends. Another is
that Mr. Pryor bad signified his willingness
to meet Mr. Potter in common combat with
such arms as either might choose, outside the
frequented walks. These rumors have as yet
no foundation in fact. Whatever purposes
may be entertained, they doubtless led to
the arrest of Mr. Potter yesterday morning.
Mr. Pryor bas not yet been held to bail, and
does not intend to put himself within reach
of tbe authorities. He was iu the city at the
Kirkwood House on Friday night, in compa
ny with Messrs. Miles and Keitt.
Mr. Potter bad arranged a fortnight ago to
go home this week, but will remain in con
sequence of these reports. His friends do not
propose to publish the correspondence now,
as the main facts arc uoder.-to' d by tbe pub
lic. They are. however, perfectly willing
they should. Col. Lander called upon Keitt,
Friday night to understand whether bis pres
ence as a second of Mr. Potter was any lon
ger necessary in connection with the affair,
and was assured that it was not.
Many of Piyor'a personal " and political
friends entertain the opinion that he unnec
essarily sought this quarrel with Potter, and
having assumed an attitude in the House
which was followed up by a peremptory
challenge, he was bound to accept any weap
on. Others sustain his course throughout.
TMethodist Conference.
New Yokk, April 17 The Methodist Epis
copal Conference decided against slave'uold
ing beiog a cause for excommunication by a
vote of 123 against 43.
Bkidoeport. Conn . April 17 Adams' Ex
press Corrpnny have been robbed of $100,
000, the sale being pitched off the baggage
River Newi.
Locivttxk. April 17. Tbe river is station
arp with 20i feet water on the falls.
St. Louis. April 17 The river is stationa
ry. A rise is t-bortly expected, as there have
been heavy raius.
New YoRK.April 17 Cotton steady; saW
to-day 2.000 biles; Middling Upland 11;
Flour, sale of 1,000 bbls at 5 30a5 33; Com,
iales 24,000 bushels at 73 77 whole range;
Me-s Pork 17 56Jal7 75; Lard, sales 300
bbls at lOj ill; Molases, new 49; Sugardull;
Mocovadi b ja6; sales of 480 nhds O I leans
at auction at 5Ja6j.
In this city on the 16th iust,, at tbe residence of
Oscar Noel, Esq., by the Kev. Dr. Goodlet, Mr. Johx
E, Utua to Mrs. Saaaa II . A vixuto.x.
Na.shviu.is, April 13, 18C0.
Tn the BHtor$ of the I'atriU:! wish to say
to those afflicted as I have been, that is with
sore eyes, bow I was cured alter being blind
over three months. I at find applied to the
most eminent physician in Nashville, who
gave mu no relief. A friend of mine, and I
may truly call her frieud, for bad it not been
for ber, in my opinion, I rhould forever have
been blind. She took me to the Indian Doc
tor's office. No. 100 Iligb street ; he gave me
some mediciuc which restored my sight in a
few days, aud for four months past my eye
eight bas been ns good us it ever was. I think
he can cure any case of sore eyec. I am con
fidentj suffered as much and had as difficult
eyes to cure as any person ever had.
lw. Margvret Barnks, High street
Fsasku, Trnn., June 10,1859.
I bought a bottle of Prof. Clark's medicine and
was togive him $5 to cure me of Rheumatism. It
made a final cui e of me. I also tried It fur Too a
Ache, with the same result ; thercforo I can recom
mend it for these complaints.
apiillS-tf. E. f. OVERTON.
91 ra Wtualotw, an experienced nurse r.a
emale physician, haaa soothing syrup for children
eethic;, which greatly facilitates tbe process of
teelbisj-bysofieuiugtbe sun.sre lucing allioflama
on wiliailay all pain and is sure to regolatrllie
bowels. Depend upon it, mothers. It will give rest
o yourselves and relief and health to your infants
Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement a
nother column ansTdswly
For pretty and cheap I'ry Goods call on
Nicholson A llnmi-brey t No. 22 South side ol the
fquarr. They are receiving dolly a Bue stock of both
Fancy and Staple Goods which they ars selling a Ut
ile cheaper than any other b-mse In ths city,
mar 15-if
Io Mt ittianl
Visiting Baltimore fbnold fail lo examine the stnrk
offered for sale by
Fred. Picker Sons,
It is one of tbe moot extensive in this country , and
tb proprietors are fully prepared to oompets wttb
Northern Cities. feb?S-d3ni
House-keepin; Made Kaj
Insure good wholesome bread. For I Jeenia you
can get one dozen Yeast Cakes, which will mas SO
large lvea of the bt bra d.
SOO CAKK.S Sll.VlJt SUP, hourly exoeeted by
express Almost e- ery family In town baa nsd it.
For prin cletnirg it is In va'nabL for warbles
Paint, Looking Uiaasas, tiilod Work, Marble, Stiver
or Pitied W.re.
&KFKIUERttonj We hive sild a large lot of
those famoui PIilladel,Jiia R -frigerslurs ' have
a large lot com.ng i bey are warrautnd to give sat
isfatuoa, as ihiy are ml only tne best but ars the
cheap, si ki.owa.
apilt-tf MACKENZIE A MIVClllN.
The Barlboir Sewing Machinrs
VRi warranted fur four years; by a respib'e
Company, No College street, op-oaiie
Stfwaaoe iiuiuc.
NEW brand of very tne Virginia Smokiug Te
baooo. AUo the geontae
Jest received by
Fishing Tackle.
RArXS.BROW CO.. rrgtta. P-blH "otars,
nave re-jt y rMnl a If re and peaud as
saruaeatof FUhiag fackr, wh tUey are aetliug
fa. eaarVO-af
The Barlhalf Sewia Machine
Ui s44 u sti atuarhe' It wa, fully wtrrsnted.
Mo.S&.Coiisge street, uppoats sswaaee ttotiss.
TTaS a tarer aad taor IWaaed labia iha any
J. VS.taaiege strew. Ch,KX.l Sewaaas H.wae.
Jail ItulnA by , l, Paniti & t.
BAj C ttaaed
1J b m 'assdy Meal ;
SAv ag Whita Meal Cava.
Flour! Fiour!
BSt. Iibt Fatft.lv n -er, lo vajrt FxUa
taaoly ritMtr, a4 bbls Bajarsas html.
iwst tscsivsj aaA imf Shi by
A. Js-VKlVa, '
maiSO-tf K 14 aWta M.riat at.
eft aVU Uuaarvaa brssJstst receltaa aad f
aU by
Gkaticerg Sales
Chancery , Sale -laand on No
enswille and Mill Creels. Val
- ley Turupiltesv 5 - - '
BT vtrtae of a decree rendered by tbe Chancery
Court at Nashville, ia tbe case ol Mary E. Good
win vs. N. P. Corbitt and others, I will again oflr at
pubL'e sale at the Court House in this city, at .IS
o'clock precisely, on "
Saturday the .th day of May, 1369,
The Tract of 91 acres aod 129 poles of Laad, describ
ed in tbe pleadings as heretofore sdd to the defend
ant N.f. Corbitt Terms 6 nd 12 mouths1 credit,
with ul interest, and sale without redemption.
Noxs. This sate is to pay the decree in fivor of
complaiuant for about S910i), acd besides this claim
toe re is alao a further lien oa said tract of land lor
about SiaoO. to which tbe said land will be sab) ecu
apre-'-d J. E. UI.EAYS, C. C.
t)mfs Salts.
SUerifPa Sale.
BT virtue of a fa tome directed -nd delivered from
the Honorable Chancery Court of Uavidsou
couotv. Teuaaasee. at iu November Term, 185. I
.will expose to public sale to the highest binder, for
cash , at the Court House tara,iu uieuity ot
vule, on Saturday, the alb day ot' May, 1860, ail the
right, tiUe, claim, interest and estate, which Charles
L. 11. Jlartiu then had , or may have since acquired
ic and to the following described: two negro slaves
and three horses, to-wit: a uiau named Julius,agud
about forty-two years, of blaclc couipiexiou, and
Ned, aged about tuirty -eight years, of oarkcouipiex,
iou. aua one sorrel, a-id two bay horses, being levi
ed on as the property of Chanea tC. H. llartiu, to sat
isfy a ludgmeot rendered in favor of John t vi leaves.
C. and- al. lor the use c, against Ed liswreuce and
Charles 1. 11. ataitln. This, Apnl 4ib, 1800. -
JAM Eo U. H1N TON" , aueriff,
apri U. By . C. JjRass, U. Sheriff.
SlierilT's Sale. .
BT virtue of tbe authority on me conferred, by the
hereinafter described venditioni exponas to me'
directed and delivered from the lion. Circuit Court
ol Davidson county , Tuuuessee, at its January Term,
1800, I will expose to public sale, to tbe highest bid
der, for cash, at the Court house Yard gate, iu the C ty
of Nashville, on Saturday, the 5th day of M .y, I860,
all the right, title, claim, interest and estate, which
Chas. E- H. Martin has IB and to tbe following de
scribed property to-wit: Une negro Woman Lutiied
Kitty, aged about 40 years; one negro Man named
Aaron, aged aoouiso years; ana one otaer negro
Woman named Nancy , aged about 2 years, lev led
upon by K. K ranch, i-epuiy Sheriff, as the property
of Chas. . 11. Martin, to sati&ly three judgments
rensercd in said Cirouit Court, two iu favor ol Jas.
B. Craucboad a -id one in fvorof W. M. Urieu vs.
Edward Uiwrence and C. E. H. Martin.
AIX. Ai the same t.me ai d place, I will expose
to Sale, to the highest bidder for cash, the following
negroes aud proerty to wit : One negro Ma-i named
liartwell, anuul o years or aue, ol uiauu cvmplex
ion, aud two three year old horse. Mulct! of bjy col
or, levied on by John B. Murry, lieputy LUienlT, as
lue property of C. E. 11. M.irun, lo sati-fy a vendi
tioni exponas, from the Circu t Court ol Davidsou
couuty ,in fa or of M M. Urien aud against E. la
reiice and C E. 11 Martin.
ALSO. At the same ti ns and place I will expose
to sale, lo the highest bidder for cash, one negro
Girl named Nieii, aged about 12 year, oi copper
cMnpiexion, levied ou as tbe property of C E. 11.
Martiu by E. C. Drake, Deputy Sheriff, to satisfy a
vunditioal exponas issued by said Circuit Court in fa
vor oi E H. Childred, tr., against E. Eawreuce A C
E. U. Martin, caie within iawlul boura.
Shentl ot Davuisou county.
J NO. II. MUKRT, - Deputies.
E!giii?ld & Kentucky Railroad.
V.j 3 fc?1
Nasltville to Clarksville, Hop
Icinsville, Itusellville, &c.
Saturday, April 7th, 1800,
Two Trains to and tom '"I irksviUe daily.
Leave Nashville at 6 30 A. M.and 2 43 P. M.
Arrive al Clarksville lo 25 A. M. and 1 15 P. M.
Leave Clarksville al A. M. and 2 45 P. M.
Arrive at Nashville 10 A. M. aud 1 P. M.
Tbe m'iriiiiig traiu from Nihbville connects at
Springfield with a uail line ol stages to Ku'seiH ille,
aid at 'tail's Malion, near Mate line, with Slaughter
kc Co. 's daily line of four horse coiches to Hopnius.
ville, Ey., via. Trenton, I'ecnbrnte, .c.
From lioiikiusville stages iuave for Columbus, Ky.,
Paducab, .-mllbliind, Eddy viilu and lieii'lersou.
Fare from haahville to Heiitlersnn St 60.
apr7-tf Chief Engineer.
Trustee's Sale.
BT virtue of a Deed of Trust rxecuted to me, by
J. Ilobenrlien, dated the 16th day of March,
iK6 ), aud rcsi-toied in Boole No. Ml, paee 417, in the
Kt'Kis'er's otUce of Ihtvi is.hi couuty, Teun., I will
sell a t public sa e, to tbe h gh. st bidder lor cash ,
Ou Tuesday, l7tU of April, 18GO,
At the Store boose lately oca pied by said Hidieu
siien, near the Wire Bridge, tn KugtlUld, lue follow
ing properly , via :
l obsieeo, &c.
And the Groceries whi-h were conveyed in s-id mo
signmaut, and winch are such as are us ia:ly kept in
like establishment I will al sell 20 ,UM or V5,Ot)
lbs. of Ice, and will reut the Store house for the bal
ance of the year lt-60. Posaeaim given immedi
ately. Said al Id o'clock.
apr7-td J A ME T. REESE, Trustee.
53 Cherry bt., 53 Cherry st.,
TO to call the attention of tbetr friends aud of
lbs public to the iacl thai they have lor sale
Wines DDtquallcd ia flaeness and parity;
A Larger Variety thaa eaa be found any
whrrt cht;
1 Variety of fine Wines that can be frnnd
nowhere else, at prices that defy compe
tition. As we deal onlj ia Wines we are DETER
MINED to uaderrell all others ia the trade.
Parties desiring to purchase willcoasult tbeir
interest by gir log an a call aod COM PARK
our Wines and Pricea before purchasing else
Every article Imported anJ sold Ij as war
ranted genuine.
N. B. For list of Wlues call and get a
circular, acnt free by mail.
Office and Sample Room, No. 53, Cherry at.
Don't Forget to Call.
It it a pUuturt fa ma to saaw Gaud, and fratifiem
tkm to ttU tkm.
1I7C ars BOW reeeivtne ou- Scrtns rtock of
embraciug sverj iuig uxi-.i kept iu Furniahicf
A Fine Stock or Shirts,
Kid Gloves, and all otiwr kinds;
A Is nswrtiural of Umbrellas;
lanes, tunaiaerable;
busprn lers of every variety;
Half H-jse of every dtrs. r.,.Uos ;
All kinds of Seek Ties;
t':Ui-KWKAR, of every ma'aral;
Haat'kembielr, oaly to be seen to be admired;
Hrushr,of ail kind, ke. , . . A.
Cll at our store oa Cherry wt, one door foalh
4 Cuioo.aid we will ma'., oar best . tirts la saeet
yiMir wants aod poa tba ssuat aasr.CT!T rmu,
BvarU-U J. H. McUILU
A. C. & A. B. BEECH,
Are now prepared to show their customers.
At So 57 Collese Street,
A very tare aad ths most s agist stock of
THartasv bare evwr b-ea ab e looawto lbs a
tad trade. Tbey b4ve a m t cbotea Int mf
Si'KlXti jfvu 6l'llKK O'iiH OtAl.ci, .iraaa
auaacad l.ka, &nt.em4 Uerars. fijaarcw aad -U.-a
stsjsnas.Urwwedioea ptais) aad t aaced.Crvy tag
latb ttMagrS aad tta-a f -r Amy atyla mf
s woar for ttsiiOmaM. eAtrts, !urt liUr,
llm Thread tihirts aa-4 twswsrs, ir.ii s sad aim
Vsig,aU to'l Tfuth Cutka aad C-tor,
white aad eusorwd Lnn frntma. tt btve g et
varo-ty and stMs s? in so-t h rml l Cryru r
tkibic4 wlaasnr.M. Ckm, Cui Htt,
fats aad St iu, Otrtaie W oaa, Las oa
Maolli. CjrLaa, bteacM-t sad ttrawa TaMa Uwnaafi,
rrmrf sit W iaoaa lewvtsaad ToweUEg, Liarm aad
CabM Sbaetteaa all aaiO.. Jtara-ua u aaA
alvtest-r Wor oU ttutba Um eta
I fet wide. Cash wl slMStug Twm I wt SjSarWf
ktaCBeekedaKd WOPl, U widOi. Cotl JlaUigS,
Good l Wagtia ef i!5fa a-1 fowl tl lha iajt
wide, ait kinds bavyCEaaa U oj Keg? Dca-
r A. C. A. li.
Naakitlila, Aprtia, Issa-
HMtnws, WaaMt Aastncaaaad Fraa.&n Kivw
Jtr retv4,aa4 N ti! tl I w tr a-ks
Waasi.al tivr itiag-u Cr Smri. tb.s
S.i i bas aaa mtmctmi man graa tare, as was 114.
4 w I be Nanaara p-jra A Jsiaaovfs trs float
4ir sad alt tsspwRUc. "
ru-sf 4 as 4 -yT7iigaoraic-
Jlnrtioii Sales.
Nashrillc & Xorlli-wefetem R. R.
On Satnrday, the fist day ef April, 1S60,
WE will proceed to sell.oa th premises, that
valuable and very desirable property belong
log to the Nashville and Aorta westers Railroad
Company, aud knowa as -
The Bishop Miles Property,
on Market street, and adjoining the great Uaton De
pot of ail the roads centering at tuts pott.1. -
Th" lot fronts 14a teet cn Market strtet, ran
aing through to Front street, with the same num
ber of f-et iront on said street, malting a front oa
both streets of BOO feet. It bas been subdivided In
to hits of suitable sizes for business bouses on each
street, runuing bark from eit.h front lii frt, there
by givinK good depth as well as front.
Lot So. 1 commences at tbe line of the Lonisvill
and Nashville Railroad lepot and has a front ol HI
reel by 165 deep.
iyOt So 2 fronts fS feet 4 inches, and contains the
Bishop's palace, a large two story brick oweldug,
with uTteea large rojuis, which makes it very de
sirable for a orl class boardinc bouse, and with a
few thousaud dollars expended , iu addilian to tbo
present buiidiug. would snake one of the most de
sirable Hotels any w hero to be found in the Southern
or Western country, us it would be immediately at
the terminus of ail the ruaus centering st this poiut,
or ia other words,
The Great Union Depyt.
To the capitalists it preeeo is a rich Held for invest
ment, superior to any that has been offered to the
pub lie, and nevds only an examination to saiisiy ie
most credulous that what we say is strictly true, as
regarus its value abd importance as a business
lansNos. 8,4,6, 6 and 8 haveeach good f roc is, as
will be seen by plots. We aould earnestly salt the
aueuliott ot the public to ihKjffle.
Terms of Sale.
rK Iwn ....I 1 ..... lr- rnl... wll .ndnrl.il
payable iu B-uk, beat iug iuterestand lion retaiueu.
No. 4S College street,
spr6-tds Nasuville, Teun.
A1 'VracVs ot Xuaud
Adjoining the town of Xancheater, in CjTm
coanty, Teaa., immediate 17 on tne Manches
ter and UcMinnTille Railroad, without re
aarre, to ths highest biddsr.
Ou londay, 7tli of May next,
TTIIX be offered at Public Sale 26 rractsof L tnd,
V V cvutaimug from 6 lo 127 acres, being subdi
visions ot the Lassaier's Mill lract, including the due
New raw Mill and W ler fower of Mr. La.'-sater. Ail
of the Iota are well timbered. Also Nos. 1, 2,3. 16,
17, IS, 1:' and 20 in Uarrelt's origiual plau ot the
Sloue Fort property. All bl the above will be sold
ou acredit ol 1, 2 aud a years, w.thoul iutereat, for
uotes well endorsed and a hou relalued , with a re
duction to the purchaser of 10 per ceut tor cash.
ALSO. lei Laus, being subdit tsiooa of No, it and
25 iu tiarrbll's original plan, 'these lots Iroi.t on the
Kailroad and exteud up lue river, aud will be sold
on a rreuil of 1 aud 4 years, without interest, notes
endorsed aud lieu retimed.
Ou ail the lauds there is a fair proportion of flue
river bottom above ove. flow, and the whole of tlie
lands are covered with Hue limber. We deem it uu
uecessry to say auylhing iu prae of those lands,
more thau shi-piy to remm.1 the public thai they are
situated iu a section of couutry whose resources are
lust now begiunmg to bo developed, the trnmeusi
water power of the old Stone Foit having lately
pas-ed into the bauds of gentlemen w bo know their
value, aud while it is true that they were purchased
ut a very low rate, mat fact will but enable tbe nold
era to work, them more extejiaively aua profitably.
Tne voice f our state Legislature u almost unaui
mous iu favor of Mauchclor ss the point at which to
100 ale the Slate I'risou.auu abouid lhe Commiasiou.
era appointed for the purpose of seiectiug a local 101 ,
hi: ol the aime opinion aua place nut aiaucuosier,
tlieda will not be very Tar oiaiaui when it will bo
known as the central manufacturing town. In that
eveul lhe value ol teeeiands cau ouly be guessed at.
Thj entire sale is without reserve and Without re
gard to price. W T. (xAKKsUT,
ti. S. NtrtSDX.
p. s Person" whi wish to attend this sale suould
leave Nashville ou the funoay a o'clock 1'. at. l'raiu
ou the Nanhvillo aud Chattanooga Kailroad.
wThe Lebau u Hernd, Murireesboro' Tele
grapu, C.arsv.lla Cuiou'cle, S.ieibyvnle feap wilor,
copy till day Ol sale auu hum uuai w wis uuicg tor
coUoctiou. aprS-Ws
AI'lllL 17, 18 & 19.
Auction Sale, No. 2,
WF. will sell at Auction, on TUESDAY, WFDN'FS
)AV ANI THI KSDAY, the 17lh, lSlh and
15th days of April, I860.
. $100,000 WORTH
Hlaplc and Fancy
White Goo-Is, Embroideries, Hoop-skils, Fancy Bon
nets, rtiboobs. Laces and Cdgiugs, Iiea Irim
miurs, Prinu, Lawns, Jaccouels, Moll aud
Naiusnok Muslins, trench Lawns,
. Kobes and Amerh:ao Lawns,
White and fruited Bill,
iianu. Ala, every
descnp'Hjn of Men's Wear,
Boys' ear, Servants' Goodi , Ac, Ac.
Hosiery la great variety , Ao., Ac., ax., Ac.
AUo, A Lirge and KagaificfDt Slock of
Staple and Fancy ClotLiag.
SblrW.Sbtrt Bosoms, Knit Sb'.rts, Hickory anLTback
SuirU, ospeudert, Gloves, Neck Tms, Collars, Au.
The Large stock of Boots, Snoas aad Brogaaa
ws bars aver odercd at AuoWoa.
350 Pieces Carpeting.
Telvwt Carpets, Brassels Cnrpeta, 5 ply all wl Car.
wets. 1 tdy all wool do : also half wool So. ; all eottna
ao. ; ludaaa Matii.g, UartA Kuga, Fiosw Ud CUaba
aad Vtam Caxpeaiags, As.
Far, Cassiafre and Wool Uals.
Also, ti cases ef Meaa' aad Boys' raaaata, Vtf
bora aad Straw tLoa.
FIXVa uauhwauiv
SB BJT WT J ftfT . w W F-ssvw"' m - "
ebata f es .a'.re t";s bW'. vs mt eaia.
u- . . . . U . ... . . W K . n I. t . . t m.m
mm w-a wmy w - - ?
bt. araers M ci-M ska Is awt. aad latead ta mm
ti. . . J .a. a Um .uia
T?s sM-l are ail mm aa-1 pertect.aad as goM
o. or aasat. Tbo M the rarswt cbaace thai will be
a4 pia saaawiwtun rau atrfaw. mm
triH-wasv vs a sale: April IT. IS
stfisl 19. a sa th-re.
t-a' LJSaaai iui iisratL.
ToAot K A t.CCCV
Cite Octtcr.
XKli t OAs Batier, put reXv1 aa4 Her
sataty A.JKHalXS.
saa-AW-tf Hs.14 bmU HmM K.
KCHQ Sew Yrfc kt.Kar fHtataa. w4
tf seat, mt sw mmti aa. -4 sacwe4 wit tar
sate ar . ji
ssarJt-tf X.lt9.i atarkat s.
T ICC asBbaaaer tba Stafcary.Wsna-
aavS Liifea Lr- i. y
18 6 0.
No. 42 CslUgtMntt,
WOCLD call attention to bis larva aad hand
some alack of
Boots and Shoes,
Of every description and style; selected with great
care trom tbe best makers, all made of tbe best ma
terial, and workmanship unsurpassed.
Tbe variety aad quality of my Stock Is such that
tbe taste of all can be suited, and I am prepared to
oner them at the most satisfactory pricea.
t?or Clentlcuicu.
Paper French Calf Pump and Stitched Boots;
Congress Gaiters of French Calf, Morocco, Patent
teainer, ull. Kid, Lasting and CI th.
Oxfords of French Calf, Lasui g, CalT, Kid and Mo
rocco: Walking Dross Shore of every description, Ac., Ac
For laaine.
French lasting. Italian Cloth, Glove Kid Callers,
Bu.-d.ins aud Slippers;
French and English Kid Congress and Lace Boots.
Misses and Children's
Boots and 8hoes, Congress and Lace Gaiters, Slip
pers, Ac, Ac , Ac.
Boys and Youth's
Boots, Shoes aod Garters of every style, both for
dr-s aud serv.ee.
My supply of Peered Work, for Man, Women and
Children, is very large; aad will be s tidal the low
est price. . , RAMAiiE,
nurai-tf 43 College at.
AU Ci.Vl'VlilVS.
Ko. 30 V nlon street, ,
IS now receiving one of the most complete assort
ments of BOOTS ANT SHOKj evtrr brought to
tills market, which has beea selected with grealcare
Irom the BBHT Manuf acturers, espresly for the Ks
tail Trade, comprising in pail as follows:
For lUc laiuUes.
ladies black an brown French Lasting Congress
Gaiters, with haels;
Ladies black and brown Cloth Laced Gaiters, heel
and no heels;
Ladies black aud brown Buttoned Lasting Gaiters;
beelsand no beels;
Ladles love Kid Congress Gaiters, wi.h and with
out beels;
Ladies Extra Fine Kid Bootees, with and without
Ladies KMra Fire Kid Slipper, beel aad ao heels
Laeed Rocelts
Ladies txtra Fine Cog. Kid Slippers, with beels
laced Knsells;
Ladies white Kid and Satin Slippers, beel aad no
I adies Velvet Slippers; Fnglish lasting Slippers ; K id
Buaktus auu Toilet slippers.
For Uenilcmen.
Gentlemen's Super Fronoh Calf Pump Boots, best
Super Frruch Calf Stitched Boots, best stylos;
3 upor French Ctlf rump Congress G.titers;
tilove kid and K. L,. Couress Gatlars;
Calf Puuip aud Stitched Uxford Ties;
Buckakiu Congress Gaiters.
By's, Ui.-s saud Children's Shoes of all kinds and
Servsut's shoes of every kind
All of which we wnl sell very cheap for Cash.
Call at No. M Uuloo street.
mari-tr A. Y. BCTLAN'D.
ISGO Spring Supplies. lS6f5
Blackman & Gillespie,
oos aud Shoes,
toil. UIUUC A.M ITlAltKKr ST.,
Naahville, Teuneaaee,
HAVE just received their targe aud elegant as
aortowat ut Spring Gooua,souaiauug w every
variety aud style of
(among which ai-e mail y articles that, lur elrgincs
i dcaigu aud bi-auty w Auiaa-naot im surp.ssed
by any iu the market J
ail of which ars ottered uu the most lavoraois terms,
lue public ara luvitoa lo uail aud. exam ne luia
stock.. b. -1 -Oi
Farrar, Dismukes & Co.
. Are reoeirmg their &PH1SG STOCK of
Curiet iUtKS, &c.
OCR lock this Spring Is v-rv Urge and beautiful,
aud goitea up a a t ta . (rutirt care, aa to ia
latest aud b.at nih t oy" to bat maualacWrsrs.
we are wdl ptaparad Iu ur .tab
iv Vila lvo.vn suor.s.
All ia want of 8UCES wiU do weU la call oa as aa ws
wi.fwllbcaist IajW FKKKs.
luarlO-t a a Colli-go tHramt, NasbvUia.
S. a. .raaa 1 .
aaxsr wmmx.
J. N. & H. SPERRYv
CotQCiiseiua, EdCeiriag aad Furwartiia3
Pare Wines aad Craodies.
AUa-Dcmr.tie Uimrs, Tabicw, Cisari, ie.
Na. S3 Market street, Gordon's Block,
HATING asaicialad oaraalvas tngmtber for tba
tha pirww ut traa a.uag a w-eaarai Grweary,
C Miuuasioa aad aV-c.viag aa i For aardrnf staaiaeas
as f mm aSMtrod , fr-a a mmi eapenaaja a this baat
14, tba we eaa give IUikious luail a im may la
vur as a 41 lb jir patruaaga. 1'. ta war atatwa to
aee, di -I i .1. jr la atJT. a a -ll TMd i u Gro
CJ-iaa, W i..s a(1 LH'lrs,aa-J vo art rui'aatira ta
acll ta.ss a. sswap aa louiy tabik agM otmamm re .
J. S. m ti. Bt'fjLmt.
Ws are tie rwceiruig a targe and &aotrts as tort
sarat ut Gruoariaa, Wi-aa, La trs, C aad Xa
bacu. ta siaca w.iavAa yoar aua oiaa. Oar stuck
cisita ta pan .a iha letiaatag &rta:is s
astcmr autsl IsOes.
8-1 bhls. agar; 13 buaas 8aVa Loaf;
1 b.is pw. a -a-ash io, SO H ue;
M au tahlreaagitr; ( lit bgs UM.ta xr CS.m.
WUn astdl tJsiaisr.
tOO bbU rwiiaad Aaaay; bd ta .W..1 .
a k'Uiaac.. aa; lupgaaa J,Wu.a
sod fcosa Star CaadUs; - pAgs Fa.a-e.;
Mt. bags Auta; - 1J bus net w CaUs?;
lua NmsCuusi; ' be) da Uyssars;
Sw grvsa at ucbas; ) saaea Tacas;
low mm staaMi'SBWckiag;-s rums Sim. rsjwx;
M ssGarruls smaa', Iws UttwrSrW:
sw IwUUm Koy; - 1S) bW Skat;
. aas fatataa fra a; za k.g star Laul;
o maia da lab.; loo a a lUiml Fb ;
ba areas Boar..; , im ha,s rs vt m. coa:
m) stfcJagtaa.avjaMk.ooa 1 ausaa t,rJtia4 trUtgor
' ) b-sa uks aaa r-f;v-r.
arassa oajraa w ig;
C lustra itasl Tskaecs.
ta.oaa Heorr Clay Cigars;
tejMi .iiii ;
La Uaaa-ctma Ciir. ta parted;
l.o lanaw Cgars, itfuw braaa; " 1
l xirm-m Ta t
At kssasLtfjMnt A nmaa.l Tbare.
SA mm j. A. Clay da;
ta do . Ik WiiA
Aad ataay otlrr aruuoa LjO an-rsaa r amlMl
' r ' a. 3 a - - .
saal-ar 4 kWka rt.. .'., re-
Wesd ay pacEetT
- . a ltt("'
ryTiiK mtf saw Sar,
X. ta-. a.'i.-k'""- e"
iaii,ii4l,liil l",,i i"
-" - - U. H. Ma . ,
TaiK'l A4a ..ery I.rs-
mr rem i.J imm C. fc. U4i3W c 4a j4.
. c..ai4 .i . - S
- y
Aa aperient and stomach.io prep ara ti on mt
m02T purified of Oxyjeu and Carbon by t nat
bostioa in Hydrogen, of feiga aecUcsl author
ity and extraordinary efficacy in each, of tha
fallowing1 complaints, riz. :
THS EELS, ets. -
Tbe IKOX be in? absorbed by tba blood, ant
thus circulating through the whole eystna, a
part of tbe body can escape tbeir truly wonder
ful influence.
. Tbe experience of thousands daily prom that
bo preparation of Iron can for a cnoment be
compared with it. Impurities of tbe bleed, de
preaiioa of vital energy, pale and ether wise
sickly complexions indicate its necessity in al
most every conceivable caSe. In all cases of
female debility (flaor albus, chlaresis. etc), its
effect are dchghtfuUy renovating1, K remedy
bas ever been discovered, in the whole tistory
of medieine, which exerts such prompt, bappy,
and rully restorative effects. Good appetite, com
plete digestion, rapid acquisition cf strength,
witb an unusual dispotition for active and
cheerful exercise, immediately follow its uaa.
As a grand stomach: e and genrral restoretiva
it bas no superior and no substitute.
Pat np In neat flat metal boxes eemtalnlnsr
50 pills. prl- AO evrnts.fwr box t six boxes,
A SO mnm wars boxes. 4 OO. Pur aalr bjr
Imcsrlts priw-rally. Will ba acnt Frro s
suix addrraa on rervlp of the ftrtr. All lets
tars, orders, etc., ebaold be sild reward to
R. B. LOCKE & CO.,
General Agents.
- 339 UKOlUWtr, M V.
Bf. B. Xh
U fae-eLnalle of Usff
label em each box.
dec 22-dt ri w a w 1 y
ANsxperlenced Nurse and FemalrPliysiciao , ore
seots lo the tttentton of mothers , her
For Children Tetiblng
w hie lit really facilitates tbe procracf trotting, b
sfteniug the gums snd redaeiog all in llama 1 1 a; w I
allay ALL PAIN and spasmodic action .and is
IV-pecd upon it, mothers it mill give rest toy oar
st lvs,aud
Price 24 ceuts per BolTUt.
Webavepulapandsold thisarticlefor ov.rtea
Tears, and cas sar, ia ousiost-KasDTiicTa of
tl, wbst we have never Iiwd able to say of
any other medicine NKV F-RliaS IT FAILLU) IN
timely usi-d! Never did we know aa instants
of dissatiffaction by any , oue who t.sed it, oa
the contrary, all are i lisitd witb its opera
turns, aud sx-ak in lermr of bigbt'sl cummeada
lion of its magiralelftts. aud medical virtnea
We siwak ia this matter "vur wa no saow .
afUrr l- u year's eipen ena, ama rLSDoa ocn
RKPt-raTiuM pos vas rrLTiL simtoi waaTwaaaas
oat-Laas. In alralevery luataoce where the ia
faut is suffering from pain and exhaustion, relie
,lllif,'wiH ill uiidvb vi . bu.j HllhUICI aiiar
the syrup is S'luuint-' tered.
This valuable iroir3I tlou isthe prescription
of one of the Mif KXrm i'KKltNCHIiaad K1L
Fl'LNCIOr in Nrw Kiif pa land, and has bee
osed with Nt.VrK-KAll.Q 1N; srocsasis
TlliCSANiM HF CA-tj.
Kotonlyrcltevps tueclulu Ti from iaun, bat lavtg
urates tbe sumach and'' bowels, corrects acidi
ity ,and givvrtone and en ergy to the whole sys
Ism. It will aiinin ia suntlv relievs
ando-rerenmecon vulsnti which If ao speed 11
rmpdur-, end ia Ueatu. Vie believe it tb. best
aod fm tirr aaaativ il(iw woij . I ri ill cawisl
whether it antes from X. terthiO. or from soy
other cause. Ws would say ta every motbel
who haaa child suflrrm; from sny ol the forega.
In complaiDls li NtiT. LKf YoL'R FKEJi'iit
stand between yoorsuUcr ing child sad the reiiss
that will be sure yes, AlcUTLY tlRK
to follow he oseof tbis rasdiciEe, If timely
FullllrortioBiror aslotCl will secompsey sack
ottie. Nous genutoe n; less tbe fac -simile
CLRflSA FLkKLS,Sew York, is on ths oat
ski. wra.(er.
tvjl.1 by Uroj:Tstitt hrooth oat th. world.
Principal oillce No. 13, Cedar st. New York
Juii.T.laWIy Pries St cents per bottle.
L c .i v. . o
aave ine rjcccsi
l A mecUmu will kappas, aw-a ia tmdl rayalosta
aufias, it ta very desirable la have soma cheap aad
couveuieel way fur repairing Fare 'tare, Toys, Crock.
ery. An.
marts all sarh eiaergeacies, aad ao house bold can
afford to ba wahotil iu It Is always ready and np ta
the sticking point. Thr is no longer a arc easily
for limiang ea-ars.spuaterad vtaiatrs, hasiilets dolls
aad bruktm craa-a ll la OSS P.m mwtxitm lot Ooi.
sell, ad -t'wr oraaiwatal work, so popalar at
ladies of reSaraut and tasta.
This artmirao.o prapafstjua is a sad eoid, being
cboaiicauy bold la sol iut, and p issii ising ail ta
valnabia qoattities of tbe bt cabtnet-raakar's Clua
It saay b. asad IB the place of ordinary, saucilage ,
being vaai.lv more aahestre. .
S B. A Brash acouw paa i-a each botUa. Price, Stctr
. Wholesale tp.T, Ka. 4 Cedar st. , Vew Trk.
Adarsaa hZSiJ C 8PAL0IK0 CO, al
bus, Au.ta, Xsw Jurk.
Pot ap for IWlers In Cases containing Fear ,Ff ht,
and Taaive iaisaaa a beautiful LtloograiaiM bim
Card aroMnpany tag racb pKkage.
a A stasia b-tUe ol 8CAUKNGM PtXFa"Er
CLLE wui save tea tunas Ma ouat saaaaliy ta e vary
Bold by ah urumineat Stationers, fraggits, flard
ware aad Furaiture lleaiars, tirucars, aad Fancy
t' liilry mrchsais sboqld make a aote of FPAL
iINUS 'RrUAKiUl ULL'A, whaa mak.eg a taetr
bat. It a ui stand aay cuutala
aalft-ly - - t
Coroaa. Colbw tiaaa.sani aa
lnraa, Ishjtitkii, tKMtssrss or
aty altios mf tiie Turftai VV.itjJ,
-brHacai Caomm VI OensrarnoaT,
naove ms, wvms ucoi, Asra
a, timm, K K Ll t v i; ll br
Bill -3 BAiViilAi. TKiXHU.
Cores ljttatm.
A wiayis aad sfeyawf tmmltmmhmm arfoCOMS. Ae.
Ur. a. F. uaiavow, iscotua.
44 rm mmmtmi tkmir mm s It'auc r-rsassws, "
ticv. A. ll. lauu, a aw Vork.
44 Jftfttisvlsfary rtiuf ia BaoxtaiTta.
K-v.av. Hm, UiMriatatja.Obio.
" Brmt,eiml mkim ummfmitml m iptnk, tmfcnmj from
Ctu " kav. a. J P. Aschuuui.m. lsa.
A VaaJ ia rennwa.it Wisrvra i saJ trrumti-m V
(as lArmal. a. eussaaaa wuAraaaa-a a..S ikcsaBj."
trvi M. 41 ACf jil-, Wirabga.Ua.
Ttv.S-r of Xv,mii:wii FrOMie Oil legs.
Grmxl tmtmtHi aAra ti,. trf u t d alsr svnKA
img. aa lAej fmtmt it amam. fna Ucw sua tm.L.
tlmtmk U-cf mmii mt mf fmrmtmmemt im m twjc to s&a. "
KaV.K.ttowuir.A.4 .
Prraltjt AUwits Coik!g3, fsaa. .
tW4 by all firacrtsta. at 25 ceuts pr b-a".
Ataa.tteuws's Laianvs Ixnnp. tWUti" Lmmrm
, frr iwKrt , aasrwa , VmmitimtUut, Umn m
HUtrmt A feci as,. . .
a. a
V t
K. II. DUIiKl.B ca.i
CrnuVnl a. athf - - ?
A&sui ij ;ti.Y tKrg T1,Y PtftC..
St jr. J J I . as .'t ja t s . w--t-1 t , vt4
fcy as f Its v-rr , w iS r iij
oxt. T-aejr af atii!iv nl it m ( j!,
"54 a k.utr V i f- b k-t-;ii,
.1 f j 1 4 :i -1. 4 I ! H Wi jl'l' - jti, i
tiwal a - a w urt A taa i Ji-t
af aux-fifVi a 4 s a - -
t-iiun tli. C 'li'Aii'AjSi ' -
a ejh, W r-.i m. t ! uiiit j yrova.
a. R. rn taK; try
y.ia.twtf ,ti . !M Pttf4raoi. Wi
-mm. m. -

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