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fit Wfil
IVe are now receiving Our Jackets, 6ap6S
and Skirts from tlie Manufacturers.
This year the styles run a little more elaborate, and we have
been fortunate in securing some novelties out of different lines
that will be controlled exclusively by us.
Our 27-inch Mcrcerized-lined Salts, Plush Cape, Thibet
trimmed, that we propose to sell at $6.98, is one of the best values
this department can offer.
A black, lined Jacket, (reveres), trimmed with Applique, is a
garment without a peer, at the price of $5.00.
At $7.50 and $S.oo are priced a line of Jersey Jackets, in
black, castor and royal blue, these form a trio that will make a
decided hit with young ladies. We are offering two numbers, one
in black and one in castor, that were made to sell at $12.00, for
$10.00, and we claim for them a superiority not to be found in
other Jackets for this money.
Children's Melton Jackets, with cape trimmed, at $2.00.
Hcttcr Jackets for children, at $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00.
Rainy day Skirts, guaranteed not to sag or wet through;
plaid back, inverted plait, ?3-9s and $15.00.
MISS HALSTEAD of Detroit assumes charge of this depart
ment, Friday morning, Sept. 21, and will have a line of Stkkkt
Hats on display to suit all the ladies.
We are offering this week some desirable styles in Ready
made Fleeced Wrappers.
Another lot of the Klitc Underskirts from $1.00 to $4.00. No
drawstring a hook, and they are adjusted.
' New flannels that look like French Flannels, but cost less.
Tennis Flannels, Daisy Cloths, Flannelettes, etc.
New Carpets, Lace Curtains, Linoleums and Rugs.
. ()
sr ( )
100 Cents' Worth
Every Dollar Spent
Hardware Store.
Saving in our cost of selling and dividing this saving with our customers
has encouraged more sales and a greater consumption of goods
More sales, even at less margins, means more profit to us, besides keeping
Our Stock New and Clean. .
Wc still want more business. We shall get it with honest and honorable methods.
Everything in the Hardware Line
and Square Dealing our Specialty.
-.. ' 1 " '" mmmmm ' ' ? '"'J. Z Jl.'-L-.. -!J
y fkn?-z WWn HPlTlicir Money in All Cases
"" .. " in
ayLpy Present Magnitude
- - - -
M. O. ROWLAND, Ftlltor and Manager.
Largest Circulation in the County.
8UHscuirTiox.$i.oo a ykar.
W. C Y. Ferguson, I. 1.S,
Dental Tartars.
All operations, including Crown and
Bridge work, rendered as painless as pos
sible. Office in Longwell Block,
Paw Paw, Mich
Dr. HeMftle Hutchinson,
Dentist, - - Taw Paw, Mich.
Office over Tyler's Hardware store.
Dr.L. Barnard will bo at tho Dyckman
houso every Thursday, from 11 a. m. to
,r p. m., for tho purpose of fitting glasses.
Oilleo, Chase block, Kalamazoo. 58-tf
Dr. II. Dv Sargent,
First door west of Town Hall,
2327tf Glendale, Mich.
David A inlenoii Lawyer.
All business given prompt and careful
attention. Ofllco over Paw Paw Savings
A. I.ynn Free Lawyer,
Office over Avery's store, Paw Taw,
Unborn, M UN & Master,
Attorneys at Law. Offices, Academy of
Music Block, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Can supply loans on good real estate.
Lincoln II. Titus
Attorney at Law. Abstract Building.
Law, Insurance and Collections.
.Lime II. Cliainller.
Attorney at Law. Office over Phillips'
furniture store, Paw Paw.
Ceo, L. limner.
Contractor and building mover, all kinds
of plain and fancy stone work done. Will
take contracts for all kinds of building
and repairing and furnish everything.
Satisfaction guaranteed. I sell and
set up Snow Bros, furnaces. Kibbio
'phono at residence. Gko. L. Bkunkk.
Having recently been admitted to
practice before ihe department of the
interior, I shall hold myself in readiness
to transact any business beforo the de
partment that may bo intrusted to mo.
Especial attention will be given to pen
sion claims.
0:Uf O. W. Rowland.
lvalue Received
Built up Our Business
Thft leading Ore insurance companies
represented by E. F. Parks.
Done in the best iossiblo manner. 1 am
agent for tho celebrated Potter Wall
Paper Mills (not in tho trust) and can
sell you wall paper cheaper than anyone.
Interior and exterior decorating. Office
in the Manning block, opposite First
National Bank. Call and see samples.
49tf J. A. Lkech.
R. A. Shoesmith, residence 57 Pino St.,
just west of Presbyterian church. 51tf
To f.nn,
A few thousand dollars to loan on real
estate security.
tf Lincoln II. Titus.
I'nw I'hw Saving Hank.
Capital 810,000.00. F. W. Sellick. Pres.
J. J. Woodman, J. W. Fkee,
Vice Pres., Cashier.
Hoard op Directors:
J. J. Woodman, Daniel Morrison,
John W. Free W. R. Sellick,
F. W. Sellick, William J. Sellick,
C. E. Lyle, L. II. Titus.
Iiitereitt lall on Certificate of DepoMlt.
Cob Grinder.
I have recently started a new Cob Grind
er at the Almena mills.
Edw. 11. Miner, Prop.
Thompson Furniture Co.
Furniture and .Undertaking.
Night calls answered, 31 North Nilos
street. 255
II. YV. Mc-Cttbe, lu-tioueer,
Paw Paw, Mich. Services always satis
factory. Terms reasonable. tf
A Chance to
Save Money.
I have a largo stock of Marble and
(Iranite, all as good material as money
will buy. Some JiO monuments, largo and
small, 1 shall otTer for (JO days at very
close to actual cost. Terms made easy.
Paw Paw Marble and Orauito Works.
1. A. Whitman.
The way the goods have gone from R.
A. Shoesmith's since his repair sale be
gan is conclusive evidence that the peo
ple appreciate a chance to get furniture
at wholesale prices. 23GStf
Van llureii County Teaclteni'lxainltiittionH
South Haven, beginning third Thursday
in October; 2d and Tl grades.
Wells G. Brown,
Commissioner of Schools.
I. (very and I"eeI Hani.
I have purchased tho livery and feed
business of .lames M. Longwell and am
prepared to furnish first class rigs of all
kinds at reasonable prices. Your trade
invited. Dyckman House barn,
tf C. W. Scmmy.
For Sale.
A registered Merino ram. bred by K. B.
Welch. Inquire of A. C. Glidden.
New Fall .'Millinery.
Our new goods aro now in, and tho as
sortment is beautiful. Inspection is
invited. Old friends and new ones will
be welcomed. Prices right and satisfac
tion guaranteed.
T.'ttf Mrs. M. Li. O'Dell.
A wagon-rack load of young people
tho Sunday school class of Mrs. A. C.
(ilidden went to her home last evening
to eat melons and have a good time.
MIh Wle,
Teacher of Piano and Organ. TloTG
Win. J, Harnanl, Attorney at Law,
I'av Faw, .Mich.
Offico over K. B. Long well's store, oppo
site court house. All business carefully
attended to. 2272
Cider Apple Wanted
At my mill in Almena, for which I will
pay the highest market price. 73tf
Li. W. HUT.
Ask vour crrocer for Russ' Bleaching
Blue; do not be deceived by fraudulent
imitations; see that tho name Russ ap
pears on all packages. m
Iteann anted !
Mosier at Mattawan pays tho highest
market price. t.ltz
For Sale,"
A very fine registered, yearling Shrop
shire Ram. (7U2) A. Hathaway.
Shropshire Hams
For sale at the B. C. Sheldon farm.
73t3 Harry O. Sheldon, Breeder.
When you go to buy bluing insist upon
having Russ Bleaching Blue and not
some of tho many imitations. m
For Rale,
A house, barn and two lots in the village
of Lawton, situated on tho corner of
Bitely street and Railroad avenue. Build
incs new. Write or enquire of
2tll Mrs. M. J. Lytle, Lawton Mich.
Money to loan on real estate,
itfl E. F. Parks.
In India, tho land of famine, thousands
die because they cannot obtain food. In
America, tho land of plenty, many suffer
and die becauso they cannot digest tho
food they eat. Kodol Dyspepsia Curo
digests what you eat. It instantly re
lieves and radically cures all stomach
troubles. E. B. Longwell. tf
Local Department.
Ceo. E. Butler is able to bo out again.
Eddio Snow has returned to Ann
W. R. Sellick advertises cloaks for
A. II. Long of Gobleville was in town
C. B. Charles of Bangor was in town
Mrs. Lila Longwell of Keeleris visiting
in Paw Paw.
Mrs. Jessie Drew is spending a few j
days in Chicago.
Miss Lyle Buckhout visited friends in
Chicago last week.
Tho Paw Paw Savings bank statement
is published in this paper.
Frank Seabury of Benton Harbor is
visiting Paw Paw friends.
J. E. Chandler has been ill and con
fined to the houso but is now, out again.
Miss Lola Douglas has returned to
Jackson, where sho will teach again this
II. C. Waters & Co. tell in their adv.
this week how thy have succeeded in
Mrs. M. L. O'Dell is having her milli
nery opening to-day and will continue it
Rev. J. H. Hammond of Decatur occu
pied tho Disciple pulpit last Sunday
morning and evening.
Florence Shafer has soured a position
is book-keeper and cashier in a large
Benton Harbor store.
The first frost of the season visited this
section Tuesday morning. It was light
and did no damage whatever.
J. L. Marshall is rebuilding the Irwin
house, which ho has bought, and will
make it a comfortablo home.
Snow Bros, are putting in two fur
naces at Lawrence this week for
Messrs. Rockwell and Whiteman.
Read the testimonial of Wm. Thomas
in Snow's Bros' adv. Only 4 tons of
coal for a cold winter is hard to beat.
Mrs. W.J. Ellis fell from her wheel
last Thursday, nearly breaking one leg.
She has been laid up ever since and has
su tiered severely.
Attorneys D. O. French and A. J. Mills
of Kalamazoo and Hammond of Benton
Harbor have been here on circuit court
business this week.
On the great clock of time thero is but
one word, now. Xow is tho time to see
a wonder stock of clothing for fall and
winter at E. Smith & Co's.
Harry Douglas of Ann Arbor is spend
ing two weeks at the homo of his parents,
lie will complete the course in the chem
ical department at tho university this
Mr. Clay Beistle of Buchanan arrived
here Wednesday to visit his sister, Mrs.
Ralph Jennings. He will go from this
place to Ann Arbor, where ho will enter
Tho South Haven & Eastern road has
had plenty of refrigerator cars all this
week, for western and north-western
shipments, and grape buying has been
lively in Paw Paw.
Dellaven Bros, have a new adv. in this
paper. They aro now settled in their
new studio in the Conner building, whero
they have a very pleasant andconvenient
place of business.
Hon. E. L. Hamiltou will speak on tho
issues of the day at Woodmen hall, Glen
dale, to-morrow (Saturday) eveuing. The
Bloomingdale band and the Gobleville
Glee club will furnish music.
E. M. Haven of tho Haven Seed com
pany at South Haven was in town Tues
day, looking after a largo acreage of seeds
of various kinds grown for tho company
by farmers of this vicinity.
Tho fruit shippers of Lawton informed
The True Northerner, Wednesday, that
the S. II. it E. is now furnishing them
more refrigerator cars and giving prompt
er servico than tho Michigan Central.
Advertised letters: Edith M. Gray,
Florenco White, Mrs. L. Lottridge, Mrs.
I. E. Whitmoro, Mrs. Harriet Kimball,
Isaac Lott, Georgo Hibbard, Wm. A.
Brcwton, Berney Chapman, Mrs. Charlie
Mills, Bill Mason, Horaco Hull.
M. O. Rowland attended tho meeting
of tho Michigan Republican Newspaper
association at Kalamazoo, Wednesday
and Thursday. Mrs. Rowland also at
tended the banquet given tho members
and their ladies Thursday evening.
A monster watermelon weighing 40
pounds was displayed in Tho Truo North
erner's window tho foro part of the week.
It was raised on Fairview fruit farm,
from seed from a melon imported by E.
B. Longwell last season and called the
"Indiana Sweetheart."
Rusco & Swift's Undo Tom's Cabin
company, which will show at Longwell's
opera houso to-morrow evening 10, 20
and 30 cents will givo a street parade,
headed by tho company's band. James
Lewis, tho trick bicjclist, who rode down
tho steps of tho capitol building at
Washington, is with the company and
will give a frco street exhibition.
Rev. Eugeno Shcehy will give a lecturo
at tho opera house, Wednesday evening,
September 20, "A Tour through Ireland,"
illustrated with 300 stercopticon views
of interesting points from every corner
of tho Emerald Islo. It promises to bo
an interesting and instructive evening's
entertainment. Admission 25 cents; 10
cents extra for reserved seats. The lec
turo, is under tho auspices of St. Mary's
Owing to the cold weather and hard
wind last Sunday, C. W. Morley was un
able to exhibit his water bicycle at Lake
Park. Ho will givo an exhibition, Sat
urday and Sunday, September 29 and 30,
at tho Lamphero pond, providing the
weather will permit. It will pay you to
seo this machine operate.
Thero is said to bo a man in Connecti
cut who, when ho attends church, occu
pies the pew farthest from the pulpit to
save tho interest on his money while tho
collectors are passing the plate for con
tributions. Showerman Bros, save you
tho interest and part of the principal if
you buy your clothing, boots and shoes
of them. The' are receiving new good3
every day.
Tuesday, Deputy Sheriff Chappell
took "Bobby" Oakes, under arrest for
being drunk and disorderly, third offense,
to Decatur for examination beforo Jus
tice Moulton. On account of tho illness
of tho prosecutor, the examination was
adjourned to Friday. While arrange
ments were being made for bail, "Bobby"
skipped and has not been seen since by
tho ollicers. It is uncertain whether he
will be present at the timo appointed for
Harry DePew and Miss Ethel Lee of
Chicago were married in Paw Paw, Fri
day, Sept. 7, by Justice Rowland. South
Haven Messenger. Tho Messenger is
away off. Tho couple mentioned were
not married by Justice Rowland. They
never asked Justice Rowland to marry
them and he would not have married
them if they had asked him. Justice
Rowland is not in tho marrying business.
Justice Rowland is functus officio. There
is no Justico Rowland.
Tho following teachers from the Law
rence schools visited the Taw Paw schools
Monday: Mr. Whitney, superintendent;
Miss Feather, assistant superintend
ent; Miss Bidwell, grammar depart
ment; Miss Campbell, intermediate
department; Miss Alice Rowland, pri
mary department. New steam heating
apparatus is being put into the Law
rence school building and, as no firo
could bo had in tho building, school was
dismissed Monday on account of tho
A meeting was held at the court houso
Tuesday evening, to take tho initial steps
for tho organization of a republican cam
paign club. David Anderson was chair
man of the meeting, M. O. Rowland sec
retary. C. W. Reynolds, II. C. Waters
and .1. E. Chandler were appointed a
committee to draft constitution and by
laws for tho club, to report at a meeting
to be held in the court room Tuesday
evening, September 25, at 7:30, when
every republican voter should try to bo
Miss Daisy Orr is teacher of the school
in the Wildey district and boards at G. T.
Sherrod's. Last Friday morning, not
feeling well, sho took what she supposed
was a dose of quinine. Soon after sho
was taken violently ill and it was found
sho had taken .corrosive sublimate by
mistake. Fortunately, she had taken a
very largo amount of the poison and it
acted as a violent emetic. Dr. Thomp
son was hastily summoned, and the
young lady's life was saved. She is yet
confined to the bouse, but will recover.
It was a narrow escape.
Last Saturday evening about 75 friends
and neighbors assembled at the home of
Charles Bennett in Gliddenburg. As tho
young man is about to leave for Ann
Arbor, the friends took this occasion to
come in uninvited and bid him God
speed. Beforo supper was announced,
Rev. Anna Barton read an original poem
written for tho occasion, which was
beautiful, and which, in behalf of tho
company, showed tho high esteem felt
for Mr. Bennett. Tho tables were pret
tily decorated with cypress vino and
bouquets of choice flowers, and were liter
ally loaded with good things to eat. The
occasion was so enjoyable that it was
Sunday morning before tho crowd dis
persed. Following aro tho appointments of
M. E. ministers in this county, and also
tho location of some former Van Buren
county pastors: Paw Paw, E. O. Mather;
Mattawan, C. F. Brown; Lawton, Edwin
Tench; Lawrence, S. F. McGuire; Bloom
ingdale, I. J. Yost; Decatur, L. II. Man
ning; Bangor, C. I).Tubbs;South Haven,
M. L. Fox; Lacota, W. Z. Cole; Goble
ville, II. II. Miller. W. J. Hathaway goes
to Clare, W. W. Lamport to Leslie, F.
W. Corbett to Central Lake, S. C. Strick
land to Belle vue, H. L. Potter to Dowag
iac, G. W. Gosling to Girard. Tho Paw
Paw church and tho people of the com
munity generally aro pleased at Mr.
Mather's return. Rev. R. W. Van Schoick
remains presiding elder of tho Niles dis
trict. James Nelson has been cutting moss
from his marsh near Mud lake and is
shipping it away in car lots to nursery
men for uso in packing trees and vines
for shipment. lie has sold and is ship
ping 13 carloads of tho stuff. This is a
new industry in this soction. Speaking
of loading cars reminds us that the S. 11.
& E. yards look very busy theso days.
Besides tho moss shippers, several car
loads of grapes aro being loaded daily.
B. F. Warner is loading hay for ship
ment to tho eastern market. A large
quantity of mill wood is being loaded
and shipped. Cans, boxes and peaches
aro coming in for tho canning factory,
quite an amount of lumber is being ship
ped, besides tho ordinary grain and mer
chandise traffic of tho road. Tho S. II.
it E. is doing a big business, and 1 Paw
Paw is becoming a great shipping point
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