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The true northerner. [volume] (Paw Paw, Mich.) 1855-1920, June 08, 1877, Image 4

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(Eruc Nortljcciicr
V.uv Taw. Michigan. Jrxn S, 1S77
riioi v: f ' " 's ; n i: lt s
'A wio eon-ir.alirtli a clad father," and a
prompt paying tubeonber causeth an editor to
"Folly U a Joy that in dcetituto i f wiBwcni,"
but a delinquent euhicnber cauaeth eufferiug
in llio house of a newspaper tinker. -
'All tho way of a nun ard clear ia his own
rye i," exept tho way too delinrpieot Halwsriber
Lath iu iul luyius for kii nswapaper. ".Butter
is a littlo wilh rightcommcsa" lhaa a thousand
tmb3crib?rs win fail to pay what they oe.
"AjudtwouLt and balau:3 aro ths Lord','
hut tint wbicu U das upon your newspaper
beljnj'S to tho publisher thereof.
' Dettcr id a dry mor32l aud ulolncHa there
with," than a louj liii of bubaeribera who
cheat tho printer.
' Pottar id tho poor mm that walkcth ia in
t.'gnty," and paycth Lis subsjriplbii, thau the
rich mm who cantunu'dy tolljtli thy 4,diYir to
i ill tga'n.
" J.i laments aro prepared for earners,
ttripca for tho b-n-lu of fools," and everlasting
patiiahunal for hi at who piyrth not for hi 0
" llopo deferred 1a.1L.th tho LcarL tieV' is a
proverb eauly realized by the publisher who
bod 'clh out bills.
A lihleouj man latolh lying," bono an
editor waxts wroth against tho subscriber who
premises tocill and scttlo on tho morrow, yet
cdlcta not to et ttla.
"It bitelh li!io a serpent and etingeta hko an
advler," when tho adder cots through addinj
up the rmounts dug from hi eu'jj.
- miP iT
Of ;7S pjrrtona arrested hat year by tho
pohco of tins city, H''.) wcro men and 109 wcro
women. The women according t thcoo statis
ts aro ei.;ht times as virtuous as tho moa.
Tliia in caused by their cot participating in
politics. Were they to g. 01100 a year to the
p did and deposit a Lallot, very much as they
now go every day or to to the poetofiieo and
deposit a letter, they woul I eoon becomo aa
bad as the men. It is tho 'muddy pool of
politici" that docs all tho luUo'jief. ltekcvo
tho men of tho duty of eelf-governmcnt and
t'.iy would B'jou bjoma aa virtuoJ3 ta the
woiueu. Men dj net corrupt politics, it 13
politic that coira; t men. At present it eoem3
truo that wo i-.ro govern 3d exclusively by that
hcx v.hio:i, according to t'10 statr.tics wo liavo
givcm, U nl.t times lea viitmr.a than tho
disfranchised ecs, but ida't this bet'.er than
purv'usirg maietliao virluo by Bicrifl.ics;
fi miuino virttio? How gen?iouj nun are!
l!ofi- willinj to bo denioralizad by politics that
I bey may t ave their mother's, wivi-s and bisters
Irom like demoralization ! Their disiutcreatcd
t:chs ia that direction has never been fully ap
preciated. l'i;d?r the circumstances wouldn't
it tie well to uisf r icohiso r.:l moral men that
mo left, that tliey may bo protected from tho
1 oriuptii ir.lhuT.cc.- of fclf-govcrntncnt '( Let
tho bladder, who :.m already a'o.r.it as bad as
they can bo made, cany 011 tin covevuuont.
Or, better ttill, hv not til e tho corrupting
la'bt from men a well us women and ves-t
tho uovemraont of the cou:itiy in a Ling? If
opponent 01 impartial nitVrif;'! aro n,;bt eu.'h
arrangement would greatly conserve j;ooJ
maraii among m.n !ira:.d Uaiidj ro-ft.
1r.1l 1
Au cs-c juetablo was in tho cruniual court at
V';uhirigton on buoiuojn tho ether day, and
v. .is united by 0110 tf tho bailiffs if bo waa look
ing for Mars::al longlas8? "o, Eir," was
Iho reply; '"not now. but t'jcro was a time,
v. hen h'j v.'aa a fugitive hlav?, vhen I tried
haid to tin 1 him."
- ara ecu- - -
r.acb prince- of tuo IVuaian royal family has
tn leara a tra lo, and tlio two younger bjus of
Iho ciawn prmoj piotsent.id t'nir gra nirathcr,
tho C'Uper.ir, on hi birthday, With H;i:ciaicri3
'f t':eir n orkmiujhip, cue giving an engraving
In- 1 !:i i do, and o?io a b iok ho had boand.
I!; v. YY. H. Murray, upoal.iug of uncpul
)lviiig wiili uti'i.fclievori?, fays 2 "If 1 wcro a
ou;ig man an I unmirrud, I thou.'d tiLo au
i'Tui '.!'!c .i m i for my wif;, sooner than I wouhl
ii I'lisjipy-tinipered h.umI, an I stan J my oliancca
a', it amhu.v."
'Iho libtof roprei-cnt.it ion i a liht inesti
i.:i! L and formidable to h rants only.
in-: Awaki: frr .Tuno f-prnn with Tyrant
T ui, n ducidfdly j"t'y H'ory by Mavy 1.. liolloB
l'.::i:i b, I.ir wh'c i llnheit "l.cwls has drawn a
-;;r;tcii iiofitij ii'cr, 1'ipi.il'y jollv, nnd equally
M.:;(isvi to u;t:iB and im'UUiaA, is A
Nri I'muil l.uiich. 1'IoPMy tiil I!p-sy lind t'u ir
wav into and out of (Ireat Tribulation. Tl.o
I ouii: of tliix nuro'icr p.re especially f)ot. Mis.
.w'. M. II. l'r.tt 'vriteft A Hons about the liaby,
Mrn. Whilon ar.Hwers tbo univerail query of
i'bi!drr:i, What fihall wo do? Mary 11. C.
Vutli nnlriburefi a poem for the country
I -otp, Hl;cep-waLing. tmd MiUiadefl has one of
1 in inert au:u:iiiig sdventurca, most atunsniplv
i:!utlr.'ited by I. llorlina. Child Marian h
idill in Home. Sue takes a p!aah in tlio
fainuu fnuiitnin cf Trcvi, ard flglits under
Cardchh. (,hj:nnt baBtet. (iirl, by hophio May,
renchen a uiimax of inturtat. And llicro is 11
tli'liLtliilly lurny illustrated paper, by lira.
Ni lju lyt-trr, about long h'iug Kow, a real
Mile ('lima boy of San I'rancisco, Cal. fcr
iiaj h tho moht noticeable art.ilo is o. X. of
1 liu I'oc'h' Jbimes Scries, concerning William
i)o.iu Ilowellf, cdiior of tho Atlauuc. I'onr
aitisl.s i.lut-Uato thrf paper with views of tho
l.otne exterior and the study interior, a lino
portrait, and a view. Iron, a paiutiag by C. l
Cini.ch, of ti e julaio bemea cf Mr. lIoells
vLcncouprl to VdnicO. Tho i;chool children
wi'.l Mud iu A Droam of tho Centuries nomo
tlang fipcciall.v adapted to their closing txhibi
ii(.ns. Only ?'U0 per annum. Llla Varnian,
r.tbter. I. J.othroi) A Co., rnbliebera, HoKton.
Lnxrix's Li visa .A or. The nuixiberj of this
itancard eclectic for tho weeks ending May
l'Jth and 2C:b, have the following valuablo col
tent: Mr. Wood' Discoveries at llnhcsuB,
from tho UritiHU Quarterly; Maria liicrcBa,
tho 3-mprcs Queen. Temple l'ar; Harriet
Marhoeau's Autobiography, Quarlsriy Ileview;
A Coming CWe Apjiroach of Marn, by Trot,
Hiounrd A. Troclor, Gcntlcmarra Maa'ine;
Cliailes Kingaley, ('ornhill ; The onvegiau
Lr ratoag and its Migrationa, Popular Science ;
Tho Moral Treatment cf Icsauily, a Sketch of
ill Itino aud I'rogteB, Iraser ; Paik Dennis
aud bis Grandson, by tho author of FpisodtB
ju au Obbcuro Life, Hunday Magaiuo; A
.fapaDOo Nowepaper, All tho Year Hound;
Italian, ftpaui&h and (icrmau Comedy, New
Quarterly ; Htona Adzes in the Taoitlc, I-eisuro
Hour; Children of tbo Czar, l'letcml World ;
I'roceitsiouary Caterpillars llardwicka'tt Scionco
Gobxip; together with lUHlahnenla of Ucorga
Mac Donald a JIarqtua of Lotnie, and m.
Dlaru'H new ueria', aud ecleot poetry and
raisco'dany. I'or Ui'ty-two nunobcaa or t'nty
four large pugea each (or inoro than CrJ03 pages
a yoarj, ion pinjucnpimu pitju V-'V in row;
while lor tlO.tO tho publisher otTor to bod I
any ono of too Ameiicac 1 nionlfihca or wool.
hen wifn Ibe Living Age for aear, both poaL
' aid. Itic'd Gsy, D jBton, aretb? pulluhcrj.
In purnuance and by virtuo of a decree In tho
Circuit (.'curt for tho county of Van Huron, iu
chancery, in tho Htate of alichigau, made ou
tin llrht clay of September 187rt, iu a certain
cauRo therein pending, wherein I'uvid Dalicr U
complaiuact, aud (JLtrloM 1). l!uTgle, C. Ilenri
elta ltugloa, Jocbua 11. lYccmau and Kinory
(). I'rigs are elefendant'i. Notice is hereby
t lven tli at I f nail eell at public auction, to the
lughcBt bidder, at tbo frout aoor of tho Court
House, iu 1'iw, in uid county, at four
o'clock iu tho alternoon on Hiturday the 2yd
day of Juno 1877, the following described real
estate t AH tbOHO parcels of land situate in tho
towoahipa of Arhi'Ktoa and U'averly in Van
i;urcu County aud ttato or Michiaji and do
tcilbed ta follows, to-wit! ll:e eotith west
fraotioual quitter of tho north w pet quarter
and tbe north wetst fractional naorter ut Liiu
Bomb wttt quarter of section tme (1) m town '
two i.2) eouiu or range fifteen (15) west ling j
eixty acres mare or lues according to the pov
ornmsnt turrey, alao tfaat parcoi of land Ijing
in the north wet corner ot Waveily towne'hip, '
1 mmeucing at tbe noriu west corner of eection
ix (.G) and running cast thirteen (18) rod, !
theiiij bouth twenty livo (25) rods to Inho
ttionea northerly on lake to town lino thentj ;
north to place of beginning, beiug one and oto
half acres of tho north wett coiner of went
balr of nortu went quarter of eection nix (6)
town two (2) pouth ot range fuurtctm (14) wet
together with tho btavo .Mill and all tto ma-'
clunorv attacuea thereto
Dated l'aw Taw, May 9ib, 1377,
HJtt7 Circuit Court Coruniiuuiouer.
Knowlcs A li9WLAM, folia for Coaip'to.
At a session of tho Trobato Ceurt, for the
County of Van Huren, hokbo at tho l'rolmto
Office, in tbe village of l'aw l'aw, on Monday
the 21 bt day of May, in the year one thousand
eitht tniudred aud Bcvor.ty-sevcn : rreaenfc,
lion. Al.'red J. Milln. Jud.L'o of I'robate. In
the matter of tho cuUto of fe'tipben Itandall,
decsastod. On rending nr.d fihnc tho pctitieD.
duly vorillcd, cf S:araU Itandall, widow of paid
decaibed, pravmg tuat au mstmmaut purport
ing to on tlio last will ana testauieut 0: fncl 1
doceasod may bo proved and ulluwcd, and that I
adTiiuial ration of said ri'tate, may bo granted !
to bcra.df tbo cucutjr named in bm will i
Thereupon it is ord red. that Saturday tbe
2'Jddayof Julo, 1877, at ten o'eloclt iu t?:o
foreuoou, be asiguel for tho bearing cf eaid :
petition, aud all ptrsous mterotted iu Paul1
t etate, are rcquire t to appear at a flemon 01 j
eaid court, then to ba l.olJen at fbo I'i.bate I
OClco. in tbo village 01' l'aw l'aw, and thow
csune, 11 any tlifro ue, wuy tno prayer or tbo
nftitioner BhouM i.ot bo trrantcd: And it is
lurther cidored, that eai.1 petitioner give fctice
to the persons intcrtBtrd iu said tfcta'e, of the
pendency of Btid petition, and tho hearing
thereof, by causing a copv of this order to be
jiublished in the I'nt'E N'oatntaKrH. a ne
pauor, printed and circulating iu eunl County
of Van liuren lor three Bucceesivo woelaE, at
least previous ti eutd day of heating.
ALI-'HED J. MILLS, Judjo of 1'robatn.
(A true e;py.) HDGtl
Aliuld J. Mills, Judge of Probate.
Ad mi nisi rntor's
State or Michigan, County of Van Ihtrcn. ns : ,
In tbe matter of the eotito of William II.
ueauii, aeccacu : isoncoia oin uy pivcu inai
in purtuanco of au ordi-r granted to the under
signed adriiiuistratur of tlio CHtate cf buJ
deceased by tho lion. Judge of l'i bate lot t!o
County of Vau liuren ou tho 2:1 1 day of April
A. D. 1377, there will Le Hold at public vendue,
to tlio liighes'. bidder, at tho front d.jor of t ho
urt Hons) iu ths vdlage o" l'aw i'a.w. i:i stid
Couuty of Vau i'uren in bsuI tftate, cn tbo
clovauth day of J'.in;j A. 1. 1 :77, at tine o'cl ick
in tho afternoon of that day (i-ulja;: to ad
cncninbianccb Ly moitgago or other bo exi?t
iug at tbo time elf tne uratli of Bail dcocsed
the f ollcwiiwr 1eecr:bL-d rfial estate to-wit : Tlio
north hulf of the south west tract ional aar:cr j
of section bix in town tour bcntb of ia;ie four- i
tccu wes't iu Van liuren count v. MiclJ;.
Dated April 21th, A. D. 177.
115217 iil:ninintrator.
XOiicii to SZear (l::iiny.
In Probate Couit, Van Huren county : estate
nf s?arah Clark, deeeaH'jd, notice is hore' y k'iv-u,
that eaid Probafo Court will ro ti.ro cuininu
at.d adjust all claims and demands of citditors
agaimsi the ei-tite of eaid di-ceaucd, and Mon
day, Auea-t 2i)th. 1H77, and Saturday, .Novetn-
! bor 21tb, 1S77. aro hereby asp'mucd for beaiiuK
Maid clainns, and kix months from tho drte
hereof are allowed credi'crs iu w! ich to prc
nent their claim?.
Dated. I'a.v Paw, Mv 2Jd. 1377.
A LIT. I'D .1. MILL,
110. C Judge of Probate.
Atiachiuci!. Notice.
Statu o? MictfitiAN, tho Circuit Court for tbo
County of Van Huren, bs:
ALIJKKT P.. WILD PA, Plaintiff, )
13 VAC C. SMITH, Defendant,
Notice is hereby piven that 011 the P'th dry
of March A. D. 1377, at tbo tuit of Albe rt li.
Wildev, plaintilf.a writ of attachment va dulv
iftuedou'. of ;;nl under tho ooat of the Circuit
('curt for tho County of Van Huren aj-vnxt
I he UtuIh, tenement!, goods, chattel, mouoye
and (ll'ccts of I?aa; C.Smith.defudant, for the
recovery ot tbo turn of two hundred and fixty
!.? bt rt(dlari, pud wiit bcin-r returcabto cn tbe
th.r I div of April A. D 1377. and tho axo
havitu been returned rot porsnaadv Bcrvd.
Dated April Hth, A. 1). ll7.
115D7 .tt'y fur ITiT.
M()li'WAli gAljIi
Default b.avin been made m tho payment
of a certain indenture of ruorta.'e, boarinf;
dato October tbo chteenth A. 1). 1873 execu
ted by Wm. llato and bis nife Aiacnda 1 1 .me,
of an Tin r en coiuaty Stato oT Michigan, to
Peir.broob S Grimes, of Kalamazoo .Miebfgan.
and recorded in tho ofibia cf the ltrginter of
Devda of Vr.n Puren county State of .Hcbtpan
in Liber No. 12 cn pse 4r7 on the cixbteentb
day of October, A. D. lS75f and the amount
claimed to ba dno thereon at tho dsto of thm
notice Inin thrc hundred anl ninety onodul
larn and ciKbteen cents IS,) inciudint au
attorney fee of twent? livo dollarB piovided for
in paid mortj?ae, and no run or proceodmgB
at law or in cijuitT bavir been inrtitmed to
rocover tho amount uow duo or any part there
of, now therefore notico is hereby (riven that
by a rover of eale contained in said mortago.
there will bo eold at public auctioD, to the
highest bidder ou Priday, tbo thirty first e'y
of Auj?u, A. D. 1S77. at twelve o'clock, noon,
of said day, at the front door of tho Ciicmt
Court Houeo in the villa,i3 of Vjw Paw, .Van j
P ircn county, State of Micbin, at twelve
oVloctc at roon of end day, the premises do
aenbo i In sitd mortgage or bo raujh thereof aa
may bo nocoeeary to Bitiafy tho amount duo
ond unpaid on said note and mortgaje, with
intercut and coer, e&l i premiaE botug described
as follows, to wit: Iho south W03t quarter of
tho Bouth west quarter of eoction No. two
in tcwLBhip one (1) south of ringo No. four
teen (11) weBt, In Van liuren county, sta'e of
Michisan. 11158113
Dated June 4th, 1877.
PEMUItOUK B. GHIME3, 5Iortgagee.
AU pet sons are cautioned against pcrcbasin?
a note for W,SH, bearing the name or J.
Jenintf or Jobepu JenuiK-, dtod Paw Paw,
May i!H, mil, as prmufnt will be rfhioted bo
cauuo I nover'hicnod auch note, and that the
same Is fraudulent.
fated May 31st, 1877,
t -round, t ,
The subs? tiber has in bis posjenelon a pac'
BRe of valuable papers (notes and mortRnrs)
which the owner can roooter b? nrovloi d.o.t
I city and piyiUff expends or advertising
1157ttl It. P.. HUGKHOirr.
Orfhtetno, Kah:naZDf Couaty.
P. O. Al lrcs, Almoa, an Dur;n Co.
Th.6y 7'Oom
Still They Come,"
Kvery train of cara briuga tho
TLo inagnitudo of tbo
1 -.
'r-:'0t!T ,
" Loni-Brick Store"
mo piai. len (utb uaq uacn 11 'ncn '0 w:tliOar a
paiallel in tho annals of the trade. It la tho
intention of tho proprietors this Spring t ) 1
Swoop tlio Boards It
To carry a!l before them 111 tbe line of j
Sellis!-: fiOOSlM CISi:.lE !
I hey CAN elo it
thev ILL da.it! 1.. tim
tho phco for
We wi.l bjII la lies' whito bos for 5c a pair
and tucu's half Lobc at the name price.
Oh ! dear ! Ju-t look at those Calic;n when
Ju eonio past Tbo Lou
ail. I'nco CVc ner vanl.
Unck Store. Thal'd
1,00:) pairi Ladica Kid Gloves prico 25c per
pair, and everything olaa equally cheap.
Coxo down imrrcdiately to tho ftoro.
On the faco or the returns wo mast
Ho uhead of all compttitton,
And propose to icua:ii there or l uut
In holding our prest-nt portion.
nie h not and bboe is a con.fott t you
PioviJod on do lot or walking :
Wo iuve bouio in ttock that will lea) liko a aoc'i,
And wear! oh, t':cre'u no usa of tuliiinj!
llrypcct'ully Your?,
till; adturo t ) the Ono Pri.c Sva-
I". S.
Dcnfti'rfn Wroi'crics, Pro-
v. -tions and Feed,
CEiOrSiEHY null
audiho best C-itkry,
;ii EJnllci's Old Slantl, on
Kalamazoo Street, Paw Paw.
Quality ;nHiA
Prices Low:
Call and ace for yourselvaa. It will bo t 0 you
advantage to come and ece mo.
G. Butler.
Having removed to tbe store iu tbo New Hloek,
two rjoors west of A. Vau Auteu & CVs. and
oppocito the Bank, has opened an
Entire New Stock of
Ladies, Gaiters
Cliildrc2i3 Woar,
of every descrrption, which be proposes to Bell
at veiy low figures.
This utocli bas lorn purcbared expressly for
thismarKet and will meet tbe wants of al
claff.CB, both as to quality atd price.
An examination of thi stock Is solicited.
t ttill carry on at the tamo placo a shop where
Custom -Work and ltopairing
will be doco on short notico.
Orlsrs for this department ars solicited
Satisfaction gtarantcpd. '
I shall be pleased to eeo all my old cast omen
and all others at ra new plaos of basinets,
whether they wish topurchase or not.
8. Sa.VEFFF.il.
rT l'aw, Juno 1, 1S7G. 1103
c 11
Eefcro purchasing MONU
MPN1S or lOSlimONKS,
investigate tho matter a l t
tle. Agtcta talk any and
tvery thmg to induce you to
Five your ordtr.
I employ NO AGENTS, and
for tbitroaaou youeau rave
ONE-FOUltni IN nilCE
; Call and see mo
,-nlt ,-?1Vl)r ' I. A. Wl
ferd rawl'aw,
Bole Tropictor,
5. T 7
Iff 1311 &C&C.
' i; & $ i (J cr?f S & h . 'fflt'; Oar GOODS are all
Full ji, .av ji . Mi'v-uiviam li-j iMk a aw a . ar u u
lii'i.-if --ir . 1
In Full Blast !
.. 1
) 11 m
1 S f,
it ia 1 j
lias now a kreo and romplcto bIk-L of
Staple & Fancy
Dry Goods ! !
visits c2s Cc.ps,
Boots c: Sh.00
And bought at tho very
, lowest Cash Prices !
Wo have iu Stock a Full and Cumplcto line of
In tbo I.attBt lceif;ca.
Cv" Tncos on all Goods guarautcoJ the
Very Lowest !
A Special Invitation in cxtendod to all to in
spect my
Goods oFrioss !
C?r Call
trouble to
and cxam.ue cur Htoc'a, as it is no
Show Our Goods!
Second doir East of l3t Nat. Kank. 1 11 10
LaJiea'and (tenthmen's
Horse Clothing of Every
Old Stand, Main Street, Opposi'c Court lIou?o
Hi; You Want to Kuy
Parlor j?urnituro,
Chamber Furniture
Dining1 Room
Picture Frames,
Mattresses ! Glass!
Cot Beds,
Window Sh.ado3
P . ALL JO N , "
TfEF.T, Paw I'aw.
Main F
Por Sale Cheap !
One of tbe choicest residences in tbe village
of Paw Paw, Mich., consisting of a fitd dwell
tnp. snug barn, nearly now, ten acres of land
with choice fruit aud shrubbery In c"l abun
dance. Premises 10 good repair.
For terms arr.lv fo It. V. .TtTh.cnV
IMOtf Kalamazoo Micb.
mElx.i t w.; ism sw r-aar.-f f w
Ta a Trot t .-d
' of Iron.
Alcolnd .
l-'ori-r and
Touch u;i
C u cn
pi:uuviaav syiiui1.
tli Wi wk
lKspq tic.
( urt i
I '!' in.tl
1 pliAant
t iL
r.T T'ON.-E.'fi;r.
you t-.-t the " n::a v:AN
I A "'2 pa je pnmphlit, contsitdnj; a hi"tory of 1 ln
'P hl.VlAN yVHUt'. a valuabl injur on pro
t pre In medical ncloce, a treat Ue on Iron n
! medical g"i't, ti's'iinonlal Irt.rn dlstiiiuUbun
physician, clcrmcn and oth" h, wll l bo K-iit
riiEE ti any adtlrtsv
! HSril W. FOWLK A- SDN. Prprlp'ora.
f fcii llarr'.iDii A vi mic, l)o,.on.
Sold by druisiit oni'iully .
Is to tbo inaiin'er on tbo &I01 :
co...-.t so is
to the distressed and suffering ' ubject of
Rheumatism cr Neuralgia !
canot be too rjratcful for the discover
of any remedy v.liUh will alleviate tbe suf
ferings of humanity, not only in the pane Cl?
pain which the patient alone suffer:, but in
the distress which it entails upon others.
Most every sufferer from hi own personal
experience is aware that the ordinary uicthodj
of treating Rheumatism, Ncurrdia Sciatica
r.nd kindred diseases Ly internal medicine,
ii cf no avail, ami r.o fast is this impression
jjainin hold upon intelligent patients thr.t
they demand a more potent remedy. The
discovery of L.wvson's Curative vvu a
priceless Loon to thousands who have been
cured, and the thousands who arenowbein
relieved of their tcnible agonies bear w illnvj
testimony to its virtucv
Hcrewc liavc a Curative arjcr.t whicn
though applied externally exerts a powerful
and beneficent influence o: the whole nerve
system .1 remedy of indisputable efficacy
seldom failing to afford prompt relief in
caics cf acute cr chronic pains in the i;crvc3
or muscles.
For every kind of Rheumatism, fcr
Neuralgia in every Form, fcr nervous cr
Sick Headache, fcr Nervousness, for
Lama Pack or Side, for Erysipcla3. fcr
Diphtheria and Soro Throat, fcr Chil
fc!aifi3,for Sprains Drulics, Cuts,Vcnd3
for Curns and Scalds, for Toothache In
(act fcr dl Tains, Ir.flamir.atton3 and
Swellings no remedy i:i known which pos
sesses the remarkable healing and toothing
qualities, v.hich is so universal in its charac
ter and scope cr so bimplii and safe in its
cpplication. I'or these reasons Lawon's
Ci RATlvn bhould have a place in every j
family. It will there prove its value in in-
nuir.craUe cases to prevent linsering diseases J
and khould be kept at hand ready for instant
Bold j all Drurflrti, I
PRiCE, One Dollar por Oottfe. j
O Cottlos for $0.00. . 1
rrcpa-fd by !
Lawson Chemical Co., ClSTM, Ci!t 1
. i
!Oco. W. Lcrgwtll A Cj , V ; 1
Cherry Pectoral
For Diseases of the
Throat and Lungs,
such as Coughs, Colds,
' 2. "i -Av Whoopinff Couch.
tf '2V riV? Bronchitis, Asthma,
and Consumption.
The reputation It has attained, in consequence of
the marvellous cures it has produced during tho
last half century, is a sufficient assurance to the
public that it will continue to realize the happiest
results that can bo desired. In almost every
tcction of country there ruo persons, publicly
known.w ho have been restored from abirining aul
even desperate diseases of the lunge, by its use.
All who have tried it.acknowledgo Its superiority ;
and where Its virtues arc known, no one hesitates
as to what medicine to employ to relieve the dis
tress and suffering peculiar to pulmonary affce.
tions. CiiEr.itr 1'cctoiial always affords in
Etant relief, and performs rapid cures of tlio
milder varieties of hrouchhd disorder, as well .11
the more formidable diseases of tho lungs.
As a safeguard to children, amid the distress
ing diseases which beset the Throat and Chca cf
Childhood, it ia iuraluable ; for, by its timely use,
multitudes arc rcscuod and restored to health.
This medicine gains friends at every trial, a
the cures it is constantly producing arc too re
markable to be forgotten. No family shonM ,c
w ithout it, and thoic who have once used it
never will.
Kmincnt Physicians throughout the country
prc.cribe It, and Clergymen often recommend it
from their knowledge of its effect.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO,, Lowell, Mass.,
rractlcal and Analytical Chemist.
lie art.
Bo wets.
tin. I
Fanahi Yt'cafanrs., (utc- r, '.?,
nl't, Asf.'unrr, Cotrtnn, Jr.h:c!t'!L,
J)ytjM-j).tt!, etc.
Dr. Ci'rtis M.d'c'tnS) ere ,Wt, 1
priua'ji'i!; from thr, rr.j t Li ifj
iht)itiiul ore dcco'i'l ';' thr lnjurun
cj efs '' Ci!iihI a:t( nthcr jKti(t
(niy ri)i'n:rriilj. lis r jntotitm
J,inJ! iijt:, i .';.',; (; '.':, nrr.s-', !
jrtctic Jr r ';.' ypiniih; ..; c
curt"' !j jtor.tilte, f. id v.d'er ;.'a.
conrr :t' i!t itnhss tli(r iv yw.f 'n
: for y' did.vj. is r nrdit s itrr
( i' drjO'Css, but Hlfttit, tli:j i'it(d JuVt P.
)r. '. cirdi(iil;i i.irifrs dl atJUvt i
f t ro.tsidt v:ith liim, u there is flt
fio' xmder tutntj1 f (rutmtHf, rr.t
V'h it h (: his befit (d.-aridonol.
For further advice cull vpvr.cr cdJirsx
)v. i:. A. Carti.
DovfAsiac, Ilioh.
'2'h' Ii'i'clici'oii-Xot iiitiii S 8 1 1 -Io:a
fit 2
Will milo the 8eafon of 1877 at the sf rUe of
Riley liangj, one-half mib eat cf tLe village of
Paw Paw, 8uth silo of territorial road, wutro
1 welling is Burroundnd by evergreen.', opposite
brat roa-J, east of viiloge, had.ng north.
Moro In of a fctey color, was fcakJ ia the
spring of 1873, an'l impoited frenr. Prance in
August 1370, by M. W. Dunbam, of Uayre,
Illinois. He took tbo firet premium at il.o
Ktnte Fa'r in 1S7C, anJ al-o at tu? Van Iiuien
County Pair, leims 25.U to insure.
It I LI. Y PAN LiS & CO.
A Rtntleman who tuffcred for jears frcm
Neivoua Dehihty, Prematuro Decay, and all ti e
effects of youttitul indiscretion, will for the
eako of suffering humanity, seed free to all
wbo need it the recipe and direction for making
the simrle remedy by which lio was cured, fcuf-feie-
s wishing to profit by the advertistr's ex
nerirnee can do so by adJre?sinj in perfect
1137mC i'2 Cedar ttroet Kow York.
I will mail f Free I tbe recipe for preparing a
Kimplo Vegetable balm that will remove 'Jau,
Freckles, Pimples and F.lotches, leaving the skia
Poft, clear and beautiful ; also Inatrnetions for
producing a luxuriant growth of liair on a hali
bead or fmootti face. Address Hen Valdelf tt
Co, Uox 5121, No 5 Yoost3r st, N. Y. fll37ma
1301 SI! TIOVIi!
Tbe un(Vri'gried wishes to inform all rersons
who have buildings to be moved tbat Le is pre
pared t o enter into contracts to do all tucb Jobs
at very leaFonal le prices atd cn snort notice.
llaving had much cxrenerce la that basi
nets, and owning a Complcta Set of Tools and
Apparatus, he is cmblcd to elo that kind of
work at the Very lowest Tigurcsl and iu a
prompt nd Ratifactory manner.
OrJers for work mv bj left at (I. W. bou;:
wed s, Psw Taw, cr with II. S DurV.ee. Matt
wan. J P. tONNER-m
Mirch, 1S77. U17.

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