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W fm H iY a
POX. A A . JTO, 26.
Pr Cnir Morthcrntrf
Is I'i'busuki) Kvebv FnniAY. il
Carries OOMOn Kai aauaoo ''' v- v : naaTs.
tfhms of srns;iurTioy,
1.50 A Yeak. - j" AaYAMCE.
Train from l'aw Paw connect with the MM j
2i t,.,. on the Michigan Ctntr! Kmiroad
tUwton.uoiiik'eaM HnU wi-M. I
u- l V 1 U PAW
twti a. w.. return from Lawton at a. m.
k m.. Mat) Train, cast. . ..
h m.. Va.l west, and Way Kretgn cih.
h:W i m. Kalamazoo awj"""-'"- -ri , ,
Traini return to t'aw rnw vF... ,
mm. T T..lfd fr.iTTl l.lUtlll
v-im'" JOHN IhLING BmpM
WllllliW tvnlral Railroad.
; aiS 3- e
"TT . 77, ... ..
r- 1 i i i
..f aistitOSj 5 I S I z
H --c III I
: I
LI 1 jA84 - - - l K i !
!W' s : : si r tutus i J
fi 1 ;'' gga s SS" j
k "1 .r 4 & !
u'- m i H m ' -
douiii LMwtMoa,
l,, ,fe Kalaraa.'.oo Way Pratght, 7:00
Mall. 3:46 p. m.
Arrive at fkuth Ubtm al Iffrio a. m.. mm
i,ve" South Haven Mall, 1:80 a. n
PretgaiTKu p. m
Arriv.- at Kalamajcoa at Wrau a. at., and ft;46 p. m.
ioiiu: Weft . pa- Boble' at b:a6 a. ni. and 4:50
p m.
Goiiu: Butt, paM Ooblaa at MO a. m. and 4:10
. TP..
z r- m w H....n.M i
III! auo naxt
Kail R(ad.
Nterii laivixiion.
tmaim wet. tbain aaai
JZ "3
Il E
B S&
7 b ' S STATION'S. g S
r. x. a m.
, rv c :t
7 g
17 46. 7 00-
- G6 f aw
tS oof "
a-. : al
Bep.l Arr. v, ,
LansiiiL' 4 I .
MUletCt .
Scva-topol If 4 os
' putterville ' 4 00
Charlotte go
Moore's i &s
Olivet , a so1
Inoiicvue . a an
P. M.
ti .15
Ii -Jl
i 15
5 67
5 40
I 2")
4 31
n -jti' I 001
i ii ukiN ii a. .!Madisona i i
is tJ - i& fi ao BaaUe Creak dl 30
t1 J Ml
.. w i e is I iacilaaax 13 lo
Arr' M 0 36 Moott't ! 114
j t W .'0 Indian Lakcj 11 W
fJr'n liauidr
I 15
7 10
ftM OOlftl 05
dll 00
alo III
!l 4.". ;
I os!
I 12
i i , i: IK
10 :xj I 05 j Schoolcraft
.. flh
H ; ' S
an n,
dll !
- Man t'.'ur
11 :ni
11 47
II ol
u a
1 OS
1 B0
- -2 It
' :',
J. 6
a oj
I -7
o 4.
: 57
, 4 Oo
P j'ljVollnia
y & (Jamestown
id iBCaaaopolli
il oojBdwardab'g
n luSMlsbawaka
i.. Hnnth Itrnrl
s 05 1
7 45'
7 OS
ti 1 : r. m .
J Bl
j M
1 :U
1 H
; 00 a 80
12 6c Crum,i Pol'l a. m
8 BO
H 11O
7 BO
12 II 1
1 .A) r ipii ummm
1 ,-3 Htlllwell
2 -jo Kingsbury
j 4S (Jalon Mill-
. 10 llapkell's
m Malone
a no Valparaiso
til 31
11 M
7 10 1
8 88 11 81
6 15 11 12
6 001 11 08
11 00
7 M
i- x. Chicasro
v. at.
! '.'0
Trains do nut stop.
Traini da BOl ItOf except upon Signal.
Mail and Express Train East makes direct
connections at Eunsiug with Jackson, Lansing
A Saginaw R. R. for Lay City, Sainaw and
Owoeso ; and with Detroit, Lansing A Lake
Michigan R. R. mr (ireenvillc, Ionia. Howell
nnd Dattolt. Baggage Checked Through to
Chicago and all poinU on D. L. A L. M. R. R.
The attention of the public is respectfully
called to my
Large Stock
onsisting ot everything uatueahle in the
F11 rn it 11 re laHlMNf
done promptly.
n . i . IL is 1; ,
HaIB Sthh.i, I'aw 1'a w
in Bums of 1 1000 and over, on good improved
inmnmbered Fami. 1004 tf
aVBBfff tfnrbs.
id door east of Nlles Street. iwiw
, OANS Man-UTFD on Improved rninonm-
1 i '00k. TMChtf Of PUno.OffM, Voice
j Culture, ThorougbMi aad HOTW " an
hVloundith i wUmm oa Pas PawBtreat.
nB.jico. H. t LAKH, Hons
I 1 111(eoMT Avery's store.
K.OKO. H. t LAB.. Homeopathic Fnysleian.
Snrvevor. Paw Paw, Van
t R MONAKIL Eclectic lMuian and
i V?" omre iV v,Ur V. ..rk. nrt
-; r;.V. ,.,, h,,uc. uu-stalr. 'w raw.
V. . .-urgeon
Uuwi n-
Ur B. HAWKISH, Broker, Notary run ic : .mi
. Conveyancer. OflUse over LoagweR va
Drag Mora, row Paw, Mifh-
7i AMl'l'L. H01.HKS. Omi 'v ,,-rk. Notary
N Public and Conveyancer. Deed. Mortgage.
Contracts and an Unas oj Con waucw drawu
on the shortest notice, mid at the usual rat..
Office la the Court Boaaa, raw Paw, atv a.
DtrvMAl hoi T. M LowaU, Prop'toi
"VnV li. h Btaealeelyforaou h
Havm. Uwrcace, Hartfer, Bt iaavltla U'
1 K. tl.t.KN.-Maiiufuctnrer anl I Dealer in
C N.Tl E W'INBB. Pa Muh-
I f P Al-I K. dealei in Furniture.
door eaut ol me i onv - -
Hi Vn pi i xw ratbiooable Boj ai I Shoe
m JJf Lad i, Gi nte and v Bopta,
BhoeVaVdOalteTi mad. to ordar la tra t . daaa
itrle. Repairing done oa reaaonable terau mm d
"t .hort notice. Shop tirtdoor north t Nobtii
aaxaa Office.
ioui Mill, i ai ntonaoio j ; ' ' , . ' r.
aredfochnMkhuh: of work l theto
tyla. SnopoverT. L. H atora, raw iaw.
tKOBOK W. l.tWTOX. Attorney, i i raMelM
( ritLw Sotarj Public and Pi '
fWftaSS Cotin at Pa- Paw on Mondav
if MCl " eek.
IMItsl NATIONAL BASK, of Pa P Office
FnoVthtldeoi Man reetj 5 i - waat of
Kalnmazoo. riaifn
a. MiBBMAN, rnaa. o. a, caaai m.
DICB&BM a iiuim m. i3FJ ktZ'
K Office ever Flral National Bank, Paw
HIXCKLB1 BBOTHEB8 Liverr Btabla,Paw Paw
Michigan l" tbelargetl and beat autMMdo
any In tne county. Plae bqtm t. new an. elegant
carriaaaa to tt. Office and otablei north-eaal ol
DvctaSan HonSe. north aldoof Oak .treat.
rrjfOWLBBB WLAHB, Attornaya taw
K and Boliclton in Chancery. AgMta mr
Hertford and other n.ur.nc. Ogmm ifea. ff ce
Man. itreet, Brat door - aal ol the Uotui n"
VZk" O.W. HOWI.AM-. H8.
TAi ko a OLIBBEH, Attorttayaand Couatel-
JAcS Office North ide Of Maln re . m-cjih
doorwel ol Port office. Paw Paw, MleMgaa. aw
nlilLII I KIT! II. Attorney. Conn--lor and
C"vi!itor r Office oppoalte the Court Boaaa,
PBW Paw, Mich.
ii- it HiTIWlY. M. !., Phyaiciaa and Hur
" V 1 ",V Li .V;;.,.i,'iu nromntlr attend
ad. office al hla Realdenae, on bTiiamaaoo
Street. Paw Paw, Mich
mbblk. H. Bm Phyaiciaa and Bargaoa
t K. BIBBLE, M. H.. Pbyaicl
Li effice in Granger Block.
I AXBBBW8. B. 1.. 1'hvician and Buravon.
JofflworerKllburnHudaon'i itora, Paw
Paw. Mic!
pBgbttM (f uriis.
FmrTEB A BEBBE, Attorneys and Counselori
5 ) iw and soiie itorr In Chancery. Office In
riwt wS7oaa?B?S BaMlag, ap sufra, Daeatar,
f 1T0 A BBBBMAK, Attorneys at Law, f o-
lJ lienors in chancery and ,Notarlea Public.
Office 01 Circuit Court Comm'r for Van Buren
c untv Loans necotlated and Collections at
tended to wUhprernttnass. Town Hail Building,
OHN'n.'fltN. ,0N,.-..KnMAS.
DU B 1. klMi.-Si m.i.ov Dfnti-t . Office
Besldence oa Delaware Street, one door wer.t
01 AbbotCs Btore, Decatur Midi,
a s. now l. General Dealer In Pamilj Groceries,
linn ', " 1 ' ' ,, ,,, 1
mekwv. -tc Teas made M K laity. I h- .ps
1 - ... ,
1 (erect . Decatur. Alien.
1 rl'KCOBB BOl'RE, Decatur, Michigan, W. H.
1 1 CawotL, Proprietor.
Business Tnus.
17 k. a 1 . n. CBABWIGB, dealer In Dry
ajt Qooda, Clothlac, Milliaary Goods, Boots
I and shoes, Grocerlee, Hats and Caps, Qaaaaa"
uMir. ! IlNML Mich.
J7 B. CLETBLAB IK X. H , Phyaiciaa and Bar
ij ircdii. Uiw reiice, M i h.
UriliLIAB 11. GLAT, Blga and Ornamental
Painter, Lawrence Mich. Ronae, Blgn.
and Carriage Fainting, Oraining. Fapering and
Kalsomlna dona to order.
SBBWB. dealer la Drugs, Bediclnea, station.
. cry, Groceries, Biu-hcs, Perfumery, etc
Pret riptions carefully prepared, LaajrfBM
Bnsintss 3aris.
MMiMl, I'hysiclan and Surgeon. Office
. near Adamsr Mills, Fine Grove. Will at
tend promptly all professional order-. Special
attention given to Surgery and the diseases of
Women and Children.
7. A. WHIT MA A,
VWflMRt tSfe Italians
Tablets, Etc.,
I adopt this mode of advert icing my business
instead of employing agenfp. My object is, to
reduce the expense of the business as much as
possible, ho bv purchasing of me you pay no
agent fees. V on can also save the expense of
delivering the work if you chooae ; besides von
can select the Marble yourself.and see the lytla
ot it. as it will be, so there is no posaible chance
for being demived or being disappointed.
Hy taking this course, there ih a saving ot
from twenty to thirty percent accurding to
how far the purchaser comes.
Von can read: t see that the mnnev I nave, by
j not keeping agents goes, to tle purchaser in
! stead ot the agent.
Agents claim that they can furnish work
I cheaper. That cannot be done, unlets done by
I Apprentice. I furnish no work of that claaa
as I employ no Apprentices.
My work and material cannot be questioned.
Fatronie borne, if vo 1 can. and save
1 monev bv o doing. wl't
MMMlimaft WARD,
I'erform all operation on the Ieeth and
iunir-. in a thorough and akillftil manner.
NitrouM oxide i.an, Ether or Chloroform,
judiciously administered when desired.
office over Sherman Seilick'e, Comer or
Main and Kalamazoo Streets, Paw Paw, Mich.
Hefer by j)ermusaion to the uudertsigned don-
tiete of Jackaou. Mich.
GEO. H. MOSHER, V.l). .
l)n. D. W. SMITH.
; looc D&. l. l. n.w &
WARE, Etc., Etc.,
AMERICAN WATCHES, Kev and tem wind.
caao. NecklaceH, Charm, Opora and Matinee
Charms. A lino assortment ui' AMFTirVST
I also invite attention to mv iai;e stock of
Manufactured hy Simson, Hall, Miller fc Co.,
from a superior quality of White Metal, and
heavily plated with Pure Silver ; a part of which
I have contracted to furnish the Van lluren Co
to distribute as
At the Fair thin Fall, and will exhibit them at
my Btore until that time. Call and see them.
VIOLIN STRINGS The best in Town.
BRACKETS A fine assortment of Wall Brack
ets in stock ; unique patters.
EN(. RAVIN.. All goods purchased of me
are engraved in the most artistic manner,
without charge. RepairinK promptly
and neatly done.
I make Spectacles a specialty, being the sole
Agent for Paw Paw, of the celebrated Diamond
Spectacles. These Lenses are manufactured
from minute Crystal Pohbles. united by fusion
and derive their name Diamond, on account of
their hardness and brilliancy.
. B. KIWE.
10061y Opposite I ourt House.
GEO. H. 0C0B0CK,
Family Groceries,
Farmer's Produce.
Cash Paid For Country Prodnce
Goods Delivered in the Cor
poration FREE OF CHARGE.
Geo. 5. Ocobock.
Dated, Paw Paw, March 1 j.
Or will exchange for other property, one
Both in good order and nearly a- good ns new .
Almena. June IS, 171.
1003tf B, W. FISK.
Haviug bought the Gallery formerly owned by
nr. ? AMES 11. Pit a ti:r.
K a 1 21 ma 00 Street .
1 would be pleased to have everybody call and
aaa me, whether they wish Pictures or not.
Don't I orr t to Hring the Habie.
i i) Li n C A L
BTAT1 oonveetioe.
The Convention was called to order at 11 a. m.
by S. D. Finghatn. Chairnaan of the Htate Cen
tral Commitiee, v bo nominated F. M. Cutchcon
of Manistee as Temporary bairman, who on
taking tlK d.air spoke as follows:
Republican of Michigan : We stand to-day
at the threshold of the third decade of the Re
pubacau party of Michigan. For one-fifth of a
century tbis partv has held the reuis of power
in the Peninsular State. And, etanding as we
do to-day, and looking back over the record of
the past, we need not apologize for the record,
but oar proudly invite the criticism of the
world, and a comparison o! the Republican par
ty and its principles and acts with the princi
ples aad acts of the opposition.
Springing into existence twenty years ago
! this summer, it threw itself like a living wall
I before the advanco of American slavery, de
claring that the virgin c,oi of the Territories
should be forever free. Standing at first upon
that issue, from that hour up to the present
time 1 ho Republican party of the United states
has been the party of liberty, the party of prog
ress, the ;arty of reform : it has been in one
! word the patty of the Republic.
In times past it has devoted itself With entire
and royal devotion to tbo development and ad
vancement of all the great mental, material, in
dustrial, and politic ! Intaraatl of the republic.
With au eye "ingle to the upbuililing of the,
'present, and laying the foundation of a grand
and perpetual future. Ibis Republican party
!has gone stendilv forward, never taking one
step backward. Wo have written upon our
banner the motto of Hampden, the English
j revolutionist . ' We take no Htep lis ikward.1
In time of rebellion, tins grand Republican
party, which lias arisen with a patriotism, mag
nanimity, and determined devotiou, absolutely
with out a peer ia aneient or modern timen.
, actually drove back and crushed the foes of
I the Republic and banished treason from the
During the trying and perplexing hours of
' the Reconstruction period, that taxed to the
, utmost the resources of Amoncan statesman
j ship, it proved itself competent for the task,
and led us through this -tormv sea until we
rode serenely and securely in the harbor of
1 peace once more.
And we stand here to challenge a comparison
herween the record of thin party during all this
time and toe record of the parties which have
been opposed to us. While we have been the
party of progress, our opponents hare been the
party of reaction, the party of destruction tear
ing down nearly as fast as we could build up.
Rut on every noiut we have borne our banners
through the thickest of the fight, to victory and
and final success.
We stand Mere to-day to give to the people an
aa onnt of our stewardship, and we ask no in
dulgence. While we admit that in the trying
! hours of tbe reconstruction period, and in the
raoro tryim' opening hours of the rebellion, we
may have made mistakes, we offer no apolo
Igies, ask no pardon, but in vita a candid and
! fair criticism and comparison.
When we first planted ourselves on the plat
jform of tho non-extension of Blavery. and the
I Democratic party withstood us face to face and
steel to steel, we met and vanquished them,
j Then came on the times of rebellion, and we
1 crushed out treason : but the Democratic par
! tj, through four long years of bloody war loud
' ly cried, " No coercion." it opposed tha Eman
cipation Proclamation, opposed all legislation
on civil rights, and all hboral amendments to
tba Constitution.
Two years ago that great party laid down tho
banners it had carried for almost half a century,
and made an unconditional surrender of all tho
principles for which it had contended, by plac
ing at the head of its column one of tbe fath
ers of too republican party. Thereby it is said
to uh. "in all the years past ..u have been
right and we have been wrong.
And now, atanuing here to-day, at the end of
' two decades, and looking over the past ,we ask
by what Tarrant does tbe Democratic party ra
ti ai e tho Republican party to hand over to
! it the affairs of ( lovemment t P.v its surrender
I two years ago it declared its incompetency, and
i icknowledged that the Republican party was
tho party of ideas and progress.
Gentlemen of the Convention. I congratulate
you upon this happy anniversary, and I pre
dict ' at twenty years more of power and con
trol awaits ua, if we conduct oursolva with that
magnificent discresion and wisdom which has
led and guided ub in the past.
Mr. Childs, on taking the chair as President
ot the Convention, spoke as follows 1
Fellow Citizens, I never had until tbis mo
ment an intimation of tbe action of your com
mittee in inviting me to preside over your de
liberations. I nave not words to express my
surprise, or my sense of honor and gratitude
for tbis mark of your esteem and confidence in
choosing me to preside over this, tbe largest in
1 numbers of any Republican Convention ever
! convened in the State of Michigan. I will not
tako up much of your precious time by making
extended remarks ; but allow me to say that I
believe w ith you that tbo glorious and impor
tant mission of the Hepubiican party is not yet
ended. I believe tbe same Irovidence which
railed it into being has vet farther use for it :
and I may sa. perhapB. that there are greater
responsibilities to meet than uny it has previ
ously borne. ' nder the administration of that
party, questions vital to tho very existence of
our Government havo been settled forever, j
The dark cloud of disunion, which hovered over !
i the horizon, has been bani-I.ed from our polit-1
ical skies, never again to return. Tho exist-1
8MB Of Hm I mon is settled and indissoluble. I
Every great M'lest ion wMct 1 amc up has been
successfully settled by this party. In that glo
rious past record, to which we joint with pride,
is read the demand for a future continuance in
power of the Republican party. And there are
questions now agitating tbo public mind, of
vital importance to us, upon which perhaps I
partiea are not settled : and to no narty can our
country so safely commit then, unsettled ques
tions a to the Republican party. In the no
very distant future this nation, with its 10,000,- M usi rics. entitled The id State Road. Mai
iHM) inhabitant, will have 100,000,060 and the I illustrated by Sheppard.
gr9at questions in relation to capital and labor, The Mysterious ItlanO and Katharine Earlc
transportation, thf industrial interests of our 1 are continued, and there are poem- bf H. ii ,
country, and other great issues now beginning .Mary E. Bradley, aud Nelly M. HiKlunson.
to agitate the public mind, all devolve upon jl innabar fity by James T. McKay, is a thonght
this R epubhean party for a glorious so'ution. ful story of western life. Dr. Holland wntos
I believe to-day with you, fellow . itizens, of ' harlos Sumner, I'rof. wing, and The. ""trug
tbat we have met to put before the people of 1 gle for Wealth, and The Old Cabinet is entitled
the State of Michigan a ticket that will be borne , With Malice toward none, with CharVy for all.
triumphantly tlirough the canvass to the close. Tbe other departments have the usual nterest
May wisdom guid vou in you" deliberations' and variety.
and success crown vour effortB in this State. -
Mr. ( bairman and Fellow Republicans 1
I served my time at the bu-iness m which I
now am engaged with an old Puritan, a man of
the old school, riid in discipline. I gave him
(as most bovs I proanmo give their employers)
a great deal of trouble, and it seemed a pleas-
" , ' , , .
ure to him to tell me that I gave him trouble.
He used to scold, and no doubt I deserved it ;
hut I rmmher well after I ha 1 bad a week of
but I remember won, alter 1 na 1 had a ween or
pretty severe scolding, that I said to him one
dav, " Coionel. do I 0tMf do am thing riRht
m VVhv, of course vou do," be replied : " if you
' , , , , . , Lt-a.
did not, I should not keep you. I said to him,
" Wbv don't y.u sav bo then ;-" Well," be
replied M it vour dutv to do right, and vou
r " . . ,.
daaarn do praaaafof tt
And you. my fellow RapobUoatM ol ibis
grand old State fir Michigan, although rt critic-
, . . , . . . .
al of my faults and errors, yet bow much move
genei(us you have 1'een to me to-day ! And
neel I sa- how kindlv, hov deeply, bow heart 1-
, , j , 1 1
ly appreciate vour kind words and treatmont!
.'have just returned from a tnp across and
aioundthis State of Mrbigau. Leaving : -
troit. with its hundred manufactui Ing naa
pieiciug the sky ; passing through the moat,
rich agricultural district of Centtul .:ti i -m;ui.-ern
Michigan : ciossmg tbe fruit belt of tbe
Mate, and see.ng upon tie great lakai a hun
dred veBsels, owned by our own paopll 1 .oss-
ing the groat pmo belt and entering tbo great
, " " HL . 1 , ... . ..
lelt of hardwood timber, and then into Oie
I.ke Superior region, with its mines or n,
copper, quarries of slate and sandstone, thence
1 hum.
,..uvoCU.ub ''"""".''. rtch
of Lake Huron and the Saginaws, the thought
came to me every day, on that grip, with every
revolution of the wheels of the locon. Jtive and
the steamboat, of the great aud varied interests
of M ichigan, and what a noble empire had been
entrusted to us. The thought came to me,
how closely allied are all these imerests one to
an(Jiuer. anu now me prosperny 01 outs is iu
prosperity of alL aud that a disaster to one in
terest is a disaster to all.
And 1 could not but think, during that tnp,
of these mighty aud valuable interests, which
had been intrusted to you. my fellow citiaens,
and through you to me. to help foster, protect,
encourage, and develop. These thing- make
me appreciate most heartily the honor and dig
nity of the position which you have once con
ferred upon me, and which J suppose. od
willing, you propose to do again.
I have but very little to say 01 the past, nor
have I many promises to make for the future :
but as I look upon the whole past hiBtory of
this State and its government, and the devel
opment and growth of our educational and
charitable institutions, I cannot but feel what
a grand, good, blessed, glorious oldState Michi
gan is, and bow well throwing out the past
two years it has neon governed, with not a
stain upon the eaeutcbeon of the State.
We have reduced its indebtedness ; we have
reduced its taxation ; we have given a hearty
support to almost every chari table institution
of which the human imagination could con
ceive : we havo cared for the deaf, the dumb,
and the blind, the insane, the unfortunate, the
criminal, the pauper, aud last of all, WN have
reached out tho great hand of the State to the
little childieu, whom we thought, irom their
circumstances and surroundings, were going
in the road that leads all the way down lull.
Wo have done all this with decreasing taxa
tion and decreasing debt. Within the last two
years we have paid $784,000 of the debt of
the Stato of Michigan.
There are some latter-day prophets who tell j
us we have got too much monev mthe Treas
ury. It is tho first time I havo hoard tbe charge
made as u fault in any State or its attal ; . w h u"r Kei out ov 1 M wayw
but it is well to remember, whother this charge hud abfc8e bitu' )mt 1 guess he ll nnd be got orr
comes from friend or foe, or from those who i t0P ov that ar Hame animal 'hat re
know nothing about it, that all the money in j buk0(1 the Balni, and boecber and
the Treasury of Michigan comes there through Eltertoh w,n ome e- f;on'L
tl,A A.-tinn of tbo ortranic law. the Constitu-1 "ThatarSt. boms man thinks w.nnn sint-
tion. -which ties up (thank dod, forever!) the
specific taxes of the state for certain pur
poees. I remember very well Wm. A. How
ard saying, in his address at the laving of tbe
corner-stone of the new Cupitc1, that it waB
to the credit ot tbe State of Michigan that
the impious hand or no Governor nor no par
ty had ever reached for the trust funds of this
State. I want to say to you that I shall not
he the first Governor to put my hands upon
tbo trust funds of the State of Michigan. If
you do not want Hub money in tbe Treasury,
yon must change the Constitution ; but just ao
long as your Constitution stand s as it does to
day, these funds will remain untouched by ev
ery boneet man.
I thank you for your cordial friendship dis
played to mo to-day. by the hearty unanimity
with which you have given me the second nom
ination for the office of chief Er.ecntivo of this
Tht. paper m Scribner's for August which
will probably Iks most widely read is entitled
Recollections af Cha. los Sumner, and is the
fiMt of a series by Mr. A. R. 'ohnson, who was
long and intimately connected with Mr. FABBftMf H(omacb to indignashnn. and you g.st tell bub
as his private secietarv. nother timely urti- (o drink Bme catnip tea and goto hod and
cle is Kate Field's sketch of tho manuscript of ne. fC6, iter abont it in tho momin '."
"Oui Mutual Friend," recently sold Iff this An(, fefiing reassured bv I Deo odi . em
country. WHHBBl Henry Goodvear advances mfg a-siii-nce that woman's snfDago was all
some original theories Bl regard to Piaja arch- 1 a,d my pen aside and went on my way
iteoture in a fully illustrated article entitled pgjgjp
A Lost Art. Mt. BffCe gives n-Some Epigrams . .
of Martial Mr Stoddard priuts his see .n l par IffffM months since i BWBBtOt Wm KarU of
per on the ancestry of Some British Authors, Marshall, was the uotmiof sunstroke, and at
and there is a sketch of Wlutelnw Reid. w.tb a last his brain became weakened. IJ wan at
jK the Rattle Creek Water Cure for a time, but
Mr. King's Great south inBtlllJmou deals with without benefit. Yesterday Dr. Bammn went
Tbe Cotton States, chiefly .eorgia, and the il- down and it was decided to send Earl to nala
lustrations reflect the life of that reg.on. Mr. mazoo. be having bffBBJBM Impeipwsly nsaiio.
P.. F. Tavlor has another M ON Hro .Taokaon Pat riot.
Iht U'mmtn Baafl raise n it. ..
What was left alive of this figment of a sen
timent before the eruption of tbe Reecher
L'ilton scandal now lies dead before the elderly
enthusiasts who worried it into existen. o.
v bat ever may have been urged in deb u 0
tbe woman's stiff rage movemen. before, bv men
wl' wee constantly reminded that they had
SXSL flCtffiffl th W
t riuddli in which we find such women as 1 hza-
ueth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and
others inextricably mixed, strips the question
at once of "8 "0lectaljility and its vitality.
.heM women Me reHpectable .n the.r sphere
( aODO ))y tueir unimpeachable character sur-
rounded the impossible because impracticable
1 of won .n's right e and woman s equal-
Hy with a glamour 01 propriety. The thorough
nastinesa of the iilton-Heecher axpoae has.
however, pricked the bubble, and ,t hangaat
rbe end of the dirtiest imbroglio th. New York
world has ever known.
lb0 freo iove ..rocii.itiesof an Am parti
to the Plymouth Church trans-, t.cn rare fa-
miharly known to these womoi u n ngo. -
Kn.iWu 01 and discussed: rot erred tr floubt-
ovor tca.ubl(1,. antl ana)vt: .
1 thoso higher law n 1 ioni ajbteh aro Boppoaad to
Kovera and glorifv the illicit short-i omings of
higher law terrestrial-. 1.v:hk in tho dei al B
rea,m Qf hfitZ plane. Whatever
thee was oi" resoLctabihty in thin woniau's
right's movcracnt wan vested in Mm Sti iton
aim iub leaner or won m one rpeci
ability follow ad tlicni
i'heir mi-' ruble e,ni,ieitioo v it Ii tb. Bl oi.
lyn scandal has lolled it. It must ahoot cverv
body. I: oii'ht to she -n evnrvbodv ' locks
at the sacrednees of tha marnago relation and
dei ,s all those beautiful Hnagonaa which
inrround hour- nd tha lllllo ties of husband.
" "J , ' , ,im'r . ircn-a.i. IT para
thought ot snob 3 svstem. covered up, nPtvat-
, ed as it were bv a daily interchange of the most
. intimate courtesies of iocial life, is bo revolting
that we recoil from pursuing tho thread if tho
imnmotil n ,u liun..l ... ..Il OA T -
I -- wm ruvm, wuw. o. IJUUII no-
1 pubnean.
i Fdi?ob Xstn Noathehnkk :-Veeterday the
above artido waH imM me witu a requeHt ,,u
j road an(1 anBw0r u aild aB j M fakinK noteH of
wLat ptfe(.t it m,ght have u,)0n woaiau'-sutlrage
, t, tbe po),9 thiH fa and 0OKitatulg wbar roply
, and teeylDi, oatwlial disheartened
j withal (hP venorahe hea(1 of , n,,e M i6(jpod
slily over my shoidder, ani. with eyes sparkling
with unusual intelligence, be said. " 7ha' must
have been a tremendous shock that, cracked
that ar St. Fonts man so, now. Didn't he know
afore this time that the wimuiin all the way up
from the mornin' ov time and creaCiOi don't
know ennvthing ov themselves, only what men
tell 'em.' '.eniseajind St. Paul tello 'em to
obey their hnsl uda, and if they'd -earn eny
thing, to learn ov their husbands to hoia, and
to keep silent in the churches. Altai ' boil to
it in this agt v reason that it is unreasonable
to think woman a reasonable being, when--he's
been taught sn h things from her babyhood up
wards. Aud Mi Baaabaf -a-. aaaa ax Bttaa
buth Tilton. yei hava confidence in mv pidg
in' nt. aint yer ? ' and 9he says, says aha, . e
Mr. Reecher I have. Ye'r my paster M d sptnt -ual
sjuide. and I'm yer sheep.' And Ml Hee.-ber
says, says he, ' I look upon her as . h.ld.'
And it don't stand to reason that Fn. abaftfe ,s
to blame in the I'rooklin Bcandia. and I don t.
behove she is neither, nor I don't behove I aaoE"
er is neither. 1 he lieecher and liltou muddle
is just, like that ar awful tiagedh.d affair at
Washington of Key ami Sickles. NekltathOQfM
that Key was 'eit.ug higher up in tho perh'.icle
sky nor he was, and readin' in the Sari tor that
'ho that cxalteth himself shall be abased,' be
thought he'd perform t Ootip afclflf Mhl get
Mgttar not Key was, and to aLaso him, ha shot
him through his own '.. and killed em both
poor, inercent things; and it is git' ihBaMM
with Tilton : ba want 10 vault higher n. ' 'weeh
er is, and he g ot awf ul mu at him beianse he
would not lend him any more money, and no's
a frcoloverite. and he'd foun 1 bis i n 1 .11 that
ar Woodhull. and to make room foi he in hir
own house he throws his wife. E.i.ahnM,, at-
bis eakle. Don't he know tha' when men pot
a chaiu round woman's neek. and ba n ber to
the ground, the other end ov that iraMBB ham
is securely fastened round their own i.e'kar'
And when men put their heel on t woman's
brain, and crush and grind it into the enribal)
the way frum the fust day ov NBgaM I I now,
and then ask her to manifest as great ao amount
ov mind, the d get disappoint 3d ev'jy ime?
Rut I gues if men will take their heel or, and
give 'em room, and open the way u em to
give an exabition, he'll find h s motbo' snows
enough now to give him a sound spanking, (tbe
St. Louis man I meant." And -aid Dn"o .'oeb,
' Vinne. that Mrs. Stanton and vnf.bouy are
all right. God blesH 'em! And now don't you
feel down in the mouth, nor worked Bp abou
it. Thatar above piece is only a MMBI harm
less thunderbolt, and 't wont bust. no. s attei
nobody. nd that ar St. lxwis man that. tiso
sbo -kod and smashed up will nnd thai it wim
mm s suffrage is dead and bumod m I Bl
Erookl n hot-' t-d Bf Tiltou-W. odhnll-treo-love-afhnitvism,
it snh ph i nix on eleishm. day
Fin a man, Vinne, and I've experiment!- knowl
edge ov man's intricacies : and I know a BJBf
instead ov leligton thru has moved thul ar man's

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