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JOB'S F BATCHER, .dJScciafe favor.
Offl(i No. 16 Ifdrlfktrfl.
For PrwUtnt
For Vice-Preldenf,
KAII.1K PKV'rO!, rr S-n inner.
IV. U. XA 1'l.OD, r Carter.
Ovr Aokncit N.w Management. Kob
ekt I. MuS'.'Eq., of Franklin, who has
lieen acting a our a;rent for the JliiMIe Di
vision of Tennoww, for the last four tears,
Las Lecri iH-cefriJarel by tbe pr'sare cf oilier
engagement, to d dine acting longer in that
capacity.' During our engagements with him,
In ha evrr sLown himself to le a generous.
Lfgh-loneil pentlernan. of unspotted ioiegii
Ij. and w part with biro with tbe moat iu
frnse feeling of regret. In supplying ibe a
eancy, we fcavc leen so fortunate as to n
tbe services f Jo. J. F.ru.-on. Esq.,
of Springfield, who will commence bis labors
with a tour through the counties of Robert-
eon, Montgomery, Siewart, Dixon. Hickman
and Humphrey. Merchants Laving claims
in the above counties, will do well to place
them in tbe bands of Mr. Fkko' son.
Tlie) Dciuind for lonxrcwlniitl Pro
tee-flou to Slavery In tlie Terrltorleo
tk Sham and at rreleuMDiu nlon
the TracAlm.
Doubtless many well meaning people n
the South are sincerelj conTinced that it is
within tbe rightful power of Congress to
legislate for the protection of slavery in tbe
territories, aud that that power onght to be
exercised when occasion calls for it. We are
disposed to scconl to the masses of the De
mocracy in sevtral of ibeSunlheiu States
where the demand is much insisted ou, blu
est sincerity, and c-nscienctous earnestness
in their eUorU to asserl the doctrine and se
cure its application. With this concession
we d'etre now to say that in the hand of the
leaders who are making the most noise on
the subject, and who threaten all sorts of
dire calamities to tbe South unlet- it is suc
cessfully a.-.icrUil and applied, it is au un
mitigated sham and pretense.
A certain cla-ts of those leaders, we hare
seen for tbe last ten years, any one may see
by reviewing tb; political events of that
time, is bent on destroying the unity of the
jiieeut government of tbe? United States.
They seized, at an early day, upon the sub
ject of domestic slavery, and the exciting
questions growing out of it, a the most
practicable expedient for exasperating the
popular passions of both sections, and tlx-y
Lave never -l the agitation of them rest.
As soon as one issue is decided they have
another ready to spring upon the country.
Ten years ago they supposed they bud suc
cess within their grasp. Having thrown
every obstacle a quick and diabolical ingenu
ity could suggest, in the way of the passage
of tbe Compromise Measures of 1S50, on the
final triumph of those measures, they initia
ted a dissolution movement by assembling
a convention, of diguuiouista in this city.
The sober sense, the conservatism wisdom,
the patriotic instincts of the people of tba
South were stronger than was calculated,
and tbe attempt was a disgusting failure.
Ia the ensuing State elections, these tlia
oniouists were rebuked and overwhelmed
with confiusioii ami defeat.
Iinpudontly enough they retreated from the
terrible shock of pomilir indignation, and
in less than two years, these Same men led
off iu proclaiming those same measures Ihey
had so fiercely condemned, a just and fi.ia
Settlement of the slavery question! They
truck their tents, di-batided their folioweis,
and joined the ranks of the friends of the
Union no doubt with the design of creating
strife, divinion ami mutiny, and Hum Ct m
passing an olj-ct they bad fall -d to accom
plish ly a direct att-rnpt- In ttiis woik they
buve la-en sleeplesMy industrious ever siuce
Without now entering into details wiili
which the intelligent reader is more or less
familiar, we couie to the demand for a Con
preionaI Slave Code for the territories, and
to the evidence that this demand is a hypo
critical eharu and a mere pretext for agita.
tiou. They kuow in the first place, that it is
now impracticable, that it is import, la to
obtaia iu practical enforcement. Tbey
know, in the second plac, thst. If they
Blould urge the demand to an h-sue in Con
gress at this time, the effort would fail, aud
bo completely and hopeleanly that thk-y could
never hope to revive it with any prospect
' again deeply enlisting the popular mind
the South in it. They al know that
such a failure would not be held by the peo
ple of the S.uth as just c iue for a dilu
tion of the I'uiou, and they wouM 'afain im
rebuked and covered aitfi shame un-1 .1 f. at.
Hut they know that if the q i. itiou be kept
open and they cau be permitted to instil iuto
the popular blood the slow pt'isin of di.con
content, lh..y m..y yt- be aide to raise the
tempest and ride on the highest wave that
engulf the KepubSie. For it is a d-i-p. rattf
aud unholy ambition that iuppires tlx ir
tuacbi nations, and urges them to their aim.
Hence it is that when a cane Upr.srnud
for the practical enforcement of the demand,
tliey are content to ignore it an I rtf isetu
bring the i:ie to a te.-t. tfuch acae i pre
sented by the prohibitory legislation of the
territory of Kan-u. There is nothing more
reasonable uud natural, if these l.-nd r u ho
ore so earnest Tor thi protection, were hom-st
and sincere as they profess to be, than that
they should, at once and without bejiati.n,
demand its application in t Lis case. Kansas
ba.-. takeu put iseiy thet-U p to which the prin
ciple for which they contend is meant to ap
plyyet there is but one man among them
all in the U. S. Senate who dares t nder tbe
isue I This fact was Mated la the Senate on
tbe 7th iust., by Mr. Cuauvax, as follows:
"Th Senator lroni Miasiaotppi who sits b
Litui me ;.Mr. lirown) has been striving l-r
the Ul thre.; or four months to .-t a i.
tive act paaed to proln t lavery in Kaus-s,
and be has uever yrt louud a cond lor it.
It any on-Senator upon this tiMr, uni
riandu.g th urgent and el.uent np,.. aU
cf that gentleman, ha. declared Lis wu.in
tes- to vote for it 1 hare not heard Lim say
po. and I do not b,i,ve th, rtf u wh . m
And yet every dy kuo. thai K.a-a. ha
lately refused all protccUou tj tUv pro
perty." v
Again, on the 8th, tbe Senator from Noah
Carolina nit. rated the statem-ni aa follow.;
-Hereii lh Territory of Kan. bici
net only does not give us any proiecii.o.bul
which. I am informed, has legUfate.! advrra
ly. On initor rtni Alimi-i.ot (Mr.
I rown)bas l r.ight f.wward a piojwi.i.
taiaWleic for the protections .larny a
that Territory, and yet he has not g.nirn one
Southern nun to ek him, and if r-w w-re
to aibuit IU .iue,. t wf MJl!).
Senators I have e,y ,jr, aHlM wll.ib.r
?iol"a irilUm ta TKC ''
Upon what other hypothesis than tL.t we
Irave suggcd -that of a deira to keep iLo
q.iesUoo 0 as a in- an. f Utxtuias
czv(ratia the poblic tuind of the eountry,
and of altimat! briiig:nff aboat the dWup-
liacl the f vefuueat can au rUu.-al to
act be explained! What other object can
they be reasonably supposed to hare in view?
What other preemption is consistent with
reason? and does not this fact, con pled with
tbe known opinions and policy of these men,
exclude erery other presumption ? Are the
people of Tennessee and the Soath ready to
follow the lead of such men? or to be made
tbe instrnmsnts ia carrying out snch a
scheme ? We trust the answer will be beaid
iu the negative in thunder tones, at the ballot-box
in November.
H h jr tbey did not Keilre.
The following article which we copy frfm
the Hantsville (Ala.)' Democrat, suggests tbe
idea that the" delegates from this, and other
Southern States, wbo remained in the Charles
ton Convention after tbe withdrawal of the
disorganizers, w-re not governed by the most
patriotic motives. Euch of the remaining
delegations had "an axe to grind," it -pears;
and held mtn in bTgher esteem than
prit.cipft. What have our Tenuessee dele
gatTi to say in reply to the suggested charge?
If tbe charge be true, it woild s-'em to us
that the lactouly places them on the platform
of the sec-ders, who, after all their professions
of devotion to principle, retired really because
they were not sure ol their power to defeat
DoL'tit-AA Mtn, and not principle, therefore,
if we take tbe word of tbe parties to th eon
test, were at the bottom of the troubles at
Cbatlestou :
From t!i Hui tville I emocrat.
A Fact to be Aoted by Southern Demo
crat. It is a note-worthy fact that each rf the
leading Southern Delegates tht remained
in the Cuarlt-sion Contention alter the dele
galea from Alabama aud other Sou (turn
States retin-d, to wit: the delegations from
Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky each
had a caadidate lor the Presidency. Vir
ginia had Iluut-r, Tennewe bad Andy John
son, and Kentucky hid Guthrie. Each f
them a as bent on t-kc:ing its iuju, and
placed Ihif success of their rrvm above priiiri
jAtt. Tbey urged the nomination of candi
dates before the adi-ption of a platform thus
making partisan view.', the ehc:ion of a man
superior to tbe maintenance of sound princi
ples. On the contrary, no one of the withdraw
ing delegation! had any inari to present tor
the Presidency. They preferred measures to
men, D- inocratic principles to party succc-s,
me rig hit aud equality ot the r-outn. to the
empty triumph ot a party without principle,
the maintenance of tbe Constitution, to con
ception to Freesoiii.-in. the uubiafrd, deliber
ate ol an impartial Supreme Court, to the
opinion of Senator Douglas, under tue bias
ot hi aspiration for the Presidency, the in
fluences of his educated prejudices auaiusi
slavery, and the pr- ssure ol an overwhelming
anti-slavery eeutimenl ut the North.
The Great Political Failure of the
Under this caption the New York Ilcroll
thus refers to tbe nomination of Btl.L and
EvEKKTT, showing conclusively that it is all
a party trick on the part of some of the Re
pUDlican and Democratic p ipers to be call.
ing the Baltimore ticket a political failure :
The party press, without exception, affect
a regard the Baltimore uomiuatiou of the
Union candidates for the liesid"iicy and
Vice Presidency Dell and E 'erett as a
signal failure, the greab-st ol the present
day. The Democratic and Republican jour
nal vie with each other in npplving all
sorts cf disparaging epi hets and nicknam-s
to the.se gentlemen, and endeavoring to
show, that at candidates, they amount to
nothing. Among these journals ure the
Richmond Enquirer, the Albany At!is, Arjiu,
and Evening Journal and the New York lri-
bunt. One calls B-.-ll a Whig, another calls
him an old fogy, a third says he is dull, mid
a fourth that he is a ''miserable abstraction."
The D mocratic journals take care to tell i;s
that this nomination cannot injure their par
ty, while it is likely to itilict serious mis
chief on tbe lit publicans. The Republican
journsls ou the contrary, labor to prove that
U cmuiot posribly slb ct the succss ot Ke
publicauism.hut may do some damage to the
Democracy at the South. The truth is that
both sets ol journals are partly rii;ht. The
Democracy mav be defeated by Bell and Ev
erett in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennes
see and other South- rn States, anil the Re
publicans may be defeated by the same can
didates iu Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
Why do these journals take so much pains
to run the Uoiou candidates down it they
lealiy amount to nothing? We ratio r sus
pect that it is Ix-caus they find them formida
ble opponents in the pn-rettt Mate of parties
and political complications. B- II and Ever
ett ure belli restectable and abU men, and
about the safest that could be noiniiiatvd,
under existing circumstances. As for Hous
ton of uhoiu so much has b-en said, he
would not b! hj any msans a safe mau tor
President of the United Slates. He is not
conservative, would be very likely to plunge
the country iuto wsr ami fiirlhumoie, he is
ery much ot a humbug.
V'e cannot y-i ii-ll what the Democratic
pnrly will do. At present it is in a state ol
disintegration; und if it shi uld continue in
lhat conditu ii. and the conservatiue masses
should lally around Bell and Everett, th se
men would be found Very farfioin despicably
candidates. But it is olj -cted against them
that th-y have no platiorin. In that very
lact conis!li their strength. The absence of
a platioim is tbe greaUst of platforms in the
p:es-nt critical condition of the cuutry; for
it opposes the agitation ol the slavery ques
tion, the pabuluia of all ibe politicians and
demagogues. North and South, aud the only
source of Uanger to the Union. it is this
which, alove all oih-r things will commoud
tbe candidates to the gr-al masses of con
servative voters, who are heailily sick of the
revolutionaiy Republicans of tlie Nor. h and
the levoiuiloiiMry hie-eaters aud svc. .-ion-i-M
t Ih- Sontn. n Uie whole, viewing
the horoscope of the political heaven-, we
ilimk the nomination ! Bell and Evi rt tl is
gootl, and that it may turn out highly im
portant iu its beating ou the to jireut
paiiusi t the da, ami i u the interests of
the country, at a cri.-is in lis histury with
out a parallel since the ionudaiion of the
goVeriuui til.'
'1'lie Wt-ailier and tlie Crop.
Cok.v CkoP. Ibe Calioll (Ttun.) J'u.'rpjt
of the 2 lib iust, saxs :
From present indication there will be a
larger crop d corn rai-ed in Carroll county
this year lhau baa been lor the but dizen
Cko!-. UndT the Influence of genial
showers and a warm sun tbe crops are ad
vancing rapidly, and give prom.se of an
abitnd nl vi. Id. We refer, of course, only to
Corn. Cotton and Oat crop, as the Wheat
crop was cut oil by the iwv. re Irost in th
winter, and will not produce more il-an seed
for auoiher year. Ia .cAh Journal, May 24.
Ritv axi tiik CKOM. We bare been
Ini-SHid with f iiliiilll khimvra a.f r... .1 ..:
- W . . ... ivtitutjll.l
the wt-eli, and the weather tia btea r rv ,
w arm. i ue crops oi coro and Cotton Me now
pr. w inn rapidly and are very prumi-ing, and
should lbs aesson ronliuue as favoiatda as it
hair C"inn:euce,J, w shall lie liet', uith
abundant crops, KutUtfofJ TtlryK 2it4.
WmkaT CkoK Wi bin the lat few wc k
we have U-en in some six cuuic ol thia
region, and are f.-rcd In admit lhat the
wtnal cion is alm-ist au tntne failure. In
tiiaiiy Ileldi there will Uot be ruough to ps
for gatheliag while otlM-r a ill hardiv vi- bl
t!. i-er-l. licrsMonjUy ther is a ri. I t ih.it
rom:w a U'r turn out. lait averagir lower
East Ti-an.-Mir. sa-l the rrp i-t a cKai Uil-uie.-
Al'hhm, )lmn.) W, 2'fA.
Ut r ix K;rita--Ia lioorbon, blue
gras wa soairwbat ii.jiirel by ihe cJd
weather in April, and th Ktd a 111 ut be as
abundant as u.ual. but, with the copious
riua wtt have bad.il will lurnirh spl-ndil
pttirsg. o:s are n-ry fine, C4n caute
up aduilraUy. and I doing raiuarkaUy
ril. Laving hui one d.ar-bck lb cnt
worm, which i unusually abundant this
Ia Harriea the Wbt l.w.kB well, and
prouilree an etec. TJmi Cynthian
A :
a1kirrMrt wejt.ther f,o, tH ftn.on
Ixm w..t.ru .Jo ,4 lb ..,. tle ..a th e
we are iBformd thai ll. lK-Jaa 0 b.
delrove.I lb larrt prtOMi u it. jjuvh
CompUial is atade by a lew Ur,K
they lit o t au.ae bread f. tbeir fatiltca.
We hope l is not ut bad as U made cut.
Th Cuori t Aitixui - a' dl
euuragtag uuu U ib whrt Cr.p f,Uoi
the uwttbtra and north.-wvsuru '-oiUua U
the Slate. Tbe late frosts and eold weather
in April bare seriously injured it. Howev
er, we hope these are much exaggerated.
Cotton is generally np and the planters
say there is "every prospect of a good stand.
Corn, too. looks well, and so far, we bare
fair prospects. Little Rock Democrat.
A. JLeiter from Jlr, Seward.
New York, May 24. The following letter
has been adireraed by Mr. Seward to the gen
tlemen or the Central Republican Committee.
who invited bim to attend a meeting for the
ratification of the proceedings of the Nation
al Convention:
Aubcbx, May 21, I860.
Gexti.bme.v: I will not affect lo consult
tlie sensibility with" which I have received
the letters iu which you and so many other
respected friends have tendered to me ex
pressions of renewed aud enduring confi
dence. These letters will remain with nie
as as urances in future years, that although
I was not uawilling to await, even far anoth
er age, tbe vindication of my political prin
ciples, yet that tny did nevertheless receive
the generous supiort of many good, wise and
patriotic men of my own time.
Such assurances, bowever, made under tbe
circumstances- now existing, d-rive their
priceless value largely from the fact that
they steal upon me ihrough the channels of
private correspondence, aud although un
known to tbe world, you will at once per
ceive that such expressions would become
painful to me, und justly offensive to the
country, if they should be allowed to take
in any public or conventional form of mani
festatiou. For this reason, if it were respect
ful and consistent br your own public pur
poses, I would have d -.laved my reply to you
until 1 coal 1 Lave had an opportunity of
making it verbally next week on my way to
Washington, after completing the arrange
ments for the repairs upon my dwelling, rt-n
dcred necessary by n recent lire.
The same reason determines me also to de
cline your ki.id invitation to attend the meet'
ing in which you propose sotn- dcinonstra
lions of respect to myself. While so justly
considering the nominations which have just
been made by the -National Convention at
Cnicagj, at the tame lime it is your right to
nave a frank ami caudiil expression ot my
own opinions aud sjiitnuento ou thai import
ant subject.
My friends, knowing very well that while
they have always g'-ueroily made my pro
motion to public tiusts their own exclusive
care, mine has ouly been to execute them
faithfully, so as to be able, at the close of
their assigned term, to reMn them into the
bands of the people without forfeiture of
the public confidence.
The presentation of my name to the Chi
cago Convention was thus tlu-n their act,
not mine; the disappointment therefore
theirs, not mine.
It may nave found them
the other band, I have no
of disappointment or dis
in any possible cas'; could,
unprepared. On
sentiment either
Content; lor who
without presumption, cl utii that a great na
tion 1 paity ought to choose him lor iis can
didate fur i lie lirt-l ofiloe in the gilt jf tbe
American people. 1 I'nd in the resolution
of the Convention a pluilorin as satisfactory
to mi as if it had been fram. d with my own
hands, and in (lie candidates adopted by it,
eminent and able Republicans with whom I
have cordially ro-opt-ralrd in maintaining
tin. principles embodied in that creed.
I cheerfully give them a sincere and ear
nest support. I trust, moreover, that those
with whom I have labored so long that com
mon service iu a noble cause has created be
tween them and myself", relations ol personal
friendship, unsurpassed in the experience of
political men, will indulge me in a confident
belief that no sense of disappointment will
lie allowed by them to hinder or delay, or in
any way embarrass, I he progress of that
cause to the consummation which is demand
ed by a patriotic regard to the safety and
welfare of the country, and the best interests
ot mankind.
(Signed) WM. II. SEWARD.
l illlam J. I'reston.
The decease of William UamplK-U Preston
adds a notable asterisk to the roll of the
South Carolina College fer th'! gifted Class
or 1S12. In that year he left the clas-ic
shades of that institution, in a class of thirty
five, of whom few few aie now surviving.
Of these few, our city bus several represen
tatives Hon. Henry L. Pinckney and our
patriarch teacher, Ebciiczcr Thayer. Our
honored friend William Cain. Ex-Lieut. Gov
eruor, is another survivor of the Class,
whose most distinguished exponent now is
Chief Ju.-tic3 John Helton O'Neall. The
veteran diplomatist and genuine representa
tive of the old school of Curolina gentlemen.
Col. B aufort T. Watts, is another of the
honored survivors who will drop a tear to
the memory of a la-loved classmate.
Col. Robert H. Goodwyn. President of the
Branch Bank, lit Columbia, is, we b-licve, the
only survivor now resident in that city, so
long favored with the presence of I'p-kIoii,
und so deeply cherished iu the ntlVctions ol
bis capacious heart. His heart, indeed, was
as laige, morally speaking, as his brain, and
he loved his friends as lew men evirlovid.
He deserved their love which he iu return
rcc ived, and no man was more gifted in the
nits and graces whieh adorn con vei sation,
or was more ready to pour out his services
for Ins friend- iu social entertainment.
It is indeed a singular instance ofdservcd
l licity, on which the surviving friends of
tlie great and jilted Orator will d.vcll with
ph asing recnlht-tions, that he oulliv cd and
.conquered all political asperalies and prejudi
ces. Pii-sitig through mi ordeal of nn-
jiarull 'lled trial, ami a political crisis in which
man s iocs nere, in many cases, oi ins own
oiisehold, he bad the good fortune, deser-i-dly,
to re conquer the confidence and cs
- in even ol those who weie most bitterly
m-m-. in political conduct and preferences,
le call of William C. Preston to the Prcsi
ncy of the South Carolina College was
Miorahle to the State, as to himself. It
Ic.t- d a signal tribute and compliment from
Itii C. Calhoun, who, lor th r htl lime, sent
OU to the S- llttl Carolina College, iu con
queiice of Mr. Prestou'a acceasiou lo the
As au orator, the gifts, resources and ac-mpH-bmeiiiA
f Wm. C. Prestou can uever
- fully appreciated, or eslimal.-d, but by
o-e who beard bim. No analysis or de-
iption can do justice to them. A face tf
rue and exjuessive feature, a commanding
;urc, and Kr" t versatility ami fl xibil.ty of
vial, manual and bodily jesture aud ex
ession these were elemeuis of his native
idowtucni". To these add the largest and
t varied culture, and the most devoted
id industrious uppl. Cation, and improve
ent ol natural powers, a diligent study of
c lx-st uiodi Is ii nd ind- laligable prepara
ti we may have some explanation of bis
coks. It is due to truth und justice, and
the Ls.-vns which his example involve,
at it s'.ould be known and tetnumbered
it, how'iVer much William C. Preton o-ed
nature aud to hereditary qualities, be did
t rely ou these. He was emphatically the
c hi bet ami arbiter of bis oun splendid ca-
r and progress. It is due also to truth,
at we repeal a protest, w hich has olieii
n made, against the common but absurd
tion that oratorical getiius is essentially
. cioua, supei filial or b cepti v.
In William C. l're-ioti. we h id a britli nt
Sample to the contrary, as ail whokucu
in well can testily.
It Is ibe sad privilege of other and abler
mds to piepaiea W rthier iccord, and we
not now nciir lo the last g intlosof
'Uih Carolina m.d the country Lr this pur-
We Wg bave simply to ask attemion lo
c .ieC' iil:DK el Iribiiiary sorrow and re--ct,
r potted ill another place.
The mortal i eiuains ol the last and irrenteM
rhe oi it isct Caioliua's gb riou eoi sb I
iou o tht great debates ol lS.' Si. will
con.m ile-l lo the t-rib this day, at Co-.nibia.--CA
itLilon Qirur, Jy 21.
iMV.l l.tU
j ho.
Anr!. About six or rk'ht
lady of fine aii aiuuoe cot off
. -12
o'clock train from .ahvillo at il.U
vc-, and atler t!i cn-bictor had mn-ii t-
r baggage, an i t trud ihe t.-ai i for Lou s
die, she niade btquiry ttg4rili.ig a hot-, and
as r coinniondc . lo tb Eagle 11 ue, at
i.loll lioU-l she lpprj. After partaking of
-uroptuou diaiKi, she ak d I r a roo:n.
tr being il.ow i lo h r room he requested
tat the i, Ideal physician in th place tccII
d. a shf felt uuaclt ud desir-d lo cousult
aii!i a physician.
(- A feivint was dipaich-'d fr a d-tor,
vl.l!e Iho hostess of tlie- aforesaid hotel rco
dcrol ail Ihe a.Uta:ice in her power to al
levial the supta-,J suffering f b-r fair
j;a.Tt. The doctor arrived and we beard no
Juiort until a!ut sunset, bea h bad po
nted her sympaihn ra wi.h an Mowing
lhici aevrr brrathed. Th ctiiM was re
vlaily tnterrol, and Ibe mother la fa-l
jrC Meniig. The lathtr of the uarottunal
wunua arrived h rrr oa yetcidy, and
uppuH ill rriut n with bia .U.jf,t-r am
a ao la LOUtaleaCvBl. .aVli.w4 IMuk
R .
! arr Sataaaab,
SvtS4U, Jaay St. A duvl took p'aee
thia cute it 2 at Cnri tea's Kerry, tielwero C
A L. Latuar and C ainv!or M ore, Uu vf
-urn lex Navv. Tae dtSi.-alty grew out vf
'Ue evtdt-ace cf the lalUr it iUm OapU r ar-
tiial. AfUr aw iat-fcbaa' tif ahgU Ul
i2alr a4 amwaUiy a4juUL
Practical Jokes.
We remember of bearing a story of a fel
low who aroused a venerable doctor about
12 o'clock one winter's night, and on his
coming to the door coolly inquired:
"Have you lost a knife, Mr. Brown?"
"No," growled tbe victim.
"Well never mind," said the wag, "I
thought I'd just call and inquire, for I found
one yesterday."
We thought that very cool, bat the follow
ing story of .Neil McKinnnon, a'Newr York
wag, surpasses in impudence anything with
in our recollection. Read and judge for
yourself :
When tbe celebrated "Copenhagen Jack
son" was British Minister in this country, be
resided in New York and occupied a bouse
on Broadwiy. Neil one night at a late
hour, in company with in bevy of rough
riders, while passing the house, noticed it
was brilliantly illuminated, and that several
carriages were waiting at the door.
"Holloa!" said the wag, "what's going on
at Jackson's"
One of the company remarked that Jack
sen had a party this evening.
"What!" exclaimed Neil; ''Jackson have
a party, and I not invited! I must see to
. So, stepping np to tbe door, he gave a ring
which 6oon brought tbe servant out.
"I want to see the British Minister," said
'Yon mast call some other time," said tbe
servant, "lor he is now engaged at a game
of whist, and must not be disturbed."
' Don't talk to me that way," said Mc
Kinnon, "but go directly and tell the British
Minister that 1 must see him immediately on
special business."
The servant obeyed, and delivered his mes
sage in so impressive a style as to bring Mr.
Jackson to the door forthwith.
"Well," said Mr. Jackson, "what can be
your business with me at this time of night,
which is so very orgeat!"
'Are you Mr. Jackson?" asked Neil.
"Yes. sir, I am Mr. Jackson."
"The British Minister?"
"Yes, sir."
"You have a party here to-night, I perceive,
Mr. Jackson."
"Yes sir, I have a party."
"A large party, I presume."
"Yes sir, a large party."
"Playing cards I understand?"
"O, well." said Neil, "as I was passing I
merely called to inquire, what's trumps."
Ro8Ewatkr MiRTTBDOM. The New York
Tribune docs not sympathize with Mr.
Tbadeus Hyatt in Lis voluntary martyrdom
It says:
We have no respect for rosewater martyr- -
dom. Martyrdom is a very serious and r .
very rests ctable thing, and we do not like to
see it cheapened. If Mr. Hyatt chooses to
put himself in the way of being provided
villi a residence in the Washington jail, out
of which he can walk the moment be choose .
by following Ihe example of men quite ar
conscientious as himself, we do not feel our
selves called upon to bold him up as a great
sufferer for a great principle.
He settles nothing and elucidates nothing
by remaining in confinement, except th
power of the Senate lo punish for contempt : .
be does not avail himself of the writ of hibtat
corpus to test the legality of bis imprisonment;
be does not rsk, or does not induce nb
friends in the Seuate to bring up for discus
sion in that body the question of their power;
be remains in jail on a technicality ol Iegis
Iative e'iuuette, and we have too much re
spect for martyrdom to acknowledge that it .
comes under that category. We need first to j
be couvinced that any sacred right ot the '
citizen has been violated in his person, and
next that his isfthe most judicious way 01 as
serting that right.
Our District Convention.
A proposition has reached us through our
cotemporaries, the Rutherford Teleirajth and
hraiikun Revitio, in regard to the District
Convention for the nomination of a Presi
dential Elector for this the Fifth Distiiet.
TheOthof June is suggested as a suitable
riiuie for holding the Convention in Murfrees-
boro'. While we bad hoped that Gallafiu
would have been chosen as the seat of the
Convention, thinking we would put in a plea
for our goodly city, we yet readily accorl
with our esteemed friends of Rutherford and
Williamson, and promise to meet them iu
Murl'rcesboro on the 9th June.
We trust the delegates who weie chosen
in our County Convention will bear iu mind
the ensuing 9th, and lie in attendance prompt
ly. We want to see old Sumner fully repre
sented iu Ihe Convention, which, we arc con
fident, will put upon tbe track an able and
eloquent champion in the cause of BfcLL, aud
EvKKttr. Gallatin Oour. & Enq.
lite Mare Hark Williams.
A dispacth in tbe Courier of Ttieaday, 22 I
Inst., reported the capture of another slaver
on the Cuban coast by an U. S. steamer, and
the transfer ot her living cargo to Key West.
We have received from a correspondent at
that place luller details of this affair.
The WyvulAtt, Cupt. Staxlkt, arrived at
Key West with her prize ou the night ot the
12ih inst.. at nine o'clock. She is called the
bark WiUvnni, and has on board a cargo of
five bundled and titty Africtus. The person
in command gives Wkstox as his name, al
though it was reported at Kiy West that his
real name was TowxsE.vn. The Wyandotte
made the capture on the 11th inst., near the
Isle of rin--s. When first discovered by the
ir, the slaver was laying lo, and had several
lighters around her, the arrangements for
landing her cargo being nearly complefob.
As the WymidtM was noticed the captain
of the Wdiuinu made sail, ami used - every
exertion to escape, but aa the wind died
away she made but little headway, aud was
soon overhauled by tbe WyandUU, and her cap
ture effected.
Most of the Africans are in a weak and dis
eased state, aud many deaths have occurred
since their arrival at Key West. They have
been turned over to the custody of the U. S.
Marshal Morena, who is somewhat p-rpexed
as to their proper disposal. He has no place
lo put them, aud there is no lim tier at Key
Wot suitable lor building even temporary uc
commodaiious for them. In addition to this,
both food and water were becoming scarce,
the sudden addition of so large a number lo
population hating nearly t-xhausttd tbe sup
plies ol both thco necessaries.
It wa very gnemlly hoped at Key West
that the government would lake early steps to
the two c irgos of Afiicans removed. Tnl
was considered the more desirable and neces
essary Irom the apprc hentiou. very gen- rally
entertained there, that more cargos would bt
ndded to their already overburtut-iied commu
nity. Th.i accounts received by these two
ai rivals, jusii'y ihe rx-li-f that several other
vessels are eiiher ou the way, or hovrring
near the Cuban Coast, waiting a favourable
oportuuity lo discharge their liviug freights.
iJuirlcsloit Courier.
ITOorCa to Itrln-oat lloratlos'f jmenr
for tlie Presidency.
There Is an intrigue on hand to bring out
II .it alio Seymour, ol this Slate, at tbe Balti
more Convention. Uut it will not do. He
h is been too long and loo intimately con
nected with the Albany R-g.ncy the clique
a bo are responsible for the breaking up of
the Chariest oil Ctouvemion. It & their game
to strip bim lor the race as soon as Ihey cau
kill o3 Iou&las. I'ul they are In too bad
odor with the Svouth to succeed in thU aobomu.
TIict were mmcleully Isuai out at Chaxlaa
tou. V. Y. UaaliL
Itrra Tir, MT U. lWir.alt II Suka A
l.- l.ir Cj u ml i'lllw. ay.ir oll, t'
tuii- li-au-. ."J '4baCriituMi, S10O f -rle t, t ) d C
!. ti. it m.Je aed l-ail b lt Urcij. IsoO;
i i II . la ad J tiO la salvor title, i-ri-tslel
t o -rui eic start. T,-o ur iii-r lo nuke a raca.
A. K nte Kifliirti rnloisb f. Urtty Karl,
sy U iul -ii, a.un by whalrbme J
Je-.i e,,il n.lTl b f M.iit.Bta, b) laip.
Y-'i aaaire, out of Mil laot by tm,l. Cit-u-
c. .........
R. .. Aleiaaaer onlera ca.c b La-XUifVaa.
Oct t f Um-4 I a) , l y imr. bfeuCue.... .
1st Heat.
1 1 Hel.
I its
iVcoud Hilt
re-vT rTo-Tt Vnr all lV3t--a ar.4 t"Ore4 Harass
and Uar Ui. lieu; titree to m .k a race.
I urae ;J.
U jHitiCaa enters J. CamabcITs l. h , 4 years
old. by ;;ut-i-; -la aiater tuj.ci Unable.
Itt m .ce i a iid -Uaca 1 1
R. Aik atoa eaters IV. J W. WsMow'a h. h. 4
iri ci.b HVrthaos; dam by G! Cie.
P. t Ho-i and Mir,.i t
E. K. biW eiu-rs h f. 4 jetrs ei.t. Of Vj4
Iwt; dun by Aadacbv. Urra jra aud
itrm t
Ja. lord i.t'-ra J
tHWB Ox's b. aa. 4
trara aid, b i..me-m, a.at Wla HoaMt.
I rca tti.ck aa litack
T.iwa I a-.
I 4
-Adeltaa Tatti, tbe yoqnjf erteratV?
tar ah-iae auccesa baa ec'ipd that tl all
lb-? dro dnue ia lite cmu;, will Uit the
Vri uext mouth eat a eotcrl loir. She
ill le ac- oni j aiiS.-d ty i;nor Brignoli. wba
h-aA l Ho s aeeteal leauf Voice la the cuudtry,
aa4 otrser ma-oCaJ celcbritee. We aiali be
Jc'.f-tu.Al u hear iheta ia our city. LJuU
Utile rrrt comiojt to te VTeat, Llea
ter aoat C4e aJjaf, aai doa'i ftK.tt
"-lathis erty, on Saturday eveninr, tbe 26th ins.,
Miss Ass TrssBB, aged about 18 years.
Tbe (Vie nils a4 acqoaiotamce of tbe family are
invited to attend her funeral from tbe Second Pres
byterian Church, this afternoon at 4 o'cleck.
Divine service by Bey. Dr. Baxowsll. t
Jaay 23th, I8S0.
If! ra Vt'lnalovtr, an experienced a arse aa
emale physician, has a soothing ayrop forchiluren
eethicj, which greatly facilitates the process of
tcelutx,byofteoiDg tbe fomsre.lucing all in (lama
on will allay all pain and is sure to regulatetbe
bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, It willgiverest
o yourselves and relief and health to your infants
Perfectly safe in all cases, see advertisement n
Bother col a inn uneTdswly
Sare Your Horses.
"We tike great pleasure ia 'recommending the
Mexican Mustang Linlmeut as a valuable auJ indis
pensable article for Sprains, Soros, Scratches or Galls
on nurses. Our men have it for severe Burns, Bruia
ee, Sorts, RUT Joiuts an 1 Rheumatic Pains, and all
say it acts like magic. Wc use no other Liniment.
Foreman for American, Uarnden's and Wells, Far
go & Co.'s Express."
Gentlemen: "I had a negro man worth $1 ,200
who took cold from a bad hurt, and was useless for
over one year; I had used everything I could hear
of without benefit, unlit I tried ibe Mustang Lini
ment. It baa perfectly cured Liui,and I can uow
take the above price for him.
Respectfully yours,
Every Dantcr, Teamster and family should hare
this invaluable article. Snid by all respectable deal
ers throughout tbe world.
mayl-lm Proprietors, Vew York.
Hollo way's Ointment. VAccixannx asd
TKnaiKQ Tao arm of the infant frequently becomes
too much inflamed, iho skin looks unhealthy and
peels off. Tbe scjp, eur and Di-tk present a mass
of soret when teething commence? all these syrop
toms are aggravated. Tbe Ointment is an antidote
to this disorder. N- nursery should be with ut it.
Sold everywhere. may 23-1 w
Hem iinertisetittnls.
For Smitlilaiifl and l'atlucali.
THE splendid passenger and
freight ete-mer MISXK
TONKA, V. Sjixm. Master,
will leave here U"N"fAY, to-day tho '-Sib inbt.,
at 12 o'clock, U. ' or freight or pars-'ee apply oa
board or to A. ILAMll.ToX,
may28-lt AgenU
THE Morning T-ain on tho Toin-s.cn and At.i
hana Rtilroad going South will leave Nashvi'le
-it 4:15 A. M., cummeucing Mea-Iay Morning, May 23,
18W. W. u'.V. 1-ERKIXS, cup'U
The Scwanec Hotel Furniture
EXTENSIVE perrmplory sale of Furniture, etc.,
commencing on 1'iM.iy morning, Juno 1st, ut
10 o'clock, Bcn. V. Shields A; Co. aiil se 1 in their
lower rooms, i n aecxint of Col K. W. McOartx:!;,
the entire furniture of tlie rewar.ee Ii. it I, (sold fur
purpose of refuruicbing ju.1 reQIting.) consisting of
Piauos, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, VVufchdUuids,
etc , aud a great variety of olh-r articles not neces
sary to enumerate.
Taaas. A II sums under $0 cifh; all sums over
$".0 four mouths credit, for satisfactory eudorscd
notes payable iu oi.e of our city banks
ISESJ. r. HliEI.HS & CO.,
my28-td No. 87 Collcgo street.
ClocU WcpaWins.
TIIE oii'lersiued, who has been located in An
gusta, Gx., far a number ol years, as a CIXX'K.
Ffc.-AIIiEK, has locnted in this c:ty for the purjos
of continuing that business.' Orders cau be left at
tho i'oat I) Mice.
may 16-31 GEO. W. lUCKE'-t.
f)A BilXFS Cabinet Ch.impaane; 55 Basket' Heid-
J siek, Just received una fur tle hv
ma J 2-lf BiN' I . F. MUXI)S k. CO.
Loan Counts', Ky.
THIS delightful and heiilthy hummer resort will
nK!!! bn o;icu fur the rccplion of visitors oa
the ljtb of Juno.
Mrs. BreoKSs wi I have charge of tho Ladies De
partment, and ihe ironet r will try to mako every
vi-iior leel at home It Is useless to Sx-ak of the
med:cinal qualities of water, t- cures of Dyscpsia,
Chronic liurri coa, Ac, are too well kuowu lo ueed
rei-e.itmg. -
Tho cars leavo Nashville and Clark?rill every
mornlrg at 6 o a luck, aud connects :it the IKiol in
Si ruiii lielit with Mr H. O. tiockersm.th's I'tur horse
Mail Coaches, whieh ill run direct to the Springx,
arriving by 4 ' 1-nk V. M. Through tiekets ran be
tibtaluwl m Nashville aud Clnrki-villo if r ferrod.
may 24-1 w D. JtKFK Ed, Proprietor. ..
Fri-sh Fruits all ibe Year!
. tAl ETY, i uiioquulled f or preii.-r vinif Fruits in
a fresh state, in any cliniatr,n iudeonite time. Hav
ing u.ed these HottIf, we find 1 1 em exceedingly
con vuliieiil and j ol thetlnns waLtcd.
JiiltN' J. THOMAS, in Kei,tt-r ol Kural Affiirs.
For di stn,live and rn c circulars, a-turess fro
prctor, at Walworth, Wayne county , New York,
uiaj 23 Otcaltw T. ;. KOMANS.
lluwnrd Srliool House.
THE Commi'tee on Pulihc lluildoia aro imtrnct-t-d
by the C'ty Oxincu to have built uu addition
al story to ihu nod lurrtt ol tho Howard strli.iol
House. A Han cf tho aork cau be s ca aitlieoitice
f H. at. Aeroyd, and bil s tor tbe eut.re work
mir be aeul iu uutil Jui.e lt,t
ja. . CRAiniiEAn,
Ida) 23-tj Ch'm. of Coin., '21 I'ublic 2iuare.
No. 7 College street,
HAVE Ju--t recened a Urge aud well selected
slock of
I- uxi rr i! uv;,
Coxnilliiig in part of Fine Kmcwim-I UUoany and
I'arlor Mills;
Superior Oak, Mahognny and Walnut
Cliamber etta;
ifeveral Dew utrl.n i'amted and Knamelled
C'oltas Metts;
Our tck is lar.e and romplete. rer-n wwhing
a aa;irrHr article r t'arutiure woit.d tto well to give
u a aa wa are oTerirg our sioek at reduced pri
ces aud warraul eve-y arl.c o I.
OtXi.l) k FREEMAX.
Ladies Fine Snors and (iailcrs.
JOHN RAM AGE, 42 College street,
Is la Roc ill of
LA PIES' French 1-ii-t nt ('.-iicre.a aid Ijice Gailers,
o'niM-1 Tlio first'' tijiu ra,
' Ktd and irvneU l,tun lienl Slippers,
Ukivi i't.f I uu;ru Carters, auli aad
W.tlioLt Mr-.,
M Freuch aud i 6h.-u V.lnre Kid Flippers,
" Curt kid l'cnii .; KUm-u, Ac,
With a great varn-iy of at) k-a fr Wi- and Chil
dren. A bcAUldul amtortiarut of It.lant ti-ioe.
uv.yli JOIlM tiXU.KHF.
Summer. Summer.
rrIiK woaliier being Uot. It Is uo tunc to ciuage
1. toiwaair, J si rucctvod a Urga a.irlanu.t
of Cudar.birts and Iraara.
Oauae - Shirts aud Draw-rs;
Mlk Tturad Sli.ru aud Drawers;
Uor.ni -
Ntt C atoa "
VlukKvr Flniie4
Jaonot MUrta, ltriil aoJ l'-ea fV-aweia at rarswia
pric'-a. Call at N.i. 8' C ie,ry aucttt. vu. nf Irout
Imm. ( iiy.S iT) J. II. U.-1.ILU
1 ffC "t'SntXS Gl CLIUM VIl.l.FT SEED,
lUtt by
- J3 If
. 14 Saata Mrtir atree.
. C. & A. B. BEECH,
Are a is pci"! to sU" their to-rtomem.
At . 57 College tStreet,
A very large aud Dm t egatl tiork f
rit H AT ttiar bal ever b -ra all ! vuVr la Ilia Ke
J. tad Irada. Tucy bafa a m at ciouca M
.ii'kIvu AU SUd-kH litl.-W , blhtlvl, .k-aat
8o.iwcl Si.ka, Soiuiced towM, 9w4 4 ti.i
Waa-ms,GruiUia plaia ai.t BJ4ued,Ory Loj
liaa Bora; -a auU i'j.- f suka. Krerf lirk ef
sa niarr cr (.r lialir Hi. Stort, sh:rt 1-lUrs,
tafe ttu-M I SLlrta aat trawrs, MarMtiWa aad ;
ttau f a, all cado s lc Ctotba as a CaariatOT.
mit aad eosw4 aa rOl.-BC. . k ttirt a g'a.l'
vri-l j m4 awiaa mt tba a.t b-saatlal Carpets ever
sat" taaajaaawtrt. C r oes. Car laiaa, H ki,
faiaaad eva tUi, CarUna ! !, l.o-a and
aivattitCaetiaa, kii-4 aad ! Tatl. luataak,
rtf sayle Ua.a lowefaa aad TowailRg, jMa a.4
CftUMi SMMtlrfi adi wwtti,. MarsnUea Quis aad
tkiaaAaa f-w ia4. bar Oil Ciotb Ir.rw at
1 for w4. Caaba ktaUia trm 4 va aar
wtlcJk:aa4 aa4 sdio, aal wulta Cnoo Uattief.
t, i4a l-w aheta 44 Tl U aki 2 t aoa
Mte.aal In aa awvy Gim U avta a Srgt CaoMa
aa. A. 0. at X. . UkU li.
aahaW, AprtlS, IMO-i-a
liisasr, C'asM AMai aa4 Fraslua ttrun
tr - -
Ties, Stocks an4 Crarat.
ETf a V varwt; irf taea aitta rre-arl a4 Smt
aasa ' i. H, UctittX,
iw-tf Qiarry tuaet, Me a- ttat taaMt
Monday Eveninj, Iay 28,
And for three succeeding evenings, at 8 oxkx.k.
Of the celebrated beautiful and sublime, original
Being a continuous series of Sixty Magnificent
Scenes, with figures of
Illustrative of Banyan's world renowned Allegory
of tbe
Afternoon Exhibitions will be given on Thnrsdav,
Friday and Sturiiay at 4 o'clock, for scboolsaad
those wbo cannot well auend ia the eveauigs. i
y Doots open one hour previous.
Admission 60 cents; children and servants
W. 1. Sill.
Insurance Agents, ,
Ko. 25 College St., rVastat ille, Tenn.
Policies issued and renewed, and
For the following reliable
PIKEVIX, of Hertford, I.AMAR URE. of Jf. York.
Tuesday, May 29tli, 1SGO,
Coniinnc Vive Lays!
Sweei?takes for untried 3 year Colts: $100 entrance
(23 forfeit ; one m le heats; three or four lo nil tbe
Ftake; Club to add $100 0" the r.iee it run.
1. .M. Vouec enters br e. by imp. Albion, dam by
Woodfoik's l-vi-'tliao.
2. AI.o, enters br. f. by imp. Albion, dam Martha
lHiitu by imp. Sovereign.
3. A. Turner enters b. c. Architect bv imp. Glencoe,
dam 1'riuceES Aunc by imp..Ivi.uhaq.
4. V. H. Juhns-m cuUrs cli. c.TcntU legion by imp.
Albion, dam Tolly Elliott by irp. Leviatlwu
6. Gen. W. 11. HirUiug euiers br. c. Chivalry by
Cbildc Harold, dam Kate King by imp. Friam.
6. Also, enters gr. c. 1-oyaliy, by Ch.'ldo Harold, dam
lJcU.i by imp. Priam.
7. G. Ell olt enters cb. f. by imp. Albion, dam Ann
Chise by itr.p. levi itliiia. -
8. Rimes & lUthw-y enters f. Twilight by Isling
ton, i mi by Echiieo.
9. T. tl. Vktc entors b. c. by Brown Dick , dam Mid
way by Boston.
10. F-oinnitr-c & st -ncr enter b. c. by 2d Sovereign,
dam by Warner.
Jockey Club Purse, $300. Two m lo heats.
SweepB'akes for three year olds. Mile bents $100
entrance; 459 forfeit; three or more to till the slake
Club to ad. I aioa iftco raca is ruu
1. Geu W'.O. Harillng en'eisgr c Loyalty by Childo
11.. I I .1 . ... 1 1. I
', u.titi in.it. u jr f 114111.
2. Also, enters br c Cuivahy by Childo Harold, dam
Kate King, by imp. 1'rum.
9 11 ' .. . . 1 i . t . . .
. i". a i.i. i. vu:ia ur m uy imy. Al-Jiou.uam pr
Woodfolk' Leviaiban.
Also, enters brf byimp. Albion, clam Martha Dunn
bv i uu. SHu-erci'U-
5. A. Tu-uor enters b c Architect bv mm. Glencoe.
dam Princess Anne by imp. leviathan.
6 B.F Cbe.ilhara enters br f by J-'rco lrade. djiu bv
Second Bclvhazzar.
7. Rou dirco 4: Sfner enters b f Sa'lie tVtod ward by
l in I ' Aivivi , i. a ill i.uu.'l uy imp. 1 1 1UU1.
Proprietor's Purse $200. Uile heats.
Jockey Club Purse, $400. Two luilo heats.
Sweepstakes for three year olds. Single dath ef
two miles.
$100 entrance: $30 forfeit ; three or more to Gil the
st.tke; Club to add $100 if me race is run.
1. Vt. II. Jobotou enters ch c Tenih Legion by imp
Albion, dam Polly Elliott by 1'V alhia.
2. M. Yoeng enters br c by imp A.bion, dam by
Woodfoik's Leviallian.
3. Al-w, enters by t br imp Albion, dam Martha
Dunn by imp Sovereign.
4. Geo. W. G. H irdmg eutersgr c Loyalty by Chili e
Harold, dam Delta by Priam.
5 A s-ici ters br c Cuivalry by Clillde Harold, dam
Kaia King by imp Priam.
6. B. F. Cheatham cuter a b f by Froo TraJa, dam
by 2 I Kelaliazzar.
7. Geo. E!!i"U rtners ch f by imp A'biou, data Ann
Chase by imp lviathon.
8. A. Ilarurs enters ch c Toodli-s by ILghlander,
iliuii i:iiiiiu.
9. Iviitniitree 4c stmier ei-ter b f S-illie tv'ooilward by
Imp Albioa.ilam Eudora bv moi Prim.
10. T. i. lx re enters b c 1 y It. own i k,ila:n Mid
way by IS lou. i. F. CHEATH AM,
may-9-td 1'ropritlor.
Sunday School Celebrations
Flags! Flags".! Flags!!!
NOTHING adds so much to the appearance of a
I'roccaKion of s-unday sW-:m,l Children aaa Flag
i.iliie hand of every lull boy aud Kir,. I.CCK is
now pre)ared t luriosh them in any q iai.t:ty , ut 21
Cullegn street, up alaira over tjinolda' Auttiou itoom
may l-l
Mllilil'alV V LAYTOX,
Corner of Adams and Fecoad slrceCa,
Memphis. Teun.,
HAVE reorntlv Boel up one of the uuust
In the ftnbern country , and serve up lo
customers daily all tbe luxuries aud ucli
caei -s of ihe a. a in.
Ms.l.S ftiruialicd at all hours la a style
thai cannot be surparsed. apr-lf
a. c. aaiMuvos.
a. STuaKijkKK.
IVo. 47 Mortli Market Street,
HAVING rrnioved one door above the o'd stind
wcu 1 ref w-cl(nllj In van tbe aileron. u of their
frien In aud tbe public fccueraliy to their cxteuaiv
stuck of
Which we areprared to sell as low as any house la
Uie city,au l warrajit to gl neuerat aiiulai tivii.
Tbe Gixais bavaif bmc rk-cit-d and man atiu lured
oudeY oar uw a sa iKmiU-uiiaa.ee. Our slob cooala
ef every grade aad stylo vf
Gf the lalret sli les, tegclher llh a larfc cck
Shirts, Collars, Crarats, Gloves, Suspentlers,
Merino UtHlrhlrs ami Irwwcis,
Tratelio, racking Truck.!
aad Carpel Las
Of a'. I sixes, which will be sold vary cheap. -
Cloths, Cassinirrfs and Vesting.
A spU-ndia aasortment,hlra will b md up at th"
aaortr! a.iliee IB t'te luoat laajn.nahla style.
IS ' u-.lieg dotto at tha aa-iaal k,4ic.
Ili-u'l iiwret thi plara. Market air r4, foer
doora fr, m Uia rub,w square.
aprl-.m X, C. AX!oX Ctt
Fine Plinth, Krergrecni, Ac.
'I'llE anweenaa fr-o4a f Ut. HiUMa liiirti.fl
1 lha HM-tief Kn id N'araer y ,Oiii, w ill be pl ated
la leara taat b is ej hiiitf U 1'atc.if w na a
clHMrw coiic tia frea hdezvaasive H trucwluiral
Mr. H. ruaalee all -Ip ma ts by liira, ard
lb-Ma alt kitfHV lia bar eita fail fulliit It ;
0wns ia Ui trHt cr:i ta ll-- if Biw T aiau
A IV. , No. ii U,o-v airect, wli.-r to l.ala. aad
tanao baric c a taaar t' acr,ara prt c JUrly ua-
iitxi la ratt. atw-tf
Conger's Saloon.
ATlss KawateoB aa Market street, aear Catow
a aabataxtial
u V s c It
will h recaiarty set a vary -acraia. alllaVt.k
aeea.ry avcaiaf at t e'eback aj-i
Pare Eait Traarurf Prsti ti ir?'.
QQ.r C tliiSsa rn"- Wrrst fsee
The Birtbelf
Swlas: Machine
lswM Ml al 1 lartaraa tiM.fvJy waxraat4.
New Publications.
"Tlie Lamflijtt r" and "Jlabrl TanshaB."
One Tolome. neatly bound in Muslin.
Tbe tnex.tnipled success w hich attended the pot.
Lcation of "The Lampligh er"aad 'Mabel Yaughaa'
will bo well remembered. The former of Ibarenor
els has reached a sale anparallcied by any
American novel except one, nearly ONE HUNDRED
TH0OAND COPIED bavins bora sold. Tbe uaiver
sal voice in the L'niu-d States and in Great Britain
has proclaimed these noyels among Ihe must brilliant
achievements of the day in fiction. Fursidls"
will be f. end now iiie inferior to its predea-esMirs, bat
will indeeil exhibit a fuller development of the au
thor's resources, a m iturt-r thought and a kevner
Alt readers who have enjoyed the stirlng Inci
dents and vigorous delineations cf "The Lamplight
er" and "Mabel Vang ban," the scsae of which is
laid upon American groan t, will need no second ic
vitation to follow the author into the new aad fascin
ating region of romance which she has selected lor
the Be ens of her present story.
W.'t. BKlillY & CO.,
Ituyr.-tf rablie 5qoare.
2 vol. 16 mo,
"It is worth all tbe guide books we ever met with,
asreg-trds the gems of Italian art, the characieris
tic features of Roman edifices, and the auuospbera
of bum in life." London Times.
Sole of Travel and StaJy ia IUIy.
, - 1 voL 10 mo.
"a w- rk 'wklaa avry scholar, e9ieot-illy erery
one wbo h ,s been ia Italy, wi.l be gUd to read, and
will thaua the author for haviug wriitcn it.
Thft light and perfume of Italy hang over it all."
Biutoa Cuarier.
New supply jmt received by
Public are.
Vvlvalc Corrciouicnec
Tlie Private Correspondence
Alexander Von llnmbolilt
1 vol. 12 mo.
A copyripht trniisUtinu irim tlie o-y'nal German,
by Frieurich Kipp. One large liuo. volume, bound
iu muslin, with sHcel Tortrait.
The publication of these letters in Germany has
produced a remark ible sen.-atiou ia Enrcpe, and
w ill create a profound interest w heraver tbe book is
read. Smce its announcement there has been the
utmost curiosity lo see it- Duron liunib-ddt, who
was unquestionably lha most UiTouhiy costuopoh.
tut savant of the ae, and perhaps the roost abso
lutely learnoi nun ttial ever lived, bad hi owu pri
vate llioupliu and opiuioua of men aud things wbich
he very freely expressed in theso t-ff hand private
letters to his friuad. They are full of aaccdute, gos
sip and scandal out sMiken, never sMtring, dealing
in every (even tho highest) diiecliou Among this
correspondence wiil be fouu'l curious letters on pub
lie and private int-rens, from many of tho moi-tccl
ebralcd and promiueut men in every department of
Literature, tUte, Sc euee and A. t.
W. T. BERRY & C ). have also Just received Profes
sor J. II. INtiUAlLVM'S
X 11 W AY OUK,
1 vol. Uroo. cloth.
YV. T. IJh.Il 11 Y & CO.,
may24-tf Fublio $q tare,
A Hani Boole for Ladies and Gentlemen
This is not, as micUt be inferred, a Oollecthia ol set
forms, ce"emotiis,iMiiiis ol' etiquette, and coo Tea
tMinaliaias. Writu-u by a person well coavcrsanl
with tiio.world, aud, withal, a deep tmnkrr.a sage
reasouer, and a correct moralist. It will becomes
standard work oa Habit and Mat.ners, aad will Dad
its way into every librury. Foraal. by
JOHN' UllK a C).,
my 11 No. SS I n ion street.
Mrs. Sou(IiHor(hs lYew L'ooL,
Haunted Homestead ;
Author of Lady of lb. hln, Ixwt Heiress, etc., etc.
bound 1 1 '.5, paper (1 CO, for sal. by
JullN VOKK. a CO.,
mar?l-tr No. SS I oioa Street.
a. w.aoaxsos, j. jya. o. vaiaioa.
Johnson & Treanor,
No. U t it I o ii Street,
C hoice laiasa llutter.
I f I'KCS Sue new FrniU Hotter wdl arrive en
Z1U W-tuurrvw uiormiii; per laiirovt, and !r aaJ.
by br .VJ Y . SHIr.QsS It Cu.
A FINK Bu?gy H'-rae for sad apply to
uuyU Hi-SJ. F. SH1UJH ft CO.
7VJ OW the time 1 1 put them np. Tb. best Jsr
i. is Tittipi si's Vikw tauuu Jar the bca4 and lac
cho ij-eFt.
l:i FHIGTR TOK3. If want your b-Uer bard,
your rru;ucool. ji-ur u.raia bt fr tLe iaL.1, , an J aav.
your I e til one of our best lb .tadelpbia Kcfritfera-
tiT tUe um.1 nwuuniaal ami iho ln-l arm le in Ui.
market aiACaUNZ-E MI.NCU1N.
a . ii . it o sco i: i c o a,
S W.Cocaerof hVoad and Markrtatre-ns,
. " aabtlle. Taa.
WE ar pee-narnd t rtrts'e orders lor Urns
aid jrtoalclaaea and all ar'teiea ik r
Injlolim ifg ituaiULaa, ana ueajwli h ad at tae
lowest market pea.
The s-me aM tUoa Will Kn rea as bereWoe.
have .very artfcl. u at ,aal:ty as i.rreae ted
aaii la aa uiaaaao w til an; limit put ap that lo of
a dodbtlulue aotiliiaticaloJ cbaruter.
Ill our Intention l saaiataia bo rvr-atalma w.
oaf a eatibiislte-a la svilisc noie bjl far. if and
Woda-Jnes.ai'd we, Ihererorr tav tc yta to taBiiBe
4ir siock belorv boy to claewueev, In-iiri ia x wca
now j oa maumiuKiiU aii-i-xa eO to tbt oe aay
oUtr auutlMsra city . la il 'iuuuli tiian fcave
MUUiUji oa Uaad a laree ana k tf l"cP4itrI,
Soajx and T-rfwl Aril W, Dbtt Lead. Ija-?d nl,
larpraioi. i et. irti w4 suwi fi-r medi.
P U R E W I N E S,
Ja4 rwctvad and tvr sale by
No. 53 Cherry St-, .hville.
f f CWJ frWKOst ll-Jaiock t-tuwpafae,
OU e i - . -
s rmr Wn C-f, lHm,- J l..fce;
SO a tin l"aJ, Caaaa a;
C- twaaabortJi "eft"l Bur airly j
JoO ao Itariaa y a ,
asMteoa vSarrt;
Ii - " I" l. '
aw ClMsCWt,raqka!f;
- ;a S luaH, Uut aa SarvHi
It do rto-r-e, lUa twr-4 lra4a.
14 fca-yal fy rVrt;
ja sW THu.. Hiae UraoJy ;
19 J Coe -ac;
fc 4 aaMrtd OrdiaW. Paris k Prdo-Mta;
H do iy.iiU.iIV l,Uir,
la at fc-aal t Vorsa-aota;
SO W ltaltaO tax,
4 etalUii4 Sie&bM;
4 4l sva jarackataai '
SO - Moacat,
M c WaaoAaci;
M laMaa
M sVa auorrM,'VorataCa.
M a aad t LoKwaut ve OJ;
Aa ee Earvpoaa esortaiaia. poe bar Aia
1W, ArTEXtlt B-TTUSJ, teaaaaoa4e4 by
a. aaa .aa.c4t par
arii LArRT Jt CO-,
Baay 1-U J 4 U4t --at-
41 College street.
BERTHA PEF.CY,or, L'ESl ERANCE,by Karrarat
Field- Kew York, n. Ai-i-k-ton i Co.
OF HIS COTE5IPORAK1E!8, in 6 vols., by Joaa
Hamilton. Published by D Appletoo a Co.
TH1R1 Y 1FTU COK6REScr, by J. H. PattPB. "
Elaborate hu-tones of the CnitedSutes have beea
ably written; corapends, or schnol histories, aad
well adapted t the place they are desi(od to 011, aro
Dimerous. Between these con. pends and tbe work
extending to six or aior. Tolomes there to room, aa
w U as a necessity, fur a History Uiat aaall b auf.
Boien-Jy e aborate to trace the direct iatoeoce that
1 are had a pow er in moulding the charm, ter of tho
Natloa and its instituUoas, mural aad political, a, .
volume that should present as fully as is consistent
with this design Ihve events mhkb ore inlerestiuc
in themaelvcs or characteristie of tbe time aad peo
ple. Su- h a work the author of this volame baa
endeavored to supply. I'ubhsiicd by D. Applelen M
Co., New York.
nniTersal kaoileOge to the people. Illustrated.
ToLl. A.B-ll.
EXEi:CI.-lJ IN FRENCH SYNTAX, Wioklemiia; ar
ranged after Pidntevta's "'Syntixe Fran&iise.'
MA.M EL OFCHUaCH UrSIC, by Waller.
Constantly receiving ail new Book, by R-p'ess
Call and rlim.ue tiietu. F HAGAN
maylft-tf 41 ColWe u
$hmfs Salts.
SherifCs Sale.
BY virtue or rt fa to me d reeled, and dehvered
fr inn 1 lie HmorabI-C.rcea tourt of llarhlaon
county. Tennessee , nt its January Term, lsfri, I
will eMue to poM:c s.tl -, t.i the h Riieal bhtdvr,
furculi, at the t'oint houo Ytrd, iu tho City of
N.ishville, on Saturday, tlie l'-tlt tluy of lia; ,
IstiO.ail Hie right, title, cUim, ml. n-l au 1 t aCle,
wnk-a Suuiuet ii. Jkl..riraa lin-ti limt. ih mar b ro
sine acquired in an t to the t -llnwn g ib-jrritve4 Ne
gro mau nara-d S.im, a-s i alK.ut riilf r
years, color buck l-'-T, No. at, frusta
100 feet on he S-.utn side ol tt 'iad st, ucd rui s bacic
hundred and sixty nine feel l an al.ey taelrv leet
wnle, and fruu ue tiun l.e.1 i,-el ou Ka-a a. ley .V
tract 01 lauil .u the voutli side -i Cumnrrla .it river
to L-ttrict Ko 2', be i-nmi; in t'-e eeiit of tlio
ItricltCburcli T'ln j ive r-i.i t, He i re mauu g North
St 'a, fca twenty pol. s to a stake, llni.ee ,3 East ,
iwenty-Sve m-1-, S 7 10 p.4. f a Mtake 00 tlio
Viest b-liuiiary ol ilie M I .1 iriei, th.-nee Noitn
1 3 40 W et with ild I'a.elme 1-1 ' 10 p-jles to a
sioue, tlieui'e .-onri T3.' tVi-t p-lea lo a rxt,
luenie swu'h i3 1-4 1 weni twemy p..(- t Hie cru
troof tho T irnpikc ronl. t ie,.c Sn.ln rJ,st it
1-elo.i t, tl.e It 1111.ii g I.OI , No. 7'1 111 the j !an ..f
U ei-t NasLi il.e, Iri iiii ene t.uu-lred fe t i-n IV.
mumhraiie stre, t aiet ruuuin; bicK ore ! uu r daad
IiTi-iilyHvf lo-t ii, a twelve fv-i-t all- , ben Krieil
on as mo 1 roperty efsmu I 1;. il -ra 1, to t;iit.-fy
aju.gn; nl rend, ie.1 In Uvor l J im -3 K, Falls
aaia.tSanjuel K. ilorgan.
Jt!l K. E.MlrDP0V,
sln riB ol I7iti ; in enantr.
apr30-t Is. hy .1. Cli. 1.1. , u p.
rsitMtaKNT Theal'PVc Fa'i.is ie.n h:p.ie4
nutd lite U iu.t., by coumui ol um.-s..
A. t KEr.I D. S.
Sheriirs Sale.
BY virtu, ofa veuditnu xihhs to ae directed and
leiivere I frum tlia ll iieaatle Orcu t I'ourt of
ltavidtuu Co., Tenn., at it Jir.iirvT-iiu, ISt'O, I will
expoise U) public aale lolhe iuKheM I.i.l.ler ,f..r cavh.at
tlie t'otirt llocse Vard.in the Ciiy..f NafiirUle,
SAITIU'AY, tlieOili 1MV tK JL'VE, 1S-i. all Hie
ri;ht, title, t laini, inlerei-l and ecUit-, which Joel
A. Buttle then bad, or may have iim-k acquired
u: and to the loUowing described tract of land, rou.
tuning s Ulit Hundrea Acres, l-oumled as 1-ii-iwa s-
bounded on the so lit ty ti.o Ui.il S. J. lUtl.e,-rt
th- East by fie lands of it. Kita k, CUas. J. tins.. o aud
tiray. on the North by tVm A us. 111, auJ on the West
by the land 01 A. Itus'i aud Jo-epu ll.iu-l aud Mns.
S.J ante U y male .t iotl.i k A M.May 14th,
1S60. being thos iliie wnei e Jm-I A. Itatlle now res d-ia ,
buini: le led on as tlie property i f Jm-1 A. Ualt.e to
satirfy a juiKniei.t reudered iu lavor o. iheltankof
IfnwM-t agaiujUod A. liailUi May 14ib. IS 0.
maylo-td K. BitANCH, m-p Mieriff.
I AM n w ffTorirg for s.ile, private y, a orun of
my land up -u wbich I nw liie,aloui five miles
I mm the nty , immeUul.-ly froi.iit.e lljdea I CM
rjr 1'lke. Tue auiouut pre pot d to be sold u
One Unndrrd and Twfiily-fiTr Arrr.
Which is as fine and productive a--'.l as there is iu the
county or St it-. T:u r b a leaut:Iul buin-u.f sua,
willed com-nao-.S the View ol tlie e..lne beifbhor.
h-iod aud is well st tn I'l je -ra.--ii, w.lii a be.tiu:ul
growth of Una lorenl tres. la-twei-n U.ty aud sixty
a:res is One clovor tinl in grown; l e bilatice well
tl-nbervd, for all uelul pm i-oai M There ts a'so a
never failli g spring uu tins traet.wunh aftVrds
a sufflcteiH y of water for H p ir-se.
lb,4M wn-hing 10 pun h iv a pl-ndl I tract of land
in a tine neighborhood, and wnb all i-ther aJranta
ge, wt-uld uu well to call aud see for Ihi-maeivcs, as
1 am ilesirous ot selling.
For teiBi. Ae , opi-iy t- OljtsCtiCK NEWSOU,
Or to tlie umii ra gut-d uu the premise.
warl-triwlm N. B. HIDE.
I! road way. iS'cv York..
II 7 HEN complete 1 s x years apn the St. N holis
v V was universtlly pronounced the mrw-t magniO.
cent, cua veaieul anil tliorouKhiy o gautzed rslab.
li-liment of tho kiud on this coutiiienl. l lial it waa
ineu 1 remain to-day w thont a r val iu in, ia
sumptuous-less, aud in tlie (teueral i k mi-nu ol com-
..rt and enjoyment. Th Hotel has accommodalioi s
lor I00O cuma, inrludinir leO complete suites I
apartuteuta f -r fan.iliea. Six buiir,-t -rsoos can
b ciiiuloiiably ao tted at ih. t abUsa of it inn pub
lic dmiug rooms, aud coliiiug tlual moduru art hue
detuoij lor tlie cMieuKMK-a aiid aoeial graliAcatMHi
of the Ira veil g pnbl.c has been oiuilwi iu its pita,
or Is oeglectet ia Hi pruciical d tail. The oarly rei.
ulaikia 01 tho bouae at lionin and abroad , denveit
from its mitoiu le, 111 aup?rb a;iHuulateut, aad Ua
ttotoo-.ikecoaiucta wuj iuaurie-a, ba baen .uhaaoeit
every year by Uteuaarl .-rini of Ilia proovi
tor liiAADw fcXL, aiillCUMd C CO.
rV he Lovers
or a starts
Can le! sailed nowhere better lhao at
i:tii:.m: IoA3Uii:ut & co;s
Colonnade Bail ding-, 53 Cnerry Street
StueU Wcdueeil.
1)RKr r.lMi .-win to make a cLantre rnour b.siaeas
arrsBseniei.ta we d-airc to iMiice war prescat
stuck aa mucb as H.a-'b.i. Li order to do Uia wo
a ill - our pr a-nl lo a of stacle aud Fancy Iry
Gixsls at reduc-Hi pr ces V Iiave od baud a One
aaaortment of Mlk B-rana, Mas:ius and TraTrli.ij
Uoo-4a,anS la fact every thing one cxullj wa-B I. r.
aU, Wliita Ooodt, l.ia-rotdritea, H.aciy, Table
Ilrc-jw k , (etfri(, l leje lied sul Itroa it IxiBocallc,
I'Uuia a Uuo.1, l,r men and w-wnen , CU U s, Caa-l-nirr!,
rtieta and t'ooiT-wrar I i t,ntluwa.
wtab i-J eaM tiKulir alt'-;.l. ud to our tiaryeiw sa-aus
ter, oa an-cb will b'fouml at all times oiity s.ra
bl. cood- aiuaWixirt.n their value.
ai-fi-if i'.i"ixiN a iimrnstr.
. a. araaav . aaaav araaaT
J. N. & H. SPERRY.
wnoLXSAiai: i;kockus
CotoKlawioB, Receiving mud ForwsrdinJ
Tare Uiucs aud Irandic$.
llitw-Dcnirklif Li am, Tubacro, Clsiri, ic.
Ko. aJ Market Mreet, Cordos Bs-ck,
HAHNO aaociato4 osraclves teihr tbe
lb prr traavoariiu a brsrral Croorry,
C on ..- a Bad irfieil u s aea I or aaidiai Roineia
wv !- aaaurwd , In in a l-i nyr ia lb a bwal
steas, that we eas I It aat-aCi4i load w ba aaay la
vsw oa wnb bei lroBa(. tl kl wur imlaaiUoa S
tevp ooottaaiiy wtViiet ae;l a. riwiitm rf C10-oa-a
, a itt. aS L lira , an i vwr ueb-ruroatica t
M-lt Uicta aa cbvap aa Uu-y cm be luUt eiaewlarro.
j. s. ii. 94 Ltuty.
W. ar. tf rrirrf a hrgt and complete assert.
aaa.4 wt iiio rwa. a .as , 14ra, tifra aa4 To
Bi. so wbaca ui b your aturbtioti. tsaf aaock
mwu as part nf lb. r-iioalnf ari.oeS :
Itisar a till t'oflee.
ae tii fi, 10 bote. Btoa Loaf;
ls bbis !"- A -rvab do; a-J bbta M iiit;
M Cv6bfar, 1M U.s ii.l users CoSce,
M lata aad Llstoro.
SA4 bbL ractia, WbaAy; bt do Newa-m't So;
4 4j taaata. do; le pkjl Braady ,WuM,Cia
V-0 fcosoe SXar Caaaiiao; U0 ptj( Faana;
koxt N ia; !) box 1'ickiea a Catsaa;
Iho ootewCWaanOt e Oo Ovatvrs;
groaw SlatcOea; 4 swsew TaCt;
9 do . a BLrfkioj; -OM roaias ra. P fT
s bsawtiarrti'aSaa; Oa laitrr Papt-r;
-y reela t,Vtu Kwf ; lts bac Stia;
IM woa Paintwt BWvatJl; SO kra Har Lead;
Msrra do Tab.; low kaa Makaeel a;
60 re Was Baa-, ad basa le ;-v-a bfeo:
4ee-0Eaa4klattftel9e -i oroaad Caij.r
JT ssemi.Uaarwro; bjU fripw. 4
toe oa-aasu eayroa ,s;
(t,r.s.4 T.sarc.
ae.aoe lleary tnay t"i
a hapSM - On; .
t yw La vVMBsa-vtioa t.re,tai?oreo;
a,e-a fearovao tcara, wfwwa braaaa;
1 broae aott-A.a-4 Tjee;
S. buica Lam-aor Axaitoa4 Tabacooj
Ss 00 J. A. Cay do;
t do K. U. 3o " ; .
ae ow ttsaox ti-bagoo, vwriaaa e--av;
A.4 -way ate -e"?1"
aaarlMl JaJia:kuA"'fsli'T0

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