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Patients Who Drink at the Maw York
(From the New York Ilerald.
A visit to the slaughter-house at the
foot of Thirty-fourth street was made by
the writer. Passing through the long
lines of beef, dressed and ready for the
markets, to the center of the large build
ing, the shambles are found. Qreat,
sturdy men, with arms bare to the
shoulder and dyed with blood, stood
within a bmall inclosure, and hanging
before them was a Texas steer, still warm
and the blood dripping from the gash in
his throat. The implements of slaughter
lay about, and the light struggling
through the windows overhead and re
flected from the blood-soaked floor oast
a rediish tint upon every thing. Tho
steer was lowered to tho floor, and,
while the hide was being rapidly taken
from his body, the writer turned to ono
of the attendants and said:
"Do people come hero to drink
" Lord bless you, yes, lots of them !
Ilave a glas ?" and the gory Hercules
stooped down for a small dipper that
stood near by. The writer, begging to be
excused, continued the conversation.
""What do they drink it for?"
"Well, for all kinds of tilings. It
will cure almost anything, if you only
think it will. Consumption most often,
and weakuefR of all kinds. Thin peoplo
drink it to get fat, and fat people who
think they're weak to got strong."
" Has it an iui pleasant tasto?"
"Oh, no; tastes something like warm
milk," and here the man made a motion
as if to get some, which the writer quick
ly cheeked.
' " Can peoplo come and drink a quan
tity of it the first time ?"
"Very seldom. Most people are
afraid of it at first, but they got to like it
after a while. Ladies are the worst;
they make awful faces tho first few
times, but they tako to it at the end just
as if it was lager."
" Do you havo many ladies como for
"Lola. Almost every day wo havo
some, and it does them good, too. "Why,
there used to bo a young lady come here
every morning in her carriage. The first
time she came, ahe lookod very bad. She
was white and thin and did not got out
of the carriage, becauso she was not able
to, I suppose. Well, she made an aw
ful fuss about it. I thought sho was go
ing to faint when the saw thn glass full
that was brought to her. 'Take it
away,' the said, and 60 it was taken
away. That day she managed to gtt
down a teaspoon t'ul of it after a terrible
fusH. But she got to like it like all the
rest, and it wasn't long before aho could
tako a tumbler of it and Rniitck her lipn,
too. 8he got fatter and fatter all the
time, and now she does not como
any more, and I suppose she is cured."
"Do they ever take tho blood home
with them?"
"Take it home? No, sir; they havo
got to drink it when it is fresh, or else
it will get clotted, and they can't drink
it at all. Yom see sometimes they will
havo to wait a few minutes until we kill
a fresh steer. Just as soOn as tho throat
is cut the blood spfcrts out, and we catch
aomo of it in a glass, and then they must
drink it right down."
"What is the social position of the
patients ?"
" Well, some are rich and some are
poor, but they all meet on common
ground when they como here. Of
course we take more interest in women
than we do in men; that's natural, you
know and then the women always
eeem more grateful when they are cured
than men do. There was an old man
who came here once, and he used to
grumble if the blood was not just ready
for him. Wo stood it as long as we
could and then up and told him one
morning that we did not run a bar. Af tef
that he was moro easy, and took his
blood as quiet as any one."
"It is said by somo people, particu
larly some doctors, that tho habit of
drinking blood ia a dangerous ore, be
cause a person engenders a passion for
it stronger than even for liquor. The
more they drink the more they want."
" I just tell you what it is, these doc
tors dou't know anything about it.
They don't want their patients to drink
blood. Why, because they would get
well then, and that would ruin their
business. If people should stop eating
meat we should have go out of the busi
ness, and if people would stop getting
sick what would become tf the doctors ?
Sea 1 Why, just go down to the mark
ets, any of them, ask the bufohers if
they ever have consumption when they
work around fresh meat. No, sir, they
don't, and many a man has been cured by
it and not know hintself what cured him.
As for the love of it, they all liko it well
enough after they get used to it, and I
have heard of men who have druuk it
regularly for years, but never heard
there was anything queer about them."
The men about tho slaughter-house
apeak not only of cases of consumption
oared, but also of deformities and swel
lings made well. The case of a child, a
little girl about 4 years of age, that
was brought to the abattoir almost daily
during the past summer, is a case in
point. When she first appeared sho was
accompanied by her parents and was ex
ceedingly thin and pale. She was af
fected, it was stated, with inflammatory
rheumatism or something of that nature,
and one of her legs was drawn out of
shape. The little thing was indeed a
sufferer, and was regarded with anxious
nyea by the sturdy men. Her father
had heard that the paunch of a steer
placed around the diseased limb would
have a beneficial effect, and had como
to try tho experiment upon his daughter.
The butchers, strong iu the belief of the
efficacy of their pet theories, advised him
by all means to do so, and offered to
prepare tho bath of entrails. When
the next bullock had been killed and
the hide cut open the stomach was taken
out and the contents placed iu a barrel
or large tub. The little girl was now
brought forward and prepared for a
plunge into the horrible maas. Fright
ened almost to death she was at the ter
rible fight, to her, of slaughtered an
imals and bloodstained men; but, not
withstanding her screams and struggles,
ho was forced feet foremost into the
still-warm entrails. The treatment was
repeated from time to tiiAe during the
summer with marked beneficial results.
It is claimed now that the littl girl has
almost entirely recovered. Several case
of scrofulous patients cured ' are men
tioned by the habitues of tho market,
and one or two cases of these wre
A Crop of Centenarian.
Jacob M. Jacobs, of Oswego, rounded
off his century last Wednesday, and
walked about the house, read his news-
Eaper, and smoked his pipe like any
risk collegian of 20. . He entered the
navy in 1810, fought under the heroio
Lawrence, and saw service on Lake On
tario in 1814; and for many, many years
he has smoked a vcryf very old pipe.
Very halo and hearty is this old man
whom neither gunpowder nor tobacco
has had power to kill On his birthday
he shook hands with 300 friends without
feeling fatigued. Nay, more, he sat and
listened to odes composed by his grand
daughters, and was quite fresh the next
morning. TheBe tough old fellows in
Northern New York die hard. New
York Tribune.
Here she is. All the way from Georgia,
gentlemen, Mrs. Elizabeth Wheatley,
agod 104 years. She reads without
glasses, and walks visiting a quarter of a
mile and returns the same day. She was
married in her ICth year, and has raised
throe sets of children, eleven in all, five
of whom are living, tho oldest a daugh
ter of 87 years of age. She has raised
three pairs of twins of her own, and two
sets of grandchildren. Never did a day's
washing, nor niatlo a pot of soap, has
cooked lut lew meal, and milked u cow
a few times. Her hair is black she has
been a widow over fifty years, converses
fluently, and is anxious to move to Texas.
Ch icarjo J i m c.
Oa Saturday a week ago Mrs. Marga
ret Gray, the oldest person in all this
section of tho State, having arrived at
the wonderful age of 11(5 years, died at
her home in Cabarrus county, N. C. She
was the daughter of Michael Garner (fa
miliarly known as old Mike Garner), who
is said to have been tho wealthiest man
who ever lived iu Cabarrus county.
Mrs. Gray was the wife of Beverly Gray,
and was the mother of sixteen children.
Having been born in Cabarrus in 1751,
and raised in Rocky river neighborhood,
she has spent her entire life in the coun
ty, and, it is said, never for once crossed
the line. Charlotte (iV. C.) Observer.
A Remarkable Dog.
"Old Frank" is a hunting dog that
used to hang around the newspaper
oilices of St. Joseph, Mo. Mr. Joseph
Crane took "Old Frank" to his house.
Mr. Crane had an old hen, with seven or
tight chickens that had been hatched
out a couple of weeks. For some causo
the unnatural mother deserted her off
spring, and for nearly a day thoy wan
dered around unprotected. The dog
noticed tho helpless condition of the
young brood, and he immediately took
them under his wing; and he has since
continued to care for them in the most
affectionate manner, leading them around
in the daytime and curling himself
around them at night. The chickens
aro doing well, and seem perfectly coa
tented with their new protector.
History lit Our Common School.
Oar attention ha3 reccutly been called to a
History of tho United States for tho uo of
schools, by Prof. J. C. Ridpath, which is not
only the bent we havo ever Been, but mbracea
features of rare value never before incorporated
into any history. It is written in a utyle of
great elegance, but eiinplo and easy of corn
prehension ; systematically arranged in a con
nected narrative; elegantly and intelligently
illustrated with chronological charts, progroFsi ve
maps, typographical diagrams, portraits and
cuts ; frwh, philosophical and readable
It is as much unlike an ordinary bchool his
tory as the beautiful periois of Irving are un
like the turgid nonsense of Tupper ; and it so
adroitly weaves the inspiring story of tho coun
try into the web and woof of its material facts
as to impress the lesions of history upon the
mind with indelible force. It is fact dressed in
elegant periods, noble diction, impressive char
acterizations, and illuminated by appropriate
incident and beautiful pictures. The publish
ers (Jones brothers & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio)
have made tho most elegant acd attract iw
echool-book now before tho public.
Dlckena I.lttle Folks.
Nothing has given tho writings of Charles
Dickens so hlrong a hold upon the hearts of
parents as tho wi-11-kuown excellence of hi
portrayaJ of children and their interoMts. Theso
delineations, having received tho apv val of
readers of mature age, the different child char
acters have been detached from tho largo mans
of matter with which they werCorigumlly con
nected, and presented in the author's own lan
guage to a new class of readers, to whom tho
little volume will be a attractive as the larger
originals have prove u to the general public. A
series of twelve volnmos has been prepared,
presenting among others the following char
acters : "Smiko," from Nicholas Nickleby ;
"Little Nell," from The Old Curiosity Shop;
"The Child Wife." from David Coppt-rfield ;
Tho Boy Joe," from Pickwick Tapers, etc.,
etc. A no edition of the first volumo of the
series, " Littlo l'aul," from Dotnbey and Son,
has just ben lamed, Illustrated by Darloy, and
attractively bound. Tho other volumes will
shortly follow. Hout )ost-paid for f 1.00; or
any volume will bo sent with a year's subscrip
tion to the New York Tribum (weekly) for
$2.00 ; or any two volumes with a year's sub
scription to the ImlfH wlenl for $3.00.
John 11. Andehbox, Publisher,
Hartford, Conn.
A l'rlme Itemed for a rstlnfal Disease.
The pangs endured by the rheumatic art
attributed by scientilio pathologists to the con
tact of a certain abnormal acrid element in the
Mood with the sensitive covering of the ruus-'
cles aud Joints. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
being a superb blood dopurent, i admirably
calculated to expel this impurity, and by re
moving the cauiM to allay the pain and feverish
symptoms which it produces. That it is a most
suocvSMful rbraedy for rheumatism, neuralgia
and goat, as well as a reh&blo means of coun
teracting those diseast'S, is a fact amply tv
denced by voluntary cortitioates eiunatiiig from
those wlrom it has cure J, and attested by
Americau practitioners of high repute. It h
likewise a sovereign curaUvu of dyspepsia,
constipation, liver complaint, urinary trmtlj
aud euueial debility, as wtll as th most popu
lar aud auccoealul antidote to malaria wtUuu
The Celebrated Ylentm Rolls.
Among tire nnmerons articles Doolkt'h
Ykaht Powdeb Is used for are the celebrated
Vienna rolls, which are so delicious, palatable
and healthy. If yon have not the recipe svud
three-cmt strup to Dooley ,t Ubotheh, New
York, and you will get it, together witti many
other valuable cooking receipts, by return mail.
Mrs. General Sherman,
Wife of tho General of the United States Army,
says : "I have frequently purchased Durang's
Rheumatic ltemedf for friends suffring with
IihenmatiHtn, aud in every instance It worked
like msgio." Hnd for cirnnUr tollelphenstine
A Ileutley, Druggists, Washington, V. C.
BunxKrr's Cocoaine is the best and
cheapest Hair Dressing in the world. It kills
dandruiT, allays irritation, and promotes a vig
orous growth of ihe Hair.
Ark yom nkwhhealer for a copy of
Tar. Cr.iCAOj Ltixira, tl te-et story paper iu
the West.
A Campaign Blander.
When Dr. R. T. Pierce wai a candidate for
State Senator, his political opponents pub
lished a pretended analysis of hie popular
medicines, hoping thereby to prejudice the
people against Mm. 11 U election by an over
whelming majority severely rebuked hie tra
duccrs who sought to impeach his business in
tegrity. No notice would have been taken of
these campaign lies were It not that some of
bis enemies (and every successful business nun
has huj fall quota of envious rivals) are repub
lishing these bogus analyses. Numerous and
most absurd formulas have been published,
purporting to come from high authority and
ft is a significant fact that no two have been at
all alike conclusively proving the dlahoneBty
of their authors.
The following is from the Buffalo Commer
cial ot Oct. 33. 1877 t
"Hardly a dozen years ago he (Dr. Pieroe)
came hero, a young and unknown man, almost
friendless, with no capital except his own man
hood, which, however, included plenty of
brains and pluck, indomitable perseverance,
and inborn uprightness. Capital enough for
any yeung man, iu this progressive country, If
only ho has good health and habits as welL
lie had all these great natural advantages and
one thing more, an excellent education, lie
bad studied modicine and been regularly li
censed to practice as a physician. But be was
till a student, fond of investigation and ex
periment. He discovered, or invented, impor
tant remedial agencies or compounds. Not
choosing to wait wearily for the sick and suf
fering to find out (without anybody to tell
them) that he could do them good, he adver
tised his medicines and invited the whole pro
fession, of every school, to examine and pro
nounce judgment upon his formula. He ad
vertised liberally, profusely, but with extra
ordinary shrewdness, and with a method which
is in itself a lesson to all who seek business by
that perfectly legitimate means. His success
has been something marvelous bo great in
deed that it must be due to intrinsic merit in
Uio articles he sells more even than to his un
paralleled skill in the use of printer's ink. Tho
present writer once asked a distinguished dis
pensing drugget to explain tno secret of tho
almost universal demand for Dr. Pierce's medi
cines. Ho said they were in fact genuine
medicines such compounds as every good
physician would prescribe for tho diseases
which they were advertised to cure. Of course,
they cost less than any druggist would chargo
for the same articlo supplied on a physician's
prescription, and besides there was the doctor's
feo saved. Moreover, buying the drugs in
such enormous quantities, having perfect ap
paratus for purifying and compounding the
mixture, he could not only get better articles
in the hrst place, but present tho medicine in
better form and cheaper than the same mixture
could possibly bo obtained from any other
" It maybe thought that all this having refer
ence to Dr. Pierce's private business has no
point whatever vhen considered in connection
with the proper qualifications of a caudidiita
for thu Senate. Perhaps. But it is tho fashion
now, and d bo for a fortnight more, with
sundry journals, to make sneering allusions to
tin very matter. After that brief period, they
will bo quite ready to go on doiug hi work as
before, and, as always before, to tpc&k of him
as a great public bentftctor.
Ititeiiiimtlsm Oulikly Cured.
"Durang's Rheumatic Ilemcdy," the great
IhUtimI Mi-dicine, will positively cure anv case
of rheumatism oa the IVjo of tie earth. Price,
1 a bottle, six bottles, if o. Sold by all drug-
ists. Stud for circular to Hephenstine &
eutley, Dmggihtu, Wohliington, D. C.
Tho Celebrated
" MiTt hucsh "
Wood Tag Plug
Thk Pioneer Topacco Compakt,
New York. Boston and Chicago.
Do not oo home Saturday night with
out a copy of The Chicago Leixjeii. You can
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An Effectual SpicUlo fur
Mulaiioun I'erer.
Jon el Coir j'lxlntu, PvppBia,
ivlentul Ueiirevion,
IS"aom, Colic
Sick IleWh,
Constipation and P.illouone,
ARK 1b rncrrerl dyiitU-s, Bilioim sufferer, vlo
tiiiidtif l ever nnit Ajru. tn mercurial diwuwd patient,
ho tliey recovered health, cheertul iiptrita ninl vimx!
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mnally ue, when niy condition
requirna it, Dr. Simmon' Liwr
lO-tculator, with frond etlrtcL It
in mild, and uita me txjtUT tUaa
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fJKOIi'JlA. " I have uhh1 Rimmon' Liver Ileirtilatnr
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Burnett's Cocoaine
Leaves no Disagreeablo Odor.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Subdues Refractory II air.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Soothes the Irritated Scalp-Skin.
Burnett's Cocoaine
AiTordathe Richest Lustre.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Is not an Alcoholic Wash,
Burnett's Cocoaine
Kills Dandruff.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Gives New Llfo to tho Hair.
Burnett's Cocoaine
Remains Longest in Kdect.
.: TRADC" j, rtARK
. a vrnh fir ta enmpVxIon. ria rte inal. It 1 tW
tinpiiiKlii'.t for it cooling anil snothinir pn'prrtie, remov
ing '1 an, Sunburn, I ri'i alr. lU'ilncr ami KoiiKhncu of
tin; Skin, etc., curing Chapcd lluud. and alUivlnfr tlie
Irritntlen rauel by the biti'S cf monqul'.ee and either
anuny nig iuci-cta. T!ic Kallintou U highly rvcouiiuenuvd
After Shaving,
to'trnln tho beard and rendering the skin smooth.
In fh Nurstry,
I'oenllarljr adapted to the hithlr.fr of Infants. A It-w
il.'vjn tu3lbitnt fur a bowl gf eaUr.
For Chapped Hands,
An effective application.
After Sea-Bathing,
Relic Ir.g rt.e uiaayreialilo ration of Uic salt wserr and
the sun.
A Wah for the Head,
Coolie;, Cleaniln;and Kofrehin(f.
For Biles ef Mosquitoat end other Insaefa,
Kcutraiixinj the pomon almost InatanUneoualy.
To allay Haat end Irritation of Ihe Skin, to re
move Dandruff, to prevent the Hair from fall
log off, and promote ita vigorous growth.
Apply the Kallieton thoronrMy with a ponre or sotl
toornVnc' ' ll'ul,1 applied niht aud
Xh frreatett tfflracy of the Coeoatwi is bet secured
ov a ncrfect cleanplng, U fore Iti application, cf ths hair
and sralp (for whirh purpons the XaLLlaTon I recom
rnrnded, beraiue It inrredient aro co-operative wiUi
tho of CocoatltB), tinlrrvrhich elrcnm.t-mcet It allays
trrlUtlnik, remove all tendency to dndriff, and InvW
rttcs the acUon cf the capillar i in the hia-!iet decree.
Prepamt only hy JOSKPII BFR5nTTT A OQ
r r aaie ry an i irngglEt.
Mtdt fmm the niwrfnti... ..I t . v .
Flii.liV a 10,1 curP'"r';o!",l M,'TIOM.BunN MITI.
an,ir,L":,M:,'1 ;'- " the 1HH.UT
i iii ' . - ' """ruere or t ne I enroll hyvem.
:,nren,evrrS0L,..V.UrrL '.,.!'''-VA
ih.,L. k 1 ,uw c,""r or in pain it
U V2IifJ,rd irH'. dim Kirect.ir.tion.
iL n.cl, ''n', "freehinir alep. It inviif.raUs
te1"'1" '"'l fle-h raptdV II
rillriiii' i i i ,, - 1 ri-meoy annwn Kir
ukoi ua mhvuii feiaTF.M.
Extrncte from Lritrre from Pnstore ef
1 liurrhee.
PULMONA saved mr dimrhte-r's life see
Rr.v, K. Jonas. Retnam, N. Y.
TllJaurlill...il..l . ...
the nee of PULMoN A. W tTam
Ilr.v. p. WAmntn.Centnn, Pa
Mch'JyTu Z. 1 h t"lomwnsl H to baa toflted
tj r r 1 1
Ul.MO.N A may I. t.t llli(.d thermeh r.
order. iMfheaent ! the I-r..,.fi.u7r direct riftZ' T
p-rt,.ttle. or m l. ttl.-. f,-r i OM'AT .41 vfcC'ii
Absolutely Pure.
All Omcers anthorlred trt marantee It fall weight,
J'o try it, send liO cents tr I -pound can to
Creative Science;
Affents are selllaf from 1 5 to 25 ooplee a day. Fend
for apecluien payee and oar eitra terms to AgeuU, and
awe ehy it sells fiater than any other book. Address
Cough, Cold, or Soro Throat,
Kequlrea ImmcdiAte attention, aa neglect
oftentimes rcHulte In aomo incurable Lung
are a simple remedy, ami will almost ln-
variably rIvo Immediate relief.
BOLD HY ALL CIIEtfXSTS and dealers
In vnedlrlnoe.
ywTCMi:Mivchr- a
Themtndsof this
are now numbered by
Price are much red net
Get the Genuine and
beware of imitation..
AtK ALSO row
The best ftooda mada
See that the name of
i OM SON and the
stamped on every Corset t Steel
he Woxli of gong.
Magnificent Bound Volume of 8oni( of
most pupuJar and musical character.
i a u
Wt unnlime of ontj.
Macrnlficont Bound Volume of the ninat re.
cent and popular songs, (in ynm and nearly
(Scms of ganw.
Pplondld Bound Volumo of the most Brilliant
l'ianu Music, by Strauss and other.
SJhc (Blustrr of Smw.
PplendM Bonnd Volume of the finest piano
IiWkj of Milium Difficult. (In jren an l
nearly rt'viy.)
Bond for ( Chrihtmas Sei.ectiokb, $4 period.
Two first-
rlnss Church
Music Books.
Three of the
tiet possible
KXPORR. f75ct.,er$7.50doi.)
STKUCTION HOOK. (!l .SnorijlUdoj.)
(75 cu., or 6.75 doc.)
Anv book mailed, post free, for retail price.
OLIVER DITS0N & CO., Boston.
C. II. Dltson A Co., J. K. Dltaon t Co.,
H 13 Broadway. N. Y. 1)22 Chestnut St., Phila,
Mr. n. R.ST..: B""'- W-
Dear .?ir Since several years I have kot a sore and
ery painful foot. 1 had some physicians, hut they
couldn t cure me. Now, I have heard of your VKWETINK
from a lady who was sick for a lnmr time, snd Iwcama all
well from yotir Vkuetink ; and iwont and bouarht me
one bottle of V EUKTINK.and.alter I hnd nsHd linn liottlo,
the pain lft me, and it bog.tn to heal, and then I bouirht
one other bottle, and so I tnke It vet. I thank td for
this remedy and yourself, and wishing every sufferer may
payatuentiontoit. It . a Mi-win for health.
Mua. O. K1LABK, tih Vut lUitimure Street.
Mn. TT. Tt. Rttvx'vii:
In 1pT3 yo.ir Veoktihk waa rerwimmondod to m. and,
yltddintj to the pei-Kuiedons of a friend, 1 cntitept.l to try
It- At the time, I wai sufTfrintr from general dfhility
and nervmia protitration. auperinduced bv overwork and
irreu!ar h il.it. It wondrrnl trnrthrinr xnd eur v
live propfrtiM renmod to a '.feet my doltil.'ued svt.m
from the hntt do ; and, uiuW its peritent. tutn. 1 rap
idly recovered, (r.ihiin more thsn ufunl health and good
fuelira:. Kineo tilen 1 have not hosoatfd to jrlw VKur
TINE my most umitialihed indomement, a being a safo,
sure and powerful atit in pnmioting hwilth and n-ur-Ing
the waated ytem to new life and energy. Vki FT1NC
Is the only mndlrlne 1 uiu aud. h.nir m I li.n I nnvar
Ayi7vii iaj iiiiu a oener.
Yoora truly. W. H. CLARK.
IJti Monterey Slreot, AlioKhauy, Pa.
IL R. Snmi!
Aic ThU ia to certify that I have used yonr "B'ood
Preparation' tn my family for several years, and think
that, for borofula, or Uanknnm Humora, or Kheuniatto
affectiona, it cannot be eicelled ; and as a blood punher
ana soring medicine it is the ht thing 1 nave evor ummJ,
ana i nve ua alimiet everything. 1 can cue rimy
reoommend tt tn any one in need of such a medicine.
Yours reapectfiiiJy,
Mua. A. L DI5S MORE, 19 Rnssel Stregt.
BoatOH. Feb. IL 187L
II R. rVrrmra, Eo. i ...
Dear Air A Iwint one rear since I found myself lb a
feebie condition from general debility. VrCTlNK wf
strongly recommended to me by a friend who bad been
roach ben i tiled by Its one. I procured the article, and.
after uing aeveral bottlo. wa restored to heaith, and
discontinued Its nae. 1 teel quite couhdent that there ia
no medicine superior to It for those complaints for which
it lee jhs: tally prepared, and would cheertnlly recommend
ittotlueiewhnfmil that they need something to reature
Umuo to perfect bealvh. l;P1rV.'.11!'V",,r"t .
Firm or H. M. fettengui a Uo.,
No. 10 bute Mreei, Bostor
ftotrrH Buwick. Ua.. Jan. IT. ttm.
TL R. Pfirmta, Kaq. :
D.ar Hir I have had dTntla In Its worst form tr
the last ten years, and bave taken hundreds of dollars'
worth f medicines wit hoot obtaining any relief. In Ner
tatnber laet 1 eunuMertced taking VEHKTINg. ine lii..h
time my health has steadily improved. My Un digeste
well, and I have gained taf teen pound of fleeb. Ttiere
are several other In thl place taking Y'goiTlWg, and ail
have obsamed relief. Your tmlv.
, , , ,1 HUM Art K. MOOIWt,
Overseer of Card Koora, PorUnwntta 0o.'a Mills.
H. B. STEMS, Boston, Mass.
-J XWW U I i ff
Vcetina Is Sold by All Droggiati.
and ahenlntely care,
Lk!"4cNrw.w,n,aldd. Imriu,..' r
" iimi m 66 Beekman ht i F
Doonni rta r:.-:.
Invalid Chairs.
, . mum rej iaiie.
' "pnngru hi. Ti
BEATTY T"" t. tV-Looki etoairt?.
-Sk in ui lima worlil. hteei Wry ... l. i '
CI WKUSTER'SStarln the K
r.uo in-nnouf toe Kast. warranted 4 .
'"rTb m.hA Kron hit,., niailed t "f
Addre., .r. L. A. Webater A tk! iiril'Jii ,
4J IX'l 1 MIX mirrimrn mail.. ..I r .. . .
p f UL OIL CH UUMUH r. to taaMibi. A.l2r
Inclose IO eta. with yoor ain.lie. JS,i , "i"
il'Hlili'l MAN ft,,. U4 W.NvthVt-iVr,.
fJA I AKKK f "V -n"i"J-npl;.iuta. IU4
We B flltlVIl 8o. eUinp for circelar rM.ui.
Ing valnable advice. JK ti
K. I YNCII. fliemwer..!
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factory of (inild. Church A iio., hoc ten.
lllutrated circular sent free.
Ji. i.m.icaiia.u .V W.e
aj-H uixtior in deaUin ami n4
etjunied in (luullty, or tt-ki-eimr.
AK your Jewnlix rn
tuem. Manu'tory BiisUii. Ki.
L. "irJUT.'iry -harlclown,aiea.
DE?slCl4ftIQ Proonred. or NO PA V7T
rtlriOIUIliO every wonnded, rupfrrexO.
anoldentally Injured or dlseaaed Soldier. Addrees t.
W. K1TZOKKALD. U.S. Cialm AU'y. Washington, 1.U
IT H anrt Vlnin, 1I.I..H
A SWtl t. Til O fl.Waahlnirtn Tt D l.i.l,M.i... I TZSi
Fee aiUr alloance. Cb'l'r oj lnstraoUons, eto.. son 're
In ther own localities, canvaesinjr for t'a Firesis
VUifr (eii:'jged), Vo-kly rnd Monthly. Lit rKtme
I'rirt.-r in till World, wit'i Mumiuiilh (fhernnrHi Um,
Jiig tmitnlyion t
AddD. . .J('K i.U V . AtiftitMa, JUaiite.
likll3i On fiie i'ieidenl Pollev.
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of the raro Humor and profound Philosophy of the Sair
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tion. ilinorv. Hioarauhv. the L'lii,.
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free' Add rep
for a rneclmen copy of Till-: TOLDIH) llf.Al'at.
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btatea. Specimens free.
A DAY HrnBmarotei
A gent selling onr Clue tnoav
Crayons, I'ictnreand Crt.
Ii 10 Card. aampkec
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1 " t r H.r nt. TllulrrtlS'
(TataJognej free. .1. II. 1(1 FFOKD' titt
llwfcloil. Katahllnhi'd KU
Mary J . ioirs
The new novel, MTT.T)REn, by Mrs. .Mary J. ifolme.
author of thoe spVndtd liooks EJtth .v'e Weil Utwr
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of the lineal dot sis eter wr.lto, and everybody sltouiii'.
read it.
G.W. Carleton 4 Co., PnS'rs.JtoTiirL
H2'.i Ilr:ilwny. Now York City
I'biruKOt -Vew Orlotin. I.n.t
or Kau Friint iHro, Cr.
was awarded the higheel prize at Centennial Ky Vd-otlif.i
for ltn tine chexvlitir uiuilitiee. trie excellence fvaxrjstt'iair
character of it sweetening and flavoring. II nkvniiU
the best tobacco over mad.v, ask yonr gncor toe Mua, a,irt
soo t.tutt. each plug bears our Hoe-strip trsdsvuwJi
wonle.inckiMinlt Iwii-ton IU
ttM wholeaak) ly .
r. fv nd for sample to C. A. JACIiHCZi & IT)..
.lliKiulaelairerM, IVtrrturK, Va.
tur only (xiu.'wrr coup-irrrvf..
Grace. Comfort ami.
Beauty !
Is eonrti-ueted on pnrert er.'enrirw
principles. The bak ia wbol lMim.4 -i
and leitopen at the hip to be l t
at pleanoTK of wearer, and I o rmai '
in imck thit tho fabric anoT tni .
alapt ttw-innelvea wiih mrvolmv
curacy to every eurwaivf kirMfnlunr..
of tho fiwt trtw or ftjrnr. 1. .
by all leding merehanta. Ijidy A faints waotod. IS ifrra--plee
by mail on receipt ol 1.UJ. M
KarTABUgrrrr) 35 Year AJwayaemreg. Ahrav
rra4y. Always handy. 1 Us never yet faJ kid. TAfrv
Wtilliont Aoes esI it. Tim whole world approve
tho glorions old Vfoetang the Best and Chaners
liniment In exiatenee. 25 aeaU ft bottle. Tore
Moatang liniment coroe wbon eshing sJm wllk
A imsIUtw remedy fca- ail dasaaaiaol tM AjMsVrVCsk.
niaddrr and Urinary OrfUJMt alen, ffot bl
DropMlrsil Complnkita. i sarver prodsteee aikaMsq,
Is certain and speedy in it aUnei It is fast snpaiueileaaj
all otber remedies. Riity easenles) eare kn etx or eVvat
days. 2fo other medicine ana do thla.
Ilevrnre of Imltatloms ft, owing lo Ugielcas.
cess, many have been offered ; some aea moat de-nsjeawiosv
smudng pilea, la.
suss.eootaaaev Oil a Amki- Wuod, sU sat mU AVey
5rrrea. Aff eareweae, er aesai Waste to 35 9m4TtJ
fTortsssarsjaes Jrs " .
a n. v. . . No. a i
rilKN WHIT1MJ 7t AUVEIirtSKkti
v v ttiesise) ssiv you ftaw um aulvarlAM&nw i.1
Us ante paucr.

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