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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, August 28, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Jalt dwmntg Sentinel
ThOlSpcptaior rihd tlio British press
generally, nro In furor of tliu tinnoxn
on bl jhoiFlll lslnnds to tlio domin
ions or Grcnt llrltiilii. It will nmko u
. Rood stopping point for steamers on
their wny to Aiucilcii from Australta.
A terrible famine Is in existence In
I'nlcstlno. Largo mituberx of persons
'..iHnvp already 'uMeitlfroiii trvntlon.
Tho famine seems to bo wide-spread,
nml to bo the cnttso ot ti vast ninount
ot suirerlng, destitution nnd death.
. Ali "fnHSOmpiit lias been entered
lntoljftrveoii Uio United States olllelals
nnd the board of public works of Chi
cago, whereby n HiihMiaus.1! U in bo
built on the, crib that covers the end of
mo mko tunnel. It Is to bo common-
ecu lmmcuintcly, and will bo llulshed
within two months.
Somo curious relies of a past ago
wero discovered tho other day In
Itoekford, III., r.s tho result of excava
ting Into an nuelant mound In tho
vicinity of that place. The relics In
clude a tablo covcrod with hiero
glyphics and characters, arrow heads,
stone hammers, etc.
Tho Canadlaus havo been looking
over tho proposed reciprocity treaty
between that "country uud this, and
they do not llko all Its features. While
uiujf uro wining 10 aiiow tree ex-
cnango or agricultural products, they
tear wo.nliall get the lulvmitngo of
mem in inanuiactures, unless they
should be ruled out.
VA Wi'n'ln' Uiibulne, ' Iou'n,
d a tax-titlo to what Is kno
nnwii tin tlu
UoninH Catholic lllslion's block In tlmt
cnyi .iie rpiuses' to glvo Up Ills title
piiun. ui rcceivinfrnaii tno cstale jwiiitn
his own lawyers regatd as an unreas
.ojiftbK .demand.1 The land is worth
,oho h(nilrcd llibtumiil dollars.
Tho president of tho United States
nnd tho emperor of Hrazll have been
chosen as a court ot arbitration to
nettle a dispute as to tho boundary
between the Argentine republic and
Chill. In c:uo thesu two cannot agree,
the king of llelglum is to make a third
member, and to cast the decisive vote.
Wo learn that several families, who
left hero last spring for Nebraska,
j ,liuvu Informed li Jowls. Umt tlioy LrUoinl
to move back to Mlsbov'rl as soon as
prsslblo. Tho grasshoppers havo com
pletely destroyed their crops. Dekalb
Tho Iron-ship building business Is
largely Increasing in this country. The
Delaware" ship-yards are employing
large Ioicoh of men. It Is said thai
forty-tlve of these ships are In progress
of building In this country at tho pres
ent time. r. '
. Spanish nlTalrscuiiL to be looking
:iip'..Uurrng.tho. past Week England,
Trance and Germany havo recognized
the republic. ..Thls wlll place- the latter
nn tl.-JI-1-....ttAtt. 1..... nil,. 1. I ,.kU.
. l'ni-i t.tv itit'ivtuuiiw wants. 4ifti:uL
concentration ,ot" trops'by both'tepiib
'llcans dn'd CSrlistslias (afcou'iilace near
Miranda, and an Important battle Is
'1 rl t. ' i . ; -
ltoott Ulilitirthiff Thcmsclrcs
to I'ropcr Depth.
Observing farmers have seen tho ef-
loctsorueen planting In wliejit.flblili,
where Stho inass of repots lire thrown
out byJhSg'ralnr Beveral Inches below
tho surface, Is superseded by another
mass nmeh nearer-the fcttfiacu. A wri
ter In the Pharmaceutical .Journal
gives sonfe other exauiples.of ufnio'rc
htrlklng Charaqter. Snowdrop bulbs
were planted twelve Inehes below tho
surface, Several of .them succeeded In
sending nir leaves to the surface, and
prftduced flowers. When tho foliage
began to decay, they wero taken up,
when tho bid bulbs a foot down wero
louiut to havo decayed and perished,
and now orips formed four- Inches bo
nciith (lie i-lirface of tho soil. Gn an
ojher roccnidon some tulip, roots.- had
been left nearly uncovered, or almost
on the top of the earth. After a year's
growth these wuru found to bo only a
skin or shell, but a tap-root had struck
down andl'drmcd liealthybulbs four or
five Inches below. Thus roots Instruct
us how they want to bo planted.
Country Gentleman.
Itocohcr, Jast week, went beibro
the church .cpmmltTco nnd In a long
stalemont.jaDd nn,ali)K)t longer cro'ss
examlimtlon quite completelv annulled
tho ncciisatlon mado.by Theodore. TH
tH'HM!1 Ml' l)I Py telling a plain"
story ol the past Into which ho tliti.il
his own self accusatory letters. ,, lie.
RMVS tllAt liV'Vcnsnil nf 'rfltllllV linmiiF.
nifties he (H.) had' advised ItoSvCn to
remove mm from the jiUlcpe(lent, niu)
hlsifOYfc) wlfo to leave her home. See
ing later Hint perhaps he (II.) had done
wrong ln thlsihef wrote tho lwtt-r.4 trv.
Ing not only to heal the breach between
friends Involved but.to avoid ulunallc.
unjust Jitcusatlon which Tlltou threat
ened ,to mako nguiutt hjs wlfu anil
llcechcr.' At date, Mr. 11. Is on tho high
road to,vludlcit,lon;nnd unlcus-Tllton
nialc(i n y Longer JittnekiiinUMolillon
brings forward that which ho professes
to hold In reserve, the public will pro
noiincy llio,lnft two blackmailers and
liars of the first water. The week ylll
probably give us all the fsiMVnnd'argiit
incuts. Wo believe .Mr. Uccchcr will
be ncqulttcd by almost unanimous vote
"r 1Jv1,:-lU!1,1J(!--'l'!!Jon Wo;dhuI. and
tho gljlcjigonc willlilwndonifhe
chase very reluctantly. y. II'. C7ir.v
Wan Advocate.
Ilotv Soil 1V .llailr.
rrqCesstir Agassi, has said that
pi o)T(pT'iiiTs are neminporcn
roeiH, ami not so much tuoso tlmt un
derlie the soil, but yiosoon ticfctirfaco
nndglonnd to'tjowder by the glaciers
lee all over tho coiitlnunt Is.iho ngenev
that has ground out moro soil than ail
other agcnclesjiut togelher, Tho pen
etratlon4)f witcr Into tliu t cfeks, tor
ests, i nulling water, .ami baking sun
havo'dbiib comcthm;?! but.tlo glaciers
more. In a former ngu thu United
Stales was rnvereil with oa fuivuml
thouirid fttuf tHIckt niid'lho vo inov1.
lug troni north '.to fnth byjth attrac
tion ot tbc'troplcnl warnith or pressing
weigui .01 inq siuy siil lea ueiiinu,
giound the roeuaover which was call
ed soil. These masses of Ico can bo
trackcd'by tho hunter. Ho has mado
a study ol them In this' 'country as far
Boulh us Alabama, but hns,ob!jcrvcd th&l
iy in iiaiyi wjioiv, among uio Alps,
Kliti,lcni..'A' now In progress. The
tones uud rocks ground nnd polished
by the "lucleis can easily bo dlslln-
t'uUlied fVoin pne fci;alcliel. by run
11I112 wafer. Tho lingular boulders
found lu'tlm meadovs and terraces of
rivers not reached by water can bo no
counted for only In this wny.
Clicniter Tint 11 the C'limiieatt
Goods sqld.at.AIni ton & Williams at
11 saciillcc. to niako room for ti'Mnm
moth Sidck.of Tall Goods, Ladles
cjicchUJy)ju'ivltud,i ; 1 ')
Holt County Fair.
Commences at Oroj
Tuesday Sopt. 1, 1S74
Ovor &3,000
All Entries in Ladies'
Department of Floral
An ADDI1KSS will bo delivered on the
l-'lrot Day of tho Kalr by
Hon. T. R. Allen,
Master of the Missouri State Grange.
Tin: eive .iiti.i..tni)s.
It Is becoming dulte a nuestlou wheth
er the tlvo milliards of war Indemnity
from Krrtlirn to (ii-rinuiiv Imvn lint ilnnit
tho latter power moro 'harm than the
........ 1...w... .. IV..
tuttm-i. i itttiiu liiin mum I'lll'Ll l utj
learned the lesson that peace Is more
profitable thauwar, while Germany has
learned that gold Is not always gain.
uermauy lias gained a reiorui in tier
monetary sysiem, nas Kept tiown ner
taxes, nnd prevented tho Increase of a
State debt ; but she has brought upon
herself woes ot another nature that
threaten to bo lasting In their conse
quences. Kxcesslves peculation, and a
terrinle Increase In tno m ice ot all com
modities, have unsettled commercial
Interest to so great an extent that men
scarcelv know where they stand. Tho
decrease In the value of money, and tho
Increase In that of produeo and labor,
make Germany a very different country
from what It was a few years ngo. It
used to be understood that Germany
was about the cheapest country on tho
Continent to llvo In, and KnglUh and
Americans docked thither -In great
numbers In tho expectation of being
nblo to enjoy there great advantages In
social and wlenllllc regaids at a very
small cost ; but all this Is now changed,
and the cry Is coming to us from' irll
quarters that It Is Impossible to llvo
there comfortably without a largo out
lay. The result will bo adecienscln
tho German capitals of tho foreign pop
ulation which has done so much toward
building some of them up, us very
many of tho. Kncllsh and Americans
who havo hitherto resorted to them
will now llnd It cheaper to stay a home.
The St. I.ouls l'ost says : "So far as
St. Louis county Is concerned, the next
election Is already decided. Xo one
who knows how to appreciate eonectly
tho first olllclal net of the St. Louis In
dependents will doubt It no longer.
Never yet has this county seen such n
representation as was yesterday elec
ted ntTiirncr's Hall. Neither tho Re
publican nor Democratlo party has
ever put up a list ot delegates which,
In Internal worth, could be oven re
motely compared with that made out
yesterday. From tho First up to the
Twolfth Wnrd, and nlmost everywhere
and without an exception, our very first
nnd very best citizens havo been selec
ted to represent this county, together
with equally excellent delegates from
tho townships In tho People's Conven
tion at Jefferson City, and there Is no
doubt that they will do It splendidly
and successfully. When old Republi
cans llko Flnkelnburg, and former
Democrats ot tho stylo of Judgollreck
enrldgo, enter tho samo ranks, and
when, by tho eldo of thu best political
names, wo seo those of our moH prom
inent and nblo business men, 0110 word
is suiiU'lent 10 characterize such a
movement, nnd that word Is success
All over tho Stato the people will
welcome this grand entrance of St.Louls
county 111 tho great rcopio's movement
with joy mid satisfaction. Tim meic
names of tho well known nnd esteemed
men who Intend to go hand In hand
with the Independents of tho count v In
effecting tho work of liberation and
putting a sudden end to tho rule of
Rourbonlsin In Missouri, will bo taken
as a guarantee that hero In St. Louis
wo nro not only seriously determined.
but also abundantly nblo to resume our
old position In the ndvanco guard of
tho champions ot progis. Our cltv
has now furnished lrrofraglblo proof
that it intends to do its best, and fav
and near tncro Is not a county in the
State which will want to fall behind In
this patriotic raco. As St. Louis goes,
so goes Missouri ! Tho lisuo 1ms lioon
mado clear ami u-c ....lev.'
body will kni.n In., .tm Low
The St. Louis !.... - r,
"After reading the 11m ol dctogiiti-s
our readers will M.'ice with us that Mm
convention has done its woik well.
Accordlng to thcli I'oi mer pMItPal po
sition, about thi'i'i-ftstlis of the d le
gates wore Republli .ins iiiojI of" lliciii
Liberals, who havo (par.iied from the
part.V, years ago and the balance Dem
ocrats. llut.lt Is scarcely In toiler to
Ud tho-bid party names on the orni
slon. F.vcry 0110 .of tho delegates tins
been elected as citizens, for tin- pur
poso of restoring, ' Independctidly of
the old paitles,. a Ix tO'i- government
than the parties have beep able to give
us. Iie selection" made Is excellent,
and will surprise not a little the old
party hacks; who have hitherto only
lutd sneers lor Iho Independent move
ment. This delegation Is a valuable
guarantee that the Stato Convention
will bo a success, nnd will show tho
Democracy as well as the Republican
parly hacks In advance how complete n
a In storo for tbem et-rieel illv Ti1101" ,nni1 Invlcorator of tbo Britom.
mttoSSmly." ' J '1,OVrte;ohonhoVid
1 . -.-- - - tosslnc tho remarkable iiuaDucB of Vih-
iieier.t is in
In St. I,
.erf -of M.mul A'etir
" Titwn.
Four acres of It, well Improved and
under fence, with dwelling liout-o tor
fifhnll family, -1000 bearing rapc vines,
capable of producing uuo gallons ot
winp nniiuaiiy,loo iienritio; mut trees,
Mich an apple,, peach, pear nnd cherry
trccs.i ' ' 1 j ' . . '
I will sell clif np ht private ?.ilo. For
terms, enrmlro'of the Kdiior of Sr.N-
riiicl, or Qf tho undoislgncd on (ho
premlscif, mile Unist of OrecQU,
FllKU. LANfi.
Also, for sale 01 Shocks of Whit
Itye, on ground.
ISunhclH or Jtavpnhouoc
.ircti itYiffff
For fale, nt my farm near Fillmoro.
This Vhcat was raised on my farm
from seed furnished by tho Department
ol Agriculture. Will sell at one dollar
a bushel,, 0. IV WOODCOCK.
HWll , '
o King
& Kylo'sfor tho lies'
J blackberry cordial In tho market,
J'rrpttrlitu for the Holt Cotm
tu i'alr.
Tho Hoard of Directors of the Holt
County Agricultural and Mechanical
Society met at their headquarter last
Monday. A great deal ol work was
dono preparatory to tho holding of tho
Annual Fair. The Directors mean
business, and nrc determined to make
this the most attractive Fair ever held
lu Holt county. Tho premium list Is
being extensively circulated through
out this county and surrounding
counties. The citizens of tho entire
county should tend a helping hand In
making tho Fair a grand succe?s.
Make your entries early this year, and
compete lively for a premium.
We are pleased to learn that since our
last a number of our farmers, me
chanics and merchants have become
stockholders In the society, by pacing
over the requisite sum.
Fair commence-i at Oregon, Tuesday
morning. September 1, 7l.
.vir .'iDvniiTisnuwi's
Dealer In nil Kinds of
Mr. IiM(r, living nlwiiyi mi lliv l,inl.oiit to
scic hi-. iiaiiiiui'i Mlli dif Im l l,,in,i , li n
lllilili' a-ti.:iif,-liuia mill will kil l Milul) nil
iiiUjii, (i'iii.imHii, li liiimr, lite tin. -I niiiiiil-
luriuiKi, cur, (ii) rrom tlu l.i muck) inunurAU
lin ing i u!iiiiiiir. A (In.-
l nl nmi'i'li-l n lili IiIk i t.ilillliii.i-,n fur nil
lliu.-i- uli, ui-li i, i.iiili Ipiitc In Him M)iilar
K'llH'. HH' lllln 11 I'llll.
Oni'il.iui uuriii nfil.o liii,u! liirgon,
Jlo. nf
Jla'i'l! JiSQE.
v,iri ro-
rromil.i!tiillnn (tin n t nil Innlniim i ntrii tcil
la III 1 rait.. (,ml
"O Pil V liJ ff-5 ET Y
ii' Tin:
l.oi.eMiii v, Iloosi: ( m-sT , Mo., 1
Aiiu-iiit,;lHl, is;4. t
Tu Tiia cli.uk nr tiik mjLr cucnty touut:
Strt II U my iluly t Inrurm sou Unit, unilcr
lllC MOitlsllllMuraii :lrt nf tin, f i.,ini-.l vam.
Iilf . niirivi-il April I. ti:i, ,ylilu u.-nlon uvu
-.. (, .u-i..f,.jimii ,-iiiiniv i riiiiiii'ii ii, ni'nil
to iUiiirlnii4 ul Hie Mulu UiiKii'.liy M
to I11111I1 1 1 11111I nulla, lurlns lliu jviu- ni.llnif
.UWi, 1ST.-,, IU (.Dstii.Liit,, IwUmi-uUiu n4
ol ijlxii'OH ana twenij-.ilvo vihm.
IJmtur llu- rnK-t u.lc.ptc-it hy liu Jl mnl ofCii-rntur-i,
nlmlniu li.il pu,jm u i-uu.1 moral
ch.irncli r, mut nlmll ma . iliirjcturj I'vim
lnullmiii nitlMWiipliy, i i'iullii-f, willliij.npllli
imilu iiinlKi,jriipli 1" mnl intul puv lliu Icti
pivsi rllml uy mililiict, (u-wilt on iinilikiii.iUnff
1111 i-ulram-i- n-o cr ten itolliiM, mnl a c tnll.izr.it
li'oofllyoilollarai una ftlllio cniitliisint li"-nt
I he liriclimlnx of tliutiuo.nl half cur, making
. . . Vllilljiu 1,1. tltiy IIIMIUl l.
llio kvtulun bi'lm 011 tln-.iiilril Alotiilay In
Scpliniliup, 1U1.I i.itliiin!ii loity uk,
Caii-rul proMun It m.lilo I'or.llioiili.rallonor
younj nuii'ii In nil llu-i'lasus irtliulTnli i.
iiisujl 11.11. uil- i-ii'iiunt mnl cujiiiiuIIoii4
'.lluiUoii Mimslou" li.it turn u-t npait mnl
riii'iil.linl 11 11 hoinuror llii'i.ii uliiru, iimlir
tin) c.iro ol' nn pAicrKu.-wl Million, lioanl, linl
niirt I IkIiI Mill liu itr.it Mnl ut $1 per wirk.
ttutlilni) ut oil ct-nts ,or itoicii. lli'.Ulcitili mnl
i.utliiwii will liu iiirnlnlinli mlKr IttiMlii,
civ.-l, &o , utiiitiiiU uro cJipcctnl to luini.li
1 mi? to cull your nttciiiion tu the miiii'iuki!
rxliuct from tliu law on llil, miWi'et.
uu will pk'ii'.f, .till r Kit Ins ttto tvii kii pnUll
cntlon of thli ciuliluate, lruiuii.lt to 1110, 0.1 or
Hie yoiili. ol jour county ttlio luli-nil lo muko
vu.u v'u'.vi-iimi, itiiHiui mo nniiietoi nil
utpllnillOn lor'i'iitriini'i! Into thu Unlvtrslly tit
Hie coiiiineiioi iiii'iit ortliBiiext kessloii.
irmclt Hit Ik not tru.mnltli'il, ituili-nti fioin
nlhi r miiiiiIIm will liu nllowi il to niti r in lieu ol'
tllofe lu 1 tvtilch yuur county U etltllleil.
. ,i"!r'1 ""'i1' lju '''"'n In tin- eolli'iti.
ImllillnKI Tor mate ulinliiiu ut limn $1 'Jl 10
-5" l'ir wieki lii piltute I'unlllej ut 8J to
I uni, very ri'spectfiilly, your ob't eervnnt,
UOIIiniT r,. TOIII),
Secretary Hoard 0 Curator. 0 t?-.(i)eilj 0.V0.
111c beor. tary or the lloaiilori'tirutOM uliull
canst' In lie tiuni-milti'il to tliu t-K-i k of cuiii
county court In this Hutu 11 rt-rt Illc.it-. alullnjr
.... ....... . jiiiiin 111111, nucii ciillllty it t-.lll-
tli'll to It'llll to llm Slut.i ITiili-oi-it., liU ...(
cliolastlo 1 ear, which ecrtlitcatc shall lie pult-
'"""'"J irtwivuuiin i-tviK tor IWII WCCkH. mil
lieWtpnper p.iljlliluil III Bin It collnly. '1 lie ex
pcnsel ii rciirto liu nllowi il lit- Ihecuutitt com I,
mnl palil lor oiitol'lhu county tri'iinuy.1'
l'ciGiis ileslrl.u to niter (ho ilcparttnrntii of
IhohtiiteUnlvirKllyiit Columbia or ItiJIa.ure
reiiiliii lo luukc known llielr Intention to me
on or before September I, l74.
AI,ni:itl'l!flX'Ki:it, flerk,
Comity Court of Holt Coiiuty, .Mo.,
Oiieoos, Mo., Aug. S, 1871. Inl
Dr, J. Walker's Cnllfornlu
TlnoSftV Bitters nro n purely Vcg
ciaVlo preparation, mado chlclly from
tho natlvo horba found on tho lower
ranges of tho Slorra Novada moun
tains of California, tho modlcinal
proportloa of which aro extracted
thorofrom vrlthout tho uso of Alcohol,
Tho quoatlou U nlmost dally asUcd,
" What is tho cnuso of tho unpar
alleled Buccoaa of Vikkoab JUt
teusI" Our answer is. that thoy
romovo tho causo of disease, and
tbo patient ricovcrj his health. Thoy
pro tho great llooJ purifier and a
mo-giving principle, a porfoct Itono-
EOAtt Dittkiis lu beating tho sick of
every ouoaso inau is noir 10, 'i uey nro
n eentlo 1'iirgativo as well as a Tonic,
Tclicvlng Coutrostlon or Inilaminatlon of
tliti Liver and Ylsccrtd Orgaus, In Bilious
Disnascs ,
.Tlio properties of Dn. walk-
BRts Vihuoar Dittbus aro Aperient, Dia
phoretic, Carminative, Nutritious", I.na
tivo, Ulurotio,BoilatIvo,Coantor'lrriUnt,
SuilortCc, Altcratlvo, anil Atl-BUIous,
rtrnsstiu & Oea. AeU., Sao rVonoUeo. Cillfor.
cla, it cor. of WiuhlDetnn and Cuorlum BU,N.V
hold uy ullUr.iggliliaHilUtulcrf, .
Steam Engines and Boilers
II, -I, nml 0 lIorNO I'niter,
M. I.. liU.MI'.tCII.,
ltoum 1, Nut. Uulliting, N Y
A new woik of Inleuac inltrtil ami liitiinslo
Tlv the ulfleil Him nf Itinfiimnna MlVtue Pir.
ley," A giuphlc Ill.toiy of Oeetm Nuvlutttlnn.
Ailventure niul lllcotery lneo the jrk, lie-
pietu tvi.n ouiiiing iiicuients, lenilul UUiislers,
slrueles, perils, Hit., iihnte, itl.o tho ttomlers
betif nth the tieii, lilting. llri-ilgluK, 'J'cl. gruiih
Ing, elo. aa.l s.ilrlleil lllu.tiiitlons. AgenU Jusl
elnrleil iipoit 101 olitn.lu lour tlnvs, IU7 In
ill 1) 1 l.ijii, 7.1 In two ill), cir, bells ttoiul.r
lully f.ii.t. .1,ki Agents ituiileil. heuil for full
ilCtlillon ii.iilrli.'uliiia. w
JOHN r'l.l'.KIlAUTV, DuYcnport, Iowa,
FAIR, 1874.
Mvivatc I'rcmlnnts.
Tb mulertlgnca tttll pay ut the next Holt
County Fair, In bo held In tho rail, tho follow
Ifli fifleA.n lit-rtnlli.nj ,
. Por licit ilmrAiiahbrnl null, lireil nn.lnolil
by .tic. first premium w 00
For Itett 'I lioroitftlilircil Hull, brt.t Will olil
by me, trcumt premium - $10 00
clinrneil .
inrrc e.,.r.es .0 uo llliu.e, no flltrv Tea
rTlIIIJ unilerjlxncil linvlnrr fl Itc-.t iit a large nml
comltioilt.ius ftlllblc U till a View In llitm.
cnmitioilatlim of tin- public, will, new Mock nml
nil the nppoliilx.i'.itii of .1 ilmt-clittii livery, la
tveii uwiirrii inai in- t un nit aiiutiticlioii to nil
who tut or Itlm will, their pi.lroiuiKe.
Hacks, Carriages, llupslcs and saddle
Hois s for Hire, nt all IIouis.
Hrltrrt rurnUlieil for llarka mut Cnrrlnsri
A Daily Line of Hacks
Cnrrylnir Ihoiunll nml iiaMrnscr between Ore
ion mid the K. if. t, .lo. & O. II. llnllroml, nt
f'onyt City, nnd innMnjr coniiertlou ttllli all
piisiicngcr (inlni, la run by the proprietors.
FOSTJvU & DUO., I'noi'.'s
DI3NV13K, 00X.01tVX)0.
ltnltcKnurc In Informing the public Hint I
Imtc .iKitlti li.keii po-Maaloii of I tic ritviirilc
oriliu Weil, Iho Iliilieu House. 'Iho llouiu
11,14 beel. Ihorol.ffll V rt'llovitteil nml ri limit.t,,,,!
nt conlileruileciwt, nml I tttll apiire itoiuilna
or cNpeuau lu initkiiiK nil coml'oiiiililii iimi him.
pyttho limy cull upmi me there. I solicit n
fluiii, of the public piitroniisc, ...ul Mmll exiu-ct
to cn till my old lrlvii.lt when visiting Denver.
Clmrgva leusoiiublc.
Jl. I.. 1IA1 TI.X, Proprietor.
anil HritgfflstH
tiromlncnt N'cm YurL tiliv.lclnn l,it..l., ...m.
tilnlneil to Duiiilna lllck ..bout his AjniIiicooit
oil Cariulei. atntlmr Hint mitii.,.lni.,M ih.u ph...i
mtinculounly, but Unit ifpiilli-ntol' Ills Inn I (akin
hem lor nimilime tvlthout UUcl. On beliiir In
lormeil tlu.t seterul Imltiilloiia ttete iiimle mnl
fulil, bu lii'iulreil Mini loiiml tlmt bis putlent Imil
been tnkl.iKCiiiiiti.lia In bottles, anil not IKndas
Dick .t Oo'a.
What l.appeneil to this pliyalclmi may luu c
hiippeneil io others, unit lunulas Dlifc & Co.
Hike thlainetboil ol irotectlnKphylcliini,iiruif.
Itlsta nml tliemselycs, nml pretentlng Oil of
Sandalwood from coming Into illirepute,
ri.ytlcliins tt ho once prescilbeit.lhe Capsules
will enulliittu 10 ilu no, for tliey conluln the
liiirooil In Hie licl anil clic..icsl Ion..,
DunUaa Dick & Co. usu nioie Oil or Niiuilnl
tvooil in thu iiiiiiiufiiclui-o of their CupHilea Hints
nil the tVholesnlc mnl lit lull Druggbis nml per
lumera In the Uiilleil tatea comblneil, unit this
la thu aolu relisotl tliv Hie mirn ..II I. uni, I
cltiiiiicr lii their Cujisules than lu uny olher
OH, QV SANDAUVOOD Is fust superscilliig
every other rci.ie.ly, sixty Cnnsiilea only lielntr
II llllll
1 veil to Insuru it sttfe il.nt c.-i.iiln i-tim in ..v
01 eiuui titiya,
1 10111 110 oilier liieillcluc can this
rettiii uu nun
Dlck'a Sol
Dick's sou Ciipsulea solve the problem long
tnstile.-ell bv llliinv eminent iiIiisIi'Iiiiim. .,r !.,.-
conslilereil by mnny eminent phtslrlnna, oflioH
to nvolil the liiiiln.-;i nml ill.triuf cxuerlenceil In
to nvolit the 11111111-11 nml illguif cxperlenceil in
atttillowlug, tvlileli are tt ell knotrn lo ili ti uct
.1-0111, it .101 iiebiroy, inu gooi
villtliiblo remcilies.
ellevU of immy
holt C.ipsiileH are put up In tln-foll nml nent
boxes, thirty In inch, am! urc the only cupanlca
prescrllieil by l'liyalrlnnt.
tCf-TlicM' tcrii tint only i'nini.Ics nil.
mlllcil lo tlio lust iMrlN llxitoNltlon.
Hei.il Tor CliTiilnr to.'l. tVnoalerKtreet, N. Y.
Mi.i ,vr am, inti:4 sroiti:s.
Cie.icral Agency, 110 Itentle street, New York.
firoyer b Iljikcr's
iso. o.
Siraplo, Durnblo, Ljght Running,
llupid, Easily Oporatod.,
In Principle, lleautlfitl In Appcar
ntice, in every respect tlio best nnd
most popular Lock Stitch olachlno
307 Xoith KlnhStreit.St. I.oula, 11,10 Main St..
Knnsat Clly .mil Oiimlui, Nib.
V. I,. UltAIIAM, Agt.
Ouiuiox. Mo, 4otf
82500- AiiSSft 82500.
toiiiiiN.vrioN i'uosi'iiiTiis;
ti lull, reiiicselllt anmnlo nniri,H ami Kt.l... ,1
ii 11 tiiiit.it nil liitctikfly liiti-ri'illnir, iinr
'ul nml lint Nfllliiir IIooI.n. Ili thing
1 ll II ll l,V CnurilM,! I A. lOI'lTIi U'.V'I.
I.l. 1 .11 will uil,i It If you Uo not semi for
flli11n.1i , l'osler unil f.lbt'riil 'I'erii.s I or.sc.nl
" j tor l be Ijeiiu.lrnl I,i-uhih,i.iih i.,n nniu i,.-
III unileil) unils., i.'eiurrllory iiioncc. AiIJieAt
.!,,, 1,1 .I'llll.lMll.Mi s.'o.
Ht. koubj, Mo
OfUco, Hocoiul rioor, oicr AVnUoti ,
jicovcs more, llrcson, Mo.
llnvlr.E liermaiieiitlv
lamtcil In Iho clt
Orcgon, tvuiilil reieellully
eifijn. wiiiiiii rckiii-fiiiiiiv nil nn-i
linving ivoik io ilo 111 lils urolessloii to alve him
a cull, Jlnvlng lout Itveuty sitr I'xiieriuice
ill itie t.u.i, lie ueneieH lie cflll git I' S1.I.1UCI 1011.
..it utv(ubiuil9 1 Ul 1 ttlll.Hl, tl
(t.ule Shtnnoiij,
.-...wnlTiTO'i'HIi, ( Olt.S'KU OF
i-fr jliidlson uud Ullnloii striets, ono block
J l uni the Joint Depots uf Uiloiiuu. Mlltriiukee A
ti. ram, i.utcitmi .-s Alton, rittsbuig it Van
t stun Itulllloitds. ilie House Is emumoillnu.
nml iligiiiilly fur.ihiheil, ttith in-nuiiliil siiltes
of looiiis, bnllis, tic. Iho best 4' bu uer due
Uoiiiui un thu cuntliieiit.
, l'loprletor.
For sale, llm' 'Turin of run Ilk llttinorrl,
llireopillis ninth uf FvritCliy, Holt county.
Mo., contiiiclug
ill) of tthleli Is miller cullivullon, llio ueieaot
llili-r Hull, ir.iliiut, IMti Onli, I, Inn uml
oilier Niltltii lllliliir ol good illulllv. tiuuil
Kiiiinlii;. Witlir iimi two l.lting Aprlngs
Die l.uproteimiits uonsi.t of a tubiuntliil
2 Story Drlck House.
I1XIS, ttllli gonil rrliiir nnd liltrlu-n nml other
building, A line Will of Wntrr and -iii k
Will, ii i ui re of )oung lUurlng Orchard nn
lielli'i 'nml en le Iniuid lii Jlult couulv roru
htock t mi
I'rlii . ,i .1 us per aero cah or K . i!t.
lars pel aeie, uiii'-lmlf cash, the retuu.i.iiir ill
tttu u 1 1 v patineuts, pi'tijierly secureil,
Al.hO, the Farm of Thomua FlUmurtla foul
miles north ot'Foiest city, lontuiulng
aoo AOBias,
80 ncrrs In cultlTatinn, Ilia r.inaliider (looil
Timber, Willi good Itnimliig Wuter, The Im
provimi iiu consist nf Oooil Sew Klory ,V
it llnir l'riiitio IIoiiho, UOXII), good Well
of Water, uml Una Young Orchard, uml con Ut)
bought for ten it ,llaraper uere cash,
'iheso gentlemen tilsh to Jo n their relatives In
the htnle of Oregon, which is their reason fur
ottering their propel tynt such low llgurn.
Apply upon tho prcjnl"is, or of
, . , HAWKISH.
I'Uliil Ageht, Oregon, Mo.
Cl'. 8, Ilmvositiiul other fnrii.s lor sale.
" W. II,, Agt,
Xlio Great Cuito
Jttsl published, t'n a Sealed
nnvclop. rrico six cents,
A Lecture, on tlio Jfnliiro, Treatment
nml Itn.llrnt euro nf (emlnnlH'cnkncss, or
spernintorrlifrn, imliiceil by Sclf-Almsc, Inrol
itntury i:mlsloiu, Impotency, Ncrrotia Deblll
IV, nml litipeitlmelits to Miiirlngo gencrnlly)
l'iles, Coinu.iipllpn, Epilepsy, nml Kltsi Men
tut nml riitslriil Incnpnclty, c. lly ItOIimtT
.1. t.ri.VtltWKI.I,, M. 1), niilbor of tlio
I'Hreen Hook," Ac.
'llietvorlil-rcnowiieilAullior, In this numlrn
bio Lecture, clearly piotcs from tils own expe
llence Unit the ntvnil co!iieiUeiicea of Self
Alum' ""'y bei'irectiiully leinotcil tvlthout ineil
irlne, nml without ilnugerous smglcnl niicrn-
llollt. oougiea, iiiKirumeuis, rings urconiiiiii
IIOIIS. ooliftll-s, 111-11 iiiii.'iiis, lilies ui i.uiiiiiii
pointing out a mo le of cure nt once certnln nml
;,wtiiil. fit tvlileh crerv suITerer. no ninlter
11 lini lin Clillilll inn mil ue. nmy I
i,l,i,ni,le. nrll nlplt. ntul rnilfenllv.
iihntl.M comiiiiou may nc. nmy euro ii.iiuecii
fj'tltli l.rcturt will prw a boon to Ihouianii
and ttoiuitnitl
8eiitiinilercnl,ln n plnln envelope, to nnyn.l
ilress, pott-pald, oil recelptofalx cents, or tttc
iot stamps.
Aililresstho I'ulilMiera,
CM At. . I 0. Kt.tNi: ACO.,
137 Moll cry. .. Y.. l'ost-OIUce llox I3S0.
Ij;nitl For Sssilo
i wii.t. si:i.t. aan ackks ot land voii
1 il,IKll. lluutril on the Nlitle Itoml llvt
miles Irom Moiiml City, font front lllgciotr mi'
lour from Criilgllii n grnseu part of thu Comity
90 Acres under Fence, 00 Bearing Fruit
Trcci, Ono Hcuio, Barn and Lets, and
Plenty of Oood Water, with CO
Acres ot Oood Timber.
TKltMS OK SAI.ni l,ooo down, nml ns
KniiHor llicbiiliiiii-L'.
Aililliss, OAI.YIX NIIUIrN,
Oin'J Crulg, Holt county, Mo.
Playing Cards.
Tin: iii:sr-rni: tiiiiAiTsr.
STllAMSllIl'S-Cheniiest klnil mnilc.
ItKtlA'l'I'AH A Otieiip Cnniinon Cuiil.
ItltOADWA Y-t A Nice Common Cur.l.
VllMllN'IAHl-'ltw, fnllrn ItnrLs.
UKN. .lACKSO.S'M-L'I.euii nml poimlnr, fpnt-
tern loicks, viirlotis culoi-s nml ueslgiia.)
COI.UMIIIAM-(i:uchro lleCk) i:xtrn Ounllty.
OOI.1IKN OATHS One of the best cnrils mnilc.
UT. VEIIXO.NS Kxtin Fine, two-color pntterna
AhIi for tlin AIiovp Tnlio No Others).
I'rlco List on npnllcitlon. Dealers aiiiiplleil by
vitrittu L-. jiADOi:it,
qitr ifi ... im i.n,i,.i. tut-,..., K-.w ya.1.
Xti'lttdin, Ovcliimn .Sc Co.
2S)1 ST. JOSIM'l', MO.
pAUTIKt otvnlng I.nmlt In Holt County,
A niiuiiiii ni-i: in u null inu 1 iiirius llueoreil
ri-Biiliirly l.mnl by the U.ilte.l Slnti'8. Cull ut
Iih iilllce nt' III., I 'iiiiiiI e l'li,i-k. nml ua-0
uVIstriiut ol jVll IuikIh
M. 11. MJl'llIt,
4. Oregon, Mo.
Dr. Jk. J. Osaion.
3? Ii y w i c i 5i ix w
orncn, AoncTji-EAST cor.
Mm 1'iiiu.io siiiiAitr, ort5j;o.,
Iti sblence Ihreo lilocks Sout'j lMlitlc .Sijuarf.
(Cutis promptly uttcuilciliU nUlioms.)
IV A N'T'TTTi w m k'vo "ici-gciio
1. Ci-Vi XjZjU. men unit woimii
Business that will Pay.
from l to 93 per Uny, ennbo pursueil In your
own neighborhood, ti ml la stilclly lionornble.
l'urliciilurs free, or luiniplcs Hint will enutile
you to go to work nt once, will be sent on rc
cilpt oftivo three cent stumps.
Ailitresss .;. I.ATIIAM .tCO.,
:.I '."3: Wiuliingloii'St., lloston, Mnss,
TTISA FACT well nuthcntlenteil Hint tlieills-1-
enveryof lr. I.iitvrciico lloy uml Afiff.
Iriiiii'l.ei' is nil liifiilllblo remedy for tlio per
nuiii nt em u of
lllln hltlieito unmiimignblo illsenso Is entirely
iiiultr control us nny oi-iliunry cutiineous erup
tion, A dd reus or cull on the undersigned.
'.':llf Oregon, Mo.
residence Is eight mills X. Ii. of Oregon,
St. Iiouis Hotel,
IIAUNU31 A: ruA'lT, lroirl-toi-H,
Cor. Hccoml niul Walnut StrcetN
t.oenteil nearest Hie centif of business of nny
liolil lu tho city. la
opolitan Hotel
J J uud Washington etricts, (on the site of tlio
"Old bt. ilnn.es." livirjThlng new mid first-
.iii.n viiipeia, iiiriiiiuie iiiiisuii'ii.iing. jeruii.
5 1W per day. tlWltT WaowIiANI),
-ro irietors.
Forest City vs. tho
nml l.int'aiii-iiiit.
On Commerce Avenue, Onudoor from Corner,
Having Illicit up In the best at) lc nllrxt rlntH
JtoliuiriiMt nml M ine I'elltr, 1 am now
ready to serte my lellinv-clllzens of Forest City
ami surrounding country In my line or business,
and shall endeavor nltt u) t lo havo Iho beat tho
country ntr.irila. ,
tiA'0' U(J""1 .""'h, o Oood Mints of Nnlifc
Wine, Deer, Cldir, ftc, call on the under
lOtf FuicstCitr Mo.
"You Want Xt
I'oi' I la Gooil !i(oiUsI
I'dl'ItH I'lisllldll AllIClOHl
Fpr IIh iiliL't'lliiii'
I'm' IK lloimeliolit A'fvrs!
Ttmu) yeae or
('0ii' Own XHroHUlo,"
10 l.irgo pages,, ttllh Illustrations. Every sub
scilher hs eholceof one of llu eo flnu cliromoi
ii fur littler i-lii ilmn thoso oiTcred by other
publisher!. 1'rlco HI.SU n year,
Hend lliiee cent itamp fur sanido cntiy, Ad
iiress r utvn i ircmun i-i.b. v
L """4 "im llullitlng, n. v,
Citiivimstrt. Wnutcil iuif
; for Iho llest Impoitcd
. Free fn u nil Alcoholic Stimulant, go to
47 A. J, IO Mi;!!, Oregon Mo,
1 1 I I M- I 11 11
Omalia& St.Louis SliortLine
Kansas City, 1 k S
il Ml 1 1
Is the Only Line To
St. Louis,
,1ml the East, IVom
llctwie n OMAHA nml RT. I.OUIS, nml but
uuc liettvcen Onialtn nml
This Is the only I.lnc running a
On Arrival of tho Union Paclflo Exprois Train
rnssengers i nning oilier uotitct nnve n ills
ngret'iibloTrniislernt tho ltlver Station.
Q Passengor Trains
w iJaily, reaching all
Eastern & Western Cities
With Lets Changes & In mlt itnco of Oilier
This cntlro ltnu Is enttlniie.1 tvllh
I'lilliniui In lace Sleviiiug Curs,
1'nlnce I)y Coaches mut Clinlr
Minor's t3afoty Platform Couplor,
VoHtliirlionHO A.liXSinlco
, UUUJNU1L JlJjUiavb it. 11-
, 6A.TIcket for sale nt nil Coupon Buttons
lu tho West.
J. 1'. IIAIt.VAHI),
Gen. Supt. Ut. Joseph, Jlo.
a. c. iaivi:n,
lieu. I'nsscnger Agt. Bt. Joseph, Mo.
TECS c3-,Eiavn
Is the most tvoiiderful Bclentllto production of
niw iiiiiei.eiiiii et-iiiur . 11 iiiriusnes me power
of u lilgh-piiced liijtriiment lor u mere trllle,
uml exceeds In iiseiullnessnny mlcroscopo eter
invented. It leteals the hidden tvonilers of
Ood's minute creation us Kits In Vlnegnr.
Anlmitl. lit trot.,.. lt,,ttn.-llt.,uf xmIi.. .i..t
Uoldeit Mnrrotv of n Ilulr, etc, etc, it alto
tkoict TlllClllNA SVIHAI.1S, or Pork It'orm,
wherever!! exitlt inpork.il' IH.l UST 'I Hi: 1 1I1NU
FOlt ClllI.llltKN'AM) tOIINU FOLKS, mid
grown folks too. l'rlce, WI.BII. Sent bv mull,
pnipuld. on receipt or prlcJ. A u'iii:at
i'HAM i: FOlt AUKNTS. Agents Witnteil
cyeryttneie. Jien mill women. Uoya nml
Olrlsi tvholo or spnra time, tliiv-time or even
In;, i oiiMilcte O.itllt liuillid, ii.iktpnl.t, mi
receipt or price. Address, Till: UKVKItlYV
COlll'ANV, !MI Wubrsh Ave., Chicago.
August Berres,
Cabinet Maker & Under
Taker. Wcfet Slilu Public Stittnrc, Oregon, Jlo.
I hnve mnile nrrnngemenls lu the L'mleituker
Unn us to be nble tu litlcilll iiroiuiitly to nil
orders. I keep nil sires of
Also, hi;tai.iu m:itiAi. cani:h,
conetniitly oil baud.
HOSPITAL COFFINS lllrillsheil at 87.
1 it Iho keep u llrst-cluss Ilvrnu, tthlch I wit
furnish ut model lite churges.
43tii3 AL'iJcsr iiruitr..s.
A Pri vt Oonoelor to tbt
HtrntJ, or tLou ftboul to
marry, oo tb pbrilologleU
tujurlca svul tvvetiUooi of
Htit dUeorrici to ti hUoc of ivtv4wUaa, prtwrvlu
Ihsi sinmi,tnlnn Is "
Ul InteCDltlBf work nt iwr hnmlMil n,1
. ith tmmtruai cngrorlnj. ui coautni raliubt
DlurmHlon fQP thaiS tlH am triatrial Allu.iHmnttaini..
Htfii UU It U ft book UiAi coebt to U kept under look
ftn4 Ut, lad not left oirtlntlj tboat the boait.
It eooUlu tb iptrieno and advle f ft fibjaloUa
vboM rrpnlaUon U world-vUi, and kbould bt lo Lbtprl
Ilobe. Uvmbnuee tTerjtlilot on tbo t.bjoct or tba nnet
ftUfa irttrio tbftt la worm JuiowJoz, and macb tbuu Dot
pubUibodlo haf otbtr work.
Btai to tnjr od (frM of poiU) for Fifty OnU.
Addrm Dr. Uuu' UUiowy, Ka, ll , Kiblb itml,
Bt. LoaU, lio.
Notlco to the AfHIcted and Unfortunate,
Before ipplrloi to tbo Doiortoui quuki ho svJt? rtlM la
cnbUo pApura, or nUnf atoj qvuk remtdiea, penue Dr.
Butu' work, no mttwr wbai four olieue U r bow dvt4or.
ble jour oaudJLloB.
Dr. Ouiuooovpteaft dovblahooHof tweblv aviartomiI
la injur ted by aumo of tba toon celebrated norUou profisv
oora or thla eoontry and Roropa, and o bt oooevltad per
AnaUx or by matt, on tbt dl-PMea mrotiooed In bla weika.
otfieo and parlora, No. 12 js'ortti Ugh lb a mat, betwaea
Uarkei aad Cbunut, St. Lculi, Uo.
To the tilior cf Sentinel I
Keltl-.ilitli Kiiikniii
Will you ple.ivt. Iiifoun yi t r remki's Itiut I
iiute u ivpiitte
Ourc lor CioiiKfjiiip lion
and all (llsortlers nf the 'I hrr.iiKnd Lungs, nnd
Unit, by Its use in lu) p.ucliu, I huru clll'id
miuiiiitis 01 citsei, .tun uni gi
for a case it will
Winyrultli, Mil
fvrvr mlUrwitf hi(;
I'lcatitj thaw I
t btiHllt, tmlepil, fcH trorip
ii uitvijg j 1 1( w miMf mut
kttir to nnv ore tou muv
know who i sul.
oblige, 1'ulthnill
ig Irom these-dUeujcs, uud
oo wi
i ni.J.vi:w yoitu
'Merit mttll a-'oll.'
Is tie Cliamnloillaclilrio of (licVurluL.,
nincliincft Kolil in tlio
ilj-'ltitcs in 1STU,
Almostjfftiy Mitqlilno nmy ilo well for n
moi l uiuu, uut, uio
is good ron a life-time.
livery year n.1.1 to It popularity, und Its sale,
nro ooiittunlly uud rapidly lilcreuslng. Thread,
Needle. OH uud nil betvlng Much Inu accesso
ries kept on bunds.
SlnRor Sowing Mnclilno Ofllcc, North
Sltlo PubllgSriunrp, Ono JJaor Wcet
ui Jiiy iioit'i, uicuii, my,
JTOEIj flESTEIt .lift.
407 Slngor Maahlnoa sold in now.
ard County Indiana, in '1870.
TEA'.- Agents wantoa;
TKA AdlCNTS wnntcil III lottrn nml conntry
to ell 1 J4A, or get up club orders, for the lnrg
est 'len Company In Ametlcn. Importers'
Crlces nml inducements to Agents, fend for
Ircnlnr. Address, ltOUliltT WKLLS, 43
VcaeyBt .H. V. L. O . JIox li87.
TACArfitfnn Union, Henry Wnnl ncecher,
Kditor, ofOCt.S.1th Insr, nyst 'l'nrtles wish:
lnilct "l flnb. nml nil who enn get orders
for't.A, should wrlto hint Tor nclrciilnr."
ThtNev lor Weekly Tribune, or Sept. J.1,
snysi "All Ornnges' should wrllultobt. Well
for clrcnlnr,"
The Seylhe,pt Sept, 50,inyt "Itobt. Wells la
thoroughly reliable" Urea
A New Idea!
Sewing lacline
50 Dollars ! !
Buy the World-Renowned
linn I
ail is
tSTTlio Hlglicst Premium was
nwartlctl to It at
Ohio Stnto I'alrj
Northern Ohio Fair
Anicr. Itistltiito, N. Y.)
Cincinnati Exposition ;
lutliiinnpolls KxioltIoti
St. Louis Fair;
Iionlslnim Stnto I'alr;
Mlsslsslnpt Stnto Fair
nua Gcoit'ln Slato I'nlrj
and doing the largest and best
raugo or wfrk. All otlior
Jlncltlitcs In tlio Market
ivcro In tllrcct
tWFoi' Hamming, Fell
ing, Stitching, Cording,
Binding, Braiding,
Embroidering, Quilt
ing and Stitching fine
or heavy goods it- is'
Whorowo havo no Agents
wo will dollvor a Maohino
for tho prico namod above,
at tho noarest Hail Road
Station of Purchasers.
Needles for all Sowing Ma
chines for Sale.
Old Machines taken In Exchange.
Send for Circulars, Prico
List, &o., and Copy of tho
Wilson Koflootor, ono of tho
best Periodicals of the day,
devoted to Sowing Ma
chines, Fashions, General
Nowo and Miscollany.
Agents "Wanted
WllSOB Sdiflfltr
Oftlce, No. J, Korth Sltlo of I'iilillo Unnare.
OniitlON, Mo. ,,w,,l"Bre
GOlllf) f.if Unit .ml At.t.lHn.
W will gho the Oompaiiy's wrlttea wtmnteo with
.vf utrg APIUI. tB
The Best ThingViK Wesiv-
Hlttitil in ind . noar tliu
Elovun yenru Cretllt. 7 per cent Inter
est. percent reUuelloii to
settlers who iinpi?o.
A FREE PA63, To and From the Laudi
..THE rACTN. ftltout litis Ormtt Bre-Low
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Ini nml no wliittrlue ofstoclt'i itltuty ofutn
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Cotil, Ao.i No I.biiUs ownrd by Speculators i
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n tlrst clitss Ituilroat on tlio licit ot a (liesl
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ami improvements. 1 '
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rXRia) TO THB PUBUO, through th rccoat
I or circulars nut general ininrmatlon address
A. 13. TOlflBAMN,
(. - - unt,v ..Kim J'rtiitrinit'ni.
28m3 , TOl'UKA. KaW. .
J8T4 ' I 85
. THEl i'
Agricultural. . County
i.v inn
Tlio Oldest Taper in Northwest Mo.
Itiitillsheit rrery Krltlay niornln'i; nnd contains
nil thu latest news, full reports, Interesting nml
vttltmble cotiuty correspondence, reliable com
mercial ami (nnndul reports, liomeatul foreign
mnrkits, original ami selected nilscelluny, ami
In fuel eMTj' thing that goes to maim up n flrtt
clasi Country Kewtpaper.
i . ",it. A" -'
ljc Dolt tlouutij $cVd
Js tlio best, largest and most vnlunbto Family
Country newspaper In northwest Missouri. It
contains n summary of general news, n largo
amount or correspondence from all parts of tlio
county, interesting selections of prose nnd poe
try, rilltoiluls upon nil tho living Issues and cur
rent topics of the day, and everything ovallablo
which will render It attrartlio nnd detlrnblQ
its a
Family Newspaper
is greater than that of any other paper In Uio
State outside or tho cities and is steadily and
rapidly Increuslng, As u
Valuable Advertising Medium
Till: SllNTlNKI, thenToru ranks among the lint
In the country, uml offers advantages which uo
other paper lu this section cau do,
Our Facilities for
Job Printing
Avo not euipossetl by nny office above fit. Jo
I'jltMPULEff, . ( . ,,
cjucuLns,' - "
BILL-HEADS, t 1 1"
CMIDS, ' ',
I it.-;, it
And nMy 9ll'r varjetlej of special .work t-i ttl
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tl ; ' ii.-.
: ,r .!( tti
. Il.l't.
Irloriobly in Advanoo.
Siibscrliitioftjno yenr. $ 50.
SiUiscrlpUoQ, HlhgSloiitlis.'ytt ci. , .
fto siibtcrlptloni tPi(rar..if thsh six
months, , i , . : ' (..'
No extra chtrgoror delfHrlng the papers 'lV'V "'
i'O "
city subscrlbcn ,by ca'rr(er. ,
A. KLIPPEIi .. . . r
I'uliliBlicr & Pruprietor, ! 't)v i,
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