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ruc Northerner.
I'vw w. Michigan, M.w 14, 1875
General Topics.
It, fating to .ictnittrr Snlmcriit
tiotiH aiut .1 rrrarttUfB.
1 . Subscribers wlio do not Rive express no
t.oa to the contrary, are considered wishing to
continue tin it- subscription.
2. If Bulr i it mh order the discontinuance of
their rriolu iilH, tli publishers may continue
to send tbem until nil arrearages are paid.
:i. 1 mbacribera neglect or refuse to take
i heir periodicals trom tho office to which tbey
are directed, th f IN ImM responsible until
they have Bottled their bait, and ordered them
4. If subscribers movo to other pi ares with
ut informing the publishers., and the papers
are sent to tbo former direction, tbey are held
5. The Courts have decided that refnsing
to take periodical from the onice. or rWDOTUW
and leaving them uncalled for, lii prima ftuA
evidence of intentional fraud."
6. Any person who receives a nowNpapor and
makes use of it. whether ho has ordered it oi
not, is held in law to le u subscriber.
7. If subscribers pay in advance, they are
bound to give notice to tbo publisher, :.t lbs
end of their time, or if tbey do not wish to con
tinue taking it ; otherwise tbo publisher iB
authorized to send it on, and the subscribers,
will to responsible until an express notice with
payment of all arrears, is sent to the publisher.
Aocorling to the New Tax Bill passed by the
Legislature at its recent session, i. T. notice
that "the business of selling or offering for
sale spirituous or
bv retail, or any patent medicine, mixture or
compound, winch in whole or in part consists of Gratiot county lexicographer.
spirituous or intoxicating liquors," is subject to
One Hundred and fifty Dollars;' and
General Items.
I'ortland, Mich., has a ladies' history etas.
St. Johns has a juvenile temperance society,
l'ort Huron desires to orgauize permanently
an orthographic society.
" Fi-n-fl-ci-an" spells physician, according to
Conway was quah-
A lively runaway last Wednesday.
8 vlin i '-.'-school next l'hursday evening.
Fresh oranges and lemons at Miss Munger's.
V.hs .liuia Phillips U tlie champion speller
of South Haven.
Mrs Hurlbert has a new aiming in front of
bor ico cream parlors.
On Monday last, l.ydia .
rled a uotarv Mbtto.
The school children of DeottV hive a spoil
ing school this evening.
The article from Jonathan Tnstlus will be
found on our eighth page.
BtTtnl of the side-walks in tbio vi'lage are
in a very dilapidated condition.
We understand that the lifton Houso has
been rented by Charley Sherman.
The epring races of the Lawrence Driving
Tark Association will be hold in June.
Millinery and dress-making at the rooms of
Miss Maggie Maguire, over K. Smith fc Co.'s.
At the spelling-school on Thursdav evening
of last week O. W. Rowland, Esq., won the
A pan-cake and ioo-cream eoeial was held at
the residence of Rev. 1). Burns laBt Wednesday
Mrs. Joseph Davey, of this village, and Mrs.
Charles Brown, of Almena, will sail for Eng
land m about two weeks.
The Episcopal society of this place has or
ganized a Heading Circle, which meets on Mon
day evening of each week.
a tax of
on the business of selling bv "retail any brew
ed or malt liquors or any other beverage forty
iiollirs." I bis is a much more stringent law
than the Liquor League asked for. O. T. no-1
tices that the liquor sellers and the politicians
who sought preferment through the advocacy
are not pleased with the law, and have already
set up a tfreat howl and commenced the work
of manufacturing public sentiment against it. j
(i. 1 . notices that on the pasBageof this law, (
in tbo Senate there were eight republicans and
mue democrats who voted for the bid, and ten
icpublicans and live democrats who voted
against it. Q, t, thinks the democrats can
hardly claim Hub to be a
BLACK HI. i r I I .Ii A.N
measure seeing that there wore moro democrats
than republicans who favored it, and moro
republicans who voted against the measure than
G. T baa been looking over ibo provisions of
Tin: touch on ueoclatinu act
which was adopted by the legislature lor the :
more effectually carrying into effect tin Tax
Bill, and linds its provisions very stringent ;
and is of the opinion that it will prove very effi
cient if tbo authontios but discharge their du
ties as prescribed under tbeeo two enactments ;
and to this end they should be well sustained
by all temporauce and ordor-loviug people.
(i. T. is a little curious to know bow those
axtreine temperaauce people, who bad so many
bard words to say about changing the law. re
gards this new ouo. If tbey will do their dutv,
and work as dilbgently to create a
iu favor of giving it a thorough trial, as its en
emies will to bring it into disrepute, O, T. be
lieves they will become satisfied that tbo change
is an improvement on tbo old law. By the old
law it was made every body's business to see
that violations w ere prosecuted; the natural re-
suit was that it really was nobody's business.
If any person or persons attempted to cause
any violations to be punished, the liquor sellers
and the liquor drinkers and the politicians who
relied on that element to secure election to
office, joined in one deop and long howl over
the matter, and did all in their power to make
such person
and destroy any influence be might possess.
In last week's iBBue of the Tbue Nobthebn
eb G. T. took occasion to make a remark or
two concerning tbe taxation of
and also made some pertinent queries. He
mentioned that Public Libraries were subject
to taxation, as tbe oprniou of the city attorney
of Detroit would show. O.T. has been exam
ining the new
naMMvi bv tbo legislature at its late Bession.
" Time Boftens all things," except the youug ; &nu iu tne third section of that act he finds this:
man who parts hi hair in tbo middle
can make him any softer than he is
' Provided, Nothing herein contained ahall
be construed to
auy species of property from taxation under
the general laws."
This is a very sweeping; cl .use, and G, T. can
Monroe has been appointed School see no place where church property, public h-
K. O, Briggs, Esq., attendod the meeting of
tbe Millers' Asssociatiou, which has been in
session at St. Louis, Mo., this week.
Mr. c. J
Superintendent of the township of South
Haven, no Rev, J. Anderson, resigned.
The next social of the Eree Baptist church
and society wUI be held at the residence of .
Joseph Unman on Tuesday evening next.
J. M. Scrvosa has purchased a residence in
the city of Marshall, which seems to indicate
that he intends to make that place bis futuie
Next week Mrs. T. U. liendrick wi;l leave for
California, where she expects to remain all
summer visiting the many places of interest to
be found in that State.
That sprightly sheet, the Detroit Evening
News, has been enlarged. Hereafter it will not
bo under the necessity of squeezing all the
news out of its items bv coudensat.on.
brarn-s, town balls, lodge rooms, public build
ings, or any other kind of i roperty, stands on
bo far ah liability to taxation is concerned, than
the property of private individuals. G. I, is
well aware that this change in the law will be a
surprise to many people, because tbey had
thought that tbe idea of taxing this description
of property bad been disposed of by tbo defeat
of the bill bj which certain amounts ot
wen- to bo exempted from babihty to taxation.
It seems that the legislature was unwilling that
auy class of propel ty should shift it.-- jUBt bur
dene of taxation to other classes, and thereby
compel a contribution lor us own beuetit.
. T. is not arguing the question nor advo
cating tbo expediency of tbo measure, but
uu-re I v stating a fact and indicating its bearing.
He would also mention the fact that in some
localities civic and religious societies own very
Blanks for use under the new liquor tax bill
are UOW Im lii liraiiarnri a - - - .i..
direction of the Auditor General, and will be , fif poBBe81BionB' f ValUe ad
' 1 tivoness. and yielding larue incomes. Would
Bent to all the County Treasurers soon.
tivoness, and yielding large incomea
it be wrong to require such to contribute their
Ua spelling-school in Decatur, the other just proportion toward tbe support of the gov-
evcning, Mrs. K. G. Kuasell and D. W. Loav- erument and the administration of the laws?
ous, r.Bq., Bpeued the class down. A copy of
the Van Buren County Republican for one yoar
was the prize.
The ladies of St. Mark's Society will give a
i'ound Social at Town Hall, Friday eveningi
May 21st. Admittance, ouo pound of auy tbint'.
All articles brought will be sold at auction. -Ml
are invited.
The May number of Truth for tki Twph
comes to us considerably enlarged, and other
wise much im roved. Among the many choice
articles to bp touud in this number, are two
poems wnttcu by one of its oditors, the talented
Kev M rs. F. W. Gillette.
One hundred years ago last Monday (May
10, 1775) Ethan Allen, with bis tiretm Mouataiti
lioyB, pre-eoted .imself bofore Fort Ticoude
roga and demanded its surrender " in tbe name
of tbe Great Jebovab and the Continental
Congress," and then marched in and took the
fort despite all opposition. Stirring times had
then commenced in serious earnestness.
On Saturday night last tbe store of Cnarles !
Welch, at Almena, was broken into, and a large
quantity of clothing, jewelry and watches
stolen. Tuesday morning officer McCabe ar
rested two young men, named Frank Fox and
William Brown, at Kalamazoo, who owned up
to the burglary and gare up most of the stolen
goods, tbey reaide near Mat ta wan. and at the
tune of their aireHt bad 200 keys about their
The day Van Amburgh's show exhibited here
the house oT Henry lielfy, a mile and a half
otst of tins village on the Mattawau road, was
br keu into and rohid of a largo quantity of
wealing apparol aud ottier valuables. The
tamiiv cmo to town in the forenoon, but re
turned earlv in the afternoon, and it was during
their absence that the kMH was euterod and
plundered. Mr. Belfy lost an entire hint of
n -w clot e together with a lurue amount of
oilier clnr'iing b longing 10 himself and wile
W also ItMio that Mm hous of William
IlMMi some four ni'l. s h mill mbi f tbin vil
la , "o foe Decatur rof. ai enterel aud
roll 10.1 of lllOti e 14 (If f of .cr , U l leS.
Tbe Tbue Nobtdebneb mentioned last wook
that Kirkwoodaud John Nash wont over to
Kalamazoo, to see tbe authorities there about a
ii f tie misdemeanor, in which Nash waa inter
osted. 0, I. has loarned that John settled the
matter by cmploing a Justice of tue Peace to
enter up an assessment against him for tbe
small amount of
1 mm D0LLAB8.
As tbo wiuter has been a hard, long aud ooM
one, with busiuet-s d'dl, John was. as buudi.
of others are t;.:a spring, rather short et cur
rency ; but he was willing to work, aud at once
closed a contract with the keeper of the Jail to
the assessment. He may be found at that
I institution for the next tew days. 6. V learne
that when he has finished bis job at Kalama
zoo be will return to this place, where his ser
vicer will be much usoded to clear up other
" The Buchanan Musical Union" is the name
of a new organization in that village.
Mr. 1 1 I. Richardson, of Charlotte, is about
to open a Kindergarten school in that town.
Some four or five saloons have closed up in
Maishail in consequence of the new h pjor law,
I wenty-nino graduates of Hillsdale College
will deliver twonty-nino orations aud essay - on
the 17th of next month.
.Miss Anna V. Raper, a graduate of the law
department of tbo I nivereity of Michigan, is
lecturing on temperance.
Tho rniversalista of Dowagiac have a fair,
ralM . i-rab-bag, recitations and musical enter
tain in all m ouo evening.
Oi. April 'Jjth, Deacon Wru, .-avago, of the
Congregational church at iludson. died, aged
eighty-two years. He came to Michigan in l iti.
Lake Michigan is about fifteen iuchoe lower
this season than last, and. as a consequence,
this affects the depth of water in the harbors
along tbe shore.
Tho walls of the new capitol building l.egin
to loom up prodigiously. The atone and brick 1
are laid mr. . : to tbe top of the windows in the :
second story. I .ansing 1 Republican.
W hen a anew storm drives a farmer out of
his potato patch May 1st it is about time to
offer the wholo confounded ccuutiy for twenty i
shillings and a shot-gun. Detroit Free !'res
ilev. Miss Augusta J. bapiu has resigned
her charge as pastor of the i ersahst Church
iu Lansing, to accept a call from tho Univorsal-i.-t
Church of Pittsburg, Pa . at 18,400 salary.
Dr. Miles, formerly of tLo Michigan Agri
cultural Colloge, left on May 7th tor Campaign,
111., where ha is filling ihe position of Professor
of Agnculturo in the Industrial L'niveraity of
At the Stato Prison at Jacksoi twenty-three
convicts were received dming the mouth of
I April, and twenty-four were discharged while
five were pardoned. Tbe number connued on
May lat was 739.
I 'rot. Alexander Winnie. ;. formerly of tbe
.Michigan I niversity, and lately of the Syra
cuse I niversity. has been elected Professor of
Natural History in the anderbilt University,
Nashville, Tennessee.
About 20 laborers on the Fontiac asylum foun
dation Btruck for f 1 50 per day, instead of
$1 25, last week Monday. Those who remained
at work received the increase ; those who struck
were Bupplanted by others at $1 50.
The CokLvater Republican states that the
State Public School board met on May 6th,
and organized by electing Hon. C. E, Mickley,
of Adrian, president ; Hon C. D. Randall, of
( 'old water, secretary and tressurer, who givos
! bonds in tbe sum of 915,000. The other member
of the board is Dr. S. S. Cutter, of Coldwater.
The first annual meeting of the convention
, of tho Frotestant Episcopal Church iu the
I Dioceso of west urn Michigan will bo held iu
i St. Luke's Church, Kalamazoo, on Wednesday,
tbe 26th day of May, at 10 o'clock a. m. On
Tuesday evening a meeting will be held in St.
John's Church for the discussion of methods
of raiaing money for charitable objects.
Tho Cass County Republican of May 6th con
tains the following "The Foard of Control
1 of the State swamp landa met at Lansing last
week. A report was made to the board by Mr.
Emmons, one of the commissioners, who was
here a few weeks since, stiongly in favor of the
claims of tins region for help from the State to
reclaim tue-o iaudj, and an appropriation of
6,400 acres ol State swamp lanJi was made for
KM ptupuM by tho board."
The second semi-annual session or the Mich
Ign Fee-Keepers' Association con veu 'd at Kal
amazoo on Thursday, May 6th, at 2 o'clock
p. ui., President Pidwell presiding. Delegates
wore preseu: from South Haven. Dowagiac,
Lawton, Decatur, ialesburi,'. Ailegan, Marshall,
Albion, etc. I be principal topics of discussion j
wore " Wintering Bees" aud best method of ;
"Building up Colonies in Spring. " Membeis 1
reported heavy losses iu wintering tho past
season. The only effectual remedy at present. :
as far as ascertained, was tho use of tbe " cold
frame," thereby giving the bees an opportunity
to fly in wiuter. At tho evening session tbo
subjects of tbe "Best Bee-Hives," "Artificial
Swarming," " Surplus Honey." and other topics
were considered at length. Tbe attendance
was good and tho interest continued unabatcu.
The convention adjourned to meot m Kalama
zoo the first Wednesday in December uext.
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winter. During bis wbole Senatorial career we
have beard not a Bingie word spoken derogatory
of his actions. We understand that lor the
present be will resume tbe piactice or his pro
fession in this village, and of course we wish
him much success.
During tho afternoon of Thursday Mr. C. J.
Monroe heid a raising on his farm one mile
from tbo villago, the subject matter being a
86x50 barn During 'be exercises Mr. C. West
gate was driving a spike to its ulace witu a large
mallet, wlion by some miscalculation Mr Q.
W. livers dine within reach and received a
glancing blow nn the head, nearly killing him
lie was taken home, and we n pleased to
know in now considered out of danger.
Tbe liquor sellers are organizing to tight tho
new liquor law in the courts and test its cun
Htitutiouahty. They held in Detroit what tbev
call a mas meeting of tlio Haloon-koopcr.-', at
which uhout flity attended. Speeches were
made, an organization perfected, and the name
l.ihcr;v kMOdfttiOtt" given to U.
I'be letlawnm arc tbe oiheera of IM inaso
ciatiou :
President K W. Andrews. Hay Cn v.
V ice I'res't Christ uu sbneder. Detroit
Secretary lames Defoe, Detroit
( or. Sec'y J. Wobbor, Detroit.
Troanurtir Edward Kautet, Detroit.
Kxecutive Committee Charles RTebbtr and
Dome lirinknian, Detroit; Woiduy Hawkins,
bay Citv ; Arthur lirown, Kalamaoo; Seth
Bolooab, (irand Uapids.
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SHE I. DON In Oliddenburg, May 5th, 1875,
Mrs Amy Sheluoh, aged HI years, 10 months
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CLAIIK In Almena, May 7tb, 1875, Sakah
Clabk, aged 53 years.
Business Notices.
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