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The true northerner. [volume] (Paw Paw, Mich.) 1855-1920, March 26, 1858, Image 1

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Sjic Croc lorij)crncr,
A Wi:i:KhY JOlltXAI..
Ily T. It. IIAltltlNO.V,
lfutct of AdrritMuj.
Cuy hpiare, (12 line? Jf kjO Cue iujertiC...tCi
One square, ea h fiub.jutui in aertkrn,. , f .1
Cue s-marc, (12 lines or hft.) ono year, T.i'l
One a.pjr-, tlx mouth, -,M"
One j.tuuio, thno " f.U'J
Ono ('oluiuit, ono year 50, (U
Ouo Column, fix luunlhi, oi,0
Ono Column, three month, 2,0
Half d-i one iar 3.S,('
(.tie pr. do d- do I'O.oC
of all kind', im hi.lin
V,';iMjMltre H.-cls ! Pill Hr.td,
t?uit ( laim l....l. Plank N'olii"
Chattel M.Mt-a-es, Pl.iiiL JJi'eeipt,
Land C.nti.i.u fth-r.l : ti'i.'aU . , .
P .nd-t, (all hiuds) .i-lo.'d Pepoit
P.( Utiiij, I .Marriage Cvitificalei',
Always t" be found for jale a above.
One lo!l:ir per jrnr in Advance.
Due Pullar and fifty cent if nut paid in month?
it i
Plain, Vimcy, Vnamental, (in colura or not,)
executed with iit'utncxs and despatch, at thU office
r0L III. NO. 50.
WHOLE NO. 10-1
lloUter, of D J?, Attorney at haw, and Notary
PuMic, will att -nJ to tho btuincss ot Convo)
uiK'in, drawing ejrcciuciita, application! l'ir
onmy lands, wills, Ac. the puiidun' and salo
1 real estate, payn.cnt f taxes, ex (munition of
title and tho compromising of couliictm titles,
Ac. Of lice in the Court llovto.
A. jr. XASII,
luJtfO of Probate, nnd Notary Public, Van Prin
Co. C011V&3 ahring nud other businm pcilain
ing to said citiccs promptly uttended to. Will
ulao tttcnd to the purchase and nde of Ileal
IleUte, Kumininp Title, pujintf Tuxn, pro
t uruis? Peiinty Land Warrant, Ac. Oilice in
tho Court House. 2d door on tho right. IM.
i iTx i) Yxif Ttici i .urns,
Mtoriioy, Solicitor and Counselor at Law. Pioe
iuti:: A.tt:if he County of Vaa purcu,
litjt'.'iTy l.a'U "an d "pension Aceiit. f'viitraits
dr.ir :i aivl c'lci tin, pi 0114 thy attended t.i.
O'hcc :-i ih.' I out t 11 .u;e. H'J tf.
Paw P.'.w, .... MicLinn.
County Tr-a:nn'r, Van Purer, Cov.nty, Notary P:.b -lio.
.Vu., will I ttcr.d t tl o pun ha?a aivl sulo i f
Pod Kitato, examining title. p Taxes, pro
rurn.s; V. r.iiL Land W urr. rd, ix. Ollmin
the Co ut llou.-e. -4-ly.
tTi i 17 ! f II H W O X
Pi .iu, I'.im v, ,'o'i, ews and Oi;,nmi,t;;! I 'i i 1 1 1 r
H.f.idl.ill " Po. tti,. far.l-. bah Tiekft-. A c. leo- ,
. i i ! and ipiiikly exemted with l.i .it und dij- i
p.O'.h. All "iderx n-jM-ctl'illy iliiiu-d. l'lier-si
n... l..i.:'v--Nouiiu. i:M.ii : ; icL- i."rt!i Mle of;
main r it, Pa v l'a. i
i:. miz i n v t o.,
Uholcculv and Uetait Pealerrt in Poui.u und Do-'
m.-hiic l'rv tJood.-, lhadv ."..:!.: t : ti. Lit Po..!
,t Shof-i. Ir a-irli s Ae.. jl-. I. j
'nier of .H.iiu and Ka!aii;.v:.o...
ilii!.i.;.in. l'.l.
Pi-Ik St..W. I
, I'uv Paw , 1
T.'.i- eh. ap.-.-t Ma.-ie. Ma-on A llan '.In. an 1 Prinee '
A i'. hav e el.i i e pat. .it. d ipr .-n i :ue;it I
Jliij. P.indail. Law ii tin . . ' l t .e.t l'un.i.-i. aiid ;
.u if! ut l r dtirabihiv. ;.l 1 i l iy j rn i-.. . o
!!! r ."ol"i nud tu!ie in the inal ttapeKiiiirn'..
L.nvnue.-, Niv. 1, ls.'7. J.:;5-tf. I
"TiLnhv li e rrs
M.inuf.ictnrcr of and d'.itl' i in Win.r Cottage and
tan .-.oat chairs. 'I inii.i:'. repaiiittir, Vc.. exe.
uted on short iiu'.i'e. SUnc lia.o 1 r miV und
(i'litautly on hand, tho;) j. tc the .Metho-
I it-1 I'iiurch, iu tho i.tw tahinct !K)J. '
Pau Paw. July 'JO, Itj? l- 'iy
m:HV sti:i:l
Pca'er iti lleady-'Lil'" C"c tl: r. lt . Ilais, Cat ;ill
m and (L-iitlemu's F'uiniiin Cvuii.,, vhuh'
v ill 1 iu hold t a lit cuti,ui,-r. j
Pirt Dcor Kai". .i 1. rai-r l . a ; t-'lore.
Kahiinaioi', .Mivi.. j
. i
o. 1. UOIVIO.V, '
in Croekiry, ('!.! a:i I t 'l.ii.a v. are. Paper
JIa'lin. !l.!v Sli.ilcs .e.i.l (.'tiitnii..-. In;-'
1. TV, ,li tulr.v, Vai.l.ie Nili"ii.. Stone a:i I La-i '
tin, Mare. A e., Soiilh .-ide ul' Main -t. fi I
tl'.oi t.Cid nl V.. Smith A Co., 117 ,
i:. 1). .SIMMONS, I
! :ih : in S ih. I'.iind.-i ami Poory, und all hiiida of !
al.iiiei Vuro, l!ie Steam Saw Mill. i
L.iwi-m. rt7-tf. Mi L I
Jr. V. Liov.ii er.n lo found a nil ti:ne.- at hi-.
roi.fi.: over I-ui":i, Varn u and Co'i Si jie, and
i- pu pared t ve nie eli 'ai.tly ai.l veil, all
hi . i- of noil, i.i the I'r." f hi- pro!'e.--io;i.
ielh x'r.i- 1. Ll'.id v.itli j.-"1' ' "'' it I'd.
. I u. w i.iif.- in.-ert 1. .-i'ilv or in ,-i.t;.-, u; --n j
t -4C mt-t i:np!'" e.i piinriple.- nf tho art. 117.
A in! rot ypcj j
'J'ak ':i in t!i. in-.-! "ipei O a.. I Lie-hl.c manner, an t
p. it up iu ii'pi rwr
STYLi; AXl J'lXISll.
Ln liv'- m.d li. nth. in. ill are invited to all at his
i.i'.iee and Ca'.h iy and .n.iinc lor till Ui-eP. i
rhare.. i.i :e -"i da'... e with the tinier.
Paw T'aw, Muli. 117-tf. V. lhtoWN.
c. odull, m v.
M -:ii.-riii.Tthic PhvMciait. .Sn-'eon cn'i.-t. und !
Uu-tLiieiall. Alio, dealer in 11ojI. it station-
i.ry. He nuy at, all trie." bu foimd at hid
Pom 1 n' j on the eoriK-r of Nilos Paw Paw tt.
ihr.ctly oatll f Cha. 'cihek'n.
j. ALLhX,
Uan jfaottucr of and dealer in ft'l k;n of Cabinet
Ware; emVtin hi .'art of Koreans, Tables,
P.o-4-fb.ad, l.'un!, I'oiUt, Washing nnu Li'at
Stan 1, etc., 't '. Collins hi. oh; to ordrr. Ware
roonntoppirit'i tl.o M. K. Church, Main-.st. -7
.1. M.1XGS ij- CO.
'Proprietor Paw Pu-v Livery Stable. IP.r.se.snnd
Carrii'k'M at all tirais to" let- Pll-.ellfrer1 cou
icd to aav part of tho country wiMi ..e.-pateh.
Sub! m tear f P.xehinK-3 lljtel. Trrms mo l-er-itu.
i). i:. iMviiirr,
M.-uiuCi'.-turi r at. I d.-.d-r in all kit.d of Cahim t
Wan nm.-i.lii. in p:ut i.f L.ireaii-, 'I'a'.h-.,
Pedtea l. Lxine-. 'l'"ib t, Wu.-hin ' and Lilit
.taii-bi. Ae., Ae., t'.r..i. mad.- t. i.rder. All
hin l.' of r."lnei :m 1 lumber t.t'ien in paviin-nt
' .. .,. . .i i i . .
1 ,r wln.di id b. paid tho hi,:hi t-t m. n-M-t pri-".
Warer Mim-, one d . .r n-rth of thc he I Ul.i.-h-
nnit!i'a f-h"p.
L l A t 111,
1 17-tf.
Mi. hi.'itn.
in;JA?ii. Ni.ri7
Ofk nd Wat-h maker, and .Jc-v.-lrr. Matf.tw.in
.Miehian. Itcpiiirin
and e a reaon:tb,i t
Vh.lo.l.. and lb-tail
lh and tirrnian
1 1 . . 1 ; l.-f : . in
Tin. C"i'i" r fin 1 rh
in.' I ) tr.vk- w ill h a
t Lasin.' el'ew here.
p'w e u- a rail bt 1 .re j ur-
i:n. Paw Paw, Mi' h.
tfakr i (trocrr'c and Pro-iior.., Fih. Krmt,
Nnt.-, l'aiuls, O.U, Vnlikeo N( tion, Woo lull,
Villo' aw l S'.tui! War, tJonP-etionery, Cigars,
Drufr and Mudinno, lIok mid Stati mery,
pure Li-puors for Modiciual fcn l .Mechanical pnr-
pusel ct., 'to. y
. 0. lMrt
, raw
W. li. UA WKISS,
i) !cr in Dry C,oo l.drocrrien.IIard are, rindy
lade (dothin,Poot nud Miocs", llat.san'1 Cnpn,
Ac. Storo.HOUth side Main street. 4-ly
i7nAxl)ni:rs b iro o dm a y,
ITnv(ormoda copartrif rihin fAr tho praetica of
?Jeliriuc Rnd jr-.-stry. All cai: rrcmp'-b' tKii
ele I to jy rntCf
"... v. ,.llMnti. .,nu..r. ..V.. (l",Ji"'11 vuy ..,,, . ... t run, .v , i..:irn...i i l... House, hnvin- iioth-otlit
'TI.LK vV CO., i their salaries, and the peo.de must prepare J , ... , ; .. , ' will stand at the distance ot ten paces and I '"out the same as are u
deal.- in An... ri -an, P:.--: i'r a rousing tax next tan, an ine result oi f r . ( ,,,...-.,. ! place an orange not two and a halt laches i ie ut.ence oi iijgima
ILtr hi.ue; al-o, Ir.n. NaiU j a single year s operatioP.s of a Democratic j ' 1v. i ,. ,.. tt i .,, i nnii ' in diameter, in each hand, and one upon . p tjurei.s who justify, tl
" ;,r. '-.. V- 'V'.lioard of Supervisors. ... i v.... "i..l.... ..'... n,,,, his head, which ho (Travis) will shoot f-'t't and delend tin
Who szy I ever .stood a blow?
1 am no nier Mr. (Jruw !
Hut to my very Hctr white?
Whoilares to say I would nut fitrht?
'Twa.s but a very slight mishap,
And uite a feather in my cap !
And not a vht'tj one ! Xo ! olt, no !
1 did but lull and stub ny toe !
W'Im.I.m, aU. d,4( I'm nfi.,!,!'
.'. .'v V' " ' ....
Or jrot knoeked down, and never paid (
. i i? ii i t c , , .
Ask liuilv JSrojk.s, if you can hud him,
It 1 cad not standWumMiim .' j
a .... r ! i i. i....
Aye, (h1 n I faced my hated foe,
And felt my noble courage ylow,
And loved to see his red-blood Uo
And that obnoxious head laid low !
15ut in this ease it can't be so !
1 fell, because J dulbtJ mj tut. .'
How out of nothing things will grow !
I give my word it wasn't so !
1 m-ver even felt n bl.iw !
1 tell b 'caue J i-ftr-OL'' :("
I'm not so very mivjh to ll;im-.
You needn't all keeji laughing so,
And 3Ia.-.-aehus tts needn't crow ;
3Iy honor is as pun.' a- snow !
What makes you look mi, Mr. (row?
1 l:o'd have stood like, Plymouth Hoc!;
or made u:ysell'a laughing stock ;
Yc- ! and have n ;i-lr(ni,-- h!,,w '
J J ' - i
If I'd not chance to stub uj t.-.
I tell VOU I I'lD .Stub MM t'ir !
And he's a fool that say- oh, no!
Pray, will the rascal let me know
Whoever dares to tell me so i
Or has a single proof to show,
Of any sort, or kind of bio. v?
Conieone! Cornea .' Pllli-ht! Oh, no J
For I miyht fall-ami th nj tod !
(.'AT-lKiuIttCAL. An
trives thc f.!lowing iis t!;
bra.-ka Pank :
( )ne wild cat.
Two wild eats.
Some wild eats.
S 'veral ild eats.
Three fat wild cats.
Two old wild cats.
More wild cats.
Thirteen wild eats.
Five hungry wild eat.
Illl,o:-s . l,;,l:or I
isvts ot a Ne-1
Skin of a wild eat stretched out to dry. .
A lot cf wild cats
Nine wild cats tied together.
One wild cat with his head shaved.
Some more wild cat-.
Wihl eats lying about loose.
Nine small wild cats tied up in a bag.
One patriarchal wild cat showing his
Paws of a defunct wild cat preserved in 1
1 I
lcratches of wild cats on a brandy cask
'Three tails of wild cats.
One bob-tailed wild cat.
Lock ot hair ol a wild cat.
Tin: Sa.mi: Fvi:itvwm;nr.. IJvashoek-
ing oversight the Democrats were permit -
. . ... . iu ii'.-i; i.j eum i.iic mi- iiiumi, ,-v. ..1 U I.... I v i i 1 1 i! . m-. ,. .', . . 1 i . i- i i- "i
U hy, at that time of night, you know; iu the u'Csent article, wo wM fc u nun:,nei, it , ue aojeei servility oi the - imuPsill,- to , mcnoea to ntn ana nis iiienus ngaiu
A man may be - how come vou ,o I expme of our three years, ls.VN '(j, and ' , i i v i ' " I''ou oxpeii. th,,o negro proprietor, who desp.se them . nvX that he had better gt married
. , ' . , . . ' , , . ! '7 -ih thi'ir 1 i-.t tlin( ls ,- ''! Mini 'J ' '"" L'-'t i .ii. leaded expenses d tho gov- ! and wipe their lect on them. It is nut too representing that the lady named would
It.sno J7lllU th;' -lI;;l.;.:ern,nent, but m paying t.ur debts, ami in much to say that Hammond and Keitt ! probably riot refuse to atcept him, not
as like John (jilpm's quite too bt'y; ( " ... ,,....,. n i l'u "ding up those public institutions, in- j who lose no opportunity of maliiriiin" thc 1 with.-tamling his eccentricities
x i r . ? . 1 ... 1 . 1 . . I
.Nor nave i strainct m nonoreu name; . , f j f j Jl t0 brtn-! Old Skinflint was the most celebrated T Ult" UI c,uus 01 ' , tTa , I "m . 3 . ,
The great diti.lguLhed name of Koitt, ' tho time down to its clo,e, and abo Do- od-ker in rhiladelphia-his - shaving' p X ? T ''l ? V ! J V ' V l ,
, , , . ... t, f , . , 4 ' ,. , -..., i o I urds, treat tliem as mud-sills and white -o, 1 thank you. Ho kind enough to
, ho boanL-d u:nner m his ?e,t . j Cumber ls, , m that vcar, nuking each operations Wet. anions, as he generally Tho li(JIlJ(JIl 7V,, takes up tho ' thay to Mith V that I with
What. 1 aeoward! .o ! oh, no ! ; t' two ars r..mpn-c U months, took oil md only beard and whwkew, hut 4 Uarrc, of the,0 mer all(l truc t(J u;l. tl.j.eak to her a moment."
And v,u can't pr .ve it, Mr. Crow, j V. ' uZJT! t 'fT' 'ituro as to theirs, declares in substance Miss P appeared, and repeated
l- oh ' for oh ' vou know ' v m know 1 ' V' fX 7 1. ! "Cn thSC 'w that the ptt-Ic omht to be ignored or re the invitation to walk in.
I . fd t v' V ' !ti bl?r ' ,.l.-o 1 1 t ml ititv tl tho i'i" norf'?'' vno form (M gnizod only as" mud-silland .laves, -Xu, thank you: I'll thoon cxplairJ
I ui.i l-u una ili'ufr ,1 ,) tor . fhree years of J.oeolecoism. frJ HJi U 41 1 a ujjoiit y oi thc borrowers. ! larrv hav- , , . , , i.:.i. t... i. T.4A.1:,1
ted a year ago to take inssession of t!e,.i... i .i ... i. ? i... ,,-l.r.
county allairs in .Jackson rouuty. As..
might easily have been foretold thev have
' 1 .,,,t.,,,. . i n, , 'p, Tl, . .
bankrupted the lreasiiry. .1 he i . n
j , . , ' . .
iaysthat thousands ut dollars ot orders are
hawked about the streets at a ruinous di-
count, tho expenses and debt of the emm-
; ty hae been immensely iticreasi d, th
IluV TIIKY Width CoNVldtTKli. The
conversion of Messrs. Douglas, AYisc and
AY:dk r, three democratic candidate for
thc Presidency, from fellowship with the
lire-eatel.i of tho .South, was doubtless
owing to their being readers of the Ptble
and their perusal uf thc 7"th chapter of
... ... ...
Psalms, oth and uth verses:
" Lift nt up y-mr horn en high ; rj eak cot with
a Miflf neck.
Tor prf-nK.tion comtth neither from the L'aT,
nor from the Wr.T, nor from tho South,"
Of course they understand it pcrlectly
well that promotion must conn? from th
A' r?.
. i . , ..v.. ...v.. ...... niini.nuuu - ii '..., , 1.1 1... .1. . J. .-,...
dme in t!i.' ... -i ni.uiiur . ,jn h.,nd to T.av near all tlie aio.ronriatii.il. ' . -n ..... A i Suvdam. uf New York eitv : Travis bets other stump speeches
1 ? i i i ii ii .I , , I i.oiei ui.iv iiiuui: 101 u i n i.ei i. ii.i- va- , . , .I . lt . r 1 ! I .
State Joeiiimrt i:iieiiH's.
Had the enemies of our State Adminis
tration been half as wise as they were
wieked, the charge uf extravagance U the
last they would ever have made; since it
has been the cause of overhauling the ree-
, 4, . i : . ,i u nas umi mucn greater M
ords ot their own administration., and cs- Li , ami it -ives ms the '
tablishin-the fact in almost every utauco fc lwl,ulllil fl 7 , 7"cs 'LVJic
, .. n4l . .. rrtstni poi'Uiation ot the State, b0.,o.j.
and item, that greater economy Las been y i t , , ' i
4. i i 4i . i . in .... i ,r....Ut this i-, the niot correct method 1
.,1 l.,. n, l,,.i..d.lw... tl,.,,, w.ki
tiractisetl bv the la-publican than was
W ,.. their finw i. .!?tary i..,U..W :
what trout I reasons can be ..:iven reasons
.' .
sau:actory lo every canuui man. j
Wc care not whether tliey take the ex-;
r tl... .vormiinit f.ir tli ve-nw '
pene ol the irmernmcut lor tiiu c )iais,
tern bv item or in the aivate : we are
1 ; ! lU4 ' n '.'1 C Y ' 1;,,..
noi an am to compaic wuii mc i.ouiiu,,
I Dervishes who represent a defunct admin-;
! istration and part that made a luiri, re-j
I pudiated half of ft, and then let the inter-j
; Lt become c.ual in am .unt to the princi-1
I V. . ... i
my c inicir-
,',' Hut
six years pa.-t a. follows: and we teinark,
that we have included JVeembcr in the
ls."o. 5f7-,'.h)" s2
is.'itk .St'i'.L:;:;!) d."
P-,)7. s li'.).: 7 t : '
. .
I ti ... . ... i . .1 i ... o. i r,'' t fu i '
i iuice e.u.- ;ienui.iican. i.i, .;-t.,'hj! ;;u i"
I :
I Jjocofoco excess, l?l,lllo "l ;
I W'e mi-'ht be v !1 f-atisfied to leave this '
j subject hi re ; but to do so, would be doing i
i"jo lK'c i j t,K' Kepubhcan Administration !
. i I . 1 . ! 1 1 1 . .1 .. !
-a- i.ie icauor win see. J'unng me nrst :
.i .1 of three years, there wa.i one scs-
Moii A the Legislature, iu lS5;j ; while iu i
and 1S;"7. (This has nothing to do with
the extra session which was in lSoS.)
Certainly, then, in estimating the compar
ative economy of the two periods, this
should be considered : as the Leiri.-lature
;s :i Constitutional expense, and ' the lie- j
publicans are not responsible for the fact
uf two sessions iu the above period. It U
a, legitimate notion, however, which j
party hel I the ninnbr of sessions at
l. r . .. . i
the Last expense; and as wo had two in
, , i.ei iod. while our opponents had ,
i . .1 . . i' ; . 1 11
i ijut one, tin1 expense oi one srssion miouci
! be deducted from our aggregate expenses,
as shown in the above table, rightly to ex- i
! hibit the comixirntiv tronomy of "the two!
. -
i 1 hey do not like to go into
I : . .. Ti : .. . l i
i ii.ii i ri in-i si.'iini : Mil
! . t., ... . , . "ie,ii iue jeit m tue treaitirv, l-ohties, there is nothui'' so wi'iilerlul as 1 also ol ripe years, was strongly
! exclusive of public improvements, State I H ,X?v TP''nV i !'C-i 'V . "M V. Vt(Jl 7 ' U thl"M an , J,Unk Ul ' tl!
i P,; ,,m ..ml tvivi,.,.it ,,f .hd.ts Th.xe' , '"W'jJ l proud, lite details of right whatever to interfere in government dominie, tor he lay perceptibly lisped ;
1 inLinf by thctnsth lhC l"V .an,4ltne the State are especial favorites with the Irish and j " then Til go and thee Vr.''
Taking the iigures then, a.: we find them j Tr!, f J f,"r fUtUrC V1 voters at the north. Itj llo was amM, of his word Uu ring
I. .i . i ?,. t:.. i i.. , r ; consitKration. Lnnmmj 1k nvbluan. is certainly the iact that the ultimate ex- -it the door-bell wss answered by thc scr-
111 L1IV V- vv v - ... - . t
Ifl'dli'S nil" , tun, ntn; n a uuii'i ivi u','".".' ' . . i i
1 ' "' ii i i r i . ii i i -if ur n.'iN- it .,,.,1 Jt dll 1... ..ll I anxious are thev to pass un-optiosed thro
Let u-; then, look fiit at the actual ex-; t sixjears, sign it, ami it v. ill be all ... i t
, ' . . . i i r;.rl,t " the throes ut parturition, nut the alter
Iie ut the several sessions. AN e include . nnt. rr, 1 n
j iegi.-iau e pruning, icpan oi liii.-ian u
! Hall, debentures of members, iVe.
is;,:;, Loeofoco, sso jm
Is.",.), Republican, L'di 77
s:;i,7ii u
i Total of '2 se?sion., ii7,l7 SO j
Average each, I
Averagi.it: fur each session, ?.',2 V2 4 I
les tha i t!ie Locoloeo se.v-iun in IS.,:;.
Now no one can fail to see, that in our ,
comparison, urn; half thc expense uf the !
two se
. '. . i ..ill. .. i: . . i . it. . i i
sions should be credited to the lie-1
publican account. This shows the follow-
' . 1
ing result.
Palance as above shown,
Half of the two scsMons,
8 l,f,0. o I
Total, $.!.-, 1 SO H
Showing tlie er.pen.e of the 4State (lov-
U-riu ue.it for which the Admini.-:tration
' , 1... Lil.l r,.....,n,;Lb. tn 1... fill.'i.lS'l U
, ,,r t!in' v,,ir. ((f 1 ..uLl ioan i ule.
. ... i... ........ ,.i ;,. ,..., L,... ..,.. .f
ilSlVlO 1M. 11 lll.-l.lU .1 HI JMHIW, W..4,4. Vyvr.l
the 44 extravagance, theft, and fraud" of,
t.l c c.rc-ent Administration. And all this
without taking into account the rapid
. tl, ,.f ..i,r i.,.. liboi.. ii nnd vfill irr'ifer
'P. c .i.i. V.. i ii, ,..1
iiiciea.-e oi ncuiii, .un n.iu.i im.iv.i-v-.
ii . i ! i . . ...
expenses naturally consequent inereoii
In InoO,' under Fillmore, ' if ll',0 U 000
n lSo7, under Pierce, i?i;:,0 000
nl Sounder 15uchauan,(est.S7 lJG'J 000
Such has been the increase uf expense
in therieneral Jovernment ; or more than
; "vc-IoM in "JS years ami principally by
i UiV ;imc J,s,ry Nvllle" aks 10 "e l"
I. it .1 . I V .. i c...
trusted with the finances of utir State
ln 150, the population of Michigan,
according to the Census, icas sir ami one
hilfi)x each vide cast at the State elec
tion that year, ln 1S51, the same com-
1:irioli Was air anil nnr nvnrrr for each
! vote east thc mean average Peincr six
and thrrr-ti'jhfhs. Hut iu estimating thc
poptihtieii cf 150, from the vote ca vt
....... t . . ,t i . , ,.,....4... wvvv ...an.uHii.i.ii.t.tuu, l..Jr - O
that year, call it (which will make 10,
0iS less than thnr-rohths) and it make
the population of lsf7, 7. :;,: IS.
To arrive at the present population,
add to this, t!n cumparitive yearly increase
of 1S0 to lsil :in.I no one will Mues-
uou uui wnai it nas been much irreatcr I
. . T '.- e.uiu-i-i lueuioa
.i- .,., ,.,,, , , . , , ,
'i",htr "a" !l" i
il ll 'I Hie C nellSCS if t lli I ..ivirinnniif I
,.v, ...
. , u... ui in ine iai year oi j
whlch p-riod. tin- ..n,,!,,.;,,,, .
u. . , V , v ' , " " 1
7" . , -'" 7 - 1 U 1 ' w,Klt should thev !
, :.. r - ..,. -7 n , . .
V , V ' , . J ' 1,1 thc 1;lt .uur ot I
jvliic-li, ilio population was 7.W,:i is ? We
j shown that in . i-.ir ,
Li vi sin nen t L i f J 4'.. : ? ... 1 . ...
" ; I ' " , , 'l "vaiR. :
' .i V 110 ,tl' positive-1
" J .' . . '' . . . !
, , ll,,ncst J"1'1 c
j , iuiny.s in Mar-
VHP' tolitleal Wtiivi t,. tl... r..,,.,n,.
i HU1US to ine contrary not-
lo t,lclr try tliat the
1 I 1 I i I I I 11' I i 1 j i I 11 T a 1
Minting a Note.
nig m.in want.-, oa anous occasions bor-1
riui'.l of l inMint if f .... , , , , f . I
.iv,J of fkinilint at tlm-o ,.er cut. a
oath off." aa hzvte.., at Llvy V,n-
. . J
pam ua mi rcsiiuusi-i
it la.-t lie got tired ot such con-
taut b;frowinir and repaying. Jt would1,,1 i ...:n: . , c i n ' " i
l.e six years before his estates could bo
. - i,i
sold, under the terms of his father's will,
who had prudently po.-tpoiicd that even
.-III 1 , , 1 , , . ,
until Jiarry could reach the ago ot thu'ty
and Harry concluded that it would be bet-
ter to make uheav-operation at once, and
borrowing. Away to Skinfhut nc fucd
determined to procure a good round uiu,
and be dene with it.
" I want t'n thousand, for six years."
" Hem j what security will you giver'
44 Oh, you may have my bond ; that
will bind my property,"
Hem ; what discount will you give ?
l ou know my rule i?, always to take dis-
count oil besides- you owe one thousand,
1 .... l ... II...... i . : .. ii. .
due to-day, and lent you a,
street thc other day."
ten iu too
li I n-i.n'l T.'ii' -lpit Pi-n hrtnn itn-im
a " - ' -vn i-ij...,
one and a quarter per cent is enough. j
u may take it 4 oil, and take out what
I owi you besides."
4. ii 1,,,..', f...ctA nnn
v.. .,-,iin c.i.i tl...,. i.r. r
ui ri.ui in. in ii.iijl. j i .h 1 iii-
lixed his autograph, and humi.ied a tune,
while iSkinllint got his cheek book and
made a calculation.
Have you got ten dollars about you ?"
eu ikmii a moment ; it so, let mo have
44 All right my old boy," .aid Harry
supposing he wanted it to make change
here it is.
Jicm ; hem said fckinilint, locking
"1 his desk and making preparation to
4. S.
4 Stop old fallow," said Hany, 4wheie's
my money ;
44 Your money, you've got it."
44 (Jut it ! what do you mean ?"
44 AYhy, 1 was to take ofljthe discount,
wasn't 1, and the thousand V
44 'it 1 want my money."
44 Why, my dear fellow, you've got it.
Ten thousand at one and a quarter a
! month, lbr six wars, is nint tlmiisnnd : a
i thousnnd you owed me: and .list ..aid
Vf -- - - k
the ton; it s all right my dear boy ; a fair
business transaction."
( i heat Suoutinu 31atch. The Lou -
i isville dtnirnal .-aid :
The following match has been made
between Mr. Travis and Mr. Samuel A.
I !rom t respective loealitie.
t to intervene. It Travis fails to find
b' yno wil stand, or fails to hit th-
-ranges in the throe shot., or if any shot
louenes ine noy, nc loses tne hot. ine
match to be shot in Louisville, June 15,
Lai AYLTTL, lud., Feb. -, lS.j.
Auur.sT of Cot;NTKKH:rri.i;s. The!
United States Marshal for this St.Ue
made a descent upon a pang uf counter
LdteM in this place at noon to-day, arrest
ed ten or twelve of them. A larr e assort
m:nt of bogiu coin was discovered. Thc
ging ha long infested this community.
M'-l .S7A7 TOX XK YS.
Prom our own Correspondent.
WA.sni.Nt.ToN, .March 12, lSo.
The hon-lon Tuiwa eomes to the sup- hc c:,1K'd Jo-ret her, ami the ncv.- rovt ru-1-ort
of tho Lecompton demoeraey and ht set in motion at fort Leavenworth,
tncy :i
The 'i
to .Jo
they are malati much of their new ally. ' un'KT M, I'rouniim oi lour or nvc tuou
The 7VS is not famous for its attach- sl,ld regular toop nssembled ostensibly fjf
to liberty anvwhere. Its devotion '
io .jojui jimtsni cannot ue nuetionei ,
, . ..... . .
!":is"'V-'r,; l''J-' '
IViimVi iiiiniirr ! 1 1 . . 1 1 . I , . . , i . .i.. .... .-.
u.i iau.
inr oi intiaii patriotism ; but never lelore
I..., . ......... vv......' i' " ... . . : , ..
. 4 ,; ,n'r'uu,l,l,J
as autlioritv lv Uepublicans. I poll tlc
, , . ,,. . i . .
hu!o- sl.NS tlic J wo Iia'1 bettf-r
take Lecompton. In its view, that is
.!..... .1 r. ., l?..
.. l .. i . i i . i it . . .
as jr.Hi m,.,e oi ,:,K ft Mate ol
the Aniencan Inionas a-.y other. And
"ll Joerat-y rejoices. Iho plantation
a ul the praises t,f the
j iuirn mm nil:
Ll.nv.j ,,(' tl, V..tl."
staves oi tne .ouh cry Amen, rejoicing
exetedtn-ly. Otall the anomalies of our
1 " . I
ercise of power, thc votes of laborers l'ov-
ern the north : yet for the most nart thev
. " . ... - - - - j
t , ...
u'n:v 1,1 aoa, uuu me J nirs consist-
" ,, '". Vx
'lH 'v i" ""I
i It. . . ,
j. . , ... . ..r ,f. , . ... .
inuii.Miin iiuiiiuii.7 ui UOliars uOn.ll UI I 1 1 1 -
ih troods have iu eleven years been forced
ou tl
he American market, and 100,000,
of American capital invented in man
uuu ui .mcricau cat
ufactures has been destroyed
It is now
iu proof that the guld placed here in
YhintonJLy subscriber to thc Timet
rialtn.s uf tho nomocracy and continncd
their power. Hurrah for the Times, hur
rah for its popular sovereignty !
1 need say nothing of Congressional i
proceedings during the last two days.
Little progress has been made iu any-!
i.; , ti. - i .
thing. 1 he two sides are preparing them
. i . . i- i , e . i .
.sen c ior u eiiug'-.io ui enuuiuiicu un uuu
m i .1 ... .
uggiu oi cnuurauee on ana
, i 4t . . t r
next. About twenty-five
i i J i.
v, h .Tv' r'
re or six can be delivered
: t . v i f 1 1 1 1 1 : i v n r i i in iu i v.. vr i
Senators are
which only fiv
before that day on which ( ircen has an-
nouneed that debate is to cease. It is
said that Pugh, Pigler, and the whole
mas uf Democrats have consented to sup
press their orations tor the present, so
fh-3 ground swell
utiiii i ii oe iiiiiiie.
after the storm will be more tempestuous
than the storm itself. All these speeches
will come out alter tho passage of the bill
like thc out-bursts uf all thc winds from
the cave of Old Mollis.
In the meantime the Republicans and
Douglas do not intend to hurry themselves
nor be hurried. 'J'en or a dozen of them
design speaking. Mr. Chandler will get
tho iloor to-morrow. Judge AYade, dudge
irumouii. Air. no.tgias. -nr. caie. Air.
Harlan, and several other leading and able
Senators have speeches prepared, and in
tend to be heard in daylight. It will hS
impracticable to get the tjuestion on the
passage of the bill except by the aid cf the
previous question nud that cannot pro
bably be enforced.
Stephen's motion to get his brazen rep't
affirming the legality of the Lecompton
Constitution before the House, was a dead
failure. Our little objection was enough.
The dried up.impersouative uf effrontery
from (Icorgia, thereupon threatened that
ho would print the immortal document.
This fearful menace alarmed tho House so
' Jiiuch as to be greeted with a broad grin
lrom the opposition. J he fact was, Steph -
e,H had already given his report to the
reporters, and they had tr-ated it like
paid lbr by the
s points. They arc
sua Ily made upon
man, forgers, and
nat is, admit thc
2 crime. Thc report is a
good thing in its way, and may be called
the 44 lcloiis manual.
AVithout some gross collusion between
the .Speaker and the Lecompton managers
for the violation of the rules of the House,
the thing cannot well be reached before
the middle ul . May. I he .pecial Commit-
ti e is the last to be called in regular order
and certainly will not be reached those two!
is. ine senate uui, uneu j-asseu, ...
thc foot of the calender of business
e Speaker's table, and will remain
go to
. i
i'u i.ie cpiariei i.iu.v, .n' io".'!'.
there under a pile ot other jewels, nit)
latlioni3 deep.
Meantime, however, Calhoun, Marshall
and other confederates, arc preparing to be
escorted back into the territory, under a
strong convoy uf dragoons, about tho iir-1
of April. Should Lecompton pass, n.i
they hone and believe, (he legislature wil'
tI;c 1 tali expeditK,n, really to tatrti tho
pro-slavery fu ture forever upon Kansas
Ihtrott liuhu.ir. I'KMNSLl.A.
The lieaihcr who wbet' to get Iniried.
A good story is told uf a Methods t
preacher ami the story is true to the let-
.... I... ..I V...
, ,,4JV 'i"-'.1 V""14"
i He was a bachelor, and we could wn
. . . . ' -
his real name, but prefer to call hi
! Smith. He rented many persuasions .
r..: i.. v-1.
' . . i r i i f i i . .i
; marrv, meu ins inenws xtctv coinianuy
! making , until he had reached a tolerably
; advanced aire, and ho ltimlt oe-an to
eel the uu-u ot or, at least, to have new
,.,. V- l. ,....-
woman s gentle care.
-mivi iuiu. t.iiviiiv ill il l 1-liLv.i-
' mg one ot Ins circuits,
a maiden lady.'
" Ith Mith P
- v;ithin?" briskly
, p... 1,,,.,:.i at., f;nnA
. P4 v..-.i. . ' ......w. .-ij "'iuum
think 1 a Letter marry. ihey recom
mend you for my wife. Uue you any
. i.:,.,.if..,.a vt
I ..in... .....n.. Af c... .
1 ti.
J mvii i .uuunit u'.
i dl tliitlx day vcei for '-'our reply. Good
On that day week he reappeared at thc
door uf Miss P s residence. It was
1 promptly opened by thc lady herself.
Walk in, Mr. r-'mith."
! ','
MIVIU...aUU lU'UfeC.
-Vino m
Ith your anthwer ready, ma'am
Oh do walk in, Mr. Smith."
44 Can't indeed, ma'am. Pleath anthwer
me. l cth or ao.
4t AYcll, 3Ir. ..Smith, it is a very scriou.n
'matter Ijhoutd not hue t) net out of tho
- 1 , J J
n wntj rr I'rocuUine
. . , - , .....
I inrfcctli v inlertlunul you. Alit
T J J ... . . Jx . ,
I . A e will be married this da
! wk. I "ill c-.ll at thill, hour, l'lout
, , . , ,,
y . . , - , f.i
i 41 inrtcctfi v inlertlunul you. Alitu
be ready, ma'am
He called ou that day week, at that
hour. Shc was ready; they were mar"
ried, and lived happily several years.
The Hvin;cun iUaUrillcs
Our readers doubtless have noticed the
j proposition credited to the llcv. 3Ir. Spur-
geon, that gentlemen' shoal I dance with
j gentlemen, at parties. Thc London Punch
, illustrates tho idea and adds the follow-
4Th? folloT.ing arc the Pgurcs of these
Quadrilles, as authorized by thc reverend
gentleman who has discovered that danc-
, ing is prop-cr, but that partners being of
' uopasite sex is no so The ijurp.l rillo?
1 are sold with Mr. Sporgcon's portrait and
Ladies advance and leave the room.
Opposite gentleman advance, groan, and
retire. Sides thc same'. .Set to partners,
and turn up eyes to foiling. All jump
up as high a? possible till tired
(lentleman rise nnd leave the room.
Ladies enter md to places. Dance 7
libitum, and that only waltz, polka or ma
zurka be permitted.
Ladies leave thc room. First gentle
man advance, sing a hymn, and ruu
around the room as hard as he can go. .
; Second and others follow, and run around
. together, and finally out at the doer.
I J ad.es enter, and O place. Maud
; still, beating time with one iDot whilst
1 h't lady recites hymn. All round. Op-
positc lady thc same, and then sides.
alk slowly lrom thc room.
All go home, but soporatcly, and mind,
a deacon is o take can that thc ladies
shawl one another, and that there is no
nonensc about being 44 seen home" and
the like.
Jte?4My love," said Mrs. Foozle, td
her husband. . 44 oblige mo witli a live
j (j notc t0.jav t0 purchase anew
Shan't do any such thing, Agnes
Cakd me a bear yesterday."
j-7 jQVC tJiat WJM nothiug I
U it (jut you worc fomi yflniggiiu
j(y (lit you
f hugging."
i4 you jjttjc
I have no five,
but here's a ten."
This line finitkoe thc column.

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