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ghe rue Northerner,
Office Corns er Kalamazoo ami Main Stuketh.
t Kit Ms or srn.se nrrON,
L50aYbab, - - In Apvakoe.
TWeJnt frrmi Paw Paw connect with the came
I Ulfll Trunin on the Michigan Neutral Railroad
ui Lawton. going east and west .
:.'i0 A. M.. returns from Lawton ut 7 A. M.
J:4."i u. m.. Mail Tiaiu, BMt.
B4BJ ). in,. Mail west, turn W;iv Freight east.
S.' i. in. Kalain.i Accomodat SBSt,
EP"Trainf rcturu to Pan I'aw on departure ol
Hi i-i.in Central Trains from Law ton.
JOHN lliLlNti Bnp't.
HlCHltwA CBWTa1u
Train leave Lawton as follows:
easy. we.t.
Hail, 10:48 a. m. 8:16 p.m.
Kalamazoo Ate. ?:4bp in. l:5s a. m.
veiling Expreaa 1:40am 108 a. m.
II. B. B ARGENT, Gen. Bupt.
. v. mi), Att'l Gen. Bupt.
w t. ... Baatararda
a. m. p, in. a. m. p. m.
1150 45 Ive Kaianiaioo, arr. I0W l f5
IS (88 KendalPa ll i "
II io i 13 Pine Grove, 880 It 88
i : w 50 Oobie'a 88 IS
I 'io 5 00 HloomiiiL'dftle. '-' o Vi '.'At
i ut .- 06 Beai Lake, 8 B 18 Bu
i ::. 8 18 Colombia, - o" 18 M
i IB St 8 Geneva 1 19 11 80
I ( S8o arr Bo. Haven, Ive TO" It :i' i
B. I i RTiaiti Aaa't Bupt .
Train Westward,
,,,.,. Jackson. Arr. U. Rapidt
,: i uoa m I no pin
Bvei tig Express Boupu bpm
Mi li 30 i m 1 .'Jdi' m
Train Eastward,
y,.c. i .. lUiiwi-. Art Juckton
Day Express 19 p U m
Morning Express Ott" 10 80 '
M sed 1 4 oo r m
i'. hi. sAKGENT,
V. F BUSH. Oen'l Bup'l M. C K 1L
Asst. Sitlt.
Westward. Eastward.
AB9 an a m l m
10 88
11 48
1 1
i a
8oo ueia:t Lansing arrive 45
D 0")
4 08
:: ti
:; Be
"i 88
J ot
i SI
I of
i S3
1! lo
io 4S
B 10
Battle Creek
Bcboolcrafi .
Bdn ardaburK
M iiiaw aka.
I ;,.)
... rli s Eolith Bend, depart
lo -;o
L D. DILBLi:, I'rei. A. Gtn. Sap'L
QBESBTTEBl IS. -William Wsich Pastor,
T ierrices, lol-t a. Bt.,aadtltr. m.
afWBBftt if :ubs.
4. TEEM, Ooaaty surveyor, i a Paw, Van
. Buret, i nnnty, Mlchlnn, WI
I ' . MATXABB, B. Eclectic Phys
. Burgeon. ofli -r. Peninsular Block. Brst
eresi of Couii Bouse, ap-sttlrs, Paw Paw,
11" B. MAWKIX8, Broker, Notary Public and
vt . ConveyBneer. Office over Longwell JfcOo
Btore, niw raw. Mich.
w AMI EL. HOLMEB, County lerk, Notary
I'..llic at.d ConveyaiK er. Deeds, MortpaLres,
Contracts, and all kinds of Conveyances drawn
theahortest notice, and ut the u-ual rati.
t'"!r-e In the Court House, Paw Paw, atlch.
DM nMN HOUBE, J. M Longwell, Prop'tor
r.; Paw, Mich. Btages leave dally for Booth
li. I. iwr. nee, Hartli'i', Breed-viile and Mill
F. Al.r.BN, Manufacturer and Dealer
. NATIVE WINES, P4i Paw, Mich.
I P. Al l
aI W are, Upholstery, etc Ware rooms second
door east of the Foot Office, Pae Paw, Mich.
II N mi m:n. Fashionable Boot and Bhoo
1 1 . Maker. Ladlea, Oenta ami Miases Boots,
and Gaite'.' made to order in l.rst claaa
style. Bepelrlng done on reaaoaable term- and
I "iinrt notice. Shop Brst door north of North
bbnbb Otke. Sil
t 05RB LICH, Faahionablc Taller, belae la
V receipt of the latest New York Fashions -pared
to do all kinds oi work in the latest
: j. . BhopoverT. L. Hose' store, Pan Paw.
t BOMB u. LAWTOX. Att rneyand Counselor
.T at Law, Notary Public and Probate Jadge.
Will bold Probate Court at In" Paw. on Mondav
r,f ciirh week.
?1BBT NATIONAL BAKE, ol Pan Paw. Office
i" north side ol Main street. doors west of
A. SHE KM AN, TRES. K. i. BBtOttS, I AMl'R.
K HA BBS A KAltM l. Attorney- at Law.
Oflice oer First National Bank, Paw l'aw.
NH BOLBt lil 1 1, KB. Photographer.-, and deal
ers in Picture Pra mea .Bt srsosropes and iter
oscoplc views, Mouldings, Engravlnps.Chromos
and Lithographs. Rooms on Kalamazoo street,
te thS Dyckaaan House, Taw Paw, Mich.
HIJCELE1 BBOTHEBB Livery Btable,Pan Paw
Michigan, is the largest and best equipped of
i i.v fl the on m y. Fiue horses, new and elegant
arriaersto lit. Office nnd Stables north-tart of
Djckiuan House, north side of Oak street.
C10MSTOCE A BOWLANB, Attorneys at Law
and Solicitors in Chancery. Agents for
Hartford nnd other Insurance Companies. Office
Main street, first door east of the Court HoBSC,
Paw Paw. atlch.
D. E. Cobstoi K O. W. Rowland. !i-.S.
i Bl it I -i U Kson. At torn; and out
office opposite 11. e Court nOOSS Paw PBWtM
' II A Itl.l s L. tin B, Attorney, Coui
vv solicitor. Oflice opposite tne Oonn Hon as,
i .s l aw. Mil li.
B.HATHWAT, B. Bv, I - lai tad Bm
. geon, ProfeesioBBl sella promptly attend
office at his Residence, on EalaaMBOo
Paw Paw. Mich vi
K. DIBBLE, H. Physician and Burgeon.
H . Li Orangi r Block.
I WBKI.Ws. .. fhyslclan and Surgeon.
l . Office over Kilbnrn A Hndson'i store, Paw
tNDRKWN, M. B., Physician a. : Burgeon. I
tlnctitccs v"ubs.
p i . A I . V (JMABWHTH, dealer In Dry
I j. .oii-. Clothing, Millinery dood-. Bout -
nda ... Groceries, 1 J t and Caps, tloeeas
ware, ete.. Lnwmnce, Mich.
p B. OLEYEIiAHB, M. It.. Physician and Bur
jjjm gaaat, Lawrence, Mh h.
UILLIAH H. CLAf Ornamental
Painter. Lawrence. Mich. House, Hlgn.
and Garrlaf e Paintim:, Orainlag, Papering and
Ka -uming done to ordei
S BOWK, dealer in Drugs, Med cines, H
, ery. Groceries1. Hrnhe. Perfumery, etc
,rcrribt!on ' srelii'lv iirsosred. Lawr. t
SusiiuBS (faros.
i 0MB Deeator, Michigan, W. H.
Camoi.i . Proprietor.
I TPTOJ A KHK11BAN, Attorneys at Law, Bo
Ulicitors i" Oiancerv and Notaries Public,
office ot Circuit Court Coaun'r for Van Buren
County Loans negotiated and Collections at
tended to with promttneM, Town Hall Building,
Decatur, Mich.
mom BEBBE. Attorney at Law. (Met
i in Chadwiek I Block, Decatur, Mich. S51
1 MMJTBB A t Ol.MAIS, Attorneys and Counselors
r at law and Bollcltora la Okawoery. OflkM la
Poor'i Block, Decatur, Mich.
Dlt B. J KIM. Bubsbom Dentist. Mtoej
Residence on Deleware Street, one door west
ot Abbott's Store. Decatur Mich.
J. DOWB, Oenernl Dealer In Family Granaries,
. Crockery, etc Teas made a peetalty, Phelps
.M et, Decator, Mich. We
sitttintM aftxta.
MABOA, Physician and Burgeon. Office
near Adam-' Mills, Hno Grove. Will at
tend proaaptlj all profaMlonal order, special
attention given to Burgery ana the dlseasci of
Women and Children.
PIC T T' R E 8
i'hotographeiH and Dealers in
PICT I BE COBD. etc. Also
done to order. By imrchaHing of ub you will
secure the fat net Stvles. All work guaranteed,
l.arges Stock in Die Ootinty. Call and examine
Koomb over E. G. 1'mtler'n store, l'aw Paw.
072tf Nichols it BOTUB.
The attention of the public Bl respectfully
called to my
Large Stock
Consist intc ot eveiytning uameable in the
Furniture Huiiit'.
done promptly.
n . J'. ILL K a
Main .v rBBET, Paw Pa W
l'K A I, KH I.N
Vormont Italian
Tablets, Etc.,
1 adopt this mode of advertising my business
instead of employing agonts. My object is, to
reduce the expense of the business as much as
possible, so bv purchasing of me you pay no
agent fees. Von can also save the expense of
delivering the work if you choose ; besides you
can select the Marine yoursoif.and seo the Bytlo
of it, as it will be, so there is no possible chance
for being deceived or being disappointed.
By taking this course, there is a saving of
from twenty to thirty percent according to
how far the purchaser comes.
Von can readily soo that the tnonev I save by
not keeping agents goes to the purchaser in
stead of the agent.
Agents claim that they can furnish work
cheaper. That cannot be done, unless done by
Apprentices. I furnish no work of that class
as I employ no Apprentices.
My ork and material cannot be questioned.
BV" I'atronie borne, if you can. nnd save
inonev bv so doing. Bit
UV Everu f'amifj
Should keep Pago's Arnica oil alve in the
bouse. It cures rheumatism, 'sprains, swell
ings, salt i beiim. fever sores, chilblains, scrof
uia sores, piles, ulcers, sore eyes, burns, caked
breasts, Ac. We simply ask that the afflicted
will try one box. the use of which will convince
the most skeptical, and do more to introduce it
into favorable notice tban volumes written in
its praise, ' very day brings some new testi
monials from Physicians and others of the
wonderful cures they have effected with it.
The following convey the sentiments of all
QflBlva, .lanuary, 1866. Mr J. M. Paoe
Dear Mr i I commencod using your Arnica Oil
alve in my practice some three years ago.
During the' time, I have used it in DBBMfOOl
cases of Dipthena. I always apply it to the
throat warm, and in no ease where I have used
it nave I ever known the disease t go to tbo
lungs, nor have I lost a patient wi h that com
plaint when 1 was called in tho Csi instance.
I have also used it with the bcsi success in
cases of Piles. Kbetunatism. Salt Khenm Croup,
Erysipelas, scarlet l-'ever, and in fact in all
cases where an external remedy is required.
I would with greatest confidence, recommend it
to tho profession as a romedv that will do all
mat is Immed for it. and in no case will it do
II. I . BBSS, M. D.
It ir warranted to give satisfact.o i. or the
money rafosded. sold l Dtu-gistuat li.V cents
a box, and will bo sen' by mill on receipt of M
cts Ml orders should be addressed to
'MtPl .1. a. Paok, Geneva, N.
li- ol Bilnioii. II,. oo
, i.artnovrthip heretofore existing botweeti C. A.
Harrison ami n. i . kicIihi , m f;,M ,iav dn
solved bv mutual OOtMMH i s. w l incombo
taking the interest of . . BAirUoa coot inn
nag the real e-tate buaiuess undei the linn
name of Dnncombe .v Kicbardson. Ml del,, ,
due the old tirm will bo paid to ar 1-
"n- C. A. Haubis.iv.
M. I . l!r HABDSON.
Paw Paw. Dei-. :i0. 7.1. ?79-t:i.
The Wolf of the Prairies.
The fema)e who had charge of the kitchen,
whence the Wolf of the Prairies bad been con.
signed, was a stout German girl of Bomo twenty
years of age, with a smart, black eye. a cheek
whose flaming color seemed as if it had been
scalded in, or as if its very blood was constantly
oozing through the pcres, and about whose
whole appearance there was a prevailing plump
ness which appeared ready to burst its confines,
not only at the girdle, but at every point of her
She received the negro's reference of the
visitor to her hospitality with some surprise,
but having measured him from head to :not
with a steady stare, and finding nothing re
pulsive in his appearance, she pointed out a
stool and motioned him to -it down.
Tho kettle which was to su;ply hot water for
the folks up stairs was steaming on the hoi . a
large cat lay coiled upon tho hearth, tho bright
tins which graced the wall rellocted hack the
cheerful ligbt oi the lire, and the whole scene
waa a picture of domestic comfort that entered
tho soul even ot that man of blood, and made
him draw a long breath of virtuous pleasure,
the like of which had seldom been the lortuuo
of his ferocious lite to feel, it had been his
lot to be born of parents who acknowledged i I
the world no obligations, even of good manners,
who bad bequeathed to him tho spirit oi a wolf,
and inculcated outlawry by a disregard of all
those household forms and nice :amily deco
rums, which smooth the soul and train it by an
imperceptible system in the road ol order. He
had grown runklv and irregularly. Ins impulses
and habits taking shape from the mtnuto c i; ric
es of affairs around lum. at: the Bandy Bttlta of
the beach is fashioned by tbc v.inds until it
settles into rock. Nevertheless, though he bad
only seen them bv accident, and beheld comfort
in glimpses, ho knew how to appreciate both
when they fell in hiB way, as a savage may feel
instinctive joy at a strain of cultivated melody'
or as a stream, wlncb has been trained in tho
perplexity of a thousand declivities, basks in
sereuo repose, in every broad lacoon which
spells al! its fretfulness previous to a new
ach was the breath of satisfaction which the
perverted robber drew as he laid Iub bundle on
the floor and cast bis eyes around the tidy room
The girl bustled in bis service, and soon a dial)
of plethoric rolls, which exhaled a fresh and
grateful odor from crevices where they had
burst with their own steam, was set before him
and a dish of boef to mat h, which told the
epilogue of an abundant dinner. When the
edge if his appetite bad been somewhat over
laid, tbo marauder directed his attention lather
more closely to the girl who had planted herself
opposite him, and conceiving her to be in a
plea-ant mood ho ventured to bein a conver ..
tiou. At nrst he found her hosititing and re
luctant, but soou an adroit simplicity of man
ner, whicn he knew well how ;o assume, won
her respect, and gave him an exchange of chat
out of wbich he drew various items that lie
quietly noted down in his memory as likely to
be servu-ahle to him. We can only march into
the cauhdeuce o: a person who M skilled in the
forms and ceremonies oi society by degrees
but wiien the simple and the ignorant let down
tne baniets of reserve, tbe road to their trust
is generallv left open, it was so with the
ermaugirl. and bfltOOO the old gentleman of
t he .Mansion who had directed him to the kitchen
had sent -la k to summon him up stairs again,
Long iiad several compliments witn Barbara,
and learned, among the rest of her free com"
municanons, that the negro Jack had a sweet
heart within a short distance of the farm. This
he had learned by saying he had understood
that .lack was devoted to Mr. Henderson :
whereupon be had obtained the reply, that his
informatirm was so true, that tho fellow had
abstained from marrying a yonug wench whom
he fancied very much rather than ieavo his
master. From this poiut all further particular
on this branch weio easily elicited, and the iob
b88 stored the facts away as a means which
would belp him a long way to his ultimate pur
pose, llefore following -lack up stairs, l ong
took from his tinker a plain gold ifeag, and re
marking to Barbara that he perhaps might never
have the good fortune to see her again, dropped
the trinket in her bosom as present. There
was no chance on her pai t to refuse it, for it
des. ended m an instant beyond the reach of
her tmgers. and the most she could do was to
blush back the compliment from behind her
ears her chooks being always at a climax.
The old gentleman of the mansion took the
robber to his private room, and there com
menced questioning him as to the wealth of
tbo lictitious Mr. heppard who proposed the
purchase of bis farm.
I he answ ers of Long were of course in keep
ing with the hypothesis on which he had ob
tained entrance to the bouse, and ho described
the circumstances of the illusory capitalist of
Carliuville so adroitly that the old gentleman
WBB at length induced to assume that he know
lum. and had only introduced this investigation
to ace if tho views of his visitor would square
with his own. not an unusual cour-n w ith peo
ple of vain minds, but one which unlor unately
never fails to load them into trouble, i he old
gentleman then entered into a fluent descrip
tion of his e-tato on the Macoupin, represent
ed that ho had not finally concluded to sell, but
that, as he bad a desire to return t; Massa
chusetts, ho would, if a proper sum were offer
ed, part with it. As a measure of the price he
mentioned that be bad received five thousand
dailr out a te . days before for a part thai
waa inferior to t o reserve which ho now had on
hand, and winch m atfdB on had the advantages
of the mansion and excellent out houses, which
Im visitor might inspect in the morning.
What will be the terms or sale?" asked
I .on. .
"In this case I would make them favorable,"
said the old gentleman. ' I obtained nearly all
cash for wha I BBipiaad of the other dav. but
for tbiH farm I would take a mortgage of one
The information of Hunt waa now confirmed,
and tne robber at lie looked wistfully at the
old faabioued bureau with ita Iiou'h bead and
i rass r inert revolved quickly in hie mind the I
with which be might knock the old man in
the head where be uat and dart out with the
treasure, if hit comrade were only aware of
hie chances and hard at hand to cover bis re-
treat and assist him in his flight. The heavy
foot-stepB of the negro Jack, however, checked
him in these fancies, and reminded him that it
were better to reserve his mental speculations
until the external performances ot tins scene
i were through.
Tho negro called to inform bis master that
some friends had arrived from the other side of
the creek to pass the evening, whereupon tho
' old gentleman brought tho interview to an end
by informing tho disguised rohlier be would
order a bed flxed up for him in the garret that
'night, and that on the morrow he would see
i if ho could uot irive some employment, enough
at least, to 00BBBT :ta until be could hoar
from Carlinville. In the meantime ho might
go down etairs if be pleased and smoke a pipe
,n the kitchen.
l ong gladly availed bimaatf of tins privilege,
and it may be imagined that ho turned it to tho
bc.-t account by the address w hich we have seen
bim exhibit in his previous interview with Bar-
'bara. Before be was summoned to retire he
bad apprised himself of all the secret w of the
farm, and settled m bis mind how to turn the
; intonnatton to account. In short, as he sat
jpuflimg io the chimney nook, he had formed
' his plan.
In the morning he rose earl v, and before the
lamilv of the mansion were astir -e; out for a
niece of woods in tho direction of the north-
' east, where he bad been instructed bv Hunt he
would find his comrades Fox and Birch. Thov
had set out m the night on horseback from the
i station of 'he o'd counterfeiter, and when they
, delivered the horses on which they had ridden
back to the youths, who had accompanied them,
were directed to proceed some two miles further
: on, and halting at a bend in the creek, where
i a thick wood Hanked a morass, wait till they
i hoard Long's signal.
Long walked briskly forward iu the grey
! of the dawn to some three miles distance from
j the mansion, and when he arrived at what
seemed the concerted place be drew his pistol,
i which was charged for a light report, and tired
! it in tho air. Jn an instant afterwards the sig
nal was returned from the bodv of tho wood
which he had just entered in like manner, and
a shoit walk brought the nafarions companions
again into each others' presence.'
"Well, what luck?" asked Fox and Birch
both in a breath.
Good luck." said Bong. M I have succeeded
admirablv. and have formed mv plan ''
Let's have it," said Fox.
I The Prairie Wolf then detailed all that had
I taken place from tho hour of his arrival at tho
j mansion : confirmed the report of Hunt as to
i the pu.banlo amount of money which was in
I the house, and gave a humorous description of
the progrcsB wtaoh be had made in tho regardn
t of the Dutch damsel in the plump boddice and
! blazing cheek.
" Ah. I am always- out of the wav when there
I .s a rcai goou iniug on mo carpet, sain JJircti
- I 1 A, . .. .
I with a smile at the latter portion of tho story,
"The female depaitmen of our enterpnses
! ought always to be allotted to mo."
"in this case." replied Long with assumed , to tllC robber with her eyes: hfl was like a
gravity, "that branch must be confided entirely j machine of iron, remorseless and incxoiablo,
tome, as it is altogether probable that I shall and proceeded with his work BO it it were tho
be expected to endorsmy advances by a pro- BBOBt oadfeBBfy teak ifl lite. When she wasse
posal lor the young woman's hand." f','fi,.v gagged he bound her foot and hands.
"Whew!" said Birch with a long whistle,
j ' aptain Jack is going to become a man of
i gallantrv. What next ? "
Never mind. Bob, I've something in the
, same hue for you." replied ' apt. .lack.
" But vour plan.' said Fox. with a business
Mv jdau is this.' answered Loaf, " I tind I
I shall be obliged to sleep to-night at a house on
! the extreme end of tbo farm where two of the
joki fellows men reside: but I have got the
girt of the bouse so sweet, that I can frame a
pretence that will peisuade her to let me in tho ieane, for a moment over the lod. and being
basement Tor a little chat after the family re- ( convinced that be was sound turned to the bu
tirotobed. I can then ..core ini nnd let you fmm .s bo moved a wav from the con oh he
in. If 1 fail, we shall be obliged to scale tho
balcony in the rear "
" But the nigger: how are we to manage
him ?" said Fox.
"By decoying him out of the way," said
Lontr. aud wo mnHt use the wench for that
purpose. Hindi miiBt therefore go to her hut
which is only a Bhort distance on the other side
of the creek, take possession of it, and behave
in a manner that will induce her to run to the
mansion for her lover. It is the nearest place,
so she will be sure to go there. There is no-
body at the but but herself, a child, and a de-
crepit old wench, so the thing will be very easi-
ly done. As soon as she goes out you must
follow her, and when -lack leaves the mansion
you muBt enter it with me, or wait till I have
secured and gagged the girl. The folks goto
bed early, so we shall not have long to wait
after dark to commence our work. The nigger
locks the house up, tharef ore his departure will
give no alarm, and in the worst viow of tho
atfair. even if I cannot BBMOtti with the girl.
we shall tiud the house lightly fastened diirini'
his absence."
"But. how shall we foel certain, ' said Fox-
" that he will remain away long nnough for us
to accomplish our purpose ? "
" Never fear that, ' nn-weied Bong, "there
will bo two motives for him to prolong his stay
expectation of Hobs return to trouble Ufl
mistress, and a desire to remain in her com-
" I don't fancy mv part of tho job," said the
Dandy Captain, "but PS undertake it. It's
rather long since I've seen I woman, but I
would bavo referrel ono not done np in black. "
" Well. I'll pans the Dutch girl into 88881
handsafteryou laave the black one," said LoBB.
" and then you'll have two to my one."
" We shall have no time for nonsense after
w e enter," said Fox severely. " We shall have
to keep our eye on the man in the at'ic."
' I think there will bo no difficulty with him,"
id B nc. " Tic Is a heavy headed fellow who
looka aa if be aleepa like a lop, and beaidea
there are two doora letwpeti lmn and t he Hcoond
door and where the oi l man ben. I have a
light foot, and if everything goen on well I am
io hopea we shall get along without any violence
or nome."
"Well, so far so itood." said Fox. UU the
thing goes straight through at the house every
thing else is tixed. Hunt is to have horses
reauy at a turn or me creea, some lour nines
down, called Brock's Point, for Uiroe nights in
succession, commencing with : in M. We
must row down as far as that, and then make
our way to I lanilmrgh wiih all the speed we can
by the main road. We must tliero call on Ja ok
Burns, and get means o Bl 088 BhO Mississippi
at once When we get on tho other side we
"ill 08 snug. "
Everything being thus laid out and assigned
to their several hands, the robbero had hut little
further conversation and separated to await the.
hour to carry out tho plan, -Fox and Birch i c-
treating back into the solitude of the word and
Bong returning hastily to the mansion.
Fortune seemed to be in a good humor with
villainy and everything worked into Long's
hand, i he master o? the mansion gave lum a
job at splitting rails, and suffered him to take
his meals for that day at tho house. This af-
forded him moro opportunity to cultivate tho
K001 opinion of the girl, and by large repre-
sentations of his prospects and tact at work ho
inspired her with the notion that be would be n
moBt eligible BBOtoh, Tbo interview at night
a9 arranged ou the representation that he
1 ninst per haps leave tho farm on tbo following
i day. and not return in that direction for sov"
eral weeks.
When the tea table was cleared away that
evening tho family retired at on-e lo bed. to
make amends for the unusual sittings wbteh
! ,heir visitors of the previous night had exa ted
from them : and Jack, who was alw av- the la-t
afoot, called to liarbara to hurrv np her work
and commenced locking up the house, lust at
this moment, and as he was putting i;. tho bar
to tho front door, there camo a light tap against j
I it which arrested him in his purpose and mado I
! him poll it open. The negro was surprised to
find his dulciuea, Nancy, on the threshold, and j
' when ho listened to her rapid communication i
1 he was surprised tho more. Kunuing. down
; stairs to request Barbara to fasten the door be- j
I hind him ho said ho would be bOOl in half au
hour, and then without stopping for Ins hat ran
( with the wench to the shore of the creek. He
I did not wait to take a circuit for a small bridge j
situ -.ted a few rods above the house, over which
: woman Ban jusi crosseo, am put am m nan
tcr' l0Bt and rowed her to the OthT BBtt
of the creek in a direct line-
While tho negro was disappearing in this di-
' "tiou three dusky figures met in front of the
mansion, vhid.had been thus abandoned by
i,H Miardian spirit, and after a low, wlnspcied
interview drew near th." basement door
within a few yards of if ono "topped in advance
of the rest, and waved bis companions to shrank
close to the wall while ho proceeded to tho
entrance. He then went up to tbo doot, tapped
lightly, and in a moment had the satisfaction
! of hearing tho bolt withdrawn lor bis admission.
Win n the girl had clos-d tho door behind him
and turned to give him a fresh welcome, the
; robber grappled her suddenly by the throat, and
I II 1 1 1 1 La 1 ...,,.. 1 a
hbh "o'""" u,llu,"l otuaou
ff? m her moutli. wbicti lie -trew from irs
pocket all prepared for tho onrpose. UWM B
vain she tried to cry out : in vain sho appealed
and laid her in a corner where sho could not
soe his companions when the; nteicd. Hal
three robbers tool, otf their shoes in tho kitchen
and under the lead of Long, who took the light
ffOB9 the table, advanced Bteelthily up stairs
Arriving at the second Hour. Birch was stafion-
od at tho foot of the garret flight to guai d
against the descent of the son, and Long and
Fox went to the old man's door.
The Prairie Wolf slowly turned the knob and
advanced inside. There was a light burning ou
the table, but the old num watt hhIooo t,,,,
motioned to Fox, who stepped in his place and
diawinghis knife held it over the old man's
eves in cbbo ho should awake while Long was
at his work. Tlie feet of tho robbers were
noiseless, but Long was not so lucky with 'be
old human. 1 1 a n- tract nil tbn bunch of knv
from tho Iwwer drawer without uoise. but as he
turned the master key in the lock of the drawer
which was tho depository of the treasure ;t
gave a loud snap which started the old man
When his eves met the terrible BgBMOf the
assasin Fox standing over him with the shining
blado of his bowio knifo glittering in tho air.
he would have shrieked with foar, but the
brigand anticipating the alarm stopped it with
his hand, and as he waved Ins weapon threat"
eningly aloft he whispered to his captive that
no harm should come to him if he would but
be still, but if he moved again, or made the
slightest noi-e. he would BtSBWl hie BBBfl n
The old man mado no answer but a gTOtBI
and L ng. having now secured the treasure, re-
tnmed and helped Fox gag aud bind bim, as
they Bad the girl, in order Ihatno premature
alarm should subject them to a quick pursuit.
Leaving tho owuer of tho BBB08 in this condr
tion, tho three robbers rotumod to the kitchen.
put on their shoes, and loft the houso nir.ktng
their way to tne en
' Damnation, the nigger has taken tho loat
on the other sido," sail l.ong. as thty reached
1 bo bank.
" I low tho hell could we BWt been so stupid.'
ami Fox. warn bbbbb o.b,u,1 ,,,,1."
Bmm i " . .-.1 mH1
i . .
. , ..
said Bong. . onimencing to pull oil bis poacoat.
"It's not exactly the kind or weather for such
amusement, hut an exigency is no time to BfttB
.. ri . , . i ..
"Hold, said Birch, seizing Long by the
shoulder. " there comes th nigger now."
" Hush I speak 8M) . -aid Bcng ' ha be
bind this wood-shed: 8MBB8BH take bin he
come up from the bank. If he rtk. hen tie
hotiHe now lie will reloaae his matner. get np
homes, ride down the bank, and cut us off long
before we can roach Brock .-t Point."
The tin ee asHaasine at these BBBRBi tnrunk
behind a little abed, which t bo gigantic negro
must )bhh. and drew their knivee. Bbbj looked
around an ht pulled out his weapon axid espy
ing a heavy stick of wood which co :Jd be need
as a emu pui um i. um hnne. inn; . ,. i.k
that would do the best. I he negro drew the
boat up to thj shore, fastened it to :he stake,
and then advanced slowly towards 'Le noueo.
Ho pOBatd close to tho woodshed ;nd as he got
Bluntly m front of the concealed maraudera
some sound behind b;m Btrwel luj esr, and
made him turn and look towards the -eek. Ar
he Btood in tins position tTOKiaiaad I M teBBBfaV
Lie billet, which he had just picked np, and
leveled witi snch foreo njion the negro's skull
that it drove him headlong several feet upon
the OBTth.
' We shall have to make a job of this now
we are about it. ' said LoBg, b I B
( ran Bp to the negro and drove his knife twice
into bis body. J he negro, who waa completely
stunned, made no answer but a groan, and the
three miscreants then sprang ,nto tho loat and,
bidding the scene of their cthni . od-bye.
pulled away with all their BtrOBgtl towirda
Broekl Potfil Thev made good speed, for
they had the stars to help them, and a . ording
to their regulations they found three horses at
tho appointed palOfl awaiting them,
They mounted, and mforaaiag the HMO WOO
; had them in waiting that Host OOOld fOOd BO
Burns', in HamLuigh, lor his share of tho
night's work, tossc ! biru a or.' . : raiBOOa
and dashed off at full spec.:.
The onxantnie Mireury My ; Boloaattl
Baid, " In tho multitude of counselors tnere :s
safety." This was not tho exponen.o of a
gentleman in a neighboring beauty wto recent
ly sought OOUneel ko a moo Whotoui he was in
terested as an executor. He BOBBJll re
treat of men learned in the law. ir 'aid the
case before the senior menu er of ?n firm,
and was advised according to the 1a bob pre
sented. He asked the price of toe eoinsel
given, and was told .t2o would mac the "nooks
balance. Ho was astonished that so fee wore
Mionld lo valued at so many shekels bo vowed
he would not pay. and started away, in the
ante-room he was overtaken by 'he junior
member of the tirm, who, in a few well- ee lee ted
wOrde, convinced the rOCttotrtBui tho: tbo law-
yet I had fuBBBod a 'granfe,H and allowed no
Outside oirtBUttetaJMWa to .ontro! the PHoO of
their products. He concluded to sao trouble,
vexation and costs io pay and baTO dona wUll
it. After returning nnd d6p. -;:ir;g the Ice, un
. kin started to leave, wi..n t'.e Jm.... again
overhauled him witb. "See bora, my friend, 1
have saved you a deal of cost and trouble by
the advice I gave, and it is but rOQOOInblB that
l s.houid bv. ootfipaaaaiad. By , :. a .o t5.
I bis was paid, and t':icu the vktfefl di I .cave.
Ho proceeded io a room on the Bame flOOW tW
recount his woes. I was: a jiir- t BJoa
1 lip venerable justice wa.'j doepj . :. . i,od ...
reading a borrowed newspaper,
once aro.ised by a leariui vod?y
and vindictive ohjuigation'j agauirt
neighbors, the lawyers. AftOf hotel
waa a:.
. I profane
bta nearast
.t.g awhile.
Im endeavored to calm the ch ,.,d
vidual bv the use of honevod w. . .r. K.
kindly offices were met with the :. u. manor..
" Shut vour head, you d d old fool! : 'vc
had all the BdVMO I W0O1 to-'!;,,
for anv mora."
ItAM ftiBWBTlB A Mtb' Ntw Book. Leu ears
in Washington. Life and Scene- m the Na
tional Capital, an a woman sees! then.. A new
illustrated volume of Personal I.X tiience, In
teiestiug Bominjioences. and Careful "beerva
tion. By Mahv Ouana .11 Ami lis bed by
A. 1). Uorthington OI Co.. Hartlori, Conn.
The name of Maty ClanatBBf aaaalBMBO"
come a tainiliar and ho .oicd I BBUBBhwU word.
1 vh:o has enjoyed i rtl e fBCIIinOB fOB ' -crvauon
j and for obtu.mng reliable informs' .on conceru-
in ; the inner I fe ' at BaetdOgtOB, itO mystO
1 1 ' wol,'iwr u,arveK 1 ' ' h ucb
aH Mo other ierwn oP ei,il6: "ev J-v ever be
'ore been ati.o to command, her VOhaa
been watchl al ot every person - nfjBBjBBjBeJ
ovciyfact. In this volume he tol im VWBta
in and points o n to us not on) what Rn or-
j AaBBBJ observer aatrht see aud tiev :.tv, but
wmit ullL a woman's wit and a paati or v ueo-
i tl" ' M,,e berself has seen and te
It ib a book of National intercs- -a Ooth fOi
! everyone. It is aciually overflow H Bgwad
, things f. r ever inan. w mil n an ! i f:ill of
amusement and instruction foi al!. Mn BBBOI
shows us the wonders and work .j. of toe
elaborate machinery of the Gov BSBOWBi BSBl
tells us all aoout the men and WOBBaWWlBBBB
words and deeds aie making Bp t toj baatOfy
of our connay. She explains Wbal ttWJ dc
and how they do it : and in a . ban . r BBBBflBW
she gives us the ten years BtperkaaOB of a
I clever and wide-awaic woman, .e tells us
every incident and fact which Bl
j stru -t or amuse. I'.verywhcre WW I 8 I
j ders. At every step tho Author ana fOtth a
lund of information an 1 BOO W "
j charming as it is unexpc : I.
j SB) other book ever published. - hi pealed
to so large a constituency as doc- i. IB one. It
isalookfor no one I las. coud i
party it is a work for all. II i- ndWpansal le
' f0 every wide-awake and pfWgfWW eraon
eorywhoic. It a hook fa liomte
1 and hearthsfouos. an 1 WBBBWfWi thapfl is an
mericau family. thejW la a waiting BWOawOB
' for this charming work,
In point of printing, bmdin . gddoig. orwa
mentation, aud, above all, Baaatif ol aaaOOetlj
t ill titration, tins work is unexi e le'' : while the
sopeihstoel-plate j'Ortrait of Mar., Clemme.
Ante, eugiaved from a photo; ra i taken ex
pressly for the purpose. B8at8hW ifat awd egj
Portrait of any k.nd ever engi av el of hci , wil
ho hiKhlv pneo oy mo icuu i-nmm i.
t.t.. . .
all sections of oin coniinv who krf andadmiift
" 1,11
, bfr pn,n"-
I hie work will be sold only to iboso who or-
dor of tho Agent, who will soon introduce it to
i our citizens. Wo bespeak for it e moet conlial
reception-for it is worthy of it.
Mr. P.. P.. Monroe i- at preeent cauva-iBfc

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