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JEtuc Xottljmicr. '
Paw 1'aw, Michigan, July 10, 1878.
r.ErriJLicAN ticket.
fiovernor Charles M. Croswtll.
Lieutenant tioveruor Alonzo Sessions.
Kecrntarr of State William Jenny, Jr.
Treasurer Reujaniin D. Pritcbard.
Auditor (ienerai W. Iniag Latimer.
Lund Commissioner James M. Neaamith.
Attornev (ienera! Otto Kirtbntr.
Superintendent of lUblic Instruction Hor
ace S. J'arbeli.
Member rf tbe State Ikird of Education
Goorg,i T. Kdwarls.
VENTION. A Republican Congressional Convention, to
i.'oniiuate a member of Congress from the
Fourth C'oiigreeaioual District, will be beld at
' t!ie village of Cassonolis, on Thursday, July
?5th. 1S7S. a' It o'clock A. M. The counties
oomitrirtlt'T the District will te entitled to dele
gjite'i a follows: Rerrien skteon. Cass ten,
Kalamazoo sixteen, St. Joseph thirteen, and
Vt:: Huron fouileet.
Hexby C. Bazoos, Ch'n.
.T. r. Thbksheb.
J. V. Fuehch.
iEO. W. Lawtox.
Kalamazoo. May 31, 197.
Tijo Uoavention w called to order at 11 Yt
o'ci Ka, by Henry lord, Chairman of tbe 113
pub!icu County Committee. Aaron Van Auk -en,
or Taw raw, was choaen temporary Presi
don, an 1 R. L. Warren, of Lawrence, tempo
rary Secretary.
Oa motion, a Committee on Credentials was
apuoiutsd. cona stiDg of Messrs. C. II. Dicken
son, or South Haven; L. C. Woodman, of Paw
Piw: aai A. E. Bulaen. of Bloommgdale ; alao
a Committee oa permanent organization, con
sists t, of Meirs. Henry Ford, of Lawton; K.
W. Noye", of Paw Paw; James Monroe, of
South Haven; G. W. Lawton, of Lawton; and
E. P. Hill, of Decatur. A recess wag then ta
kn until 1 :3J p. ni.
Oa tbe re-assembliDg of the Convention, the
Committee on Credentials reported the dele
gates pr3Hnt from all the towns, except Waver
ly. Porter, Almena and HimiltoD. The tempo
rjiy oflicera were retainel aa the permanent
o'.th'e.tv. After a discussion of preliminary
made-, amoig which was a resolution exprea
a.u u-j the aenae of tbe Convention, that
J:it'fb Keightly toall be renominated, which
resolution was table! by a vote of 69 to 19, the
Convention j-rocceded to the election of dele
Kates, with the following result, to-wit :
.Joi). Puller. Antwerp.
Jiid. Uenevelt, Keeler.
H. 1 ll-ckert. Paw Pa v.
It. W. Mi;Lnev, Hartford.
A. Vau Aulieu. Paw Paw.
It. L. Warren. Lawrence.
.1. L. Harrison. Decatcr.
Jaine Monroa. South Haven.
A. 1'. Pillion, lilooaiingdalo.
ii. h. Ward, I':ne rove.
Uni. Knowles, Co.umbia.
8. S. Fuller. Arlington.
. U. Oio-feiiaoi, South Haven.
E. J. H:n-voy. Latter.
. H. Uiirhas'ton, Porter.
A. S. 1 1 -liiu-. Lawrence.
F. P. liiil. l?.atur.
0. M.Syke. Keeler.
s:ron U:ncL!ev. Hartford.
T. H. JJrjgiti. " Antwerp.
K. W. Noei, Paw Paw.
L. ,v r.ti-i'c! . Laogor.
U. A. WurJ, Pe G:ove.
V. 1!. HoKUiin;. Ar;.n,tOL.
.!. M. Pard. Covert.
Jo.-pS I-aT iiiC. South Haven.
Samuel Lull. Geneva.
A. I). E:o-. Columbia.
A ru was tarred, authorizing the dele-
Al.on to ail v&cinc.es in its members. A xao-
tloa w;.i ; a-fsed nmid ruaeL enthusUtim, reaf
tinniu.' t' platform of tbe par'.y adopted at
It . S'a'. Convention at Detroii.
It .a understood that tbe delegates to tbo
Ci 're.vsiom'. Convention, are all m favor of
tii'5 u irr. na'iou cf J. C. Lurrow.-. fcr Congrees.
al'Lo uii uo instru:tiona were given them on
(lift fubjert. Having foacladed tbe business
tbo Ooa33t:cn adjourned.
I Faoii i he Laxsixq Eepcbiicas
Tin irredeemable ftm of the State is re
Joifiu; over a lie convert. He is no loss than
Wm. P. Cole. ei:tor of the Ludington Appeal,
who I. m? that paper out in support of the
nation l reeDback ticket. Leaded by "Sa'eratus
Snoiib," a -Lank shirk" and ''bloated bond
holder." Mr. Cil was one of tbe democratic editors
whu reca'ved an invitation by secret circular,
siguel -.F. B. Gailford, editor of the Patriot,"
but d-sdareJ to be a forgery by tbe Jackaon
Patriot, tojmeet with Mortgage Wheat Field at
Jackson oa Jun? 19. He went there to confer
with that apostle of rurity. Another induce
ment la atienl uas a Gorged letter from Don
M. D.ckinson, cbairnan cf tbe democratic
btat.'i cuz.tral committee. Intimating that an
a'liit'.-s could be made between tLe democracy
at: I tin g:eeiibsckers. The next iedi;o of the
Aj-p.nl a'ler Mr. Cc!o returned hoica au
nc.'vnr? I bis "flop" lu jobtics. He Lad previ
o ii'j !'j a a democi'ut. and as a lepretcntative
fror.i i-on ai.d Manl-tee counties in the lcgia
hi'r .) i." J '-To i c v.ai a '-reformer.' He now
;i?ci.i!?s Tat 4-tl) e'tctiOQ of tbe greenback
car i; .1:1 "3 r, ci:';.l le s trir.niph over the friends
of tin IncdlioVhrs sl ! the gold gamblers of
Wail si: ? nM alviEcs tLc j eerie as follows:
f vom desire iro-pcrous tinier, freedom
try... . :-o'.J in2u?nce of Wall street, eqna'
I'ili'. y.: matters of taxea, vote the grean
fcvk t;:!.;'. Piw 7;tcn you bavo done this, do
not com: ter yc, b-iU d';ty performed. If
no:7!iHor n itiacdvs cf '.tferet.t, nrje
t:1u t j a Aare of L'J Ja'ry. JctferaOii ta'J,
iir.:fcr::a! vijilinci is tbe price of liVty.' I'U
lb - i r;y !tvclln,; jcuncive': to tlifi commg
sub? i.''o.!i n. aid la lis interest, your own
irtori -h, the liberties of all will be secured
tt.gvr.Hl t!i? evil influence of bondholders,
qttmpt from taxation, and tbe embarrassment
of itibntry arisln? therefrom."
Mr. Cd'.-j b.istcalj a record in the auditor
;eu ir' 6 oli.e of t Lis state wLicb will plague
biui boriaualy as the recorl of Mosts W.
1 -vi page C27 cf tbe 27tu vjlumc of Micbi
reporis. or as that 10 per cent, semi-annual
morlig; ritb i 100 attorae7 tjii on page 601.
1 Ver n . V tie Wayne c-cuty records, plagues
1-3! 1.
Ai'ter Mr. Cole hvJ played out as a practicing
phjM. ian in (Jcnesc-e county, be purchased the
P.)n'j?? J.v.-i.KOiiiau in 1S71, and continued it
f;5r !"- yr-ar. when tbst atctent pare"" died on
I m bau'jx, bke a pititnt who Lad fallen a
r.ttmi t u-alpractice. He then removed to
LuJ.-.g'os ai.d established the Appeal, and the
net'. -v-wou' alciltr 10 Alitor (literal
Humphrey, from which w make tbe following
extract :
Lcdiwoton. Mar 19, 1871.
if y0 will let ns have tbe printing
, of the taxes this fall, we will allow you 10 per
cent, upon what wo prist. Wm. B. Cole.
' ne received tbo following reply :
! " Laxsihq. Jane 5, 1371.
"Because and in consideration of your at
tempted bribery in this matter of printing, your
application will Lot be considered; and you
are hereby informed that under no considera
tion wbatevor, nor from, nor in behalf of any
mnuer.ee you can bring to bear upon this de
partment, will you be awarded any printing of
any character over which this department lias
any control. Had you made a tquare applica
tion for tbo tax printing, your claim would
have been entitled to consideration with others.
Put, coming in the form it does, it is shut out.
;Var. Hcmiheet, "Auditor General."
It baidly seems necessary to enlargo on the
purity, disinterestedness, patriotism, and nigh
toned principle of this new convert to an irre
deemable currency. lie his written himself
down as attempting to bribe a public officer in
tbe discharge of bis official duties. Let him
train with "borny-banded Moses," and re-echo
the inflammatory flings of Brick Pomeroy.
Moses robbed a soldier of bis bounty and de
manded 10 per cent, semi-annual interest on
the purchase money of land and $100 attorney
fee for foreclosure. Brief pocketed over 1 11,
000 of Boas Tweed's stolen plunder as the
price of whitewashing that great democratic
thief. Wm. E. Cole offered to divide the cost
of tax advertising with a public officer as a
reward forgiving it to him. But it did not
make the scheme work, as Mortgage Wheat
Field and Prick Pomeroy made their little
games of plunder work. Therefore Wm. B.
Cole rlames out as a convert to the holy princi
ples of the national greenback party. Let all
the irredeemable rejoice over their new con
ver. Be baB at last got where be belongs.
; Correspondence of Tbe True Northerner.
! Tabis, June 2ltit, 1878.
Will you go to the Exposition to-day ? If
you get on top of an Omnibus (su:h is their
economy of space here that they have seats
on top of cars and omnibuses) it will cost you
i just three cents to be put down in front of
that new tawdry castle called the Trocaders.
This is the main entrance to the grounds.
There are several other means of conveyance
and waj s of approach, bat we can fortunately
take but one at a time. In front of tbe
Trocadero there is a large crowd of people,
buying tickets at tbe little ticket stands, and
talking French beautifully. Take your posi
tion in tail, that term translated is what the
French call the long line continually melting
away as it enters the gate, but increasing jaet
as fast in the rear. The French policemen
know how to manage a crowd admirably, and
the patient French people fall naturally into
"tad." I think if there should be another revo
lution and the policemen should order tbe
mob to form tail, it would, from force of habit,
obey and each take bis turn at insurrection,
and raising en: an generally. But we are now
inside tbo enclosure, and on the immense
crescent shaped callonaded portico of the
Trocadero. A better general view can bo bad
from this point than from any other. At the
foot of the hill below us, is tbe Seme, spanned
by a bridge, so wido that 267 ladies, in tbe
present style of dress, might walk abreast on
it. beyond tbe bridge is a little stretch of
park in its contro. aa irregular lakelet sur
rounded by flowers, trees, grottos, and rustic
pavilions the prettiest piece of artificial land
scape m or cut of a picture that the eyeB ever
feasted on. Poyond the park is tho immense
building or r&lher system of buildings called
the Expositioa. But before we leave the
portico of the Trocedero let us look down upon
what is to be seen. On this side the Seine,
and bordering tbe park on the other side, the
ground is dotted with a gaudy hti Is village of
Kiosks, restaurants, and caves, of Chineese,
Japanese, Tunsian, Algerian. Moorish, Turkish
and evory otheiish style of architecture. Here
may be bought numberless trifles at about
twice as much as you would pay for them in
the shops of the city. Business is as brisk as
about a circus, in these places, and the French
jews masquerading as Arabs or Turks, in tar
bans and big breeches, answering the customer
in good English or French, but knowing not a
word of the languages spoken by the followers
of Mahomet are making money. Bee that
dark, roe eyed bouri, standing m a little kiosk,
selling scented beads and amber cigarette
mouth pieces. How well that Turkish coetume
becomes her! How awkward she would look
in a corset, high heeled shoes, and such things.
What a romatic history she must have. Per
haps she has escaped from the bated bondage
of the eeraglio. Surely u9r name is Gulnare.
she looks it. Wo make a trifling purchase, and
the friend who is with me speaks in the lan
guage that was good enough for Shakepeare
and Geo. Francis Tram. The bouri starts as
at a familiar sound Oha! we smell a rat, we
see it browing in the air. When did you leave
Washington'.' I venture to ask. "I left in
February. I bavo been in Chicagc .since. How
is everybody and his wife in Washington ? I
hear ol J Sherman is to be impeached I wish
something would turnup so that Ioyldget
my plica back in tbo Treasury Depart meat.'
Tbe main entranco to the Exuib&on is
through an immense hall called the Vestibule
of Honor; but first let us glance at the facade
of tho Vv-etiLulo. Nothing could be more
tasteful, artistic, and suggestive. A row of i
ffemalo statues, of coIlOKsaj size, each represent!
i-S 'nation, stands jusi without the portals,
as If ready to recoivo the visitor. The statues
arc not without classic aroma, but they are
modern beauties, and each oue is intended to
represent, by costume, countenance, or in
signia, distinct types and governments. The
Egyption, Chinese, and Japanese figures are
sufficiently marked for ns to know them at a
glance, but it is necessary to look at coats of
arms, crowns, an'd other regalia, before we
can difctii.guiuh Austria from Kussla, or France
from England. Tho United States is a very
pretty sort of a Goddess of Liberty with a
wreath on her head, instead of a cross. We
enter tbo Vestibule of nonor which of itself
contains far inoro than can bo satisfactorily
seen in one day. First to the right, amid Lis
gorgeous East India presents is a collossal
equestrian statue of the Prince of Wales, who
looks as fat and well kept as his borer. Two
LuLdi-ed feet d.ataat, toward tbo other end of
1 the Vestibule, is a oolloiaal statue of Carle-
magna or Clovii or tome other barbarian, on a
stupendous grass fed staldon, led by two mailed
warriors, one at each aide of tbe bit. Charle
J magne, or Clovis, or Pepin, is a goodly looking
1 King, but it requires greater length of leg than
art baa given bim to straddle that norse com
I fortably. Not much attention do these, and
many other more beautiful works in marble
I and bronze attract for tbe visitors are forming
an almost endless spiral tail around a crimson
velvet pavillion in which are tbe ex-crown
jewels of France, each one waiting patiently
for her look at tbe wondrous gems.
The famous regent is here worth 20.000.000
francs. Theirs wanted to sell it to help pay
the national indebtedness, and would have
done so if tbe assembly bad not been reaction
ary. Why is it not sold with other Jewelry
or the regalia? Ask Mr. Blanc. Kaspail. and
Naquet, of the chamber. A plain answer will
not be given to tbe question, and temptation
to seize dictatorial power will not be removed
from vulgarly ambitious men.
f Communication.
If there is a real purpose on foot to refuse
Judge Keightly his second nomination, accord
ing to party usage, never as yet broken in this
county nor in the District, it may be well to
consider that the purpose is avowed in favor of
the only man who ever asked it to be done, and
who, though receiving a second nomination
himself in 1871, has t he honor ( ? ) of being the
first and onbj ltepublican candidate for Con
gress who has met with defeat at tho polls
within tbe few counties composing this District.
If these two distinguishing features in the
political history of Mr. Burrows are not enough
to call a halt, it may be well to also point out
that be is the only man that has periodically
contested this county with distinguished resi
dents of tbe county for nomination to Congress,
viz : with Dr. Josuh Andrews, in 1S72. in which
be succeeded by Dr. Andrews withdrawing from
the field, and after 150 odd ballottings at Deca
tur, and also contesting it with A. S. Dyckman
in 187C, but failed. His opposition, however,
gave tbe nomination to Judge Keightly, whom
be now proposes to oust from the Court. Also,
je bis advocates recollect that while J. C. Bur
rows was elected in 1872 by over 5.000 majority,
in two brief years he lost the District, miming,
in every county, behind tbe other candidates,
county and State, by oyer 1,000 majority. losing
Berrien by 181, and Kalamazoo by 920, and car
rying Cass by nine votes. St. J OBeph by eleven,
and Van Buren by fifty-live seventy-five ma
jority in three of the five counties, against the
magnificent 5.000 lost in tbe District. Truly U
he the man to break the party usage it t.t to
be done!
The resolution offered by Mr. Lawton before
any delegates were chosen by tbe convention,
is as follows :
Whebeas. The Republican party of Van
Buren county has had hitherto a clear record
for faithfulness to party principles and nsiges.
whereby dissension has been avoided, confi
dence increased, and victory won ; and
Whereas, We recognize it to be cf primary
importance, m order to secure tbe advance
ment of party policy with the nation, that faith
ful public servants, to whom its execution is
entrusted, should at all times feel assured of
party endorsement and supjort ; therefore,
1'esolveo, That we recommend to tbe Ee-
Eublican Convention of the 4th Congressional
iiBtrict. and to tbe Pepublican Convention of
the 12th Senatorial District, of this State, that
they place tb" lion. E. W. Keightly. Itepreen
tative in Congress, and the Hon. Wm. O.
Packard, State Senator, in nomination for elec
tion for a socond term to tbe offices which they
now fill, with distinguished credit to themselves
and their constituents.
Mr. Lawton pointed out in a brief but earnest
epoech that the resolution was not without pre
cedent ; that in 1SGC, in the llepubhcan conven
tion beld in Decatur, to choose delegates to tho
Congressional Convention of the old 2nd Dis
trict, beld in Niles tbat year, tbe Hon. X. II.
Bitely, before tbe Convention proceeded to
cboMe the delegates, moved that the Conven
tion recommend the re-nomination of Hou.
Chaa. Upson for the third term in Congress,
owing to the importance of the oontest then
going on between Congress and Andrew John
son, which motion was carried, and the delegates
eleeted accordingly. Mr. Lawton then proceed
ed to siato from tho history of the party in the
county its course touching renominations, say
ing that this county had alway acardd it to
faithful inen, and that as to Congressmen, the
county has never been asked by any man, ex
cepting Mr. Burrows, to break this usage, and
that he first asked it in 1870. when he attempt
ed to secure the delegates of this county for
himself, and defeat the renommation of the
crippled Gen. Stoughton. In such contest be
secured one delegate, Mr. Moore, of Decatur,
and, we aver, that now he comes tho second
time to ask us to break this rule. In 1S72, Mr.
Burrows contested tbe county with Dr. Andrews,
and secured four of the six delegates, when Dr.
Andrews withdrew, and Mr. Barrows was nom
inated. That in 1871, although tLe fiiends of
Dr. Andrews were largely in tbe majority in
tho convention, yet it being tho usage, delegates
were chosen without the show of a contest for
bis second nomination which he securod. That
ia 1876 he came again for oar support, but was
refused, and cow he appears soliciting us tc
break this time-honored custom in his behalf,
and tbat a rank discourtesy, which we scrupu
lously avoided extending to bim, shall be done
by us to Judije Keightly. In this, he insults
pur intelligence, oar fairness, and impeaches
bur political fidelity'. W have no more interest
in tbe political tuccoss of theid gentlemen than
in that of other non-residents of tbe county,
except to treat each with the HUe evenbanded
fairness. Kalamazoo sives no sign of breaking
this usage, nor do any other of the counties
forming this District. The Telegraph an
nounces editorially tbat Judge Keightly is en
titled to. and Bhouli receive, a second nomina
tion. Why are we called upon to break the ice,
that the flood may follow, and bear the odium
of di8sens:on tbat may grow out of it, all blame
and controversy, cure to appear in its train,
cast upon us? Ought we not to stand clear, as
bithorto, in this matter '. " I certainly trust we
sball," said Mr. Lawton, "and that the resolu
tion will bo adopted." Tbe resolution was laid
upon the table upon the call of the yeas
and nayr, the convention not wishing to put
itself in opposition to the principle contained
in it, Tuere were 20 odd toting nay and CO
odd yes, leaving nearly 49 votes not cast.
Of all
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rilHE countenance is pale and leaden--1-
colored, with occasional flushes cr
a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs
along the lower eye-lid ; the nose is ir
ritated swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears; an unusual secretion of
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains in the stomach ; occasional
nausea and vomiting; violent pains
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive; stools slimy;
not unfrequently tinged with bloocl;
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid;
respiration occasionally difficult, and
accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with grinding of
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener
ally irritable, &c.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara
tion, net capable cf doing the slightest
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Each box has a red wax seal on the lid with
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McLaxe and l'LEMiNr. Uros.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. C. Mc
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In pursuance and by virtue cf a decree in the
circuit court for th Countvof Van Ruren. in
chancery, in the State of "Michigan, made on
the fifteenth day of November, A. D. 1377, in
a cause therein pending, wherein Sherman S.
Rogers is complainant, and Philip Hoege. Ro
8tta Hoege, Noble S. Taylor and Elizabeth
Shuf.ars are defendants. Notice is hereby
Riven that I shall sell at public auction to the
highest bidder at the front door of the Court
House in tbe village of Paw Paw (said building
being the place of holding the circuit court for
the county of Van Duren) at three o'clock in
the afternoon, on the 27th day of August. A.
D. 1878. all the following described lands, viz:
That piece or parcel of land situated in the
County of Van Buren and State of Michigan,
known as the east half of the north-east quar
ter of section eleven (11) in township one (1)
south of range sixteen (16) wett, containing
eighty acres more or less.
Circuit Court Commtagioner. Van Buren Co.,
R. & J. D. Bcbx3. Solicitors for Comp't.
Notico ia hereby given, that br an order of
the Probate Court for the Co'untv of N an
Buren. made on the 21th dav of June. A. D.
18(8. six months from that date were allowed
for creditors to present their claims against ;
tbe estate Of TLoinAB Yfatnn UfP rf eM
county, deceaeed, and that all creditors of said
decea-ed are required to present their claims
to Bai l probate court, at tbe probate office, in
the village of Paw Paw, for examination and
allowance, on or 1 efore tho 1st day of January
next, end tbat surh claims will be beard before
said court, on Wednesday, the 14th dav of
August. ai;d on Thursday, tbo nth day of j
November next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon I
of each of those dave.
Dated June 21th.A. 1). 1378. 121H1 !
JOSIAH L. H AWES. Circnit Jud::e. .
And acting Judge of Probate.
in workmanship 0 equal to a Chronomotor Watch, and
ao olcganViy finished as a first-class Piano. It received
tho hig?'iest awards at tho Vienna and Centennial Expo
sitions, IT GEWS ONE-FOURTH FASTER than other
Vfinohinds Its capacity Is unlimited. Thero aro moro
WILSON MACHINES sold in tho United States than
tho combined sales of ail tho others. Tho WILSON
MENDING ATTACHMENT for doing all kinds of repairing,
WITHOUT PATCHING, given FREE with each machine.
827 Cl 029 D roadway, New York; How Orleans, La. 9
Cor. State & Madison St$., Chicago, Ills.; and San Francisco, Cal.
For Sale By all First-Cfass Beaters.
7 hi
UNIQUE PERFUMES arc the Oenis of all Odors.
TOOTH EN E. An agreeable, healthful Liquid Dentifrice.
LEMON SUGAR. A mibstitute for Lemons.
EXTRACT JAMAICA CINCER. From the pure root.
I Default ba?ing Lsen made in tbe conditions
of a certain mortsaee (whereby tbe power
tterein contained to eell baa become operati?e)
executed by Hiram Lee and Charles Lee of
Decatur, Michigan, to Jno. T. Keablee of the
name place, bearing date tbe 15th day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1875 and recorded in tbe office of
tbe Register of Deeds for Van liuren Count.
Michigan, in Liber 4 of mortgages on page 430
on tbe 11th day of November. A. D. 1875, npon
which mortgage there is claimed to be dne at
the date of this notice tbe sum of ninety and
thirty one hundredths dollars (ife,J0.30-ll0) and
no enit or proceedings at law having been
instituted to recover the whole or any part
of said snm, Notice is therefore hereby given
that on Monday the 29th day of July. A. D.
1873, I shall sell at public vendue by the
Sheriff of said county at the front door of the
Court House in the village or I'aw raw in sail
county at two 2 o'clock in the afternoon of
said day. the land described in said mortgaga
i viz : Lots number tux 6 and seven 7 m
j block "A" in Flemming's addition to tbe village
of Decatur, County of Van Buren and State of
Michigan to satisfy the amount due on said
mortgage with ten per cent, interest and legal
coats together with an attorney fee of forty
I f 10 dollars covenanted for thereiD.
! Dated April 30th. 1878. 120Ctl3
I JNO. T. KEABLES. Mortgagee.
! Jso. J. Shebmax, Att'y for Mortgagee.
Order lor Appearance.
STATE OF MICHIGAN : Ninth Judicial Cir
cuit In Chancery.
Leella A. Hammond. )
Complainant, j
vs. !
Reuben F. Gustm. 1
Defendant, j
Snit pending in the Circuit Court for the
County of Van Buren. in Chancery, at Paw
Paw. on tbe thirteenth day of June, A. D.
In this cause it appearing from affidavit on
file, tbat tbe defendant, Reuben F. Gustin u
not a resident of this State, but was a resident
of tbe State of Florida, when last beard ol and
bid residence is now unknown. On motion of
Cbarles A. Harrison, complainant's solicitor,
it is ordered that the appearance of said non
resident defendant Reuben . Guetin be en
tered herein, within three months from the
date of this order, and in case of bis appear
ance be cauae his answer to the bill of com
plaint to ba filed, and a copy thereof to be
served on tbe complainant's solicitor, within
fifteen days after service on him of a copy of
paid bill and notice of this order: and in de
fault thereof, said bill will be taken as con
fessed by said non-resident defendant : And
it ia further ordered, that within twenty days
tbe complainant c&uso a notico of thin order to
be published in thn True Northerner, a news
paper printed, published and circulating ra
said county, and that eaid publication be con
tinued tl-erein. once in each week, for n
weeks in entveHsion. or that he cause a coot
i of this order to be personally served on said
non-reideot defendant at ler.st twenty daye
before the time above prescribed for biap
I pcarance.
Circuit Court Commissioner. Van Buren Co..
j Michigan.
Charles A. Hakuisox. Comp't's Solicitor.
One of tbe choicest residences in the villae
of Paw Paw, Mich., consisting of a find dwell,
ing. snug barn, nearly new. two acres of land
with choice fruit and shrubbery in great abun
dance. Premises in good repair.
For terms apply to R. F.JUDSOX.
IHOtf Kalaaazoe Mica".
nilMlOVIH) I'A KM For Sale on
reasonable terms. Inquire of
80m0 U. A. HARRISON, Taw Paw.
Or. R. it J. D. Bl'RNS. Kalamazoo, Mich.
a wees in your own town, so Outfit
free. No risk Reader, if you want a
business at which persons of either eei.
can make great pay all the time they work
write for particulars to H. Hallett K Co..
Portland. Maine.
Ucan make money faster at work for us than
at anything else. Capital not required : we
will start you. .il2 per dav at home mada
by the industrious. Men. women, bovs and
girls wanted everywhere to jrork for U9. Now
19 the time. Costly outrit and terms free.
Address Tbce A: Co.. Anguata. Maine.
D f (T kusmces yon can engage : a .r
llrN 1 to 2'J P" day made by ar.y work
m er of either sex. right 1 their
own localities. Particulars and samples worth
$5 free. Improve your spare time a this busi
ness. Address Smsox tt Co.. Port jj, Maine.
And Farming Lands for aile in Van Buren.
Allegan Larry and Ca counties: also im
proved farms and un inrt. ,n
ZTi f7a!0 V We: also several house
and lots for sale in. ecatur. 3n on TerT f avor..
able terms
JE;1 itre ot or address.
jatnr. Van Buren County. Mich

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