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Ctgc Nortljctncr.
Paw Paw, Miciiigan Mai -7. 187 I.
Vct.il ffcpartmcttt.
Isuu s Hitiitn.i, to , n ji(ii r Snhnrrtp.
Hons ami . rn a nt in a.
1 subscriber! who do not give express no
tice to the contrary, are considered wishing to
continue their subscription.
2. If subscribers order the discontinuance ol
their periodicals, the publishers mav continue
to send iheiu until all arrearages aic paid
8. If sulsjonbera neglect or refuse to take
their periodicals from the oftice to which ;he
are directed, tlie.v ar held res; onsibls uut.l
they have settled their bills, and or Lered tneni
4. If subset ibers move to other places with
out informing the publishers, ana the papers
are sent to the foimer direction, thev are held
5. The Courts have decided that .-efiiMiig
to take periodicals from the otto, or removing
and leaving them uncalled foi. t k C
evidence of intentional fund n
6. Any person who receives a uews.aper and
makes use of it, whether he has ordered it or
DOt, :s held in law to be a subscriber.
7. If subscribers pay in advance, they are
bound to give notice to the publisher, at the
end Of their time, if they do not wish to C r
tinue taking it j otherwise the publisher is
authorized to send it on. and the subscribers
will be responsible until an express notice,
with payment of all arrears, ig sent to the pub
lisher. The regular term of the Circuit onrt will
commence on the fifteenth ol' .'uue
The Kalamazoo Business College is lnvin- i
good numbered stuients this siimtae .
A laige and enthusiastic temperan. e meeting
wa- iield at tlu First Haphnt church of this
vlhago on Wednesday evening.
The masons have commenced work on the
new block to be erected between the Hardware
store and the Hank building.
Farmers wishing to purchase "arm Machinery
v 1 Jo well to examine the stock cr L W. 1
Mills, just east of E. O. Briggs' omce.
Eld. Wm. M. Hoe will deliver a temperance
lecture on next Lord's dav evening at the j
Christian church. Come one, come all.
The wheat crop has a very promising appear-
ance throughout the county. The nol weather '
we have had has been just the thing f r wheat.
The decision in the Matteeon Forgery case j
on the motion for a new trial has BOt yet been
Hod, nor is it yet known what the decision will
The Decatur ladies, who were in town on 1
Wednesday last attending to their liquor suit,
remained to the temperance meet nr in the ,
Notice the change in the time of the departure
of the afternoon mail train on the Taw !'aw
Railroad Tt departs at half past one. instead
of at two o'clock as heretofore.
Heal the article entitled Women liould
Contribute," which will be fouud elsewhere in
this issue. We think the men ought also to
contribute, as the qae-tion has been left for
them to decide.
The Fourteenth Annua! Meeting of the Mich
igan State Sabbath School Association wdl be
held in the city of .'ackrou on Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday, -'une 94, M and
4th. 1874.
Mrs. Mary Coon died very suddenly on
Wednesday, the 27tb inst.. from heart disea-e
imposed. She appeared to be in her usual
good health up to a few minutes of the time of
her death. Mrs. Coon was a daughter of Daniel
T. Taylor of Hanger.
We would urge upon all persons indebted to
the Tiut Nouthebneb the necessity of making
payment, as we are very much it. ned oi the
funds. It ism contemplation to all larglly
to the Jobbing department in order to meet
the lOqullOl 111' or the public.
The Decatur Li juor u:f against Avon B.
K nights was tried l?fore .'ustico Blackmail ou
Wodue-la- last, an 1 resulted in a conviction.
The its; udent was iue d tweaty-tlw .iol.a:
atid the costs of she -u:t. The suit was brought
at the m?tanc: of the women of that village,
who se -m to have managed the case with a
good deal of discretion and judgment.
J ue Methodist have it in contemplation to
eetabhsh a newspaper in this State devoted to
the interests of ttat denomination. While the
matter was under discussion m their convo
cation, one minister urged the esta! hrdiment
of a Michigan organ for the reason that the
Northwestern Christian Advocate did not say
much a''Out Michigan preachers.
Br. Nicholas for Jcne opens with a sea
side stoiy, How the ' Gull" Went Down, by
Rebecca Harding Davis, illustrated by two of
Miss Scannell's chara teristic drawings. There
is also an Frii-hsn story , 1 lie Two Carnages, I Jf
Mrs, Chanter, sister of Canon Kiugsle; 1 oiled
Hands is a remarkably wsll-told story of Albert
Durer an 1 one of his frien.K lara'-- Dolh
v;r Las a charming little sketch cade 1 Mr-.
Slipperkm's 1 amily. and there is a first-rate
boys' story, 'he Little Reformers, by Uossiter
Johnson. i h" Heronry Among the Gnarled
I'ines is a huntmj sketch by C. A. Stephens.
There is an account of Isaac Newton, who is
described as a nice old gentleman who held of
fice and was honest, and an admirable article
by Wm. H. Rideing. telling how sunken vessels
are raised and their cargoes saved by our coast
wreckers. A number of excellent engravings
show how the divers work. iVc, tc. Among
the poems in this number we find, Gowns of
(.ossamer, by Lucy Larcom : a jolly store in
verse by Mary Mapes Dodge, called The un
and the Stars, and a poem by John Hay. . jere
is a brief account of the JarJin d'Accir.uitation
in Paris, with two captivating picture, one of
t hi'dren riding on an elepnant and another of
a party of youngsters in a carriage drawn by an
ostrich. The three serials are as good as ever :
in Fast Friends. Mr. '. T. Trowbridge gives
l i heroes some amusing New York experi
ences : there is a night adventure in a wood in
ohve Thome's Nimpo's Troubles, and an ac
count of the peculiar workings of a boy's tele
graph company in What Might 1 iave l'een Ex
pected, l y Frank R. Stockton. Two pictures
by Frank Heard, illu-trating a feud between a
set of ten- ins and a big ball, are vcrv amus
ing : and there are several other humorous
pictures, one of which illustrates what might
becalled a " French-dat" house for dogs. CMl
month the boys and girls are off ered a Latin
sketch for translation, the Letter Box increase
in interest, ana Jack-:n-;he-ruJpit seems in
sp.red bf tne spring breezes to new efforts of
wit ani wisdom. The Editors announce fine
tilings in tore for t tie boy an 1 jHa am ag
Ii,em a !ea: s- r .1 i-
The little di cuesion of the s bool question
till goes on We hive much faith that goal
will grow out of it, for the present tendency
is toward an ovposeof the corrupt spots, if i
there are anv. and the result will be a ronova-
tion. Forward your says gentlemen, and let
us know just what need:- forming. And
while you are about it, let us kuow sometl.ai
about the inexcusable ignorance of many of
the teachers in tbo smaller acquirement, such
a- orthography, grammar, punctuation, history,
geography, etc
humor has it that Judge brown has j laced
hi s resignation in the hands of the Governor, '
and as a consequence some Kalamazoo gents
are bestirring themselves to secure the appoint- ;
ment to the Judges!;! : , notwithstanding the j
fm they have made about the insufficiency of ;
tbosalaiv. It is also said that Dwinht Mav
the great Uhver Twist of that burrougb, u !
ahead of all competitors, tiov. I'.agley could
not do a better thing than appoint John M.
Edwards to the place if it is a fa.t that Judge
p.rown has or -hall resign, of which we have
some doubt.
Tlie friends of woman suffrage should or
ganize at once in every county, township and
ebtej distru I of the Mate. Draw up a call for
a public meeting to form an association to se-
cure the ballot for women, get the signatures
o: both men and women of all classes of re"
spectable people, elect permanent officers, and
at once put the association into correspondence
with Col. W. M. Ferry, Grand Haven. Mich.,
wh o i chairman of the State Executive Com
mittee. An association of this kind should be
rormed ii: this Countv without delav. an 1 w
hope all lo favor of the movement, both men
and women, will make an effort to bring this
question before the people generally, so that
on the 3d of next November Van Bureu County
will give a large majority for woman suffrage
We would urge the women especially to work
for this, their enfranchisement, with as mucl.
zeal as they usually do for a Fourth of .Tuly
celebratiou or a political mass meetm..
The follow .n.' i.amcd pci-ons were drawn to
serve as Petit Jurors at the June term of the
Circuit Court, for the County of Van luren
te be held on the 13th day of June. a. d. 17 4 .
Hubbard Brook-. Tine .rove ; Charles Stan
ley. Waverly : David H. mith. Pine .rove:
Marvin Autoo. Waverly: Atvm Coulson. De
catur: Daniel I 'shorn. Fawl'aw: Joshua B.
Breed, Almena : Henry I.indsley, Decatur;
'arei I'ritchard. 'eeler lohn Cook, Decatur:
C. L. Kaion. Antwerp I Daniel Van Auken,
Bangor: eo. W. By era, South Haven: .'ohn j
D. Voorbees. Pine Grove : Samuel G- Butler.
i'aw Paw; A. .M. Lace. Antwerp : Pollard Aus- i
tin. Bloomingdale : Peter J. Speicher. Bloom- ;
dale : Seth ( oates, Decatur : William Cook,
Bangor: W. H. I'.eattie, Hamilton ; Calvin J. '
Biglow. Arlington : Francis Rider, Almena :
William Hodge-, Decatur.
AnotLer of the old 1 1 neers of Michigan and
soldier ot 12 has fallen. On the 17th inst. j
James Stoti-thtou, aged nearly 7'J years, died at
the residence of his son, in Almena township. ;
in this county, after a brief illness caused by , be convinced. It wU not do for Mr. W .
an a'ta k of :ndammatiou ot the lungs. He t0 9aV endeavored to discbarge my whole
was born in the State of New York, on the jutv to my constituents and take no respousi
Niagaia frontier, in L79& and participated iu fifty in mutter.'- He bad a resj onsibiiity
neaily a!! the stu ring events incident to the , that he could not shirk. He has given us tb?
war Ol L8tf occurring along Niagara river. In Superint -n lent law which he helped to make.
H21 he came to Michigan, then an almost un-1 He has shown what he claims are its evils. He
inhabitable territory, and in the following year , aavd that it parcels out .jtulihed teachers like
site followed by nil fattUly, when he settled at 1 sheep in pens." He motes me: " In regard
BiMinngham, I akland County, the only other , t0 certificates, it is not true that they are or
residents there at that time being John Hamil I bave been controlled in anv wav except bv law.'
ton and Elijah Wiliett. He continued to re auJ bea Jjtya .. Wb0 ; asli DM M caaige(1 p
side m Oakland County, t itb the exception of No j, accusation was made tn the diociuettia
a stogie year in Livingsto ounty, until LSM, DOf can -lt be foun(j in the report.' I honestly
when he removed to tins County, where he had nppOMd these were such .barges i " Only as
resided ever since, the most of the time on a many certificates are .granted aj we hav - nO ll
i arm in Almena, but for several years past n in the county, so that we are obliged to pay the
this village. For the past thirty years he has,, pnee to gets teacher at ill." " L'nder tbo
heil honoral ie membership in tne M. E. chui . h. . resent iTOtejl a ring is lormeJ controlling the
He leaves a large circle d childrei:. grana- number o: certificates grantea." i supposed
children an other fnendl to mourn his loss. that meant tbat certificate- we;e OOBtrollOQ un
Hts funera. was attended at the Free Baptist lawfully. Mr. If. say-n t. It must be in ac
church on ( ovev Hih bj the Rev. Mr. Darnng cordance w.tli t. e aw then. M: . W. votel for
On the KHh. that law an I took no " l esponsibillty in the
matter. ' In BJ own schools it has I een my
U'oi.uii MMmt$t4 VmtrtMt, constant effort to correct errors, i know tnat
; The following suggestion-, written ly Mrs. Mr. W. says: "lama ineud to education, to
C. A. I. StebUus of Detroit. e clip from the ;ree schools, etc. : they can have no warmer
Lansing Republican.
If the question is no iouger raised la our
civilization of woman's possesion of a soul,
there ie nothing farther to yicstion, as the ex
cellence of the batlot in every man's band has
been attested and supported by the best and
ablest men ever since the organization of the
government, lo be ran, It has not been
earned out in practice, but the " Ideal is the 1
Keal." that is the standard t I which we have
constantly been attaining, and the moral ani
political territory we have conquered, year
after year.
If women had istreugth an 1 inspiration to;
work for the country and her soldiers (taring
the war, let them not he-itate now, iu the da
i f their own opportunity, to work with a will
for tlemselves It is doir tr.il If we under
stand justice, unless it ha- a !as,s of self
justice : the first percept. on if it comes iu in
infancy, an 1 makes Iteelf manifest in the early
years, when elt is predominant : and with the
growth of reason, and still more of experience,
we know our needs to be those of other indi
viduals and ot the race. But now we must go
back to first principles, aud say. these good
things of life, these pre: ogatives. these privi
leges and immunities, which we ourselves have
sought for others, and helped tbem to enjoy,
we ask for ourselves.
W'e demand the right to which we believe
everv God-given soul is entitled, consonant ' wUh S00- ent in clerks, but nevei went into
with the regulated well-being of others, to the lt M"W or looked after tte trade t 1 he ch-ef
exercise of individual will. The little babe :n reason why people do not get a better return
arms has its will, and our eJucators and pbi- j tor ,Ueir money is because tbey WlUhoU fMI
losophers no longer subscribe to the old rule j tl)e schools just what they need to become what
of "breaking the child's will." for they recog-1 they ought to bf active personal interest,
nize that its manifestation indicates a need, Puaally lu answer to this question: I have on
and they give it heed: if violent, they divert I u proper occasions and by all proper means
its thought and gratify this will in some ration-; endeavored to point out faults, and as far as I
al wav. was able to suggest remedies. 1 wo teacher
Put the women of America, leaving the j conventions have been ne.d ;n sight of Mr.
childhood of the race far behind, will not con- i W's house, one of them a Mate institute lat
sent to the " breaking of their wills," neither ' ing a week la which two things were especially
are they longer to be diverted from the attain- i considered. the county sir erintendency and
meut of then- purpose, wldch is complete poht-1 the word method. The programme was puh
tcal freedom and respon-ibility m power. I ur r.-bed and the public cordially invited. I do
patriot mothers moulded bullets to further the not remember seeing Mr. W. or hearing hie
cause of counti ; . that their husbands and voice on these matters. As a rule parents
fathers might overcome the enemy. We will have shown perfect indifference n these gath
aiouid the public sentiment of fathers and bus- erings. Do they expe. t teacher are going to
bauds iu the tirt instance thai tney may wield hunt them out in their homes and button-hole
the ballot to overcome our legal enemies, an (XPt hem there ? Vet Mr. W. wants to know why
in time we will wield the ballot to overcome we don't eunghten the public in regard to faults
the dispensation of bullet-. There is enough in our schools. A state Institute is promise 1
to arouse ns to the early zeal and enthusiasm
of the mothers, wnet. we beho'd either the tide
af dissipation, or the abuses ta caucus and
sovercmeat. forn to s'anl uadtviJed in the
tate and throughout the country. M one in
spirit, purpose and plan,
We will accept the contubutions of all, but
we desire that every woman who Las a purse,
every woman who eniovs the comforts and lux-
uries of life, should invest in thi-, which will
hi a permanent interest and an education. If
woman ever expresses ber pride in a real inde
pendence of character, let her demonstrate it
now in generosity of contributions to a fund
for educating the sentiment of the State in
favor of her equal citizensbi; .
This year is our opportunity. We will re-1
member the story of the manna of the Israel
ites, and gather day after day. and in season.
Li t us show ourselves worthy the action of the
Legislature by doinu thoroughly our part, that
the prophesy may become history.
Ton thousand dollars, our leading "tate l I .
er be raised to pay tor documents
auu lor lanorers. it is none too niuei:, ana it
is easily done, it every one does her share as
doting the Rebellion, or as in missionary work,
f we prefer to pay it in two or three install
me i uuiing the season, it will be quite as
wel.. if fhe collector doe.- not have to go after
it ; that is unnecessary trouble, and cannot be
taken. each woman must go to her collector
(who will probably be the treasurer
local society) and pay it in
ttnr t'ttmnioii Srhonln.
En. Tin t Nobthebneb : ! asree entirely
with Mr. Woodman in what he says about the
defects of the school Reports, in any meas
ure to correct these and secure a system of
uniform and full reports from ail the counties
of the State, he will have my hearty support.
1 agree with him also that teacher- are DOtCOtt
scientious eu-uh in their work, and will than a
him to show a class or profes:ou of whicfa this
is not true. I agree, and have always said,
that a woman otuht to receive the same a; as
a man for th ? same wo:k done: not only in
teaching but in every other department of
labor. Whether, la rentttrnvi to express an
opinion contrary to those entertained 1a Mi.
W., . bftTO flVOB evidence of "sore spots ' or
of veins containing " bad blood." I agree with
him in leaving to the readers of the Nobth-
"If Mr. Karle has llwiya known that our
schools aud school system are faulty, he must
know where the faults are- Why has he not
enlightened the public upon this subject long
before this aud had the remedies applied f
The author of this stunning question had just
claimed to know that our school. were faulty,
without knowing the location of the disease.
If 1 think the same. I mu-t not only know the
location but bo able to app'y the remedie. i
w as not for ten years in a place where my voice
could be heard and my vote, feit when our
school system received a thorough overhauung
when the length of tha month wa- fixed,
when tree schools were established, whan the
Superintendence was created. Mr. W. was
and I will thank him to point to one single
measure introduced by him dur:n,- a ": that
time calculated to corect any abuses cr errors
iu our gv, ITtem. Perhaps he did. I would
mend than 1 claim to be. i also know that
1 have taught fi ur year- ' ont-nually wlthta
tive minutes walk of Mr. W's home without
ever seeing h s face in BJ school room. 1 hat
four year' work has not a.i been drawing pay.
There have been many times when an hour's
visit from Mr. W'.. a pleasant tab to the school'
8 mjmmmmj, mwiismv
would have lightened cares and cheered both
teacher and school. In place of such a.d I
have heard " twenty-six dollars a month when
I taugnt the Paw Paw school." " w0rd method
humbug," "superficial, machine tear-ting.'
Not only has be condemned us at home but he
ha- talked unfavorably of us when abioa 1. as
I cm abundantly satisfy mm if h:s memory is
not sufficient. Mr. W. is a plain farmer. He
uyi farmers feel a deep interest in common
cbOOle. How many time- has he netted Ml
own bcuooi 1- I taught it ue t.-rm when he Lai
a -mi in attendance. I lid nt see him. What
i i uas ? Mr. W. is not alone in this mat
ter. Not one parent iu twenty ever vis.ts nil
school. Let every one ou reading this ask him
elf, "How often do I visit mv school?"
Mrs. Huugerford was right wnen :.e sail
" None of them visit the schools nor take any
interest m them." It is not enough to bund
houses and hire teachers. 1 hat on.v make
schools possible. What would be tnought of
the merchant who built a large store, filled it
us this fail. U .ll Mi. W. be present and give
the aid I f b.s advice, or will be continue
to stay away a- he has done ? I Lave taken s
mu ftj - ice upon thai subject b?cu-e this ufer
nenhct of the schools by parents seems to me
tohe tlw reason why tLey era not more efficient.
Ae regards the Superinteudency, I have little
to say in its (avor more than I thinu it better
than the old system, in dis us sing it let only
facts be stated. I nave heard Mr. N 's com
plaints against it and have waited to see what
changes be would propose. Does he favor a
return to the old system or will he advance to
something better 1- I do not wiah to see it re
tained as it is. What shall wo do with it '( Let
those who bave made the most complaints sug
get the remedy.
Mr . given as to understand fbat M com
bination was charged ou t. I Mpfc or teachers
of this count. . ! am mforme 1 that the author
of the other statement otiote 1 a ove intends
to prove that sue:, ring is formed Ly affidavits
from some teachers, wb" have been dismissed
from their blmooIs ' ui ' wages than
the ring had fixed upon. Let i; be done by all
means. It may be true. Lf it is. it is high
time tbat the peoi ie knew it. Let us have the
name of that Supt. and of the members of the
ring at once. The people have been given to
understand that something is fearfully rotten
somewhere, lf gOOtiOOBea wioh to abolish the
whole free school system let them sav so frank
ly, if there are portions that shOttld ' changed,
teU us what the'- a e aud waa' are the chauges
If I should answer Mr. P.'ooimau's ipiestion
about i nion School i'nucir als and Lady As
sistants in the spirit la wh: h it was asked, it
would be styled a " labored conclusion," for
Mr. W, never says atiythiug " local or person
al.' I shall therefor.) credit it to a plain farm
er's courtesy and candor. niere;y observing,
that fr m certain Lusmess trau-actious, it is
thought if Mr W. were offered fifteen hun
dred dollars for conducting a 1 nion School, he
w u)d neither re! use it uo: be very anxious to
Stride U witn his Lady Assistant, who of course
would do the " brain work o: the sohool."
Mr. W's figuring will receive attention next
week. N. A. Eable.
Alvin sturtevant. lat jilt)'- of tha Lenton
Harbor Palladium, sold his paper with the in
tention of accepting a tituat.oa tendered ban
by the owners of the Da:'.-- epublican. of
Bingham; ton. N Y.. to act as managing editor
of their pa-.er. Prior to selling out, he had
been in poor health, and for two weeks was
confined to the house, but he commenced to
gain, till banday. the 17th. when he was taken
with pneumonia, ani on Monday, the Mttk he
The Phbenolooical .loruiiAL for June is an
admirable number, and closes tne 5-th voiume
of that standard monthly. It contains Dr.
Dio Lewis, wi'h a fine portrait . A Parable of
the Kingdom, or a New Bendenng of the book
of .?ob : The Late JaoOO Kaapp, P.evivahst
Preacher: John and Jan-;. How They Kept
Hooae ; Mr. Caroline & ooks. the W estern
Artist : Be la French, the Poet and Publisher :
A Sunday Kvening iu Water Street, or W hat a
Visitor 8lW and i "irl. Dudley W. Adams.
Master of tho National drang? with Portrait,
ani a Sketch of tho Orange Movement; The
Teetotal M addlement j t ur 'pportunities :
Plant Life in our Territories : Kmil Lowinstien.
the Handsome Murderer, etc. Fail of spice,
of the health: ul sort BOoonhi a number, ii
a year. -1.50 for hall a year. Address B. B.
W ells. 889 Broadwav. New York.
in Kit.
in tail village, on the morning of the 21th
of Lram Fjver. HuKl BLancXS, only daughter
of H. P, ani B. C. Nelson, aged six years and
ou3 day.
Though her voice is hashed an I the t;atter of
her little fet is heard no more in our darkened
dwelling. w iinow ou: loved DM is landed safe
M tha sl.inicg shore of the new Jerusalem,
ani cur savior has taken her to his heavenly
VNe know her face is aid
I nder the corhn-Ld.
vet ocr hearts whisper that sue it not there.
omiTt . i
Diel. in Paw Paw. May 19th. 1974, John
Bnnmfen, a.'ed s6 years. 8 months and 7 ia
Ke in bOCB i-i Conway. Mass.. Dec. Titb.
1797. At the age of z be was marnel to
Mary Warren of DeerfielJ. Mass.. and while at
Conway thera were bom to tucm two sons
A'.onzo aL 1 Caleb. In 1917 at the age o: 0 ,
be removed to York. Livingston County. N. V..
where another son. Joseph Warren, was brn
In the fall of 1914, he r -moved lrom LeKoy.
eneeee ' o., N. V.. to 1'a v Taw. an Luren
Co.. Michigan, which afterward remained his
place of residence. Here he lost his wife by
death March 12tb. lo !, and his eon Joseph
May 2d, 1S34. But Providence had kindly gone
before him. His sou Alonzo had come to Paw
Paw in the spring before his own coming, and
his son Caleb had settled near by, in Kalama
zoo, nine vears before that time. The home of
his son Alonzo. after the death of bis wife, be
came nis home for toe remainder of his lue.
There were no marked events In his long ca
reer: yet it was bi privilege to live oi e o:
thoe lives of fidelity and consistency in the j
ailottei station that, wuere kcowc. always met
the high approval of man and also of God.
For this he was fitted by uis Puntau descent.
His ancestor. Capt. 'oi.n Sherman, was one of
a company of the same name that came from
Baan Co.. England, about the year 1334 and
settled in Watertown. Mass. From these the
-diermansof America descended He inherited
their consistency, straight forwardness and
tenacity of purpose- 1 1 e w as active in temper
ament, attached to home and friends, clinging
stroogly to established habits of life : and es
pecially to to old scenes and associations.
Touching examples of this were afforded in
the lingering fondness with whicn he clung to
Lis accustomed place of work, ani how he
prized the privilege of revisiting the scenes of
ail early life at the east But his religious ex
perience gave opportunity for the fuller mani
festation of these strong and best traits of his
character. He made a profession of religion
13.) ani joined the Baptist church, and duting
the remainder N years of his life was faitnful
in his devotion to bis christian duties- The
rare and beautiful testimony that ' He was
never known to speak ill of any one" should be
engraved oo his tombstone. It has also the
accompanying testimony. "He was not known
to Lave an enemy.' Lately age and infirmity
bad eparated htm from the usual privileges of
the sanctuary. B it tno 'Oman:.. on service was
left t; him it was his deiigut. and no consid
eration abort of absolute necessity could m
duce him to be absent from it During bis last
sickness hie cane wa found where he ha 1 at
tended shortly befWe for the iaet time, ai
thf'Ugj i.e ha lend?', life's journey at the snp-per-tabie
of .the Lord and needed hi-staff no
louder, for now immortal youth was his in
heritance. His ;cknM was just a Lnd cold
resulting in a " Typhod." This had left him ;
but lie system was too much prostrated aud
be could not rally. He said he was Beady,
yes ready." and easily, peacefnlly went to his
Dr. W. H. Nelson. Clairvoyant and Magnetic
Healer. Paw Paw. Mich. rfice on Kalamazoo
St., second block north of Town Hall.
May 1st., 1H74.
Cash Paid tor Butter at
Matthews & Hutchins', of at
the Cellar under Free & Mar
tin's Hardware Store.
i repnreaaeed nay old
Mv old Customers and Friends w;d find me
at all times reaiy to take their pictures, of all
kinds aud stylas.'in an artistic manner.
I bave discbargd my help and shall do all
mv own work hereafter, so you can rely on hav
ing first-class work. Thankful for past patron
age. I hope, by honorable dealing and giving
first-class work to still receive your favors.
Butter. Eggs and Farm l'roduce taken for
Pictures, whn j .t bave not the money : so
come right along and have your pictures taken
w hile in good health.
My Grocery (turf Crockery
Is still in raanina order and where you can find
first clas- GOODS as cheap as the cheapest.
My offee Mill is turning out large piantities
of pure g: and I offee daily.
tore id door east of Dyckman H use. ;u
Van Foeaen's h
c. D. nosi:,
Hhemica) Steam h Works,
Ladies and i entlemens Clothing Cleaned and
Colored any desirable shade.
Charges w.d be paid one way on all goods sent
from abroad.
OlVl me a Trial rder. 99Hj
I 'rders w.u be received by P.hoda Munger
4 hi hi mi Often Look
Pale and Sic k
from no OthlZ cause than having worms in the
will destroy Worms without injury to the child,
being perfect) WHITL, aud free from all
coloring or other injurious ingredients usually
used in worm reparations.
CURTIS BROW SI, Proprietor!,
No: 213 Fulton Street. New York.
m1 1 l y Druggists and Chemists, and deal
ers in atedldaai at
ri r.ty-five Cents a Box. 994 f
Thlrt) Vi'ar' Bxperleaice
of an llld iiix-.
Mra Wtnilow! Baatlatog Syrup ii tin
Pn BCrlptlon of one or the beet Female Phys
icians aud Nuises in the Lnited Statee, end
has been use 1 for thirty years with never fail
ing safetv an I success by million- of mothers
and children, troni the feeble infant of one
week old to the adult. It corrects accidity of
the stomach, lei eves wind colic, regulates the
bowels, tad g:vcs root, health and comfort to
mother and child. We believe it to be the Bail
and Surest P.etnedy in the World in all CMOS or
Dysentery, and Diarrbra In niktren, whether
it arises f:om Teething or from any other
cauae. Full directions tor using wnl accom
pany each bottle. None Genuine unless tue
fac-simile of Curtis d Perkins is on the outside
wrapper. Hold bj 1 Medicine Dealers. dSUj
T. Tx-ehi. piy cash tor old iron.
Ihv Houtenold Panacea,
is t!ie best lemedyin the world for the follow
ing complaints. TiZ : ramps in the Limbs and
Stomach. Paiu in the Stomach. Bowels or Side,
Ilheumatism in all its form. Bilious ohc. Neu
ralgia, ( bc.lera. Dyseutary. Colds. Fresh
Wounds. Burns. Sore Throat. Spinal Com
plaints, Sprains and Bruises, Chills and Fever.
For Internal and External use.
Its operation is not only to relieve the patient
but entirely removes the cause of the complaint.
It penetrates and i ervades the wbold system,
restoring healtbv action to all parts, and quick
ening the bio id.
The Household Panacea is PrBELv Vege
table and All Healino. Prepared by
1 1 m n .v nuow .
No. 219 l iiltou Street. New York.
For Sale bv all Druggists. '.'idly
RlterlaT aal By virtue af a writ of
execution is-ued out of and undar the seal of
the Circuit Court, for the County of Van
I luren. an i tae of Michigan, and to me di
rected and delivered, against the goods and
chattels, lands and tenements, of Yet Weston
as defendant aud In favor of Aaron Van Auken
and .tames M. rane a- plaintiffs, and bearing
date the sixteenth day of May. a. d. one thou
sand eight hundred and seventy-four, 1 did. on
the twenty-lift h day of May, a. d. 1S74. levy
upon - and take all the tight, title and interest
of the said Vet Weston, in and to the following
piece or parcel of land, situated in the County
of Van Buren and Mate of Michigan, described
as follows, to-wit : commencing at the south
west corner ol the north-west quarter (nw '4 )
ofthe south-west quarter (s w 4) tour (4) ana
running east on tne half quarter line twenty
(99) rods, thence north twelve ( 12) rods, thence
west twenty iy20) rods, thence south twelve (12)
rods to the place of beginning, containing one
and one-half il;:) acres of land, all in town
ship number three (3) south of range fourteen
(14) west, in the County of Van Huren and
State of Michigan, whicn I shall expose tor
sale at public vendue, to tbe highest bidder, at
the front door of the Van Buren Countv t ir
cuit Court House, lo the village of Paw pw,
at two o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday,
the eleventh dav of -inly, 1874. or so much
thereof as will bo nocessarv to satisfy said exe
cution, together w;tb the interest and costs al
lowed bv ,aw. lOOOt"
Dated Paw Paw . Mav 27. 1S74.
Johs . Showebjias. Sheriff.
or Ll i:
Of Dou'o'.e the Strength of any othei
I have recently perfected a method of pack
ing mv Potash, or Le. and am now packing i
onlv in Balls, the coating of which will POr7i
Mb does not injure the Soap. It is pacUea .n
boxes containing 98 and 4 lb. Halls, ladtn BO
other e it. Directions ia English and German,
fur making bard and soft soap with this 1 o'ash.
accompanying sach pwkg. BAB,Iir.
l toil R latuMpoa Pt . N. .
li UH in ess So t i res
JohnJ. Sherman, Attorney at Law, ircuit
Court Commissioner for Van Duren Countv.
Office over Hawks' Jewelry More, Phelps street,
Decatur, opposite I 'unconibe House. 'A ii; i.
at the County Clerk's office, in Paw Paw, oo
Mondav. Tuesdm and Wednesdav of each week.
Dated April 16th. 1871
If you want your old clothes male l-iw.
leave them at Miss Hhoda's to be sent r
st earn Dye WorLs at Kalamazoo.
For the largest vanetv and the choicest pat -terns
of Hamburg Edgings and Insertions go
to W. J, SF.LLK
For Milhneiy and Fancy floods, in all tbo
late novelties corupriinsr everything reily
nobbv .in 1 tr iji'iie I irj 'U- n o-t r- her ..
oer, ko to W. J. EL LICK'S.
A. n "Mas. M .... physician and - ir
geon. Special attention -iven to ( nroni I h
easts and Iiseases peculiar to women aud
iren. Office up stairs, over 0. A . i vier fe
Co., Druggists, I'aw Paw. Mich.
tio to W. J. Helhck's for the finest selection
of all late styles ot dents and ilovs suits of
Clothing, cut in the latest and most artistic
manner, at the verv lowest prices
Wheatonhas t .at i of Initial Note
Papar. -'The .iaasic." fee it before buving
For tiie finish, styles i i'rints, and tho
largest and cheapest line of Fashionable Drews
(oods witn a full hue ot Trimmings to match,
go to W. J. SELLICK'H
loiit lAlriK-i llathe the forehead
for ten minutes and the woist headache is
gone, it never fails.
For elegant patterns of Carpets, and haud-
soare daaigBl in il c loths, do not fail to
the large and attractive stock at
w. . B1LLK X'fl.
1 . Lotur.. at Bloommgda.e, w agent for all
kinds of farming impliments.
Call at Wheaton's for your lekaol Boouh,
Stationery, Pens. Pencils, ic, Ac.
1 or hawls. Lace Capes. Fancv Ties, CollaiH,
Wi. Ie Oooda und the finest lines of Mohair
and lilark Alpacas to be 'ouud in thec.rv. goto
Tin. Loehb. of Bloomingdale. is the
buv your Farming Impliments of
The best Thresher is the Guiser : manufac
tured at Waynesborro. Peun. 1 . l.oehr sells it.
Fob 50 cents you can cure three or four cauos
of Ague with Austin's Ague Drops. For sale
by Kilburu cc Hudson. Mot!
If you want a ultivator. Plow. Drag. Double.
Snore) Plow, or anything in that line, call u
T. Loehr.
Fai'iH or Sale.
A Farm of eighty acres, with sixty acres uu
der cultivation, situated five miles from Decatur
and one and one-half miles east of Nesbitt'H
mills in he township of Hamilton. The land is
timbered, opening and good wheat land.
There are comfortable buildings, a smaJl
orchard, and good we'd of water ou tin.
Thai Farm will be sold for thirty rive dollars
per acre. For further particulars eaimre on
tbe i remises cf
999 ELI G. aTOfCHKR,
VW PAW, - Mich.
Chloroform. Kther and Nitrous Oxide or
1-aughing das given for exrracdng teetn if de
sired, i ' rate! ul for the past very liberal prtr on
age we would resoectfullv solicit its continuance
A. U. !.'0KKR.
9S We, the undersigned Phvsicians. having
had the professional services of Dr. A. ).
Hooker. Surgeon Dentist, do hereby certify
that we deem him possessed of learning anil
skill of a superior grade in the Dental Art. and
we cordially recommend him as highlv worthy
of public patrouage and confidence.
C. 8. MAVNAP.D. M. 1 .
Kilburn & Hu ieon sell and warrant A;: n's
Ague Drops to cure Ague. ')4jt
Respectfully announces to the citizens of
Paw Paw that he has removed his
from the Lyle Idock Easement to tne hVst
N RTREBMIR OFFICE, Kalamazoo streef.
where be is selling the
Cheaper Than The Cheapest.
B. Cash paid tor Poulcrv, Eggs ind
Butter. (ive me a call. Prtta
Th i i lehrultd Hnrar
Young Bashaw
Will make tbe season of 1974, at tbe Wdlard
House Ham, m the Village of I'aw I'aw. ex
clusively. DESCBIPTI05.
Vounn Bashaw is a beautiful dark brown,
stands lo-. hands high and weighs l)0!on.
He is a tine sauare trotter and for his age. m
symmetry and beauty cannot be excelled, (a
seven vears old iri May, 1H74, and Is half
brother to the famous trotting mare Cozette,
owned by. ;. M. French of Detroit, foi which,
he paid 17,000. Cozetto trotted Balle heats to
tbe Buffalo track in 2:2t; , : trotted la 18" is
2:2e. She also took the first money a- the
State 1 an- at Kalamazoo, two yeais agi tin
took double mone by side of Molhe Newton,
ber mate. I ld Bashaw, the sire of Co
ani Young Bashaw, took first money foot
years ago at the State Fair, trotting low down
in the thirties. A half brother of Young
Bashaw trotted as low as 2:23; , in Chi i .
last tall. This horse was never tra::.ed he
being raised by ( has. McCarty of I'ontiac. anc
purchased of him by u till last fall, when we
gave him about two weeks work ou tbe track,
and be showed a nice, handy laii, trotr.ng m
at out three minutes.
Young Bashaw was sired by Hlack Bashaw of
Pontiac, he by Bashaw, he by aladin. he by
Basnaw, Jun., be bv Imperial Grand Hashaw.
The dam of Flack 'Bashaw was sired bf An
drew Jackson, grand dam by Why Not. oy io
ported Messenger. This cross with the Mes
senger combines more of tbe Arabian blood
of Imported Bashaw than is found in any
horse in this State. The dam of Young
Basbaw was sired by tbe Tayes horse, he by
DeWitt Clinton, he by old ( hDton or New
York. Dam bv the Ward horse, be bf Par
; son's horse of Bedford, he by old Eclipse,
thns making bun equal in blood to any horse
in this country.
Beferences can be l;ad of tbe following jen
tlemen as to ths blood and qualitv of the
B. Stanlev, C. McCarty, J. Frost, J. Mor
risev. and L. Dowel!, Pontiac: J. M. French,
R. C. Willson. A. II. Emery. J, M. Seeley,
Alonzo Holfe. J. Kengle. Detroit.
We bave a:so tbe well known horse
of the impson stock. He is a brown, thick
Ot, italkv made, heavy Loned horse of 1400
ibs weight. This horse is too well known lo
need comment, as be has plentv of stock in
this vicinity many oi them of which aro
selling as high as 250 and 9300 each. H- is
better known as tbe Hyames horse, having
made one season in this :lace tive rem ago.
His stock was of that malitv that we were i
duced to purchase him last winter. He can be
seen a all time tt the Willard House Barn.
Piw aw i ril 9 I " m

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