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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, April 24, 1868, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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ILOTjT county sentinel.
.Al'UIli 21, 18G8
ituxi.n ir.
I've wnii1t-rcil through the. Tillage, Tom,
Along vtltli Aiiuu Lie,
'I'ii ll-titi In tlieiimeUng bird,
In tin- rnttngp 1y till' i'il.
lii'iil'nlmv nun- rim'tlii' hint,
Wlillr coining lliriwgli the rjc
l.i t mi' kl him for )n iiiollur,
Mn) t lliv iilU-r to the 11
'1 In' ruloriil girl and poor hM Nui
Now mm II nnr national song,
IM nirrrllui' lhl luim! of mini
Hut lake your llnif Jll" Long.
I'm lonely im-u my mother illnl
Mi'iintm ilon't im I'ryi
We're nil ninlillnn ttirtiugh tin-world,
'I Inn root hog nr illi'.
Ilurkl I hcui'iin aiiRi'I sing.
All! daddy, he's atrtich. He
We'll' ruining, fntlier Abraham,
Along With Alinn l.lslr.
Tlie song lv mother lisc In alng,
The wearing of Hie gieeti
The girl I left behind Ine,
i To-iliiy I'HI M I'll vKtl'Vtl
The iilceyniing man nnl f.ilry llcllc
Are m lnglng In Hie him
The captnln with til hlki r
Una ninrr.vliigiin Hie lirnln.
We'll rally miuul the ling, bo) .a,
r'or.lolinny stole the ham
Vnnkee liomlle, Ilnll Columbia I
Ur unv utlnr mini
roit ri.iix iuhu'i.c.
NUMni.il III.
(J. ''Mr. S. I linvebecii hunting up that
law you liiuiitluiicil the other day. I enn
11 1 nl no record of nny hill pnfisod on the
S.'ith of February, 18G2, except the law
which authorized the Issuing of those
bonds about which wo have been talk
h jr."
S. "1 referred to that act. There- is
whero I make what I conceive to bo an
incontrovertible point. "When the Gov
ernment passed the act authorizing the
issuance of these bonds, in the same net
it incorporated a section providing that
a certain per cent, of the gold coining
Into the Treasury should be set a part for
their redemption."
C. "I still cannot understand why
Congress should give the bondholders
privileges not given to any other clas of
citizens. 1 have nhvays been opposed to
class legislation."
S. "There was no class legislation in
the matter. Every man in the nation
or outside, for that matter could avail
himself of all the privileges of the act."
C. "What was tho general under
standing at the time tho bond bill was
ponding I incan tho members of Con
gross themselves ?"
S. "Mr. Spatildlng, of Now York, was
tho author of the bill, ami in a letter re
ccntly published, he said : 'I ccrtainlv
never supposed that tho Government
would ever propose to pay ihcso bonds
in anything but gold.' And to sustain
tills position ho calls attention to the
fact that ever since the foundation of the
Government all issues of bonds have
been deemed payable in gold, and actu
ally so paid, except tho 7 80's, which
were issued to bo paid lit greenbacks,
the act providing for their creation so
stating, and tho bonds upon their faco so
C. "I don't doubt but what you Rad
icals will so claim now, but what I want
to know Is what authoritative express
ion of opinion was made at tho llino by
S. "Section 0 of tho bill creating the
bonds that I have quoted to you, was
itself an authoritative expression ol
opinion, but It was not tho only one,
Once during tho war and soon after tho
passage oi mat act, the chairman oi mo
llouso committee of AVays and .Means
jiroposcd that thereafter not only the
lu-incil.iu iiiuimUie.tu. "" "'
!. .t..i i..., , i. - 1 ...n..r,. ,.e i. I
til debt Should bo paid in legal tender
currency. There was at once great ex-lis
citeiiicnt in llnancial circles over tho
above suggestion of such a scheme, and
n n
fJovcrninent bonds felUcvcral per cent.
lli tho market in consequence. Tho prop-
osltlon was at onco nnd by a largo ma-
jorlty voted down, thus giving conclu
sive proof that Congress did not antici
pate tho payment of either principlo or
interest in currency.
C. "Rut wlint was said on tho subject
while tho bill was under discussion V
S. "The chairman of tho commlttoo on
AVnvs mid Menus dlstlnrllv nnd mrmhnt-
toniu. 0n(,.,i wi.ii ti.n l.tii .n ,i,.,in,.
V. ' . , ,. " :7 ;
oiscussion ami wnuo n wns aim open.to
amendment, Hint tlio bonds wero paya-
lilo ni'lncliinl nnd IntniesUn Mid. vot no
member of CougrcsB proposed to .o
nmcna tno um ns to mnko them ,payiuio
nmurrnsH lisnif ininrnntml tlin lnw nml
win. n..t Inlm-nrniation tho whole conn,
...... : , ' , - , . ..
try has rested satisflcd until recently."
T. rtf 7. .... . ..
a iY t . i ? ri;2 1
great African traveler 1ms been assured
beyond a shade or dottb A otter was
ton bv 1 lin. in which ho states that l o la
In good health, and will soon return to
England. Ho has been successful in his
cxn orations.
ThlB HOWS SOts At VCBt tho COllll ctlllg
Ktorlfs that have airltatod tho imblio
stones inai iiavo iibiiiuou um puuuo
mind for months, over tho reported
niuiuui 01 uiu uuuui.
TjAf.'E may bo restored to Its orlirinal
whitness by ilrst ironing it slightly, then
folding it and sowing it into a clean tin
on haS, which U plaeo.l for twcnty.four
. 1 1 . Z. 1 11.
llOUI'S 111 pillO OHVO Ull, Aliurwiiril IIIO
Cg'lVbXl in solution of yoap
water lor twenty miliuies, tnon won
rinsod in itiKo-warm water, and imany
dinnotl into water contnlnln'' a sllfht
proportion of starch. Tlio laco is thon
to dry.
Take a pint of common soft soap, and
stir in air-slnked llino till it is of tho
consistency of glazier's putty, ilako a
leather thfmble, till it with this compo
sition and insort tho flnircr therein, and
a cure Is certain.
To HoAST A IjKO OK liAMIt. Lot it
roast gradually and commenco a distance
from tin: lire; a leg of live pounds will
take an hour and a quarter; one of six
pounds will take an hour and a half.
To Stop IJi.KKDiNO. Tho best thlnir
to stop tho bleeding ofn moderate eut
InMantlv, Is to cover It nrofuselv with
cobwebs, and llour or salt, about half
and half. (
Foil Sroi'i'iNti Lhaks in Hoofh.
Take four pounds resin, oun pint linseed
oil, and one oiiuco red lead; simmer to
gether, mid apply while hot.
A good wagon jack mav bo made of
board two or three feet long, l'lacc
tho board in front of the wheel, one end
on the ground mid the other just under
one ol tlio spoKcs, close up to tlio lciioc;
then take hold of the snoko on tho oppo
site side of the wheel, und lift It, at the
same time placiuir the second lioard un
der tho axle. In this way a loaded wa
gon may be lifted with ease.
One of tho most prominent orchard-
ists tells us that in olio of his orchards
where the sheep ran during the season
tlicaiiiilo crop was almost entirely utt-
all'ected by tho coddling moss. Next
year his entire orchard will bo pastured
with sheep. This is an item worth re
membering. Apply the albumen, or whito of an egg
to tho saddle and irlvo It plenty of elbow
crease with the aid of a plcco of llanucl.
tho same application to a now samiic,
two or tnreo times repeated, win pro
duce that rich brown so much desired.
Twelve quarts of 'boot in n hogshead
of water will make a powerful liquid
manure, which will improve the growth
of flowers. Harden vegetables, or root
crops. In either a liquid or solid state
it maucs nn excellent top dressing 101
grass and other cereal crops.
gun will not nood cleaning for five
years if the muzzlu Is tightly corked, and
a piece of rubber kept upon tho tube
under the hammer, when standing idle
It has frcoucntlv been claimed by
Kngllshlwrltcrs, that thorough funning is
a sure ucstrover oi insects, wncniuo
arcraso production of wheat in Knjr-
land was only two and a half quarters
per aero, it is said that tho ravages of
the insects wero far moro general nnd
destructive than they have been since
the average has risen to four and a half
quarters per acre.
Lamp's IIkad STewi:. Take out
the brains, and make a farce of them;
boll it and when cold cut it into pieces;
then mince some lamb and beef suet to
gether with tho brains; add some grated
oread, season with salt, popper, and
sweet herbs minced small; add four or
tivo eggs. Fill tho lamb's head with
these: then put it in n stew pan, and let
It stew with sonic good stock; make the
remainder oi tho mincemeat into uaus,
and serve with stewed head.
To Cum: Sonn Throat. Take the
whites of two eggs and beat them with
two spoonfuls of whito suirar: urate in
n little nutmeg, nnd thou add a pint of
lUKcwarm water, stir won ami uriiiK
often. Repeat tho prescription if ncces-
sary, and it will cure the most obstinate
case of hoarseness in a short time.
To RKMOVK FltECKI.EH. Cosmotics
.i r ... ii.!.. A .. ,in. I
hum nn mis iiu iiunu uiu wiiun uuiiui-
(His. Tlio nest piau is to mai;n a lotion
of a teacup of sour milk nnd a small
quantity of scraped horseradish; let this
stand from six to twclvo hours, then use
It to wash the parts alleclcd, twice or
thrico a day.
iloi.A.ssii.s Candy. Take two quarts
of West India molasses, ono pound of
brown sugar, the julco ol two largo leni-
nns or a stronir cssenco
oi lemon, -'mix
iwfnllmii fl.A innlncf ne nml cttirni 4n1ltuf
to so -m-cst In(lia classes, which
hs pinch tho best. Roil to the consisten-
cy required.
11 AT.r.v.Ono of the best Having
,.,,, tiln wnstnrn fnvmnr run nrndiicn
tho barloy crop, when It succeeds.
Wo may Bay when it succeeds, for there
aro eouiingoncics connected witn its
lirim'tli I'iiiniiinif titnl li n ivtci i me ilini
Jn;ect its market prieo. that do tVc-t be
long in so great a degree to most of tho
small grains. Jiarlcy must glvo a lai
vichl, it must bo thorough- ripened, and
it must bo gathered and thrashed with
out the bad cllects of unfavorable wcath
ur, or it will invariably bo classed as
number 'J, while that which is bright
and fresh will bo readily taken by mal-
tcrs at tho very highest figures. There
aro three prominent kinds of barloy, viz:
tno two-rowcd, tho lour-rowcd and the
six-rowed. OtllOr kinds as thobcardlcSS
Yaiictics, tho Chevalier barloy and the
Italian barley, exist, but wo doubt if
satisfactory results will bo obtained bv
running after thorn. Tho old "stand
by" remains tho two-rowed variety
toLfothor with n seueon neither too wet
rotum. if tho preparation is such that a
good return lroiii any crop can bo ex-
pectcd. irroino l'ariiior,
1 , , ,
The Education ok Giuls Value
of OitDEU.-Atlcnd as much to neatness
ns you do to economy. Accustom girls
novCr to BiilTor anything about them to
bo unclean or In ulsonVer; lead thorn to
i .ilu..i ,i . .
J. "t n Tha iiotl I C con-
tributos imto to Vicatnoss and coonomv
U IIJUIOS moi o lo iiL'UUlliHa aim economy
than kcoplng things in tho r proper
.i... Ml,t.n,. .., i..t,ll.. '..; i.
.1. mi. to .v on... . ..1 11 1 ..
f' , ' . '"
etui8 to vory Important consequences;
fm-then,whon anvthlngis wanted , thero
Iw nn ill llcnltv In 1 ndlnr? It: anil when It
In i?Wlt If nrlll n 11 xiiml in lm I
Place it was taken from. This oxact
ordorforms tho most ossential part of I
- ncnuie. iw iiuwiivn, u umu win nui
got soiled or broken If It U put In its
I . . . . lnAn nn onin no I . I. . a V.aa.. " n .1
VlOl;r jiuiuu 3 .uuu I. nao uun uouu.
lungs in orucr, u iuku nuup mum
I tiat of ffiviiiff to domestics a habit of
cionii, goinrni 10 nn uiuno uuvuiiiukvi ib
neatness and activity, by obliging them
'clean. Foiiolon,
Homestead Association !
Inniifrurnte tl by (he Benevolent Clllirnn
orNt. Lou In for
$125,000 00!
G2,f)00 Certificates: l'rlco of Certificates,
iyz oo.
112 Grand Prizes!
Distribution July lal, m, at
FIRST IMIIZE, Iloincstcnil ami 110
Located In the city limits of l.'arllnvllle, III.
VAIAJKl) AT 15.25,000!
KECOIVD PRIZE, Fine 1-2 Story
llrick Residence.
ltunU'tl Xo. um Christy Avenue, thirteen room,
w lth nil niuilirn Improvements,
VALUED AT $20,000.
THIRD PRIZE, Eighty Acre Farm.
Atljoluliig Olympic Itaec Course, every foot under
ciiiiiwiunii, gnntiiiwt'iiiiigd,
lVllCt'S, Stable, tc.
VALUED AT $18,000.
FOURTH PRIZE, Elegant Ttvo.
Story Urick Residence;
llnllt our voar otro. und one of the best ilnlihcd
rcsiuent'i'i in tne ciiy.
FIFTH PRIZE, Homestead and
Seven Acres.
Located wllliln tlio city limits of Carllnvllle, 111 J
nols, i.oinlarly known u the 'Green House l'ron
em .
VALUED AT $12,000.
The Following Eight Prizes
Consist of litrms trncts of Inml of from 10 to 100
neren, ami ono milium.' city lot, raiuca iu irom
V.uu 10 oouw eiu'ii,
in ureeuuacKH.
Fifteenth l'rlic. An clecuiit Itlncr net of
Uluc nnd Uulilen ( lilim, value
lurvo nunureu uoiiuro,
Krnm tlio will known lioiwe of Miller A Ilro, Fourth
Htreet, between Wuslilnitton Avenue nnd St. Clinrlea
ittrect, where thu bet limy ho eecn. l'rlco, K300. Fol-
loweu uy
Farty-Ncven full ninncr NetH ofOold llaud
i iiinn, Titinu um nunureu uui
Iar eneli, vuluo tfi,7UO.
TtienenmcfiO fllll Chamber fiets in i.tfin. inli
of elegant furniture, vulue tlOOeach, from the house
ol'W. II. & K. E. Hliuler, Fourth ttrcvi, between
uiivvn.m uiui.1, n 11.1 v inu bvis limy uegecu.
10,000 Dollars for tho Poor,
Which will bo received In weekly InatullmenU, Mid
Ultliurted by the following Committee on accents
uiluuiauurBviueiiia iu mu jiuuri 1
IIaiiton Anut, Ksy,, Ciias. W. Iuwin. Esi,
Hon. Wilbon l'muu, Cah. J. i C'olcoudI
Col, Uautik Collins,
8,urS-" "Crosby Opera iious8m ,n,i ..smith Ml
ulu Knrm" DrawlnKS. heing conducted uy and in
tireiy umtcr thu control or the ticket bolder.
Monev muy hn sent with order for efrtiSV.,...,
1.1 Monev muy Ufl aeniwun onler ror rvriirtn.,liir
Pontonico money order, draft, or bj - iinrVss fift
tho rUkot tho Association. ' "press. in
rm Pescriptive circulars, Certificates, club lids
- - --i
uenCTOieBl, UOBiesieaa ASSOClatlflH
ijjvmuvnu Jiutimny, au .jju ujo, mu.
Abstracts of title and ccrtlflcatrs of theAisessor
minium. iiuuuhiv, i, muu,i,
Agent wanted in every town aid city
' imss-smj
Stoves, -Castings,
Tin. Copper, and
KKP constantly on hand a complete assortment of Cooking. Heating, and Par
lor. Stoves of the latest patterns : also a full lino of Shelf Hardware, Table
and l'ockct Cutlery, Cooking Utensils, etc.
retail at tho lowest cash rates, can ami
W. As .T. W. SCOOlf,
Dry Goods. Groceries, &c.
Forest City, Mo.
Fire and L i g- h tn i n g.
Authorized Capital,
DR. J. T. BEItGHOFF. President;
C. IIARTZELL, Vleu rresldcnt;
Directors nml Ilcfcrenccs.
Dr. J. T. Bcrglioff, St. Joseph, Missouri;
C. II. Footc, St. Joseph, Missouri;
J. W. Steele, St. Joseph, Missouri;
J. II. Long, Secretary llomo Insurance Company, Fayette, Iowa;
C. Iln.rt7.cll. St. Joseph, Missouri;
C. L. Currier, Secretary American
u rancis itodinan, &ecreiary oi state, deiierson uiiy, Jisouri;
A. M. Saxton, State National Hank, St. Joseph, Missouri;
II. F. Hush & Co., Grocers, St. Joseph, Missouri;
Woolworth & Colt, Stationers, St. Joseph, Missouri;
E. J. Carter, Commission Merchant, St. Josopn, Missouri;
E. T. Evnns, St. Joseph, Missouri. jy28-3m
(STGood Somcitikci A ci k nts Vantiui.iU
S. M. KULEY, rJ?riivoTiiisr Apont.
CH. W. BOWMAN, Looal Agent. liilO
Iron, Steel, and
BMITli'N Its AltlllAI., UUXft'IXXINfi VOODS, Etc.
Fourth Street,
1148 ly
Western Depot of Music.
Wholesale and Rotall DealersjSi
Publishers of Sheet UusiouT
wbolt'tslo Miulo IIouho In tli city, uwl the largrat
in um wi'si oun u iiiiuuio iniic-AiHvsia 10 iiucn
era, CIcrKymcn, and Sabbath Sclioolw.tlmt no oth.
cruuiuv uuii.
No. 0, Fourth St., ST. J(f II, MO.
tocf23 IlllOlyl iNtfit
Best and Cheapest;!-
nr a iTrciiurTmirir nm aw
B3-A full mpply lwyi on hand. till76ml
FAIBBANK'8 Standard
SMI and Sts Laku Street, t'lIIOAUO,
SOU Market Street, ST. LOUIS. He
carerul to uuy only tne genuine.
liny -iyj
and Hardware,
Sheet Iron Ware.
etc., which they oll'ornt wholesale and
see. iiorogj
- - - - $200,000!
C. II. FOOTE, Secretary:
E. T. EVANS, Treasurer;
Insurance Company, Frecport, Illinois
Heavy Hardware.
Wheeler & Wilson
iuvtiiiu uu.i ur 'iiir; 01. i.iiuim AUItl-
UUI.1UUA1, AMI .HI.1.11AM.
OAL i'Allt, 1SUU.
Every Machine Warranted Three Years.
The yearly tales of the Wheeler A Wilson aro
equal to, the aalea of all other Sewing Machines
From tho Bclcntlffo American.
We use the Wheeler & Wilson, und pronounce It
without A rlral,
1 1118 ly iW NorUl Fmh"' 8X1 h0Vl9 M0
OPBRATR by their powerful tnflucneo on the
Internal rlaccra to purify the Mood and itlmn
late It into healthy action. They rcmoro the
obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and other
organs of the body, and, by restoring their Irregular
action to health, correct, wherever they exist, such
derangements an are tho first causes of disease.
An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professors,
Physicians, and Patients, has shown cures of dan
gerous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not
substantiated by persona of such exalted position
and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Their certificates are published in my American
Almanac, which the Agents below named aro
pleased to furnish frco to all inquiring.
Annexed we give Direction for their use In the
complaints which they havo been found to cure.
Fon CosTiVENF.ss. Take ono or (wo Pills, or
such quantity as to gently more the bowels. Cos
tiveness is frequently tne aggravating causo of
Pilks, and the cure of one complaint is the euro
of both. No person can fed well while under a
costive habit of body. Hence it should be, as it
can be, promptly relieved.
For DvnrnrstA, which is sometimes the cause
of Cotlirenett, and always uncomfortable, take mild
doses from ono to four to stimulate the stomach
and liver into healthy action. They will do it, and
the heartburn, lorfyhun), and toulbum of dyspepsia
will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don't
forget what cured you.
For a Foul Stomach, or Morbid Inaction oftht
Boxreh, which produces general depression of the
spirits and bid health, take from four to eight Pills
at first, and smaller doses afterwards, until activity
and strength is restored to the system.
Fon Nervousness, Sick IIkadache, Nausea,
Pain 111 the Stomach, Hack, or Side, tako from four
to eight pills on going to bed. If tner do not oper
ate sufficiently, take moro the next day until they
do. These complaints will bo swept out from the
system. Don't wear these and thHr kindred dis
orders because your stomach is foul.
For. ScnirULA, EuvairELAS, and all Diteatet
of the Skin, take the Pills freely and frequently, to
keep tho bowels open. Tho eruptions will gener
ally soon begin to diminish and disappear. Many
dreadful ulcers nnd sores havo been healed up by
the purging nnd purifying effect of these Pills, and
tnmo diigustlng diseases which seemed to saturate
the whole system havo completely yielded to their
influence, leaving the sufferer in perfect health.
Patients! your duty to society forbids that you
should parndo yourself around tho world covered
with pimples, blotches, ulcers, sores, and all or any
of 'tho unclcim diseases of the skin, because your
system wants cleansing.
To Puntrv the Blood, they aro tho best medi
cine ever discovered. They should bo taken freely
and frequently, and tho impurities which sow tho
seeds of incurablo diseases will be swept out of tho
system like chair before the ind. Ily this property
tney do as much good in preventing sickness as by
tho rctnarkablo cures which they are making every
I.ivnn CosirLAiNT, Jaundice, and all Mtimii
Affections nriso from somo derangement either
torpidity, congestion, or obstructions of the Liver.
Torpidity and congtoftlon vitiate the bile and render
it unlit for digestion. This is disastrous to tho
health, and the constitution is frequently under
mined by no other cause. Indigestion is the symp
tom. Obstruction of the duct which empties the
bilo into tho stomach causes the bile to overflow
into the blood. This produces Jaundice, with a
lonrc dangerous train of evils. Costivcncss, or
alternately costivcncss and dlarrhcca, prevails.
Feverish symptoms, languor, low spirits, weariness,
restlessness, nnd melancholy, with sometimes in
ability to sleep, and sometimes great drowsiness;
sometimes there Is severe pain in the side ; the skin
and the white of the eyes become a greenish yellow
the stomach acid; the bowels sore to the touch;
the whole systc.n irritable, with a tendency to fever,
which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, billons
dlarrhecn, dysentery, &c. A medium doso of three
or four Pills taken nt night, followed by two or three
In the morning, and repeated a few day s, will remm i
the cause of nil these troubles. It is wicked to sullcr
luch pains when you can cure them for 23 cents.
KHKUMATI8M, Oot'T. and all Inflammatory Ff
vers arc rapidly cured by tho purifying cflcets of
tlicno Pills upon the blood and the stimulus whlrh
thev allord to tho vital principle of Life. For these
Miit ull kindred complaints they should be taken in
mild doses, to move thebowcls gently, but freely.
As n DlNXnu Pill, this is both 'agreeable and
iseful. No Pill can bo mado more pleasant to tiiko,
s.nd certainly none has been mado mure cllectnul to
'.lie purpose for which a dinner pill is cmpluicd.
pitKPAitnn iiv
nit. J. C. A YE It CO.,
Praotioal and Analytical Chemists,
fttullice will .hnw.hk U-oti loiiffcr cut nurd In lha Ire.t.
meat nr Venoroal.Qozual nutl irrivalo Diseases than
.ur uiurr I'ltj.iciBU iuj.1. i.uiii.,
Qnl.llf. V. . . - n, . m.1.1.. A Lf.f.
wjr,tu.,.., uutivi.uiu, umi uMic,uivrcuili.i
Hernia ana Hupturci all Urinary Diseases ana
Byphllltlo or Mercurial Affection, of the Throat,
0111 pr jjoncB ro irc.mi nun iriuruiiciri ,ucc...
Spermatorrhea, S:uat DcUlttv and Impotent
I tho rc.ult ol ki'H .buao Id Tmith. ..su.l e.o..c.
m.tiircrycar.. r oilier cm., til nbleh produuo .oiutof
tit. r .Uowli.; eirccla, 11. nooturnnl omissions, blotches,
debility. dl::Iacis. dimness of sight, confuatonor
men., evil lorcusumss, aversion 10 aocioiy or fe
males, lots of memory anil sexual power, "nd rea
derlnrf marrlago Improper, nro pcriu.nfntl rural.
Hit. Doctors oi'l'ortmilllc. In lioMl'ltuI sml iriv.ldprao.
Ilea are UD.ura..cl Iu HI. Lttul. or sujr oilier ellr lljch
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Tailed to th V'cit, uti.urlmldcd nnruLero. A,,', with e.
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sod jircieot jo1tluu ha .laud, without a competitor,
Tf.c irrliifieort rhyslrinmrhoMrepu
tutlan in Uulon-wttlo uliovltt
lif worth miillnrr.
Tloetor XThlttlor ruhll.hr. a MEDICAL FA&f
l?lXLi.T relalluj to venereal d.p.i.e. und Ibv dl.u.trous
and lartod cou.ciiirnAo. or l"ll u'jUMi.lhal will to .rut lo
any addre.i In a icalcl enrclopo r.ir two alaiopa. Ileoatalna
luU .ymrtoin Hit. that will enable Ihe.e allectod la deter
Dilno th. nature or llielr romplHint and clve a written .tele,
mentor thrir ca.r that will answer alaio.1 aa well for the
purnoaooftrcatiuontaiapcniotiel Interview but wbcreltli
oonrcnlent. tba dLtor ibould be cnuaultod peraooally.
Thoaa hat Ins Trlonda that may reoolre adilce.eaa auprly
th.in with thla valuabla work by aei.dlua their adJr.... wlib
Ialainn. Thua you can aiaiil tlio unforlunalt wilboul their
kuQMlna: their lnchet'r. Lerlaluly tia auhjoct la of mora
Imporlanro than iurlly olbloml and pcrrect monhrod.
It la aeircilileul ll.rt a nlir.lei.in .I.e. nuifln. HmuIi
oielu.iixly 10 Iho ktudy ofa c.rtaln cla. or dlaeaiea and
treat! thousand, oreaieaticry ytar. tnuil aooulrecreatar
sslllln thatapfteliilly Umu onalii i.neral practice, lfanr
phyilulaiia, rccoi;nlilng Ibl. r.ct, Inlrnduea pallcutito tba
doctor after roadlna hi. uiodleal pamphlet. Couiinuolcallnna
eonOdeuilal. n A Irla-idly talk wllleoit you oalhine. onto,
otolral, yil r7llre.l-So. II HI. Charlca alrrol, St. LouU
Ua. Uour..la,H. taTr. m. Buadaya eieepled. a
P AINTS for FAKMKItS and others. Tito Graf-
ton ll.neral l'ulnt Comiuny, aro now mnnii
ritcturlng the llest, Chenpest anil most Diiruhlo
Piilnt In usei two rnnta well put on, mixed with
pure Llnseeil Oil, will Inst ten or lllteen years 1 It Is
or 11 light brown or beautiful ohoeolnto color, nnd
can bo clmiigiil to green, lead, stone, tlrab, olive, or
cream, to suit thu tuste of tho consumer. It Is vol
nublo for Houses, Ilitrns, Fences. Carriage, nml
Cnr-iniikers, l'alls tnid Wood-waro, AKrlculliirnl
Iniilenu'iits, Canal Iloats, Vessels and Ships' Hot
turns, t'nnvas, Metal and Shingle Hoofs, (It bclue
Flru and Water proof,) KloorOllCloths, (one man'
ul'acturfi' having used 3,000 liurrcls thu past year,)
und as a pnlnt for any purpose. Is unsurpasseil for
body, durability, elasticity, and adhesiveness.
Price 88 per barrel of 300 pounds, which will sup
ply farmer for yenrs to come. Warranted In all
eases us above. Bend for 11 circular which elves full
particulars, None penulno unless branded In a
trado mark Grafton Mineral l'alnt. Address
20-nm MS N. U street, St. Louis, Mo.
CrtKPITOIl8 and nil others intwested in the estate
of.r. II. Itlovius, deceased, fate of Holt county,
are hereby cotlllcil that on tho llrst day of the next
May term of the Holt county Cnurt, I thall mako llnal
settlement of snld estate.
EUSIIAMINTON, Administrator,
urea"", mu., iaiino, lOUfJ.
riVll. ilV"TpWBVaww.wnr
CHKDITOIIS und all otlii rXtterested In the estato
of Sluiy l(Uk, deccused, Bte of Holt county, aro
hereby notllU'd that on the llrlday of the next May
lerindf tho Holt county coiirtWl shall mako llnal set-,
tlemtCft of said estate .'
.ION AS I.KIIMKH Ailm'r it bonil nun,
I Oregon, Mo., April .1, I8(W. (.KUwj

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