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Ova X I4r lMat frit tha Trr-vlhU Mln
tag Disaster In the Glasgow Coal It
Irion. ' " ,..
(From the Londou Tcleg-rapb.
The littlo collierv villaco of Hid:
lilantyro, near Hamilton, Recently was
Uxe- scene of a most tornblo colliery di
aster. By this catastrophe, unimral
leled in the history of Scotch rainiuff, it
is reckoned that frilly 200 lives hare
been lost, though the number that per
ished can only be approximately deter
mined. This momiiij?. about (5 o cluck,
the men employed at Messrs. Dixon
collieries, High Blnntjre, departed to
their usual work, 126 men descending
the fchait of the pit known as INo. 1!,
while 107 entered pit No. tt. Statutory
communication eneta between these
pits, and it seems that before the diaas
ter occurred a number of men were en
gaged removing stoops in the splint of
the lower seam of No. 5 pit. lias op
eration is always regarded as hazardous
and it appears that, with culpable and
aimosi mexpncauio rt'eKifut-oo,
hands employe! made - use
naked lanme. While the men were en
gaged in blasting in the splint of No. 2
pit, about 9 o'clock, an appaiung explo
sion of lire-damp occurred, which spent
itself in the shaft of No. 3 pit. The ex
plosion was attended by a sound
resembling the loudest thunder, Hames
burst forth at the head of slum JNo. t$
and douse volumes of smok rolled up
from the entrance to pit No. 2.i Frag
menU of cc-A an I timber and clouds of
dust were then scattered around the
heads of the .hafts, large quantities of
debris being shot for a great height into
the air.
The deafening sound of the explosion
immediately uttructed ft large crowd to
the scene of the calamity, and with all
possible celerity relief gangs were or
gauized, and every effort was made to re
store ventilation to the mines. An hour,
however, elapsed before air could again
be admitted to the piU, and all efforts to
descend the shaft of No. . was found to
be impracticable. Four men then 6trove
to enter No. 2 pit, but were unable to
proceed along the splint seam from the
damp, and, alter persevering at the ira
minent risk of their lives, were brought
up in a fainting conditiou to the surface
one of them, named Thomas Laidlaw,
iKJing, it is feared, very seriously m
iured. Notwithstanding this, however,
another relief gang, was immediately
formed, and the new. party of volun
teers, after advancing a short way from
the foot of the shaft, louud tho bodies of
six men, dreadtully charred and disng
ured, which were at once drawn up to
the bank. Although a constant stream
of water was poured down the shatt that
the reserve party might be m a measure
relieved from the noxious effects of tho
damp, the new relief gang were finally
forced to desist from their perilous mis
sion, and so seriously were several of
them auected by the deadly atmosphero
widen they had been inhaling that they
had, on returning to the snrlace, to be
covered with earth to free them from the
influence of the choke-damp. Fresl
bands of volunteers at onco took up tho
task ot exploring the workings, anil sev
oral other bodies, mostly mutilated be
yond recognition, wero recovered. The
black cloud of smoke which at first
Uoated over the scene of the catastrophe
cleared away, and as tho news of the
disaster spread like wildfire through the
surrounding distiiets a vast concourse
gathered round tho pit-heads, the wives
and children of tho men who were mthc
pits exhibiting heartrending emotion.
Very faint hopes are entertained that any
of the men in tho pits nave escaped, and
the choke-damp was at first so strong
that it is feared that all of tho 233 men
who descended the shafts in tho morning
must have perished.
The terror and agony exhibited amon
the wives and children of tho imprisoned
miners were of tho most heartrending
character. EfforU were mado to restore
communications with those below, and
at length these were so far successful
that one man was brought ui alive to
the surface. This survivor, who es
enped from No. 2 pit, stated that he was
working at the face when lie heard an
explosion. Not, however, suspecting
anything unusual lie made Jus way leis
urely to the bottom, when the sight of
dead bodies an around opened nis eyes
to the appalling extent of the catas
trophe. Every effort was made to re
store, the ventilation which the explosion
had stagnated, but more than an hour
elapsed beforo a current of air would
flow as it should do from No. 3 pit to
No. 2.
Six several times the reserves returned
at great risk to themselves, and on each
occasion thev managed to bring up
dead body, each of which was dreadfully
burned and mutilated. The choke damp
eventually became so bad that they were
forced to desist.
The most heartrending scenos were
witnessed in the neighborhood of both
pits and along the row of houses situated
100 yards from No. 2 pit, for it was near
these buildings that the dead bodies re
covered from tho pit were conveyed.
There were women with children in their
arms, and with swollen eyes, hurrying
frantically about, asking the latest news
from the exploring panics. n one
body after another was taken to the
joiners' shed, there was a rush of tho
relatives of the men, and an eager scan
ning of the bodies to see whether they
were those of their beloved ones. Daugh
ters and siste rs, too, of tho unfortunate
miners went abont wringing their hands
end PTeliiimincr that they would never
sec their fathers or brothers more. Lit
tle children who were too young to
know the loss they had sustained gazed
into the faces of their mothers or sibters,
and at the great Crowd, with feelings of
wonder at the commotion around them.
Retributive Jintico.
In passing through a train on the New
York Central railroad to collect tickets,
the conductor encountered, east of Utica,
a colored man who had neither ticket
nor medium of exchange, and, after a
desultory discussion, stopped tho cars
and kicked him off the platform. A few
weeks aft rward the conductor took a
chair in a barber-shop in Albany, under
the ministration of a colorod man. Tho
bnrUr covered his customer's face with
Lither, whipped out a glittering razor,
and, while ho was improving iU edge by
menus of a strop that dangled from the
wall, remarked to the gentleman in the
chair: "Bay, bosf, you doesn't know
me.' doi vtni f i T)i8 yoiV remember tbfJ
fellow youi hmjicii: frji , your I frain up
atTribts Hill? Dat "was a bad thing
for you to do, fan I rememlKsrs it
well." Right . here tho conductor
bounded from his chair and danced
around tho room with tho lather drop,
ping from his chin, and his hair stand
ing on end. He was finally induced to
resume his seat, on the barber's pledg
ing himself to do no mischief, but he
diJ not enjoy the shave, and breathed
more freely when he was outside of the
How to Cook and Serve the Canvas
J lack.
Upon the table, the canvas-back
makes a royal dish, though few cau dis
tinguish between it and the red-head
when both are in season. Only those
very familiar with tho birds can tell
which is which when alive, and, when
served, it becomes almost an impossi
bility. The celery Havor is more marked
in the canvas-back in the best of the sea
son. It is seldom served precisely as it
should b anywhere out of Maryland.
If allowed to remain in the oven five
minutes too long, it is unlit for the ta
ble. A gool deal depends upon the
carving. A good quick oven will cook ,
a full-sized duck in twenty-two minutes.
It should never remain in over twenty
live. After a duck is picked and drawn,
it should be simply wiped dry. Water
should never touch it, and it should be
fairly seasoned before gmng to the lire.
when done, the birds should be placed
in pairs iti hot, dry dishes. There is no
need to prepare a gravy; immediately
they are cut, they will till the dish with
the richest gravy that ever was tasted.
One canvas-back to each " cover," is
considered a fair allowance at a Mary
land table, but, when the bird is only an
incident of tho elinner or supper, of
course half a bird is sufficient lor each
person. Slicing tho bird is unheard of.
The t'vo-pronged fork is inserted diag
onally astride the breastbone, and the
knife lays half of tho bird on each side,
leaving the ' carcass" on the fork be
tween. Ihe triangle of meat an inch
thick comprised between the leg and the
wing, with its apex at the back and its
base at tho breast, is considered the
most delicious morsel of meat that ex
ists. The canvas-back in Maryland is
served with large hominy fried in cakes,
celery, and a dry champagne, or a bot
tle of Burgundy that is Burgundy.
Scribncr for November.
An Experiment for Boys.
Take two empty oyster cans and a
stout, smooth string. Let a small hole
be mado in the bottom of each can.
through which the striig. say fifty or
100 feet in length, is passed and secured.
Then let the experimenters set up their
talking telegraph by choosing fheir sta
tions as far apart as the tightly-stretched
string will permit, ami whilo erne of the
operators holds his ear to one of the cans
and his companion his mouth to the can
of the other end of the line, they will
find that a conversation can be carried
on, so that low tones, and even a whisper,
will be distinctly perceptible. What
usually most astonishes those who make
thi3 experiment for the first time is that
the sound of the voice docs not seem to
come from tho person speaking at the
other end of the string, but to issue
from the can itself, which is held to the
ear of the listener. This at first ap
pears to be a deception, but it is really
not so. The ear tells the exact truth.
The voice that is heard really comes
from the can that is held to the car of
hearer. The voice of the speaker com
municates sound-producing vibrations to
tho walls of the can with which his voice
is in immediate contact. These vibra
tions are communicated to the string,
but so changed that they no longer affect
the ear. A person may stand by tho
string whilo the sound is passing, and
yet hear nothing. At tho tther end of
the string, however, these hidden vibra
tions reproduce themselves as sound.
A Message to a Runaway Boy.
On the 11th of last August Edwin
Book Taber, a lad fourteen years of age,
five feet high, square built, lnrge blue
eyes, freckled fae-, uneven teeth, and of
polite and manly bearing, left his fath
er's home in this dry. He was after
ward Been at Lafave'tte. Ind.. but l-
fore his father could reach there he had
taken his departure. Paul Taber, Esq.,
the father of the boy, ia a worthy and
highly-respected citizen of this city.
While he and his excellent wife were
mourning over tho boy who had cause
lessly strayed from his comfortable
home, a still greater alliicti on was visit
ed upon them. In ono week four of
their remaining children died of diph
theria, three of whom wero buried in
one day. It is believed that if tho af-
motion that has fallen upon his fond
parents was known to tho absent Eddie,
he would return at once to his home.
and it is in that hope that we respect
fully ask our exchanges to copy this
notice. Lo(janport Ind.) Pharos.
Tlie Fate of a Spy.
One of tho Bussian proverbs runs:
' An owl can not be hid in a sack." The
fate of Goronovitch, of Odessa, shows
that a treacherous police tool can not
bo long concealed in r loose and baggy
association, such as a Socialist society.
He was a student in one of the Govern
ment Gymnasia, and was induced to join
a secret society. His associates suspect
ed that he was disloyal to the cause, and
in the pay of the police. Spies were set
to dog his footsteps, and eventually the
Bociety, convinced of his guilt, resolved
to put him out of the way. One even
ing, while he was taking a lonely walk
near the city, a band of conspirators Weat
Ilia head almost to jelly and then
drenched it with vitriol, leaving the
wretched lad on the highway horribly
disfigured and nearly dead. He was
rescued by the police and conveyed fo
hospital, where he lingered long
enough to make a clean breast of his
connection with tho society, and named
his associates.
Mr. General Sherman,
Wife of the Oeneral of the United 8tte Army,
ays : l nave rreqncntiy pnrenaseu Durang 8
Rheumatic Ilemedy for friends nffering with
Khcntnatirm, and in every instance it worked
like mnRic." Heud for circular to Helpheiistino
JJotley, DrugKiHt", ashington, D. C.
The CclebratM - i
Wood Tag riug
Thb riOTfEEB Topacx 0O5nA?Tt
New York, Botrton and Chicago,
? ? A WW AW i
In "nance of Malarl
.'Hut tho harmful influence upon the huma.ii
yhtora of nialrla may bo effectually counter-'(-td
Las been demoiirtrntwl for ynru jiaet
by the protection afforded (he inhabitant of
vtit ruiaMiuit-hreodinK district in North and
H'.uth A mei lea, (lautenia'a, Mexico and the
Weht IndleH, by IIoHtetttrVi Btomecli JUter.
UmmI aa a preventive, they, Lava invariably
been found to Le a not ralialla safeguard
agaiiiMt chill and fever, bilious remittents, mid
fctill more malignant tyjxts of malarious dia
eac, and when employed an a remedy have
always proved their adequacy to the task of
eradicating buch maladioit from the Kyuteni.
For diHordern of the Ktomach, liver and bow
el, which in hot climates and miasmatic lo
calities are particularly rife, the llittera are a
prompt and thorough remedy. Tney alo
btrenKthe-n the rybtein, trauquihze tho ncrvtH,
promote digest ion and aound bleep, and impart
unwonted relish for food.
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The Many TliiHimtntla
Who are constantly using Doomcy'h Yeast
Powder all speak in unbounded praise of its
reliability, uniform strength, and merits in
producing excellent roll, biscuits, bread, Ac.
I have sold Hatch's Universal Cough
byrun roranont rour years. l5y using it 1:1 inv
own family 1 became Vatis-tied of its merit. It
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ing bv far the best sale of any. Sample bottles
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introduction. ' Jamks Joiinrox,
Claytr.ii. Jeff. Co., N. Y.,
Ex-Member of New York Legislature.
Sold by Van Shaack, Stevenson A lleid,
Chicago, 111.
BrjKNETT's Cocoaine promotes the
growth of and beautifies the Hair, and renders
it dark and glossy. Tho Cotoaink holds, in a
liquid form, a large proportion of deodorized
CoeoANirr Oil, prepared expressly for tbla pur
pose. No other compound possesses tho pe
culiar properties which bo exactly suit tho va
rious conditions of tho human hair.
Jthuniatlm Quickly Cured.
"Durang's Ithcumatic Ilemedy," the great
Iidtrnal Medicine, w ill positively euro anv case
of rheumatism on tho face of the earth, lrice,
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gists. Sund for circular to Helphenstino A
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Patentees and inventors should read adver
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Chicago Ledger!
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bers. Kend lor sample t C A. JAC'KiSUN &: CO.
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Osgood's Heliotype Engravings.
The choicest household ornaments, l'rice
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simple vegetable remedy for speedy and permanent
cure of ronumitiot, bntnchitii, catarrh, ni'hma, and all
throat and lung affectum ; nlo a rirr for nervous d
b.lity and all nervous complaints, after having tested
ita curative powers in thousands of cnnen, has felt it his
1uty to mnke it known to his suffering fellows. Actu
ated by a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send
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H. T. hnUUt'i B
tmp hm prlerlrt
ml now fi " intUa
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u,ror Ua In th Nursery it ra No Equal.
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for the exmgh. "roiiics'' for Ihe Appetite, "Kipecto
rants 'for the Ktpectornf Ion. Anodynes for the Nervous
Irritation, and Iron for the Blood, and thus is both the
beet and the uumteron.nHiral medicine that can be taken.
y epectfln action npon the VonHiiuUonal 'mltum it
macnea ira nil a direct effect UlKn th nhale teriet f
v".,rrm.. i,.tiia Is confidently recomme ided
In all case whert in are exhibited any one or more of the
following svin'itniiiFti
.JVv" '''"" ' ' T " iRnFiri.AtllTTOrnRKATTI.
lNO.WAsriNrt or thf Fi csh, .b or Ai-fetitk oh
hTHRmiTH . Hi. t :mvH riu.M tip, Lrw-.s. okneral
llKl.lt.lTY, KtTW.1 1'ATNS Tl.l.u, It TUB CHEST. LlMHN
or tack, NKnvoL-a IIkapa. hk. N's.Bvora lWrn".
Thwut"?'"' 0 VKilTKlO. hong
iemal. lUeMe ur I term, lrrejuluriilre.
Itrnd the 1'ollcMvinir Ortiflrntra.
"" V, 0.-"l v,w ,e 1n,t
ftna.of ''"mrJ'm. Ten days after taking IM LWll.
vel to all who know me." T. .1. t!tib,.i
Mj irni neaiin is a mar
ri i
..W A mre.l n.u ....,., I.. ..i. j . . .
saved me hundreds of dolhirnrv - ' i. J VI .7
lUrs."-IUv. K. Jo.M.i, IUmi-
en. N. Y,
J . Rkv. P. Warrex, t'anton. I'a
iiI'f Kln.r.nnM asthma writes: "Your PITI
AIONA U deri.l.dly tt,.he.t rrme.h, ,re h..ct erer V',7
Htu." EO. M. Graiiam, Amsterdam, N, Y.
The price of the IM'I.MO.MA ia HI jr bottle. It may
fcohfsined thningh braggleta genefaly, or directly fr.m
New YoVk tiPVAlV lHV-rtlnndtKtre,.t
u!rTr. nd 'or circular, contsinuig partiou!
lars of MAST canes succefi.1y ti-ested '
Established 35 Yearr. Always cures. Always
"ady. Always handy. Has never yet failed. Thirty
million hap. ietferi U. The whole world approves
Ins glorious oH Mustang-the Ht snd Cheapest
Liniment In existence. 25 cents bottle. Th
AluaUng Liniment enrea when nothing else wlIL
zr.ntA. i i y a sr.r'
Absolutely Pure.
ih unxwn imimuiu ui guareiiiee it lull weigui,
Totrytt.aend;jOeenlsfoT I -pound can to
H?ut by uiall lre vt iiwatuajr.
chic for this (Uncase. It t an lmrdly be ex.
r v
ceiled, even in old au4 olwtiuate caxes.
The rt'lh f in ho prmui t that iio oue wlw
haa ever trle.l It will Ihj without it.
Kxtriict atn.uld bo iu every family thU
rough weather. It removed the soreness,
and rouifhncHH, u.ud Molteiia and ht'itU
the skin promptly.
KIIKl'MATIS.U. -L"urnit severe ami chant-eul.la
went her, no oue aubket t lth.-iunitti :
ruinBhould l one day without I'ond'n
r.Ainirii nu ll l MVI VU rrl CVl'.
tLIS. Ihlrt e.ud veutfier tlicH tho
LuiifcT Morely. II,ie I'oiid'n Extract
ou hand alwuyg. It ivhcvcH the iuiu uud
cures the dmcaae.
CIIII.ULAINS will Imj promptly relieved and
ultimately cured by hu thing- tho afllicted
parta with 1'oiuI'm Extract.
I'KOSTEIJ LI.MIiH.loiul MKxlrart Invnrln
bly relievt-M the pHlnuui timillv C'ii rrn.
are promptly iuhmI by the use of I'oikI'-
.. . r....,.tx,rnrt.. " "Pvpr Inil 1.
llsTOKi and Vhvh ol ron.I :. Kxtriict. In
lOM'S EXTK AC T CO., S V li.lni muv.
New York. Kold by tiruKgixts.
Hair Dressit(r
A Promoter
of tho
Growth of the Hair.
A I'reparaticn
i iioiiuui irrii'dimg msiip.r,
II .M-
I For prwrvltif and U-auii.Mng t!ie
Blo'vUD rt"Jtr"1!7 U l'"'k U"J
Ihe rbcon,,,, h,,, In n liquid furn.
alarge prpoit.uu ri Cf.-.l.,-;.-..!
Cocoa-nut Oil,
pr.-i.arrd cpn-sly .,r till, p,i-!.,..v.
? otlirr compound f.ivs.- t!i.
.ccu.ir.r .r...Tth-s which ... cyucUv
uit llicvu.-ious c irnli.il.,,, ti.
inun hair.
It toftt nl tl.fi lm when W.l .-, ,!r..
It w mn (lie lrntii it nvl,, .!,,.
ii rcuiuMn ,o
H l 111 I licet.
.'.' (i-i.y i l,,,Mst
run ii o::.
li it I i.e.
At ; !;. wilh fhel'.and.r.r anon r ri .h
iM-ry i ihcr any. r at .,ttfii ut tl e
ncy rrq-iirc. ri.t.!i-,i; It moron -.',.
in'" Ui'.-roU of tlic luir.
J'o remove Ihintlruif, Kurt ftr
wui.hthu (u nd w.tli Ui'knkit's'k ii
l.lsTojr.rubdry yah o towt I, and up
ply tlie (i,i, ai directed.
y k t e a n t r only ur
jnr In.7. Iijr Jut.
' to A,- f Cu,,tr n.
N ll,nr1T 4 c
t irri , mc , r tj I
rlrt of lU.-.chu.fll,,
I turt ut I
Says a TVston Vhyslcian, "has no equal as a blood purl
tier, llejiinifot it, many wonderful cures, aitv allotber
rented lea huii biiled, 1 vImUhI the Tuahoratnry and con
vmood myselt ot its ten nine merit. It is prepared from
l irks, HHits and hei Im, euch of wliich is hibly effective,
and tney are orii.unded iu sucu a manner as to pro
duoo eatoiiuUin.' lutaita."
looc! Purifler.
Is the Uroat Blood Purifier,
WJl cars the worst cae of Scrofula,
iUlJIL. I2l3aa
Is reoointoeiidoil by Physicians and Apothecaries.
Has effected some in irrelous cues in c.ises of Cancer,
l-es lu cas
Cures the worst cases of Canker
Meets with wonderful success in Mercurial Uiseases.
Will eradicate Salt Rheum from the system.
removes Pimples and Humors from the facs.
(,'ures (.'onttipation atal rouulntes the bowels.
Is a Tuluahle remedy for Headache.
Win ears Dyspepsia.
tUstores the entire system to a healthy ooadltloilv
Remorse the cause of Dizziness,
RslisTes Falntnesa at the Stomach.
Cores Pains In ths Back.
Effectually cores Kidney Complaint
Is affective la IU ours of Female Weakness.
Is the great remedy for General Debility.
Is scknnwlerijred by all classes of peopn to be the best
and most reliable blood puritier in the worm.
Vejrctine li Sold by All Druggists.
H. B. STEVENS, Boston, Mass
ana aneolntely pnre,
$5 to $20 ES.Jm
8amTiea nwth I
Co.. Portland. Mth
A I. Y at, home. Arems wanted. ulfTi
terms free. TKU K A ;J., Ausruata, M
511l5nlJl'l?''d JUCWlisaofi; 4jT
frTTTJfl KEVOI.VEKS. PriIjrt fre. AAlr-i.
U U 1.1 D (ireat Weetem tun Works lfUaUsMK. Vt
TOUTifr'GT6,f nusrvrss xoaKURL
11 kTanilUm. Komi for circular to Cfttraya.
TIf VJI Elt box. (Mintains 57 uaeful arth Urn vii i7.
11 MIX stomps. Miss K,atrant, Maidl4vwrv. Mua
3 new vocal and 2 new instrumental pUrere Skaek
Mualc, lOu. iilobw Alnaio Co., Middlbur, Mass.
tCC week in your own town. '' e-rii aexi V oatffa7
00 free. H. H ALLKTT A fit., lYiUt. tUlne
QQQfiflA YEAR. Hew t Make li. ITwJpa'
O C ft to $ 12 a week wit h our popular BootsVBiblr '. lUarsv
U) V Unvoe A Maps, tioodniieed's lnbV 'i-issm
nCATTY I'lnssOritsnixit" tlTlokV aWtlttsr-'
U ... KS news. Oivane. lUst4.ps 65. rUnuanljiasI .
eet ijihoO. Ctr. t ree. Darnel K ltty,WaMaoB,N.7!
Tk.'n th know a world. Sum WMiwriuntaau.
tiJU AwBe, A. COULTkR CO.. I'hkmh U.
selllnar articles in t be world ; efMsaustwaeeeaa.
AJdreas JAY BHONiSOlt. Dwaeolt. Mlekw
t.BIm 4'1U VI bill- MH-.I HVVrMin.
hciid for(.'j.ta)oft. Van Jt C'u.ChU.Ttfaa.
Learn Toleraihr
und (irn frotu ea
SI(M a month. riiaaklC
alary while learning. rMtuations lumiHtwwL
Jt. VAI.I:.VT1.L;. Marugcwr .JaiM!ville, Wsa.
V. H. and ! oreirii Pa
tee after allowance. L'ir'I'rol l:itrox:tions. etc sta Taaa
are uirior in dtmiirii ami ateav.
euuled in uuality. r aa tinrrai
keepers. Ask your Jwt Um
thent. Manuiactorylirtaud, Ot.
nm T i"M m, ul .ill biiMib BjTi7tii V lui
IVu. 9l.n rain, s.na Alllltl
iIKaV y MooTAiiia mu iiuul k.u
hi. smith a CO.. fjTVLT.J.. m.
ii. Ti-1
Kend for Illustrated Price-List
Indow HhataTt'ts Az
Dlalnea Mt. ( .'iu-..
liaiii fv
r.iu t.ea rz Muoe ..-Jss"J.io ion" in a
Cor ('stall P liiHtnllinenr. Srad la
JIIuhI rated CiilalnKiu-M. A K.NTS WstwteA. .
llurarcU iityrstV Sonw. Aii 1:. 1-lihSt ?. V.
0 to $25
A PAY KI!KU nuwley
AKentSM lliniciur i'tieeWMex.
tluiyonM, t'lcturo and 4Jhr
lno t'anli. I aanipies...
worth .. eent, YNwriuoc" .
io K.'i IVn'n Iii.1,-.r-'
OttaWuo IVfP.
I. If. lit I u'OKIJ.S ro.r...
KlIOlOII. IKK'llllifsh
1 K).
Tho bent f.'tiiiily riew.-jmper pi:'.!i.Micd ; tmbt pofae
tifty-Htx columns ren.tintc
li'niis 42 per jiji.uui ; cluls of eleven, 1(1 & ar
arinum, in advance.
I ri t'lelr own lialitl. ciirvsi'r.T for tho ' JPirrstiU"
isiiur teni;.iK':aj niHiy uml Montiu. I .art
I'tiprr In Hie nrlil, wuh .Manuuotn CbrtMno
biir titinniFKiond to Ant'iita. 'letiiis and OitDO
Audrt-sa P. tl. VlCKl.lt Aiiuta lUitiae.
S'J IIralvay. Nfiv York City t
i'iicr.',o 111.; Svw (rlnnw T.n.
ir San FruuWie.
1T.TOj v-V"H''ll,r surr!iff freai
Jli Tj V " i. 7 wt'UU'ts, injuries, or disneesv.
can procuio pemiin, and those who are iientioiied rit
have ihelr p r.slena inrreneil, where their ereent raUac
I too low, as is the ense In thonmi is of inataotev
VitlosaDd chi!dren ot soldiers w ho dil in or out 4
the imny.of d!''ie rontrncted In service, are entillwl to
pennion. Full l otliity is due all soldier diMchaT(re) fur
wounds, ruptnro, or injury otner than disease. .Soldter
who were prif -ners t'f war e.m secure pay tor ration tor
ttie time so held. For full lnf:r:iaM"n. addrnea, wrtfc r
stump, MoM.ll.li V IIII II.
Vtu-liiiii;twu, ii. C
Ko fee till claim atlnireil.
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forcver
This eli-s-ant Fmrravlnp. 1 by 27 inches, the finerfr
fiicture ever pubhmed lor the price, and worth '2.H0,wUl -e
rent tiy return n'ail on receipt of cents and a ft-ceaa :
stamp; or & Knrrav!nirs for $1. fj'tciai terms to Agt,
w ho can make iro.tU a il.-y easy. Send 2S cents for aja
ple and particulars, (iivn full nnme and addraa tojwt.
vent mlitakes. Ad'res-, flNUI.VNATl KNtiKAVfNtA
PL'liLI&lllNUti., I'M.t nd bu, Cincinnati, CK.
Mcntl for Reduced Price-List of
Nr.WindsrrFNPTn styi.f". rv:rr. k rarer c
NIO to S.- KAfll THIS V.tVTM NV.. IrtrjL
Addn-i-s .HAstl.N V IIA.Ml.t.N (IlilJAfi CO
IIimKin, fw 'ilU, r liimo.
Dunham t Sons, Mannfacf orffnt:
Wnioronni, lMii.t 1 lib Sa .
ItttbliKhed 1H34.J MiW YOICI4.
rpttir-B Reasonable. Terms Easy. -AS
iaentea in me iiiu oentart las rw Trim.. t.
cured thousands of the most sevtros sores and
ci:iripi n in nui uimN arm. Ttmn.li ! . .
rial n.iiueu tue saiu oi ttie sao inln..i ..-i-i ,
"'u.l' a(i r'!!rd" T'ho kaew stlasj aa sa-
Dahlia benetsctor. 'Z.t eenU a aw l IT... swi. v.. r
fiwriiij. n.ni lit niu 1 1 raeelat of m
rrepare-iry Shi n y. h.n A I.K Ai ki.Nm.
" "rrleaiai Avcstaa. Ila-alosi. Maai
A poaltlT remedy fot all dlweaaesof the KMatrysn
i'addrr and Crlnarv Oraranai aJaA. W
Dro-lcal Complaints. It never prod noes slot.
la certaa -nd speedy . lu action. It Is fast snpssseidMej
all other rerrcdlea. BUty capsules onrs In aU ors-feit
days. No other medicine can do this.
Ilrwnreof ImKafloriM, for.owln. to Its rrt a
coss, many hare been oflered t soms are most dangwreaax,
causing piles. Ax
DUNOAH DICK A: CO. t iuine M.yt
tulet, containing Oil tf SanJaUWooo, fo.J ai ul)
Start., jt ti for circular, or fmd fur on. 3. o.l '
WootUr ,t Aea J'erA.
U- N. U. . Ho.4U
'H.t UUlTI.NUll) aaW Kill lSa-.iOT
I - J-''" X W f ac adTcrtistaacu'
iuui paper.

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