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The weekly Caucasian. [volume] (Lexington, Lafayette County, Mo.) 1866-1875, March 09, 1872, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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tUu Vr rfcto (Caurastaa.
P. h)AN
nrsiK Manac.fr.
l M.r in i'htnrr, 2.tC ; a.x month in
. ientinui t ml 01 term unlfA rr-
VTir prrn wt-Unw the mMrw of theiT
itp-r ritnri-.i( ttint M'r wht-rv t!- p,r
t ( it-Hi ni i.i-if,i, m whrrt il i to
i'Ht in tht .mure. . 11
. ur RTit-l hnk to the fi M-nd. who nr
lirvly rrpimltRi to our .-ppr. for rlub. Let
ri'aui-r ronslitm hinwlf or hrrwlr, r-
ru I;.. aie tit IV.r our prnl rmy of true tu
. i. m,. Kurd cue C.m Ofrtautly gf- owr
c on :
Mnitlf juHrrtlir .2 w year.
4 lull nt r iw 10 W yer.
Ium .f im '. w r,
- ?v, mi irii ropv ' nr.ter up ol club.
1, u. 'nrlfr' tmWfll
tli'iimm H.M. ihi i-r. niiid.
Ur ' ' art-1 ' 1 '! F r nrh p . '
V t . m. I tcv tur a Mill b-iiine
performance, t
"J. idle Trean.
Turn ut'(ery-
. Iron .v tng n
V tt'iil rl, io hetrm Ktmot ti e lt of .tune
Uuti, ' luiti.r bui'iHHtmo , oitimon I'ieaa
4 i ni ' t b-ffm, nrxt Moixiay w.-fk. March l! . .
.t-tire I mil. t vt nnt t)H txin, -.bout
1 s'nrt a br.t-h rMwhlislim nt in Hrwrtvillr
or Atiin iMe Ki ad K. K llaya nw alvrrt t-ii-citi
J U t-rla t . ia a flrit h-me,
lT -.t lit a itiiK', ditto If How . The tamerM.
J. 'ik, apt Ahny. from M. I,'Uis to Kanciu
i.v, wiil be brie tw-luy .. 1,nL a K"1(t er
rn ndl) coral I , Ktmb-r, pti-a-e Irave at
4 iii!'in Hh'-ttrtn . 1 he whole t." iuriNian m
a 'tfup, ir tin Ittii prirt to ili il, tndr its
1 i h-haK't i( to an In thr Im ahm band of tht-
1 .tr I ' roil pe. lor ai-vitiI charm ipit Mrf iiadaa
P-4 riiift-r and mad iialiion Lxinton ani
Sd iia road, next Mmlt . IUm U-t Thur-t-i
liiKfU Sim t-lerday morntn .. Srt the
i im-aoah' H-!j , No 3 ftprm'a cinmiit,
liiu--tirdt and riina whinOtntf and ehirruppiur
arn.ipjT t ti- e .ci i;rcn I.ac-i api-at ancv ol
I.' in-- I.ir. Una evfnin. 4.itll Tre:i
m t ' ' and t'ht t'rench pj ' . . . Hoo-on-oo-ool !
hod', html! liMn-Oit t it-t sft-am-Vi.i
; nf tin- i::t.-o, yet -mi li N dc, i apt.
1 I rk . tVio k roifi!iii)f n O iU Avenue
Mi;;frnv! on intor'n i'rin-r, la-t .iurday
nil- mo n. t e a uum arr'.-.!cd lr beiny to(-h-
av y ii ih Mrect uri'O-lir.s aza.n-! I hi peace
tit I dignity of fot ifiv, are o cin'e in Lrxint
t :. or a: l-A.-t. their arre-t i- o rare, lal
l.un.iin'r ho"ru. t nothing to it Krer
'4. rdun t -r t'le ph' iii-iiienon .. toumy
-tirl h i cxtrndtd In tune tot the pamfitt u'
t.-t-.. tiMthf I.Vh of April lir-ina itiplay ol"
Aumi.t ll-trt .-ific tirt Morki, atiout 2 o'clock, tut
f" kin mot nin. a-j u e homeward end d our
m,t UHf llta fd rtf:inrtrs tn town ...
I'"i-T .n tine bnarinir order .Cii-!ie atrt be-ti-
n;pi .v-t . ..Mai) and p.iapt-r tiain on
I.ittHdn and I'iui nt, bi-gin.- to run
next wei-k , Lot- vt rirne-- in town and
e tiuiy l..c'i'i jifcftiarf la' ;nd iit . . . Artt-r
h ronnnenc-d to r .n ai. opo-inon ' 'bu, ' ' to
I'm I'.u'ii .-road. lo. i. i In mre the cheapier.
H .iiic in Kel dt inund Miny renter hut
rriibi. jr to i.nt. oh, mr lf ntrpri-iiiig
c.i'-ti-tn-ts, io put up Moiiii- olorksot" uuemenif.
In our i; iiic-oi it .v r M:ionic supper,
lai wei-a, we I n.i . t 1 1 V CMiHtted Uif name
i t' Mr 31 iry A l j;ni, uv ot the priiu ipni
ati!mir- in xvumi; it up - A --n ot in is
hwiiijf was Lu t -1 1 tn r-, i-t Jhur-d;r... As
li-Ap vfnri-1-t our !,'.'tn Kirl- are woiul
in- Thr mi d lie ol M nvii. two month.-
i. a h ill g..ne, and not a .. i-ddum. lit even a
proooat. so lar a oiii kuffa lelne K"1' lM,f
Jt-ar It'i, gtit, tituini- rf i you and o ii)ftn
nire t!l-.A only ir t.i'be -tikH! .. I he
pie -Mo ufi'iii ur .per, mi n k, c unp l u
run an ei-jht-; fiiinn sijppUu.i.-it our e--!.
ued a.-foci tie, Ki' 1', i in i-niniptuni- el
fCM ..I If ioi . "I it foil uter tl.e ri I V.i) -d' a net -PI
. -v it ui.ei, i itiric i t-iV. bald-he ni'l.'l'n
nr.'i c ! in o tv p-: l.'i p'lundrt ol it . I IiuikI r and
Amont the andtence at Harmotiia HU, lat
TMly evenUifC we noticed nunbrr of Io
Ter4 gaUant hmi nd bright-eyed hello:
MfMnt Ya Miwi nd .fnmn Vinan.and Miases
Ma Vivian and Itnhhie Taylor.
ol -.;.ir Wool, of t'hpd Hill. w in to pp
n -1'iedar, lie reirta hif to intioi hotd n'l
lit-.Vtnir hmt-rtulU lT the c mple!ton ot th I.ex -
ii-Ktot, l,ae and (jult toad, art the hat htnger ol
better timrt.
K O. Otekey, on of Rav connty'n jrennine
iifWA-hH "Mil nn terrified, droi p-d m ln-i
I hnrfdav, o pay br what he regit rd- at the bet
l,-w-olerial rxponeitt id ctri-.itan doctrine in
all the land. L'orrect.
Our jot tttl friend, Vt. Kincannon of Dover,
one of tlie j. ainh'ei-ut,unreconin noted lute
men a ihr t-te, wa in the i auc-fcitan ih.ntv ,
lat Mfintlar, bokinif hale and hearty, aiaunch
ly, itnlaltt rinjfly foeoum-bh.
We are trl id to welcome to our midt, W. H
r'enley, late of I arndl rouiity , who c'men
am on- lor the pnrM-e of eduHttntf hin hi
dr n 1 he lame of LexVut'oiuan m-m mr ie,
through the t auoi-ian xealou-H anl laithhij
wind-work., i rapidly spread in the w ide world
over. I.el 'erapread.
Our staunch old Virgin a friend, A . K .
Sitlinirton, wa in to see u, last MoinUv after
noon, and Mtbi ribed and tAU rim ivk ropier
of the Caucasian to go for a yea. t?an, to It tend
in arioii reuions of Mtouri. Virpinia and
('olonolo. lher-'a a model milcriliT Heat
him w ho can ! ithn:toa U un vnlhuaikat c
!r K. 8 H'eat, our lontt-limbed friend, V.
P Shaw, James Moore and Jamea Wrntwortn,
of Brown-vi le.rMti in on the railroad la-t Tue
daT eveninir, and returned hme Wednediy
All sadly atlbcted with a new diara-ie, now ter
ribly prevalent n th it region Hrownnvi lltati
biar head. KxciHable under the rircumatance.
Th-v have a bully lutletown, and bound to be
htpwart. four milea aouth of Wellinirton,
ia feediuic head oi cattle and 4 J hogn; good
X. P. Buck, of Warerlv, on Tut-day of last
week, stupp-d 1H car-loads ot cattle and hog?,
at Brownsville.
II. l. llama, of the Wellington region, a
few i1a a Hh'o, (.hippt d to t. I.ouia, 38 beel
c.ltl and .V hos.
f. l, Hill, of Green ton Valley, la-t Wedne
da morning, shipped 8 car-loads of canle,
from lliggtnavtlle to M. Louift.
(rir Smith recenttv mid a nuir of lonif-
eared. hhave-tailed poniea. claastc iliv known
'Vu-t-ed mule,' to H. Carlton, for
Soni 40 or ,V head of mub-a have be n sold
recentlv in Kleirher I'alruk'a beighboi hood,
rreeiloiu toenail I p. Average prie, abouu
a bead.
(.riOin liutord ha lately imported two more
Ohio i heier White relative ol our preulenti:i'
bore. One, a stx-tnoiitha-oUi, weighs -2J0
John Han.Uev. of Freedom. la-t Saturday,
solii to Lewis Smallwood, head of rattle,
avrairing 1,-wO pounds, at 4 bO a hundred
Kvan Young has recently bouwht "Ken
titckv' a thorough-bred yearlituf hull, rai.-ed
by Oavjdaon ot the Mate which taker itj na.iii
from this call.
George Katl has recently bought, in the Texas
Prairie region, 175 head of calUe and Ann ho.
He paid 4 cents a pound tor the C ittie, and 3
cents lor the hogs, shipped to St. X,ouia.
frank Field, on Friday of last week, shipped
from Hia'K'insYille. 1" head of rattle and l ' lio-ra.
t Hiile averairetl l.'JoO pouml-; price 25 a
hundred weight. 1 1 tigs averaged price $3 :o.
A K. Sitlington.of Freedom. h;w just bought
of George I, Itarbee, of S -ott coiniy, Ken
tucky, nne of ihe finest Herk-dnre pigs in the
w. m. It coat him and will be at Aullville,
next Week
Sparks A Oar, of the Elm wood region, re
cently sold to Hunter, -7 head of cattle, avr
arfiog pountls. Among the number wereS
wo v- mi -old" that weighed respe- t'Vely , 1,.-Wu.
i,f-and l.TsO pound - The lolks down lli;i
vv:ty thinK these youthful bovim-s hard lo beat
See he advertisement of apt. lij land Tod
huntei'a Metnbrino .-tali ion in anoiher coiu i n
No finer hor--es ever Citiue to li-ouri. ah tht
Keniuckv pupers and the New York t urf, Fh hi
i ml farm weie iniiui meti u n-vn .
iUAiic ionnrrrt;;.
The full committe fonsisla of A. A. I.esueur,
Lexington township; J. fc. niarkwell. Clay;
T. 8. riattcnhorg. Hover; A. K. ittltngtou,
Fretdoro; i'eorge Gordon, ttavU; T. 8. Mo
t liesney, Snt-a btrf hris. C'ftliou, Mtddletonj
ami V . K Sti el, W ahingion . The atirfu-t
body met, nt the t'itV Hotel , lAAt Siitnid;
attei niMiu, and orxniced by elect inn A. A
I.eMieur. cbh 'imhii, and J . . Jilackwell,
e,'i.nrv, Altt rfoine eon-ultatioD a to theh
duties and the prop c C"ur-e to be pur-ited in
eotiuiy mallet t the t un.mittee djoitrned lo
n'eetMg;in, on Ihurfday, Mitrch iUt, when P
i nbHohttely Indispensable (hut there shall he a
tnll at'rudtnee. It any nieinUer happen to die
in Hie meantelide, it him by all means.uame a
ptoiy m ln w ill .
Aullville and Concordia have nearly monopo
lized the building and gem ral impt oveim n ; id
Die lovvutlup. Hotb these rising young cubs
are progressing astonish inly. A aret manj
hoiiMes, for t'liitnes anil residence pui poses, are
lu various stages f conudetion. Many othera
sre contracted for. Grangers are flaking in,
lookinti out location in the towns ami vieinity
Ltd aie raptdb appreciating in value, and Iht
propecfi tre good for iwo Ibou tsiiiug littb
'urn. But ttie tmprovtittf Is n-c entirely con
fined t the towns. Ail through the townahip
the ftiiiiulus ol the railioioiij fell, in a tneatet
or less degree, an t we are putting on new nirs
Alex. Greer is building a new dwelling about
nule from Freedom ptt-oihee, and others we
buildi'ig in ditbrent neighborhoods.
a t ,in,.l of stocL if. beinir sold and himed
The low uuif i caul" and the nieb thons equeal
inif id unwieldy porkers i incewcantiy heid on
i il our ihwrou'ghl'ares. on every bighWHy and
yway. Lewis Small wimd 'hipjied about ti !
head of rsitle and M io W hogs, IumI Mnud:iy
MaiiMiu sinunous shipped 5 car-loatis ol cattle,
and b'K-, about the end of lard wi'k.
Coru ra'es at from $1 to $1 Jt a barrel. Very
httie wheat in this region: neiny nil wild;;
tvorlh about 1 t(J. t lata searcr and none aell- ,
ing. !
or k w nr M-ciior
I b tdly damaged. The broad-nist is Mmot
intiretv plavtd-out, I hat which waa sown in
drills is belter, but htiii poor.
A. K. Sitlincton. of ut, growing region, sod
to Hem. ln it. ooine time lat Week, 5 ions ol
tl i nior il-protiioting vegeinble tabric, d a
ton. inltiegood time coming, w ben the devil
and Kadic.il tJlhcial-get lln-ir dues, won't there
oe a ling- rir-e in Ihis co'mudd ?
rhe township nievuiig, was held on the iartl
insiea I ol the nd ol f bruary. It was not m
tsrgelv attended a.-, ll Hiioittd have i een; but
'inf of our be-it I'einocrats participated in it.
Oiir iricnd, A. Iv. sitlington. was tlecled u
meinl'tr of the County Committee.
Fletcher Pali ick h i-- sawvil, ut his mill, dur
ing the past two mouths. -Slim feet t lumber
He is pr paring to push things moic etensivel
ban ever.
A number of wh. at and corn buyers are
iiperaim m this vicinity.
1 Lrhintiiif . nu-niiiv mirtim . lit. id Hie 1 hh
r,, hi llihv -iaikta-t niir t. that le'l.-wa il it Keiituckv. I hey are aristocratic thoroiiah
nri 1 1, l(.fr w, r. .- n pel l-d ' sound ih. tr lot- j breil.-, dceCeiided Irom a long line ot turn
w ui-i ie- et - i tl ve - c. 'ipis, f o h void col it -ion-, i Ancestors
lire.,; cioud t i f i in li at Hall. esUid.iy eve
it nig , t- -ee . It .?ti i . as the Little De;i dive .
nRDi t ie:chei A ion, ot Wavtrly,
i iijy o,-en a ''rum- s"ore, in Hit- fl'urin-
iirtr.-iiid Wuodson A. Fb I cher
in, in -Je r.i 1 1 i i 1
w ,ti lod'jtV ?it.l v. i
Alhadt ince th
tr;- w h le town fl--it-'
1- I'-'tind i imii i-
ii ".'.inin id .i e
i unci o;: ,,tl-.-
nva: ot the railroad,
1 wi;ti stiMiigeia. vur
i.st Mond.ry niht,
wd-! of uimuti lor
I. lb ni.iTtt'eareS
h.Mi r t
ved Comi'limknt Lat Wednesday
our in ig-iiil -eni silver cariw-t band gave
.syb"lr a -ei n ide, at ! he City Hut el .
ex i i -j:e, and wj evulend
- v oa iwiLirf Utile laay m w iior
d h-r h
r-c, .led I
Salted with Firk li ll W. LeGrarige.New
Vork, E. J. Hale X Son, 172. Thi- neat gieeii-and-gold
volume uabeva iuto thi literary world
a gifted young ludy of North Carolina. It is a
-.rory of Em lish life, autobiograpliically told.
Helen f eslian, the heiOire, "ttie la-t Ol t
imble line"" is with an invalid mother, thioui
almost penniless Upon he v,,rhl In a qnte
-ea- fulu village, she tlud employ men t us
governess, mid al-o two lover-, one ot whom
! !-.:e lovi- but cannot marry, and the o'iier, w In
loves her and whom f-he fi'nslly murries tor tht
Isikeol hei mother. The three principal charac-
fei are .-kdliulty tlruwn, w hde the l.tct thui tin
! minor ones are not crowded iurwutd, nor teai
nv-id v introduced to distract lb- remier
lU.VCP.KT 1 IH- llill-l
g o'lemen of fhe M-jili 1
ladies aad
n I on ng
d ctuiicn, ai-tf prac-
ti-in au I rehearinj t. a Concert rrol . Ixrumb-
h",i if dlot ill .sL r, and' tht- v.h-jI p-u ade
rm l- r- mid ii'.i'. me -'-lioii), ouce, t wii.e, tunee,
or several timet a w e.
ine n in a torou er iiifiit hihi
otlterwir-e. and shows to Wie Ue-t auvan age in
j oints upon which the aurlnuvss h is expemie'
in-r ifreates! care. I :ie interest is well Miiainid
'bruuhout: it is tile old, obi story " of wUicl
the tin in an heirt never tires, a ad one in tln-m-tiince.
ot love without iiillCiou. and ot tin
tenderest leeiings baci'tflced upon the altar ot
i WKAiriTnoiiNa l$v "Faoerre," author ot
! '-mgemisco" Ac, Philadelphia. J H Lippm-!(-o
ti Co , lcCi. Ho' Nannette, the pia-ar.'
? srirl,- woo ihe heart of Mi.e-, Master ot Wean
T iK... fi- iiv her own nurii V and urtleSa-nebS. an:
k and pig firm of Griiue j noWj ,m iVarmng that she berseif was heire-s tu
Jay, a-ld to tvan ; the estate i earanrnef one tri o . -.-..v..
i r tber man orcaK an mie iiummw k -
t tUst-r's iirtlui moiher, is here loid with m.
j inartistic pe i. We love little Nainirtte, who?-.
I lit. instead of being made gladsome by tht
j i;osse--ion oi that which wai lawiully her own,
v as spent in Ihe toil and monotony id poverty
' i 1 1 she bad woman's conau.atiou alter all, lot
' a: the close of the volume, sn sav, on re.ros-
j p.ct, " iiarker sli.t'iows creep m closer rou m
' ih. s t tng sun. yoinier beyond th dusky line in
j llelbeck I.und. lbere is one golden g on
! lingering Vet. One golden memory ol .Mile-'
i love." our reading li tends can onbr boil
I thrte booka, with the assurance ol being pleased.
Lni Sale C o. Grimes, of the world-
renwnrU wa.ch, c
A Venable. t:n VVedne:
Wibiarus, 2iVj acres ot U-'t lying tuelvemde
luiii.i ol io. P tee :io a. re. Terms i ,oW
Ca-!i, and the b.lluilce in to equal ptyiueula, lu
one u.ad lWy jears.
Namuow tCAi'it-As a youiig son and daughter
of uur lrteii'l, I'f- T.'e, were couiing in to j
c!iOol, on hor-eijjjk, last Wedue-day niot'Dia?, ;
the little z.rl's s ni lie clipped off, and he tell j
to the ground. 1 tr Ingntened ihe kiiti-h coil j
her brother teas nduu- H c.iuiun-nceai rearm: ;
an 1 i tire w hi;n 11--. i t'. hau la the stirrup, j
wruie tu aiiiiii d pr iiice i roiuid several ttmi-s j
1 lie breaking ol' tr.e saddie-irih tinaily sed j
bun .
fr!t Ol I I .st 1 "iie-day
ette c. unity. J. A
homo d, w as tin
So elnuiRir ever vi.na Lexington without
l.i-inK strnrk with the li. ailly ol" her duhurs.
the liltliint'; ol It str'-ets, the niimher ol tier
rlnirctii s ai)i i!i.sKTio, Mini the cnws-Ri uim 'I
olil-loainrss ut hir nnii-r.ilks. Ami f. w t-vei-.s::iintr
thiotiKli tlie tlotiuha anil ovrr tin-irarhiiae-i.iUs.
winch constitution- houlevanU,
.viihout bring a.-lonished at the dimensions ami
finance of our iliy-j,ooi- and jeelry-lores.
;oi ks are k. t in our little backwoods village,
that would be ciediialde to any city In the
rte?t. In ihe way o a jewelry ettaulishm nt,
uw places less tnaa St. Louis can 5I10W one
ihat would lor a moment, staixl a con:)iiriii n
,v.ih liriniea enali!e's. The building
tliilshed ami luriii.-hed in elegant niell'..iutitali
atvle, and tin ir tiock is said by cuinnel 111
iu l'e m be ii.-urpu"ed by any in the Slate,
-vim tue exceiiii'.n ni .1 u-e.ird's in 1 lie dingv
..M Milage whieli lies jual twenly tive inne.--rtow
Alli'U i'eoltiiitlary. 'lllvv liave jilM
oiiieti to tlieir aheady niai:niiiL;ent iti ray ol
li!ti rl.iif Cumlllodltles, some of the ilamtlesl
nut nil -est (teiii.- e'er iiu: I roill gloom j mine
li-lted liom ocean' caves. '1 hey have
.n.eiidld ns-orlineid ot diamonds, bejrniHlilj:
.villi the $1 t) d lam ond cro.s w Inch one oi olti
...in ;.o s nil. rs to unv leii-,ear damsel, who
,,r..iun. and is ur.ueiilcd I) tore Ihe Ul'sl
lime. Jsioil waieli; chains; .S0 alee
illliolis and M'llt-:MUU 'file lovai c.ltel .
chain, anrnuiciv ueiv and beai.tlild coiubiiia-
...11 ,,t' nt c .lace and wa en cha i n , lo be w-U'n
:-lt!ler rtcnalauU nr tnat'lher Maliuee Leotliln
.M-tii.n itch and ehuallt. 11 ami k. 1 c Inel MHO
t .a In.lilers. and ciov e-la.-teliero, ail file newe.-l
.ml ia-.in.-t desiuiia. tr.i.-sf!, miir. iu
loiniuod. emerald, o.al, pei.n, ameihys and
rubi . Oehliuie sione calm o, exquisi lely d, ll
caie' t.liaiu and band Or.fVHlets, an en-llei-
.uiii-tv I'nle silver walw, mi I lalile Itil vv. d-
...u ilrrrelils. all the n..v.liv. I.llv na.kn
riinrs. butter. tl-h and Ule knifes, d nner, b.ea-
,.m null lej-.-o-ld. W'itlchea una docs, Ilto.
cents lo (Jo0 aplice. City and rallroail
line, alivavs correctly ktl till and lake n
l.i.a at nrriilHS Itial will certainly make von
Cc.,k the last SeClniD of tlie Uecab'KIIC. ll
carMint-li not blir neighbor"- - "r. r l..
I.olliel, or Id- lonsr ed "eW Oejiart ill e,
i l.,.r-,.nr-in-Ihc-uid-lllle. an t !-itl.-slilll Llclllo-
.ml-al ieust, ins nii..klu-rihi4
al(cllei'? ,
Whew! The jw ol Jiihilo', -comtn(r. Tbe
iKKer niHIennium i Ht IikikI. rreiarf., nh,
. re,. are. The white lion shall It down wi n the
lilac lamb, th pale wolf with the ilimkT kid,
a. id yoiniK mahogany shall r .llow t'lem. Hal
hat lial ii.dly, ain't it J .llyf Niitirers In South
ern I. Klelatuna Nigjelo in con.lillilliiiiai
cailivetnlolis. Mi;iiei, In national now-wow-,
4ab-.wattllll. and lice-ex oail Ions. Niters
til tree sell. .ol. Nifers .1.1 supreme lienctie..
.Niggers in lieulen iiu-aoveriiors' cnairs. Nik
i r in creiai vslnps of Slate. .Nirera hi
presidential recepimns mid puw--hakin. and
t apttal l.itr rveiiiiix parties. And nijiitei'a in
ihe tliiiLi-d sl es t-onuress, so-called. NiKtfei'.s
tu ikillK laws lor the laud of i,aiiiii)too and
l.ee. Vuii..p! NlKcr, niKKer, every where 1
KaiiCT tlie whole soiitn recuiisiiic ed, yanko
niKer fashio... Stales all ieprese.il' .1. Sevei.l-llir-e
tariy.nuvd poieuala in the hou.e, and
, Wi uty -ciahl lu lh senate. loi-daya session.
IJb.se-l dool's. Jlcated lliseaissloll . lleVinas
. I decay d caivesc. Untied with ancient In ii-Ii ml
sl.usl Hold )onr nii.nt wnh loi ly-pllicliei-oower
cioihes-pin, as von ilitnk ol it. Aromatic
ft iff. od.na more luscious than the gales loal
,,ign o'er Arab Ihe biesi. I'm isataiiic. plillali
t.nophy ni duck-Ill ot rapture, li)n ricussesoi
ecslacv. SUiouer pollJloxiuK Willi lileasy
Weliclie ill Ihe gall. I u s. Ileecller and lilshop
Simpson b.Hdlooing benedliaion ll-re! ijilicl!
nana t. li-pouild well. hi lo he end oi our nose,
lo keep lhat comely ornament ol oui ptiysiog
..ollly from turning tt sollleisel, ami ligliliilg on
the back oi ou i neck! City U.nis ol Lexington!
Vou may alcal soi.ielllluit, ol column burglary,
bcast-lmlleiy, Bherinamalion or assassin. ilioh
vou may perpetrate some I. nil deed, tor which
Ihe laws ... Ihe laud will send you lo the llpp.I
or lower Bell of the uatlnlntl dog-keinlel ami
stelieli-iaclory. tin null get accustomed to the
Iragrance which will then sin rouinl ou , b
taking an occasional snill ol the alley back ol I he
Cnv tlot. l. iiotrlble's no n line tor it the
ar.ill is .nick enough to dip up Willi a soo.
and holt In us an niiproicim nt on liarunoi n,
.ssal. tlds, burnt t.aihcr, slale oiil.iua, . oioK... ,
mged wool, iM isalimi and A.iia ue Meplnlis
Amu n ana I he cholera w oum u avei a t.n.u-
,u. 1 miles, to lev. I in ine iciuoy oi ncu
reservoir of n... incas. li alreauy green, slim)
ami sen y. till. City lla.ls. J 1st go aud smell!
Aud Ihrn have it cleaned ou ! !
At Trfpp's on rellr ' I"' ,
thlnga sold remarkmbly well. The etoclt gener
ally wa rather indifferent, bin brooghOU Tull
luo. Yearling calvea aolil from 7 to .l
bead . I wo and three year obi cattle, from IH
to ;w. Sheep, very poof. 2 S" licad. Iloga,
up io Uest nial kel itloiallon". via.
KHl.lli .1 V-
Our Itaptlst brethren hv aeenred the eerTinee
f itev. air. rtinith, as their pastor for anotlier
year. I he la.iiea oi ine mi'i. "r
ganmeii series of mite partieto aid In tlui.h-
Ing tneir ctittrcn. ine m"'
I huradav eve lug. at, ine r.-s.... ..oi ... awrn
II..II .n.l tta. ll Vl-I V 11 flllftia lllim H all
nexi one la to ne i t mr. ivii."j
evening. Lverybody and nia
duUKhter are Inviied.
good lor thu
liobble.l from the ilanner, of March 2.
The Hoard ofTrtistcea ol I he I 'wn of Krowns-
ville nn t ; A. K. lln.-n ill the i nair
, ii.-i in. oi nres. .ten sigiie.i or ,
holders, on
slec Veil
the County Court ,
The Lafavette Hd school Tre-bytery meets
n.f Th ...... i.v Ht I .fiinrwood. l'etl is countc. I la
ie contract for keeping the paupers of Laiay- j ,mJf mooted queation of union Wl h t ae South-
i . -r ..,-l..e nt ths ;revnton ne.icb- 1 ern l.eneral Asremljiv.ls to ue necioeo ,so i.n .-
llns I'resb.'tery is coucerneo . .a con,
ui.-etlngwill be held at brother ynarles
- h.west bidder.
He takes Ihe
f arm and ull the poverty-stricken, at
i. Ih-- nnt chi-apest oiler was made by
n li. Ihi1. j a week lor each nuloriiiuate
w. re liu.-u ..r larn'4 olhiT bid", the
il beilu a w.es, each.
Stiiav f.nvr lad. IJIeld ca!l our attention to
an .-...remit banging m Ins private odice itt the
L-xington Savings ISiuik, winch was left soiiie-
t.ine sii.r.?. annnrehtlv bv mistake. In one of j
Its pocket-, a n- CHt'.ar IMece of breech-1. '..d ing
... ll.
t.ati.r as
can i, .i
li s. 1,-av
l.tuMitiiig to l.iiiit s light arlineiy
as loi.iid, il tin- owner villi please
l lnpel'ty by Uilnlavli, alio win
Un'ile of champagne, and pay
m.s i5..-ticc, no 4Ucs'lous about
il- tnstoi y w ill he a-ked
MtrinH.iMsi. ll'-At Ihree or four weeks
a;., v. r pubiisb'si a notice of the niarnaxe, at!
Majview, ol Mr ( l.ail.s II. l'ool and Miss I
Sinn Kiinp. it fame r. lis in a note si nidi
. II l'ool. ami r.'iiuesting us t . give it a plac.
la i ur c. Milulas, a. s:ii.n as posslhle
.....n..!i.i..k. mit-r in miirrnu morning servii.-.
to instruct ihe delegates how to vote upon tins
'. important measur.-. A lull attendance ot the
, s.rinkle-is'ic bretberen and si.-tereu, is earnast
; . reqllt?led.
' The North Methodist Conference, which ha-iu-t
been iiow-wowing in Kansas City, made no
' an, , ointment tor Lexingion. Itev. Mr. H. gg-i.
i who was stationed here, last year, goes to
1 Pleasant Hill; ami lids station goes a-ll. gging.
Kld.-r l artrr, of Stockton, California, will
prearti in the Christian church, to-m arow
morniiiK and evening. II- 14 stopping at I.. L.
li..utbell'n, on South s-l-ei.
i. i,l..s i: I. Tavlor and farndv left for Ken
tucky vesterday evening, accompanied by ihe
nr. vers and good-wish
courch- ,
Services to-morroiv :
At Uid -hool I'resbyterian, by
ANSf.lL KllMKt FOIl IsTl.
U'ehav n received and examined the annual
report of the i'lesldent of this company, J. 11.
trttton, Ei., also I lie report oi ihe Hon. V.
iving, state Insurance Superintendent. The
success which had distinguiilU'd tins Institution
,ri to tec. In7vl, lias characterised il during the
year 1-T1. When it is c--llsl'lel ed t'l.tt the u.-t in
crease or Ihe bitsiuess of the Association v as
.n the vear 1-Tu, 5Pi.o.iiJ,'A)0 more than any other
ollipanv hi the wornl.aild that Ihe net increase
f t- bu-l:ie-s l.ir ui.i, ii is oeei, o.e. j w..
n. ire than mat oi ni...
I ot l.s eminent
-ool't shows tlie
it the clo-e ot Ihe
in tins it
lit 1
ll ml
ol all the Christian
P.ev. Mr
"air. t- have Iji-. r. a Irvv ilia
tne v.. un.- had any !! a lliey .
t'.ev saw Ihe aininUiiC'-rn. .il in
i oi.'ssiah. And even vet, r.i
th it the til-eat
tin v liialntaiQ
It nuns
sell. Neither of
v.-re married, lid
Ihe ever-reliable
spite of thx laCL
While Man's l'aner never eri.
that its a d un aging no-aucu-
Niogkii Ilvsii May suit the taste of Sum
l.er's and I'lnlllps' anthropophagous breth
ren on the tnn-sxorrhed bank ol Zambesi
or the Niger.' But a for tis, give us less- highly
flavored .ll-lies.- A considerable quantity ol the
h in-, of 1 1 a home v 's favori'e viand, was strewn
si , inn I at Kicinnoiid and LeXlnnlon Junction,
la.t I hills. lav eveni...' I ob.ied gehlleuian
ti -h uallv slign't. "fried lo scramble ..n board
", ill Mis-oln I train. Slo ped, lell under cars.
Liht .vhe. U pa-aed over mm. Multiplied hull
numerously. Head in one place, iio.ly ill
another L-ZS mil In ogans St ill otherwheres,
sm. king s.shi I'p Wiiis.ir and sain Ander
son -aw ll ihey like not such sau.age fac-
torn-s. -s-.
A In-ABoLif AL Vi- L'n ler the bead of "A
Jok ." we liod the lollowing para.raphic atro
e.ity, in Ihe J .nlependence Herald, ol last Thuis-rt-.v
lia'OseN of lex is Prail le.fairdanghtera of
a b ni eoa- ii-i,lin.cf,.iiilii-sloo us as voiir iven-J.-HI-
.'linr ...... ,d bnil wiilmi ns. till our hat
,;.."?'.- n . or he nl, like an In I nr n led IcaS ket
tle. el tV e Ion,' l. raill bem-ath I he pr. old pel -ticoal
ie. inai.'tl hero a ally, against tlie
n. vv-i .o. (i.e. toe; lo fling our a.imlet at bis
feet ii. 1 an niivil lit h.s bead; and challenge
1.1. n to lii-tan'.ah. oin and o. aolv conibai ; dls-
Isin e .in in.i.s; ..pons, syrnig.-s ina.leil won
n.;.i;'t waie; -a he-1 and luu at the word,
il, i. ' j th .le-kely slorv :
"A )oimglai m eas I'rairie, In Lafayelie
een;- . il -. eni. h.i.l .li nt many s.lul rers, and
tin Wer-J ill thek.iOIt.il Culling II I. on t send
ing i: M, Not ' . ig smee, she l altendinir
t . -in.- h u-et..i. I nulies In Ihe parlor, and
l.inKlln.' .'!! rllr Spied Ole. Ill llCT Ill.lUerOUS Sll-
imr. is C..11.0V in, in t it being K.o Ut.- to oiske
iir.it ir.iii'in pailor. she look reluge in the
do- t ami icih.in.ed there some three hour."
W i know it ue.i r happened, but we'd give a
g Id-i late l toi n-acne and tbree flue neuralgias
to leal'U who tlie gill w as .
At Assembly Presbyterian, by Hev Mr. Uyers
At sotllbern .Metnoilisi, ny ivev. ..... ...ss-
t cln is.lan, by Elder Caller, of California
At Ki.iscopal, by Kev . Mr. tlllnn.
Att alholic, by Kev r'aiher Hoog
At Oei man Methodist, by Itev. Mr. Lichen
berger. , s s v t -
t lt. at long, long laet, we reomoi me
woods. The cars are running into town. John
w xi.isl ihe ticket agent, has arrived and
will, at once, proceed to fit up u handsome ollic
in tue whopping new hotel, on south str
Ueguiar passenger trains will commence s
ning over the line, and Ihe mails lor st. l-i
.....i ,.n mli.-r legions south ot the river, vv il
-re, I to il. next Mond iv. Many traveler
ul.-eH.lv coming and going over the road
.....l uu .in.leesiand that, on account of
-a Mlomneills Ol StOI'k ami nroduC.', W ilicil
, e i.inii inaoe all along the route, tl is pi
,wl ihe most i.rolltabie tl it v miles of ihe
whole l'acnlc line.
ti.. !i.ir.inonte.l Saline county bond case is
tn K. u,,, ..e.l some time tins month, bebsl
miss and Wagner. ofthe Supreme Coun
. si l oin. one of Keavisvilie's Circuil
Judges will lend his vast intellect to aia m
decision of the muddle.
Ule i'ica mav be ioriu
iiild couilnucd .success. lilt
amouni ol insurance lo f..rc.
year isT4, to be S,',.',slT.4lu
i,e t:1 Col l.Vi ;, l. tiling an lin r. .is.
m during the year, of over a million
I i. !.-,ooe i in uliT l le V ear w as p..
' f'h.. ca-ii nalil to beneliclai ie, o. ue
'. ,..,io-v iinl ii-rs was .Hsl. 171. c-s.
iividellils letlirLleil o roliCV nonieis was 5.-,,
I.: A m i- i.r.il t. lig I.. an I .'asonaoi.- ...
els and selling iisi ic an unusual prop.il t.oll
.i i-..-t-1-ve. in- reinsurance mini is,.,..'.,
,i lo.s a sin nllls ol SJ fin .I.J. . '.IO ue nisu louie.i
I'o tec no .l.-l's.
ileshi. j doing tins large amount of business it
i. ...... I .in, ii lor a null laigei noi&.
seven new ilepartuietils have been organized dui
lug tile Vear, aim ai e in oov.oc.o. ...
and seven uiore are lu process ol lormalion.
k'e.o. ll. e ,'i'eat CltV ol .s-ew I oi s
..j in.- si roii - iioi. i oi ns ,.u ......
.... i...... n .i-lii.iH ierlge Hie snoei io.
. ......... i.e o.-.rii.iiiriinr
rlie Ass It-llll lOIl IO ...n i o.. . - e-
,. ... ..-.i-.e.soi over a-si nicuiuoa
,1-nriii.z lo tile a.noUnt ol lo. vs. .o. ...v i.
ne'i ol that Jieirofioii. vi un.
iii his report, remarks: in.s is
is base-
mah.r ami Sl-Vl'll t-rlier pioueiiy
Miller street, pel ii inning " pu.ns.
ides of said street mur nil wine, ivnei inn-
d.lioer.ition, on motion, me loiiowmg onu-
11 nice w as ndopteil :
lb- it eil-i 1 ii m .1 hy tne cnairiuan anil i.oam i
Trust, e- of ihe I o n ol lirow nsv 1 1 le, mat the
inhabila-ts owning 1 "IS snuaieii on .u n i.-r si i e. i
lie repined u build good and si ii-ini.li.il -nlc-
wnlko, lo ne coinpo-i o ni no ....s .-, ,
and to be not less .111111 four left ( I) wide, to be
placed ..long the front f such lots, on the atore
sai.l sire.t," lo be constructed within twenty
,i-.e. from this date. Anv person owning lots
upon said street, mid hilling toe nnply Willi this
..fllllliiUCe W iinill me nine spetnn .., so.... o.
U.....I in the sum of live dollars lor s vn. Union ol
-,.,.1 iiidiiiance. and il hali be the duty ot the
Marshal lo see lhat such sid.-ie dk is construct'
..a i il... eo-l ol such owner ol lots.
This Ordinance to take ellecl Irom and after
l"iSUttU' A. R. IIAZKN, Chatr'n.
Feb. SOih, 1S72
nr, Weilnesil.v evening la-t. tt Lodge of Hand
Templars was eiganized in this place, by l. G
VV .- T Mr. li S. Ilellrdnfl. ol Ijeoi gelown
l'etl isctiiitv . s.. me thirteen charter members
were dul inducted into the mysteries ol this
honor, d order.
The billowing am the elective offisers lor tre
. l ll I VV '.' . A!.' -
CUlieiil 1,-1 III . ... ... ri.iei, .. -. i , e.i-i.
s.llie Keintieit. W. V. T ; I has. Kliicatd, XV.
s Mr M M. Wepklv. W i hap : lr li F
smith, V S. ; Miss Addie Flovd. W. T. ; Ii
l l:...iv- W M .:ll. li Mel. lew. I. U.:I. U
Vni liew's.t ti 'I he iollowiugaie ihe aiipointed
olliceis: Mis- Hume Fioyd, it. H.s; .Mrs. M
t.,.t, ner. C II S : Miss Fannie Flovd, W . A
S : Georgia Flovd, W li. M.s Clias. ilcl.ellun
n ,, chosen 1. 11
Willi the all' ve set of officers, the Lodge c.ill-
noi well help but prosper
Three weeks ago Monthly, school was opened
in ihe new. large ami C"luinodious bri. k srhonl
hoo.i-. at tin- place. Kid J li Wright
I'ri.ipiual. ami Mi-s lloinly ami v jss liattie
Flov.t. Assist-tnts 'i'here is an average ol 1 lo
m holars in attendance daily ; t -o many for th
nimnier ol teachers i-mplovid We would sug-
ge-t to the lioard ol Ullt-clnis that they make It
a graded rchool. a- we IS. ink ll wnul.l lie more
convenient lor the teachers and giv e Letter sau--la.lion
to pareuls. A go.si graded sclio.d, with
a sitllicirnt number oi .-..miielent teacher woul.l
atltt ct nsideiiiuiv to our tin iv tug young city, am
would induce l.tirenis living al a iiistaiKe to
send their children her.- to In- educated
Pl.sT-.iFHt E-
There is i-onle talk of I he post-otllce being
moled nearer to the railroad. lothl- a gi-eal
uianv object, giving as a reason thai the major
ii.irt'ot th im-iness istbine oh Mam street. where
it now is. and lorlli.it iea-oll it Is more C-Jlivell
cut lor a lniij-lltv ,1 the people Un this point
we preferto w illn Id oliropnilon.tiut -a'e do sei i
oiislv ,.bj--c.t t- the p..si-..!lice l.cing kept in ;
sioi,"- w hen a more sllttalile biiilittng i stl lie had
We have suttieient reasons I.-r this objection, ant
believe that a uinj ..i-ity oi our eiuz.-ns are ready
to raise the same objection.
rimRial ION
Tn.n...l J n7 ... uiinii.S tht 11..
ir-,r n..ri,in-il iroili iiiluriesl.v ticlhg ran
n.-eiii-s we stilted l hat lie hail ue.-n situnv
ired lor, and decently l.urie- n no- ..ia-oii
iiojol-.ee We have sime Uet-n uiioiiueil
he W oishiptlll Alasier ni tin- i-on ... . e
.i ii-iii. -nt was nol Correct; i"c an-toion
.wn Mi- W ar. was not none uy ine a-on
an ol gailizaiioii, bill w a done by ihe citizens
in ilnrilv . it whom. lio.veVcl, were niep.iuel
mat noiioracie ...inc.
Mauv "f "iir readers will ne -orry to learn inn
N L. W atkins. the g-'tilienian.y cimucioi
the Ltt. & St. I.oins raiiioiitl, h.s been taken
thcre;i oin, ami fill on in- main nue. an-
ins i'V his t-nui ieous oeineauoi . ami eA,.e,.e...
illsine-.s rpiaiities. Won l ost s ol friends curing
the short time be ran oh 111" aoove nue. ut .
UOCcedcd bV Ml' lvlsslllgl-11.
A 111 st-clnss carriage and wagon matter win
ml tills a desirable anil iucrativ - place lo oo n
illsliiess i.r.jw ii-v ine is s.,,... -'
best of Soil Inr graz.ing, ana u -..on-on, . ....
understands me biisii.c-s, vyouiu stai a ""!
re it Would p.y si.ie-waiks ...e
a ded ou Spring sllei t. from Main lo the depot,
roll! AIN'T Mil' 'lllOItLV
Wi-e men are pre.licui.g thai Ur..w ,isvi le will
foible her population during Hie nel nieue
l-.llths. lo ll" lneail uy llllllligiauon, o.
M O. Jacobs is buying moral-weed, l'rice
lower than ha been known inr many years.
Hanging about .V. Jas. M. Itoard baa a crop
.. . . ., .1 hi. ......in.l...
on liana, oi rz or u iiiiib, .. ...,,
Thos 4)j rrly, abouf 6 tons, i "ey are noiu.ng
lor better neural.
btoc-w .
v... . ..e . ,ie.l i,nne shipped at present.
Smith A Saunders are fee g aw head ol cattle,
and about 300 hogs, in th nottoui near this
place. -
......,i.....l Imltfw. ire nf the opinion, that
our wheal crop has p.ettf "early gone up.
lloth broadcast and .trllieii j .
riNlfi BABS-
Joseph Iteives has just nihed one of the
llnesi bio us ever built in un-s Boo.1.7 . 11 con
some 91,300.
ootso TO i-a-A.
Napoleon is about to be two of her most
valuable and highly esleetlicii ciiiiena. vv ru
Feir. ll has soul out I M y. ". i"i
ininksot locating in hansas un. ami m.
West has llislMJsell ol Ills prop.-.,, u .e, .tin
takes bis depai lure 111 a le wceaa. iHiin gen-
tlemen bear Wvllll in-ru moiia.". ooo
w i .lies ol all our people.
iilsiii.m; rMi.s
Our enterprising young merchant, M. O.
Jacobs, has reduced IhepVieeaol nis extensive
stock lo just anything patrons choose to
pay. lit huge, Hauling uosiers, oearui ine
Caucasian imprinl. Blare one in the lace at
every nun; tliev ornament every gate-tiost.
knotty elm, lilacasmiiu-s..t.p mu.c-. .
wiihin live milesol towu. Aud the result is
such a rush of customers, mill lleitner ne nor
his popular salesmen, iei a aeons inn nm
II. ins. no liave hail time 10 say - now sci
we down lo snore," for the lasttnree weeks.
nuu i..i.Wii.r un a tra le that, makes the bulls'-
ye peepeis of OUT OlU-Iogies, BUCK ul Pi me
tips of their noses.
M. lilllloil
great tl'l
i-iation lias
' , i.i..n .1... u-,.e oil utii
... ,0-1 oi.s 11 noil winii in. ..-.-... ..
,1.. .,..1 call lor the i-atrouage ot nieiely a sing
.. ,.- e,-i nm of ihe country; they are tini
.er-ul 111 their application, aim must ne .eo.
ui.ed bv the whole nation."
i.'...-onv ions reasons the I. fe A
been the subject ol Ihe most bitter and uuscrupu
lous attacks. liival companies umt vim.iin
, ,...-t us inogfess by circuUting ion-
1 i.e.. ns ito.-iuiienls at enormous exp.-ilse
t -s ire-1 culled and discharged agents ol tin
V-sociatlnll have be n p Ckeil lip ami SUppilc
, .....eel' :lll.l I1..HIS. llH lllC OUl'llUSC
.i.n.tir 11. .-ir "dn-iv work, and uluiost ev -rylhin
..... i.. .loii.v aiiti malice could concoct, w.lli
,,v- ..roloioilitv of suaceas. lias been u-ed
si .To ns onward career, but 111 every case lm
restiii.-tl in igiiolllllloiis lalilll'e, a. til It now
.r.i.ols all ihings consi lered. without a rival
Its agent here, ill', trotter, has done well lor I lie
1 1110:1111 in this section ol Hie country, navin
placed hall a ill 1 i I inu ol insurance o'l Us bo
a.,.-..... sii.o-l Inn.- he lias b.eil aulotl-1 us
Anr i.er.on wanting Lite lil-ul'ance nad belt
e. iii iiinl see inlu. he is reliable and can "talk
i.ile Insurance." m-rii
next Tuesday
wile and eldest
A e tinilsll
rear, firm snuury, sun .-.j
duing all Ihe spring hauling
season of
Two colored gent.emen were arraigned In
Dover, on Fiidayof last week, for stealing
.. i.e.. 1 .rum our friend. ' Will Carter. Instead
of binding them over lo answer to a charge ot
grand larceny. Justice Talbott fined them fdii
apiece, and let I hem go. Prompt justice oftfial
kind saves the trouble aud expense 01 a crin
inal trial -
Our venerable tow nsman, Judge J. S. Plat-t....i.o.--.'
was senoudv imlisiiosed last Satur
day, and unable to attend the meeting of the
County Ucinocraiic Committee, ib Lexington
John E. Itowyer is building an addition to b:s
house on Main street, ana renovating 11 geu
Van Anglen . LaberteW, last week, bought
ol Matthews Graves, the Dover livery-stable.
1 he whole e.-tab tshinent, buibtins, siock and
vehicles, is worth ab ut 2,boo. I he new owners
..i-opose to build an ad.llllou immediately, wnicn
will double its capacny.
1 he oust able of Midulelon township passeil
through here, last Sunday ,-v. mug, with a party
ol movers, w ho had slid out leafing a number
ol creditors about W'averly. He overtook them
....ue 1 ev.o.rfon ill I SCIISll tlleil' WUTl ill Slid team
ami marched tliem back lo lace Iheir interested
Tin. session of our nublie school ended a week
or two ago. I'rof. lirattley, reinlorced by our
...t.-..,....l iYie.n1. Win. 11. Carter, will continue
11. a a select school. Dover is justly proud 0
ner Seminary. It has een her pet tuslitulion
lor many ye irs . Her b. lies aud beaux have all
draw 11 in edilication, thumbed iheir primers
....I siielling-books. within its hallowed walls
Under ihe new- faculty, it 18 bound to be a pros
perous and popular cradle ot learning and re
liueinent. MASONIC.
Our williaiu-Roatic ku klux m et on tha Satur
tlav evening 011 or lieiore ttle lull moon in ach
month. 'Una time is sei.-cted in order to afford
ihe muon-ejed brotherhood, the benefit ol
Lima's most elTuigent radiance, as they home
ward Wend then devious way.
S u Uvland's n.-w house will soor. be done
.. Fred Meyers turns out S. Sou leet ol lum
ber, a lav , al bis sawery Farmers' Club,
or Vgricilllurill Sllillelall, well attended
Zack Ala11bew9ru.ua a wet and dry goods store,
coiuOlued- .A lig parly io ctim; on soon.
Our yiung city is still rapidly moving forward
to metropolitan nira and greatness. The sound
of hammer and saw is heard on every hana. and
buildings are springing up as if by magic. Talk
.bout Jonah's s.iuash; but we'll nn l.y that
famous vegetable in the shade.
The demand f..r town lots is so great that it Is
almost impossible lo uie.i
. 1.... ..mine st our command, a
i lure bis just luidoiran add.-. 0.1 o(Unny-H,x
acres, r acn 101 co.ua. ..s ... ... .....
... . ... ..t ...r . iifui rini it.i. ...o. .e...... ...
.iece of ground, and is Intended eutirely for
re i'lelices I be first fmuse in me aiiiiinou is
o..w bring built bv Mr. Hnflnian, and w ill soon
1... ii.,i-i....l Mr McClure is nr. paring to erect
flue residence, upon a coriiiiiau.iiii oumm"
a ijoining the u.miiiou.
To the Stockholders of the Iiexing-
ton, Iake and uulr Bailroaa
Belew I would respectfully submit a statement
of the status ol Ihe l-xington, Lake t.oll
Ballroatt Company, showing Ihe receipt and
disposition of the funds of the company from
the date ol its organization In August Isw. to
Ihe present datvi which Is as follows, to-wll:
... 1,4.14 J
.. l.U.l'ift oh
lit, on tm
.. '.m.otio o
,-n,.v.u '2
. lj.otio o
4 .ono Oil
21 ,ouu 00
aoAD hid.
Brlerly, work at Pleasant Hill.. .
M. H. Hall ft Co., 1st contract .
M S Hall A Co. . -Znil contract .
W. N. Monroe A Co., contract.
). W Knker Jr., i.i.0ul ties
V. L. Kwing, 8.3.15 lie
Husscli Hicks, ti.onn ties
Oflioers sal. .tie insp ,and trav. exp 7.R.I4 00
Other directors, traveling exp 1.722 Ull
Total ,5H 03
Discouar and iNTBkasT.
Total discount on all bonds sold aud
interest paid on notes ti 12, ISO 7.1
Kugineer corps lor IH7.) and 1H71 JO.bmI 70
HiuiiTs or WAV.
For rights way in Ltlayeiu .Cass and
Hates counties ana cosisot suivs ou
same 3.1 "
Furniture, books, stationary, prinl-
inu- bonds, ailverttsing. telegrams.
Kt mps, olUce rent 4Lc, for l7u and
1H71-2 10 date ."
limes servi-e in t .ass county c
Davis amouni paid out by mm in pro
curing bonds
Uuuiii) expenses in Jackson and Cass
Printing bonds an t sundry expenses
counected ttierewim
Jobu Ueid, President, bal.
9 3,', Ono Ou
1,423 45
S.OIS 00
117 00
350 00
410 00
bis ac't.
4,82 00
161 34
.S4od,osj2 74
Orand total
Note Oct. 14, '71 to W.N. MonroeACo t 10,082 74
Mole Oct. 12, '71 lo Lawrence ueau.. 2, 000 00
stockholders of Van llureii township.
Jackson county, notes paid 10 Iliu-
aell Hicks..... 7,000 00
Lexington Township, Lafayette coun
ty, stock paid ta bonus a.wu on
Washington lownsnip, Lafayette Co..
stock paid in bonds m.iiw w
ni-a-oar township, Lafa.elte county,
slock paid iu bonds ". 35,000 00
Van Kuren township, Jackson county.
stock paia in tionus w.wti w
Pleasant Uil townshiu. Cass countv.
stock paid iii bunds 100,000 00
Polk townshiu. Cass countv. stocK
paid in bonds 15,000 00
Austin I owiisbiu. Cass county, stock
paid in bonds. . .' 50, 0J" 00
Mount Pleasant township. Bates CO..
slock paid in bouds 47,000 00
Hanes llros1
lirand total t4o8.682 74
1 would further state that there is yet due the
company and unexpended of its assets in the
counties of Bates aud lemon, the sum of one
hundred and forty-three thousand dollars 11
township bouds, and wh ch amount it is pro
posed to apply to the extension 01 the line ol the
roatl from Hurler to Nevada.
1 leel aut.iorize.l in making the statement, that
considering the kind, and extent of the re
source, of the company it has completed more
miles of road, ready lor the iron than cau be
shown by any other company Iu the slate. Ihe
liue is about ready for the iron fro.ni Lexington
to Butler, .a distaut of fc& miles, aud it is pro
posed to have mat part of the line irom Butler
to Nevada completed during the spring aud
summer, and wuich is now alt under contract,
aud in cours of construction.
1 would further reiuaik lhat on the7tlt of Feb
ruary last, the entire line 01 the road as it now
exists, and such as may. hereafter be acquired,
w as leased ill perpetuity lo the Burlington and
aouth Western Itailway company, aud which in
etfect constitutes and makes oue liue of road
Irom Burlington, Iowa, to the south line of the
Slate, with an arm to Kansas City from Lex
ington. i be entire line was put under contract on the
22ud day ol last mouth for ironing and comple
tion ready for the cars.
The Mississippi and Missouri Iiiver Railway
Cousiruciion Compauy have the said contract
and receive the bonds and securities of tile
company lor such completion and ironing.
L nder the terms ot the lease, the line from
Burlington to Lexington is to be completed aud
in operation, on or before January 1st, 1874,
aud also the ironing to commence at Lexington
by tlie first of July next, and to be comple.ed
southward, and made ready lor the rolling
stock in good laiiti, ami with all dispatcn.
11 is believed that Witti aDy tntng use a lavor
able money market lor the lirst mortgage bonds
of ibe company, the entire line will be completed
auil in operallou in luucu less tliue man is iicie
The stockholders of the company may con
gratulate tiieuiselvea over the now eviuent fact,
mat tlieir line of road is now in condition tor
rapid completion, and when done will constitute
one of the must important roads of the west.
Very respectfully, jouji tttiu, t-reaiueui.
U-Choloe S. O. Hngar, Rio and, Lagtitra Oil
fee, in store and or sale by-
tf It. II A V8, cor. Main and Laurel.
s.t.e. Brif.s-Warranted fresh and r-nnin
gar linand firmer seeds, from Landreth and
other reliable houses. Just received at Alex
ander's Hrug . .lore. lelj.l-.sra
s-Hotir, Meal and Bran In store, for sale,
and delivered promptly. It E. " A iS.
If Corner tfain and Laurel streets.
nini Setts Warranted to produce an
nnion.bulk-Vellow and White. At Alexander s
Drug Store.
s -a. t hi.-fc.rf,.tr A Anns' and
Pianos, Mason A Hamlin organs. " e mnsi
will sell two inNi.ar.i of them this year, nl ex
tremely low prices roa cash or upon easy month
ly payments. ! t bickerings now sell lor
aiT.i Send for Illustrated catalogue and prices.
Correspondence solicited. COAOVKK BHOs). ,
8il Main street, Kansas City. febl.-lm
Take Warninu Bleached and Brown mus
lins have all advanced and slill advancing.
Wilson Hutchison's have a large aback of
muslins bought before the recent advance, which
they are still selling al old prices, and will do
so lor a lew days longer, can ai nmn s
HutcliiBon sand save your green narks, imiiu
Wilson A Hutchison cliilai lo Sell domes
tics and Dry O.iods at lower p rices than any
olher House In the city. iebn
Bheweky The glass that cheers, but not
Inebriates. Beer, beer, foaming and sparkling.
'I heme of the poet and musician's rapt.stlas.
Sparkling fountain, whence Ot:riiiiy draws
swlace and inspiration, carter & 'Davidson 'a
new brewery, near Farrar's brick yard, is pour
ing forlb Hoods of the best made anywhere in
western M.ssouri. Louts f.fillan, the not d
brewer, bascbargeof its manufacture. Orders
promptly titled, and every keg warranted
good and pure. Keiuember the addiess of Carter
A Davidson. JsiiiOnib.
(3-0'Ciinuor McLeod's msgmttcent eat
eataullshuirnt on Mam slreel, in Dutch Row,
will keep constantly on band all varieties of
salt and fresh-water Bsh. Also game of every
kind, lllk, Antolope, Buffalo and Deer, and
spare no effort on their part to please and
satisfy their patrons. janl3-ly
Cheap at P C. Patterson ftjCo., UliOcLlt
SLt-.U. Ooods delivered flee. jalill
Bran and Feed FLOUR. BRAN and FKKD.
. est brands of Flour constantly on hand. Bran
and Feed delivered promptly. Leave your or-
ier with M -ear. A. A. A J . O. Lesueur, Cor.
nam and Pine. oct2l If
j LO. It. BR IN and FfctiD. For the above nr-
le.le.. call on Messrs. A. A. AJ. O. Lesueltr,
vhere you can tlud a large stock at the lowest
uarket prices. oci n
Ir"!"-Groceries. Candies, Raisins, Figs, Nut
Wines. Lloilors. Cigars and all the etc , in their
liue, fresn and new, as cheap as ihe cheapest and
good as tne uest. a. a. J. o. luvik,
dec23 tf Cor. Main Pine
Agent J. I). Kirkpatrick is agent for the
Caucasian, at Waveriy.
Wantku Lard. Tallow. Grease and Fat ol
all kinds for which we will pay CAali; deliv
ered at the factory. A. A.--esueur A Co., mau-
ufactureis ol Soaps, Can -lea and Lard Oil.
00121 tf
cheap For FLOUR. BRAN or FEED leave
our orders with Messrs. A. A. A J. O. Lesiieiir
wno will deliver promptly at lowest markets
atea. ocua u
Jewelbt L. MegedcACo.. are selling their
.arge stock of Jeweliy, Fancy Goods and No
tiou. al reduced prices. Give them a call and
11 lge lor yoursell. sohool Books, Slatea Ac
very cheap. eptiti
Pictures! Large pictures. Small pictures,
tinted oictures. Plain pictures. Porcelain.
:ron irl.B. leather, pasteboard, all sorts ol
oictures; life-like pictures, bully picture, cheap
oictures. line pictures. At John Duvall'o
gallerv. He has a . oinnlete epiiome 01 0111
whole population, banging arouud his rooms
I he walls are covered with familiar faces. Our
.l.l.&r H...1 l.esl citizens, our sweetest and firet-
li.at irirls. our iatlest and rosiest urchins, look
town on yon lroui every side. II you waut a
.rood oicture. in any style. Duvall can take 11
fie bam the latest improvements in bis ait, ami
ine of the Bnest instruments in the country. Go
an 1 get yourself uhotoKiaphed, at Duvall a. He
a taking immense numbers of splendid like
nesses. Had a whole tub-full ol lovely faces
a-soak. the. last time we were in to see aim.
Photographs enlarged from old miniatures. Kb
member the place' Duvall's. ft
Xfw AdrertlfN'mpnt..
11EKE ! HEBE!"
A Book that Every Good Ciimpbeliite
Cbrlatian, from Main") to Mex
ico, Oueht to Have.
We take the following adverdsenient from an
appended leaf or -'Walks About Jerusalem,"
a volume recently i-su.-d ly th publt-hing-house
of Carroll A Co., Cincinnilii, read it,
and send for Ihe irook :
"A N'-w ami interesting Volume or christian
F.f per Jacoh CltEATif Jr.,
P. I.o.van;
Illustrated with a sin l-plnte portrait of Elder
Crealb, engraved by s .iiim l s.triain. One
volNine, lb mo., until. nn wnb "Walks about
Jerusalem." Price 1 2"..
Tins Biography 01 oueof the most eminent ol
fhcPioneerChrtsiian Preachers, is luleiis. l inter
esting. Much of the book is auto-olographic. I;
KlderCrealh having furiiislnjl many nit'oimts 1,1
a personal ttliaraeii-i, in bis own graphic ami
powerful st) I -. Ihe work cov.rs a p. rod lu
the history of Ihe Church, when lo Ue a christian
silbj'-cted out toobbnpiy and ja rsecutmn.
li. W. I sir K.11. L A Co., I'i Hi.l-iln.es.
117 We t F..111H1 sun t, i. ricoil.ali.
Any brother orslsier desiring a cops, can en
close the price, a d-.H ir end a (i;ar;. r, e tin r
direetlv to tlie editor of Ihe Caucasian, or lo
P. DOS AN, I'slmiia. .Vlr, jaiiimi
islierifr'a Kale in l'.ulilioii.
STAlk ot .lllssiibltl, t
Margaret M.iDow.-ll. su.t .nines II. Mf IKnn i!
by ins curator, iiugu Acres, pi-iintiUs,
New ildrrrtismeiits.
given to all persons,
others interested.
undersigned. ailminstratTr ; of
ri.vii, si;ttl.e.tie?t.
iVOlUK is hereby
A.V ere lilors. an. I
1...1 me
th.- enlHte
, , "',"':7"nt linal seitlenentof saides-t.it.-
al the Januarv terin ofthe Lafayette County
I rt-bate Court, and win .... ...... i
charge at the April term. i-2, of said court.
In lie hidden on Monday, the lt dav of April
ii-72. M. M. IMUissi.s r '
Jri.1""1 '"' a Hon, AdmT.
Final Setlleineut.
N 'lTK K 1- heiehy giv. n lo all persons inter-
esled. that Ihe undersigned . auardian of the
person and - stale ot Nannie shaw, a minor, baa
tiled tier ar-nitut tor linal setilement of said .
late st ilie'siiuai y term, Is72, of tlie l.alay.tte
Cnuntv i'rob ite Court, and will anpiy for a final
Oi-cii.t.ge Irom said court st the Apiil term,
ls'72 ol siinl eniiri , I', be holden on the 1st day
ol vpiil, 1-72. Millll.l' V C. SIIAW . I.uir.
Filial Selllelllt'-lll.
N OTIt V is 1,. r.-i.v given lonll tsnsM Inter-e-ied,
-ib.it the iiud. tsigtl'-d executors of
r u- estate ol .l,,--p!i While, iler.as.d, have
ih.ir in count 11 r li ti I seuleui' nt of said es
tale at lln- .f .oiiary l . rili. Is72. ol file LatsyeltS
Loon' i'roi.aie url .and w ill apply o.r a final
tii-cli uge Iron, saui Court st Ibr , pr I term,
ls72.nl said t ouri,lo be Itobleu ..n tl.. i t .lay of
.vpr.t, ls.2. SIll-lit.NH Wi.UL,
HKMtl S. Wlllli
iin-1.2 i v Kxeeiiiors.
i l V i iTTiItt i. t: ti fr: . t.
'Oil! I-. 1-n r-iiv giieuloi.il persons rnter-
tin,', lie 11 inb l'-l gn-'l
.11-- p.-
1.-72. ol iln
' n' aoj-o
at lit.' Vj
ll .1.1. 11 .11
lel.il l-
e oi M- Ki' tun and liatnvon, ana
trn, 1, lots ii e.i Ins a- count foi final
said 1 s' a'e at the January Term,
1,1. . vein l ilu'V l'r..lllr Winn,
I . I linal Oi
. ;1 I
lie 1 t .
.1.- ol W .1
n.-.i in .ii'1-i.nii i-i
ta'e st Ule .1 jut, : J
1 Oil t I , " ... I W ill Mol
il U.tlll 111
. 2, ..I -ani 1
1.1 win
1 in
t-t If
l In-i-
at I-
. oi -
,111 111 1.1 the Probate
0. iau and llc. i al I
1. c.-vlllgton . at li"."
lav , A pi ii 1st. i
oi hi- aoiiilulsl
I. Siaie vs Mai'tin Nori'is.
Stale vs sniiie.
Slate vs Assault with intent 10 kill.
.stale vs Grand Laicrliy.
State vs Forg.-ry .
state vs Uichiud Wilkinson. Selling ll
nmr wntioui
SUte VS Assault to Kill.
.lames llackley vs Daniel M
Ilolden. To
Groves vs James I'lattenljlirg
McClure, an unflinch
A Detroit nigger bought a colli n ami a ceme
tery lot, aud then went uome sua raxorea 111
father's throat.
1-.1..-1 riiitsrif. of Coviugion. Ky.. bas sued
li. ..i,.i..iii.iI(w inr tlu.utu. tor coaxing ni-
wil- awav from ins Dea aua ooaru. oue uiiesi
have bceii a valuable piece of property.
We have this dav sold our entire stock of l)ry
Gonds. Ac. to Mc.Catisland A iiedlord, who w
continue the business at the old stand, 'jy Man,
street. '.'.e cheerlullv recotnmeml tne New
House to all our friends and customers, and
request that the patronage, so liberally bestowed
unon us. tie exienueu 10 our successois.
Feb . 20. 1872. fcbi'4tf
the Ciilluij
sal" antl s.-l.
bi.i.ler, al
slate to the sa
i-uty-nilre, (2'.ti
land Iiiult
All per-',
ti e la tpnte
at- aiiUiill
ia!c oi sal'' Id
All p.l -
ie a-.ti:tliiis
said 1-"
.tins, tl.
Io llocsxKEsrEiis Do yon use syrups or
niolass.itesesei? Have joti got colds, asth
ma, cotts'os, pain in the breast, wheexiness,
aud alt tbttsu'.t of thltik? If you use the first,
ml Data tu second, listen here, while wa a
tale untold Al Madison, Indiana, there is
firm of scoundrels who make three fourths of
al'. tbe'-viup used iu this country. They make
all gi.iies. sal by whatever name fcuown,
Irofu "silvtr Drop." all the way down lo
"plantation iuolas.:," out ot starch nnd
sulphuric acid wnh some other compound.
Tcis u irriiile lite .Ichiro) nig stinf Is msnnlac
turt'tln lminen.e riuautllies aud shipped to
Cincinnati,' Louiv.'tic, St. Louis, New York,
ud a1! the gisat centres I grocery supplies,
ai d tun uilsiialely ilii.is Us nay into every
n-igtihotbood 1 he writer of this has found the
folluWing simple tVsl sure end u. tailing By it
awry bouekeert-r .csu salisly hiinsc.f of the
purity or frautl of tne molasses or syrups on
winch his children delight 10 leed. Take a half
cupot lea, ii.adeli.tiu greeu or gunpowder leaf :
pui a tablrspotinlul of the mo. asses or syrup
tuto belea;m.E well. If pure, the molasses
wi.l give the lea a light-grein hue; if impure,
or suipburtc trash, tue tea will instantly be
cne 'iuib black, something near the color of
fiLisa writing fluid, kyerv bodv ought to know
Uil. To leeo .be little ones 011 SHiphuilc acid
1. lolnvlle all sous of mislortunes into your
boinrs- Lex.ogt.in has tins sulphuric molssse
lor sale. vv hsve tested it. Whelber or not
ti.sra is any pure In the citv. we are unable to
uui 11 ut. we nop our grocers win see
L'vi,i,Tlir blind disseminator of Mark
Twain literature, who has been canvassing Ihu
ancient village, for sometime past, kicked up
a slight discombooeration, last Monday night.
He wa spirituously overcome. Went to Arter's
stable Entered into a little controversy will.
Jim Jenkins And got the belter of the argu
ment, by playfully inserliug a knile in o ili
lenkins' abdominal regiou. The Wound Is b ..I,
but we understand u..t mortal. Policeman
Wainwrigut e-corled the cuti.ngly tarcastie
liscu5ser to free lodging iu the municipal
hotel. . e
Good! The coal company recently organ
ised by Messr. Clagett, Ifcid, Davis and
others, promises to be a grand success. Their
Ae.t sul. was ni ade. last Thurstluy, and the coal
U.D. D . Kl.-ta ,l,u-
pronounced by connoisseurs m "'"-- "-
nionus, tne unesi ijosi.ij
west. They nave aboui twenty hands at woi a
and are determined to push the enterprise vntn
unremitiiDg vigor.
stcriD lNCENDiARtsxt Some unknown inls-
creant made c.umsy attempt, last Thursday,
to shernianire the City Hotel. An old broom
was Ignited and thrown up into an unused gar
ret, among a lot of loose lumber and runbish.
l ne volume of smoke pouring dow n into nie
hsll lert 10a discovery, aud extinguishment ol
the incipient cbtcagoniiailon, before any dam
age was done.
G01KO Ahead I be ettort to raise an endow
ment fund of IO,000 for Christian Institute, Is
being vigorously and successfully pushed.
Some $2 "00 have been subscribed this week.
A mere business Investment, every man who
ftel.al lntere.t In tke PPan" ."fh
.bonbi lend a helping band to all such
Ht oe Shipment- E. Easter, of the City Mills,
made the biggest shipment yesterday, that Lex
ington ever knew. Tbe Steamer ' lie landed
at bla wheat-smashery. and took on hoard a
tnoussnd barrels of bis flour. No better biscuit
ml gingerbread material is made in all ine
wide dis-L'nion, and it commands the highest
figure In every market lo which it goea.
Board or Ejcaluatio Will meet on tbe
Br.t Monday in April. It is probable that no
regular busiresa will be transacted, until tb
A letter from Belize, British lloniluras
in the Vow Orleans l'icuvune, says tlie
health ofthe cnloiiy is rooil; that the win
terhas. been tleliglitlul; that the 6iirar anil
rum crops will he large ami line; that over
iie tons to tlie acre will he the yield of
siirar, anil that, too, on land to be bought
by en' .'grants at from SI to $1,50 per aero,
is rich as any in this country; that the laws
are equal and just to all; the government
stable and liberal; society good; amino
scalawags and vairalionds lor rulers The
w riter savs, the held is ihe best m the
world forcapitalists. Such a eountry ,sure
lv. is :v decided improvement on this
Hcfii-e-ciirsetl mo'ioeraey, wiiere thieves
and rascals alone ate honorable" men,
and where the honest are oppressed,
robbed, anil their rights trampled under
foot of i-wine.
The princple course of public instruc
tion in Louisiana, under grant ru ersinp,
is Theft. It Ins cost the people ofthe
trampled Pelican State $30,000 per annum
hond amnnr them .as super-
intPiiilent ot nublic instruction, and mil-
ii .ns are squandered by him in
nrtyuamition ol is .siuiar ieannng
morals among the
vvitiK of Hadicalism.
cover land
2. Jiiiues
1. i.-e 1 .in-lit
:i ttolv S Porter .Ir 1 r. etc vs .Jesse r?ciioiieiti
t' tientry A Woods vs Marv E Robinson et al
5 John Ditiinm et ul vs L L A b K It t o
ti. Annie e Lee et al vs -lactvson i.ongiion.
7. nios Iii ecu vs J i -I ti Liiligilou
s Win W shi over et al vs c.t-oreo W Hall.
is. Mariln 1-illis vs .lolui li o-d. Injiniclion
lo Geoi- e II siuitti el al v vviliiani Ginbons.
11. Margaret McDowell el al vs Edward Mc
Dowell el al.
12 i- retl 1! Scluiltz vs William Spencer et ul.
I! F siinmerinan el ill vs Geo M Ilaysetal
14. Francis H Palmrr vs P It Whittlesey etal.
Pelitiuu fur a title.
l.V Samuel B strauicke vs I'ilton Davis et al
in. James T Harris vs Adam J Burr. From
Ray county.
17 Jacob A Sherman vs John R Uunyon adiar
satnl Oownlug.
Is. John L Marltii vs Clias Mardcey . Mechan
ui lien.
iii. Fairbanks, tirecnleaf & Covs lames L En
llls. Replevin.
20 I la el c Vivion vs W illis A Hill. -Vet
21. David Callahan vs G W Emiis. l.iecuuent.
22. I) A Strolber et al vs William Jenkins.
2.1 P E Hammonds vs City of Lexington.
1. Wiu. JI orru-on. assignee of James Good-
inAI.r.j. As-ignment
25. Kt-.lii-rl Santl ler vs win uall ami wile. Me
cbauics' lieu
2.i Levi Fux vs John V thistle. Account.
27. Lltlte 11 Coins vs Jaseph V Muilcmx
2s. Win w eilge et al vs Leroy L Hill. Damarres
20. Manila Cromwell vs Alex Cromwell. Di
vorce 3i John It Ford vs L A St L R R Co.
:tl. Etiocti Mann vs .1 A X Luuegau. Attach
ment. 32. F M St. die vs Wm Cain and wife Damages
J ' Simons vs ,1 l James et ill Ejectment
li M .Vnrrison vs L 1. li i ll . bill ol exchange
Anarevv Vokely vt L 1. Hill. Ou order.
Win II Ilienckley vs Willis A Uill Acct
C B Scoti vs John II Camp el al. Note.
G W Youn vs Baker A Hall. Note.
Henry lhuinpsou vs A I) Bcnniug Daia-
We shall then have the
nandsoine mansion ot Gen. .lo. o snciuj, ui
li b fame, os one sine, anil lacing ii, t,u mi
.iln r. U.at ol Hon. Sam
ing Uad.
slight misunderstanding occurred, a few
i.,,-,. ,.. between l wo ol our moat worthi citl
zens, George turns anil i nomas vuniu -
.e.l a lively lilt e SKirmlsn. v iiinn oeiux
i . ... .1..I. .i i.i.n...ir
llllll-.il UIB SIHIIIIIT litlllllliilillll, Biiruricti ...imj..
i,..i, i.i.i revolvinir t.aciticator. but Emus, with
dauntless heroism, charged and captured Ihe
Uatierv. The conflict e.i led in t hum's prompt
reiiieinent irom the field, with the thunder
tbe tiitmv's artillery close in bis rear.
Blow ye the tooler, blow, tbe gladly solemn
r:n-kcr. Blow vour own horn betoieyou
Hie vankeedoodfedidtlle hypocriles do. Blow's
.,u v.'Mi.-i.w-or.l of modern uroirressivenebB
Blow 's the talisman, ihe guerdi.D, the secret of
success, in business, politics, finance, religion
and love. But not bucn a blow as we had, oue
.lay last week. It was a young hurricane, an
infantile tornado. Among other di. mage done,
die frame of Kiirsey's large hotel, which, was up
nnd just r-ady lor the wraih-r-boaiding. vas
blown dow a Willi a terrilic crash. There were
four or live workmen in Ihe building at the
nine, but all et raped unhurt, except oue poor
fellow, who was up in the second story. W hen
he timbers began to reel, Hinting his retreat
cut oil', he sprang between two posts, and clasp
ing one ai in around each, heroically shut his
e es. and followed the rest oi the wreck. When
the linal smash came, he lound himself a-top ol
the huge pile of ruins, comparatively unnun,
but aw Hilly scared He says while he was going
earihwai d, be did a Con id.-rable amount ol
lirst-class pra ing and lightuing-line tuiukiug;
bill he has no desir to repeat bis devotions un
der similar circumstances.
As an offset to the report that Grimes A
Venable ar - going to establish a branch of their
mammoth jewelry and thoiuugh-bred pig estab
lishment, iu Uiggiusville, rumor baib it thai
two of im foremost business men are about to
locale in Aullville. Hon. Benj imitl Marshall is
expected to erect a ttrsl-class flouriilg-iuitl and
gi'iiin-elevalor. And ihe exemplary aud highly
esteemed Dr. Moses Chapman is to opeu a
baukilli;-hnUse. We hope these gentlemen may
tlnd tt to their interest lo identify themselves in
some measure, at least, with our growing
youug city.
This is bound to be one of the most famous
stock-raising regious on the globe. Wub a
nul l, dry cliinale, abundance of pure water,
grain ami grass so pleumul as to be almost val
ueless, ami iiiagniucent oaks and elms for
shade and shelter. Bourbon, Scott, Fayette
and Woodford counties, tu the boasted Blue
Grass Paradise ol Kentucky, may well shiver
lor their laurels A great deal of stock is al
ready raised ami sliip;rt.-d from this neighbor
hood". Droves of entile and hogs are almost
ceaselessly passing through our streets, on tlieir
w ay to Ibe depot. A nun, in r of large shipments
been made rec-emly, some ol wlucn were
r. i.t.rte.1 ni last w eek's Cuucasiun. aud the rest
appear in their aiipiopiiaie column, mis wees
Married. In this city, March 5lh, by Rev. F
J. Bogas, Mr. JOHN GILL aud Miss REBECCA
H AL'stlt. all of Lexington.
RoiDuey, Virginia, papers copy.
la this city, on the 14tn of February, 1872,
by Itev. Mi livers, Mr. WILLIAM D.S1 KVV ART
aiid Miss AMELIA l.iUfc.UsoN, all ol tins city.
At the residence ofthe bride's father. near
Republican church, ttitscotntv, by Elder Jos.
Wriaiit, Mr. JAMES R. WALI ON, son of Col.
W. P. A'altou, and Miss BE I 1 IE CAKR Bos
WELL, uaughter ot James M. BosWell. Leaf
i y leal the roses drap. Oue by one, Ihey cross
the river; one by one, are lerried o'er; one by
one, the angel boatman bears them to the love
Ill saore. That's wnal the Aauday School hymn
says, ami it must be true. Oue by one, our gal
lant comrad s, who came scatlness, thruugli
the war's dread slorii. of shot and shell, lall
pierced by Cupid's stupid candy shafts. One py
one, tne heroic, lellows who escapeu beinx offer
ed up on their counlry's altar, cast themselves,
willing sacrifices, on he altar of hymen. May
they allliud the "arms" ihey bow take up, less
burdensome lhan those they bore, aud the in
fantry service" they now euter, more pleasur
able thaa th t they experienced, during the late
little fraternal mistiuderstanding, is the heart
lelt wish and prayer of oue who don't propose
to follow their example!
I take pleasure in giving my lull endorsement
of the correctness of the absti acts ot Land
Titles owned by Messrs. Hi'xon A Winsor. li-av-m.r
been enuramed :n wrilinii: the transcript ot
the records (Upon which they are based) Irom
the time oi the commencement of said work up
to the present time, I can lully endorse them a.
l.uincr , -..erect. - In writina uil the abstracts a
great many errors were found, many of which
.s-,-i hi. vshthrv at' itis litis to much valuable
.....,..e in tl,u sol.nlV UtCtllTfi of Itettl Estate
stio.ilii not alelay In iin.llna out eatattly UoUl
itieir titles, aiiti snoui.i ai once consult the above
firm and get an abstract show ing the condition
of tlieir lauil. ow ing to my neann, i nave oein
compelled to retire -irom Ihe work on said
Uooks.aud am succeeded by Mr. Stanley Hobbs,
who is every way .ouipeteut. and will have
charge of keeping up said books and furnishing
abstracts of tines.
..n.l ain.
-. tuelil- .
Edward M Combs vs Mary F Ewing et al.
Winsor A Wadded vs Wnlis A Hill tt al
Cnan.-ior A Sparks vs Asa C Tracy. Acct.
John Welhvervs Sarah J. Welliver, lii-
l.y , uu. i. .. w nop our grocer win srs i - . 1. 1 , . , , ,. , in
r ,! ir... -T .... I in,h nr win oftha month whioh opens with All
L(. ii - -1 . - v WW, V. mis uv.nuv . - - - - - -
t I ril.t laav."
If the Missouri Legislature adjourns
without reducing the raies of freight and
nassaceon the North Mis-ouri and ills
...ei Panirin Railroad Abominaiions, it
will foil to ilo the onlv thine the people
demand. The urttitude ofthe Slate is
due to ihe members who have endeavored
to discharge their duly on this question.
We are indebted to Hon. Fernando
Wood. Hon. Frank P. Blair, Hon. Jas.
B. Beck, and his charming daughter, Mi.-s
Bettie. Hon. J. G. Blair, and Dis-IIons.
Brute Brownlow antl Keastie Butler, lor
divers and sundry valuable pub. docs.
Smashing untiees of Briggs & Brother's
magnificent Floral Chromo, and musie
Irom Burner A Weber's great St. Louis
publishing house, absolutely crowded
out. Will ypr hereaJtcr.
44. Moses Strauss ts C. G. Ludwigs Appeal
4V John Gray vs Jacob Forrest. 'luinerWil
ltatns garnishe.
4ti a c. Tracy vs sparks A Chanslor. Conr't
47' Amt.sGreeavs L Greenwowd. Iam.i?es
4S Slate Use or Wm. Hams v M. F. I'lice
Administrators bond.
4'A Wni. I). Sliuciate vs Wm. H. Itav.
ou. John B Fleicher, trustee, etc., vs Adam
ll.-lart. Replevin.
51. L. W. liillva A. J. Mulkey et al. To cor
rect deed
52. Ma. tie S. Stevens vs Alex. B Stevens. Di
vorce A Tl Kiifsel! vs Duncan, Smith, et al.
E5l'l?"v" . SmallwuOdvsT. SI. Hacke.t. S'ort-
C. F. Meyer A Co. vs O 'Conner A llickam
Account. . r. ., . ..
:,. A N. Miller vs Green I.. Po.ithitt.
.'.7. Charles Klhik vs Wm Pinkney. Account
i;eo .1 si heolini. vs 1 '. r uaiiiia. i-ou r.
Jasper Jeniii.-.iii vs Hicks A Baker. Acc'i
in. wihl.-n vs J jhn Stewart. Dauiag'B
Th'otnsa Dobson vs .1 Stewart Damages.
State use nl James Haley vs Darnel Bates
Ou bond ,
Wm M. Jordan vs J J. Cloud 4 wife
el al
"Si" Fendell Whitseit vs D. Callahan Appeal
65. Henry Ileterl vs Lueljen A Evert. Appeal
Ho CUV of Lexington vs Louis Brlerly.
87. Thomas Canfleid v Patrick Ganlgan
6S City -t LxiJLiton va J. f. A B.U W aters
About twelve o'clock, lust Slonday night, the
appalling cry of ' 'Fire' ' rang out over the lofty
bills of ihe fair little 'City on the Sni.' Startled
citizens sprane from their couches in baste and
black-crook costumes, and rushed to their win-
dows to find the whole town lighted up, the
heavens red with tue ulure ol conn .grallon.and
the lurid flashes dancing far oat upon Big
MUddv s tuiiiiu tide, cewia oay-s large ware
house was wrapped in that fierce element, with
w bicn tlie Arcb-Buiuiiier Sherman, years airo.
carried a foretaste of hell to peaceful Caroltua
and Gcngia homes. "Ihe building was a hun
dred leet Ionic by nity wid-, with ample sheds ou
either side. It was built before tbe war, by V.
li. Kiissell, and cost !, 000. It contained some
1,00b bushels ol w heat and 1 tons of hemp, all
of which wa. destroyed. A farmer named
Wilsou, Intending to move across the river, bad
stored all his household goods in the ill-rated
pudding, Monday evening. He oi course, lost
evcryiiiiug, and tbe charitable citizens have
promptly started a subscription to aid him.
Mr. Day's total loss by this miniature ofthe
Heroic marcn to ihe sea, ' is somswnere near
SKi.woj tie is insured in the -ttua ot Hartford
lor t3.2ijo on the buildni. and PJ0 on hernn
press, hackles and scales i and in ihe Andes of
Cincinnati, tor 83, ono on wheat, oaia and other
conteuu. total insurance, S,S0, leaving nlm.
if tlie estimate ot loss is correct, $6,100 out of
pocket, jtiessrs. winaorsson are tne agents
ot the conn antes, that will have part of bis mis
fortune io Dear.
Our worthy and iiopular post-master, Davis
iv. iiucG , oas oeen try tug to resign nis position
as chief letier-baa-slinger; but be can find no
body who will accept it in Ins stead, lie has
served the public faithfully for ten years, and
every one wouiii regret to lose nun. the place
only pays mm a.iuiu ij a monin, wnicb is far
too little lor the amount of busiuesa done, and
ine time ana laoor necessary to ao it. a petition
signet! uy ait our proiuiuent oiuxens, was seni
a tew days ago, to the Postmaster General, ask
iu& mat toe tvuin;ua.itiu ut uicrrsscil, VY
Dope it win enci: a xavorauie response.
Persons faillna- to set their nanar fmm k-
Carrier, will pleas promptly revert kb sam
a. uLts atssa. tr
Died, near this city, Febrcary 2d, MARY E.
J. BoWLLs, only daughter of Wm A. and 5.
E. lies, aged 6 years, 5 months and 6 days.
In Nebraska City, Marcb 5th, of consump
tion, WILLIAM, son of Finis Y. and Jans 1.
Ewing, formerly of this county. His remains
were brought to this city, and interred in Mac
pelab cemetery, last Thursday.
New Boot and Shoe Emporium !
After years of delay and vexation, tbe Lex
ington ami St. Louis Railroad bas got to town;
and so bas W. I. Eckle's magnificent stock ot
gentlemen's, ladies' and children's (if there
are any cui.uien now-a-.iays; ouois, eimcs,
slipp.-rs, gaiters, stogies and brogans. High
heeled, low-heeled jack in bouts. 'J hick soled,
as Louisiana Timbuctoo legislators are skulled.
Thin soled enough io ensure a first class con
sumption, or at the verv least, a bully catarrb.
Cow bide, such as the boor of Ihe While House
used lo scrape iu Galena fan pits. Call skin
as tineas though made of dandy cuticle. Goat
leather, from the back of the icenuine original
Masonic Wiiliatu. Sheep skin, us sheepish as a
country sweetheart about to pop the hymeneal
r naupmancat interroi:aiorv lo his auorea
Nancv Enierine or Belsev Matilda. ew styles,
est makes, uo old icoeds, everything fresb as a
mountain ua sy.
Children's shoes Irom 25 cents to $2 50 a pair.
Ladies' cloth siloes from i 25 to 4 5U a pair.
Ladies' leather shoes from $1 00 to5 0.) a pair.
Men's shoes from tl 25 to SB IK) a pair.
Men's boots from 3 uo to $ no a pair.
Boys' shoes from 1 25 to .( uu a pair.
Kovs' boots from 1 5U to 14 50 a pair.
Ladies'. slippers ol all conceivable qualities.
styles and materials, from 75 cents to 4 (XI a
Gentlemen's slippers, alt sorts, sizes, colors
aud conditions, irom .5centsto3 On a pair.
At VY . 1. Eckle's New Boot and shoe Empo
rium, Main street, near airs. 'a Price A Amours
millinery establishment. If vou don't want to
buy, just come and feast your eyes by looking
through a new, lull and handsome stock of foot
rigging. at lt W. 1. ECKLE'S.
Benjamin Marshall and Emanuel Easter, plain
tiffs, vs.
John souter, defendant.
mechanics' l.ien.
BY virtue of a special and general execution,
in the above entitled cause, issued from tlie
oibce ofthe clerk of the Common Pleas Court of
Lafayette couuty, Missouri, in favor ot said
Beniiimin Marshall and Emanuel Easter and
against said John Souter, lo me directed, and
returnable to the March term, Ii2, Of said
court, 1 will, on
SATURDAY. MARCH 30th. A. D. 1S72,
between the hours ot Ho'clock A. M. and5e'
clock P. M. of said day, in front ot the court
house door, in the city of Lexington, during the
session of the Common Pleas court of said coun
tv, sell publicly, b. auction, for cash, all the
right, title, interest, claim aud estate of Ihe
said defendant in and to the following desoribed
real estate, situate, lying aud being In Eafayetie
county, Missouri, lo wit:
one and tweHly-eight-hundreths acres of
ground, with the improvements thereon, being
a part ot tne uortnwesi traciiouai uuanei oi sec
tion thirty-three (33), township fifty-one (51),
of range twenty-seven (27) , bounded as lollows:
beginning at tbe northwestcornerof the tract of
land known as tbe Snow and Wilson Mill tract.
which point Is also Ibe southwest corner to
inm.rf.v Until mnd I Irihilll's addition lO tbe
city nf Lexington, Missouri, and running thence
south thirtv-eigbt (38) degrees east, with eight
.iu ... .?..!.... ...i .tnffih line nf said
Of urfirca 'ui.ttii. -'" s
addition, ihiee hundred and sixty-seven (Jtn)
links, thence south thirty-two (32) degree
west, variation seven (7) degree and foi ty-flve
HSuiai east, toree uuuo.c i
(ail) link, tbenoe north tbirty-elghl f38) degree
west, variation eight () degrees, ibree hundred
.h o .rati links, thence north thirty-
nine (38, degrees east, variation seven (7) de
grees and lorty-llve (45) seconds, three hundred
and fifty-one (351J links, to the plao ol begm-
DIGven under my hand this. 8th day of March,
mchftd Sheriff of Lafayette couuty .
Thankful to our friends and customers for past
favors, we propose to continue giving our besl
efforts to our business, neglecting nothing thai
we can do lor our customers' iiiteresis. believing
them lo be identical w itb our own . Though we
have prolesscd to sell goods only for cash, Wa
llace from a spirit of accommodation allowed
goods to go out, to a limited extent, without
the money. We intend lor the future to adopt
Ihe CASH SY'STEM STKICTLY. No goods Wlii be
considered sold until ihey are paid for, nun
goods sent out ofthe house will be aoconipauied
i.y tile bill. By keeping good goods, selling ui
the smallest possible maigins, and beiug prompt
and accommodating, we uue f r a coulluuauc.
of the pati ouage ol the people of this aud ad
joining counties Pi. ase remember that there
will be no exception to the rule. Cash on deliv
IKY. Very respecnullv,
A. A. A J. O. Lescecb.
Jan27. Grocers, Coi. Main and Pine ots.
$1 oo.
One Dollar will buy any one of the following
Items. PRICES sPE Ah. FOR Illtilotn ts.
One good Balmoral Skirt,
Oue SO-Spring Hoop skirt,
Oue nice Breakfast Shawl,
tine gooil Net shirt, tor men.
One pair good Buck Gl .ves, (so called.)
T vaids good Browu Cauton Flannel,
7 yards best heavy 4-4 Br-wn Cotton,
7 yards flue -ea Island tirown Cotton,
7 yards Bleached Brown Cotton,
10 yards good Heavy all Linen Crash.
4 good all Linen Shirt Fronts,
12 good all Linen Towels,
12 good all Linen Handkerchiefs for ladies,
7 good all Linen H.lk'ls tor men,
8 good all Linen Hemmed H.ik'is, for ladies,
6 boxes good 1'aj.er Collars fur men or boys,
tt pair good Heavy Cotton Hose,
12 large Cuke, good Toilet Soap,
24 small cakes good Toilet soap.
Anil everything . lse just as cheap.
Cut this .ut aud bring it along.
no"25tf W addell. Austin A Co.
For the purpose of clearing out our entire
stock ol oools, suoes ami uats, ir o -
lend to keep these goons mreaiteij, ne
have marked them d .wn lar below their actua,
worth. At the present prices they are the cheap
est iriioria ever offered iu ibis market Me have
also made heavy reductions in the price ol niauy
...i.ue Iln,, Ot ITIlOlla S
We call especial attention to our dress goods
stock, wlllcu D.iS in ll some urautnui i.o ..e
.,,.1,1. i,o.ls which we will sell lower than
mev have ever been soltl before. We intend to
give bargains all the Tl-HE. Come aud see
we do not. All are luvlted.
Ieb24if McCaisland A Bedford
J. W. Bkdfohd.
W. G. SIcCal-lasd.
Formerly oi Waddell,
McCausland A Co.
McCausland & Bedford.
xv ts,.!-.. ibis dav associated ourselves to
gether lor ihe purpose of transuding u dry goo.tsS
basilicas in all Us branches,
vv e h .t e hon -hi o. Messrs. Botelur A Clagett
in.in.niir stock, and will, for the future, be
,e.eie ..irl .i.ml. No. ir.l Main street.
when, we will he pleased to see all our old
Iriends and customers, and as many new ones as
mav tavorus Willi ttu-ir presence, our mieu-
i,.,n. in. m uvii all i.ersous kindly and politely
To sell all our goods as cheap as tuey cau be
sold. One run k io all, and no deviaition
oi-M .-.nans so CHEAT AS TO F..KK1 KB HUIIOIT
vc i-mitiiit ailord to sell on time. v .
lutcad to do an honest. correct, upright, straight
forward business, and nope uoi omj m n.-....,
bt to merit a fair share ol public patronage.
Edward McDowell, Mary A. McDowell . will
James McDowell. Eli zabeth Alcllow.-ll, u
iilclioweli. Alaruia ait-iioweti, riorei.ee ..if- tlT.' I'i.
liowell. ,101111 l.. aici.t.wen aim ai,.iv ii A,
Liow.-ll, delemlsn s.
lu the Common Pleas Court of Lafayette county.
Missouri, Deceiiil.er term . Is.l.
BY Virtue ..' sn order ol sii.e. Issued Irnrii the
said Common Pleaa tatllrl ol L ilavetle .-..uii-
y, Missouri, made in the ahove el. filled caus.-
al the December l- nil. Is, I, antl to ine linaeted.
I, Robert Tatlbniaii, .Mlel iu ol said unlv ,
will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock in ihe fore
noon and live o'clock In Ihe .llernooli ol Ih I
lay, at ine courthouse door, in itiecnv ..t ci v-
ma'ton. and dunn the s ssit.n ol Hie said coui-
tllun Pleas Court l-.r said county, expo.,- it, sub
ami sell punliclt, by aucii.n, lo the Inches!
bidder, all Ihe right, title, claim and estate nl
the said parties, plain Ills and del. -miauls, In
ami to th.- lolb.w log de.-ccibeil iracis. mi l par
cels oi llll'l, BltUltie, 1,1,'. io -..oi .......... .
etie i-ouiuy, Missouri, i-.-w ii : I X
ii,uu..i ii.ii, ..i rile n iiiuia-L initio i ot s- - i
tion thru -live, (.!-) . containing Iginv , l-)
acres, and Ihe wcsl hall ol n-'e i. n ii.w. t'i n
le and a part ol the iioiibw..-! iioirl.i ..i n-
southwest quarter ul set -.iron llniy-stv, ).
containing nineiv-iin . i.-' . ' i .
solltneast quailer ol Uu: i.oi lhwc-l .p.;-:. i-i t-i I
section tWeulv-nve, t'J.,1. an ih io uso.p i, - . ;
oue, (.".1) . of rauye twenty -seven, (27) , coia.nii -
in the aggregate 2la act t s. ... i i
... . i loe-i iii-.i oi me I li.iii - ' 1
motley cash in hand; onc-lhir.l ill six In -ull.-. : jj
and the remaining oue-inii.i inii.eiie ui.tnii-.
iro.n day of sale, purchaser kivhi-t bo ol -.ni
approved seem lty upon ilelerre.l payments.
Oiveu umler my naiiu , tuia mut n...
ruary, A. D. Is72
lebioid uoiir.Ki iAcu.11 h.s. soil 1.1
Slieritr s Sale in lai ! il ion.
Marietta Hooper, loruieriy Man ,la Sin.re, inn
James D. Hooper, ner nusoauo, ..-io......
Higgins and John C. Higgins, her husband,
Florence Lee Mays, .leiemlant.
In Probate Court, Lala. tte county, Mismiiri
BV virtue ai a renewed order mine ia in
Cleik of ihe Probate Court .f L..f..jette C... .
Missouri, in vacation, made in the aoin e e..
utled cause, at the October term. Is" I, oi.-iici
ruurt.l Robert Taubniaii, Sheritl of auid county,
will, on . .
MONDAY, APRIL 1-T, A. o. Is, 2,
between the hours l nine o'clock in me "r' -
noon and five o'clock 111 tue aiieru...... "
day. at tne courlholise rloor. 111 int nt,. o.
iiorlon. anil aurniK me svo-s
Court lor said county, expose In
uiih in v. by auction, 10 me uis'"
Ihe rliillt. title, claim l
. 1 -. . .. .i .1..!.,.., in ti I 1 11 111,11 10 in.
laillllUS mm o - - -
inllowinif descnoeii iiact ami root
situau', and lying, i" La.ajt-ue county,
Missouri, to-wu.
Tbe southeast illiirter 01 tue , ., ..0
ter, and the noriueas. .pi... .e. 1.. .... -
ni,. frni seciu.n tweui , 1 1
lortv-eigni, issi. o, ...
coniaining in ail eiglity la") ner-
or less. . ,.-,. ,.. r 1- '
Terms ol aie . .iie-nm-.. . " " Li of
money casii in nan.i, ....1...... -. ...
...i .,',se..iai.iinir Olle-lhlld In twelve niolilns
iram day ol sale, puicius 1 .i'"s "
u.oo'.ieed KecurllV Ulinil ' Intel red pa
wlucn are 10 oeai i-n.-i.-s. --- ---- .
cerium per annum 11 tiu d ite inn 11 pain.
miner my uaini, i.ns ..... ... .-
I. Is7l.
UO i' EJT f A I : B MJ N . Sii t v i ff -
Miei4l"s Mile ilk ;nlilii.
Waller King. William A. Kin?, Ldwrlrd 1.
King, lbomas IS. King. Ah-lin A. Iv 1 1 . -: .
Fanny A. Richardson, late Faulty A. Iv 1 1 g
an 1 tier husband Aiieii I l:ic!iaris-.i! ; li- .i
Ric.liberg. late Betty KlliiT. and bei- busii.nnl
John C. Riclibeigl.VleXiimlei- 1. .Mnoic.Gei. o
I Wasson, aud i boiuas D. Woodson, piaiu
,trv lielt King, niiiii.t-, by her guardian am
curator. 1 banes. I Hughes: Man ha A. ixu.g
John Wnllard, John w . si oiwell, adniitu-i ia-
tor of the estate ol All-lm A. King, deceased;
Maiy A. Coi.rovv.and v illiam , . I lonuiusini .
trustee ol EliZiibelli Vl.uil-Oii, ileieniiiini-
lo ihe Common Pleas Coin t ot llav coitiny , ns-
smiri, Jauu'.ry lerm, -latiuai'; pun. a p 1-.-.
BY virtue ol an older ol sab , is-ued in. 111 li e
said Common Pleas Court nf Kay countv
Missouri, made iu tile above entitle I can-,-. 11
the January lei III, IS72, am! to ntc directed , I,
tobelt lauliiiiaii, Sheimui i.ai.iyti.e cuum. .
.Missouri, will, on
MUMlAl , 31 .1 I.e. tl u I li , ;v. ii is.j,
between I be hours ol nine 0'euicK 111 in.- 1 ic
loon and hve o'clock nl the unci 0101 1..1.
lav, ut ihe court house door, m ih.cttv ni 1.1
im.on, ami dui.ng ttle session 01 ine s.n.i 1 0,1 -moll
Pleas Court for said county, epose t.. -ai
and Sell publ Icly , by aticilun, lo Iln- hllu
niilder, all the right, litie. claim ami rai.i e ..
he said parlies, pliiltltlll- and 1 leiehil.i 11 1- . .i
iml to Hie foll.nviiig desi-i iln it tracts and p.n-
ets ol land, situate and !ing in s-1.1l .L..ua -
ette County, Mlssi.url, to-wu.:
One uiidiviueu n.di 01 ine ease nan ot 111
Suu.iiwe.st qual ter of section seventeen (I.J. am
the east hall of the northwest iiuarter of seeiitu
tivenlv-euht (28). nnd the soi.niwesl quarter
the norlheasl quarter ot said seci 1111 inciui
eight (2 ). all in .ownsbip liny ( U) , ot I'au.i
twenty-eight t-t) , - , ,
lei 111s of s.de tme-:iiiin 01 me p.niu.-
money cash in hind; one-third in twelve mouth-,
and the leuialiiiUir ne-lluid 111 iwo ye is. iron
lay Of sale, tile lUlelleil liayuleuis in ne. 11 111
eiesl Irom day ol sale al llle rale 01 -s pit o- u.
per annuui. ,.,..,.
Given under mi nauo, tins .uui n-..' o.
l-uarv. A. It. IS.-. .
Ieb24.d ItoliLltl I A c u i .v . , suei iu
ITTHEKt-As, Juiia ai- Hums and cnai 1.
VV liui'l ts bei' llllsb Hill, b lll- ll' Cel lain 1U11
il trust, dated St. 1 day ul M il II, A. 1 C'.t
nnt recorded in Ihe Recorder's nllice lul I. aia.
tecouiily, 111 Ihe Slate ill AllssOinl, in o in
l . No. 1, on page 1117, conveyed to the 1111. nr
igne.l, trustee, the lollowing d.-.-ci men 1 e..
estate, still led 111 I he con lily 01 cai-.ieiie. n--.
state id Missouri, li-wu: ineiois mum"
estimated oil tne plai ol ine Isl ilddlilnu 11. in
lowii fni.w Cll) ol LeXliialou, no v on ule m
liecolder's ollice lor sain enmity 01 u..i. ......
is lots number seven t.) and eigiu vi , m 01...
No. seven, y (Tu), w II ten Colli c) ancc w .1 s m .1.
rrilsl 10 secure nie payuien. ... ... .......
illissory note 111 said d.-tll desCi ltled, all', nm.
as said note has becomedlle ami leiuains imp i'i
...,w ih.-r. tore at the leuuest of tlie legal h .1.1
if said note, and ccurdiiig 10 uie pioi ismus 0,
said deed ot trust, I w ill mi
510Mt.ll, JIAKI.II 1S1I1A. o int.,
tu-tween the Hours ot nine o clock 111 in. 1
lliX.ll and five o'clocE in ine -an. -. noon, w.
lav . in front ol I he couriliou-e 11001 , in
..1-.,,. n l.i.t iv elte eolllltV M IsStlll I 1 , I O O
ed f.. sell Hie oi oiie. ly aiii.ve.iies.-rioen ..i p..
lie auutlou, to 111 liignesi iiiiuie. . un
salisly said note, with interest thereon, logclii
Wltll cost and expenses to nils 11 u.-i.
IVbllul .i.rne.i. ,11. sr.-, ...
.lull v
iii'.i! C"(it'lilf ill
rjCK irom said 1 .01 rt
1 said Com I, 10 ue
pril, 172.
ki.v.MN, Adm'r.
11 1 .
an p. r-ons inier-
iied. administrator
m.Ioii. .le.leasi'd. baa
-elll. niel.t ol -aid --
... 01 tin- l.al-avetie probate
lor a tinal discharge IrolO
t'le April lllli,
1ul.11 l.tp
JOHN M r.OOToN. A-lm'r
Final Self lenient.
1,11,1,-1,1 iiivrit ci all p. rson inter
mit, "li e 1. isine.I, KUBiiilsa
,-s!a!e of Mill lleliliicks. Sarah C-k-.
and C idelia Heiidiicts, minors,
i his account l"l hnal -eltlement ol ld
.!,!.- In tile 1... ui'-lie vo io. ,.o.,-.. v. .
rge aviiie,, pin
be bolden on
apply I'
a linal '11.
a.d colli I,
. -. ol nl 11
.1 aMEs c li KN Do' It K. Guardian.
Final St-litt'iiieiil.
I-, is 11. 1. in isiv.-ii ! . -ill person- inter
I. thai lb.- 11.10. rssnt I, administrator
,'.;'e Ol Eimianu IMng. d 0 a d. baa
.c.'ou it lor a liu li s.-lii. nt f'i said ts
e. iiiu irv leiiiiol 11. ei.alayeUe Probate
d ani .-i-i'li lm a liu .1 d.icuaige from
no s -n.i - Inn at the tint term.
1 1 11.
1., 111
; i.l oin.
yi .11 1 til,
t.l t:l l KING. Kxecntor.
A pi
...t u t 1 an p.-rsons, oredi-ol.-t
. -i.'d ni tne estate ol
ii..,! ine. un. I r.-igneii, ad- '
.ile, .via apply at the next"
,urt . 1 sain county, to be
coiii!liouae in the citv ot
i ll i. iiu, IS72, Url MtJtl-
ake linal settlement
'.ion ol said .-stale.
1,1,-4 v A "it 1 I- .11 inn s. -i'i..i .
ilMillVi C i-rll(.OTII E.
11- 1 1 . l.s ,1 a.tiuini-tiuiiou on ihe estate or
,;im.,. 1 IP, ..licensed were granted to
.eu. l. r-tain.l on f.;e. 21-1 day ol January,
S i I, ibe i i .bail Court of Lalayeltecouuiy.
LOVER, Kwcivtnr.
Iriviii" claims asrainst sal 1 estate)
', Alinjil in. 111. lor allowance, to
,' wnniu .die vear alter the .
or liny may be preciu leu
Vliuiai'...'.'. n i'i I." w.tinn Vwo year, from
nK "ale of si.i leticrs, ih.y will be torever
ieb-'4-4vv W MtltES T.G
diiii"islra once.
- I 1 1 1 l.s 01 adn.i.iisllallon on tbe estate ot
I . in' II 11 inisoii. deceased, were granled.
. ,1... loot, r-i- lii d on Ibe 2ot.l
' ., 1.....1, T . ..on of l.alav tie county.
o ,neiio,.., -
ins havluu Claiins n...iit.ti ,, ..
.1 to eviii.iit tin in. lor aim
.ilol- Willllli Oil-
i and il -
bin tan vears ir.
, w i.i in iorever n.
, Mo. .
i.w ance, to '
ear aller Ine date.
"claims be not ex-.
.111 Ine dale 01- saiu
Aeuiber, A.
ul Ail J . li Ai.lilSON
r. it-1 4w
l-.lll'.i;- "I ad
i'-.iu any
la.iu- le
ll.iv. ami N
t -ii. d. -llt'V tv
tit.ir, , Is. 2, by
lii.lv . Mo.
,ei -,uis ua. ill.
A 11 1
ui.-ti alum ou tl.v esiaie
,.1-ioik were granteii to tne
uii pai tu. r, on me ISlll day
Un Probate Colli I ol I..alaj-
..I ,
claims against said estate
ot lb. 111, lor allowance, to
..on,., ..oe tear alien the
in is', 1. 1 - iiu-y may be pieclu.led
.1 .ut ii eslalt' ; auu 11 suou
xtliliilcd willllli two years nun
I lleis. Iliev will be loievel bar
isul'.l. F. So ;l-'t il.K . H'llii'r.
.. lit
red. li-bil-liV.
1 li til 1 liisi 1 .1 i.i 's .tiiii e.
! Flll.iis.n ..'.iii'inslra. 1011 011 llieesiateot
ia Jam. s li is. ibce-i-ed. were grant d to
. .- in, .icr-. ;..;. 'i on 1 in- i tl li day ol Felnuary,
' I, . ,1 ,- t i oiiaie Coin I ol l.alay etle couuty,
;l i"
again-t said estate
, lor aiio.v-auce, lo
one y ear. alter
ir ihey msy be
lr...,.t 1 .. 1 1 v .
ah oeeton. holrlinir Lafavette Couuty Bonds
which have not the required revenue stamp ou
them are hereby nol. fled that the stamps are
now in mv hands, and that they will wafer s
ivvnr 1,1-'railing and allowing me to put the
17 - .. '.n the n. B. MARSIIALU
feb "4-4iv Treasurer Lafayette County.
An old, but true saying Is. that if you wish la
make enemies, just do a crediting business. We
h..,- i.u..i,.r.,r, accommodated various partlei
under the plea of "hard tunes," and promises
,sUii in in a lew davs. Ac. Ac and the re
sult is that alter we have so done the same
....en.,, u-.niiiiir anvtliim; in our line tb. r. an.-r
bsive always got a fitile cash to pay and leave
it with other bouses, thereby showing thetr ap
preciation of our kindness toward them. There
fore, we would say tu all, that if you w isb any
thing 'n our liue, hardware, tinware, furnaces,
toves, tin rooflug, guttering, etc., tic. that
w Intend to sell a low, (If not lower), as tbe
lowest, and expect the cash for all peo is.
Therefore, those who want time, would do well
to call somewhere else, tor that liltle game
is spoiled out us. " -
iv. rem our thanks to tbe nubile generally
for tbelr liberal pairo lage heretofore, andre
specllully solicit a continuation ol same. Re
member, our terms are Cash. c
UrilEK K As, I nomas .1 . riri
' a I- lowers. Ins wile, by then -certain d..
,-of trust', dated ihe 22.1 day ol April, A. I- Lm
and duly recorded mine it.coi.iei s 1 ...
lAlayette couniv , in iue.-i.n- " '', ' '.
Book No. 3, page -Pll, ctuneyio ... ' "
rn.ne.l ru.lee. the following lb-scribed let
',.,... oiliialed III said county alltl Stale. In w d
A liart ot Ilia easi nan 01 no
of section nine, in township lortv-ei
range twenty-eight, being l.iai paivo
south of the snl-a-nar ci.-ek, e
tain thirty-eight acres, more or
i.v.iee was made in trust lo
llieiit 01 ...,. i.j 1,,
described; aim nereas. ram - "--
due and remains unpaid, now , therefore, at .lie
re.lllesl Ol me legal iio.or. o. . - -
cording to Ihe proviilolis ot said deed oi tn.-sl,
'..sttivv MARCH 2oT... A I- 1-72.
between Ibe hours ot nine o'clock 111 the
,..... 1,1.1 rive o'clock in the alleriuion ..
day in front of the courthouse lionr, in tin
of "Lexington, Lalavetie countv, Mis-onn
ceed to sell the aoove iiescrioen pi",.
.a 1,1, bier, for cash, to salisly
wnh interest thereon, together with
ekjienses of this trust.
ni in
tl i
in- h tviiis claims
i.i to cxlii ot lli'-ui,
n : I a-.o , a .1 inn
. ,,.i !.. s
b. n. iii ..I mi. ll .stale; ..l:d It
viiib-led wnlnn iwo 'years
i i'.-i ni -. fln-i w-ill be tin ev t-r
.(..UN Al.l.l., Adm'r.
I -a:
ici. i.-r 21. w
Ail;.iiiisH'i'' Xutice:
III i i lis ,,i .ot iltiiiisll a. ion 11 inc. esmic o,
j 'lolln A. Po-tn.i, '.. c- a-eil. were gi allled
C tile undi 1-i's d o.lllie -u.il til -liu. , tot.,
I'.oii.,.. i .-.ii i ol i...iayc.,c coniuy ,
r-.u.s lial 111 cliliots agalosl
Iii pe
I. ii..
il in
1c 21-4-1
ail In.
w llltiil
.lull A. I I''
am estate
uiiow ance, to
ue .year alter the
lull' be preeludeil
tie ; and '.I sUcn
ii i iv o ya-ars' Horn
il ue l.'i'eler bar-
I o.v, -Adiii r.
uat .l:a:i
i-'o fit i. is ii
" per.-o
lli.-r li-l
.1 ins ;i
.,...1 's
the Lai;
,piy lo, a
uu- Ap
.... II li .
i. g.iet io -ill .p..rsor ih
ue ii.i-u i -igm d, guardrail of
d stale ol Ciiaiies -I. I.arnv,
-.ii.i.l Jl.'l .Ui-e, fliC .l., BiW
loi u.lal sciiltlli.-hl of said,
t I. e Januaiy lellil, iS7i,
nllt t siuil. 1'1'oUale I ourt. anil-Will
ii.iul i.st n.il g- il'niil said gu .rdl .llslnp
1 l.iui, ls.'J, ol said curl, to be
.Viond iv, in. I -I day ol April, 172. .
Atcc'sit s t; A i; 1 . e. Y , .,ualdia.n.
r .-I li
Ul ICE Is 1c-
. e.-led. III .1
mill and
1 r In ir
Ftn al
. (.nil io ail ersOns Inter
i"e uiiS. r-l;n.-d, KUai'dian of
ol .lost pii W. Bowman,
J..,,U 1'. Ib.vv.Uilll, dec U, UaS
I.i .1 ll. r ae'. .U. it bo' liil.ii sell telllenl ol as. a
oll.ot '.- " .-iiilc .11 tilt- liiin-iliy lellil. 1072, Ol til
.ani Ur colinlv i'loi n e I null, and will pply
..I ii'iinul ill- ii.ii -'' limn saui gualdiauship at .'
he April .. liu 1-72, ol Mini Coin i , in be l.oldeu
iu Hot d,.v. Hie l-l nai el April, ls72.
IU 21 in" -M MtV I.. 11 Ai AN, Gualdtan.-
- ii tlolinaii snd-Ieunie I). .
ie, bl I heir deed of trust
.1 ircii, 1st; I , and rictirdul
,i;, -e o i.alayelte couuty, -.
k No 11, al page 14U, did
er-is'iieo trustee, .the follow,
t.tti siltialeil in the county
f A.i-ourt, iiauiely: All the
i'. inli' e-l. lailli and ilt-iliall i oi the
sV lloldl in and w lie, oi, ill and to.
,d lite laic 11 nd ilullll.ill, Pol ll real.
aVISi'M 'a
i X T I! i'.Ur. 5S a -in.
V lloituan his w
1 it..! .he l-l tin ol
n .In- li. .'ui d. r'.- -vl
l-s. uu i , iu .b ed la
-...oi .-, n i.l .i tin uti-iii.-
de'-el'ltU'd re 1 1 e
,, l.iil.n t ile, SI He i
.1.1.1. ml
aid -la
he , .-HI
innal.-il to I'.i'i-
Uss, which con
secuie tne (iay-
id deed
1 and mie i, to wnicn ihe said ja'tue
llohuan I- . id il led as one of the Heirs at law
d'saitl 11 ui .1 v II olinaii. and being tne unuiviueu
.nt-.-igiilii pail nl -aid estate, subject to the
w i h. w '.- cl nm for dower in l ie e-lale, as
,v I. low nl' sii-l II d.t v Hoi Ulan; W hidl said coo
Cei an. c was ma le tu secure tlie pay lli. Ill Ol
ei i t. il pio.iil-sorv note iii s .1.1 deed described!
vol iv... -reus, deialiii has been inaile in the pay
.... i oi nd mile N'. -v. tin refore, at the re-
in.- I. .-.il bid Ur of said nole.
'ccor-ung I" Hi" teriua and provisioua
1.... 1 I ll .11 ol,
'W'RD.Y. THE 2liut DAY OF
A. 1'. 1S72,
i.-' iie. n the h -ui-s of bi o'clock in the forenoon,
.ml .. o'clock in the uttci nooii, of that day, in
run; id n.e cur. bnii-e door, in the c uniy of
I nav.-tie and si-lle tit Ml-suurl. pruCeed lo sell
Ute n'liove described lulerest. right aBtfclaun ID.
.lidestate at public vendue, lo the bigtieat
.,, ,,,i- e.a-h tosali-lv said note ana
inl.i.-i llieic.-n, tngi lb. r w lib the
...... 1,-,-s ot vve.-illl..g tin rust.
,, .i.i.i. .1.1, IN E
ol said
UY LAND, Trustee.
i tliat
e Clti
, pro
io tin
said note.
st ami
1 rusi, e.
BEING anxious to remove i" .'n - 'i - -reut
my farm, containing 12t aces. "
situated A mile from the Central r eni . . : - -lege.
The iinprovemeuts consist ot Dwein-.g
eiPDaTuinns'. and abo.l.il half acre J '"'5 '
of lorty-two varieties ot grapes. 0lJ'.r-'"''
good condition. Also two f ouses in L-x' h
for rent. I have about 2,tx) njI'.ViTKl.
web2 31V E. -v -nn-
-.-! nikltF.ItT il l.l-
rciL" are ber.by nolitlcd tin
His, (oue hundred aide gut)
...... l Missouri, headed I ei p
fi.noIIV." on ICESi'A
THE copartnership between ibe undersigned,
under the name and style or Hixon A lynl.
Is this day dissolve! by mutual consent. Either
partner 1 authoriaed to settle the business of the
late turm. WM. ULAON,
iMxijkgtaa, fab. iX, iJCi. meiA.Hr
4 LL persons knowing tbemselvea Indebted fo
A. Briscoe Game, will save costs by promptly
senling with mstf J- U.JtcOAi J
LL the HARD CI DER in Ihe conn-
JTX. UJ. Highest price paia. or j.
uatuan call on or eamre.. lff
mchxtt HadlB, akyx--
4l A 1.1.
liii'ler j.'5in)iiei
V- . -irr 's si al
io a' bill nl l-.-s-
1 HE si '-DM) DAY
...edweiiiiii; hu'-ise ol Lelle-
ti 1
i, isiu. d n tvi. g mi u appointed Trua
s. tt.c UP lb.- partnership business ol
die! .V I'inkney, hereby gives no-;
, t erued, llial liiose having' cla mil
s piirlllcrsbip, bad better have them
1 lore inc.. I mil autlmriEetl to sell at
the iiiii-e liiewery r.s..,- ,
ptlll.lt "l l.ia. . ... H T .' Mtl
II, uu. i , .. i,,,.:..,l
u'i ' u'doli. MiV;'.;.,, I be enmp. ....n o the
,u i,. ,u , Railroad, and Ibe pros-
''"ffaneailv coiiiplellon ol the L. L. G
Uaiiioad, renders ii v. ry desirable. Call and.
nn- and li'a a ...os-
r. .1.1. TAYL'iR. Trustee.
(,iv Miistiuri. ni i)'f.tt-vi be-
ti-,. iimK'i -Uii vl, J"JliCf of the1
iViotMif Mii-ii li r iistnp, county &tt
al'in -r-vi:il, 11 1;l 1,1 'iiiiiuury, K'i, two
,ni.v ti'-r-.". it -i'i a t'lllows, lu-wit; On
-iiirk ii'ou-r?y iiire, 3 iaiv out piut, bout 15
iiiii.d ivh, ni iui ia U.e b ft tbe olht-r
IiqUi n'.,.-i.ivi hi ire, 4 veur uhi past, about 14
a.. n-i U ri'. cM ii'i;-!iiiiu'i iu lunti hind If,
it it h ;m Ui.i s j.tio.1 -til ruUDii. Iluroe pprmjd
icL4.-:; DANIEL G. POTV. J. .
i-. i (i
' RlU' i "'. ,,v ..1 I.t XItWtOIl. t'tllitttV
JCLa4,aJyet,e. Sta-e of .Ml.so..,.. between li.V
SLe. .Yeiaht o'clock in ine forenoon and six
S"clocrinfn. V.noou of thai day. the .leo
..c,oc. u-,.dict Th mas will be taken, the
ob ect ol which is to perpetuate testimony as to
ihe Hue agreed on and marked, by said In uedict
Tfcouiaa and Edwin M. Kyland, diviiliu-- tm
east ud west halves ol the souiheasi iiuai icrul
section tweuty-iwo, of township ttiiy-oiie. In
range Iwenty-Veveu, and lhat said line so agre. d
on aud marked has since been knowu, ivcgni
xed and acquiesced in by successive owners ol
said land, aud Si 111 is lbtl se line dividing said
east and west halves oi said quarter section oi
land between the present o ner thereot. said
deposition. If not completed on that day, w.u is
continued irom day lo day, at the same piacaj
aud between th same hours, until completed,
mchxiw IU0UAI H. - UAJtVE-
n -,te ones w heie in
,1s aie an moaning Fnuale Keau
..,l lor s,..ci .1 case.; tb'0''''';
:bier and cueapei
and U'
ilLU- .... . . .h.,r inn nills.
.j-cacli mix cmiiaiu- - Tr, ieV. ,
Wr. ppc.t ia w .'i." pt " J ,.. , nclosl.
ol pine. 'i" uiutgist will not buy '
ux ", Vncb.se'he money and we will
'"," "i.i i'V tT'' ot i""1 tcorr'
K . . i v. r eii and discreetly answered.
1 ',. in send our pamphlet, entitled
An wo ii as as Isv alius " lo every
reader ol 'this p-p.r. and man. Ireea doxen or
m. "copies lo anv person who all! band Iheni
h. r in' mis. A.t.n'ess st. Louis Me-lica.1 A.-o-ciaiioB,
U7 Xih bix.h Slreel, St. '

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