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I.. W. McCOBD, Proprietor.
Two Collars per Annua, always in Advance
One Duller prr Inrli Tor the Hrt n,i i
peelal Kate tor regular standing Advertisers.
TransieNt J4fes Reduced from
$f- to $3 -per day.
Small rooms at f2 50 per Jay when called
for- novi-2m
Special and prompt attention given to col
elctions. Office with E. T. Taliaferro. sp-ly
Dfs. WestaoreM & Ataatliy,
HAVE associated themselves together in
the practice of Medicine and furgery
and will iittend calla promptly at all Louts!
At Dight L)r. V. may be lound at hU resi
dence and Dr. A. at the otlice, near the
Do pot. aepU-4m
Speciul attention given to collections.
I Offiet. No. 4, Erowu Building, West; Pide
Public Square, augfc-ly
Drs. Hoberts c McPeters
Office At the reaidecco of W. B. Roberta,
South 2d Stroot. mar30-tf
J. 13. STACY, Jr.,
'I'AKF.S Depositions, acknowledgement of
J. Deeds and all other instruments, makes
Certificates, etc. Oillce ol McCord Stacy,
Up--tuirs over Childcrs' Block. jun29-tt
Attorneys at Law,
fiiltii-iltl, Tenu.
STRICT attention given to Collections.
Office, N. W. Corner Fublio Square, up
tairs, over J. K. C. Brown. novl3-6m
Physician and Surgeon,
Pulaski, Tenn.
Office at Sumpter & Stanley's Drug Store,
S. E. Side Publio Square. eep.l6-ly
I'lilnislcl, Tenn.
Office formerly occupied by Matthews &
Taliaferro. jan7-tf
;oa.i o. bhoh. jno. e. wilkes.
Solicitors in Chancery,
Office No. 2 Childors' Block, up stairs
near Citizen office.
Will practice in the differout Courts ol
Giles and adjoining Counties, and also in
th. Supreme and Fedeial Courts. Office
East aide Public Squa.o. in Childor's block
up stairs, near Citizkm Office. Jan 16-ly
Attorneys at Law,
Z3T OrFiOK 2ml. Main Street, South
of Mays Corner. Jan. 4 1872 ly.
1st Main Street North,
Pulaski, - - - Tennessee
xr.,v TW.f tv JackBon's Stable
l. K. HONS.
Altorasjs nl Counsellors at Law
Will ..ractieo in he State. Fe.lornl aud Bnnk-
rupl CourU of Mi.ldlo Tennehsoe.
Law and Collecting otlU-e Southoubt ido of
...ii ii,ii i i n I vn CI!
Of.c-2d Main St., South. Dr. Gr.ntV
d office. At Light may be found Mrs
Tinford-a.i doors south of the x-noy.
n.u.r. joxm, . w. wwe.
T. J.. '-'""I
.innes.Son Ewlng,
Pulaski. Tenii.,
,t,itt. practice in Giles and adjoining
V TounUes and in the Supreme ana Jiw
rujt Courts. Special attention g.vento eol
J. H. Keeling, M. D.,
Office - North-East corner Public Square.
m . uiDVlTtlT ....
J. A. 81MFIKR.
P'akkNATUV & SUMPTEli will
i. .
j pt
i. nf medicine
Eumptor A Lacey's drugetoro
a t.t.ornev at Law,
t,t tin. in Gilo, and d,o,n.ng
VV ' .7' tj-Ortica in vr. ."..
new buildiDg, ortb
Webt corner oi 1
JAS. & W. H.
inn sniiniTORS
at Law,
j ilicc Nt.rtlieu.st Corner of I h
VOL. 18.
Got. James M. Smith, Gf Georgia,
fiyi8: "l 8hn a!'ray " it with perfect
conhJcnce, and recommend it to the public as
a remedy wl..,h will afford that atisfW-tion
experienced by me .n.l mine. It excels e
CUgh8' CoU8 nd obstinate 1 ing
Es-Gov. Brov?n, of Ga.,
Pays: "He finds the Gl..bo Klowcr Cough
Syrup a mostexiclleut remedy."
Such endorsements by our ereat and ood
men deerve8 the attention of the afflicted.
1 hose suflTonnfr from coneh. cold and lime
atlecuona ahouM Uhe tlie Globe Flower Oouifh
; rup. It will positively s
Cut e Consumption.
Are givii.tr away a hand.sonia bok entitled,
"Pearls for the People,"
".uwiuinit mniiii valuaLlo inf.irmut.inn .,,!
rnny interesting articles. It also contains a
hi-tory ofthodiscrvory of the "Hepatine."
ror di;ase8 of the liver, dyspepsia, conipa
t'on und indigestion, etc., and pivus positive
assurance that when tho HcpaUno is u-cd it
ciiucts a rmanent and lastinir cure of tlie.se
'iseancii, winch prevail to sncL an ulurmm-r
r-vtc.ii in oni -omitry. Take the Hepatine
or ml disease of the livr
m m ii im mm.
amage Manufacturer,
Would eive notice to the eltiztdis at
Giles nnd surrounding counties that he
is prepared to supply them with every
variety of pleasure vehicles, such as
Carriages, Itockaways, Barou
ches, Buggies, Trotting aud
Spring1 "Wagons, &c.
Persons wishinsr anvthinar in his line
will find it to their intercut to give him
a call. All kinds of Repairing done
with neatness and dispatch.
All Worlc Warranted.
maj 2-Gra
Fall Opening Millinery.
illISS M. A. S31ITII,
INVITES the attention of tho trude to a
carefully selected t '.ock ot
Hats, Flowers, Feathers,
Silli Velvets, etc.
flavins purchased our stock of the best houses
InNiwYnrk and Baltimore, by canities,
thus saving traveling expenses, we Gutter our
reives we can oiler
Goods as Low as the Lowest.
Come and see, for we mean juBt what we ety.
Old Straw &Felt Hats ReshapeiL
u change and
oil, Silver, Bsais an! Stocks
JAS. j
S. K. ROSE, President.
JAS. McCAI.LUM, V. Pret.
flu. F. EwiNO,C'ilrjM'r.
S. E. F. Kosk, A?s't Cashier.
CIIKA1. AVe Prtnt
Hill Heads, Letter lit; ids,
Statements, lu-kets,
Labels, Envelopes,
Ilaiid Bills, rdajristnite's il;inks,
Uriels, CH-IK li;in.v,
Receipts, U:in!x Ciit cks,
Shipping Keceipts, Lills of Lading,
lux Receipts, 'M'W'N
Circulars, Visiting Cards,
Business Cards,
and everything In our line on first-class
material, and cio it as cneiip as uie
7"? "w1" "S1 "S3
TTAKE pleasure in saying to ms puu
n tiint. mv commodious Livery
t A il.
Stable on Main Street, north of the l'ub-
lie pquare, is m buh-u ...v.. ...
Gosling Buggies, nice Carriages, at
tentive and accommodating ostlers
aaa plenty of provender.
To Ministers, Lawyers and Old Men.
. i-vtt . wnaV roioo. subiect to hoarse-
I P nc.. and a throat often sore; !f you lif vo
ik weak lutgoi it you have wtak back; if
vou are troubled with corstipation or
piles, Pr'olaj8s.ui, or nernia; it -tin
Speaking, singing, riding or w.Uire fat.g"es
"LAk".:,. fnii vonr abdorrinal muscles
have relaxed; and need upholding,
vou will enclose me a three cent stamp, th
J.V. - . i- .11 h t.ointed out, and in
enoci ii" ". : ;, or without
ues, la infallible cure. Addj-
Fditor of "The Baptist," Mcmpliia.Tonn.
Having suffered, I companionate be antler
g. have already been relieved, ml-lj
Gr. "Vvr. McGrrew
-r .: Tannine. Ilrr.e-
1711Jj cuuuuuo "v " r ail,
r. i- KnsinOMi tt tbc
!d stan b and hopes to ..eed better than
heroic" ore. Ue isth-nkful f0r.r P-WO-J-
nt.roi.iio continuance. Ue
l&Z iiMy to pay everything he owej.
Lnd any littlo oui standing pcruai .a
f?r.A"7h. raid out cf his business will be
k.tcin be paid ou
paid at once, i
like to be cro
thoueh of coarse he wouia not
rowdod too auch all at once.
Tie Hoa.AleianierH. Stephens
Powers of Attorney.
Printed in neat convenient form
for sale at this office.
State Warrants
And all other Magistrate's Blanks
always on hand at this office.
Here you are read in r a
borrowed paper again, as usual, tf.
Renew your subscription now,
and get the Citizen 13 months
for $2.00
0 WI
p frolJ
LL pay for the Citizen
oin 1st December, 1876, to
1st January, 1S7S.
. Editorials local, political and
miscellaneous are crowded over
from last week again, and may be
found on this and the 4lh pages.
, . .
New subscribers can get the Cit
izen from now until January, 1878,
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There has been bulldozing else
where than in the South. We were
bulldozed in Philadelphia Saturday
before the election, and a negro
was subjected to the same treat
ment at the same time. A profes
sorot'Girard College was drunk
and was cursing a negro for saying
he was a democrat. We were stand
ing by and feasting our eyes upon
anegio who could stand up in that
cky of radical hate and bo'.dly as
sert his opinions, but we didn't
dare to open our mouth. At length
the drunken professor turned to us
and asked us where we hailed from,
and right tremblingly did we tell
him. Then he took it for granted
we were a democrat (because we
looked honest, we presume,) and
assuming that we didn't endorse
Brownlow, he took that worthy
old blackguard and held U3 up to
gether and praised one and cursed
the other finally working out the
problem to his own satisfaction, de
ducing as a carrollary that we were
a d n fool. We did not believe it,
but were willing to let him believe
it and say so just for the satisfac
tion we experienced in hearing him
curse the negro. We call upon
Congress to take this fact into con
sideration when it comes to count
the vote of Philadelphia.
Northern Sentiment.
The Democratic State Committee
met at Indianapolis, Ind., last Wed
nesday and the members gave the
sentiment prevailing in lueir re
spective districts. The democrats
throughout the State are convinced
thatTilden is elected and express a
determination to see him inaugura
ted. They deprecate war, "ttt are
determined to see the right triumph
at all hazards. A State Convention
was called for Jan. Sth, and the
Committee in making the call send
out to the countr an address for
midable in its tone, strongly urging
the necessity of a decided expres
sion from the whole people of all the
States demanding, and, if necessary,
forcintr, a result to be declared in
accordance with the overwhelming
ly expressed will of the people.
They warn the people ag.ii.ist the
designs of the conspirators who
would overthrow the government
aud involve the country in anarchy
and revolution to satisfy the greed
of ambitious leaders who would be
come usurpers. They crTl upon
honest, loyal people, irrespective of
party, to jnin in united effort to
checkmate the conspirators r.nd save
the government. We hope to see
the wLoK country follow this ac
tion. Let there be conventions in
U the States on the same day, ami
let an indignant people give such a
i i i i l. l..,: ..,.1,..!.
ilccuieu anu uviiiiuenuiui; icuuac
to the usurpers as will forever set
tie them. We call upon the Tennes
see Committee to issue its call for a
Convention in Nashville on the Sth
of January. This peaceable upris
ing of the people in the way pointed
out by the constitution ma- avert
a calamit-.
It is said that propositions have
been made' to Gen. Wade Hampton,
both before and since the election,
to allow him to be- inaugurated
Governor, if he would consent that
the Electoral vote should be cast
f jv Hayes. Senator John B. Gor
don is authority for this.
Yesterday forenoon, while the
Republicans were claiming that the
Presidential election was still in
doubt, a man in a saloon on Mon
roe Avenue called out: 'Til bet
Tilden is elected!" "I'll bet you are
are a liar!" replied a voice. The
two clinched, roiled on the floor
and tustled around, and the Tilden
ite finallv bad the other at a ilisad
vantage. "Now will you admit that
Tildeu is elected?" he asked letting
ii n on the other a little, "so, i
won't!" gasped the undermost,
"but I'll admit great Democratic
gai us all over the country!" That
was srood enough, aud he was lifted
up and taken out. Detroit Free
"Any interference by the officers
or toons of the United States with
the organization of a State Legisia'
ture or with any cr its pro
ceedings, or with any civil depart
meat of the Government, is repug
nant to our ideas of government.'
Ulysses Shu-son Guant, Jauua
ry 13, 1S75.
V -7
Blaine's Iii-ht Hand Man
Would Prefer It to the Inau
guration of Tilden.
In a speech at Peoria, 111., on the
Sth inst., Col. Bob Ingersol said:
If there is a Democrat here, I
give him a warning that Samuel J.
Tilden can never be inaugurated.
I had rather see another war than
see him inaugurated through the
means of that hound in Oregon.
Rutherford B. Hayes will be inau
rated on the oth of next March I
would be in favor of having it on
the 4th. There cannot be too good
2. day on which to inaugurate a Re
publican President. The
Republican party will never turn
this government over to Democrats.
If Hayes don't go in, nobody will.
Grant will stay.
There never was such an election
and there never was such a time
finding out who was elected. I say
to the Democrats, I hope you will
not lean upon the vote of Louisiana.
The record will be damaging to hu
manity and to the fair name of the
American people. Think of it,
Democrats, of the kind of company
you have to keep. The best Dem
ocrats in the city of Washington
say that Sir. Hayes has been hon
estly elected.
See the difference between the
two parties. Not a single charge
of fraud, not a f.ingle row has been
charged to the Republicans. The
Democracy have not got the moral
courage to oppose us in the inaugu
ration of Hayes. They know that
we will protect the honor and in
tegritj' of the nation. The Demo
cratic party is not fit to govern the
country. Let them sell out their
fire works; Tildeu will never be
President. John Slorrissey is the
best Democrat I know. He is the
most influential man I know. He
is what he pretends to be. He is
the embodiment of Democratic prin
ciples. If we don't protect our cit
izens at home and abroad, our coun
try is a failure. If we can't devise
some plan to keep the Republican
party in power it will be si failure.
By the time we get all the mean
things the Democrats ever did on
the shoulders of their candidate, he
can't run very well. When 3'ou
pile the record of the last campaign
on top of that,no man can ever stand
it. There never will be another
Democratic President.
There are some Republicans who
were talking about reform. The
Republican party never needed re
form. There was occasional!- an
individual in the party who ought
to have been a Democrat. But
they were an exception.
If there be any Republicans who
voted for Tilden, we say to them
repent in sackcloth and ashes. Let
us keep every man who ever was. a
Republican in the party.
When the news goes through the
South it will strike into the cabin
doors like sunshine, it will strike
every black face like glory.
I am in favor of trying these
white liners: these bulldozers. If
anything like murder can be proved
against them, I am in favor of
shooting them on the spot. I want
it so that every child of the Repub
lic shall be educated by the Repub
lic. I want to see libertj', equality
and justice throughout the country
That's my doctrine. That's the
reason I am glad of the success of
the Republican party. Thi3 success
says to every soldier, your wounds
were not received in vain; to the
orphans, your fathers were not
killed in vain.
More alarming, if possible, than
the use of the military in the com
pletion of the robbery ot the south
eru States is the position taken by
such men as Senator Edmunds, who
coolly confesses that his movement
in the senate in regard to aa inves
tigation of the votes cast in the re
cent elections in certain of the
southern States is solely with a view
to ' fix the representation in the
next house of representatives. It
had nothing to do with the Presi
dential election." In other words,
in defiance of the fourteenth amend
nient, under which he assumes to
act, Edmunds will deny to the States
named in his resolution the repre
sentatiou they are entitled to, ou
the plea of illegal voting or of in
timidation. Mr. Edmunds who has
assumed the lead of the Republi
cans of the Senate, would thus
"bulldoze" the States of South Car
olina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida,
Louisiana and Mississippi, remand
them in part to a territorial condition
in order to secure to his party in
the house a working majority. This
is the measure of Republican states
manship and the extent of Republi
can legislation as exemplified bi
the foremost leader of the bulldoz
ing part noxville Tribune.
, ...
"I've heard, captain," said an En
glish traveler to the captain of
steamer running on the Upper Mis
sissippi, "that your Western steam
boats can run in very shoal water
where, in fact, the water is not more
than two or three feet deep.
"I wo or tinee leet deep. ex
claimed the captia, in tones of with
cring contempt; "why, we wou'J.i
give a pin for a boat out here that
couldn't ruu ca the dew ou th
1 w$ i
- if i Tf i ; i 1 c i i
The War Humbug1.
The radicals and their allies, the
Independents, have adopted the
strategy of the Curates, who saved
the historical infant by clashing
shields to drown the crie3 of the
child wanted by the devouring mon
ster. In their anxiety to persuade
the Democracy to peaceably permit
the minority to steal the Presiden
cy, and to keep their thieving hands
in the public treasury four years
more, they insist that somebody
proposes war as a remedy. This is
a contemptible device, and will de
ceive no one. It is the clashing of
shields to drown the cries of the
people against fraud, villainy, and
made in the interest of knaves and
tricksters, who seek to frighten the
people with the.cvy of war while
they are robbing them of their lib
erties. No one proposes armed re
sistance to anjT infamy which the
Radicals may enact. The National
Democracy has counseled peace,
and propose to prevent fraud only
by legal remedies. The Southern
Democracy is still more serene and
conservative in the expression of
its views. As evidence of the tone
and temper of the Democracy of
Tennessee, we refer the reader to
the extracts in another column,
from those two leading Democratic
papers, the Murfreesboro 2?ews and
the Pulaski Citizen. They give the
lie to the Radical twaddle about the
danger of war. In every sectioa of
the Union the Democrats are united
in counseling the true and only
remedy for the crisis, and that is an
appeal to the laws and the patriot
ism of the people to prevent the
consummation of the attempted
outi'tic,--: The Southern people do
not think of war, and never talk of
it as a remedy. Memphis Appeal.
Clearly a Conspiracy.
Boston Herald.
The .vor&L Iratuie of the case, as
t seems to us, is this: Ever since
the morning after the election, when
t appeared that the votes of South
Carolina, Florida and Louisiana
would elect Hayes, the managers of
the Republican party have insisted
that those States had gone Repub
lican. They began to say so before
any returns of consequence had be
gun to come from those States; and
when the few returns received indi
cated large Democratic gains, they
have not varied from that tune.
It will be rememberedthnt in re-
p-ard to Louisiana thev first claimed
a victor' by the votes actually cast;
afterward, when that would not do,
that there were five "bulldozed"
parishes; but, later, it became appa
rent that throwing out the votes of
the five parishes would not answer,
and to give the electoral vote of the
State to Haj-es it is evident that
there must be other parishes thrown
This would look suspicious, even
if the Returning Board enjoyed a
better reputation than it does. It
leads to the belief that the Republi
cans resolved on the morning after
the election to have the three doubt
ful States counted for Hayes, any
way, without regard to the votes
cast, and that the canvassing ma
chinerj' in all of them has been used
with that purpose in view. If it
had been otherwise, how could the
Republican managers have obtained
the information upon which they
declared that Louisiana had gone
for Hayes, when it was known that
Tilden had a large majority of the
votes actually cast, and the evidence
of intimidation had not come in?
It is not, then, merely the dis
honesty of two or three Returning
Boards that we have to lament a
dishonesty established by Republi
can evidence of the highest charac
ter before but a conspiracy which
the leaders of the party have en
tered into to defeat the will of the
people by any amount of fraud that
might be required. That, as it
seems to us, is the consideration
which should cause any honest man
to spurn with contempt the great
prize of the Presidency secured by
such means.
The twenty-second joint rule is a
fit one by which to take the meas
ure of Radical honesty. They made
it themselves and are the only ones
who have ever used and abused it
San Francisco Examiner.
This is the fact, in a few words
They made it, and are responsible
for it. Under it a Republican
House or Senate can prevent the
election of a Democratic President
or a Democratic House or Senate
can prevent the election of a Re
publican President. In other words
this rule, which the Republicans
adopted ten j-ear3 ago, transfers the
Presidential election from the States
to Congress. It is unconstitutional
and revolutionary. Itdig3 up the
very foundations of universally rc
cognized State's rights and throws
them away. Avalanche.
Liberty ("Miss.) Herald. We saw
a bale of cotton brought to town
this week on a wagon which bad
four solid wooden wheels, which
were made by sawir g them from a
log and simply boring a hole
through them. This is much better
for a poor man than to boy an iron
axle wagoa for a big price on a
credit, and work Licaseif to death
to pay for it.
r Ami)
g3 w vr v?
T. H,. 3ST.
I2V 3XE15iORI3X.
We are sorry to relate the sad and sudden fate
That happened here of late to T. L. X., our
friend, friend, friend; i
Ab ! it pain our heart with grief that hia life
so bright tho' brief,
Should, like the autumn leaf, coma to an
untimely end, eud, end.
Ore day the othernight wosawan awful sight,
That would a ghost ail'right, in LynH-ville-ville-vil'.e.
It was T. L. N. in his bachelor den,
Writing with his pen, a goose of a quiil,
quill, quill. '
Ho was seated in his chair, the picture of
And seemed to be there the unhappiest of
men, men, nif n.
And he rubbed his empty pate, at a pensive
rate ,7
Trying to idteate for the Citi-zes, zes, zes.
Bis dark and piercing eyes looked around as
And told some awful l;es with their sqoiat,
squint, squint,
But they couldn't ee tho point for his nose
was out of joint,
As love never did annoint his bachelor
heart of flint, flint, flint.
His precious little dears, we mean his oblong
"Would increase your fears to the top, top.
For when they took the notion to becin their
They never had their portion of a flop,fiop,
Bis elastic mor.th spread around about
A protuberant snout, with a grin, grin,
And you'd leadily Buppose his fish-hook of a
Was going to propose to his chin, chin,chin.
Be entertained the fear, as Uhb is leap-year,
i ne ladies would appear at nis tisil, call,
That influenced by the moon,they would call
on uim Boon,
And tell him ho must "June" to a call, call,
Bo he made fast his door against each female
And prayed for the cure of their sin. sin.sin.
That tTnen they made their call at his bach
elor hall
Be could enjoy all from with-in, in, ii.
Tho ladies, one and all, made a sudden call
At his bachelor hall on their leap-year
raids, raids, raids.
But the wretch forlorn laughed them all to
And Baid they all were born for old maids,
maids, maids.
Bat each femalo wooer battered down his door,
And told him ne raubt sure marry or die,
die, die.
For life bepged T. L. N. and promised there
and then
Be'd marry where and when they wished,
or try, try, try.
But taking time to reflect he bogan to suspect
Xtxat lie would be lien-pccsed during life,
life. life.
Then he epoke and said, "I'd rather Vi dead
man to uie aiiar led uy aa oui mam lor a
wife, wife, wife.
They seized the broom stick , the blows came
hard and thick,
Fell heavy and full quick on his devoted
head, head, head.
And call.ng him a noddy they raised his pros
trate Do"y
To apply a little toddy, but poor T. L. N.
was dead, dead, dead.
They laid him iu the ground without sad la
ment or sound,
And raised his humble mound with a
chuckle and a laneb, laugh, laugh.
And with the very broom by which they
wrought his doom.
They wrote upon his tomb the following
Hero lies an old bachelor, sad and forsaken,
He bleeps his last sleep to ne or awaken,
He e4 a h'- U n-A forlorn
And wished in hia heart he never was born.
Ho lived, be died without the boon
Of wedded bliss or honey-moon,
And has gone to Fiutonian shades
To be surrendered to mad old maids.
Who'll tantalize him with tho bliss
Of kisses that he'll always miss,
Annoy him with distressing fears
-iad pinch his flush till be sheds tears,
Pull hiB oars and twist hi nose,
And give his carcass to the crows.
TheSoutu's Prestige inEurope.
"Gatto," of the Philadelphia
Times, has been interviewing Gen.
Pleasanton, recently from Europe,
and here is what he says of the
South's prestige abroad:
"But they have lost their prestige
in Europe?" "I'm not so sure of
that. In England they had a warm
support during their revolt, and it
is not extinct. There was General
Taylor, of Louisiana. He was not
long ago introduced to the Prince
of Wales and the Prince's favor got
him into his club. Such was his
popularity with Wales that he had
control of the revision of Americans
to be presented to the Queen, and
General Schtnck had less social in
fluence. You see in England mere
moncj7, without relation to a social
position, is nothing at all. To
have been presented to the Queen is
an honor for life. Of itself, it
makes the person presented the
standard of a local or relative circle.
The old military and social aristoc
racy ot the South, sharing English
notions on these questions, arc fa
vorites where we are not. The
English, jealous of their distinc
tions in military, family or other
rank perceive the same severe dis
crimination among Southerners,
and they dislike our Northern fa
miliarity and assurance."
A Trifle Warlike.
St. Louis Times.
We hope the House will leave the
impeachment project just where
they find it. What they are re
quired to do is to get Grant out of
office when his term ends, and to
put Mr. Tilden in when his term
begins. There are men enough to
support them in every step they can
take ia this direction. The first
effort to be made by the House is to
discover if a method can not be
agreed on with the Senate by which
the electoral vote can be counted
exactly as it was ordered by the
That vote so counted elects Mr.
Tilden. If that fails the House
has its last supreme duty to per
form the election of Mr. Tilden
under and by virtue of the constitu
tioa. The people will see that he
is inaugurated, and if his inaugura
tiou is resisted, Missouri can fur
nish one hundred thousand men for
such work, and will do it too the
largest portion of them men who
fought in the Union army from the
beginning to the end of the late
war. Let the House stick closely
to its wort.
There is not a practicing pbye
ciaa ia Coviagtoa cousty, Alabama,
I r M H
The Florida Fraud.
The following address was issued
from Florida on the 6th:
To the Hon. Samuel J. Randall,
Washington, House of Reprcsenta
tives: The undersigned, who came
hither to be present at a fair count
of the votes cast by the people of
Florida, have had the grief to be
witnesses of the counting in of
Hayes Electors, who were rejected
at the polls. We have witnessed
the progress and the consumma
tion of a deliberate preconcerted
scheme of fraud. This 6cheme was
first contrived for execution at the
bailot-boxes throughout the State.
Having there fallen short of sue
cess, it was then continued and
promoted by several county can
vassing boards, and was yesterday
supplemented and finished by the
Radical majority of thu btate Board
of Canvassers at Tallahassee.' It
is manifest to every intelligent man
here, first, that upon the face of the
returns the Tilden Electors had a
majority uf all the votes cast; sec
ond the Tilden Electors had this ma
jority over and above the Radical
count, titer it had been swollen by
many hundred illegal votes through
local frauds and false returns; third,
that the majority declared for the
Ilaj-es Electors is a fictitious, false
and fraudulent majority, which the
two Radical State Canvassers man
ufactured by throwing out whole
Democratic precincts and counties,
in open disregard of facts and with
fragrant violation of the law. The'
did not even keep to the shewder
path blazed out for them by their
legal advisers from the North. All
along their dcbiious track the
marks of premeditation, the foot
prints of a shameless purpose are
unconcealed. The Democratic
Electors, receiving their certificates
of the true result from the Attorney
General, a member of the Board of
Canvassers, met to day and cast
their votes for Tilden and Hen
dricks. The Radical electors, forti
fied with the false certificates of
Gov. Stearns, met to day and cast
their votes for Hayes and Wheeler.
It is for Congress to judge and de
termine whether this assault upon
the right.3 and liberties of freemen,
thus far persecuted under cover of
the arms and the authority of the
Federal Administration, 6hall be
crowned at the Capitol with success.
Familiar with the history of carpet
bag corruption and mismanagement,
we yet needed a visit to Florida to
convince us of the distress that
their rule has caused. It has sub
verted her social order; it ha3
plunged her people to the point of
impoverishment; it has abolished
the usual contests of. political par
ties and arrested the progress of
her fcwo races in self-government.
In truth, the late struggle at the
polls was not between Democrats
and Republicans. It was between
a hapless race misguided by a few
knavish adventureia, and even con
victed felons, who call themselves
Republicans, ana a gentle, -long
suffering people, whose patience
has permicted their oppressors to
live. The Republican party, as we
well know at the North, has no ex
istence in Florida, unless, indeed, it
shall confess a fellowship with those
abusing her, and living by seeking
proGt through their crime. Geo.
W. Biddle, Pennsylvania; Joseph
E. Brown, Georgia; Leverctt Salten
stall, Massachusetts; David W. Sel
lers, Pennsylvania; Malcom Hay,
Pennsylvania; Jas. 11. Read, Penn
sylvania; Samuel E. Thompson,
Pennsylvania; Geo. W. Guthrie,
Pennsylvania; M. B. Young, Geor
gia; lerry n. ftmitn, liunois; t.
Gibson, Missouri; Mauton Marble,
New lork.
In a long and able article the
Chicago Trilune discusses the elec
tion in Louisiana,and starts out with
this important confession, which
is a virtual concession of the elec
tion of Tilden: "Of the votes that
found their way into the ballot-box
in the recent election the majority
were unquestionably given to the
Tilden and Hendricks electors, the
average being about eighty-three
thousand for the Democratic and
seventy-six thousand for the Re
publican electors. Thi3 was the
condition of the vote when the pa
pers were opened and before they
were purged by the returning board;
and this first point was not denied
by any one." This point conceded
by the Republicans, there can be no
doubt as to the duty of Congress to
count the State as it voted, which
the Trilune tells us "was unques
tionably for the Tilden and Hen
dricks electors."
Sr jple extract from a Northern
Republican organ: "The boom of
the first cannon fired by a South
Carolinian in 'CI woke the thunders
of the Union. The crack of the
first rifle fired by Wade Hampton's
legions in South Carolina will bring
a swifter and sharper response.
Woe to South Carolina if a second
rebellion begins within her bor
ders!" In all this a Cabinet minister was
prime mover, a president was an
active agent and the entire admin
istration was a co-operator. In all
the steps to be taken to remedy and
punish these terrible wrongs, the
North must now take the responsi
bility of decision and of action.
Lot the whole South disappoint its
enemies, and the enemies of right
anl justice, by possessing its soul
ia patience and in peace. World.
If a sound thrashing could be
communicated by letter a great
many people would use the post-office
who hesitate about delivering
their own missives. It is o much
safer to get behind a fence and see
our enemies punished than it is to
administer- the punishment our
selves, that until some such device
shall be invented a larga amount of
forgiveness febaH lie latcat in Lu
laaa catiiro.
NUM. 52.
The emigration from Georgia to
the West is said to bo enormous.
Steam toys are becoming verry
common. Look out for one eyed
little boys now.
The conundrum which is puzz
ling six year olders now is, "Who
is Santa Claus?"
A negro has been admitted to the
Crozier Baptist Seminary, Alabama,
and five white students have in
consequence resigned.
President Grant docs not think
the uneducated colored man of the
South has sufficient intelligence to
Don't take anything that belongs
to ycur neighbor not even his
Under Republican rule, no citizen
has any rights unless he votes the
Republican ticket.
Under Republican rule, the army
is used to subject the white popu
lation of a State to negro legisla
tion. Mr, Snoffer, of Botetourt county,
Va., lost five children last week
from diphtheria.
Til . A , , .,
iuc i resident, s message seems
to be generally considered a tame
and mediocre document.
Every good deed that we do is
not only a present pleasure, but a
prop for tho future.
According to an exchange, the
phrase "excuse haste and a bad
pen," wa3 originated by a runaway
in me contusion attendant on
tho strict counting of the election
returns Charlie Ross has escaped.
And now just aa like as not we will
never hear of that boy again.
The peanut crop for this year is
800,000 bushels; and no people with
800,000 bushels of peanuts before
them ever plunged madly into civil
Waco, Texas, was convulsed with
laughter at the sight of a young man
in beaver, broadcloth and kids,
driving an ox team and load of cot
ton into town.
At a sale in Twiggs county (Ga.)
last week corn sold for 50c per
bushel, potatoes 23c per bushel,
oats, Coc per hundred, hogs (gross)
7 to 10c per pound, and cows 12 to
Lord Ashlev's prayer ought to be
printed for general distribution:
"O, Lord, thou knowest how bus' I
must be to-day. If I lorget Tnce, do
not Thou forget rae."
Aa old minister once said to a
young preacher who was complain
ing of a small congregation, "It's as
large a congregation, perhaps, as
you will want to account for at the
day of judgement."
There is a pleasure in eonVempla.
ting good ; there is a greater pleas
ure in receiving good, which com
prehends tii a rest.
A noticeable fact in connection
with the firing of the Republican sa
lute in Washington the other night
is that the explosion which killed a
man took place on the one hundred
and eighty-fifth discharge.
This is the most opportune sea
son for business men to advertise ex
tensively. The holiday trade will
soon begin, and the best advertised
house will receive it. Alwtys ex
amine your local paper for good
A country editor offered to make
his "devil" a Christmas present
of his printing oillce, but the boy
declined it, with the remark that he
would rather work for two dollars a
week than run in debt 8900 a year.
The true life begins only when
self is lost sight of when we devote
ourselves to others. This is the
most difficult of reforms; yet il is
also the greatest, as it removes the
most formidable obstacle to the
spread of Christianity.
The showurs of grace elide off
from the lofty mountains, but rest
on the valleys, and make them
fruitful. He givcth grace to the
lowly. He loves to bestow it where
there is most room to receive it,
and most returns of praise for it
Such is the humble heart; and tru
ly as much humility gains much
grace, so it grows by it.
It is not what a man gets, but
what a man is that he should think
of. He should first think of his
character, acd thea bis condition
He that has character need Lave no
fears about Li3 condition. Charac
ter will draw after it condition.
Circumstances obey principles.
Nashville American: L. A. Cron
uin, t!:e Democratic elector in Ore
gon, whose vote has elected Tilden
and Hendricks, tras in ISCO a clerk
in the Adams and Southern Express
office in Nashville, and boarded At
".he time with William Farrel. He
i3 a naturlized Irish citizen, a maa
of fine education, s.nd has plenty of
nerve. Men of his character don't
count out worth a cent.
People are never satisfied with
things as they are. Give them oae
thing and they ak for two; give
them two and they wonder why you
don t give tuem three, lney are
like the boy who thought be could
improve the Lord's prayer by mak
in" st read, "uive us tuis day our
daily bread and butter, with a 51
tie cake and eotse apples for dt
lcg::i :r
The pencil n;arJ;s you see around tlr.s
paragraph (thus) mean that your sub
seription U out or unpaid, and that yor,
are requested to pay up at once. We
would t.tk; great pleasure in extending
credit to our fricmls and patrons, but
cash alone will yay our expense, anj
we are forced to ft J here to a strict cash
rule. Wa Lope you will comprehend
and appreciate tho necessity of such &
course, and renew your subscription
without delay. We solicit your favor.
C2T" We enter no new names on our
Iwoka without tho money in advanro.
North Carolina has gone in debt
to the extent of ? 12,000,000. But
then, she has a great many rich car
petbaggers and scahtv.-r.gs to show
for it.
The South Carolina Renubieans
burned down Governor Hampton's
house, and it is strange if the Ore
gon fraction of the party can't kill
Governor Grover. Perhaps it would
be well for Edmunds or Morton to
introduce a biil authorizing the de
struction of that pestiferous ruler.
Grant, in his message, exhibits
the characteristic malevolence of
his party toward foreigners. He,
like Hayes, wants to disfranchise
them if they can not read and write
English. If tho Military party bay
onets Itself into power foreigners
may as well leave this country.
The Boston Traveller announces
that "a new declaration of indepen
dence is wanted." It was wanted.
but the people of the United States
have recently made one, and it de
clares that all men shall be freed
from the robbery, extortion, pro
scription and tyranny of the' so
called Republican party. And they
mean it.
A San Francisco paper of a recent
uate announces rue tnarriaire, . in
that city, of a white woman to a
Chinaman. A strange alliance,
certainly; but women havo been
known to display far worse taste.
Indeed, we have seen it stated
somewhere that a white woman once
actually married a Radical congress
man. The Constitution provides that,
if insurrection actually exists in a
State, the president may assist the
governor to suppress it, if he is un
ablo to do it himself. Grant bus
ordered the army into a State to as
sist a rebellion of certain State olll
cers against the Supreme Court of
the State.
Henry Clayeclared and no
body who knew him doubted the
truth of tho declaration that he
would rater be light than president.
It is the privats opinion of a very
prominent citizen of Ohio just now
that Henry Clay was a fool.
Tho Constitution of the Unitod
States nowhere provides that Uni
ted States troops shull be sent into
a State to assist another for the
purpose of keeping it in power.
Graut has so used tho army.
that it is"a fact.xbniidnlly attested,
that over 2,000 negroc3 have been
killed in Louisiana Bince the war."
Attested the "fact" may be, but if
so, it ia attested only by scoundrels
who lie with that "damnable facili
ty" which co conspicuously charac
terizes the editor of tho Sentinel
It is useless for Grant to pretend
that Rugcr disobeyed orders. Grant
has committed tho crime ot inter
fering with r. State Legislature be
fore, and lie would have carried his
operations in behalf of the cowardly
rebel and sneak, Chamberlain to the
bitterest end, had not Secretary
Fish who represents the Republi
can boudholding interest, protested.
Grant can cot afford to havo Ham
ilton Fish resign at this Juncture.
The Republican bondholders recog
nize that Grant's revolutionary pro
ceedings arc jeopardizing their du
Although the mills of the gods are
old-fashioned contraptions, with
none of the modern improvements,
and are not to be compared with
the great sleam merchant mills of
our day, yet, when once started,
they keep hammering away, and
nevor fail in the end to turn out cs
fine an article of meal as one cares
to see. In other words,
"The mills of the (rods pfind nlow
But they g'ind ciiwedir.g fine."
Hence, it may be confidently be
licvedthat tho fraudulent work of
the Returning Boards of Kellogg
and Cbarabcrlaia and Stearns will
ere long be ground to powder, lu
spite of Grant's attempt to thrust
the unground grist down the throats
cf the people with the bayonet, and
that at the proper time Samuel J.
Tilden will be peaceably inaugura
ted president cf the United Statcs
If the Almighty established this
great Republic for any wise and be
neficent purpose, such a result is
just as certain as if it palpably bore
"Thl tjup of fate, the saiiction of a god."
Every organ of tho Military par
ty in the country has emphasized
the declaration that in Louisiana
vast crowds of Republican voters
were driven from the polls or com
pelled to remain at home, having
been threatened with death. In
making this statement the organs
take particular pains to concoxl
from their readers the fact that ev
ery voter in the Stat-j vas regis
tered by the Republicans; that Re
publicans presided at every poll In
the State; that United Stales f.ol
dkrs were distributed through th
State for the special protection of
Rcpubicaa voters; that the whole
machinery of tho election was i:i
the hand3 of the Republican back
ed by the whole irflueuw of tho
Administration at Yashingtoa.
Under these circumstances hi fact
that the Staid went Democratic is
i proof positive that tbo poc-plo ivic
I ait in sympathy with t:.2 Military
I party.
rt Tk formerly occupleo

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