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rC j
V. ittcCOKD, Editor rud Iubli-her.
, - .- -iot and' Eloadslied.
There wag a bloody tiot io New Orleans
on the 30th ulrt,' resulting from an attempt
of the Governor of Louisiana to reassemble
the Stale convention of 18G4, with the
avowed purpose of enfranchising negroes
and disfranchising rebels. The convention
was elected id 1864, while the war was in
"progresB, and the State under military rule.
It accomplished the purposes for which it
was elected, and ha9 long since been a de
funct body. Cut the radical Governor, in
violation of all precedent, and in utter dis
regard of honor or law, i6ued a proclama
tion ordering elections to fill vacancies in
the said convention. This proclamation
was illegal from the fact that the Secretary
of State refused to countersign it or permit
the'fcual of State to be attached. The Lieut.
Gov., the Secretary of State, the Attorney
General, the Auditor and State Treasurer,
who v.ere all elected on the same ticket with
Gov. Wells, united in protesting against the
act of the Governor in his attempt to over
throw the government of the State by a law
lees and revolutionary meaeure, and their
remonstrance went to Washington.
, A meeting preliminary to the convention
waB held in New Orleans, at which the
wordt kind of incendiary speeches were
made by negro-worshipers, advising them
that they had a better right to office in
Louisiana than the rebels, and to arm them
selves and assert their superiority. Reso
lutions were passed demanding equality for
the nfgro in the State government.
Upon the heels of this incendiary meet
ing the convention assembled, and a row
gotten, up among themselves. The police
went to preserve order were tired on and
a bloody fight ensued, in which twenty-five
were killed and one hundred and fifty
wounded. The Governor, Presideut of the
convention, and members thereof are being
arrested. The police was sustained by the
uHitary, by order of President Johnson,
a-od martial law has been temporarily pro
claimed in the city.
Eethany School.
Editor Citizen Dear Sir: It was a
great pleasure we enjoyed on the 19th and
20th ult., at witnessing the examination of
the students of Bethany School in t' is
county. And with a view of repeating and
extending something of the same pleasure
to others, we undertake to write a short
letter. - "
As you and your readers may be aware,
the' School is under the conduct of Rev.
W. E. Caldwell, as Principal, while the
duties of instruction mainly devolved, for
past session, on S. A. R. Swan, Esq.,
Rev. I. N.s Caldwell, and Miss S. J. Mc
Callum, Assistants; and the success and
fidelity with which they discharged these
duties were clearly evinced by the prompt
and correct a.isweres given by the pupils
lo the questions' propounded to them on the
varied1 branches of study which they had
pursued during the past session.
The examination was thorough, on the
the part of the teachers, acd well sustained
on tho part of the younr gentlemen and
ladies of the school, in all branches of
learning, frora'the primary department to
the highest works of the Greek and Latin
classics. '----"
Th examination exercUes were inter
mingled with a pleasing variety of songs,
declamation, dialogues, &c. The oirginal
compoaitionaread on . the occasion, were
presented and read by the editors (mem
bers 'of. tho 6chool) of the "Literary
Wreathe" iThii racy paper was well filled
will essays, romances, humor, advertise
ments, 4.Vc. . .'
At. the . conclusion Rev. W. Stoddert, in
accordant' ft with' a previous invitation, de
livered A. very, interesting and instructive
lecture, .full of- learning and brilliant
thoughts, on the question as to ''whether
tJuoruiou is of more importance now than
before the war."
"Whoever listened to that lecture must
have gone away with a higher appreciation
-cf the value of a good education.
Many persons entertain objections to
mixed schools. But we are disposed to re
pudiate'aucb objections as without founda
tion and to concur vvii.li the conductors of
ti.i school, ia the assertion that the God of
naturo- desiirned that the sexes should be
companions .of each other, from the cradle
to the grave, and that it is a mere vulgir
prejudice -which . separates them in their
education. .Any who witnessed tho con
duct and performances of the boys and
giila in thii school, we feel assured, would
agre ttb the teachers:, that their associa
tion, had a very happy effect to stimulate
them to a laudable ambition in their studies
and in the amenities and proprieties of their
conduct,, , -., .i - -
But " we must not omit to mention the
o.Wjri entertain ire tit, given on Friday
n i" lit bv Miss Bfttie Fcust'a musical class.
The Loupe was crowded to sutileaUon, yet
for aKrnt. treo -hours .the audience was held
captive VyVi.o "power of sweet sounds, both
vocal and i nsXtumuiital - -
Tbe next seesion-opens on the first Mon
day 4f Sj imbtf. ;" -' 1
Avvjuit.Kdiii.lv tuj.ci ia.to bvi paUul.fd t
iu '' M. Ir J. Withers "Uy.
Congress has Adjourned.
Congress adjourned on Saturday last.
Members from "Tennessee were admitted to
their 8eat3. Senator Fowler was admitted
to hi3 seat in the Senate. Senator Patter
eon was excluded from his seat in the Sen
ate by a vote of the House.
A bill equalizing the bounty of volunteers
and increasing the pay of members of Con
gress to 5,000 was passed. A bill admit
ting Nebraska into the Union was passed,
but not signed by the President.
Mr. Arnell and His Two Offices.
We raised the point seveaal days ago
whether Mr. Arnell could legally hold a
seat as Representative in the Legislature of
Tennessee, inasmuch as he claimed to be
the Representative in Congress from the
sixth district, and had the commission of
the Governor certifyirg to his election
We find in a leportof the pioceedings of
the United States House of Representatives,
on the 2Gth ult. the following:
"Mr. Dawes, of Massachusetts, rising to
a question of privilege, said that the Com
mittee on Elections had had under consider
ation the credentials of the following o-entle-men
claiming to be Representatives elect
from the State of Tennessee, viz: A. G.
Taylor, of the First District; Horace May
nurd, Second District; W. B.Stokes, Third
District; JMmund Cooper, Fourth District;
W. P. Campbell, Fifth District; S. M.
Arnell, Sixth District; J. R. Hawkins,
Seventh District, and J. W. Leftwich,
Eighth District, and had found the said
credentials correct and in due form, and in
accordance with the laws of the United
States and of the State of Tennessee. He
was further directed by the committee to
move that the oath of office be administered
to the gentlemen named."
The motion of Mr. Dawes was agreed to,
and such of the Representatives from this
State as were then present took the oath
and were admitted to 6eats. Had Mr. Ar
nell been present, he would have taken a
seat also. A motion, or a resolution was
adopted, we believe, to pay the Representa
tives from Tennessee their salary for the
full term, under which Mr. Arnell will draw
pay for the same time for which he has re
ceived pay from Tennessee as a Represen
tative in her Legislature. Our constitution
provides that no "person holding any office
under the authority of the United Slates
shall have a seat in the General Assembly-;
nor shall any person in this State hold
more than one lucrative office at the same
time." This provision covers Mr. Arnell's
case exactly. He is clearly ineligible to a
seal in the Legislature, and has been since
he accepted the certificate of the Governor
that he was elected. And yet he has con
tinued to occupy his seat and to vote upon
every important measure. According to
our constitution, every such vote is illegal.
D. B. Thoma3, Esq., was elected to the
seat to which Mr. Arnell has been declared
entitled, by a majority of 455 votes over
Arnell, but the Governor assumed to do
what the constitution of the United States
vests alone in the House of Representatives,
to judge of these returns'and he threw off
enough votes to enable him U give the cer
tificate to Mr. Arnell. Mr. Thomas is
clearly entitled to the seat, but the Radical
majority in the House will probably never
give it to him. Dispatch:
The Atlantic Cable Completed.
New York. July 29. The Great Eastern
arrived at Heart's Content to-day.
The Atlantic Cable has been successfully
A dispatch from London, dated 27th
ult., says a treaty of peace was signed on
that day at 3 p. m., between Austria and
Heart's Content, July 27. To His Ex
cellency, President Johnson, Washington
Sir: The Atlantic cable was successfully
completed this morning.. I hope that it
will prove a blessing to England and the
the United States, and increase the inter
course between our own country and the
Eastern hemisphere.
Yours faithfully,
(Signed) C. W. Field.
Washington, July 20. To C. W. Field.
Heart's Content: I heartily congratulate
you, and trust that your enierprise may
prove as successful as your- etlorts have
been persevering. May the cable under
the sea tend to promote harmony' between
tho Republic of the West and the Govern
ments of the Lasteru Hemisphere. j
(Signed) A. Johnson, j
President U. S. A. j
The Metropolitan Police Tramped.
The authorities of the city of Nashville
have petitioned Chancellor Campbell for an
injunction restraining the Metropolitan Po
lice Commissioners from exercising the
functions of their office until a hearing can
ba had before tho courts. Chancellor
Campbell grants it, and the injunction has
been issued. The people are determined
to see the orders of the court enforced.
The battle of Sadowa, the l ist of the se
ries of Austrian reverses in Bohrrnia, was .
one of the gieatest as well as most fiercely
fought tattles of modern times. Haifa
million of men were engaged about two
hundred and fifty thousand on each side.
The cannon numbered fifteen hundred,
and wera about equally divided between
the combatants. The 27th Prussiau Regi
ment went in neatly three thousand strong,
Mtid with ninety officers; all but two officers
and between three and four hundred men
were either killed or wounded.
The habitual use of onions as an article
of food, is aivl to ba almost certain protec
tion frorj chcler. oven whin in immfdi it
Oe. ira.'t wir), i(.
A bill has been introduced in Congress
making it an offense, punishable by fine
and imprisonment, to have Confederate
bonds or notes in one's possession.
It has been decided by Commissioner
R.ol!ins that when a tax for the eradinL' or
paving of Btreets is assessed by municipal
authority, and the pavement thereof made
compulsory, the amount paid may be de
ducted from the incomes of persons thus
A Nashville dispatch (26th ult.) says:
"The Press and Times, refusing to swing
on Andy Johnson's gate, a telegram from
the War Department reached here to-day,
ordering the withdrawal from that paper of
all quartermasters and commissary adver
tisements. We learn from Mr. Good right, aent at
Washington .of the Associated Press, that
in case of the success of the Atlantic tele
graph enterprise, tli6 expense of two mes
sages a day from London, of twenty words
each, will be two thousand dollars a week
to the newspapers receiying Associated
Press disDatehes.
Col. Henry Asiidv, of Fauquier count)',
Va., of the late Confederate army, was ar
rested at Knoxvillo, in this State, under an
indictment for treason against the State of
Tennessee. The Knoxville Commercial
says he was released, having, without the
least difficulty, given bail in the sum of
810,000 for his appearance at the next term
of the Circuit Court.
A dispatch from Washington to the New
York Tribune, 6ays: "Mr. Leftwitch, one
ot the Teenessee delegates who was to-day
sworn into office, had scarcely finished
shaking hand? with the SDeake.-, when his
name was called to vote on the bill to in
demnify loyal citizens of Tennessee for
property dgstroyed during the rebellion,
and he voted 'no.' It caused much com
ment among the Union members."
This was the bill which Col. Stokes in
troduced and advocated.
The night session of the House of Rep
resentatives, lasting until Saturday morn
ing, was filled with disgusting scenes.
Liquor flowed pretty freely from several
committee rooms, and the result was fully
exhibited on the floor of the House. In one
instance tellers were appointed who were
unable to stand in their places; and the ac
count they reported to the House ran a
hundred over a quorum. Members voted
early and often to make it appear that a
quorum was present. Jokes were related
and stories told. A dozen or so members
at one time had pitched battles with paper
wads, books, etc., which were flung through
the air in the hall.
Recovering from War.
We have repeatedly maintained the
ground that Tennessee, under a good sys
tem of government, will very rapidly regain
her former, and more than her former, en
viable prosperity. We frequently, however,
hear very opposite views expressed by
friends who see nothing but a loDg state of
depression and poverty as the result of '.he
recent ravages of war. Wo would commend
to their consideration the following pasage
from the North British Review for Septem
ber, 1865:
"Yet more astonishing than Frederic's
management of the war was the way in
which Prussia, under I113 guidance, recov
ered from its effects. The state of the
country at the close of the Seven Years'
conflict is not easy to be imagined. The
population had been decreased by ten per
cent.; wide tracts of country lay desolate:
the villages wor depopulated; the fields
were uncultivated; at best, only women
and children remained to follow theplaugh.
The very eeed-corn had been devoured.
The towns were hardly in better plight than
the country. In Berlin itself a third part
of the population was supported by alms.
But it the guilty ambition of Frederic had
reduced his country to this point of misery,
it is only fair to add that his industry and
administrative capacity soon raised her ou'.
of it. In some three or four year?, PrusH
was restored to comparative prospeiity.
There could hard ly tie a more interesting or
instructive study than to inquire carefully
how this was done."
A wise, efficient, paternal government,
seconded by an industrious, thrifty people,
accomplished the marvel. We may and do
confidently hope that the saire causes will
now a ceutury later produce like effects in
our own land.
Already we see most tangible proofs of
such workings in this goodly State. Rail
roads have been rebuilt and reopened with
astonishing rapidity; agricultural opera
tions are vigorously carried on from Shelby
to Carter; mining and manufacturing pro
jects are being pushed forward with great
zeal; anil the financial resources of the
State so skillfully conducted as to enable
the pubiic creditors to receive their Julv
interest in par funds. July 1, 1C61, who
among cur many readers would have antici
pated all this? Xashville Dispatch.
In C'liaucery at Pulaski.
"V. K. Dii -kers n. complainant, vs.
M. MeC'.nre, F. P.. MeClnre; Jno. W. Stone aud
ethers, eiel'endants.
IX this cause it appearing to the satisfaction of the
-clerk arl master from affidavit that the defend
ant, John W. Mono, is a nonresident of the Stale of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of this
court cannot ba served on him: On motion it in
therefore ordered that publication he M..de for four
weeks in Mieeesion in the lu!aki 'Citizen,' a news
iaier puhli-"ued in the (.WD of jfuiufki in 8itid Stato,
requiring the said defendant to he sind appear on the
first day of the next twin of the chancery conrt, to
held for the county of Giles, at the court haute in,
Pulaski, on the first Monday in September next, and
answer complaiaa-ufB bill, crthen-me -niil be taken
t'.-r c-jnfe!-ed is r--s hir.s urd t'-.r hearirg ex parte-
A foreign correspondent writes: "The
unlooked for, and so to speak, brutal ener
gy of the Prussians in the commencement
of the campaign, united to their superior
fire arms, have done the work. " The Em
peror Napoleon is furious with his officers
fjr bavins refused as useless the breech
loading guns. If it had been France, in
stead of Austria, which was in the war
with Prussia, France, like Austria, would
have been beaten. The very th ought make3
the hair stand on his Majesty's head, and
well it may. The order has already been
given to furnish the French army with these
guns, with the greatest possible rapidity.
In may now even be too late, for French
workmen do their work so well, and they
carry new ideas into execution so slowly,
that the question of the Rhine may yet be
decided against France, and all on account
of these guns."
Brick Mason and Plasterer,
IS prepared to execute w ith dispatch and in a s:it
ipfactory manlier, all kinds f
Houses, chimneys, Cisterns, fcc., built or repaired,
and satisfaction warranted. aiiir3-5in
Central Southern Railroad Co.
STOCKHOLDERS in this Company are herebv no
tified that there will be a meeting of their body
At Pulaski, 2d Wednesday cf September,
for the purpose of takiner into consideration the con
solidation of their road with the Tennessee and Al
abama and Tennessee and Alabama Central riail
roads, thereby forming one company from Naxhville
to Peeutur. A special train will Ijuvc Columbia at
S o'clock, A. M. and return in the afternoon, con
veyiajr Stoekholders free ot charge. - "
Aug. S, IS'lo-td JNO. UAIRD, Sec'ty .
Corner Clark and Front Streets,
.Attorney at Law,
TT7ILL practice i" Giles and the adjoining Coun-
V ties, and in tho Supreme Court at Nashville.
Strict attention given to all collections entrusted to
him. OFFICE May's Old corner Up-stairs.
july 27-ly
SUITABLY arranged for the times. Can be turned
into one if desired. Applv soon to
july 20-0t " C. OSBORN & CO.
TMIE FIRM OF STBTTOX, PolNTEft Co. is this day
-L dissolved by mutual consent, This. (. Pointer
retiring. Madiso j Stkatton,
Tnos. O. Pointek,
H. J. Cheney,
Nashville, july 9th, ISM. li. P. Roy.
In retiring, I recommend my successors, Messrs.
Stratton, Ch ney a Roy, for tho continuance of the
former patronage, so liberally bestowed on our late
Nadiville july Oth, l?0t5. Tnos. (1. Pointer.
TT7E re pcitfuUy announce to our Friends and the
t P. blio generally, that vrs will continue a
Ccr;oral Forvrai din?
Commission, Cotton & Tobacco
At tho Old Stand of Stratton, Pointer & Co.,
tl L 11 Broad Street.
We hope, by strict attention to business, to merit
a continuance of the liberal patrouafru heretofore
bestowed upon the old firm . july27-Cm
ON Monday the fith day of August nevt, I will soli
to tho highest b dder, fvr cash, before the, court
house in Pulaski, a Tract of Land containing 'J t
acres, lying on Lynn creek, in the 15th civi' di
triet of iiles county, adjoining the lands of John
ilambriek, Wrn. Fry. Mrs. Essrlnian and other.
Sold as the property ot'David A. V aid nip to satisfy
two executions in my hands against lohn J Garrett
a other one in favor of J nines MiCallum. e a m,
undone in favor ol A J Fitpatrick for use of &e .
july 6-td- II. Ti. EVAN:, Ip'ty SrTlT.
In Chancery at Pulaski.
Wm V Miinon, comp'lut., vn. A M Carter a others.
IN this cause! it appearing to the satisfaction of th3
clerk a master from nflhlavit that tho defendants
Alev. M. Carter and Samuel Nh ho's'in are on -rus-idents
oft lie State of Tenne-ec, no that the ordina
ry process of law cannot be served on them. On mo
tion it is therefore orlered that publication be made
for four WL-c-ksin succeseion in tuo Citlaefi. news
paper published in Fulaski in sad Stab", requiriug
tiie said defendant V) bo and appear on the Srst day
ofthencx-t term of the chancery court, to be held for
the eounty of Giles, nt the cnurt house in Pulaski,
on t''e hist monday in September next, and answer
complainant's bill, or the same will bo taken for
eoiiit-s.-ed as to them, and fret Jor he&rinsr ex-parte.
jr.ly 27, IS'iU . , A COX, c IO
In Chancery at Pulaski;
James T. MoKist-ack find others, complainants, vp.
A, M. Carter and ctheio, de!VudnnU. j
IX this cause it appearing to the aatisfaction of the
clerk and master thnf. t lie defendants Alexander
il, Carver and Samuel NicL'dsoa are i.on-re.-udnts
of ti c State of Tennessee, so that th ordinary pro
o. ss of thi court cannot be served on theiu. On mo
ti i it is therefore ordered that publication be made
fir four weeks in Mieer-mn in th? Citizen, a rifws
p:ip r pub.Nhed in Pulaski in Fuid Stat-. requiring
the aiu detVu iauu tw Le aud apjar on the kt day
of the next term f the chancery court, to be held tvr
the county of Giles, at the c'urt house in Pnlaski.
on the f.r.t monday in oei.tember ii'jxt, iicd aiiuwer
complainant's bill,' or the r;mc will bo tak'jri for
cnit ssed as to them, aii iaet rr h'-arln ex-p:krtc.
ju'.y 27. lr5-5 , A . C'-'X. c m
Large lot of cheap Bread-stutF for sale. Ccnn
j try produce pcrchajed. and nDeurrrst Tr?ni9f ,ee
f-rr.- taker ir. r?i.
Allison Brothers,
General Commission Merchants,
29, 31 and 33 South 3Iarkct Strert,
We aic sole Agents for the celebrated
WAGONS, of every description, and
OUR Warehouse is largo and commodious, and we
are fully prepared to handle Cotton, Grain and
Produce generally, and goods on consignment ou as
favorable teims as any house in the city. We are
prepared also to make cash advances when dusired,
and would sclieit consignments ot every product
and manufacture, feeling ass-urcd that by prompt
ness and strict attention to our business we can give
satisfaction, f julyl7-"m Allison Pr tiiers.
It is an old but true saying that
and now you have a chance to save nionov.
Ward and Shapard
are just inieceipt of
of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods for
Directly from the city of New York, bought at
G-routly I- educed Prices
and will he
Sold as Low as the Lowest.
ARSONS wishing to mm base v. ill d well to call
and examine ourtoi-k before buying elsewhere.
We have in Store
Every Description of Dry Goods,
Ever' description nnd price of
JLiCi dies'' TDrosrf Goods,
Every ttyle of Shirts,
Ribbons, White Gooils, Hosiery,
A Large Lot of Ladies' "Wrapping,
A large and well selected stock of
which we can sell very low,
n complete t-toek, made especially for thH trade.
Hardware and Qni-ciioware,
and an tndlcfis variety of "
Notions and Other Goods.
We solicit an examination of our fctock by our
friends and the public (renerally. feeling confident
that we can give entire sati-faction in quantity qual
ity and pTiees. Yo.i wiil find us at the hottorn in re
gard to prices. march l0, lr.06.
orr rem.
HAVING suggested to the Clerk of tho County
Court of fiil.'t county the in'lvrny of the es
tate of Wm. M. Thurman, dee'd., I hereoy notify all
persons having claims against the same to file them
with tho clerk of said curt, properly authenticated
in the time prescribed by law. or th v will be forever
barred. J. M. TMUPMAN.
july 27-41 Adm'r.
Sheriff's Sale.
0X 'Saturday the 1-t day of Srj.toinbcr next, I will
sell for ca(-h to the highest bidder, at tho court
house door in Puhiki. the Tract of ! Acres ot Land
situut 1 in the lt civil dit-trb-t of (tiles county , on
the waters of Sinking ereck. bounded on the north
by the lands ot hlizabeth Jordan, andea-t by V, iz:i
hutb. Jordan end a tract known as tho Simms tra. t
belonging to 'no, Swo'-ny and fnnp,s h:ir.-; south
by the tract last named, and e.it by the Carmichiiel
tract. Levied on as the prope rty ofLittleberry Car
ter to r-ati.-fy two Ufa' in my ha'.i is in lavor of James
Mc aonm c. 4 jr. agsunst tne stiM (,art r a fitters, i
. july 2s- I; II PKI 'LN, h :f. i
is'orrici I
BY virtr.cof a Deed ffTr:i-t given to mc by S. A. j
Parsons on the b of July, Y-'i, to relieve W'. j
F. Alexander and others in various ease in which J
they are bound for him as styor, securi'ie or oth - j
erwi.-e, I will fell on Men luv J ot Sieiu'w r rext, i
befoTc thorourj house in l'uia-ki,, on a credit ol one i
and two years, the tract (' Srnl on which S. A. Par- j
sor.s n"'W r-ides, eontuining 115 a- rcu. lying on the j
waters of Pigiyn Kws', A-.ffyt No. 11. L'on i and I
good F'-cuiitv required !' pur-d. i:r- !
july 27,r-5-i-td W. d. LEWIS. Trusu-e.
Administrator's Notice. !
VLL persons indebted to the eKtati: of J. P. Am i- i
ander, dee.d., are hereby jictified to come f -r- i
ward immc-dtatftiyaRii ?Me, -r theirclainis will be !
put out for wdioctioii. TL jso holding viuirutf will j
pre-enttheiri for payment. I
july 4-4t V. F. AnnNDin, adm'r.
Insolvent Notice.
HAVING sufgesro-I to the County Court Clerk of
Gil.. county tho it-.ol v ccy of the estate of
2ebulon Parr dcc'J., all person holding claims
agaisfrt th Hnie a'6 herebv r r.'ifci'I to f! thorn
-within the tiro pre&e.ibod by law; r they wiil be
forever barred, and all pcrac-t? indebted theSan:
'etv r. 7'. I. T.M-r. J.r -
In Chancery at Pulaski.
Andrew Smith and his wife Harriet Smith, and
Josephs Edmundson, complainants, t.
James Smith and ilenry A Smith, Harvey a Mor
gan Smith, Silas Monk and Sarah Monk, hii
wife, Wesley Cuthrie, William Wesley Rob
ert Onthrie,hcirs of John A Smith, dee'd.. and
the other heir of said John A Smith, whoso
names are unknown, defendants.
IN this cause it appearing to the satisfaction of the
Clerk and Master from affidavit that the defend
ants named in th caption are all cither non-residents
of thu State of Tennessee, or that their resi
dences are unkrown, so that the ordinary process
of this Court cannot be served on them; And it
fnrt'u-r appearing that tho other heirs at law nnd
distributees of John A Smith, dee'd., lato of Giles
c un.ty, are unknown by name, and that their resi
dences ure likewise unknown, and that thyare of
the following class to-wit. Robert Smith or hi
heirs at law, James Smith, or his heirs at law,
Mary Guthrie, wife of Robert Guthrie, or her heira
at law, Jane Guthrie, wife of James Guthrie, or her
heirs at law, Kiizabeth Laird, wife of Adam Beard,
or her heirs, Ann Orr, wife of William Orr, or Ler
heirs: On motion it is therefore ordered that publi
cation be made for four weeks in succession in the
Citizen, a newspaper published irt the town cf
Pulu.-ki in said State, rcniringsaid defendants and
unknown parties, to he and apar on the first day
of the next term of the Chancery Court, to be helcl
for t lie comity of Giles at the Court Houses in Pu
laski, on the first Monday in September next, and
answer complainants' bill, and have themselves
made parlies, or the same will be taken for con
fessed ts tothem and set for hearine rx-partt. -
j sJ 1S j'3' A. COX. C. fe Nf.
la Chancery at Pulaski.'
John C Walker, John C Brown and Thos. M Jones,
complainants, vs.
George Walls, Zachariah T., Paulina, John II. and
Andrew J Walls, Thomas Overly and w ife Ly
dia Ann, Martha Walls, Nancy J Walls and
James 11 Lester, defendants.
IN this cause it appeanug to the satisfaction of the
clerk and master from atlidavit that the defend
ants Thomas Overly and wife Lydia. Ann Overly,
Martha Wails and Nancy Jano Walls, nru non-residents
of the State of Tennessee, so that tho ordi
nary process ol this court cannot be served on them,
On'motion it is therefore oraered that publication
bj made for four wet ks in succession in thf Citizen,
a newspaper published in the town of Pulaski in
said State, requiring the said defendants to be and
appear ou the tirst day of tho next term of the Chan
cery court to be held for the county of Giles, at the
court house in Ptd.iski on tho first monday in Sep
tember next, and answer complainant's Bill, or -the
same will be taken for confessed as to them and set
for hearing ex-parte. , : A
july 27. ltlG ACOX. c M "
Iii Chancery at Pulaski.
Lewis Cardin and Wm. G. Loyd, Kx'rs. ofLarkin
Cai din dee'd., complainants, vs.
Larkin C.irdin, Jr., and others, Children. L-gatjes
and Dcisccs ofLarkin Cardin Sr. dee'd., com.
Bill to settle & di-.ide Estate ofLarkin Cardindec'd
IN this cause it appearing to the satisfaction of th
clerk and master from affidavit that the defend
ant, Laodieia llu.'l', is a non-resident of tho State of
Tennessee, so that thu ordinary process of this court
cannot bescrvedn her. On motion it in therefore
ordered that publication be made for four weeks in
Bill-cession in the Citizen, n newt paper published in
the t.uvn of Pulaski in said State, requiring llusaid
d -tVudanttJ be nd a; piar on the firt day of thu
next term of the chancery court, to be held for thu
couiity of Giles, at the court house in Pulaski, on thu
lirst monday in Septcmb.-r mxt, and answer com
plainants' lull, or i lie same will be taken for eon
fessed as to lie,-and set for hearing cx-parte.
july 27, lMiti A. COX, o if
la Chancery at Pulaski,
Roy, Harris & Cox, complainants, vs.
Sarah A Neal, defendant.
IN this cause it appearing to the Katisfaction of the
clerk A. master lrem atlidavit that the defendant,
Saraii A NeuJ, is a non-resident of the State of Ten
nessee, so that tho ordinary process of thiscourt can.
not be served ou her, On motion it is therefore or-
dcied that publication be made for four weeks in
icce.sion, m the n newspaper published in
us town of Pulaski in.aid State, reouirme the said
defendant to be and appear on the first day of th'
next term ot too c liani cry court, to he liekl tor thu
county of Giles, at the court house in Pulaski, on
the fust monday in September next, and answer tbtr
complainants' bill, or the same will Jo taken for
ron less :d as to her and set for hearing ex-parle.
Complainants a! ledge that the defend't is indebted
to them in the sum of about $212,00, and Beck to at
tach her land to secure the same.
july 27, lSoti A COX, c u
In Chancery at Pulaski.
Thonv:s II Nbolett, Barrington Jackson, und wife,.
Nancy, and others, complainants, vs.
Gcorjre N Howard, Betty Jimmy Iuman and oth-
ets, ib fi-.ndants.
IN this cuuso it appeanug to the satisfaction of tho
clerk a master from atlidavit that tho defendant,
Betty Jimmy Inuiiui, is a iion-rcsidut of the State
of Ti-nnesscc, so that the ordinary process of thi
court cannot, bo perved on her, Uu motion it is
therefore ordered that publication be made lor lour
weeks in siu-ccs-ion , in I he ' Citizen, ' a newspaper
published in the town of Pulaski in said State, re
quiring the said defendant to be and appear on tho
tiri-t day of the next term of tho rhanccrv court to b
held for the count' of Giles, at the court house in
Pulaski, on th first monday in September next, and
answer complainants' bill, or the same will be taken
for confessed as to her and set for hearing e-parte.
,'u'y 27, lMi'i A: COX. c m
In CliaiKt-ry at l'lilaski.
X. Ordwuy, complainant, v.
Jun. E. Vincent, C. F. fe Sarah A. Ordway, def'dtn.
2N this cause it appearing to the satisfaction of tho
i lerk master from njlidavit, thitL the defendant,
lohn K. Viii'-cnt, is a non -roRident of tho State of
Tennessee, so (hat the ordinary pro' ess of thin conrt
cannot bo served on him, On motion it it therefore
ordered that publh-ation be made for four weeks in
succession in ihe Citizen, a newspaper published in
t he town of Pula.-dtl in caid State, requiring t he naid
defene' ant to bu and appear mi the lirst day of tho
next term of the chancery court, to be hehi for the
county of Giles, at thu court house in Pulaski, on tho
iirst monday in September next, and answer com
plainant'e bill, or tho sumo will be taken for con -fet-scd
as to him. and Ktt for hearing ex parte,
july 27, 1 S ' j j . A. COX, e n
In Ch;ir.ury at 1'uI.ibLi.
James Mc.Ca luio, complainant, va.
James O. Mitchell and J. M. Fnmwr, Adm'r., and
other. Heirs at Lar and iJis.trihu'ce of Andrew
Mitchell, dee'd., defendants.
IN this canso it nppearinz to the satisfaction of the
clerk a master from atlidavit. Hint the defendant
Catharine Julian, is a n on - resident of the State f
Tcnnersrc, so that the ordinary proccs of this court
cannot bn .-erved on her. On motion it is thereforu
ordered that puh'.iea1 ion be made lor lour wocka in
succession in the. Citizen, a news' uper publirhed ir
the town of Pulaski in t--iid Mate, requiring the aaid
defendant .o be and appear on tLe firt day of the
next term cf the chancery court, to 1st held' for th
county of (;ilc-, at the court hou-e in Pulaski, on th
first, monday in September next, and answer C'rri
pliiirisnt's bid, or tfie sam witl iie taken for con-le-se
I as to h- r, un-1 set for h -ai jug n- r arti .
j-ily 27, ls-iS A- COX, c m
In Chancery at Pulaski.
A. J. Ballentiac, complainant, 5,
A. J. I nrt'm, Joh ,. MiUhU J. F. Red, def'dt.
N this cause it appearing to the tatisfuetion of the
clerk and imiMer, fi orn the return of the Hheritfof
Gil icouu y, that the residence of tlic defendant,
J. V. Red, is unknown, o that tho ordinary ircsa
of th:.- court cannot be nerved on him, Oa motion
it is therefore i-rdertd that, publication l niailu for
four wc--ks in aueeussion in the ilicn, a ucwaparer
imbhshed in tha town of Pulaski in i-aid SUU:, re
'jiiiring tho said defendant to be and appear on the
Jir.-t di.y of the vjtt term of the chancery court, to
ij; Lei-i at tnc court house in 1 inanki, on tne ur'.
mon-hiy m S-pte ruber n xt, and uc-wer complain
ant' wi!, or tr. mhih: will 1.; taken for confessed aa
to him, and set for henriog ex parte.
july Ml, l-'l-i A . fXX,c m
In Cliance'ry at Pulaski.
John Moore, cornp'lt, t. J. F. IL r.ry, dtfn'dt.
I N this can! it sj-jirifig '- the ssttsfaction of tha
1 lerk nnd uaolur liom the return ol'lh-j Sheriff of
Giles county, that the defendant, J. F. JJenry, i a
fion-re-ident of the State of Tennessee, go that tb
ordinary process of this court ntnnot be served on
him. On motion, it 11 therefore ordered that publi
cation bo madj for four weeks ir: n iccewion, in the
CuiZ'-n- a newspaper published in Pulaski in aid
Sia, Tfciuirir.tr the said detendijr.t to be and appcr
on tLe lirkt day of the next term of thcr iiance-ry court
tc be l ei 1 fur the covu'y of Giles, at tha conrt hoasa.
in I'u'rVi, on i to S rst icondny in Septcoiter riuxt,
.-.r-i answer eo-.Ef laiiaul'it bjii, or the aanso will b-o
u-r: f"-: il ta li-. s-ii let icr bejrU;

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