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about two hours ago'
we Middenly became iu-
fg ; ami in spite of our
ion auu care, we nave run j
nay aun-i me uuio
ay bo against an inland it is
. can't tell. Hut bo not iilunu-
llancho," bo hurriedly added:
shall soon be ailoat again ;
ny event, the darknes is suf-
iceal us irom the savaged, even
i the vicinity."
mv little of Indians," returned
; " but I have always understood
are somewhat remarkable ior
tencsi of hearing : and it' Rich is
there would be no necessity of
ocing very near, 10 lo inauc ne
A 1 1
tted with our locality, judging from
oud voices I heard a lew nnuutes
fear we've been rather imprudent,"
Eugene, in a deprecating tune ; "but
words wore suddenly cut short by
loud voices of alarm horn without,
fid bv a ouiek and heavy tramplinir
as the deck ; and the next moment
Harper and Dick Winter burst into
ie passage, the former exclaiming:
" We've run plum into a red nigger's
nest, Cap'n, and Tom Harris is already
butchered and scalped !"
And even as he spoke, as if in confirm
ation of his dreadful intelligence, there
arose a scries of wild, picrciug, demoniacal
yells, followed by a dead and ominous
silence. ,
far wo have followed the lovely he
roine and her friends in this adventure ;
nit the foregoing is all that we cau pub
ish in our columns. The balance of the
tarrative can only be found in the New
t'ork Ledger, the great family paper,
;hich can bo obtained at all the period i
nl stores where papers are sold. Pcnieui
er to ask for the " Ledger," dated 3! ay
2nd, and in it you will get the continu
iofi of the narrative irom where it leaves
fif here. If there are no book-.-tores or
ews-olliees convenient to where you re
'de, the publisher of the Ledger will send
on a copy by mail, if you will send him
ve cents in a letter. Address, Pobcrt
ionner, Ledger Office, 4 1 Ann street,
ew York. This story is entitled, "Perils
f the Pordcr," and grows more and more
interesting as it goes on.
S. II, BLAG KM AN. j Edl".
V 1 1) A Y , JUNK 1, 1 8 : 8 .
Subscribers receiving their papers with
rhc above mark placed opposite their
nanu s, will know that the time for wbiali
they subscribed ha expired.
Mr. C. J. S wkkt is authorized to re
ceive subscriptions, and contract for ad
vertising, for this paper.
.'rent f'oinm nion Tii? I.li:m:it stineil
Jf our readers would !ike to wittier the
futile and unavailing struggling, writh
ing, contortions and Uouiideriitirs of a
man, wTmh ho is convicted of ''swindling
ihc prupta in his official capacity " and of
preferring hjiny cliarges against others
and so completely cornered and naihd f,,
the nail that it is impossible for him to
extricate himself, or do the least thing to
im'f t;it,' his condition, wc would recom
mend to them to read the spasmodic ef
forts of II. ('. Clappin the lat Free. ,,..
He flounders and splurges through two !
columns of that paper in a vain endeavor j
fo get up a smoke and dut to shield him
foil' from the indignant gaze of the public,
without saying one word or offering a par
ticle of proof, to sustain hiso.sv it-hi of
the amounts allowed republican sheriffs,
or to vindicate himself from the specific
eharges of fraud and swindiing which we
have preferred against him.
Another (classical ?) writer, seeing the
desperate condition of the Doctor, comes
to the rescue with a choice selection of
the most approved ,dan;j for which the
4 big iuni " who contribute to the col.
umns of the Frcr JWx arc so conspicu
ous. Put, taking the alarm from the uu
fortunato condition of the Djctor, he care
fully conceals his rol nnho from the pub
lic and skulkfl behind the cognomen of
t Q"; l?t hi delinquencies also should anything.
be visited upon him j which, is the only j The charge that the county is bankrupt
evidence of good sense or . hre-.vdness ' -c, is just as gratuitous as the other falso
manifrsted in his article j h ods propagated by the Doctor and his
Had the Doctor, when he came to the allies. Tt is very doubtful whether they
aid of the editor, to cfric.fn himfiom'cau find a single count nrdrr outstand
thc slough of falsehood and slander, been I ing against the county, notwithstand
m oa Uk.ns as "(" i., he might have ' ing the dismal bowlings of the Fnc VWs
rivcd himself some of the mortification
.which he mmf f r shirurhv ns he is
noted for being at h iving provoked an
investigation of his own villainous frauds
against the county. Put he i noted for
recklessness and headlong disregard of
f'ommou sens-1, having more than once
hrfr' injured his part as well as himself
by. his want of discretion. We would ad
vise Mr. (" to lay it well to heart, and
be very careful that his real name be not
exposed; and no doubt bo lno,r. ;,d
trh the m cecity of ivin- po-d heed to'
W cut.oi.
All that the IVxtor has said about the !
increased expenditures, the increased tax-
ation, increased salrries, A.C., is tinctured
with the same fraudulent attempt to de- j
reive, that characterizes his forced state-
nient of amounts allowed to the sheriff
and deputies in 1S50 and 1857, which he
does not attempt to substantiate.
We shall barely notice a few instances
of his attempts to deceive.
Ho says the amount raised for county
purposes iu 1854 was only So,000, and
that iu 1S5G it was 84,500, when the
truth is that the .'J,000 which he men
tions as raised in 1854, does not include
anylhiny raised for the county poor fund?
for the support of the county poor, but
only for the ordinary county purposes ;
whereaf, 81,000 of the ? 4,500 which he
mentions for 185G, was raised expressly
for the county poor fund, and to liquidate,
in part, the amount of indebtedness of that
fund, leaving only $0,500, instead of
84,500, as the Doctor alleges, for county
A comparison of the aggregate equal
ized valuation for the county in 185 4 and
IS 50, shows that the ratio of 83500, for
county purposes, on the valuation of 1850,
does nit vary to the amount of one mill
on a hundred dollar from the ratio of
83,000, on the valuation of 1851; while
the ratio of 83,500 for county purposes in
1857 is considerably on the valuation
for that year th&n the ratio of 83,000, on
the valuation of 1S51.
The pretended comparison of the sal
aries paid to ihe County Treasurer and
County Clerk, to which he refers, has the
same car-marks of fraud. It is well
known that every year there arc ceitain
expenses incurred by those officers, such
as books, for the use of the oiliee, binding
of tax lists and returns, express charges on
books and blanks, &c, sent to the office ;
and stationery for the Clerk's office, kc.
which expenses those officers having paid,
they present their account for them to the
Board of Supervisors when in session and
get it allowed. Now, in their comparison
alluded to, they have included the amounts
thus allowed, in their statement of the
amounts allowed the Kepublieau Treasurer
and Clerk, while they have e.n-ludcd the
same items, from the amounts which they
state as allowed to the Democratic Treas
urer and Clerk, stating merely their bare
salaries. Can anything be more contempt
ibly dishonest than, such low trickery and
fraud. All their attempts to fix upon the
Pepuhlicans the charge of squandering
the county money, are characterize! hy
this same kind of palpable deception and
Until II. C. Clapp can extricate him
self in some degree from there and other
charges of fraud and falsehood, as well as
from the charge u swindling the county in
his official capacity, all his insane ravings j
about the the " thieving hell-hounds of
the court house " will damage nothing
but his own cause, and will only exhibit
more forcibly his impotent rage at being
transfixed with indubitable proof of being
guilty of the crime of swindling, which he
is vainly endeavoring to fix upon others.
What if the taxes and various expenses
of the county, and the compensation of
its officers, have increased, somewhat with
the increase of property and population,
and with the increase of pauperism and
ciiaie? Jt is no more than any reasona-
blc man expects. If this is not true, we
ask why was the salary of the Treasurer
under democratic rule, increased gradually
from 8300 to 8500, in the course of eight
or ten years? And why were other ex
penses correspondingly increased during
the same time '( Can Mr. Clapp answer
this ? He knows that such was the fact.
If the Pepubliean officers have been
guilty of one tenth of the swindling which
Mr. Clapp charges them with, it would
seem as though that immaculate fjuanlian
of the public rights, and the jnddie funds,
might be able to ycif tome imtamr in
which he could thow some ovidence of
their guilt, without being obliged to con
fine himself to whosale slang, and changes
so general that they don't hit anybody, or
and its miuious about bankruptcy. There
niaj' be, and probably, arc drawn some or
ders by the Superintendents of the Poor,
on the poor fnnd, which that fund Lis
nothing to meet. That fund has been, till
uite recently, under
r the inannKementofjUt ?Zl uT" f J J
i , , , . bC Jr;f" '1 was ""thin1 mor'ti a
and ha, become con- Uj nirjdhre holdinj a tonhMu.Uo
a Democratic Poard
sMerahly in debt. We do not charge it to
any fault of the Poard; but, it is certain
ly not the fault of the republicans.
We never heard, until the Doctor told
xi!i u tU last effort, that he left his war Ml
r.int at home oji the tabic when he tvent a
l) arrc!)t D0,w. We never knev before
that hr did not have his warrant with
him at that time. He doubtless Inow.-i
very well that the reminescenee alluded
to was not that case; but his policy is to
throw dust.
His contemptible lie in asserting that
the Republican parti " sympathized with
the guilty n oister, and interposed all ob
stacles to his conviction," is worthy of the
source from which it emanates ; and will
be made to recoil onjiis own head by the
indignant scorn of the hundreds of res
pectable people whom he thus attempts
to : t'gmatizc.
The whole forte of the Free IWts, and
its co-adjutors, is to multiply false charges
and false statements rgainst the Republi
cans, and when driven from one position
to dodge offoii something new, and raise a
dust to cover their retreat, and thus keep
up a kind of running fight. They know
that their falsehoods will not stand the
test of investigation and that it would be
perfectly fatai lolhem to attempt to stand
up to the several positions which they
have taken and undertake to prove thein
What has become of their forged state
ment of the amounts allowed to sheriffs
and deputies iu 1850 and 185"i ; thcirhue
and cry about nominating a man for Pros
ecuting Attorney who was not qualified to
hold the office; their repeated assertions
that the criminal expenses for the couuty
had been greater for 1850 and 1857 than
for any two years since the county was
organized ; and that the amount allowed
sheriff and deputies for 1853 "did not
come up to the amount allowed sheriff
etc., for 1850," when, in fact, it was a
jreat deal more ? And where arc their
answers to the charge of swindling by
their sheriff iu 1853' " Echo answers,
where ?
Mr. Clapp threatens the "Court House
Clique" with ouc awful disclosures "in
a few weeks" -of which they little dream
and drawn from a source which they little
expect I" O ye Pates ! Pocks and Moun
tains fall on us !
If it conies from any other source than
his " re luge of lies" it will indeed bo un
expected. c shall wait with patience
the dcvcl-ope-ment of these wonderful
"disclosures." Put we would suggot
to the Doctor that, in the ntcan ti,u" the
people will naturally expect fro:n him
some explanation of the " disclosures"
about that 8'.)0 for taking two prisoners t )
Jackson, and th:'t 830 Excess, in Ojtolor,
1853, over the amount ! iiind by him i i
Au ivnl ol" 1 1; JIom s Tn lor.
The California news h unimportant.
The Legislature has adjourned.
The People's Ticket was elected in Sac
ramento by several thousand majority,
over the Puchanan ticket.
Col. Fremont was welcomed to Muri
pnsl ,y bonfires and cannon
It was rumored that the Indian tribes
are banded together to make war on the
A guano island, containing over million
tons, is said to have been discovered on
the track between the Sandwich and Jin
drone Islands. .Specimens were rcceivtd
at .San Prancisco.
Advices from Prazer's piver, confirm
tho recent accounts of the extraordinary
richness of the gold mines, and ther ' is a
tremendous rush from all parts of the
Pritish posessioji towards the gold regions
the mines extend over a great space of
country and reach across the line into
American territory. A steamer loaded
with diggers, had also sailed from San
Nothing important from Oivon or
Washington Territories. j
Adviees from (juatemala state that
cholera was racing with groat violence
in various parts of the PenuUic.
Advices from Nicaragua state that M.
Pelly, French acnt, was nogotiatin for
a transit route, for which he says sixty
million francs arc already subscribed in
The Pritish steamer from fircytown re
ports that on the Ufith of April, Col.
Kinney made an attempt to capture (Jrev
town, he having hauled down the Musf,uito
and hoisted the Nicarajruau flarr r.nd mken
the Mayor prisoner. The citizens flew
to arms, and also appealed to ('apt. Ken
nedy, of the Jamestown, tor s.. istanee.
Assistance was granted, and fi eultiy f '.!
cd with maiinc5,lcft the Jamcsto n li.'r the
Fhore. Kinney and his naitv fii,..,lv kr.
rendered themselves to Capt. Kennedv,
and was sent to Aspinwall in the lr;t;:b
steamer, Kinney's party eon.istel of him-
cClf;,0ir);,llG,i,,dcn' 1! S' Jt,Thos.
.S. Pell, 11 AP. Dresser.
'mtlcman had occasion to visit the
South some month since. When he re
turned, he remarked to a friend that te
N.uthern people were very cxtrava-ant
l.pon lom- asked why so, he rounded
that where ho staid, thev lmrl ...ii..
suck: worm eleven Ii
nirdred il.dl .v ' .
" Why, how in the wnld could it . 'm -
. "I'T ?Ii,ny pwons spend so much time
in criticism-and disnutinc abnot . '
pel, that they have none loft f,,r
M ''two sick men slu uld ..nr.d
. of their phvMcinn's
r;nr 1 ' n w UktJ the ,,1(kfl-
in o.if wa smxa tux.
special JM-'i'iitfLe? to tin X. V. Tribune,
from :i Spot ial Oorrt'-j. n loii t.
Washington, May 27, 1S5S.
Mr. Lewis Cass, jr., has resigned his
mission at Kome, the resignation to take
effect when his successor shall be appoint
ed. The Administration want applicants.
It is said that he found the place rather
too hot for him after an occurrence which
has excited much comment.
Mr. Douglas was authorized by the
Committee on Territories to prepare bills,
with ceitain conditions, establishing gov
ernments iu Arizona and Dacotab, to bo
submitted at another meeting. Indian
aggressions constitute the reason urged
for reconsidering the former decision.
Pills for improving rivers and harbors
amounting to over a million passed the
Senate, but will b re.ited by the Democ
racy generally in the House.
31 r. Sherman's speech reviewing and
contrasting the expenditures of CJovcrn
mcnt though various Administrations, and
comparing their relative merits, inorally
and intellectually, produced a great im
pression on the Houac, and arrested undi
vided on both sides. His array of figures
and facts was statling and overwhelming.
The speech will excite deeper attention,
being more statesmanlike, than Mr. Ogle's
exposure in 1840.
(Juccn Victoria's birthday was celebra
ted at Lord Napier's house last night by a
ball, where th recent aggressions were
The Postmasler-deneral attended the
House this morning to watch the progress
of his pet appropriations. That Depart
ment is now costing about six million
yearly, including the ocean service sad
dled on the Navy. Jt and the War De
partment absorb nearly the whole of the
Deficiency bill.
Fuitlicr etiom I'fah.
Arrival of Col. Kane ami Mr. CJilbert at
liCa ven worth.
We are indebted to Mr. Plock, of the
steamer John II. Dickey, i v the follow
ing important news from Leavenworth.
The latest new from I tali was brought
iu by Mr. Abel (Jilbert of Weston who
arrived at Fort Leavenworth, on Sunday,
the Pith inst., accompanied by Col. Kane.
The Mormons were dispersing from Salt
Lake City, going into the country.
Prigham young had abdicated the
gubernatorial chair.
(low Coming was met about thirty
mill's from Salt Lake City on his way
thither, with an e.-eort of about fifty M ur
inous and others ! aid preparations have
been made to give him a grand reception
as CJovcrnor of the territory.
(iov. Denver h at present in Leaven
worth City, and reports things an being
quiet at Port Scott.
From conversation with several paven
eers on the Dickey we gainid intelligence
ef about the same import as the above.
N'l.v Ym:i. .May '21. The Tribune
V .1 liio'-tuii ( 'om SHuiiilcnt savs T.onl :t.
pier positively denies having any knowl
edge of the recent proceedings iu the
gulf, until tl.ey appeared in print. He
then immediately a piainted the Admiral
of Njuadron, enclosing the statement with
an emphatic injunction against their repel
tition. He believes that the home minis
try are equally ignorant and hence his
conviction is decided that these acts will
be promptly disapproved, ami the fullest
reparation made. It is the navigation
and not the neutrality laws that the Sen
ate Committee are instructed to report a
repeal of.
.Nt;w VniiK, May 21. An arrival at
this port yesterday brings Venezuela, dates
of May I'th.
The country is still quiet.
Kx-President Moiiagas remained in
ciist dy at Caraecas awaiting his trial ; his
two sons-in-law together with Px-Minister
(luiterres, were imprisoned iu the fort of
Porto Cnbello. His brother (Iregory, to
gether with his son Julie, arrived at
Maricaibo April liOth, and were imprison
ed in the fort there but young Julie subsc-
'ouentlv escaped to Trinidad.
The members of the National Convcn-
tion for forming a new government are to
he elected bv univer.sd suffrage.
It is said that a great majority ol the
people desire a federal government with a
constitute n similar to that of the United
Si itcs. Our papers to-day contain the
partu nlars of two more outrages commit
ted by Pritish eruizcrs upon our gulf
The bark John Howe from Sagua for
this port, was twice boarded by bouts from
the Meamer Puz.ard. The ship Clarendon
while lying i the harbor of Sagua, was
boarded by boats from the same steamer
w.icn au altercation occurred between the
English boarding officers and captain
ef the Claredon, which came near the end
ing in bloodshed. Pistols were drawn on
beth sides.
LSf The Proprietors of the Nr.w Yohk
Ji.iasti:ati:i (Joldkn Pp.ize announce
that in their issue of May 22d will appear
the first chapters of a historical tale of the
south-west, entitled -Sarah De Vaughan,
a true story of the times of Aaron Purr,
by Mis Ella Southworth. They also an
nounce, to appear in their issue of May
f Hli the first chapters of another new
t"ale, entitled "Nobody's Child," by the
well known author, Charles Purdctt. Any
of our readers who have not seen a copy
of this elegant weekly, will do well to
send f" one, as specimen copies are sent
Tree of clnrKe by the puhlishcj,, Messr,.
Dean Slater, No. :i:i;i Prmdway, New
Trl The sub,cription price i, 82, and
t.) clubs of ten or more 1,50 per annum.
Pach subseribcr, besides petti np the paper
for a year, receives a present, which is
forwarded ns soon ns the subscription mon
ey h rereived. Fur further particulars,
sV the advertisement of the Golden Prize
in another column.
Piad th new Ad rti.-eraent.
- 1 -WJ!""
uiit..ilii. It. II A
('o.N (iicat Amciicttti
CI. cm.
It will be seen by the adveitiscment in
another column, that Messrs. Sattehlkk,
Piil.l. Co., are about to astonish us with
a combination of novelties, that cast in
the shade everything of the kind ever of
feied to a discriminating public. They
ha 1 employed special agents in Europe
to cull out the leading aitists in every de
partment of the Circus; while they have
picked American companies of their stars,
together with their ' magnificent outfit,
makes this concern the most expensive
and important Circus concern ever gotten
up in America. A French Clown, and
an American, a modern Humorist, the
the best Kider, Clymnast, Acrobat and
Voltigeur in Europe, and the (.treat Trick
Horse, that has turned the heads of all
the people of Loudon, Paris, New York,
Cincinnati, New Orleans, and the elite of
American circus performers, all concen
trated into one mammoth show, will PER
JUNE Sth, and cannot fail to make a sen
sation unprecedented in the annals of trav
eling shows.
M'llc Antoinette of London, M'lle Lou
ise, of Paris, Dan Castillo, Thos. Neville,
Oliver Pell, John Davenport, the Motley
Prothers, Chas. Morrison, John Wolfing
ton, II. Marks, I. W. Tucker, and a host
of otheis, said to embrace all the embodi
ment of Talent and Humor ia the Eng
lish, French and American circuses.
Dan Castillo and John L. Davenport
have inaugurated a new era in Clowning
in the South, and have been the great
features of the show world for many years.
What could wo ask more In one day ?
The approach of this mammoth show
will be announced by the arrival of the
splendid band wagon, drawn by the long
est team of horses ever driven by one man.
In P.;1i.)..lcrfl. Mav 2Vili, liv llcv. It. R. Piskm
tick, Mr. 1). f. LYTLi:. lu Mi .MAHV 1 WIL
COX, both tf IV-rti-r, .Mich.
New Advertisements.
MOKTfiACii: nam:.
"I T J IIKItM AS default hie Wen nni'le in the j.'iv-
V inciif if certain sums of liuuiev, the javiut iit
of whi' h va. eeun l by indent me of iu'rl;;ae,
dated the fiit day of June, ISj.", exeeutcd bv
William Ihlin and Churl. (te lliliii;:. hi- wid; '.
I'orler Township, Van Jhiicn e'otinty, Michigan,
to John Snxilk of Antwerp Tow n.hij, County tind
State ufiiv.;iid, on the land and prenii.-es hi-nin-u't
r der'i-i iU d, whieli iiiortac was duly reeoid
e.l iu the oIVk c of tho J!cMler of Jvds of Van
I'.uren Cunte, .M id; ian, on the ninth day o
iitru-i. A. I).: Is.".'., at onv ..Vlo. h, 1 J u
l.il.M-r "I'." of Alortvraos, mi m;;' I."i1 and ."7 :
wiiieh liii tj;a;;e and the debt .Tented thereby wa.
duly iis.-o.rued by .-aid John Sni'dk to Lewis J.
WelMin. by iiv-i.rnnielit dated July '2.',, 1.'7, and
reeui-.b-d in the Registers ofiiee afore .-aid on (lit
l.'!h ifv of January, A. P.. IS..S, at live 'eloek,
I'. .M., in l.ihcr 4i " of .MortpaL'es, on j.ae l'S,
and on which nim-tae there i claimed t he due
and unpaid at the dale of this notiee, f..r piim ipal
ill.. I intere.-t. the .-uhi of ;'ie hundred and eilitv
lw d .M;-.is and thirty lw. cent... (. ?.":.'. .';:.') ami
pr..e edhcrs al law or j,i e'l ii ccry having I ecu in
stituted lo recover ti e jini-nt'it .-enirvd by .-aid
niorljray or any part thereof;
.Notice is heretiy iv ii, that by virtu:' of a pow
er i.l rf.il.. eniil'iitieil iii Vol. inoi t;'ii-r... which power
tin- l.ecme operative by the default aforesaid, ai'd
in pui.Mianec of the statute in such ease provided.
Ihe .-aid no.rl-a-e w ill bo Luvchncd by ale of Cie
in-n.a-ed preiiii-cs therein described, b-wil:
The following deseribcil premises situated iu the
County of Van lluren and State of .Michigan, imd
beiii'paitof the M.utli cast ipiarter of" M'eli..n
number Ivvei.ty -one. and of the north ea.-t quarter
of M-eiion twenty- iht, hcin-r ninetv acres i.fl
from the west .-ide of said fractional .juarter see
lions and hounded as follow.- : west bv the .punter
line running north and south throii-h said sec
tions : north by the Lake on said s. tion tweiitv
one; south by the Lake mi xci-tioti tnci.l y-i dit.
...... u-.i-. -n a line .aralli-l with the east line of
paid M-clioi,. and nineteen chains and .-ily--i
links dhtant therefrom ; leaving one hundred Here
on the east .sid of .-aid fractional .piartcrs; all iu
tovvn.-hip number four .-.mth of ran-e number
thirteen west, which premies will be .sold at pub
lic vendue to the hi-he.-t bidder, at the e..urf hon-e
in I'aw I'avy iu .aid County of V j;,,,.,,,, ,.
bein theplaeeof l.ohli11Lr the circuit co,f f..r
.-aid eoU11t) on the t wenty-ei-hth day of An-ust
next. A. J., I SOS, at ten..,k iu the forenoon,
by the sheriff of ,-ai, county ..r his .h putv, m un
der fheriir. subject t one instalment of paid mort-
'iiire not yet .Inc.
Jate-1, June 1st. A. 1).. lSf.s
J.KWIS H. WKlhlil.V, Asi-nee.
S. II. Ul.ACKM Ak, AttuileV. wj
wno s r n s c u i n k s r o n r n k
New York Weekly Press,
I hhl'STUATEl)
FAn vn ;jjyvf SPAPJ211.
of tho be.t literary papers of the day. A larpe
Quarto cnnininin TWKNTV PAtJKS, or SIXTV
COPI'MNS. ol entcrtcrtainin matter: und l.LK
(JAM'PY 1LLVSTKATFD every week.
A UIFT WOPTIl FPOM ;.() CKXTS Tojftoui),
wiplpk sunt to kacil si'pscpipku ox
pi:ci:ipt of tin: scpsciuptiox moxkv.
t dp ms i x adva xcp.
Ono copy for one J'citr, and 1 gilt $2,00
Three copied one yenr, nnd 3 jfifts .r,0U
Five eoj.ies one year, and b pift. 8,00
Ten copies one )cnr, nul 10 gifts 15,00
TvTcnty-ono copies one year, ami 21 gift S0,U0
The article to be distributed nrc comprised iu
tho following li.-t: -
1 United States Trc.isur)' Note, $1000 CO, each.
2 do do do d :00 00, tueh.
5 d.i do do do 200 00, each.
10 do do do do 100 00, each.
10 Pat. Lev. Ilnnt'g Cal Watehe?, 100 00, each.
20 (Johl Watches, 7." no, each.
50 do do f,o 00, each.
100 do do SO 00, each.
.500 i.miics Hold Watches, 33 00, each.
20 Silver Hunting Cased Watches, 30 (o, each.
.r00 Silver Watchcc, $15 to 2a 00. each.
1000 Hold Vest and Fob Chains, 10 to 30 00, each.
1000 (Jold Pen and Pencils, f t. 15 00, caoh.
(Johl Lotkets, Pracelets, Lrooches, Far Drops,
Preat Pins, Cuff Pins, Sleeve Pultons, Pings, Shirt
Studs, Watch Keys, (l.dd and Silver Thimbles, nnd
a variety of other articles, worth from 50 cents to
$15,00 each.
On receipt of the subscription money, the sub
scriber's ii.nno will bo entvrcd upon our boohs op.
p'l.-itc a number, and tho gift corresponding with
that number will bo forwarded withiu ouc week to
him. by mail or express, post paid.
There is neither humbug ivr lottery about thr
above, as every subscriber is sure of a Prize o:
value. Wo prefer to make this liberal distribu
tion among them instead of giving a large com
nii?.ion to agents, giving to tha subscriber th.
amount, that would go to the .Agent, and in rmn;
cases a hundrcd-f.l 1 nnre.
JT-.T All communications should bo addressci
21 1 Centre rStrrrl. Xnv York.
161 lv. 1
We advice you to wait nnJ p) unj see
satti:um:i:, bkll a cos
The largest :i!id most inatiilicerit CYmpfir.y in
the United States.
It. C SATTI lUJIK, Nfnacr.
OLIVKK 1SKI.L, r.iuc?tiiau Director.
Tree to nil, will be yivfti on tho day of Kxliit ition.
This Ureal Show wiill perforrti iu
On Tuesday, Juno Sth. Iioor open at '2 anj 7
o'clock 1. M. Ad:nision 50 cents, Pit 2. cent-i.
The (Joreons i'rossespion, thp most lUHnificutit
over niHde in the United States, will be led by tho
And drawn by
Tin: i.oNc.Ksr tkam of houses
This Circus is entirely niw, nnd gotten up with
a view of having it the most expensive an I impor
tant concern ever girted out in this country,
which, in connection with the formidable
Will f. inn one of the most attractive ami largest
Companies now traveling. Without further om
incut, we refer the reader to examine their li.-t ot
s t a 1 1 ppu fo ii n :n s .
Thos. Neville, Dan Castillo,
Oliver Poll, Chas. Morrison,
John Davenport, Oliver Wor-tel,
M'lle Antoinette, Hiram Marks,
M'lle Louise. John Wolfmfoi:.
Andalusian Prothers, I. Y. Tucker,
I ! raves, Stephens, ltol iiol. Prolh, I'eruson, Mor
timer, Stone, Arehille, M'llo Marie, A sues, A.
I'ormin the ino.-t talented company iu the world.
Tor fuither partieuhe. s. .te., we refer the render
to their splendid arrav id' pictorial and other bills.
o. r. pi:mi:u, a -cut.
Will perform at
Steel's Landing, 1'riday. June -Ifh,
(Irand Haven, S.ituiday Junu liih.
ii i: c o L d i: n i n i . i:
Tin: ;i. ii;x l'lti.i:.
Till: (Jul.DKN pui .!:.
Tin: tioi.ir:N piii.k.
Till: C.ol.DKN PKI.K.
TDK tiitl.DPN l'ltlL'.
TIM: tlol.DKN PK1ZK.
TUP (JObliKN Pltl.K.
Till: tJohDKN lMtli:.
tin: t;oi.Dt:x puizn.
ii.i.i stpatkd i: i:i:v wi:kk.
i i.i.i'sti? at kd i:vi:kv v, i:i:k.
SIM'CIMMN ( (M'li:- SI'.NT FISKi:.
sri:ci.Mi:N onus si:. f fuf.i;.
ll.l.rSTIl ATKD ! IM.rSTllATr.li !
Th- New York Weekly COl.PF.X PPI.i: is om
"t'tlie l irge-t and be.-t vxeekly pa; era d' tho day.
au Imperial tuai Id containing j:i.iit cam s, or
Aiikty (iii.rvs, of entertaining oiigii.ul Luatter;
end i.i.i:.;am i.v n i i sri: i i n eer v.ek.
A 'j if t worth from cents to ?;"UU,00
in (Infd u'W if ) rs nfi t to ra h sulsct i-
lu r imiiK diatctij on rtc ijt of the niOeriji
tion lmuo y.
One copy f.r one vear, . . . .$2.00 and 1 gift.
One copy for two years' 3.50, and 2 gifts.
One copy for three years. . .5.'0. and gill-.
Uno copy for live vears S.OO, und 5 gifts.
Three copies one year ... .$5,00, and 3 gift..
Five eopie one car s,00, and 5 gifts.
Ten copies one year- I5.no, and 10 gills.
Twenty one copies one v r. 30, no, and 21 gifts.
Tho arlieles to be dioti i'-ntcd arc compiiaied in
tho following list :
2 packages of (Sold, containing $500,00 each.
5 " 200,00 each.
10 1 00.00 each.
10 Pat. Puv'r ll'n'g CasM Wat lies, 100,00 each.
20 Ool l Watcl.ei 75,00 each.
50 00.00 each,
loo " 50,00 each.
300 Ladies Jold Watches. 35,00 ouch.
200 Silver Hunting Cased Watches. 30,00 each.
500 Silver Watches, $10 to 25,00 each,
1000 Oold. Vest and Fob Chains 10 to 30,00 each.
tJuld. Lockets Pracelets, Prooches, V.r Drops,
Prea.it Pins, Cull' Pius, Sleeve Pultons, Pings,
Shitt Studs, Watch Keys, ti.dd and Silver Thim
bles, an. la variety of other articles, worth from 50
cents t $15 each.
Immediately on receipt of the subscription mon
ey, the subscriber's name will bo entered upon our
subscription booh opposite a number, and tho gift
corresponding with that number will bo forwarded,
withiu one week, to the mbseribcr, by mail or ex
press, post paid,
All communications should l o addressed
48 and 10 Moffat Puilding. 335 Proud way, N. V.
a Specimen copies sent free. Agents wanted.
155 12t.
Jter" Mr. Puchanan recently gavj an
order to one of hi.s Irish footmen to wear
livery. Pat replied that "he'd bo d d
if ho'd make a naer of himself." Accor
dingly Pat lost his place.
II ii experience is an important lesson
to the political place throughout tho coun-.
try. Pet them all sport the Lccompton
livery; let them mako " nagcrs" ot them
s . 'v s, or they will have to walk m uncer
emoniously as poor Pat did. Louuiil'c
Of Consumption, May 9th, at tho residence rf
her parents near this village, MKUPLLA .1,
daughter of David S. and Ji lJA O. DlLLK, uge.J
lrt years, 9 months and 19 days.
Pcneath Ihc river's cryftal wave,
Purricl with Christ her Lt!;
She served him in hor youthful day?,
According to his word.
Saint like she ftemod afflictions tide.
A child by Jesus blessed;
And leaning on tho crucified,
She calmly sank to rest.
Atid now beneath hii watchful caro,
She'll slumber in tho grouni;
Till called to meet him in tho air,
When Michael's trump shall sound.
Then joined w it h all who will prepare,
With Je?us ClnLt to rtign ;
She'll walk tho new Earth's gfudcus Ltlr,
When L len Uooiuj ngain.

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