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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, September 23, 1870, Image 2

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-jttON MOKI'T S3, 1870.'
"Let us" have Peace."
Ropulieiiii Idiolect.
J' j Uprcrnor J. w. ! lurf,
!t Lieutenant Governor i... A. J. If arlaii.
v 'I "'"""ty of SUtc Jahaa ll.ntover.
I .. 7r." ' sasaneies-y i. rmey.
'U'lllor,.., .A.Mor.
r Attorney tieneral Harare II. Jatinson.
Itegutcr or Lend. Jo. It. MeUe.
Hunt, o! rub. School, , H. P. Beard.
Judge cr supreme Court,, .arid Wtfnrr,
Tit Congrcs , I. C Parker.
' Ji.'f'".".'"!"'' D. 1. Ballard.
Circuit Uerlt,, .. , K. I.. Allen.
; t .mintyUerk A liver I Rsrrksr.
berlu,.... M. IK. Health.
nuntrju.lge K. ST, l .tllsoii.
Srohsle Judge Harare Camper.
rea.urrr Oreo.
aaareacr , M.P. Staler.
iirlntetident of School.. Frank Onrrtsn.
' wirreyor. ......... . Wni. X . Morris.
I uIirTi "i It'ltl'trHlon II. I Allen.
while .
t vomer,.
.lumiui.iraior, ti m. nawaiaa.
i.Ur. . atlasr,
ADOrTID r tut
nrfu,,-r, . -o lyuK.fiuiaic 10c country on
i-rat bleselnga developed Under ihe auspices
'j ltcpubllcen party, the general proairrlty,
Kfioirri, Tnei we congratulate the country
t and good order prevailing throughout thl.
rer, the security of the right and property of
tnc ravm ui.BDDearance 01 ine rivuri ...
11 1 -
,liv, w.r iKuiu uiihiuuiimi, ui in? nsiroaa.
... .sieueoia uauer economical atimintstrailon.
. trie rxteaelon orerru and political rights to those
lul 1 etterday llred among us aa
il jeawniay iitcu among ue as istcs.
hat ra are stroaglv oppoied to all eeaemce
lib l rr Hm
ndlate esy Bart
or our Slate ami national
and llrmly pledge the good rallh of the lie pub
party to a eoBKteitloai dlacaargcof our pnb-
bat we art In fa tor of re-nraachlelng thtit
iiiiiiauvium wi pMiisij.iion m me late re.
, aa Boon aa Iteaa ba dona with asf.. tn k.
n ocaj m ine propriety or tne leg.
-e bat Ing inbmtrted to the whole people of the
the question whether anch time baa now ar,
ir 01
mtmb.r of
"in.h we recognise trie right
Prty to vote hit hon.it con.
' in.
1 nn we an oppoaen io me alienation or our
3 domain to private corporation!, to the cxclu-
1 aciuai niiueni ana mai me punne landa
u I be held In treat for the landless and laboring
' 1 cf the country.
I J hat we are In favor of ai rapid a reduction of
on aa will be conalatent with the con.cif ntloua
rge or our public obligation!, and such re.
n revenue a.rtice as will simplify tSFinode of
. . uk ma., auu rNuce ac wunoer 01 omoiaia
ed for that purpose) and that we are np.
10 any ayatem or taxation which will tend to
rauon 01 monopolies ana Deneoi one tnduatry
it k Vreat at the znn. nf annthv
That while we art In faror of a rerenue for the
irl of the general government by duties upon
1 ni, aouna policy requires auch adjuatment of
o uunim w encourage tne aeTelopeument of the
. rial lntereita of the whole country, and we
- aend that policy of national eichangea which
to the working roan liberal wages, toagrl
f irt remunerative prices, to mechanlcand n.n.
- jrers an adequate reward for their skill, labor
n.rpnee, and to the nation's commercial proa.
" and Independence.
1 b.w cordially recommend to the people of
nr me cuu.iuuuonsi amena
providing against division of the publlo school
ir sectarian purposes.
Iiat the nadicala of lllaaourl heartily Indorac
ulnlatration of U. 8. Orant aa ITc.lrtcnt or the
Statea, the tuccetalul soldier, the devoted
hi 'vr"?! lna tne incorruptlblp
llljitsteamanahlp Is advancing hla name n.
thegrmtcat name ofhlatory, and we an
Im as our candidate for the nextl'rcsMent.
Tut ltfpnbllcn County Convention
v?i h mot In this city on Saturday last,
vr iiaracterizcd by a commendable
I i-f linrmony and concctilon. Tho
fnw tliy preceding Hie convention,
(tint r, tho dayi of our County Fnlr,)
w irr. most ot tho delegate were in at
leii.afy woro industriously tited by
the i 'ctlvo catidldatoa to "win over"
tho tv iniry 8Unnort. Evcrv ranill.
Jat o. ncd confident that Ms clmnroi
WL-o io best. IJut whore thcio are so
"a" (j' luiercsu to bo met and to many
- ' ha considered some were doon
UnnpiiniBtmoiit. Tho ticket, as
t (!(1, nfler tho fairest of ballots,
it n t ni and a strong one, and will
r m Kicttal aatlsfactlon. H will re-
t '(to overwhelming endorsement
v' '!.u (iinple.
u ur observed that wo have nlaced
c t .-ml of our columns tho. regular
i ticket, headed by J. W. Mc
T for Governor. In doing so, wo
v oji'self to be perfectly lnaccord-
' tho sentiments of the Itepuh-
1 . .
ut Holt county. Hot only. In prl
;;t in the cooTentlon which met
o !ny last, hare the member! of
i a in Holt expressed themselves
1 'li ii favor of the regular ReDub
) -in .r v ices for the State offices. It
ii un :it the movement to disrupt
if- Hctit lean party will meet with no
iiVji u.ee. Wo have been taunted with
i ai ua of the platform upon which
t. .st i n inatlons wore inado; but to
a, ai.J.rt men we would like to put
i iu hi ii : Which Is tho moro truly
liucrj.1, t, i platform which recognizes
t Sfi riuty or submitting to the peo
I u r question whether tho timo ha
cr 7 hen thoso disfranchised for
.. ' i a' am In tho lato rebellion may
1.3 faie - lo-cnrianchUed, or tho plat
f cm n couipols tho soldiers of the
U ' urmy to vote for the enfranchise
i - n ' f elicit, at this particular time, or
lie iti out of tho party which owes Its
- nr to tho defeat of rebels by thoso
n-in- i'licn? Ono platform proposes
'? teavo it to overy soldier and every
jiuT.uDiican to rote bis honest convlc
is nn ii, Is question, untrammelled by
i 'i ' The other Is but a dictation
j i cople how thoy shall vote by a
liu tJ umorlty of the members of a
i t en'.on. The bolters, in their an.
, i u i i liberal to rebels, forgot to bo
m at tv tho suldlers who saved tho
(,'0v. incut. Their object was, mainly,
to . ov into the hands of a certain set
ot i uurv polltlclaus. offices which they
litU fijuil reasons to fear would not be
(.-iir , ti n to their hands by the mass of
li:.-iest lUpuhllcau. To do this, It was
ttcr .wy to bolt and thereby gain the
voti.j of those men whose support Is
i. , r.ii-t n for tho purpose of disrupting
tl'. Krpuullcan party. Wo are glad to
bo ' iv to bay that we know ton well the
t"i. r r of the Republicans of Iloltcoun
ty i j liuvo any doubt as io thefhfeof the
bu.t i' t UcUut horo. Our people know
too wcil the danger of placing weak
men, whose only chanco ofsoc-
coa in in fifBllation with those who are
loutii'i; over tho fancied ruin ofthelto
p.iull 4ii parly, in positions of power or
resp n ihlllty. Tho convention which
jif imied JU CIurg for Governor sought
in t lillKant iiikii, hut honest and. rell-
nblo men, Vilth the men whose names
a an that tick nt at, the bead of affairs of
U o State, )-u cim rest in the full anur
nncfl tnt lliu government Is being bon
ostly kdiiiinlstored, and that we will not
i r Id cat to tho sc-ctlled Democracy.
t7MMAnir ok hkwh per cable.
The Freacli Hue for Pence.
London. Sent, 14. A l'arls correa
fiondcut trlc)rnphs that latt nlglit ho
iad an Interview with Krnest l'lcciird,
Mlnlitcr ut Fiiinnce, who said that tlio
uovcrninent, for tlcienco of, which ho a
nn titinihlo tnenibor deplored the Inirrl
bio necessity for carrying on a war Hint
tho Empire had provoked and fiom
which tho It.'publk' wouhl ladly eocnpts
Xi'ilher Franco nor tin (Jnvpriiiin-in in.
day had auht ngaliiKt 1'riiaala or (?rr
tunny, and was forced to fight both with,
out cause or qttnrrel oven, and without
hopo of an eacinc from tmo of thn mn.i
cruel trlnls that prnvldeucn ever vIMlitl
upon any people, aim that his irnvern-
meni earnestly ncaircu to withdraw
from this friL'titltil war. mid fin-m-d It.
eyes on every sldti for somo fiicndlt
mediation It touchlnir hla
tho American Roverntiiciit had Hindi! u
Chltlaii cfTort to stay the wicked waMt
ufllfe; but ho regarded with wonder
aim mirror mo fact t nit Pima a inrnn.i
p float car to nil representations, regard
ing mo remoiiMiiiiiiy or tho Ki-piihlli-for
war. lie know tint win- ln...t,.
sought to war mi n young republic mi
guiltless of olTemn ngitltirt thnt giivrrii-
meni, aim nuucii. tit worn wmiiii in.
pucrllo to concent the liinlillltv tif n imv.
cmniviii huh scarcely a weeK old Iti ron
icnu wiin any ciiaure nl silccesa with n
vast an army. Thoetnplri'leftherwltli.
out an army, nrm or money. (the capltnl
was ii-oii to besurroundeil bv hiiiidretN
of thousand of highly trnlnrd men, nnd
With nlllV Its htllnna tn i.,vilol It
Would il, Hiilil hu, add to the glory of
I rllSlla to fiirlil nirnlnal I lint n ,.lll.n.
and suldlcrs, most of whom never had
a musket in hand until a week airo, who
vvero ny inelr manlinuil ciuupelli'd to
stand on the defensive, If l'rula kept
mo Held anil liltl r rnnre come loi tli nnd
fight her, though uitcrlv unprepared Tor
such a fearful irunBlo'f Yt t that would
nave something manly iihnui it. Hut to
set hor armies no n city crowded with
women and children, nnd onlv di'iiIitIimI
by half armed hutdiauil and iatlit-m If
that waseonslderod huiimno conduct by
the King, then I'iii N h:ul onlv to siihinli
to her fate or perl'li, calling heaven to
witness they had not provoked their
martyrdom. It wai not an exaggerated
notion of honor thnt drovo the I'lllzptm
of Paris to make an effort for tlofeuco
against such fearful odds, hut ilinply in
order to rotnln n hold upon thcsvmpulhy
diiu ri-i:i;i in mu wiii lll uy inning man
fully at tho threshold' of their homes
.t... 41.... .....I.I . - .. . '
mm ) ciiuiii nui sayc iroin oiiirnge
and devastation.
New Yomc, Sept. 16,-Tho latent nil.
vices from Home and Florence ny tho
Pope will not acknowledge any right of
the Italians to Interfere with his tompo
ral power, which ho declares to bo from
God. He has liml reason in pvuprt imi,,
from Austria, but not receiving II, he
will, iti said, eurao Victor Kitiimiiiiil
and Francis Joseph, nnd then quit the
country forever. Tho Pope Is represent,
cd In a furious temper.
The French Einpics and the Imperial
gosl ng, who received hl baptism of
tire" nt Snarbrnckcii. are In llnatlugi,
England, and notat Wllhelmshohu with
me iiustjaritl, lather, and prUoncr.
After the ahdlnitlon of the First Nn
poleon, In 1814, the working elanes of
Paris wero clamorous In their desires to
resist mo advancing I'russlana nnd Alls
trlans, expressing their determination
to convert their city Into second Sum
gossa, and to perish beneath Its ruln
rathor than capitulate. Animated by
their enthusinm, tho gnrrlson fought
bravely when the. combined attack wn
undo, loslnir Howard nl 4Mn) in L-lli,.,i
and wounded, while the allies, who had
to storm well'dofcndi'tl Imt
doubts nnd iutrcitchtnentH, lost uliout
twico that number. Hut tho wealthier
citizens of Paris wernnntually disposed
to preserve their families nnd their pro
perty from the ruthless fury of the bar.
uiii iuii nuniei which dpsickcii mptii,nntl
toftion paralyzed every departtiunt ol
mu K"vcuiiuoni, nuiiiiuy aim civil. The
bold heart and teeming binln of the
great captain to which France owed her
greatness and glory, no longer controlled
events, and the metropolis was surren
dered. The allies entered in triumph,
nnd thccnitsnarlcsnf thn llourhnns. with
their support, proclaimed Louie XVIII.
It remains to bo seen wlii'tlno-. If tin.
Prussians entor Paris, they will dictate.
mo lorni ur mo neau oi mu new 1' reach
All England ana Europe U In n won.
derful fcrmont over thn sltunllon. All
are of cotir.n lenlous of I'i hsrIu's kihw.
ing power and prestige, nnd this almiy
Is not of course lessened bv the fart thai'
some Southern German SliUci, Baden,
for Instance, are petit Inning for en
trance to tho North German Hiinili Tho
particular objection of Eutilmid relates
to Prussian ownership of AUnee and
Lorraine. London papen advice the
French io offer terms of pence 'which
shall seeuro payment of war nxpenses,
hut which shall nut so mortlfv and bur
den Franco that the sympathies of tlio
world shall he given to the latter.
Nkw YonK. Sept. 16. A special to
the Evening Telegram, dated Pals 19th,
says that a fight took place yestordav
ten miles from Pai ls, bet ween the inf.
vanre guard of thn Pruashm army and n
reconnoitring parly of the French forces,
and thn latter were driven hack, and
the Prnslniis osta,hllshcd themselves on
the heights which tho French hud been
holding Thn Prussians numbered 80,
000. The fight is nld to have been n
very bloody one, and the French, though
beaten, Inflicted heavy Inases on tho
Prussians. Th contest raged for up
wards of (wo hours.
London, Bopt. 17. Tho Times Isdos.
rorfdent upon tho unfavorable Icrmlna-
uon or an negotiations tor peace. The
chances for stopping thn war threntnn
to vanish altogether. Enulatid ennald.
era the annexation of Alsnrn nnd Lor
nine ai unwise, but will never fire a shot
io oppose the demands of Germnuv.
France should nddross the Klmr of tW.
sla directly nnd ascertain tho terms up.
nn which he will treat for peace.
HRUR8Ri,s,8eiit. 17. -A despatch from
Mcsslere8 snvs that at a council between
tho King of Prussia nnd tlio German re
presentatives at Ilhelnis, It wos decided
tn annex Alsace mid Lorulne. unit tn iln.
cllno diplomatic InteiforciKn.
UARi.skuiifi, ocpt, 17. A strong fier
man dntachmout occunlcs Mnllmotpii
nnd lliiyoiino.
London. Bent. 17.. -It Is snld tlmt
Ijlsmnrek has asked an explanation from
jne ueigian government for having al
lowed 13,000 French soldiers to cross hor
torrlinry unchecked.
PARIS. Bopt. 17. Tho nommnnder at
Blrashnrg telegraphs to tho war depart,
ment that the situation of the city con.
H A" r"w desporalo, and nooesl.
fating his early capitulation.
-ii ? F,e"ch Ifoii.clads havo beon ro.
called from tho Baltic and North Seas
to protect Cherbourg, UVre and other
ports from captl.ro by the Prussians.
The minister of marine Is now at
.uPa,?'?' 8eP': correspondent of
the Globe, writing from Paris says the
Hod Republicans are now really more
dangerous to the safety of tho rltv than
the Prnsslani. Somoaro already urging
im uiuo.iuii iii a Kuuioune.
Tours, Seat. 17,-The following news
is promclagsted through the offlce of
the Freneli Secretary of the Interior)
All iervloewpn.the. nprtlMNi railway is
suspended. The Prussians have tired
Into passing traloi at Afloo and burned I
the doput thore, Thoy have eroded the
Scliio with M cannon. The Prtisnlau,
citvalry now Isolates Bolaauns from 1
rls nnd Tours.
A dlspatclr from the siibtrefect at
Mulhnuscn announces that the rpi my
how occupies that town and Cernav and
scent to he seeking a new road to Paris,
II is reported that the ndiaiii: gmiid
or the Prussians have been delrnted, be
tween Mulhiiuseii and Coltiiar.
Nkw'Yokk, Sept. 17.-Tlie Tribune's
I aris special says tho Prussians are nl
Uretell, Calmonl. Cheictnii ami Sione.
almost within camion shot ot tho walls
oi fans.
A number of prisoners were taken
)ostcrdiiy by the Priis-lmi rnvnliy and
snarpsliootcrs, and seveinl eoiivoVri
luliliitloiis ot war mid proilslons weie
iiisu capiureii,
The Prussians no occupy hhiih- siiiiiII
wiind-i ruuud Paris tthleh uro too green
to burn.
C'liiinotiailing and inii'kcli y firing have
iii-rii nciiru an tiny in me illitclloii ol
.Many I'russhilis snle-iero arrnssleil
yesteldiiy, In mill nrotiml i'niU and llio
ciiizeiis wiiru with illtllciillt lest mined
iioiii killing them. Twenlj. three of
mem nrrtved nt Purls.
v. . . .
esieriniy an nitempl was inaile on
'.lie pari ol tne tlaliirei'nu- e hsh i llv
I'xpciien io re-enter furls lay lorcc. Thev
r. i . i . . .
"Vim iiii'inseives wengen ueiweeli tile
lulls mid Hip I't'iissliiii niluiin,.,, Tn..
National Uunril ilclculcd I he tittemnt.
lliii'lcailes are being lapldly creeled here
by the Gardo Mohlli;. Highly thousand
wnrKiiieii are uuiler nun-, mi.l nn cnsi
OUU Gardes Mobile uml Niiiuiml C IIHI',1
are now In the army, ami iiruiinlzlnu In
biilith b ranee. Two lilimli cil uml Hili .
Il'i'll llioiisaml utIIH loin- Iii'pii i -Ir Mini
en Uliriug Die lift leu days, l'nlnci- u,n
St. Cloud are used for ho.pltiils. .Mm-.
hal Ittidlleiit Ims bi cnurn-lcil. II,- iic...
seuted hlliisell' alnstliin No fi. wn n.
cognized by nn olllt er, nnd seized b Un
crown, mid taken In 1'o-t Uii.timi No. i,
amidst hoatlleilt-iiiotislriitloiis. lie wan
iilterwards conveyed in n eonch to Iln
nllleeofthe Oovi rnorol Purls. Indlgna-
lion was rausri bv I In- renin- tlmi il.n
.Ainrsnai wn-sciil liv oiili-r urtliu Kmper
or. The Maclinl luid a pciiiilt .lum il
III- 'lYnftlill 'l'l. ....... A J ..H...1
- iiiuiiimmi H.-lllllHl I ne 01
flee ol the Inttei. but tln M UI-mIihI I- 111
Hilfattv. Troehll received to.ilav llm ml.
vanre guard til1 a corps of tun "thousand
American volunteers.
A epeciai from Floi-i-m-n in H III Ilnfolil
says It is reported Hint the Pope lin-lefl
Kome. I believe Ids licadqunrtt-is me
ten miles from the titv. A skirmish
took place lour miles I nun Itonn- Im.
tween tho untiounl troops nml thePnp.il
zouaves. Tho latter were rnreeil to re
treat nfler Bulletin,.' some loss. The
Italian forces are expected to enter Home
Thn Italian fleet arrived In tlio vl,-li,l.
tV of Civltn Verehln. Nullnmii ilen
strntlons were made on the approach of
urn irnops, wnnnrpcvcrywiieroift'elvi'il
with eulhlislnin and with whom the
people fraternize with the utmost tree.
London, Sept. 16. A New York cor
respondent telegraphs Irnin Berlin on
rriiiay, mat utik-p William ol Meeklen
htirg, in an official rennii sni-a Tim
capitulation of Limn look place on the
basis or that of Sedan. Thn nuns
nin to bo laid down, nnd tho Garde Mo.
bile to he discharged on pnrnh, ami the
Hun of Infiuitcy tn go under escort in Illicit)-.
Manyiifff.-eis. Inclndlngilie Freneli
roininiiudor, remained In thn yard of the
riiiiiiei. ,
When tho last innti liml tmaaiwl il.n
citadel gale, two power'ul li-lonnllnns
wero lieaul In quick succession, pow
der. mnsrnzlne shell and ciirlt-lilgea all
exploded. All In the vnrd were Inii led
under the ruins. There was fearful de-trm-tion.
hilt tho losses cannot lie iisi-e .
French rontrnrlc nrn tielnt. ,-v.,nin.1
In England for 400 000 small arms. One
London hntip Is supplvlni.' n million ami
half nf cartridges weoklv on n enntrapl
for 30.000.000
Tho Crown Price hns IsshpiI nn eln.
qucnt prnchimnlloii to the Gei-mnn ieo-
Plp, to create a national fund tor Invii
lids. Tho Tribune cni-rcsnninlpnt nl Purls
wrltPS oil Wednesday Dint vni-v ,n-,.ni
(Ilsanllafnrtlnn exists among the' guard
mobile, berntiso the olDcers nominated
bv thn Einoernr are mil vet rnmnvw1
The Government Is pressed to make ex-
ikumvc cnaiiges.
Melz Hill holds nut. Bazalnn has
000 men nml nn almnilnm-p nl iirnvlslm"
nnn munitions ot war, nml Is roustntitlv
harasslti!; the Prussians.
NKW YoitlC. Sent A l.omlnn anee1.il
to the Tribune savs: Up in lx o'clock
yesterday afternoon M. Thiers had uh
rnltled nn other tangible proposal to the
aanii-n uovernment man mat me lien,
tal pnrwers should simullaneoiisv exert
their good offices for the restoration ot
Lord Granvlllle was Inclined to acl
upon this suggestion, but Gladstone
llioiltflil such an effort was sttrp to lie
misunderstood. It wnnld appear like a
league against Primula, nnd was a meas
ure nnt tn be adopted, unless the parties
thereto were ready to support their rep.
resentnllves by force If thev were not
accepted. These views, of course, In
vnlvedlhe total rejection of Thiers' pro
pnsal, tillers' purpose was to alarm England
by declaring that a gceral republican
movement, was Imminent Ihrooghnut
Europe, which wits onlv to bn repressed
oy sirengmening Win present moderate
government, of France.
On the advice nf friends, however, ho
abstained from addressing this menace
to theEusllsh governmett,
I' l absolutely as before telegraphed,
...... nun, i.-n w 1 1 noil i instructions,
credentials, or power or offering anv
guarantee on the part of France, Inde.
lii.inirniiy in j inei-s, ami ueiore his ar
rival, me rreiiPh gnvernmeiit. which
iiiius.oiii iiMieeni irnm me Kngllsli gov.
ernmcnt. its iinxinnsiieslic for tin nrmU.
tiansinll to Hie Prussian lienilnnni-tni-s
mi-, nnn oesoui.Mii r,ari tirauviiie to
..-!.. I.. .
. ."'" " iciuiingio ugotiaiioiis
in speciiieu lei'llis.
The nnswers received from Prusln
(nkn tlie form nt two questions.
First Supposing tho (eriua nf nrnils.
tlco were agreed on between you nnd
us, can you undertake that the Freneli
army will chide bv them, meaning the
trench army, nil the Torres under Iln.
zalne In Strnshurg, the army i f Lyons,
and all other organization ?
Second-Suppose tho army accepts,
will f ho nation? '
M. Fnvrn replied, wo undertake to
answer for thn nation, we will convoke
the constituent assembly In thn shortest
possible time, n fortnight nt most, and
siibir.lt Ihe conditions In that assembly,
, men -leniiii ue ii ci; in express II
llonal will, wn to resign our powc
'er Into
1 its 11 ud
ii iiiimiH, ii Mien atfcnuny nccc
raiiues our ncis mai will a lull gtiarnu
Obviously this suswur admits thai tho
present Provisional l-ovoriiinent i-annnl
vivo any guarantee, which, even if fo.
lowed by nn liuinedlntnariuls'lre, might
not ho repudiated by the asseuihlv.
and .nea.itlrno'an' aVtem .Hs making n
hrlngabout a personal liilervlo hotwocn
I'rilSBln'B rnhlu inunu.. I- ....II..1
ravre and illsinarch. 1 1 ","ii-cu in me ncign-
.10 urn, u,snircn. borhood of t ie r own hemes Thn
He writes by post that his Inform-Mee notices Ihe npprarnnro hf'tho Ar
Jfcr9 MS- Berlin For. dennesofbandsof X Zu, ildboan
M !9fflf.?.. from other Inrormatlon I which. It states, have hi.. i.dir!!
.7;?" be tho view held and urg.
1 ,
........... nnicu uora nui spare ills.
inarck'i views but which has-aiways re
tallied conilderable influence oyer tba
King., In any rnse it dues not extend bc
ymirt iiigotlatlmia, leaving Franco todc
tide hfr own ile'i-tlnlcs hereafter,
K London, Sept. 17.A cofrcrrondent
of the Timet wrltos from Paris, Sept.
15. as follows :
Frequent tnia-vtcws betwreti Jules
Farm anil Ulosuguo arnnttrartlmf much
ntterittoi,. The latter leltror Madrid Inst
II Is evident that the King ol I'm-ilu
hopes for'nssistaucp wllhln.lliv walls of
Paris, thus carrying out an old milita
ry trick. Within the last few days a
great many Uhlans havo been captured,
all of whom pretend to havo Inst their
horses. Two wero taken Tuesday n
ureal dlsiaiicn I mm thelri corps. It
looks tisplcloii that nil these pilsuners
speak the French latijiliago b'erfcutly. I
li-iii' we .hall have unci! lu-r wooden horse
affair. It Is' most iiutirtidcht to keep
Prussian -prl mura In the city when the
flghl begins. ;
The I'limm iiidor of Loan bns been ex
houoratd ol the chargo of. blowing up
Mu-elinil-1. The work wan 1(011,0 by n
L'lliitdnf the ttniuaztne, nn Alma veto
ran, In t .tiite of putrlollo feellpg'" "
Tlieie U til -it linjM-riil fj-ellugal Paris
to-day, Irein the' nun'oiinceineiit .that
Lord Li mi- hns gone tn tlio .Prussian
heiiiluiinrters, and that election for n
I'oiistilui'iil ii4setubly will tako' place on
the 2il, Instead or the lfith, of October.
All 11 tints from Paris describe the
French as cagi r for peace.
London. Sept. 17. Thn Berlin cor
respuuileul of ono of the London Jour
nais says mai mu wowing up or I lie nil
uive been i-xin lled from Paris w ll do
maud liiilemnliy through the Prussian
l-'.l. ,t.it. it...i...h.l r?.. i.......
. I
......., in...-.,iMI liriinaiin IIIIVI' lll-llll
drlM n iron, the depart.nci.t of tho Seine
'I'I... I l . t...a f.
tin, r....M. It .. il.. ..I.. !. . i . .. c
I,, ,,, fit,,-,. itiiT uuaiiiiniu oi
ii eoiivei'.iiliiui i ii-enlly liehl with Count
Bl.tiiarek. The Inlier ufflrms that Prus-
i-ln would pro tile the win-Indefinitely
nilhcr tlinii ml. union the Idea of territo
rial aggrandizement.
The nomliiatioii ol JiiiIlmi I. C. Parrkor
for Congress In this district, seeiiii to
give great dUatls tiictloii to soiuu pi-nplo
Wu coitloss, tho ptatilinr m iiinor In
which Mr. Aspcr, our present member,
wn tualcil by (he cotiveiilloii, did not
meet our approbation, mid a little more
" . ..F,,,,i,.ii, n nn , nrivii-tii, wrc iiuiiiiiru nisi ini-iinurraiKneo, curamr
worthy ol Felillllis, but Hut of men of ;'r tsle, Intends to mat.,- application to the
liiiii,,i , , ConntyUsirtiiflloltcounty, Jllwourl, al the No-
V... . o 1 vembir term thcreor, to be begun anil held at the
IIIIIII.IN. Sent. 17. -The Germans who Court, llunsei In Omcon. on thp 7th itar of said
iipi'iiiiue.i on 1 lie pall oi mn oppo- Aim Its tulurle, by Dr. Jno. II. Kills. Tho mo. I
nent- of Mr, Aspor, would have gone nf.Sffi,aK
great wnj s tu giving eveiy one hl due
I be A.ier inon, though greatly In
the majority, were completely out-gen-enilled
by their shrewder adversiulcs
Mr. Parker Dually carried tho enliven
tlon by one ittiorlty, nnd as we go to
mveittion ellher to succeed or bo beat
en, ii e in-qul'ced in the re-ult, ami on
0'ir motion, Judge l'ftilici't mimluatlon
wns n i, -nl ii ti nnn I inoii-s.
Bui tint iiiom' anxious friends of Mr.
A'per do not eci-tti willing to let the
nuiiter ret here. Thev claim that M,
Asper ns clicaled mil of Ids rlghtf
iiiiiiitnatioti, and Intro tssticd a eal
iiiiiiieiouly signed by prominent clll
Zens of ht. .lo.euh. Wu not co thn
uiiiues of the editors and publisher or
ihe .St, Jo-eph llcnlrf. Union, nod
Volkatibitt, togjlhei' with -fudgo Mnn.
I a is u ei Mes-i-.. Miirkul. f.vuo. Blum
Plngcr. nml 23K nllitr-, who Join 1 cal
ling m Mr. Asper In consent to run
tilth p leiillv I'.ii- (,'oiiuress.
We think the over-.iuxloiis frlemN of
Me. Asper ate eouiilluu iv 1 1 bout their
lo-l. They had lienor iirqiiliwe In tho
n-siill ol Iln- eouveiiltoii, and like Ihe
biliiui'i- of ti. btilniorl 1 1 it- nominee.
Indue Pinker I- ag ml ttiiiu, and alter
ren'ivliig Ihe eilni'M-iiieut of tho eonveii
lion. It Is it poor bustiicsH to go lmi-k on
him. This holllug business is carried
lar i-notih. Li t u liave peace and nie
ces with tho iciiulur liutlilncos.
P. S. Since the above was III Ivpe, we
v learn that Col. Asper has ruspoiuled to
'e call above ulluded to, and consools
'in in oiiimsiiioii to diiugu rarker
h'V.'l, limes in slnro for tho "dear
York Tribune on the
The Newv0rk Tribune of Friday
thUsspi-akHiiK I , oftho bullets:
I hu MlssotirrV jbllcnn State Con
ention iisi-enibhWl Jefferson City on
Weilueediiy, theSrOL it. The ailiuluii,.
n ation ol'Gov. Muurg has been en-llu-ly
mtl-lactory t fo60 Who elected
him, ami I liero Is a geuuKI deeire on thu
purl of the great mass otvtlie ltepuhll
cmiHof thi-Slali' Ihut hu htv re-elected.
A few malcouleiils nt lho'dy, free
trade Mn lely propose to coinri. aJils
teat if lin-slbte. beenii.e In- o i.jl,..
I'oHtel luif nf home linlo.li v. Il'CSll,., .
I'd that the ltepublieau nppoueiiOMLb
with llm Ut'imicraev of the Stole tn so.
w... uii.ia ,,v , fllill Ull U Ulllll'
euro their objeel If It cannot beubtalnvd
in uny lees ohjei-tiiimihlu liiaiiner.
Thl- Is what we expect of all the He
pnhllia pie.s ol ihe country.
The hom-si Itepuhlicans can see this
J-chellie, gollen up In deleitl truu men.
l '.v will never give their assent to it',
I he boilers will treinhln wliun they.iiear
froip the whole cotintrv.
Mr. t'oirox.
Wu''i l"it uudLrsiaiid why Mr.
(jollax should rutiio liom puhllullle.
He has had twetitv vein-- nt vm-v llll,-.l
Work, ami WO call Weil bellovn lie wnnis
I-...I 'I'M. I..l ..........
" " ','" "s'"i 01 puoiicniii is uar-
en, 1 1111 iiien oi cuiluru and purpose
Bhiliik Irom it umru and more. Mr.
Co lux Is wise bi.yo.nl liU gennratlon,
nml will be wiser still If, when tin. mo.
incut ot tuiuptatloii comes, he resists It.
It I--HHgesled ih-it In the uvenl of Mr.
Greeley'- i-i-tli i-iiikiiI ii-om n,u Tribune
to accept thu Kngll.li mls-i (,y ,ua.
sou 01 advancing year-, Mr. Colliu will
tin called upon tn mrm-d him, Wu
buiilil not be stirprl-ed Io learn that
some reason like Ibis Im. Impelled Mr.
'"iV," '."iritB'ioiu rosuliitlon.--V.
11. Munttartl.
Take Your I.oml I'upir.
No man who mn. ... i.,..,i ...
"?L ,,y huu,,: lalmr by Ida
I " " '""'I1'.' 'I"." ",' "'.a ,0 ,,n " Itin.nt llm
1" BV l"'1"u',,,l ''s, limnudlate vicinity.
, , j"'!! ion nus us appropriate placo
to clriiiilatejiiiid It Is th.it tin. paper
published tor local circulation U able to
enter Into the ilctnlls nl town ami county
atlairs Which lllllkos It en vnlllal,l
Jlock J'ort Journal.
1 be.81. ''.Ruwu'."'..? U' W,W
r?rnM8y,. i. ! ,..U'r.,:tn,.,!, IDt.n9l
Tho French
tho forests of Germany arid Aliaee bv
! ?. of Wcerth 'and fflfi
iA .ifJI1'.?1 VL" W 0?!iJ!d boars
ot tie ost' afid aH,bck :tip6ii Telglum.
A fatal accldonl came near happen
ing to Bon. Walker, a young man living
near where the K. C., St. Joe & C. IT.
It. It. crosses tho Nlshnebotno rivcrtn
Clark township, the other day. He
wis returning home from Phelps with
a load of shlnelei whon a sudden lurch
of the wagon threw him off In front of
nlii' of the wheels Fortunately a mm
ill nfidilimli's fell offal tliesnuie nuiiiieiii
and saved tho young man's life, for the
wheel nasscd over both. OtherwUo he
would have been crushed to death Id
tanlly. Tho whool passed over his
breast inflicting terious Injures, but we
icarn mat ne is 111 a lair way to recover
Jlock Port Journal.
All Hliht.
The following letter explains Itself t
ClilM.tcoTiiK. Mn.. Sent. 3. 1870.
My DkahSih: Sav that 1 stand 011
the pl.alforiii of the Stato Convention,
and endorse tho nomination of McClurg
nun tho rest or the ticket put tn nomina
tion by tho regular Republican State
Convention The platform is llboral
nil can stand upon It, and we can go foi
ward united nnd harmonious. Let lis
hu firm mid united, and victory will bo
ono cause and party.
ory truly,
J. r. ASfEtl.
Final fSctilettient.
k 1.1, rrnlltors and others Intrreated In the estate
iVX of John Daniel U., Josephine and Sarah
u. ranciu-r, minor rnimrrn or Ilenjamln rancher,
l....tll( ITll In n-l. hi. .n..lnl,lHnr..l4 1.1...
and ut the snnn- linn- tn make llnnleclllcmentofaalil
ratule nnd tu lie ilUcluiriri-il
auch curator.
' Jt HAMl'KI. TI3II.II.K, Curator.
m , n(T..l-n.1 tn Htrm
FortUlieS SiHd otimv
t VVilllilllKK'll, inl.
I i -'-
vc men . Hare Chance,
DianiunU K, Co.
iftO nnn'wr.'",rWd "Lenses guaranteed to
-..vv ii-inuiiii
Iimis men and women sell-
our wurlil renown nsti-nt f.llipr Mnuiil wi
Clothes. I.lncs.... For nil! parllcu.ora uadrras the
Ulrnrd Wirt-Mills, Mill. 1,
TUB Mafic Comb will change nny colored hair or
bt-urd to n permanent black or bronn. One
comb wilt bv mull for SI. For ante by Mc rchanta
anil Dntggleta generally. Address Magic tomb
w., ojinnguriu, mass n
1 I Will aeml fhp .
celpt by which I was
.uriii ui Laiairn ao.
IH-ariie.s nee. Ad.
dress .Mr... M. (.'. Leg
get, lloboken,N-l. 14
.r""''"1 . turtmvn id ine inu'rrsuuil llli IZH
lion, CtirUtluiillv and llilillo Sl.iralli
CO "end
i ... or" frnis. u, M. I'uullst
., Hiiclnnatl, Chlcugo anil SI. Ixmlj.
I7UANK MII.I.KIl'H prepared llurness Oil lllack
ing, In new style cum, neat uml convenient.
Preserve Tour Leather.
Keep your feet dry. Frank Miller's Leatlor I'rr
aenutlre uml Wuli r-l'iuuf oil lllacklnir, thirty
Jiars In tnurkit. Frank Miller 4 Co., ami -m
Oi-oiitHavIiiir to CiiHtoiiiui-w
L. l'arlli s i-niiulri- lion- o p t up rlulu, our anini-r
rt ai'im Inr l'rlft I .lr ..l u ,.ini. ..in
"-o cintonura ami remuiiirutlu- to Club ontanl-
,llie )
are l
ea n-,4- A ! m. n
f,"";. 31 "J."1 11 Vw' SUiet, Niw York t'ltr.
BJ. Itu No, 0,011.1 inn.-f
"Clilldren Cry iV)i a'liom."
w i: M, H I
Carbolic Tablets. 1
uic lur nil ill.en-i-s of the ri-splruloi v or
mucu, iiiembr.,,,., s lanili .'.'l,l,:'l,,t,l be-
ra tail ; , , .',".!... W
llurlit.'llo ssa-
ir mil en, ,ii, ol tin. Iln
.l irollirv iv J
1.11 iiKs.
a it'll I rem! ilv
liiMilllablu nn
is ii nut prr
fiilr fiuicitom
ri-relnl nl' 11
fFs r lit .it Imi.n,
id. iiv.lf.Iui n
L ..... 1
f ..tfuit lur Die 0.
Wutd isr I
Twelve Years '
llnriim- nf
I lutuaua IN
rrillK llfi-iifilKO. I'sVliKr.j
IN, who, from it lovo j
oi who Hiirenuiril
I'liKi-nl tin- Hiery liayj
,7-1 ru lusruin H klluu 1.
--- .ii.iiuii., n-ii u nun
phia, l)., loln.-ilili,. i
-"'leiv I'lilluilel.
r.t-clu.a," unci
frniiHiii with tils
, , uiul u. I.li nun
iio.ltlon ho but re.
Ud llli-he so murh
in IVill puire, with
ruuil expressly for
nok, abiiunilliiK In
I. Useful mill nrlul,..
lite. tMH'ilini. u ,'nrcl.,i.
rlilefof I (XI IuiIki-s, .itvcV
ItUlll.l IIO.OIll
aut in the lleirulnr ArrayJ
cenlly re.lirneil tu return I
oic 70 illustration., .
I'ortrult of the Author, i
this work. A mi,t nttrad a
thrllllnit ailventure, ami oil
nl Inrormnllon, hind for f ",
l,rnii.l.hl.nr. ..1
rand circular, ulth
niple pni-s, C. K.
irthst., Cincinnati,
v vV i. .i, ,"'."''." !."?-
Ohio. ""ti
i.i. i
9hlj Cur
rerneuyforNeiirlfslat-'ttclulls, ort;"i
an., aiu-ciing ino eu-ir..
ilajs afforda tho most 1
COn tli (rial no inul-prlal lit tha
ous.t It ha.1 th unatiftllrtwl
phvslcUnv ThonBitnil In uTer;
ui me utiv
of the court
ji to ttooth the
o?Sni,!S;" on I.Plpf pfloe sVpoftagV. "I"
v.mhi uvn. unu rt'siorin
jartagett ctA.
II li tilfl I
bW8iii5ifHf m'? "K'X?11 nwillclnss
Zl -
una i)
.M1'1?. Certain, Safe, Kaiclent
nar lo remedy yet illacovered, an
nil Invlirorulrs all tho WUlfunclp i
ilsg Injury to any of them, 'iv.1
CCL-MS has nnif n.n.,...i ... '
irneves anil
out csu.lyn-1
L'iniVufS,;"i"i,,"i"'0"g a,,'l Us
a: i'.'r."'.,.""s.n '"' nr;rfaii to
i,i. ii .7"-:.V.1"v.T "" IO ur. neni-f.
nVr over t.ieVor . .,, nervous . v.
all diseases of theytlyl I, J".v.il "I"?
liver, kldiicys-.ortJfldrenVM'iiS'.'.liffiS
!r?aaf ta3
Slxbo,e. . 7,6o i0f,"ge'1M,n,u'
ndbVTl?ltV"!tr,dffg a
".ont "HSil BoU '"'P'l'lor., mots!
Advertising Agents,
l3r,KJn,ll0',,d 10 "It sdverUMmens fo
ill -piP'r' ' ar lowest rates; and are a. en t to
M JHPP la tba United n(ats a"Tsrrio?lss
iSdrsnlClnrYlnl. nn.'sJ
ly St a plssaurs, ssmlMes 'M. I.
tsraas, r, u. su .ski. a..
. " . rs
IE l ,.V la. k.
. y iu.
4V m-
Steel and
Sign of tho Anvil and
Keep constantly on hand
IRON, STEEL,; and Heavy H&RDWARiJ;
Foiioo Wir nnd Staples,
P A R 51 1 j I I M P L E M fi J T S
Dfickeyo Rcnpcrs nad Mowers, Clltnai nnri ....'
Blowers. Brown's Corn Planter. John Die?'? lll.?,kfpe,
CiiltirnTors, Canton Clipper Plows Ttind T rsaiiiSis-S. pfw
qrnl Drills ana Cider flfill.. Caa nrtdB,'f
ciiines, eiser Threshinr Machltaoa. can.r;r."'." """'I'M'
Corn I
Hhcilera, Faiuilns; Mills,
Roback't Stom-
UllMlm U Bitttrs in thi
market, poiteu
intrintie merit,
Moil BUltri, to
called, are merely wUhiuxuhy ttuff,
told at a" beverage. Dr. HobaePt
Bitters are not a beverage in any
tcntt of the vso'rd, but contain the
motl expensive drugs buwn to
tcirnce for the radical cure qf.
Indigestion and Dyspepsia, and
for all cases where a tonic and
stimulant are p
required. They
restore the vital
forces in a re- PiPfllf IPV
markabkdtgree, ulUiuAull
niuZ 7ib lone to
tlie system.
It it now eleven
years since Dr.
n t ip m n n n iioback, the -
Ull lUUU ebrat?d Swedish
physician, from
Stockholm, Swe-
J dm, came to this
country and introduced the Sfcan
ifiitaviaH Blood Purifier; since
which time thousands have Men
cured, by its use, of Scrofula and
other blood diseases. It contains,
besides the Iodide of rotasta and
Syrup of Stillingia, drugs import
ed from Sweden for xts express
manufacture, unknown and not
kept by -j-"t i
canVa Iti this
country. A
single trial will D f fl fl Tl
convince (he most fl Il II II
skeptical of its UUUUU
wonderful value.
Dr. foback's
Blood PilU are
DTTDTDTHD unsurpassed by
lUnliflltil -pf Tm-
factured for a
simitar purpose.
T"" ne 'r,a' 'tca
rtably establishes them as favorites
with all who use them.
The reasons why Dr. Iioback' s
Blood Pills should be kept in ev
ery family are: Because they can
be employed in all cases where a
"family phytic" is reouired, and
are perfectly safe in their admin
istrate at all times; Because
they aaF made i
bothftth and
wittVut sugar-
htptingthevUo fl 1 H B 11
the use of every
body; Because
they can be pur
chased at any
cnif T P drug store at the
fill Jfl extremely low
price of twenty
five cents per
ii ill box.
Jbr Sale by Druggtota
and Dealers in Patent
Medicines every-where. ,
And Manufacturer.of t
Tin, Copper, and. .Shylfol
N, E. Corner Publio Square,
trt.01d Cotosar. Unu
change for Tinware
sad Pewter, taken in ex
it JyJ
Farm for. Sale !
. aiavsil avail T MJ
sir -W)M
. i. .'i
Padlook, St. JOSSPH, MO.,
a large and complete stock sf
etc., c. vnporai
Descriptive clrculsrs
Tb Improved Machine eurpasset evsrythlii es
lantteallmonlal. our readers will reeolfcet of olr
comments on sew nirmachlnes two years alkca, we
alated then that allliough we conaldered the KrapK
(he best, yet we did not think that perfection aad
beta reached. 8lnce seeing the Improved sUsplre
cannot suggest any further alterations. In Sol
we do not see what more eonld be desired In a faa
llT eewing nuhlne.'-$rlar(tc ylstrrtrsn.
Western Office 06 Francis Street, Saint
Joseph, Missouri.
r'S uniiurnlleled success and popularity has snarl
II one or the moat prominent features of or ooun
j, , i,iii, uuuriis iinoinrr prooi orineeagscny ort
n i-stvrn people to aipreriole a good thing.
ur.xr.HAL aiiint roa
Empire Sewing Machine Coapanf.
ty.Xgi-nts wanted. CviSyl
Iht hit HmuktU Tonic and fn.
moUf ef Iltalth ncr ducmcrtd. Hit
a frtvtniivt and nirt curt for JDyt
ftpiia, Indipitien and all diuaiti ef
tAt Lhtr and Kidntyl.
lit a mild and dtliritftit Inviitr.
tint for dtlitaU fmaltt, and it Ut
motl agrttallt and tItataHt.tattinr
Tonie of thl dor.
For young Cnildrtn and Inantt il
it a turt turtfor Wind Colu, Crifing
faint in Ut Stomatk and Boatli, 6t.
lion be had at allDrotjUu ana itneral
eVslara, cr by addrcaalsf the Wholssala
BEOwjr, wBsra co.,
si. una, io.
Through Passenger Route,
Oregon and Kortk-Westera Missouri,.
fa via U Joseph and the old reliable '
It Is the LeatShnrt linul- frnm v.r.h.U'ui.h. af.. .
aouri and all points on the St. Joseph Council
lllutra Hallrooil to the Kaat or Uouth. - -
It Is the short line to ,
Qulnoy, St. Louis, and'l Southern ..
Cites, .
And the moat desirable route to
Chioago, Detroit, Toledo, Buffalo,
Flttaburg, Philodelphia, Boston
And all Polnta East or Batll
I'aaeengers taking other lines East or West, should
by all means tate this In returning, as It passes
through a splendid country, lsrg. and thrlvur '
road Srtt-dass and elegantly equipped
Thia popular line runa through cara and Pullman's
Bleeping l'alaoea from Mlaaourl lllver to Qulncy
and St. Louis, and gls choice of routo either way.
Connections i
At iUcoN-wfth north Missouri itailrosd for St.
O- Uuy your through tickets il St. Joseph.
D ,tero,?a "utlf " 0D
1X4, SUfiAR
Sio Dupoat at., ateavr Wttsfalaaseii,
aw ruAKciaco, cam mi
J.r. M..avilieT:":
sktiolnta . -VK,
N & GO..
tsss III
PHY$ICaAN and SUBGljON. feV&a
own and ooiiati: r- v. swwsa u
yjfava-ui law eslea f astk In las. Sri,.
i .i?.ii'-i)r'r(fsj:,:.;i 4
' tisi-s. U, .
it :
. . l
'rr . .
(-..ll.,drUi ItSkilO-siV V
l,JUtKi srM, . t
iw rei.tim-
tall &st
i .
tHKl .trS.'
'f. .
I -1
.' v I
"ti ...
I, I , 1 . 1
... 1. 1 ' ' ;n
. 'i '1 0.'
-. jA '. u-.' fj e
,1 i.:.:;).uwi:
... i ilr .
, -I , tlU't

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