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The weekly Caucasian. [volume] (Lexington, Lafayette County, Mo.) 1866-1875, June 27, 1866, Image 3

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iiiii.-iL.KXiis-orroT .wxsisrcry- c aucasi a-.iu i : 27. woo.
(LVli-f WBltJ iLAUf "-UlUUi-. I
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In llii- ritv. or Mr. AlXF. -iil art a tl' j
fiti:in--i:il asretil ami Immim- lir-t.r. j
" ? , -r i...-ek '
Sr?"i sC Wewiefc. -e ri1waelr. ;
bui-cl Hill I.itth-. I. WmKl, lo; IMf-id-ne.
... ' 1.-. -j i,..-.i ! M,:it.. ,
MM.iaU.nl.J-i,W,.K.ll A. B.
rm-tf . Th.. V. M. h.-w . , ,
i.rernt.m-M Uii-M-r. It .n-t.ti. J. .
1Imv . II. uikrt-n, J. I. Ilrrr, lr. rtui.
rat rnwut lk m.
iMn-lln. . I -lu k, J . IMlininrl. .
.jr!v l'. -.Ht. r-,.ii. Kt-T. Mr U I ct'.M T, fr
l.fnti-. Ii- !. W. Itrun.
Trrt!..m s. Iw.ntt.n. tos. IS. n.r!.
.rtaN iK?.y t !. II-hiiii., 1 mu ri't-r.
KihmmJ- JUn su.tw. 'i'b-. Ii
'rr.'tl t"iii!tv-, Mi. Siir M.j..ruia.
I'rttvi:i Siwa W Iarr
rtrWsiwt lli!t-lr. ollins, W. A. r!rminr.Cait
Tint Hi!! Iini tiring.
Ill.t.Il.l. T! I T.i. Will. CiVSWfll.
I..i J;-k Ir. Prnl.in. . W VnU.
Iht'i"nhi s J Fitjr.rnlil.
. K vnelii,
K'J- rt tlaU-.
Amtt.f r 'ii.r.
.rttr- 1'nrrm.
- I hrl- IVior..r.
"trwthrr M Krm. t,
II A. fcmn.
ThomM lwltT ,
Atrt. rrt'n. '
Jm-..h A Prire.
John .-llhrr.
I'M K X. mth,
AItrrl J.hi.
J..hn : K la.l. '
mtlrl L. arr,
jmmm 1 lwtl!.
- Ctrn'Rii -I fi!!rr,
Willram '.
Juarrtl ridbaM.
!. II. 1
'..ln.-tT M. f.vin-s,
l "h-M.
i. I. irhrft.
lr M M K-.iinn.
ll;rrT .1 lle.-s'T'.
Hnp- lfsl. '
Mm. halliwn.
y:tt. . IV Ber.
Iaar W.nI.
'!. - ' !rnyi
Tiil.ai lis.
hartr I- Kwins.
W ill. A. hn-l..r.
IV II M' I"?irrtct,
Miln I lri--,
; t. i; nhi.un,
J M. Juliun,
-.. M Vaiiichan,
atnr- II. Il'iurd,
J II l'tmr,
II. K. lai'U
. 1 hiU-s.
Thr CVmTti DH-rfc Uw l ilav vf July.
The City and Country.
Wr irh it rti.thirit j nn.lf rt.Mi.t ttiat w in n
waui,cinhti.p.rt W ! a.rr t..l t; uUr,v .1..Iro..i;lU. :xu, 1 :Ui:ifiil. H e
t.muBatcm f urtleritT rlrrtioa. tim till- ; .,.- . ...... . -L.t;..
, ,.. have wi.nessiMl in iirtrt nr more liilins
It hwt la o-ir lat that th.-rr was ito t.-gal. i .... , ,
Wit Sfcij-r, i V.-!aMr. a l thai ! ..I than that . . croM inn-She graduates by
thr r.Minrit urn .Ipally rh.wa: but that all tli-; the juniors. The jrradtintc Were live in
Ka.liraN In H iy Tirtnr t.f frrr. hy Tirtur of franj : niunlxT. all attired ill virgin wiote. the em
llr BiallVa-aiM ..f lit- ctrrk f ttw- ffc.r.l ef : , , ..,.:.... .....i ... .... ioke.l inion the
riminlt.u8l'll- e D.'rl i.in i t.
vathef that oflifrr. an.l prvredrnt. th.-t hr iiaj
ettm .nit f Iraiiimate .i.hrr- h perpetrate an
anheapluf entrajtr n.n thr m..jVril ul llu eit; : ; the loved class-mates sunoUiiilinsr tliem. and
iamirtr. an art that shul. n-r the Mii-ii .f , ,aeinir Ulii their foreheads the clasie lau--ham
t.. maiali his .-tieek i..r all time; an.l at i w. ,,:,.;,,. ( f,r th -m a bright and roseate
ah..,.! that th.4.l (I W "" " j fuMlr,-. mwn ultll flowers
.Minit h:l dismisr.l J..hn K. KnnTon fr..in.lhi-e. ;
-..-.. e . .ii ..i.! i, .. . . ,r "Swfrl itt.w. r, tlit.ii t. UVt now hearts
'U'-t-'" ''"! the fact-. II i- nnWu-htttiS i-arty . a, tjl) b..-.:k,
k ratlira!-. r-.atiuue t. ill. aally .U-chai-irf the Ah- j mtl. uhb1.Ii- a- t!iy st. iu -will si:rvl kuow
fir of Vlayt.ran 'mstable: awl nr now call ii(.ii j ll.e j..y liiul w nu :ul.-. ' '
thr pr..;r .Irel.lr the .inr-ti..u bitw.-rn the law j The Salutatory was very lineiy and t..!t h
awl litr lrrak.-T-i..f the law. Thr ulJ M.iyur, Mr ; inv i.ronounecil bv Mi-s Marv l. (iraves.
WUB. auttbhefiwmrttiiiii;. awl witUont htm .(
AroM f-.ai.l i ixwerl-.. A writ nt .jn.i war- ;
. ... i . . I i ir 1. v all t atitht.ritv !b-sr .
intrrt .irr-.rx.reisrrrrtaini.wrrs. cmUiI" ..t 1 ,
ti.trrra.ur l until allrt :Ury Ua-I srrvr.l prrtty marh j
tlrraiui.M-il.il trrui; th.rrf..rr, wr rail npoti tb.- i
rroplr rntrrr-tcl t. meet at thr tourt!: .ll.-e, on
Saturik&T Be.tr ! at l-r mraa- rt-orr uufri.tj
f tt.r fratxy mH rlr-tr.l an.l Ia- thr lo;na!;r-
nmtof thr rin-ia thr harl vf tb.-r vh-j MiviiM .
-.trul it. It i n X th slightest usr f .tilrtlaly iui:
tilb urn wnoenal-l take other uatlrsurb .-irt-ma-
tancr-. nio.-t rorrtct our own run,;s.
If tirr H-eIr ar in.lrr.1 rraiy to u!mit t. sut-h
liltainr. then i-s.r lilirrty jr..nr, ami we are lo.-t.
A Sttitbern Aid S,M-i.-tv. auxiiiarv to the
- Jiovietv liie.1 1-re on Mi.ndav la-t. will W j
f.r:tiit!t l mv -ri ii W'. d:ii s.! iv Julv -i h S
T!te ladies an I srentletn.-n of the Toxvn-h;;. i
are respectfully invited to atf nl.
The rxnx TlN Kxi::: isK-of this lu-ti- eroxxded hull soon after its eomui. neenieui ;
tu: ion will coninien.v on Thursilay moniiii.. j but have no doubt il was xvtll conceived and
the "Mh i:r-t.. cl.-insf Friday n.M.n. Tl.c j in-trin live.
friend-, vfrdtieattoii are -onii J)y :nvir.-.l. anil The inu-ie was really very line. The opeti
tlie parents) and cnardiuns of the pupils ear- inantheui. '-Praiscth-I r," vvethoiiht
m-stly urreil. tj be present- j the finest ofihe selections; but ail were ln-an-
II. AV . FIXLKY. j lifiil. and th- ir execution unexn-ptionable.
Hon. I". J. Miller will address il- i-iti.i-iis
' of W;i.-hiiiirO" Township on next Saturday,
tli !tlirfi in.t. . ai i t..-l.M-L" . at tb. 'rtwii-ii:.
.reeinct. at Mr. John White". It will !
rem.-nib-r.'d fli.it the .lolm-on tlub of the
Txviishij nill ini-t at the same place and
lime, for the piirjs- of elf.-etinjr H-riiianciit
Itkers of th.j or.ini:tten.
Joiixsox I'l.rn The ( lob f..r this; Town
Miift is appointed to m-'t on Saturday next.
at 1 o'clock, at the courthouse.
V AKV We presume it is unnecessary to in
form irfir traders that it has f n-en 4 .slightly " '
warm lw the ..ist ft-w days. '
. ; -9 na m .
' 'l.T Tow Nsiui- We miderstatnl that the
Jhn-oii Clnh e.f Clay Tow n-hip now iiuin
Iieri VA iiatiM-s. . .
' Itr.TTElt Th Ueister made if s appear-am-el-ist
w eek, in a new and iini' h improved
Iress. .
Lri;.L S. L. Sawyer nipiest us to yive
fliat he will IV- in 1-exJngton on the 2il
lay of July, ami for a week or ten days
thereafter, and mar befonnd over K. Aull's
Banking H.wise.
lliKVKsx The liarvest of wheat wasconi-tiieiM-e.1
in this; eninty List week. The crop.
! far as. wr hear, is a one-in point of
quality of grain, but It not so heavy as in
Mme previoii years, thoiljjft ijuite satisfac
loy iii thLi resiw t.
Livmber Mr. Kobt. ll.de lia retunicd
from hw trip east, for liim!".T. He tells n
his lunilxT will arrive here the last of the
week, ami as .-ooii tliereafter as he ran ar
range it in tlie yard, (bis old stand,) be w ill
lie rcadv t wait ii etistoim-rs.
The Cosvr.Tix Tlie Johi:n Club of
i'lay Township wiil iiieet on Saturday, the
7th of July, ft the porpo-se of .-ippointin
h-Irgatesi to the I'oiinty Conrentioii. It it
deniable that all slionld le pre-sent, and tiiose
who kave not yet united with the club are
invited to (i st prior to that day -
m.t . -- - -.'
II?rrl.-Dr. Kiee hnow in theeitj-, and
is prepared to extract tit-th without pain, by
the IMe f the nitrons oxide pas. lie may
he lownSralile- otnoeof Dr. C. M. SW-wart
for a few tluf . wher ho . wmilil be ph-a-cd
t see" IrHtse mfTfting front t.iothache. or
WlVi may vM teeth extrafled.
. Soto The old warehouse of Gratz &
Shelby, at Berlin, was sold on Satin-city last,
t Mr. Lewi Wernwajr. and some other
Party, whose ntinie we did not learn, for
f2.r, and is to N repaired ami put into
Tiler lor hnsinesa. Tlie wan-hon-e is of
Twkat, ineasuruig 200 fcet and 4 inches in
IJh, by d) lert wt.e. with 10 or 12 fret
iHories. bt-injr I lie luist hemp wasvho-l-e
in the cxMintT.
A Il Mx Import n-a heil f-tir tity
yeslerttiy I hat a K-al man was !ayin; .some
where in the bru-h near the ferry at this
point. Ills reported that a nofjee, written
on an lt shirt cf1 far, aiwl fastenetl to a tree,
was) found by some cnl Itman enmirl-teil
with the ferry, yestenlay ntoriuii, and
upon Ihe Mreutrlu of it. sean ii uas hein
nale Utr the ilead Itotly, but up to the tiAie
our poinjr t- press it had not leen f kjiih).
"Hie fbnowtnjjr is the placard: Bury this
leail man; HtlyaniS from here; kilh-xl in a
fair fhrht hy his ewtny."
Smfarr Thf m-h ! the offl.-e of Sheriff
i-fpretfr hri-k in natlieal ijuarlexs, as well as
el'e'wlien'. . TWlS-iii--jaiiiioiiin-esTliomas
Ahwison, :iariht'Clayttn, and James It.
CalHMin. Mr. Calllson, in i-n- ritin his
eiainw, warms tip as follows:
".-1. That Ihe people of the ertimf have
nper hail but five of Ihe olli.i s in the pift
f the people; when, on tlie oIIh t hanil. the
people li ni! in lw set all tin? Iwnetits of
Hie eiHintry pet-te a fctlr.
ftl. That for votiotr tt the I'overn
ment. I hate hsxt "all awl am tir-.lav -n.r.
I hr.te beeou , -ti!fH-fe.. iaat t ran
iterforni hot Mtle labor -r, ii..t.
Weielrsnss rttiWrt-f a'f-v ri-r.ife-iiH iV
will he alnV tn walk info lli oln. e.
T!ir x:!!iiii::iM!i of .---- in n. t-j:--t- !
li ut ii:i:uuoii neeum xi tat' i'4.-i v,i k, atid j
lrt.i it always l.s. witii the liittlie-ti
! rea
crc.l't t tin- -cli.m!. t I tie itttiil-.. tm ! t" f!.e !
-tUfa.-timi of the i;Uo;is: A a jJcuc-iM re- '
ni.r.k. b r.' :.. t. ur lii'lifl. h'i of ip-
,,.,...,.,., ... rosi-Mmi! in sot -itto-tii.ii-;. ami
' ' . 1 . .
.not ;f the ..ft-lell-il -rxle :ili-.ucr. 'MX UIIT
...,,, ,lf .. .i.-.r,,,.,,.,..,.,. ,w is not !
a"iiuiT a uiwiniura i". i
,V:ii s tMH-nliar t wJi'MiN, iThcr male tr f - Jl
1 ' . - i .,.
fhnm?rli.trt. Tli1rto-'tliat s..rt ! prc-
: Jaratmii. It always imlna vs ui-i'i'i-r ami
j lifttrr iii k in' r tluiii;br, niorp cnltiin-.
i more :- ami iiton' la'w.r, anil ! of the
I surface .skiimiiia. soiin-tiiiK' finjiloytil t.i
liiakf a sboy on siuall capital. 'I bis cxain
iiiu!iiti. it -'lii t'' 's, i Kbfl'its tli rif-'lit
rni t 'f nlttirf'. Tin' ranltti t tburottirlily
i vtcciktl. and l'i!s j.nnwily traim-d and
directed. ti;at the tallin'ile tore-ll'ii-.e Of ,
know l-d' mav In-ca-ih ae csi!)lc. .;ra-pcd .
! and rctaic.c l. I
i The llhi!i!i 'ii of Hie P'uiloinaMiic Swicty . !
; W,-diiel: ni-fiil. retlei led rt'i,t ci".iit i j
! on ail the vouiiir ladies who participated in I
the exercise-:. nM. nvitations (selected!
were laulilcss m in. ir turnery, wiiuo uie
u'riirinal ?s-ays lM'tokcncd niucli tlioulit alid
rare In their preparation. Thi; debate to
whether partifiiKition in school cxhiliitjoiis
Ta ciMiipatibb? with female modesty vv:rs
v!l sustaimtl by both the alllrtnativr ami
!c:'.t:ve. The- Wrcathllatherer.' ? acol
1.m(;iv, was exceeding pretty. The original
dialetr't'f -Fasbionalih; Life' ami "Aunt
Polly's Visit. wen-very happily conceived
and the parts well sustained. The music
for the occasion was well selected, antlexecii
led in a sTvIe which would have done credit
to ranch older Mid experienced performers.
Tin Ooiumeuet'iiieut Kxcrt ises were par-
lovely, fawn-like recipients of the honors j
v ,hu cjty Bll)l ;iiUl,,1:;1i her subjeet. that
of Mind, was in jjood o'tl-iadiioned pros,..
the you:i- and talanted author jpivr it, by
her rend, l inr. all the ciicct and force of
J.vr,;,-S Uaitlelieids. a fiioie - lit-rary pro-
duct ion. was jjraeefuily and happily reail by
Miss Jet nie A. Myers.
I rfaiuers. anotlter appropriate olTerin to
taste and lit. ratine. W as liloiioltliLeU bv -Miss
Laura I. Myers. t
The Ilehivvv. another original comiio-ition.
bv Mi.-s Marv I'. Mvt r-, v.itii h vvedidielt
p t to 'near, is spoken of in hi-rli terms by i
those more fortunate than our-elv
Miss Lucie O. Hti-he.s il. nvt ivd the aie-
dietorv Heaven Hides tiie B k of Fate
with m i.-ii appropriate t nd, niess a;. xx o
manly regard.
The Aiiiiii.il Address, by R. v. T. W. Bar
rett, xve did not hear, hnxinir to leave the
Trinitj- I'liorus," -Siti-Softly, Loxe,"
Lily of the Vall. y." lu:h and Naomi,
Somiiauiliula," ' l.ipscy '.. tint. -.-s.
India May, ' and -The !.l Piney Woods' "
were .-til w 11 .xuil j.reitily remlt-retj.
Me-r. Kostors: The session fir lse,.V0
of this justly clebnited schot.i clo--.l on la-t
Tliur-day. after several days spent in pleas
ant and instructive excrei-. s.
The examination, to which all were cor
dially invited, la-t.d for a Lout a week, and
was attended by p:iie a number of the par
ents and friends, but not by as many as we
exiectcd ty see. Although well aware of
the ability and encrjry of the teaebers, we
confess we were somew hat .surprised at the
thorough kuovxlcilre of tb: various branches
taught in Hie institution displayed by the stu
dents. Tills examination xvas no farce, or
prepared di-play of superficial ItiowIedrc,
as all will abundantly atliriu who were pre
sent and heard the character of the fpiestions
a-ked and answers .riven. On the contrary,
it xvas evident that the students bail been ear
nestly and actively at work in the ri;;ht di
rection, and their btltors properly eneonr
aed and directed. Those parents who were
present manifested rcat satLsfa. tion at the
evident and rapid advancement which their
children had made.
On Tuesday itirht the Smaller niemln r- of
the selii K1 held an exhibition, which was very
larjrely attended hy the parents and friends
of thoswho were to participate in tlie exer
cises. Tlie house was croxvded airl warm,
notwithstanding which the order was re
ni:trkably good a decided inipnvement on
pa.-t ot-ca-ions. The exhibition xvas a jrreat
su.-eess and -rave general sati-faetion. the lit
tle folks wimiinjr sroltlen o.in:ons. Weluive
not space to devote to particulars, hut can
not refrain from lucutioniiio- a very laugh
able oectirrenee. Three small Ik.vs came ut
one time to declaim, and were to make their
Ix.xxs simultaneously; but one ot through
first, anil secii.jr Ins licihoor in the act,
cauriit liim hy the shoulder and tried to hold
him erect.
On Wcdii"s(lay niirht, the Philoniaihii: So
ciety rave an t-xhibitioii, the character of
whiirii was la tter expressed by the deport
ment of the crowd than -ould lie done bv
words. The house xxas croxvii.-d Ion-; ln'
f..re nitrht. ami hy the time the exerci-es,
eointiienee.1. slandin-; riv.in was not to be
had in the bouse. Add to this an excessively
hot iiijrhf. ami ail the doors and window en
tirely tilled w ith iH-ople, anil you may be
a!.l' 'ii appns-iate the condition of things,
j.-t tin; order was priMiil and the ai lentioii of
the audience ilircclcd to tin st.iire until the
close. Ar;-n. xxheri- all was so siiMi ioi.
we will not nnih-rtake to discriniinale, but
must licr leave to dilier with the Kxpress in
relation to the debate. Although the ne.;:i-
tivedid remarkably well, yet we think the
allirinatire had the b"-t .-ire-iiiiK'iit and fairly
wnii the tpn-sfion at issue, and believe a lar-rc
majority f the nudieiice will eohiejde xxith
us in this decision.
Thursday inoruinr. at in o'rl.ick, the
c'.iiinieiici in. nt exerei-cs were held, an.l
;fptn a Lirff.; ami intelligent audien-e prei-teil
the paiiH-ipants. and xx.is well repaid for it s
altei-slattce. There were five eraduatcs
Misses Mary 1. I.ravcs, Jennie A. Mvor.
L.mra B. Myers. Mary 1 1. Myers, and Lucie
I. Ilurhes- Il is ilue to the yoimj; ladies lo
.stale tti!t tlH-ir sebohrrslrip "wa so nearly
eipial that the Salutatory and Valedictory
addresses had to Ik- awarded by lot Miss
l.rave-s jraiiiim; the lir-l named, and Mi-s
Hughes the last. They were Itolh exceed
ingly line etlbrts, atid xvere beautifully de
livered. Thee-saysof the MisscsMycrs. for
depth of thoiiirhl and la autv of ilietion. we
have si-Idom hearfl eipialcil. The Annual
Atl.lress. by Kltler Barn-tt. was an earnest
and instructive production, full of he.-mty anl
trirth. nnt I rat .tlx' ada-ste-f to the o.i-asHrr.
Of the tetchers I'scarc'ely neeil -peak, they
are so well ami favorablv known throuirhoiit
this portion of fTie Ware. Mr. Ihiliti is a
man eminent for pietv and leaniiiio. ami m--etiliarly
ad.-i.t.-, for lc;ichifi!r bv Ihe readi
ness witli w hich he grains the coniidcnt e and
esteen-f"K pupils. Miss Ilaxx kin-, of the
eidlesriate department, has a wide-spread
and enviable reputatin as a teacher. Miss
Bradford, of the primary tleparrment. though
not so xvefl ktioxxn. h is justly oailted Ihe
pr:iise of tlie :t?--H of iho-"e under her
charjre. Miis'k-, ami the ornamental branch
es, are also taught by coniH-t-iit instructors.
W will close lhf article by preittctin:; fot
t-his ht-littittoti thai -itccess and i-atronajfc
ftMrh its evxt-iTiTi'ec iSsfrtw.
r.:.wnn M. 1'i.r.xx i,n vv:is born May -Mi,
li, atul 11 at th- buiiie ' Cor'.uUi. "
t.dier 1:st?u ' i-w.!. H. "i,,l x,.m.-. hut 1... !
i I
.In. I
wiiii x:t n ii- b.r iui- !
si". I
till- il I: ir :iu:iiliincnts til lili-m-
til I
7" .,,,1.,, .. ... ,.,n ...... nf t,,;.,,!
ttllf. .111.1 ..t .1 l..i-t .,... II. .K .1M nl ll.llii!.
What I,.- ki..-w. b.- k.KW,!l. ill. .. :.s
, .
ill it bill " sill Willi:)! :ibi.llt billl - lb- XXVIS IHO.1- '
,.,tin his i.ivfiiti.m t. kiii.Hl.-.l.'.-. ami vet I
: lit w.-us woil uitonucd. II
was tiarkwanl
j ul!utst Ut a fault in. ivin vpivs-i'i to hi
views, bur wlicn o ventured an ipinliti. Iir
wa almost invariably convi t. His voice
w.f manly. Iiis toin' full ami rich.
U's pliv-ical appearance was ;,M,d. be wa
tall and well formed, with a tim-iy propor
tioned bead, a sjood eye, opcti countenance,
"Xjircssit'- of jroodncs. and benevolelico. He
always cheerful, but never boisterous,
the soul of honor, the Iilo of the well-onler-
oil soi i;il circli !rn"tible to the old and to
Hie voiuiir- II" was religious, hut not os-
tcnluti nidy s-ii; but n-veretice for tiod :i?nl :
tioil'y thin;;- pcrvadi-d his walk and comer- J
nation. His was a pifty ilia! 'aiu hor. lli to i
that wi'.biit the boiii 'iiiv and .Iivi I
' I l)r si ml M'rii:"'"i ill Ili'l' - ivfener .luilrt
At ih i!r:tv ii .l.t-iri r, iiinl il.'lii its it,
Th- tar li;ill I.ita av:iy. Itirlili tfrit9'U
r.o ihitl vith airt-. iin.i ii:iliii. -ink in wars,
nut Hit. ii r-ttall ll.titri-li i;t iiiini.Tlal yt.tilh,
I uliuv; amiill tiu wars .l Vl-un-tits
Tliv wT--ks of mailer ami I lit- rnish of wnrl.Is.
The subject of this slight tribute was a sol
dier in th I'onfcilorale army, in the late
war, for about eighteen months prior to his
death. He died with the harness on, bat
tling for what he conceived to be the princi
ples of self soveriunent and const it u'ioiial
liberty. At the time of his death he was a
lieutenant in company !.. lilh Mo. 1'olitcd
crate Infantry, lie entered the service as a
iscrircant in the State linard at the com
mencement of the war, and participated wi:h
bouor to himself in the buttles of Carthage,
Oak Hills. (Wilson's I 'reck.) Lexington.
I'oriuih :iih1 lca Kidire. In the latter tijrht
he was m-vm-ly woiindeil in the shoulder,
ami had barely recovered sutliciently to jiar-
ticipate in the -ti iijrirle at Corinth, under
van Porn, where he lell m the chaiire on
the fortith -a' ions of that place.
lb-died as dies the brave, with his back
to the lield and his face to the foe. ' When
the hour of bats h came; hi-place in Hue was
never vacant, until death had shut the sun
light from his eyes forever.
The bur-tins "f shells, the dead! r his of
the Minnie, the clash of the satier, and :h
ru-!i of embattled ho-is to the conflict deter
red him not from his dutv. But he is fallen
i;li. siiaiie of t tie liiiliry, uht-r. n., are tiie
Ihitl llt-tr-l littj t, (..iltltt-r Mhi U tlNMl irtlV-t
lllflll till
Al.i- Ih. Iiavr ii-.-it-h'-t iti fir lil)l- ifi;i,.iis.
A nil all save tht lam.- ef iii.-tl 1 1 nitiii I, i- ;e.nt'.
'lite lrliinljtl la:e. .-ulln.l, au.I ll.t- i-.u.J t-.tletun
lie ht-.-iU not. he h.-ars nut, he is free fr..in all
Hi. -!e. -,5 "n;- l:i.-.t -i.-.-ji. l-e lias f ,uu-hi iii- !,.i::l,.,
Mo s.niii.1 can avvukv linn It. glory arrant. '
Though no monumental shaft marks the
spi.r where rests all that is mortal of iahvard
M. Blewett, and no costly sarcophagus eoii-
taius his remains, he has left behind him a
iii".un;nt inon enduring tli.iu the
iiiausrtiliini tiiat ver covered the form of
mnues. fc, UIU, ei.ttquer.-rs. lie
has leu behind lnm a ffiml name, a chris-
tiaii character, that will -hine .i until this
world has jrroxvu .srey with ajre. and flint
has already, ft.rhiui. ripened into iniinor
tality around frod's bright throne.
He sleeps not far from lit.- banks of the
Mississippi. Tin' magnolia blooms above
his head, the nightingale sinijs its sweetest j
sotiers, in its branches over bis remains. The j
uuhty river, noxv. as then, four londr
:ir.V I
years a;ro. pours her hoiiiutf l! I info ;
Ocean as it has in. in ceuturi'-s lun- !ie j
he Vitnn, .,.,!!,.. i i.i -
customed to do;
. - . .
the buds chirp and siii'
it-sweetly as ever, as if to mock our jfricl'!
h.r our ifepai ti .l fneii.I. But xxe xx.-ep not
as lle.e ii!i..iit hojic. Life"-, care- and
.orrxx s, -and w hatever of j..y it alVorded him
tlurinir his pil;rimae on earth, are sxxal
loxxe.l upin palms of victory and eroxx ns of
rejoicing in lleav.-u. lur ln-sis his train;
but f.r all this, hi-place in the church and
around the lire-ide is vacant, anil lo some of
us it can never be tilled
l'he devoted and
... , . - . . .
atleetioiiate son. theerenial fw-im. kind and
l.voted in health or sickness, yours was a '
triciid-liip that -hone brighter in tlie storm I
ti ..:.i . i- ti .
tfiau in tlie sunshine. Peace to vmir re-
L. E.
Ale--rs. Ki.iTt.its: In reatlin. the iioee.iintrs of
the betri-latttrv last -.inter, I -ruc'.llret .li-tiiii-tv
the .a-sar- of a laxv r.titirin. all persons w ho .r.i
j.ov to sell li.iuor by retail, to pu t mi a vetition in
xxriliii-t.-iiiii.-il liy tl!ri-fonrlh-f ol tlieta-iiiv.r.s in
his liloi t, wnn!, or towiisliii.. Iw-foiv he eoiil.l ob
tain licence finm the c.mnty onrt. This law 1
think xxas to take eflVt-t.lnly l-t.
I In. i.KKt ritizr ns of Ibis i ity liouI.t .w that this
laxv is rii.fty euforcx-il, for if then- ex-er was
town trnrscl with liroir. ries, it it Lrxinirton at tliis
time. Let this law heeuforeetl antl nin.--t.-ttths it
not all of them ill be i lnseil up. I think it w ill be
a xrry -liftieulr matter for any .Irinkint; e.-ttililisb-nn-nt
in l.exinpton to get three-fourths of the tax
payers, in his w anl to la-tition the court to xraiit a
Tm-MC AT BkKI IX The ffood people of
Dover Township, or a part of them, feted a
larjro nutnlier of people at Berlin, on Satur
day last. There were fmie four of five hun
dred persons present, and all seemed to en
joy tlicTn-H-lx-es in the very licst style. The
band front this city was present, and dis
coursed most excellent music to those xxho
indulged in the luxury of tipping the li-rht
fantastic," and there were mute nouoli to
dance some eiyht or ten sets at a time. The
tallies, provided mainly by the jrooil people
of the neighborhood, abounded xvilh the sub
Htantials antl delicacies of the season, all
Served iti -rood style, at a single table in the
lire Warehouse of ( o n. Joseph O. Slielby.
The day was warm, but this did not in the
Hisrhtest interfere w ith ii p'easiir-s, and till
j-iittetl fi. place hijdily delighted with the
most thorough reunion of tin; people that
had taken place this season.
At the instance of the ladies, Mr. Thi.-tle.
of Dover Township, announced the inten
tion of the ladies to form Aid S.-cictics
throuirlnMit tho county, to alleviate the snf
ft ri::rat the South their lir.-t im-etiii b. in
appointed for Lexinjrton. on Monday.
llf.i.ioiot-s Kltler T. X. tailies will
preach in the Christian Church in this city,
on Saturday evcniiijr. July ith, and continue
tin- meeting for a few days.
The folloxsino- ofiiet'rs xxereeli-cteil ttser"e
the Methodist Sabbath School, al the animal
C1I-.-U..II, ciai.-Miii iiioi iini-- nisi : r.. x msor, ; merry x -ii.i.-,1 In-M.-s-r- ;rim. A Ven1i, im
Suierii:teiMleiit ; James CIt.wdsly, Assistant- oiwlinti ry r-erl-ssr(i. M.Kinnin A (iratz'a rloth-
SiiiMTiiitendent; Wiliiani F. Clowdsly, Mce
retary; J. A. Urahain, Libnirian, alii John
E. Ilyland, Treasurer.
II. v. Mr. Halt w ill pre.-w-h, Sahbath next,
a sermon to the yoim', from the fourth com
trcitidment. All youiifT people, and the
ajred too. who w ish to hear that l.rw well
expounil..d, should be" prcsi-nt, and are in
vited. Toavrr-o Sxi.k? A week or tivo ao. vve
publislH'd the axxanl of r-roniiiims. and tlie
sales, of the toliacco ofli rif at Louisville.
The hiohest sale xvas ?.ViO fcr 1IKI lbs. , and
it was thought a better price w ould not be
paid in Missouri. On our fourth pare may
iH'fonnil the St. Louis sales, from which it
will ! seen that Mis-iri In-at Kentucky out
ofsioht theliest nrticle selling at $till jht
KNI lbs.
Tha r t i'oi.f.n Box The man w ho pock
eted a small box at our store, eontainiiifr a
Hoihrcrs penknife, on Momlay evening. June
251 h. had better return it before he is ex-M-e.l
to the public. We know- yon. sir, and
the box. One of us saw vou pocket it.
Ib.n't forget Ilcicher's Sinla Fountain
ihe-e hot days. Ir isn't warm.
I'lir-iuM to norii-f. a l:tri i umber of tlie
el this culur.V,
'.i.vii. '" thU ''''- M"-,li,:" "'',"W
l;'f- li'i'tbe l.tni."s. of i.irniiii!; a l.:ull
StuiTlii-in A I' I Sn i-iv. in aid f tlw I'himJ I
---.to Ilerll API .-tlclCI V, III mil IN l noot o-t t
!tI!er. l:: l ol ilii'si.:b riiiri.H,r.fthcS.iitli:
" '""llfd tli nii-i'tins t ir- j
1 , ., ..... if . 1K .,r,,i,ri:itflli:;t the
1 -" 1 "" " " ' ,l,t'r T '"r l--""
Ik-omHii.,. "I""' n-Ji'iir sb-.ul.l ft.- l..v,f.
l"'"" t"
Uev. .T. W. Mia. kleford invoked the ill
vine blessbijf i n those jircsenf, on the pro
ceedings of the iiioetinjr. and on the sulli-r-ers.
in an appropriate and feelinjr inaniier.
An election of the oflieei-s of the Swiety.
re-ultiil in the choii-e of Ihe following named
lalies, for the -"i. i.il places:
Mrs. .Ino. W. Wa-ld-11. l'resi.lent.
Mis. Sallie II. Lon-r. I t Vi.-e I'residcnt.
Mrs. Amos tirei n. 2d Vice lreidctil.
.Mrs. W. W. Uitfifiiis, Secretary.
Mr-. K. Winsor, Tieasuicr.
The President :iiM.inted lie- foiiii"' in;; la
dies as a Imvii-iI of Managers:
Mrs..!, p. i;..iiian, Mrs. .1. M. .'iiban.
W. Itov. e.
I . Iu-her.
M. . W ilher-.
Miss Mary Fox.
Mr-. Joint Vaui:hii,
. i. Williams.
' Mariah P.. menu ,
A. W . slnvba.-k,
Sam" I W ijson.
A. W. KidiiiL's,
T. M. Kwiii;;,
' M. Major-.
.in-. 'ii.ii-Hv
Miss lora Wall.ie'e,
Mrs. Isaac bt;iik,
ll.iitie New.
Sue Me 'aii-l.iud,
.1. K.'licafham,
Fannie l.oii.
irson ll'ull. v .
:. II. r.arlv.
Miss Marv Straiiicke,
n illusion, Ihe Secretary prfiie.l to en
roll the names of the ladies present who de
sired to become members, when Ihe follow
iuil ladie were enrolled:
Mrs. S. II. I.ons, Mrs. Isaac Palmer.
W . to i
J.W .Sliaekleford
A. li. Williams,
John ferric,
l.avinia linives.
Jennie Marliu,
.lohll Ihlllletl.
J. W.Wadil.ll,
lr. Henry.
Marv Thistle, '
.1. '. New. '
Mattie M. Major,
I. M. Julian,
S. L. Palmer.
T. M. F.xviiijr. '
M. W. Wilhers,
W. W. Ilur-ins,
M. A. Minter. Miss Maiy I'ox,
K . B. Ireland.
M. X au'han,
M . K. ai peiitcr,
S. K. Jameson,
A . W . Killings,
I.. Hail.
K. S. llulin.
M. A. Tucker.
Klniira Brown.
F.H. Alexander,
W. i imxall.
K . '. N'auohau,
'.). ;nines,
J. P. Boxx man,
K. Win-or.
B. K. Wiison,
'. Siu-her.
I. M . M iiirk,
M. F. Price.
J. S. Lonir.
F. W. Baker,
J. K. 'heat ham.
arrie Ma ett .
li. '. Wall: ,
T. B. I la-ett.
James Loxx ry ,
Amos ( ;r -en.
Klieri M'-nie.
M . Ilaxx kins,
K. Niv.-n.
M.l!ii- Price.
Jennie Finley.
Kuiiiia Beinhart.
Minnie Be'uihart.
K. I.oni.
Lucie M.Wilson,
Mariah ion Ion.
Sallie Ariliiurer,
1 it.ra Wallace,
Km. W ileoX-ell.
J. M.-t au-laii.l.
L. Me au-l.in.l.
I.oii. Temple,
Kv.-i P. riie.
Attie P.-rritf.
Lizzie I'ountane,
Kila Brown.
A . Shew alter,
Jane Fiul. x .
Marv W . Li tton,
Alice Sh.ll.v.
Frank llaxxkins.
K. Ilaxx kins,
C. F. llaxxkins.
The Presideitt appointed the folloxxin la
dies a a cominitt.-e to solicit f'nnJier names
to th" organization :
Miss Lizzie Fountane,Mrs..Tcmiie Martin,
F!!a Bro-.x ii. John Burden.
' Km. A il.-oxst n. Miss Marv W. Lctton.
Mrs. M.r..wv.uin-l.y, Alice sh.-ltiv.
Mi-s A la Shexx a!t- t" I'.uinia l.'.-iii'iart.
Mrs. I.aviiii a ir.iv.-s. Frank llaxxkins.
Miss Jennie liuley. " Moliic Price.
n million, th.- foHoxx inir resolutions were
adopted iinaiiimoiisly :
l'e-olxed. That Ibis Society be called the
Southern Aid Society," for the township
of Lexington.
Kesi.lved. i hat ea.-h township in Ihe coini-
ty !h. i- inest,..l to co-operate w ith this S...i- ,1'"I,".r""1, "' s,au' "f M,-W,ur-i,na l!
ety by the foriuaiiou of similar societies. VX r il.. n..t a-fc for certi.leat.-s. l.ut t.l .. tin- malic-olved.
That at a llltllre time, all tile .-lime i-nlir,ly iiMn its nun in. i ll-, f.-t loii; sure
societies lie r.ni:e-l. if lo iio-et in I , vi:i.--oli tie-v. r llet of tl..- Intel li.. iit Ii ,u-, u i:. xiill
f,.r tl. ,.,. J ,.f i
,:,., sU'.y . " '
It was further r.-solv.d by the society to ;
tiTiveaii en i ert ai n men t . on the 1st ilav o I,
; i,.i. i.. ..: i ... ..... i .!... i .
"Ill . l'i .UH Hit- illllil H lllf t I- , , ilipi -M--
it , , , . , . . . . ,
was f..nn'l. The place fortius i ntertaiu-
metit ami dinner xxill fa- -el.ste. ill a lew
ll.lX's and due notice uiv..- ol'tho saom..
In mot'em. tin-Society adjourned.
Mrs. .1. VV. WAIHiKLL, Prc't.
Mrs. w. v. Una. ixs. Sec y.
Kxpre-s ica-e copy.
The rtettple of l.tf.i t.-tl.- coillltv, are n--M-i-tfttl1y
iple It ! to ll-.l-l liieelllli;-, Iii llleif re-itt-t-lot-
"s'"!'- '! I".iiit i. u'ate-. to a oiiiilx l.m-
teilll.Ml I., lit' llfl'llll l.'llllli.t--.tli -,- e'llt--tlav, lilt-
i'tth of .lnlx . t.. iioitiinan ieiv-.iuaiies nn.l eoiin-
' 'n'?r ' ' ";'", "'-;"!.'. 'I. ; -:".- .ill al-
I tlo-ell to e ill till the IM-tto .-ol I :il:iVcftt- ... tl.t-
ln-tri... oiivt-ntton, i.. l.r ia. at l.riii-.rtn, to
litiniiiiate a raiitji-liite f..r on.'-.---,
u , f n ,.H ,x
Member of ihe Sta.. -iet.live ollllllltlee.
ATkachk.r ok Voi .ii. Mimc W'imkh
It has bo. a l..nf time since we bad a siii-r-in
school in Lcxiiijrton. and the conse
quence is that the oreat mass of the young?
folks is vx otiderfully delicB-iit in vocal niu
sie. The day schools have all Hosed, and
for the next txvo months there will be va
cation. This time mijrht lie profitably im
proved by attention to vcal music' I-t
some competent tcaelier fet up a class for
the vacation, and xxe f.-el confident that at
least a hundred or more would join at once.
If some tcadier from abroad 'would come
here. In- could jfet a very lurjre school im
mediately. Vocal music" Is a jrreat accom
plishment, and parents should m-c that their
children arc not ne-rlected in this r.'sact.
The followin-r, .lr.lieatetl to "Tha.l ., aiH-ar-tl
in a late niiinln-rof tin- Norfolk Virginian:
W lio-st veii..ui.-t toutrue is -xvr apittin-;
Whose wrinkled brow w ith hate is knittinc 1
Itlaek heart lha.i:
VVIiose fevere.l brtiin is exer brew in-r
llell-b.nn sebi-i-ne-i ?
AX'iioM love to sec our bloo.i itnttiiini-;
bir bri-rht -treams ?
VX'ho preaebe.l afar from hurtful battle,
lllaek llait .xain I
w ho kept aloof fi-om nin-k.-ts' rattle,
lt-catliin-- arars ?
W ho starx etl in ili-tant rebel pri-oti
Ito-rs in blue
Whose word-, now his w ith blatant treason 7
That!! 'ii- jnui
Who Dot his roiirse of ex il
I 'oii-biet bal ?
Ami w ho's Hie best InveH of the llevil ?
Hi- brother! Iliad.
nwa rQncm
Ma-rrie.1. on tfielllst of May, at the resilience ef
tbe tiritle's feller, it. -:ir I'ltlin". i-a. Vb.. . b. Kt-v I.-
M. It.Mi.les. Mr. If. lit XI K Wll.l . y, editor of tee
liuriil Kxpie , ..I io.lf.i. Mo., to Mt-s .IL.XXIK. 11.
V ISf K, tifXI:n-i,in rmintx .
II I.I. iti. Nr. x V I .' t ili;.-'r.N, lo Miss M.iLLll'
K if:!; ' -,,""-,-llr'
,, ,, .... . .
. ' ,n .""' 1 'V "-,,i "i comity. by.T. X.
rii'V l'i !' i''i I- ' ' T-'-''''-I' I" Miss M All-
1IIA lt( Kl.li.
' n the -Id inst . . in tTav eo.iiitv. bx- John V
I'-rnven, Mr PAMKI.XIHI a Mrs'. I A I II XKIXK
SiMvial Notices.
I am prrntidol to inr.iiin the pood crfi.rens of La
fayette cornity that after haxih; (.pent a pleasant
visit xv iib nix friends al hime, I liaveapain retrncl,
notxxiilistaniiiiiK .1. M. I'oole's iinccBTiiiis and nn
sriU. ritl reiH.rt I.. Ihe contrary, and have attain
litteiinp suiiim. r refii lunent rooms in those ftir-
iii-i store, wuere I resnetfiilly solicit the encoiir-
a-ifeiiiet of the lee t'reain tox in-; class.
je-""" l. n.vRxt:.
TMs is done in the be-t order bv Mr( OKAtlCtv'S
IWi:""'"!!' MA HINK for ls " NomaeWnrhas
proved itself iii a hemp field but this. I., -ok tip
your eld N.-Co-TiiiJk l.ai--rs ami mr what new
parts are xvaiited, leloie harvest, and call on our
a;ent, Vli II. J. Arm-troii-r, ot LexinxtiHi, wlio
will supply you with (.ait-, oronbr a nf machine
for yen. ( rm Mx t nirAIH K HKiiTHKK!.
The JIIIIV l. MANX Y. ami the relet, rn.e.l RfS
SKLLE UKAI'f-.liS, whi.-h have not bc-n beaten.
Also, the MAS-H J.K.N THIIKK III rill TIIKK.-4I-1;
MACHINES, with improve.! Kll.lll' UOK-E
I'l'WTEliS, afl for sale in l-. xiiii.-t. in by
jelUlin II. J. AUMSTKG, Agent.
ItnVinir plren Ibis ma. hmt- a fill! and fair trial
dnrirtj? tlie pa-t sn-ason, I lake pk-.-wure in reeom-irH-ndinp
it to tie farmers ol l.af .yetn as one of the
best, if wd tlie Teiy liest, ri:ihiin-tl machines in
use, a- a Ite.lHT and Mon'rr. Its liiitnesaof ttraA
and adapt all lily to ron-rh or r. Jliejc F;ttiinl. sim-'
pliette of enn-rrnr'tinh an.l ease with whirV" u' is
eti.il (reil from a aiowrr to a reaper, or vice versa.
l.icttlK-r -Kith tl nti.eo.ibtiily of clo-isiii-r. air
unions it-many eve. llx-acies E. AI.I.KX.
H -i Ai:M-ri;.is;i:, -ieut. r.. xinirt ni.
Mr. iSfvcitAM. t :m'l!tl:te fur lnrcs- in thi.-, the
s'xt mriTiinitl IWstrirt, will I'lros-' pcii-
."Att'UIAV. T1IK wn INsTAM",
Mr. lin;li:iui iU bi tun- to hv jfi'i-rlit al Hie tiim-
siu.ri, tm bjji nil lo si . I.''li! a.- a tit-ie-jaie 10 lilt-
Omnti.... Mr. It. N al,.,ut it., ,l,-r u,
tM.lii.r, nu-1 lMi.-arl.l t It N .hun in-,' Ui hr
!it'jcas ,' BtTOd ,,,.
Port cf Lexington.
Altl ro.
Jieii. 2rt IN'orinTitv . l..r l .!...
l .l-irov, "l'-- untom
' I'l I,;i1n'I1:i, f.r I-hwhw ..rill.
' -.'i II . I in ii. -r. !..rii.:ili:.
" 1 Nr. I I r:w , l'.r i liu.itia.
" ir To-! l;. . Iin-i. ..m'.
' W ir il:iiu, r iiieiVia.
" li Kelin Uir, li.r I lualiA.
I'M-4U1 i.i..
Full . ill WV-I-..li:e, l'..i--. l.tmU.
-.to ,iir:.r..n. e.r SI l.'.ni-..
-1 si. .tit-u all. t'.tr s . I...H1-1.
" Miil-.-. lla. -t. I.i.ei-.
" ti IVt.ria it v. t.. M boms.
-J.l l-a!t"-ila, l.i st. I.t.tiis.
" -J ! X :!.-. l-.r -t T ..... i j
' VI - l-.rtt f.tt St I..MH.-..
'- it. l.t 11.11. . I.. I- -t 1....I,-
--i K:ttt- Uiiiit. .. l-.r-t. I...11L-.
Tlt riv.-r i-I'-ilTui vt-i ti.ttliil..- wnv .l-.un.i
Ulth tl. nl til ualiT.W't iii the t'hatlil.-f . Ireltil-.
j up. .. ; .leu a. Ii-. I In- .- iOiii t I. Ik ll'.r.i It ll 1..r f 1
:n;hH . . -ti-i.fjiy , al:. r ha. uir (-t-i; tli luitirtl .t- -
ttfi k l. l.tiniili--' te-r l..il'-r.. rHt- -t-aue-r- War
Kalr iiii.f l.i:t-.iv, are r.'t.i-rtei! ti.-.f ti. ai..i.- l.
.1...', fiai iie; t.ilriii-.l tfi.-ir titttlt-r- Tlit- - Ii niii't
tarket I'.i.-t liny w Hi Ut- il.o n it.r si. I.tiuis to-iUy .
St. TjOuis Market.
Sirri.AT. .T.iiw .'t
Jr; -Sew V,jrk. aiut-
;I.I - Vt tivr
nt l.vi
.la!.- t'.i v, t
I riT Market L.xxer S:,:. SJ'.'f.
IIKMI' Mark.-t sales t .t. tn Siitl f.r gTlra
clii.il- ,lr--srl; eotiiiiit.il iintlr.-u.-.'.l, 9-t:lT: ni-r mi-iln-wtl,
s,-fl to -'4.".; ritlia cieiice, lnti-kl.-.l
t" ut .:".".
Toll V M...tit as .-ii.. t' t! la.-t wr.-li.
ri.nrit $7, 97 SO, $s, -fs -iii, U.-S1I7:., Bcrt-n'-p
to iilalltr.
WllkAT Sl-S t. -r l.ti-h. !. as Ka.lP.
toUN I'l ii-f- rani;..'U lYoin ljl tt.77e iht bu-tliel.
II 1 n to lie
It YE-7.1 to 7ic ..r l.it-li.-l
S1IK l!A iN--iot,l at -S toil ".e.
Ni'v Advertiscinents.
Tin: r. oiiio ri hi.
AKI KM II l;r.t an.l sol.l f.v Wm Morri-.n,
I X. lit. litt- l,llicliii.-.-t thr-.'M hlalVe rutit.'t
ami liiatitifa.-liir.- ..r llii-.''.mil. .
Ion an.l I
ur ...H
f! TXVl KX l.-imrtt.i, an.l li-.vrr. .n Kri-l.-.y. t.ir
II l..rn ili.-l.. as.iuatr ..I. XXal. li h. , xvnti .
AIllitHlifh ..! in. .'lf:i! V utile lo ttlt- lili.lt-r' il xa- '.
rf. il Uil- .f'A i
hiui.l-. IHIfit l.V lilt- I-sT. OKI it-i-ciktllit of it- U--H-f-
iii k'ii.i. . mim-iui rvw ata w in t- $it n Ji'V n il I I j
it tin- iiii-r' jc ;, ,,v f
mmi i. ana ii:in aki
K M K ri:n !Kf:Jt MII-i.N. M. -i.l.l V
i;iVlliif ;i7-iM'Ul-ii th'IIIM-l V-j in liUr-l-
l.uiaw-Ttt Hii'l Hlv!tiih; ininTi Dint thy
.rt-ui vv:; iir-aivt to r ititf ml Tci in i-
ti.'T iilhiilt".-', in Thr m :it t anl ih-u i-M t
Al-i. t'UiTniif ami liiilrlhhlf SiniD-iinj-hii' -tt lln
-il-.lli ?i iM'tlif . I t :i 1 1 k 1 1 1 1 t' r j ti -1 iilr.ti:i, lin v
hiv m in t it a c.MUmu.itinii .riln :nn
More on Mnia lr-1, in Limrick Kan Wing
t.ivt ii-- cnl!, :ii:'l f l".r f-.'uri Ir-.
J.r.xiiit.iii, J ii in -7 . isw;. j .T
T1IK CllWPloV "
A"si !sliinr 3Isiliiii4
FATtNTFt T. 4. H. 11 Illltl.I., JI I.V IJril. l'-l.
irwilli" i- mi of th' !irst T.alr-Sai!ijr M;i hiiir-
I iiiivr in ur, liirihf-'rt hi-.ij-iir--, 1 Mnaiui ity uiil
SimiiiM'it v . It saxr- I.uin.r. .-a ! aii v4t-4
I I hi- m::lin U - arT:tn.2i -l iuit it Xi.' ail the
h't tr:im aii'l sxint'll t thr -inN ti.m n-iiiir im in
tae t-o-e. ami niiike-no -it., .,ti Hit floor Ir t-tl.-?
lightest ai.ti ino-t t-i.ltet...-tit inarliine ft. li.tieUe
iiiaiiiif.u-turetl. ait. I al the s u.tr time i.-le-s liatile
t. pel out ..f or-f.-r ..rltr.-.ik.
l-x.-rx la.fy wotil.l .1.. xxell t try the lt:tm.:.in
tN-fni-e iiireiia.-iin; any iltir. a-e knoxv it I. Ie
i ilie.tlf a eonilM tilor in all III.- re.ili-tl.-s ot a Itl-ac-tii
at it. nli.ilile XXVi-laiiir !:t.liiii.
No V ashing M:i.:hine ever iiiveiit. tl or introtliu-.-.i
in tlie -tale ft Ml-sotiri, haa met Willi such liliixt r
itiif s.tfees- ami favor
Wtiat i- i.Tt.r.- eueoiirairiiiir tti the i r.ni.tor :s,
thllt lilt-'telllitll.l i- t.t,-;,t,.-t vdcri- it i- m-s1 kllt.WI..
ftti-1 it siiui'l- to-.i:t v -a it.-i i. it tia- to er st.M.il. x. itti
alMa.sl-.-l-. it- lavor.
t.! 'XZ "' aud
;11 la . eon-iantiv on iiami VV a-hin; M iftiin.-.- at
" i--"" -. i"-'" ' a.....e .... o....... ..
i.tzv m tii'siTwik-iioiCsii:
1,11 i: --Al.i: III-'P Inipiir.. at tlii- ortiee. or
111 ..t ..-e.i s.,;t. ai nls rarin, u nille--uita
.if l.e inirtoii. uiel -it Ibeui hkiI.
i.nt :mii.v
-i:o. s. n tT.nti .
TIl:M.Y AT !. VXX. I.eii.u Mo Will
praetiee 111 I he et.Iirl- t.f I .:.t.-i t-tte an.l Mtlit.itl-
inir etHiiitie- I'artit-tihir att.-ittioa irivru lo c.J-
le.-iitill- loel eolive. :oit inr.
Utitm.-ieK. leu John S M.irntatbikr. '..1.
F'rank l.orit-m. jlea.tt rstm, l;iteb- o., sr.
f ..ui-; I. ell I'l.lllk te kl lll. I ol .I.i. Mel t.vxn.
Wa-renstnirir: A V. Iii.hu-:-., VI. v. Mit. In II A
Co . I.'in.,t.-n: I nl .lie., b.-i-i. XX t-tl iii-t.
bll'-e opposite City Hotel, oxer A. W". Udlinc-i"
-'in.. illtK-Htf
By tlie aid of
ZVilnnis OxiilcCiiis.
nlti ti:i'KU Al .K, uT?r-m
IH-ntists, aie ptvpar. i to make ami
iitlntiiii-ter Aitisnis tivi.le t.as. tor the"--.
KMraelloll ol I eelb W ittlollt Piitll Xltroll- l.xi'le
,a- i- lb Im--i ti:i-.tti.-tie a;t.iit forth. traci ion
of teetb; bes-t, b.s-au-0-eitoii-.h rail be jrixelt to pro
duce .-tttire iii-e'ilsibiti;. , without any dan-ier;
be-t. lteeailse it is very j,!-n-aiit to bri-'atlte, pro
dueinc n. bieknet-s or di-aretrable .-ii-a.t..n, an.l
leax HIS the system in a slate of evhillerat ton. tiw
elTerts. bo-ir.-x-er. ..nl v la-tin-f from one to lii c-iniu-Htes;
best, l-ei-all-e if will siiere-.t w ith patients on
whom chloroform and ether baxe been tri.-l wnb-
ont sllt-ee ; be-t, beallse the tlltt-t delicate, n.-r-
T.iut. ami f.-eble M-rs.tn can breathe it with saietv:
be-t. Iwause w ttb luanx patients it renders a irr-rat
an.oiint of pb-asiire while havini; their t.s-tli e
traetetl. Ir. spencer has, up the present dale, ex
tracted many thoii-aii.ls of teeth ..r both -. v. ,
many of w ht.ui came trreat distances to avail tbem-sel-.es
..I" his -kill and eH-rieii.-i-. and the iniilorin
te-tnnony is that no pain w as c--eric need, an.l The
Itas pleasant lo breathe. l:.-ut! I lie follow iiir testi
mt.iix :
I,.vivitov. Mo., .lime is, isnB This is toeertifx
tbat I'r- sien. er Major extracted set, ral t--lh
for nie w ilh'.ut tti-least pain, w hib-mitb-r the in
llnenee of Nitrons tiMtb jia.-. ami I f.lt no inron-
Xelilenee from the en.-t-ts. .NAI.I.IK II. l.llXt,.
Tht-is to certify that I hue had nine t-cth .-x-tra.te.i
w Illle mitb-r the itiflitt'lit-f. of Nlln-tl llxtiie
lia-. eixen by Jir-. speneer.X: Mai.tr, and ran r-r-ttfv
tiiat it w-aadoiie w ith.jut paiii. w lit!.- uteb-r its
influence. It. V (icul:U.
l.txi.scTOX, June Is, is.:rt.
Drntal Snrcrrtr.
Tr Speixeer i- a ITaetiral, Vleehaniea! nnd -iiir-
fteon lit-ntt-.t, and will Kuaranlee all --Mra1ions in
tit profession, tru-tc.l to hi-.-arc. to -ri e suti.-fa.--tioti.
liobl. -ilv-sr, Viib-ttnite. .r otfter nuiterial
w ill 1m- tipolit-i itntl atiju-tetl in tlie n.-aiest. sryic.
All ..ther .i.-ntiil o-erati..n- perfortm-d in the sliot-t-esi
tune. All iIihh- havin-r diitii-ult teetlito ex -tract
those thai have heyti tixen up iiy other .1. ii
tists are partirularly r.-.ii.-ted lo trive us a all.
It.-atl .'iii't-fttllx , ami pres.-1-ve f,r fiituee relen-iice.
We will tnakea beaollful lieperor lower set of let tit
for lb small sum of ten .btllars. VVVwill -rnarun
tee thelll to be II- irt-d U-- aiiV for Which tletlllslH
I n-nally ebarr from txv.-ntv to forl-i' tbttlars. lit.
! no! be afraid lo ret a -sett on a unt of b.xv i.rici.,
for we a-stin von wexxillu.-t woikanx but lln lst
I material, i all and cx-ouiue -mc lH-:'utttf:il -i-e.-i-
I mens of .-heap work, ami l-vconx iti.-ed that tlu-i
i "''"''"'f '" ')""l' w..tk. We will miaraii.ee !
j do all wt.rk in the tiMist aisi-tie stvle. . mxd
; evaiiliue lor x ourselves. Webave the l.-n-jesl a
, s..nii.t nt of bs-tlt Unit ha- exer la-en evbibite 1 in
I ibr eily, w berel.v we are ena'tled to tb. ..ik on
xery -bort in .lice", and at the same lime ran -fixe
i . patrons the utlvantitce.- .d'sliion. si.ealut color.
I rarely, il ever, ollered in this eitv before, touie
aOI self CI to slllt Volir-a-IX-eS.
olliee on the North sub of Main street, tuer Mr
'.nl eib-r's Tin Sbtip. I.extntrtoli , Mo. Location
permanent. 0b- linurs rn.ui s to HA. . and
lioiii I lo . r i
je a. tf
.5 r.
s- O f
- .E .32
it s
ar rf afc mJ '"
M H J -J
Jvv.' Ad crti- v-iiients.
nj. .;:ti;.
Ht:irliiTI i . ti-.w i
r.l 1
am! d.inff !
i .:nff J
W Uv t
-. J !
u ill t'ai- no (.;
i -l.-t v.
rl i li
r.:i ji t . v N i ai
.iam;:s iiAVs.
I'.. ti.. .:.) Ill m-c. I.,
in . il.--.Ttl.-li.-il el
M:.ili -I . ..t i
jpy: kt ki: ii
,!i-;l.n. v;,,
c j
v ri;x I TV 11 K,
I-- .'l rt't-fij'. "t iii-sj.r..,
Itl -II w tli I t- i Hiit'l f..:i
11.-. - i.i.ii' iii - --j. h .
liiiii-, I'm. ,
li;t:r-. Clllll ' tl,
I....II1!.'.- .
H.-l r. :..!.-,
H..HM ; st.'"li . '-S
..til I mid !: 3Li'..lia-
... e-1.,
V. it. ti, ..I ,
it l-.ai.U,
I:i'..!.-. A" . Hi. , A .
I tm v.- iii-.. ..ti iifvi mm M.! i;;i:'i. -t:s.
il" all sty. -s. rtiir) w :J1 iH:!Ttt:l.tt-:-tr al' ilt t iS
oi W .....it-i. r..:lm-. T...:r l i .
in I". lv J Wtl.s ys.
I :ili veil uii 1 v
li. .1. Ai;MrKoN;,
lMllilir t lit 5)I-llIfll! .
d ti.-ir.li
i i r.i -
:i:.i ii.-irih n -e-.-
i ..rn.-r V,o. eie! IS-tta-l, a ,
M.t . 1 1 -,:
Molir.ff and I'e..iv;l i'i.j'.'.s,
liiOi": Plows.
DutTiry ri.'w-s,
Jlfoxxn's i 'U !i l'!;,,:tor,r
.-iliKev :..n.cs,
liiviifi ttli-Minissi SccJ lUvl's,
UoXVt !.-..
S:f,v Mills and Farfii K;ir"iii-s.
SltV I iiltniiier-,
'i.! r ".iiits.
hiri.xx- I'ltttft-s.
Wri -sliin-x M:n Iiinos,
iV.teilt 'l.lli i.s.
A1-" a ht) re a -M.rlii.t t.: of
I'lt Il i.atdcit Sectls.
.X r' i.'f.-s .i: nan.. .1 :iit.,x . v it!
ni)it-l al I- a.r..rt ftt.-. -, 1 i;.ii: .
I.IAIWI.. I M-. -. I-o
.t...-r.-'f an! fi;r-
... l.lcl V 1 - i. t. V l'M,l .
t.iCiil.S A. I l.t IIII.S., I
Vatchmakers &. j?v;c
i.i:i.riv. Mi..
riMII. -ii' -t i i -. I, ,,v,- r-i....v. -1 lo llit i:
I s I 111;! Itt " i't . i i i, I t:,. 1 ,::. al
.in hanil aaii i'.r -uie :tl
uiOl ui ,
ri-iltl i . I ;i. 1 . .
I i If ... i. I.,',.',.,.:
4fU i;ilH .i:-
t.i i Y F.ST i':f 7:.S fch
a .--i.,t.J ani :e i.-.l -T-.t k in I!" it ii: e. eotn- !
-tuhil-lllili ! IL t
i. Ii i- l"-i.;r
attte-,1 to -..li-.:i:iTit ; .
.tl tt: It r at tii'lt - ei'tf-t-tt
ill lit.-,
t. l." " t.s.
A In. -II. -t ;i X -i'l
.i t 'i i,.o..i ..I. la.x t.e IftJU'l
.) I. .. l.I ::Y.
i t. i'i. ii xx AHt.,
T x j ii t i.itx .
p. ii k :. i it i it. it i ,
A X i I ......i.
apt-F-r-- --"K-ltata.---.
;wim; ma invi .
.T--v, iur M.I-
iil.:N--Ut .
' UII-.
sii!l MMt r:i f 1 k f'K. in Jlw t:n". rTivrtT
Uiir.-l. i- i- :ii-t-it t J-ni- ri t j
T'i:tr)l!i ! ir jiUiltTi-tTi u In J:r ! ii:i: Tina J
V;..!--. ! k-. .11. -ir , Vi'. All win t. w iii I -
:m aL.Tt- f..r iii . l. l rnN J Wh i l r .V Wil- '
-..n n-m ino ! t.-!-i,!i-. :t!i. .ut pn - I, inlin-1 n l
rm ... ...ini.- ii.i:.:..u.,i.i.!-, .,-t u.v wiiffitrA u i. -
All kitiK .!" Si--Aiii;r MurliiiM-s r imin.'i ai -lioi i
t:-i :i c:ill h f;ro .ir-.'-mitr. :mlA-? t PI Ii-v to
-i-.lt- l.. .li, lfi.!Ii :i- - k ;.f-i! w.ru "i.
no-S 1.
X Xi.I.K.
1. Itll !l t o.;
:-K7-5- xV-V r
Old Stand of Meudenhall and Russell.
Market sire. t. Lexington,
RF noxx ready f.tr bn-in-.--st and solicit a share
of the public i-aironae.
ord rs it-i ork tceeixi:d and rrompiiy flll
etl, in best stx b.
Al! kinds .if HI r.MI.'IXt; done at fhort not ire.
On haul, st-ttral si. M II XX il Kill, lis,
in -ir.HHl mnniu-. order, for sab cbeap niyl; ly
HflrC II Esiti r.l K. II I .r t i iiKn;
HAVE on band, at Mt. Hoe, Mo., a Lar-w and
Weil seKctvi .-lock or
Dry Gro.ls aiul Groccrio!?,
ii a i:i w a in; y r EEX-stfA r f,
T"inJov Glatsfl, Nails, Slc.
Tlifr nrf nr1 niiiler the tror --ity f - 11 tr T-a!-ilf
HrtiHr- !!' thir mark-rt v(klup in fr1cr to
liuj III routi-i net' nl lii-.r ciii-ti-uit-r-- tm .t:i itr-lt--.
mt w ill s-.-lI f-rythiii at i-lt.-rt i-r'tiit-. mt
rcpii'Tr I v fail-, h-mii -t .it-al'nir. t m-Tit the i-a-tfiisi-rf
f iU'l' It i-um. in liu- lu.diiit i:J tiiuli--t-rn
f.nia-i. tin rimty . m-iy"'-m
C C. I.I I.Ht..-, 111. XltitlXTU.
l.ate aitli t.. M.-ire.e.
Kir-t M-ii t- a-i i t ..iifr(iniiM.. 1 Miti.n, Mo.
U I. Illivi ; I:iv-r' uii . Ui -il
si...-.-t-r-. -.(.M-C ,t
Kiiiit v l.iH.'!-i,
M .i nli.liiii- r.M'et Knive-a.
i nil. ry.
Vitilin ami fo:'!:ir 'rinr. 0cit; ,
Yioltii itii'l :iiiitr i riiuiiiini,
W all 3.111 Wi.liw rnjiT,
Oil iiiuli", Siiion-i-y,
ff-vol r- nn1 AuuuuiTitDk
Pictiirf Tramfs,
G!'t, Fbnny, K-. u..mI r.rt tralunt, wMch w rut
n. n nuj Mi, grt at aru-ty oi goviU cioIjy
knT in fan-"- st-vtv.
Mir jfHitiris n all frr?h en, boucht at th late de
rlin. una will t ".iM rti)ti , rl)pap.
Jf"VVaii-Ups, i lix-V-i, Ji-wclrv, AfM-i. o. Ma
ttcal In-trmiH lit-, N-w in; M- iiinf?-. !-: . c.'iviil
Iv r'inir-fl mtl w un-inu-il, oi-U ri tr u"W ar-
L.j'n-.iAe availlM-f.' tvir-rnii-m rl-t-wln-rc.
myl'i ly
IM Mnr t-Aft if 1 Mirlhmp
I.. ni:i.r.oi:s
T.AKE-" ST-al .la-nte in annonnrinir to
bi.- old frietr.- aitd custoim-rs lliat lie
has lite best lilei Ii'ost roiiij b te. -t.M k .fJW,
poof, i. ns iif-re. .ii nnnti. wn:.n ran it.--BBBBe-----'
loii.i.l x. e-t ol l bonis, and xvlit.-h be wiJI s.11 a;
very rv.iueeii pii".s. ii.fc.eps aixxays tin ban.t
Wtftches. Jewelry, Clocks, Silver and Pla
. . tod Wares, Cutlery, etc
Table : I'.M-k.-t Knives, stai iont-ry,
rbotiitrlal-llic Album.-., lu-oks,
Pielnrc:. l.ubot'T-trn"-ilt
and Kosexvood Monl.lin?rs and 1'iciui rramer.
made to .l dt-r
tomb-, Ttnish.., booking claeef, T--r, Cbll-dr-t-iis'
Wall Vapt-r Ai. Window Cvrtain-.
Dress Trimmings, Dress Buttons. Siik
and Linen Fans.
F.mbrolderiee, epbyr Worsted, Knittimj Cotro-o,
rte..tanda jfi-efit' many oiber -ro..il and notions
too niinteri.u to meuii..n. I Iber. fore invite tny
friends I, r.ttl ai.tl -ee my t-oods 1ti-ltie bl lug. aifi
1 am -.MiMled that it wii'l le totheir tutere-t.
VbU.n, f.eks. Jewelry, Musical l:istruinets,
ete, . car. -itliv lte.-airr.l nu.f VVa-rnrnt.-.l
Ver ortb-r I.ht New Work will- he klie.1 on tbe
-.In.rr'esi notice, a- I atu er. pared to do txe work
here m - hou-e
C aai4 far ar :l!vrr or l-rlra a Kira-w-v.
jllttelaly I. SM.I.I1E
New A.!ort;scn:e!;ts.
T:!t :.:. hn
."! t't. l.t AM i !;KLZi.;;- . . 'ifie li t.;i:- ,
I M t' t. l. t AM i !;KLZi.;;-
.1 li.'. I r -.li. i'J V t
liiay J 1m Vt !:!:! IN
.oi KctMii v i :: .i.v.
I t..... ... ...... v...L.':'i!...i....
l.-!ll?... Willi V -It ll.v It V"'
!ii ..i m Vi.
T""-l! s M l- - V i J-!...; ,1.1 rj '
;iiiit Jl.iKM-.---. ti iii 'm4 ..r-'Jtr. .r ,
!- a -j.-liiel '-W Vt.i.N. '.
s:.ie tlc .iki. -Vj'i..i. lit "iii j t.l'... r. 4
Tvio I';-itj- lsr ;!.
(X!. -int..;. .i ii., :t i,i,1. . -.,l.;:i
.if I-.-'t ltT.. .-. i .1 ,L.i iti .ii." ii in-r.
I le ..in.-t -:;.i,.i.,i ;, . i. t.-t!.-, -.t.utu . t"
I t-Mn-'..!:. :m,l ft,nt;iT,,!:ii' -jn i-f-
ll.tlh i;..ttt l.ititt. t tr itirlhe, -ai ltaiar- tii-f:.
:.l li.'- ..11..-. i II
yon v?.t:.
Two Lots in ti e City of Lciington, Mo. '
SI!! A I 1 I on l!.- -.i" -.- ..i Mjiii it.i.l "rr'j j
M.ti.l. i-i -ir. "t-. it.-!! fie: f.v- ., ! -
iin !: ' i.nii-.
HI Uul i t -t r'
.i i'. '. i
t ... . !.. t.T-r.
. :l, I i' ll. t. l
trMM-i "illS.?. PR'ltTitri
I'urfialcur lleni.
I I r-.'t i -i..tl. t..f. it . It!.-!-. .,-f'! t. -'.
j ijixi,ii,.ii a. i.xil-. t ft.
or l-'-lif , ..l. r a-t.e.t1.!-I. . Iti-.
i i.t II- a;e till t . I . i'ilii -. .. iti e! Ve .t- r-Vt i!:l-
:-.-. . n ih- tun.1. ic I m-.r li. XI. V X,.
i oitii.i ol '.1 A ll.ii. li'ei.i sj!:.t;- h ar ti:r Xlt'te,
Jsi'l.tl' iiU .It !,..,;.)- -t..iri, i l.r-:..- .o-i t,.!,. r
I ..i. ftft.lt .,1 -ri- . 1 ,..il a'to.H ..... n-llr
i Tiiul, ati-i i ;i-'l l.ti.i,ti. ,f . xr-... 2.1 qiiaitH l ;
I I ..-t f .r : - it, L:e-i:.e.
I 'I Iti- Xlitl tta- 1 1 .. . y.i ..f I'.err.. h-isoi," v t-tw-n ,.!,
1 :ii '!.; tin v e..i - a i.: I .i,.T.V.e ..I -ici.tit I . ;l K
i tir!i!.H.'l!l -"fa.s l l: X Y It i- I... uf! lit
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I H.e r I '. t r l! V. I. tiie- !i,.i:i I .e It' L ' . .l . llr.lers Ml'i,
I t-t lilt. .' i r..ii,., 1 . . :il ., .. i ,' . :.- ui ui, n:i:t in '
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I Ot t. Votri) it.- UStkft llnn-r.
i!-'MII V I :i?l U '. " IV l!M"
Rio coffee, java '(.'of fee. FLou
jl Ot NTiiV I'linnl i I t..L.,. in ri.! -r.n-.-e for
ai i y -u.
l.i..;ii- .te-ttl, "il.ti xv: vj;
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H. V. ( ROiHi:i.U
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j ll.i-j.i-. t . it. .! t.i-- i:,.-.i i.aiii.i .-I k '4
i ixi n;t.-'i f i.i M-.
A JVIHth- AXll H .i.'K.
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MA!X -TltKIT. I.I.MN....1-.V. M".
i-r xi. i it is
iijTt' c;is,
m riwi'rif-.,
li.--.ts A fliw. Hats & Cup?
In r n inn- -in fin r1 r t-v" . hii im-hiiiii.
at Uu- !,4-i i u i'HTi KS. v hi. U I vil s.-ll
-n I.-tstrrn ooM .
H -t i.ih K!
Mr -I. I itii hi rtt'.nuti lV-ju: r v.iih
a iii- v. h.i I
iurs r;oors
. La whs. iUosambiques, Pojaiiis. Loroes,
VVbieteli w ill be
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;i.i x
John il akduxGou
mu-iuiz-AiX and 1:fi il i-T. Ai rn
lOIItT IIOISi: ItlvtHK, I.i:!ACTfl, MO.
may ii lx
Jnst reccivctJ at
"Leiiiiion, nionri
IX bis-siocV may W fonnd tbe f.-ilow nz article.,
xx iiicli In-eflvr.-i at Iii. u.-ual low prtt-e:
"White Iuco WinJo-sv C'urtahis.
Whit-? Marseilles Quilts.
A lanrc assonmciit of Oil "Wintloir
Sha les given atpl LuiT.
IviiLrliali and Ainer'n Utasscls Carpets
Inp--"n r.ibi Hemp f.VirjH. ;s.'
Oil C'lolL.-.
Duplex El!t:c Iloorif-kirtfi, oi'all qual
ities and styxs, r?coivs-I direct from
fts manufactories.
r.nra-io!-" and Umbrcila-j.
A Large and l-cautiful a.-tsortriiect of
PrcJS Gxo.Js:, consisting in pari of
Crape Slorctts.
i Tx ' '
: -U0"lr'B. fOpimS
rri'itecT J.ipkonets and La-o-ns.
Organdie?, Ac.
Xaconet Ei!ging', Inertings an J flotin-cinp-s,
just rereive.l from tL-S importers
of Now York. Also,
Vmotioii Goods,
TP-.njrlit at anrtion a-nl aoldjat anelfon price".
Tt lota I ..M.tt v i7 T.e!(,n. Stai-K Mu-lln- X:.in.
fMM.k. FniMrtl Muslib. for Waist". ino Caecks. aud
stuns lor ii--!-es.
If you are in re-a if any of the nbnTe anlclcw,
cud "w am tbe beet end cbrat-st in tow n, pi ;m
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teey 1
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v M - i. -
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I ! !.K'2AN A-.: sn.'i.iXiV.
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v I
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l 4...!:.
, Vitrei farm Hi-! Is.
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1 ..,-.
-!tu A it t--w
-i.ur, ! i.ilia-:i
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f r
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1. r
v, . 1: ' t x i r ; t i:
v t :f V nl.!'.!M.l
t ilt.ll".
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n tat;:
I ..I, ......
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.!.- ' tl :i, . .
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AMllosI It XXM.
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II. 1. JO!l"
x'.u Vr-.t 1, !i Li-ne-- I; si'XltiZ i tut i:-r laat
til tkc 1 O ". II-4.1.
i.r :,:... .:.is. M.s.-i.
I. Alt.
A -:-!: 1 'II N r -f t il;.. Te'-w.va.
an.l It.r air a: -l. !- Li- f:i'r-. wh..i
Vx i.t.i- . i'.- t ,.-:.; t i-.iii(,;it ili
tiilt. -te:.i'.. .r- I - 1- -ter 1,; t-u.u j:t
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!..-.... :,. in fni! t-'a t. s ... I, v it!
, . : V,-... i.cau, i... ii.alti-i e..w -h , : .
. !ii '.. i.-. I--
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:..! t..
il,- la;.,,..
il KIM .-. It H Z.
M ,
:l iW-n. Alo.
till l-t ) 1. t
" :1 l it r. -l citni
it.te.'ilift- Tt
seit t tt ti
! art in it, .1, t , t : - .-..;. ii.l ... tu-i :iJ
, a--...i-;i.i. ;: . 1
I f .' ('. ! S - J . I !
I I 1.' X ' X " T T ; ' "T TT ! j
"""etls. ;t' . ..ti"nii-; ;r!s. ...
! r!:r;::,:T!!.!:-;-:.x:r-;nf?;r.,i,-:',r.;;; 'wr-
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t.a -.,,,..-1 ti , m
x , ;, , .. :
i-.t,t-. in i .-nit : t
suit- tti.-e;. t-t it'.'-r
-:;i-.!. .!..- sr..r.
i - : ii i-r-t.l i I . me
'I .1.- J ..!lit -le iuv.i.i
j i.:i - I;. M. rlXMX' '.xn.
i i:- w ( , jn;. liri-EI.l"
j lTiiI JLC.--tilil- Vr-llli--,
! I .:-i-lt.a. M--MiH.
. nn '
n Hi-fi
' i a.- !
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I t.-l-n ,..!. -.-Vefl,,,..
; , , ... . .. . la
i -,,!?, W.-V ,..-i xi'.'i't! x'.V-t :"
j U i!! :ia--' t:.s- 'T- r,1--'--! V.-.rtrT- Vi n:r:-.
i -.t.-I f-.i. . in Til.-- Ai'" .;.. --it ' ! !-i- . ami. n:t
i l urt-il".-. ft 1 1 U) J -t :'fi;V t--ft
i i- i; ui 1 .-:::! . .
!I.i'" n : I Hi- Tii-m'-an- r.-.
I:i . 1. ill.,-' I" . il ti r.l i 'I . i.i -I- !tli -11"! .!Vtr
j 'l. ;.ft-i -i.r'.ni ,.- .
j l r.s.. ? t - J:I v : i u r -r a'.r-
t t-i.- lo :; 'tit .- ; A v. v J i.i
V IN - -. A
MX. iU T I 1 .
It 1 I!in-l4n. "ftisssttiii.
U -il l. I .VT M;sf. ...,!.l !,-i .ii :iy Ii.f. rta
It:. ; iliiiic ai.-l t i- c' i t i.-u-:. IbeT in-t--i, -
.I in-. I i.i I i- t.lo .--.. t-ii-i.iaeii:, to V , i; uur.-a. in
."..--;, i-tt..-r-l ii. t.n I. is ,u. x ir-,'.t j-.-t f--tei.. t
all ei !tV uc.v set I- t.f
Ii j .td.. ll;-.ts ::uJ j:s, HtMrta
n:rl -!ncs.
...t.e. ri, :..!. .V '.. V'.t.ieti, 1,-,,;, l-t-j
pliri-iia -. t .-!!.-- II .- te ill. e it. III,,-. Sf aft' 1
j.iii . ,1 I-. -. Ii a: ,i," i - . -I i. .
XX .
i.-t .-e. - .t,.,t ::ie riltltiitilr't
. i !-.-; t ;. a -i. i.t ei:etai.-n
tiit. - n. tt Mt-irt kt ritl-lit -
i..:-iii.-- lo aitiil ...
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V. Ilinirt. ii. M::y "... -.::.
"i:-it. IE. C illlcn.
t3 lf:U .-!.:, . M.r !..:.. Mali. . Lotie.
i t: : v
IV ..!,
J rruii
.!-. --TATI..X! m. I'll Tl 1:1:- f.r ai.a
tititi-: -hi. i l-tt-iiii-; :. 1 .:- done in be-t
Xi. -i... r. , i r .,-
.Xll--. Wa-bu-i.!.
.1 e V... .a.
It;- -.
A . .- .le'nu-ll,
l.r .l,
W -e.
ii, t-r-r-n li-.
l.t. ,
1 ...;....T-J
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Mii-.i'i it r.
v r Hii:.
Jo- J.-b-u-soa.
IV. I :v ,
l:.K ..iter.
. if J':-5.
Timx- .!..
I -.-i-.tite- ii iti-n
lu.Jcr, J.M.'-eii, bi.:;.
ts . ete , r. a,. -T
T.J. I I.I.H Hilt,
(.bss, l'amU, Lea.!, Oil A: Pyo Staffs,
lineSoips, I'tifun.iTic-i, aad Toilet Article.
Fine CLewing siTid Jvmokii'g Tol-acco,
A Xicc A-i.-ortanct f
fTall Pajwr and t"iadoir SrtaIr,
Fine Wines C- Ejii-J!cs for JJcJicinal
aix or tiie ri'1-n..vc r.TrT mohltne-i.
Al-o aa exctllciit
Soila l'oi.iitiiln
from -wliii-li he ix ill be bisv jrt fiirri-liThe juV
lie witii tnai ; b.a.-at. iii-t harnde-s in-x-erace.
t. j. n:i th i:.
the -1a id of W liittK -t v i. i ietcber.
Insurar.tc Xotifos.
Iltjisf lit-maiit e ortipani-1
CAriTAL STOCX S200.000.
PITI'l i y..t.-t ixe- l.v iit-ttt.ii-; y.tlje hftTM (.
lb.- .Xliss.a.11 .-late ll-.r-e lll-l.ruiirt -t. Ietee
tivel tiiui aiix. ai Altxat: Ir-.a, Mo., ri,!!; Mud,
t--.i. i-iii.
i j I ttis i the most reM. w.-ible coaji'auy in tba
Vx st, are! i:i-u;t-s live s:... '.
a.-xix-K rii-rr.
injlSiii '!,r,,i A'T-b. Apent.
I"l i; niTfi Tin: pno-.ti.-im
: -- :i 1 oflc S
I l ...it-.vv, "' H-4iil. .J. ,-.: .-fCa?rV
I ttniot-l h nt. . .:-, iii-:u
Hie b.eii.- ..tT-. evt-rv
lieu lilioli tt- le-o -. l.ntn M-unc 4ir t.e.1. lbonc-
''i-'-i'"' oi'-:.-:.ti..ii-. t r.--. i,: ;.r 1 1--
I . - - -n it -r o:it.:i-e, l.ili'K 1. S4. -
bt- -ler-e. . ry d.tllal ! il-. tipi.i.i's.. .!.. and r. t.ra
ir -iii t.u-iiie-s wiOi a clean n.-l ra-b sui.-iuf
. roeii-'titi in Hi!!! V'itd at, or -ntiTrii
to n.tlt -.bnj.- biistti, for rl-.r .r tail lealliera.
limy v .: Ill J.ll.'X l I I., j..-tll.
V.. MtT.
viat, utx am .xi i!:ins
I lii.-iiijiiie v:?!!!.
RErnnrNT5ther iiowi-riitsrcxAss rnst
TAMJi, ro-w:t:
Of fiatfoxa. Ct. Aasers. ti.X .tX S.
OfX.TorkCity Ar?U, S:,'M,-1SS dt.
iiArvTrri?.i vniz in?, co.,
"f nartford. t. A-s, $l..v.4,t:3" 33.
UNION Ml"Tr.-u7l.!FE IXS. CO..
Office, lejst.tn A-fs, f !,l.ifi,TTT 1.
A1! desert jti -ns .if Prr,--rty Insured In tHo
abtx-e ,mpai,if at fail noe..
If "Iis-es a'titl.-ted and ('.iti by the On leiKiJa4
a j'b etiuity an-i j rtno tie--s.
I.ives insurr. ..ti v.-rx- t-jx..ral'1ete-rnis. Applir-a-ti'.n-
can tie r.i.i.Je t iiy oil.ee iii Lcvuigloa, ol bf
tna.I, ii.i'li..-ed to uie.
Tire-, "Life and Marine lu-nrnee AK-r.i.
apCS ly LvxiMe-lon. "-(.
W'AXTED A m-xll, tteat house, iriil 6y fo.;r
I or live ro--ni... iu a -sot-d locality, br a sootl
tenent. -sriUioul ciiil ircc. A( tdy at tnia oiUce.
jc M Iw
ti-J ( g rr.R It IP ! Vx want nti
l?M..J 7 eveifwlierfto aellom IxHrfe "V
ILD ' Sewinr- Iac!iii.e 1 bree bcw kinvla. ".'-d.-T
and llt-li -f.-cl. VX arrailbd tiro -reeie. A Vm t.
enlar, r i:usre cr.-m-m!n.a v-'"- ,"p
rblie-i. st.ld iiitnil.tl -states f,-rb?-tiiutxto. w bir a
are fllliv It.-. 11 sett lir llow-e. Wheeler X"il-u,
t,i over "A r.nker, isier '.. and Ilachcldor.
Ml o.bt-r ci,e--i-i iu.Imoms aie miriu;euiei2t- ant
i be seller v v-r ie liatle to nwt, rne. and ire
i.rt-it,utie--ui. lims.raw-a circuiai-. -vat TT.e. ,-ie.
r- ..it . - --1 u u x- . I -. X. i- a
waa t-, imxill
r"-"lir tir.lv ne.v
! V-re.il- c a.tted tftrtiix eft
attiles. to.-t .mt. Ad.lr-.-a
t ;rf!.i
y Ibiibiiiii, !;id.ir-f.-!d. Me.

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