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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, October 08, 1869, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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OCX.ORKR 8, I860,
Orciuoti IMitfkt. IJti'A', Iff A A.M., motta 1st
Motiii.i)-nil3UAtiirtlnylilciiehiiioiiUi, .
Key Stone (.'hauler meets JJ i uciiy nun 4111 isnt
unlay In each month.
I. O, (), l', OiTRon IMte, No, M, modi ercrjr
Wcilnoailaycrinu;i Kncoiiipincnt No. 4.1, tliellrsl
ITIiliiy llllil Intnl. Jtionuay 01 every minim.
Mail collll North Clnsca at...., , HA
, , Mouth 1 !
Ofllre mirn riomdtf, A. u. luH.r. m,. tsui.tlayi
esccptetl, . I". JEWKIX, 1". M.
1 . i s
MJuircli lllrcctorj'.
l'Mmtitr. VrMe.Mnif evertr .HAltliath fetrent the aer.
iimlj, moriilnfrAiHVcciunff. Nahhiitli Hrlinoiercry
Maintain lnnming ni 11 o'ciock, a. m. rrayrr aieci
luff every Wi'tlnestlay ereuln-'.
M. i:. I lltlltCtt. Ilrr. Wh. Ifltl.ltr. I'n,tnr
1'rrachtnir every aeconil anil fourth ttahhalhat Km
O'ciock A. 11. hauuain rcnooi eicry raimnin at 1
o'clock, l'raycr inrclliijr every Thtiralny clenliijr
"till i5IX5?nirJiliik foVjustlcea mav 'luOia.l at
thaSr.x-miii.onlccI Summons, ut io cents iicr tlos.
mi sulipicna fur witnesses, 2.1 cents lieriloteni turn-
nuns forjury, n cents per ilo-rll stray blanks, )ier
act 10 cents t icr;ilrizcn, C. cents
Aha MHiv!. 0 follo'vlni '
Warranty' Occils', of the most approved form-
rleelOcents each, or Oil cents )itc,iloieu,.Jrvt
Denis lirlco IS cents each, or $(..10 ier10en'. Quit
Claim Ilccits price p ccnU each, or 7.1 cent per
rfotcn, JlldnV S'ut-itlce!iconr inch, ortlpcr
liun.tnal liiliAuV r.n'ni. '
Any tlanai, iu5t m'en'llou'c'it aft)ve,'furftKhcil to or.
atr at inc. lowvsl current prices .
Sta-Josfplii 4, -Council lllull's Railroad,
Time, Kiltie iYO.7.
Taking effect, Sept. 0, 1803
rifl, Purif Clin.
MaU.nnilllxurcss..o. 1, ,r.,,Jli 20 A. H
)r3giit(5.J;..fj'.:..Yj...!.i ,.in a. m
Ltaet Foml Cly.
Mall ami Express, No, 2 .1: 25 1
NlKht Kxprcss, N'o. 4.
til 04 A.
2! Mr.
t'riiiilit, No, 0;
Train No, 3 ilnlly care
i' t
exceiit Hntimlajr.
Train No, 4 Icives lUfly
All other trains leave dally except Sunday,
,V. L. HOPKINS, Siiperlntcmlent.
m.Tho Holt count- Circuit Court meoU
AtOxcgpn on -Monday, October 28, 1869.
fU fit .
ini tivrs'a Aipino urticrs u tnt iiio
nriinlrntlon of tlio Missouri Vnllcy.
TI10 largest Stockof Goods in Oregon
can lio foil ml nt Krcck's Cheap Store.
J'fTn&j 0ltl Advice.
, Ir you wntit clicnp gooiis go to
liicck's store.
T '.'1 1 i ' i ' . -
: "Led fus! hhvo. Peace,"- Wa fGrotit,
"lid us liavo tin Kmplro Sowing 5In-
cliinf," say&jMrs,, Grant,
Wllliln tlio lust two weeks Messrs.
Dmiguit & Kelly, of Ihlsclly, lmvo sold
3,'lCt acres ot'lttnil, siluatuil In Holt and
Atchison Comities, amounting to tlio
snug sum oflOjo.
Take Koticc'
jlfjyoiij.wafjirgood Yarn, llolls, SatI
net's, UasRlnicfos, .Icuns, Fliimicln, lllntik
ats, Host ,1'loiu; and Mcnl, call at our Mill
nntl 1'iiclory, 0110 111II0 cast of Oregon
Cnli paid for wool.
' "u2-tf DANlKli KUXKKIj,
---- . a) ,
yur old friend F. S. Rostock lias our
iliauks' for thai nlfo lot or-delicious
Sicklo Pears, wliicli wo, In company
wltlr Messrs', Hungnti and Slranc, ro.
fesfiir. Al'Wobor and 1. Snyder, Jr.,
also liavo our rcgard for many valuablo
Xotlco tlio lulvci'tlsgiiient of Tlnney
Jitljl numbc'i'. They claim to
bo ilic heaviest dealers In tliclr especial
lino (Kvcvgrccns and Forest Trees,) In
thoJJnllod Statos, and.guarantco toglvo
Katlsiacllou every time.
Troo planlcrs will do well toglvo them
Rlitsoiiri Stitfc 8,'fi. Convention.
Tlio Missouri, .tato Sunday School
Convention will meet at Kansas City,
oS'-TtrWhV, Oct. 19, 1869, at 3 o'clock,
and contlnuo thrpo days. All Sunday
Schools In tlio State 1110 invited to scud
delegates. Tho.Convcnlion meets at tlio
M. K. Church, on Grand Avenue. Dele
gates having paid full faro to Kansas
Ctty will bo returned over the various
Railroads of tho SIMofree.
. 1'or Sale.
Tlio uhdbrslgiitd birors tho following
roai osiato ior sato, situated at Craig:
'Two Jlils, each 100 x 160 foot.
Two houses ono 16 x 28 feel, two
tory,: "tlio. other 14 x 16 foct, ono-story.
Thcso bujdlngs aro finished, nnd liavo
kFbrfurilicr particulars and lorms,
aSw4-Crlg Holt County, iroy
ExUniilliltloit of Trnnlion. .
Tho-'CtjIiniyilnDi iutond'eiit wTs'lics
us ib glvo lniticc. tlmt tho fcachors'bf
thotq;rioH8liqol.ln !l(tU.CoUnly will
bo qjtainlncd on ,tUa. fourth Saturday fat
cncij, iiiouui. mo nuov.o ja mauo con
foriabto'lb.Sficdbh 91, Of School Lavj :
"Tlw County Superintendent of oncli
tfnilirt V 141V' Vnf Ida niim nmi.tnntnn.A
tlx ojsrthlu.days on which onlho will
Uttlto a numbotqfjniprvcinonts aj-o
Bony on hi mis iimo at. Jiouiul tjity, in
this icoitnt)ir Olio 'dfliho' Mes'sr Qa(n
has BcaiJy.cotiipletcd a lino brlclcbullil.
, jjadtllnar grcatl j',,to, (lio appoarai.Tjo
iim luivii, -ilTO liuucou man en.
iow rosldoueci, a.waggon'shon and
lw"tlK (UJ Jaltcx youhgUIorth-
ucrgjr'sj gpiug upct sriilM i8'Uuhould
be, and Is an ovidoncq of progress, It is
was fofd tlfatjslndo 'tlia 8l'ooihw'f.fliar
toroil acouplo'of flghts:htto.tati pjace,
uamiL;liig thosa participating in thepi.'
1 7i . n
Fidm.lhQ.tonaiOf the St. Jos
per t is ovldcrirthttt U10 Fair cj that
place.'wa a ifallufTho nianagejni
11 iijnncugeu, wai sadly In want or
gencialshlp, causing- 'rauclngrfinbllti'lf
moife.aiio nawat WiMd.l t5 nika,
Tho goiitm.ons.liJ ngwMryf thfa
Falrtoein.o.bpjvUerix pbllyjon of
thooMlnary courtesies toward tho prcsl.'
Upoij, tlio-iSKptor tbelr preirtittoPflsL'
we 8ivo.Miom a.vory gpoiipllcB Jp out
paper, aunivo tnojiguipoy, woum iiavi
gunintlon enough.-.ta-eend tu'ft' cbtrml
aKrttr tnOfTalrTDiR Tmfy
ticket did wo got,
FRIDAY,-. . .
'- And Still they Come.
Mr. 'Wm.Kaiichor, of this city, ha? re
ceived n letter from Chemnitz, in Sax
any, normany, ndvUlng htm that 60 faml
lies aro preparing lo cmigrnlo to Holi
county.,. "LBtthciacomp, we liavo room
for Uicm all,-lind 'nil that coino after
them. .
Is hereby given, that thcro "will bo a
meeting of tho Directors nnd' Stockhol
ders of tho Oregon StcamElovator Com
pany, to bo held next Saturday wook
(ovcnlng,) October 16th, at tho olTlco of
Win. Katichor. A thoro will bo very
Important business lo bo' transacted, It
Is expected thatalllutorcstcdwlll atlcnd
without fall.
J 1'crsonnl.
Tho.Rcv. Mr. Dlbblo of tho Christian
denomination, gavo us 0 call at our
sanrtijin last week. Tho Doctor' held
forth for inoro than a week, preaching
every day and night to crowded houses
0 heard him on thrco dltlercnt occa
slons, and ivcro surprised with what
fluency mid ability lio handled tllfllctilt
BubJecjMn. theology. I" '! stylo ofdc
livery ho howcs an aptness for a polcml
cal modo of argumentation, rarely ovor
equaled by any other minister of tho
Holt Con 11 ly Library nnd lllstorl
cal Association.
Avo aro requested by tho librarian to
notify all delinquents, that tho quarter
ly Hues must bo settled this quarter
iicginning Oct. let; '69. Tho payment
or tho littlo triflo of "duos" is a small
thing to each member, but of tho lit
most'lmportonco to tlio welfaro and ex
Istonco of tho Society. Do not inako It
necessary for tho librarian to "dun" you
any more. Ono-thlrd of tho members
havo never paid ouo cent of their quar
tciiy dues.
The New Superintendent of the
Missouri Pacific Hall Road.
Robert Halo.flnto Gonoral Siinerln
tendon t of tho Chicago, Alton and St
Louis Railroad, has boon appointed Su
pciintcndent of tho Missouri I'aclllo
Uallroad, ami has entered upon Ms dti
tlo. Wo cougnittilato tho I'aclllo Rail
road company on this acquisition. Mr
Halo Is a first class railroad man, and
brings to his now position tho.Qxpcrl
enco of many years. If his usually strong
physical constitution should curitlmfo to
sciTo.hlm, Ids career ns Superintendent
or tho Missouri 1'uclllc Railroad will tin
doubtcdly bo marked by eminent success
IIi'l'oic Justice Weber.
Tho continued caso of thoStato njjalnst
lames Smiih for stcollils railroad tics,
was tiled beforo Justice Weber, on Mon
day Ootobor 4th, nt Forest Cltv. Smith
was held to ball in tho mini of $200, to
nppe.ar ot tho Circuit Court, to answer
to tho charge of grand larceny. Hall was
On tho samo day, beforo Weber Mrs
Clarrissa C. Hasty, (of tho Halo and
Hasty notoriety,) brought lucomnlnint
against liurmothcr, Mrs. Ruth Halo, lor
threatening to kill her. Tho jury not
being nblo to agreo as to tho merits of
tho case, It was continued to ucxtMon
day, October lllli.
Our School.
Last Monday our school was opened
under tho most fuvornbla auspices,
As tho services of four excellent teaelp
ors liavo been secured, wo predict n
success for our school hitherto uukown,
Tho personnel of Iho School Faculty Is
omposed 01 t'rof. .1. M. Morrison, II
Ilershbcigcr, Esq., Miss Mary L. Wade,
aid Miss Anna M'Uomtld.
A'o learn that tho Hoard of Education
hava made arrangements to havo tho
rooms on tho first Moor seated with tho
samo quality of scats tliat. tlioso oil iho
upper floor aro. This inudi-necdcd 1m
provcincnt, wo feci coulidcnt, wilt glvo
rcat satisfaction.
The JVcw Stage Line.
On and after Monday, October 11th,
Mr. l'ctcr Trlssal, of tills ploco, will
run his tri-wcokly Stago Lino between
Oregon and MaryVillo, stopping; long
onoiigh at Whig Valley and Graham, to
oxchango Iho malls and passengers
Through tho untiring efforts of Mr.
Trlssal, Holt and Nodaway Counties will
now havo a clianco of communicating
with each other without being obliged
m (;u vjuiii iiiuiiiiu aii uuBuiiii iu uu ll.
Passengers arriving at our It. R. station
Ia 1 1 C?. T .. I . i . V.l I .
(Forest City) in tho forenoon', can roach
Whlgvnlloy, Graham and Mary vl 1 1 tho
samo evening. Wo bespeak for Peter
Trlssal a liberal sharo of tlio -public
patronago, ho so richly merits. Ho will
carry tho malls between hero and Mary-
vlllo gratis, till tlio Post Master General
can tako cognhanco of this mail route
Mcaiiwhllo wo congrattilato our rcadors
In that part of tho County In tho pros
poet of rocclvlng their Sentinel tho
samo day of publication.
Swan's Counties of North-West
Missouri No. 8.
Wo aro In rccolpt of another of tlioso
lnvaluablo guides to tlio grout Platto
Purchaso, Swan's pamphlet 011 tho toll,
illf.latc, advantages, agricultural and
mineral resources of Kodawnv countr.
i iiis woi K is a compioio loxicpu ot in
formation, Imparting n great amount of
iuowiciigo auotit tno iiouio county 11 is
devoted to, and It will provo, ns Its pre
decessors have, of great scrylco In bring
ing to public notion 0110 ot tho flncbt
portions of tho Ststq of Missouri., The
two pamphlots proceeding this ono havo
dono much in drawing emigration, Tho
dissemination In tho eastern states of
Swau'is pamphlet on Holt county ,1ms
brought hundreds of pcoplo Into our
midst, and thousands inoro aro nrcpar-
Ing to oomd. Wo predict that (ho w.ork
boforo us will dq good socvlco for Kod-
Wiy county. In a mocliaplcal point of
ow, tins pnneiuotli qultoercdltablo to
tho JouiTial.offlcd.iit SBryvllld, tliough
thoro Is room for, improyomept.
Mr. Baoholler and others, of Oreson,
woro on wjld goo'so hunt yesterday,
bringing in fourtcon head bofovo broak
fast. Wo nro obliged for ono of them.
A etrangor arrived in our , city tho
otlmr iIav. thlnklnc that Ibis wna l.hn
Btatoof Oregon. Ho wm'8et rlght,f m
i ii,
wont on Ills way rejoicing,
Editors in flood IJcninnil.
Thb Milan, Surtlvan'Cotinly, lleraUl
in speaking of tho dearth of nows In Us
oolumns; publishes iho following very
aifiircclatlvo Itflin:,-. '
"Ono of Iho editors of Oils paper ha
been engaged In Circuit Court all tliU
week, and tho other editor has been
busy attending (0 his duties nt County
Treasurer, and wo havo coutcqiicntly
not had much opportunity to pay atlcu
lion to tho Herald."
Thank God, Ihcro Is 0110 county In
Missouri that knows how to npprcclato
114 editors.
Proceedings of tho City Council,
OituriON, Oct. Slh., 1869.
Hoard of Coiincllnicn mcl. Present:
Messrs Allen, Socman, Coopor, Murphy,
and Prc9. Hawkins.
Minutes of .last meeting read nnd
Certain additional pavements wcro
ordered, ami tlio owners of tho property,
fronting on tho same, allowed until tho
loth of November to mako said pave
Ordered, that hereafter all street and
Alley? crossings shall bo iiuido of solid
plank, 2x12, firmly spiked to solid sleep
ers; Tho President of tho board was In-
strnctcd to supcrvlso tho working of
street and .Alley crosstngs.
Tho Bclllcmont of tho Cily Collector
was deferred until next mooting.
Tho following accounts wcro allowed
H. Cooper, rocclvod as City Rcglstor,
$1,50; Stephen Hlaiichard, rc-wrltlng
city charter as proposed to bo amended,
Adjourned, to meet on tlio evening of
Novorabcr 2nd, 18C9.
An Immense licet.
Mr. William Hall, oftlils city, prcsont-
cd us with one of tho biggest Rod Sugar
Hcots, wo have overseen. Its net weight
Is 14 pounds, oud measures In clrcuin
fere 11 co 23 inches. Tho soli of Holt
county Is admirably adapted to tho rais
ing of this beet, and as Its Juice contains
nearly ouc-lmlf sugar, and as It Is most
exclusively used for making sugar 'In
Europe, wo don't sco why wo can't havo a
Hcot sugar rcllnoiy established in this
section. Can't some enterprising rem
pan bo induced .to locato such n, sugar
refinery In our midst? It certainly
would pny. Thoro would not bo any
troublo for a market for this splendid
sugar. It must fiuallyi comb tn it, t lint
tho teeming millions all around us can
not bo dependent upon Cuba mid tho
oU Indies for their sugars to sweeten
tlieliytcns, coffees, and. to prcscrvo their
fruits with, when wo havo It In our own
power to mnnulaeluroall the sugar that
wo need : and thousands to sparo for
mcmuttllo purposes. Tho cxpcrlcucoof
tlio last six years linr shown that our
Sorghum sugarcane, although very good
for making molasses, docs not crystallite
sulllclcntly to mako sugar. A couplo ot
years ago a company of Germans cstob'
lUhcd a Hcot sugar manufactory in
Challswortb, Livingston Co., 111.; wo
understand they nro having great sue
cuss. Wo havo not tho lenst doubt
but that a similar company would be
equally successful In this region,
Notice ofllie Slieet Commissioner
Nollco Ishorcby given, that the follow
Ing ordor was inndo by tho Hoard of
Coiincilmen on tho 6th day of Oct.,18C9
to Wit:
"It is Is ordered by tho Board of Conu
cllmcn of tho city of Oregon; that pave
ments shall bo mndo on tho streets nnd
at tho placos hereinafter mentioned,
which pavements shall bo usually laid
on a corresponding grade with tho
strocts, 'and shall bo constructed of solid
lnc)i plank, laid crosswise, on nt least
thi'oo solid oak or walnut Bloopers, said
sleepers to bo not loss than Sxl Itches
In slzo: provided, however; that any
person may construct such pavement ot
stouo or brick with n deeply set curb
"1st. A pavement flvo feet wldo shall
bo mado 011 tho west sldo of block 8.
and 011 tho south sldo of block 7, In the
western addition lo tho city of Oregon.
"2nd. A pavement 8 feet 10 Inches wide
shall bo mndo on tho unpaved part of
tho cast sldo ot block 6, as laid down In
tho original plat of tho city of Oregon
"Said pavements, shall bo completed
on or beforo tho IStli day of Novembor,
1869, and tho ownors and occupants of
tho abovo mentioned property shall bo
ifotlllcd by tho Street Commissioner of
this order, by ouo insertion of tho samo
In tho Holt County Sentinel."
All owners and occupautsof tho prop.
orty abovo mentioned aro hereby noti
fied to mako tho pavements so ordered In
1 1.1. - 1 T . ..
nccuriiuiicu iv 1111 iuu uuuvu uruui.
Street Coinlssloncr.
I,et us IM'otccAjDursclrcs.
Tho physical strttctiio of tho strong-
ostr.humaiij being Is yulucOablo ovcry-
... 1 . .. .. 1 . . .1 1 '.: ...i . i 1
iviicrc.'uiu uuiuui iuu uiiiiuwcii uy.'iiu-
turo with ft certain iiogallvo power,
which protects thorn, trtsomo oxjent,
from tiuwholosomo lulluiecs ; but this
protection is Imperfect,! jui(r cannot bo
safdly rolled 'on In Uiilioi Ithy regions, or
uudor circumstances of Jlioro tlinn ordi
nary danger. Tlicrcfprjl It' s,,wIsdom ;
It lit pUdonco ; it Is coHinun, sonso to
provldo'ttgalust such contingencies, by
tnliiii'' an antiuoti: itl aia'ancii : In
other words, by fortylMiig the system
TERS ilho most coUpkto protootlvo
against nil tho opldcmlct and endemic
mnladics that has over bcouJndnlulstcr.
od In nuy country, As. a raiuedy ff
uyspopeia, inoro is no niiynoiuo tliat will
comparo with it. Wli9ovor sudors tho
pangs of Indigestion, anywhere on tlio
faco'nf the oarth whcio HOSTETER'S
STOMACH HITTERS call bo proonrcd,
docs so voluntnilly ; tdv) as. kirely us
truth'.oxlsts, this lnvaluablo a'oKio' ouU
ai.tea'hvk would rcstoro his disord
ered Btouinoli 19 a healthy -condition.
To tho nervous It is also especially re
commended, and la cases o confirmed
"constipatlou It also affords spoedy mid
pormanont rollof.
lu'all caigs of foVcrand aguo tho HIT-
TERS is inoro potont than nny amount
quinine, 'whllo tho amost' darigorous
asos of bilious fovor yield to Its won-
dcrftil propcrtlos. Thoso who havo tried
tho mcdtclno will novcr itto another, for
any of tho ailments which tho IIOSTET.
TER HITTERS profess lo subdue. To
thoso Vybo liavo not rfmdo tlio cxporl
incut wb'cofdlally recommend nn early
application Id tho H1TTTERS whenever
they aro strickon by disease ofthodl
gcstlvo organs. 13-lw.
Itvitl Kstalo Tiuusfeta
In Holt County, for Iho week ending
October 0.
Matthias Walter lo I'M tlojles, wj
so a, 62, 3980 acres, $1,000.
II S Huslck to M Huston, nact'l block
60, Moiiud Clly -$S0.
Wado Couts i Othors to J ic ami b
Catron, part lOtcrosl wj no ond nj UW
10, 61, .19-160 acre", $100.
Mclchl Snivel) to T C Dtuigan, s so
10, 62, 3880 acres, iSSOO,
United Slates to M Snivel), so 10,
62, 3880 ncrcs.
J S Soymour to Ti.Qulck, onc-lifth
Interest tho so iiw 22, 69, 3810 acres,
J Quick to G W Quick, J Interest of
so sw 16. 69. 3t? 10 acres, SG.i,
J Quick to G. W Quick, i Interest of
so nw 22, 69, 3840 ncrcs, !ji760,
L D Eldor to Jacob Quick, w fract'l
20, 69, 3840 acres, !,650; .
1 Hiilntt to Mary Burnett, uw nw 22s
69, 3740 acres, $200.
R Dotsclt to O P Hrldgcm.111, quit
claim, so 4, 61, 39 iGO acres, $100.
Jos Smith to O P llrltlgcman, quit
claim, f so 9, 61, 39-80 acres, $60.
B A Thorpo to Win Cook, lots 6 & 8,
block 1, Orcyon-o.1t 76.
Wm E 1HI1 to G Anderson, nw sw 8,
69, 3840 acres, 100
I E Caton to Wm F Caton, ' Interest
In wj nw' 2(1, sw so 16, sw w 2.1, 02, 39
120 acres, $600,
O' i' Sl.ccls'& Others to Wm F Caton,
undivided interest In tic sw no 7, and 4
acres oil cant end s 11' lot 2, 110 17, 61, 39
14 acresi $IOO. ,
T W Si E D M'Koy to (! W Smith, no
so 7, 61, 3940 ncrcs, $:1.0.
United States to A O Wlddlcombc,
nw of 110 & lot 1, 12, 69, 3796 acres.
A C Y Iddlcombo to Cnthni liin M
Boardman, nw no, and lot 1, 12, 69, 37
96 acres $i00.
Cnth M Buardiuan to V M Davis, nw
no. ,t lot I, 110 12, 69, 37-96 acres, $183.
K S Flshback to J F Campbell, ej lots
1 Ss 2, nw & wj lot 1,, no nnd 2, nw so
ej sw, wj sw of 1, and ' Interest wj sc,
and sr. ffj 31, and wj sw atdj'W sw of
11, an in til, yj;-opo acres, -ooo.
UlWiiliatns to John Ru'tUnn. lots 2
& 4, block 3, Illnolo'w $30.' '
(Hi Unll to.T,-T Uoylrtt, sj sw 3, 01,
87-80 arras, $S0O. ,
W.ATU1I. nidr of Ill.mkots.-'Onlll
nr fclui'.i 1 for One Dollar appears almost
iiiiiiinihlo, but such may bo bad and
hundreds of oilier tu-cl'iil articles tiv
patronising Paukuu ,t- Co'h, "On'h
Dm. 1, aii Sai.ii,"
Their system of doing business hns
been examined by the authorities nnd a
Decision rendered from tho Interna!
Rcvcntio department nt Wn-hlngtnii,
union ov. -nil, isiiw, iici'larlng tliclr
business perfectly Inlr nud Icgllimntc
mid entirely dlll'cicnt fnim tlio mitrlcrnus
gilt cnlcrpi Iscs. Ol rnnrso till do not
got watches, blankets &e lor nno Dot
lar, but In every large Club, one of thee
articles nro folil lor Ono dollar, as an ex
tra Inducement, and some member ot
tho club has tho chance uf obtaining It.
A Now feature Introduced bv this en
terprising 11 rm, Is to pay their agents In
cither cash or mcrcliaudlso nnd to pre
pay the express charges. No better op
portunity can bo offered to cither ladlo
or Kcnllcmrin, IiuvIiil' Iclsiuo time, tlinn
10 lorni cm ns ior mis ni'iii.
Read tliclr nilvprtlsemont In another
column, nml send for catal(o;iie.
Mr.TAT.-Tii'iMin .Sitous. Rhoe-inioaii
Imnorlnnt itcm'lii thocxlieiisoofclollilni'
children, n.-i every liarent will ttiidi'r
fetaml. They Invariably wear out their
shoes nt llm tno llrst, null no uiil'rcijuenl
ly bcl'oro Iho other parts aro a quailcr
worn. Children's shoes with Motnl tins
novcr wear out nt tho toe, nml It Is ml'o
to say that on nn averngo ono pair with
them will inoro than out-wcar llirco
pairs without them. Wo bollcvo all tho
shoe dealers keep tbcin. Ar. 3". Herald,
ptciiriicss.Culiuili.Scroriilii. A lmly wliohml
I J Nllir.'t I ll I'.ll t .ll.4 ll'lllll ll.nil'iii.dri ,.T h tin.l
cinfulii, mis ciut'il hy it Mlmpte rcineily Her n.ttu-
tli'ee ol'clui'-re to nny nno similarly itilllctul
licss .Mrs, M. C I.kiiiiktt, llohokcu, .. J,
pinny nun Kc.iiiiiino iiuiuii4 iiertn acini I no rtceipis
AttllNTS WASTftl) FOIl Till: I
TIRtni TtflflTf. nP rn TT-p TtpnTnn
UjtL IJUOti- Ol iHlj PliUIOlJi
Or, Tlio riiilor IVnrlil of Iho (Ircitl CII.V.
inn limit Miiiuiiiit revelation ol iiiinurn Him.
New inkSnclity Uiimnikcil. "llio.liitlncr.icy,"
"IVonu'ii of I'leilslll'O." "Sliirrleil M'noii.ii. " mul
nil cltlMnc tlini'nulily vcillllnleii, All HlllKtrntlolls.
i'llco 61. Aililre-s nt nnco'llioNow Vol k Hook Co,,
11.1 . N u jiuiM., New Vork, ii.vsw
Secrets of tlie
Great City.
,V Woik ilrsctlpllvunf tho Virtues ami Ihe Vices,
ino jijuh'i'icn. .iiiNorit'N uml crimen ul
''v Vork t'liy.
Jt Contains 3.1 lino emn'ilt'lnt.-t. mill It Ih. stilcleMl.
tiiii.t ibrllllut;, iuiirucMio uml chcipot oik pub.
Aircnts DJ merlin? tvlih itimr..i.,l..nti'il niece...
One. Ill hniiih lionil, Intl,, ivporu jfi sulntcrlhcra in
atlny, Omilii l.uzerne county, I'u . (I In uil.iy.
Olio in Minimi , Miuli., im In iwiiiluj". mul iiKieut
ninny others Irom Iuu to ic jier weik, Semi fur
tiiiiin mitt Bee ot.r leriiis, mm it tun iiesci iHllou
10 work. Allillful .iiivi.n. lil.'dl 11 Kits A I'll
Cluclnuiill, 0 (J ileiiiro, 111,, or -t Louis, Mo.
riihiitiietl In linlli KnxlUli ami (ieinun.
ai. Br
Btion t U)4rVrtJ tiuTvlxr- llow'TcTs
prjffio, vnmerrn nnii'inci
rl KnernTlntiMo 11 oat l lli ait
10 yoor inimii;auiaiippf torn
Ctnttnntl, Ohto,
Attorneys at Urn,
Gomsrnl, Oollnul Inpr mid
ltonl ICntuto Ayrontw.
on-Ho-oisr, 3VCO.
HAVK (tiniilcto ami Correct Ah.tructs of Tlllo
lur Holt Cnuuty.
Otr ICi:.oitliHi1i. I'tiblloSiiuaif. ma
H AVISO thorouifhly rcttlttil our ohl stiimli wo
,!r!'9y.l,fi,l'i,r','l to nn t thu wants olT.tlio
comniunllyf Inliils line. Wu have it slock entirely
now, imbrucln all kintls of boots ami shoes for
mi-ej-n, w d yn 03 asr .asriib'
Vhlch we sell cheaper than can lio lioiiuhl at any
placonorlliorst, Josepli. '
)l O. A V, fiKKMAX,
Wo Keep on iinud I'.VI'IlVTIII.VtJ
t iooux More x niso i.ioiiiiiik, i,iiiiori, Minnies nun Jininei,
Iluiirs nud 8nslies, l'aluts nud (Ills, Nnlls, Uc,, Kc.
We will pay CASH for Hogs,
you Tin:
HIiprllT'N Nnlr.
1)V litue of nil cMFution to tno Oirrclr.l,
li.mi! r.i.m tin-(.Ink's iinipforilio Unit fir-
cultCiiiirt. In famriif "nit t'onnly. iitalntlir, nmt
nitnliist Win. M. lli'ilm, Ailnilnlslratiir if tin-ii-lntoufJohn
Arclur, tt ol, lUI'unlniitii, I Mill un
Tuesday, the "Gth day of October, 18G9,
at tho Cum t Homo ilnnr. In llm town of Driiton,
county of Holt, ami sttitoof MSoiiil, tii tnu n tin
limn s oriiliio o'cloct. In tlin rornooii awl live n'rlnrk
In tho iillmmon ,.r nl,l .l.iv. nnil tlurlim llivtrs-
slou dflliu Circuit Court for Hull t'uuiily, t'.ioc to
sillonulillclr nt illlcllon. Inr null 111 llilllil, nil Iho
rlRhf, tltlo nnil Intrri'Ft orsnlil in nml'iim In nml to
tho lollowlmr ilcifrllinl real otuto, sllunto In tlio
roiinty ol llult, nml Muto or.MlsMiuil, to-nlt! "I'si
unit oi Boiiiii-wou iu iritT, ivciioii lliroo, nnu hiuiii
1'ii.t rntctlomil orsi-iiioii ti'ii nil In tounhlri '5fa'
ono, rnnyo tlilrty-iiini-, or so iniiclithripofnsiiill lo
suOicliiit to sutUfy Hit, roiviroliiK oMrullnn.
Ai.niiur i!(i:c'i;i:)i,
Miorlil of Holt county, Mo.
(Iiifli.n, Mo., Sopt. 3lh, iMi'.l. IJIl
flliorllT'M Nolo.
11V virllto of nil f xorullcili to mo dlri.fMfil. nint
X) loiu'it It ion thol lork'aoillroortho llultt Ir-
oult Court, In lnvorol.l. w. V, hllilio.iil,.iiliiln.
Il.T, nml uiiliKt Comuil (Iruli, itiri iiilunt, I " III, nn
Monday, the S.VA day of October, 18C9,
nt Iho (.'iiiirt ltouo iloor. In tlio town of Orrrrni.
ooilitty of Hull, nml Muloof .MI1..0U1I1 ImI noon tho
lioiirt ol iifiin o'clock In Iho fori noon nml live o'clock
In lliiinnniiooii of siihl ilur, nml ilurliifr IheM'Slou
of tlio ( limit Court fur Itoli comity, oxihi-o to nito
il'iliriv III Illlcllon, njr oit.ii in ilium, 1111 uic rigni,
Itlotinil lulprosrof snlit ilvloMiliint lu mul to tho lul-
lonlnir ik'norilii'il mil i.'to, fllll.ilo ill Iho cimiilv
ofllfill. nml Mato nr.MIWirl, to.Hlli VH of tlio
so section SI nnil the aw S ol not lion 21, nil In town
hllilll, of riiuzo 4I iiImi loti I uml .'in lilock I, mul
Inla 1 uml 2 In hlock us iloi-lKiintnl on lhn,t uf
CuriihiK In Unit I'ouiitv, AM., oi-.mi Mliirll lln iinl'm
Mill 1,0 MIlllClolll lo SUM.!, ll,o llir,"( X execution,
.i.i;ki:i iuixkiji,
Slierlirnl JlnlC t'unniy, .li.
()le;,'01l, Mo., Seit. Kill, Hill, 1111
WicrTirN "sl
BV ill Inr nfiin txeeutloti to mo iti'licleil, nml
lnr.icil IVi.iii iho ( luk'a iiillet' i.l'ilii' llulrclr
culttoiiir. in Jutor of l.t-tl Zonk llllil.tllllUt l.uli
nier, 1 1 1 it 1 1 1 i II-, . uml mr.ilnat .Inhu ,11. M.ikv unit
H iiil.iiu i. Cniinii, ili'leiiilanlj, lwill,uu ,
Monday, the '.'jZi day of October, S60,
ut Ihe Couit llnii.o iluor, lii tho town of Orexou,
enmity of Unit, Mil. I 'Mlltottl ,llit..olll 1, bt-l t fell the
liuurt of tiiuo o'clock In tho I'm eiiimii uml ill oo'eluck
in Iho nfternonii of auhl it.it. uml ituiluir thopcuKlnn
oflhot licult Court fir Unit eouuly, ovi.oe to mile
liiiiuieit' III uueiliill, Inr e:lll III llilllil, nil IIIOIIKIII,
tltlo mitt Interest ol'iMlililifeml'tiitHlli mill til the fill
luttlnicitcM'lilii-il lent e-l.ile, nllu.ilo In tho county
llnlf, uml Hnlo ol .MI.noiii'I, littiti 'HiomiuIIi
t ollillter of the lloilh.Wet iiicitterilllilllloliurlli
tt.t iiiiitler ot the kiiiiili-ttftt tUailti-if,ieiinn :i,'i,
in iiitiihlii ill ot ruii,ie ot- i, niutli tlienif ti4
will ho .111111:11111 tu ftl-llnf) Ihe fnrtpiim; ei elllinn.
.m.iii.i.-i i;ti.t,ltr.l(.
Mii'lln of Unit eouuly, .Mo.
1)11 -roll, Mo., Sept. Still, Itltl. Ijtl
SlicrlllN Nnlr,
JJV llltno of n'l eMcutlnn tn mo lllieeteil nml
II latilwl fll.lll Ihe CU'lk'a ollico of the lllll'll'.lu.lll
Colli! ol Lollllltoll rieOAf, III llltlll' of IVIIlilllll Ml
uml IVllliiiiu l.i'khnt-ii:, ptnitillil4, mul iilf;iIii.
I lidllin. .1. Ilolillu uml IWlllulil A. MllcLot , tie
IVr.il.niH, I wltl, on
Monday, the ioth day of October, 18(50,
ut the L'omt Untiic ilnor, in tho toitn of Oicguu,
eouuly tifllult. lin.l.-il.Hi. ot .Mls.nllll, liettttili Iho
lioiiri ol iiiuc'i'elock In tliefoltuooii uml li ve o'clock
In ihonflt i-uooii oi's ilil ihiy, nml ilurlnx luo.e-.loii
nl'lhe Circllt (.'olli'Cliir Unit ciilllity, (..pii.n to .tile
t. i if ll. ... inn i, in, (u.l, ill nil nil, III, ,llf i llll
title mul luterc!.! of aiiiilileftuilanta in nml lot ho lol,
lott imr ilenci iheil reiil e -into, hliuiitu in i lie enmity
.'....il, nil-, .-li.iv ..ii.nuilll, lu-ltlll t,lflllllll'lll'
1. 1., i II... mil Hi II.,,. ..!' ..II,.,. ,1 1, I.I,. ....
r.nitfo :y. II 11 y lei I emt ol the t. .lo.epli .S: Council
lllllll't rilll'u.i.l, llieiieo l.olllh.71 ile'Tllt",cilt or nir-
iiiiv, n.i,., ,1,11111,1,, it him, ini'iiru uniin ll,',
ileiflceJ. cut :ll lmU mul II lliik..llu.uee mo th''l il...
KCo-s, west 'illnilt mul 1.1 lluka to Iho imilli line of
Mtlluil 11, llltueu we 11 Iml, lu CulllllltUL'lllient,
oiintnlllilijr elell illnlil liiltf ilt'les, inoiu or le,
ii n unit it iiii-i fin iis t, in in- mi nn: ii'ii I in Hllll.lt I lie
loltKolnKt'MCUllnll. AI.IIt.Kl' ltdXKI.lt,
Slii i III ol llt.lt county, .llo,
OlVtfiMI, Mo., Sept. mill, Hit), 1'ltl
Mirrltr'M Hnli.
I)V llrluo .of mi etei'lltlou tn Iiio illreeteil, mul
iMilt I ntirt. In limn uf .In hum Y,
ll itiiieii ii-oiii iiio I'leik'rl oiuco ol ino unit ( tc
I.i'Wl-. I't.ilnlllV.
iinitiitthiftt William A. Muckny.
lU-tVtul.inta 1 will,
MomUty, the ZWt Oau of October, 1SCD,
nt tin1 court home door, In tlio town 1 Oregon,
futility nfjlolt. iiimI Miiti' ol'.MUnotnl, 1ietm-u tlu
tn in t tiriiliH'n'clit. k in tln. loii-iiuiiii timl tlvt'u't'lock
in Iiio iittt rituoii ol'Miihlil.i , ami tlitvJuK thu HCdMltm
utilit-i licult Cimvt litrlliilt t-nii iily, i-mhmo to uiW
miiiii iv in uiivii'Mi, mr tin H in 1111111, mi llli' l IK m
lilt- Hint luti iTrtt ut i-nlil ilrlcmtniit in timl tn thu int.
l-iwlii tlt'icrilHtl i fa I i-ntat-)1. bitiiiiti-lii the county i.f
Holt, unit Mutt-til' .MN-iiiii I. ii,uifi ( !ntiinii ni'iii"
oil i iuu til line nt' M-ctlnit 1), ton nliiji A!t. vuutri'.'f'S
lllli llll ril'llll IUU HI, lltMI-JIII (till 1,01111011 IUIII1-4
Ktillioail, tlu'nct'eoiitli.'.'j titbit cs viut uv ijiuulltl
witli autil rnllnuil -II vod. ititMiru nurili iT tli-.
ctutyi riMh nml l links, tlunco north Si iti--iiiui
w'tntil loiU ami J 5 Imim. tu thu north lhu
ofM'CtlonO. ttii'licu wi'ft JS iihU tu the crmiHi'ii('i.
nit'iitj containing urri-D, tnoruor lnit nniliiniili
vail H orautith wt'ft H uiH'tlou :tl, t(nvii-hii li.1,
raniU-iloroimich Hictt'of ih will In? vuiliclvnt In
Hiuttii) mo loivuinrf t'Xcruiinn.
liLiitrnniolt county, M,
Orison, Mo,, .Sept. '-'Till, H.y, I at 1
NhcrllVH Snlv,
TJV vli'luo of n Siccln1 execiillon to multireel, nml
euit Culnt. in tutor of ColnmliiM 1'. lltitia. A.
slxneo nf.lollll IV. Minlwcll, Aillllllil.-lrilti.r of thu
l'iuio of .Ininea I'. Huiluins, plalnllif. unit ii-jiilii.t
'John Y, II. (JillUii, iklV.-tliUit. I will, on
Monday, the 25th day of October, 18G9,
nt tint rotirt house door. In lln town of Orou-mi.
ftiinityiirilolt, mulst.iti rr Mlfmnl, ljitwi-in llm
hour! ol nliiiM.Vloi'k littlHrori'iion nml llo o't liu'k
in itiy flittiiinon ot Hiiiit i lay, nnu inning tin; Vision
urthv lUvcuit (Joint !r Holt totiniy, tu ulu
iniiilKiy ut ami inn. tor riifli in iininl, nil tlicrfht,
til It uml hitflftst ol Htllit ilt'tt nihmt in anil tn the WA-
lowing itnl relate, fclliuitt' in I lu t-ounty ol'Ilolt, and
tnwiunli .Mi, Kauyu :t7 i-W & nw w ncctlou .s
townhhi iV). l'ltimu :i7i nt n X o w .V. aw nw vc
tlou 11, towiifchlji til, nuiKo nwct-t'lltin 14,
low nhln (II. riinuf y.i. unit ft- no Hi'L'tlon :!l. town
hip Hi, iiuwir), orn'imut'li tlu'ivor in will Iiotnt-
m-U'iu 10 uuiy wiu loivunuu i-xfruiioii.
Ai.m.itT ii:rKi:it,
SlitTiil ol Holt futility, mo
Oregon, Mo., St-it. 'JTtli, Inki, btl
MirlirN .Siilv In rurlllloii.
John W. Stetiilcl; uml Mary JiinoMes.lck
Caroline Illv, Wm, III v. I.lUuhtlli lllv, enroll no
lllx, .11., .xtni liiii lilt unit .mini ll . Illx,
V ill Iuu of uu ortlt r nml tlecreoof tlio Unit Cir
cuit Con il , uiailit on llm a-tli iluy uf .ull,
lt.lt), I will, on
Tuesday, tlio 20th day of October, 1609,
at I ho emu I hoiiitoilonr. Ill tlio t Ilv ofOioirnn. coun
ty of Hull, uml Mum ol -Mlt-'iiiil, In tuitu ihelioura
of nluo o'clock In tho lin-eiioiiii nml iliu o'clock tu
Clitillt ( null I HI Holt ciiuuly. expiiMi In inilo puh
ly nt Illlcllon the Inlluwillil tleeciiheil reilt'e.lllto,
1 lu' uml lit'lil'T In Hull county, .Mo., tn.tt it i llioliu
ntiinlcr of Iho suiith-ciut iiiiu-ter it "11 ucies oil
tin. toulli tml of the e.t.t llllll'ol lllo liorlll.ea.t till.l-
ti r of sect Imi 7 1 itt'ii ( lieu a oil' I ho sniitli eiul ot the
wrt liiiriiflhoiiutlli.we.t mini tt r ofsio, H, all In
iitvniiiliiii, imi-'oltt, Tcrni'i ol'S'ile. cusli lu liiiml,
f-licfln'of Holt civuiily, Mo,
, 31th, N,1), htl
.tt.iii.iti nt,.,.,, t.ii,
Oiegou, Mo,, ."Sept
All.UI.M.SIIt.VTOICS nam:.
UV ill luo of mi onlir ol'lhu Clinton i.tuiiili Coin!,
J) lllllilo ut Its Allj(llt tCIU, iMill, iil'..ll'l l uiul, 1
will, In olietlltiico to sulil tinier, on llm
'Jlth day of October, 1669,
nt tho ii',rlh Ouor ol tho Court llou.c, In tho city of
III Cfinu, llllil tiiiiiuiE ino .frf.iuu oi ino t irt uii t.iM,,,
ol Holt uoiinty, expoo at pulillo auctluu all Die In
tcrcfit (if '1 liomus IViilklus, iltcciietl. In nntl tnlho
follow Iiitfilesciiheil mil enliile, .Ituateil in Iho coun
ty uflluU mul hlolo iil'.MU.nllll, lu-w I l 'lliunollll
luilfulthosuulli-weil qiuii It i' nl .ffllontncjity (Jo)
uml thu Hnillll llilll'of lite ..null-we. tlinn III uiliUulilll
wc.t oiinilcr of the i.uitli-we.t quiii Icr nt .ecllon
tlility.fiiur (111, In lottnshli tlxly-lwn (UJ) . iuiiko
Itiiity.iilnu (li) I'nnil tho wet riuillnuul litill ot I no
soulli.cait iiiiuilrl iil' ni'i'llon elilen (II), lu town,
.tilpslxlv-lnu (Oi), or iiniKO furty (lu) uml wot
lialt of lholiollll.westillillter of section llilrty.llto
(Ll), in lottimhlt iixly-oiio (ul), uf rnnxo Ihlity
ulna (Jf), coiiliiliilujr In nllnbout threo luimlreil mul
twenty ucres. 'lerms ofsato, cnsli in liaiul.
UU .IOIIN II, MJ.VIUN. Aintlmliilatriitor,
D (ink ors and Donlora in ExolinnRO,
niitf nE.VIi ESTATE,
11,() n general IliinVIni; liii.luess, Deposits re
eeli oil, Colleclloiisniiulo. liil
usually found ill n rii'ls-Clas Dry
Wheat, Oats, Barley and Corn.
& Jackson Wagons.
So X'-Oltl), xroruHt. City, Mo.
Dio iir.Ai'i:sTnn,i nusr oitu.v.v .11.1111:.
Glutr'c!". Hcliool-4 nnd iiio
Jloinu Clrol.
I'irteen ni.Tcrent Styles, at I'llcen
rioiu to ijitiOU.
riillllliljli repututlim nfllitnti Organs, nml'tlio In
X crcunil ileni'iinl for Hum tlirtmitliniit the
whole Wt.ttlli coimtl'V. me tiniiuoltlonuljlo liriHila
Ami Ihi-y inDiKntnri'! Uy tin Afcif miulccl au
thorlty l't lo the
Aixruls wutsirrl hi vxiry rlly nntl town tti titro-
l'ill-lii"4 111 lii:? nt .1 itlit:litri unit nitiilktit lit t Utl tt.p
KtU'tdl'V. rt!.Mli'ii iniiill titiliiililii'f lilot in v I nil
in it i iinu'iit iroi-tfiuil liv iiitill. ii4 uw iiliniirt MiMul
t'lv'lM sl m 1i:m c il III" Mini tin tiantl.
U'timikiiii Mcnrcly p;ickiil t u nny tlItnnco
snfi'i!il Iiitliifi nirnti tiil'tirii tu liii t-rhr-i nml
firliiitiU win-Til 1'tiif Ititii' JiiitiniiUMU lVum Ihu Kuc
iviiiiupy v iiiiiniOM, .M:inut;tiuii'r)4 or tuc
Mi. del OlKU"4!-1 (1UI1p) .Mil 1 1 mi bt.ri 1 1, Qllilll'y t
iiiin-jii. iu
We nro Iho Wo. Iuu A?entt f ir ttio crlvlrntotl
NcWhall Pianos,
llil Mill tliinlhll Ihiso spleiirlhl lntl litlltitl ,
Vholc4iilc mul Ittiuil, nt l-'.icloi'y Tricon,
i-ru.Y 'Ai!itAXTi:i).
look iiiciii-: :
Wo lire nuiv urchin i. nr. ivln,; niulMiiiniur locl.
O o ri; I-I ING
prjRjisimTG goods,
Uluctljr from tho Mnnuf.irturt vM nml Impm tua,
13 per cent, (o our t'ttslomcrs.
Olll' ftOck U Colllllll tl l'nilitiUflliri.f Itilii- nn
ii 1 1 V r, ,1 1 it , i i it ' ' ' n
X-'irnt OltiHH lOhitiilnllHluuciit
Suils JIailc to Order on the Sliorlest Xo
tlco, nml lu the Latest
and licit Styles,
i'llllllktlll fur .I f.itnrj. ttn li.mi. In f'.ili. ,l,.rtll.,
r. I iiiii,1 ' t in,- 1'iiuiic piiiiuuiiro. 1'ieii.e
t un unit t-'Xiiiiiiuo ino
Best and t'lieapesl SI oi k Ever llroiiglil
to tins .liarKct.
41-1 1-
.T-iYiuiss ir7ivii3.s,
Ami .MaiuiCu'turiT of
Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron
X, ll. Corner Public Square,
OliKOOX, -AtO.
tr.01il Connor, llrnss. mul 1'ewtei'. inken lii pt.
chuiiKo fur '1 lint tiro. tvuly
The Largest Stock,
Lowest Price in. -the County.
nouiso.v a; ri.iTTrn,
('Ol'ilsill lllllliltllK.
liTirll.'! f.
i iUMi s. ntm. vim, iii.
Will pi iii lire meillcluo lii Inn ii uml country.
OrTICI '-l't tec's ) na bt.im.
witot.i;s.i.i: ami lii'TAir,,
MY nMortmriitof.Vrw i.Ki, niltn toths son
sons, Is cunijiliti1, i'uniirliliiKi
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Hots, Capa, Trunks nnd CorpotSacks,
Whlcli I offvr atllio lowml nrlrrs. t will not 1un.
Itrsolil. Call amlcxniiilnti my Mnrk,
No, flenst rn.lcMnil.it Siniarv, fcl, .loc.li, Ma,
l-jowcst 1? rioe .
S3-Call ami examine flock before imrchtslas;
(1st w litre. Iwni0l
To the Tax-Payers I
AT r. I. I.ieik'a ton nto limetl lotm than at
nny otlitr rlino lu Oiei.'on. (in uml sec him
t'.xiinilne pi-lies, mul tullciiu'l lit Ip belinf
Ol' tb: lu.tlifiiltif eft of tliU ntitlou,
tVl'OUlpli ti'Mtifkllf
Ilry ;imls. Xolloiis. 2inccrieg.
lliictiiis-ivnic, CliilliliK,', Jx.c,
And to lie Sold
O li. o ii i I Ohoap
il ImiiMo losliotvl.'ooiN. All kllnls ofl'rniluca
l.ij.111 In cxi luitiKc for ;...,. I - . Imtr
New Gim Shop
tlio limit rslRiieil wnulil r.tpect
full. Illl'iillll tlio rilllens nt II.. 1.
Coiiuiy that lu .'ins returni il to Orvjron uml
opi'iit'il tlioun lilu'lnei-l lu nllils lirniichca,
amtttlll reiijir miili:iaiiiliuetiiro rifles, nl..-
lul. nnil sllliliruilt In tlio litkl III stvle. Al.nkfn
on tiiiiul u lino uml will ussoi toil atock of
.Veil Shot (mis, ristols, nil kinds of
IImiIiir Tackle, tlio best
or Aniiiiiillon,
Anil 111 tnct evt rvllilim 11. til III Iiio hunting ami Ma-
I lu I rpiilllllK line.
.ILL WOliK maunjiA'TED.
Kt'imii'iuir of nil ItlniN ilonr.
EJ-l'iiillfiilin iilliiilli.il pnlil In llm inamifuclurst
unit 1 1 1 nil I off in 1 1 lies i
.Miinufiictuiis Ihe ct It brnteil "gnln twist" rlla,
Ml()l IVe.l .ilo Couit IIoiho Siuaro.
J. W. ll.lTt'IU'.I.I.ER.
Iho Highest Maikct l'rlsc paltl fur
Will also sy Iho lliiilicst Muktt I'rlMfor
Wheat, Rye,
Corn, Oats,
and Barley;
Olllet nt Oifirnn Wnn lioimo nml nt Kl4iim KUti.
tor, U-i iiillv'- tfotithwiat ororton,
Xiind li- Salt?.
1. l.nl S.SW'V, H, 11, T. 111. II. 37. S5N).tU
ucres. 1'iictt hi7.i.
o. '.'. l.ulJ lit! nw.'t, II, ll. 40. 13 31.100
aeris 7.si. ,
No. a, Mr K nirmvlf, 11, r.J, ID, in acm-'M. '
No, i, huh of m!, 11, ll.', 10, lu acres axsi.
No, n, Stvli or.o'i, 11, (L 111, Unities .sil. ,
No. U, UfWM ofltwh, .'7, Ul, 37 , 57H oclcs
No. 7 , I Of nw H , t!(l, BO, 37. A new
Nil, K. ( holi ofiioh 'Jll, (111, 37, 411 ncrcs WM. ,,.
No, ll, (If swl. ciritT.su, 37, MIM-lt-a IVU. . '
No. ID. HoX, i'7, 10,37, Al acres-.l). '
All In Unit rtmiity, Mlsstiuil ,
CNm. i, 3, i .t.l tttljuliilntr or near Cralu C ity o
niincll llluirs t ht. Jo. II, II. Isprulrleut the very
Nus. 7 & U Is tlmlitreil luml, a.IJutiilii nml ea.t.o
lliolatolsaiiolililliiir'afiiiin. ,
No. U Is a phi I otllio Aclmi farm, west ofSmllh's
ami nuilli ot Jliiln Street. Illchtll iiirtlif riilllva.
Hon 1 Mofiultliccs nml balance litnilly tlmberctli ,
"'Nos'.'u'i'l'i) Is'lii'tlm samo section soiilli amlcast of
ltichiltlo, it luiit of tlioMouroo 'rempleton plaoo,
iiiliiiirot ul. Hue fnriiilntr luiut Willi usulllclincy
ortlllllier iu.uiiini ityuoii luiin.
These limits Inll't lio tolil, Tenns niailo In suit
purchairts. tfor ruiiher imrllculara uil.lress
l-ut .Nebraska City, Neb. ' 1
" Dr. A. KNIGHT, Eoleotio," "
TltllAT.S Willi complotosiioftui all illca.u of
Clironlo or rrlvuio mtttiro In mulo or ft-mni. .
HU Nmlnu Toitlu JMIU uml lii-itoratlvo rowdrrc t
nto ft turo n-incily for nvnoiii Hnilvrmlital w-'i. ,
moo In elitu r nov Slulltit to nny mMrcH ut J,' nmt '
it.riOlK-r cliTutHisoii iiieu lubjiTN. utl for4
mirrit'd tno.li', ure intulnl In h iilctU'ntrlnH IVi-
of liiurKi'n A tii'ittlf-i un 1'ilratv rtivnlolotfy U
ituilloil to miy 11 1 i 1 edit lor 10 rents). Ailuriw I'r.A,
KNIUtIT, Ho 17, Kuiuuti til, Mo, i'Hui

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