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George P. Lnckhart has par thanks
tbr several baskets ot jane fruit.
Kreek & Hershbcrger expect to
occupy their new building next week.
A.J. Casthj is ready to receive
tSjmgatiy In hisfnew busluess house.
CoilecWrMorrironsay fixes are
trunlno- In ttnlte slowly.
n i -
T...t.l A linn fiVO mllC8 CftSt OI
Oregon, is 'dangerously ill- with ty
phoid fever.
the Kelly rot was purchased last
Monday by T. I. Kreek Tor C60.which
was dirt cheap.
We are indebted to C. I. Hoffman
!br rntne of the finest carrots we have
lever seen.
TteT 4,Eea TroM," Forest City.
Hies mrther retraced price list. See
Ja another column.
:--WJlliam Hoffman. -who has been
visiting relatives- in tonlsYille, Ky..
rot some months past., rotarned to
Holt county on Sunday last
-The camp meeting at Nlckle's
Grove Is contlntttnj tferougTPthis week.
Grett tmtcrest is raaHlfested and large
crowds ate in constant attendance.
-yGeorce Stephenson, two miles cast
of Oregon. while haullnfKrbcfc a few
days ago let a big stone fall on his foot,
putting his ankle "badly. He is now on
The FostcVBriflhers haVe purchas-ca-a
splendfifnew two-horse'bus, which
they are run.nlng regularly to and from
Forest City In conection with all trains.
The school board have purchased
sixty feet off of Georgo Washington's
lot.lH'fho eoath part of this city, and
will at once ercct a substantial building
to be used by the colored school.Good !
At the sale of the Beaumont lot In
this city Wednesday last Mr. Nicholas
Stock-purchased the. west halt for $475,
and T. C. Dungan the east half for
For the present Dr. Lehmer is
domiciled with the Secman Brothers
in their new building, where he is dal
ly receiving new goods. He wants all
his old customers and many new ones
to call and see him.
On last Monday while Mr. Jno. T.
Hobhtzcll was sitting in front of Stcr
rett's store, in moving bis chair It tip
ped into the gutter, throwing him over
and injuring his arm quite badly.
Dr.Tshmer Is trying to buy six feet
oft the Kelly lot, which would give him
a front .of twenty-four feet leaving
the Kelly lot the same size. These lots
would then be just the right sire for
two splendid buildings.
A few nights ago. lightning struck
a stack of oats belonging to Adam
gmlth., near Nickel's Grove;but. by the
pro.raptaeslsl&nce of neighbors, abont
half the stack was saved from burn
ing. -rrGeorgc Washington (colored) while
chasing some boys at Foster's livery
stable last Saturday night, ran against
the sharp end of a single tree, cuttitijr
a deep gash on the inside of his right
thigh. Dr. King sewed up the wound.
iJ,.nev. MoJdlller-.will preach In the
Presbyterian Church-fln next .Sabbath
mornlng-Subject: Concluding remarks
on Infant Baptism. Parents desiring
to have their children baptUcd, will
present them at this Service. Evening
Service: Christian missions In the
Emplreof Japan.
The St. Lonis horsebnyers who
have been in the city for several days
past, have been doing rather a siim
business. They bought a horso from
Michael Buuz, 2 1-2 miles cast of
Oregon, for $80; one from John L.
Campbell, 2 miles caet of Oregon, for
$70; and one from John Burke, near
Xew Point, for-$G0
rhose five boys who were arrested
for hooking watermelons from C. M.
Swope were each fined by Squire
Stacker ten dollars and costs (the low
est penalty allowed by law) amounting
to $12.90 apiece. A green watermelon
which costs $04.50 is paying pretty
dear for the whistle.
Mayor .'Stuckey will leave next
Sunday night to visit -bis father, near
Martlnsburg, West Virginia. He will
be absent a month or six weeks. May
be hare a pleasant trip ! Robert Mont
gosscry, by virtue of his office ot Pres
ident of the City Council, will be act
ing mayor and justice ot the peace
during the absence.
We. learn- that two 'men: naned
Turner and Hollingsworth got into a
cow At a ilance at-Rice Bagby's, three
miles" east of Mound City, on last Fri
day night, in the course of which
George Seder, a son of the late I. D.
Becler, interfered to prevent a fight.
This caused a brother of Tnrner to join
la the affray, which he did by cutting
Hollingsworth in the side and Bceler
under ono shoulder Made and in the
back. Dr. Goslin as sent tor and
found the wouidfs not dangerous,
though both part had lost considera
ble blood. I
On last Satufflay Drs . Goslin and
Saville perform an operation on
James Gray, the vonng man who was
injured in the recent fracas at Ric
ville. They
tlon of the
liray is siowtrrct-
ting well.
oil, the man who struck
him. Is still
ng. But Constable
a Gatling gun and a
Burns has orde
tnonntalu howit
, In addition to bis
as soon as these
arrive ne win gi
out and capture the
A large number of three year old
cattle have recently been purchased by
Holt County farmers, lor the purpose
pi fattening, from Mason Brothers &
Co., of Fort Dodge, Iowa, and are now
being driven here- in charge of Mr.
Cain and others.The average weight of
the cattle, is 1115 pounds. Among those
who have purchased are the following :
W.B. Davis, 100 head ; George Meyer,
SO bead; Mart Meyer, 41 Lead: H.
Blum, 14 hum; Watson & Cain. 100 i
bead; William Nowlaud, GO head;
Bagbey & Thompson, 75 bead. Total.
420'head.. ;
Miss Heath has returned from ncr
trip cast.
WLinvJHe-Murmy, at Mr. Carroll's,
14 mileVast ' ot Oregon, Is very sick
with flux.
Mr. Stephen Potter.f alher of B. F.
Potter of this clty died at Drakeville,
Iowa, on the 2lst Inst aged 84 years.
James A. Bond, or Atchison coun
ty, has been employed to teach the
Whig Valley school, which Is ono of
the best in the county.
The young folks may as well be
getting their books and slates iu readi
ness. Trouble commences next Mon
day. Some repairs on the two public
well" of the city would not bo out of
place just now.
Bricklaying will be commenced
to-day on Montgomery & Roecker's
new bank building.
A. M. Jacobs and wito will leave
next week for a three.months' visit to
friends In Pennsylvania.
The Northwest Baptist Associa
tion convenes at New Liberty churcli
to-day (Friday) the 31st.
Misses Fussie and Allie Dulin of
Forest City left on Tuesday for a visit
of several weeks -to Selina, Arkan
sas. L.T. Miiiturn.of Amazonia, Grand
Patriarch Grand Encampment of Mo.
L O. O. F., was in the city on Tuesday.
The Council Monday night,- al
lowed Jno. DeCIue 8400, the city's por
tion on the court house fence.
Judge Anderson recently purchased
25 head of cattle from A. B. Welton,
who resides in the bottom.
Large quantities of grapes nre nnw
being shipped from this county to
Omaha and Lincoln. Nebraska.
We are justified iu remarking that
students from a distance who may de
sire to attend onr Normal school, will
find no difficulty in securing boarding
Mr. William M. Hamsher. of the
firm ot Hamsher & Co., Mound City,
(son-in-law of George V. Luckhardt ot
this city) was down attending court on
It is reported that Jacob Simmons,
who testified recently In the State case
against John Peters for wonnding a
mule, was arrested and taken to Jeffer
son City on Tuesday, for celling tobacco
without government ticetiEC.
Rev. J. II. Norman, of the Cum
berland Presbyterian Church at Stew
artsvlllc. Mo., preached two very in
teresting discourses at New Liberty
school house, on the 2Gth inst.
Miss Lucy True has been employed
to tcaeh the Liberty School, which
commenced on the 20tb inst. She will
tach only three months, when a male
teacher will be employed for the win
ter months,
Mr. John Blum, who has been
spending several months in Holt Coun
ty, will return to Wajne rounty, Mo.,
on next Tuesday. There Is an attrac
tion here, however, which will bring
hi in back n't no distant day. when there
will be orange blossoms and bride
Mr. GoldsInStapp of Gentry conn
ty. Mo., who was a resident of Holt
county many years ago. has been spend
ing a fcw.days, with A J. Tolby, near
Monnd City. He is looking for a loca
tion ami says although he? has traveled
all over the northwest ho bus fonnd no
country to compare with Holt. He
will probaly purchase property and
again become a citizen of our county.
We publish with extreme regret,
elsewhere iu this paper, a correspond
ence between Elder Berry ot'Knnsas
and Rev. Mr. Canghlan of Mnryvillc.
Ho., from which It will bo seen that
those gentlemen nre to bold a religious
debate in this city in the month ot Oc
tober. We know whereof we speak
when we say that onr people generally
would much prefer that they hold their
discussion elsewhere. All our relig
ious denominations are now moving
amicably along, doing their respective
works peaceably and quietly. The ten
dency ot the proposed debate would be to
raise acrimonious discussions between
friends and neighbors, without chang
ing a single person from his previous
belief or adding a single convert to the
cause of Christ.' Snch has ever been
the result of such debates; and with
this knowledge before us we earnestly
urge, in bebalt of the good people of
this city, that theso disputants will
either abandon their discussion or
hold It in some other place, where they
will receive a heartier welcome than
they will here.
Circuit Court Matters.
The August teim of the Holt county
circuit court met on Monday last
Judge H. L. Kelly presiding.
The following Grand Jury was Ira
pannelcd: Levi Zook, foreman, East Lewis tp.;
Darnel David, East Lewis tp.;Jus.
Neal, Nodaway tp. ; Jno. M. Graham,
East Lewis (p.; E. A. Brown, Bigelow
tp.; Thos Bragg. Hickory tp.; Mark
Strickle Benton Ip ; Eli Meek, Ben
ton tp. ; David Pollock, Nodaway fp. ;
Jas. D. Wilson, Forbes tp.; Amos
Wise, Lewis tp.; Dillon Tayloi. Union
Tbe'followlng is the list of Petit Ju
rors: Jno. Crider. Hickory tp; Wm. Co
burn. Hickory tp; Jno. W. Crow, Ben
ton tp ; Uriah Blair, Benton tp ; J. P.
Bagby, Benton tp; B. F. Morgan,
Liberty tp; Vr. H. Burnes, Liberty tp;
Abraham Lawrence, Lincoln tp; Geo.
Cook, Lincoln tp; Irvin Blair, Union
tp; Allen Gleason, Union tp; J-. M.
Canon, W. Lewis tp; Wm. Miller, E.
Lewis tp ; J. B. King, E. Lewis tp ;
Cbas. Keller, E. Lewis tp ; Jno. Watson,
Clay tp ; Jas. Ramsey, Forbes tp ; Geo.
Meyer, Forbes tpS. A. Murry, Noda
way tp; H. B.Young, Nodaway tp;
Wm. Wade, Bigelow tp; E. A. Brown,
Bigelow tp.
Prograaasc of Concluding Exercises.
In our last issue we gave the pro
ceedings of the Teachers' Institute up
to Wednesday noon. The following
are the concluding exercises:
Wednesday: afteuxoox august 22.
Afternoon session atthe usual time.
Prof. O. C Hill calledtho Institute to
order and nnnouncedthat in the
absence of Prot. Drake, whose hour
it was, Snpt. Kelscv would take charge
of the class in Grammar.
At the call of the Professor the teach
ers very generally responded by tak
ing their places at the black boards.
The" verb" was made the first
subject of discussion and handled by
'the Institute in a very masterly man
ner. The teachers present showed
themselves fully competent to teach
this very perplexing subject. Several
tough knots in the shape of difficult
sentences were given them to diagram
and analyze,and a very interesting dis
cussion ensued on the different meth
ods for this work, In which nearly all
the members took part.
After an intermission Prof. Hill re
tired to the recitation room with the
class in Phj-slology. and proceeded to
discuss the "bono business." Wc nev
er before realized howwonderfully and
fearfully we arc made. From the
perfectly familiar manner in which the
Professor and his class bandied the jaw
breaking, three cornered latin names,
wc concluded they knew about all there
is to know about the "boue business."
While this class was reciting, Mr.
Parker ot Nodaway, had charge of the
drill on penmanship, in the class room.
Several more of the teachers arrived
to-day and took part in the exercises,
as follows :
Chas. Moses, Forest City.
J. M. FInley, Oregon.
S. P. Folts, Hastings, Neb.
Laura Custer, Whig Valley.
Rosa Boyd, Whig Valley.
About dusk the teachers' bell an
nounced that the promised Rcnnion
was at hand, and taking up onr line of
march we were soon one of the large
crowd that has for several years past
enjoyed theso very sociable occasions
with the teachers ot old Holt.
Prof. Alkb-e, the master of ceremon
ies, announced that by reason of the
failure to procure an organ there
would be be no vocal music; but the
Oregon String Band was on time and
discoursed excellent music for the
occasion. This band is deserving of
much praise.
Professor George Lyon of St Joseph
read two selections; "Tho Smack In
School" and tho "Chandon Bells."
Both were received with enthusiastic'
Professor O. C. Hill read "Phaeton'
or "The Ametuer Coachman," which'
was well received by the audience.
The Professor seemed to be laboring
under the effects of a cold In his head,
which interfered to some extend with
his reading.
Professor Kelsey delivered,. an. ad
dress which, thongh short, was char
acterized by deep and profound
thoughts. The Professor is an elo
quent and ready speaker. His addrcfS
received as it ought, the highest
Alter a very enjoyable "walk
around" the audience dispersed at a
late hour, pronouncing the Reunion a
complete success.
Snpt. Kelsey called the Institute to
order and placed Prof. Drake In charge
who called out the class In Grammar.
The Professor presented a system
of parsing which he uses in the Rock
Port school. It was highly commend
ed by nearly nil tho teachers present.
Piof. IL T. Alkiro gave his method
but in a style so vague as not to be un
derstood. Mr. Carroll coincided with
the views of Prof. Drake. Mr. Bond
would not iiseja text book on the subject
until the pupil had mastered the differ
ent parts of speech; he would then
place a work on langnago in their
hands. Prof. Hill closed the discus
sion. After a short recess Snpt. Kel
sey took charge of the class in penman
ship. Only a small number of the teachers
responded, which rather detracted
from the interest that should have been
sfio"gi. Penmanship Is too mnch neg
lected In our public schools, and teach
ers sbould not miss any opportunity to
fit themselves for teaching this very
important branch.
Atar the usual rest. M. N. Parker,
of Nodaway, took charge of the class
in Gcogi
hy. Tho class under Prof.
P. pine
an excellent map of South
n the board.
his hour Prof. Alkirc's class
in Algebrl
had n discussion of Frac-
Hons and equations. This class has
been ono oSbc most interesting of the
This was thoVhour for Prof. Hill's
drill h Elocution! The Professor an
nounced that It would bo occnpled in a
general disenssisn of methods. Prot.
Parker led off with a very spirited and
amusing little speech, which served to
wake up some who had been In a rath
er somnolent state; Prof. Drake fol
lowed and gave the discnssion a differ
ent turn. All who followed Professor
D. appeared to bo "on their muscle."
Superintendent Kelsoy opened the
Institute by reading an appropriate se
lection (Psalms 45) and prayer. The
attendance this morning was small. It
had never boen large, and bad grown
smaller by degrees and beautifully
The uxual classes in Geography.
Algebra and Grammar filled np tho
time till 12 ii.
On assembling in the afternoon.
Prof. Drake proposed that the tlmo be
U6ed in discussing school organization.
All being agreed, Prof. Parker led off;
he proposed to give his pupils work
enough to occupy all their time; he
begins organizing as soon as he Is
employed, by learning. -what studies
are pursued in the school and what
text books aro used, when and how
ott'en they recited, who the hard cases
in the-sch'ool are, etc. He goes to the
field of his future labor two weeks bc
tore he begin8 actual work, and gets
acquainted with the patrons of the
Prof.Drake always leaves full reports
In the proper books so that on examin
ation" an experienced teacher readily
comprehends tho situation. Prof.
Hill closed the discussion in bis usually
happy manner and the Institute was at
an end.
Although the attendance wan small a
great deal of work was done and con
siderable profit realized.
The Institute was, in more respects
thau one, a success. Sup't Kelsey
and Prof. Hill deserve great credit for
the masterly manner in which
they performed their duties.
HlDts to Fruit Growers.
Holt county Is essentially the fruit
growing region of the northwest. Ev
erything, therefore, which bears on
this subject Is of Interest to a large
class ot our readers.
A few days ago we had a conversa
tion with Mr. Goo. P. Luckhardt, the
Oregon nursreyman, who gave us;a
numberof valuable hints which we
consider of sufficient Importance to put
in print.
Every.orchardist.8aId Mr.Luckhardt,
ought to do alHu his power to stop the
ravages of insects, which nre alarming
ly on the increase. This can be, done
(1st) by protecting birds of all kinds,
even Jay birds Included; (2d) by fenc
ing the orchards" and driving lu hogs,
especially sows with, pigs, in order to
cat up the fallen frnlt. Theso will do
no harm to the hogs, but will be or
great advantage by giving a change of
diet, which Is -by many considered a
preventive of the so-called hog cholera.
Besides, the manure ot the bogs, com
bined with tho fallen leaves, gives
back to tho trees the nourishment
which is necessary to support a healthy
growth. After the leaves have drop
ped, every orchnrdist ought to go and
examine his trees, nnd wherever he
finds a little bunch of leaves curled up
and seemingly suspended by a silken
throad, take it off and throw it In the
fire. These arc really the nests in
which the canker worm Is hidden.
All trimming of trees, to produce a
vigorous growth.onght to be performed
late In the fall or during mild weather
In the winter; but if you want the trees
to como Into bearing, or it larger trees
are too vigorous, then trim In the
month of June. But under all circum
stances try to preserve the larger limbs,
cutting off only the smaller cross ones.
Never uso an axe, but take a good saw
or knife or pruning shares, so as to
make a smootho cut. Do not cut too
close to the stem, but Icave no slump
standing. Tho cnt should not be larg
er than the sizo of the limb cut away.
jf you use some white paint .and paint
the cnt It will be a great am to tne
wound to heal, as it prevents water
from soaking in and leaves no decayed
root to grow over.
Craig. Mo., Aug 29, 1877. Editor
Sentinel: The lacU abont tho green
back meeting hero two weeks ago are
not more than fifty attended. There
were several horse races which occu
pied all the attecnoon: and it was the
races and not the greenback that called
the crowd.
It Is not true that tho races were
conducted orderly, but wo bad plenty
of drunks, nnd the parties running
could not agree as to whom the' money
Yours truly.
G. T.
to the public
Hamlin, Kas., Aus. 18, '77.
Elder J. W. Caughlan : I learn to
day our debate at Mound City is -post
poned until Oct. I have no objection
to meeting you In Oregon, provided it
is agreeable to my brethren, nnd this I
will learn soon. There Is somo talk
about transferring our debate from
Mound City there. How would it suit
you ? Any time in Oct. will suit me.
Rock Port, Mo.. Aug. 27.
Elder J. F. Beury : I had expected
to meet yon at Mound City, but accept
the (one-sided)postpouement until Oct.
Will meet you in public debate at
Oregon (as I learn my brethren there
do not object) on the 9th dayot Oct.,
if that will suit you. I hopo your
Oregon brethren have sufficient desire
for light, as not to object to hearing a
free and candid discussion of the points
of differenco between cur respective
For further arrangements jon will
correspond with Rev. S. II. Enyeart, at
Oregon. Yours,
J. W. Caugiilak.
P. S. Have sent a copy of your .card
and my reply to the county papers at
Oregon for publication.
Oregon, Mo.. Aug. 29. 1877.
Editor Sentinel: In reference to
that Mound City .debate, the proposi
tions agreed upon by Elders Berry nnd
Canghlan were as follows:
1st Immersion in water in the name
of tho Father, Son and Holy Spirit.of a
penitent believer, is Scripture Bap
tism. 2d Immersion in the name of the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit in water,
of a penitent believer, is a conditon ot
pardon, or for the remission of sins.
Berry affirms :
3d Infant baptism is authorized by
the word of God.
4th Tho Scriptures teach, that faith
in the merits of Christ is the only con
dition of the sinners justification
Caughlan affirms.
Wo are authorized to state
that Elder Berry is. ready to
debate, the Tibovc propositions at
Mound City; any time in the mouth of
October; if Canghlan Is ready he has
but to say so.
Wc deem it justice to Elder Berry
that we state the roasons lor his ab
sence at Mound City on the 21st inst.,
which are that the debate upon our
part had been arranged, by irresponsi
ble parties at Mound City, without the
kowledgc or consent of tho officers of
the Church or any of the leading mem
bers ; and also without the knowledge
or consent of any of the preaching
brethren of the County, and at a tlm
when none of us could be present.
When we learned of it, with Elder
Berry's knowledge and consent, we
asked Of Revs. Bassctt and Caughlan
that tho debate be postponed until any
tlmo in October, as teachers Institute,
Circuit'Court &c, which would prevent
preachers,, being present on tho 21st
inst., would be in aes'sion, and Elder
Berry tould be nnablo 'to como any
time between the 20lh .ot Angust and
1st of October, This request was re
tused;a'n'd1 wo wrote Elder Berry not to
come. .
f John W. Kelset,
. . ot A. Cardnxe.
Land and Lots for Sale.
-Apply to
Grairi Wanted. '
W. 8. Cnon, at Foreit CItr. Mo., la itlU
paying' the hlgbeit market price for all Until
of Grain. Ileatlqaarten on the street.
kntl other frutti an retrlm riiie and. hr th
W7, joi can get Fruit Cana In larf or aaall
luaatltle at reasonable rates at BasUus'i
store, uregoa, sio. au-tr
' ---
Special Notice.
AH persons indebted to Dr. J. P. Jacksen
for professional services, cr otherwise, are
hereby notified to call at hi olSce and settle
Immediately, either by cash or satisfactory
note. All account not settled within thirty
day from this daie will be placed In the Con
stable hands for collectien. aaj-lt
. Oxly 81.50 Per Daxan.
Flity Dozen Manon'a celebrattril quart Fruit
Jar at SI.20 per dozen at the Red Front. For
est City. Call early as they caanot last Ions; at
that priea.
. - Everybody Should Read.
All persons Indebted to tne late Arm of Zeook
4 Thomas or W.a J. W. Zoukare hiireby no
tified to come forward and settle. These ac
count and note are now In my hand and If
not paid in CO days from Aug. 1st they will be
glvcu to an officer for collection.;
Forest Clly, JIo., JulyH, 177 t-3m
Ihave on baud a now Uucioll Mow
lug Machine worth $125, which 1 mil
authorized to sell for $65. Who
wants this bargain?
Notice is hereby ftren that the co-partnership
heretofore existing between Ueo. Nie A Philip
Schultc, U UiU day mutually diisolTed. All
persons knowlntr.tbrmsclres iudnblrd to said
urmmnu ourorioriraiu ana ttmr w ooHi
, Ueo. Mrs,
Jy37-t Phil Schulte.
urvgon, Mo. .July 23d 1877.
A Trada
A. J. Dooler has a Vrood Farm of 86 acres
sis miles east of Oregon to trade fur property
In Oregon or land near ur.l
Grain Wanted.
Capt. W. 8. Canon has returned la Forest
City from the lllack Hills and rritrod his old
occupation of buying iraln. He' Is paying the
highest market price la cash lor Corn, Wheat,
live ana uuiry.
Perry Zi Abh
ot the Fillmore Mills will grind yonr wjeat
fur nne.tenth bnihel. and ruarantee TOU the
best quality ofspring wheat flour there 1 mailt
uo not lau to uring your grinuing uj nc, i.m
guarantee tausiaction in au cases.
Cllfforda's Febrifuge, or Ferer and
Acne Care. ThI preparation Is obtained by
a- newly dlscorered process, and contain all
the active medicinal principles of Kast India
Cinchona bark, grown en the Kelgherry hul
from which all the Irritant properties here been
eliminated .It Is Nature's own remedy for all
diseases arising from Malarial poison. Palat
able, Powerful, AttIperiodic and tonic, It
never fails,-tor cure Ferer and Ague, Dumb
Chlls, Congotive Chills, Bilious Fever, Peri
odical Xeurilgla, and all disease tf Malarial
9. C. Blebardaoa, Pro'r.
For Sale, Vy. all Druggist. St. Louis.
o u c.
t). U. Martin, Oregon, M., wishes to In
form the public, that having In hi employ 'Mr.
W. Lyoa o0WllmIngton, 111., he will make, a
specialty during the season f CoverUg.Oiling,
Lining and Repairing Buggy Tops. He also has
on hand and br sale, the Ilest assortment of
uurgy Harness, both single and double, ever
put up In thf ccuntys for which he J willing
to comaett Vttti St. Joseph or any other city
on prices:- '
D. U. MAliTIX.
The Occidental.
If there is. anything more dssirabl rhth
anothVrto tpo-9reary traveler and tht toiling
buinesman, it If to enloytue eomforts or
gapd. well jffll&ttd hotel, For good accom
modation and pleasant treatment, the Occi
dental, underthmangmentof Mr. F. Hall,
of IIo!tconaty( has galnsd an excellent repu
tation. All of It arrangments are flrst-clsss
and It pa!ron-are always well pleased.
Excursions) to the Rocky Xoantalns.
The Atchlf-on, Topeka & Santa F Railaoad
has arranged with the various railroad line in
the country forspeclal round trjp rate .to the
Rockp Mountains, and ha secured the follow
ing rate to Denver, Colorado Srplngs, Canon
City, Pueblo add return i from Kansas City and
Atchison. ei5 St. LouU, M( Chicago,
Quincy, 850 j Cincinnati, $03; Buffalo, 75, aud
corresiondIngly low rates from all points east,
north and south. Thesh tickets are good for 00
days and to atop at all stations west of the Mis
souri rlrer. Ticicets are on sale at all principal
stations throughout the country. This is a new
mute to Denver through the gardei of Kansas
and Colorado, .'.end for maps, circulars, time
tables, etc., to " ' T. J. ANDF.RSO.V,
Gen. Pais. Agent,
Torn-. K.XK.
Angust Flower.
The most.mUerable being In the world are
those suffering fre-tn Dyspepsia and Liver com
plaint. More than seveuty-Ilve per cent of the
people in the United State aro afflicted with
t'trsu two diseases and their effects J such a sour
Stamach, Sick Headache Habitual Costiveness,
Palpitatiun of the Heart, Heart-burn, Water
brash, gnawlnt.and Burning pains atthe pit of
the SUmach; Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and
d'sagreeable taste in the month, coming up o
food alter eating, low spirits, .to. Uo to you
and get a 75 cent Bottle of August Flower or a
Sample Bottle for 10 cent. Try it, T'V dose
Will rillive yon.
Joat Remember This.
All persons indebted to the late Arm ot j k
& Thomas or W. & J. W. Zook a're hereby no
tified to come forward and settle. These ac
counts and note are now in my had and if
not paid within 60 day from Ang. 1st they will
be given to an offlcdr for collection.
Forest City, July ii, 1377. S-2m
All builders and improvers of proper
ty are interested in noticing that I have
a great deal more
than I wish to carry, considering my
general stock of Dry Good. Boots.
hoes, Hats. Caps, etc. Among a
great variety ot articles I may mention
Buildino' Hardware
Carpenters Tools of various kinds.
Come and see. For Cash you can
do bettor than you dream of.
A ruita In. ji. hauaa I at vflll.HarIn.sr
of pleasure. If you want the pleas
ure lncrcaseu toree-ioia use in me
nursery Terry's Salecylic Soap.
Ilelmbold's Hedteal Freparatleata.
Uelmbold's vailou medicinal preparations
have for the last twenty or roort jtirs occu
pied a prominent place on the shelves of every
respectable draggut and physician In u land,
the skill dif played in their preparation, the
Invariable promptness and eJUcieaey of their
action, the absence of nauseous and disgusting
teste or .odor, and the attractive manner In
which they are put np, have mada them univer
sal favorite. Especially 1 this case with
nelmbold's famous Buchu a medicine which
ha become Indispensable in the treatment ol a
large and troublesome elaa of diseases, partic
ularly thoae which affect the digestive and urin
ary organs. As a diuretic, it Is invaluable,
and the great advantage It posesses -over ether
preparations 1 the absolute purity of the Ingre
dients, and she uniformity of strength. Parties
purchasing should be careful to see thst
Uelmbold's proprietary stamp I affixed to ath
Xotblnc; Short of unmistakable benefit
confered upon ten of thousand of sulTeres
ntilil originate and. maintain the reputation
which. Wait's Samamkiu., enjoys. It is a
compound of the best vegetable alternatives,
with the Iotllde or Potassium and Iron, and I
flm mntrrw(n1 nf all remedies fur aerofu-
lous, mercurial, or blood disorders. Unl
nrmlr aur(.stfm &Htt certain In Its remadlal
effects, it produces rapid and complete cure
oiecroiuia, stores, uous, numora, i wra,
Krnntloni. Skin itlraa aad all disardera
arising from Impurity orthe blood. Uy It In
vigorating effects It always relieves and often
cures Liver Complaints, Female Weakness and
In regularities, and Is a potent renewer of vi
tality. For purifying the blood It ha ns equal t
It tones nn the svstem. restores and preservrs
the health, and impart vigor and energy- For
rorty years u nas oeen in exiensiTit mc, ami is
to-day the most available medicine fur the suf
fering sIck. ev-rywkere. Foa Salb bt ail
Dkalers. s
Wool Wanted.
Wheat Wanted.
Read this and see tbs Inducement ws offer
yon. t or ih los wool we win give or maau
raetnre rbrvou. 1 vard beet Satinet or Caul-
mere ; For i lbs wool 1 yard all wool filling ex
tra Heavy jeans; ror i; pounus wooiiyara
best -dress flannel t for IV lb wool. 1 Douad
double and twisted stocking yarj. la giving
the above figures we mean onr best roeds, aad
in coanecuon wiinmeaoore we win nave ana
manufacture still cheaper goods.sueb as Linsey ,
White Flannel, Blankets, single yarn, rolls,
Ac. We do not want more for our work than a
living price. Rell carding, spinning, fulling
and finlshig, done to orde and to 'h best man -
We want Tour wool and you want our goed
aad we are confident it will pay you to give
ma trial. Tlrint- In vour wool and leave Vuur
order for goods that will wear longer, and do
you more service wan any ouier guana tuu hi
buy. We us no shoddy, nothing but the best
of wool
In eonnection with our Woollen Factory we
hare a Hirst class Dour mui anil wilt uo cusiora
OT-lnrl Inr everr dir. All worK warranted .
Wr also have on hand and are now nanufae
turlagthe justly celebrated Kunkel Washing
Machine wnlcn Da taaaa tne nrti premium
every exposition where exhibited, fneludln
the St. Louis fair or 1573. and the graadCtn
ttanial Exposition at Philadelphia.
Call and see the Washing Aaehlnt, Factory
and Mill , X mile esst or Oregon mo.
Clergymen, Banker, Book-keepers. Editors
anl ythers that lead sedenttry lives, wUl find
mnrh r.Mrf frfim treanent headache, nervous
ness snd constipation engendered from want of
exercise, or laaing eimmoos- s.iver ncg-nia-
t.r, It is a narmi vegetanie oompnunui u
Itrinilo no lnlumand numbers who have
tried It will confidently assirt that it la the best
remedy tnat can can ue rouna, rava-ii
' Money to loan on. Improved farms in
sums to suit borrowers, trom $300 to
$ 10,000 on three or five years time, at
a low rato or interest and a Teuuceu
commission. Appn to
Real Estate Azent.
Mound Citt, Mo
dsc ;e-tr
TIio ITIiieSt Toned aad
Most Dura tlo Made
Warranted Fve Years. Send for Price Lists
aug 17 tea. alXex XIU
Something Few ror Agents every
where. Particular frr. Address
COK. YONGK CO.. 8th and Wal
nut els., 61. i.oursrio.
ptmim watch atb rntix
Mem-winder Jre vtlhererTOnler. Out.
lit tree, j. u. Oaitord Co, Chicago, IU.
u lurMtua Im
MlBaf ataUsasrr
,rataan la its
VorU tt fmtaa
I8aeespii J aiawpea, Mu. tmaokssT,
geitea ra.aa4 a ct valu&le Jswalir. Coapuc
tafspls Mcktnwiih ltmct eoid-plt4 umn benoas
aa UdfM futusabl rlaey ist. pta and tirera, pm
P 23 cjiU. o psekasta. wttn auortad Jrvtln.
g. SuidcoUtaMljMrirajracrMMauasuta,
RIDE CO., 789 Broadway, M. V.
aruclMla ens, TketXOTD COXBIXATIOX. Ctabe
wlul rsaeU.rsnhoklseaad m, araMr.raukaUk,
BaT)opapr.rapraUar KalMr, Snkf XuUm
Tftrvsa Causr. aa4 ror Mipptaa- omsu, Caitiac etf
Ilocll 1&J , biittottl. Erulu Bhn.. ic aauafa
oKomon pescu, m osaruv atcaat piacse. im w mh
alVtUa. Axssta ararolalacmoaaf aa saj a Is m
tett MUler article est. Sana
- moa.y as
St. XatrsofnaryUdDceaiMUMABvBt. 5pdar
sampl halMoua and esnra! Tmr tows.
RIDE A CO. 708 Broadway, N.V.
StJBA 'a jrsTATlOSrBT riCIAOEB. aa
Ssasal X TiJN for TWO OOLLAlur
raw aarm ugipea co.,
m m 7S9 Broad want. M. V.
A Boring Wells with the TIBn Wan Baring
and Hock Drilling Machine. Ta Labor S
all done by iiokuc rowia. Sss to f SO per day
easily mad. Send lor Hook, Ac. free.
Our Medical Journal will be seat to.
WcstS Surgical Utdieal Institute,
N. E, Cor. 5tr uwaware aa
i.,vS KaaiMCIty,)7
A.E.M Kinney
St. Joseph, IVXo.-
will display on or before
September 5th, '77
Tho largest and most
complete stock of
Fall Dry Goods and
Notions ever opened
in St. Joseph, and at
Greater Bargains
than ever. Th;se who
visit St Joseph dur
ing the
week, should not fail
to visit McKinney s
mammoth establish
ment. M&ke out a
list oi what you want
before leaving home
and you will lind you
can save the expense
of your trip, even on
a small bill of goods.
Call at McKinkby's
Any way
whether yon want to boy or not. n
they will display all the new styles and
his store will be ono of the principal
points of Interests in the city, as it
will b trimmed with new goods, and
every effort used to make the Jlonse
nnusually attractive. Once more j wc
say: Don't tail to call at '
13 SOW
With an lmtaenM Stock of Good at
i 3
la Northwest
Cotton Flannel 9 l3c n j-ard
Jeans 20c and upward
Dine mixed Flannels 1C to SOo
All wool Red Flannel 2Cc
15aImoral.SI.Irt8 65c -
Woman's Kip Shoes $1.26
Indies ijcrge Gaiters 75c
Overalls 50c per pair.
Ladles Hose 5c
Dress Linsey 20c
Linen Towelinff 5c'per yard
4 spools Coats Thread 25c
Gents Wool UaU 75c
Stock Salt $1.75 per barrel
JbThv GeaA Snil of
When yon como to Forest City, step
Into the "Red Front" and nsk to see
the Ho8 stock or Clothing and Boots
and Shoes. No tronblc to show our
X Boos of nevtr 3C0 pa
tiWrPOJfntraVin-it r
Sue. a. bohaj--a. ea X. ma tm, m, Louu.it
PTSr.AilBSgramtho STSTXM.
TarrorSslebyAllDrustisJ. .fTiJrP3!
Sheriffs Sale .
BY VIRTUE aid authority- or a central exe
cution. iand from the office or th. n.rV of
the Circuit Court ot Holt County, Mo., return-
uic i me iub Lena. ic. i , 01 sam laurt. anu
to me directed, in faror or .
Martha D Archery John
L Chuninir. Emily. Chu-1 rjaintlfls L .
nlnj, Kliia Hughe andf- - -' "
Marth Archer 9 .. .
AGAINST5 -" " '
Jesse Jeffries, and wife,! : "
Aiarion urjuen, Isabel
J II Hamraon. and Itas- i
sell Hamruon. 1 -
I hare levied up on and seized all the rlzht. tl-.
tr hbrnt anil rUin. ,h. ..I.I u.J-. V."
den, or. In add to the following described real
estate, ta-wit:
The SOOth half af tka aantaeaatnnrtv nt
Section thirtjone, Township sixty-one, or
All Irlnr and berair In aald IVaintr. asJ Klata
or Missouri; and I will, on
Friday the Slat day of Aaarsst, wr?
bet we in the hoars of nine o'clock in the fore
noon, and fire o'clock in the afternoon of that
day, at the Court House door, la the City of
Oivgon, Connty of Kelt aforesaid sell the asms
or so much thereof as raaT be required, at pub
lic Tendoe, to the highest bidder for cash-in
haad. (.object to all prior lire and Judgments) ,
to satisfy said execution and cost.
8. T. LUCAS, .
auin-it Sheriff of Holt county. Ma-,
Sheriff's Sale in ParlitiBa.
fatties; ritzmannce, Plaintiff" ?
William Tjln.rnrit and )
JohnTurney, ( Defendant?, ' ' '
la the Circuit Court ef Holt eoantr. Mlasoa
der of sale raad Or the said Court, In the shore
entitled cause, and cT a certified dopy thereof,
dated July JltlS77. 1 will on
TtUmr the Slat day T Jifast .1ST!,
between the hoars of t a'elark- liaubn.
soon and dre o'clock lathe aAsraosaof that
day, at tha front door .of tlUart Urmfe. In
the City of Oregon ia Male UMnty, Klasoori
sell, at publx Teadusv to Ox hellcat blddefr
the following described real estate, tIj: .
The northwest foorBi of tee aoctheastqsartera
tkrsouth half of lot one afthrS northwest qaar
tey. the north half af lot. two of the southwest
quarter and-lot No. one or the-soatn west-quarter
all In Section nineteen, Township sixty of
T i laa af Sale.
Oae-third c:h Inhand-one-thirt; In slx-moataa
ens-third la twatr raontM from date of salei
ten per cent annual corayeasd laterest'oa said--deferred
payment, purebiset or porebaser
ririnf note with approred seearlty.
auJ-td Sherlr Holt Cauntr Mo.
Silver Reduction Co.
OMce 2Ve. 20 Chtxxh Sfr. 5. Y.
GES'LJOnsCFItEiroXT. . PrttUhtl
PROr. A. K. EATOX,. . . Tut-Frnidnti
XT. W.HASLr, SCTttry:
This Comiiaor u founded nnon dlicnrmM.
InTentfens and bnnroTementa ia tbe 'jrednctloa
and treatment of tiiild and Silver ami other ores,
which hare recently been perfected. It is In
tended that It business shall, he inducted W
worfcaoClarge eauaslry, which1, lot goTCMias;
eosierelal reasoaa, will k near ru City of ef
iw.k. m .cuhoj uraaoai wsriua larriirrm
Ing dUtrieta, andby sale or itsoatent rlghti
to other redaction work In' thb aad to reign
countries. The dlscoTerles snd Improvements
Uon which the Company Is, baled, have been
made by frofesMr A. JC Xaton, one oftaa
ablest chemists and metallurgist of the present
day. They hare been reached durins: a crae-
eal and nersonal eanerleuee In rainlnr anil
kindred occupant extending orer a period of
more than thirty year.
rweniy-ais year age nr. Karca innntert
and patented Ue Amalgsruatins: Plates, which
hare erer since been In use atdll the liold and
SUnr mills tkrioshout the rolnln- region, llf
we vsc ox inese mates wereuiscontinueu to-nay.
the yteU of sold would probaalv he diminished
one-half. In the same way his later discover
ies are ralnable and effectlrr, and are marked
by the same certainty and elmpliaity, The ores
ornsarlyaJItheioMandsilTer mrnes are ren
dered mors or leas difficult by the presence, ia
casaumauon, or zinc suipnur, sou outer- ele
ments wulcb. gire thrra a refractory character,
and which involve prreat expense and time' In
workiaj, and great loa or sold and silver.
It ia not to mncb to say that the great moun
tain rrinon West or the Mississippi sad Mis
souri rivers Is ofeapled aad populated oall on
account oClaCmiBes of gslH and silver,, .and
other metal. Over this whole country many
of these rsttaetory ores sreleR uaworxed and
many hundred thousand toss of ore are left un
used, because, their worktajj osrosid be too ditt
euli aad expesslva tmdtT-prrOnt itude"tf
treatment. To all these ores Mr. Eaton pro
cesses directly apply. They render their wort
lag" comparltlvely easy and Inexpensive, and
give Immediate value to thla Idle property, and
emploprsent to many tnoaaanils ot unoccupied
men . These procesa lacreaM the yield a at
present had. by from ten to forty per cent.
The report of the Cuo.olats ted, Virginia and
California mine, for the year ending Ueeember
31. 1S76, show that only TIK'per ceatuaa of the
gold aad silver contained ia ftr are Is obtained
uy their present working, aattvlHe combine.1
yield ot the two mines fur tbe year was 3.
txa.tti 00 thirty millions, ilxty-twothcusand.
seren-hnodred and eiorbry-two dollar. By the
Katon procetset, this ileld could have been in
creased by six or seven millions of dollar. Tha
goldmines orSenator Jose. In the San Joaquin
valley, give him only caper cent, or what tha
ore eontaini. These rarer are. quoted becanse
they art welt known and becaastcveTy appli
ance that money and art could devise under tho
ablest management, has been aed to lncrrasa
their production. Under Mr. Eaton's srecesses.
It 1 claimed that out uf most ore SG,je.r cent
practically all of the fbld and silver caa be ob
tained at mueb-leas. cost of time" aniT money than
Is at present required t that Base Bullion can be
treated and reflned at one-third tbe coat, aud
onsroaittrhettme'arprssmsetfr'Jn refer
ence to UIs latter procrs",j1?ror. TorreT, TJ. S.
Mint. NewTork. sarst "I belreTe rt-ta be an
entirely new and very useful process. 1 hewrrt-
ily , the macaanieal and chemical priacipies
which it ia based are asntet." ' '
urge amsants or gotorasHt surer oie are
brought to this city for tra rm wst and for ship
ment abroad, aa lata are 3s4feqnantit of Base
Ilullloa. Theprccats of Teductios Is Treat I r
faellltated hv working together ore ot different
character, aad the Base Bullion now sent
aborad, can be returned for treatment at the
works In New York, under the Improved pro
cess. For the purpose of a general demonstra
tion of these pi oeesae. the Company ha arajit
ed a limited right to a party la Sew Tork who
I erecting work capable ot treating" twenty
ttve tun of ore and twenty-nve tan of Base
nnllion daily, and the buildings and machinery
for his purpose are in greater part ready.
They now detlre to provide for the immediate
erection of the larger works by sale of a limiteil
portion of their capital stock, aud it bin order
to procure the required meant wilbunt unneces
sary saerlare. that their eaterpriae la In this
way before tbe public. For this purpose a
suKcleat amouat or stock will be sold as seven
dollars per share, being JO percent. ! ita par
and It I repuestrVt that person who may wish
to purchase, win apply personally, or by let
ter, to the Secretary of the ccmpany, P. O.
Box St to whom all remittance lor shares
rbould brfraaae, and from whom the Prospec
tus and out. r and more full lnlonnation can
be obtained.
Grand Square aad Uptight. '
This Instrument Is the most handsome and
best Piano ever before maonfacturrd In this
country orKurope, having tbe greatest pwalule
depth, rlclies anJ volume of tonecumbtnedwitii
a rare brilliancy, clearness and perfect evenesa
throughout the earl re scale, aad above all a sur
prising durallon of snond, the power and. sym
pathetic quality of which never changes uiide
th most delicate or powerful touch . Spare Turo
bids a full description of this rnarn IB cent Instru
ment. Agent discount given where I have 'no
agents. Urmember you take norisk in purchas
ing one or these CELEBRATED l.NSTKU-M.-.XTS.
If after (J) Ave dajs test trlala It
proves unsatisfactory the money you have paid
will be refunded upon return of Instrument ndU
freight charges paid by me both ways . Pianos,
warranted for six years. Address.
Washington, Xcw Jersey, 17. S. A.
Jan. Ii.'" Cm
Parlor Organs
The best and most lasting organ now In us
N'o other narlor uriran baa- ever attained I he
It ha Wu te.tnl by thousand, many afthem
competent judge, and gives universal satisfac
tion to an.
The miuie Is ailautrd to tbe human voice.
ranging from the suHrst flute like note to a Vol
ume ofsound uusurpard by any Instrument.
This instrument has all the latest improve
ment. and evry organ ts mily warranted to
six year. Urautirql oil polish, blcZ walnu
panelleit cases, which will not Lrac? or Warn
anil lurms, ia .uuiuuu iv .iiiiuitt iiiairuuicit
of music, a beantifui piece of furniture.
This .organ nerds only to be seen to be appre
ciated, and sold at extremely low Sgure lor
cash. Second-band instruments. tiCtu jn ex-.,
Acrnta wanted.-male- or feaialr. in'very
countv in tbe United States and Canada- A lib. .
erar disceunt Made to leacpers, miniier. .
cliurchrs, schools, ttsrs, etc, where we bare '
n ageuta, lilustrnteiTcatslnge and price-list
free. Corresuondeoee aolicllnl. - Aernt riisW
count given where I have no agent. Best ouer
ever given now ready. Address, .
WaatilngtoDj Xejr Jersey, .C.JiA

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