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The true northerner. (Paw Paw, Mich.) 1855-1920, January 14, 1858, Image 4

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Have just received from New York, di
rect from the importers, u large and splen
did stock of
And ulmost every variety of MKDICAL
which will he sold at figures to suit the
times. Kvcry article sold at this institu
tion will be warranted genuine or money
refunded. Also, a large and choice varie
ty of
Also a choice supply of Liquors direc
faom the importers which we sell for me
dicinal purposes only. All wishing pure
Liquors fur sickness will do well to give
us a call.
WESTERN MONEY taken here in
trade at par. 131-tf.
Taw Paw. Oct. 11.1857.
Jcl ich,
Extensive Stock of
New Goods,
Gotls of every description, CIIFAP,
nnd never undersold.
Ready Pay ai:d
Tnw Par Kept. 2-lth '57.
Philiut phiu.
TO all persons nfYlicted with Sexual I);seri-
Bcs, such a SPEU.MATOliniKEA, SKMI
NOltRUCEA. C.LEKT, SVl'lllLlS, tho
Vico cf ONANISM, or SKLF-AliUSK,
kc., kc.
Tha Howard Asuocl.ttioc, in view of tl.v
awful destruction ofhuman lifo, caused by
Sexual ditiea-F, and tho deceptions practiced
upon the. uubtunaff victims of Mich diseRsen
by Qiru-l; h-tvo directed their Consulting
S:rj;oon. ps achariabln act worthy of their
name, to five mrdicul advice tratiji, to nil
persons thus hfilicted, wnn apply by letter,
with description of their condition, (ng;e,
orenpation, hit bit of lihf &..) nnd incurs
of extrojr.e pororty nnd euilerin, to furnish
medicine free of charge.
The Howard Association i3 a benevolent
institution, established by special rndow
tHont, for the relief cf tho pick and distressed
afilicttd with Virulent and L'piih rnic Dison-8-W
It Su r.ou it .surplus of means, which
the Director l.nvc vntcd to expend in adver
tising the aboe r.rlice. It 13 needless to add
thr.t trio Association commands the highest
lledicul skiM of tho ne, und will furn'uh the
most approved modern treatment.
Just published, I y the Assvchtion, a Im
port on jtirmtnrrhoM, or Setr.ir.al Weak
ness, tho vice of Onanism, Maturtation or
Srlf.Ahu--o, und other di ctisfs of the Sexual
Organ., hy the Consul lit; g; Surgeon, winch
will he MMit hv nuil, (in a sealed envelope,)
FUKB OF CII.AKGi:, onihcrerciptnl two
btarap.s for pestnoe.
AdJr Dr. GEO. R. CALHOUN, Con-
fllting; Surgeon, llov.urd AMiciati,.n, No. li
South Ninth strict, FhiliidelpLin, F.i. Jiy
order of the l).r ri"rs.
Gno. FAixtniii.n, Secretary. 101 yl
the mxhkt infikmitifk or
Just Published, Gt:, lie L'jth thousand:
a fkw wor.ns on nir. kati al theait.;. r,
without Medicine, of Sjiermatorrhet or lic l
weaknfpa, Nocturnal remission, G.nitiilund
Nervous Debility, Prematura decay of the
System, Impoteccy, and Impedimenta to Mar
riage r:trally.
RY 15. DE LANEV, M. I).
The important fact that tin many alarm
in? complaint?, rriinatin in the imprn
d'tiee nnd I' tidf t "Ut'i may b en-i'v
removed vmiioUT uldicim:, is inth s unnU
tract, clearly 'If monstrHtcd; end thecutirily
new nn. highly nucceo.Wul treatment, a
doptcd by the Author, fully explained, hy
menus of whirh everyone iarniblfd to cure
itlMsr.i.K perfectly nnd nt th? least p.ssihlo
cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised nos
trum of the day.
Sent to any add res f, pratia and post free
inagealcd enve'ope, hy remiffini; ('8t pid)
two postage stamps to Dr. U. DH LANEV
l7LiFpenhrd Street,New Vork City
GnoCHUILS-a gio-i wonvin VKAV
u b, a.
Drag g Stioire!
3700, Facts for The PEOPLE
And Find Them ! !
LongwcU & Kilburn' "TOuld rc
spcctfully announce that they
have been making
Extenive Additions
to their stock consisting of tho
Choicer Imported
Family Groceries,
i'uro Liquors,
Alcohol, Brandy,
Gin, port Wine,
W h i s k y ,
Choice brands of Tobacco,
Box and Keg Raisins, Bag salt,
Topper, spice, cassia, cloves,
iirb jsfttb, hunger Suits,
Soda, candles, soap, matches, fisJi
all kinds of
Hooks and
paints and oils,
w&Mss siusaigs,
Window glass and putty,
Now is your time, as wo are selling
at reduced prices You will have
but to call and be convinced
Paw Vaw. Feb, ll. 1857.
Opposite the K.crhavj", Main Street
Taw Taw, 11 ich lean.
DMON, WA11HKN .t Co., have ju?t received
their New li i 1 ati I they are hound to Fell them
cheap r than we re ever before otlercl jn this mar
ket. Don't take our word for it, but exam
ine our gocd.s and rices and yoa'U be a-t"iii.-hed
at the in price dented low prices in every depart
Uebt at which we St 11-
Come nnl eati.Ty yi'r.rh'e. "A nimble nix
pen o is hitler ttihti a slow sh '.l!iv." " (uiek
sales and small prot.t. J ho
Jj'jrjtst ami Cltntp- ! S?nc of Stapl
and Fancy DRY GOODS
i t tr cjj' rt d in thi marlc t.
The nicest assortment of LALIL'S dres? SILKS
in town.
KmhroiiJi ri s, Glove anl ll'jxie.y.
f.ne ii'sorttnent if plain and fancy-ceb-red WOOL
! DLLAINLS. Drs Trinnning-, Ilonncts, Uibbons,
lV.rtmoi.ies and a g neral .vsortmetit of
yankim: notdn'. iikadv m adh clo
'iii i no. Tioo'rs smi:s. la-
HATS, CAPS, tiKoCLI irS, Ac,
They Kre satisfied 'nf it i.- n.t for the interest of
th iiii; i r or stdlcr t do Pu-iness on ttie credit sys-t-
in. and ha .e madj it a rule to u ll their good. for
ca-!i or n a y pay .vdu.-iv e!y.
In present it, tf1 ouisi lvt s lor a -hare of public pat-
j ronage, we hn- ad"p!ed tli motto,
j Lire ,tnl hi Lire"
f,,r oer gui hitice, and hile we do not pretend to
sell 0' Is at cost, it will b onr a'm to sell you
! goods at the very lowest laiig prices; thereby
i benef.tfiiig our cnst'mer a. w'l a. ourselves.
, To the La lie we say, our rf" k of Dre ' (Jood
and Trimmiii : is complete, and all ne w i f the la
test sty les, and cannot tail to ph-nsc.
Call and see, one and all. b f r porcha ing else
where, and we will c-nince you that we will sell
more (iood for one dollar than any store iu Van
Pure ii County.
The upper fnoir. of their Store building imvc
been fitted i'p for the- exjTc?. nrporc if lnanufac
turiug. and they have purchased the entire! stock
and Ii Mures iind secured the m rv ices id'
other first cla.- worKnnn, who will e,iiitii,uc to
inanufaciure Ladic'n nnd Oefit's leots, Shoe ', .lip
per and (Jaiters. Their wrk in point of beauty
f Pini'h or Perm will sutler none h j compari-on
w ith that from any ot the fa -hi nnb!e eastern
shops; and I'.r set vice and i ti!i y ti!l be c".
1 : v.!v ! .e l by ih.'se who hav. trie l them t ) bo far
vi; ; '. r.
Perfect fits are warranted, and ji.od satisfaction
gnaraot. d.
raid for Illdm.
Opposite tlin Kxclinngc.
Ismon, AVakiikn k Co.
Taw Taw, Nov. If., 1?:7. lofi-tf.
Pcndid lot f JKYVKLKKY-fhea for
WHEREAS Default has boon in tho payment
i)f u certain Bum of Muncy the pujuicnt of
vrliich uvocurt'd hy a curtain iudvuturu if Mort
jrai hearing date tho titth d;iy of .luly A. 1.
Kxccutvd y Jacob Shower and Lhu'imi Showers
his wito of Van Uurcu county Michigan, to Aarou
Longtrcut of (icauga couuty Ohio, uu the land and
premises hereinafter dom-ribed, which inrlao
was duly ltccordcd in thu ol!ie of UegitiTof Ieeds
of Vau liurcn county in the State of Michigan on
thol'ltli day of November A. 1. 15:', at Kleven
o'clock in tho forenoon, in Liber 'C' of mortal:;:-!
on pages 'oil und 613; Which mortgage was duly
assigned by said Aaron Longstreet, to Andrew
Longstreet of Jackson county Michigan, vhkh ns
sigumcut bears dato the L'ath d:iy of April A. 1.
16615, and was lleconlcd in the Ucgi.-tcr's o tice
aforesaid on the seveutecuth Coy of J)eccinl;ir A.
1). 1S67 at two o'clock in tho nlternoou, in Liber
"0" Mortgages on page 4 ; Which mortgage wits
ulso ussigned by said Andrew Lonstreet to Jchn
McKiuitvy of Vun Luren coui;ty, Mich'an , ly
au as bigumcnt dated the "1th d.-y of December
A. D. liJU, and ltecorJed in tho J.'egi.-tcr's oCieo
aforesaid on the seventeenth day of December A.
D. 1 Sa7, at two oclock in tho al'lcnxtoi . in Llher
4,(J" of mortgages ou jago t: and Wherea. tliero
is claimed to t e due and unpaid o'l taid i-iortgago
at the dato of this notice, for principal and interest,
the sum of one hundred and twenty three dollars
and titty cents, ($1-,60), and whereas no proceed
ings have been instituted at law or in cli'n ery
to recover the amount tsccured 1 y said mo-tgage
or any part thereof:
Notice is therefore hereby given that, by vir
tue of a power of sale contained in id mortgage,
which power has become operative by the default
aforesaid; and in pur.-uauce of the si.ttiite iu nu h
case provided, the premies described iu said mort
gage, to wit; Tho wc.-t half ol the N th l!at quar
ter of section numlcr twenty nine and the N.-th
West quarter of the South Last quarter o' section
number twenty nine, in township numiier three
eoutli of llange riUim er thirteen West containing
one hundred and twenty acres according to the
United states survey, be it mure or K s, Mid situa
ted in the county of Van Jiuren ur.d slate of Mi. h
igan, will t'C sold at puldie auction orendue to the
highest bidder, at the court house iu the ii!a,'? 'f
l'aw l'aw in said couuty of Van Dunn, (ilmt li'nng
I'il- plac e (.1 holding tho circuit court for said count y)
tlio twi n y seventu clay ot iwajcti m r, a. i.
1S6S, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, by the sheritV
of paid county, or his deputy, or under tlierilf.
Dated Docember oOth, A. D. 1 vo7.
' ' 'llec.
H. II. LhACTiy ,
112-12w. At aey.
TI7III2KIMS default has been innde in tho
?? payment of certain sums ofmo.scy the pig
ment of which was secured by a certain i n cnture
of mortgage bearing date the twci tj -sl.it't d;y of
November, A. D. 1S66, executed by n ..n 'ioss,
of Van Duron county, and State cf .Mb-.ig't'. to
Simeon Drooks of the same county r. ; 1 I Stat", on
the land and premises lcre'iPi tier described, .vhich
mortgage was duly recorded iu t ie ii.iie "f t'ae
Uegister of Deeds, of Van llu.c.i o-emty, State of
Michigan, on tho twcnU -i.lh day of No.ctuber,
A. D. 1S66, at four oVIoob in the. itlicrii- ti in
Liber F, of mortg tg""1 . p.igt tirty-onc, (61.) on
which mortgage the.' i claimed to be due an 1
unpaid at the dat' Pep-of, for priucio.M and in r
est, the sum ( f'tv.o hundred and lif'.y ei ,'ht dollar
and ten cent, ( -j. I". ) and .o proci.vdhg at
law or if chanv;-, having been in. tiltite 1 to r.1
cover t!ie amount secure I hy :u I mortgage or any
part Jhereof ;
Orit:i': tcrc;re hereby 'jiveti tlcit by
virt'iool" 11 jidw'T ofsalo ontaiucd in f ii 1 viort
pag which power ha become operatixe bv 'he
d l iult aforeai 1. atid hi pursuance of tho stist ito
in sii' h c;i.-o provided, the mortgaged p.crui" .
described iu said mortgage, to . : The 1 orih-ea-t
ijoiirtcr of section number twenty tv;o, ('22. ) i;i
town. Slip number two, (It.) s'Utti r u .L" nu'nicr
sixteen, (H.) west, sinmfcd iu tl .unty Van
Ilureti, and f'tato of Michigr.n, hiid 11 1 a :t. ii 1 g one
hui'dred an 1 t ixty acre. nee rding ' o t t 'tiiic
Htto! survey, bu tbe wamo more or le. , C.ili be
sold at mblie auction r vendue. .n :hc highest
bidder at the Court IDus-: in the villa- ' of Paw
Paw, iu said county of Van ituren fthjt bring the
ph. C ' of holding the Circuit Court frsai l nui:t v)
on tliothird d iy cf April ie.t. A. D. at ten
o'clock in tho l-irciiooi1, by tlm shvritt' ofsJl c un
ty. or his deputy er wr. I i tl,cri'.
Dated January 6th, Ls .".
143-12w. AitTtey.
IS- fliBh
J. McEinney & Sons
Arc now o.Tcrittir their cr.tir-j te.ck ol"
Tim? frtrlrhtpi! to th; pptnlilihmnt xvil
pliisp call atid settle irnodiatrly and save
I.iwtn .Tnn. lc.7.
MM) rou IT.
Tho most suporMy illti.-tr.ntcf! Ma.3n7.inc
ever published in America, is tho Decem
Iht imtnlier of tlto ( VtM;olit;m Art
Journal, eontnin't!1 over ' sj,, n il
;'"" 'yy, ;ul 'fi in;: full -! f I' ll'') rs ( if
tho lio-nrf;ts of the ( 'uMiinj.ulit.ni Art As
soeiation, firr iloPars a tntr, single eoji
ies ; rents. Spteiinon copies v;ill be
sent to nil pcr!"h3 -lio wlAi to stilserilo
on the receipt of five postage stamps (15
Sec advertisement lier.ded " fir Ml hint
Frotjirrtus" in this paper.
Address 0. I,. Dkrhv,
Actuary, 0. A. A.,
518 Ilroadway, New York.
I. "NV. Van Fossi;n, Honorary Secrc-
rary for Vau Buren county and vicinity.
MOUTCSACSi: nali:.
DP.FAULT having been mado in tho ayuicnt
of a certain turn of money, tho payment of
wLich is Fccurt'd by u ccrtaiu iudentur of Mort
gage, bearing date the second day of August, A. D.
isal, executed by Horatio N. Phelps, Harrison
Palfoiir ami James llaynes of Lawrence, Van Du
reu County, Mi.higun, tu Diehard Petri, of tho
same plan, on tho premises hereinafter described,
and recorded in the Pcgistcr's ollicc of Van Dureii
county. Michigan, ou the lighth day of August,
A. D. at cloven o'clock A. M. in Liber J). of
Mortgages on pages PJ and WW, which mortgage,
was duly assigned by the said Diehard Ferris and
Hannah Pet ri. his w ife, to Pi la Hubbard, of De
troit, by assignment dated November SSth, A. D.
1S.4, and recorded in tho Register's otliee albro
puid, on tne 27th day of November A. D. 1S60, at
two o'ch-ck P. M. in Liber K. of Mortgages on pa
ge i7i und 17w, and there is claimed to bo due
and unpaid on said mortgage ut the date hereof,
for principal and interest, the sum of yeven hun
dred and thirty-six dollars and fifty cent, S7."C,
60, and no proceedings, liiher at law or in chan
cery, having been instituted to recover the amount
secured by said mortgage or any part thereof;
NOT1C1J i therefore given, that by virtue of a
power of sale contained in said mortgage, which
power ha become operative by the default afore
said, and in pursuance of the statute in such ease
prov ided, tlm premise . encumbered hv said mort
gage, to wit: "All. the equal undivided one third'
part of the bottom laud lying north ot tho read
leading from Paw Paw to W'atcrvlict vi i. Law
rence iu Van Luren county, Michigan, lying along
tho Drusli Creek, between the high bunks border
ing said creek to wln ie it empties into tho Paw
Paw river, with the one third part of the saw mill,
dam, race, and mill-yard, belonging to the same
ail in sectiou ten, in town three, south cf range fif
teen west in Vim Puren county, Miehigiu, F.xcep
ting a parcel of tour rod on the cat end of the
mill yard,' -vill bo sold ut public ancln.n or vendue,
to the highest bidder, at the Court House in tho
village of P:mv Paw, in said county, filial be
ing the place ed" holding tho circuit c urt for said
county, )on the thirtieth day of January next, A. D.
I6'ut ten o'ebu L in the forenoon, by the sheiitf
of t aid co'in.v or his deputy, or under s iei iif.
D i d, this I'd lav of November, A. D. 1S67.
DPI.A lirPPAUP, Assignee.
A. W. NWSll. Att'y. for As.-L'nwo.
Paw Paw. Nov. 2L 167. lSI-IJw.
-IonT(JA(1, sai.i:.
"IliP P ha, in,.' beiu made in tho ayment
Jy of aetilaiu siaa ' money, tlie jay inert ot j
wi.r-ii i secured i'.v a ccrt iiu indenture uf Mort-i
gai-c be.irin : date ihe si.voe i.lh day of May , A. D. I
!..), e.veeuNd by Al '.'US MeDell ll 1, of P.IW PaW,
Van llu.eii cuui.iy, Mictiigan. to J,-hn McKim.ey, '
of i'tirter township, county and Male af- said, on i
the premises hereinafter de-Til ed, and fee, .raid in
the otliee. of the Uei'-te r of Deeds, f,.r Van Puren j
county i foresaid, on the sixteenth ,py of May, ;
A. D." W,: at half past eleven; .'c!oek A. M. in!
Libci P. d' irortgag-s on jiages J . ) and l'". and on I
which mortgage there is claimed to he due ami un-
pi.;d at Mui date of this notice, of principal and in- ,
tercst, the sum if fifty-eight 'bdlit and sixty
elits. I . atid t o oroect liii'.s eil'a r at law or j
i i "!i aiieery .having been instituted to recover the
uno'imt secured by sail nn.Ttgi'.go ir any part
lin-reof ;
OTini i therefore Jurcb given, thet by
virtue of a power of sale contained iu said mort
gage, which pevir ha- becine operative by tho
default af.iie-aid, and in pursuance of the statute
iu such ease provided, the premises described in
said mortgage, to vv it : Th1: west half of the west
half of the north eat quarter of section lightcon
iu township three south of rangu fourteen west,
containing t', ty acre of land more ( r b-ss accor
ding to th" I'nite.I States survey thereof, situate d
in t he eoonty of Van Puren. an 1 Sfute of Mi higan,
v, ill be sold :t public auction or v en due, t the
highest bidder, at'tlie IVurt House in t:e village of
Paw Paw in said county, (that biing t'm jdace oi
liohling the circuit court for .-aid county , ) ti the
thirtieth day of.Januarv ia f. A D ISa :it t-ii o'clock
in tiie forenoon, by the slier ill" of sii I county, or
his deputy or tidcr he rill'.
DatodNovemler 2d A. I. ls:7.
.DtllX MrKlNNT.Y, Mortgagee.
S. II. D LAC KM AN, Att'y. for Mortgagee.
TITMEIIF.AS )ef.ult hiis been made in the r:iy
NV Mctit id' u ccil;iili Si)in of in iu -y -ceer d "to
be ju'.ld in ii'ielbv aeertuui r.iortg:;g'J bearing d tt! t;
lift:emh ly ot' April, A. o. e:.ht:en Inin lrr.! nnd
1:1 rA -six, executed by Marvin limn. i.l: of Aloion,
(.'.1I101H couut Michigan mor'g;igor or in Thorn
an D, ."SlitddoM. Koa (' (Jeissi, ile of Angiist!!- II
JeiHse aiid Ah'xanilrino V. t'omau, :t'j f J.
Hirnu'tiS Comjik'i. of tlroit, Way no County,
.Mie!of:.ii, u niojlg iee. til on wliich triidnort
gu.v an ) Oie It lid XeJ ted by nid t LuiiihIis
rmiijianyino; t, sjijne. tit re N now dv.e to wit, n
Uii- liiteeiitb day (f October A. D tigl.tcc.i biin
red utW lifty s'e.'Ui tleMim of fix I ntulred uiA
ten yti ded'ar an ! titty cct ts for jYircival
miii iii.tm. .v.: w in ro is, ny reus.Ti 01 nvj ic
f nil in tl: ji;i inent ot' tier nr'tn y so c leim ;.l .
be due on said no, rtu' '"d Mii I bond, t) p-w
erot't-ii'ft eoiita'tied therein l.s Wo mo c j r .1 1 i v e
mi I 1.0 n;ii c: prtve i ut lav Jiiiviti betn in
ti'n'e 1 to rev 'Vor tho aid mimi ed' rnot.ey so re.
main u line utMi'i said nior' ) a 1 mk i boinl,
r any part tin reof. Now ih-Tcforn, notice: a
hereby jfiven t but in mr.e'.i.inc e ot tbe j o Aerot
S'lrcorit itad in fiiid inortj. . 'e. and i f tHe wt t
utc in fx'h c;.M! niiule hsi.1 j.iovi d. we will i-ell
at jnil Iu WMid'.i) to tlie liilo'fit bidd. r hi tlie
County Court llouie in the v 1 i 1 u ' oj I'w Tiiv
county of Van Kuren and Stale of Michv mi, tb.it
b uj tlm l.o e of bolditiif ll'e Cir;o:it t'ourt for
mid c imty of 'uu Ittirun.on Tuesday the ,Vch 1 y
o!" Ja'itury next at ten o'clock A. M . of lhat t tiy
1I1 j bdjoi ii p lceiibei irernie., bein tlie Mime
jitcaiisei itcvcTibc.1 in tbe above mentioned mort
;-ipi viz: ail 1 1100 certain piecta or parceU of
land Mt'ia'e in tlie county of Vai l uren in snl)
Stat ) oi Michigan viz : tbe 11 rtli vet quarter of
pcctiui thirteen. 13, in tovn one, 1 , hostth of r;niL'i
hkvet teui, 1", west and llntqual undivided tnree
fi irht lis juris of th' itorlli west frHrtio'ial (jtiarte
of seclioii ten, 1, in town one, 1 pouth of r:me
hi ven'eeu. 17, west r!c rv in.kT how. ver frnn said
dvj'cribed Ian 's two acres fir 1'irht bause purroscs.
Dcroit, t Vtobi r. a d. IS'iT.
1: SA iKlK,
J. liAKN AltAiS CA.Ml'AL',
13l-wl2 their AUorneyn.
3:iUTc:.ji: nam:.
YJllK ItEAS lef.inlt b;is l.i en made in the pay
V t ment of 11 certain funi of money the iiayn:eut
of wbiidi ni secured by an Imh-nf nro of 'dortae
bearing d ite the twentii th day of Aj ril A. 1. !.-.' 7,
execute I by . ndri . I. Ste wart and Ann Stewart
his w ife of iw I'iiw , Van bureri Cmu.ty rotate of
lichi.'.in Jo Cornelia M. Curtis.- of Vuw I'aw, Van
Ib'rm Ci uiity ntid .-late of .Mi hi.-;in, on the bind
and rcmiscH bcreinalter el?srril ed, li mort
ae wadi:ly Ib'eorde-l in the otliee of the lle;.'
ili r of dei d lor the c niiity of Van Iltircti a!'ore
sai I, on the I'.levi nth day of Jfay A. I. 1: S.'7, at
lii.;ht o' 1 ck in ihe foreno .n. iu hiltr I', of mort-aui-s
on jiaTe 17 ; on which mor'a.-e there is
claimed to I e dee and unpaid, at the date he reof,
fur principal nnd internl, the mimi of ti ve-luindr d
and ii:ht( .1 d .'!.u -, ;,r. 1 -isiy h ht eeiitji (.01.
fi ). a:.d 1:0 pr" 1 c lii.' 1 .'he r at law or in eipiity
baviii b."vi ia;;li.f .1 to recover the amount secur
ed by said inorlare or any part thereof:
r'otli e is then fore hereby jriven, that by virtue
iif a power nf mle contained in mi id murtrae
wliicli power has become operative by the default
af ire ai l and in piir-'iaucc of the statute in sach
ca e j.rov'nb I. (lie pi ini-e- di scribed in paid nioi t
.'. 'i. t" v. it: 'all of iho.i eerta'ui pie.M or p.u ee's
of l;n d lyin "i d bcle,' i-i the county of Van !!.
rcn .'ale of Michigan aforecaid. Known and desiir
nated as bcie.'.: villa relets numbered otic and four
'. I ), in block Thirty pM in the v ilia A' of I'aw
l'aw , in said county of Van lUiren, according to the
Tb.t thereof,' will be ml 1 at ubiJ. .nv tiou or e;:
1 no to the highest bidder, at tho court bouse in the
village f Taw l'avv in Van lbiren couuty aforcfai I
(that being the place of holdini the Circuit court
for raid county), on the twenty Hcvenlh day of
March next.' A. I. 1S.",S, at ten o'clock in the fore
noon, by the sheriff of raid county, or hi. ilcputv
or under M'icrift'.
Dated December .notb, A. D. 1557
I4M2r. Attorney.
WHljRliAS default has been mado in the puy
mcut ot a certain sum of money, tho pay
ment of which was rccured by an indenture of
mortgage bearing dato the 20th day of Juue, A. D.
185C, executed by tleorgo Allen und Harriet M.
Allen, his wife, of tho village of Mattawan, Vun
Puren county, Michigan, to Pcsin Holme. of Ant
werp, in Mid county and State, on the laud an I
premises hereinafter described, which mot t-ago
was duly lUcorded iu the ollico of tho PegirteT of
Deeds lor said county of Vun Uurcu ou the 1 Mh
day of July, A. D. Is "o, ut ten o'clock, A. M. in
Liber Y, of Mortgages ou pugo 1. '!'., i.nd on which
mortgage there i claimed to bo dii" find unpaid ut
tho elate hereof lbr principal and interest the m :a
of one hundred and twenty-six dollars und f evenly
ix cents, (lLMi,76,) and no proceedings at law or iu
chancery having been instituted to recover tho
amount secured by taid mortgage or any part
MTI('Ii is thereforo hereby given, that by
virtue of a power of Kilo contained iu said mort
gage, which power has become operative by tho
default aforesaid, nnd in pursuance of the Ktatuto
in huch case provided, the premises described in
said mortgage, to wit: Peing lot number ten, (lh)
in block number twelve, (12,) in tho village of
Mr.tfawan, in said county of Van Dun n, and State
of Michigan, will be sold at public auction or ven
due, to the highest bidder, at the Court House, in
the village of l'avv Paw, iu said county of Vun
Puren (that being the place of holding tho Circuit
Court f r said county.) on tho twentieth day of
March next, A. D. iKaS, at ten o'clock in the fore
l.oe ii, by the sheri'J of said county, or his deputy
or under sheriff.
Dated, December 2od, A. D. 1S."7.
1 1 1 -12vv. Attorney for Mortgageo.
aiok r; (;i: sai.i:.
"I"IjrArir has been mado in tho payment of
J the sum of one hundred and twenty-eight dol
lars and forty-seven cants, (l'2S,47.) which is
claimed to be due at the date ed this notice on a
ce rtain mortgage bearing date the 21th day of Oct
ober A. P. 1 aa, executed by Diehard Poscwarn,
of the town of Dei nttir anJ county of Van Puren
and State of Michigan to Carlton Wheeler of the
county and State aforesaid and recorded in the
oitico of the Uegister of Deed for the County of
Van I'unn iu Liber P. of Mortgages on pages 171
and 17a on the. fourteenth day d November, A. D.
1 SiS, ;;t eleven o"cb-k A. M. Now therefore, no
tice is hcri by giv en that iu pursuance id' a powe
of sale contained in said mortgage and of tho statr
life in s e i 1 1 ca.- ma le und provided, all the t ight,
title, intere-t, claim and demand of Diehard Dose
warn, of tho county of Van Puren, and State ed"
M'u higan, to the premise described in and covered
by said mortgage, to wit: The north half, of the
tiorth-west ouarfir, of section twenty-one, ('21.) in
town-diip four. ( I .) s a;;h of raime foul teen, ( 11.)
west, containing ei:!ily acres, being in the town
of Decatur, coiir.ty of Van Puren, and Statu i f
Michigan, will be sold at public unction to the
highe.-t bidder at the Court Douse in the village of
Paw Paw. in said county of Van Puren, on the
thirteeth day of March next, at one o'clock P. M.
Dated December 17th. 1S07.
110-lCw, Mortgagee.
vnon vi'-. ciii)i:n.
STATi: 0F Mll'IIICAX County of Van lbiren
ss At a ses.iou of the I'robate Court for the
County of Van lbiteu. huhlen at tlie I'robate OtV:ce
in the vill i-'c of l'a.v l'aw, on Thursday, tho 17th
day of December, in tho year one thousand tiht
hundred and iiftv-si vi n.
rrwiit, A. 'W. NASH, .Jud.'e of Prohaf?.
In the matter of the estate ot'lltcry Colemau.
On rea lin and filiDg the petition, duly verified,
of Mary Ann Cob-man, 'widow of the said decca-' d
pray in ir that she 1.1 ay he up(ditted ;idmiui.tratri.
and Kdwin Itanium, administrator on the ctta-e of
said ileeeaxed.
Thereupon it is ordered, That Monday, tlie
eighteenth day of January, ut Un o'eka-'i "in t! e
forenoon, be nsi;rnid for the Learing of faid peti
tio;!, and that the heirs ut law of uid eJcecaacJ,
and all other peri.r.M interested ' in said estate, are
required to appenr at a sission of said Court, then
to be b liden nt the I'robate Office, in t'.ie village of
I'.r.v l'aw, and slmvv cause, if any the re be, why
the praverof ihe petitioner shiall not be granted:
And it is furthe r ordered, that sai I petitioner
give notice to the persons interested iu ?aid estate,
of the pendency of sai 1 petition, and the hearing
tlr reof, by causing a copy of hi onb r to be pub-b-h'
d in the True Northerner, a newspaper print; d
and circulating in sail county of A 'tin lbiren thice
siKiessive weekF, previous to said dav of hearing.
A. W." N ASH.
1 ll-Sw. Jud,;e of I'robate.
OTATE OF M LCI I KiAN County of Van lbiren
O At a session of the Probate Court for the
County of Van lluren h"ldc:i at the IVobate o!:'ic-,
in ti e village of Paw l'aw, on Wc inc-day, the
twe'.nty. third day of December in the 3 car one thou
sand 1 ijit hundred and lift v-sev en.
llJhT A. AV. XASII. .lubreef I'robate.
In the matter of the estate id' Abraham 1 'ail.
On reading and filing the petition, duly verified,
d' M hetible l!all widow of the said deceased piay
hi that .lose h Woodman may be upp"ii:tcd ad
ministrator on the estate of said deceased.
Thereupon it is ordered, That Moi.d iv the I ;tl,
day of January at ten o'clock in the f ie
tioof, be a-igned for the hearing of said j'ct'.li'Oi,
atid 4hat the lieirs at law of sni I ihcea-ed. and all
other j'ersons interested in said estate, are required
to iiiicar at a session of said (Vint, then to be
hohkn at ihe Probate Office, in ti e villago of Paw
Paw and show cause, if nt.y there be-, why the
pra.ver of the petitioner should not be granted.
And it is further ordered, that said petitioner
give notice to the persons interested in said estat",
of the pomlerey of said petition, and the hearing
thereof, by causing a copy of this ordsrto bo pub
lished in the True Northerner a newspaper prinb'd
nnd circulating in said county of Van lbiren three
successive weeks, previous to said day of hearing.
l-ll-w-3 Judge of Probate.
VJOTK'i: is hereby given that tho copartner
ll ship heretofore existing between the under
signed is thi-i day dissolved by mutual consent
and the business will be continued hv Leonard
Maxbam. I.KONAUD MAX 11 AM,
Paw Paw, Dec. 221, D57.
rPlHJ I'ooks nn l accnuntt of the late firm of
i. 'd;vham t Hill, arc left with Calvin CresP,
r-i.. bu- immediate collection. All person hav
ing un.-ctth'd a'-counts v. itli the said late firm, are
lei I u ire I to settle the same at unci.
Dee. -2.1. IS57 Li:tNA1!D MAX HAM,
rKi:V VP Vr the under-i-.'ned. a Durlmm.
I Yrjuliinr Hull --both hied feet white
small white spot in its forehead white belly. aud
so mo white on tho flank, and p"ino whito on the
rivht shoulder. Said creature may be found at
the residence of the sitbscril er in the tnwnship of
Lawrence. OL'O. S. KKVX0LDS.
Lawrence, Dee. 23th. 1S57. 112-wl.
rTMin Copnrtnership heretofore existing between
JL Ira Xnsh nnd (borge W. Oeer, U this day dis
solved by mutual consent. The hook. 4 nnd a--count-t
of the firm w ill be found by empiiritig at
the st ire of I IS A X.-H, by whom ail demauds
against the firm will be liquidated.
(I. W. CiLLTv.
Decatur, Mich., Dcecmhcr 11th, liT.
Ml -If.
The copnrtnership heretoforo existing between
the subscriber, under the firm (if T. K. PIIIILPS
t Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Kither of tho parties are authorized to id:n the
nnmo of tho firm to givo rccciof for d dts due the
firm. T. V.. I'll K LI'S,
Decatur, Dee. ICth, 1957. J. F. AVIillV.
II Wheat, Corn, Ilnv and Oato, on
f ubrtrrt'lvTjn tt tl XoKTHzrrrR Orrrrr.
riioiiATE oitni:::.
STATK 01' MICIIH1AN County of Vau Ifcuoa
S!j At u fessionol tho I'robate Court for tb
County of Vun liuren holden at tho l'rolato OMo,
in th village of ra 1'uw, 011 Monday, too foikc
teeutb duy of Doeetnbor iu the year one thokuU4o4
eight hundred and fifty-Doven.
rni:Ni:.T, a. w. nash, judge of Pjoi.
In tho luattjr of the Udtatj blliah iJvut, U
ci a e I.
On reading rmd fling ti c retitiori, duly TcrifloiH,
of Mary A. Oeer ; r,r of the .-aid d- eaied pray
iii" that lr d i.vvr n ay bo s.. t ot'.' at, ! ;i"i -l iu
the :e.tl eJ.;te wheicol t:C ta; 1 cl-.ett.ied uil
Sc:-si. i .tlld l os-t : '.d.
Then upon it is Or.;. 1: ""..it Mo!.Jiy, tl e llLh
day of .Jniiiu.y at ten '". 1 . 'b in Cio i.reiioon
bo'lis-igned f.r th 5 l - ,.-;,- tJ . -r,'.-v, anJ
that the heira at law of naii dciasid, A'-d a'l j .-:r
persons interested in said e-tat;-, are ii. ii.eii 1 . u; -pear
at u session of sai.i Court, then to be in '.Jom ;
theProbateOr.ee, in the v illage of Paw l'.v.v, nnd
hhow cause if any there be, why the prav er of the pe
titioner should not be granted: And it is fuitlier
ordered, that Eald petitioner give uotieo to the ei -sons
interested in said esti.te, ol tho pendency of
said petition, and tho hearing thereof, by cubing -u
copy of this order to be published in the Tiue
Northerner, a newspaper printed and circulating ill
said county of Van Puren, three successive vcck4,
previoin to said day of hearing.
1 ID-.'jW. A. W. XASII,
(A true copy.) JuJjjo of Probata.
S'lKKIFF'S SAIX By virtue of u writ of frerl
fiicius is-r.cl out of und under the keal of the
Ciremt Court f t the county of Vull Uuren kinl
Stato of Michigan t rue directed nnd delivered on
this fourth day of pf m' e. A. D. lMv7.attbo
hour of eiffi t 'o'e lot k iu the fVer.otn, mi 1 well
hnowir.g and ascertaining thu there wer and are
no goe.ebs or chatb Is w hereon 1 could levy, 1 have
lovied upon all tho right, title, interest, claim, and
ite.ii-uid of Kdwin T. Il-rris, Wnliam E. Trow
briiigo, and (ieorge Itmnoit tho uefi:nib:nts in said
writ name 1, 111 mi l to tli ? followii g described real
est. ite. situatel, bin?. Uci i'cing iu ihe township
of Decatur, Van buren eo-.n y arii "tate of Michi
gan, to wit: "Village h tn numbered vcven, eight,
ten, nd eleven, iu block K. vi'lugo lots nun.bered
ono und two, in bloc A, village lots nu mbcreJ two,
thr o, four, und five, iu block U, und village lot,
Ij umber live, in block L. all aw.-rding to the t lat
r f th villago of Decatur, by Starnuf 1 Sliftrwod unl
Joseph D. Per, recirdi d in the office of tho b'eg
iiter of Deeds of smi trinity; u'l ' i ho levied
uon nu he property of tho ! feudaiit t Hined in
said writ, lo ll rx'.ciit c f U.t ir i-p'.A therein," ull
of which I shall exose t r sale at public auction,
on .Moinluy, the second day i f November, A. D.
Ib'u, at tho front do r cf 'it Court-hov-rt in ti e
village of Paw Paw, in said county and fc'tato, at
the hour ol thr:e nVhvk in the ntur:' on ofhaiday.
NMiii.K D. KIc:ilAub, S. Sl!eritr.
F. A' D. ;c n. T 1 dutitrV Att'v-. f:(iw7
l)ated P.'W I'.tw, S oU rid er 4ib
Tbe abi-v e sale sta'i Is -istpoto. T until the 1 1th
day of December IS 57, at the sanm pljce and hour
above ue.iitioiied.
Dated Nov. I'd 1S57.
I'luicf .iieriff.
5-in;Rirr8 ham:.
BV virtue of un execution i:-?ucd rnt r.f nr.d un
der the Seal of the county (M.ri tho Coun
ty of Van lbiren. tato if Mi. hi :.r, a: ! me
directed and delivered a'.aiiut t' v. ;. u:., 'ids,
land a:id tenements of W iilumi Ci.mminp., thL de
fendant nameii in it.iJ writ, 1 have levied unoii all
the right, title and i..ter;rt or the said defendant
in and to tho'wesd half of the south c;.st ova.-ttr of
section No. II, eleven lying north ot the Territori
al n;:d in township No. three s-oith of ran go
No. 11, fourteen it sit'::. ted iu the i-mi'iy of
Van liuren and Statu of MiihL'i '.. whiih rtmi.-'ei
1 shall exjiose to h;:1o and seii t'.t .nblie uu .ion to
the hi;.'ht.-t bideUr at the Court House i th' vill
age i f Paw Paw i;i t-ahl county, on 1. twenty,
f rst t!ay of November next A. D. nt 10 o'clock iu
the forenoon.
Dated thii 20lh day of Sept. A. I. 1.S57.
129-0w Under HheriflT.
Tho above pale ftnrds port (ned un'!' the 5th
by of DeciPiber -o7 nt the same place end hour
above 11.1 nt i otieil.
Dated Nov. 21?t, A. D. If 57.
K. M. ObliJJ'EX,
Vndr Sheriff.
The nbve "al stamls pofj onc-d until tbe i!2d
day of January. 1S5':, at the same place and hour
u'.iove mentioned.
Dated Dec. 5th, A. D. l$.r7.
li. M. CLTDI'T;;,
139-f.w. Coder Sheriff.
ItTAItDJ AM A!.i:.
N'OTIC'12 is hereby given thnt b.v ' '..' and in
pursuaue- of nn order or 'ieeio--- ed ij
l ie bv the Piob.ite C urt f-r t!... : . : .' ' Van
llnriti I shall sell a' j abi;,- 1.1:, 1, :. h day
of I', bruarv. A. D. 1 .'. ; o:-c . !. !'. M. at
the Court House t'rvii'r t I'.iv 1' vv, tho
following describ-.! ,,..', ,.. tv '.-' : Lucius
Millard a 1 1:- r ; .'-t : v L i. of tho
;o;it):-rr!sr r;':.-":- :' ' elf " eoe : u four
south of la.'; o ib.-ii.. i. " ! a': .0 . Uurcu
coun.'v and Statu -i M:i ' 1
' ",:".! :' .''')',
1 ii.r.w. .. :.. jut.
P,.w Paw, I J rem' 1 r - 2 1,
IN the matter oi the K-b.te e-; 1!..on.ih M. .Tenks
and Sarah L. Jer.ks Mi.ioiv. Xl! -e. is oereby
iriven thai l y virtue of li . n e and auth aify gran
ted to the und. 1 -i.ned hy A. V.". .:? .l.idgeof
Probate-, in an '. o r the ('"Uiity 1 Van Luren in
the State of Michigan, I .-1.; !i . ell at pi: Ulio auc
tion to the highest bidde r nt li 0 lro::t do. r of tho
Van lbiren County Court llou-e i;i ' .'.'age of
Paw Paw county of Van Huron, and f'tate of Mich
igan on Monday tho L'.'ih .lay of January A. D.
1S.'7. All the ri;ht, liiie and h.tero ' i ' .' ' mi
nors in and to the follow i'lg dc?vn"e .' . itT
to wit: The west hall of the north west ipiart r ol
section twenty-live iu township number four south
of range number thrtecn west, all in the county oi
Van Puren and State of Michigan,
l'aw l'aw, December, t'th, 1S57.
JOHN SM0T.K. .Trt..
Stati: Tr.r.Ast iiKu's Omen, )
Lansinc. Dnr. 4, 1857.
In order to faci!ita'e tho collection of the Stat
Tax of H57. notice is hereby given that the notei
of all the solvent banks of New England, New
York. State Hanks of Ohio and Indiana, nnd it
branches, and the Ftock Security Hank of thi
State, vi. : Michigan Insurance, Peninsular nnd
Farmers and Mechanics H.rnks, will be received at
par at the State Treasury in payment bT said tax
es. Certificates of doposite on the Michigan Insu
raneo Hank, 'of Detroit, will also bo received on ac
count of ull dues to the Mate.
1 JO-tf. State Trot-surer.
STATE OF M1CI1I0AX County of Van Huron
sTn the matter of the estate of LTish.i o'ecr
deceased. Notice U hereby given tl the creditors
of sai l Estate and nil others interested to appear
at the Probate otliee for the county of Van lbiren
on tho tenth dnv of May A. D. 153 und prnvo
their said claims before tbe Judge thereof and that
ix tnonth from thi dato are allowed for thocredit
ors to present their claims.
Dece.nlier 2S, lb57. . A. W. XASII,
112-lw. Judge of Probata.
Prolmlc Nolicct
STATE OF MICHIGAN County of Van Harcn
j.Di tho matter of the Estato of Ooorg
Manley, deceased. Notice U hereby cin-n t tht
creditor of said estate, and nil othes i vb-rest'd. to
ni.pciir at ti e Prohnto ofiica for tl o rou.-.f. rf Van
Ib.rcn. on the thrd dnv of May A. D.
nrove their said cb.inu be f.r the Jm'-.e tu.-roof,
and that fix month? from I" ll ! to are uih-we I for
Ihe creditor to frcsen their ti.iiUi.
Dec ember 2?, 17. A.
14-wi . Judgo r,( l'r-'t.
'00,000 W't Pin ShUV iL- j.
I I. T Cli S.

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