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Jplt (Sotttitn gtiitiM,
The Sentinel Cheaper than Ever t
Circulate the Papers;!
'The coming campaign will, in our
'opinion, be ono of tho most momentous
in our nation's history. It will be ono
in which 'loyal men will learn ovor again
that'solemn truth, eternal vigilanco is
thoprice of liberty. For such to rest
on their oars will bo criminality tacit
Radicals, the work for vou to do is
great. Seo that you begin oarly, and
work wbilo it is day.
Tho Sentinel will contributo its
might in the diffusion of Radical Re
publican principles. You can nocom
plish much good by toe judicious dis
tribution of tho paper among "your
friends. Of this you havo beon told a
hundred times before.
Wo extend another offer to such as
may still wish the paper for the cam
, paign. Tho cspocial attention of tho
township clubs is called to thoso terms :
From April lat to Deo. 1st, 1808, (and
all coming In sooner) ono copy, 00
Clubs of ten and upwards, each 76
Subscriptions must in all cases bo ac
companied by tho cash. AddrcBS, with
orders, or for further information,
Editor and Publisher,
Oregon, Mo.
The Rbpudiator, (savo us from
such a, namo) is a paper of tho genus
rebellisjxat startod at St. Louis. Its
namo is a sufficient comment upon its
The Florida Reconstruction Conven
tion on the 25th ult. , completed tho now
Constitution, and adjourned in good or
der and harmonious feoling.
The impoachmcnt resolutions have
not yet been reported to tho Senate.
Nine articles have beon adopted by a
largo majority. Two now articles it is
thought will bo added.
Andy is reported to bo despondeat.
Aa wo go to press, wo note a marked
.decline in Johnson stocks.
Pendleton, especially on Wall Street,
as dull at 100 below par.
Having been appointed by tho Mis
souri and Arkansas conference to visit
ithe Fillmore Seminary, I would say to
the friends and patrons of said school
and to tho public generally, that I was
jpresent at tho examination of tho class
8 at the closo of tho last term, and was
.highly pleased with both teachers and
pupils. Tho number in attendance du-
ring last term is about sixty. Tho prin
cipal, W. N. Hanna, A. M., and tho
assistant, Miss Sarah E. Brown, aro
well qualified for their positions and
are succeeding well in their work. Tho
pupils evinced thorough study, and a
great desiro to loam. This was so in
all tho exercises of the examination.
Tho oxamining committeo, consisting of
Rev. Young and Messrs. Dodgo and
Molntire, were thoroughly propared for
thoir task, two of them at least being
old teachers. On tho wholo, I was do
lighted with my visit. I can heartily
recommend the school to all who wish
to send their children to one of such a
It is my judgment that tho trustees
have been very fortunato in securing the
services of both tho teachers for anoth
er term. And if they aro sustained by
the people, as they should be, by 'a lib
eral patronage, thoy will in a few years
build up a good institution. They have
had experience in teaching-, and appear
to have tho tact and talent thoir work
demands. J, T. Boylh.
Savannah, Mo., Feb. 24th, 'C8.
In ono of Doct. Ayer's lectures ho
Biaies iaat coemistry confers more
practical benefit on mankind, than any
othor scienco, yet from no other source
could more be so easily obtained. Tho
arts and economies which chemistry
would teacb, if moro thoroughly and
generally studied, would speedily oxer
oise a most beneGcent influence. He
freely confesses that he is indebted to
this science for tho virtues of his reme
diss, and advises that the praetioal ap
plication of chemistry to mitdininn. thi
arts, manufactures, and agriculture bo
rajoiueu upon our colleges and sohools
Wrightsvllle, Pa., Star.
It is a fact which wo dislike to ac
knowledge to the world at large, that
Holt county, the home of our adopJon,
the gom of Missouri agricultural coun
ties, Is without a regularly organized
and incorporated Agricultural Society'.
Tho admission is rendered tho moro
distasteful when wo reflect that in many
counties of less population, woolth, and
natural advantages, societies havo been
organized and aro now in active and
successful operation. About ono year
ago wo used our endeavors to brine this
matter prominontly boforo tho formers
of tho county. An intorest was awa
kened and a number of our best citi
zens united in a call for amoeting. Tho
meeting was hold, participated in by
citizens of different parts of tho coun
ty, irrespective of party, and such was
tho interest manifested that wo dared to
beliovo our chorishod hopo was soon to
bo realized. At that meetinc, after the
merits of tho entorpriso were honnilv
set forth by tho chairman and othors
present, tho following paper was drawn
up and ordered to bo circulated :
To the Honorable County Court of
tiou county :
TllO UndcrBicnod. vmir nntilinnnrn.
freeholders of Holt county, Missouri,
would 'rcsnectfullv ronresent. to vonr
honorable body that thoy desiro to or
ganize and bo incorporated for tho pur-
poso or promoting improvement in Ag
riculture, Manufactures and Raising
Stock. Wo therefore petition your Hon-
'. . a 1-1 1 . ' 1
uia iu iiiuurijuruiu at) u uouy ponuo anil
corporato by tho namo and stylo of tho
ilolt Countv Agricultural and Mee.inn-
ical Society, as in such cases is made
anu provided ny tlio Hovised Statutes
of Missouri, in chanter GO. nnil nn in
duty bound wo will over pray, &c.
This paper in a short timo received
tho signatures of over ono hundred per
sons, and on tho 25th of March was
presented to tho Court for their action
Tho law provides concerning tho oruan
ization of such societies that so soon os
fifty freeholders petition as above, tho
Court shall, by an order, declaro th
petitioners incorporated for the pur
poses set forth. Let us soe how the
Court discharged its duty. We find re
corded that tho petition of certain por
sons "to be incorporated as an ogricul-
tural and mechanical socioty was re
ceived and ordered filed." Tho neo-
plo could go no further, of course, un
til the sanction of tho court was obtain
ed. To-day the matter stands in this
condition. Tho petition is still "film' "
away in its pigeon hole. The Court
havo given tho matter no further notice,
notwithstanding the imporotivo "shall"
of tho Statuto. It is tho Court's bus
iness if it has failed to obey tho law,
but it is our businoss to cot an Agricul
tural and Mechanical Sooioty organized
if wo can. Wo beliovo it lies within
our power yet to get this thing undor
way. Prominent farmers, to our knowl
edge, aro roidy to go into tho organiza
tion, and thero aro fow citizens of tho
county, it may bo safely said, who would
not lend thoir assistance to tho move
ment. A gentleman near this tilaee
offers to the Socioty grounds for its an
nual exhibitions for flvn uahi-d
- J VUlUj
frco of charge. Wo can havo a
Socioty and a fair, if wo aro willing.
lo bogin this work, supposo a moot
ing bo held soon, to appoint u commit-
too to wait on tho Court, properly rep-
resenrthis matter to them, and obtain
tho authority to organize, after which
a general meoting representing tho
county at largo Bhould bo called, at
which tho society can be organized.
A good timo to hold tho meeting will
be, Bay Monday next, at 1 o'clock, p.
M., at the Court house. County Court
will then bo in session, and tho commit
teo appointed to wait upon them can
do so forthwith, and may bo ablo to ro-
port without dolay.
Friends, you certainly aro all deoply
interested in this matter. Why wait
one for another? Do not expect that
ono man can carry on tho undertaking
Each ono of you should 'fool porsonally
roaponsiblo for its success, and do all
you oan to help it forward,
Turn out, tbon, and let us havo a
Mr. Murphy, of this place, .offers a
"sit" to a jour, tailor who will promise
to keep sobor half tho time. Ho makes
tho offer for tho particular benefit o
ono Johnson, recently of Nashville, now
reported in search of a place.
Washington. Knh. 2fi Rkwatp
Mr. Howard, from tho soloct commit
teo Of SOVen to whom was rAferrArl tlin
mesBago of tho Houso on the subject of
iDipoacumcnt, reported too following
resolution .
WnKHKAS. Th TTnnqn nf KnrAn.
tatives on the 25th day of tho present
monin, Dy two or its members, MesBrs.
atcvens and iiingbam, at bar of tho
SenatO imneniilied Andrew .Tnhnonn.
President of tho United States, of high
crimes anu misdemeanors in oDico, and
informed the Scnato that tho Houso of
Representatives will in due time exhibit
particular articles of impoachmcnt
against him and roako good tho samo
and likewise demand that tho Sonato
will mako tho nronor order thereon, of
which duo notico will bo givon to the
uouso or uepresentativos. Tho com
mitteo recommended that tho Secretary
of tho Scnato bo directed to notify the
IIoubo of RopreBontativcs of tho pass -
6 ui "no ivauiuuuu. nuopicu wun
out dissent.
The order was mado accordingly.
Washington. Fob. 260 wintr in
tho failuro of tho proceedings in court
to-day, to mako a test caso for appeal to
tho Sunromo Court on tho constitution.
olity of tho civil tonuro act, tho Presi-
dent has again directed Attornoy Gen
eral Stanberry to apply at onco for a
quo warranto to show cause why Mr.
Stanton retains possession of tho War
Department. This application is slow
and it will bo months boforo tho test
caso will reach tho Supromo Court.
Immediately oftor the dischargo of
Gen. Thomas, this morning, a suit
was commenced by him against Mr.
Stanton for falso imprisonment and
malicious prosecution. Tho damages
aro laid at $100,000.
WASHiNaTON.Fob.27 Anothermove
on tho political chess board was mado
this morning. Gen. Thomas, through
bis attornoys, onterod a suit ia tho Su
promo Court of tho District against
Secretary Stanton, for 150,000, for
false arrest and imprisonment, and ma
licious prosecution. It is tha intontion
o General ThomaB' counsel to pross
this os far as possiblo, and this course
gives much satisfaction to tho Demo
crats, whilo it exasperates tho Radicals.
The friends of Stanton soy that if this
matter is continued, Stanton will place
General Thomas undor arrest for refus
ing to obey his orders, and convene o
court-martial and havo him tried under
tho regulations of war.
The National Democratic Evinnfiv
Committeo havo decided tn Iml.l tho
National Democratic Convention in New
xork City on tho 4th of July next.
Pendleton and his friends strovo earn
estly to havo tho said Convention held
in Bomo Western city, but August Bel
mont, the Chairman of said Committee,
WB3 opposed to doinc- an'vthinrr that
Pendleton wanted dono, and according.
ly no maneuvered so as to have tho Con
vention callud in a citv in which mo9t
of tho loaders of tho Democracy aro
holders of Government bonds, and con
sequently opposed to Pendleton's repu-
Pendleton's friends regard tho selec
tion of New York City as very damag
ing to his prospects for a nomination,
but Still ho is disnosed tn mnki a iUs.
perato effort to unite tho Western and
Middlo States ocainst Naw York and
Now England, and ho may succeed.
The opinion of tho New York Ledg
er on tho Grant-Johnson enrrfiRnnn.
denco is undoubtedly as unbiased and
rreo or partisan leanings as that of any
in tho country, and that ablo and indo-
3 . 1 i . .
ponucne bucci Bavs or it:
About tho silliest pieco of business we
nave ever neara ot was the request that
President Johnson mado of Gen. Grant
to disoboy tho Senate, and that ho
(Johnson) would stand botweon tho Gen
eral and nno and imprisonment.. VVn
thought that evervbodv know thnfc inc.
tico does not accept substitutes in such
matters, but makes the violator of her
laws norsonallv nprvn nut tin, nmUn
If President Johnson wants to have a
aw violated, whv doesn't ho vinUrn it
himself? Gen. Grant is too shrewd.
too good a man to bo caucht in such a
Governor Fletcher has telegraphed
tho following to Hon. J. W. McOlurg :
Free Missouri sends greeting to her
Representatives in Congress, who have
been true to tho teachings of Benton,
and defeated nullification in its incep
tion. Tho men of Missouri mill i-nlltr
to cruBh nullification, headed by Andy
TrttmiiAn n I .1 1 - .1 1. 1 -
uuiiuouu, no nuuiuij uh mey muto sup
press troason and rebellion. led bv Jeff
Davis. If nccessarv. thev will ilnFoml
tho law-making power, and enforce and
upnoid tno laws, with their bayonets
Information wanted, of a ladv who
- -1.-1J il 1. . "...
gavu a cuuu mreo years old to Mrs.
Mallory, in Boston, Mass., in October
1852 ; also loft with the child a ring on
which was oneravod "A. En nnnin.
1889." Any person knowing of her
wneroaoout, wno will address Edword
W. Stuart, Kausas City, Mo., will con
fer on him a great favor, as it may be
the means of his finding bit parents.
A London disnfttch. nf thn fifltli nit..
says tho resignation of Lord Derby oo
cupics the general attention. The in
trusting of the Premiership to Disraeli
viewed as a great stop toward popaiar
government, and as a virtual acknowl
edgment of , the inability of thq .aristoc
racy to furnish ability enough to fill the
nn.UI.ii rnt,T ni:. n
raeli is the first man in nnwnr in F.no-.
land who obtained such offico solely by
tno oxninition of personal ability in
Parliament and tho Cabinet, and who
won it dosnito of the disadvantages of
birth and education, youthful position,
and, at ono timo, tho actual distrust of
is party.
The Best 13 the Cheapest. This
maxim was nover better illustrated than
in tho uso of D. B. Do Land & Co.'s
Best Chemical Saleratus. It is the
best in tho world, and tho purchaser
gets a full equivalent for the money
paid, in a puro healthy article. To buy
any other is a wasto of money. To use
any other is trifling with a great bless
ing hoalth. Use it in place of Soda.
OnEQON, Mo., Maroh C, 18C8.
Cattlk Beef, 4 004 CO
Coun, 1t bushel, 40
Oats, H bu CO
Wheat Foil, W bushel 2 00
Sprlnz 1 7fi
Fnr.sn Helf lb 8 12
Laud, lb. lu
Tallow 10
11uttf.ii, V lb 80
Enas, dot 10
Ciiiokens, -y dot 2 G03 00
PoTATOia Irish, -) bu 76
Omio.ns tf bu 00
Floor spring wheat, 1 cwt COO
Foil 7 O07 25
Corn Meal, bu 75
IIonf.v, lb 25
Sonoiii'M Molasses, "Jl gal CO 7C
DniED Arnrs, -Jl lb 10 12
Green Aitles wlntor, "3-1 bu 1 Co
Dried I'eaciies, lb 12
Ihur.s Rrccn, 54 lb u
Dry 1215 10
Wood, cord , 4 00
Feathers. lb 76
List of Lottors
REMAINING) la the l'ostofficc, at Oregon,
Holt county, Mo., March lit, 1868. .
Ilrown, David Miller, llachel
lircnt. Elizabeth Morgan. W 1 am E.
Coburn, Wra. Naylor, Bedra A.
Cotton, Jos. Rippy, John D.
Clark, John Rowan, Elbridge C.
Duna, James Hoscbrook, Willie J.
Hughs, Tho9. Smith, Jane
Haves, Ellta Ann Smith, James
Ilobbs, D. 11. Walker. M. D.
Hobaugb, Mrs. Reb'cftWvner. Daniel
Johnson, Dr. J. N. Williams, Miss Mary 2
l'lcaso call for advertised letters, or yon may
not get them.
11. F. rOTTER, P. M.
Western Depot of Music,
Wholesale Agents for tho sale of tho
In Western Missouri. Western Iowa. Kansas.
Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah.
R. W. Cari-enter's "Improved vox Humana"
(Patented Juno 1st, 1807.1 tho creates! iniDrovc-
mens ever Introduced Into Rcod Instruments,
noicn win nereaiter bo Incorporated In the llur
dett Organs.
iue improvod vox Humana is a slmplo device
which cannot cot out of repair, is entirely noise
less, requires no extra pedal nor machinery of
any Kinu 10 oporato it, ana Doing controlled by
a stop may bo used or not at tho pleasure of the
pcriormcr. in quality or tono, uelloacy and
weetucss of feeling It is the nearest approach
to tho human volco.
Another new and Important improvement of
air. uurdett's, the "Uarmonio Celeste," is now
for the first time applied to these Instruments.
The "Harmonta Celcsto" Is n third set of reeds,
which by their position on the patent socket
board and peculiar manner of vololng; produces
that pure string- like quality of tone bo beautiful
and melodious that Its charming effects can not
bo described, but must bo heard to be appreci
ated. In addition to the foregoing, tho valuable
combination of patent Improvements which have
so essentially contributed to tho great success
of tho Durdett Organ, will continue to be used
in their manufacture.
No. 8 Fourth Street, St. Jose;
For tho BonovaWon of tho
The Great DesidcViium of A
'e Jlge,
Iressing which Is at
treeat)le, healthy
tectual forpreserv-
9 hair. Faded or
11 uinin rMlnA tn
Ytrinal rhino Sntt tkm
glon and frtthnetff youth.
mm nair is cuokenod,
falling hair cheoked, and
baldnesrxoftcn. thouehnot
,, aiways.ireu Dy its use.
Notblngcan restore tho hair wVire tho follioles
are destroyed, or the glands atlbphled and de
cayed But such as remain din bo saved for
usefulness by this application, fjnstead of foul
iogjthe hair with ajpasty Bedim pt, It will keep
It clean and vigorous. Its occlHonal use will
prevent the hair from turniug )ray or falling
off, and consequently prevent tldness. Free
from those deleterious eubstanfs which make
some preparations dangerous id Injurious to
the hair, the Vigor cbh. ouU'.beneflt but not
w ..a '
narm 11, it wanted merely)
Hair Dres
nothing olso can be found a&tjO.Uble. Con
talnlng neither oil nor dye, i(W JBotfloll white
cambric, and yet lasts longer ote hair, glv
Prepared by Dr. J. O. ACr St Co,,
Practical and Analytical CbenrXts, Lowell,
Mass, Price one dollar. I
Oregon Mo. 1 I 11120 lv
mg ri
aram ma
171 iV
'I ., ,' IK
fl JVatural Dwarf Nothing more
Beautiful-' Wonderfully Pro-lific-"Fruit
ed in Quality !
1 .lie -
The subscribers again offer to the lovers of
the boautiful and the luscious, well-grown trees
of Van Ruben's Golden Dwarf Peach. There
Is nothing of Its stie more beautiful. It Is pro
digiously prolific, and In quality of fruit, It has
few, If any superiors. The fruit is very orna
mental, being above medium the, of a golden
yellow color, with a rich mottled carmine cheek.
The leavos add much to its beauty, being very
large, closely set, of a deep green color, and
hang on longer than any other Peach leaves.
It ripens Its fruit In September, attains o growth
of from four to five feet, the original being but
281ncheiinblght when four years old. The
buds are so oloso together that one of these lit
tle trees, loaded with fruit, would almost re
mind the beholder of an immense bunch of very
large grapes. The Idea that naturally suggests
Itself Is that this is an ordinary peach dwarf
ed ; but that Is not the case.
It is a Distinct Variety
with a dwarf habit, and Is not sickly Uko tho
common Peach.
This tree will be invaluable In the extreme
north, as It is small and
Can be Protected
from the frost by covering, or planting in a
box and setting In during the cold season. It
will also be quite an acquisition to the orebard
Among the many favorable accounts given
by the press, Is the following from the Amorlcan
Agriculturist, September, 1800 :
"This is a comparatively new variety of
1 cuuu, mat 10 a uaiurai awangrowing only
four or five feet high. The trees we have seen
have a remarkably comnnct habit anil v
healthy foliage. We have not seen the ripo
r I . ..... 1 I . . I a a .a
.run, uui umi Been 11 wnen neany iuii grown.
Poaches have of late years been suoh a
precarious crop as to discourage their cultiva
tion in most places. The Oo.den Dwarf may
prove to be the founder of a raee of peaches of
duvii uuiuuia Butiurv, loauney may neproteot-
low peaches to be raised in localities where It
t. . 1 . 1
to uui, uun iraoiionoir,
Frederick Sells, Esq., ofEaston, Pa exhib
ited snecimens nf thin tr t h Rt V'MI,I.
tlon last fall, loaded with fruit ; trees that he
nan purcoaseu oi us two. years previous.. Our
Btock will be the best we have ever offered.
They stand apart in the rows, giving tbem a
chance to become limby and form a nice shape,
bo that they will all be extra fine.
Less than six, SI 00 each; sIxfor$6 60;
twelve for $10 00; twenty-five for 118 00 1
fifty for $80 00; 100 for $60 00.
With tho addition of twelve cents each to the
above prices we will send hv mall. fm nfm...
tage, When sent by mall, the pnnolple part
ui .u iup iuusv uo cut away, out mat win be
no Injury, as they will grow out more llmby.
Twenty buds forjl 00. Ruds by the hundreds,
thousands, or tens of thousands at very reason
able rates. In making Inquiry about buds, state
Ibo number you would like to have. In remit
ting please send draft on New York or Philadel
phia, or postoffioe order, on Pottstown, Penn,
Agents and others who can make It suit will
please order in the fall. We can shin very early
by stripping the trees of their foliage. We
would say to those who wish to praotlce econo
my, (hat tbey bad better order early, and we
will paek well in a box pd send by freight, be
ing mueh eheaper than by express. There will
be no doubt about their safe carriage, and ar
riving In good condition. Those wishing sent
by express, will please namo what oompanles
have offioes in tbelrtown ; also their preference,
so that we may aocommodate. Liberal Induce
ments to agents, nurserymen and tree dealers,
Agents wanted In every town In the Union, to
wnom liberal Inducements will be offered. There
is nothing that sells better. Our agents write t
"We have ordered too few. wo could have sold
mora if we had bad them," The reason Is, ev
erybody that sees them wants tbem. Be sure
you get the genuine Oolden Dwarf. Any Infor
mation given on reoelpt of stamp. D. M. Dew
ey of Rochester, N. Y., offers a splendid litho
graphic print of the tree and fruit to agents for
26 oents.
S'Ww's Store V, 0., Chester Oo., Peno
MaTCardi of one line, one dollar per year.
County Officers.
Hot. Ika 0. Boticx, Representative.
Edoa L. Atitw, ClroultClerk and Recorder.
Aliibt RdOKia, Sheriff and Colleotor.
Wabbih B. DAVis.lClerk County Court.
Oioboi MoIbtirb, County Court Jostle.
Solomon Lbhmib,
Qioroi P. Skirls, i
Ira C. Bottox, County Attorney.
John J. Inoiiram, Assessor.
F. M. DAVffl RtlrvVAt ami Tlnnd IVmL
Jams Scott, Poplfo Administrator.
a T1 (a , a aa. a a a
a. umiuiimid, oupi, A'UDIIO OOnOOlf a
A. J. Evans, Coroner. . . , ; ( '
MerchantsOregon, Mo.
Castxi k Limn. Tlnnl. nrf Q!,i.
IIodlimsll It Co., (See Advertisement.) t
Wm. HawkisK, Cakes, Beer, ConfectlonMleV;
Krbm: & HiRRiiBKRdBR, Dry Goods, etc. ' '
';uu"- vTj uooas, uroctrlcs, &e.
B. F. 1'OTTIH. Dr rinnrl. jtv '
Jas. H. Nsts, Stoves and Tinware.
II. G. Boiioltb, FamllyGroeerlos and Produce1.
ot uummihs, jiaruware and cutlery.
II. Munriir, Merchant Tailor.
N. J. Krnin. Pnmtlv nrn...l. c .
. . ..j uiv.vuva, Ubu.
Siddbns & Vandirlindi, Drugs and Books.
A a.M T .. a . . .
mm. imnuii, xuruuure voaier Undertaker.
Merchants Forest CUti. Mn.
Geo. We dir. (Tlothlnir. nmn.rl.. t,.
Gravis & Trcbtt, Dry Goods, Groceries, &o.
ii. ii. ii.i.iahb vo., oiovts, i in ware, sc.
Latham &. Poindkxter, Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots. ShoM. Iffltfl. rnn nnrl AlAttnm 4
Arciikr & Evkrson, Drags, Paints, and Oil.
ii. o.a. it, s.uuk, ury uoous, urooeues, so.
RontNSon &Plaitir, Furniture Dealers.
M. D. Brown, Dentist, Forest City, Mo.
RrADSS & TttxnffKn. Ilrnwnm fnu.t 7I 1.1.
O. & F. Sieman, Boots and Shoes, Oregon, Mo
Martin Wuitmbr, Saddles, Harness, &o.
Jas. S. Hart, Saddles and Harness.
Ira 0. Buiick.
Parrisii & DoNQAN, Real Estate Dealers.
Clark Irvinb, Agent for Claimants.
D. P. BALLAnD, Notary Publlo and Land Agent,
Mound CUii. Mn.
W. J. Marshall, J. P., Notary Publlo k Cen'r.
ui. ii. juHis, .uounu viiy, Missouri.
Hotels Orpnnn. Afn.
PniOK House, Peter Price Proprietor.
Oitr Hotel, J. F. Martin Proprietor.
Mechanics Oregon, Mo.
Friderio Saal, Barber and Hair Dresser.
M. IT. SAXTnjvur rn
Corner 5th and Walnut-ate, Under
southern Hotel,
General Atmts for
Mason and Hamlin,
Have tho honor to announce that they, havo
been awarded a
Great Paris Exposition, 1867,
In competition with the
Best Makers of all Countries.
This trlumntl tn tlin mnof trntflAnt ... at...
fact that M. & II. were represented only by their
ordinary styles of instruments, such as are cur
rently sold from their warerooms. The superi
ority of their organs, in substantial excellence,
uuimrouny rcocguueu Dy tne eminentjury,
and by the musical profession of.the world, as
represented at Paris.
M. & II. have been honored by written testi
monials from very distinguished European Or-
Kuuiia uuu musicians io tnesuporlorlty or their
.T B "":u, waJ 08 mentioned, Thom
as Alexander, London ; Edquard Batiste, Prof,
of the Imperial Conservatory of Music, and Or
ganist of the Church of St. Eustache, Paris ; G.
Benolt, Paris ; Frederlo Boscowlti; .Pianist to
tho King of Portugal, etc.; Cemay, Paris; An-,
ton Cosgayon, Madrid; Manuel Do La Mots,
Royal commissioner of Spain on the Musical
Instruments of the Paris Exposition; A. Dcs
sault, Organist of theohurch of St. Louis, Par
Is ; August Durand, Organist of the church of
St. Vincent de P&nl and Composer, Paris;
Paul d'Harcnnll. ' Pnrta. ffm nnuil..u t
- f . w , ' I ... . UUJ.IU1D IfUQ-
don ; A Couroult, Rouen ; C. Guellaln, Bor
ueaux; u. ir. nann, uouri Urganlst, Heile
bronn; Edquard Hochmelle, Organist of the
Church of St. Philips da Roch, of the Chapel of
tho Senate, &o., Paris ; Dr. Edward Hansllok,
Professor of Muslo at tho Imperial University
of Vienna, Juror of Musical Instruments at tho
Paris Kxnnnltlnn TTnlvraAlU 1RA7. n ri.u
1 . -- aV, .ww , utuniui;
Bremen; A. Kutharao, St. Petersburgb; E.
Ketterer, the distinguished composer and Pian
ist, Paris; Lefeybre Wely, Organist at the
churfih nf fit. Rnlnfon P.hl. n t t.
Btrasburg; Otto Leesman, Berlin ; V). Magnus;,
iauioi buu v.uiuuuet;r, x'ana ; u. Aiaurioe, Uri
ganist of the Church of St. Paul, Paris; D.
Morrell. London Tl. dratnl nirnl .l.
1 w . uisaMuia vi sUV
Churoh of the Invalldes, Paris ; .A. Palllard,
varennes; u, w. reiver, Madrid; T. II. L.
Pool, Organist nt Droten, near Nywogeu, 2761-
land t Maximilian Ttnlfltinvd Pn.i.- a,.-. -
bourg; T. Relnhardt, Cologne; A. Re'tier, Or-
Kouioi oi me college oi uerman Jesuits, Paris;
A. Rohmer, Leader of the United Gesangverln,
Vienna: A. Roulanirer. 7rli, n TI1..1, r
don ; II. 8chwar, Organist of the Protestant
.tt. .. 1 ll..la .1.. . . 1 a. . a w . . .
uuuvi, .wiiBivi uu uois, t-aris; niaa. A, Oliv
ers, Paris 1 E. Sutton, London ; N. F. Verrein
Ist, de la Muslque do Sa Majeste l'Empereur de
la Soolete des Concerts du Conservatory et de
l'Aoademle Imperiate de Muslque; ex-Maltr
do Cbapelle de l'Egllee St. Thomas d'Aquin, &e
Paris: Vnrvnthnii. DrrranUr r.ll a...
rey, England ; Theodore Visard, Redaote'ur-en
uuuicuo uo ia ivoTUD ui MUBia oaorce,
enoe etMoJerne. Parlsi 0 Vogt, Colraari.J.
and Organist of tho Church of the Magdelene,
I urio.
M. b. If. havAihn tinnn. ato a -a a
lv all the moit nrnmtnpnt Hmtinimim i
- , r- w.ft.oa ui Aiuvrigtt
for testimony to the superiority of their work.
inoou 75 to 1000 Dollars Each.
Bt57 (71rculara. with .ill n.,'.,,i.-.
arr , .. p.. ..VUI.IB, W BUV
address. '
Haven V Bacon's Pianos, ,
Vose's Pianos.
Send for clroular and Prloe List. ,
M. H. SAXTON & CO.. . '
Cor. 6 and Walnut St's. St: Lonts, Mo.
26-6m i i
FAISBANK'S Standard;
Fairbanks, Ureenleaf & Co., 220
& 228 Lake street, CHICAGO!
200 Markel street, ST. LOUIS.
Be Careful to huv onlv tlin nun. .
'iue. Q my 24 ly
SBNTwitOffici.fiCBn supply n dmaiU
for blanks, U '

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