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IH - :.-- " ' :
' JOHN t- BA1CHLL, o
...... . -4. - - '
Offie 16 Sjeaieriea. Street.
For Ppeldut, :
- tF THNSES -E. " 7 -
For VIcePreIdent,
UAIME rEno, orsDBiuer,
IV. Ci. TAYLOR, of Carter.
Ciratid KJtlflcaCIon jMeetlug.
Tbe friends or tbe Constitution and the
Union, in Ttnnt?sce will bold a naming ia
tLif c?tj jd Saturday, 26. h iust., to ratifj tbe
nominal ioi of Juiis Bit Li and Euwabd Ev
il: i-TT, for Piideat and "Vice President. Tbe
entire delegation from this State to tbe BaU
timore Convention are i-xpectcd to be pres
ent. Iiistirifruis-bed rpeakera will uddios tie
meeting. All who far or tbe oLjtts of tbe
em-sulk are tordially inTited to attend.
Tbe Great Speech of IJr. Donslaa.
Tbe cpeecb of Mr. Docglas in tbe S- nate
in reply to Mr. Datu. of Mi.Mssippi, on tbe
15ib and I6lh inst., (jeeupied nearly t-ix
hours in it delivery. It i sttractitg uni
versal attention wherever it baa beeu read,
and is pronoudced lbs ahl.-st speech of t ia
life. We bare read U witb great intercut and
iuftruction thongli we are far fnira believ
ing or intimating ibat it bears the imprts
of a truly great mind or indicate great, com
prehensive statenniuusbip. In the l"fy ctt
duemems of a broad. logical and comprehen
sive intellect, combined with an eh-vaiiou of
parpose and devotion to tbe highest interest
of g.-Tcrnment, we have ever regarded Mr
Docgi-as us greatly deficient Ia thi? d scu
siou of tbe primary and fundamental princi
ples of government, and the profound theory
ot a constitutional Republic, embracing an
entire svMetn, and h'.Hiug in cow-tanl view
tbe good and glory o! a nation of people, we
have never looked to Mr. DjIGLas a an ex
pounder or guid But s a shrewd party
tactician; as a powciul and plausible advo
c tie ot any cause be may espouse; at a man
ot energy, perseveren.ee. fertility of resource;
as a keen debater belore & multitude, and as
one always blind to the advantaged which
other may gain, and forever oblivious to his
own d feat, be U unrivalled among all Lis
covtt-mHsrarie. Ill late perch tnaniit-Med
to nn eminent degree all th . qualities, and
ia perhaps a bvtter m-aure of Lis true
powers than any other one of bis whole life.
11m power over fuels and their proper
and mot forcible array is tnost wonderful
This List effort is but a i-killlul statement of
the history of the principle of tijuatter
sovereignty, and its assertion and continu
ed maintenance by the d nioctatic party.
Aud it is complete and overwhelming-
All the courage and fire and energy and
power of Lit nature were couciiitr;u d in
that speech. For tvo year be has been
hunted with unabated ardor, not to say Te
nacity, ly his enemies and pursuers. The
arlmiuitrat!On fust li t Blip the dogs of war
upon biiu in biaown State. This w.is buc
ceeded by Lin dishonoring deposition f:ora
t ie Chairmanship of tbe Senatorial Commit
tee on Territories by his former friends. At
Charleston the war was continued with fre-h
bitterness and earnestness, and the unitid
battery of S-'Uihern invective was kept tp
for ten doecehHive days and nights upon him ;
r.nd the pursuit whs even then contin jed,
aiid HC.ircely had the found of the iu l-c at
Ch:ilton died away b lore be wax bearded
in iLe Senate Ch imber, by tlie leader of the
chaj'.- from Mnniiwippi. Both his endurance
aad hU forWarance were ixhauKtrd. At
length the bunt-id lion of th North weft
l-.ru- to meet tbe onset. liis present honor
lid his future safety demanded that he
tltould sibmit no luith-r. He rai-s Lis
voice as the very monarch of his tiibe, and
deals bis blttws with a power, a directness
and a precision from which tbcre was no es
cape. They fell thick a"d heavy, ri'ht and
left, tore &id alt, and were as fatal in effect
as thr nrere cer aiu in aim. At the conclu
sion c.f the p-ecb, bis pursuers of high and
low d' gree, great aud una 11 were lying man
gled and bleeding aud poaerK-s at bis f et.
His triumph was all that his tnoat tanguiue
lriends could have dwsired.
Ou thit.g is now certain, if, after this,
Mr. DoI'ulas goes down, the crumbling walls
of the democratic temple ill go down with
y-O-The St Louis .Vews is li-ple;-d with
tbe nominations maJe at Ciiicago. la speak
ing ot thetn it sys
Tbs reu't of the Clicago Convention
brin n v rv grave disppoiutmeul to tbe jf
poillou party of Mio-oini, muJ will piolmbly
Lave a like fb-cl ktno .g tlx coin-ci valiv.
boats of many oi th: Fr e S ate who hoped
to give a cordial upeoit to the nonitnaiiotif
a Chicago. It does ii't look ribt. an I can
n.-vi r be made io look right to tbe masie
tbi COontry a bo really love ih L'"i", and
who mean to u-l.iiu itot onlv Deaceable b'll
amicable aud tratt-rnal rel iiious U teen all
parts ot it, io M?e but it caudidaU-a lor the tir-i
-!B;rs ef tin- R. public tak-.'U Ironi one fee
lion of tbe L'uioii. Jlr. l.iucolu my le the
tAiresl and bel of lueu in bin put p -e, and
iir. II ituliu nmy be his equal in tilierulity
"a id jus ic-. Nrriliel w it Itiere 6- auy au
tgouiin of inter l or yrtjtflnt beiw. eu llu
two scvtitn of the Couilliy 111 tue govern
m.-ni, both c .i.didaU-s uonmate-l at C-icao
mi-L tram lue nature of thing!. Irotu educa
tion, habit and asocial ion. .IcaU to on.- aud
tbe same hide iixtn wj cli they are ciioreu.
Tula is iikfui lunate, and uuuatural, and
ther lore uu !.-. We may j wiial e will
ah nil the fvtrrr Mild the aw oae pat ty or
tha oiber t ptesi rve tlie l'ni-n. ttui the
surest ot all g.iariiiic : li t..t in ty ui
perpetuity, lis in the full and friendly re
cognition of the ri it'll s, iuUTeM. ao.l what
Mr. Clay junlly called atleatioa to. the "Auaor '
of every scctiuu of the Union.
The aNVas theu got a ou to show how
So libera eppouebls of iho dvuucrMcy were
prevailed cou to piuiic.;uic iu the Caicg
wooventioa, and Low contcmpinouij tur
Werd treated there, aud cIch aa tollow.-:
Thi a- are f-cU, ui'T.i y'w g and bumilia
linij; and bow they r nk- ly to atlct the
Wtg and Aniericau voM iu l litiois, luiHaoa,
Pe ipjlvanu, New Jerv. 1Uk1 lUnl, D4a.
waie. Conuvcticut said S'cw Yotk. reniaiua to
b seen. Id JMuri. Marl..d aud Kcu
tacky, tbe Oppouisou will crrUiuly fld It
dltfl;ilt to lorir the total disregard of Ui
pecalisrity cf their poriuoua, uiao.lv ud tu
patliug up bwia cauiiutaua lioui th Frvc
Tht Aevs tuads a mistake in trusting
the protnLes of lbs ivpibtican. Uaviiig
atUnI biiaatifaa to their ciiin to tL euu
port of uatiwQal utcii, trut he a ill oaw
rally adrr tn standard of BaLk aud Evaa
TT 44 aid ia wresting Lis iial fivm tt
. pcstiott of lbs Ccuiucracj.
A A Ltxcout, in one el bU speeclea
In lbs Illinois campaign la ics&g. said Sena
tor DoLOLas was ot -a. ild-alda r paia
iiQS,n sad had lor jt-rs pa-t bcoa locked
upon us 00a bo would at no uUtautusy
L Preidt cf tb Caiud ir.M Ol hi a
slf, h said
"AVbay r ihttd mi U 'sWrV. a
ay pour. leaa. luk iae u hw.iy tas aver
KU Uat SUJ uUw4 Wt OorvwUEg Mil,'
nr.' Tanccr Opinion of She Teaao
t'ltt !.
v a--" -V
. Mr. Va'csr, th-: If'-rot the Al'i n s
cdcT-. m'ide a spech at M n'g"tn ry ci
ti - lfi in ., in wbic'J be tKk oeca-ion it
ve bJ-'jop ui i e' th-- llowaan raluiion.
fit attri'-ut rlts Urtb to th?N w Trk dd-
g.tion, -nd - id i- a dec pti-'ii-tch at.
a d a.t -ia'u. a..d c all hbonM u be
jruard- d against, coming from such a corrupt
ourc- the- Albany Regencj for it aa
tr.f-d to ihe fe--s f in- d I. gates in dm-ve-iiioc,
that . cusideriag . the 'evidenc
brought lef re the ' credential committe.'
no on CjuU1 fail -to conclade that anything
coald ys proved i-y the offHrrits of plenty of
men that were called TtsptCLiLle in New York!'"
That's pretty plain talk. Tbe Tennrs.se
d l.:g.iliou Diut bave leen in a p-culiarlj
obliging mood tn sdojit the bantling of it
scurvy pet of feUows such as are thus de
fcribL But, Mr. Yaxckt added, the plat
f rm adopted cannot be changed. "Thc
Squatter Sovereignty Platform is tbe plat
form of the Baltimore Convention beyond
the power of change, tor just after iu adop
tion, a miion was mad- ly "a D mglus d- le
gale to r consider, and this motion was laid
on the tat le. thus drlring in the last nail.
By all parliamentary rule, tbe platfoim i
not in a condition that admits of the p'M-ri-bility
of altering it. The platform then is
settled, and that the iwueof squatter heresy .
against which she has always fought, and to
yield which is to give up tbe whole slavery
question.' . .
Mr. Yanckt opposed the idea cf returning
ti tbe Convention.wben it assembles at Bal
timore, giving, among other reasons, the fol
lowing "Agt'w. no reawnabl well-alvised man
could indnlge any hope of securing the nom
ination at Baltimore, of any safs. true Coo
siilutional candidate, even if all the s ceding
delegations ant supplied. The ballot ai
Charleston showed that D mglas h:d a cb'nr
majority ot a f'Jil Conveniin. and bis frv-nrts
were perfectly united, possessing the indnc-
meitU, tbe eimrage. indomitable win nti.l en
durance. Jt it rtiitoiwUc to aptd th.it at Haiti
more they will vithdraw thtir favorite and allow
the nuiinniion ol lluuiei. wbot-e whole ic
cord is against the doctrine of Squatter
Sovereignty? or Lane, the plain, bonesi O e
gou statesman, wiio stands in the Senate ii
metricatly opj cs d to Doubl es npon Ibis
greit q jestiou? or of Dai is. of Mississippi.
hoi ever th-- first of hia peer to biy hi
bind upon l)o'igla.-? or ol Guthrie, who is
d. ub'le-s as true upon the principle of pro
tection to Flarery as anv other puidic man l
ihecounirj? There it dearly no other prospect
than a r'pttilion of tht ballo'ti g at Charleston,
for tht JJau-jhit men A rnjr majority, ai.d icith
all the adom.tayea, mil tland by lieir chit to the
buhr eiid. It was his conviction ihut no nom
ination would lie etf. c;cd at Baltimore, the
Convention would b-' adjourned tint die. and
Mr. Duglas would go before the country
represented by his partisans as th nominee
who, by a factious mitioii:y, hid beeu de
prived of the necessary two third vole. The
pr. cedent of other candidates being with
drawn, when one of them a'tained a majority
vote, he would charge wan di-regarded in
order to prevent Li:n Irom obtaining the cu
louiary indorsement, lie uud bis friend
would muk: a bold, hard fight before the
people, and, even in th.; South, there would
be men lo urge bis claim as the nominee of
the D mocralic party, lie him.-elf culd not
see bow Alau;imt "and tbe other seceding
Staten could be ri prercuied in the Convention
at Baltimore, and at the B.une time preserve
their honor untarnished, aud not have their
present bigu moral positiou demoralized und
TIie"Irrepre-lble Confllel aiuou:it
(lie lleuiorrarf of Lonlilaua.
In Louisiuiia the Statu Convention whic'i
appoint-d tbe hi c ding di legates to th
Charleston Convention has been called to
meet again to consider the present attitude
of things in the parly. This movement if
under the managemeut of Mr. Slidkll. Th--s-ction
of tht party which oppus s the ac
tion of the t-eceder, and favors iho Appoint
ment of delegates to Baltimore, have called a
Stale Convention at Donald-ouville on th.!
tithJune. A meeting of those favorable to
the latter movement was held in New Cu
leutiH Saturday night, Gen. Avucsti.v in the
Chair. Delegates were appointed to th-.; .
Donaldnonville Convention. The meeting
was addressed by Hon. I'ikrrk Soti.t, ami
others. The Ptciyunt gives the following
brief sketch of the reuiat ks of Mr. S:
Although retired from llu; turmoil of pol t
ical iirray. he could not deny himself the i
inaction of giving the humble mite of his
coiiiihel ou ail emergency bke thi.-", uor lo
resist a Cull so tl alter nx. to bitn.
Tbers can he no miscousli uction as to the
charucter ot the coming isMie; it is Irauhi
with danger aud may lend to tbe r liu mid
con-uniuiatiou of Mat glorious fabric, tin
Constitution. The question is whether the
power of the country is to pai-s lo the Chi
cago liepubl cans or to thai great party
which hio outlived eveiy oth-r political or
gauizaliou and remains tbe only grext u i
lionul puriy? Tlie coure tbe Suutheru Slates
ailt follow when the great council usreuible
agaiu ai Baliimoie, will decide. Bui abut
has br-Migbl this sudden rupiuie in the Dem
ocratic phalanx, aud iuirotluced dcrtrtion in
their rauke? Let the M-ceders auw r, they
may lie moved by the best moiives, but ae
crave lo he permitted lo exutuiiie the rtc- r I.
If they are right, lei us j io them at oik e
It' ibey are wrung, we may depioie ihcu
The record say that seven States si ciiled
because they could not oblaiu a plallotin in
accordance with thur wihhe. Wh.il were
tUet-e aihe-T Tliat a plallurm lo wdopiti!
aa b'Og as iicrlaiu iand,l.ite rerr.aiio it Lk--toie
ttiu touveiiiioo, and certain triuciphs
oe t iid doaa, which aou.d luevitatily Ihrua
iiiu out. These pri.rjiplef, this guaranlie
'ouhl tor, were tni CouT' ss, under c -i lain
mi-tgencies. should In: clothed a .th powi r lo
iim-rtere aitb ibe doiut.-tic jtlana d the Ter
ritories. iu speaker pn cet-d-d lo show that tbe
pnuci lei advocated by Jule D uul is, weie
it. e same origiuaii-d in lb47 by DicKiu-uu,
advocalid by Geu.VJasa iu iu NicIioImjii lei
ur iu Oj Joe Lane ia lt5b. by t'ouccy
also iu lt-56. If in -re men aeie ucup uoie
lo the seceders ibeii, the plaiiorui in pgoi
lion to ih. Kcdoviriuc.i a mere trap p!-c. d
uo-lcr tae leel ol Douglas.
Mr. Souls tin ii til.uut d to tbe charge or in-coui-trtoucy
uiade agaiu-l him by M. Glenn,
at a late uncling, and Mated the charge
unfounded, lor mice the t pening ot lUiiaui
puigu, be had not expr.-ed bi opinion in
pjouc. '1 he opu.i "i.s be pioetnd m lNiU
tt.e tbe miuic h- piuteMed now. Bui iho
q net t ion- are Hot the nine, and nil! uol bear
cuUitari-oQ. In l(s5U there was dang l. uoa
Iheie is no ituiui Univ p rd. tte bategoue
as Ur ad we cuulu go, ulu the bout ot U .n
g. r eoiuei-, il ! oe utuc la tiouid.r a uiu
kci, uol lo rpe.k.
Capture of .lvea.
On th; 3U U bit. Hie U. a. Si earner XV
Aarwic. U. L. CVrra, Couuuudcr, urnie i ai
K y U'cttt, bav.ug iu tow th pnxs barque
Wddjirt, se.x. d ou tbe 26i.U, city u.iles north-i-.,M
ii Naet nas. loaded nb a . Carro . ol
lares truin t'uc Con;;o Kiver. Afrtca. The
origiual cumber of rlaves ahipped aastiOO,
l.ui. fiuco ibe barque was taken lb-1 uumia-i
b is beu fduced by deaths to 519 . Tue loi
ol oegruca was an uuusually jf od one.
Tlw U. 3. Steamer' Wjnkus b sli'O-"
arnvvdat Ky Wtit, wiih another slaer
coniaiaing Tl) negroes. Thia slaver w
also captured ulTCaua.
Tbe- aegroea will tdve lbs admlnistra
tiou KMue tro ble. W uoiice that Mr. Lf
cuxx has already ut a to; to Cou
grea lu ie!atI"Q to those of lb Wild Irs.
Ths Clnciunatl PnM H depeodeut) la it
th- opinion that ths Republican Lava not
betiered tbvlr en--i' by lausbfrinj Sswiito
aad taking up LtvOwJt. Kepablicaabm."
it Mya.-bas uo eail -ut poiaU which will not
bsi louad j u4 a ul..rraUe lu Mr. LjxavotJi
a lu Mr. tiivus, a ba t becosaea eoualty
prouiiarul, aud ths pridt otial can rasa wlU
make hltn so. Ilia aotnluaUoa ass a rrtreat,
10 isks up a usrw poHiioa, but as aooa as th
foTCta are depWyt-d. Um saiaa volaeratU
poiaU are txp"---d. If dtfoat sad been in.
MisU with Mr. Mcwaaa.l ettaialy nail
M Ua A Cauuala k-idiug lk tHtJM obooxl- ,
04s doclrirjes. m ov8 b-J is flsctd ia tt j
Uadertdtip." .1
Mr. Yancet denounces the Howard reso-
Jution, oSereda an ulsim tium ut darleston,
as a -deception and -a eeaL" Yet, the Teo
neiiseedel(ttt:on. ii appears, had pledged
themselves to bolt from the Coov.-ntion iu4he
ev.-ntof iisricti .n. and ioin the aeder
led by Mr. Yascht. Thev would bave HK-ne
leighi'v in the refl cbd l-ghl. of such a lead
er. Ve b iV'- alna'ly i epuuli,-hel his letter
o)lii58. Ut Sir! SivgktkkI dii-closing his in
trig.e 8 to precipitate ibe Smlh into. a revo
I ttion, by means of Southern L'.'sgnes. And
to fui iher ill. it-Irate ihe chai acl-T of the man,
jtk now call attention lo Ibe uddiiional tact
that, in Ihe same year., he published a letter
in tbe Richmond. E-quirtr in wbieh he im
pcbed the loyal :y ol ; Teuness-e to the
Sou th. Verily our Ten ueee . democracy
oug.it to be proud yf tb-ir prospective leader t
They can rally at hic 11 with an nuu-ual
degree of a-di-repecl. - If tiK-y- are not al
ready siiBicieutly iu Inve with Lim, perhaps
the following extract . Jrom the Union and
A neriain of July 31. 1858. will fill the meas
ure of their aff-.ciiju :
It is somewhat remarkable that fanatics at
the North, and fire-.-aters nt the S -utii, rej .
resenting, a they do, the extremes ot pol ti
cul aud social auiagouism, should be found
aidiDg eacii other in lb pi omotioti of a com
mon purpose. GaiiiiisoN' and hi followers
are not more earn- st iu their efforts lor the
dissolution of tue Union aud the destruction'
of ihe Conf d-racy, th.in Hio Southern ultr a
ists who are couian-ly intlaaiiug tbe public
uiind by fervid api-enlsto their pns-ious and
prejudices, intended lo kindle !'i6ei!sionH be
tween the sections, and weaken ihe bonds
which bind Ibeui together. While the aboli
tioidts denounce the Coupiitiition and tbe
Union as an "unholy compact," the authors
and advocates of the Southern League are
striving to ''precipitate the South into a revo
lution." Both txtremei agree in thinking
dissolution desirable, and they rivul each
other in their hostility to that calm, conserv
ative policy which would counsel mutual
lorbcaracce between the tiith not portions ot
our Confi deriicy. -
Tilt; o' ject Contemplated in ibe org mi
tion of the Soiithem League, i- oi.e which uo
p itriot can appiove. Ii is a combination for
. the purpose of sfretiglnenhi sectional j al
ousy and haired, and weak- niug the lies
which bind the South to Ibe L nion. Il as
sumes an xtiitudi; of resistance lo the general
government, and ii aa avoaed preparation
tut open rebellion.
To fchow tbul we do no Injustice to Mr.
YA.vctr aud his associates iu the organiza
tion of lbs Southern League, we c py bis
b-lier, &'.. liere toilows the letter to Mr.
Slai ourr.R.
From tbe (N. O.) Sunday Delta. May 20.
Terrible Tragedy on board the Meain
r H. I. Hodge I wo ( ablu Paen
sera Kl'led aud another Severely
tonnded I'lie murderer about to
be Lynched, but saved by the Cap
tain, and placed lu Irons -lie a r
rival of the Steamer with the Dead
Ilod'ca, and (lie Murderer taken
charge of by Offlcera Held and Wil
liams, of the First Dltriet I'ollec
statement of tue I'aaaeugers, aud
their Names.
Vie are indebted lo Ihe clerk of tbe R' dJ
River packet B. L. Hodge, which steamer
arrived at this port last night at 11 o'clock,
for the particulars of a terriMe tragedy
which oceui nd on board ot that boat during
her down trip from Shrt-veport.
It ai peais that a little hump'iacked man
enme on board of the steamer at Shreveport
and look deck p.iss-ige lor New Oi leans, de
)"si:ing with the clerk filty dollars of his
mouey, nnd retaining about sixiy dollars.
The second day out from Shreveport he came
up into the cabin and told Ui el t k that some
men w-ant'd lo kill l.i;n on d ck, und be
would like to bi; tra-ferrod to the cabin.
The clei k then placed him in stateroom No.
6. ; ml thought, tho.it:h the man appeared
somewhat exci'ed. all would then be well
with him That night he said t' the clerk
that he was certain he was going lo be killed,
andwaulid to give him a memorandum to
publish about his death in the N -w Orleans
p ipeis. The clerk then suspected that p-o-batily
be was a 1 i : tl e insane, aud p- r.su.ided
b.tn to go bed, which he did The other por
tion o the clerk's statement of the atfair
being entirely ihe same as ih: statement giv
en by the p iB.engers, we give the sani . which
was drawn up on board of the feteauier im
mediately sfter the occurr nee.
'The nndersTgried. passengers on board the
steamer B. L Hodge, on her present trip
fiom Shreveport to N-w Orleans, deem that
a statement ol facts of e.n atrocious niiird-r
which o.-curred on Ixiard of ber on lit d River,
about tw 'n'y-tive miles below Grand Ecore.
on the 18 h of May, abiut 2 o'clock, A. M.,
due to the public ami her offi- ers.
"A man c ailing himself B. L. Sleath. came
on board ut Shreveport, and i etrisiered him
self a a deck pi-euger fir New Orleans
Oil the in xt evening after leaving Shreve
port, he came io dpt. R. 11. .Mat tin (who
wan in command of the boat,! and expressed
a dei-ire to be allowed to ch nge his pasage
from dock to the cabin, which was acceded
io, and a aiate room wa. aligned him by
the clerk. Having a small ninouui ol money
in his porse.-sioti. be deposited il with the
r.leik. Between 2 and 3 o'clock on iho fol
lowing morning, wh.le almost all the pa.-sen-gers
wi-rj asleep, (several geuileincu were
aiiil sitting up convening,) Sl ath mdib-nly
su pped up in bind one of the gi-utlemeu
(tntiutd K. G. Jeinigeu) mid caught hitn
aiound the neck, drew a bowiekn te from
be'iiiid him. and iilieuiphd to cut U:s ibroat.
He wa- pi event' d Irom in. kiuga lathi wound
Jerui-o catching ttie lI.v.o; of the kuile
in one baud, and Sleath'.s' arm with tbe
other lie, however, received a very severe
wound iicioks the throat.
The passengers who were asleep, were
roused by the noise uud xcit uient in the
cabin and the bout running into Ihe bank.
Just at lhat time a geuib m.n named Charles
M. Foil, coming out ol hie stateroom into the
cabin, was totally !-tubied by Sicutn. and ex
pired in a few moments. He re-i.led lu
tepi nifk'ld, Hi bertson cun'y. Teuue-sK-e.
Another paweliier, u a tiled K. J. Lvle. ol
Nashville, T linessee, being roused by the
uoiHe, 0M-ned his stateroom door lo look out.
atd was immediately slabbed by Sleaih. L.vle
only said. 1 am hlab'od.'' and expired with
out a gioau, ibe bowi-kuiie having peueira
t d thioiigh the h urt.
"At lid" j.iuelntc the Captain. wh'b--d
beeu i sleep lu his loom, was called, and com
ing at once iuio tbv Cabtu, he succeed-d lit
gelling the knife from SSbuih. and ttietl se
cured him. Tbe in u lit- ler h..d upon hi" per
son at the time of hi uritnl suveral otuer
knnei and a icvolver.
"Ihe muiderer is a deformed creature,
small in nlalnie, bu-keti back, and about 23
yeurs of age. 11- s.ol he was u native ot
Weslou Lewis county. Virgin., and lhat he
hud Iheu I. acliiu rchoo! al a place Cdil d
Kntxviilc, iu Cnviok. e county, tixas. Tue
ri a-Toiis ;in-n b Lim f if ctiuuiillin the d id
w iv thai th-y weie the p. rib s who wire
setkiu,; bis lite al hough they had nelrr
liu I befire. tie nckuow IhJjh lhed---d. but
dots uoi re in to c.ire p oiicuUrly about it.
4 We btl ubbxt''d 'o publicly iXj-rw our
admiration tf the a ulo maimer iu which
Cl t.iiu Marlll. uCit d in pn VcUling violence
Uiiig done to ihe Inurdiler, alter lie
wus sCoid by . Ihe crowii. who weie loo
much excited lor r ti c io.i, and plopvily
bandiu ban overt" p-nutc j isticc ami tlie
halKl? ol tue law. We ...-o Xpi a-our ibauk
lo Captain Marliu and lue olh. r i ffiotrsof
the boat for their prompt aud d leiiuiued
actlo-i in Ke-cuniiit S'tatu. and picveuitiig
Uiore t iolelice b tog doi.e io U-.
Signed. 8. W. L.-usley. T.xas; J. tV. R.
Wii!i.un. La.; G. M. L.Suiib, TeXai; i'ejtuu
E. Graves, Ala.; Win. Uskb.r, La.: U. W.
While. M..; E. G. 0-ier, Ga ; Thooias T.
G.euu, Texas; Win. Jerai-feu, TeXaAi B.r.
Jackson. La-; M. U. Laav. i. L ; J. h Vau
uatts, IVx .s; C. Ik Wall, Va.; J. 11. J-Cau,
John Kl -eh. L".
-On bwtrd intur L. D. oye. May 19, 'CO
Upou the arrival of the L. U. Uidge at tht
Stoca Lauding, ahcrw rbebad to pul out Uef
load of Cattle, Ule del k of lb bOA'. and
several geatboieu estun tluwn to ibe city
aud appited to the Firai Jb.trtct Tolice oai
cr logo dou and lake cuarge td the priso
ner. OiBceis Frank Kv-id and Thotuaa WiU
liariMi, s-rgeul f li e District, Immediately
went down to the Levee and aaaued ibe ar
rival of tho steamer. WUn she arrived tb
ccu-sH a taken in chwrg-j aad conveyed to
th- Fbst Disncl lurk-up. Coroner lWaeh
waa uolified and will to.d aa luqttea! po
th bodies lhiiuornlog. For las prestrta-tiotif-f
ue bodka laey wa placed la lao
tA.li0 CoCaa. : '
rTiiw.T at Nw Y'&ix. Oa lb- IT A
la?t. the Pirsidrot uoin'uaird to the Snat(
tbu Uoa. Joa A. VlX as fotiBater for tho
elty rf iw .Yock. Tuo rrciocal waa
iisecliaielj ce&rm4. v- . i
j Ex-Peesibkst Fiixmobb o Ih Statu or
. THK CooTiiT. a d thb PouTtca or ihb Dat
In a letter dated, April 30 th, Mr. Fillmore
write as. follows:
I profesa to bs-long to no party but jny
I J-" W'"1S u" f"' !""-,
neb a ilent. I am by no means an in-'
d fferent spectator of pas-ing event. On
tae contrary. I look with - the most - intense
anxiety.. not to say. alarm, upoa tbu- present
stilts of things. li appears to 'me that- he
must bave read history to little profit who
doc not see, in the gr- wing jealousy and ha
tr d beiween Ibe North aad thcSonth, the
seeds of discord and civil strife, which . may
end in civil war and the destruction of this
government. I am sure that no one can aver;
that there was more hatred between Great
Britain and her colonies, ten or even five
years before oar Revolution, than now exists
between tbe North and tbe South; and the
cause, if cause there be, seems likely to en
dure: Demagogues, North and South, fin
Ibis flame fT selfish and ambitious ol j cts;
aud the great masses which are usually in
ert and pa-s: ve, are likely to be drawn into the
contest and sacrificed, noleti voUm. May
Heaven aave us, for 1 fear we are unable or
uuwiiling to save ourBelves."
What Caused SewarU'a Defeat.
The Cincinnati Enquirer cf Sunday says:
1 1 waa generally conceded at Chicago, on
Thursd iy evening last, the day liefore the
balloting for President by Ihe Convention,
that Mr. Seward would le nominated. Gree
ley was so well satisfied ot it, that he tele
graphed bin IriLunt to that effect, though be
himself was violently opposed to Seward.
The correspondent of tbe Commercial of ibis
city, telegraphed that there was no doubt of
S-ward's nomination the next day. Other
correspondents predicted Ibe same thing. On
the strength of that general cu vie tiou, the
friends ol Mr. Seward cracked three hundred
bottles of Champagne at the Tremont House,
Thursday eveniug The question naturally
arises, how is it then lhat be was not nomi
nated? We will answer as we got it from an
intelligent Republican who was present. He
telU us that Ibe three Republican candidate's
for Governor for Ihe resneclive States of
Pennsylvania, Indiana aud Illinois went to-'
cether to Ihe several delegations Irotn New
England and some other Siale-s, and repre
sented lo them lhat tbe Republic in party,
in tin ir States, co"M uot survive tb nomi
nation ot Mr. feeward, and lhat, iu the event
of his nomination, they would go home and
decline ibe canvass in their respective Stales.
It was that threat that produced such a sud
den change aud caused tho defeat of
Seward. , -
1T1 A It HI EX.
On the 21st Inst., by Rev. J L. Alexander, Mr. T.
J. Vitchkil aod Jlisa S. Flobece, daughter of J.ho.
N. Alexaxdks, Eiq all ot lam city .
We a ish the happy couple much joy sod s pleas
ant j on.ey throuph lire, reruemberii g that
"Lore gives to nature's voics a tone
That true hearts uoderstaud
- Tbe sky, tbe oartb, the forest lone,
Ar peopled by his wan I."
The frien.ia and acqoaittance of Ibe late B. J.
l.Tusare invited toatteud bis funeral at Satmlers
V'lle,Suuucr county, on Thursday morning next al
10 o'clock, bivine rtrvice by Kev. J.B. IRFcrriu.
Ibe remains of tbe deceased will arrive at 6 o'clock
this ulteri.oon by the Nashville and t'hallauooga
Kailita'I,and from ihe Diputwiil be conveyed tu
the us tlrnce of It. J. W. Morton, where they will
remain until Thursd y raoruing Those of the friends
of tbe deceactd in the city who Uesigu attending the
fai.eraJ arc requested to meet at Dr. Morion's resi
deuce ut 4 o'clock to-morrow ioorniug,in order to
be ready f r the moruinif train of lbs Luuisviile and
Nashville Railroad.
iTIrs IVIuilOW, u exjiericuced nurse au
einalephysiciuD,hasa soothing yrup forcbildren
detha g, which greatly facji-tales the process of
Leetbir;. hy soTtening ihe sums re lucing all inflnrun
on wilialluy all pal u and is sure lo regulaletlie
bowels. Pcpend upon it, mothers, it willgiverest
o yourselves and relief and health to your infants
Perfectly safe in all cases. See advertisement n
uothercolumn une7dwly
Advics io Ladiks. We are aware ttiere are many
of our Uely renlt-rs who are com pi .iniug of weakness
and ilehili'y. Our advice U to go at once and g- t
some of ilcLtxs'a Strsvgtije.vixo Coruial axd Uuoi
PcRintR. It ia a delicious Tonic, aud ju.st the itung
to Mren.t'ien and Invigorate Ibe whole Org uiizilioo,
and pur fy tho Blood. See adrertisemeut in another
column. mylO-divrlm
Ilolloiva)' Fllia. Dyspepsia, Ficlc and
nervous Ht a iucb. Pliyricians class beadacbes un
der six divisi ins, each requiring aseptraie remedy.
In ignorance f the immoJiate cause Uw frequently
musi'licy err, and their treatment miscarry Hub
lowy's Pills never tail iu the cure of liyspepsia and
its cousequoi ces, headaches, kc. muyltt-lv
Save Your Horses.
"We tike grfut pleasure in recoinmendicg tliO
Uelican Mustang Liniment as a valuable ami lndis
peusable article for Sprains, Sores, Scratches or Galls
ou Horses. Our men have it for severe Burns, Bruis
es, teores, StttT Joiuta an I Kbeumalio Painp, and all
Say it acts like magic. We use nn other Umment.
Foreman for American, Harndou's and Wells, Far
go & Co .'a Kxpress."
(Jcntl"men : "I had a negro man worth SI ,200
who took col t from a b id hurl, and was nseh-ss fur
over one year; I had used everything I could bear
of wl huut beneflt, unlit I tried the MuKlang Lint
meul It has perfectly cured him, aud I can now
take the above price for hnn.
Respectfully yours,
' Every Planter, Teamster and Family should have
this invaluable article. Soid by all respectable deal
ers throughout the world.
mnyl-lm - Proprietors, Vew York.
Hem iofrtiscmcnts.
For Cairo and Sr. L.ouis.
Ltpleudlo aewpaasengei
ilioaewpaasengei k YTV -i
i , apt., will leave i at ' sTri aaUsA
1 learner
Jai a t-A'UiKi
for Ilia above and in termed tale parts ea TdH
OAV.ine V3 t day of May, at 10 o'clock, A.M. tor
freight or puaaaga apply ou bMrd or to
mar$ U. U. HARhlaON,
For L.ouiTilIe and Cincinnati.
'I'llE pleud.d , enrsr and
I f eljn
Slrano-r SA
MAN. J V. Tti'.or
r, V.H.,r: md IwTiryi fVMSft4
biy Faas. Clerk, will se for the al.ove aad all
liuorieo. late orts, Till? DAY, tha i3d insC, at 4
o"i lock V. U. For fieig'Oor jv.s atteapolT' on buara
or IO A. H AMlLlo.N
11. II. Hal la-MlN
For Smitliland nnd
IHKxpleudid passenKer and
A fnighl
rtei-nier Ml SNfc.
ToNKA, ' Siaaa. Msier,
will Irivo here H t i'N fc-SlA Y , (lowuy J tl. i3d lnt.,
at 1J o'clock, si. ur Irc.hi or pa- g apply ou
hoard i-r ta A UAiill Ti.N,
may '.3-1 1 Arnt.
Frrsh KruiU all the Year!
tAlF1Y, is in esiuillrd for lrrsertioc Fraita la
a Irish stair, in any c!iu.tf,o ludctiuite lime. Hav
Ui used laee Bonks, we find Item excveuioly
coovcuu-nt od J it ihe tlilUi; uld.
JjHN J. IHUUAjI.IU Kerl.tr rot Uurl Affir.
F--r na-Tvi've Bad price circul irs, auureaa Pre-prrt-r,
.1 W.lftnrlu, Wj ue cuuu iy , New York.
uaa&t-0.tAJl T.U.UOUiM
Howard School Housr.
'yHS Cum mi Ira ea Pobhc Buildings are test racl
1 id ki Ibe I'll) (aMcl to bave built aa eudata
alst.iry lu Iki u.l Turr.t ot the Howard ecb -ot
House. A Plaa of lbs aurs can be s- ea aiuieuiifce
4U.II. Aeroyd. aad bids l-r tbe entire mora
miy bw SUS lauia Jane Hal, ta
ua)23-td Cti'dj. t-fCemTJ fae-H oe.ua re.
lime Sale
On Tliaraday, Mmj 2tb, I860,
?K will tiBerat Ft BUC SALE, to ibe bikbcs4
It bidder: - - -
t aaca. rir la f eia Loa aaa Saar j
Idi bale Cbotce Kel-oned Mi Utars .
lea loses Muss's a oo iws's re;
1 J0 b . Walls Co.'s Sirei;
leO ke M -ta'-ersav's Naiii -
tiM KU C 4 m aepe;
. W,tu avaajr SMbrr a'Ucaa.
Tnai tt a is a I last aader $500 cart; all
aiavs ewr J- 0 n'y aj 's rd.l.for nruvat aa
versed naies, tkaj.bia la aae el me eur Lmuks.
Ilouve-Iitepers. ittenllou. .
rtTia a'Uattao rf ibe readers at the Patriot, the
X i-a4tr lour -eli , riucssd b) Meaara
aACatNZi MiNlMtN, id Uescl.ilserriser
aurs asu eaeau friB Jars r ia wli f f tare aa
M-liMlwcoimi, THbM-i.' t rax 2 ar aa-
u.I at-iavi HtiiKiai a l batds 4 Frwua
av4 kwrriax I h wfW ssm, d t awe St.
ISsarlT lkv bulrv4 awaaa Bj
SS4. . - t
jTuesda7 iEren in fj Ma y22d5
And every evening daring the week at S o "clock.
Of the 'celebrated beau iiul aad sublime, original
Being a continuous series of Sixty nssnlfleent
i . . , sceneS) withx figures of-' "
IAAstrathre of Banyan's world renowned Allegory
of the
- Afternoon Exhibitions will be given on Thursday.
Friuay and S lurday at 4 o'clock, for pciioolaaud
tnose who cannot well attend in the evenings.
JE DMia open nn! hour previous.
taf Aomi&iioo 50 ceut; children and eervante
25 cents. may 21-1 w
Hem uPfrtlsemfnls.
J. lfaSH. . W. J. M AKR.
Insurance Agents,
No. 25 College St., Nashville, Tenn.
Tolicies itsned and renewed, and
For the following reliable .
HARTFORD FIBE, '. HOME, of New York.
PHtEN'lX, of Harlford, I.AMAU FIRE, of N. Vork,
I.-n.-t. KAPice, cum -A- V STATE OF VIRGINIA.
i.v.-CRANCii company valley of va- -
- ma) S3-UT . .
Tuesday, 3Iay 29tii, I8GO,
Continue Vive Hays!
- - TUESDAY, MAY 29TH. '
Swep?takes for nn tried U e.ir Colls ; $100 entrance
$25 forfeit ; one mile heais; three or four lo Kit the
slaKu; Uluo to add 9100 U tile race It run
1. M- Younf enters br c. by imp. Albiou, dam by
Woodfolk's Ivuthau. -
2. A1m, cntrs br. f. by imp. Albion, dam Martha
iH.-nu by imp. Sovereign.
3. A. Turner enters b. c. Architect by imp. Glencoe,
dam l'rincefs Aune by imp..Ia-viaiban.
4. W. H. Johnsou enters ch. c. lea lb legion by imp.
Aiuion, Ojui fully i.nioll oy lurp. Lvialbau
6. Gen. W. H. Minting enicri br. c. Chivalry by
Cbilde Harold, dam Kato Kh g bv imp. Prlara.
0. Also, enters gr. c. Loyalty, by Cbilde Harold, dam
Leila by imp. Priam.
7. Geo. Ell oit en lei s ch. f. by imp. Albion, dam Ana
imee uy m.p. i evittnaa.
8. Barnes & Halliw -y enters f. Twilight by Lexing
ton, dun by Echuse.
S. T. G. M ore enters b. c. by Brown Dick, dam Mid
way by Boston.
10. l'ounitrre St -ncr enter b. c. by 2d Sovereign,
aam uy nagber.
Jockey Club Purse, $300. Two mils beats.
Sweeps'akes lor three year olds. Mile beats $100
entrance; $50 forleu; three or more to till the t-lake;
1. Geii IV. G. Hariing en'ersgr c Loyalty by Cbilde
Harold, uaiu lieli.i bv friain.
2. Also, euters br c Cuival y by Cbilde Harold, dam
a.a eniog,DV imp. rnam.
M. Young outers br c by imp. All) ion, dam by
nou-ifulk's Leviathan.
4. A Iso, euters brt by imp. Albion. dam Martha Dunn
by i i.p. bovereicu.
5. A. Tu'i.er enters b c Architect bv imp. Glencoe.
lam Princess Anne by imp. Leviathan.
B. F Cheilhain e it- rs br I by Free trade, dam by
nxonn B kliaiur.
. Rou diree & Suiuer enters b f Pailio Wtod war J by
imp Aibiue, dain Luuori by imp. Priam.
Proprietor's Purse $200. Mile heats.
Jockey Club Purse, $400. Two mile beats.
Sweepstakes for three year olds. Single dash cf
two toiled.
$100 entrance. $50 forfait; three or more to fill the
stane- Club to add $100 if tbe race is run.
1. W. 11. Joho.-on euc-rs ch c T--ulb legion by imp
Albion, dam Polly tliiou by 1-ev athn.
2. M Young ent- rs br c b imp Albion, dam by
WtKxlfoik's Ieviatiian.
3. ANo, enters by l br imp Albion, dam Martha
I'unn by Imii Sovereign.
4. Geu. W. G. Harding enters gr c Loyalty by Cbil- e
ItiroM.dam Delta by Priam.
6 A sjent -rs br c Cuivalry by CuiUle Harold, dam
Kite King by imp Priam.
0. It. F. ChoatUam euu-rs b f by Free Trade, dam
by 2J Belsh.ixzar.
7. Geo. Elliott etuei a ch f by imp Albion, dam Ana
Chai-e by imp Levuiih.tn.
8. A. Bar ups enters ch c Toodles by Highlander,
dm by Kpt-ilou.
9. R.iunillreo k Stoner enter b f Sallie Woodward by
imp Albion, dam Eidora by imp Prmm.
10. T. G. Moore enters b c I'y Brown Dirk, dare Mid
way by Boston. B. K. CUEATdAM.
mayu-td i'ropiielor.
f 'HE Races over the Wood-
A lawn Course, uear
vino, will con.meixe
(Mom ay) 'AY, and conl
through iho week. Perthes itaviag ou tiVe early
train arriv. iu time t-i see the Fume day's Rices.
may2i-4t c:u W- K. MILTON, Skc'r.
OV the Gallatin Turnpike, somewhere In Edgefield,
between Hie bruise and lirslloll gate, by a young
lady , a riuall lockel Hook with Cba.n.coeiaioina be
tween $M aud $i0 there w.-s one $10 bill one Five
aud oth rcliauga uot roc .Ik'c'od aad one Si 60 gold
peise. Auy iwraon nnding il will bo liberally re
warded bv leivh g ii at the Patriot Offljc, Nasnvllle.
SheriOs Sale.
BY Virtue of a fa to me directed, and delivered
from the H-inorablo Circuit Court of Davidson
county, Tenuessee, al lis January Term, 166o, 1
will expose lo paulic RJil', to the h gtiesl bidder,
for cash, al tho t'ouit huuse Yard, in tue City oi
Nashville, on Saturday, tbe ltfUT day of May,
lSeO.all the rlht. tiUe, claim, mtcresl and esute,
Which nam ue I K. Murgaa Iben bad, or may U-va
atnee acquired In aud to the foUowmg detcrioed Ne
fro man namod Sm, aged about only Ire
tears, color black 1T, No. 44, freuu
100 feel on the South n.le ot Broad sl, aud runs back
hunured and sixty nine feet to an ahey twelve feet
wide, aad fronts iue buBdred leel oa Saul Alley .A
tract o' land ou ihe uiu side ot CumtiorU id rlter
loiU'rulo 2, be.ii'nlug iu ti.e center of the
lines Church Tnriipike read, ihrnce running Noitb
)yt , Lal twenty pol. s lo a atake, lbew-e T3 Eaat,
iwentj-ave pt.hs, $ 7 10 po'- " stake on ibe
W.st ro.unaarv ol lUa tld i aga (r iCi, lUenee Notlh
1 3 40 W est with S..I.I Pa.-e tiua 13 7 10 puiea lo a
a'ooe, thence roaih7a). Weal Zi polea lu a rock,
ikeme uuib 3 1 4l nl twuuiy puke Withe ceu
I roof lbs Turupika road, lic-uce jkiulb V Kat 14
ele u the begiui.B g -Uil , Ne. Je ia tue plaa of
Vet Nui.vilw, rrotiili f i nr Lundred feet a De
Biumbraiie aire, t and ruutnag b ca on lioaurvdaad
aeveuiy-nvel lu a tweive fwt alley, being levied
ea as to a t-roperty ur ."..mud K. M man, Ut aaii.ly
aju gm al rnid-. red la savor Jama R- Falls
Bgta l Samuel K. Murgan.
, . JiillS K. K. MtJsliROS,.
hberiS oi ftaviuaua eountr.
' apr30-lda. By A. liiav.L, I ep. bb'lf. .
Vwrro lmixt Tbe above sale bas boa ptpiaaed
natd tue Jbia .n.l., by couaeal ot .rtV .
A. CRErX, D. S.
SherlfTa Sate.
Y vtvtne of a venditioni exposes
of a venditioni
la faver
E.C. Lesar vs. tl. B. Haik. , i.. .e Utnaal.
and dabvered Irom tue atu..rb lircua Court
ot I avataua wii.i. . teunoaat-c, at Us Jauoary s rni.
1-I0, i kill aatoao to publas aaic, Vi Ibe highest
bolder, for ra..U,al lb Curt fea.nae Yard, Hi Um
City of NanhvUle, oa fiATVKPAY, Uke PAti HAT id
MAY, 1W, all Uie rxl.T, lae, claisa, Uiivrcft aad
f state, wbk I. U. I icji u.ra haU, or may bave
atuce acquired ia aad U the following aeacritard
prwir ty ,to , a part ol Ll.L s a ta a ptaa made)
by C. W. Nnte tot H-e ftm lUi.k f T muem ,
rsjV red ia tu Urgurr'a oOve ot liavidwai mwn
t , in B - k $ fcage 17i,beuu pari of Vl c-awey ed
ui J. V. Mtrr by A G Apix-ra a by rd rtarr4
ia l&a vftVi at..rei'd Book 1$, p-ge ed$ aa4
AaOaad wUduladr aeaenbed aafUrws- ttevM--at
a stake ta the Lae of fpclag street, Buoia
eaai earier l Ne t, Ibeuce W si la the liae e4 aaal
rHM-tug iumI SO i--t la a atakv la tbe line at aatd
Marl, Oirace at ri,H Uir N.th rod few te a
It foul alley, tla-uca t aat wub al aiiev SO fa-t to a
stake. t)nrsiri(MaKflei 3eta loo fat M lb
h a n in g . T Seed to Uie a.ui at rrgailered ia
Ho urate af era id, Bv- 11, p. tOA, ievfd aa as
t-i prv'i I) el I, P. ItieiS. to si'iafy a je gmol
afaitist M Mass ta favor of K. C. l-eear
J. K. tDauirx,
apr30-ia Chens ef tfcvtdau. ceuiy
- 1 SberilT Sale. -
,-Y virtue cf a venia.aal xtnaa toavc direeiad s4
I J delivered I a LB. U arauia (Vts l 4aurt af
Lartdsaa u..Teaaal HA JaaaaryTarss, I wul
ipoee to pub c sal ka itm bubeat bidder, rarca.at
Ibe Court Heuea Vrd,i tbe City f Xaaaie, ea
fcAfUaiiAY. ibe$.h DAY Of JCg,l&3. aU tbe
nsbt, taie, cbuaa, atoreM aa4 eaaato, wbieki Joa4
A. ltotua lhaa fca4, er may Bvve siaee aqejre4
tc aad ta tae foikowi n dcacria4 tract af taad, coa-
tiioittf ragM haa irad Acrrs, MwcAeat as Rltw
iMMatulBto-ik by to laadaaa a. J. Baua.
ta C'St by tae tauas m ft. Hreck, Oa. J kaeoa aadi
L.isr. ea tae orm ay waa luia, aad am las ee
y it la,k&a of A. ttaah aad Aeep IAt and atro.
I.J Rmu Levy sa4ei$e'eiS aV M-.Mav leih,
lc n the a use wtMre Jae4 A. fait awer re-i.
ftUt tx i aa a ibe aeKpcrty -of Jori A. Ba-ii to
aatu-f f a jllriMU rmtdtca to taVuf ol ike Haek ef
teas m ageabstjavt A. fcatti. tUy 1 la
bbsj ta-44 BV iUANCl, tXfu tia-uL ,v
THE new; novel
A T A : JB. X Va .
IwSTl'BmY. CO.
a v B Ti G EO Ii G E E LL 1 0 T ,
Author of "Scenes ia Clerrical Life" and Adam
Bede." " 1 voL -
Also New supply of
- A H A M tt, 11 1 II .
12mo. mnslin.
" W. T. BEltRY fi. CO.,
: rnayS-tf - Public Square.
A Iland-bools. for Biblical Stu-
dentt and Sunday School
Large 12 mo , Cloth , Gill side aud back.
This book makes tbe Bibles pleasant as well as
profound subject of study. It leaves no difficult or
obscur) point unexplained. It renders every pas
sage clear. It ia exactly the volume lhat every
family; which reads at all, imperative'y needs to
place beaide the Bible as its best compauion.
This volume answers 1,493 questions in a cleat
' W. T. BERUY & CO.,
aprUlR-tf 7
. - - AND
Incidental Notices of Dlanrhooria, Earn
iclialka nrd Japan.
by perry Mcdonough coixixs,
United Slates Commercial Aeut at the Amoor
1 vol. 12 mo., Cloth.
This book describes minutely the whole country
washed by Hie Amour River. To this large trac .
aUention bas lately beeu directed in a very marked
manner by tbe action of the Russian Government iu
taking possession ol it, aud it ir probable that ere
long, for commercial or other purioses, an ac
quaintance with il will be as necessary as with any
other uivisionif the euith's su:faee. Mr. Collins
has proposed to himself to satisfy the uece.-sny for
knowledge. He visited every city on the bauks of
the river, noted their peculiarities, and the lire,
character and manners of the people, especially the
condition of trade, industry and social life amonp
them, do describes the nature of ihe river itsei
with respect to the leasibiiity of navigation , and lb.,
comparative wihiue&s or cultivation of th-; roun
tries on and near il all in a graceful aud attractive
A Hind Book for Ladies and Gentlemen
This is Dot, as might be inferre ', a collecUon ot set
forms, ceremonies .points of eti'iueite, and conven
tionalisms. Written by a person well c nver.-ant
with the world, and, withal, a deep tuinkrr, a sage
reasoner, and a correct moralist. Il will berou.e a
standard work on Habits, and Manners, and will uud
its way into every library. For sale by
myll ' No. 38 Union atrel.
Mrs Soutlmortu's New Book,
Haunted Homestead ;
li ITU HKtt AL'ToeiLMjHAl'IIY ;
Jl US. SO U T 11 W O UTII,
Author of Lady of the Isle, Lout Heiress, etc., etc.
bouud 91 25, paper $1 10, for sale by
JuHN" YollK t CO.,
mar2l-tf No. 3S Union Street.
Johnson Sc Treanor.
IV o. 6 Vnlon Strett
Choice IN'ew Grass Butter.
tf? One new Freab Butler wiil arrive en
11) to-morrow luorning K-r Raitmad, and for sale
A FINE Buggy Horse for sale anidv t"
maylS BENJ. F. SHlfcLtkJ ft CO.
NOW Is the time to put them up. Tbe best Jar
is Tempest's Yellow iStoue Jar the best aod the
che 1 pent.
Id FKIGfcR .TOKS. IT you w mt your b' ttrr bard,
your Fruiu cool, your meats lit for thetatile, and save
your 1 e pel oue of our liest I'biUdplpbia Refneera-lor-
tbe most ecooomk-al a. ihe rt artlrie In tbe
may 15-U
TCiT roe aired a targe suptdy of rJZ- '
J Ji xlmc, among wicb are 2 ----
a.veral rVns by Foley Hall. J. K
Tbuoiaa, 8. C. Foster, and other cele
brated wrirs lw ea irom asber, Tbalberg. ao
lonlii.pl, Wallace an I trttx-rs.
Alan a targe wul luienl of "Mem w iy 4t Bors,"
and other
Which will b. sold al small adrante oa cost. Fcr
bargains come lo
S3 Union Street.
a arls-diwaw JS. A. .vlvCLUIIE.
Hardy Bro'a, Auctioneer. '
o"cioek, I wilt aeil, wtthuut reserve ibe entire
st cka FuraUare as I iXUlM of ta rami CWa4
hutrl, ubf4Ciu etery deseriplioa of Huuseboid
Funuture, a large porlu-nt f wUh b ia la apl-a id :e.
skit, an4 alt.iC-tur deeirabie. Aa o.XHt li.liy h.ie
pril4 itaeU to all veraous w a.i d ui a icb mliai
is Bui uewal'y to b lo md, aad aa ibeaaie wl l be I oS
ttlve it wiil b- as ile tnt're.1 of ai teMeed.
Turn Alienor iiaaer SIOO ra.h, or Ofl fo-ar
moulua A. WUt-LL. liusue.
Just received and for sale by
iVo. 53 Cherry St !SahTiIle.-
CA CASE geaaiaa HeiiUiejca Caampagae
J J eat eeee ' po la;
eases tVas Cap. Chmtgae. 3. Lsaarerr;
M do Cloa Pard, Cttata ana;
ii da Cbaaabertia 'S'evfkUfcg Uurguady;
14) de Boraaay Wiuee,
3 mo tbaieava Laajao Claret;
;4 So i'ta;
lt-y H Cotitaac CUrK, Srai e,wA!Uv;
& da Ltiuae, Uv and Margarvl; ,
lue) eVi t-fcevri, Ibe Bueal Sr. bile.
do Pjl p.-r;
ti 4a Tt.ee. Itu.e Craaay;
.. . 19 d t4 rocac;
a 4U aaeavwd C wdrU, Pari k PMea -19
aa AMyvthe fcieard Pa Caare;
IS e Kawi T irat Vcrsaucthi
"?Ud llUsaa Wibm;
il d hjarkhog fietbaaU;
44 da iirafctte;
ava - Maasat; --
M ae TTaae Aati, .. ..
M a turwle)
Al 00 Alacraraaa.Tarwxci'.U, fcegoeU., H
' MA aaA ti. Laewa U4.e wd;
AU ear dareet aaf,psa esparvuMas par bar AU
waae '
Attat. AFrTXStXf B'TTOJ, rwe assaadad b
k sssat ss.asrt pnr .-ia
So 64 Caarrjr three.
stay 16-4
IVO T l.Cla .
IT. tadacatka tor k Xawt af the -C AICT '
TUUiUH te as aaAreeava v -1
tHA. r. oti.
B.t 47, aavfaU,TAS.
rvaAwix iAbJ,
HEREA? AIYSO.V HEaVJtOX, Collector of
!? $ . 1MseM,wl Taxes daring the year and that ths Taxes th-rena are doe and renaa aoa
?hB respecUve owners ot the same bave ae goods aad caaitela wilaia the luaUa of Um sai(S
cjtyaai wiucb he can distraia for said Taxes o-wit: - . , -
Armes, W J., 1S57 Jk 1859.1
Allen. Samm 1 M
Aliisoa, camuet p., estate '
Allison , Robert Y. -. ;
Alley. Y " -
Beech, J J
BeU k Joues . .
Black, W m., heirs
Prmshears, As . ... ,
Brandon, John : .
Bugg, twmuei H ' . ' .
Bush, J H
Bnsb, J H., and Thomas Kirspatriek
Barnctr, Johu - - - -
Cailendvr, Thomas, estate
Cameron, Mrs. ba.alt
Charlton, Dr. Jamen
Clark, Mi S. rJeauor J
Clagstan; L H
Correy, Mss Eleanor
Curb U, Nicholas P : '
Cowan, John W
Colt trt, John
Couch, G W
Iubbs Porter
Davis, Hiilurd
Davis, Sirs Mary .. ,
I nnell, Thomas
Donnell, George, (colored)
Driver, Wm., trustee
Drew, Poliy, (colored)
Dungy. Mary
Eumoudson, John K
Elliott, George
F.ilistoa, Jieph T
Evaus, B W A R
Faulkner, James T
Fehs, James W
Ford, William
Fleming. Mrs EUzabeth Y
Fox, Mra .-arah
Freeman, S -muel L
Garr tron, Isaac
fiieares, Fall ud Ewin, trustees
G-rdon, Fustall and Briggs
tvregWy, n.irew
f.reen, Jonathan, heirs
Garv, J 11 ,
Harmer, Hiv Co
Hats, Charles M
Harris, Wylsy, (colored)
Harmon , frank
H-iwkiu, K. b -rt
Harris. Mat siher
Harris, Mes Kilea M
Hayes, O B. , eswte
Huks. Mrs E
H te, Jauiea
HiU. Mrs Sarah
Hess, John W
Hoopsi , Joseph
Horan , Joan
Hunt, Samuel
Hyde, Pen. beirs
Hyde, T.iewell, beirs
J. nle, Fred., estate
King, Josephine
Kelley, M ss Ellen
Ei. by , John , estate
1-inior, B., (lessee)
L-imouu.-, Alexander
4 4.
Lamb, Augus'na
Le:ivit'e, diaries
Lidd. 11. J H
Lincoln, George W. ,
Lon ir, James,
Mc lain, Ur. Wm ,
JIc oy William,
MclK-armon , Joel
McEwen, Joseph H., Estate,
Mclntyre, Mm, Sarah,
Mclaughlin, liiouv.s,
Mcnairy, . A ,1 state,
Maney.U. A Wckeuuie,
Martin, Ralph,
i .
Martin, Frank,
Marhn(.U. C ,
Maliorv, Philip, Estate,
Mallor'y.C. W.,
Meadows, James M., Jr.,
Miller, CcOrgoS.,
Morris, Cy lliia,
Morris, J-se,
Morgun. Eliiabelh,
Montgomery, a iliis G.,
MortuB A: IP iggs,
Nash, Edall, a Co.,
Navlr, P. J-,
New, Mania, Estate
Northern, S. w .
Ow.-n, V. W.
Owen, E Jrctt
Oweu, James C.
ttborne, James
fsborue, .losenh
Paul Hill
Petway, Hoskins Co.,
Perry, Richard
Porter, s V.
I'reshylerian CTiurch, First Parsonsge,
Row ton , Richmond
Rowt n.arh Ann
Scott, Robert
NttT-urans Mrs. Susan
j-aniuels. Mrs. S. E.
Sauuu4s, K. A.
heppa d II , and Ponelson Heirs,
ftnglemn. Muces
ig ler, John
Mnilti, H. licV. and Ana
fcui .1, Mrs. lath, r.no "
Stout, S. V. I)., Utale
44 44 44
Sievens, James
Stevenson, James B.
Skipwith, A. P.
1 nomas, George
1 tu mas, Johu L.. Fa' ate
Tliurmo d. J. I)., Estate,
Tu. ker.l.G.
Vance, Morgan
Waldcn.H V.
Wutson, W. Sc. It
Walker, Joseph B.
WliM r,J. Ii. A; F. G.
Whiiaker, W. H.
W hit-, James A.
li . te, James C. , Heirs
M'dlis, JnhalL
vt lllijins, Ueorge, (colored)
WlllianiK, P.
Work, Mrs. Martha, Elte
Wtuxls. James, (deveaseu)
Worts tt H .nnell,
Young. William
IT is therefore considered by the Curl thai Ja groom bf, and it m be eby caiered asainst the af.irraa-d
traru of Und and mea has aud par-sof loa n Iota, ia lbs name oi the Mayor and Al erniea of C e nty ef
Nashville, fur ihe sums annexed lo earn; borne fie amount of taxes. u aad clMreM.due a-vrrill ihereoa
f-iv tbe year. And it IS ordered by the tVart th:.t aa d ..veral lowa I-Ha nr ria id ten I la. or aomnrU
thereof as s'lall be sumeaent of eaca of t .em lusatufy ibe taxes, CutfU and chargca annexe.! In ihe.n severaUy
be so d, as tbe law directs. UAVIu V. LOVE, Clerk.
BY Virtue of the above order, I, ANSON NFLHiV . Collect r ia Uie Pultlie Tsves fa- the fWrvrmnon of the
C.tv of Njehville, will orler for aal., lor ea 1. at the Co .rl ha Y d. In -al I I'll Nas'itiile, oa tliw
HKST MONDAY OF JCI-Y, Ibd , aad sacc e lio days, if mwrv . i'.e ulim m-nu -l aavd dewrribe I
Toan Lou. I1.-e or Parcels of lnd,oro much theieuf as w II b auma-at 01 e-eh ut ibem 10 aatwty the
Taxes, C's aad iTiarges anuei.-d lo them several!. ,
wa i-ale ! vommeuce betveea the bouts T II aaj 11, A- M. ,
JL.721.1N6J. AViV Nn.toN. Cothjctor.
a. c. umwoi
a. Biojkiaa.
' No. 47 XortU market Utreet,
HAYIVG removed one deer abeve the old Hand
wouid rerptctfnlly invite tue aueotnaa if ttetr
friends and tie pubhc generally 10 ibeir cxiei aire
awes of
Wh ch we are prepared to sell as low as axv wnnse h '
the vliy.and a arraeit to gl- e reaeral aaia-iet liu.. 1
Tne Goa bavag tHwB sehxltd aud a auulaiurw i 1
ander our ue a aapxrnilroiiaaxe. Uar atuck cuna.at
ol every graue aad aty is vf
" : ' i
Cf the latest stytea, together with a large aiek
f-Uirts, Colfars, Cravlt Glovrt. Supleys.
Jaeritw Underbill 1 U aod Drawers,
Trawling, l'sckiax Trunk
aad Carpet Hags. -
Of all sises, which will be sold vary caeap.
f Iolh?, Cas&fcneres and Vesllngs.
A spteM'd laofiml, "hps wiH be saaAa. a at tfcj
Mir 1 ami a cob. at tee m tea
' mo- tMt irrt be piaow. Market Street, fowr
doors fr m tbe Peal aoware- , - 2. '
mprljm st. C. ANDES CO
Tpinipuxrt L llabacia RailrsatL
TIM I' 1 A It I. I
Catatawearlos astday, A prll S9. I860.
4to e Nask vl 4 41 a sa. arrive at Coabia 4 a as
Lasve Naabvuie ti bsb. aim 4aCiaiaeBba ss
Leave Cotavab at TUtta. arrrv at Naaaville 18 a e.
Leave Cumblpsa.arnvaAiaeavUia) t y ss.
THE Mneaf Traw g u e-ejas b
M-ataa mad C a.r feloa XaJre4 at Uawaar.
The tveaaag True i aasta aaaa atai as teawaa-
waa Ir a te Meaai r-- d
eetaas at .WAvUie ab Leevsii- al Na-S.Ul
eti. aad al. ia ra
w.ts- ri3S,
SV3- therwrastee-ieal. ,
rl'I t& BCTTK, 704 received a Sac
t hf sVbkJ. r. arllt-iani at -- ,
aaaylS-lC , CeearsdsWe.teiitaest.
ti); f
aai iuui, asou.
tbe Taxes for tbe Co-Twrstloa of tue Mayer and AMer-
. Feet. No. of Lot. Value. 1
: - ; - bk
fc 1700 S 25 1
4 S -2 - 30
lo - ea . irsso
42 63 - eM
UK . 241-4) 2S - -
.40 22 3C0
'7 , - ' 14) .
127 . HfO
T ! -. .
47, 11 2-6d
60 163 1551 I
50 Cherry St. r. -8 .0 , : ' ' " i
M 4S ' 44-50 " 1 ' j
i 48 - 4. j
102 . 1 020 I !
100 ! k 11 7( - J " !
62 J ' 14 121 i . i
84 117 " lis.' ! 1
70 10 trot r
40 67 . - . I
SU , 1S loot j I
25 19 .M J
lue w7 , 8 " J
497 Marki t St. p5) .
67 Cherry Sl. 1X0 I ,
60 Sum'er it- S-tAJ 1
Sw 1 - i700 1
M . 10 600S
47 11 13 4.01
S"8 M til) a.o
633 77 4t SA-W
M 4A 2T70
49 11 2010
loO 19 A 20 1D
31 ill SIM)
S3i; S4 tit
40 29 . vid ,
69 S7 Ht
40 2m Id
PO 1M 1160
27 S4 00
106 87 a
5J 104 61v-i
2U7 100 It 101 s; m
33 S S.'0
24 l 9MJ0
45 I 4600
72 64 A 65 sod
60 5 150
tKi 176 26U
253 2,36 IJW
44 10-1 554 0
40 S9 le-10
103 3746 S.6 1
75 VI 600O
17 143 61U
97 10 k 11 4320
43 00 7a)
' - S7--4 SjO
43 f,7 430
60 lfS 3 KaM)
51 670
61 00 1650
123 23 "1 1JOU
50 17 a IS 1NJ0
60 27 00-1
120 M 12 4
M 161 bOJ
65 13 0
35 167 8:W
II 121 56
f0 130 600
30 3- 750
51 39 toU
SO 130 6U0
6) lo0 600
120 17 40
52 32 6. 00
so 1-7 auto
Trt 39 SOU
SsV " 26200
24 10 3500
30 160 27(H)
0 8234 1200
50 2d
2- i S3- 4 6 "0
23J 18-i 620
8. 24 OoO
SS 8734 fr'O
H 6 I16O
. K5 0
61 18S 63m)
gl .'S 8140
lOO 40 IS le
10 V 11 72)
R0 IS 1',0
A.) i 1 127 0
4j fi 1.5 a
2'iQ Mark, t Sl x 0
t - llMM)
7i 15 loi al
80 1
67 15 0)
4 3 1-23 Hod
2oj 45 4b0
as 6:h)
7 1 27.171 ".aJ
1 0 72 6-0
ISj 1,28 lo
114 8 SO
60 li 6i
1.-0 28 b-hi
85 t 625 J
M 9 u !
St 105 4.MH)
4 I 111
4 15 S"d
157 7,3 1JU !
7 14 v 15 .i
61 00 H) j
6S 1518 1 !
1 ' Ac.w ! i
e t h 7 ui ; ;
8t . ii JKW i 1
61 7 v 8 5-0 ! I
&0 7J liiou j
41 ii'O
4 i 80)
W 15 8 0
23 1 2 0 !
40 7 liaai j
47 19 SO
; 6 8TVU
50 7 7tH :
JiKI 104 1 frO ' '
40 9
Vi i;4 6.V41I 1
2! 12 S 6'3 '
20 174 4 lO 1
60 Si l"l I
65 14S-T 13W I
81 75
M SummerSt 13-4)
S 14 iSl
TV,- 8 70
40 87 9i0
50 2 1 ou t
VS 21 1
53 4
2 12 4-0
SUIT t-S0 N-0
35 104 41
43 2 4 :o
:5 2 1.VHI
l'0 7 ; 66
69' 45 lNd
1 tn 8 '.ol
5! 4." S'l
1-4 HO'l
6s 71 :4"
244 177 7s 79 ISIS
ft 1 i 2
ci a
2' I
1 1
, 1 -
aa .
lo 16i
112 S2! C2
,liW II ; HOll
101 55) 1 &
1 . 511' '7
18 !5 1 9
8. 5,
4 60
6n it;
; A
78 18
M v
71 o
t.l .11
25 Si
25 5
4 72
16 IS
?i S
21 05
8 'O
1' 5"
9 5"
20 Ci
Ml h'
2 -'
9 72
It 1
191 67
17 O.".
Uroadttay, Nrtv 101k.
U'HEV comi.W-te.1 a jr years ago ike M lficHoUs
w is cuivsrailly trn"Sced the a i4 vaagmS
cnt, e . venlfBl una liM r.Bhly e gai ited aaiab.
ui.m-hi 4 ibe kiud a Wits cuBiraiMit. a bar a was
the a it remain le-dat w I boot a r-v I in as-, ia
aumiauex rf, and it. t e getxevai 1 1 niet.ta 1 1 a-f-r.
an rijojmei.t. la li.IM i-c..mmir!j a
M I11A te-ris. laelidmr K9 combine sat"' l
larart I ("V families. Six botr-if.-d rrona caa
b.- c- .i4fubly 4alei al ibe lahle- rf tt lbr-e faib
lw d Bcf reoma. aad 1 idbmg tha nxe-era t h s
4-i ed i4r Ibe emveiiei4ce and m-v.) gr.litt aua
ul He traveli. g pobhc hm hrom mat lea ia lis rx".
or ta nfiglaeled ia Hi pme'iral delaiU. 1 he early ra
1 aiim of tbe b.iuse it Vhm aad Bra,4 , dWIt d
fr m us aatcailude. Ha superb sppotataienl. aa i a
booie-ltkecurn'orla aud lusuriea,kaa uvea uhaaoed
m vf j j . a. r i- . .let l I 11
tors Tt.EAUWsXJ , HIiXXiMIt IU
r . 11 .v is a . ;
41 Ce)ll.se afreet.
NA3i!'lU.K, rr.NX.
UESTI1A PERCY, tut. L'KSPERANCE, by Margrats
Fieid . New York, t. Ai pson it f.
or Hi CuTEMPuKAKlkJ, la is , by Joba
Hamil'i Pabibrd by 1 AvpWal kCa.
1C 1 1 RUM THE njMVljtY r THK CON 1 IN ENT
TH1H1Y FllTH Ct'NGKES?, by J. H.Patloa.
Eiaborate uvsUmoo ot tbe Carted fclaSea bave bera
biy ar.un; cosapeads, or scboed btavoes, aad
eU adapw l tu place tbey are deslgbedva til, are
anaemee Betwera lb.B eoapeadaaad the aeck
eaaeaiLag Wa a:x or eaore volassee there I reom, aa
w U aa bm tatty, for a Bstary that saaJlbesar-oa-Jy
a aberale f trace tbe dine to&aeaces tbst
had a pvwer ia eaewlduag taa chars. af lb
li.Uoai aa4 its UauiaUoaa, soral aad P iiucal, a
vedusse that eayauid arcaMt aa fairy as at cewaaueat
wab taat devaga thaaeeveaaa ahjcb are istrvratisc
s t tu ai aal Ta r chars r wale of tbe tbaaw sad pee
yko. Wk wotk tbe aaibor wf this veiasae bas
eVraaeved t oooif. PiJiia-be by 1). Aptdetoe at
uiveraal ksoi le the peoyl. U-ualraiea.
eei.1. A.B4L .
PLATIX APuUsaT AX1 CWTO. by Tyier. ,
AXERCma IX FRENCH f TSTaX, WitkiemaB; ar-
tasged aAt rHasievia "Syauxe Fraaeaiae.
MAN I EL OF CiiU aCH It CC, by Wabev.
OMtaaO reeeivf US Sew Be by 8pea
Caaieod eaajsae Ihaaa. T UAGAM
T..j iff tl AX CedJetfe ai.
The Lovers
tar A ftaacixS
Caa b suited bos bera better tbatt at
Clo adi BiiUiRf, tZ Casrry Itrsst
aj-4C .

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