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Shi ruc Mtttiitrm
i i.KMI TOPlt S.
i i.i l.ae the State, comity ami ilis
trict bUffl in the We st been h1 successful
as tho 4 the prseiit year.
In tcet MA it has been rWOSUtlj de-
i i. il i the Old Oittiottni In Oaf isiij
that i prisst may lawfully many.
Ladxm, beware ol those striped hoae
that ;t just coming into fashion. They
pro. i ii eruptions on the liinlw.
A HS nl journal published ''nClevc
lami baa BBds the iHlflfUMJ that bald
beadrd people are exempt from con
sumption. Tin I ditors ol Fort Wayne,
i ml.. Lavo induced a Judge to declare
insane and commit to the lunatic asylum
man v. 1. 1 au ungovernable penchant
lot writing poetry.
UM Is lavorite (mp IBaTSting
chorus oi the Qeorgis negroes at tbeiz
revival meetings :
l''ort-c-f"'!; bull-fisiRK a!) iu d row.
DOWI in 1' lafOOB, latl'iii at .1. .row;
IJrcs ! p ml lArd, how ilo cullud uiigol i 11 ;
Maml ..i?t if .i.n,' r-. or you all gwtm to h. 11,
Bros ii. jj.vxl i)rt.
. ,
Etonwann is the name of a gentle
nan who writes rosy editoriali for the 1
Ouiahn Bee. He is evidently not the
fightiaj ditor, as he was badly thrashed,
the other day, by a wraths individual '
who i. foil d t I tain a rose-colored view
of one of hii playful paragraphs,
ObTJGAOO haa improved on tlie inveii
lion of ;. uard inscribed "hire a hall,"
or "t:. - mar. was talked to deatli," in
tended ror the discouragement of pro
(eanjoaal bores, The present device is I
i small ears fasteosd by a thread to the
button hoi. . When the speaker has
oat t: ! : Li welcome, the victim oslnv
'v places the ooffc in his near ear.
Now vi. "i there are so many ambi-,
t ions candidates before the country it is
tim.Mhc ihonld know vhe.re they got
their names. Cktndidut rnoarii white,
Old in o . B ':ne men who offered them
selves foi Ottoe were " candidati, " be- I
diau the won- very while robes, which,
by t!i way, they sometimes chalked,
or. as w' should say, 'whit.-ncd, " and
when they proceeded to go round I
ttmbitt and solicit votes, they were j
srabiti is. Candidates, pleass take no-:
tice, and k cp clean.
That ecppei-eolorod statesman, ora- I
tor ai H F, Hon. Spotted Tail, in a
ipesoh to the Black Hills Commis-ion
ers, th- other day, gave vent to this j
burs! ol eloquence : "Yesterday, when
we col I yon Commissioners, you I
m all drunk, and you tried to throw a
ivl i ray head. To-day I breathe
the frsa sir Of heaven among my own,
people, . Dd 10 no w talk to you what I
did not wish to say ywstefday. If you j
.cant mi. land we want the boundary
line ot Nebraska ohanged, the reserva-1
Hon BOMfged, and we want to know what
you nay.' Ugh !
A ( . porruspoadSPt of the Spring-
field i Masff ) '' publican draws this pen-
photograrh Of th" venerable William
Alien: "He is a tall, angular, loosely
built m::.Ti in i clos. ly fitting suit of shiny
blsok. ifiti head is covered with ashook I
of ahorl white liair, even thread of
rjrhieii tcsiiksas if it might be clinched on
the netbei BiAaol his tough old soalp;
tl'' s-t, aaaapaafa Sjnii um that would ;
, . :. t
init to M.aruo the nobbt Komati ot them
ill; slarsje, tbatinate aaonth; anuBsnVel
face witho ii one isrene s"t upon it, but
deeply furrowed ewer by lbs paasaons f
a Strong, coajbativv r.aturv tln4 are j
Ihe Imi .1 i striking characteristics
of ouj modern politioal BapVanl
I Hi lATOl JaMBS K. DoOtMRIA, in
hfe reeent aoVraai at the Winnebago '
c.im.ry (HL) Aariouitural Fair, Bfopoacd
;i Dowel ichanw for pafuini in eleetions,
Hh n . includsa the f oQowina; nasas
axes: Tic mbdhrisiou oi stseaoral
pic -r - ta nutil DOt BMte tlnin 7A) votes
shall bs n srrj one, a loal iwejuflwaaanl
that . vrry ettiMn who cannot give a
good sirmss aa iQ sttsnd and eosi at all
okwtlCBUt and minority representation in
saaaoM (popular) ol tudf ami clerks
ot rfeetiOD, i'2 fan oftisa i' more than
30.000 inhabitant tin- DMM Bud PSBi
d are oi aaaji fotef to Im- pubUelj read
h. len hw lniilot indsunsJied, and public
proof oi bii Identity and quahfleation to
1m' given OS tin- spot ami Under oath, if
ohaUengod; and (8) that beads of fami
lies shall li allowed two voten, one lor
Hi. m -e'v .- , Mad tkS other aa representa
U ID lil lnniilis.
I h i y ;i'arsaffi), uu the 27th ult
- e w -
drat fanca of tatdeisa was
drawn by a
o rmoi as open to the public
n is
Hhi ;i' Darlington, in England, nnd
(i,..rj.'. itd-piieiiMciii wiim the engineer,
boQi ot tfie road and of the locomotive,
it v. i Beginning of isahxssiBBg, and
the S' :) t'LtenniflJ of the eve nt ban pint
I.,,, . . :..ie,: :,r hu iington ova grand
ad banquet, participated in
1 K
by many tlistingnishinl Englishmen.
The little line then opeued has since
iMHm absaaasl into the KoithsMiisu
nulroml of England, an immense ror
)H)rution, whos capital is ffiO,()(K),l)OU,
Of eiuid to that of our whole Pacific rail
road, and evsntheJ Is surpassed by thsss
other British nulroada. The railroaiis
of the worhl liae all beco crtiated within
this fifty years. The United Stat Imve
hiid the MOat lengtli in that time, and
about as much as all tlie rest of the world
put together. Tlie cost and manner of
building 1ms U n the most magnificent
in Knglaud, where Us- perceuiJge of net
return nnd gross earnings to coat is less
than with us.
Ovm del issued proposala for the erec
tion of brick building for the use of
the Fire Department
Font prisoners escaped from the
County Jail at Jackson, tlie other night,
by digging a hole through the brick
wall. So Mill wns the work that none of
the other prisoners heard anything of it.
Two SBOfKKBS, named Forster, quar
r'eled, one day last week, while at work
on the Great farm, near St. Johns, cut
ting corn. One received a Eatal stab
from tlm corn cutter in the hands of the
OaUB Knk.ht has pttU arrested at
Fast BaginsW, charged with an attempt
to tiie the dwelling of Win. C'arrcn at
South Sagiuaw. In default t v.aMl
bonde he wan committed. He had just
been put undet bonds for thrcatetiin; to
kill Carren.
Hum W. Bans, of Brooklyn, being
largely interested in lumber at Hay City,
was interviewed by a reporter of tlie Hay
( it;. 7W6flfte, and gave his opinion that
it is not the excessive supply but the
great cost of production that causes the
stagnation in the lumber trade. To over
come this Mr. Sac;.- says that u reduction
in the expenses of mills is necessary, and
concludes that the most possible way of
doing it is by the importation of Can
adian laborers.
Thk verdict rendered by tie Coroner's
impiest on the remains el' Claude Avery
ami Antoine Orover, recovered from the
Berndon House ruins, in Marshall, is ms
follows: "No satisfactory solution of
the origin of the tire can be derived.
There were QO pp r facilities for es
oape in 'nse of lire supplied in the con
struction of the building, and it is the
opinion of the jury that a competent
night watchman should have been kept
in a hotel of the magnitude of the Hern
don House."'
An exciting scene took place last week
in the court room at Detroit, during tic
trial of the Ward will CSSSt Jttst as the
OOUrt adjourned, Henry S. Ward, son of
('apt. Ward, sprang to his feet and vio
lently denounced Wirt Dexter, oounsel
for the widow, and threatened to blow
his brains out. Pining Dexter'l re
marks he alluded to theiomeyn chaige
that Mrs. Ward and her n IsttVCS had
worked upon Capt. Ward so as to have
him appropriate most of his property to
her and her children to the detriment of
the children by the first wife, as the
charge of a slanderous tongue. Romeyn
asked DeXter if he applied those re-iniu-ks
to him, when Dexter replied that
he did, and held himself accountable to
Romeyn for them in or out of court.
Til i: tTM i:NNI VL.
Mlehlgan Bvatlqaargaraal the Phltadalphtti
The Miouigan Board of Cen'anrilal Commia-Hioucr-i
propoaa to erect a building in I'lnla
delphia foi tba pnrpoao of Mloblgau '"i.t ;i
inai Htadtraartora Nothing will be nasd in tto
conntruction of the edilice which la not Qlreatlj
the product, Bumafaetorad or dtherwlaa, of
Michigan aotl, except the nailf. Tin- material
an teeing Into tto building will be: Walla and
foundation of Michigan uiiuhlc, freeatone
aandntono, sto. ; roof, nwbigaii alata wlndoara,
Mri,p'" glaM ; obimoava, Miobiasa brick,
etc. Tba intarior will al-.n be f nrulabed with
Michigan WOOda. and tic wuole will Brat lie
complete I hete. und then nelit to
Philadelphia to be put Up. The builil-
ing win no ina
the Sficbisan Board "f
Dll ectoiH
eotora, Beoretary.
iH-ooie MMnllT
exhibitors, and Mlehiaaii
Full record- and duaoriptiooa
products hii'I rmourcea of the Statu and other
like information will be topt for tba aulightan
incut nl tiuise not Michigantlers, a well hm
t'ilen of all the lea.liii;: Atichigun newspapers.
A register topi Bj I m Hi n . saw) will contain
the narneH. raaidancea and atoptring plaoaa ol
n Miobigan folks, hii that then Iriends nnd
other wu bt able to find them awattjT n-
tribationi to paj for labor m araottng thm
fttiobigan oaatM art aanaatl! i ilidtad. and thn
ooosf thay ara m at to tba iommlnwlmi In this
city, the bctt.-r. AjdSYaaa F. W. Noble. S.-e-retary.
BOSBI II, Bank iiloak, Detroit. '.
i', publican.
Addraaa t the Aarimltanata nni Horticul
BaeaUeof HtaSjpan
in kick "i i bm ranniAi. Boaan or i n uhhh . i
Booai 11, Sana Baooa,
In.Titoli, Mi. Ii., uk. 14. IhT.'i.
The Msts Centennial Board oi Masunjara iie
sire the hearty reoperation of any and nil of
our citizens, who are in auy way interested in
thi braiK-b of industry, to give uh your aid in
collecting arid forwarding lotto UantSbnta Es
pnHition any of Ito prodoehi of th noil yon
may have. Tto State of Michigan staiuls hijh
11 the list Mt an agricultural Slate our BfO
ducts are farted hihI Of a BtSjB order.
The gaoBraphtoal noattioa Of Michigan ia
pecuhaiiy adTBSSaaSSUai The climate of a
OOOOtry is the nrult of all iu meteorological
Inrlnauoaa. 1' is niiahtied by latitude, naflrsla
tion.it' kU - hi I... proatoitj to water, winds
ami nature of its soil. Tlie woila of every State
..institute its princpal SfttssHaral wealth, and
he at tto foundation Of a:l dc'sirahle pronpenty.
However rich a countiy may lie i:. minerals, ita
Independence cannoi he maintained without a
suMi.'n in of fertile aoiln to produce food
eiionch to aababn iioiinlatiou. The great
fphvnical agencies which govern the creation of
uenltb Minute ana hoi i me nrm regulating
flonaumcy. energy and .lire, tneeis ..f luUir the
living, with reasonable certainty, the
prntiu Ol labor. It is a happy conihination
BUeliigaa baa. A healthy, invigorating climate,
and a fartile eoil.
I uat. and hoi I. it S "il! i.iear. are neces-
-r conditions of wealth, und. by reason of ,
IfUi'un which wealth ivas, ot inttUigeiico,
moral culture and civih.atnui.
tto maetivitv of general btjabaaaa, aai thr
1 1 jn.ai dspswaaas biswisjbI bianchesof maun
rtCtariag IndiD-trv. not enlv in hut fotwigu
OOOitSriflB, I im mntUi MVHiUhln n laro anion of
Hllni ud labor for rstavsafcmSM. 1 he nlti
nii.te i..nli cannot fail to SS tWS)S(MsL Tin
opporttmHy aew esTarw for n to invite th in
vtwtiuftiit of h Krtioiiof Ih.Hi capttolaaid labor
do not let UiiH letsaa opporSaalty pssa Wa
k vou to uivu iw your aid iu piettaritig mucIi
products of the m.iI a will place Michigan at
Ui head of the lint an an agricultural Htate.
Tlie Hoard of Managers have aeMigned to I.
J. Woxlroan, of Paw Paw, the Department of
Agriculture and Horticulture. He will give
theru hi eriieciul attenMon. and will rejuiro an
SWSh aewunce an each and ever)- citizen oau
give. Whero he cannot give hiVerHonaJ at
tention, it i Imped tiiat ieople having articlen
they are denimiM to forwanl f r exliibitiou. will
communicate with F. V. Noble toorstaiy, who
will fnraiah all mfCrsMitkm.
In the Department of Agriculture will be rep
resented :
Arbortooliurs and forest productu.
AgriculturHl prod acta.
Laud animal.
: Marine animals, rih cultiue and appaiatus.
Auimul and vegetable products ( ine a lo.nl
or aa nnttoiialn ).
Textile rotolsneaSi of vegetable or animal
Machines, implements, uml procenoeH of
Agricultural engine. -riiiK Mad aJiniiastration.
Tillage and general management.
In the Department of Horticulture:
Ornamental trees, Mlmd and floweca.
Hot hoiwen, aosaarvstoiissi Bvspeitei ind
. then management.
) Garden t.U. iraiftHftTloi oi BSSaSaisSja
(i.irch.i rtaajglllng, nstl tmn and BMBSgS
flan ami Information maj be obtained . ; uuy
nieiaber of the Board.
l or detail, blank application for apare. and
I onsrsl regttlationa for exhibitors, lidraati
F. w. Noaut,
Si ratarji Boom II, Uauk Block, DttruU,
.i.iu.n J. Bauu ,
; PraakU nt Caataaalal ii"ur.i of MaaagaM, Oapait
I mcjit f RdoeaMoB, Belcaoa ami Art.
Jam i Bourn
L'. s. Commlwionar, Bay Otty.
'. B. GaaaT,
alternate IT, s. Oommlaaioiter, Houflhtun.
BL I Ifnxa Detroit,
Hkm.v Paaui k. Ctrand Barttfla.
D partotent ol Machinery and Maaufaotorea,
J. A. HOBBXIX, Houghton.
Department of Ulningand Metallargy.
J. J. Woodman, paw Paw,
i. partment i agrlenttnn and BortlmHure.
BUehlaaa Deparlliient ol Ai;i ieiiltiire i n.l
JaKxaaL Omca, K.mu Ho, 11,1
Ban Bi ooa, Dxiaon .
As one of the Stute Board it has been made
; my Hpocial duty to superintend the collecting .
and arranging for exhibition "PtirlnrMr of the
products ol VlicuiKioi so.i. 'lnis will include
the prodneta of the fans and gardes the or-
otold and the forewt.
1 am mnfHent that no State in the I'uion
i can present a greuter variety of agricultural
i pvodueaa, or of valuable timber and buabsr)
i than Michuaii : aud in ftnil gSOwing, it atanda
pea aiainent, The reputation of the State and
I the interest of the nation demand that
these interests las well and fairly ip
, resented in this groat fair, not of the
Mateo only, but of the world ; und 1 appeal to
I the farmers, fruit-growers and lumbermen of
the Siste to co-operate in collecting and foi
I warding aettBSUa for tliis purpose. We want
pore aaaiplee of all the duTereut varietiee of
wheat, and till other cereals, gTSSS seed, peas,
beans, etc.. produced in the Mat.- also, rare
sKciiueiiH of ever, valuable prcaluct. Samples
of grain shouM contain !aj OOSraa, grits.- aaed
ana pint, to i- ut Ineaoaa, Selections of
grain aini oabc r prodoota to 1m' exhibited In the
ear. toad, pod, Of ill the stalk, snould be enre
fully packed in D0XOB, so as not ts he iiijniel iu
abipnuag. Prepared fruit aud vegetables that
caim.vl be put in sacks, should be put lip ill
giic-s jars or boxes of two qaarte each. All
samples of grain, sc. ils. etc.. s. !. cted for exhi
bition. . ill exhibited In lean jars, to lie tur
tuabed n tto Board,
Tto pro kastt of the fosesSl a 111 constitute a
valuable and interesting feature of the Bxhibi
J tion. Spi OBMBS Of every nriety of valuable
timber and ornanicnful aroodj from the forests
1 of Michigan, should b" seltH,tel and i -, ,;u- ,
i iu such a manner as will do ercht to thai rent
interest, of the State. The burden of this div.
' sum of the work will naturally fall upon the
lumbermen, und we have every reason 'o be
lieve tht it will be done.
Bran article or sample of products fbfilH he
aeleotodj prepared and f aided to 9, W,
Noble Secretary of the State llonrd, Detroit,
during the aoauig autuiiin and early winter.
I an appointing Buperlntsndentt In the asr '
I eral countios. wlio will gie their pSTBSBB
attention toeolleoting and forwarding samples
and prodoeta j and foi that purpose will attend
( the fairsof thee unities; and ltrust the OfttOSTI
of the Agrienltaral Booisttea and at her 0r
. an tationaof Parmera and Pruil Orowere will
co operata with the Oounty Baporhitaudeiita
nnd State Board in this woik. Vanities and
aevtioaa of tto BtaM that wieb totorepee
sen ted iv assplei of prodoeta, from anoh
localities, oan db so. but should apply forspaoa
in the cxhtbrtton at tto oarUaal possible mo
ment. Back Sample should be accompanied with a
statement, containing the neSM of the pro
ducer, where raised, and such facts relating to
1 soil am! cultivation as may be deemed of mt r
-t. It would be desirable to have sample of
soil, producing rare BpeoiflAena or heavy yielda,
forwarded w.th the specimen.
While our State ha.-i vast resources in its min
eral prodneta and lumber, yet the great source
of its wealth and prosperity are the products
of the f.-rni" and orchards. Shall these inter
ests is' are! rapreaeutod In the Centennial Ex
hibition of the nation, is tto quoatiou for the
agrieultnristi of idieblgati to decide.
j. .1. Woodwax, Manager.
l'aw 1'nw. Mich.
stute Agffess1taal seelaty and the. Oen
At meeting of the Exc CUtiVfl Committee of
the St"le Agncultur.il So.-i.t . held nt laist
, l " , '
Basinaw, on tba avaning of th
17th, Col. W.
onnnittee to a bom
was referred tto OeateanJal subject, presented
the following report I
k The Centennial Board have made the fol
lowing divisions of the different interests to '
bt rspraasasad at the I . ntew ml of I87a from
Michigan, with the view ot thoroughly can
vassing each and every department, so that j
our re) r at ntatiOfl of the resources and pnal
H' ts shall be u credit to ito State and a glonoua
and lusting remembrance for genorations to
como. Bduoatiopi rts and m loaea have bw a
Me-i ncd to the supervision of QOT. J. J, Dag
ley, rraatdaai ot the Centennial Board, aaaieted
by tto State Superintendent of Public IaaSTSO
tion nnd such other assistants as desired.
Tbt arlnera resources nre under das awjior
Lntondenoe of tto How, Jaj a. Rubbell, Goa
mbMionerof Ito Board, aareetad hi tto Lower
Penl .--.' by Mr. fJarrlguea, of Bagtnaw, The
smis. rapaa, woods, and BotttonMnral Depart-
inei.t. the pfOdUOtS of th Agniiiltural Co.lege
Pern and Hneenm are jaaeigned bthe AgriciU
tural College. The tAornoIogioal BooWty the
Board are desirous should tafcs atone of ito
iruits. collect, forward and avperintend the
details nnd IxhibitiOM ol that depaffsasnt,
Tlie AgrieuHoral Society are asked to take
charge of the Agricultural Department, and,
under tba auperinsaadonoa of the! ksnaSsaaoaar
Of the State Centennial BOBfd, aid and SSSBN
in tha collecting. alSSSifjing, and exhibiting of
nil the products an. 1 resources of the soil and
BMetoatoal or mauufaeturlna departments not
otherwise jirovnhxl for. .1. J. WoSSBBas is
assigned to the department of agriculture,
Henry Praliek and BL L Mills to the iiepart
nasnl of Matitilnerj and ManufacturoH."
The comnuttee report to the preposition of
the lkiard the following, and move Uh ad vpttou:
"Astsaoh apuroynate action betaken bj
the State Agricultural Society ae shall fully
carry out the re.pu at made by tlie Centennial
Board. n
After Home diacnasion a reaolution to appro
priate tiOOO to arrange foT the proper repre
Hentation of the society at the Centennial w as
The .b ath is nnnounoed at Vernon, in
Franco, of tlie inventor of the apparatus
aomniotil v known aa the siphon, by which
aerated wutern are sol eanily usod. lie
- ' had aciuired a law hrtnm.
T. TmI. Toe 1
Til. tat. toe!
Thtee u a row !
beavj mini mi elock etrikee loud ami llow.
n.iw i-viT.. BMtt one
May k( ami t4k.' hi tiiti,"
Ibe k1 ii tic t u'lii-r crlrn, lor tin- cliool it dont."
l it. tat. toe!
All Iu a row '
Oat Uuonirk Saa apaa Soat tta merry aSIMraa
Laai iuu only tun-.-,
Nuil a wad can b
w reteaaS llttte enlprMa, witii tin It epeUere, - yaa
Tit. tut, toal
Tlirei- iu a rm !
Hilly lliuubl-, Beuuy Bell ami Utile Kittle C
LUtta Kittle -i. i.- :
LMtta Baaay enea ;
Ami htti. Billy Huuibir pokea In Angera
. i .
ii ln-
Tit, tjt, t, :
Taiaa la pm I
Tbat D the kiu- they played iip.ni tlc ir
lute, rou
knu ;
Till- O n were 111. lile li Kate :
Tlie .TilSK.'S t IV luT lu.l'e ;
wiiii. Billy k.-pi the taUj ai the i.tt m
M i. n tin ii . ! nw in aid.
i ie i Donldal ipell j word
They put aa "i"in burly, and the put m
liird :
H.i, according to tin rule.
Tin y ataat iTndy niter trthtrl.
Or by and by hmjtV hare to n upon tie
Of th'
Tit. tut, toe ;
Three in a ruv
The ti ... at panoll lapaoo the dank broai ami i.iw.
"Now cotue the "uy, "an I hpell ;
Tin sure you'll do it well :
1J th l.i iht. iiiiiK of your f.ir.n, I r. adiK . an t. II.''
i u. t it. la I
Thr. . in u raw !
Straight t.ith. t aelier'H.liMktln
They M tln ir k tMMMI
n i i tnlalSag la ton
Thaj I away, determined to l
wUBng chUdran ie :
idle nevi ran m
l it. i.it. lea !
Three too !
- faaeinating DaatBne Uu little )
Hilt, nil ! It IMM er lii I
fAc km
To w .ilk in fottj 'i waya;
er plruaui'.' quickly jiumm-h, while pnui nun Ii ..ug
oc. ,i. WtuintortA in Tht Vareara
The Milteii.
1 o yon want to know why little eln'1
dren wear mittens, and not gloves, like
grown persona) I Listen, und I will tell
a mother went out
Once upon n tin)
and siid to the five
ttie lingers, 1 ;iui-
ore:., wnen i urn not ilT noma, oeimve
well, and do wlmt I tell yon. If yon are
kind and obedient, 1 will bring each of
yon S little bows, where yon can live
when it is Bold in winter."
J 1 . T 11
"Oh, mother.'" exclaimed tin
pern, "we will eertainlv mind ;
five ti II
onlv tell
us what we must do!"
Then the mother answered
The fin -linger must iMiint ubroail,
Dhe middle-anger can onlj aod,
The third Soger itrlH yuead naual keep,
Leal tie- littli .uu i nt. nweohlef creep,
Xinl the hahv tliiiuii) mot! welob ami an
'lhat ai. Bm i "st obedient be."
"Now go," mother dear," said the
fore-finger, V oertsinly be attentive,
and point prettily, if yon.will only bring
me Bometbing."
Then the middle-finger cried mt, " 1
will promiss to le polite and bow nicely
if yon win bring mes little honse too,
for l am the biggsst one f
"J will oertsinly keep watoh that ray
little brother does not get into mischief,"
cried the ring finger ; "int ray bouse
must be the prettiest !"
" No ! mine !" exclaimed the little fin
ger ; " mine must be prettier than sll
the rest and then I won't make ;i bit of
Bat the baby thumb oob said,
1 ' Mother, dear, I will do jnst w hat yon
say !"
Jint their mother had only been gone
ii very few minutes, when the fore-finger
exclaimed :
"Tt is very stupid und tedious lobe 80
good, and to point all the time. I want
to rest a minute." So he lay down.
"Ah, you lazy thing!" replied the
middle linger; "it is much more
fatiguing to be no industrious, and bow
all the time." and he was going to lie
down too ; but the forefinger jumped np
and crave him a blow, oryinqr, "how dure
you find fault with me Vou are lazy
yourself, you wicked boy!"
Then the middle finger struck him
again, the forefinger returned it: and
who knows how long they might have
fought if the ring finder bad not called
out :
"Ara't you ashamed ai yourselves!
One of you is SB bud as the other. See,
how I torture myself, and stand here
keeping watch all tha time. I mean to
stop and rest, and let yon great fellows
keep oiianl over your little brother!"
' What " exclaimed the forefinger and
middle finger, "you UttBtrogue, do you
pretend to dictate and find fault vuth
your brothers There stop now !"
Then they both began to beat the ring
linger. He turned, with nil his strength,
and struck the little fiBSjer, which he had
the care of. The little mio gave a dread
ful scream, and began to scratch as well
BS he could, but as they were in the
hottest of the tierht tike door opened mid
their mother came in.
O, how frightened the naughty lingers
were ! They hung their heads, and WetSJ
so ashamed they couldn't speak.
Finally the middle-finger said that the
forefinger was lazy ami he would not nl
low it. Rut the forefinger laid the
blame on the middle finger, and said he
began the quarrel. The ring-finger
blamed them both nnd the little finger
complained of :U.
Then their mother spoke gad said :
" You an fir naughty, disobedient
children, wlsi deserve to be punished.
See here what I have brought lor you !"
and drew I beautiful glove out of her
po.-ket. On it was found five hnn MB,
jnejt ss Isrge as the five fingers. One
was for the thumb, one for the fore
Anger, one for the middle Anger, and
one for the little tinker.
" llui you cannot have then.' pretty
houses QOW," suid the mother. Then
she went out, and soon returned with
another kind of glove,
"Lookl" she exclaimed, "this has
1 only one separate house, which lielongs
entirelv to the little thumb, because M
is good and obedient. You others must
live together, and as soon as you have
become kind and oliedient, then you
shall have a house of your own."
And there it WBSJ ; the four fingers
might entreat as much as they could, it
would not help hem. Y. v r since this
time, ho many littip children wear mit
tens; but when they grow tall and le
ec me good, then tney can wear gloves.
I . . U in tin I'm I l t
Yon would not thin!: it, but I'm told
it is actually so, that very high mount
wns increase in uzo every year. This is
owing to the grout (pmntities of snow
, which fall upon tln ir tups. Some ,,f
this mow .slowly melts and runs clown
the mountain sides ; but much remains,
und BO the mountains grow higher, year
by y. iir, as each Mnaaon's snow tails upon
that left there the year before.
Who ran tell the meaning of "hur
rah.'" Jack used it just now a little
thoughtlessly, considering its true sense.
The pretty school ma 'am says it origin ated
1 among the Eastern nations, where it was
used as a war-cry, from the belief that all
who died in battle went to heaven.
44 To I'aradise !" ( hurray !) men shout
ed to one another, by way of encourage
ment, in the thickest of the fight ; and,
so, in time, came our word "hurrah
which means almost anything you choose,
so that it be of good cheer.
Have you heard the news, my pets
I The biras are full of it, and they wish
! me to tell it to the army of bird-defenders,
with their compliments. The spire
. of Slrasburg is no longer th" highest in
Europe. What is, then Why, the
spire ot nr. NlOnOiaS, to lie sure the
great church of St. Nicholas, lately coin
pleted at Hamburg! Strasburg sends its
beautiful steeple 4(Wi feet into the air,
but St. Nicholas tops this by six leet a
clear reach of 472 feet, my beloved the
, highest spire in Christendom.
who can oorvr tick BRSBBa
I Did you ever try to count the stars.'
I used to try to do bo myself, but some-
j how 1 always fell asleep before I could
get through, and when I woke up 1 could
not tell where 1 h it ofT. I'm told,
though, that it has been done, and that
tbega are only about eight thousand visi-
i ble to the naked eve. Don't they make
a great show for a number no Larger than
that f But the Kaven tells me that his
i master, the Astronomer, says that these
1 we oan see with our eyes alone are but a
very trifle compared with the number
that we can see through his telescope.
' He says, for instance, that there are
eighteen eaffMosM of sturs in the Milky
Way. Now it's of no use I I can't even
think of such a number as that. My
hea.l isn't big enough to hold them.
Ma on, Ga. ' Jack: I want to
tell you of something rather curious:
' Some years since, 1 occupied a summer
resiih nee in OsSBgBa, surrounded by
1 mimosa trees of n fine, feathery foliage,
: with pods rather shorter than those of
the BWaSS locust. Tlnse pods were filled
With hard, shiny brown seed, often use.1
by the children for making baskets,
brsselota and necklaces. For several
days 1 noticed, alter dark, a great rust
ling iu the tree near my window, as if
the birds on Its boughs were peculiarly
( restless, I did not, however, pay them
nine1! attention, till uo evening, sitting
by tin' window in the twilight, leaning
on the sill and enjoying the cool air, 1
gradually became conscious that the
Birds were very odd. They seemed to
have no wings, and their tails were long
and stringy, whisking from side to side,
ius they ran lack and forward with great
agility along the crooked limbs. After
: gazing with inOTOasing wonder for some
moments, 1 called the children. The
moment they arrived, the birds disap
peared; but standing quiet BS mice,
we soon saw first one, then an
I other small head, with its black,
i sharp eyes, peer from under the eaves
I of the QOUSe, then spriisg quickly to the
nearest branch; and we now discovered
i that our birds were not birds at all.
They were not even flying squirrels, but
Urge brown ratS, thatlivedand flourished
; in our roof, ami came out to regale them
selves upon the seed of the mimosa, and
I gambol among its boughs. We saw one
' greedy rat, in his eagerness to secure a
, very tempting pod, slip from the branch
' with a squeak of fright, instantly fol
, lowed by I squeak of pain from another,
I as, in ins liantic enorts to eaten noiu oi
something, he caught hifi neighbor's
hnngiiiK tail in his mouth. This second
rat, in his desperate etlort to get away, j
, dragged the hanging rat near enough to
grasp a limb and release the suffering ,
J tail. During this struggle, the whole
I oolonj stood still, looking on, and squeak- !
ing in sympathy. The pulling and
crunching of pods to get the seed, aud
! the dropping of empty shells on the
i ground, sounded like the soft pattering
I ol rain.
The children and I amused ourselves
! till supper time throwing brooms,
I brushes and shoes into the trees, to see
on the instant the lmey crowd disappear
i like magic, but with none of the flutter 1
( iuul f wittering of birds. They would bs
1 gone without a sound. These tree rats
Wire I source of interest the whole sum-
1 mer, nnd we spent many pleasant hours
! trying to distinguish them apart, giving f
I names to some ami counting the baby
! rats added occasiomdly to the crowd.
i f. Xijiola for tM-tnfn r.
To Remove Foreign 1 todies from the Eye.
A medical COBBSapOttdsOt of the l.nn
OSt makes a suggestion which may
prove useful on emergency to some of
our readers. He says: " IA eosjae-1
qiieuee of the difficulty I BBySfiaBBBBl in i
removing from a patient a portion of
ste,. bedded in the cornea, which did
not yield to the spud or needle, some j
other means of removal Iwcame neces- j
sarv. Dry, soft, white silk waste sug
gMled itself to me, and was wound
round a thin piece of wood, so as to j
Completely envelop its SDd. This soft j
application was brushed once backward l
and forward horizontally over the pari
of th mes where the foreign substance
scmed fixed. To my astonishment it
was at once entangled by the delicate
'out strong meshes of the silk, and was
with Irawn with the greatest ease, caught
by the name, A gentleman, in turning
steel at I lathe, suddenly felt that a por-
Hon bad entered his eye. He went at
once to a surgeon, who, with the most
skillful manipulation, failed to extract
the same, saving " woum soon worn am
of Itself. "The next morning the pa
tient saw me, having BDjfersa severely
since the accident, and on the first ap
plication the portion of steel was ex
It matters little to Lewis, of the ie-
troi' ' t lrr that he has achieved
fame bv writing a book. The iron en-
tera his soul the name uh ever about some
thing-, ss rineed In this hurr ot esird
Ethos: " Ho saa it is for the (hand
puis Eayh to steal items from the
! ',. fVWBS, dust one clip of the she. u ,
i one mechnnieal motion."
People uml Things.
j Ix Drittuny bed-bug poiou is ai-n
lar item in tlie hotel bill.
i DOMAPaJn i SI documents are sent into
France packed in sardine boxes.
j AT the end of tins year ( 'hi.-Ago will
have 10,000 more houses than it hud List
I year.
Hannah Him, has very properly be
j appointed to the jMistotfice at Lookout
j THE gout is no l esoeetel of religious
faiths. Cardinal Autonelli audSpurgeou
' Inith have it.
Thekk BIS miles enough f railroad in
the United States to go three; times
! around the world.
BSttlMB Com'mhia will send a flag pole
J 10 feet long, composed of a hingle tree,
to the Centennial.
GATE ('onoNY, Africa, has 800 miles of
i railway iu course of construction, at a
j cost of 20,000,000.
Forty-five Indian arrow or siear
1 heads were plowed up recently on a farm
near Kingsbury, Ind.
Since the year 1800, Fngland has
! waged 10 wars, France ;I8, Russia 'I'l,
Austria 12, Prussia 8.
PosTAn cards don't diminish in popu
larity. The Bsetory atBprrngfieldii turn
ing ("nit 860,600 par day.
The people of Armenia are getting
into trouble; by utilizing the telegraph
wires to hang clothes on.
An American girl won the gold niedul
at the recent examination at the College
of Brazil, llio tie Janeiro.
The Ceylon government is trying to
prevent the capture of elephants, and th
price of line animals has gone up to 31,
000 gold.
JJounnrcu City, OoL, is a happy city.
Licenses for sdcxms, shows, etc., pay
all Its expenses, and the Tax Collector
is unknown.
Thkki: are in the United States seven
teen eatahl Ish nasnts where locomotives are
built, thirty six cur-wheel manufactories)
and ninety-two car shops.
Imi are, according to Mrs. Craw
shay's calculation, 900,000 women in the
United Kingdom for whom there is no
chance of marriage. What a pity.
A Uoston woman's false teeth have
just bean found in the attic, whither
they were carried by a hasty and un
oba rving rat fully three years ;igo.
a BaO OOUnty, Texas, there is a farm
of 8,500 acres, which is enclosed by one
Fence an I cultivated by thirty-two own
STS, every one of whom is unmarried.
Tin: autumn atmosphere is driving
home nearly all the seekers of pleasure
at the summer resorts. Passenger travel
is unusually brisk, ami baggage-smashers
have an excellent time to get in their
Tin: following epitaph, copied from a
Pennsylvania tombstone, has been sent
to the historical society of that State:
" Here lies the bodie of Margeret Fav
her would if her could but tier eouldn t
stay her had had legs and a badtlish
cough it were her leg! as carried her
A XoKwic ii antiquarian will hike to
the Centennial a book published in 1628,
a 0SJB9 at least 226 years old, a single
leaf from a Bible brought over in the
Mayflower, and a sample of the white
oak under which the first settlers of an
cient Woodbury encamped the night
after their arrival.
A soldii'.u belonging at Fort llussell
walked down to Lake Mahpalutah, near
Cheyenne, the other day, nnd deliberate
ly undressing himself aud sticking his will
I into OOS of his shoe s, plunged into the
i water ami was drowned. He is the third
I person who has committed suicide iu
I that lake this season.
The St. Joseph (Mo.) ti raid regrets
i that it cannot by " tin; wildest process
I of versification " possibly make M rhi
noceros" rhyme with "Queen Eliza
i beth," or "gazelle " with "sewing ma-
chine," and so has respectfully to decline
S poem by one of the most talented of
St. Joseph's fair daughters,
The Uernuin Oeean.
The German ocean, or North sea, like
the English channel, is supposed hi have
beeil once an inland plain or valley
raised far above the Hen level. The sea
has but recently invaded this pressing
plain, submerged its forests, and super
seded its river courses. The buried
trees of its sunken forests are still stand
ing, rooted in their own vegetable soil,
although beneath the waves. Cromer
forest, which dips into the waters from
the coast of Norfolk, is tlie most famous
of the submerged forests of the German
ocean. This ancient woodland has been
tfBCSd at low lads lot more than forty
mile. At certain seasons, nndespeeially
after great storms, the stumps of oak,
alder, yew, and Scotch fir are seen stand
! ing upright in the water. The condition
1 of the Wood and of the fir cones (some
' of the latter obviously bitten by animals)
tell us that the sinking of the land here
occurred at no distant period in the
i physical history of our country.
I The remains of land animals, too, as
j well as of the forests they inhabited, are
; discovered in the bed of the German
ocean. In his " Physical Geography of
Norfolk" Mr. Woodward fella us that in
less than fifteen years the fishermen of
the village of Happishurgn dredged up
from their oyster beds as many as two
thousand teeth of mammoths. Hones
and tusks of miiminoths have also been
iished up from these watery depths. Ii
takes us back BO the time w hen the Ell
ropean mainland, instead of terminating,
ns it does to-d iy, with the coasts of Nor
way and France, stretched far westward
in one unbroken area beyond the present
BOaat of Ireland. These were the flour
ishing days of the forests of oak, chest
nut, aider and yew, which are now sub
merged in the QeTrBS& ocean and the
i ; vish channel.
Two of the monkeys at the Jardin ties
Plan tea, Paris, fought a duel with knives
the other day. By some aoOhisBl two
large clasp knives SSSej , ( bj one of
the keepers in the cage ot the animals,
and no sooner hud they bsSS perceived
' than two of the largest monkeys seized
them, opened Ihe blades, and tell upon
i rin'll other like a pair ol men. Ope of
I them was killed at the first pass, while
his adversary had one of bJopawa nearly
, cut obTi

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