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Strut Xoitljcrncr.
Paw I'aw. Mhiikjan, Oct. 8, 1S75.
Tar. cnrtment.
Laic Itrttttintr t.Vne)Htpcr Subscrip
tion mul .irrtartiif
1. Subscribers who do uot give expreeH no
tice to the contrary, are considered wishing to
contain, tht ir suhHcription.
a. 1 1 subscribers order the discontinuance of
tbir pariodiceJe, the publishers may continuo
to Men 1 i how until all arrearage are paid.
3. If t-uhscriber neglect or rofuno to take
their periodeoalt from the office to which they
are directed, thty are held responwble uutil
they li ive settled their ' ilia, and ordered them
4. If subscribers movo 10 otlier places witn
mt informing the pubhshors. and the papers
are sent to the former direction, they are held
5. The 'oarts have decided that ' rofnmng
to take periodical from tho office. or removing
and leaving them uncalled for. in prima facie
evidence of intentional fraud'
fl. Any person who receives a newspaper and
makes use of it, whether he has ordered it or
not, is held in law to be a subscriber.
7. If subscribers pay in advance, they are
bonnd to sire notice to the publisher, at the
end of their time, or if they do not wish to con
tinue taking it ; otherwise the publisher is
authorized to send it on, and the subscribers,
will be responsible until an express notice with
payment of all arrears, is sent to the publisher.
Three of the women candidates for county
school superintendents in California were suo-
The total receipts of the Van Dnren County
Agricultural Society, at its exhibition just
closed, were fl.497 70; of which $1,227 30
was received at the gate.
On Monday last, -lake Craiger put a four
borne Concord Coach, on his Stage root, from
l'aw I 'aw to Hartford. Jake is nervy and pro
poses to make his passengers comfortable.
The Circuit Court opened on Monday, Judge
Coolidge presiding, llie usual number r.f at
torneys, from abroad, were present; aiming
the number wo noticed the lata Judge May.
The ladies of the Kalamazoo Temparauce
Association have secured rooms, and arc mak
ing preparations toward the opening of a Hol
ly Tree Inn, or tomporance lunch and coffee
Tho following is the State Treasurer's stato
meut for the fiscal year ending September 30.
Balance September 30th, 1874, $1,070,274 32;
receipts, t2.280,929 55; payments, $2,050.
(197 87; balance, September 30th, 1S75, 1.225,
lOfl Bft,
A number of our citizens went to Chicago
last monday, for the purpose of visiting the
Rxposition. Among the number is Miss Lydia
L. Conway, of this office, and Mrs. Mason,
who will remain several days.
Willian Knarle and wifo, old settlors here,
left on Wednesday night for California, where
they exoect to remain several months. They
were n vompanied by their son, II. W. F.nglo.
who lias boen a resident of that state for sev
eral yoars.
LowTBIMM Drake, charged with manslaughter,
wan trir i in tho circuit court tins week and
acjnittod, the jury returning a virdict of not
Htm Sherman pleaded guilty to the charge
of larcenv.
The T xas Crift Concert Aassociation sends
us twi otv dollars worth advertising and about
ten ars worth of reading matter notices,
for which that nice concern offers to pay us
:rs worth of tickets. As the tickets
will v. A nay a paper bill or liquidate any oth-r
debt we decline to publish it, and warn our
readers against investing one cent in the swin
dling i oncorn.
Commodore Fnoteand sister, said to be the
OTlllttt people in the world, will give one of
their interesting entertainments at Town Flail,
in tins village, on Monday evening, the 1 1th
instant These little people have been before
tho puhlir for twelve years, and from tho very
start have maintained a reputation far above the
Ordinary travoling troupes, giving the best of
atisfa- uon everywhere. They are highly spo
ken of by the press, which commends them for
the excellence of their exhibitions.
The Courier has all along seiesored its Edi
torials Msfcmiy from the Chicago Inter-Ocean,
and particularly the Inter-Ocean's inflation
articles. Last week, however, it scissored a
very good editorial against inflation from a
"Sound Carrency" paper. It either mads a
mistake or else it proposes hereafter to advo
cate noth sides, so that if the Democratic
Inflation wins in Ohio it will be in a poeition to
aay " We told yon so," or if the Republican
and Democratic "Sound Currency" doctrine of
New York, wins, it can also say " We told yon
so," too. It is an attempt to nde two b re,
be all things to all men, in a very small way.
At RoflMO is a young lady who, eintr l.anter
i I I bar MB iovrr, a tailor, undertook, for a
w:iur'f $5,to saw two BOfde of wood brt.aco
the boon of veu o'ototkl in the morn ni an !
six o ! in tho evening. At five in the after
noon IbO job was accompliHcd and tho money
fa.-! cued, After tea tho voting ladv Uottaad
r a while npou tho piano, and bol&f
again niorcd, unertook to make, dnrtop
in rain boon next day, a pair of pantaloons.
Thi- task she sjao performed safu'ai tcrh .
rec iv thorofor dovbtt py. i heoisere-,
wh give th; abo e f c neglect- to name
tLo nng a lv t fai u e t. b regre tt d.
O e of he mod r minen foitu esof the
late tzh b t on of our Ag ic i nral ociet was
ths Tonrn tnont of II se c mp nios. A num
ber of c tnoanies from abroad was exp cted to
be preso it, having sign fled their intention to
do so, btM faned to put in an .ppearanc. I he
contestants were reduced to two companies
bi Snails and Paw l'aw No. 1.
No 1 made the first run. Running time. (
HOindkl kajinsi 'wo litiee of Ho-e. 10 e
ond ; total tin.-'. 43 . !-con :.
I'd S i tils mul- tii ir nm in seconds:
laying ISWjfhMOOf Root in 10 seconds : total
time. :ir, sooonds.
For tho weepvtak ej Ne 1 made the rnn in 10
seconds. The Snails made their run in :t ,
seconds, winning the Hilvcr trumpet ty 5;j
1 , ails were awarded the first premium,
$50. nd No. 1 the second money, 2S.
The one hundred dollar prise was withdrawn
when it was found that there were but two
com anies present te cm ete f nr it.
PARI If. Io Oihtean, Mi h. Fnday eve- ; Old QaMaeJ is enacwnied wit'i How Badly We
ok Jn T SOIL 1879, of Pa r d i peiae Dolt; Home and Hoaie y, Caltmre and Pro
JotB .sjiia agee 41 7r 7 aiaatht aad rMI The WorM's Wark, sad Urie-a-Brae tsav.
21 days. haw gHM va r
The Teachers and other educators of south
western Viehi.rau aro invited to I present at
an Institute, to bo held at tho Court House, in
Kalamazoo, beginning at two o'clock 1'. M., of
Monday, October 11th, and lasting through
Friday evening. Among those who are to take
part in the conduct of the Institute are Mr, and
Mrs. H A. Ford, 1 'resident brooks, Sunenn
tuudent i.eorgo, ex-ilounty Superintendent
Hall, and ten other experienced and successful
teachers. The work of the institute will be
conductod. as far as possible, in tho samo man
ner as regular class work, the topics treated
embracing the various studies of tho common
school. School government, and the best meth
ods of rendering tho scool room attractive,
will also reeoive their share of atteution.
Arrangements are being made to secure re
duced ratos for boarding for all who attend.
Aside from board, there will bo no expeuse con
nected with the institute. It will pay all who
intend teaching, as well as township superin
tendents and others counectod with the man
agement of schools, to be prosent throughout
the entire session. It is expected that a num
ber of the township supeinteudents will hold
special examinations at the close of the Insti
From the Muskegon Chronicle. Bept. 28.
On Friday, Bept. 24tb, 1875, about 6 o'clock
In the evening a girl was stolen from her pa
rents near this city, and all efforts, thus far,
to trace the trail of the thief have failed.
L G. burke the captor is an unmarried man,
about 40 years old, about 6 feet 1 inch high,
weighs about 180lbs., light sallow complexion
with black wooly hair, indicating negro blood
in his veins. Claims to be a Cauadian.
Sarah Jane Brooks, the girl, was 12 years
old in March last, hair dark brown, eyes very !
black, face rather long, a pit of the size of a
pea caused by a boil, on one temple, and
tongue full of small pits on the sides and end. j
For several years the thief has lived near tho j
home of her father in Laketon township,
Muskegon Co., Mich., and petted the girl with
candy and the like, gradually undermining her
affections from her parents and persuading j
her into disregarding parental authority. The I
father is a fanner not well to do in worldlv I
goods, but nevertheless possessing the natural
love of parent for offspring, and the family
are thrown into tho deepest grief over the lost
lamb from then fold.
Any information of either the captor or girl
will be gladlv received. Communicate with
Major Win. L Kyan, Sheriff of Muskegon Co.,
Muskegon, Mich., who offers (100 reward for
the approtiensiou of tho thief and the return
of the girl.
Will the press of the country have the kind
ness to call attention to this affair.
Ed. Tuna N out r xax kb. When the Hon.
Schuyler t 'olf ax was announced as t orator
to deliver the addresB at the Fair at Lawrence,
it was received by those Democrats who believe
that " poeco hath her victories as well as war,"
tbo same as tho announcement of any other
private citizen, whose name and fame are
known throughout tho broad extent of the
land. Hut the " Dimmererats" aud blather
skites, like "Captain" J. li. ilendryx, could
not let such an opportunity pass without in
dulging in lhngi and venting their spite. Had
Mr. Colfax como here as a politician seeking
political honors and emoluments, any criticism
of his past indiscretions would have been en
tirely in place. Hut ho camo at the invitation
of an agricultural society to deliver an oration,
and all those, who attouded the Fair a Law
rence. will testify fo the admirable manner in
which he did his share of tho work. Mr.
liondryx's firet letter which appeared in tbo
Jhm'ur RejHtdsfMMt, who Editor lends him
his columns in lieu of pots -aes, turnips, chick
ens, etc., was treated with ttie silent contempt
it deserved. Hut in last week's issue, we find
another of tbo same sort, poisoned with venom
and malignity, which should DOS pass MM
buked. These letters, for brilliancy of non"
sense MDd lenvth, breadth, and depth of fgot
ism, have no equal, and their auth r ought to
have a monument more enduring than the
brass in his cheek Kow tho burden of this
old man's lament is not to be asenbod to Mr.
Colfax's connection with Credit klobiher. but
to the fast that he was uot invited to address
the farmers of Lawrence. It is believed, by
those whose knowledge of the faeti warrant
the estimate, that the receipts were $400 in
oxceee of what they would have been but for
Mr ( ol fax's presence. Does any one suppose
tbat Mr. Ilendryx'e stale pieee, which is farail-
iar to every school-boy in Hamilton, would
! have added 40u cents to the receipts. On the
contrary, would not some of bis townsmen
who have been unwilling listeners to his out
! burets of eloquence, have staid at home and
j d?u potatoes, or done something else equally
! useful and ontertaining ? All honor to the
aaUant old " Captain" as a sold er, but aa an I
m,U k no uouo, NMiMf hi. .
ama.l family. Hajulto.
fober 4tn, 1H76.
Sowaraa ma Ooiosn. Tba firet pa;e of I
Hcnbner's Monthly for krtobet has arleskm by '
Job LaJTarge, n. a., tooosnponini lbs balli I
of Jessam ne. bv Ooorgl ftfftOM Lithrop.
Major Poweb, the ae41-anowii ITawton explor
er. kciven in thai niiiiil--r an accouut of An
iverland tnp to tho lirand Canon of the Col
orado, the loaeoot of which he has already ia
Mfti Ml ' '''avazine. In the prosent arti
cle lie tells the tr.iic fate of the small band
wh left Hm mam part-, during the former ex
pedition Major l'owell introduces n IsVlMO
Indian story in tns nurse of his narrative
Mr. Francis jerry Fa rl'i-ld orints a fOMll Itbli
study of Toe. under the title of A Mad Man of
Letters. L L. L. writer Recollection- of
Li-zt and Vou Ilulow; Kdmund OkMMO 8MsV
man soOflradoi what lie has t say about Minor
VicUinan Tots. prior to th.) publication of
this i-ones in book form by Osgood. Home
Vegetable I V en ri.nties are described by Ryron
D I lalstel (tue illustrations of th'T paper are
ii'.t,eeailo): Mr. i rank U. stockt-m cond rise-.
with variatiotis, tho story of Pierrot, Wsrrior
aud Mtat-'H.iiin ; Mrs. Walker tells about The
Winthr ip-1 Irury Affair ; Dr. Holland contin
ues bis Story of Hevenoaks Jules 'erne's
Mi-tonous Island appoars in its condensed
f r-n. ' "it oceupies more sace than usual
d there is a Plea for Slippers bv an anony
mous writer. The poets of the number be
side. Mr. Lathrop. are Susan Coolie.. !t. K .
Mary L- Ritter, William M ittiorwell (a post
huiious poem bf the author of Jaenio Morn
eon), B. H , Kate Carlisle. Mary E. Uradley,
Oeorg A Raker, Jr., and R W. O.
Dr. Holland, in Topics of the Time, disrus
1 "o Debts, iffensive Teopie, A Word
for the Women, and The rtlow ruses The
Business Notices,
Ho! Farmers, if yon wish to take solid com
fort while plowing and seeding, get a pair of
those 'Plow SboeBfor sale by
I instock. I'aige A Co.
(io to Cotnatock, I'aige iV t;o's for Collars,
t tiffs and Ties.
. MC'IAN, Hlooiiilngdale, Michigan. lOMmft
Comstock, Paige A Co. sell tho 'Well' cele
brated custow-wado Kip and Calf Hoots.
I r your School Hooks goto Miss Khoda
Munger's. All kinds alwayB on hand.
A fresh supply of I.adieB French Kid button
Hoots at ( un. stock, Paige A Conipanys.
All accounts, due us, mutt be paid by the
25th of September without fail.
Kqohs A House sap.
Hny your childrens Hoots and Shoes of
Comstock, I'aige A Co.
DM I I 1)1 Lk at thot Dollar Uoodi
' Mil. . V I . at Mies Hhoda Hunger'..
I' von want bargains in Hoots and Shoes,
cab t the new store of Comstock, Paige &. Co.
If you want to buy a Sewing Machine, call
on John W. Emery, Jr. at his rooms, in the
Lyle Block, opposite the 1st National Rank,
aud he will show you just the nicest, best and
most convenient Machine ever made, and at a
lower price than ever before asked for a first
class Machine. 1063
Office in the rooms latelv occupied by Dr.
A. O. Hooker. Paw Paw. hfich.
DR. Ce W. W IRD.
Performs all operations on the Teeth and
Gums, in a thorough and skillful manner.
Nitrons Oxide (ias, Ether or Chloroform.
Judiciously administered when desired.
Office over Sherman X Selliek's, Corner of
Main and Kaiamacoo Streets. Paw Paw, Mich.
For Male.
A span of large, woe three year old colts ;
also a small eight year old mare, for sale by the
subscriber, at his residence two and one half
mUes south of Paw Paw.
October 8. 1875. 1071tf
STenclier" Fiiamination.
The i lamination of Teachers for Pine Orove
will be bold at Kendall, October ICth, 1875.
commencing at 7 o'clock, A. M., and closing
at 4 o'clock. P. M.
O. L. MOSHIF.lt, Supt. of Schools.
See Here.
The advertiser ib prepared to repair Furni
ture, old or new, and put it in Rood condition,
thereby saving the expeuse aud outlaws for new.
He will do all kinds. Staining. Coloring and
Vanishing. Hie charges are moderate, lie
may be addraaaed at l'aw Paw, Michigan.
October '-(th 1878 1071ml
Mortgage Sale.
Default having ben made m the condition
of a certain mortgage (whereby tho DOWM
therein contained to sell baf become operative) '
executed by Charles rt and Mary B. 'rt, bis i
wife, of Wavorly, Van Kuren connty, Michigan, j
to BaliDOTJ Hunt, of Plainnell, Allegan county.
Michigan, bearing date the twenty Bftfa lay of
!anuar; , a. p.. eiihtH.""i bill dred and sev' t .
and recorded in the office of the Register ol
Deeds, 'or Van IJuren ( ouuty in said State of I
MiehlpTan, on the twenty ninth day of Janiiarv.
a D . eighteen hundred and seventy. In Libel
V" ' .i.jrigages, on pane 515. whiob said'
moriiv wei duly assigned on the twenty
seventh dy of March, a. d., stghten hundred
and MvwOtJ four, by the said Salmon Hunt to
Charles Poote, Which said assignment was, on J
the twent seventh day of March, a. i.. eight
een hundred asd seventy four, recorded in
said Register's office, in J.iber No. 9 of Mort
gage, on pav-e 15s, upon which mortgage there i
is planned to be duo, at the date of this notice. '
the sum of Futir llnndred and Thirty-ame dol
dars and .Seventy seven cetiU. and no suit or ;
proceedings at law Laving been institnted to
recover any part thereof. Notice is therefore
hereby given, that on Saturday, the first day of
January, a p.. eighteen hundred and seventy i
six, at elevu o'eloek in the forenoon, I shall !
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
(sale to take place at the front door of the Van 1
Huren eounty Circuit Court House, in the vil-1
Isge of l'aw l'aw,) the j reraises described in
said i.ioriXaw. (or so much thereof as shall be 1
necessary to satisfy the amount due on such j
mortgage, with ten per cent intereet, and lewal I
costs, together with an attorney fee of Arty '
dollars, covenanted for therein,') that is to -a
following pieoe or parcel of land, simatod in the !
Van Ituren county, in the atate of Michigan,
ZwlS5''VX S
( raKP fnrV.en (14) west, containing eighty
ars of lai"l. "re r lees. 107ltl3
Dav. d l'a 1 SW, Mich.. Octoi.er 7. . i.. 1876.
CHARLSa POOTB, Asssignee.
C. A. Ha vuc. Attomev for Assignee
Uaviug honxht the Gallery formerly owned by
Kalamaxoo Ntrrrt,
I woald lie pleased to have everybody call and
see me, whether ibey wis Pictures or not
Daa't raset N Rrlg the Reble.
1007 JOH5I U JUOI8
1875. Fall Opening. 1875.
Wo :ire now in receipt of our
PALL and wiMi ii DOOM,
Embracing the largest and most varied Stock
ever brought to this market.
AU the Novelties of the Season.
Everything ..
An immense line of Cuotbh & Fancy Coattkob,
Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes,
Flannels, Blankets, Robes, etc.
Domestics, a Specialty.
A large stock of Prints at only 0 cents.
A splendid Cotton Batt at only l'J 4 eta, per lb.
One look at our stock will satisfy you that thit
is the place to buy your GOODS.
A largo line of Dress Goods, Dress Trimmings
and Repellants.
Paw Paw, September 14, 1975.
A. VAN AU & m
i m i to.
Are receiving an
Everything in
The like was
never seen in
these parts.
Particulars next
Mean time Call
and see
Our Goods.
Sherman & Selliek's
Have Arrived, and are now Open,
Forming in all. tho largest aud most fashionable Stock of G Min
ever brongbt to this City.
We would especially invito tho attontion of the LADIES to our
which is now particularly attiactive in all the new Materials n 1 Shades.
Elegant lines of
Extra inducement in
Wool Spread and t ounterpanci.
New Designs in
Carpet.. Oil Clot!., Laee Curtain., Ae.
To the GENTLEMEN, we would say. our
ki;ai made clothing department
Is aow complete in all the differeut Styles and Grades, leaving nothing out
that is new and desirable.
Good, Stylish Suits from flo, upwards.
Good, Stylish Oiagonal SnitH, 915.
Verv Latest and Nobby, from (IS to 930.
We are now able to ehow you an Elegant line of
.Yomted Suiting. e Trouaerinj?.,
Diagonal and Overeoatinff,
And all the popular lines of Domestic
Woolens and Cassixneres.
We have in connection a MERCHANT TAILOR, who is prepared at all tames
to give you " Fits " in the latest styles.
As fins a Stock of
As can he found in the City, and in quality and prices, second to none.
A careful inspection of our Stock will amply repay you, and we assure you. on no account
will von be crowded into baying.
Sherman & Selliok.
Eoons & Rbsseau
Are Still Alive!
Call and see their Immense Stock, consisting
in part of
Idtht aud Dnuble HafMaa,
Baddies, Bridles,
NortlMfolao, Haltoro,
and every kind of
llarnewti Furniture.
Ladies' and (icntlemen's
From a Paper to a Saratoga. Ladies' and
Geutlenien's Travelling Hug of
, every style and color.
Shawl and Shoulder Straps, Horse Sheets,
Cotton Nets, Leather Ear-Tips,
Dasters, Lap Uobes. Whips
and Lashes,
lagls Harness Irsm ? to S.
Light Doubls Harness of different grades are
an hand, and are made out of fine grades
of Oak Tanned Leather.
Call and examine oar goods before purchasing
elsewhere. We should like to see all our old
customers and as many new ones as possible.
Kooits it Rocsssau.
Deforo purchaeitig MOM -MI'S
i s or rov FWTONER,
inv.-etigate the n atter a lit
tle. Agf-nts talk any and
evi ry thing to lodOM yon to
give roar rdar.
1 employ NO AGFN W, 1 1 I
for tuat reanon jofj oaa savt
Call and ae- inc.
B It Proplatot,
Paw l'aw. Michigan
Pcaussm ah a w aaarjta and ror the Im netit of
Youitrt Hkn tin (rnnaa who suffer fr ra NEBV
underoinK much sufTenng nti'l exponwe. and
mailed frc- oa raotlTtaaj a poaaHpawi diraatt I
envelope. Arldr.-sn N M il N 1 1 ! L M V F M U.
P. O. Pox lit, Mrooklvn. N. Y. IftMsfl
About LWO Peach trees. from.T'j to 5 feet
high, t,000 of winch are of the Sn-w' iranee
variety. K. L WABNI R
Paw Paw. September 16tc, 1H75. lOCHtt
Kxamtnat ion mf Teacher.
OflM op TiiF 1'owKsmp Hrr'T r BOMOI I '
1'oBTrn I ow?iBHir. September 13th. 1M75 "
Notice is hereby given that there will ho an
Examination of Teachers held at the I'orter
Center School House, on Saturday, the 9tn dav
of Oetnher, 1875, commencing at Nino o'clock
in the forenoon.
Peraons wishing Tertifleatee to Teach in an
of the Schools of .aid Township, are r-qneete I
to he present, furnished with Foolscap I'snsr
and Psneii. JAMES H BALU TowaaMp
IMSa Hnp't of Schools
Wheraae nv wife, Lsvina 8., baa left say bed
and heard without any Jast seas or provoea
ioa, all paeaoaa are herebv forbiddea to bar
h.r av treat her aa tsy eeeoaat. ss I shall pav
aa aetts af her ewatraetisr. fross sad after
this aate. lmtl HIHBT BBOOU.
atad. Aa twerp. Isptsaahar tfth, Iff I.
1 W w-
School Bosks, Stationery, tic.
Buy your school Bouk.
Stnlionery, ol
A large Stock of Fchool Rooks, Writing Pa
pers, Envelopes, Inks. I'ena. Pencils, etc., etc
always on hand.
A good Commercial Note Paper for only ten
cents a quire, Rox Stationery a specialty.
Hewing Machine 0:1, Nssdlae, aottachments.
and Tranafer Pictures.
106Am9 cau. W. Mamnws A Bso
Weoifur our i n t r stoet at wond.ri. Low
Kati'H We are daily reoeiftoa; Kaa t.ods
from Fasterr markets, pnrcbafed 'o;
Leah Our Stork consuls of a full
and sliraciive lint- of
Lnaays. Ohaaks, PaM Ooods. (ients I ndei
wear, LadfcM Pari Skirts. Overehirts. I ndcr.
wear, Shawl-. Hats and Caps, Notions.
Bassdry, Qtotaa Eta. Etc Etc.
A verv elegant line of
ii i it e us r a cars.
Tabic. Damask. Napkinn, Towel. Handker
chiefs, htrt Fronts, 'raeh Etc.
Wbita Gkoda, BsvbrrjMffiM, Hidings
Tb largcet and beet selected stock of Men
iad Baft Baadj Made
Fvcr hronkrht to Van Huren County
We offer this entire tock st an immense re
duction from panic price.
Wm. duy for cash, ronseqnentlv can and will
sMI a' lower rates than any one in Western
P von like to save money, don't fail to pu
ns a call
Look Out For Old Fogj Priece
We keep no Sbodd Goods
Don't forget the Plaee.
XTcw TTork Stort
Main Street, Pav Paw. Mich.

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