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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, December 13, 1867, Image 2

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Oreiron, Mi-ourI.
Both tli e canonical nod
Rinne tho lato elections auito nfiim- HOOKS OP THE IHItl-I).
w- - v --- -
has been created in different parts: of the
country in tho interest of Gen. Grant
for President. Whether it is but a mo-
what the IJlblo Is not, what It Is,
Tho Missouri Legislature meets ou
tho first Wodncsday of January.
The subject of impeachmont was
brought to a final voto in the Houso on
last Saturday, .and was voted down by
n largo majority. Tho voto stood, for
impeachmont, 51 ; against, 108.
Tho Stato Convention of Alabama
has pnsscd an ordinanco exempting
from seizure for debt, 1,000 worth of
personal property, and a homestead of
80 acres for tho head of each family.
Mails from China and Japan weroro
ceivod at Now York on tho 5th inst.,
via San Francisco and tho Union Pa-
ciGc .Railroad. Timo, forty-ono days
from Japan, and fifteen days between
Now York and San Francisco.
Tho messago of President Johnson
was published in London before it had
roaehed many of thoremoto sections of
our own country. Tho London Times
commenting on the message says : "The
message shows that Mr. Johnson has
learned nothing. Ho transcends him
self in impudoncc. Ho regards his of
fico as absolute as sovereigns do their
prerogatives. Ho forfeits all respect."
Other journals uso similar lannuugc.
Tiik Italian Government has grant
ed universal amnesty to tho adherents
of Garibaldi.
Mexican advices of tho 23d ult.,
Btato that several persons who have beon
elected to Congress nro in prison, and a
number of others aro hiding from the
authorities for fear of being arrested
and thrown into jnil tho moment they
show themselves. Thcro is a probabili
ty that war will break out betweon Mcx
ico and Guatemala in regard to tho
boundury question, and in caso of such
war, it is said tho Imperialists will give
aid and support to Guatemala. It has
been promulgated that tho samo punish'
ment meted out to Imperialists who ro
mained in Mexico at the closo of the
war, will bo meted out to thoso who are
absent from their homes, when they ro
montary flash, and will vanish without
an; practical results, is atill uncertain.
Thcro has been a strong effort put forth
10 12
l 60
12 10
aud how to
nsolt. (With Illustration!.) By Prof. Calvin
E. 8tono, D. D., for moro than thirty years
Biblical Professor ot Andover, Cincinnati,
and other Theological Seminaries. Zelglcr,
McCurdy & Co., Publishers, Philadelphia,
Pa., Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Mo.
Sold only on subscription, See ad-
to make it appear that tho Republicans vertisemont in another column.
aro about to select Grant for their cap- This is a book greatly necdod at this
toin in' tho coming campaign. Still wo timo, as no work on tho subject haB ov
have failed to obscrvo sufficient evidenco or boon accessible to readers in this
to concludo that tho masses oi tho Ro- country, not even- to ministers of the
publican party aro ready to do this, church, except in a very fow cases.
What give3 tho prospect in this direc- Prof, btowo is, without Uouut, tlie
tion a; doubtful cast, is tho attempt of most learned Biblical Scholar in tho
sevoral minor assemblages of the con- United States. With all that pertains
sorvativo stripo to mako tho groaf raili- to that book, both in anciont and mcd-
tary chieftain their leader also. It is ern'literaturc, ho is thoroughly familiar,
urged by Republicans who clamor for and from tho text of ancient manu-
Grant, that ho should bo takon up on scripts hid away for ages, to tho latest
uccount of availability that it will bo controversies of German and French
"policy," in vlow of tho conservative critics, ho has gono over tho whole range
shado of tho lato elections which is of ovidenco for and against tho Scrip-
nothini? less than a tacit admiSBion of tures, tracing their history up to their unchanged. Superfine at ftfl 37CA7 25; extra,
.b- ,.n,nn rolntlnn h nnMinfe tn tho origin with the insnirod authors. Tho ?88 "l double extra,,$8 7610 GOs treble
'"v " "" f - ... , to fancy, $11 2613 20,
party. Amidst thoso party contentions vast learning no uas orougut to uoarup- Hogs, unsettled ; oi"c, tho latter for ex
Grant preserves tho same mysterious on tho present work, and has so skillful- tr
mmobility manifested by him during ly employed it in his use oE cloar and
tho military campaigns of tho war. simplo languago, and forciblo and fa-
Then it was necessary; whilo now we miliar illustrations as to make it mtol-
think ho should unveil his purposes ligiblo, attractive and popular to the
to his frionds. If ho accepts tho greatest degree
nomination of a Republican convention TE Atlantic Monthly, for Dcccm-
upon the platform of equal political and . contoin9 th0 conclusion of Dr.
civil rignu to an, every earnest ncpuo- Tnlmcs's "Guardian Annel :" Minor
ican and loyalist in tho nation can on- Elizabethan Dramotists. bv E. P. Whin-
plo ;
OntooN, Mo., Deo. 13, 1R07.
Hoas 6 256 60
CATTtK Beef, 8 O08 26
Conf). bushel 40
Wheat Fall, -ft bushel, 2 00
8rrinz 1 60
Fnmii Br lb 8012
Bacon Shoulders lb
Ulcar sides,
Hams, country cured,
LAnn, Tjl lb
IIUTTtn, Til lb
'firm. T-) iIat ..........
Ciiiokos, T;l doi 2 603 00
l'OTATOitslrUb, bu CO 00
Sweot,:1ii'-bu..i..j 1 q0t 60
Onions bu ; ' '76
Ftoun 'print; wheat, 'ftewt C 006 60
Fall .7. m 0 607 25
Conn Mr.AL, "ty bu 75
Ho.sEr.T3 lb ;.. .. 26
Sonoiii'M Molasses. H cal GO GO
Diiir.t) Arn.ss, "ftlb
Onr.r.N Ap'plks winter, bu..
Dried Pkaoues, lb ,
Hides green, llb
'V ood, 1 conl
Feathers, lb
jajiy Cards of one line, one dollar per year.
County Officers.
riott.'InA 0. Bch'ok, Representatlte.
Kdqak L. 'Attm, Circuit Clerk nnd Recorder.
Aldirt RatoMH, Shorlff and Collector.
Waben D. Davis, Clerk County Court
OEonot MolNTinn, County Court Justice.
Sowmom Lraufcn, " '
aitona-P. Bkekls, " '"
Ira C. DotiOK, 'County Attorney.
John J. Ikoiiram, Assessor.
S. C. Collins, Surveyor and Road Com'r.
James Scott, Puplio Administrator.
8. Ui.anciiaiw, Bupt Publio Schools,
A. J. Evans, Coroner.
! I Merchants Oregon, Mo.
Castle & Leu mi it, Boots and Shoes.
UoDLlTEEtL,& Co., (flee Advertisement.)
Wm. Hawkins, Cakes, Deer, Confectioneries,
Kreek & HERsnRKROER; Dry Goods,' efc.i
Zook & Lehmer, Dry Goods, Grooerlcs,'&c.
U. F. Potter, Dry-Goods, &o.
Jas. IL Keis, Stoves nnd Tlnwar'. . ' k
II. Q, soauLTB, FamilyGroccrlas and Product,
Anderson & ubMMiNs, Muruware anuuutiery.
ii. Mtinnir, aieronant xauor.
y John C. Biddens, Drugs, Patent Sledlcmes.
V I' LI J t
Manufactures and sells all kinds of
At prices which will defy competition in this
market. ( .Calkand examine. . Jle.has also mads
arrangements to 'keep on 'hands an .assortment
of i . v ' v 'V
Avo. Ukrres, Furniture Dealer & Undertaker.
RT.JnsEPii.Deo.il. I .-..j. ti....j r. nr
The Herald quote! .hogs at from$C 00 to 0 00 aE0 clothing, Qrocerles. &c J
iuo lauer nBur0 ou.y ir uu,jr. nnAVK. t, TntlETT. Drv Ooods. flroe.rles. fto.
St. Locis. December 10. V. II. Williams k Co.." Stoves.. Tinware. &o.
Flour In bolter demand; firmer, but prices I LATnA & Poindexteh Dry Goods, Groceries,
Uoots, Hboes, nais, L'aps, and olotmng,
ivnoiiEK c& jjvjtunun, urags, vninu, nnu un.
V. & J. W. Zook, Dry Goods, Groceries, He.
Robinson &PtATTEn, Furntturo Dealers.
M. Di Dr6wn, Dentist, Forest City, Mo.
Kravss & RrccKKR, Urewers, Forest City, Mo
0. & F. Sieman, iDoots and8hoes, Oregon, Mo
MAnTUf Wbitmeb, Haddles,tHatness,&c.
Jas. S. Hart, SadJles arfd Harness.
Ira 0. IluzioK.
Parrisii & Dunoan, Real Estate. Dealers,
And will thereby be enabled to fill ordtra tn this
lino on the shortest possible notice;
SHOP; in ' Walters Building opposite the
Printing Office. . . ' ' -. nior.U
Prompted by a doslro to benefit the afflicted and
unfortunate, I will Send tho rcctpo for propar-
dorse him. But so far ho has left Re- . . A , w,i, ' . : siiwr h. DA Lu l1' L,.e.a 'nc li ,n
luiuug tuu iiuiftvio ... mimvi) j i ig uuy duo wuo uuvua ii, xrce uj vriuryc iiu
dress, Joscpli T. lnman, station u, uioie House,
NcwYnrKClly. HI-23-ly
A Cardto Iiivnllds.
AClerevmsu. while residing in South .Amer
ica as a missionary, discovered n, safe anl sim
ple remedy for the Curo of Nervous Weakness,
Eurly Decay, Diseases of the Urinary and Souv
broughton by baneful and vicious haolts. Great I Clark'Irvin, Agont for Claimants,
numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. D. P. Ballard, Notary Publio and Land Agent,
Mound City,, Mo.
W. J, Marshall, J. P., Notary Publio & Coa'r.
puuiicans in qouuc io u poaiuon. TlimM Pnrton . LitGrflturo as an Art.
Indeed wo doubt if ho has any aspirations by rJ w IIiggingou . A young Dc8.
lor u.c rrcBiucnry, Heciiig ui reucenca perado by T B Aldrich . 0ur Pacific
on politics, and that ho now holds tho IVaiIrottj8 by j.K. Medbery ; A Visit
exancu ami .ucrauvo posiuon oi uen- t0 tho Boleario Islands. bvBavardTav-
- if v ti
Syrup mid
cral-in-Chief, which is for a lifo timo
if he wills it ; neither can wo think ho
will McGlellanizo himself hs accepting
a nomination at tho bunds of tho con
servatives. Wo doubt much if ho will
bo tho next Republican candidato for
President. Thcro aro other prominent
lor ; A Mysterious Pcrsonago, by John
Ncal and six other stones, essays,
and poems.
Tho Publishers offer a brilliant pros
pectus for 18G8.
If Universuliam bo truo, somobody of ,ho Thrnn nnd Luocs
naustoiu's Hire
It is an excellent medicine, neatly put tip,
cheap, nnd lust the thing for tho Million. No
futility will be without it when onco nonuatntod
with it virtues.
Throat and Lungs.
At this season of tho 3 ear, when Coughs and
Coldi are troublesome, every family should have
n safe and certain remedy nt bund. Dr. Kan-
Bom's Hive Syrup and Tolu Is tho very UiIiil',
It U not only plcasont for childrcu to tuKi, but
Is a certain curo for Croup, Whooping Cough,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Cough, and all nffeotions
Sold by nil druegists. Price 35 cents per bot
tle. D. 11AKSUM SL'O.,
Propr's, 121 Main st., Buffalo, N. Y.
Wholesale Ag'ts, St. Louis, Mo.
By an extra of tho Gallatin Missou-
rian, wo lorrn that two of tho Daviess
county robbers havo been arrested and
aro now in confinement at Gallatin.
Ono of them, named Sparks, was ar
rostod at Soymoro, Ind.; tho other,
named John Reno, at Indianapolis, Ind.
Reno is denominated tho great chief of
Indiana and Missouri burglars
mon beforo tho people, among' whom says that Math. 7 : 18, ought to read :
aro mentioned Chase, Stanton, and "Wide is tho gate and broad is the way
Colfax, whoso positions aro well known, that lcadeth unto salvation, aud ovcry-
and about which not a doubt exists in body goes in thereat ; becauso straight
the public mind. Republicans, wo think, . h flnd nurrow . t, h h
ii til nAt nnii attnlx iiviaMiaii rxvn m r 1 1 t r O w
"u; ioadeth unto destruction and vou could Is now the moit popular Ointment In the Uultcd
betrayal as that of Johnson to teach woaetn unto tastrucuon, ana jou coma u ,,' , lcforo tbe pubIoOVi:il
them wisdom. They will call out mon not find it if you wero to try." TWENTY YEAHS, uml Us reputation Is fully
who 2'lV0 forth no uncertain SOUnd. . . ' T. ' .... established its ft superior Liniment In all cases
If fl..TT (lnall (n lin tlw. m..ri A"u "OUOlulU ivuveriiser IlUUIiauua wncre a Booming aim remxinR remeuy ia rcinur
11 tiltANT proves tinally to bo tl 0 mull, uJ particularly In UlioumatUm. Neuralgia, In
but present indications umuuvury m iuuu iin,MriBon of tho Bowels and Kidney., Hplnal
Dr. Trask's Magnctlo Ointment
wo say amen,
do not point to it.
monoy has yet been recovered, but the
prospoctB for its recovery aro good.
The Missourian says :
,lTho cry is "Hang them without
judge or jury. Such men deserve no
mercy." Tho excitement is great, and
was it not for tho indofatigable efforts
of the officers this would bo done, and
may anyhow."
Robbut J. Walker, who was Sol-rotary
of tho Treasury under Polk, and
Bubsoquently a member of Jeff. Davis'
rebel Cabinet, is preparing a financial
scheme which ho proposes aa tho proper
ono for tho Government to adopt.
There's coolness and impudenco for
you. Wonder what his schemo is. rer
haps to rcpudiato tho wholo debt and
commenco anew. His antecedents should
recommend him to Andy as a successor
to jYlcUullougu. A criminal botoro
court itlBtructinc his .iudco as to tho
proper "sentence to pass, would bo a par
allel case f Bublimo impudenco to that
of Bob Walker. Lancaster (Mo.,)
Robert J. Walker was Socretary
tho Treasury under Polk, but never was
a member of Jeff. Davis' Cabinet. Ho
was a friend of Sccrotary Chaise's, on
ardent and influential Unionist, and sen
by Mr. Lincoln on a special financial
mission to Europe. Ho was also co-editor
of tho Philadelphia Continental
Monthly during the war, and wo venturo
to Bay that no truer and fow abler Union
men or Radicals wero in tho country.
tho Artie Ocean, by Cupt. Long, of tho
wliiiln.nhin Nilo. Tt in tlinufht it will
HUIUV 1M lllb IVUI1LII1 in , . . i: . mi.
KAlliRUAD. niovo to ue mo poiar cuimuuut. j.iiu
This road is now graded from St. P8t season having been tho mildest ev
Joseph to bevond Forest City, a dis- er experienced by tho oldest whaleman,
No tanco of thirty-lour miles, and is ready ho was enabled to roach a cape in lati
tude 78 and 30. Ho examined the
Affections, Soro Eyes, Burns, Plies, Wounds
ami Bruises.
DIPHTHERIA. Trask's Ointment has been
extensively used for tho past two years with
great success, for tho prevention, relief nnd cure
of that dreadful ftcourgc, Diphtheria, and Is, no
ciouht, the best Known remedy.
Sold by all druggists.
1). HANSOM & CO.,
Propr's, 121 MaliiBt.. Buffalo, N. Y.
MEYER 111103. & CO.,
Wholcsalo Au'ts, St. Louis, Mo,
Dr. II. Jonis,, Mound City, Missouri.
Hotels Oregon, Ma.
Pricb House, Peter Price Proprietor.
Cur Hotel, J. F. Martin Proprietor.
Mechanics Oregon, M6.
KiiEDEitto Saal, Barber and Hair Drcssor.
Western Depot ol SIiiHie,
P. L. Huyett & Son,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Publishers of Shoot Musio,
only wbolcsnlo Muilo Ilouie In the city, and
tuo larcest in mo west:. nmi'Wiu maKo inuueo
raents to Teachers, Clercymcn aud Sabbath
Schools, that no other house cau. ,
No. 8, Fourth St., 8y. JOSEPII,MO,
r Kn its i .Stocking
'C O'M'JP.Ij BTE'i1'
Forming the Heel and narrowing off tho
ioe as it goes along.
R Sets Up Jlt:Oivn Work,
Widens and narrows by tarjlne the number of
loops, the same as in hand knitting. No other
Machine In the world can do any on of Iheso
things. It knits a yard of plain work lu
A pair of Socks' complete in. half an hour, and
an endless rariety of fanoy fabrics.
2'w Work as Represented.
Circulars and sample slocKing sent to any
address on receipt of stamps.
. . M. W. LKl3T,;aon'l Ag't,
No. 11 N. Fifth St., St. Louis.
for tho track for that distanco with tho
excoption of some fow intotvals, in all , 4, .. Q ,i
not more than three miles. At tho same ,and attentively along the ont.ro South.
timn tho road is nrocressim? from the ern coast, and sketcuoU its appearance
P. . . ... . . . 1 m rAMn..MAMWA
fiit'i Snn linn, nnil is n rnnilv nrnn.ir. I If. in niiiln nlflvnreil. nnd nnntinna. nn:ir wuudiuuiiuioih
. 1 7 : ' . r r " l ' . ' . . ' . Tlin Tlbv. V.,anv, A. Wllunn will snml f..o
d for tuo ties to a point at lenst ten its centre, about loncituao 1HU " , wiiat ,lf,,,ux ,,,,,,,.,, .ii,
miles south of Hamburg. On Monday resembled an extinct volcano, estimated with the directions for making and using tho
workmen will commonco to lay tho at threo thousand feet high. They simple romcdy by which ho was cured of a long
track. named tho country Wranglcsland, after ?c1'0" "J ttT:
11T V- T tIT Tl.l- I . .1.. Tl I- I .If . I ... uu.j u.usvi w uvmvuh ...v umivmw UU UK
u. ineips navo couiracieu mc nussian explorer wno uiscovoreu mo hopes every sufferer will try this prescription.
lor tuo construction or tho road trora West point, latituao (0 , 4U JNorth ; as it win cost tiiom notiiing, ana may prove a
.to oin, tn tlm Tntvn linn. tnat; MnmTiwln 'K Hft' V.onf nrwl nnmnrl blessing. Please address ReV. Edward A. Wil.
v.y -u vU ..-w - 1 1 . .r rr,, ""....' ' 7" son. No. 105 South Second Street. Williams.
Villi uuuuuutvuij ulujuvu tuu iiuin uj uiouivicu iuo muuiucuou jjuiuv) uiiu TnfnrmflHnTI
T . - L. ,1 I! 1 .. I A. A. I A. . I . - .1 Ii 1 1 fill M!. 1 -w
mo lBt uny ui uuiy uuai iuu umu naioeu u irnuu nuvuu. xus 11110 buuuu jnenv.mnitnn n.n.. a n.n,i.,rta
pecified in tho contract. They have sevoral days along tho coast, and ap-UntgrowtUofhairuponabaldhcadorbeartUesB
under them ten sub-contractors with preached within fifteen miles of the low- focc, also a reoipe for the remoyal of Pimples.
I . . lllntftliAd irminl Ana nln nn tlin elrln laniilnn
or part. Tho land is free of snow, and . ::i iT:..?f..i v";i
dred teams. As an idea of tho mogni- appeared to bo covered with vegetation. Ualncd without charge by addressing Thos. F,
tudo of too work, we stato that the con- It is impossiblo to tell how far tho land Chapman, Chemist, 823 Broadway, New York.
tract pneo for tho some is $1,2UU,UUU. gxtonds northward could seo ranges of -"u-y
Mr. J. W. rhelps has cencral control mountains a long distance. Errors of Youth.
of tho work ; S. W. Olapp of this city - A Gentleman who suffered , for years from
: o i, : r v : . nr n.i!a .. TT"ir;i-i. Ncryous Debility, Premature Decay, nnd all tho 1
,0 yUiVL uu.ubu. , v-ui. v-ohtu-, u ,T '., effects of youthful Indiscretion, will, for the
distinguished officer in tho Union army ' . sake of suffering humanity, send free to all who
durinc tho lato rebellion, is chief clerk .0".0.f,J"..1): a.ui flC,NK ADhsei25 ncedUither e0IBpo and directions for makg the
and Paymaster. bt. Joseph tlcrald.
man died, was contracted while in the United
C. Kessler,
Fancy Goods,
0 Y
OHillvoii' Oarriu
Bird Cages, Stationery,
NovolB, Elshing Tacklo.
25 Second Street,
Court Notice.
Tho St. Joseph & Coun-1
ell lllulfs Hall Hoad !
Company, plaintiff,
Robert Ilawkc,
Charlos M Thomas,
John F Lowell,'
John Vnngundy, sr,
W illiam Anderson,
E I) lrson,
Samuel Unswortb,
William R Pcnick,
Thomas Wntkins,
Harvey L Williams,
William Watkins,
James II Birch,
Dennett Pike,
Heirs of John Archey,
John D Richardson,'
John F Williams, jr.,
Heirs orjolinUeTorse,
Heirs of Geo. Parker,
Hbbert L Hatio'n, ' '
holrapf JohnWfKollyi
Uonjumhi Shaffer,
Catharioo Harrington,
Francis M Watkins,'
M M Robinson,
L L Sawyer,
tho unknown, owners
of tho town plot of For
cat City; the. unknown
owucrs'of tho no sec.
8, township 02, range
40:, the unKuown own
ers or the bo. i ,eeo. tj.
townstup uz, range ov;
the .unknown, owners
of tho nj and ec of tho
ne ,Beo.J 4, township
ui, range ov ; mo un
known 'ownorB of the
wJ of tho nel of sec.
'. r ' , l ft.
io, lowusuip ui, range
30 5
Abram Funkhouser,
Samuel Foster, and :
Robert 0 Qllmore, de-
ava a
...': .ir
.si . tt
Kit 5if. I rf
o. "VV.
. . it UI K"i
. .1
ii J.
I :f ',;
1 1 1 1
7i) "
Tub Organ on Gen. Lyon. Tho or
gan of tho Democracy of Northwest
Missouri publishes tho following edito
rial notioo of lioneral Lyon :
States Bervlco in Colorado. Over three years
was bo confined Io his room, nnd indeed to bis
couch. Ho bore his afflictions with commend
able patlcnco and resignation. We called to
sec hlm.in his sickness timo and again, and as
"Lot thoso who rovero tho memorv of a 08 wo uld soi presented to him in tho
. , i ii , .. tV plainest manner wo coulu tho sulijtct of person
this dead and damned puritanical fa- J( rellclon.
natic, purchaso a 'copy or bis lifo by all Wo thought when wo first called to see him,
ence, can do so'by
profit by the n
by addrosslnR, In 'pe
John 13. Dqden, 42 Cedar St
r Si
II i
To tub Iowa Line. Tho Railroad is
now completed from Council Bluffs to
the Iowa lino ; tho rails being laid and
the track in running order to Hamburg
on Friday i In, a few days trains will
run regularly from Council Bluffs to
Hamburg, thero connecting with the
coaehea of tho Western Stugo Lino to
Savannah, thence by tho Missouri Val
ley Railroad to this city ; by this ar
rangement tho timo between Council
Bluffs will be reducod several hours.
St. Joseph Herald.
moans, as for US WO aro no revcrist and that tho world presented to him, as, It does to
ii i, :vn nnnn nf it mo young gcnorany, a natienug prospect! but
witi hayo nono or n. as tlme wor0 nWBy B0 aill llU HBtcm u d tU
Wn wih to call tho attention Of Gen- "low ravages of disease, till at length he became
i tt ii . .1 nriwlalmur tn lip nlminn convinced tbat death una marked him as his.
erals Hull outl liradshaw to this choice ,n tbo meanule Il0 b t0 look ttboutlllm t0
extraot. At a Ifleeting Ot UomOCratS, ecB what equipment ho had for the encounter
engineered by theso tw"0 uenorals, it was with. the last onomy, or what preparation ho
Voted that thenowspaper, puuitsill ngwo ;lw,"i moral young man, a, we
uireKOiHK uuuuuu uu nuvu uu usmr nave been intormea tliat lie was, yet he was
r ii . .... ...
CV, 00 regarded OS IIIO truo ana raim- oonvincomuai a meremorauiy wouiu notstanu
iiiAivuijN Ui', oy Jiipnrn uorts jpn
X his plantation, In Clay township, coutfy of
Holt, Stato of Missouri, on the 18th dayNo
veniber, 1807, one three-year-old whlteTIelfer.
with a crop off the left ear. Noiother marss
or brands perceivable, Appraad at sixteen
dollars. Posted before me this 2h day of No
vember, iuv. u. r. uiemvoi, J,i,
filAKEN UP, by Robert Sfphens,, of
M. Lewis township,-Holt, Co.aMo., one
brown speckled and wbte oow, apposed to be
Si . ..! ii i,t m.ml now t and npcnnllnirlv In. tliroe years ou last spring, marneumm an under
iu exponent or -our party pnpoipien. r,,,, "der 0f tll0word of Cod, T which I. able bit In the left ear and a crop off tbi-ight. AUo
hU con.tant pnnmanlnn i'i, weref appraised at $18 by RfJiertWatterson'nnd
re- .1 1 n n-.V i4.i, millions ho would asK on noints esacnih.l tn Havid Condlt, who wereiduJv.Bifled.for that
5 .T mr"" r ??. "u AT. .Iwura salvation, and his anxiety to Know Pur?oee-. S. before fcflMH "
urunKen tanner or. uuteim. no now , , tllr0 of that chanire which tbo sinner, oeinber, itstw. Ar3. Qslrli J. r.
Rill a lintinrnl liVnil n "lllllld nnd damn. I . nn n nn ap In liAuno,l lnrtli.nl ll.ot I -O'UH
od puritanical fanatic" Wo Bholl in a hU mind was exerolsed on the saving truths of
fondants. . tt
To tho abovo named defendants t You aro
herebynotlfiedUhat a' petition, has been filed by
the abovo named plaintiff, In the office of the
cletK of the Holt Co. CiroaitiCourt.proylng the
nppointmentof three disinterested oommlssioneri
to assess, tne uamages wnjcu saiu aeienuanis,
as owners of certain lands particularly describ
ed in said DlalntllTs netltion may sustain in
oonsetuonco of tho appropriation of a right of
way iuu reel In wdn ror the erecitpn, esiao
llshment. and maintenance iof said plaintiff's
Railroad over the, rollowloir land situate in
I Holt oounty, Mo., to-wlti Sections 242b, 26,
27, 28, 20, 30, In' tdwnshlp 50, range 87 ; sec
tions 26, 24. 28, 14, .16, IU. V. .4, 6. in township
69, range' 88 j ' se'ottoris 82, 29, 80, 19, in town
ship 00, range 88 ; sections 24, 18, 14, 11, and
2, in township 60, range 89 ; sections 80, 85,
on on n IK irv a ...i A In inKtn ni
DAMASKS, WINDOW'SHADEB.&O. range OO sections ' 83, 28, '29, 20, and 19, in
i i townsmp Tanee out nections -a, io, it. ii.
FarlelaVe new Building, I u, u, ana 4, in township 02, range 40 j eeciions
j r . .1 1 1 aa 1 . 1
n ml..--. 1 1 7.' : C .1. -,---.-- ""-".i- -..".r.
turner 1.1111 u unu j?cnui u? ceio, 1 me lownpiat or jroreat 'Oily.- oaia petition
win do beard, by the Honorable William Heren,
CS. Hl" I Juuge or tne Judicial .Circuit or Missouri,
bT. JOSEPH, MO. I at the Courthouse, in tho city of St.: Joseph,
Exoluslvo Dealer' in
Carpets, Oil Cloths,
sep27 12 Gut
eti puritanical ranatic." wo snau in a nu mma was exeroicu u iu viuBirutus 01 kbn UP and posted as
few days give a history of this editor's ao; togelIier w,,h the repeated docla- 1 tho undersigned, t folios
connection With tho regular army, and raton that ho gave himself up a sinful, guilty, steer) two years old last iflrlng, b
tray by
oated docla- tho undersigned, t followfhg : Ono
nful. Dtilltv. I steer', two vears old last Mrlnar. bald fane, rod
throw ft littlo light upon tho question and helpless oreature, toberedoomcdbyOlirlet, Inecicand ears, principally of white color with
nhn liu hnnro biioIi mn ipn nnil latrnrl tn. OOUSIUUIO IU0 lounuuiivu vi uur uuub iuai no 1 reii ouuib luieruiiaeu, eiuuuiu uurus, no omer
Bnldir WU ,lMT.ntfiBhi '"" ereign grace at the marKs or brands perceivable, Appraised, at
"" w'-v. -- " . -is eleventh hour. twemy uouars. ueoemoer nn, xpoi,
for tho rebellion Horad N. H, s. 28,3t ISBAfi 8EEI.EB.
iiTTiniwina ninH .T
I'ftianaimo.Bai'""" n, !,,. 1. t.- ii. ..,
IrbauUs, Uresnleaf & Co.', 220 1,8t
000 't i,.'.ii.,v 'rtiirnAnni rn j . j"i-r 1 i
uecare(ui to buy only the genut I Jthe best 'Juvenile Magwine;
Buohanan oounty, Missouri, on Monday,
a uay.oi jJeeember,.A..li.,i(uT. o
Tlie BT. JUBUl'H & COUNUlliUJiUtrfH
&'228 Lai
209 Market' Street' ST. LOUIS.
Be careful to buy only the genu VtHe. best 'Juvenile' Mitf iiitfei '
lue. inyVi. ly Brvi Bov and fllrl thii aeeil ltsavsso 1 all the
I Pru d.v mr, (iianfl nnrnta a.nd.THArti.rn nnh.
TAKEN UP, )Di Union township, Holt firm' It. 'Do not fall to' secure a copy. A good
oouuty, Mo,, by William J, rock, one eorr Mioroseepe, with a Glass: Cylinders toiconfloo
rei mare, and bay Bucking norse colt. 'mgui uivingonjeeiJ,orgoouiwo.oiaaea, peart pooic-
hind foot white, of bath mare and colt, small I knifs,, and a large number otfother desirable ar
Htar in rnrphpnd nr hnth ware unn nnitiiDOtn I notes. , Kivsu as premiums 10 eaan anhinriher.
saddle and harness murks on mare, supposed to I Yearly, $1 60. The November number com-
ue tweive yearsoldti rourteen nandi and a pan menses a ucw volume, i;r' , ,.
high, mare and oolt both appraised at seventy- Bubllihod by W. JENNINGS DEMOREST,
nvo dollars, beiore me' this 14th day or Uotot
ber. 1807. JOHN WISE. J. P.
2l-8t '..! i I centi,"inlled freej 1 .?
478 Jlro.dwav. Nil YorV.
Try It, Boya and airltT:Bpclmaeopli, fit

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