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Nashville patriot. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1858-1860, May 28, 1860, Image 3

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Special Holifts.
CITY, will attend to all calls for music both
&ad abr"., giving entire satisfaction or no
Fit Band is ompueed of
tfteen P erf or me rs.
mpi?le of new silver instrument.
Jks fur moaic, for faieral?, p-c-nic, Sere
na jubilees, will be attended lo promptly.
IV. L- HOK.li,
M tnaper and Cond a.:tor,
la Soaib College Sireet.
sttiexicnuve with the civilization of the
Oilier articles claim to aiaVeia. pam and
this ew-. Family 1'bysieUn, Govra
sp.lals, Farriers, Flan lers, Farmers, Livcry
..have particaUrly demonstrated tuts fact,
onl the world- So article ever bef.,re re
jch aj livfi-id praiac and aupperlfrooi MU-
ScieuUtlc men.
,u.,i,.,. been totally cored. Piles,
Tam-m, Kooning-,re.,SrofuIa.St;ff Joints,
,,!mfl. IPiru. tit--, B"i", Je
Salt liaeu a., and ail L-J and Dams ooc
.lkiDdrdcini''a"'t "F""
v.b;un.r;ill. P'.ll-Evi.,
, .Uoor-uil, mc , aio auo-la. d aad cureu by
3Instaiis Liniment.
Uica.Hyde lark, Vt., writ-: -That the
a emiaidered wortnless," (&- CJe
, " b-it .nco lL fre i. of tie Mustang
i,I b.ve aoid Uim fr one tl.Vcl. Your
lou bca dotag wontera up hire."
4 in siom araeiT, Pmuinn.i'Hia , Pa.
jn Itfiauj tue kellk: from the ore it
w:uaueat.le,u:ted Trr,Jim scalol my
rry severely .alnoMt to a crisp It was i
lit. The Murtaux Linun-riit app! irn-.l t- cx
it ..-.:... raoi-ilv. w:'.l..-nt oniii.
j.iicr of account- Truly vo ir
Afklrf.7 1 ..
,srUl( i this n Vtl Ihec-n-Uaot and D itu-
wr--rcer tuisi.-uric is
jD, o-,. is i.i i.i..-iij.r to planters and
ra.,rii: and Mr- J"" Ia.ii,
j.u-r , AJt-.soi-i .live lor m".j a a
o;n ui:-r iur hy li.u ljfmi-nt.
i,r? f.,f the M'l.'Ukij Ijaipiciil iUJ t.e u
T all dai?rt thrinzU-nt K-rtb md Sutb
., tcri,tt'l l-ir I . ! ll:e x:-u ,l"r
,'icii.U,ai. i i x r h iUic.
B.l.N t i'ArlK , New Tora
ilth and Happiness
ioschntkatkh cuke
T! TiiY IT!
i'w MKS win iri S'lTrmz frnra tf.eeflecls -i.it
iliii l:-iT.-t.-n c i. Uc jurwiy ad (itrui
vtt.irt-.' by utniKtiio
,tticeiitiatei Cure
U A V I T A E,
ifleilyoftrtataaJ I'trlaiu Power.
:ndvibput upius'uall Fials,and -an be
!ii.:t- any address. A irul iil .iii.ify.
a wo-', and y will esptirionce a gr-ut
A nrvji ir ci.nt nuiu f'll I P irtn-olars ,enl
pl iii-m. Price, r buttle 1.
it!.- j. ill. art a in Mll'l
-Tbi.-remedy issuilablefor eilbersex.
hi. fit ;;KK, Uodical gnt,
.11 47 Br..alway NrwVura.
Jl. kl iJS IMS V i; S A 11 Y
K.KIN'i;,frracrlj f V'w Vnrk.for
fat he la-tfuary-iirti f l'iivillr,Ki-n-.i
wli hHilFV.t bn it-nti'n to lli.-treit-
privaie is.a-rrt Ic-r v r rnri. Hitters
bavini! :iltt-0'l-1 to a r u t -e for so many
i. -1 r .1 m. in .cy ilinusau in , lie iseuabled
li t.Ka'vi ni a riv te nature, no mj.tu.-r
l:i y :my h-- lriu n.l-jdiclo is ui!di al treat
- r-.rn n.tlect of th-'r own. lr. Kind's
ry is So. 2j-j.id-ri.-k strwl, between Ciicr-
j r.r, s -C''ad wry , m bers he cures all
f a jiiiv.it" nal'ire.
tiia cui-ei with-nit naureous mdiciucs or
ti- e w:t.i l"iin 5J.
km .d ol I or rei.t ilile, erT.v-ta illy r.nrd
v days, by au t. erali-u which ia"s no
h rt-a tri' ture exi Is lie.i!;ri aaii'.l b
IVrbaps no ilii -a-e cause m-re uiincliief
r.:ii;)i-ft thv -nrttitul'u so lu'ii'ti.
a .la all the oi-ie.u-esi.f luo oliin.irrowiiig
!,il.,r bid tre itincut, caa bjc.ioi.Hi.li
a :e .lin.
. V PirliruUr atleuil n hxviiiK
n ! tli s siacaie.aud alllbecone'ia-nces
out of it, br.ii,'l.i n m my a-: y the
vehib:la"f mcn-i-ti-ra. V-'UlU'i lud t x-!-lii
il'-:ic- '4 th-5 I'lSl'iu-l, a ueU-cl l w hicb
nun ' h" Co .HtliUII , f-'I'l'TI hk tun jb
f t baaiues or society, au 1 caumg I'rrU.a
a w-io may b lihorinj w ,t!i any difltcultjr
.iUib miy resit i-K Tnl of ml nt-.lii'e relicl.
a r-i -till? abroad, by m 1 111..4 au-l alatiug
, wit'i a 'r? ea.'l .!, dire.:t ! to It A.
. il i-a : r. k tr.-e:, tvtilu. run., will
ni- .jt.-ary me l.diirs ..! to lae.r d.tr.wf
rjy ill n t.o.is. ruict recy ulis- rvi-d.
ira Irotn o'clo a. ii. the ui irniu uuiil n lu
u. oui'iuila ly
ne New York kxarumer, Augut 'i. 153.
Mi's PkiJ-aaUi Oils is dr nv for retiairlcg
ib all cases wbere cabinei -makers' giue is
. u excellent for mending books, relaslenu.g
ni' l I'HTct anil cover q nek ly and flrm y
up in a bottle or g'anj .l ie p I witb a brush,
b-c m uiia3e usable to the boo shier.
Namivulv, iH-iolier nth. 1?;9.
i.rUK A Klll.: I bave been ofilo-l'-d
uMI"riuvf mtrl ri! ai l a very bad
1 bave been tr'-ate i hy various Pliyni
ho inn."int ea my we imurabie rindiig
, I wax eru.i.led lo try joiio Air.br'aUil,
uutC one bit I was ah:e to :o ab.ul my
atiou. ITirei; bottles haverured me wb.-le
d,and I wish to liuifl tbii piinlir that otti
ors of tins ili.-ar, the worst in the wuild,
it aud lie (iiiViiii.1, wa 1 bave becu, that
is not to be found.
-lw C. C. MCKEXS.
nl 1 lurli. !M.tTKKUU"'l
.U a l'r;r.M"!rstMt.tKt.oltUiSUis
compiaint ux
i-" i: i i) t ' s
inchial Cigarettes,
C. B. SEYMOl'R k ft.,107 NA.-SAl' ST-.X
Prh e SI per box ; sent free by po.t.
For saLOv AT ALA. lKLiulalS.
r pretty and cheap I'ry (iooda call on
i Jk llunipltrey at So. 2.1 outb sido ol ttio
Ttiey ate reci mi; d-iily a Hue lUn-k of btb
d M.iple 'i'iimU wUrh lliey are M'll:tig lit
r lli.iu any otitcr h ae in tho nty.
A Card.
V.xlattire of tho ?l'lo of Gi-org a havug
e following Act, at lU gi-rion of IkSS, o
be tiriwuig if lotteries within il Jur' hc
r Hi" lot diy of June, IS'K), we will u lliat
ovo our eulire bua.ne lo Witiniutiton, liel.
Wll, tIY ll ,
Wilmuiiil io. leliaare.
lid Vanarer of the KUware, aiiuuurl au4
Itl tUle lotteries.
AX Acr,
all laws, and -arte of Uws,aalhr'aing lad
a the Mate of Uoorgt and for ulhrr pur
1. Ikt Gtnerat AutmtlJfnf ;tr,ji& da ritoat,
I aud aft-r the ftr,l day of Juno, t igiileca
aud St-J ,all lawsan'J parta M law author -terie.
lu the Mala m t'er j.ia, or Ui. vend,
tu-ry Tb kets lu aatd Jitule, be and Uie nam
by rejiealol.
ed by tue Governor.
r 1 1 , IbiS. ftuv.y-ir
weired a large sapr'T fT -
ML1L, among wharh ar. J"j
"..una by Fob y liail, J. K 1
C. Fo.wr. and other oelo-
-it-rs. Petafrora Asher, lbaibcrg.w.l
Waltac and ullian.
Urge asaofUneatof wUinway k ,"
id bo sold at saiail ad rase a on cua. For
com to
33 Union Street.
. X-aw JaI.A. ntCLt'BX.
fUisM BCTrKR, just rco:ve4 and fur aak
-It Catra! Koaui .CoUca M-
"Bell" Floor in agl (4 25, in hair bags S2 05
Old Hickory do. " 7o; J 80
Eayle do. S2o; " ISO
Mixed Bran ,perl00!bs. ...ne dollar .
Corn Heal, perbnUel .$1 01.
IeliTered to ill parta of the city. eep21-ly.
Departure of Paaienetr Train.
NaHritis:CnaITAor.A 4 A.M..3P- M.
Tusncufcluuxji- 4:45 A.M..2S.55 P.M.
LocisvinsfcXaaBviLix 5:00 A.M. .4:40 P. M
j.'i.iiiExprei5:00 P.M.
KnocniLD EcvrccsT-6:30 A.M., 2:15 i'.M
jlrrlwal of Peoer Trains.
NaHTiii.a:CBirrasaTi 5 P. M.,8 A.M.
T -- at Aiasana J;:00 A.W..4:OOP.M.
IvormviLre at ' vili i 3 :20 A. il , UiUU P.M.
" Uallauu K xpre- y:0J A.M
EncariKi-D KxsTrcsT 10 A.M., 7 P. il.
Son.-" to CavotDiTCf 'A will nntiparrt herea-
f r any perxoi's name as a ranndate for .-flice in the
PaTKHT, unless paid for in advance. marl3-tf
It atlfiraf Ion Jlcetlus on Sal ui day.
No Presidential ticket that baa been pre
sent -d to the ptopU of the TJniicd ijUtea
wilhin t!ie last q jarterofa century ever met
wiili mere uuallojred couSueoce aud appro
bation among the cun.vTratiTc mnioja
tiiruuLoul the cojnirjr than Las that sab
luilted to ti'icm Lj the National Union Cou-
Teutiuo at Baltimore. L'pon that ticket are
mi-u w!ioie private aud pliiic-il characters
are at uusullied as tbnt Washington men
w'.to are univerrttllj r Cognized as etaoding
pn e;r.ia nt among tbe all.8t ftatemen iu
the land, and vruoie LiUcst aim if. ac-i baa
rtvr U:-n, ibe glury and tbe prosperity of
liitir wh'Je couairy. No wonder tben tbat
ih-s ni.m-8 of BcLL. and tvtitKTT iD.spire
Hie iii-t unbounded confidence iu tbe breaet
of evtry tLiakiug, coQerTative cilizea of
the UrAon.
Th-: ruevtiag of Ibe Union party of David
son county on Saturday lat lo ratify the
n-.niin.itioa of liti.l. and EvtntTT was more
l.trgely utteQ'l. d lliaa was expecK-d, no effort
haviug Ixi-a ma !e to bring out tbe people.
At 2 o'clock in the afieruuon a ve:y large
cr'iwi! a.-isernbled in Iroat of the Comt
lluuc, every arail.ible f tantliug place williia
hearing of the fiand le;ug occupied, when
t!i: meeting Mas called to order aud the lion.
Jamkh H'liiriviit m wai made Chairman. On
assuming the Ch.tir, Jail je WurrwoiiTii made
a neat litll- speech exjihtuatorjr of the meet
ing, alluding briefly lo the exigencies of the
tiui'-s which hrfve forced Tue cotHervative
ma-cs ol the p-.'ople to unUe for the preser
vatinii ot t!ie coaulry, and to throw ; ai le
all the trumpery plaif nns of the day, a id
adopt as tli'ir p'jlitic.tl confesMon of faith
"The Comtituin, t!ie Union, and the E i
forcement of the Laws.'' and to place their
banner b- aring this glorious iiircriplion iu
the hands ol Joh.v Bkix and Eiiwaru Ev-Eiti-.rr.
Upon the conclusion of Judge Whit"
wokth'b addreiw. E. H. East, E-q., off-red
thr- fidlowiiig n-.-od'H ions, winch were adopted:
With a drop and nhiding int ret in the
faf.-fy and welfare of the li. public, and in
view ol t:i- danger lo w inpendin over Ihe
Union, we have heard, with heart-fell appro
val mid gratiti- ation ol Ihe result of the ac
tion ol the lale Convention ot the oecple.
held at Baltimore:
iVjik'fv, Tiinl the Plat form there adopted.
"Tlie Constitution, the Union, and the Eu
foi cement of t!ie Lawn," is indicative ! a
new era in poliiie.", aa era of earnest devo
tion and loyalty to Ihe true inti Ti-sds of the Re
public, as declared unc manite.-tcd in the
only exponents that cau bo authoritative iu
the L nion.
A'frr, That it fs alone in the hi-tory and
characler of man. as fxhlldU-d in public and
private III.-, lhat any hafe reliance can ic
pi iced lor an h nie.-t, capable and faithful
dunuistrati'in of the must important con
cerns of the nation.
HrfJcfd. Tliat in John Hell, of Tennessee,
and Edward Everett, of M:isacltlsetls, mt-ii
have lieeii found, whoi whole history, pub
lic and private, t-hows th -m to be honest,
faithful, and capable of 1 ti ge view, of com
prehensive mind-", men rising aliove all mean
motives aud fv. clional cmbari a-in- uts,
worthy sons, not aloui; or their renpeclive
Stall' and g"ographical a ctions, but tons of
th. Union a:.d the nation.
RrAtl, That as cilizens of the United
States, I. x king with coiuprcLensi ve views lo
all its interest", we will in.-crib- upon our
banner, these iiaturf and ih.s motto, and
with iiull igi'iug ."al and and p- r.-istcnt ef
fort, we will maintain the conflict against
all who may be eo unwise, or t-o ill udvi.-ed
as lo oppo.-e it.
IUkhckI. Ttiat we appeal lo all good citi
zens of this gral naliou every w here to come
up to thi aid ol their cfimtry. laying aside
nil secti'llll views and party names and
party f elings. and uniting in the common
Utud of traleiuity and e J'lalily to carry out
the great pirp ises for wiiich. und lor w hich
aluue, our Uuiou was established.
After the reading and adoption f the
resolutions, elo-i lent and stirring peeches
were made by Uor. Ntn.i, S. Duowx, the
IIoo. Eiiv II. Ewixo, Etc tcx M. Temple.
Kj-q.tif Sumner, and William Ewinu. E.-ij.,
of Williamson. Tbey dtpicted in glowiog
term tbe dangers to tbe perpetuity of the
Union, which bare been brought about by
the atctioual parties ol tbe North and the
South, paid beautiful and eloquent tributes of
praise lo tbe patriotism, the talesmnnsbtp
and lofty private aud public characters of
John Iiei.i. aud Eowaro Evkkktt, und
pblg'-d themselves to sustain the ticket with
their best energies upou the 'tented field'?
throughout the ennvars, and to fight to the
lait for that Palladium of our liberties
'Tli Constitution, the Uiiioa, aud the Eu
jorceiiu nt of tbe I.aus.'
J. " We w ere much gi t titled in Saturday
last, the day of our fatiacalion meeting of
Ihe nomination f 1'm.i. and Evkk.tt, to
meit with our repectid fellow-citizen. Col.
S. P. AMtNT, wLo bad just returned from
() io, in wl.icb Slate be had been m jourubg
with bis family for some weeks. lie returns
in tine health, and delihttd Willi Ohio, hav
ing received f i otn her citizens none but the
WHrtncst and tnest gem r jus hospitality.
His numerous fi tends were proud to welceine
him home, and winbul bitu conttuued huppi
nefs atid 'rosp(-rily. We found our obi
fiii inl zi ulcus in the i'ime of JiK.l.t, and
hopeful of bin i-uccers; and w trust that
he may II i time during the sttinmer to
strike some good blow for thu cause of tbe
Coii.titulioit aud the Union.
Tiik Cii ph kb OHsrkVKK. Ibirins a re
cent vl-il lo r.altituore. we bail th-' rare pleas
ure of meeling our ftietid A. J. Stojick, E-q ,
th able tdiior of the Cu'fir (Va.) VUcnxr
whom, though we have known him for sev.
eral year, we bad never seen befors. Mr.
Stokku is one of the very best editor iu Vir
ginia, and publishe the neat, st aud moo
Utelully printed paper in Ihe Union, every
tiumhcr iM-iug a j iifi-ct model of tjj.ogra
phy. Though not a reguUr ptaclical
priuter,"' having picktd up bis Iborotigh
knowledgo of all Ibe niceties of the art.
since be became au editor, bis tote and tkill
in tbat Hue are uiHtiaall. d. AuJ U tur
still, he is a genial, whole souled genllrtnnn
a true "old Virtini gentleman"---w ith a
heart a largs as tie tuouutala in sight of
which be da el!. Long tnsy he coutiuu to
prosper sad grow rich, tor he U prospering,
his paper having j jst as large a citcuUUoo
as it knows a bat to do with.
jTCrWe are again under obligation to
IlouurxtiL, of Th Adam rlxpre, for
filcaoi Lou iti lie and New York papers iu ad
vanca of lb maiL
We ar aUo indebted to J. J. Siixiva
for the Cloclonati Coara i aud Louis? illJ
h'im3 lSiliim lu advance cf tbe BaiL
fir The lio4 of Cotincilaea a ad Al
dsrmeB at this tiioruis at 9 wclock.
Epriko Races Opexdto - Dat The La
dies to be TiifiRE. The Spiin; Races over
tbe Nashville Coarse are at band. They
commence to-morrow, with a flattering pros
pect for tbe finest of sport A number of the
most celebrated hordes of this and adjoining
States are on the ground, with a Dumber of
untried colts of the beet blood and mettle.
about whose ability to "get over tbe ground
there can be no doubt. Tbe following is tbe
programme of the week :
Tuesday Sweepstakes for untried three
year o.d ColU: one mile beat, closed with
ten entries.
Wednesday. Jockey Club. Tarse $300,
Two mile beats.
THrnsDAr Sweepstakes for three year
olds. SI lie heats, closed with seven entries.
Fbidat. Proprietors Purse 200. Mile
JiATt7RDAT Jockey Club Purse $400. Mile
Same Dat. Sweepstakes for three year
olds. Single dash ol two miles, closed wita
ten entri'-a.
Not tbe leant attractive feature of thi.-, tbe
first meetiDg under tbe uew administration
w ill be the presence af a large number of
Ladies, for wbcm a new stand baa been erect-
: t-d. In alluding to this fact tbe ga.lant local
i of one of the daily papers says : M We trust
' tbat every lover of the turf, every lover in
general, and every gentleman who desires to
replace this sport in its old and honored po
sition, will take his wife or Bister, daughter or
sweetheart on bis arm this day. and escort
them to the Course. Wc want to see the La
Sdies' Stand full every day till tbe races
close. There are other things to attract them
and give pleasure besides tbe noble steeds
and tbe excitement of the contest. Ladies,
as a general thing, are great admirers of fine
blooded horses, and we have yet to meet one
of tbe sex, who was not a first rate judge of
the animal's fine points and good qualities,
One of tbe chief objects of the turf, aud one
of the principle reasons why the fporia of the
turf are legalized in our own State, is to pro
mote tbe development of native stock and to
encourage the efforts and stimulate tbe ener
gies of our siock raisers in tbe production of
blooded horses."
j?5fy" Th'i foundation masonry for the hotel
building on the corner of Church aud Cherry
streets, is progressing with commendable
speed, aud will be finished, we are told, by
the lit of July. Iu the tneantiim, the brick
laying will be commenced on tbat pari of
the foundation now ready.
It is the intentiou of the builder to have
his house under roof by the winter; and lo
tbat end, the architect is in the East procur
ing macinery for making and pressing brick,
and for hoisting the materials of the build
ing. A large body of laborer and mechan
ic will be put upon tbe work, and it will be
urged to a speedy completion.
We are glad to chronicle tbe fact, that our
town is to hav a liot'.l suited to the demand s
of the times, if one can judge from the
plans of the structure. Mr. Rook its, the
architect has combined all the d -Mrable fea
tures of the first hotels iu Ihe country. Ilia
long experience in the hotel branch of archi
tecture, as applied iu America, eminently
fits him for this job. Onr towu b"ing so far
behind others in hotel building und accom
modations, sadly needs one of Ins. qualilica
lions to set a worthy example iu hotel archi
tecture. If this bousi; be carried up as designed,
and the enterprise and ability of its worthy
projector a-Kure us it will, the citizen of
Nashville will have jutt cause of pride in it.
We hope and believe lhat its erection will
prove the necessity for other such buildings,
larg-r, more commodious and more magnifi
cent. For this developing enterprise our
city owes Mr. Joiix OvuitTox h'T gratitude.
We hope the debt may be increased and ex
tended in like manner to others of our pub
lic hpirited cit Z 'iis. We know, now that the
ice is broken iu this matter, an honorable and
praisewortny em ukuiou will grow up among
our capitalists for fine hotels.
Impkov km e nts at th k RaceTr."ic We are
glad to notice the marked improvement Gen.
Cheatham has made, mid is still making, at
the Race Course. The track has been great
ly improved, and will now compare favora
bly w ith any oilier in the country. Some of
th old buildings have been torn away, and
things have been turned alxiut generally.
The most importaut improvement yet made
is a t-tand for the spectators, one hundred aud
lilty feci i it length, and divided by railings
into three coinpaituieul the first, lhat tr.-xt
Ihe judge's stand, for the ladies; the second
for member of the Jockey Club, and the
thiid fr strangers with badges. From this
-tand, the whole course is visible, except a
small space w hich is shut out from the view
by some intervening trees. Iy the time the
Fall iMecting comes off a new judge's stand,
a reporter's stand, and one or two others for
spectators w ill have been erected. Tbe caer
geiic aud enterprising proprietor is determin
ed that his coin se shall Lave tveiy conveni
ence ami all the modern iuipiovcments,"
and that deter Jiination will be carried out
wiibia the present year. II? bad an im
mense deal of work lo do to accomplish what
has ulreudy been doue, having lo tear away
everjliiiug and begin at the foundation.
Gen. Chkatuam deserves much credit for
the cir.irS' he is puttiug forth lo bring tbe
Nashville Course up to the highest standard,
a 'id every lover of Ihe turf iu lavid-ou county
should come forw ard and second those t-ffoi'U.
We are glad to know that many of tin in
have already done this, aud that it will be
donw by tnotiy others.
T.-& Let every person who wants to buy
Furniture, attend the auction si.le by lliunr
HiioTiir.ks, al the St. Cloud Hotel this morn
ing al 10 o'clock, as the sale is positive.
fffWc cannot f el to clow this article
without recommending to public considera
tion, the polite mid Kcnlleuimily conduct of
Mr. Jttcob Taylor, conductor on the Shclby
ville and Wartrace Hue, and Mr. William
Pulton, conductor on the Nahvilb; aud
Chattanooga. Kdl road, under v.hoe care wo
were placed both in going to mi l reluraiu
troni Chattanooga. We most sincerely be.
liere that such a selection ii haul t beat,
and trut that the managers of there road,
may find il lo tbi-ir interest to oiler such in
ducements a will continue th.s-e g -m b men
in Iheir prcacul pumUoua. ulStvuU lkrud
if WA.
We bave not the plea-tire of a personal
acquaintance with Mr. Taylor, of the Siielby
vu.can l Wartrace hue, but w lib the endorse
ment oi th JbrtiUi, feel assured "he's all
right.' Mr. Ptt n we know j tsi as
w-y as falling off the log.' He is a clever
geniK uiau, nn eflkicol oitiotr. und richly en
ullid to the high esteem iu whicit bo is held
by tho pattousof h Na-bvilie aud CuallA-
UOVta KalllowJ. I kill if (ittscttt.
"The SabscriU-r' cherfully endorse
what the JLill and GittCt say of Mr. Pat
to. He U vu of the best CouJsctor iu
lh Union, and is a favorite with all who
iravtl over the NAshvule and CUailauooja
Tt LiNTAN Pax uk a i. Dr. Cabbitt's
Panorama of liuuyan's Pilgrim' Progrr is
io be removed io Odd Fellows 1111, wbera
it will be exhibited to-night. Also this af
Uruooa for tbe beuetil ol f atnilies ad school
children, commencing al 3i o'clock.
SlBKMPM Tt lIoJ. JoM liwtX. At tb
City lloul last ui't, the lion, Joux
Can. was twice aeieuaded oacu at 9 o'clock
by UoaVa Jsilvtr Baud. atUTw ard al Uti
o'clock by tbe Rock City Guard Silver
Band. Liming tbe peifof aiAucs by the Laud,
the Publie Saars u I perfect blaze of
fke-worka rockets, Romaa caadlea and Ben
gal lights aLLrxiaj la every direction. The
Square was crowded with peopU. ianAr
yULijf. i
Money Hard to Collect.
' By reason of which we are offering our
ING GOODS, very cheap for Cash, or to
prompt paying customers on time.
may 2G-2m
of Fashions.
IV. 23 Public Square,
The Ventilator Hat.
M - it
NEW Plvteorsoft Hat Inst introdnced. rot on
aft very light for tac hot weatbe., ai las Fasuiona 1
blu Hat Kroporiuui of
No. 2a. Public Square.
may 9-1 f
Slrav tiooils.
COVStTIVG of nil the latest styles Pir Men and
BojB.to which we iuvitrf the ;itteftion of all.
aprT-tf No. 2d I'ub.ic Square.
(hapeau Guarabaldi.
AKF.W siylo of Fort Hit, of entirely ne desiga,
just ro. eivtd by express.
mny9 No. 23 Public square, N.istiville, Ti-nn
The CUiucsc llat.
ANKW tyle, direct importation from Canton, tot
iij expre.--5lv for the but. w.-athee, at t.. i'uh
iouable lUt Kmrium of FKAN' I-CO't,'
uiay!5-tf No. 23 1'ublio t'quare.
(hilJren's Fancy Goods
CON'.tSTlXG of all the Inr-st style for Boys.
C'Lillrcn, lniant.s and I Itle Mioses, to w Inch tbe
atteutiua of toe lauics is particularly requested.
Hatter. ioJ F-irrier, No. 23 Public oqn.ire. Nashville
ni iy9-f
A 0 11 1 la A V A( i:,
DEALER IX SHOES, is in receipt of
B ys'Calf eaed Oxtur.is;
Boyg' Call peyiied do;
" Patent laathcr Press Saoes;
" ' Cunrets ti ..tcrs;
" Calf Congi ss Gaiter i
4 lassin C..iirr..-a- Ga.t.-rs;
" t all I'uinp So.e G.i:U;j s;
" C . If I le sli ,es. Jtu., ti; ;
" Toilet sl,p,eii:;
AlO, Yo.ita's U o:s,sioe3 aud Ga ters of every
dOoCi ipliou ,and at luW p. !ci.
luai2G-tf 42 College- street.
rPIIE Ai n ih! Etaimnati hi or the I'ublic Fchools of
A ti.iseiiy wnl bi held duruif; next week. The
public are invited io vieit any aud all ol lild .ScIhhjIs
wiliiout lurti.er uotiuc.
M. H. HoWARn,
may20-3t Eec'ty Board ol Eiiu :alion.
UYli:i. IIOTKIa,
Old I'oint Comfoit, Virginia.
fJ'HIS favorite Surniner resort, celebrated for its
X line -ei li.itl.m, rel'cshi k i-ea breexes and
abuud lu'O ol' 11 e U.-iu , o.-;iei s and cras, will tie
roaity f"r Itie ree.i-ptioii of tiuests on tb.! fire. tit'Jiiiie
w Ob lie recent iiu:'rive:i.eu:s, tiioronli ic-nuv ill -n
and pii iliiii; 'tie ehtalii-biiiiiett witi present a'bliti. n il
irdneemeuts t p.rs..ns .-'-rknin : ilehgliifi I Summer
re-itleutc, uii J with the stru tet atienuoii to biisinesH
and atteiitiv-i a-sistaiL-t, we bojio to merit a lull
share i.f tho puliho palrouage.
mayl5-t!'riwlm C. C. WILI.aKD.
ciia.Mo.i-: of sen urn.1 1. I:.
,f? iTT!.a-Ty- V'tV1? miijrijii.
Tcuui'.sstc & Alabanui Uailroad.
T 1 M la T A li Io. K .
Comnicnrlnz und:iy, A prfl 29, 1 8C0.
!ave Nasbviltr 4:45 a ni. arrive ut t'tilnnbia a ni.
Leu c Naabvitli l!.u." p ni, ut rive ut rt lutubju 5:i5 p ni
Ioave t'ohiMil.ia 7 .'. 0 a in . arrM c at Nashville 10 am.
la-ave Colututi a 1 :l i p to. ai r.vc ut N.i.-li ville 7 p ni.
'1MIK M iriiint' Train pomi -outh conne' ts with
X NI--injiii is and Cu.irii-i.n Katlroud ut lieeaiur.
The F.n-niiiK i r i:n j,mi S. nth emiiii-c ts at Colum
bia with Train l. Mount i'ie.i.-nit und l'u'a.-ki.
Tlie Eveiiui' Tram goine North inak'-s l'e con
nertion at Nashville with Louisville and Xa-lmitc
Ri Iroud from and a iter l ! iv, M.iy Tth, to l."ins
vilio aud all iitUru cues. Hut one train on bua
day . W . UN . PK.t K I N.S ,
may 2 1m uporiut'-utlent.
IIousc-Kerpers AKenlion
rrillti a'leution of the readers of the Tairiot, tbe
X Ladi.-a niore i-Sieciall , ii$ rt qui-sied bv Mi-hSrs
MACK1.NZ1K MiM illV, to the cxeoiieiit'ltt-Iriger
alorsand cheap rrtnl Jaie w th which they are now
auppluiic our e.ilizeiiK. Tenuiel-' Kruii Jars are ad-
nuf ibiy a l.ipte 1 lor pultili,' el. al kinds ofrruils
and Iti rr es liter are Ujrabie, Miriph- ai.d heap,
aud the il.-uia'.d for 'hem is so i e:.t that already
uearly three h iiidn d d.izeu h tve bevii sold.
A iilauificont Clianrc.
IWII.I.S"lIiny la no in I rank I. ii c muty . Tenn.,oi
Hock v'n-' k , i . iniie- M-.m i-.-.-i ol Tuliahoina
con---ti.i of S,Mi..r men- Aeresol' l.ind. It can If
dlVI.il'. I int.. two i!;ice:t- 1 1 li-ia o u 1 1 K'M'd Improve
ineuls il.e li.-.-t of sprirj; w.iter;a .mmI tri-t an
Saw 2i!ili.ai.'t M wilh.i I'uur nnica ol three ctlebi alo
watering fia,:e.
sor further iiiforni.-itiou apply to B. R. Wuiik.oi
the plier, or Ao lie al Upvl. usaK, La.
jau6-wtr II. K. WHITE.
NO T 1 c i: .
THF B-ia(1 tf iMm-tor of the N.hv:ll Commer
cial Ins'lr '.tli:e duu.Htay La dei iareit a d el lend
of Six IV.'Ur i uliare out of Id prodts fer the last
six uionlui pivablc en aud af er It..' iM; ins.
JAM Ei tVAIK ll.
mayS-l.n iSecrclary.
fanes ! fanes I
Sl'PFHB lot of Canes, received and lor sate by
X Jv. aptS-tf J. it. voaix
Jasl Rftrivrtl liy )!. A. Parrish k Co.
r,U IIA'IS C oihed Corn
ani.lv Meal :
oaJ 0.,i White Meal Corn.
Silectei 1uih) i'oat.
rT".IIE finest lot i el.-cted bump dial I to be
X I'.nnd at t in- .Etna Yar t , w hero it m wld al the
ow price c 1 2" e is per h.ns iel. brop your or.ler
u Ilex N i. til 1'. fj. , and th.-v w ill be promptly ul-eii'U-dto.
feh Utf Yard In. k of S . ,M C K. K H-Ir.t
WANT TO l.!.tr.
1"tiR th balance of t!.e year , a servant to do Ibe
' ciHiki i; in i waniiuii; (or a soiall family. Ap
piy ai tins oifice.
Full Dosom Mints.
JCsT r.-riv. d an a. rtmei.l of FULL BOSCV
rHIH Ir1, w itli and waiioul collar. Bosoms of
l.inen C.mhi ir. ..ml Iti-h -p . aw n. A lso.a R'liall lul
of Slurt.i, with On Kiuhronit red boiii. hy
apri-ir J. II MtSlIt.U
lUnckwo il'?i .lat;iiziit' ;
Tlie Kiii(-kirloi'ktr M ig.izine,
la for U.y.juit rrc. n e I by
aprdo-tf Jo;tV VOIt-C Jt C'.
Fresli i'tMfhes.
ry,"t T07EN ausKrc.il I'eael.es, Just rec-ivrd and
I tJ lor hoi b y
apill-tf M7.H.I., II' h. I'VU k (II.
Fui;.t.r. oy
aprtH-tf R A1MS, BROWS k Ct.
OH RARKU Vrry I!.fl -I nl jcrt reoelvad
vU and for ! at Ji c i-r 5.11.11 b tne bar
re!, hy ktNs, H.:uiV.V kiu
api ba -If
x o r 1 c 1. .
l.t. atiid o-twini for tse RivT of the ''GAIETY
iv. rti.Arii i,
l bv addr--et t.,
t :l VS. F. crir,
lot 4f . NaiiV;l'.Tea
Harper ev lnlltljr .taeaxtn for
Jill, toM.Uaa-af' tuclt d a V i'lu.r, J'ul r
rvw4 lf JfHN Yol K IX-.
saaylM-tf. ' Si Union Arret.
Freh Ohij Corn Meal.
JCST rrct ed and t-.r sale bv
l.Ki. . rHUI. CO.,
aayI9 Cttatral Ho...., 11 l-oll. . sirvet.
M ACHI alST li
f I 'HK Sari.toif HdbB baa a taror atw taaaasy
X ubr t WaoAew.
N. 2A, loi ir rvvt ttipi.l4 tb rril
Uoa. atoralt.
nt tktCJS b.U Lead fo - v.ia fcr
0t tisj. r. s.!i.Tf ca,
a- 'mi a4 -. Cuiaa Si.
The Bartholf 3c.!liig JJachiue
T Uhtt 1--Sl add aac 4.K aba W-ia
J.IX .
ji ii.CullK aire.ffilv Euim Be
5? Ctifjrapl),
From Wstablnston.
WAFBTNOTOjr, May . 25. Senate Tram
bull's amendment to Davis's resolution, that
there is no constitutional right to take or
hold slaves in tbe Territories, was rejected by
a vote or 31 to 17. -
Tbe fifth resolution was then adopted by a
vote of 35 against 2.
Tbe sixth resolution was adopted by 33
against Is.
House The bill relating to tbe captured
African was taken up. Mr. Underwood
moved to amend it. to sell tbe negroes in
Florida, or settle them free in Massachusetts
r T jnfrhter . Dang rervlied. and Undt-r-
wood responded amid cries of order, and call
' for the police by Cobbw
Tbe Japanese Embassy dined with the
President to-day.
The Treasury receipts for the week are
$1,181,000, being an increase on the week of
' 5536,000. Amount subject to draft $7,286,
' 000.
Mr. Appleton, a'nit ant Secretary of State,
is nominated for Minister to Russia.
Robert II. Gallagher, of Kanagwa. Japan,
is here completing arrangements for a liue
, of Clippers from New York to Japan.
Before the Covode Committee it appears
' that Attorney General Black was d-puted to
.t?n,ler the Postoffije blank printing to Forney
" he would change bis course, l ne pronts
annnir xsuctianau s term were eRitmaieu ai
$8T 000 Forney declined the proposition.
Wa'Uint.ton, May 26. Senate The Post
master General pent in a communication,
stating that the facts of Fowler's defalcation
were not known to the Department till tbe
10th of May.
Tbe bill relative to patents, transferring
from the Commissioner to the President wiib
the consent of tbe Senate, the appointment
of the new Board of Exatniners-in-Chief
The Indian Appropriation bill was taken
Latham's amendment, dividing California
ir.to two Indiau Districts, with Superinten
dents and Agencies was carri-d.
. The Indian Appropriation .bill was further
amend-d and passed.
The Postofike Appropriation bill was un
der consideration.
House The House discussed the payment
of mileage to members.
frigate Leak log.
New York, May 25. The lrigate Niagara
is lcuking badly. She came iulo port woik
ing all her pumps.
Louisville ltacea.
Ia uisviij.e, May 2(. In the closing rnce
over the Woodland Course to-day, four mile
beat, Colossus wron Ihe first beai in 7.4G1;
Joe Stoner won the 6ccoud aud third lieuta iu.
7:55J aud 8.22J.
JYew York Races.
New York, May 24. In the second trot
lo wagons b-iweeii l'atchiu and Eiiiau Allen,
Putcliiu won in three straight heals. Tbe
time of the second h- at was 2:26.
from tlnsjotv.
Qcebkc, May 2J. Tue steamsbip John
Hell, from Glasgow hi. her, punsed the river
Du Loup.
New York. May 2ti. 'i'he steamer Kanga
roo nud Fulton saibd lo-diiy for Etveipoid.
The bitter look New Orleans m iiis of the
22d,and SHOO.OOO specie. Tiie loiunr tok
31,000 specie.
ICivcr cva.
Lofisvn.i.E, .May 2i Noon The river is
stationary wilh 6 feet 9 inches water iu ihe
Lolls vti.i.ic. May 26.
Judge Johnson of th" City Court has Ie
ciiled tue law pass d by the last Legislature
imposing fin, and ii -uullies on p, r-ons for
Selling goods by suiiqde in Louiaviile au1
Ji fl-Tsini county, to be ii'icoa-iitiiliuUii'-Tins
quashes several hid ctuieuts, noine
against New York houses.
Cincinnati. May 20. Flour very dull, and
nominal at $5 3D; Whisky ISc; Mess Pork
S17 50; Laid 11. Holders' parcels are
iihdiawii tor an iidvance; Linseed Oil 63A;
Com steiidy, at 47; Oals dull at 42.
New Yoke, Mhv 26. Cotton unchanged.
Sales to-day t f 1.000 bales, Middling Upland
llj. Flour quiel, sales of 15.0UO barrels al
$, 1 0(f,$5 1.3; Corn dec'in -d one cent, sab s
46.0(io busheU at' 5b'(Ti;70, whole range for
sound und uns Mind; Mess Pork steady, at
$17 S7A(i,$lt 01); Lard quiet at 1 1 g allj;
Coll'ee iiio I2j(jil3j; Mola.-ses Jliletiur
Poite Rico 31; Sugar strong at lull prices
Cuba 6A274; Pacitio Mail slock 90; Puuama
$1 3oL"
N'fcw Oitr.KAXS, May 26. Cotton sales to-da-
ol 2,0(0 bales. Q lot itioMS unchanged;
Mess Pork buoyant at $l!i 5'tfvf; ?2J 00; Mo
lasses 2.1(5,34. Freights and Exchange un
changed. (EammcrciaL
Ci-ai.k vti.i.r.. May 21.
C. II. Smith s. 1 1 111 hhds. nt the following
prices : 50 06- 8 20, 8 15. 8 55, 8 15. 8 0 .
8 1. S 75, 8 10, 8 00. 8 00, 8 M), 8 80, 8 00,
8 tO, 8 10, 8 f.5. 8 50, 8 45. 8 45, 8 30,
8 00. 7 f.5. 7 80, 7 50. 7 50. 7 55, 7 15, 7 15.
7 55, 7 h0. 7 25. 7 U5. 7 S5, 7 S.", 7 75.
7 00. 7 75, 7 10. 7 35, 7 9 , 7. 10, C 'J5.
6 15, 6 75, 6 65, 7 10. 6 '70, 6 55, C C5,
6 35, 6 65, 6 10, (i 85, 6 00. C 55. 6 90,
3 00. 6 00. 6 SO, 6 75. 6 25. 6 25, 6 40, 6 75,
2 00. 5 15, 6 80, 6 95, 6 75. 5 "05. 5 95, 5 10,
5 00, 5 00.5 30, 4 10. 4 35. 4 03. 4 25, 4 00,
4 3', 4 30, 4 10, 3 25. 3 10, 3 00. 3 40.
6 60, 3 60, 3 75, 3 15. 3 15, 3 80. 2 45.
6 85, 2 95.2 70. 7 75. 7 75, 7 50. 7 10. 7 00.
7 55, C 85, 7 80. 7 25, 7 10, 3 5 0, 6 1 0,
6 30, 3 50, 3 90, 6 05.
Thick's Lanpino. May 23 1860,
Sales of 96 hhd. Tobacco, as follows:
$9 55, 9 55, 9 55. 9 00, 8 85. 8 50. 8 30-
8 25. S 55. 8 55. 8 55, 8 55, 8 55, 8 00.
7 30 7 40. 7 10. 7 35, 7 20, 6 60, 7 60. 7 50.
7 50, 7 50. 7 5a. 7 65. 7 80, 7 00. 7 35. 7 20,
7 10. 7 85. 7 75, 7 30. 7 30, 7 35, 7 35.
7 35. 6 70. 6 90, 6 1)0, 6 50, 6 It). 6 10.
6 35. 6 25. 6 60, 6 80, 6 05, C 40, 6 95.
6 00, 6 05. 5 95, 5 M) 5 00, 5 5U, 5 DO.
5 25. 5 40. 5 60. 5 00. 5 40, 5 75, 5 50, 5 75,
5 45. 5 00. 5 50 4 35, 4 35. 4 70. 4 40. 4 0C,
4 00. 3 80 3 75, 3 45. 3 55, 3 35. 3 25.
.3 05. 3 05, 3 75, 3 05. 3 05, 2 95, 2 M), 2 85,
2 55, 2 65, 2 80, 2 55, 2 50, 2 00. 25.
Tobacco sale every Wednesday.
Very respectfully,
Ol.PMAot, HoMAR & CO.
N'Vllal AUUVli!
ii:V sSlilKT.
The o4 M-rr-e4 and Iwitif il s.irl m r proJ'le.d,
Ntl'K nlfll nr CI. SI is,
and w IT a tied not r gel out of "rd.r,
8. II, Ii, J3,!i, JO, :,, 40 A3 iD ilOUPS.
WIliMAjiiLB KtlAiJtiA fci;m.lEI BY
rl, Ti3 aud 55. Wuite Mrerl.
ltll-Im NtW YoRK.
Cbanrcri Salts
Cliuncery Stl.
Jofea Voed,iwarda, if , r. U mt U . Tayk-r
I a.
IN purt-na e. of a decree of the f-.ae.rab Itita
eer (oM(t.Ter t:,e timely or I' .too, at toe Feb
ruary Term. a, tt -rif I wi 1 tG-i lor le to the
lua-ttest ow. r, rvaiarday, Uw fib way t Jul next.
upe ut ivtnirM, -n a ,it 4 wwa, i aaa tare
)., s, (exrepi I ax luBi .-I 1.'j) lit lt ..a. bear
In iw.ta iMvnt, lb an laad km-U.1tI part
ot t. 1 orbrala-d iJ tt'o, a s.itiar trf-:-, anrott
ed M ttow Mooti , aboat. 11 sulnaT LaialtAia,
c mU:ut( about Ikt ki. s of" Ll,a mtai4 an. U
Him u.u tloia 4,( caltivation. T u d ctoal 4 aal
l:lrf th. w ters ar a-t aa aalhM wrvuapa tn mu v
'!.' beli acofia d tor iu ra. w rum
so b4l,and tmiuM . tU diwrar Wi wkxa
piMCKaa a at. 1 1. iktt iikrmtsv'tUaresai'
phi tt uwru Vol. wia ttwrtt al urn ton.,
M a Si't" " n, e, u4t r nu locAlaaa htt
sb Sovi ii jut aid ul.H.r rt. Tw ta o.y
April. lm JoU-V CtXldcikNt.
anrl4-U - - Cii u4 aUawr.
HAS a Wr;r aad taer ai.aa4 Ubi ibut aay
ne a t.a. ..
.C-U,i aaiawt, Uj.o-l b.a Umm.
Streogihening Cordial and
Blood Purifier!
Hie ( ra est Remedy in the World, and the
aslicioa and delightful Cor
dial ever takes.
It is strictly a sci
entiOu and Veeet-
a b I e Com pound,
rroeored b the
(Jdistillation of Roots,
J Herbs and &rk
Yellow Pock, Blood
Knot, Black Root,
isirsapar.lla, Wild
Cherry Bark and
Iwndelion enters in
to its composition.
The entire arlive
remedial prineiple
of each inerejieit
is thorooghly ex
tracted by my new
method i t distilling
afefOlt Lliriny.cious, exhilcrating'HCr 18X111'.
nr,u .Mnir a it'll . . . 1
spi it, and the most Infallible rt medy for renovating i
the dise-isel ry stem, aud restoring the sh-k. suflermt: :
anl debilitated Iuvalid to Health aud Strength.
VclaC au's StfciistUcuiiis
Liver Coniplalnt, Dypepsl Jaun
CbronH- orNervons Neb lity, lisoaseof tbe Kidneys
and all Il seasea arising from a disordered 1 jvr er
i roach, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Files, Acid -
tty or Sickness i.r ine M-mncn , ruuiiessor uiooo to
the Hiad.DuIl Fain or twiinmi'ig In the rie.ia, r-alii-
t'tinu of tiie Heaxt, Fullness or Weight in the
Stomach, Sour Eruet-i's-ns. Chokieg or jufr.Kra ing
I eeliu whea Iving down. Dryness or Yell-.wiie. of
the Skin and Eves, Night Sweats, Inward Fevers,
Pa n in th- Small of the Back. Chest or fide. Nid.ten
flushes or Heat, Deprrsscin of Spirits, Frighttnl
Dreams, Languor, ipsMndeiicy , or any Nervous
DUeu-e.S res "r B.ot -hes, on the kiu,ai.d Fever
and Ague (or Cbiils and Fever.
Over a Dliliou of Ltottlfg
Have be-en sold duriue the last ix montk, and ia no
instance has it failed io giving entire s-iti-f-onon.
Who, then, will sulf-r from We.iknes or Dobilitv
when JfeLEAN'S snRENGTiJENING COR Mai. will
cure youf
No l.-.r-gnaze can convey an anequste t jea or trio
inimeiliale and a moet miraculous cbango proanvett
bv lakiee this Cordial in Um odiowBCd , d btlitnted and
shattered nervous y."Ojm. whether brok.ti dow n hy
exoeR. went by nature, or impaired by siennevi? luo
relaxed and unstrung organization is restorea to its
pristine he i Ith and vigor.
or ofier conscious of inabilKy, Irom whatever eaure;
will Mil I McLem s MrerKtiiei'ing Cordial a thorough
reeeiie-ator of the svstein, and all who may have in-
inre.l tli -m-elvcs by improper iO'lulcenco, will oud
in the Cordial a certain aud erly remedy.
JIcLean's Mreit".t Itenlns Cordial
Is a sovereign and sedy core for
Incipient Coiuuniplloii, T Iiltea,
Obstructed or ILfllcull lleiistruatjon, InconUoeuce of
Urine or Involuntary I iscuargi lherf, Snl.nn; if
he Womb, G ddiness, Faitiling, and ail I Lsoases inci
dent lo 1- ctuoles.
'I'lieie In no Itllstake About It.
guffT no longer. Take it according to directions.
It will stimniaie. strenirthen, and invigcrnte ou and
cause tne bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
Every bottle is warranted to u've satisiaiuoo.
toil CIlILDUEa.
If your children arc sickly , puny or afflrted, Mc
Lean's CorJiil will make them hualihy , lat ..ml 10-
liiivt. Delay net a moment, try it aud you will he
Hi Deliriousto Take.
CAUTION. Beware of Druggists or Dealers who
m tytry lo palm iil"ii '.u some l'.iit"r, or S irsn.i
rilla tr.ish, which tirey can buy cheap, by say nut it is
lust as kikhI. Avoid such lie n. Ask lor ilcla-m's
s-trengtliening Corili it, and take nothing e s.-. It is
the only reiiictv that w II purily ihe nlood I ii.r-
ouhly .nnd at the sane lime strengthen the system.
one bibl.'s;MM.iiiul taken every niorning lasim. is
a cc-: t tin prc-vennve lor Ceoler.i , t Hills ami sever,
Yellow Fever, or any prevalent 1'is -ooe it is put up
in large h t'les.
Unco ouly SI per bottle, or 6 iiotites tors-.
J. It. .Mel.tAN,
Sole !Voirietor of this Cordial. Also, Jlcla-.in's Vol
c one l):l Linim. nl.
l'rim i.ial Ih twit oa the corner of Third und l'mc
streets, Si. I uis, Mo.
1,1 lyW.H. rtr Kr I K llS.VUVll.ia., NJSIlVUiO,
and all respectiblo DrUifKitiio evo y where.
my IU-,iins-cw ly
' fU
1 -d
-r 2
o cT
I 11
S ri
w c o
3 C
-- fcj
5 M "
4 o o
h"? OO
c: o
I? j?
v 2
c Ca
b s 2
C 3
o -
9 2
a c
3 "
l .2
3 i.
J '
K 5
si 5
O c
HAVING been appointed sole Agmt for the salo
Mlro thu above celebrated Mineral Hr in
Uns city , will always be pepired to supply tboto
ur-i!'.t;2 it, with it li-esli from the w'l.
B. low- will be found the opinion ol une of the
1'hvi.iciau of Louiavillo, a to Its inerns.
JO. G. UoW'. a EVANS,
Ai, Col eto Mre I, Naalivide.
Wo Ihe uudersiined, bav bad occasion to pre
scribe rd watch lb Ui of tho An. ian Water, in a
n.ri' ty of diseases, and wo navo uo besitatiou in le
clariticr it to bo our opinio that U Is an exceedingly
valuable remedy lu m .ny chronic Uarawu. lli.iu)
lu which :t uc ba been alien. d with lha mobl
a-isrkid benetil Ums far are, chronic rheuniatunn ,
cubueouauileetioiu, aud some of IhechrouiC disor
ders of tne digestive system.
The know in hemi.atl eleiueul found In the water
of such a nature, and they exj-l iu such suites of
cotnhmxt'on, that wo bave no doubt it wilt be
found iu a more extended experience, in iUcfteclJ to
have as wl ;e a raue ol ai.plcahilny lu lb cur of
difeasr a s uy mineral waU-r known.
ll.COl.ISVHTH.il. D., I'rof. of Sargery lu Ky.
SC'IH'I of MuUk io.
W. A. HUNDLEY, M l.,Supl., Lon sville Mann
t. j.i.r.iKus m. n.
JOS. W. l UrNAM.U. D., Sup'l. Louinvill Aim
llo se.
J. vr. kmght u. n.
apr-'T-im ao
For Kent or Leure.
IWII.I. rent or b ar n.y place near the Murfree.
boro" I'ike t o i"lle f mm Ilie crty (it I be pre.iil
year, or with the p.ivik-ge of five )eaia. There is
a convenient tu-iek DweUmg with kitchen and X--od
Slible. and a splendid well of etceilent wau-r.
liter are twelv ai re of (uperiir laud .U.Uhle lor
raising all kuim of tuarketmg.
leoji-ir Louis i.r.ww.
Xi Time to Wait far the Dorter
VBOIT thes limes all cloture will est green rrtnl.
Al any til nn out of d.y or nier-.l, they ars liable
t benliacked by Cholera Morbus, Dy-utery or Is.
.rri .e.. N i:tna iheu to send lor ta u.aiuir. Tl.a
Uia.pulHig lMil. ry S.ru- laiaaiitlr rrl eve al
u h casos. No f miiiy u:ht to b wiUiout it in Ui
lio.oa. It prooiplmsa baa .ve-l tlioUAan-ia I val.
ble ltvr in Ti-uue.e ,u the part f.-w year. Ouly
& I ce.i.ls a b uUe mi:!i for a wind- fnuiiy for a
w tiole s -in. A ItasU i ljut r.i e vr-J.
pay 15 If MACb.rNZ.ls: VIM-'HIV.
IS aj. n .it the oid tiamt. It I'nio street, wlH a
Sir' a -rtrni I id r.rlhi(in t'vn Xuar, foy
and S"aM v Ian., w uer b. will be plrad lo alt a,
on ao .Ui w.U favor bura will Ibeu lawiivnaga.
aa) l-lf
f anarj fages !
Jr,T reei, -Joo anrt. Canary Bird Capes -M
all style. eobw and pvievs, some a IwMie
4 tYf b. .iitil u Hi., wi .ikrt. F-r sale b- br
U-oi.II J. W. WlI.niV.
Jrlirffr Potatoes.
RUSiiFiS NVw York U.reer Pota toe, good
for ala r tn'wati.s. lo-t reml aa. toi
sai oy
mar -U
Nt 14 sVnatb Mvrketst.
For litre,
IJ?R lt tUnm f ih year, a m v, efr. N
(tra tfcy .Uyvotti olA. la.ja.r ai Una otftc.
NtBa:of Rack trV, Al,rlr d Qk'4.
a.tabt. tut stuatl Unti e-. ! rsi 4 fo
a... by ursj. F. i:Xi Ai CU .
Bayl7 lorawal
fTHE eMna,rshit brwu i":i
1 tiie -.aJr4aJ,ae ttyfc rlf
k.koaU.k. M th aa rMivMy a iial r.-.i-.i.t.
oi.e v-t4riii. Ie. but-w wdi i
buiM berHilwrWd by . Htu, iWiUmm
aUaliivbw - ".
. A. w. iiUjI,
" . SUaitPAtailCKa
FT!! aa4rtwt aavrog rB-4 frosa lb Irs ef
1 nM a kwat k .wf ld et es
li,. aHnw Ui.f m M kirSalra, revM.Uy
ta-stdsf aa ibio. t Us. ei.-w ' lb ana ft
Uw,r ru- rrrf-, aid M t,ta ,cUa.l i a4
r.is.. lo b
a rwi e
Or, Mother's Eelief.
FOU THE CURB Ol' . ; . .
In presenting the merits of this iu
' valuable niediciue again to the public,
after a trial of more than twenty years,
as a certain, safe, and speedy cure of
most of the chronic diseases of the
urinary organs, the proprietor feels
fully prepared to present such an array
of facts, of the most indubitable kind,
from persons living in hU own imme
diate ntiyhlmrhtxxl, and his own county,
as well as elsewhere, and such an array
of evidence as he confidently believes
has never before been presented to the
public in favor of any ether medicine,
patented or not, right at the place wbere
it started, and enough to satisfy even
tlie most fastidious and incredulous,
aud leave them without the shadow of
a doubt of the certain efficacy of the
of Calculi, or Stone in the
Bladder and Kidneys, Gra
vel Deposits, Inflammation
of tho Kidneys and Bladder,
Chronic Gonorrhoea, Weak
ness of tho Loin, Prolapsus
Uteri, .Sympathetic Complaints at
tendant on Pregnancy, ic., etc. ;
aud in time cf Labor the Lithon
triptic has no tvjual on record, as can
be proved by many Certificates.
Among those testifying to its efficacy
may be mentioned, in A is oir neijh
borh'jod ami county, the PlIYSICTANS,
the Clergy, Clerks of the Circuit
and County Courts, Members of
of his own county, Farmers, Mem
bers of Congress from his own
district, itc, iTtc. an array of testi
mony sufficient to leave all persons la
boring under any of the above-mentioned
diseases perfectly without any
czouse for not obtaining the Lithon
triptiu and being healed, but downright
obstinacy or tbe most inveterate anti
pathy against any secret remedy. I
will say, in the language of Holy Writ,
If you do not believe the testimony
jjrjJT- For sale Ly all tbe Druggists ia Nashville, ami by Druggists generally throughout
the country .-6m dec-S-dtri At lawif
'..""" a-. - -- 1 l. 'A
b mm-msm--mm--im----------mmmm-mmmmmmmm-wmm i
anbkii f life.
- - 1
An aperisnt and itomac&ie preparation of
IE0X purified of Oxygen and Carbon by com.
bustioa ia Hydrogen, of bra medical author
ity aad extraordinary efficacy ia each, of tat
follawintr complain is, via.:
Tho IEOt beinff absorbed by tba blood, and
thus circulating through th wholo systetn, no
T-art of tha body can caeapo tliair truly wonder
lul inSuttsre.
Tha experienc of thousands daily prov that
ao preparation of Iron caa for a moment be
compared with it. Imparities of the blood, de
pression of vital 'energy, pale and otherwise
sickly complexions indicate its necessity in al
most avery conceivable ease. Ia all cases of
female debility (fluor albua, chlorosis, tc, iu
Tec! are deuibtfully rnovauor. Ki remedy
has ever been discovered, ia the whole history
of msdiciae. which exerts each prompt, happy,
and Tnlly restorative effscts. Good appttus, com
plete direction, rapid ecqnisitioa of trngta,
wit an antsual diarposiUon for active and
Cheerful exe.-eite, immediauJy follow it nse.
As a grand rtomachie and freaf ral rerterauvo
it ha ne tnperier aad no subsUtat-,
IMf ap a nesik- Hat o-tl Hwmra rlwln4X
VI itUI. lee a . Ir b
A01 :" bnxts. a . K-t hy
Dmict.K Krner-tly. Vtll
.Merw.o. rvrlH t the l U"
Uri, aHnlerw, .tc Jaxia b ddn..d tat
K. B. LOCKE & CO.,
General Aonts.
3w UKOalllVAY, W V
. 1. TT afcave U s ta-wltatAU f Ut
isn.1 ms 9mrU taaru
eec--diriw w ljr
et W.1, CtrtM fl4avli s
Imrtiu, I.nrtano, Soa- of
.y a.1- un. ..1 tn Thnul II SEI,
I4. Hacatie Coto t Covsr ar-rxi
daose m., tuinui l iKX-a, Aasa
a, ri.in.i, KI.LIlltn bv
MJ.'WN'S fid trill jl I. TKOCHkJ,
r Coc.a Laia..
at (twad mmJ rlywf naiwtwi rWCnraMa.lke.
Ilr. li. r. Hito. s.liB.
rmammtmJ Ikir mM t frwiic Srwasaaa.'
'.rv. K R. ts.ru. N.w fork
JI(tlMr r'w i Hatutwamw."
K . S. Sio4i., l j raJ.w a , Ob k .
SfwaSoTUtl wAew ca.w.aw s ipwil. fa'a-ww! f1"
Qt k-ov. .J r. Aaosaa.'U.M. In.
FtVctmI I mtatwa Imnwm aava iersYoae!
ia arMl. . WWM ni MUIUI '-d tlmVBmm,"
Fr-f M. .-TovCl JctalVj N, later. o.
tewSMr of M-i,B"tb.r Fie C-dleg
"CwtllWlW Mi m httt fc-ar fUr ariwl.
a. a ioVr, ml iatmwcM. Fr-m Llnr Mo- fmzt
iimmM loW wtti mf wra a rail walj t. .
Slav. A. Itixl.f. A. W ,
rmdfll 0tv a4e., Ta
. la w m ... IW.ia. al a raMl. ' w.a
Al, !.' ia lar. I - am. CaCy ;iol ai
fr4, Vr ,awi,vt.,t .aafii iwS.iaUwAacA
obtoao J tvaa.
aAoai. a w ea
lad Tine d' round Fffd A-rtafT
1 1 1 1 -o 1 t. "l. l . jitt r.iv4 f' im.w.
W i 6a.it w.il b At J Wt4a
UA W !,
t. -i. iU , r t?rr.OX
i;lcv.c Street.
that I shall adduce, neither would yon
believe though one arose from the dead
and told you of the great efficacy of the
The Faculty and the public may ba
surpilsed to hear of a remedy that will
certainly dissolve' Calculi, or Stone
the Bladder, and cause it to pass off
with the urine, and. permanently cure
almost all the chronic diseases of the
Urinary Organs, those heretofore in
curable diseases. But the proprietor
is certain that at last he has found out
this great lcsttratttm tV Jfetficinr, a
certain and sa fe cure fur tJiese diseases.
And all he wants, wishes, or desires, is
for the Faculty and the afflicted to give
his medicine a fair and impartial trial,
and he has no doubt that they will
be thoroughly convinced of its grca
efficacy ; and if it docs not do what lie
represents it to do, he would like to
know it and let it be exposed; but if
it does cflect these cures, he hopes, for
the sake of suffering humanity, the a
citfy the guardians of public health
will give it their influence. There Li
no humhii:.rery in the Lithontripti;
every certificate is trenuine. and tho
proprietor will give one thousand dol
lars to any person who will find qut
one spurious certificate.
Any person doubting the truth of
any thing that has en said, La ear
nestly and respectfully requested to
correspond with any person whoso
name is annexed to any certificate, and
thereby convince himself of the truth
of every thing that has been published.
The number of Kittles that it Usu
ally takes to cure is from one .to fivej
thouirh it has been known to take ten
bottles where thert were extremely
large formations of Calculi or ijtone
to be dissolved in the bladder.
For the efficacy of the Lithontriptio
see the Circular, containing somo of '.he
most wonderful certificates in the w rld,
arouud each bottle. .
AN experienced Norseand FemalcPhysician , pr
seuislo tbe t ttention of inoiberi.be r
For Children Teething
wblcbgrestly facilitates tbe procctsof teething, t
softeuiup the gurus and reducing all iufianiati i jw
allay A 1.1- PAIN and spasmodic action .and la
Deeud upou it, mothers it will give rrsltoyar
selves, and
Price Ucruu per U'lTTLK.
Wabaveputupandsold thiaarticlefor vertea
years, aud cax sav, is on.iiKeKanvktta of
it, what bave aev.r bee able lo .y of
any ilber medicine NEV Kit HAS IT FAHXIMN
timely nivdl Never did we know aa lostanc
J oi disaalislactioi. by auy. on who used it. vm
tbe contrary, all are dc lighted with it tpra
' lufl, and ap.ak In term , mm of highest cemmeoda
tton f it uiairalenVctsg aod medical virtue
w spvaa in tuir matter "waat il bo
aner ten 'year' exierl nce, iii rtuiti oca
mrnitKm ros ti rum jto iui vimiki
osriA. In almort every 1 nalauce where the in
fact I. auOcriug t nun paiu 'w aud exbausta.03, reli
willbe'ound lu Dflreu or twenty miakles after
tb. syrup is adnuaik tered.
This valuable preir loa ilb newscrtptK a
of one of the MOST EX mm I'r.K! r-MUlaaU fk I U
FULNUKSES la New Ijigr" land, and ba b
used with NEVEK-FAII.'- 1N. M icniu
N'otonlyrelievrsthechilu from pain, bal vtg
aratr tbe stomach and'' iH.wela, correel art II
ity , and give lone and en , rgy to th whvl sya
teat. It will almost I stautlv reuev
andovercomeeo rul.inui which if not pd
rem lied , end la d.atb- We believe 11 the be- f
and raT aiannv iithi v w.vwui.m allrase. 1
whether It arues from 'i. talt.inj. or froraac
ttler cause. Vie woul.tsay 10 every mnUir
w bo baa a child m!Vnr f mm f rin any ol the f.wra , .
mr complaiiuaiHI NuT I.Er VwUK I'KF-M Hi
CIS. NoK THE l'lilJU DICES UK onirics
laud between your suH. r tat child and the r-ll-,
thst will be sure)., A IWdXTELY M Kr
to follow be ol this mediciu, if tnuelj
ed. .
Full lirection ifor oir,j Zi will teeomptBy ck
botll. N011. --nuuir r" lea the fac-.i.nil
ClKTISa I'kivallVs, New York, ia o lb .a
!,!. w rapi-er. '
Sold hy .Iruerist 4 hruuh mi tbe w-wld .
I'nn. ii) l ie No. 13, CoMlar l. Near York.
jaueTdAWly Prie . cwnU p.r aotli.
. af
' N . X V
y k r
Save the Piccrs! 'sv
i Save ! he Pieces !
all an 1 b mtt triif bnut, rmrm. m Kwaf rafwl'it.4
aaniow.ii isv.ry iMirauit to bav. cbrap aa4
oonvenHtit waj I or repairing wriiHnr,Tiyt.roca
merts a-Iuch iBrgBeies aad BO boneb,id eaa
aOord t. b without it. ti t iwf Tmmii r aaa p lo
toe tK-a.m tw.iul. llior 1, eo ioegsr aacawaai.
for hmpieg . iu,piiu'.erw veaaer, liea-ll.a ooll
and brukea cr.lr It J't tit aria I. tor n.
sN.lt, a -at .li.r ort.aiwei.ial work,v w--ipulax w.;
UvmtJ rrot wd u.ac.
Tl.m iini'.O levHaratioa Is U4 Cld , Ken(
cttiiOaSv held ia a.iutmi, .ad yvm wieg all
, valwabfc. nattawi W loo. bn( ewbiuet maker to
il nut w4 Ui in i-iar a ordinary, suScUag
twcg fatulv .r. tulawii.
-ttr t'L IN FVF.UT ncielK,"
S A fraUaa-usapaa ia a bulU. rrK(SietS
Wbf liwale t. id. Nw- Cedar l , Sew Y-e.
Ik-a , No. i, Nvw k.
Fn! mp fnr fiwaler la Caw- eneUistag Fr .Cytbt,
aad Tw.-iv f--n hMttiiil LaUiagraUsa bam
Card ar4!9pac v uig rvt iw:aa..
T-A , a-i .fa-AUKNC'S ratra.EP
CLLA will kavaWw (, il i4 aa.y I w rvr
a .nw ri ui 1 ' u.
BVidd byab Mw.t-et Siatimwsr, tVis-U, tUrd.
war aad rw ur lwira, tira, wad at.cy
. ... . . akiU sk.k. a wn 0 trlL-.
M"S FjtAASti' Cl'f, wbaw lbak.a4 m til
ssi. Il . ai auad aa y cijm
A Kj , 1 - rr s. 1 . r rjba
laaowt. -al.M loil CWI ar , , - , a, ao.J
Ira. A-aii.riaa. .
T K.IYt 1 a fr d j ' -
tv re at i-r.
M baw J. - , -
1 f-Jor ftr,liy
HSt-: lw. 14 U4 M
1 .

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