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A Record of tho Notable Occur
rences of 1883.
1. Ferry-boat finks near Frankfort, Ger
many; thirty-llvo people drowned. Several
whito men killed by blacks In a riot at Oco
nee, (la.
2. Ferry-tnt In Jackson county, X. C, up
sets, drowning- nineteen negro convicts.
3. Destructive Hood along tho rivers Rhino
and Danube; nearly 100 lives lost. Dark Star
of tho West lost In tho Atlantic ocean, fifteen
people perishing.
4. Four men killed at Muskegon, Mich.,
and threo at Dlack llorso banding, V.'. Va.,
by boiler explosions. United Stales Seuato
passes tho Civil Service Deform bill.
5. Discovery of a heavy defalcation by
State Treasurer Folk, of Tennessee.
C. Domains of John Howard I'ayne shipped
from Tunis to the United States.
T. Steamer City of Rrusscls sinks In tho
English channel; ten persons drowned.
P. Ten men killed by a mine explosion at
Coulterville, 111. Five men killed by a burst
ing boiler at Dethlehcm, l'a. Ship Empire
finks nt sea; sixteen lives lost.
10. Durning of the Newhall house, Mil
waukee; nearly 1( 0 lives lost. Terrible Hoods
in Hungary; oxer fifty people drowned.
13. Over "500 people burned to death In a
circus building at Derditscheff, Russia.
11. Twenty people killed by a- railway acci
dent at Camerlatu, Daly, l our persons lost
their lives by a lire in the IManters house. St.
.Attempted assassination of the Sultan
of Turkey.
10. Drince Jerome Napoleon arrested in
Tarls lor issuing a manifesto ( laiming the
throne. Five persons burned to death in a
London tenement house.
17. Eight people killed by n boiler explosion
on a steamer in Tort Susan Day, Fucillc coast.
Meeting of the National Republican commit
tee at Washington.
18. Iowa Supreme Court pronounces tho
State Liquor law unconstitutional. Four
men killed by a boiler explosion at Maullcld,
La. Fhenomcnally told weather in the far
lfl. Steamer Cimbria sinks in the German
ocean; nearly 400 people diowned. Forty
people killed by a powder explosion at Mul
den, Holland. Ec '.d cries in Southwestern
Nevada, involving the k liing of live citizens
find two highwaymen.
JO. Six men drew in d oil a Gloucester flail
ing schooner. Tuc nty-live people hi'.'ed by a
railway accident near I.os Angeles, Cal. In
tensely cold weather throughout the North
west, lasting live days.
21. Nine people diowne d by the sinking of
chip I'orwarts. oil' Lisbon, Dortugal. Scvcial
persons killed by a boiler explosion at Elkton,
Md. Thirty Chummon blo n to atoms by an
explosion of giant povdr mar S:n l'ran
cisco. 2-. Several lives !o-t by tli-" sinking ef tin
German bark Mcta, oiV the Mexican cout.
.'?. The French cabinet resigns in a body.
Twelve persons lolled by a railroad smash-up
near Keyser. W. Va. A mother in Milwaukee
murders and eurcs in pieces her three little
childre n. Eluht person drowned by tuc sink
ing of the brig Mariposa in I.o:ig Island
eound. I'olitical ecitement in France; ex
fcm press Eugca'e o: -d-.red to quit the lepub
llo. 24. News of the butchery of forty ship
wrecked tailors by savages in New Guinea.
Davitt, Hcaly and guinn found guilty at Dub
lin of using seditious language.
25. Durial at Milwaukee of tho forty-three
unidentified victims of the Newhall house
2G Four men accide ntally drowned at Shreve
port, I.n., and four killed at Reading, Da., by
tho caving in of a mine.
27. Wreck of a steamer near Swansea,
Wales; nineteen lives lost.
2P. A caving mine at Rwcksville, Pa.,
kills fhc laborers. A new cabinet formed in
2'J. A family of nine persons in Laurens
county, S. C, eat a gooe that had been bit
ten by a mad dog, and all of them die of hy
drophobia. Five negroes drowned while try
ing to cross Georgia river. A lwnrricane at
Denver, Col., destroys ?-00,(HKl worth of prop
erty. Tho steamer Dlack Watch lost on the
Welsh coast; twent.v-s'.x persons drowned.
;;o. Eight men killed by f now-slidos in Colo
rado. Seven men killed by n fire-works explo
sion nt Arneeameca, Mexico.
31. Four children burned to de ath at Das
eel, Minn. Discovery of a defalcation of
$J.0,0w0 by the Alabama tato Treasurer.
Steamer Ansonhi lost on the coast of Tripoli;
twenty people drowned.
1. A panic in a woolen factory at Romhay
icsults in the death of thirty people.
2. The steamer Tacoma lost on the Oregon
coast; twelve j cople drowned. The steam
fhip James G ray founders en the English
coast; twenty-four l'vc s lost.
3. Disastrous floods throughout the Mlddlo
States. News of the lynching of ten men in
Montana Territory. Failure of t ho Union
Iron and Meed company at Chicago.
4. Thirty-two lives lost by the sinking of
the steamer Kenmore Castle, in the Ray of
Capt. Oklahoma" Pa.uio nnd his follow
ers arretted in the Indian Territory.
8. A steamer wrecke d off Harwich, Eng.,
and h 11 on hoard, twenty-six In number, lost.
t. Seven men killed by a boHer explosion
ftt Taylorville, 111.
10. Drig lion lost in the Atlantic; ten peo
ple drowned. Five lives lost by the burning
of the steamer (Jem, on the Oregon coast.
The authors of tho I'lm nix Park (Dublin)
murders brought to light.
12. Fourteen fishermen drowned at Yar
mouth, Fug.
l;)-b". 1 loods cause great destruction of
proj rty along the Ohio river.
IK. 'A mlii'! Hooded by n cave-In nt Dm Id
wood, 111., causing the drowning of eighty
eollleip, Four children burned to death nt
Draekett, Texas.
17. Dr. lluyh Glenn, the largest farmer In
tin: w. rld, murdered In California.
If. A panic in n Catholic school In New
York, results In the death of in children.
20. Fouit' en fniiors drowned by n collision
rn the Sec teh coast. Dormnn R. Eaton, John
M. (Dogrrynnd L. D. Hioman appointed Civil
crvic Commissioners.
21. Jules Ferry organizes n new ministry
In Era nee, I. S. steamer Ashuelotsunk off
Hongkong and eleven of tho crew drowned.
Germany prohibits tho Importation of Amer
ican pork. Ferry II. Smith, n Chicago mill
(oo&irc, adjudged insane.
Four slclc persons poisoned at Corsleana,
Texas. ' Attack on Darnell und tho Laud
league in the Rritish House of Commons.
23. Mutiny in tho Missouri Stato Prison.
Six persons drowned at Wolf Island, near
Cairo. Steamer lost in the Rosphorus, 22 per
sons drowned. Darnell replies to his assail
ants In the Hoieo of Commons.
21. The frohjht steamer Glamorgan lost In
tho Atlantic; eight persons drowned.
20. Threo children burned to death at Mon
tague, Mich.
2S. Prohibition killed in the Missouri nnd
Texas Legislatures. Woman suffrage killed in
the Massachusetts legislature. Maine ro
storci tho death penalty. O. H. Piatt, of
Connecticut, made a member oT the National
Republican Committee.
1. Jim Elliott, the prize-fighter, killed nt
Chicago by Jerry. Dunn. The long Senatorial
contest ended In Michigan by tho election of
Tho. W. Palmer. Marriage nt Washington
of Senator Tabor, of Colorado.
3. Steamer Yazoo sinks In the Lower Mis
sissippi; lit lives lost.
4. The Riddle). erger law declared unconsti
tutional bv the Virginia Legislature. United
States Treasurer Giltlllnn resigns.
7. Train lobbeiy near Fort Smith, Ark.
Marriage of ev-Gov. William Sprague, of
Rhode 1-land. Imprisonment for debt abol
ished in Novia Scotia.
7. Three persons cremated at Frederick,
Md., by the burning of a house.
Si. Seven men drowned opposite Jersey
City by the sinking of a ferrv-bo.it.
10. Eleven men cremated by the burning of
a boarding-house at Rrowusville, Dakota.
11. The day set aput by Prof. Wiggins for
his great storm, which failed to materialize.
U. Patrick Egan. Treasurer of the Land
League, arrives at New York.
13. The Missouri Legislature enacts a
stringent high-license liquor law.
li. Judire David Davis married to Miss
Purr, of North Carolina.
1"). startling explosion in London, attrib
uted to Fenian ugcnt. A. N. Wyman nj
pointed United States Treasurer.
17. Excitement in England over the al
leged assault on Lady Florence Dixie.
:.'J. Tennessee enacts a law abolishing pub
lic executions.
21. Six lives lost by the sinklegof an oyster
boat at Ealtimore.
22. Mount Ve-uvies in a state of eruption.
2U. Six men killed in a light between cattle
he:ders in Arizona. Indian outbicak in Ari
zona. Several people slaughtered. Tho re
mains of John Howard Payne, author of
' Home, Swt-e; Heme1," arrive at New Yoik
from Tunis, A fri'-a, wkeio lie died in 1H.Y.
Six mineis killed by a ga-e-xplo-iou at Lost
Creek. Da.
2. Recovery of the bodies of a large num
ber of the victims of tin- mine; di-a-der on
Fed). M. I'ear Rraidwood, 111.
2s. The Mas-uehu-e-tts Legislature passes a
law providing for biennial cleclions ui that
Court Yon S -. kin ly. President of the
Hungarian ( o ut of Cassation, murdered.
:u. News .f fiv-.ii Indian massacres in
Arizona. Sexeral persons killed by a col
lision on the Ciucii'.iiail southern raiiroid.
31. Twenty-three i eopie el row ne 1 by a ship
wreck at Hohlrad, England.
1. Six j.e i : ons Kille d by a boiler explosion
on the steamer l'olar Star. Mis-issippi rive r.
2. Fifty pcop'e killed by the explosion of a
powder factory near Paris, Erunoe. Excite
ment in England over the discove'ry of dynu
mite plots.
4. Walte.1 ',). Cn -ham, of Indiana, appoint
ed Po d muster General. The President, starts
on a Southern tour for the I enetit of his
.". Four persons burned to death at Hart
wick, N. Y., and three at Elsbury, N. Y.
New s of a great lire at Iquique, Peru. News
of a wared 1 ace s on the line of the Panama
Canal. Michaed Daitt writes a letter de
nouncing the dynamite policy of th" Irish.
C. The CoroneiVi jury In the Rraidwood
mine dl-a'er c.vncrates the mine owners
from blame.
7. Risastieuis Hock's in Austria and Poland.
S. A hoted burned at Greenville, Texas, and
eight guests cremate J.
11. Judge Gresham, the new Postmaster
('eneial, enters upon his duties. The bill
for local self-gov ernment in Ireland defeated
in th'' Rritish House of Commons.
12. Prohibition defeated in the Connecticut
Legislature. Earthquake slneks in Southern
Illinois. Wisconsin's first cotton lactory.
opened at Sheboygan Falls.
13. Six negro c hildren pedsonod to death at
McDormott.. Ark., an 1 three burned to death
in Grant county, Ark. Discovery of rich
silver mines in Fast Tennessee. The; first
Iron sailing esscl e-er buiit in America
laune he d at Philadelphia. Charles Smith, f t
Delaware county, Iowa, kills his wife and two
children nnd c ommits suicide. Rrndy, one of
the PIhi nix Park murderer.', sentenced to
death at Dublin.
11. Fhst tornadoes ef the seas m fedt in
Arkansas, Iowa nnd Nebraska.
1". Dinning of the Atlantic House and
three guests at Albia. Iowa.
D. Twentv-six Nihilists sentenced nt Odessa.
Russia. Three children burned to death at
Portsmouth, Texas.
17. Prohibition killetl in the Delaware
IiTg!siature. The Scott liepior license law
passed by the Ohio legislature.
18. Many people drowne d by a Hood in the
Ynhuashua river, Mexico. Daniel Curley,
another of the Phemlx Park murderers,
sentenc ed to death in Dublin. Senator Kel
logg indicted at Washington. The dynamito
plots laid bare at Loneloti by tho confession of
l'.f. Eighteen Nihil! ts sentenced nt St.
20. l our men drowned nt Seattle, W. T.,
and four nt Wllliamsport, l'a., by the upset
ting of beats. Prohibition voted down by
the Fennsjlvnnhi Legislature. Eight people
kllle el by n falling wall nt Sacrnmento, Cal.
21. Rloody fight betwe en citizens nnd circus
men nt Dover. Del. Five persons drowned
nt New Dcdlord, Mass., nnd seven nt San
Francisco, by the upsetting of boats.
12. Return to Washington of President
Arthur from his Southern tenir. A cyclone
In Missl-sippi nnd Georgia kills nnd malms
hundreds of people.
2.". Meeting in Philadelphia of tho Irlsh
Americnn convent ic n.
27. Michael Fnorln sentenced to death nt
Dublin. Congressman Dhil Thompson kills
Walter Davis nt Hnrrodsburg, Ky.
1. Four men killed in n riot at Marshall,
2. Acquittal of Fit Harris, tho fifth man
tried at Dublin for the murder of Lord Cavendish.
3. Four people run over nnd killed by a
train ut Gowun, Mich. Seven men killed by u
mine accident nt New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.
Seventy Chinamen drowned by tho wrecking
of tho steamer Grapplcr on tho Daclfle coast.
tl. Moody and Sankcy return from Europe.
Dattle between Moxican troops and Apache
Indians, In Mexico.
7. Arthur Sullivan, author of Pinafore,"
made a Knight.
11. Suicide of Amasa Stone, the wealth'c-t
man in Cie eland, Ohio.
13. Destruetivo tornado in Missouri. Po
nana Fair, the Nevada Senator, dhoreod
from his wife.
II. Joe Drady, one ot tho l'lnenlv Park
murderers, hanged at Dublin.
10. Fit Harris, the cab-driver, cemvietedat
Dublin. Meeting at Washington eif the So
ciety of the Army of the Potomac. Congress
man Philip Thompson ae-quitted at Ha it ids.
burg, Ky. A series of eye denies in Illinois
nnd Wisconsin kills upward of seventy peo
ple and elestioys much property. Daniel
Curley, one ot" the Ph eniv Park assassins,
hanged at Dublin. Steamer Granite State
burned on the Connecticut river; tivu lives
10. Carey, the informer, turned loosy nt
20. Heavygalee.n the Northern lakes; many
vessels w ree ked, w ith considerable loss eif life.
22. The Car enters Mose-ow with great
23. The ceremony of blessing the Russian
imperial Hag performed at Moscow.
24. Ope ning of the groat East River bridge.
25. A boiler of the steamer Pilot explodes
nt Sun I'rancisco. killing eighteen persons.
News of n battle Ja Mexico between Gen.
Crook's forces nnd Apache Indians.
27. Coronation of the Russian Czar at Mos
cow. 2s. Michael Fagin.,one of tho Pho nix Park
conspirators, hanged nt Dublin.
2'.. A tornado in Central Indiana kills many
peoplo nnd destroys much property.
30. Decoration day. Many people killed by
n crush on the Rrooklyn bridge. Five fire
men killed at Lynchburg, Ya. Seven men
drowned in Roston harbor. Five men killed
in a shooting affair nt Salida, ( a!.
2. Destruetive cyclone nt Greenville,
Texas. Thomas Caffrey, the fourth of the
Pho nix park conspirators, hanged in Dublin.
Hcaly und Davitt released fioni imprisonment
in Ireland.
'. Demociatlc State convention of Iowa.
Republican State convention of Ohio.
7. Lynching teo at Waverly. Iowa.
S. One hupdrcd and fifty people killed by a
powder explosion ut Scutari, Albania.
t. Timothy Kelly hanged at Dublin for the
murder of Lord Cavendish. Suleiman Daoud
executed at Alexandria.
10. Five men killed by a boiler explosion at
College Point, L. I.
11. Five persons drowned at Penjamin,
Utah, by tho capsizing of a t oat. Yiolent
storms in Iowa and V. hconsjn. Gen. Crook
returns to Arizona Iroin a successful Indian
hunt in Mexico.
13. N. L. Dukes killed by young Nutt at
Unointown, pa. Greenback convention in
Ohio. Arguments concluded in tho star
route trial; the Jury render aeidict of ac
quittal. 11. Tho dynamite conspirators, Gnllngher
nnd others, convicted and sentenced at Lon
don. L"). The high license liquor law pnss-s the
Illinois Legislature.
D5. Metlng of the Ohio Prohibition con
vention. Great excitement on the Chicngo
Donrd of Trade, caus'd by the failure of
Deter McGcoch.
17. Destructive rain and windstorms in
Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.
Over 200 children killeel oi Sunderland, En
gland, by a panic and rush in a public hall.
Fourteen people drowned by Hoods near
Seneca, Kas.
21. Ohio Democratic convention. Destruc
tive tornados in Missouri and Kansas.
22. Four train-robbers executed in Ar
kansas. Two men lynched in Tennessee.
23. Twenty-five lives lost by the sinking of
the steamship Waitara, o!f Portland, England.
21. Great damage in the region of St. Louis
by nu overilow eif the Mississippi river.
j 2.". Lou!.-e Miel.e 1, the female socialist, eon-
victed of r ot at Paris and sentem-e d to six
years' imprisonment. News of ti e breaking
out of the cholera in Kgypt. Eighte en China
men kill.-d by a railway collision in Montana.
2(5. The Ohio Supremo court decides the
Scedt Liquor lav ce list f.;t onal. The Cab'not
j at Washlngion eh Me's to a d in pio.cntng
the landing e! ., q em'vrauls at New
20. A famdy ed ;j-,e er.-ons dro.vnel m ar
Madison, Did., by the upsetting of a boat.
News ed" the drowning by Jioods of seventeen
per. ons in Ne m.iha e o inty, Ne b.
1. Di ed between two Ruhimmd fVn.) ed
itors, Reirne and Ll.iin. Terrible? lavages of
the cholera at I'amieqta. Egypt. Six persons
killeel by a railroad ace id -nt at Resedas, Fa.
2. Opening of the ecle brnt'on, at Santa Fe,
New Mexico, ed' thc333d anniversary of the
settle.ie.it of tho town. Toinadei. s in Wis
consin, Comiec feet and Mas.-u-ht setts. War
waged en the trade collar.
3. Al oit l.0 j eople el row lied by an accident
w hile launching a nev steame r at Glasgow,
Scotland. Six iersons run down and killed
by a tra n near Cincinnati.
4. Nat onid Anti-Monopoly convention nt
Chicago. News of the murder of four offi
cials of Grand county, Col.
.". Emeute in the Oregon penitentiary; six
convicts killed. Six people chow in d nt
Whiteville, N. C, by the- o crturt.lng of a
7. Female suf! rage rejected by the Rritish
House of Commons. Alaim in Europe over
the spread e,f c holeia in Egypt.
10. A Rritish Parliament emmittee re
lorts npnlnst building the channel tunnel.
Do icsse po nrraimes with the English Gov
ernment for n second Sue, canal. Destruct
ive storms in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Kan
fas. 11. Thirty people drowned nt London,
Ontario, by a sudden overlloW, in the night,
of the l i er Thames.
12. National convention of colored editors
nt St. Louis, Mo. Andrew White, n wealthy
citizen of Dwlght, III., while Insune, murders
his wife nnd children and commits suicide.
13. Destructive tetrnadoc in Missouri,
Knnsns, lown, Nebraska, Illinois ami Indiana.
14. Twenty peoplo burned to death during
a fire in a Hungarian village. Exciting nnd
bloody hunt for the assassins of Postmaster
Clingan, of Polk Cit)-, Iowa.
10. Dleastrous storms In Wisconsin, Iowa,
Illinois and Indiana.
17. News of tho sacking of the American
consulate nt Monterey, Mexico.
is. Accident to ChM Justieo Wnite, in
Montana. Frost in Hviif wet ions of Iowa.
10. Inauguration ef the great strike of
telegraph ojRqators throughout the country.
2J. A cyedono kills a number of people and
destroys much procrty in Dakota and Min
nesota. 23. Eight men killed by falling bricks while
re pairing a blast-f urniico at Syracuse, N. Y.
Pisat reus tornado in Ingham county, Mich.
21. About eighty peoplo drowned by tho
giving way of a steamboat pier near Dalti
moie, Md. Capt. Webb, the famous swim
mer, drowned at Niagara Falls. Hardy, one
of the Folk county (Iowa) ussasdns, executed
by n mob.
2.". Eight colored people drowned ut Clarc
iiioiit, Yu..
23. Ex-Treasurer M. T. Polk sentenced to
twenty years in the ciiiteaitlaryut Nashville,
2S. Thirty-six persons killed by a mine ex
plosion in Sicily, over .,000 people killed by
an earthquake on the Italian island of L-c'ua.
20. Twenty-five people killed by a railway
accident near Albany, N. Y. Ten colored
people drowned at Mayersville, Miss. The
Spanish Minister to the I'niteel States com
mits suicide in New Yej .
30. President Arthur leaves Washington on
an extended Western tour. James Carey,
the Irish informer, killed in South Africa.
1. Eight people killed by a railroad collision
near Pownall. Yt.
2. The New Hampshire Legislature elects
Austin F. Pike, U. S. Senator, after balloting
nearly two months.
3-.". Heavy failures in the leather trade in
the New England cities.
(5. Serious revolt in Spain. Formidable
anti-Jewish riots in Russia and Hungary.
7. A gene ral local-option liquor law enact
ed In Georgia. President Arthur smokes the
calumet of peace with the Arapahoe nnd
Shoshone chiefs at Fort Washakie, Wyoming
8. Thirteen sailors drowned by tho sinking
of n bark olf Dover, England.
0. Four Irish dynnmito conspirators sen
tenced for life nt Liverpool.
11. Durning of tho Kimball house, the
large st hotel in the South, nt Atlanta.
12. Tw e D einen ac cidentally killed in n rail
roael tuniK 1 in Montana.
13. Suicideed' the w ife of Senator Allison, of
Iow a. The Mayor and other oll.cials indicted
nt Daltimore for malfeasance.
15. Twenty men killed by a mine accident
at Cornwall, England.
17. Seven persons killed by a railw ay col
lision at Lexington, Ky.
1. End of the long strike of the telegraph
oj orators.
21. A tenia lo kills upward of forty p op'c
and destroys avast amount ed' pro erty In
and nbout Rochester, Minn. Opening cf the
Knifchts T.mphtr triennkil conclave nt San
22. News of a fe arful massaere of Indians
by Chilians in Peru. Completion of track
laying em the Northern I'ue-jfie railroad.
2i. Five men perish in n burning building
at Rostoii. Eighteen sailors diowned by a
collision in the- English ch tiiiu 1.
27. News ed tho death of the (.mcen of
28. 20, 30. Vedennie eruptions In the island
of Java cause frightful destruction of
life and property; upward of li(u,(iuo people
31. TlmCnrof Russia visits the King e-f
Denmark. The steamship I.udwig, from
Antwerp for Montreal, with seventy people
on boaid give n up as lost.
2. Six persons killed by a boiler explosion
nt Franklin. Dakota.
3. A single highwayman rob1! the passen
gers on a Utah railway train. A priest and
six of his congregation killed by a thunder
bolt in a church at Lagos, Mexico. Eleven
working girls burned to death in a factory ut
Cincinnati, over forty people hilled by a
railway train near Dcrlin, Gcrmr.ny.
4. King Alfonzo issues a proclamation
restoring the coiistitutie-ual guarantees in
7. Preside nt Arthur re tuiiis to Washington
after an extended trip to the far Wist. Ac
quittal ed' Frank James, the Ml-souri outlaw.
5. Formal opening of the Northern Pacific
0. Sale of the Horace Ore cloy farm at
Chappaqiia, N. Y.
11. Serious riots at Canto:, hina.
t 12. iklahoma Payne ayn;n nrie sted in the
Indian Territory.
Id. News of the disaster to the Greeley
Arcth; search e xj e- lition. T welv e people
drowned ly tPo -lukiiig '.' Norwegian ship
in the FnlMi c hanne !. Celebration in
Germany ed' Ma. tin Luther's math birthday.
II. Prohibition defeated in the Dakota
Constitutional c ei.ive ntlou. The Dlack Flags
defeated by the Fieach in a battle at Ton
cjuin. 1. . Prof. Swift, of Rochrster, e"iicove-r the
new comet.
Dk The e veuty-thiid anniversai y of Mexi
can indept ndence celebrated In the City of
17. Yellow fever epidemic in Mexican
eities. Dark Dntannia lost near Halifax,
N. S. ; twede people drowned. '
IK King- Kedle o defeated in Ashantee after
u bloody battle.
10. Great weavers' strike nt Ashtou, En
gland. Nutiounl convention ed' j ostal rail,
way cleiks at St. Paul. Hurricane in i!i.
haina islands; many vessels wrecked ami
tixty-tlc people drownc 1.
20. Fifteen coal mineis killed in Westphalia
by fire-damp explosion. Statue of Zavhary
Taylor unveiled at Louisville, Ky. Seven
persons killed by a boiler explosion at Pitt-,
21. Return to Sweden of Nordcnskjo'd, the
Arctic explorer. Lord Chi 'f Justice Coic
rldge, of England, banquetc-d at Chicago.
22. Era live torn up over the Chinese eiues
tion. 23. A toiler explosion nt Shreveport, Ln.,
kills fcven people. Extensive military prep
arations in Russia.
21. Return to England of the fr.mily of
Caiey, the Irish informer. Agit utiem by the
Land league is reopened in Ireland. Henry
M. Stanley, the African explorer, heard Irani.
2.i. Destructive gale on Lake s Ontario and
Erie. Tho Emperor of Germany uppeunts
King Alfon-o, of Spain, Colonel of a German
regiment, which causes much Ill-feeling in
Fiance. Terrible railroad accident In Ron
man'a. New York morning newspapers re
duce their prices.
2. Heavy expiess robbery on a train nt
Ijikcton, Iud.
29. Attempted train robbery In Western
Kansas. Snow-storm in Minnesota.
CO. rorty Chinamen killed near San Fran
cisco by the explosion of a powder-mill. Tho
Spanish King hooted by a mob ln Tarls,
which causes much excitement in Spain.
1. Snow-storm in Maine,
2. Evangelists Moody und Sankcy sail for
Ireland. Ruining of tho Pittsburgh Exposi
tion buildinas.
3. Tho authorities of Stratford-upon-Avon
re fuse permission to exhume tho remains of
Shnkspeure. Meeting at Philadelphia of tho
thirty-third convention of tho Protestant
Episcopal Church of tho United States. Na
tional Convention of the laundrymen at Chi
cago. 4. A woman at Lampasas, Mexico, murders
her five children and kills herself. Tho en
tire .Ministry ed' Norwjiy impeached.
7. Nihilist proclamations Issued in Russia
se Mieiicing the Car t'i death.
0. Tho pacing horse Johnson makes tho
fastest time at Chicago ccr known, a mile in
2:10. News of tho disco, cry in Alaska of an
imme-nse river.
1. Earthquake in California. Snow-storms
in Ne braska and Colorado.
11. Mee-ting at Rrooklyn of the Woman
Sulfiage Nat ional Convention. The bunkers
meed in national comeutiou at. Louisville.
Lord Lerue and Princ ess Louise h-a e Canada
for England. The Spanish Ministry resign in
n body. Heavy snow-storm in Manitoba.
1'orty people drowned in u Hood in Spain.
Aniversary ed' the discovery of America cele
brate d in Spain.
14. Seven persons drowned by the founder
ing of a schooner near Doston. War prepar
ations in Prussia. Mysterious murder of Zoru
Rums, at L'luoln, 111.
Di. The Ended States Supreme Court d e
cides the Civil Rights law unconstitutional.
Forty women killed in a crush in a Jew ish
synagogue in Russia, c -a used by a false a'urm
of flic.
10. Epidemic or trichinosis In Saxony. Dis
astious storms on the English coast.
17. Over 200 lives destroyed by an earth
quake in Asiatic Turkey.
is. Reappearance of the cho'era In Egypt.
10. Twenty-five lives lost by a mine explos
ion in England.
20. News of the sliming of a treaty of
peace between Chili and Peru.
21. Henry Irving, the English actor, arrives
at New York. Snow-storm in Minnesota.
Discovery of gold dopes ts at Lis.bc n, Dakota.
22. Heavy snow-storm in Colorado.
23. The Marepiis of Lunsdowue, new Gov
ernor General ed" Canada, arrivesmt .ueb e.
Ten girls lose their lives by the explosion of
a squib factory at Kingston, Pa.
21. Snow-storm in New England. Destruct
ive gn'e ah ng the Massachusetts eoa-t. Slos
son beats sexton for the billiard champion
ship. A farmer named Fraer, of Newcom
crstown, Ohio, kills his wile, thre e chll lien.
nnd himself.
2. "i. News of the loss of five vessels on the
New England cored, and the. drowning of
twenty-seven p.rons.
2 tl. News of war preparations in Russia und
2T. Intelligence of more e-nrthquakes. in
Asia Minor. Chief Justice Coleridge sails for
20. Dc striu tis e cyclones in Louisiana and
Kentucky. Disastrous rain-storms in Illinois
und Indiana. Seven lives sacrificed by an
explosion of dynamite at Drooks Tunnel, Pa.
Henry Irving, lie actor, begins an engage
ment at New Vork.
3i. Mysterious ewp'odons in the under
ground railway tunnels in London, England.
31. Loss ed' the steamer Holyhead and
fifteen lives in the Irish sea. Disastrous
conflagration at Savannah, Ga.;ten lhesleet.
1. Capture of a large gang of counterfeiters
in Pike county. Did. Oraiure disturl anees at
Londonderry. Ireland. Conclusion of the
Coroner's ui quest into the Zc ra Purns murder
mystery at Lincoln, 111. Snow-storm in New
3. Moody be.-: In--, a six months' evangeliz
ing engagement in London, l editical riot at
Danville, Ya., in which seven negroes. are
4. Mary Chun-Mi', the long-mi sinz St.
Louis niri, found at Indianapolis.
.. News of the hs ed" ti e whaling bark
Louise ai.d her crew in the Arctic ocean.
Train icbbcry m ar Danville Junction, 111.
5. seven pcop'e kl. led and 2(H',it0 worth of
I ropeitv destroyed by a cyclone at Spring
field. Mo.
7. A colliery explosion in Lancashire, Enz
lun l. kills sixty-three men. Adeliua Putt I ar
rives at New York.
s. Seve ral pers mi.; killed by tl e falling of a
j oi ti :i of th.- reoi of the Wisconsin Capit.d
biii.dinx i.t Ma llson.
11. e'rr.ii A. arpentcr, arrested for the
muid.T of 'ora Rums at Lineoln, 111., dis
charge 1 lio.u custody. Ccdebration of
Luther's J'Mh birthday.
12-li. Disastrous gales eai the chain of
lake, resulting in the wrecking of over
thiidycrau and the dtov.ningof upward of
fifty people.
U. De-tiuctive storm on the Chesapeake
Pay: many lies lost.
17. Eiaht lives sacrillccd in a railway aced
de nt at strc atnr, III.
is. L.Michingof Jacob Nelling at Oxiord,
D..'.., for the murdered" -da Atkinson.
10. Ie'-s or the lark 1 iormnnden, with
lie veu of her crew, oil Halifax, Nova Mot hi,
and of the steamers Condor and Hyniethus.
i:i the English channe l, forty people going
clown. A huri leane on the Ne w louudland
coast wrecks many ves-c Is an I causes great
less ( I life.
21. Ex-Senator Spencer arrested in Nevada
nnd take n to Wushiturtan. Disastrous rain
storms in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. A
cj clone in Missouri and Arkansas kills sev
e rnl people.
22. Jacob D. Crouch, u millionaire farmer,
and thre e other jkm-sous murdered near Jack
son, Mich. Inte'ilige nce of the massacre of
Hicks Pasha's K.g.ptlan army, in the Soudan.
Minister Lowell c!r n rector of St. Andrew's
ncademy, in Scotlaml.
21. Rute hery of the Ruddy family of four
je.-sons at Inconia, N. 1L Tntln-iobl cry
r.ear Doming, N. M. Sergt. Mason, the
would-be slajer of Guiteau, pardoned by the
Pie sident.
2. ". Sinking of the steamer R mn nnd
drowning of twenty po.iplo in laike Geneva,
2,k Cc'c ration In New York of the centen
nial anniversary of the evacuation of that
city by tho Rritish. Loss of tho steamer
Ec'ip-e, on Lake Ontario; eighteen people
27. Ixss of tho Dutch bark. Judith, on
the Norwegian coast; eighteen lives lot.
Sixteen persons drowned by the loss of tho
schooner Ruso, ln tho Gulf of Mexico.
Franco removes tho prohibition on Atm-rleim
pork. Cyclone at Trairle du Chicn, Wis.
29. Ex-Scnator Rlaino unfolds to the public
his Echemo of allied Federal and State taxa
tion. Disastrous railway accident ut Wor
cester, Muss, yews of tho loss of eix
Gloucester (Mass.) flshinsr schooners, e arry
ing seventy-flvo men.
30. Rloody light between burglars and
officers at Shelby, Ohio. Mrs. RIall, of Ral
tlmoro, kills her two children and commits
1. Patrick O'Dounell, the slayer of In
former Carey, convicted and sent cue . 1 to
death at London.
2. Eighteen people killed In u railway col
lision in Franco.
3. Meeting of Congress ut Wushlngrn.
4. Loss of tho steamer Princess Louise ami
nlno of her crew, on the c oast or New found
land. .". Attempted train robbery near Memphis,
0. Dynamite explosion in Toronto, Canada.
Loss of a pilot boat and ten persons in New
York harbor.
7. Earthquake shock in Arkansas. Four
men lynched In Drown county. Neb. News
of tho loss of seventy sailors be!onjii:g to
the Gloucester c.Mass.) fishing fleet.
5. Four Mexicans lynched at Fort l;iv.s,
12. Meeting at Washiii iten of th: National
Republican committee.
Hints lor ( Iiiislniiis Girt.
"What shall I niako for Christmas?'
is the (luestion that is now heard on all
sides, and a few hints for simple and
easily made fancy artirlrs may prove of
nse. to our readers. AYhcn tho gecso
are; killed, ho sure and secure all tho
soft, downy feathers, for down pillows
are one of fashion's newest fancies, and
they are certainly delightful for .sofas
and laio easy-chairs' The pillows aro
half a yard s-puiro, covered with pliable
silk or satin merveilleux, and embroid
ered in dainty designs, or they may bo
made of the India silk, which comes ia
exquisite designs of lienors, almost as
beautiful as handwork. If the pillow
is to be used by an invalid, a ease; of
linen to bo draw n on and oil" should ac
company it, and this maybe iwlo quito
elaborate by drawing the threads;, and
working them over with colored linen
i'oi' a voting lady a chatelaine b;;
will be un lu-eeptahh; gift. The vhaj e
is usually a square, with three gatht i s at
the top. but it is prettier to round the
coriieTs and idm with hu-e. These
bags match ihc cos.tnme with which
the-y arc worn, or for evening wear aro
made in the shape of a triangle or heart
of satin or black velvet, ami painted or
embroidered with bright red strawber
ries with butte rliies hovering over them.
A spray of holly, with its brilliant sear
let berries, wouM also K pretty. They
are1 suspended from the arm by a col
ored ribbon, tied in a bow at the top.
(irandma will appreciate an embroid
ered velve t easo for her spectacles, and
a tasty autumn-loaf pen-wiper may bo
made e f four shades of cloth red,
brown, old-gold and olive. Cut one of
each e-olor, but of dille-rcnt bies, into
the form of a maple leaf for which
natural leaves will .serve as patterns
and vein with silk, th:; red with green,
olive with scarlet, gold with brown, and
brown with yellow. Arrange them in
a spray, overlapping each other with
two medium-sized ones in the center,
and a small one at the top. Ihn-k with
a piece of the olive e-loth, and put in
two bits of chamois skin for the wiper,
fastening all together with a bow of
cardinal and old-gold e-oiored ribbon.
A pretty design lor a ' wall-pocket is
a pair of bellows. The shape of tho
bellows should bo c-ut out of thin wood
or pasteboard, and covered with cre
tonne, satin or plush, as may be de
sired. Three-eomered pieces of silk
arc; lit ted in the sides, and the? nozzle is
formed of a graduated piece of paste
board, covered with gilt paper. Tho
front may bo decorated in any way that
fancy dictates Ay ties CefV, hi Amer
ican A'jricultur'ttt.
Mokk than a hundred years ago tho
poet sang,
"Welcome to th" ne w-born year!
Eo! it conns bv lcpe attended."
And the century has not changed tho
truth thus expressed, nor diminisheel
its strength. As each year closes wo
stand ever ready to greet the new-eoiner
with glad words and cherry smiles, and
to indulge in anticipations scarcely
dampened, but for the? moment, by tho
stern fae-t that the past has often
brought to us sorrow and disappoint
ment. As lss;5 js passing from view
we linger over the memory of dear
faces, which gladdened us one littlo
year ago, now gone; of hopes, so lately
bright, now shattered forever; of for
tunes changed; of sorrows unknown
before; and while memory lingers
shadows thicken around tho heart.
Jhtt with the first joy-bells of the new
year hope awakes as fresh and bright
as if it had not lately almost died; and
the kindly greetings exchanged, tho
hand in friendship given, turn the tido
of sorrowful and useful recollections,
and give courage to go forward cheer
ful ly into the unknown realms of
another year. Tho good wishes which
it is tho custom to express on Xcw
Year's day arc often positively helpful,
and always tend to brighten life. Let
lis not bo sparing of them a3 we step
upon tho threshold of 1881.

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