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U imuitg Sentinel
Oregon, -
21, 187G
lama Utj, St. o$cyl)
& council piup H. H.
THE USD 10, 2i
JllJiT, J 187-5'
Fareit Ctry:
1111 and Express, Xo. 1, dally. -
eept Sunday,- r M
PaclUe XxpreS,iCo.,3, dally, ex-
eept Sunday, 3:45 A. at.
Frets-nt, Xo. ...exeept Sunday. 9:30 A. u.
jhelfht 9. V. except-Saturday, 5:25 M.
jae-iica south.
.r" - fj3tnt Forttt City l
r Xn&l ind"Ejare,'Xo. S, dafly ex--
Ar 11:05 a. M.
Lc. 11:25 A. X.
St. LonUNlght Express. Xo. 4,
daily, except Satnrday,
i-FrelifctrXo;- tt, -dally; except
10:23. r. v.
S:UT. V.
Freights Xo. IS, dally .except
bunoar. .
5:15 r. m.
Gen. Sup't.
' Gen. Pass, Agt.
. K. Win ton,
ft a '
- - r.Tinu C Hi Clrealt Conrt.
eferm, 3d Monday In April, August
and DstemDer ot every year.
Teria of lb Coaity Conrt.
Secular Terms, 1st Mondays In February,
May, August and Sevsmbcr ol every year.
Terni oT Probata Conrt.
Regular Terms, Sd Mondays In January,
Aprtl.Julyaaa, October or every year. ,
raaB pates is ox, nxE wrxK
YSTaera AdvertisJss; Contracts can be mad.
For a tcrm-pfyears at a
Osoorne & Marshall,
Real Estate Agents.
Garden Seeds,
Ircsh and varions, nt
Jt'etc Farm Gate.
Messrs. Wm. Hiillctt and Theodore
P.. Way ot Holt county had a patent
granted them on their Invention of an
improvement In farm gates, which for
simplicity ot construction and easy
-movement surpasses: anything In this
line wc have seen. They sell farm and
county rights, and onr farmers will do,
well do well to examine this gate and
give it a trial.
- Seed Oats
or Sale, at Smith- & Her
man's, Mound City.
Come to us
and have your wants
supplied. .
P. S. We refer to the pyramid of
prices. K. & II.
Go to
& Evans for yoilr
Select School.
In about two weeks after the close of
the Public Schools "Mr. II. Hershbcrger
will open a select 'school, to continue
until hot weather. Terms, reasonable.
Parents wishing to patronize the school
will do well to call on bira.
The best cultivators In the market
and warranted, for. $22.50, nt Cranncll,
Bates & Co., Hound City, Mo.
Go to "D. M. "Martin's, for your Sad
dles and Bridles. 42tf
Normal Institute,-.
Tlie executive committee of the
North West Normal Institute, have
met and decided to nso every exertion
to make the coming session, a brilliant
A first class instructor will bo em
ployed. The term will open during
the latter part of July, and will contin
ue from tour to six weeks. Teachers
may expect n good time. Get ready
to put in an appearance. 42w4
Buy jour Curry Combs and Brushes,
of D. M. Martin, because he sells a bet
ter Comb and Brush lor less money
ife a sm yoae th Is Ide of -St. Joseph.
Has just, arrived from the above cel
ebrated clt a complete .line of
TshUu' & M cbs' detain,
which may be seen at any time, at
Kreek & Heusiibeiigeu's.
S7tfj Oregon.
Wishes to inform his cane growing
customers that lie is making prepara
tion to manufacture sorghum on a
larger scue' than heretofore, rind will
all the wd, and
it the same rafg before.
to be.dcllvercfflff, good or-
tied np in bundles. I have
2 seed. Dotft plant poor worthless
if plant It on, good hjgh ground.
away from small grain, as where
the small grain Is cat where there are
chince, they will sap the cane and the
yield will be poor. 'DonH plant where
the soil is too rich with manure, as the
syrup will be worthless and cane will
blow down and tangle. 42w2'
Michael Spcerle wishes us to say
tbat.be has 1,400 grope vines for salo of
the Concord species. Price, 83 hundred.
Holt County Circuit Court.
April Term, IStG.
At 3J r. m., Monday April 17th,Court
was called. Present Hon. II. S. Kelley,
Judge; Wm. A. Gardner, Clerk; S. T,
Lucas Sheriff; James Llmbird, Prosecu
ting Attorney.
The following were sworn in to servo
as grand jurors:
W. W. Frnzer. Albert Rcecker. J. Q.
A. Shephard, .John C. Massie, Reuben
Fearin, Wm. Frame, Jacob M. Ford,
Peter M. Ijucks, a. ,. Williams,
Charles Peircc, George Meyer. 12
The following are the petit jurors :
Sam. Hershberger. T. S. Brace. Dav-
Id.; Pollock. Fred. Secman, John -C,
Vess, it. u. uraves. Albert Davis,
Henry Thomas. Robt. Patterson. Zimri
Hester, R. W. Dawcon, John Suther
land, Andrew Meyer, Amer Crannell,
A. W. Dunham. W. E. Preston. Sam.
Hardy. Hiram Wisrins.John L. Gomel.
Allen,Hnzlctt, F. Donan. H. C. Miller,
w. B. Davis. C. M. Gullliams 24.
The following gentlemen, icpresent-
Ing the Holt county bar, wero present:
E. Van Buskirk, Thos. H. Parrish.
Dan Zook, T. C. Dungan, R. D. Mark-
land. James Foster. M. A. Duff, J. bos
H. Kemp. John W. Stokes. Wm. Wilk
inson. L. R. Knowles. Henry Shutts.
John K.'McKnigbt. C. E. Barnes, u. il.
May and E. G.Smith 1C
Ex-Gov. Silas Woodson, Gen B. F.
Loan, and T. W. Collins of St. Joseph,
and Lafc Dawson of Maryvlllc.
The first day of court the cases on the
criminal docket were taken hold of. In
the "two cases'of the State against J. J.
Wright for selling Hqnor without li
cense, the defendant was fined $10 in
each case. Motion for new trial.
State against J. W. Shirley, indicted
for shooting a steer, the defendant
plead gnilty, nnd was fined $100.
State against Johustun & Meyers,
selling liquor without license. Two
cases. Both cases dismissed for want
of evidence.
State against John? Smith. Selling
liquor to minors. Tried by jury. Ver
diet not guilty.
State against James Sampson, assault
with intcut to kill. No bill.
State against Jacob Edwards and
Levi Wheeler. No bill. .
State against Thos. Fry and N. J.
Kyger. Continued.
On the afternoon of the 2nd day of
Court the grand jury brought in a true
bill against John Lawrence for the mur
der of his father, Hiram Lawrence.
The prisoner was brought into court.
looking somewhat pale from the effects
of his confinement but appeared very
unconcerned about his fate. The State
declared itself ready to go into trial,
but the dclencc asked that the case lie
over until next morning. The hour
for trial the next day having arrived
the defence begged for still further
time, which was granted.
N. B. The Lawrence murder trial has
been set for Tuesday morning, April
2olb. Great interest Is manifested in
this case by ail classes ot our people.
Coloring, Scouring, Pressing
mitt Jlepnirtng or Gentle
men's Clothing i
N. J. Embree, formerlj' of Philadel
phia, is now located on the west side ot
tho Public Square in this city in the
above business by a new process. All
work warranted to give satisfaction.
or no charge.. Cast off Clothing made
to look nearly as good as new.
PitiCEs: Overcoat colored, cleaned
and pressed, $3.00; Body coat, colored
cleaned and prcssed,$2.00; Pantaloons,
colored, cleaned and pressed, $1.50;
Vests, colored, cleaned and pressed
Where scoured and pressed only,
a deduction of fifty cents on each gar
ment will be made. Cull and examine
goods on hand at my place of business,
west side Public Square, in McKnigbt's
building. Repairing done nt lowest
rates. fc. J. EMBREE.
On Wednesday night, the 19th inst.,
a large number oi tne uemocrau oi
Holt con nty met at an informal meet'
ing in the largo hall over Chadduck's
store, Brick Block, Oregon.
On motion. Dr. J. L. Johnstnu, of
Craig, was called to the chair, aud
Jndge R. H. Russell, of this city, was
chosen sccretaiy.
The meeting was then addressed by
ex-Gov. Silas Woodson of St. Joseph,
and Hon. Lafc Dawson of Maryvilfe,
and a number of gentlemen from Holt
county. The speeches were allmbcW
half of a thorough organization olwte
Democratic nnd all other elements,
opposed to the present disastrous ad
ministration of our national affairs.
Jt was then on motion, agreed to call
a Grand. Itaiiy oi ucmocrais anu an
others opposed to the present admin
istration of affairs, to meet on Friday
night, April 21st, nt the same place,
to thoroughly organize the party; ap
point a committee for each township,
and such other business as may come
up before the meeting.
Come one, come all, that can heartily
join with us in the cause.
By order of the meeting, .
J. L. JOHNTUN. Ch'n.
Jt. H. Russell, Sec..
D. r Martin sells
Harness cheaper
than anybody.
Smith & Norman, at Mound City,
have received a stock of goods that Is
second to none In Holt county. Every
line complete. Prints by tho cord.
Cottcnades at all prices. Shoes direct
from the manuffcturcr. New stock of
Clothing, Hats, &c. Buyers will do
well to call on them.
Go tdEmbree'e!- west side Public
Square, and get your Old clothes' dyed,
nnd.mado.tQ look as.gqoil as'riew.
You will find all kinds of nice and
fresh Dry Goods, nt
Kltr.EI Sf HFJiaiWERGEK'd.
Ml Kinds of Personal ana
Jk'eighborhood Items Jotted
JOotcn by Our "Localist."
-Holt county Is hardly west enough
lor some of our young men. On Tues
day, the 18th, another batch of our
young men took Horace Greeley's ad
vice and have gone west. This time it
is Harvy L. Williams, Edward Poin
dexter nnd George Williams, of Forest
City, who go wost per rail via tho At
chison, Topeka & Santa Fe road to
Pueblo, in southern Colorado. H. L.
contemplates establishing a branch
business either in tho San Juan gold
mines or somewhere else.
The rain on Tuesday night the 11th
instant was the heaviest ever exper
ienced in this latitude. Thegales.of
heaven were opened and the waters
came down in torrents. The three
prongs of Squaw creek, in the upper
end of the county, were higher than
ever known to be by the oldest settlers
of the county, and fitteen county
bridges were swept away as if by a
besom of destruction," impeding trav
el and entailing a heavy loss on the
Mr. Jones of Kings grove informs'
us that the late great rainfall' In that
part of the county was accompanied by
bail of the size ot a wdlnut. Tho dam
age to fences, stock and bridges was
considerable. Mr. Sam' Bender had
2,000 feet of fence lumbef swept away.
Mr. Tob. Millard lost eleven hogs by
drowning. And many other farmers
suffered proportionately in their stock
and fencing. Fcnco posts were wash
ed out that were, four feet in the
nrJ. B. Butterfield has refnoved,
from Forest City, Mo., to Hamburg
CIt is a trutbtnl saying that if win
ter does not come in season, it will cer
tainly come out ot season. The snow
storm of March and the blustery weath
er ot April np to the 17th day, abun
dantly prove this. Wc are writing on
the 18th of April, and not a peach to be
seen in bloom.
CSTTbo dam work on the. so-called
Slmcro fill, carried, on by, tlwlcjty of
Oregon, ior mo purposeoi preywiinjj
Pine street from washing, .has-been
completed at -a TOst or -$259100 As
these wofka. withstood the latirfffeshet
bravely, it Is nopeu .no lnrtne.rv.iroumo
from that source need be feared,
j3TThe classic Nodawajvffowing by
onr eastern border, has been remarka
bly high this season., Considerable
damage to lences anil stock Is.rcport-
(STBig Muddy is feeling the effect of
the heavy rains along the 40th and 41st
parallels. It Is rising steadily opposl to
this connty, and considerable drift
wood is moving down stream. The
river Is making serious inroads at var
ious polntB along the line, and is parti
cularly hostile toward thciallrood com
pany. (5TThe April shower on UicUih was
intermixed with ajittlcsnqw. a ,.
,trF"James L. Alien. briaof; the, petit
jurors U. S. District Court,, retnrncU
from, Jefferson City iwcSSft 1
reports tho creeks snd 'streams of the
lower Missouri Valley lu! to overflow
ing, and a great dcal of lowland under
Q-Tho measles are still prevailing
in some parts of the county. -A' num
ber of grown folks in northeastern Holt
are down with It.
STAIr, Timothy Sumner of King
Grovt, Holt county, "aiuT Miss Lizzie
Slater of :Nodaway cou ntyXwereij ni ted
in ft6.'6onJds.-ofholy matrflnop3n the
7tlf dayot'Aprllf 1876. :id- not learn
the. namo 'ofJhc'offiehiUng minister.
rrr-Somc whtatflelds in.thc Nodaway,
bottoms have been badly washed. The
stream has been unusually high this
spring, and out of its banks in many
places. On Wednesday the water was
r-Monday night a Mr. Rice, residing
2 miles north of Craig, hail two horses
stolen out ot' his stable. MrqR. had
Gut recently 3bpught nhera 'from Mr.
Win. Redmo'n, and one was ot a dark
brown and the other a blood bay color.
The thieves wero tracked for some dis
tance, but clnded the vigilance of their
GTAn empty pall, standing in the
yard of Mr. A. J. Tolby in upper Jlolt
during the late big rain, was. on the fol
lowing morning found to contain nine
iuches of water. Big rainfall, this !
tyJobn Vandcrlinde, formerly drug
gist of this city but now General Agent
of the life Association of America, fa
vored us with a call at our Sanctum ;
as did also Mr. G. W. Kershner, asses
sor ot Holt connty, just returned from
a four week's visit to his old home in
BrMr. S. M. Taylor, of Tipton, In
diana, is jilslting in this county and is
the guest of his brother , Dr. H. D. Tay
lor, of Union Township. Mr. Taylor
fings hero a great number of Indiani
anm who he used to know iu the
HoLicr Stnto.
WThllip Pingcr, an old friend of.
oursTif St, Joe, was up on Wednesday
and favored us with a call ; pnd so did
Mr. N. C Schlupp, of the same place.
pWarcgret to learn that Mr. .Abe
Moore ofKing Grove, is prostiatcd by
an attack of typhus pneumonia.
Notwithstanding the busy sea
son, many ot the farmers of Holt coun
ty may be seen this week in attendance
on the Circuit Court. The April term
of the Circuit Court comes unhandy to
most of our agriculturists. The reme
dy is with the Legislature.
This has been examination week at
tho Oregon Graded School. This,
(Friday afternoon) the fall and winter
term of school closes.
(2T We hear of a number of persons
in northern and northonstern Holt land
Nodaway county, preparing to come to
attend the Normal School at' Oregon in
September next. 1
(JRobt. Montgomery, ot' thebank
ing firm of Montgomery & Norman,
started for Jefferson City last Saturday,
He will work with that-adjusting com
mittee for a short time.
fKg-DnrJng tho late great rain the
waters near Mr. Luke' Dawson's, ,who
resides east of Craig on a long ravine
extending through the bluffs into the
Missouri bottom, rose very high, carry
ing everything before them. The next
morning Mr. Dawson found near bis
residence an immense pile of 'drift
wood, consisting of saw-log, fence-rails,
trees and all kinds of rubbish. There
was timber enough in the drift to make
several hundred cords of firewood.
EF'During the late rain Messrs. John
Caton and Cad McCoy "lost 40 h'oad .of
hogs by drowning. Chris. Shults lost
20, and G. W. Gaskill eight heads. Tho
flooding stream washed a barrel of ap
ples out of Mr. W. Hi. Sharp's cellar,
and carried it to the railroad, a distance
of some three miles. Plows and culti
vators! were pretty generally icatted,
a'nd-eomo' wcrolf onad two miles away
from where they had been left the day
ryThe upper story over France's
Drug store, in Forest City, Is being fit
ted up as a Public Hall. It is a room of
22 by 40 feet. Candidates who desire
to present their claims to the "dear
people" ot Forest, City and surrounding
country had better make a noto'of this.
EyJudge Van Wormer is of the opin
ion that the damage to private and pub
lic property in Holt county, caused by
tho late freshet, will not bo less than
$15,000. '
iyMr. Sumner, :whose farm is lo
cated in tho extreme northeastern cor
ner of Holt county, on the Nodaway
river, has discovered a four-foot vein
of coal at a depth, frpm Jhc i surface of
29 feet. Mr. H. is now tuning measures
to sink a shaft and work tho mine.
This mine is located only six miles
south of the celebrated Quitman mines.
rHouso cleaning, whltwashlng,
painting, sha'do tree and shrubbery
planting has commenced in real earn
est. Who will Immortalize himself by
planting some'Ccutcnnlal shade trees
in the school yard at Oregon ? All par
tics who will thus distinguish them
selves, especially If the trees planted
should prove successful, will be re
membered by their fellow-citizens.
QrWe acknowledge a call frpm .Mr.
D. H' 'Salinger, 'travelling agent yfor
Kohn, Winenian & Co., Wholesale
Clothiers of Chicago, Ills.. Mr. Saling
er, represents one of the tho heaviest
wholesale houses in Chicago.
62?"we were also favorqd with calls
from the following gentleman : L. M.
Ma editor Mound City Globe; Judge
Dan Van Wormer, Wm. Lawrence,
A. C. Wilson, Col. Wilkinson, J. Q. A.
Sbepard, C. M. Guilllams. Amer Cran
nel, G. W. Gaskill, Chris. Shults, Dr.
H. D. Taylor, Wm. Drury. Wm. Frame
R. W. Dawson. Dr. S. S. Bacon. Arthiir
Williams. David Pollock, Henry C.
Miller, II; C. Smith, Chris. Catron and .
son, Jtoyal Van Dusen. MrJ ghurik "hnd
'Squire T. C. Simpson, df Flag Spring?,
C-Mr. Caleb Miller is instiucting
the young folks in the Gravel Hill
School house, recently compieteU Ttf
District 71. Tills hoiise is a structure
of 20 by 30 feet, ond is located U mile
west ofKing Grove.
E?Oiir reports concerning the grow
ing winter wheat is most encouraging,
and it appears there was a greater, nuni-
bcr oi acres oi tnis cereal sown last lau
than at any previous time. In passing
through the county, you can behold
waving fields of wheat 40. 60, 70, .80
and 90 acres in every direction. No
preventing Providence, the yield of
wheat this year in Holt county will be
immense. The Lord be praised !
"Wc see by the appointments of
the Missouri Conference, M. E. Church,
that.Rev. W..L. Edmonds Is returned
toTOregonI H. Hopkingjs presying
elder; Mound City, W. II. Bassett;
Fillmore, G. Balson ; Graham, R. Dev
lin. Appointments next week.
On G1A'IZ.1 TlOA
- J)
of the
r -T777 TCI
According to'cnll; the CountyJlepub
lican Central Committee met at'Oregon,
April.- lOtlT, 876, and organized by
electing E. L. Allen, Chairman nnd S:
P. Jewell, Secretary- Members present I
E. L. Allen, East Lewis; S. P. Jewell
by proxy, Benton; 'David-Pollock, Nod
away; Jonas Whitmer.by proxy, Liber
ty; A. W. 'Dunham, BIgelow; C. W.
Pcjrcc by proxy; Eorbes.
On motion, vacancies for the unrep
resented townships were filled by ap
pointment as follows:
John M.-Cannon.'.Wcst Lewis: G. W.
Gaskill. Union; Z. Hester. Hickory; IIJ
t. Hankers, Lincoln ; J. u. liradtoru.
On motion, the call of the State Cen
tral Committee, recommending Satur
day May the Ctlr, 1876, for the election
of six delegates to represent Holt coun
ty at the coming' State Convention, was
adopted, Therelpre,
It was ordered by the Holt County.
Committee, that the Republican citizens
ot Holt county meet in Mass Conven
tion at Court House in Oregon, on
Saturday.May UteiCth, ;1876i
at 1 o'clock r. m., for the purpose of
electing six delegates to the State Re
publican Convention to be held nt Jef
ferson City on Wednesday tho 24th ,'of
aia', lBb.noj tner purpose ot electing
delegates to the National Republican
Convention to be held at Cincinnati on
Juq'c tho 14th; 1876.
On motion the committee adjourned
to meet ou May thejOUjr.lSO.aj.Oregon
E, L, AMrfENi Chairman.
8. PV jEWELL,'Seo'y.: '
On Improved fanning properly. In
sums from $1,000 to $10,000, on five
years, time, at 10 per cent interest,
Apply to 1 ' ;l L. 0-. BARTLETr,
Oregon, Holt county. Mo.
Satislaciory abstracts' of JHtlo must,
Iu all ca.sos, be furnished by. applicant,
41w4 .
Read notices tp contractors,
News Coxdexsep,, -April 17. Thp
towboat Tbictatpr Vqjilded with tije
Bridge spanning the Mississippi at
Hannibal. Nine lives were lost. Dam
ago to bridge $25,000 -..The Lower
Mississippi has broken thro' its banks
at a number of places near Memphis.
It is feared the overflow will be greater
this year than at any previous time.
......The SnyLcvj", two miles above
Hannibal, gave way and the waters
are rushing in npon the lowlands. 200,.
000 cords of wood have been swept
away. River 174 feet above low water
mark. This Levee cost $2,000,000.
Special Bargains
w 1 1
M the Bed Front, Forest City.
50 Bolts fine yard .wide Brown Mus
lin, at 9 cents per yard by the. Bolt,
worth 121 cents. ''
20 Bolts yard wide soft finished
Bleached Muslin, at 11 cents per yard,
by the Bolt, worth 15 cents.
100 beautiful pieces Spring Calicos.at
8 cents per yard.
40 pieces good Dark Calico, at 61
cents per yard.
100 pair Ladies' Kid Gloves all colors,
at $1 per pair, worth $2V
A splendtd article of Syrnp In 5 gal
lon kegs, at $3.50, sold elsewhere at
$4J50. .
Thc,hlehest market price for Butter,
Eggs, Ilides, Tallow", Beeswax, &c.
42tf ' Forest City.
Hon. David Rca onr Congressman,
has conferred a great favor oa the
Maryvyic Library-Association, "by pre
senting it with two large volumes of
United States Medical ancLSargical re
port of the Great. Rebellion. These'
volumes are, very valuable, and to
our. physicians must be a rare treat.
Mr. Rea ccrta!nlt)eserves..the warm
est thanks ot the-assoclation for this
courtesy. Mafyvllle Itepiibltcan. ,
Married near Mound City-, April 18,
1876, at the residence ot tho bride's
parents, by Elder .Wm. AGardner
Mr. RoitEKT Youxd and Miis Louisa
E. CiUkk, all of Holt county, M6;
The "Cradle,
Born, April 14. 1876, In- Bluff City,
to Andrew, and Ellh Payne a daugh
ter. 2
Bom! April 4, 1876, 'in-. Nodaway
township, to Chas. L. and TWzzle Hoff-mau-a
daughter. r
Born, April 6. 1876. in Liberty town
ships, to John nnd Lizzie Zook a
Born. Apriri2)l870;in Union town
ship, to John Scott and lady a son.
! i
The) Gravei
lS rV 1. t .1
Died, April 15. 1876. In Forbes. Mo.,-
Anxa tVAXS, uaugnier ai oamnci
nnd .Mnry Evans, agedlS years, 10
months aud 15 days. S-
Administratrix's Notice.,
OrnCEls hereby Riven that letterTof ad
ministration uuon tne .estate or Hanson Murray,
len-uiKl, have hren granted tannic by the
rrobate Court of Holt county, Missouri, Tjear
intr date of Jununrv 0. lf7U.
. All persons havluir claims ajralnst said rstatei
are required to exlitult tnem to me ror allow
ance, within one year from the date of said
letters, or 'they may b precluded from any
benefit ot such estate; anil if said claims be not
exhibited nllliln two years from the date of
said letters, they will be forever barred.
43wl Administratrix,
Notice to Contractors.
Building ,Jfcuf School House
Js Crete.
UijtrictlXo.ilO. JXovrnshlp CO.. Range 37.
known as KIcuol'aGrsve Scbaol l)llrlctj hav
ing1 noted to erect aTbewischool house; notice. Is
hereby given that the contract will be let and
bills for the construction ot said school house
will tea received UJ to Ji o'clock, on
'M'Mdliy,i'Maw-l?ith 1876.
Spccificatona can 'be seen at the residence of
the undersigned, who uI?o'rcse'rvc3 the right to
accept er reject any or all bids.
' In oehalf ol (he School Board,
43wl District Clerk".
For Building Bridge-'across
Branch ofSo;au Creek.
NoTlCE Is hereby given that I, the under
signed Commissioner will receive scaled bids
nntfl 13 o'ctocky noon, .on . 5 ' ' j
Monday, z the '1st toyo.JIay,. :,1876,
at Oregon, for the building of allrUge across
Squaw Creek, on the jectlonllne between
Section. M ana 31, lownsnipui, uange. Jiuu
county, Missouri.
The material to Im uswl in'the. construction
of said bridge will be furnished on the ground,
also the p'lling driven for said bridge, by the
cpmnUssiouer. Bids subject to the approval
of the County Court.
For plans and specifications apply at Connty
Clerk's Office at Court Ilouse, Oregon, Mo.
41 w3
Road and Bridge Commlsslontr.
1IEREAS. James Devcney br his certain
iiceu 01 irusi. uaien me am uay oi .miiuary.
1H70, and recorOrd la the Itecordsr.' OOloe of
Holt county, Missouri, In Hook Si,'' at page
41, conveyed to thenadsrsigncd trustee certain
real estate, lyliis Slid being situate in tot county
or Holt, aud State of Missouri, and described as
follows, to-wit:
Heine a part or Lota Fifteen (15), Sixteen (18)
and Seventeen (17) iu Block Twenty-live (iS),
cmmeneing.at the corner of the alley betwirn
Commercial nid Bluff streets bu Grautl Avenue,
tbence running on Grand Avenue Forty-two
(infutt, . thence north to.same alley, .tht-nce
along tie alttr.to theplacq sf. beginning as the
town plat of Forest City designates s
- Abu, two certain Hume buildings altsatcd on
Lot Xo. Eight (8) in Block Fortj-Uve (43), In
the town of Forest City, Holt county, Missouri)
Which fcaid conveyance was made to secure
the payment of a certain promissory note;ix
said deed of .trust described and set out; and.
whereas, the said note Is now due and unpaid
torether with the Interest thereout
Sow,-therefore, notice.. is hereby Riven that
i me unuerstgnm trustee, wiu inraccoraance
With the terms and wroylaUns or said deed of
trust, at tba request of the legal holds r.ol said
note, ,on 1
Tuesday, the 18th day of April, 1876,
at the CVntt lleiise door, In the city of Oregon,
In the county of Holt and state of Missouri,
between the hours of tea o'clock lathe fore
noon and lire o'clock, in the afternoon of that
day. prococd tw sell the property herein de
scribed at public' vemluc to tne highest bidder
for cash, to sillily the debt secured by said
deed of trust, and all necessary costs and ax-'
ptoses Inourrcn lherenndr.T ' ' ' ! -
SS-wa , TristtY
411 ana 413 . FELIX STREET,
Whose Mammoth Establishment has now fairly" opened the Spring-and -Sommr.canipgign, by
opening In St. Joseph, on of the . . - -
1st fflrte Stocks of Foreip aii lAjlly-M
airei before opened In the metropolis of tha Xarthwcst, In any Retail Establisbjusat, and one ot
the largest West of the Mississippi. Xotlce our ' J.i
Cashmere Laces..... ;
Cashmere Ties
423 dozen Corsets of all grades, from i
3,800 rarasols (In beautiful designs) from
4,800 Ladles' Silk Ties, in all styles and prices
Hamburg Edge, a very large stock la all prices
323 dozen Handkerchiefs . all Llaea, from...
175 dozen Ladles' Handkerchiefs from".
OSS dozen Gents' Handkerchiefs, from
Their goods are actually 30 per cent below actual
ftlBBOfi DEfJfTIEfT' f
In, this may be found all the latest styles In ribbent. In all grades and prices. Attention la called
to the splendid stock of infant and chlldrena'gooda In this department.
tS dozen Chlldrena Welt Ptqat Bonnets, for.... S5 eecti each, only half price
173 Cbildrens' Lacer Bonnets, for.. ., ,..JX cents, worth 1 00
75ChIldrens' Cashmere.and Merino Cloaks, double and slagle cape, very beautiful and at great
bargains, fom 82 SO and upwards.
Tf v. . ;
WqifE Qoods DepjmtiheJT'
This Stock is Especially Worthy ef Atfeatioa as it Ceatalas to
Maay Veeds needed far Erery Day Us.'-
5,000 yard White Corded Pique a.V cents per yard cheap at 1SK
6,500 yards White Corded Eiqne .;.'..i.'......Uj cenbper.ysrfehap-atlo
430 dozen all Linen Towels, from $t t s per dozen
485 dozen Xapkins j.,.., 73cenU to 83 per dozen
800 II by 4 QoilU, (Iu than wholesale price).....,,.. .,i....,.j....A.....L'to M iBeach
45 pieces Turkey Eed Table Damask w.&M.;...V..-...73 ceita peryanf, ifortli 81
SS pieces Turkey Bed Table Damask (splendid quality);.
SO pieces Linen Table Danusk, half bleached..,;. .j-
15 piece Children' Cloaking,. for; 8......
10 piece White PIgue Cloaking with colored check....;...-,'
Cloth 4 PAssitenMirmtvtT
Offers ipioj attrmcUe brgajn. We pete few : ? ..
.Crc'ASSlNETS "soc tSTl6c per yjCrdIs i1 AW . ,'li2Z
EJEANS, (splendid quality 20c TO'SOc PER; YARD.
usTCASSIMERES, (all wool warranted)', 75b AND UPWARD
tSPBWG1I,UMMEIltCQATING, (In beanUful patterns.). $1.00
& vt 5 A -1-'J)ERv-Y ARP'
- SOc aud40c.i (Worth double the money.)
The attention of the Ladlea UeaaKxlally called io this sticif iPleas"i note IU conteiu
150 Pieces Plaid Dress Goods, efigTSK
nnd would mention a? specially' Attractl vend Bcantltul Styles those, at 22jc,
25cand27jc.-' - '' - ,l
.125 Pieces of Plain Dress ods;io?LvdarfPerfce?
ranging fromr.10c to $1.00 per yard. . ,: . , , .
25 Pieces in Black c&WBite Stripes $'Cfie5ks,
at 75c per yard, usual price $1.00. (UnnsnnI bargain!)
50 Pieces Black & White Stripes & Checks,
aMrcolprelBcks and stripes, 2uSi?r?lrtPsr
We have the Largest Steea?f this Goods la
(gr$1.00; $1.15; $1.25; $1.35; $1.50; $1.60; $1.65; $1.75; $-2.00; to $3.00 and
upwards. The $1.25 number and npare; of tho. CELEBRATED GENNET
desirable in Black Silks. Having made this purchase in large quantities for
cash, at most extraordinary advantage,
And we unhesitatingly recommend
unusually rare opportunity for-Big Bargains.
We are offering tn
: '.',' ' - .I!, -'.'.
Particular attention Is called to oar
Cloak and Suit Department,
Hosiery Department,
'Glove Department, ' ;
i siekolelA Muslin Iepaxtnioait.
PLaW3 ' ' '
i'W'-'ii 418 FELIX STREET, .ST. JOE, MO;,
.13 cents to 1,00 per yard
JO cents and upwards
lOcsnU tattOO
.7.i.(.i55emS"ti t'li 00
i...75cnts to WOO per dozen
.1..10, 13, SO, 23 and 3D cents each
.....20, 33, 30, 40 and 50 cents each
T.-. . .90 eeata per yard
;37 cents, worth 35
per jard; (great bargain)
.' S3 cents' peryard
These are special baigains. (
TWEEDS. Boaght tojcloseatSOc, 26c,
the West, at prices ranging from
wc are enabled to sell this entire line of
them to our customers,. as. aflording an
these goo4s omef tht
anyclty, . - . . .
andtDomestip Depakment,
A., .-JR. McKIMEY,
Sheriff's Sale.
VllEEEAS, Wllllam-Winkler brhimort
.gage with povrer or sale, dated the 1st day or
.February, im, conveyed to Holt Connty, la
Missouri, the following -described real estate,
.lying and being situate In said County and
.Mate, , to-wit:
fyzf Six 161 and Seven fj in Bleek Xlne 3,
jjd Lot Twelve IliJ in BioctTen flOJ, as des
Ignaledjin the.plat of Forest City, Iloltcaunty,
Missouri t ,
Which said conveyance was in trustto secure
the payment of a certain bond as in said mort
gage with power or sale Is described; and,
whereas, It is provided in said mortgage that
In default of payment of said bead accordlMgto
Us- terms and effects, that the Sheriff of said
county might .proceed, without, suit on said
mortgage 'to sell said mortgaged premises to
aaOsiyaald debt jind, whereas, default has been
made in the paymeot-ofsaid bond; and, where
as, the Couaty- court did on the !2d day of
March, ltCC, make an order entered, of recant
Mmminllflff -rh fihrffr til said. count?-to Hell
said, premises, or.. so maehahetfOfVa wilme
snillclent to satisfy saia ceo mierew ann oosij
Xow. therefore, br virfaeLoT'sald'aOTtgage
anu oruexv-LWiu,
Tuudaytht,25lh. daopJfril, 1876,
at the Court Ilouse door Jn the city of Oregon,
of Holt rounty, and State of Missouri,
Ofiferefti tie boors of niwo'cloctlln, the fore
noon and five o'clock in the afternoon of that
day, expose to sale publicly at auction, ror casn
in hind, all the right, title and Interest of said
defendant William Winkler of. in and to the
aboye described real estate, or so much thereof
as will be sufficient to pay said debt, interest
and cost. 8,1 LUOAH. -
J9w Sheriff ef Holt connty, Missouri.
Sheriff's Sale.
T -VBtTTJE and anthorltr of a ceneral ex
ecution, lssned from the office of the clerk
of the Circuit Court of Holt county. Missouri,
returnable fit Jbe April term, Is78, or said
court; and to one directed, in favor of Samuel
juisworuana against uiiuam iierrm.i nave
levied upon and seized alt tha right, title, .inter
est and claim of the said WUUam'Herrln of, in
ana Mine louawingueseriDeu rai estate, 10
wit: Lots OieflL Two'fn.TbreeHft. Xlsrht (SI
and Xine (8) Block (1) Lots Two (2)Tnree (3)
Four (4) and fire 3) Block Two W); LotsOue
ij anaxwo-r2j iuoci xnree mi'iAxs one mr
T wo (2) , Three (3) and Five (3) Block Four (I) :
Lots One (11. Two OI. Three (31. Four (41 and
Five (3) Block Five (51 ; -
uts une ii j, two m.TBrec 1 31 , rour 141 ana
Five 31 Block Six Il: Lota One III. Two 21.
Three 137, Feur 141 and Five 51 Block- Seven
(71 ; Lou Two 2 , Three 3, Four 14 and Five
15 Block Eight fJ;
All lying and t;lng In Ilmin' Addition to
the town of Forbes, in the said county of Holt
and State of MlAocri; and I will,- on
Thursday, the ZQth dayqfpritJlSlC,
between the hour of nine o'clock in the fore
noon and are o'clock la the afternoon -of that
day, and daring the aessioa.of the Circuit Court
of said licit county, at the Court, llousoloor,
in the city of Oregon, county of Holt aforesaid
sell the same, or- eorronca thereof as may I
required, at public vendue, to.tfaeihlghest bid
der, for cash In hand, rsnbjectto, aU prior liens
and Judgments,) to satisfy- said execution and
costs. . .XTJCAS.
39w4 Sheriff of Holt couetyMU.suri.
Y, YIIITUE and autfcoritvof.a saeclal exe-
entJoB, issued from the office of tfce-clef k of the
Ctrealt to art of Hott eoewty.-Jfissottri.Tetnrn-abla
at the April term. 1S76, of said court, and
to roe directed, In favor of David Worsham and
against Henry Yf . Peter, I hare levied upon and
seised all the right, UBe, interest and claim of
me saiatienrv n..reieroi, in anu touwiot
lowtng deseribtd real estate, to-wit r '
It Five 5 Block Forty-six KG Lbt Two
J Block.Twenty-twl2I; Lot-five 51 Block
4-hlrty-eIght SdJi Lots Two SJ and Eleven 11
iiiocx jroriy-nme ii;.iweu rour ill aun seven
til Block ihtrtv;
: 38 ; Lot Four (4:Blok
twenty-six. 1881: Lot Eight g Block FUty. four
54: Lot Two fx Block Sixteen 15, LotElght
loj tiioex rmv isoj t uo mree- til uu
lock Eieh-
nali LotFour'141 Block 'ihirtv-onc till:
Lot Eleven 1 Block Thirty-nine S)J: Lot One
II Block SiDetiea ID ;Xot Three 31 Block
Fihy-FIre 33; ana Lot' Eleven. 11 Block
t'orty-U 48J;
All lvlnr and, heinr la. the town, of liound
City, licit county, Missouri, and I will, on
Thursday, the 20th day of April, 187C,
between the hours of nine o'clock Jn, the fore
aoon, and Ave o'clock In ths afternoon' of that
day, and during the session ot the Circuit Court
of said county of Holt, at the Conrt House door,
la the city of Oregon; county and state afore
said, sell the same, or so mnch thereof a may
bo required, at public vwdnei to the- highest
bidder, for cash In band, (subject to all prior
Urn and Judgments), tosaUsly said execution
and costs. 8. T. LUCAS.
39w. Sheriff ot Bolt county. Mo.
Sheriff's Sale.
Y VIRTTTE and authority of an order of sale
and special execution, issued from the otSce of
the clerk or tha circuit court or' lion county,
Missouri, returnable at the April term, 1378, of
said court, and to me dirtcted. in favor cf Isaac
Jones, 1'eter Junes, William Jones. Ueorse II.
Jones, and Thomas Jones and against. Thomas
. Bragg, I hare levied upon and seized all the
right, title, interest and claim of the saldThom
a S. Bragg ot, In and to the following dearibed
real estate, to-wit:
All ot 56th subject to the widow's dower,
azulexcept 33 lG-louth acres sold to Mrs. Ked
ferren, and one acre owned by WlUiam Miller
In the East Half X of thb South East Quarter
Vf Section Thirty-one 131, aad the- West Half
of the South West Qnarter of Section Thirty-two
Ml, and the East Half oftba South. West Jjuar
trr, and the South Hair or the East Half of the
North West Quarter cf Section Thirty-two
33., Township Sirry-one 81 or Kang Tnirty
scven 37, and the West FractlonarUairijjl ot
Fractional Quarter of Section Six 161 Township
Sixty CO of Bange Thirty-Seven. K J;
All lying and being In' said connty, and State
of Missouri aad I will, on
Thursday, the 20th day of April, 187C,
Between the hours ofnlne o'clock ia the forenoon
and Ave o'clockut the anernooo.oitnaicay at ine
Court House door, in the city of Oregon.county of
Holt aforesaid, sell the same, or 80 much there
of as may be required, at pnblio vendue, to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, subject to aU
Grior lien and Judgments , to satisfys aid electi
on and coU. a T. LUCAS,
39wl Sheriff of Holt county. Missouri.
Sheriff's Sale.
IIEBEAS. William S. Canon and Joel
Baldwin by their mortgage with power
of sale, dated onr the 3rd day ef May,, 1SU,
conveyed to Holt County in Missouri, the fol
lowing described real estate, lying aad being
situate lu said county aatfStnte", to-wit;
Lot Sumber Twd ttf in Block' Twenry-ayo
25, In' Forest City, Holt county, Missouri;
Which (aid conveyance was in' trust to secure
the payment of a certain bond as In said mort
gage with power ef aale is described; and.
whereas, it is provided in said'mortgage that in
default of payment of laid bond according to
it terma and effects, that the Sheriff of said
county mlrht proceed without tuit on said
mortgage to sell the said niortgagsd premises to
satisfy said debt; aud, whirs as. default ha
been made in the payment of said bond; and.
whereas, the County ourt did on the isih day
of December, VS2i, make an order entered of
record commanding the Sheriff of said county
to sell said premise, er so much thereof as will
be sufficient to pay said debt, interest and
Now. therefore, by virtue of said mortgage
and order, I will, ou -
Thursday, the 20th day pf AprS, 1876,
between the hours of nine o'clock In the fore
noon and five o'clock-Iu th afternoon of said
day, at the North door of the Court House in
the city of Oregon, Holt county, Missouri,
expose to sale publicly at auction for cash in
hand, all the right, title aad Interest or said
defendants William 3. Canon and Joel Baldwin
of, In and to the above described real es(ate,or
so much thereof' as will be sufficient to satisfy
the roregolnf mortgage. Interest and I cost
3. T. ZiTJOAS,
39w4 Sheriff of Holt county, MLuourl.
WlIEBEAS. UcorgcU.ncynofiU and Rachel
1). Beyaolds his wire, by their certain deed of
trust, dated Jan. id, 1873, and recorded In the
Keoorder'a Oulce of Holt county,, Missouri, In
Book "21," at page 63, conveyed to Samuel
Sfckey ,'as trustee the following described real
estate, situate aud lying In Halt county, Mis
souri, to-wit:
The East Half of the North East Quarter of
Section Twvntv.nlne 20 Township ilxty 60
of BangeThirty-sTeu 37, coutaiulny eighty
acre, more or Isss ;
Which said conveyance was made to secure
the payment r a cerulu promissory note In said
deed of-trust mentioned and described; and,
wHia- it la umiI.ImI In deed of trust.
thatln case of the absence, death or refusal to
act. or tne trustee aroresaiu, iu? mm is
Sheriff of Holt coimty. at the request or the
legal holder of said note, may proceed to ad
vertise and sell said real estate at public, auction
for cash la hand to the highest bidder, flrst
siting thirty days publio notice of the time,
terms i and plaeo or sale, with a description of
the property to be sold by advertisement
printed n sum newspaper published ia Ore
gon, Holt count)-,. Missouri-
And, whereas, said note U now pa.lt due and
remains uauald, "ami the trustee aforesaid re
fusing to act ;
Xovr, therefore, by virtue of the power In ma
TMinlliT said deed of trust, and nt tne request
of the legal bolder of said note, I will, on
Saturday, the25tK dag of April, 18o,
at the North Poor of'the Court House in the
city of Oregon, Holt, canty. 3Uouri, be
tween thchoura of nine o'clock in the fore
noon and Hie o'clock in the atternoox of that
day. proceed to sell the real estate above de
scribed at publle-venduo t the highest bidder
r.,- ." ,; n.v tiruhe easts and expenses of
this .trust, next the debt herala secured, or
Whatever may rvmain uue.mi uu.
S8w5 Phwiff of Holt county, Missotiri.

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