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. . . Hates of AtlveftWitif. .
Om squire, (12 Unci or let,) unertioe,.. . .i
One square, each subsequeot ibftlOB.
Out squaro, (12 line r less,) one year, 7,CV
One square, " sir rnoDtii, S.O-l
Onesiuarw. " turtu ,J ...3,yJ
rtHrltfUJiD UVLKY ritlDAY M0KN1S0,
11 f T. II 11ARR1KOX,
; On Column, one yesr, ,. .iu,wO
Una Column, six months, nn
0q CoftmjD, three months, B0,o
'Half 'dt one year 35,oy
jOueqr. do do do.,,,
of all Linda, including
i Varrante Ddi j 1 ill Heads,
On Dollar per year 1a Advance.
t)ne Dollar aud fiftj touts i net fnld iu sis ruoiitb.-
; Quit Claim Deeds, Wank Notes,
ChatUl Mortgagea,.
; Land Contracts,... .
j Iionds, (all kinds,).
BUck Receipts,
J Oil WCC.
PUio, Vrey, Ornamental, (in colors or not,)
xccutvd with ncatuess aud dt4?iutth, ut tLU olLa
School Certificate,. ...
School lWport
VOL. 4. NO. 4.
PAW PAW, MICH., FltiPAY, MAY 7, 1858.
Marriage Crtic ales' .
Always to he found for sale aa above.
Register, ol' leed4 AU'' ttt aW 1111,1 K''
1'uhHc, w ill titii'l to the bttMncs ol Cuiivj
ttJiciuJ, r;wviiig flgrtsciui'iit!, applications fin
cttuTy Uudrt, wills, iVe.- the purchase mid salt
froal estate, payn cut f taxes, examination u,
UMe and tho compromising of coullictijig titlci
fcc. Office in the Court llouso. 6 ly
Vude of 1'robatc, ami Notary Public, Van Hureii
Co. Conveynne ui aud otlier biiiine4 pcrtaiu-
tntf to said oincrs prosuniiy uucnucu iu. m
ulso attend t iVa '.wwliaso and Hale of Iteai
Estate, fciaiiiii)inr Titles, paying Txo, pro
curing Hrunty Land Warrant, &c. Olluo In
the Court House. 2d door on the riht. 9 1.
4fani)u:k iuchaiidn,
Attorney, Solicitor and tVui.Khr at Law. Trose
jilting Attorney, nnl Circuit Court Conjiui.ssioncr
for tu vouuty ot an lnircn, ltotinty j,una ami
Pension ARont. Contracts drawn, and colloct
4ntf promptly attended to.
tttlhl? in the l.'ourt House. 14i)-tf.
Taw Taw Michigan.
County TreaMirrr, Van Lurcn County, Notary Tub
lie, t:a., will ttend t tbo purcha.o and u
lrnl Kstatc. exminiu2 titles, payiri: Taxes.
ulo of
curing Kminty i.anu nrrnnu, x.
the Court Home.
Otlici- in
T. It. llAHHlKOX,
Tlain, Fancy, .To 'ew aud (riw.nKiiial Printer
Handbill, 1'oMcrs, Cards', l'all Tickets, Ac. spee
dily and quickly executed with nciitness and dis
(tii. All orders re?pet tlully solicited, l'ricet
moderate NouTilKltrrr utjji: north sido ol
main street, i'aw Taw.
H. H.1HTII A I'O.,
tVholesalc and Kelail lioaler in Forcijru aud Io
lueiic Iry tSood.s Ready Made Clothing, Hoot?
.1 Shoes, tlrocci ici. tc., ,te. I.'-ng lrrel Store.
Conner wf Maiu and Kalamazoo Ft., J'aw Taw,
AliehuM'i. 151. ly.
v. w. i:i,i.ih:k,
l'e aler in Iry (1kh1, Groceries, Heady Made Clo
Miiir'tf, Hoots and Hioc?, Hat. and Caps, floods
sold at the lowest figures, all kinds of produce
taken in exchange. J2 lore one door west of E.
Smith .1 Co's. l'leaso give uie a call,
l'uw i'aw, 155-ly. Mich.
Jhe hapft Musi'. Mason A llnmlin, and I'rincv
X Co's have exeltihivc patented ipri u veincnts.
Lenj. Caudull, Lawrence. A fen t can funii.-h and
warrant for durability, lit Fuctory price, voice
Ivud or fol't and tunc in the equul iemperuiuent.
Lawrence, Nov. 1. 1:.7. ISS-tf.
Manufacturer of and dealer in Winsor Cottage and
runt, wit-it. rhair.t. Tn rii'm t'. rr-tm! i inv. Are., ex4
cuird on : Lrt notice Stone lime fi4 pa'e and
constantly on hand. Shop opposite the Metho
dist Church, iu the n-w cabinet rdiop.
Vavk I'aw. July IB), 1?o7. l-01y
J)nlcr in Ucady-M.alc Clot'.iing. Huts, Vali
set and CinntleineuV Furnishing Cood.H, which
will bo told to s iit customers.
Fiwt Door Li of Israel's t'ancv Store'.
Kalninaoo, .Muh.
AT Till: t'JTY M'oki:
Opposite t!n4 Court lb i;i P.iw Paw. may he
ound a good as.soriiu'-i.t ! 1'.ms Snoi:s. man
ufactured to l:i; tr.i i tn l v. arr.mtLil to .-nit.
AL'u, a cho'i.-e f dectioii ., i -.xiii. ( O'.'S T. I r S for
te cb- tp - 'J'. A. i.PANt.KIt,
l.SJ-ly." A. J. S"U i '-'I! V.-
J)r. W. Lr'-.vn .vm b- f.wJ J 11 tL:cs at his
rv.ins out I-ir.oT X.n-ri anl Co'o Store, und
i j.nj::r-l tr. ,m;.- .-Ir,-;' ntly and well, all
).in!- i t Vkf't'n in tbo li'io of his rtfeasioii.
Teeth oMr.ict. d. .ti'.lcJ T;l, '"!d or silver foil
und nfw ones ii.n :t"l. i-b.Ty rn ;IK u;-.on
n!n- ruo, ii if ioed pi iii'M'! o of tbo art. 1 17.
Tl!. 1 ; N I . N . h.iing cslabli.-ln-d liimelf in
Jt r.iu I'uv vitbi t r thi- piirpo" "f t'olbiwing
the at"r busine.-s m'1 atlciid t all "job.' in his
line witb diliigi:i--. and 0 ,.-j':i h.
f, aniens I'lniichid to 4)nler."?
I'aw I'aw, Midi.. Mar- Ii 21th, ls:S.l.V.ly.
l'caler in t r"ei cry. tla-s ni r u'.t. 4 Te, vaper
Hangings, Window S!i s in-l Curtains. Cut
b ry, .frwcliy, Ynnkco Notion. Stone Hiid 1'ast
ern. Whiv, Ac., S"iith fide of Main st. lir.'-t
,.,r.'.f'. 4V'-V;'lhi I -17-11'.
C.N. 0I)KLL,.M ),
tlonopaLL: Plivsicia, .Sjrf70U ontit, and
Obtrieiiai. Also, dealer jt H,ohs & Station
ary. lie nny at all ti'i.e.- bo found at bis.
KeMd nca on the comer of Niks V l'ay I'aw t.
ttir-ct'v south f Chai. SjcllK'k'a.
.1. P. A1.IJW, I
llanufactnrcr of .nrd dracf In t;ndsof Cabinet (
vv aro; coiivsung w p4'i jorrans, juons,
UeJ-steads, Lounvi, U'Jhing ani Lijiit
Elands, etc., ct". -'wjf;i.s ind: UtorAn: jjro
rooms oppiit'.' tbo i, V.. Lir h, XI pU 'I.
a. A.iyaa $ co.
Proprietor Puw Paw f.ivcry HUM, JfofM'sand
Carriage i at all ijriK to lv" 1'OfWcngnrs con
vwyed to nny part of th,f";r wi'h despatch.
Stable in rear uf iU'AfHi UoU , Termi mod
crate. !!3yl
Clock and Watch mulur, akl Jeweler, Ma.'-wr,
Michigan. Repairing 4ne in the best nianiuT
and on rca?nable terms, 1 50-1 y.
tVholcsale and Retail rictr iu American, Knc;
lisli and OertKsn l(trdrc; xNt Irn, Nails
and llas; Cooking, Parlor trl PoK Stoves,
Tin, Ceppcr and Sheet Iron Wnrr. Thoe wish
ing to trnde will please tfjro lis a call before pur
chasing elxeu here, Pw Paw, Mich.
t '
Jalcr ii irocfris an) I'yjopM, Yfch, 'u t
JWuts, l'nints, Oils, YaJiV'W hWt'Wt Wovfon,
Willow asd Stone Ware, Confcca;ffry, i')gnfst
Jrug and 3JdieinQ lbok. and t$iiUctfyt
puro Liquors for Medicinal ifeci,i.i. n purr
pose etc., etc. If 11
a. o. oniM Taw raw
f Jjaler iu lry Good, Groceries, Ijard are, n&ad v.
AJade Cl)tninjf, Hoots, an 1 Shoe, UaUand Cas,
Store, hov1'1 hle Main street. 4-ly
ru formed a copftrtnemhip for the practice o
MeJiiin mid wtr;'. Jl(i)H promptly Mien
Mauufucturcr and dealer in all kinds of Cabinet
Ware, conflicting iu part of llurcaus, Tables,
Hcdatuads, Lounges, Toilet, Washing and Libt
Stands, lc, Ac, Coflins made to order. All
kinds of produce and lumber taken in payment
for which will be paid tho highest uiaikct price.
Warerooms, ouo door north of tho Ked Llack
fcmitli's shop. 1 17-tf.
Lawton, Michigan.
CJ. HMII II li JlllM
Dealors in tlroccries aud Provisions, Fish Fruits,
Confectionary, Cigar?, Paints, Oils, Class, lye
Stuffs, Yankee Notions, Perfumery, lrugs and
Medicines, Wooden and Willow ware. Pure Liq
uors for Mcdiciniul and Mechanical purposes,
Hooks and Stationery, etc., etc,
Lawton, Michigan
(I. 1'. Smith, )
K. K. Smith, j
Of tho best quality, latest styles, and of superior
tinibh, manufactured to order at the shortest no
tice, aud the lowest possible price atmv shop.
157-0m. W. J. McKINNL'Y.
Lawton, .... Mich.
Commission Merchant, and Dealer in all kiids of
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, (Iroce
ries, Ac. dc. All of which will bo sold to suit
customers. 169-ly
Lawton, Michigan.
Dealer iu Sash, Minds and Doors, and all kinds of
Cabinet are, at the Steam Saw Mill.
Lawton, 1 17-tf. Mich.
Uavo formed a co-partnership for the practice of
Medicine and Surgery in all its departments.
All calls promptly attctujl to, day or night.
A good assortment of chuf medicines aro kept
constantly for sale. 1!B-Iy.
Ereedsville, .... Mich.
A Hard Stoty.
Tljcris U JiJCtor in the uurth-vestern
part of tli is consolidated city, who is cs
pccially remarkable for "being, as the wo
men term it, "short and crusty. A
week or two since he was callcJ to visit a
patient who was laboring under a severe
attack of cheap whisky."
Well, doctor, I'm down, you Fee;
completely floored; I've got the Delirium
Triangles, you kuow !"
" Trcmcus, you fool ; where did you
get the rum?" inquired the doctor,
"All over in spots; broke out promis
cuously; doctor.''''
vour rum
" I'atbcr tiled of the same disease ; took
him under ilje short ribs and carried him
oil' bodily."
" Well, you've got Vo take something
44 You're a trump, Doc. ; here, wife,
I'll take a nip of old rye."
"Lie still, blockhead. Mrs. B., if
your husb;nd should get worse before I
return, which will be in an hour, just
t:ive him a dose of that trunk strap, may
be that'll f'dtcli hiui ta a. seise of his folly.
The doctor sailed cut grandly, and within
an Ju 'jr .s;lied in asjain, a4jj fcund hi
frieud of the u Jcjiiiiun Tyemcudous,''
in a trrriKlc dORiiiun, writhing and strug
gling with pain. His wife, a female ot
the plain but ignorant school, came, and
laying her hand on the doctor's arm, said,
" Doctor, I gave him the strap as you di
rceted." " Did you thrash him well ?"
" Thrash him !" exclaimed the aston
ished woman; "no, but I cut the strap
into hash nnd made him swallow it."
"Oh, Lord! doctor," roared the vic
tift, I swallowed the leather, but
" f swallowed the wliolc strap, but I'm
blor, 'i if I could swallow tho buckle."
doctor administered two bread pills
atui eyaporatcd.
The Yv lie's t'mninmlments,
J, Thou shalt have no ofhpf T;je but
2, Thou shalt not take into thy house
any beautiful brazen iunge of a servant
gir, to bow down to her and serve her
fivr I ii in a jtafu vifc visiting, &c.
J. Thou shalt not take the name of thy
wife in vain.
4. licmcmbcr hy ifc, to keep her re
spectably and well dressed.
5, Ioiior thy vifc'.i father and mother.
G. Thou shalt not fret.
7. Thou shalt not find fault with thy
8. Thou shalt cot chew tobae.ee.
II Thou shalt not be behind thy neigh
bor. 10. Thou shalt not visit the rum tav
ern ; thou shalt not covet the tavern keep
er'.4! rum, nor his brandj, uor his ginj nor
his whiskey, nor his wine, nor anything
that is behind the bar of the rumscilcr.
11. Thou shalt not stay out after 0,
o'clock ut night.
12. Thou shall not frrowr pcuvish, aqd
fior.tott thy beautiful phystogomy because
of being caltal to foot store bill.", which
jthy dear vim hath made without thy ad
vice or consent; for vcrilv she knows tlw
wants of thy household. "
13. Thou shalt not set at nought the
commandments of thy wife.
I' Mi no a Vkhdict. "Jury," said
a, ffom judge, "you kin go out md
f$u; i verdict, If joti can't find ono of
your ci nt get ibe mc the last jury used.
They r '-Jurat'-' I & vrr'lict cf fuicide in the
From the Spirit of Seventy Six,
In the Spiritual Circle!!
JJrothkh Xickkrson. Tho following
circumstances were communicated thro'
mo to you by the ."pints, or iu other
Tords, 1 am
a medium oi the urat water;
fori took my pen in hand to day, and
the fipiriti dictated me to impart to you,
aud hence to your readers, the iojlowin
stranre facts in " Harwonial Philosophy."
It sec ui3 to me to bo almost more than
believe, but whtu we cou-jdir lint
the spirits "aro around" tluve dy.s, bik
ing slap-jacks, moving tables, bedstead
and trunks, talking with the dead, heal
ing the sick and wounded, pratti-eiug den
tistry, and conversing with distant rela
tives; why should you, or I, or anybody
else, doubt their ability, or disposition to
get up marriages, or divorces, or cause
the Lovo-fVcsf of V-ma!es to desert her
Husband, her children, and her friends !
I think, with the amount of evidence
before us, of these thiugs, that we must
be entirely spiritless to say thce is noth
ing in spiritualism, I, myself, have al
ways, up to this time, been an unbeleiver
in the medium business, but when the
spirits make me write things that I knew
nothing about before, I must s;iy that I
"cave." Hence 1 take thii iuethQ4 of
making the fact public.
SlIHT i:. L Cq m m u n i c t o n .
There dwells iu the land of Clarendon,
over against Xatville, a certain chief Mag
istrate, a ruler over many people, wh j is
well skilled in law, politics, surveying,
and above all in 44 Harmonial Philoso
phy!" Now this chief Magistrate is a
firm believer in spiritual mesmerism, Joe-WallcT-km,
Mrc.-Tuttle-iepi, and other
non-cntitcs. Now, therefore, owing to
the Kftrpme devotion and obedience of
this di&ciplie and his hand-maiden, Chloe
to the mandates of the spirits, through
their mediums, they were blessed with a
greater manifestation of regard than has
fallen to the lot of a,nv one mortal since
the days of Elijah, or lSeclzebuh.
Now it happened near thp 8th hour of
the 15th dav of (ho 5ih month of the!
year A. D. 1855, this chief ruler hear 'i
great knocking at his gate; whereupon
he looked tin atnl beheld not far nfT n mm
clothed with (he hpirit nhd'lou fJcartt.-
And the rakr spake and asked him con
cerning the nature ol ins visit ; and he
auwsered aud said, behold I am the great
High Priest, in the order of the spiritual
mediums, and am come from the east,
from whence enjauatcs all true light, and
trarelmg to the ret in search fa
star of beauty ; tell me, is thy haudmai-
en Mary withiu thy gates? And the
Chief Kuler answered and said : How
inowost thou that I had a hand-maiden
oy the nanrc at jlnvvc And the High
Priest answered and said: Verily I sav
unto vou that it was revealed to me when
a deep bleep was upon me, by the spirits
of the departed iu.-.l. made ierfi-ct bv be-
ievingin harmonial Philosophy: of which
L am the author ant teacher atiKwig ihe
nations of the Earth. And the Chief Ku-
er cried aloud and said, Allah ! Allah !
God is great, enter in at the tjate, shake
the dust from thy sandels, for my house
.hall bo thv house: and straiuhtwav he
ntercd the house of tho Chief Kuler,
washed the High Priests feet, annointed
ns beard and gave him meat to eat and
water to driuk, that it might be said of
iim. that as he had dout Lj others even
so would he expect it to be dono him in
i ice Kwjner,
And it c&vryo lo m tiiAt wh?n the
High Priest had eatno, tlw Chief Hulir
sent for his hand-maiden Mary, who was
i believer in Spiritual Manifestations and
Harmonial Philosophy; and h came to
pas3 fnat y-kan .lary JvencJJ the great
High Priest, she fell upon her face and
went, and prayed that she micht find
favor in his sight, and that she might i
glean where he gleaned, eat where he ate,
sleep where he slept, and that she might I
bo permitted to wash his feet, annoint his j
beard aud call his people her people, hiv
house her house, so Jon& as their pirii'. i
dwelt in harmony. Kut if it should come
to pass that there should arise strife, con
tentions or the least warring of their spir
its, or if she should behold another man
more comely than tho High Priest or one
lyith a longer beard and the spirits told
her to leave the High Priest and cleave
to the other than she would feci con
strained to do so jnasuiuch as she is a
strong n;itidcd woinnn and gifted much
above her sex, in fcpefvh, manners and
intellect. Then tho High Priest answered
and said; arise beautiful virgin for thou
ljast found ivir in my sight go honiu
array thyself in biidal habiliments, for r
is tljc cipruss command of the spirits thui
we should be united during their pleastiM
and our own. And straightway she nnM
grid vent away to put on the bridal dress,
while the Chief Kuler took counsel of
Kcncdicts treatise as to the precise form
And ceremony of & Spiritual Marriage.
nd it amcto pasthat in a few minxes,
Mary the kinswoman of Chloe appearad
before the High Priest and the Chief
Magistrate, arrayed in garments of white
&ik ; ?notlcss as the lilly and a wreath of
white hoses crowning her expansive and
iutcllcctnal brow. Thrn the Chief Ilulc
commanded the High Priest and Mry ii
stand up bi foie him, might unite
by law, Wvj-io. i! Spirit had joined
together iu harmony of feeling. And
fter the Cuk;f Kuler had called iu the
witnesses from the field, he spoke unto
the Ili'di Tricst and said : wilt thou take
i Mary the kinswoman of Chloe to
be tin-
: lan-tul nnd wedded wife, so Ion" a
as either
i of yi:; sus
j .iwcrul
nail live. And the Ilicrh Priest
and said; lam a man of the
fcp:nt, guided by the Spirit, hence 1 put
the long accustom usages f sotJj fa;
from infl; neither do, I icycreuce thj'prc
cepis of Vhe liibjc enough to let tiem pre
vail with uu against the manifest teach-ing-s
of the Spirits; .hence I promise tu
take lor my lawful auQ wedded wife, until
the Sprits shall reveal to me, that our
Spirits do cot harmonize; or until the j j
reveal to me one, more lovely man sue;
to all of which I dj most solemnly prom
ise. Atjd the Chief Kuler answered and
&;iid; Allah! Alltdi! God is great, so
niuU It be. Then the Chief Kuler spake
unto Mary and said; wilt thou forsake
and renounce the vain things cf hU
wr.-rld and cleave unio this High Priest,
K'i Icig as thou o cither of you shaJt ivc.
A nl she auswered and said; yea verily I
will forsake and renounce all the vajn
things of this world, even unto my former
husband ; yea, and my two lovely child
ren, to become this man's wife. And I
will remain faithful to him so long as our
spirits harmonize, or until I sec a man
that finds nore favor iu my sijrht when
I will go from the east, the place of light,
to the west, the place of moral darkness,
obtain a divorce, leave my family and
and friends, and do tho entire bidding of
the Spirits, even if it should be to marry
again. Then the High Priests answered
aud said ; Mary ! howbeit tliat thon art
arrayed in spotless white, with a wreath
of white roses on thy head ; those being
the emblems oi' vinrintty, -when theu hast
alruujy $ husband, and also children.
Then she answered aud said ; verily verily
I say unto you that that was a marriage
of the Kody and convenience, and not of
Soul or Spirits, therefore I consider my
dress as an emblem u( the condition cf my
Spirit spotless a3 the lilly. Thou the,
IJjgh Prieit answered an-i si 1 Eureka!'
" 1 have found" orjo tlt is born of tho
Spirit in whom I am wdl pleased.
Whereupon the Chief Kuler pronounces
- llie: v.v'r mc .firrli. And trairhtyrav
Chloe spread tho table and set before
them meat and eggs and wine and tea and
cakes, whereupon they did eat and drink
and wcro satisfied, when they soon took
their departure for the cast, the residence
of the High Priest and the excitement
produced along the highway as they were
leaving town can best be described by a
verse from John Gilpin for:
Tbe dogs did bark, the children screamed
I'p tiew the wilidowH all ;
And every Soul cried out woll dene,
As JlU 1 . N.r could bawl.
MEDIUM, A. Nc. 1
A Runaway Couple,
runaway couple, "true lovycrs," of
the taost fervent Yankee stemp, arrived
at a small inn near Koston, aud wanted
the landlord to send for a minister to
" splice 'em," and to be" quick about it."
The landlord complied, and the " licens
ed minister-came.
" 13e you the minister?" asked the
" 1 am," ho replied.
" O, you be, eh? What's your name?"
( WC Sliggins," said the Yan
kee, ' du it up brown, and your money is
ready;" and fourwith the reverend gen
tlcfjiun pomnifcnced :
Vo will p'ase join hands."
The Yrvilree stood up with his lady
love, au 1 jeizrd hv'r fervently by the
" 1'qu promise, Mr. A ,"said the
parsan, " to take this woman "
"Yaas !" said the bridegroom.
" To be your lawful and wedded wife ?"
Va- Yaas!"
Ts v:u will tuva and honor her in
til tl.i
" S.:rtin yaas, I tell yer !"
' TJ: it y.au will cling to her and her only
as long as y.di 1-i.th shall live?"
" Y?as, ii diV.sl nothiu' else !" contin
ued the Yun!:-."4, in the most delighted
and carnal ri. :ir.
Dut licro t!i; reverend gentleman halt
ed, miici; to t:.3 surprise of all present,
and to ti;e . ;c ci.il annoyance and discom
fort of tho ardent bridegtoom.
4One moment, my friend," jssponded
the iiiir?ister, slowly ; for it had occurred
to hir.i that the laws of his State did not
permit this performance without the'pub-
hsJun- nt ol the bens for a certain
.f time.
" Wha win what in timo is the mat
ter? Don't stop here! Put her thru!
at's split, parson? Anything gU
"Just at this moment my friend I have
remembered that you cannot be married
in Massachusetts, as the law " m
Can't ! Wot in natur's tho reason ? 1
like her and she likes me; what's to hen
der'Jf', " You havo not been published, sir, I
44 That's a faal ainl n goin to bo,
nuther ; that's tho reason why wo cross
ed oyer in your ' little Khcdy' (the tccne
the sly, you sec parson."
" I really sir " said the minister.
i t A, i-l-l-y ! veal 1 , n e v e r mind;
go ahead! 'Taut fair don't you sec
taint? You married me, and haiut tech
ed er ! Now don't stop here ! 'Taint
the fair thing by gracious, 'taint now
and you kuow it !"
" I will consult " said the minister
" No, you won't no, you don't ! You
dju't consult lioth.m' nor nobody, until
this 'ere business is concluded!" And
with this he, turned the key and put it
(amidit tho Vitteringof the witnesses whom
the landlord had called in) in his pocket.
Seizing the baud of his truijdiii'j bride
he said :
Go on, now straight from where you
left off; put us through, and no oiging.
It'll be all right; if it oiu't right, we'll
make it right in the morning, as the wav
ing is."
After reflecting a moment, the parson
concluded to run the risk of the informal
ity. So ho continued :
"You promise, madam to take this man
to be your lawful husband ?"
" Yaas," said the Yankee, as h. lady
"And that you will love, honor and
obey him ?"
4 That's 'cm !" said Jonathau, as the
lady bowed again.
" And that you will cling to him as
loTvg ns you both shall live ?"
44 That's the talk stick to oe3 another
allers" and the lady said 'yes' again.
" Then, in the presence of these w it
nessess, I prot:r,s:ce you m$n and wife."
" Hoirah !" shouted Jonathan, Reaping
half way to the ceiling with joj.
"Aud what God has joined together
let no man put asunder."
" Iloorah !" continued Jonathan.- -"
What's the price V (The parson
seemed to hesitate.) How much ? Spit,
it cout doa't be afeavd You did it!
like a book ! Here's a V. Necr mindj
the change ! Send for a l:vJ,-, landlord.
Giyc us yo;;r hill- I've got her! Hail'
The poor fellow seemed to be entirely
unabfe to control his joy; and ten min
utes afterwards, lie was on his way to the
railroad depot with his wife, " the happiest
man out of jail." said the witnesses who
described tho scene. Ar. Y. Picayune.
llepqedly Cod, "
The truth of tho following story is
vouched for by the issottri correspon-
dent of Harper's Mi,Klllj :
Not a hundred miles from here, some
six months ago, lived a fair widow, pos
sessed of those chamiing qualities that
most dazzle and charm the bachelor. She
was young, handsome, and very wealthy.
.Mrs. Jackson took an eastern tour last
summer, and was beset hy many suitors
ardent, anxloijs lovers among whom
tho mast persevering and devoted was a
Kentucky lawyer, quite a promising man,
but so cuamorcd did he become of this
fair widow that he left a lucrative practice
at home, and followed hcrthrcugh the en
tire route of fashionable travel. Ho met
her at Kaltimore, Philadelphia, and New
York; he danced with her at Saratoga
and Aewport; ana wncn the season was
drawing to a close, he hqipcncd to be with
her at Niagara, and ou the Ohio river, and
even at St. Louis, when she was almost
( homo.. Ue always pleading profes
sional business as tho reasons of hts ex
cursions here and there; bat Ire managed
tc plead his own suit out of court when
courting the widow, though he saw no ev
idence of a verdict in his favor. At length
Mrs. Jackson stepped on board the boat j
at fct. Louts, to go up the .Missouri to ffcr j
own rcsiuence, waen, to ucf suf prise, uie
indefatigable advocate presented himself,
as fresh as a May fc;oniiug. Tho widow
cxcIajV.ed as she met him :
u Why, Mr. Johns, I thought that you
were going to return to Louisville !"
" Mrs. Jackson, my deir madam," re
plied tho lawyer, " I am hero to renew
the offer of my hand, and to beg your ac
ceptance. "
" Keally, sir, I think I have been suf
ficiently explicit, and you had no encour
agement to pursue tho matter.
" Uut I hope madam, that my devotion
and perseverance would finally be reward
ed" " Do you mean, then," said the widow,
evidently softened, " that you really had
no other business in going this journey
with me to prosecute this suit ?"
" None in the world but tho hopo of
winning you."
" Then vou shall he rewarded," idie re
plied, with a rogush twinkle in her beau
t i ti 1 1 tfves which the tho lawyer mistook
for a sweeter passion ; " thea, my dear
sir you shall bo rewarded. Tell me now
as a geutlcman, how much money you
have spent on this tour?"
u Do you really wish to knoT?"
" Certainly, 1 do."
Mr. Johns LoA oit his aotc book, and
soon reported that he had spent nearly
five hundred dollars.
Well' said the lovely widow, "I do
net wish any one to lose by mr," extending
her purse to the lawyer.
" Why, what do you infar, :in- d irk'-
vas G$ te hordes of- lkc,fe Hani)
" I mean what I say ; tako it, and pay
yourself for your c ummer's work on my
a-ccount, and let us be iiuitd."
And lie did take it ; and the widow
had to borrow mouvy to get home. Tho
widow was taken aback by tho lawyer's
coy! acceptance! of the gold ; but he'eour
soled himself with th-J Mea, that if h
would not be his bride, she was at least
air ijainc !
Important from Vunezueln.
' Ihxolution at Caraccas Muting of th
JJipfomats Spcvh of Mr. JSaint-n.
Oaiiaocas, March 11,
We are in the midst of a South Ameri
can revolution. Some ten days ago, im
mediately after the publication of & gene
ral political amnesty, there was a rumor
ofgns concealed in tho city, and im
pending dangfcT. B'ft tfye cry of wclf had
been raisoso often, that few were Alarm
ed, and it did not deter me from going to.
Las Adjuntas, eomo fifteen mjks from the
capital to shoot deer. Uut, as it happeur
cd the keeper of the iun had gone to give
the government notice that he kad v4U-d
a box of muskets cenceajed in his house,
and on arrival I fiaw some sity sergeants
thero fine lookiug, for that country, al
though mostly half-breed, but rathcx bet
ter equipped, and secmjng tu have-woro
fight in them than the government troops.
Their officer rode into tho court-yardt
which, being partly roofed, formed tho
dining-room of the hotel, and demanded
brandy lor tho men, which was given
him. After having remained there half
an hour, possessed tVteutsvit t$ the guna,
and threatened to kill two offieiaJs wha
refused to join thein,, hut whom they
finally released, they rcreatc-i A jonnctj
the detachment under Colonel Krito. Th?
government tioonsj -00 strong, rived at
nightful, eight invars tos lave. Aa tho
hills around were said to bo filled with
guerillas, uuder young Pcnto, whosa
brother was executed hy outer of Morra-
gas some four years ago, and the report of
a gun might have drawu a xloir tsbola
upon lac, 1 gave up hunting, and return
ed the next day to Caraccas.
Upon the morning of the 8th, one of
the foreign ministers acting npoa ajparr
ently rdtfUe iHjrmaticn tVat the Presi
dcnil's life Vrruj iu duc, eoaved thd
diplomatic boily, wishing them to advise
Morragas, on personal considerations, ta
resign, and to tender to him aud his fami
ly, the hospitality and protection f tin
legations. So strong were his proofs that
ho seemed likely to gain his point, whc$
a very manly and sensible gpeech ftosx
our able representative, Mr. Eames, en
forcing the doctrine ot nov.-interveiitioo,
convinced the wavermg diplomats that
they had better let the internal airs of
Vcueiteji alcue.
Meanwhile General Inas, a man just
before branded as a coward, hy a printed
circular signed 3(af;y Officers of the
Army," for not resisting a gross and pub
lic insult, had been sent out. Ho has
bceu clamoring for reiaierecmcnts ever
since, although ho announced a victory ia
which three men were killed r.ni four
taken. Al the peasants for twenty miles
around had been brought in droves by an
armed force sent to scour the country.
These raw levies, hastily and ill-equipped,
many of thcia carrying their c&ttndges ia
their hands, have been dispatched to tho
scene of action under General Castclli, arc
old soldier of Napoleon's who supercedes
Irias. He will have in all some twelve
thousand men, to oppose a force stated aa
four thousand. At the last accounts Vah
encia was in the possesion of the insert
gents. Irlas had advanced to within
seven miles of it, but had been oblicod to
retreat and entrench hinjsclf in tho mouu;
pGvcrnmant had keep
formed and General Castro, who is sup
posed to control the important provinco of
Carahoho, had given in his adhesion to it.
Puerto Ca hello had pronounced, and tho
steamer which had run between thero and
Laguayra was seized, and acut to Curacoa
to be bortid for guns, private iatcHigonco
of this fact was received here five days ha
fere the government knew of it.
The chiefs of the revolutionary party
arc mostly men of high standing, aud in
the event of their success is little fear
from violence. Mun.agiLs is universally
hated, and his downfall seems certain.
Ho has ordered no quarter to he given,
and tried to excite the recently liberated
negroes to arms, by the announcement
that tho other party would re-ciislaro
them. Those who have peon a black army
in full swing will Appreciate the effect of
this threat upon the white portion of tho
Caracca is inalinost a state of fcige.
Provisions have raised to- famine prices a
the country jvx)plo will bring nothing to
market for tear of impressment. Tim
st.ablcs of the foreign ministers are filled
with horses, sent there to save them from
scizuro for tho troop, and their houses
with fugitives.
Little apprehension U felt, but tho city
is Cllod with startling rumors, too vaug
to rend you. I have Foloclcd from tho
different account only what Roemed to b$
tolerably; well ascertained. F. L. McC.
fiuT" If yu want an ignoriraus to re-
'fpcet yoV'droM ti dnth," and wear
juatrb teA rut the eize of a brickbat.

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