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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, January 17, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Motto for iiomrxjiatlilsU Sick lie slmll
Jbus. , Detroit Is In ecstaclos over a fowl
lUrnsT exhortation Hrctlicrn ntulcls-
A ntmT nin n.i, ,,t n,in.i,.
third day.
limn never Hew so high but It had to
)mo to earth for food.
COino to enrtli for food.
I.v St. I'etersburjf the police force Is em
ployed to arrest mmll-pox.
M. dk LKssnrs projects another elilp
cannl through the Isthmus ol Corinth.
A K us sun expedition has gone to Khi
va to tell tlic Khan ho can't.
Bill Shanks says that courtship Is bliss,
but matrimony Is blister.
Qusnv for detectives Do the "light
fingered" lratcrnlty usually havo taper
American titles of nobllltv Jersev'a
sand-barrens and Connecticut's short-
Ciiolkra lias been deploring the Nile,
and at licrlco killed 7C0 natives In ten
Itussu casually observe? that tho
Khan will set un-Khlva'd If ho don't look
Oun cynic remarks that when " doctor
fllner" they'ro very apt to loso their pa-
Thr greatest advantago that wo aaln
IV1... Matt. la I. . . . t . . . -1 . .1.-1. I . t
Mtaivtj id iuu i-iiiuusmsm inui. it LM
coalition ot tho colliers M a fucllsli pro-
Washixotos Territory boasts a publlo
library containing 3(31 volumes, "prlucl-
traveling public for tho oldest locomotive
Iti rrlatnni
ltnu-rr.. linnlim . 1 .. 1 1 .. .. I r k
outsiders, Is authorized by the Legislature
w b" io mo cxicmot $w,wu,wy
Itlll'A l 1-ilnMttf nAmlni .A 1 ..
s on that murderers might bettor havo
..v.. iivknn uvuiimu man exuempt.
PltT'Tl t-VT- rntinijtMAii -1 .. .
1 . I. 'i"vvm.ui Ull-lj;llieil CUUl
plcto tho marriage ceremony by giving
lull Instructions how to procuro a divorce.
MASSAC1IU8KTTS l3 gOItlg to bUlld aU-
other commodious rural asylum as a wa-tcrlng-placo
for conllrmed Inebriates.
" I wo,NnKii what eauses my eyes to be
so weak?" said a fop to a gentleman.
"Ihcynro In a weak placo," replied the
Ax Ohio woman, who has been tho bct-tcr-llftecnth
of llrlglmm Young, Is going
to tell how sho liked It, from tlio lecture
The Cincinnati Bar Association, wish
ing to avoid In Its apartments tho obvious
pun on bar-rooms, has resolved lo abolish
alcoholic beverages lrom Its futuro meet
ings. The school slatols to bo abolished In
Germany, on the ground that It contracts
tho pupils both onthalmoleglcally and
chlrographically. Its (s)lato to incud,
perhaps, but better now than never.
An Kngllsh court has decided that pco-
UinS Instead Oi USlne tlin mpillum nf I
nuu (nu u.uir iiuiu on spiritual meat
their own senses, nro lit subjects for a lu-
natlo asylum.
crwlsool havlngccrcbro-splnal meningitis,
becauso thcro was a doubt expressed
whether Jersy men could havo mora than
the spinal part of the disease.
AN old ladv In llamn.alilrn mimic-
Tho Faculties of Dogs.
A llttlo reflection shows that n dog ap
proaches a man much more nearly In tho
mutter of reeling than cither or physical or
mental characteristics.
. A dog feels anger precisely as wo do,
and after provocation Is sometimes vindic
tive and sometimes placable, according to
his Individual character. Ilo Is suscepti
ble of ((ifm; of tho bitterest kind. Ilo is
so excruciatingly jealous that his llfo be
comes a burden In tho presence ot a iavor
cd rival. Ills envy continually leads him
m rilf. Wllflf limln.ia unf tt.n.tf 1...
. , : v noil, icoi. uuuiiiur
nnlmal should takolt, and to Illustrate tho
juum oi no nog in tno jnanger." Glut
tony holds out to him temptations under
which even his honesty sometimes suc
cumbs ; but, on tho other hand, irom
drunkenness he is nobly emancipated. A
dog mentioned by tlioltev. Thomas Jack
son having been onco mado so drunk with
malt liquor that ho was unablo to walk
up stairs, ever after declined to tasto tho
pernicious beverage, and growled and
snarled at tho sight of a pewter pot.
Again, ns to love, Don Juan was a cold
and uninteresting character compared to
udog; aulas to maternal affection, tho
mother dog feels ltwith heroic passion,
starv ng herself to death rather than for
sako her oflsprlng. Gratitude may bo al
most said to bo a dog's leading principle,
supplying lirsttho spring of nllegluico to
Ids master, and ever alter reconciling
him with truo magnanimity to take
evil from tho hand from which ho has ac
cepted good. Jlegret and grief ho feels so
iii'cpiy mat uiey olten break his heart.
hear Is a passion which dogs oxhlblt with
singular variation, some breeds nud Indi
viduals being very timorous and others
perfect models or courage; tho latter char
acteristic, aim Jorlilude seeming to bo
morn rlinrnrtprlatlcnllv !,.( a
hound has been known alter breaking his
, , . ' eoursu was con.
chnled ; and In tho excellent now volume
'Oil tlinllnir'l l,v lilatnnn (a n
story or a foxhound whom its reroclous
""KKtu eoBiivugeiy ior ' nauuiing,'
as to cut out Its oyo with his wlilp. The
animal continued to hunt with tlio pack
till tho end of tho chase, whereupon the
(tOOk nut. Ilia cMaoofa n,l
skin, by which tho dog's eve hadhui'ir
i;"""" uiiiiiij; uiu tnuro run.' as to
lope, no ono can observo tho dog watch
ing for his master's ston. as In Lnmiuor'.
pIcturoorKxpectatlon,' without admlt-
uuk mm. no Knows tno sentiment as well
flR WO. 1mi1 In n 1. 11 n,..,.. -,t .1
00 wlrnnsRoil In nvm-ti An ..rk
i .1 11 . . ' ""fit vcn KU,
In tho quickened hcart-boata ot a grey
hound when caressed and praised. That
(1O0f1 linvA nnfjnnal . .
tlio met that thoy aro so manl'cstly de
jected and demoralized when dirty and
ragged by long exposure, nnd recover
their scir-rcspect Immediately on beliur
washed and combed. Chivalry and mag
nammtly may nearly always bo calculated
..1.1.1. .11 uurj, nnu wuu-ueaung is an or
ronso to which tho four-footed beast never
uKoix-nua. jjonaon quarterly JUvitw
Suicidal Statistics.
This sulcldo statistics of Franco tend to
uciiiuimiritu 1110 inaccuracy or many pop
ular mpresslons In regard to" the class of
DPOnlll wlin folr. H.,.!. ii 1
.,u uanu iiivil uyu iivrs, nnu 1110
circumstances that suggest this extreme1
uiiw nr. miring jbu. ,l07 completed
suicides wcro reported In France.
ot per cent, of which was of tho
lenialo sex. It will surpriso many
persons, however, to And that 2,030 of
, " m iiiimuiumu oi rural dis
tricts as acralnst 1.101 inimiiiinnia m
Jpwns' It has generally been supposed
...... u, ,,i uiuirureuMjr excitement,
dissipation and suffering, furnish more
causes for self-destruction than aro to bo
v.iiiu 111 inu rurui mamas. BtlCM does
not seem to bo the case. Indeed, tho
class which provided tlio largest number
of tho victims of sulcldo Is tho agrlcultu
rat class, In which therowcro 1,801 cases
nnml,1L395,I!!?''0nS'0ut of ' entile
seems to'lndlcato that Idleness T aud vlco
do not swell tho lists of iffl&TioSh
as has been popularly supposed. T o as
signed causes ror selMeltruot on aro w
follows: 1,370 from cerebral diseases
080 'from various forms of suffering; Ho
of tbeso b.liig cijses of physical Miner
lug ( 701 from lovo, Jealousy, debauchery,
or other misconduct? 612 from family
discord ; and 88a from reverses In fortuno
and misery. A curious result of theso In
vestlrntlons Is In tho discovery that 1,213
persons, or more than one-fourth or tho
wholo number or suicides, had passed CO
ye urn of ago, or took away lift when It
would only havo been necessary to wait a
very short llino for nafitro to havo saved
tlieut tlio commission of tho crime.
Hass., says her husband died of palsy br Ji . ",cs; , lhe fu.lnal teachers, phy-
plcxy tho doctors couldn't mako out ? cla,ls nnd J,Vlles V''10 nro Vcci ovir
wl.lc, and, sho reckons slio sl.Sll 1 go the ' ft Xn 'LteWo, a icM l,rofes
famo way, It's so heredictory In tho fam- ?fcS.. fiSf nty
A Slnmeso Hnrcm.
,!VA,I,I,I, Tconowcns, author of
R0Vrt'".,,1Ui ,.,.c.!Ctluea t,1J Interior of tho
Dnko Chow l"Haya Alandtreo's harem,
film tllfik'ita rmnntMil rlDn.Atl... i.
ii-iii iuu nnu mc routine tiirouEli which n
novice has to MM 1
rem lire and the routine through which n
'-very linrari Is n llttlo world In Itrolf,
"l'"7i" -Tiy 0 onicn-jomo who
"'I?' "T, w , ?bo I1"! tlioao who
i V?"5,. d'slntcrestedhi-s Vanishes
outor sight. Kach onols forhersclf. They
urn liim.h 1 1 haii.. . ...
. ii ' u""g women, out tncy
blighted. Nobody Is too much Sli earnest.
or too much nllve, or too happy. The
general atmosphere U that of deprilmi.
1 hey are bound to havu lio Itioiight for
"' uiujr nau quuicii, nowever
nICaUlllt. If. Illnv linvn l,n.. . n
tics and affections ; to havo no wrH but tor
r. i. """" niouc, nnu tnattiio matcr.
Hut If you btenmo acquainted with some
Of tlll'Sn WYv li'nmmi i. ,,.!- f........l.l..
luiiiiiuun!- very rare. Dowevpr Voti
migiit gather gllmpfps or recollections or
the nilti'r wnrlil. nl'ir1ln nr.. .....
affections, of hearts scarred and rilili
urcd and broken, of suppressed sighs and
unuttcred sobs, that would dlsposuyou to
melancholy reflections ntul sad iorcbo
til. If you Wcro by nature tender,
to shedding of tears. Their dress and
manners often betray all sorts of pecu
liarities, and yet It Is all harmonious out.
vTi,,r'11V ,flcy ro unconscious of tho tcr
rlblo defaconiciit they havo undergone.
M.n lt Bomi!t,lmc? bappens that this same
llttlo world has Its greatness, and always
when a woman becomes n mother her life
changes. She passes from tho Ifthoble to
honorable becomes pure, worthy,
Tho wall that surrounded tho Duke's
palaces and temples enclosed (dsn about
f00 houses, with gardens and artlilclal
lakes and fountains and nv'arlcs. Most
of the houses arq built of solid masonry,
with hero and there a thenter or caned
wood; tho streets were narrow, nnd the
covered baziars In no war remarkable,
except fpr the shops of female Jewelers,
gold and silver smiths. All tt.o palaces
and temples faced tho river. The oldest
Hindoo tcmplo stood here, beside n Bud
dhist templo mid monastery, from which
ho priests who officiated In the dtiko's
household wcro supplied. Tho most re
markable cdillcc, however, was the duke's
tpwer or summer-house, of four lofty sto
ries, opening all round Into nrches,
11111(1(1 ptlllri.U' nf .1 ... !
Li i i . vu nuuu Him
"vmy gin. it commanded n ning
nlllcent view of tho river, nnd over
lookeii more than one-hair or the
PlrV of ItfinrrL'nl- ..a.. i.i.-
highest chamber, you open your eyes
"vuiudui w uu uui'iunici v uescnocu
ou seem to bo midway In tfio air, look
Inir ilnwn limn n .If.. r ...,..i .5 ,
--o vi.jr vi iuiwicaiiuu iiaia-
u;s, garuens, laKes, minarets, pagoda'.
mill n'lirn)mt iluu ii... '."Yri .l
glltlo noiselessly over tho silver Hood that
"T v,v "iuvur. Aim great neijint
hushes out even tho Joyous voices that nie
llllslirwl nnu mm nln T i .
tlw upper end or tho river many n boat-
....!, twiciicu on mo prow oi his boat,
seems llko tho angel or deatli guiding
shore, anil nvprhnml tlm ol-.- m.
"omii blue door, such as must lead straight
Into heawn. h
In every ducal or royal barcm theronre
a great many buildings designed and built
ror the express purpose of training and
educating the women, and every girl has
..v.Lt6u miuim Kiniis nnu oDerv
can sunnlr. Mnrn fOilM
PT1 Into thnan nloiwi. n..l ,Mt...l i .
-uw !.iw.v. ..uu tiaiiiuu lo OUUCl-
resscs, dancers, musicians, and singers.
ijciv uc)rinien nas a superintendent,
who Is generally a lady or high rank, nnd
is responsible to tho duko only. The
mode or teaching In the schools Is pecu
liar; no books aro used by thopuplls. who
aro placed In rows, with female officers in
nttendauco to ndmlnlster tlin rattan In nil
cases of Inattention. Tlio teacher cither
reads or slugs I ho first lino or a poem or
p ays tho first bar or an air : tlio head mi-
nil Mllnnl. ll ..fA- 1 1 . .
.... .H.i. is il Ullll I1V.T, ilUU HO Oil lO 1110
Iat girl ill tho ckiss; then nil together,
until they havo learned it by heart. Danc
ing mid gymnastics nro taught In tho
same way. Often 100 different airs and
poems nro committed to memory by very
young girls, who aro thus converted Into
walking libraries.
A .loko On an English Exquisite.
A vmiv amusing practical Joko, played
by some fun-loving members of tho dram
atic profession on Mr. l'hillp Lee, bus
band of tho charming actress. JIIss Neil
son, has Just como to light. Mr. Leo Is an
exquisite i or tho Dundreary type, very
timid In disposition, nnd utterly incapable
or approbating any excellence on this
side or tlio " big pond." Some days since
lie was freely expressing hli contempt Air
everything Ami rlean In tho presence of
"Dundreary" Sotliem, when tho latter
conceived tlio Idea or enjoying a capital
night's sport at tho expense orhls friend's
delicate sensibilities. Accordingly he
eaiii. - itiiira. l sou you lmvo only
mixed among tlio shoddy-ocrncy of Fifth
nvenue, but you havo seen nothing of tho
geiiulno Knickerbocker society. Come. I,
loll vnn l'1m, If la . wn. ... ., .
T i r i V ... . '"i ",u lo-morrow
night and I will Introduco you to a set or
. . t iiu uru io iiino whii mo
ui. uiu ununcrcy uon-i." ilr. Leo gladly
accepted tho Invitation, and sauntered
dpw" IJroadway. Mr. Sothcrn then
started off nnd conferred with Hilly Flor
ence. Neil and Dan Uryant, Charley IJack
us, Nelso fiey Miour, and a few other choice
spirits ol llko stamp. A plan or opera
t ons was laid out for tho discomfiture of
tho unsophisticated cockney, and tho boys
separated with many Inward chuckles.
I'unctually to tho moment Mr. Leo arrived
at the Gramerey hotel, nnd was ushered
Into a room whero six or eight gentlemen,
dressed in tho extravagance of tho lah
Ion, aud with a profusion of Alaska dia
monds, awaited his arrival. Mr. Sothci n
introduced his friends under fictitious
"anus, and tho party 6nt down to dinner,
.then a series ot grotcsquo extravaganzas
commenced, some of wfilch wcro declded
y boorish and coarso, and tilled tho Kii".
llshman with horror. Finally, to cap t(To
climax, Nc so Seymour, pretending that
ho was Insulted, diow out from behind his
neck an Arkansas toothpick IB India,
long, and mado n lungoat Nell llryant.
Iho latter responded by drawing a navy
revolver. In an Instant all was contusion.
Knives nnd pistols were brandished, nnd
to aim to tho apparent peril of Mr. Leo's
ii... -neisu Beymour toon relugo be
hind him, and held his body as a shield
?.8n.,,,st J,ryaut's death-dealing weapon.
This was too much for tho Kiigllslinian's
tenor, and with a yell ho bounded from
tlio room nnd ran down stairs. Tho
friends then resumed their dinner, laugh
ilW, at$ r IjC0 8 b'Pt departure. Then
Illlly I'loronco wroto a bogus challengo
from Leo to Sotliem, and sent It to l'ollco
Just co Dow Ing, with n request that ho
would stop bloodshed. Tho judge saw
through tho hoax, and to carry out tho
spirit of tho joko, subprcnaed Sotliem
and lorenco to appear at tho Toombs at
8 o'clock In tho moinlng. Thoy np
ncared at tho.tlmo appointed, and nfter
two lionra1 wnlt rnmi.l Il.nf 1..1 1... ..
Li , i . Vt . . ...a. inui inui UUUI1
ftuiu," as mo
nil. A mill a vn
tho whole story
American Hypcrbollsms.
AJi. "l luu Iecics OI
1 lltt livnnMinlM.I .ll ...
iwiiuuuin niiuior, was much in voeue
Uimn I'unM niw . . . 1 ...... . . . . ' ' ' .
r ii ' "sui ",:, "ukii nones as tlio
followlncr Wero onco verv nninnmn , ii a
man was so tall that ho had to go up n
ladder to shavu himself;" "another was
o ov.uiijj mm, nm nnci'zo would Kill a 1)111
falo across tho Mississippi river." "A
Massachusetts llln. wu in Inn., tl.if It
necessary to Uo a knot In his tall to nr'o-
luimiLijiuiig uiroiignino ciunKsortho
puling." ''An American artist painted u
unnwurnrm an vinlnrall.. ,l.n. l. n
boil cold by sitting near It with bis coat
i i 3l,'u'n"u wiwBoncu inacasquasn
Of nl(TO II ll'PKn witter... ...1... l
Tiuaiii I la raiiiii irniwin. nvprrnnie n . rnvn
10 inui iihik uita risen so nigll me
ticu n can't reach tlio top." 'Therolsa
Snpl,ftl lto7 m wIllc 16 ' related that
ffc? through tho country so
!f'.iani1.? Inlle ltono Passed so quickly
" V "l6 Paseengers thought thoy were
" X "ial m wach, however,
SifinA'11 "dipper which wen
so tarnation fast, that In salllnir round
Long Maud eho left her shadow tliwS.
UI1W.-H uiiuru eno 13 admitted amour? t in
and a hair miles behind her." Major N.,
Wllt'll nskpil U'llnflinC tin una snrlnn.li.ln.
Jured by the explosion of tho boiler, of tho
Sf. I .IU1im.il fnn.itm A..lt...1 llltt.l
vw(.tm oivj 11111:1, 1VI1IL-I1 --.IIUHIU WHS
so used to bo blown tip by his wlfo that n
mere alenmcr had no effect unon him."
1'ho evidence of a witness In a llfe-Insur-
luiuittu 111 111U UlUWIll 1IJI
ofn steamer on tho Ohio, Is droll, Just be-
uihiu il is cnnrncierimie. .Ann witness
Litnb Ilia iiil.dlKA r.t..i. ..u.l I.I... a..
m.wf mi uiiouiti luiiii, itiui tun nun uu
tllu deck or the steamer before the explo
sion, mien a.Kcu oy tno lawyer,
"What Was tho last tlhio Votl saw him?"
llil nllfl...nHr..1 ll'f1. ....... I -. . It t ....
tii3,,in-ll, A1IU ll'l 1119k lllliu 1 EUL
eyes on him was when tho bller burst,
nnd 1 was roIii tit), I Wot hlttl nnd the
smnko-lupo coming down." UritUh Quar-
l'ubllc Imlelitcilnns.
from tlie subjoined table, derived from
official sources, exhibiting tho present In
debtedness of twcntv-scveii ilim!rtntpoiiii.
tries) together with tho Increase since
1SC2, It will appear that tho nations of the
earth arc Incurring pecuniary obligations
iu u r.ipiu, ii inn n recKiess, rate:
Slatts. F,2.
At(5fnllilo ttn... Ct, 0,000
Alls Ha 1,500,100,000
(Ifrmany k),mio,o03
ilnco WA.
9 T6i", on
10,00), CH1
27 ,pnt,oo.i
"S I,(i0,0(l0
tf 0,0(0
llollvla :
Cflfln lllni
Denmark .
Dnnulilnn Jirlnct
United Stutcs. . .
1 0,000,(00
17,00 ',(1 0
21,0 0,000
l,MO,(00,ll 0
4, 8,-o.m ',.
.i,i M
oo.tw.ouo Deo. 1, :h,(h),oiki
1 ,iw,oo()
1s.1,(Ki0,0 0
ii ,ooo.( ii
:o,'00,0 0
S7n,nno,0 0
n,u -u,io
J.1,01 ,0 0
Mt,( on,ooo
1 ',000,000
4U,U V,(UU
lolals 10,15l),(l(jO,OW) tSjlU.SOO.OvO
From tills It will bo seen that the In
debtedness of tho countries enumerated
Is now nearly two nnd a halt times ns
great a9 it wns ten years ago, and that
Holland Is tho only stato In tho list that
has decreased Its debt. Adding tho debt
or England (somo 51,000,000,000) to tho
nbovo total, and wo llnd tho nggregato na
tional Indebtedness of tho world to bo, in
round numbers, $20,000,000,000. This
Vlf- ImlnTtfstflnnca met a ittiti n nnouli tlnn
or about -12, ,000,000, or nbout onc-tlilrd of
tlin nllttril linnilldllntl nf llin rvlnl.n If
averages nearly $17 to each man, woman,
uiiu uiuui in uiu uuoior couiurics,
Ititssln and Home.
Aprnnnrvn to nnnnl ! lnfn.f nnl.l
patches tho Empress of llussla Is expect
ed to visit Naples at an early day, accom
panied by a licet of Itussian vessels of
war. It fs understood that Her Mnlrstv
will proceed directly to Itome, nnd that
HinNi el.n ...til ....wl .. .
...V..U onu mil iiuv liur resiiecis 10 me
Kllltr Of Ifnll anil iilintn tl.n IThl. t-nl.n-
.'..Hniov.VUm lllllj JL'llllli;!.
(.oinlng so soon nfter the visit to Homo of
too uranu uukc .Mchoias, It 13 not unnat
ural that this expected visit of the Em
piess should bo considered to havo some
thing or a political character. It Is well
lnitrtt 41... t -1.t . - f ii .
known that tho relations of llussla
tho Holy Seo havo for many years be
tho most unsatisfactory kind. Tho
ollcs of Poland havo always been 1
cars been of
moro willing to submit to tho authority
of tho I'opo than to recognize tho author
ty of tho Czar. The consequence has
been that tho lluslan govcrnnient, hating
as it docs the semblago of an impcrium iii
;,j,., ,u, uu., oiuiuny iiursucii a narsn poi
lev towards tlin rfntlinlln fllmB.li 1. !-
land. For somo thno nast thero liai lirmn
nianllested u deslro on tho part of the
i. . .1 ..f- wii.iii.,iu lliu
IIOIV PllHie I". Ortnln litl.nn. 1.......
exiled; their sees aro now vacant; audit
isBuui iiiiiiu me iioiy t atner willom-
nl. ...1,1. ...1.1 ...... t
i.n.11 inu ,,iaiiL'3 oi, mc iiusgiaii gov
ernment and appoint new bishops to the
vacant sees, tho government of tho Czar
will allow tho exiled bishops to return
nnd will mnl.-n fnt Mmm n.lnn,,nfn ...tn
Ion. It is understood that tho mission of
tho Grand Duko Nicholas was undertaken
whii ii view 10 oring nnout somo such nr
MnWIIIPllt . A cl.ntl.t. tn ...
tached to tho approaching visit of the
hmpress to Home and tho Holy Father.
It is reaeonablo to suppose that tho Em
press may bo moro successful than tho
uraiid Duke, and that somo understand
ing may bo conio to between Itussia and
..wiiiu miuiuuy inu nonunion oi xno until
ollcq In ltiiaclnti 1.iliiml ,.1ll l.n t.n......i
' "...III. ..... WW ...IJI1U , III.
It Is tlmo that persecution should cease
c, . Hn,i.., i .. r vp
iui icujjiuu kiku. a. i tieraia.
Death of tlio King of tho Sandwich
Ills Majesty Kainchameha tho Fifth,
1.' nr. nf .1... C..1...t.l. 11 1 .11 . .
"'"" "u oaiiuniuu liillliuis, uieu ai
Honolulu on tho 11th oi December. Ho
lllld lll.Pll nllllir, 1,1 lltnllll 1.. cnn.n .l.n.,
time past, but llio exact naturo of tho ills-
ea?o by which he was dually removed
from llfo Is not stated. Tho monarch
U'liq rlllldllVSS. nml tltn mmellAti rF eimnr...
.. ......... v..w) .i.v.iw,. v DUVLVS'
sion to tho 'iHicaHt throne becomes an open
onu ii iin mo i-oiyncsian pcopioanu
imb luuiiiiiis w uiciii oi u irco consiitu
tlon, which lias been mndo aristocratically
reactionist under Hrltlsh promptings and
for the benellt of English commercial In
tcrests. Tho people of tho Islands
which havo been Justly termed, In group,
tho Cuba ot tho I'ncilla-rincllno already
toward self-government under a freo de
mocracy. It remains to bo seen what ill.
plomacy tho Washington Cabinet will
pursuo under tho circumstances. Ivntno
hameha tho Filtli was anti-American In
tone and sentiment. As I'rlnco Loo, ho
ho traveled lu tlio United States somo few
years slnco. When ascending tlio Con
necticut river, on n steamboat, the futuro
Klngsat down to tho dinner table In com
pany with tho other passengers. Ills rank
was not generally know. An Impetuous
ly attentive waiter, a native of tho Green
Islo nnd a Democrat In politics, after ob
serving him n moment said, unccrnmonl.
ously, to tho royal stranger, '-Nagurs
aren't allowed to ato with white folks nt
t lis table." Tho matter wns explained to
Inn T'rmpj. lint. Iin tin.'... fV...rn... ...I.n. l.n
....w, ..... . v 1 1 ,uii;a,u nun, iu
resented as a deliberate Insult, and poor
l ui uiua uLciiuiu inu innocent causo oi o.
fciidingn fast ally to his lieredltnry enemy,
llrltaln, by his not being ablo to recognize
n monarch whllo engaged In executing
tho honest duty of serving potatoes. JV.
i. jieraia.
The First Dally Jfowapnpcr.
Tllft flrfll- flflllt. nitHianatin. n..t.lt1.n.1 I..
il ii i. in. ..v .. o..ut.ti niiuuaiiuu lu
tho United States was tlio American Daily
; " nuB iu uu nnaiicipiiia
In 17RI hv niMllnmllLlTrniiMI,. II., 1 ... '.....l
... ..v.m.h... . .... ..atnv, null
wns ufterwards called tho Aurora, It sun-
inlnlstrutlon, anil was more uenfclally tho
orfflll nf A1nvntiflr ITnniltfMi 71.ti.
- -IT"- (vi (. 1 1 1.111 4Ullllilll
I'oulson becamo Its proprietor nnd pub-
V. . ' ' "aa l,lL" Known ns
l'oulsoii's Advertiser. It Is now tho North
McJllchael, tho temporary chairman of
...u.wotui, i uiiauuiiuiiii vyonvciuion, ue
iug tho Editor. Tho llrst dally paper
printed In Now York, was tho Now York
IVjy Aftuer, which was begun In
1785. y reneau wns at ono tlmo Its editor,
and nnit nl lis (lrct iilnf.n ... '
" ..... utw nnq inu HO
count of tho nquatlo procession when
uoiiiiiiuii uiuiu over irom i'.uzaucill
port, In April, 1789, to assume tho
duties or tho Presidency. Or course, It
was not so elaborately done ns tho reccn-
Mntl nf Plln..n Alnvlo .,. I- 11 .. if..
plcco orsensatlonal reporting Tor nil that.
Laughing i'lnut.
A sinoui.au vegetablo phenomenon has
lll.pn fltcnnvuHI .I...I..., ....1A
'""A.IVIWI uuilliu Itwilb UAIIIOlU-
tlons in Arabia. It Is called tho laughing
plant, irom tho effect which Is produced
liy tho seeds. When thoy nro pulverized,
and then eaten In small quantities, tlio per-
son imllni, II. n... ...ill i i.. i '. ,
loudly, then to slug, dance? and doSll
manner of aburd tilings. This lasts for
about an hour, after which ho goes to
Hlncn. nnd 1,,. .,(.,.. d... ii
waKcs lip utterly unoonsclous of what has
occurred. It has been suggested that this
j'uiuj iiiikiiv oo mauo a Ktiustltuto for al
cohol, mid that It would have tho advan
tngo of being cheaper. Hut It Is scarcely
probable that tho Arabian plant could
for It does not appear that It Inspires tho
Hivn uu iiiiiuu iiii jiuur in iiihi I'linnnirir
person who partakos or It with a deslro to
wliln Ida u n numlm. 1,1. ..,.i. . .
....... ....w, ...... uv. muiiiiri, or lo
Indulgo Iii any of tho littlo pleasantries
that Inn nlnoluil nf thn nni-ln.f .nn.a
- - " -.w i.vnvw IUU TVS VlIU
to perpetrate,
A Llttlo Joint High Commission.
the ijliltml ntatfcg rtnd,fpnnlsti ftotcrn
mentslinvo jiist chterctl Into (in ngfeo
ment for Jointly taking tcstlniony In
Cuba td be.Uscd by.thq .commhslen hold
ing Its Sessions In Washington for tlio nil'
Judication or tho claims of American cl'l
zens, growliift put ot tho present Ihstif
rcctlon of tho Island. Theso claims are
mostly based on tho confiscation or de
structloii bv. tho .Spnnlsh authorities of
property lu Cllbil belohcing to AmcHdatl
citizens treated ns Insurgents by said
authorities. Others or our citizens, flee
ing from tho Ulatut Jn cpnscmicnco ol
threats or fears of personal outrages, as
traitors to Spain or sympathizers with the
Insurgents, nnd, leaving their property
unprotected, bayo. suffcrcil losrs for
which thoy seek indemnification. (Jthcrs,
In being expelled from tho Island claim
reparation for their resulting Iomph. nnd bo
on thrdugli till thb iiiodlucallons of out
rages to winch citizens or this country
lately or still residing In Cuba have been
subjected during tho Wilr years Of. this
tenacious Cuban Insurrection. Sonic
claims, wo understand, havo been put In
for tho loscs of slaves; but ns "neither
slavery nor Involuntary servitude" Is re
cognized as within tho palo of law In tho
United States wo llrcsliltio that all snob
elalins will bo thrown out of Court. The
President In his lato annual Mess ago sug
gests tho propriety ol sonio legislation
by Congress ctlculntwt to dUeouragc citi
zens of the United States residing In Cuba
irom dabbling In slavery or the slave trade.
This Joint High Commission to take
testimony lu Cuba on all theso American
claims will havo a tedious task before It,
minimi no Mippoo mo claimants inrni'
selves will clieerfullv nsalet In tlm work-
... iiuj v.viii. nuiiu uuuvu iiiiieiear nun
any Just claims will bo overlooked, wo
think It quite likely that tomo spurious
cases will bo worked up unless proper
precautions nro taken ngalnst them. It
T.. n.. .,..A..f ...l.ll ,1..,-
win bo remembered that tho Mexican
Claims CommlMtnn nt WnlilniTtnn tnn
Calms or our citizens growirg out or our
war with .Mexico), passed tho, notorious
Gardner claim for losses In ft sliver liilno
near San Luis Potoi to the extent or over
nan a million of dollars, and tho equally
notorious Meires claim for Iosns In n
nuicKSHyer mnio to thollgurcof one hun
dred nnd flny-thrco thousand dollars, and
that alter theso awards had been paid by
tlio Treasury iu gold lt was discovered,
by .1 C0inml.alon Pent out. lor tlm i.-rnmlii.
ation, that thero wero no such mines In
Mexico as thoso oi Gardner and Meires,
and that all their ollldnl lrdwrs. dnv.
books and vouchers of nil sorts wcro lor-
gencs. tho sulcldo of Gardner In tho
W ashington City Hall on his conviction
or tho fraud was tho end of Ids case.
-neircs, a shrewder rogu. from bis sccuro
retreat In Mexico, impudently Informed
"Unclo Sam" that, having discovered that
the aforesaid quicksilver mlno wasnfraud,
ho had better pocket his loss as thero was
no help for It. Now this Joint commis
sion of Inquiry In Cuba, In visiting tho
plantations upon which some of theso
American Cuban claims nro lnmrml. will
act ludlcloujly, for otherwise thcro may
no somo scnou3 mistakes committed. A.
1'. Herald.
A Housekeeping Machine.
II It Is noaellilf, fnr mnn in lnt..n, n Ar.1
culatlnir machine, It would seem not to be
beyond tho range or possibility that ho
,1. At. 1.1 I......... .. I . . .
oiivuiu uiiciu. u iiousunecping macnine.
V ou stand by a printing-press, and see
tho iron-lingered giant catch up his blank
sheet or paper, spread It In place, print It
full of lioivn ntxlr it 11.1 n.,.1 cn...l I. nil
. ....... av . ...ii. oilU IL Oil
a'jnlll. tllOllSnillU llnnn tlinn.nnda nn.l l.n
justasstrongand fresh at tho end ns ho
"; "'u urgiiiiiuig. navo i seen or
only dreamed or a type-setting machine,
which goes so fiir as to spell .out tho word
i.iiu iiou miters nnu set it in us appointed
place? Think or tho Paradise or Pence to
widen wn would tin cu.liinni.. f.L-.i
.. .. uw uhv..... . ll.llisivi 1 I.U,
could wo rlso lu the morning, strap a belt
nuvvi, uiuiu ii nru imuer n uoii
cr, and Immediately an iron-hearted and
Iron-handed creature, a patent tirae-nnd-temper-saver,
puts on tho coflce-pot, beats
.uu vjiBa, uimia mo sieatf, msscs tno
omelet, nnd toasts tho bread. Slip on an
other belt nnd tho plates clatter out of the
ClOftllfc mill tlin tnliln l.nrrl... ft 1. . ..
.. ..... ........ uveitis tvj uoru, illl-
other llttlo cog-wheel Is started, and tho
carpet-sweeper nppears on the scene, and
diKt dlsnnnn.ira lu.fnw. If 11. ..la MA . 1
r IT 1-"-"." ..v.w.w ... uvU'SitlU IllitUl.',
furnlturo arranged, room? aired, tho lire
Kuva ouniuueriiie uoner, tlio belt slips oil
tho wheel, tho wheel ccasca buzzing, tlio
machinery is standiiiL' and silent, till din.
ner requires its readjustment, lt has no
social naturo to gratify. It wants only n
moderate and "stated supply" ot llro and
water, apiicoltlc.lliiiiti.il. ntniniiiin.i,L
binding. It is never out ol humor, has no
iiuurmauon whii ever-yearning hearts
tor 6iigarnnd butter and Hour; Is never
uixeiiiiu, or nncourieous, wants no Sun.
(InVfl Ollt nnd no pnnalna In Tf .Ira. 1..
1 " ...... .. .... uuio 111-
deed cost something, but tho cost of our
pivnuni, nonscKefpiug macuino is not uu
nnnr.iln1.1n ...... XT..
three dollars a week, nnd her kceplngis
tlireo dollars more. Thrco hundred dol
lars a year is not an overestimate of her
rnst nvnn ,rl.n.. el.n la 1.n..naf ...1 r. . ,
.... ...ivi. ruu ia iiuin:ab nnu ull Ullll.
When she Is dishonest nnd reckless, her
cous iiiunitnnie. .Nothing-short of spher
ical trlironometrv and tlm dim rniillnl
enlculus Is eoual to Lminnlliw with It. Tlm
three- hundred dollars is tho Interest of
iivo inoupanii Hollars at six per cent, per
annum, so that every household which
ROW ((Ltmib n (.trill mi, nnv.H,i 1
llvc-thousand-dollar machine, and then
i mi u. ui. ii prom, r or tuougii it must
make mistakes and bo out or repair, It has
limps nlwl BnncmiB nn.l lla rntnlln..n .
...... L-u.ou,iq, ui... im vaiiuiiuua lllily
bo counted on. and guarded ngalnst. Hub
bage's calculating machlno reckons nccu-
uwuiuuu ccriain point; iiicnitlal
ters, Is ce-rrecto.l, and runs again an equal
thno. with equal accuracy. So our house
keeping machine, having cooked, and
swept, and washed for a month, with un
erring thoroughness, will to-morrow wash
tho china with tho floor-cloth, nnd scrub
Inn (Inni irltl, ,1... ..n..1.l.. . l.... r.
""Y. .- in" uuoi. uiiniviiio , uui luro-
Yttri m lsforearnied,and when tho day or
wiiiiuB, you iinvo oniy to stand
llV flin vnrv nnlan y.rl.n n.nn1. .A
y 1 j '..ioi ui mu iiiauiiiuu lUljl-i:
that Its temporary obcrratlon or mind
bring on no serious disaster. Wlicro now
Is tho man who would mako his fortune,
win undying fame, bo hailed as tho Great
Heiielactor of tho family, tho friend of all
womankind ? Whero is tho woman who
will vindicate her sex and confound her
enemies by becomlnc tho Inventor of tlm
Greatest Wonder or tho World ?-CoH
uamnton in woods' Household Magazine.
German Immigration to America.
A North German newspaper In Ilerlln
has entered on tlio task of explaining
tlin 1'rlIfiRltin llpnnln nnd nf .1
- .. , ...... u. ihi;iiuiiii; uu
.foro tho nation tho recent act of tho Im
fending 1
pcrlal Executlvo for tho regulation of
emigrant Hires, tno auvanco of tho rail
road tariff chargos for emigrant baggaire.
nnd ntlinr ndlnla nf clmllo.. i.,,..." .?.i'
. . .w... ... ......m. lUljlUll, IVUll-
lug to repress tho voluntary exodus or tho
people to America by increasing tho cost
or travel to tho homo points or embarka
tion to tho United States. This press
.....jr, .. iv uo u uiiiy, ia uu very lair, ami
it may bo very patriotic. Hut when tho
llnrmnn wHfur nnmna te nl,.,.,.,, ii
gcratlon" and "distortion" ofructs against
...u i.ii.wiviiii iitk-BB juf ius manner OI ro-
wuiunij; uuu cuiuuieuuug on tno lacts,and
nlso to Indlrpntlv niwuen tlm lVnal.tin
-v. ...v. .1 lloillllULUU
goTcrnmcnt or falling in its treaty nego-
"3 " niiiiiu UL-iny in UIU comple
tion or a satisraotory instrument lor tlio
ropiilntlnn nf cmlirmtlnn ,lnri.,..
--ci - v.k.1,,1- luaiiv
years, tho wholo matter or this emigrant
mi, niuicuiiuii. iu ui'iinuuy is mauo to oo
cpmo rather serious; not only to the
(Inrmnnn wlm wtsli tn mmn n.n i
, , ... , X . v-uii.u iu 1 1 iu
puouo aim incir toinenus whoawalt tor.
celvo and nsslst them on landing, but also
m tlin illnlnmnf In i.At.th. ...LfAl. .i i.i
... ! n iin.li BIIOUllI
always bo malutalned between gieat and
ii n. luii uauuiiu, iv, t, itcraia.
Hoir Stock Is "Washed."
Tlm llronnaa nf (luncl.liw.ll
OtlO In Ira nrdlnnrv emim ia
ployed In Wall street. " Washlug" Is a pr
e.iiltiir nnprnttnti Hmrn v... n7.u.. i..
deed and the outsider ought to keen as
uu ui iiuaaiuiu irom mo suus. A ClIOUO
Ift llfiPiiKiUirV in Hin hliDlnna. (M IT. -
. .. . ... .,.,, JiiiTH j h
Rtll'V nil Hin llflf fnr lnaln...n .1.
-"., . iiiomuij, mill. 1110
publlo persists In letting alone, and tho
linliliira u'nnf fn .(In .... ..... .. ' . . .
...... v.. ,. ,,,,,, nuun uxeuein
In this stock, and Induco tho nubllo
...... v.. ,.,.11. iv mu uji nuun uxeiieinent
i' 1 iiivj i.iuuwu ineir
plan Is quite slmplo: Several brokers
lot us supposo four aro employed to
hur Ir. lli.w.ln flin.r ....-..u..f a mi..,.
.moil inu auiutllll. bUJCK. IHO. I OlIlTS
to sell. No. a takes what Is ffcml. No.
3 wauta to buy. No. 4 sells No. 3 all ho
wanuji -I his 13 jt.nf; Un for . jav3
thn tirlco rlslnff steadily ns tlio "washV,
proceeds : but not ono sliaro of the stock
Is actually sold. Hut the Innocent out
sjdcf, supposing theso fictitious trnnsao
tious to bo real, and thinking there Is a
chance to mnko n turn in tho stock, goes
In ns n buyer himself. Ten to otic, he
Will never get ns much for tho stock as ho
i "ldfor It will fall stagnant again when tho
speculators havo dt It off their hands.
Apputons journal.
Hfmkdv yon colij pkrt. Soak thefect
In wnrm water, with a llttlo cayenne pep
per In It, trtd or three times n week. Try
tiiisiornmoniu.or lonerj it necessary,
and you will llnd lt an excellent remedy
ior com icci.
DIktmio Hints. Most chronic dlscns
cs, anil many ncuto ohes, aro produced ot
mc lauici as n ruie, uo iiuiu o; nnv kiuii
should bo tnkcli nt flio tablci especially if
If the stomach Is Weak. Tho stoiilnch
should never bo overloaded; not moro
than twoor thrco articles should be taken
nt ono (ileal i tio stlmiilanM used before
eating; tooacco arrests ingestion. aniK is
tho best diet for Infants and children. To
matoes with cream nnd sugar nro healthy
and nutritious, lirend and butter Is the
staff of life, nnd easily digested. Too
much salt Irritates tho stomach. Colds
aro frequently produced by drinking hot
tea nnd exposure afterwards. Lato sup
pers Induce heart dleac. Pastry and
cako constipate tho bowels, llollcd pota
toes aro not to healthy ns baked ones.
Fruits nro to bo eaten nt breakfast
and dinner. Tlio stomach requires
much rest to bo healthy; purgative
meuicincs weaken mo oowcis. unccr
fill conversation promotes digestion ; an
ger prevents It.
To coi.on sheep skins with tho wool on,
uio country venueman gives tlie loiiowmg
recipe: "unsiacKcu iimo nnu uinarge,
equal parts, mixed to a thin paste with
water, will color bull several coats will
make It a dark brown bv nddlnir n little
ammonia ntul nitrate silver, n fine black Is
produced. Terra japonic n will impart a
inu coior to wool. nnu i no reu snai ois
dcencno l bv snomrinir with n solution of
llmotnd water, using a strong solution of
nlum-wnter to 'set' the colors; 1 part
cryeiniizeu miraio silver, o uarts caruon-
nto ammonia, and U nart of soft water.
dyes brown every additional coat dark
ens tno coior until n black is obtained."
How I make Snrr Soak I keen mv
ashes dry, and when put In the hopper
preparatory to making soap, I have from
a half to one peck ol unslacked lime put
lu with tho ashes. Before putting tho
grcae in, I swing tho kcttlo off tho llro
nnd let It bang a few moments. If thcro
isnny potnsu in it, 1 uiko a siiovcl nml
take It out. For If thcro Is nuieh iintish
111. lt Will not mako trond oo.in. I nnpk-
tho ashes well, adding water enough to
dampen them. Then 1 put thrco or four
buckets or water on each day for two or
nine uays, iiuiu i iiuiik it suillclcntiy
soaked. And lastly I p.iur on bolllnir wa
ter to run the 1 VO off. As soon ns I havo
cnotigii run oil to commence boiling, I
iuu my iveiuo over mo nro, mm uou the
lyo as fast as it will boll, still adding more
lye ns It bolls down. In this way I con
tlnuo for a whole day. By evening lt will
irooaoiv oc suillclcntiy strong to eat n
liquid. I now put my greaso in (all I
think It will cat), still bolllnir ns fast as I
i-uiuur iu uassiuir n. inree nines imrnsq run
can without Its running over. If It cats
the greaso oil up I add more. I now leave
my kcttlo to hang over the. llro nil night.
In tho morning If thcro nro any scraps of
yiuuau inui nru not eaicn up, i noil again
for an hour or two, nnd ir they do not dis
solve I take them out. Then I take out n
few spoonfuls of tho soap and set lt nway
a llttlo while to cool. When cold, If there
Is no lve under It nnd It nnnenrs frm.
from grease, I set my kettle off, and hang
iiuuiuui uuu to uou inure lye, iunnaging
Iii this way. I generally can make from
sixteen to eighteen gallons of r.lco white
soap In two days, and often lu ono day
nnd a night. Cor. Cincinnati Oatette.
Tlio Vienna Exhibition.
Tn tlin nnnnlnr. nlt.iitn.nf 11.. ll mnl.
... - I "-- . -"-'I' .W VI uiu i n;it
Wlnk IMnnra" ll- U rnnnfjlul ll.n, n
meeting of tho Pickwick Club it was
unanimously resolved that Messrs. Pick-
Wlnlf Tlinni.n nn.l U . n.l ... .. 1 . ......
V - .tu uuuui.158 I1IHU ll'UU
Ol nbSnllPJl 111 order tn trnr-nl nml ln.fr.. II-
gato on behalf of tho society, and that
iiiu.v mo uavo inu unanimous permission
pf the society to pay their own expenses.
I nn llhnr.'il nnllnv nf flile nnlr.l,if..i m.ti.
has been Imitated by Congress In tlio pas-
eiuju ui 11 U.-5U1UUUU uuiiionzing iiioi'rcs
Ident to appoint commissioners to Vienna,
j. ionui.li, inui, alien appointments Slmll
not Imnosn mi tlita nnunptimmii n,... itn
w.. u ..'."...ii mij' lia
bility for tho expenso which they may oc-
uisiuii, nuiuii ia uiuy uiiuilicr wny
of saying that tho agents havo the
unanimous permission or tho Govern
ment to pay their own expenses. It Is
periectly competent forCongres3 tode
cllno tho Invitation nnd to apologize on
t ho score of poverty and or a great na
tional debt; Tjtit to accept tho Invitation,
inm iL-nuur ii ercunauio representa
tion or tho Industries nnd products or tho
COlintri' tninnatllllit llV hhi.ln.llnr. tn ..n.
vido for tho expenso attending such a dls-
I'm,, ia iiisuiiiiiK 10 iuu Ausinan govcrn
nient and humiliating to every patriotic
citizen of tho country. Wo nro Informed
that when tho dlllclal Invitation from tho
Imperial government reached tills coun
try thcro uppenred on tho corner of tho
diplomatlo cap tlie cabalistic letters It. S.
V. P.. nnd flint. Ilw.cn I,,,!,,,. fl,... . ..
- " ........ ....... ...uww II..IIL oiiwivii iu u
Rnnlr-nr. lllntnltnr nf fTnn.pi.ua I......
1 " " vi w.iif,iwo IHIU lllLUl-
(iiciuu iu uiciiii "luuurii somo vaiuaoie
ui.oi.-ui.- niivreupou mo nonorablo mem
ber mado n speech which led to tho nuss
ago ot tho resolution ubovo cited. We
cannot vouch ior tno nccuracy of tho an-
endntp. Inif. iln tint Innl. ,mn.. It ... n11
, "- uu iii.wii ii. ua ui. uu
Improbable ; and this reminds us of tlio
tironoRltlnil of n Mntntiirn.n .... l.n. .l.n
i . wiiw.iiii.u,,),, limb IUU
fijiiicosut npartfortho United States In tlio
. imuvu ui iiiuuauv OUUIUU UC (ICVOICHI tO
an exhibition of tho portraits of somo of
tlin lPUillnr liiniillmra pAnomt j ...til.
copies of speeches actually delivered by
HtLHi, iittuowiw iiiui vuuuus iani;uafC3
fnimnil. find fitiannmlAjl lt.tiw.ntii tiw,iH?.i.
vuvu uviit.ui.it iiiun IMlw
turcs, to servo as evidence of tho advanced
stiigo of culture to bo found In our legis
lative halls, lt Is generally understood
that tho avcrago American citizen can
brag ns much as tho next man. Wo
boast about tho superior Ingenuity of our
mechanical contrivances, and claim to
havo mado most wonderful Inventions,
but when lt comes to exhibiting them for
comnurlfloti nml atmlt. in. tin. .!.! nr .i.
productions of other countries Concress
iiiaieia iiiiuu our crowing Btnuiicr. if, y,
Dim Tuninmn-vnu. ,..
w.. ..in uauoa ur iun
8UMITION. How many of us can dato tlio
(iflllftn nf nnr In.t ulnlnnua tn nll i
.... ........uaigBimDi a uruivu-
ed room, and then coming out in a cold air,
or wearing damp clollion, caunlng acouRh
pv..iu ui.uii mu iiuiKB, iroinu'in
hmitnil Tinlim in tlin ..lmit A ll.intc l i.
n ...... ... ...,uil D J.II11LT jim.
check tlio dlsoano nnd restore health
to tho Byktcm, If only used In time..
Hemembor nnd call at tlio drug-atoro for
Allen's Lung llalsam. Uvery family should
boon It n lmnil
nvvj,' t lv 41tlli
Your Llfo's Iu .Daugcr.
Startling ns this proposition 1b, addressed
to ovcry man, woman and child, yet nothing
Is moro truo. Tlio prolonged winter, lato
Klirlnc nml vnrlnlil,. vit,t.e.. na ...... ..
- n ............ ......tuu. i.b Biiiuiii,;!
prouches, Invites from Uio peculiar condition
ui mu Bjniviu, oycrj- jiuase oi lonrua aim
nrlltn illuniitin ..Mil. .....1 i.iii.. i
...v, Ml.U luilil, IIU1VU9 uuu
tynholil fevers, pneumonia, onlargod silicon,
Inflamed and torpid livor, constipated bow-
filtl illrtmmttf .ln..n,,.n.l . n. '. .a i
ubsorbentB. veakoned kldnoys and genituls.
jrr ltntoil bhildor, dropsical tendcnclcp,
tho wcaknouBCfl and HI that atlllct tlio box.
ui. uy uuiwur nccu uo appronenueu iron
cnilv ami Iin! MmiM itcn itn in... i fi,.
iriilro's Ciuiduraiigo I.Ivor nnd Illood Hitters.
This remedy taken hold nfiill tlm vitni (,.
Hons and .corrects ovory derangement,
whether In male or female. It Is ilioonly
discovered vegetablo substitute for!calomcl.
o alcohol no plies. St. Louts Ulohi,
l'INTfl nnd ntinrtfl nf tlttln. ni,tn..l,nl .it
oliarges. Whero docs It oil como from t Tlio
niiicmiB mcmbraiie lining of tlio chambers of
tho noun am flu llttln i.liin.l. na .liun...a.i
they draw Irom tho blood its liquid and ox
J?.9tuP ti.t,,tl O1 changes lt to corruption.
lhl! I llfo-llmild wns to build up tho system,
but It is extracted and tho system Is wouk.
ened by tho loss. To euro, giiln llcsli and
stronclli by using Dr.- lMorco' (lolden llcdl
eal DUcovory, wlileh also nets directly upon
tlioto glanils, correcting tliein. Also appl
I)l Ssl'O's ('lllnrrli ll,lni,.lvn lll,ll,. Iili...
Nasal lioucho, tlio only method of Vcnchhivr
Ihtt utijior cavities whero the dlsclim-ifo ue
eUiniuiitfn nml imm.u ,t-.ii, in.n il;DK..
ment and two medicines nold lor ?2 by all
UrufgUitB, 'on,
DrsrurstA and Indioebtion. Who of
our readers has not sultcrcd from tho Ills
nnd varied forms of this livdm-hcndeil
tormcnter, which originates from loss of
tone iu tno siomncn, or moro particular
ly In Its muscular or fibrous coating,
which becomes nalo nnd feeble. It would
require pages to descrlbo all tho symp
toms nnu various nympaiiicuo niiccuons
of Indigestion, nnd tho torture to which
tho dyspeptic Is subjected, but which may
bo compressed Into ono brief comprehen
sive sentence : You feel sic, depressed,
andunfii for the duties of life. Neverthe
less, thcro Is nothing moro certain than
that dyspepsia In all Its phases can bo
thoroughly eradicated.
There Is but ono wny to euro lndlsrcs
tlon, viz: by toning and strengthening the
stomach nnd general s stem, gently re
laxing tho bowels If constipated, nnd
rciriilatinc thn liver ir disordered. A
remedy for this human peaco destroyer Is
California Vineoau Hitteiis, which
have tho rare merit of containing no alco
hol, tho virtues or tho medicinal Cnllfor
iilan Plants, which constitute their hcnllng
nnd curing iigcnclcs being extracted by
a new chemical process. Tho popular
verdict Is that thoy aro tho most perfect ar
ticle ior tuo ttomacn, nnu nro to no laxcn
ns circumstances may rcnulrc. with tho
follest confidence, nnd that by their
means can tho' return or this distress
ing malady bi prevented. Wo nro satls-
neu tins rcmeuy is oi great vain?.
"A SumiT Coi.n," Coucuis. Few nro
nwaro of the Impnrtanco of checking a cough
or " suriHT cou'' which would yield to a
mild remedy, If neglected, often attacks the
lungs. "T.roun's Bronchial Trochti," give
sure and almost Immediate relief.
That tcrrlblo dlerif0 Bpcrm.itnrrlirca is
removed by n short course of I'aiikeu'h
Compouxii Fluid Kxtiiact llucnu. Let
not tlio sufTcrcr despair. A fair trial Is all
that is asked, and lt will not fall to do all that
Is claimed lor It. Sold by all druggists,
"You can't scold pcoplo out of tliclrsln,"
but It Is nn trouble to coax gentlemen to
wear tho Umwood Collar for I hoy all llko lt.
Fon chapped hands nnd lips, use "Tlio
2iiccn's Toilet."
To let A Cold have its own way Is to ns-
eisi in loynig me lotiminuon or consumption.
To cure tin" most stubborn' Cough or Cold you
11:111; uuiy iu iiau juuivigusiy us. u uy nc b l..Kiec
tmint. Tin: wuuicitv nun.
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uy Charles Dlehl, "Mysell a memoir not aner
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A Talk About To nl en.
Tlio object or a tonic Is to Increase the elasticity
and strength of tho muicnlar fiber, and to Invigo
rate tlio general sraUm, As a means of accom
plishing thcie ends, It Is expected to linprora tho
appetite and Uio illgeillvo power of lUo ilomocli.
Thtao aro corUlnly Important considerations) but
to cu-e dyspepsia, bilious affections, chronlo de
bility. Intermittent fever, and otho- complaints
Involving derangements of the liver, tlio bowels,
tho nerves, and tho secretive organs gcncnlly,
something moro than 11 mere tonic Is required.
Hosteller's Stomach Hitters luay bo safely pro
nounced tho best and most wholeiomo Inrlgorant
extant, but the other special medical properties
wuicu ueiong 10 11111 romarsablo vegetable restor
ative have as much to do with tho wonderful re
sults lt produces ns IU tonlo virtues. For cxainnlc.
It has certain altoratlvo qualities which literally
change tho habit or constitution, re-establishing
the healthy functions of tho body without causlnir
any unduo evacuation by persplratlou, vomiting
orpundng. Its entire cir-ct Is to put tho whole
machinery of llfo In perfect order, lo purify all
tho fluids, Including tlio blood and the bile, and
not only to oncrato as an antidote to dlsaie
whero lt cxlits, but so to strengthen, rcgulato and
otherwise Improvo tlio condition of the system as
to render It proof atalntt vicissitudes of tempera
ture, cnange or water, lurectcd air, and other pre
disposing causes of liver and bowel disturbances
and epidemic disorders. Hence It Is a medicine
ror all seasons and clinics-useful alike to tho trjv.
eler and tho resident In an unhealthy ronton, and
an Invaluable safeguard against the physical dls-
luroances which accrue Irom cold, damp, Inclem
ent wnalhcr, as well as against the mental depres
sion which Is apt to overwhelm tlio weak and nerv
ous at llils lomenhat gloomy period of the year.
IEK writ! riff to advertisers pleue mention the
uauio Ul Wls 'It'Ti
Printed neatly .
100 and Caid case 3
05 ell., post-paid .
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fd of Landseer's
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An Illustrated Ulngnzlnb for
Hoya and Qlrls.
.iJS."1?-"0 i813 M11 1,0 rnntlnua
I1" , Vy UlCE'a Lauaov," by Kmlly Hunting
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every subscriber, otdnrnewliromoa sent liroinptir.
t v....S6o".?!",wi.liwh Heceraber lift).
JonH EsHr.LTn-Hcar Bin I'lenso accept thanks
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1 confess 1 was a llttlo aBitd thry mlui.t bo somo of
made forces Wklslicrs and Mouslachlos lo grow on
tho smoothest lee without lulurlmriha akin, a
sure reiuedr fo aldnesa. Bent freo on receiptor
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J lkv..ua. S.I.. Xl.rtlnala'WA I.I l,A..nu.V.i S. .
Is CEtonded to the World
To placo before the rmblle a better Cough or Iiiing
lteinear man
It Is warranted lo break np tho most troublesome
Cough In sn Incredibly short time. Therqlsiin reme
dy Init can show moro evidence of real mrrtt than
this ir.vLSAil for rurlng Coniuinptlou, cjuglis, Oolds,
It Acta on tho Kldnrynt
It Acta on the l.lvcrl
Br Which makes It moro than a Cough r.cmcdy
Whnt stcII known IlrUKatala of Tcnnraaec
any nuont Allcn'a I.untr Hnlnnin.
Brn.norilLD. Tenn.. Gent. 13. 1ST.
flrKTttMMfl I'lenso shlpns sit dos. Allen's I.ung
llalsam. e have not a bottle In the store. It has
moro reputation than any Cotnth .Medicine wn havo
rvcrnoiu. iiiiyo ueiu in mi urtig uusiness 'ii years.
Wo mcsn Just what wo say. Very trnly-yonrs,
11 OUT AANfcEIt.
nl tlio Doctorn Hnr,
T)rs. kelson & Ward, lliyslclans and Drngalsts.
ttrlln fpnm f:ntrllti.. Trllli.t
" Wo purehaied Allen's Luug nilam, and It soils
rapidly. Wo aro practicing ph)Blclana, as well a,
drupulsla.and takoplcasnrn lu reconunendlnga great
reineilr, such as w c know Hits lo be." ,
riiyslclans do not recommend a medicine which has
uu merit i wuji uiey say aoout
Can ho taken ns a fact, lt all afflicted lest It nt once
nmiuucotirtni-dior luteal menu, itisiianmcssio
uio moss uciicaio ciinu.
It Conlnlni uo Opium In Any l'orni.
rtn not deceived. Call for ALLEN'S LUNQ DAL-
ba.m, auu take no oilier.
tlT Directions accompany each bottle.
J.N. HARRIS & CO., Cincinnati, Os,
tVHold br nil Jlcillclno Denier.
For improving and llcaullfilng tho Complexion,
Tan. Bonburn. Freckles, and all Eruntton on thn Rtitn.
This preparation Is tho only ono of Us class which
Is prepared from n I'm sician's llmcstmex, and
Of 11 hlrll n It.iiin.O.ln nn.l.il. aAnmnn..lna no.!. I.a..,.
as a guaranteo of lta
rtJHtTV AND ni?vntNrtirn.
Prlnledon Iho wrapper of every hottlo Is thofollow-
...n .viimiciu iruni i roi.n. iinna iiajes, Btato Assay
Cr and Clipmlmt tnr Mniaai-hitanlta -
8. B. FtTClt Sox
Uciitlemen-"Tlic Queen's Toilet." received from
you, has been onalyaed, with Uio following results i
1 tils Is a purely vegetablo preparation, freo Irom pop
sonons metals, or Injurious substances of any kind I
and It Is composed of ImrroUlcnto haTlng Known
:iuollont nnd healing properties.
llespccttully, S.DANA HATER.
l'rlco $1.00 per Ilotlle. Sold by all Il'nigirlsls.'
ffUnnil fnH Rfnn. lnH.mM,t.n -
, iiAiBii. luuuuimaiioa or an
Itlnds, Diphtheria, Wounds, HrulscB, . Unrns!
Sprains, Ilhcumatlsm, Soro Throat. Hwclllngoi
tho GlamV, Inflammation ot the Eyes. Hrokcn
SuUlV So?m DI,C", ChUbbln(' l'. Ueo Btlngs,
T,?.'!.0 forncnat. Fresh Wounds, Galls,
rollLvll, bprnln.,llnilscs, Cracked Heels, lllng
Hone, Wind Galls, Spavins, Swoeney, Fonndcr.
Lameness, Sand Crocks, Scratches, or Urease,
Mange, Horso Distemper.
Thl truly w onderful IJnlmcntwas
cllscovercd by 1IOMEK ANDE11SON, A.M., lato
l'rpfcssor of Chemistry nnd Mathematics In tho
Clinton Liberal Iiistlluto,of Onolda County, N.Y.
In experimenting for tho jiurposo of making
1 insslc Acld.hy uniting tlio indepcnilcntcascons
bodlesof which It is composed, a residuum was
left, which, on being applied tobnilsea and In,
flamed parts, by the students of tho Institute, was
lonntl to possess tho rcmnrkablo property of cool
ing down and carrying off tho Inflammation and
torencss at onco, and restoring tho parts to sound
ness and health la a few hours without pala or
It I not it Dentins X.lnlinent, bnt
nets by Its peculiar specific or chemical qualities
In dissolving nnd scattering flio soreness nnd In
flammauon of tho injured part. Uy n freo ap
plication, tho red surfneo toon becomes cool,
moist nnd natural, and Is restored to natural
health without suppuration or destruction.
An n Liniment for Homo Vlcali.for
tho euro of all tlio aliments named above, wo
challengo tho world to llud Its equal.
Prlcu 25 & SO cents per bottle.
D. EANSOIT, EON & CO., Propi's.
ii . , . . BUFFALO, N, Y,
See notlco la local column.
!Tn...l -.... T. . .. . . rrt . . - .
Schenck's Pulmonic) Syrup, Seaweed
Tonic and Mandrake Pills.
Theso nro the only medicines that will euro Pulmon
ary Consumption, llr. Hchiuck, of Philadelphia, has
been 111 coliilant nrnplln fnl n.,.- l.l.,...nn
nally raaiiilulug Iuiil-i, aud knows hla mcdlclnrs, If
TYirr1' c,oro tonsumnuoii. u s Jian-
(IrUlCU 1'lllB rlpnnln lhl.1lvnri.tiil lr...n..l.. 1.1. ,
Tonlo dlBsolics itjo food.Mtmulatcatiiorirallngof the
-i .i .. - uiv-.iiiiii, in. i uiiuuiii. rjrun
ripens tho matter, and nature throws It off without
nuycicrtlon, 1 or salo by all druculsts.
ia oood ron
llurni nnd Hculd. Illif umutttm
Hprahitt itnd IlruUc,
Chapped Ilntitl
Fro.t ItKu,
r.ilrriml I'otaona,
Hand sVruflts,
(Jul I. or All Klndi,
NltTui.., IMnt,nr,
Ilrtnorrnldss or IMItu,
riort Alpt,
Cukfd II f !!(
HrrntIittur Urrart
Hirlimliult, Win dm, 1 1, 6
irauiidf ri'd rt'lt
roll 111,
l tit Hot in witff p.
,iiiHml4; lustspct llttc. ltoup Iii 1'auHrr.
Tuotliiu-ke. Lc.( to. Luinu HucL, Xv.f Ac,
IargoEizo$1.00; Median flOc,; Small 25c.
Ibf (1rsj1ltiB Oil tiki n In hm ti Miilmftit lines) 1133. 1
All fcik It fjh trlaL Lut b itirt ui,l fullnw dlricllum.
Aid yftur nrt Iruyirlit or iUUr tn l'Uot Msjlcl&ti
fur ont tvf eur Alaijici nu4 imJ bt ihtj i-svi tty tbout
IhtOll. ' ' '
Thi 0rlln(f Oil U fur iU ly til rnr-trULU dttri
llrouhuul Ihs) Vnitti &itl 4ltr Cmirit4. '
Our UitimottUU dtl frtun k3) it lti iritul, trtil r
ummHtilti. I'm tin Garntf Otl, Anl tall jrousT nlybbri
wbl good It tm ivM, Vs) alio unnufilut
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Mun urctu red nt Isttckporti XVby
JOHN HODGE, Secretary.
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linn. H is piepnied ts
pnrity iiiiiiu) tlw l'lh-s
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4S5?TS V? alK" Cauvasaers now at
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Twentv-Onn Tlinncnnrf nnihrc
SfibSy on".1' rl,, r'i amon v"-
wiiiairjCY aaxvQTJixiaarv.
In. m.HIIII... ... ... . .. . . .
fi,iVnvT,,iT;.'wV suiwcripuoa, or sena ior
lull particulars. Eifranrem umiin. ah,.ii.
1'AllAM JlGLllArf.
.1, UIUV,
C; I sfi fn .Q') A Per day, Aiienls wantidnve
ty (JSiit; rywhore. rarticularalreo.
t A H III.AIII f'fl Ml. Umls. Mo
dtj T 1 1 V.1I.UAIII.IV-Bund thr.e-ei-iit suiuu
$5U wii' uM
7o Person enn take these Itlttera aecor.
(ng lo directions, aiut remain lon unwell, proraea:
Iheir bones are not dsstroyed by mineral poison or olbi
means, and tho vital organs wasted beyond tlie point
of repair.
Uyaiiepaln nr Indlgratlnn. Head-idie, rain
In the Shoulders, Couelis, Tightness of the Chest, Ilia
ilness, Sour Eiuctakns of the Stomach, Dad Tasta
in the Mouth, lhlious Attacks, Palpitation of tha
Heatt, lnfiammatioii ef the Lunis, Pain In the reRiona
of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful sympioras,
ate the offsprings of lpepsla. In these complamtsi
it li.n no squat, and one bottle will prove a letter uar
snlee of lis merils than a lengthy advertisement.
Fnr Feninlo Cnmpliiliits, In young or eld,
married or single, st the dawn of womaahood, or tlio
turn of life, these Tonic Hitters display so decided an
influence that a mailed Improvement It soon percep
tible. l-'or liiflniiimnlory anil Chronic Itlieii
nmtlsm and Gout, Ililioui, Remlllent and Inter,
miltent Fevers, Diseases of tlio Blood, Liver, Kidneys
and madder, these Hitters havo no equal. Such Dis
eases are can -ed by Vitiated Illood, whifh Is generally
produced by derangement of tlis Digestive Organs.
Tliry nro n Urntle I'lirRnllto ns well ns
is Tnnle, posiessinj; also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent In relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of tho Liver aud Visceral Organs, and In Bilious
Fnr HUlll Dlaenaes, Eruption., Tetter, Salt
Klieiun, lllotches, SHta, Pimples, Pustules, Bolls, Car
luncies, ltina.wonns, Scald'Ifead, Sore Eyes. Ery.
sipelas, Del', Scurfs, Dlscolorationsof the Skin, Humors
ind Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
uo literally ilug up and carried out ef tho system In a
ihnrt time by tlie use of these Hitlers.
Clrflle,fllt 'Ilimisnltils proclaim VlNFOAH TIlT
Tnaa the most wonderful Invlgorant that over austained
the sinking svstem.
j WAI.KT.lt. Prnp'r. It. II. .ifeDONAI.T) Si CO.,
Druggists and Gen. Agta., San Francisco and New York.
Horso aud Cattlo Powders.
. THIi preparation lotiffand ftrora
bl known, will thoroughly nj-hivltf-orato
broken down and Iow-plrltLi
lioriot, by trcnKtlteiilnK aud cleans
1m if Uiu ctuinach Nitd lntt!tilni'
It lsaauro nrecnihe of nil uls
bnici Incldctst to tula animal, tttcli
hn 1.1!NT KKVFIt. ( JI. AMJIllia.
Ac. Its use laiprovei tlio -wind
JiMroatcs tlie uppctllc vlvc a
smooth und flour skinand trans
1'Pf.T.nW tt'ATKK. 1IHAVVH.
form tho miserable skclrton Into ,
anuc-iooMnganu spirucu norso.
To keepers of Cows this prcpar
atlou Is lmaluable. It Is n suro
prcventho against Klndcrneit.
llollow lUrn, etc lt tins been
nro v en bv actual cxncrliucnt to
ilVTsival incrcaso tlieqimntlty of milk and
Jri itfVcv H I creum twenty per cent., and roaku
'h In I SSJ i slil ' m tUi hitltPF Arm nml wntit. In fit
Iw- ((.nil, cattle, lt elves them wi np
petite, loosens their lUdd aud makes thctu wrl.q
much faster
In all diseases of swlnc such at Coujhs, Ulccrt
in me IjUuks, jner, ao Tuisnni
cluuctsusa specific. Uy pultlns:
from oue-hatr a paper tu a puncrsj
hi a barrel of swill the abovo dl-'
cues will he eradicated or entirely
prevented. Kfthen In time, a cer
tain prcvcntlvo and euro ior tho
nog moiera
DAYID E. F0UTZ, Proprietor,
ItA110TnAU4CO.,7HN. Fifth Street, Jtftcnts
for ttt. Loiila.
For a. ilo by Plrojulsts and Hlorekeepers Ihrounln
out thu United States. Cauadas and South America.
Dr. KnRo'M Catarrh
1 scientific principlei. by its
mild, healing propcrtici, to
which the disease gradually
yields, is hen the system has
been put In perfect order with
llr. lltnrsifsB tflnlflnti
Iflctllcnl niatovcry, which should be
taken earnestly, to correct the blood and mtem,
vi hich are always at fault, also to act ijcifically,
as It does, upon the diseased stands and lining
membrane of the mie and its communicating
chambers. 'I"he Catarrh Kemedy should be ap
plied wiih Dr. IlcrcrMlVuui Douche,
as this Is the only form of Instrument yet Invented
with which fluid medicine can lie carrier! hith up
and ferftrtly applied to all parts of the affected
nasal passages and clumbers In which tores and
ulcers exist, and from which the diclurt gener
ally proceed.
So succeisful has tlie above course of treatment
proven, that the proprietor offers $f00 llc
Wnrtl for a cane of M Cold in Head" Ozena or
utitirri wnicn nc cannot cure. 1 he tvmcd
icincs wan instrument, tor tf', by all drucgists,
Arrii( IVnntcil for the New IlliiMrateil Hook.
l!lr Amiiun, ihe great teum, ranee writer.
inrulltiglg tnUretttng un.ff.rt fmlttlUng. Korllheral
terms, address V. A. HUTdlll.SSOX.Bl. Loula.Mo.
ranted to.ultaliu.tes. Korsaio
' .'- " "..v. C..H., lur P.IU WllOlO
l'acllloTeatJo.lSl Kultouat.and 1
Mr A ilinp.K a r p a. t t.. . . . ..
Bund forTheaNecUr circular.
4 $75 to $250 per month, saTSUfa
v male, to Introduce tho aaxmNic meunvKn
, . . . 1 mate ana re-
male, to Introduce tho aK.iuiNK iiii-uovitD
...,un ..... na i,r eawiriQ HACIIINK.
Hils machine will stlich. hem, fell, luck, quilt,
cord, bind, braid and embroider In a most su
perior maimer. Price only 1L5. Kully licensed.
Warranted for five years. Wo will nay ,1.000
for any machlno that will sew a stronger, moro
beautiful, or moro elastic seam than ours. It
matca tho Elastic Lock Mltrh.' Kveryaecond
atltch can ho cut, aud still tho cloth cannot ho
nulled apart without tearing It. . We pay agents
Irom tli to tZW iicrmoutlialldeapeuaesrora
eoinmlsslon from which twice that amount can
tio ramie. Address HECOtlB.t (Jo.,loslon,Msss.i
I'lltsburgh. l'a.i Chicago. 111. tor Ht.I.ouls.Mo.
..,...- w. .iri-i ... ijixif r
nyeiiu, ju.Nir-i.il jiaufcTAiK rur"ir.
A rellahlv ri'innlr for Uiu cure of all
Ml.v.tni-a ui ui,, llllllll'ia mm ljrl.
Aii ,1 " "olwst Iliuretlcauil
t Ism, iiroMy. (Inivel. lloil., Hklu
1 lieanet, OoIJb, A-clthas no ',nlvl
nor. Tho lest remedy to tone uu
j-ri .. .V i. "fV "ol so
li I.. Vi I; pirBeriiio
r it.ii,.r. in curi-a aru
. iin .mi iiiiracuinusi neilit
for circular. l oraloUyal jj, ueguti.
An Elerrantly Bound Canvasslnir nnnv
n?hriJ,i'8 wenin.'lJhe.',,,"t rim."lr BIM everuub.
i Jill' Vi"! iMnt chargo to any iVook;
AlTl'Mt. It rntltAlnsi nssrlv raa ass..-
MSf re,mttng with unprccedenu
ed succisi. Address, suilng eanerlenc.. uti. .nd
il . 1,1 V' uurc, inng experience, etc
SftXi'J .,D."T,.I" our agents are itolnir.
TIONAI. 1'Uni.lwlUWQ Co. at. l.o Is. Z.
SB totfi2l)''erWy,-Al;cnl"w'1,''1l Allclsisesof
H?V.k"4u worklngiieople, of either sex. ouniSt
mu, inaao more money at work for ua In tliiilr aoarn
!lS"",",,or1 1,'hellmetlianatantihlngel.e, riffle"
ulars li te. Address o. Hloaon a Co.,i'i7rlUud.MatueI
fl Kn-7."F: NwnsE.itY. A ,,0!ITnir
'vfXl. i"fi. ior louvaisT llKADaaii.
sw uiifuiuciu Bi.t DUN lOU.
WOMAN'S RELIEF. fc'V'l'r!'.','!?-
wanted In this county. W. C. I'ui'r 17 will?
LakeHlroet. linij Mi.?.'. ' uxi "
rAoii't rl to procuro MUH. M'INr
Ji'I.OW'rT HOOTHINH BYltllf irmi
wP.S'.TfJ.lf? r.r'Parallnn has been used with NltV.
rJ$t!l!ll'!ftiHn H'V'W from pain" but lSl
jr..Wi,,'.i,lom,lch,,Ml we a,rorreetB Mldlty7a 3
SifSly, ,a " "
Orijknrrsfe tho Bowels and Wind Colic,
lei tlllna oii other i-auso.
seivi!s,aud"'V Tour.
BeUef JKBealth to Your Infants,
He suro tnd call IS
sy Duiaujuriumisutiu-omiiumiii,, worM
S72.00 .WaXgSPi .want:
l.rsfreo, j WQIiTH.'n "x.ouf.1' Uor.uX"!1'
. . . .., Ju
fsft!i l?Wni.l lHO Wllimi ...J
rem'HrettVVeni,.0 Wtt
Aririr-feaai n ua. a";
1 StSiPtlK
1 Afflr a

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