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The welcome rain came on Monday and
plenty of it.
Anthony Northrup will build a Iioumj on
Lin lot in town. James Thompson and Sid
ney ftteama have taken the contract.
Miss Mamio ltowland and her brother
Marion of Paw Paw, visited friends and rel
atives in Hartford and Lawrtnco last week.
Miss Alico Ackley of Decatur, and Miss
Cora ltugles of Hartford, formerly teachers
in our school, have been visiting friends in
One of our 'habitual drunks" had tho
privilego of "sobering off" in the cooler last
Saturday night. That cooler ought to be
better patronized.
Quito a number of the old soldiers and
their wives attended the reunion of Co. C,
I'd Mich. Cav., at Tour Mile Lake last week.
They all report an enjoyable time.
Mr. John Avery of south-west Lawrence,
was 6tricken with paralysis on Monday last,
while working with a threshing-machine.
We hear there is little hope of his recovery.
Harry Chase returned to Grand Kapids
last Thursday.
Jennie Wakemau gave a birthday party
on Saturday of last week.
Lyman Cooper went to Lansing last Tues
day "as a prohibition delegate from this
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Hall of Almena,
and Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Lillie of Allegan,
visited at Albeit Pryant' last week.
Elsie Carris gave a birthday party last
Thursday. Several of her young lrienda re
membered her by their presence and their
Fred Phelps shipped two pairs of his
thoroughbred pigs to parties in New York a
few days eince. Ho has just purchased a
boar of Limbeck of Keeler.
Ham Tyrrel of Lamoui. Iowa, formerly a
resident of this place, called upon his old
neighbors here last week. He looks as if tho
climate and feid of Iowa agreed with him.
Growers of cabbage would do well to con
sult tho correspondent of the Jkralur He
publican from Lawrence, as to the best means
to destroy the cabbage worm. Consultation
At last the Jong looked for rain has como.
Ladies' Aid Society at Mrs. 15. SUinton's
Friday afternoon.
Miss Florence Whelan has been visiting
her aunt at Schoolcraft.
Mrs. Bonftry and daughter are visiting at
Mr. Chas. LurkimV in Milwaukee.
Tho M. E. SanJay school will picnic at
Pagsloy'rt Lake on tho 4th day of August.
Mr. Ld. Donfoey, who is now working at
tin asylum, was homo last Saturday evening.
Messrs. 13. F. Morris ai d P. It. Payn were
elected school trustees to till tho vacancies
caused by the removal of Mr. Hawkins and
the expiration of the term o: Mr. Adams.
North Hamilton.
Jennio Shearer is on tho sick list.
Mrs. Will Harris is quite ill again.
Mrs. Ferris" grand-mother is visiting her.
Leona Johnson has a cousin from Ostemo,
visiting her.
. Ernest Worth is confined to his bed with
Mr. and Mrs. Llmer Xorthrup visited at
PiOll Harris' last Thursday.
Pert Lake was called to his home in
Ureedsville on Friday last ; his nister is not
expected to live; she has brain fever.
Will Tomlinson of Nebraska, is calling on
old acquaintances in this neighborhood.
Ho has been to Delaware, to visit his parents,
and is now on his way home.
Chauncey Durnham and wife of Gobleville,
visited friends here last week.
Mr. Wm. Jethnson has gone to Worthing-!
ton, Minn., where ho has seemed a position j
as book-keeper for Mitchell JJros. j
The M. K. Society gave a lawn social in'
the yards of Mrs." P. G. Kennedy and Mrs.
G. D.Johnson last Saturday evening.
Anybody who wants to buy, beg, borrow'
or steal a lino lot of roller skates can bo ac
commodated here. ' choice as to how
possession m se cured and no questions asked.
Mr. Juan McKcyei returned last Saturday
from a trip to linthdo Mid Niagara Falls,
lie don't like the whirlpool well enough to
take tho chances of swimming through it.
A gamo of ball was played on Tuesday at
Kalamazoo, between the Kalama.oos and a
picked nino composed of three players each
from Law ton, Decatur and Dowagiac. C. H.
Smith, Aaron Shaffer and L. S. How lco repre
sented this town.
Tho Mattawan and Lawton kids played a
game of ball here on Wednesday of last week.
Lawton was victorious by a score of twenty
fight to fifteen in an eleven innings game.
Tho scorers and emtsiders were so inter
ested in the gamo that they did not let tho
players know when tho ninth innings was
completed but allowed them to continue the
Mr. Strong's house is occupied by a family
from Dloomingdale.
Anyone taking tho lJijli will notice that
Clark Herrou is married.
L'li Hush ami Geo. Young have each given
their house a coat of paint.
Wo had a heavy rain hero last Sunday
night, and Monday morning.
Joe Deshon, an old time resident, is mak
ing a visit here to old friends.
Mrs. Tom Welch of Paw Paw, has been tho
guest of Nick Welch tho past week.
Elmer Sirrine of Denver, made Gobleville
a visit last week. He looks hearty.
Mrs. Will Stedman has returned from a
two weeks visit with Will at Chicago.
It is reported here that Chris Dowraan has
been appointed postmaster at Kendall.
It is eipected that tho Adventists with
their tent will next locate at Lawton, probably
next week.
A grateful republic, after a suit of nino
years, has just awarded Kansom Koot a
pension of $1,412.
Mrs. Plakcniau, mother of Jcromo Dlake-
inan of Wavcrly, is visiting him, intending
to ttay some time.
Hush shipped & car of hogs frem hero and
'another from Dloomingdale, last week, pay
ing 3.75 per hundred.
We took a run over to Almena last Sab
bath, to the tent Sabbath Kchcol. They
seem to bo doirg well and had a fair turnout.
Wm. Healyand E.A. Bee attended the state
prohibition convention at Lansing this week.
Mrs. Kant returned last wock from her
visit north, and was suffering with a bad
Tho Central has put up another car houso
in place of the one burned ; this time near
tho deiot.
Ferguson, the butcher, is feeding his hogs
on beef tallow and claims it fat's them ; the
idea ! making lard from tallow!
The teachers for the ensuing year aro Will
Sago at fifty dollars, and Miss Merwin at not
to exceed thirty dollars per month.
Kit Young served a summons on a man in
Allegan County. Tho man has not yet ap
peared. Expect Kit dropped him a card.
A Sunday School excursion of twenty-seven
coaches from Kalamazoo, passed through
here on Wednesday of last week for South
Five of our business men were called on
last week to pay a note of 2,MX), to which
they had attached their names as an accom
modation. Elder 11. M. J. Pound will deliver a tem
perance lecture- either at the church or Cle
ment's hall, on Sunday, August first. Some
thing new is expected.
A Waverly farmer was in town tho other
day to buy steel traps to catch woodchucks;
he was out of meat and expected the minister
to dinner the next Sunelay.
It was not exacted that a citizen of Way
erly would know any better than to clap his
hands in a church, but those in tho city cer
tainly ought to have better manners.
Clark Herron has returned from the
west, where ho has been teaching schojl.
He is uncertain as to his next location. A
good chance lor koiuo ono to pick up a
school teacher.
Ld. lieiot. w ho is stopping with Lilly Mar
killie, while trying to stop somo colts was
kicked by one of them. Dr. Devere, hap
IK'iiing by, acted the good Samaritan and
poured oil on, his wounds. All right.
Almena, wo have tried to torture some
thing out of those references but can't see
any point. Let us not trend upon ono
another as tho frog said when he got among
the horses. As jou wish, wo will drop tho
Charley Thayer drove his cow into tho
stable to tie her and. not backing up w hen
ho told her, thumped her on tho heael and
was very much surprised to see her elrop
elowu dead. She was not a total loss how
ever as she was gooel beef.
Tho old Squaw Princess Yiroqua gave
a couple of lectures hero last week week, the
gist of which was that a genuine Ingun '
would not lie, but after they got mixed with
tho Yankees, they were bad medicine. If
that is ho, wo expect she must bo about one
fourth " Iugun."
Last week tho married and unmarried
men played another game of ball for tho
ice-cream. Tho married men were beaten
by a scoro of li to and tho Li'jli t accuses
them of flunking out and refusing to play.
This, tho captain indignantly denies and
says tho Li'jht is a r.
Mr. Crosby is now shipping his Amsdcn
peaches of which ho has alout 400 baskets.
Ho expects about 1 ..()) baskets of different
kinds. A peach crop hero is something
unusual, and they sell like hot cakes. So
far ho has marketed them at Kalamazoo.
His trees aro small, averaging about six bas
kets to the tree.
Mr. N. L Hooper is building a new barn.
Prof. Pearce returned home one day last
Mr. E. A. Crane of Kalamazoo, was in
town last Thursda.
Mr. Will Snow and wife of Paw Paw,
were in town last Friday.
Miss Alice Ackley has been visiting at
Lawrence during the past week.
Quite a number of our people visited
Lake Park last Sunday to hear Dr. Kenyou's
Lev. A. X. Alcott will preach at tho Uni
vorsalist Church next Sunday morning and
George Longwell. Ld. Stevens and Al.
Stevenson of l'aw Paw. were i:i town one
day last Week.
Mr. Win. Tuttle nnd wifu of Ktla.ra.uo,
spent tho greater part of lat week at his
brother's. Mr. J. If. '1 utt!e.
Pert Colo of the Court', ' and wife, cud
Druco Cumings and wife from Paw Paw,
were tho guests of Mr. Dugbee on Sunday
- - - -
ot n Water Haul.
At Pugslev's hkc. 'J .i miles northwest of
Paw l'aw. our fishermen tiften catch nickerel
with hook and lino weighing 12 to 20 pounds.
ouerin uaingan ami A. 11. Losta had heard
of this lake. Armed with good tacklo they
started out yesterday to land a few of these
finny monsters. After fishing four hours
without any bite, John told A. 11. that pick
erel never did bite till just before dark: then
look out for them. So fishing away till near
ly night, lo and behold John got a bite.
Got one, by thunder; an old lunger." "Give
him line.' says A. ll.,"and let him runawhilo
and you can handle him easier.' "Ho is a
big one," says John; '-hero take my revelver,
and as soon as I get him to tho top of the
water, put a ball just back of his front fins,
as I don't want to loso him, ho is such a
monster." "All right," pays A. K., '-let him
run awhile, anel when you get ready to ge t
him up I'll bust him." "Ho is an old set
tler," said Joliu, "and if Frank Knappen was
only here now wouldn't his eyes bung out?
Now get ready. I'm going to pull him up
and be sure and shoot him just back of the
gills and not break tho hook or we lose him."
A. II. got ready and John began to lango on
his iole. "Carefully:" called out Costa;
"dont le t him flop much as ho comes to the
top." Galligan hauled away. " him!"
said both in a breath; "nothing but a
mud-turtle!" Kalamazoo Tdajraph.
KniiotaM I.cttcr.
The following letter from our old friend,
Frank Millington, who is employed in a Kan
sas drug store, indicates that tho prohibition
of saloons in that part of the moral vino
yard is really a great success, and that while
the saloons have been abrogated, the drug
business has also received a great looni
which, as a matter of courso was very desir
able?) Kiuwin, Kansas, July 2rd.
Kditoim Trui: Noktiikrner :
Enclosed I hand you excuso mo for
reaching so far in front of you a dollar and
a half to pay my subscription to jour "meas
ly old paier".
I hasten to refute tho assertion of Mr.
Thomas, or rather to correct tho natural
impression given by his way of speaking; in
our cjountv. wo have no saloons. Kirtvin
lively little place of 1,200 inhabitants with a
number ot nounsning imsiness nouses. Wo
have four drug stores nnd another is soon to
bo onened to sunnlv a Honcr felt u-ant "
Although I had always believed Kmsas to be
one ot lire Healthiest of states, I find, by re
f erriurf to a certain class of public documents,
to which I have ready access, that our male
population is quit geuerally rooro or lesa
afllicted with various alarming disease's that
require treatment of a stimulating character.
It is really wonderful. Put Kansas is a pro
hibition state and ire glory in it.
Splendid rains and nice warm weather.
Corn is bunkum." Wheat brings forty
cents and old corn sixteen cents per bushel.
Wonder how some of my old farmer friends
would like to market their crops at that
price? Unwashed wool ten and one-half
cents per pound ! Let those who complain
of tho little T. & S. H. plug II. lb. complain
no more. Kirwin is on tho calamity branch
of tho Union Pacific; one passenger train
a day each way w est at 12:21 midnight and
east at .p:l." a. m. A freight train each way
carries passengers. During the month of
January last, only three mails wero received
in Kirwin. Will some of my kind friends
please pack for me a lox of old pape rs and
books next fall, so that I may not completely
mold up? I will also accept clotheH. cash or
congratulations ; gratuitous advice not nec
essary. I am daily receiving hundreds of thank
fully, awfully grateful certificates from per
sons benefited by tho cards I have circulated
regarding Criterion Mineral Water.
i. S. MlLLlNoTON.
1 r . 1. - r it if i t r i
call on Tuesday last. The Prof, is just as ;
i rox. jtruui ut iiuiuoro. niauo us u oriei .
xai auu jouy as ever, aim uas jusi as nam
work to cross his legs.
An IhitrrnrlHliitf, lit liable IIoue.
C. L. Katon can alwavs be relied nnon.not
only to carry in stock tho best of everything,
out 10 Beeuro mo agency lor sucu article as
have well -known merit, and are Donular with
the people, thereby sustaining the reputation
of being always enterprising, and ever reli
able. Havinr secured tho Agency for tho ee l-
ebrated Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, will sell it on a positive guarantee.
It will surely euro any and every aiTect ion of
Throat, Lungs, Chest, and to show our confi
dence, we invito yon to call and get a Trial
iJottio ires?.
liucklen's Arnica Malvu
The Pest Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles or no pay required. It is guaran
teed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For salo by C. L. Laton.
Judge of a government by the men it pro
duces. Judge of a man by his deeds, a treo
by its fruits, a medicine by its results. Time
tried and truo is Dr. Ih'golow's Positive Cure,
which contains tho good qualities of all tho
best cough remedies without tho defects of
any of them. A safe and speedy remedy for
coughs, colds and all throat and lung troubles
Sold by O, W. Longwell in fifty cent and
dollar bottles. Healing to the luncj. Safe
and pleasant for children.
An Answer Wanted.
Can any ono bring us a case of Kidney or
Liver complaint that Electrio Hitters will not
speedily cure? Wo say they can not, as thou
sands of cases already permanently cured
and who are daily recommending Electrio
Bitters will prove. Brights Disease, Diabetes,
Weak Back, or any urinary complaint quick
ly cured. They purify the blood, regulate the
bowels, and act directly on the diseased
parts. Every bottle guaranteed.
H i HH I K n
"Women's (.'ottae Clippers,
Men's Canvas 3 5:i--j JJall Shoes,
Mem's Sevil CreeMlmotv Shoos,
UoV Canvass J5aso Uall Shoe-s,
T.,.,. wl " O f;i.l.,w. Cm!,. Pl.
.'11-11 r , , 4 1 4 l , v miiiiii i iuii in
Men's 'l. 50 Kip Plow Shoes, -Me;n's
Solid Comfort Harvest Shoes,
The people are finding out it nays to trade at BROUGHTON'S SHOE
STORE, oecause they can get anything they want in the way of boet wear.
o. h. joneq--FunriiTuns.
Largo Shipments
of New Goods for tho
Sprinpr Trado being daily received.
A Splendid assortment.
Prices Bed Rock.
rsw nitm . i . it rtm w w
I IK lX I ) SI I S
Will make tho Spring fceism ef lS-fl at the
Willard House Bam, Paw Paw, Jlich.
I No. 175.
Imported from England in July. 1HX.", by
Fields Bros.. Ceelar Falls. Iowa. Is a beauti
ful bright bay. : years old, KI'.j hands high,
and weighing about 1,:5L'0 pounds.
Is 8 years old. a beautiful mahogany brown,
1; I hands high, weighing about 1,100 lbs.
He has proved a sure foal getter r.nd an ex
cellent sire.
J"Fur Htylr, actum and ral make-up, th'n
horscH arc imt MirpaMHetl by any hvrnt in the Ktato.
YOrXU KlU'ltriT.--J0 for the M-axou,
with the privilege of re-turiiiiitf the next kcukiu if
not in foal.
YOI ( MTK. AMi.-l.-i to insure,
Hcaou Single service fs.
J'fTor further particulars adJrcpn
j :cis
Leading Topic just now is the Great Cyclone
at Bowen's Deep Cut Clothing Hall
in the shape of
200 MENS' SU
At $4.00, $5.00 anil $6.00
No comments are needed on these immense
For yourselves. Until
pose to undersell
in this part
Is t-iftrinc; extraordinary ir.ilucvmenN in-
Vitnl vido. uouMt vt iuht. Indiu'D TOIL
I'roin uj)-
0-u.r 1 BLjACZ: C3-. Cr. SILZI
tUill Itaih. Jf rcquf'slt'tl, we f;ive a Avrittcn .Miarautco v-ith each dies pattim.
Our :U in. COLOKEI) CASIIMKUES nt lL'.,c kv yard will astonish vo.
l'rty-tvo inch SCMM CJJTU, v cvni r.rd -vp.
SHAWLS. FANS and PAKASOLS in newest and latest desii.ii';. now on co.L:bitiuii.
Our Millinery Derailment, v.ithMrs. St-arlcs at the head, is replete with the ri'oV. f-tylisli
llala and liimmts poihlo lo procure. Prices moderate.
P. S. Silk I'mbrellas and Coaching 1'arasois at low price-i for linn yKu. lira .iTun
in IiiiJien' and fientV Wrappern at L'.'c. PcKpr ctfully,
C3-- 353. CjH.SSIL.X-,
Keeps conotr.ntly on hand an elegant assortment of
Having: mado largo additions to tho stock of G. W. Matthews, wbictr
I recently purchased, I can All tho wants of everybody in this line.
A Organs. S35. $50. $65. $75 and no.
- w I H-
further notice we pro
any and all dealers
of the state.
CLOTHS: t One t,Li::i:i- a v..!. voith l u. jj-c,
Z)D. r.d tone 1-kh luan l.'c j;-r var1.
I f I I H- - -- --- f .
Pianos, $200, $225, $250, $275 and np,
!i"Cail at Music Kooms or write nt once-.
Kooms with Mr?. l. A. Hopkins, Paw Paw, Mi.Tr.

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