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fMnslu (Ciifew.
''jf r. o. ;oir, ro a i:.!:tor.
KushviJIe u. Decatur 'Hail Uoad Dcpur-
I ulaski Accommodation
Leaves Pulaski 5. SO, a. m.
Arrives Nashville 10.00, a.m.
Ixaves Nashville 3.80, p. m.
' Afrives Pvtlaski 8.00; p. if.
Freight and Accommodation Kurt), 10. SO, a. m.
Night Expiess - - - - 12.0?, a.m.
Freight and Accommodation South, 12.16, r. sr.
iNight Express - 2.47, a. m.
Tickets to all points Noith and South.
.Bankruptcy-. JuJe Dougutt ia now
holding a Court of -Bankruptcy in this
place. " "
The four-legged biby is on exhibition at
612 Broadway, New York, opposite the
Si. Nicholas Hotel, and ia creating conside
rabla excitement.
Dissolved. -From . Maj. Roy, who we
had the pleasure of greeting in our city a
day or two ngo, we Jearn that his popular
firm, Stratton, Cheney and Roy, haTe dis
continued business.
Fals Alar. ijamo fool roused us and
many others from our quiet morning nap
yesterday morning about daylight by lusti
ly halluwing fire. There was not the
6licrhtest causa for the alarm. We would
thank him next. lime ho raises a fttUa .alarm
to do so at a more seasonable hour.
Notwithstanding the drouth, our young
friend Harry McCoud is determined to
make some of the staple thi3 year. He ex
hibited to us Wednesday a stalk of cotton
which was 37 inches Jn beiijhto, and Lad 3
squares on it. Pretty good for llie3o dry
The DitouTU We regret to learn from
very mauy farmers of this county thatlheir
prospects for crops are exceedingly gloomy.
There has not been a general rain in this
county for nearly ten weeks, and many Lave
had none of any consequence in that time.
The proepects of many are entirely blight
ed. ....
Oak Grove Iostitute.
lr. CoIFy, the Principal of this institu
tion, announces that the Fall 6ea-ion will
commence ou the 27th of July. It-is loo
.ted in a Cue neigl boihood, t-ix miles from
i'ulaski, and meetn the demands cf chil
.dien soeking a primary education. S'je
card else where.
It wilt no dubt pleaee oir reader s to find
this week that w& yield a greater pail of
the epace usually occupied by our weekly
flocnl gossip to important and interesting
political matter. We do not feel at liberty
to withhold from our readers the great
speeches, letters etc, of our leaders ; nor
the comuents of the leading journals which
occupy nur ppce to-day.
RjirtiiUCAN Bannku.' We give the card
of this old and reliable Democratic organ
io another column.. As evinced by its ex
tensive circulation in this cc-Uuiy, it is ap
preciated as cxve of the ablest Conservative
jourpala in it'he South. Its editorials are
brilliant and scholarly' and abound in wit
and intelligence. -
Sub6criUe 'for the Banner, if you want a
good paper" from the capital.
Improvements, .
The buildings on the east 6ide of the
square are going up rapidly. In the ccurse
of a Lin weeks there will be about sixteen
Bplendid new brick business houses on that
side. , We notice also, that friand Rosenau;
on the couth-east corner, ia securing his
brick and lumber and will soon commence
building an elegant store-house. Besides
these, several new'dclling house's id the
city are under contract and will soon be
erected.. There's life in the old land yd.
Hed Hen a Lawrenceburg.
Col. Templk, Vice -Great Incohone of
the United States, was to arrive last night,
and it is expected that Okahama Tribe, No,
C, I. O. It. M., of this place, will accompa
ny him to-day to Lawrenceburg, where a
new tribe will be instituted to-night. We
are informed that the .charter members
of this tribe cotnpiiso the very bast mate
rial in Lawrence county, and we predict
that they will eoon have a good working
tribe iu Lawrenceburg. It is our purpose
to be one of the visiting parly, if conven
ient, and note down wh;xt we may 6ee and
Tq Farmer$ . .
We invite the attention of farmers, mil
lers, etc., to the ad veriisement of T. II.
Jones k Co., in another column. Their
Wheat Fan combines three machines need
ed upon every farm, not solely fr the pur
pose of cleaning the chaff from wheat, but
to feparate cockle, oheat, smut, kc, from
U, cleai :nd separate grass seeds, etc., etc.
The senior of this paper now has one of
th machines on trial, and though In has
not had an opportunity to give it a thorough
test, believes it a success. The demand
for it is very large, and the manufacturers
are ecacely able to keep up with the de
mand. This ia a good evidence of the ea
teeni in v.hieli ilia !uM by farmers. Head
their column, and you will be pt to by a
The Barbecue at Prcspeci. j
According to previous announcement, a j
special train left Pulaski, at about nine j
o'clock Thursday morning last, for Pros
pect, bearing ilia .Pulaski Division and nu
merous l.idies ind gentlemen of th'i3 vicini
ty, Vj j An in the gr-tnd temperance jubilee
at that place, and to partake of tho rich
barbecue prepared for the occasion.
The train, under the conductorship of
Mr. Stevenson and Capt. Abe Frizzell,
without accident or nota-worthy incident,
arrived at Prospect at about 10 o'clock,
when the Pulaski Division, by invitation,
repaired to th hall of Prospect Division and
joined them in the march to the grounds
selected for the occasion.
1 The speakers stand, surrounded by com
fortable 6eats for the division, and the la
dies, was located upon the hill half a mile
south of the station and about one hundred
yards east of the railroad, in a beautiful
grove of forest trees.
The dfcercises commenced by singing the
opening ode, and prayer by the Rev. Mr.
Brown. Rev. John A. Thompson, io beh. 1
of Prospect Division, welcomed the broth
ers of Pulaski Division, f hich was respon
ded to by W. P., Wm. II. McCallum, in be
half of his brothers,
Mr. Thompson then led off in a beautiful
and impressive address, a synopsis of
which, nor none of the speeches delivered,
will we attempt to give, as they were nu
merous and too lengthy for our limited
epace. After the firfct addresa, which last
ed about an hour, Mr. Jno. Meadows deliv
ered a short but pithy extemporaneous ar
gument in behalf of the cause.
Then followed Rev. Mr. Brown, who
seemed perfectly at home on the 6tand.
Then our young friend Hawkins West
moreland took the stand, who displayed
great powers of oratory, both argumenta
tive and humo?oU9, After which, that old
champion of every good cause, Rev. W. G.
Hensley, was called up and entertained the
audience until dinner was announced, when
the Divisions formed into procession snd
led off to the tables, which were erected in
the shade close to. the railroad and n ar a
large spring.
We shall not attempt to do justice to the
liberality and good taste of our Prospect
friends-by-a description of the splendid
USrbecue spread before us. Suffice it to
siy, a euper-abuDdance of every thing
which that fertile country can produce and
served in the very bsst style known to the
culinary art was spread before the immense
assemblage, and the host system and order
prevailed throughout tho feast.
Beef, mut-
ton, f-hoat, ham, chicken, vegetables of all
kinds, and desert ia great profusion and
variety, continued to be placed ou the
groaning tables as fast as they were clear
ed, and if any were Dot satisfied it wae
clearly their own fault.
After the feast, the crowd re-assembled
at. the $tand and were favored with one or
more addresses, but as this reporter had
found a delightful seat in the shade with
some of the fair ones, for which the Pros
pect neighborhood is famous, further pro
ceedings at the stand were not noted. At
4 o'clock, the unwelcome toot of the Rail
road whisila reminded us that the time for
our return bad arrived, and reluetantly the
excursionists from this locality bid farewell
to tiieir hospitable frieuds of Proapect, and
re-embarked for home, where we arrived
about G o'clock.
Again in., behalf of the Pulaski Division,
and expressing the sentiment of the visitors
from this place, wo return thai.k3 to the
fair and hospitable ladies and liberal heart
ed gentlemeu of the Prospect vicinity for
their kindness and hospitality on this occa
sion. The his.68 meeting Saturday will be com
posed of men from every district, represent
ing the sentiment aud wishes of their res
pective neighborhoods, and we suggest
that it would be an appropriate time and
place to adopt a memoiial to the Legisla
ture, respectful but determined in its tenor,
asking, in the name of the peonle, a call for
a State Convention, or a repeal of the odious
franchise laws of the State. We believe
that buch an appeal, coupled with the known
determination of the people to resist Brown
low's encroachment in the future, will have
a salutary effect. Let U3 try it.
An Item or much lNTEKfc6T to All. The Ur.i-
tod States Congress hiis authorized Messrs. J. I
Uromgoole & Co., regular practicing physicians. of
Memphis, Tcnn., to prescribu for tho various dis
eases of the country, and after a long bedside expe
rience thor now offer tho public a class of Family
Medicines winch for merit, beauty and cheapnes?,
cannot be excelled on this continent. These medi
chics are neither seerets nor paUinls, and a physi
cians everywhere use them iu their practice they
immediately command public esteem and ccnfi.lmcc.
They are highly eulogized, sell rapidly at all points,
and we eurr estly advise every family to buy a sup
ply of th valuable remedies. See advertisement
in another column, beaded "Great Southora Pre
paration." Numerous anonymous letters have been
revived through the Columbia post-ofHce
within the past few days addressed to vari-
j ou9cilizene, and containing fiendish threats
of burning the town. Great excitement
prevails, and should such a calamity occur
the people are firmly resolved to try the
virtues of hemp, steel, and lead as antidotes
to negr- inceudiarism.
A. Good Thing.
On the receipt of twenty-five cents and
a red stamp, information will be gien by
which the person can make money.
Address D. II. W., Box 106,
Pulaeki, Tenn.
Giles County Eesponds.
The citizens of Giles will meet those of
Lawrence and Wayne counties at Boden-
hauler's mills, on Thursday 23d inst., io
interchange views upon the prospective
Railroad from here to La wrence and Wiyne.
Addresses mny be expected from Gen Brown
Maj. Jones, Gen. Gordon, Col. Rose, Hon.
J. P. C. Reed, Jno. A. Tinnon, and distin
guished orators from Lawrence and Wayne.
A preliminary survey of the road will be
made previous to that time by Mr. T. M
Topp, Gen. Geo. W. Gordon and assis
tants, and a report made at this meeting.
We hope Pulaski will be fully represent
ed in this meeting, as her interests are to
be greatly afi'ected in the location of the ter
minus of this road.
A Negro Butchery.
Three Men Killed tf Negroes.
On Sunday night, two or ree negroes
entered a room in which a young man nam
ed Fi eeland was sleeping, oa the farm of
his father, James Freeland, eome three
miles from Columbia, and before he could
make any resistance, buried their knives in
his throat, culling it from ear to ear, and
then-proceeded to mutilate his body in a
most horrible x manner, afterwards escapes-
' ..
Monday morning a negro man and a ne
gro woman were arrested and brought to
Columbia, on charge of having murdered
young Freeland. The woman ,is said to
have been lodged ia jail, but her accom
plice was immediately seized by a party of
white men, who carried him out of the
place and are believed to have lyDched him
somewhere in the woods not far from town.
One of the negroes supposed to have been
concerned in the murder of young Freeland
is still at large.
Two other white men, it is alleged, have
been similarly murdered since- Sunday
J. L. Peters, music "publisher, .'New
York, has favored us with the July numr
ber of the "Musical Review, the monthly
'Glee Hive" and the "Parlor Companion."
The Review contains an unusual amount
of interesting musical literature, calculated
to entertain and edify the devotees and ad
mirers of the divine art, together with sev
eral splendid musical compositions. "No
crown w'uhout the Cross," a. sacred song,
ii well suited to church music, and the ac
companiment suited to the organ. "Going
Home with Willie," ia something new in
the ballad line and will soon be popular.
Strawberries aJ CreanJ," by C. Kinkel,
just out, and is a love of a March tot piaDO.
"Heavenward," Valsa Angelique, by G.
Vibre, is truly angelical.
The miscellany -f the Review is splen
did and we will give clippings from it in
our next. The price of the Review ia only
2 per year.
9 The Glee Hive contains fourteen pages of
music, consisting of sacred and "secular
glees, trios, quartettes, opera choruses for
mixed voice, s t which is added accomp.
niments for the piano. Price $3.
We wouldn't be without the "Parlor
Companion" for three times the price of
subscription. It contains each month fine
selections from the various operas, together
with a choice collection of dance music by
the best writers, arranged for flute and vi
olin, with piano accompaniment. It is a
work long needed, and every flute and vio
lin player should subscribe for it. Price
3,12 per year.
The committee designated by the Nation
al Democratic Convention to present the
nomination to candidates, dd so at Tam
many Hall on the eveuiDg of the 10th.
Gen. Morgan, Chairman, made the formal
tender to Governor Seymour and General
Blair. Governor Seymour accepted the
nomination, etatiog that the resolutions
were in accord with his wishes. Ho 6aid
that from the evidences every where shown,
the Democratic party would triumph at the
next election.
General Blair accepted the Vice Presi
dential nomination, pledging himself to ad
here to the principles enunciated in the
platform .
An enthusiastic meeting was held out
side the Hall, which was addressed by
Messrs. Seymour, Cox, Blair and others,
all foreshadowing the triumph of the Dem
ocracy. In the Senate on the 13th, the bill dis
continuing the Freedmen'3 Bureau after the
fir6t of January next, was passed.
Tho House amendment to the Electoral
College resolution came up and was con
curred in, and the bill goes to the Presi
dent. In the House the joint resolution exclud
ing from the Electoral College the States
lately in rebellion, was read. The amend
ments reported were also read, as follows :
Strike out the words "and which are not
represented in Congress" and insert the fol
lowing : "Provided that nothing herein
contained shall be construed to apply to
any State which was represented in Con
gress on the 4th day of March, 1C67."
After an excitincr discussion the amend
ments were agreed to and the resolution
L?t everybody coma to the grand rally
Saturday, and let us have one more long,
loud, Democratic 6hout for our Residential
The crops are all diying up iu Giles.
Married. In Lincoln cour.ty, Wcdues-
j day morning at 7 o'clock, by Rev. J. B.
Tigert, Mr. R. D. Flactt. of Giles, to Miss
Eliza Catuht, of Lincoln.
To- ay we insert ia ourpuper an advertisement
which no doubt will be hailed with joy by many or
our readers. The yearly public demand for Patent
or Propi ietary Medicines amounts to millions of dol
lra ; und in contemplating this Important suoject
a few plain questions naturally present themselves.
Who are preparing and offering these remedies I
Are they qaaliSed to administer to the eick ! Is
not tho physician qualified obovo all others to pre
pare medicines for family use ? Indeed he is.
Messrs. J. P. Dromgoole & Co., physicians of Mem
phis, Tenn., are now preparing and offering a class
of select family1 medicines, which come ""highly re
commended by the medical profession as well as
others. Being neither secrets nor patents, the pub
lic at once buy and use them in their families. Wo
cheerfully recommend them, and call special atten
tion to the advertiaemcnt headed "Great Southern
Preparations" in another column.
3. P. M GUlltE,
HcGuire & Ezell,
Que. Door outh. of the Public Square,
3?nlaski, Term.,
AVE jaB. occupied this houso , where they have
on nana splonuia stocKaoi.
SHOES, . .
DRUGS, .- . .
' . - &C, &., feC.
In nil of which they will offer great inducements
Ito buyers.
Having determined to change some features in
our business, we will sell our entire stoek at great
ly reduced prices, for cash. , , .
We gratefully acknowledge a liberal share of
public patronage in business since we coinmencod
here, and trusting that fair dealing has mentrd it,
we renew our solicitations for a continuance of the
. may 1st. '
McGriBE a Ezell.
j "' iO" AND -.
Have on hand and are continually. reeeiylng a large
ttock of -
Fancy Groceries
such as
and everything usually lound in the Nashville con
fectioneries. We invite inspection and defy com
petition. Our facilities are such hat wo can afford
to sell CHEAPER than the CHEAPEST !
We invito epecial attention to our stock of Im-
Eortcd Scotch Ales and Porter, Brandv Fruits,
ondon Club and Worcestershire Sauce, Imported
Chow chow and Mixed Pickles, and great variety of
Weddings, II alls, Pnrties and Pic-Nics,
supplied at short notice end in satisfactory manner.
Kn Klux Soda Fount
with a supply of Ico and tho choicest Syrups, in
ZTXXX Blast !
apr!7 J. C. LAMBETH fc CO.
Not'ec lo show Cau.-e In Bankruptcy.
THIS is to gi-e notice that R L Maci;:i, S per. err
Young, J Ii 0-bb,FW King and W G Harris
have filed in tLe o:V.ce of tho clerk cf this Court,
their petitions f.r discharge, and it was thereupon
ordered by th! court that a hearing be had upon
tii i-june on the lOthday of July ,15CS. at the hours
ciS. i?. fcJa and 10, am. respectively, before
t.io Register in th5 Courthouse in Pulaski, Tenn.,
ai. d that all creditors who have proven their debts
and other r-ersens interested, mav appear at pjch
time and place, and sho' cause, lfanv they h;:e,
why the prayers of said jtitions should not be
granted. and that the 2'1 anl 3-1 11150 r.g of credi
tors will be had at tsaid'.me and p! .
E. I:. CAMPBELL, " ik
ulyi-Z:. C. b. D.j.. C-'.rt Mil. D..-.1. of Tent.
2 W
Ul f
In r
S S o H
- p 3 h
g a g
3 Kj cd-SO
i h
h SO
52 H -
2 2
P td T-
W o
521 b.
Second Term of Ten Months Commences
AIouday,"Augnst 10, 1SOS.
Teachers fur every department of the Ornamen
tal m well as Literury branches.
As more assistance may be demanded more will
be procured.
It ij desirable that pupils should enter the first
d:.y. -
Lcurd can bo procured with one of the teachers
fr iu private families at from 12 to 1 20 per month
Application for tho same should be made immedi
ately. Regular boarders will be required to attend the
Sabbath School and Church ixereises of tho de
nomination of their choice.-
julylO-tf A. D. WALLACE, Principal
and Prof, of Math. Eng. Gr. & Com p.
HGG3?& in
Dry Goods, Clotliing,
WE are receiving our large and carefully selected
stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
to W'hich tho attention of our friend's aDd custom
ers Is respectfully Invited. Oar stock embraces tho
variety usnilly kept in establishments of thekiud,
and wc ere confident that we can dispose of them
upon as reasonable- terms as any house in town.
The selection of our goods was. personally super
intended by one of the firm, in the best markets,
and is peculiarly adapted to tho wants of thiscom
munity. Give us a call.
apri) 10 ly ARRQWSMITU & CO.
Gale's, Steinway's and other
Improved 3?ianos,
Vi . Together with Sheet Music.
Also a full assortment of the .best patterns o
cooking and heating stoves.
Coal Oil Lamps,
of the newest and most approved pattern.
of the purest and best quality, which has been
thoroughly tested, and deprived of ny dangerous
aprillO-tf TREPPARD fr CO.
North-east cor. pub. spuaro, Phlski, Tcnn.
John D. Flautt & Co,
Have nojf .on hand and to arrive,
Threshers, Reapers, Plows ana
IMiowing VTacliines,
Wo would call attention to our stock of
Ifianlwarc At Cutlery,
embracing the best brandsand improved patterusot
Cabinet Makers'
Wagon Makers' and
Coopers TOO Ld
Saw Gnmmo's
English files
D'Mible Barrel Shot (tugs
Colt's, Sharps, and
t'mithk; Wesson's Pistols
Metalic Cartridges all kinds
Wostcnholrn'M Genuine
Pocket Cutlery
Fine a common Tabled.
t?j"'r & Jackson's and
Henry Distou's Hand Saws
Cross-cut and Tenuut Haws
Lock?, all kind
liinires, all kinds ,
ii I'f'lbiw-t, Anvils
Vise, Nail. Jren
IJfir.su Shoes,
Mule do
Hand Axes
l'road do
Copping do
Dies and Stocks
Draw Kcives
Shovels and Tung.i
Candle Flicks
Wapon Uoxcs
Ac, Ac.
Always pay thchighcs-t market price for
Cotton, Corn tfce.
In addition to our Hardware stock, we have now
on hand a good stock of
Family Groceries,
purehi.se! of Rankin A Co.
Cull and bo im. feb7-ly
L. '. .UcCOKI),
33oolc and Job IPrintei
C'ASM r? quired for a!1. Mob-vf.rr. No J Jj ..uzi b
i tkcc :icm the c-Piee fntil i aid I' r.
Oh, YES!
HAVING purchased the interest of E. Edmund
son in tU btock of Ezcil and Edmundeon, 1
have removed to the largo and elegant store known
as May a cornrr, where I wish to see all our old
customers, and will be glad to sell them all tho
goods .they want
I also call on all those owing the eld irrm of Kzcll
St Bro. i P. II. Ezel) to call and pay op, as I am
determined to fsHtlo up tho old b-isiness. After
the lr.t of March you will have to settle with an of
ficer. "A word to the wise," Ac.
Ju24-tf P. H. EZELL.
sixisra- i868i
R. B, COX,
Soutl -west Corner of tLe Public Square,
Invite particular attention to their
' ' ' .
Large Spring Stock
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
House Furnishing Guoda,
Ready-made Clotbing,
Unrd war?,
Booot3, . .
' . . . . . , llatv, -
IT is their Intention to transact a General Dry
Goods and Grocery Ru.sinc-83 in all of it.s detail,
and tho public are r spectfully in it.d to rail and
esaiuino tlio'u ptock Uforo pure baring uUewbcre.
Vtx and Winter
Wc uro j'.lnt lu loept of
x,vnoii: STOCK
of Staple und Fancy Iry Goods for Full and Winte:
Trade, compripu'iigcverything ns'ially kept to a Dry
Goods house. Wc call cswecial attention to our
Splendid StocL
Every tliin
We have on hand a iarg f lock of
Ladies' lDrcss "Goods,
Ilardwaraand tiyceEwar,
and anything de yoa lnay call for in our line, !1
of which we propone to-. at a very xmail advance
for ra.sh. Gold, Silvt r and Uncirrrnt Money taVcn
nt Na.shvillc ratts. Wc ak n examination of o'ur
htoek by our friends aud tLcpibiicj;efc(.rfti!j.
Iie.jctfully, . '
l"4T Don't for?tt that we have a t.yi nd.d JOH
y t MCE in v.r:i!.-.;li'.ii wIlli ,.,iT Newt-pup r cdib
.ii-i.mcr.t, w hi h maiii.-s u-. t.. put up j. ( ij.-i.t ,.,b
ean l c d-re an- h ;-r r, St. v.... liru on v-ur
l.iki. 1 b. i - , ' : !el i . , tie.

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