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g)ai U'oimtn jtatiwl.
Ol'OBOU) IlH6uvi.
W aro just now placod in possession
of information, which justifies us in
stating that work will probably com
menco on our railroad this season. A
movement is on foot to combine Mis
souri and Iowa capital for the purposo
of pushing the lina through.
The cortlnjualjo visited tho capital,
as wo learn from the Stato Time3 of tho
26th. It fays "an earthquake shock
was felt here on Wednesday at about 4
o'clock, p. M. The tremor was slight
but very perceptible, shaking buildings
and furniture and rattling windows, &c,
foreoveral seconds. The shock was
very plainly felt in the Capftol build
ing, and'in tho armory, whero it pro
duced quito a fluttering among the flags
suspended in the Adjutant Geueral's
office, cansiim tbuiu tc wavo for some
time as if .agitated by a gentlo wind.
SA.YS tho Hiawatha (Kan.) Senti
nel:: "We are informed that tho County
Commissioners have, purchased 220
acres of land for a poor farm. This
farm' is about three miles from Paler
mo, on the Fottawatomio road. Ono
huudred acres nro enclosed and in cul
tivation. Thcro aro somo good build
ings and plenty of water on the place.
It was sold by Mr. Chas. ltichtcr, for
tho sum of $4,500." This is just what
wo havo' plead for in Holt county. Somo
day away oft in thojuturo, our sugges
tion may bo carried out. But wo do
hate to bo behind everybody olso in pub
lic improvements, only making a step
forward when driven to it.
Capo Girardeau, April 15, '67.
Mr. Editor: I will not attempt to
give your readers a graphio description
of our trip from your quiet city, among
the prairies, to our present abiding place
surrounded by the giants of tho forest.
Lot it auffico for the present to say that
wc arrived here with all our limbs whole,
and without having experienced any
very serious calamity which indeed is
very fortunate for us, moro especially
when wo recollect tho jamming and
cramming we endured whilo riding over
a rough road with only eleven of us in
a stage. We had not proceeded very
far on our journey before wo concluded
that if we could get untangled, and suc
ceed in getting ourselves distended to
our full size, wo would stop at tho half
way station between Oregon and Sa
vannah, which wo did, and then after
resting for the night, hired a two-horse
wagon to take us to tho railroad.
Wo certainly think that elasticity in
connection with man's body a great bles
sing conferred upon him by his Creator
But we soon forgot, at least for the
timo being, our compression, in tho en
joy men t of the expansion of our lungs
without feeling that thoy wero bound
with iron hoops, and our lees doubled
up into almost all kinds of shapes
As wo approached St. Louis on tho
boat, in looking at tho vast cloud of
smoke which hangs over her like the
black wings of somo destroying angel,
Jackson County, Indiana, has be
come the scene of a terrible amount of
crimo. Murders and robberies are com
roon, and the laws aro held in defiance.
Tho now Albany Ledger says there have
been sixteen murders committed in that
county'within the last two years. Be
sides these there havo been assaults with
intent to murder, robberies almostwith
out number, seductions, rapes, arsons,
and a long list of other crimes. The
citizens havo becomo so much cxaspor-
ated that they have organized vigilance
committees, and will execute the law on
the criminals on tho Lynch plan.
our mind went back to tho pure, free
air and clean prairies of the Northwest.
Whilo in the city, the roagnitudo of this
dark cloud which continually hovors
over it, was increased by tho burning
of tho Lindell Hotel, ono of tho most
noble buildings in the world. But alas !
Tho Hoppor Question.
At will turn out, wo nopo, as many
believe, that thofeors thai tho country
will be devastated by the grasshoppers
is unfounded. Tho Lawrenco (Kan.)
Tribune of the 25th ult says :
"From what wo see of tho insects thus
far, wo do not think that further injury
to any great extent, need bo apprehend
eu. aney appear to generate in very
warm, sandy deserts, as in Africa, and
havo never exhibited any evidence that
mey wero xvunsas uorn, us mey maao
their appearance in raids of myriads
whioh almost darkened the sun, and pur
sued their travels until fall, when thoy
stopped to deposit thoir eggs, and de
vour vegetation. The few warm days
which wo havo had has givon but little
vitality Co them, and fow are soen. We
believe, as we hope, that tho race of the
grasshopper tribo in Kansas is almost
' extinct, and that our agriculturists need
navo mtlo apprehension of injury to
crops tho prcsont season."
Tho Paris Ezposition-Tho American
jjopartmont on mo uponing uay.
Blot at Quinoy.
cv on the nicht of the, 23d, which came A 8Pec,Bl .ccrresdonuent or too uon
near resulting in serious consequences, don Telegraph, writes ;
The difficulty originated in a large num-. America was putting her best foot
of Catholics taking forclblo. possession foromost nil day Sunday ; but aitoijagb
of a hall used by the Methodist Bpisco- the decoration of tho United Stitea.
pal Church as ft place of worship, and courts is completed, and theVc'ouhters
preventing the Rev. J. G. White from are ready, ana tho glass cabinets aro
delivering therein a lecture on Roman- prepared, tho United States packing ca-
mi . . I. "It t i . 1 - .L -1..
18m. x no pastor oi toe imurca next ses are notyec enipuea ot a tunc or tncir
day applied to Mayor Pitman for the contents. I saw, howevor, a great
detail of a sufficient nolico force to many transatlantic articles exhibited
maintain order at tho hall on tho $nsu- which'will demand, it a futilro period,
ing evening, wncn anotner attempt extended notice Amongst otners aro
would bemado by Rov. Whito to dclir- somo sumptuously carved chimney pieces
or the lecture. Instead of making such, of Vermont, Tennosseo, and California
detail, and taking tho proper steps tn marble; the last as -rich in color as
onforco order, and guaranteo tho. safety onyx, and beautifully vejncd with gold
of tho speaker, this political trickster, in its natural stato. Then tbero was
this time-serving Mayor catered. to the an imposing array of.grand pianos, and
infernal spirit of tho mob and placed a a very romarkablo collection of clocks,
premium upon lawlessness by coolly in- statuettes, and lamps, accmingly made
orming vnu uiiiiiBwr uuu uu uoovuiuics ui uruuzu, uut 111 ruaiujr m tuav uuu,
that tho hall would be closed against artfully colored, and which can bo, sold
them. The Whig ond Rcpubliban of twenty-fivo per cent, cheaper than real
tho 29th says : , bronzo, while they ore quite as hand-
"Tliis action created intonse excite- somo and fully as durable. There is
ment throughout tho city among men also a really astonishing machine I
not usually given to excitement, and need scarcely say that it is of New Eng
last cvoning an immense crowd gather- land manufacture for tho siraultauo
ed in front of the City Hall. Although ous composing of type and tho forma
tho doors wero closed, and policemen tion of a matrix for sterootyping, the
stationed thereat, two or three of the type being stamped into n thickness of
trustees of the church entered it and lit a soft blotting paper, from which the
It up. Again the trustees of tho church cast can subsequently bo taken. The
in opposition, however, to the protest compositor sits before nspocies of koy
of the assemblage went to Mayor Pit- board Btrongly resembling that of a pi
man and asked that tho hall bo opened anoforte. Ilia foot works tho pedal ;
to them, but ho ogain refused. The in fact, you might think that, whilo he
meeting then organized in tho street, is really "setting up" the Constitution
and was eloquently addressed by Gen. 0f tho United States, ho was some
Beanjbllev. Mr. Andrus, Dn Sturgis, boarding-school miss practising her exer
GenPrentiss and others, and finally cises on an instrument whoso keys had
adjourned to moot to-night at tho hall been carefully muffled out of considera
te listen to Rev. "Mr. Wnito, on which tion for the nervous lodger next door,
occasion ho will have a hearing, lot the In its remaining portions the United
consequences bo what tbey may. States department through no fault, be
Tho resolutions adapted by the meet- it observed, of Mr. Beckwith, tho chief
ing condemn, in no measured terms, tho commissioner, but through tho non-ar-conduct
of Mayor Pitman, demand freo rival of merchandise is in a regrotta
speech, and advocato tho passage of a bio state of backwardness. At all
bill ov 1 no ucisiaiure, id uu uuuvu in events, nowever, America naa some-
extra sossion. establishing a board nf thine to show, which was not the case
how short lived are tho greatest and police commissioners for this oity. For on Sunday afternoon with Italy, with
most endurinc monuments of tho skill this nurnoso a committee of twolvegon- Portugal and with Brazil. Thosocoun-
and mechanical genius of the inhabit"- men oro to be appointed to proceed tries had unpacked nothing, and seom
ants of our terestrial world. Tho burn- ttt onco ? SPrin8?id "A?"G?E cd hopelessly behindhand.
ing of this magnificent structure was Lpeesa arv measure in his call. Bv' the News from tho Northwest.
one of the grandest Bights ever witness- action 0f tho city authorities the peo- The following items we clip from the
cd in the city. Tho fire streaming forth pie havo been driven to this recourse Omoho Republican of tho 21th ult.
from its numerous windows, envoloping and the issue will do pressed 10 a con- a sine tracK or me union rnciuc
, , , . elusion." Railroad has been put down at the
he whole building in flames, and light- ... . . . . M Ninth gtreet croesinKf for the use of tho
ing up the starless heavens above with 5g ai d1v . contemotible bid for the fa- trains, which all start from that point
its crimson hue, was a sight too grand Vor of tho rabble. Religious scruples now.
for mortal pen to describe. did not enter into tho motivo which Peach, apricot and other fruit trees
w - :nt..i:nn v, nromntcd him to Buch an act. INO uatn- navo ueen in oioora ror turee weena w
Tho European Complications.
Foreign telegrams announco that an
European Conference is to assemble in
ondon nexl month, to settle the dis
pute between France and Prussia tho
conference to bo-composed of represen
tative of Great Britain, Franco, Prus-
sia, Austria, iia8S)a, anu tne urana
Duko of Luxembourg. It is further re
ported thai the basis ot tue uontcrenco
will bo :
First Franco not to enlarge her
prcsont boundaries.
Second The fortifications of Lux
embourg to bo ovacuatcd and disman-
Third Tho political status of tho
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to be as
sertained and defined.
Fourth Tho final decision of the
Conference to bo guaranteed and main
tained by all tho Powers participating
in tho deliberations of tho Conference.
Tab CoMisa Whhat Crop. Tho ac
counts from almost every section of
Maryland, Virginia, nnd North Caroli
na, speak of the prospect of a large
crop of wheat. .A Louisvillo, paper says
not only in Ohio and Kentucky, hut in
ennessoo aiso, iuc wucai crop is inuru
extensivo than is usually seen, and
promises an abundant yield. Tho Wa-
tertown ( Wis. ) Democrat, April 11,
ays: "The winter wheat in this region
las a fresh and vigorous appearance."
Tho Illinois State Journal learns that
the wheat, in Sangamon and adjoining
counties look finely, hotter than during
the corresponding season for soveral
years past. Wheat and-' other cereal
crops in .Texas, oc which an unusually
argo breadth has been planted, are look
ing splendidly, and tho Lone Star plan
ters anticipate too biggest harvest thoy
ever had.
. - - nt... .1.1 1 tt . -1. rrM, n l i.:nn
or me oppio uuu dbbcu oioom, wmcu i . ., . . ,. - ,t - ,, ... ...!...
- . I8UCU a courae. xhov &uuw iuu won tuaiMreii 10 vuu xig uiuuuj ,
in bloom hero
and that is
surround us on every side, tho sight nn oftomnt .tinir rart tni shut out hnoomirnr.
and smell of which give us a bright an-1 free religious discussion is tho surest An immense train of iron and other
tininntion of feastincr on these fruits wav to brine Catholicism into disgrace, construction material went out on the
r . . It.?. . mi i c j: : l.l tt..:.. t . :n t:i .1 i ,1..
A.,,nr. r,n rin onrl anlirTf lota lF rha lit It Will HOI ULTir JfEO UIBUUSOIUII, UUU U UIIIUII L UUIHU XtOIIIUUU ICOICIUUT UJUIU
foil rrllia ia nilr, o fnnif tUlUUimBUU Y1.1U IU Ul .'". in. .wm vu iv .
v...b .u v.Uv.Uv-v nn rftii:nn f0r t ln n meteenth bps n.
country ; but wo need more of tho Yan- cennrv and enlightened America. 'Anv Tho warehouse of tho Chicago
kce capital and enterprise of our north- species of intolerance is as inconsistent Northwestern Railroad on the Iowa sido
Cm pCOplO tO UeVelOpe US resources. 1 Wlia lue genius Ol our uj uuu uutiuu, ui vuw nvur, una uuwreiy uioujjpuaiuu
unA v.rt.r. : as is the enncmir conduct oc this May
O I nC n,..nn Ik Vi si iliitniftt nF (Via rtK. I e rtt-niinil ivlinrn if ofnntl
Ur UL VZUIIiUV tllbU mo ulK"twJ' vmw vi- i .uu h'uuuu iwiu i ovuuw
uuilu's mill. too expanse or wa
tion the other day, that the peach crop 7.
of this county last year amounted to
ono hundred thousand dollars.
We witnessed quite a novel scene a
few days ago. Whilo the City of Alton,
ono of the St. Louis and Memphis pack
ets, was leaving our wharf on her way
to St. Louis, her crow, who were all col
ored men, assembled on tho forecastle,
Governor Oglesby was tmegraphed tcr at Child's Mill, fivo miles below
as to tho State of affaire, and has res- 0:iaha, is estimated by good judges to
nonded in fitting terms, and declares be ton to fat temi miles in width. It is
... ... AM .l l.HV 1 . I, 0
that the rigntot troospeecn, ine-iung- one immense laice, as Been rrom vjnpi
na Charta" of Amciican liberty, must tol Hill. This is tho point where some
be maintained. have believed tho railroad bridge might
be built. An examination of that lo
Ohio. cality now, will dissipate all idea any
The following is the Manhood Suf- ono may have entertained that a bndg
nna nt wVinm ntnnrl itnnn tlin Kinitnn I tmna kill na nuaanil hr hntVi hrnncllRR COUld be bUIlt there.
VMW W. ..UWM WVWV muwh VHUU.UII .UUV "III UU puWMWM "J H w H " I . . , . . . , .
' : . ' " . . , V6tx, that the ice in the Missouri, op
aai, m iroiu oi mo uug-oiau whu a jujig jiesolvec, bv the Ueneral rfssemoiu pesito Yanktown, broke up on the at
The Missouri Bounty Bill.
WAsniNOTON City, D. 0., )
April 20th, 18G7.
Editors Missouri Democrat :
Dear Sirs : The question as to tho
signing the M. S. M. bounty bill by tho
President has been at last decided. It
was discussod yesterday for two hours
in Cabinet meoting, and tho decision
w'as 'that tho President had not tbo le
gal right, ds tho bill .was not presented
to mm until, atter, tne adjournment.
Tbis oE course will cause a delay unti
nex't muctingof1 Congress. Then, i
will bo presented to the President, who
on more than ono occasion has said
there-was nq objection to tho bill.
,1 will not use words of , censure to
warus tne member of too committoo on
Enrolled Bills who had hurriedly placed
tno um in uis desk, whero it remained
hidden.undcr other naners for davs when
he bad every reason to believo it was in
the I'reaidcnt'a hands. That gentle
man's jteciings aro, much hurt. X
abuseim, U not our remedy. We must
wa'it patiently for the reassembling of
Congress, It will not be necessary to
aet. upon the subject dq novo, arShe
ssmo vongress, tne fortieth, which pass
od.the bil, will reassemble, whether it
be op an adjourned session in July, or a1
urn .iFgui NIOBIUM ui vecemoer.
..Othor papers will please copy,
o Very respectfully, your obedient serv
r thr
)t It
Know thy Destiny.
Madam E. F. Thobxton, the ret Eogllih
Aitrologtst, OUIrmjunt and Pajrebometrlelfto,
who bai titonlshcd the tolcntiSo elutei of the
Old World, ha now loetted herself at Ilndion,
N. Y. AUdAtne Thornton poistsaet moh won
derful poweri of icoond sight, as to enbl her
to Impart knowledge of the greatest luportanee
to the, single or married of either sei. Whilo
In a state of trance, she delineates the features
of tho person you are to marry, and bj the aid
of an Instrument of Intense power, known as the
Psjrcbotnotrope, guarantees to produeo a life-1
llKe picture of the future husband or wife of tho
pplfcftot, together wllh date of marriage, po
sition In life, leading traits of character, so.
This Is no humbug, as thousands of testimonials
osn assert. She will send when ileilrcd a certi
fied cerilAcMe, or written guarantee'! that the
picture Is what It purports to be.,., U enclosing;
a small Iock of hair, end stating place of birth,
age, disposition and oomplcijon, and enoloslng
fifty cents and stamped- enTelope addressed
to yourself, you wilt reoelre the picture
nnd desired Information by return mall.
All communications sacredly confidential. Ad
dress la. confidence, Madam K. F. Tnoairo;
V. 0. llox 228, Hudson, N. Y.
ilelmbokrs extract llucbu..
Fon NoN-nnTifNTlON or Incontinknci of Urlue,
Irritation, Inflamntlon, or ulceration of the blad.
der, or kidneys, diseases of the prostrate glands.
stono In the bladder, calcutu'strravel or brick
ililst deposits,' and all diseases uf the bladder.
kidneys, and dropsical swellings,
USK IIKLMnOLP S unin liXTlACT intoitn. ,
Great American . '
It should bo borno in mind by those
persons holding Missouri bank bills that
f thoy aro not passed in by the 1st of
June, they will become valueless, accor
ding to an net of the Legislature.
Onr.aoN, Mo., May 3, 1807,
, ; 0 00
8 GO
8 00
3 00
1 2&
Con, 1) bbl 3 00
Bacon, f lb .10
LAni), id
Butter, f lb
F.uas, ) dot .v.
Chickens, doz
Potatoes,,) bu
Onions 71 bu
Flour, h bbl , lb uu fv:u uu
Corn Mkai., 1 bu " 80
Honey, h id o
SonailUM Molasses, 'I gal 75
Dried Am.m. if in Oj
Green Ari'LES, t) bu.i 2 OU
Dry Hides, lb... 16
Wood, 'tf.cord , 4 00
la Coming.
The Stnr Coatpany of America!
Tills old fatorltj company baa been gr'"'
augmented for the traveling season, of 1807,
with . 1 S l f i :
Free to Everybody.
A larco 0 pp. circular, cWing Information of
the greatest importance to llie young of both
It teaches how tho homely may become beau
tlful, the despised respected, and the forsaken
loved, v '
No young lady or gentleman should fall to
send their address, and rccelve'n copy postpaid,
by return mall, Address 1 U. Drawer, UI,
U4Um Troy, N. V.
IIt:i,MliOLD'S Kxtiiact lluciiu gives health
and vigor tn the frame nnd bloom to the palled
clieeK. Uublllty is accompanied by many alarm'
Ing symptomf, and if no treatment Is ubmlllid
to, coiisiimpimi). ineaniiy, orepucpuo nts ensue
cd Hose Wash cures secret nnd dellcato ulsor
ders tn all their stages, at little oxpenso, llttlo
or no change in diet:' no incouvenlenee and no
exposure. It Is pleasant in taste and odor, I in
mediate In. its notion, ond free from all injurious
Resolved, bv the General Assembly posito Yanktown. broke up on
whip which he used pretty freely on tho ofthe Stale of Ohio, (three-fifths of hngt. On the nicht of the 12th the riv
image of a buffalo that stood out on a toe mombers electert to each ttouse er rose thirty inches,, and on the loth
i. r,,;nnfin ,. v,, of it, agreeinc thereinT That it be and is the water was but a little over three
i. . m ... -j hereby proposed to the electors of this feet below tho high water mark o
uouv. xwo uiucrti, uim on cuuer biuu, o, i , ,!, nnl 1 rri. n,i;.:.. r.,ii.
.... ubttbu lu iu,g U, IUU UM, UUUUDI vnu oUllllt. J. lie iuivuiiail IUIIUC1 OiV
. .3 ! iL I. . 1. il. .. .1 1 . . . . i.r. o -
Biuou hiiu oar wumu mojr uoou aa Der election upon the approval ot rc- lit is expected the heavy .snows
xi i. : il. : rii I ! j : r. i . e Ai : j . i . - . . . .v i i i
iuquuu roning iuu awuiiy uawxxwu. craii. icciiou 01 vuu iuiiuwnir umuuumouu bb Winter vrmca exienueu ciesr v
Durint? which the whole crew Bunt? one a Bubatituto for the first section of the mountains will inauro a good bo
nf their river sono-a. to the amusament uim article ot, mo onsiiiuHon or., me stage ot water in mo uisiaan
ol tnoso on snoro, .t?,. ,u (u tt..:.i u : ul
xuu otniintu uuiub vu ua weuaij, states ot the oce o twenty-one years, mountain voyoco
and when we look upon it, it is as look- who shall havo been a residont of, the :
inc upon the face of an old friond. Bo- estate next preceding the election'ond Tub "Nodlb Kbd Ma
ckon a
ieve,me,I om watching with interest of tho township or tTord in, which ho rerKST. Our Eastern novef
mo movemenw oi J0Ur iiihus, uuu y Bwexcebt Buch peraohs asliave borne ardor in describing the nati
tho weekly visits ot the sentinel, 1Wb in siinncrt ofanv iusurrect i'ar nf'the Aboriuines of -Amerf
look into the looking glass of your com- rebellion ogainst tho Government of the had witnessed a little sceno'
Itt!...i Oi....' i i. j r ''A -Jlnv t! n ! J I.)
munity. iuhuuu aim? , or, uavo ueu. irom meir I Direct m hub ciiy ono uujr iu
r . o. iiciiiuo.1 iinuuco ui icoiumivu iu uvuiu oenig urate I J-UB aou 01 a o.uce poweriur j.iiu
I eu into the military sorvice ihreof : or was amusing himself 'Wth a bo
Dikd. We mentioned in our last have uesortou the military or naval serv- row by shooting at a tiny moui
.... la a . l I W a.Tai m
week's issue the fact of a lady in Boone ice ot said uovernruent in timo of war, a string and held by a boy, on
countv. Mrs. Jas. Waters, giving birth and havo not subsequently been honor-, ment, while the 'valiant save.
to four childien. We are sorry to learn ably discharged' from the same, shall himself at a distance of thirt
since then that the motuer ana cniaren nave me quauucations or an elector ana feet irom tne oojeci orw
are all dead. The. mother died on the be entitled to vote, at all elections. and it was' not; until ho bad
same dav eho gave birth to the children., " " - - ,, m.,.,,1 la dozen, arrows 'that he sucj
Three of tbo children died within an I It Is stated that President Johnson placing the littleaniraal ho
U'ondci-rul but True.
Madamk UtiMiMQTO)(, the worfd-renowned As'
trologlst and S omnambullsllo Clairvoyant, i?hll(
in a clairvovant Blatc. delineates the verv fea
turcs of the person you are to' marry, and by
tbo uld of an Instrument it intense power.
Known as the 1'sychomotrope, guarantees td
nroduco a perfect andllfoillite nlctureof thofu.
turo liuuhantl or wife of the applicant,' With date
oi marrige,jpcoupauon, leading (raits prcnar
acter, ho. This is no imposition, as testimoni
als without number cau aseert. Uy staling place
oinirm, age, UHposltlon, oolor of eyes ana lialr,
anu enciobiug nny cents, ana stamped enTeloi
addressed to yourself, you will reoelre the pi
ture by return 'mall, together with desired In
,4y Address in confidence?' Mapamb Gun'
taiDU Bkminqtpk, I,"0. Dbx 207, West Troy,
N. Y. ' J' ' - H831y "
if they
n chief,
and or
tied by
e pave-
or forty
nccfiocka in
rw ae com
notn sixes,, use ueimooiu s Kxtracl uuonu. it
will giro brisk and enorgotlo feelings, and en
asio you'ioieep wen. .ti j iih
Southern I ta, and then hb placed himself within
rain the ! ten feet of his victim, ft, .affordli tho
enforcement, ot the ttoconstructtoti,. and Indian immense, satisfaction, at the Bno
hour after birth. Tho other one lived sincerely regrets that the Southern 6,
but a day and a.half. Jefferson City Stages hayp, attempted to restrain
Trilinnn.l7th. enforcement of the Roconstructloti,
, - . . , , . . , ,, , , ,, .,
t f i is. aefermmeu w amorce h, evon it , in- cess or his BKlll. Bo weuugoa Dy me
Said a dying father to bis son i Junotjpn. should issue from the Sur, grin he exhibited on tbo termination of
tiT 1 1 fln..fr 1. 1.-1 Ti. n .1 1...
"near in minu, my aon, tnrougu jour fM, 7 1 iuo bwiiu.- u w .wiweeouu, uum-
lfeaa the loneexnenence of mtno. nev- . bers of bystanders witb wonuer anu awe.
er to drink sweetened liquors or trust a Two hundred men lynehejd a nogro H How have the mighty fallen!"
Take no more unpleasant' and unsafe reme
dies for unpleasant ana dangerous diseases. Us
lleimboiu's extract uuenu .aouimproieu not
A Youiio Lady returnlnsfo'her'coudtry homo
after a sojourn or.a.rew pioniits.tn tue city, was
hardly rccognlied by her friends. I In place o
t. in 1 , i. ..v , , -.p.
a coarse, rimuo, nusueu isud, bus. uau n soil
rubvcomplexlon of almbst tnsrblo smootbne
and Instead of twenty -three She really Appeared
but eighteen. Upon inqulryos.to the cause of
so great a change,' she plainly told them that
she used tbo uiboassian iiaim, and considered
it on iuraluable acquisition to any Lady's toilet,
Uv Its use any, mus or ueoiicman can Improve
their personal appearance aa hundred fold., It
is slmplo In its combination, as Nature herself
is simple, yet unsurpassed In Its efficacy in draw
Ing Impurities Irom, also eoiing, ol
beautlfylne the skin acd complexl
dlreot action on the outtcle it draws from it all
on. lly its
its impurities, kindly healing the same, and
leaving the surface aaNatura.lnttpded it should
be. clear, son. emootu anu oeauuiui, rrloe Bl.
lent .by Mil or Express, oa receipt on an order
Dy , i.ii4i vvtA1 V".cwnemisis,
' .. No 8 West Fajette et., Syracuse. N. Y,
The only American Ageut for the ssle'ffnhe
'I Tl I'll'
On a scaln of magnificence heretofore unknowa
In the Circus line, nnd with talent of the first
order in every department, they giro an enter
tainment unsurpassed by any.
An original feature witb tbts company is a
Foiualo'Sllver Cornet Hand, .
oonsisllne of ten ladles, led by their. Teacher
Pi'oi. jV. Frotxman,
They will enter town at 10 A. M. on tho day
f Exhibition, and will dslcourse somo of tbo
most fashlonablo tnusta extent through tho
streets of
OliEGOJV, MAY 13A 1807.
Dootb open nt 2 and 7 P. M. Admission CO
cents,- Children 'lb -ots."
With this; troupe will be foud.tbe regular
"OW Fashioned"
-.the world renowned
Ullly Andrews, thojrlsh Clown,
Tlte Funniest Man Alive."
Mr. Miles Orton the fearless Champion bare
back rider Den Orton the Irrlslstable dramatlo
aud sconlo rider nnd line qnalcd . '.
Mrs.' Miles' Orton with' her ediioaf.ed Horse
"J UP ITER" the "best trained horse in tbo
World," trained by herself, will enchant all lov
ers of lhat,uoble animal.- s
MaBter Leon Orton, the youthful rider, with
Master It Z., and tbo Misses Irena and Celestie,
Mr. aafTiiey the ;
Greatest Hurculean'i
of the age ; and many others of equal worth and
celebrity, makes this Indeed the Model Compa
ny or tins qountry, , A
' Act. Advertising Agent..
pxa-xvos and on&Aax&.
,1 J! .- :i')T,-'M i I
AUliiNC, ;A'l' qitKUU, MUi
, promp.tly:i
mllE undersigned will receive and,
X attend to all orders for the celebrated
Pianos made by
PHILIP T&ILtrPS & CO., lrj l
'JAMES i W; V06B,.' .'
ALSO . 1 ' ' ' :"'t
Mason Hamlin's " . U"
S. D. St ILtfF.
At' manufacturers otf
want bargains should call
Snlithft. fl
O'R "O .A JV S,
priett,; Those'' who'
I on'Ui before' bilrl
chaslnir. as the will anv moncT. 'J
A CHAH. w. uuwman:
Address or inquire 'at ''Bbhtiiui." Offloe.: ,!,'
H. G.
TTAS now on hand and is dally receiving
li. a
" 1 sitw
of Groceries.
t i . y,itv,-v
less, &
Bugar,o 1 J. Ti
re ' i ' Flab.
Ana in fact Uryili
f ,. , ina
Price's reasons Lie.
nr'tM4fi 5 r
l ' ' 'ill N IV ll
Mackerel,! -".uvj
A(.ft rultt.
.I've 0
ant, J. W. McOLURG,
cock-eyed man."
I in Seymour, IndianBrMondaj
(Western firripiro,';
lame. n iy(.

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