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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, November 21, 1879, Image 4

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jrujtSHWtt-'El. 1s iwlilishuil every Friday
TEwnilH; atdl-SO a year in advatirr.
Adtcrtisln;: rates furnislits.1 mi application.
Address at! communications to
Tub Si-xtisku
Orcpm. Mo.
; More than OQofnhe 114 County Cammis-
sioners in Missouri. Advocate te use
of Aoprcton's New Readers.
Read what they are
Saying Daily.
CoxoitEss will meet dh the first Mon
ilay of December.
The wife of Oeorgo Frances Tr.iin
ilicd'm New York on Wednesday of
last week.
'Governor BaiLcr f Michigan has
appointed Fernando 3. lleanian to fill
the vacancy in the United States Senate i
occasioned by the death of Zaehariah
Each iftimignint last year brought to
the -country 70, the total amouut being
:S22,600,000. It is thought the uggrefpite
sum received fur 187U will be much
larger, as some of the immigrants bring
with ttem from 81,000 to jSTi.OOO.
The New York Tribune lias rcecntU
ptiVRshcd a scries of noteworthy articles
upon the repudiation of their debts hy
Southern States, and their publication
is hardly ended before the result of the
election in Virginia comes to bring sad
confirmation of the inferences contained
in the articles.
General Singleton, of Illinois, is of
opinion that the Solid South has per-!
Jiaps gone too far, and that tho coining
-session of Congress will be temperate,
conciliatory and patriotic, lie will take
Xhe initiative in this matter by offering
-a bill to make General Grant General-in-Chief
of tho Army, at a nalnry of
The St. Joseph Herald of last Friday,
lnthc conrso of a thoughtful nnd well
written editorial, says:
The crcat mission of a -nra.spnper Is tobrinj
to light corruption in high places ; to expose llie
sascjJlty of public ofnrluls and Unix to protect
Tst rights and interests of the great hody ot the
jwp!e The rascals avoid ittd fear publicity.
Uicynprtose Investisatlou.
That's the Sextixfl's platform, ex
actly. Trevious to tho Grant reception at
Chicago last week, tho editor of the
Chicago News, a non-political paper,
telegraphed the Governors of the var
ious Statss and a large number of
prominent ex-Confederates, suggesting
that they send General Grant con
gratulations on his return to the Uni
ted States. All the Governors, without
regard to politics, sent pleasant respon
ses; and nearly all tho ex-Confederates
did tho same, including Alexander II.
.Stephens, who sent a highly flattering
dispatch. But that firm and unwaver
ing Democrat, Hob Toombs of Georgia,
who is one of the loudest of the "sol
id south" howlers, displayed his old
venom by sending tho- following:
"ATLANTA, (la.
"M. E. Stone. Hdltor Your telegram receiv
ed. I decline to answer, cxeopt to say : I'rc
aent my personal rongratulathnis to Kcneral
Hrantonbis safe arrival loM country. He
fmirtitfor Jifo country honorably and won. I
foucht-Ior mine and lost. I am ready to try It
over again. Death to the Union.
"Signed . It. Toomts."
When General Grant guts to Louis
ville week after host ho will rcceivoan
ovatiou from the cx-Confedoratcs not
tho Democratic stay-ut-horeo sneaks,
but the men who fought for what they
believed to be right. And his recept
ion promises to be as hearty as any he
is likely to have in the North. Tho
Courior-Journal extends him a column
welcome, in which it says: hen we
-were down he didn't kick us. When he
iadthc power to insult us, he treated us
-"like a gentleman." There arc some uu-
written chapters which will docorate,
if they can not brighten, the shine of
Grant's military escutcheon; but, as
Ion" as the name of Leo lasts, the con-
federates will keep in their memory a
for Grant. We have
abused him often aud may abuse him
nn-ain. Wc reserve all rights of politi
cal criticiini and civil censure. AVc
commit ourselves to nothing. But this
is the first time since Appomattox that
ire liave hail a square chance to pay
that debt, and if we don't do the thing
"bang up" count us tho poorest lot of
poor devils that tread the face of the
Tliev are tvnst excellent IkhAs. .1. K. Evans,
K-Coininixs!nmT St. Uiuls comity.
They should he imJ In every school. T. C.
Tiuliels, C'onimisioiier Worth comity.
I most hcartilv recommend them to one and
all. Ilatiry Hell," Commissioner Oregon county,
j A. ltussell, Commis-doiicr. "Wrifdit county,
sajs: I waut our county lo adopt them as texl-
Thomas X. IVaev. eommU-stoner. Ray county,
says : I cyiisiderihem tile best 1 Imvc ever ex
amined. I would esnrM niy umytaiined ajtprovn of
lum M:i McCiim. i:s-CommI.loncr lienrj
I believe them to be the best t have ever seen
or used. T. IS. Cannical, Commissioner Howell
e unity.
I think they a well adapted to otircominon
whooU J. lit. Hanty. Commissioner Moniteau
They arc uusnrpn.wl by anj thing Mic ev-
r. jviij, ivnu'."-" -
Bain! Mud! more rain .nil a little
Tho lato rains have stopped corn
Farmers are beginning t deliver hogs
to buyers; several car loads have been
shipped from this plnre. !
Dr. Stephens has gone to Omaha on
a visit to sec his wife.
New doctor in town, by the name of
Shcphard. He claims to have papers
that allow him to practice m the Uni
ted States or Kngland.
Rev. Geo. Miller preached one of the
best vermin we over listened te, n the
Sthinst. It wassplended.
Dunng the l'reshyleiiiin protracted
meeting which closed on Sunday the
8th inst. about twenty arose for prayers.
They are going to organize a class here
soons Stsnr.K.
The fallng of one of the spans of the
CTcat iron bridge across the Missouri
rivor at St. Charles, Mo., on thecvo-
ningofthe 8th inst. adds another to
the long list of similar disasters which
tlin country during the
n.ist fewvears.
ri.so i.-;,iw vn three vears in build
J. U1.1 WHMgjV. l
inir and cost two millions of dollars.
considered a triumph of engineer-
in"- skill there being not another
bridge like it in the world. It was pro
nounced by experts to be pcrfC-tly safo
l.-io nlwnvs been so regarded. Tlie"
writer was on an eugiuo with Captain
James B. Eads and others at the time
the experimental tests were made im
mediately after its completion on
which occasion the spans were covered
with engines as closely as they could
bo-crowded togothcr, thus subjecting
them to ten times the weight likely to
bo ever placed on them. Tho tests
were regarded as entirely satisfactory.
At tho time of the disaster a freight
train of nineteen cattle cars, all loaded,
was passing over tho bridge from tho
west. Just as the engine' reached the
eastern pier the span gave way, preci
pitating seventeen cars and the caboose
into tho river, ninety feet below. The
engine and one car escaped. Five men
were killed.
Tho cause of tho accident is a. pro
found mystery.
Tho span will be immediately rebuilt
but the public will never again have
ilnnen in the stability of the
brideo: and though travelers will gen
crnlly avoid going by the route which
crosses it. For this reason wo believe
it only a question of timo when, not
withstanding tho immense cojtoltnc
(.fracture, tho railroad company will be
forced to tear it down and build anoth
er in its place. This is tho only means
that will enable them to compete with
rival railroad lines for tho carrying of
the constant stream of passongcrs, to
er M-en. V.
I have no hesitation in pronouncing them
hovU of m-at merlt.-li. Hughcs.Commusloucr
Clay county.
They arc superior lo any Reader e'crm.c.1 In
ihli inty.-Vhi. ChristlS.", Commissioner,
Rails comiij. .,
They poswas many rare ami ta ,l 't .
Hires. llanlil Inllliias, j.x-vommiss.. -v. .
clede county.
How tliev will make the III tie ioikt r
iiKirkle. S. ('.. McCliuUy. Commissioner AOflS-
vay county.
Tliev m worthv of the attention of every
Hchool Ikiard.-I). (i l'ljnn. CommiIoner
Stoddard county.
I consider them vastly superior to nnj oincr
series 1 have seen. I). II. Mcaols. Commlson
er Schuyler county.
Tliev far surpass anv other reader wun w iuci
r.m aeiiuaiiited.-niigU R. .Steels. l.v-to:n-
ml.ssioner Can county.
The .stleis goml. tlie UiH-is perfect, and the
matter cxcelleaU B. 1. Tlumun. hx-Commiss-ioner
t i mndy county.
r i r..iiUr iim:Iu1i:iir. Christian county.
tay : ' 1 can commtSf.1 them to Hoards of Educa
tion desiring a change.
rjTliey will be highly nrrrlate.1 by every In-U-Iliei-nt
edHeator.-M. II. Williams, Kx-Com-
mLs-twrnc nreeiie eouniy.
Jesse l.-wls. Commi-isioner, y.onre CMinij,
kii l iiliesitanngiy i pronounce i
perlor to any I ever saw.
I ecuiKider them the best f:r the lie.-tev.r
presented to the public,-H. Y. Maaroy, r.x
Commissioncr Waj ne county.
1 iii.i.mlinilnvlr mnn:inee them superior III
lanuv respects to any now In use. T. I. rhoinp
Kn, "Comnilssloner Ca--.s county.
James C. Anderson. Comi.iU-'loner. Carroll
coimtv. s:iys: I consider li'-m perieci gram
bv far" the best that 1 have eiersevn.
J. W. Jlcfliven. eommluloner. Johnson conn-
iv Mvsi Tliev are at least iiiiny y-.r aucau
o'f what we are using at jircsent
S. A. Cndenvood. ronimUslcner. .livsjier coun
ty, says: (uir tcaeners say jsip us .iu.i,uii.s
i. .r !,,i m. u-iii dre -ra belter renders.
I have never before seen ainthliig In tie
schonl-ho' line to irfBaWin.-I. W. O inui
non. Commissioner Jlr.dlson county.
A. .1. Wray. Commissioner, Uarto-i county.
savs: TnlnK mem execiiem : i pr cirar,
binding, and general leaiun-s auracuve.
i mnr.H'Inle lliem as superior Readers In
tnmiv resiM-et shall try to introdiiee tlimn.
Virgil .V. Hughs?. Coinmlsjioncr Warren comi-
iy- ... .....
Thoma." Owings. Commissioner, iiowani
emniiv.xavs: IJke them verj' mum : nify an
something new, both in arrangement aud mat
A. Murphy, commissioner. Hickory county.
savs: 1 am prepared io say u.ai ui ......
with anyotherssries, Appletous' Readers havo
no equals.
Calln .Tadwln. commissioner. Dent county.
s:iys; I am prepared to say of Appletons
Iteaoers inat iue wsuinum .....v... -
lave seen.
R. A. Uanlels. Commissioner. Maries couiuj.
l.o o. w,v . I hnvi. ixamlnet AjiJiIctons'
Headers carefully, and regard them superior
to all others.
V. A. S. Robinson. Commissioner. niiasKi
county, savs: 1 have examined Appieioos
leaders. T'.ey are the bc.rt I eer saw just
what wc need.
J. Coleman. Commissioner. Carter county.
says: Am highly pleased win mem; rail
checrfnllv recommcBd tlicm to teachers and
school oilleers.
T. A. UInsston. commissioner. c ton coun
ty, says : After ta-irongn examinaiioii. i am
free to .say they ave la advance of anything I
have yet seen.
Mfreil Slann. eomiiiKslimrr. maision conniy.
. t il.fi.i siiiM'rinr lo anv. and
wouli like to en thdtn adopted as text-books hi
our public M-h.Miis.
R. Jfercer, ex-eotniiiKsioner, Adair ciiuuij.
says: naming careiunv cxainiocu u-m,
pleasure In recommending iiicin m a
abounding lit merit.
R. K. Young, eoiiimissioncr. Cole coiiiny.
sa-s : 1 am unable lo see nw papns
Willi No. t .nil conmlctlng w th ho. 5 can fall lo
become perfect readers.
.Too Mills, Commissioner, riiinarn coun-.j.
suvs: I l.ave examined iro"""'' i.r.....
and am pleassd to mj-that they aro just what
Is needed in our v hools.
1). M. l'ergusr.n, Ex-Commlssloiier, Caldwell
county, says: I have ovamm-Jd .ppmions
Readers, nnd believe them to be unsurpassed
by any ever published.
V. J. Dovle. commissioner, Knox coiimj.
savs : 1eaninwr io rcno win ir v.isj .
natural nnd rapid, with these iKioks In tlie
handsot n romiriem leacner.
1. R. Shellv, Commissioner. MeDo.iald county,
srns: I iH-Ucve Aiipletons' Iteaders tobein
yurpassed bv any now publlsliuci. and look for
ward to see them generally adopt d.
YV F. Drake. Commisslonor. Atrliison county,
tr. . t I,lrr Annleton's' Readers ex-
CKllen't "anil I shall c-ill attention to them at the
mectlnc: of our Committee on Adoption.
. . ... ,1. M.m,midcl..nnr .fneV'Sflll rnillltv
i'i..-ri...r 'erirefollv examined tho whole
sarles of AnrTlr'-ons Readers. I hesitate not to
irlve mv nnnuallfied approval o: tuem.
1 Mouaehan, Cnnmlssloner. Perrv county.
....... i -e.l Ihev are nossesed of
merit that are wnntia? In main; other text
books llwt I have used in Ici'S exwiicnce.
ft. xy. Talent. rx-commissirtniU-. Rolllngcr
coimtv. savs: I pronounce them excellent
works: just what is called for In our schools,
and I shall be glad to have them introduced,
John R. Rreier. Commissioner. St. lmis coun
ty snvs : No other series have manv com
mendsble features as Appletons' School Rend
ers. May onr county adopt them ai text-books.
fieo. Tf. lilllotf. Commissioner. IJim comity,
says- The reading matter Is choice and of
pleasing vnrictv. while the methods of Instruc
tion embrace and utilize the best modem pro
gressive Ideas.
Oliver fiiithrl. Commissioner. Saline county,
savs: From my long exierience of fortv vejrs
In teaching. I liac not examined anv slmllir
books In advance of them In the methods of
progressive development.
.T J Russell, Commissioner Mississippi coun
ty. Mo., sivs: I liave examined these books,
and llkn thorn very much, both for their ; neat
ness and orlgbiilltv. and they aro wll adapted
to our common sclioo's.
n. M. l'cterson. Commlsslorer, Sullivan coim
tv sas: AnpU-tons Rendrr ar. the mWrl
Uxi-litnl.T. Tliey are pronerlv graded and fullv
up to the time. Kvery Intelligent teacher will
appreciate their merits.
J H. Shelton, eoniniKsIoner. St. Francis
county, sax-s: Thev ar- Just what we want In
every school In this county, and I most cheer
fully recommend them to School Hoards
throughout the oorn'xy.
x .11 Satlerfleld. CommlssIon-r.Otnrk county.
ATll.Vlnns, Readers are. In my Jiidg-
superior to anv others I hjvnewr exam
ined!' 1 i-dl .be glad to have them Introduced
Into our school''
S. W. Crosslev.rv... " "l 1 r
snys: Appletons' J.eacers i.Vood and
anv I have oierseen. ThelTiHw '",;ln
well arramre.!. Tim maicnai. prw -
binding excellent.
T. P. JJcMurry. commissioner. Marlon conn-
tv nvs I b:ne examlneil Aniili ious- iiranen.
and am well please.1 with them. 1 would like to
see them ndonted in the county, and shall u-e
my endeavors to nave mem.
1L Rltter. commissioner. 1-ranKiin connix.
..... . i .fir.iiiiiv I'xnii.iii.si j.i.'.i. ...it-.
Reader, and take pleasure In statins Ihat Ihev
....1ii.i In everv narl eular. I consider
them suiwrior to all others now In use.
S. S. Mcljunjlilln. Commissioner. Adsircoun-
tv sav I have iookco iivnr j.nir us. ...i..
..Vol. i. ti.lnk ihev are an Improve
ment on those we have. Manv teachers lii lhls
eoi ntv want a change In Readers ami Siellers.
D. W. Graves. Commissioner. iiioniKiniirry
miiniv ava . I Live crincaiiy cxaiimirn i.i.-
hill series' of Appletons' Readers, and regnnl
in -invntlicrnnw In use. I
weulrt be glad io see inrai uiiih
The Christian Church has rnnt.sl n h.ilf C..1
nmn of the Skntinku which will be ""ted
to the lutenwls of that church and the I ms
that apiK.-ar under tin- above head will be under
the control of an editor apirouited bj r that de
nomination. This explanation Is necessnr for
reasons tliat will be apparent to Jj:",
Holt county needs temperance work.
Kvery christian should be a tcm
p.Tfincc worker.
What have you don e for the tem
perance cause in 1879?
Hy examining some papers itillie
County Clerk'.s ofliee, we find what
some professed christians have done.
Signed petitions to the County
Court asking it to grant license to cer
tain individuals to do irhat?
Sell that which will make drunk
ards, paupers and beggars ineito men
to riot, robery and blood deprive sonic
of life, sonic of reason, many of char
acter and all of peace ;
Will mako father's fiends, wives
willows, mothers cruel, children or
phans, and all poor. Will lead our
voun" men to iirnoraiu.'o, dissipation,
infidelity, lewdness and every vice.
Surely the curse of God rests upon
the liquor traffic, and the "Hitler of the
darkness of this world" owns those who
engage in it, and the petitions for li
cense circulated in Uiuir interest.
Nothing pleases the Arch Fiend
better than to have on his petition the
names of "church tacmbcrs." Let no
members of the Church of Christ dis
grace themselves and tho Lord who
died for them by allowing their names
to appear on any such instrument.
The temperance question ought to
be agitated by every preacher, by every
christian; by every intelligent citizen.
We boast of a christian land, a land of
Bibles and Bible knowledge, of intel
lectual light and freedom, and yet as a
jiation we are fettered and bound by the
galling chains of King Alcohol who
controls our political caucuses and
jlcelions to such an extent that beholds
i ho. balance of of Dower with the ofli-
i ials of both State and nation.
The Internal lievenuo lieport
for 187-' shows "s7:i.r),7l0,01S expended
for liquor. There are in the United
Sta.cs 8.1.fi.17 preachers, ll.J.W.MM
eliio th membcrs,20,8.')C Sunday Schools,
3,7ft.' 202 Sunday School-scholars, and
for aL benevolent and church purposes
there Jife contributed annually t7,fi."i(i,-
195. The difference- between whiskey
and chri. -rianity, according to Ameri
can appreciation, is just (i89,08:l,.r5:i.
$1.11 paid per capita for religion to
:?18,:W for drink; and yet some who have
read theso hens will say '-Christian had
better let the temperance question
A. HardiiRin preaches at Fairview
next Umlsday. W. 1. Fields in the
bottom above Fcrcst City. David Wet
zel at Mound City and W. A. Gardner
at Oregon at 11 A.M. and at Culp
School house nt night. ' Christian-
Delayed U-tter.l j
Wills Valley.
Editor Sentinel: Not soring, re
cently, anything from the Valley thought
we would eontributu a few articles to
your valuable paper. Kverthing in and
Itroiiiul the Valley, is prospering. Tho
prospect for whest, never looketl more
liatteiing than at present. Health is
generally good in this vicinity. The
tanners are busy gathering and crib
bing corn. The average yield is from
forty to fifty bushels per acre. Our en
terprising merchant and live stock dea
ler, -K. F. Weller, is doing a flourishing
r'toiness. 11c has a large and nicely
arranged stock of goods which he sells
in accordance with the times. The two
clerks, under his employ, arc kept busy
waiting on the daily customers. David
Kennedy, the villiagelJueksniith, stands
ready to accommodate anyone, who
may "require his services. At the var
ious times, he is so thronged with work
as to require the aid of two assistants.
The .patrons of llising Sun school,
were fortunate in securing the services
of Miss Libbie Swain, as teacher this
winter. Tlic school is progressing rap
idly under her control.
V. 15. Cooke and his sister, returned
home on tho 1st iu.st. from a visit to
relatives and friends in Kaiuas. They
were accompanied home by their broth
er nnd family.
Mrs. Wandling of Whig Valley, is
visiting her parents in Illinois.
Wc were entertained a few weeks
previous, with a course of lectures, de
livered by Prof. II. D. McDowell, dii
the subject of Phrenology.
Before wo close, will say there i.sa
fine prospect of the long-looked-for
railroad coming through tills tectum of
the country. They tnado the prelim
inary survey in August; and now, have
the grade stakes set. The road will
help the looks of the country, Ijesulc3,
adding to the financial wealth. Tmo.
Nov., 10, 187'J.
An Immense Stock
What is the use of a Democratic can
didato for Vice-President next year?
Why not call tho ticket Tilden and the
Wendell Phillips says that an
American white man is safer' under our
flag at ConstafttiHople than an American
black man is under the saiuu flag in the
streets of Charleston.
. t?or. Seventh & Chestnut Streets,
At ft meeting, of tho members of the
Methodist Church, of this place, held at
the Christian church on Monday eve
ning bust, it was decided to have a
Thanksgiving dinner at 12 m. and festi
val in the evening of the 27th. The
following committees were appointed :
General Arrangements. Messrs. Har
ness, Whitmcr, W. Kostoek, Uikens,
AIL... M.,v IImvw. Hoblitzell. IJ.ir-
tram, and" Mrs. Stcrrctt, Cailen and
Soliciting Committee Miss Maggie
Mnhaii. Hello Kin-r, Fannie King, Mat-
tio Kussel, Alhe Kreek, Mrs. fctcrrctt
nnd Hunker.
Tiihln Committee. Mrs. Callcn, Lim
bird, Kvatis, Kreek, Inghrani, Zuck,
Murnliv. Soper. Sterrelt, Nies, Davison,
Hoblitzell. All the young ladies are cx-
ni.i'li'il to assist.
l .. . . ts. n..ll....
rurciiasing uomnnucc. it. luucu.
Ovstcr Committee. 51. 11. boper,
Hr. 'fallen. S. H. Luketis..
lee Cream. Messrs. Uartram, Chiv-
ington and liostock.
Candies. Messrs. Harness, J. A
Kn-i-k. A. Pinkston.
The various committees and friends
of the church are reiiiiested to meet at
the church next Wednesday afternoon
fur the nnrnose of decoratinir aud com-
,.l..tiMr nrmnnimnts. Dinner will be
I'..'.-r. t-
served for 2f cents.
Festival and oyster supper in the eve
ning.. Kveryboily inuted.
rTo w York
Si. 00 A YEAR.
Our shelves and counters are full to overflowing with on elegant lino o
ry Goods Notions
We have a largo and and well selected stoek of
A full and compete line of
Also Groceries. Queenswarc and Hardware, which we are buying as low ns cash
..-ill i. tl... . .nut will ull h I'lirmi a the elieaneit. We shall trr At nil tunes
io deariioncstly and fairly with those who trade with us and. give full valiw for
every dollar we receive, wur uianKs are oue io our iHuy ineiius i... W i
latromif . We cordially invite all to call on us before purchasing their tall and
Winter sillpllPf m my iu iitu jl wjhumj x
Elephant Shoe Store.
$25,000 WORTH OF
Mm. Elizabeth Thompson Is circulat
ing a tract which shows that the people
of thi! United States pay ovor $700,000,
000 a year for spirituous and fermented
Honors, and only i!W,000,000 for educat
ion and $48,000,000 for religion.
A young schoolmistress who peeped
hns lost her certificate and the Supreme
Court of Iowa will give her no redress.
She had applied tor a certificate and
during, thu examination was caught
'lanttrig over the .siiouiiter ot anotner
aiiplicant and getting answers to quest
ions propiinded in arithmetic. The
sttperiuteudetit refined to issue the
certiflcatrt, aud the young lady brought
nit in the Circuit Court to compel mm
to do so. She carried her point in the
lower court, but the decision has been
reversed by thu Supremo Court.
From the SL lUiil riimpjr-I'n-ii. (InJ.)
The Democrats wait for the next
census as a condemned man wans ior
the day of his execution. Having forced
the sectional issue upon the country,
thev suddeulv discover that tho section
they have made solid against them is
not only tne strongest, aireauy, mu is
trrowinif stroniriT v-early, while that
upon which alone t hty can depend, is
sUtiODary or losing ground, iiotn in
tin old States and the new, nearly all
the increase m wealth and population
for the last decade h:is been north of
the line that separates the old slave
States from the free. Tho only South
ern State that has shown any notable
rrowth is Texas, which has received con
siderable accessions .irom nortnern lm-
miirrattoii. Anions the lerntones,
not one in tne southern oeit nas matie
anv visible procrcss toward a condi
tion of Stateship, while Dakota, Mon
tana, Wyoming and even Washington
Territory arc filling up with settlers and
. . .! . 1 . .J ,
cnensumg aspirations ior aiuii-3iou in
to the family of States.
To be closed ont in the next-Thirty days
at Wholesale Prices. You can sare 25 per
cent, on every pair of Boots and Shoes.
rrr -si n
Should remember that the holidays arc
drawing near, and that tho "Dear one's
at homo" are to be remembered. Now
is the time to bring in your orders for
Jewelry and Silverware. Order your
presets now that they may an-ivc in
timoforhe necessary engraving, etc.
Call on C. if. S.trbcr, Oregon, Mo., for
such go ods. Satisfaction guaranteed.
CoxtiHKiSMAN Carlisle, of Kentucky,
says it was a mistake for the Deriidcrats
to admit Colorado in 1875, as kho III''
Tho circulation "f tiiU poiuiiar ncnsi'.ipcr, has
more tlian tn Wwl .liiriiis the vx-i year. ItciMi
t.ihH all the IraUiiiK inws rontalawl In tin
Iiailv Iti-niid. ami Lh arnuiKcil in liaiuly deuatt-
nit-ntt. Tlie . I
rorelsn News
pmlirr.ccK special iUiatclics from all quartern
of the globe. Under the li .ad t
American JfowH
are riven tho Tc-lesraphlc Disj atelifs of tin
the cck from all l'-irts of the Union. Tills fea
ture alouc makes
Tlio Wecltly Ilrnlil
the most v.tluiiMeclininicIe hi thfi world, as it . !
the rlicajittt. Kvery weelt li pven a ralthful
n'lKirl cf
PoHU-.nl News
..n.t.li.f.. jnil cniiiDreliensIve des-
nat-IiM Iniin Washington, lucliidh!;; fill! reports
of the speeches of eiuliient iu!lliclnui on the
ijuestloiu of the hour.
Tlio rrm Uejinrlincitt
of the Weekly Hftild rivej tho latnrt as well as
... ..., ,iN..tl.l v.i'y.llnns :in.l dtstsiverleA
r,iniln.-iitlM. duties of the farmer, hints for
raHliiR Oatlle. IMultry. Grjiu-i. Trees. n-ta-hle-i,
etc.. with sucjestloin for kcciihij; ImlldiriRii
aud fiinnini; utensils hi reiwlr. Tfib Is sumih-menu-d
1'v a well edited department, widely
copied, nuk-rtiieli'-ad of
Thu lomo
rfvinj; recipes for practical illshes.hlnts for inak
InKcliithluaii.l for keeplnir up with the latt
r..r. w ... li... i.t.vft iii-if. Kvcrv Itefti of cook-
Ill" or economy sncsested in this department is
practically tented hy experts hef.ire puhlicatlmi
U-tters from our cans aim iiiou i-iirrrsiuii-dents
on Hie very latest lashions. The Home
Department of tlie Weekly Herald rIII sive In
housewife more than ouo liundred limes the
price of tlie paper. Tlie tntcrct.s of
Nhilled I.nbor
are looked after. Slid cverythlni; relatinK tn
uirchnnles ami labor sjivinc H careful n-conl-rd.
There is a pace devoted to ali the latent
phases of tlie liusim markets. Crops. Merc i
andlse. etc. A valuable feature is found In the
specially reported prices ami conuiuuiis 01
Tlie I'roiliice Slnrlict.
unHiM.. n.Hi-snt liomc and abroad, together
i wltha Mory every wcck. a '
! nent dhlne. l.iterarv.Muslcal.I)r.imat!c 1'jirs
The first ntinVberappaared Nov. lGth
1878. All the lrHuk numbers can bo
sttpplivl at the publication office.
Friends of the paper, ursbie to obtain
it at any news stand, or any railroad,
are rciuesleil to notify the publisher.
Is devoted to Literature, Science, Fi
nance, the Drama, Comments on Do
mestic Kvents and Foreign Correspond
dencc. There are Departments of fash
ion, Chess, I'uzzles, Acrostics, etc.
"rKOUKESS" talks abont Club-lifa
at Hoin: aud Abroad, of Athletic and
other Sports, of jllorses and Horsemen ;
it treats of Church matters, and will not
be wanting in Humor. In a word,
'Progress" Is a paper for the Merchant,
the Itanker, the Treacher, the Actor,
for the Office and tho Home Circle.
TITLES," a novel by its Editor, Johk
W. FoitN'EY. A serial of the highest
order will always be among the con
"PROGRESS." is atwentv-four Page
Quarto, printed on strong paper, large,
clear type.
5.00 a year postage inciuueit, in ad
vance. Mtiglo rumi)ers, io cents.
Sf A- Specimen Copy will bo sent
on reciipt of 10 cents.
The IJovs and Girls and their Friends
Ml f .1
win iinu hi
Hosts of tliintr to cniov. Among them
Will bo two Capital Serial Stories:
Five Liitilti Penners
And How They Grew
Bv Margaret Sidnov, Illustrations by
Jessie Curtis.
Two Youiiff llome.steatlcrs,
rii- 'n..wiiiiim n. .Timness. IlliiKtratid
bv Robert I-wi. There will also be
Fou Two-Part Stories:
Billy's Hound,
Our Store,
e up
Don't wait for something to "tttra
up," but take hold and turn it up for
yourself; it isn't hard. No time for
nonsense. Come to 11. P. Zook & Co.,
Forest, City and sec what it is to bt
alive. Why wasteyour money by being
satisfied with the first store"- you comw
to? Take a few moments more, and!
go where there- w an as.sortracnt of
goods, and wherepu can save at lea-t
one profit. Unless you have much
more money than you know what to do
withTit is good policy to turn, about
and find some spot where a dollar will
.spread out to the greatest extent.
We think there is xuch a place, an.l
rather strong in onr' convictions that
ourslslhe one. If yon visit us and '
not find more goods and lower pricaa
than elsewhere, and feel like goii-y
awav without having, "wd won't -feick
i ..:.. .,,.! i "i nn.l Ki:t Votes. Tliere is no pain-r ill Hie
j . - , , - - roiilalus M
Z I : I 1 . . .. .1.. .... ... ... .WWII I It. ml.
IS lIKei IU till AU .llillll 111 lOQU. Ili.nl, "II
the other hand, Mr. Carlisle thinks,
should bo mnde a State at once, bo-
causo "it has sent an unbroken line of
Democratic Representatives to Congress
ever since its admission as aTerritory."
Thus it appears that the true qualifica
tion of a Territory for admission to the
Union is unswerving Democracy.
The coat is clearing for Garfield's
election to the Senate. Governor-elect
Foster tells "Gath," of The Cincinnati
Enquirer, that Secretary Sherman will
write a letter in a few days declining to
be a candidate for the position. "I don't
believe," adds Mr. Foster, "that Stanley
Matthews expects it. Taft has hopes,
as usual. Dennison will make a pretty
good push for the place, but I think
von may say it will be r.- walk-over for
GarnOld- Ho has some opposition in
the southern part the State. Halstcad
doesn't like him, and sonic of the iron
and tariff men aro opposed to him.
Hut ho is a sound Republican, and all
the north of the State is warmly for him.
He will get it."
IIenduicks lias broken out again
with his old complaint. He says once
more that ' 'tis treason" to oppose a
solid North to a solid South; calls the
President n "fraud" and a "sneak," and
.so much news matter
Tj lnv, One Dollar. You can subscribelat
Thfi tffiff YQllr Mil weekly-formal Z W
Addre 2jew neraid,
nrondway A Ann s"- ew1'orH
The Best Paperl Try It!
Beautifully Illustrate!.
35th YEAH.
The rtelentiric Amerleaii Is a lariP Flrst-Cla-is
Weekly Neiacr of IG l-ases printed hi the
niu.t heautifiil Mvl'. profii-sely Illustmted with
siilcndlit engravings, representtni; tho newest
liivenllons and the most recent advances In the
Arts and Sciences ; Including New and Inter
eathn: Pacts in Ai!rlilture, Horticulture, the
Home. Ilcillh. Slcheal rnyre. Sucial Science.
Natural IKsiory. Clot;y. Astmpoiiiy. nie
...... t v..i....i.i.. .irricilrti! naners. liv eminent
writers in all departments ot Science, nlll he
found III tlie selcniiue American.
Terms saso per vear.Sl.ro half year, which
Includes po-tase. 'tliscouiits to Agents. Single
t.w i.... ..amij s.l.l hv nil Newsdealers. Re-
inll hv Tostal tinier to MUNN & CO.,I"uhlWicn,
S7 1-a'rk Itow. New ork.
n A m-PTrnC' e.mnectiou wltli the
PATLIJ Tb. NcliuitlllcAmerlciui,
Vi-srs. Mann &('.. anSoliellorsof American
and roiitRii IMtrnts. liave had JS years experi
ence, aim now nave llie lare'-M -siuir;.iiu. ...
... l-fi.nta nr.. f.l.tnlllCil Oil tile Ijenl
terms. A npeeial notice I made in the Selelitl.le
Mneriean of all inventions patented tlinmph
this agency, with the name and residence of llie
" . ' in. II... 1.,.1.,,-ris,- rirctihitiou tlue
il-..o. uuhlieattelitlon Is directed to llie .merits
of the new natent. and sales or Intiodiiclioii
often easily ciiccici.
Anv jierson wan nasma'i..' a new iusi-iY r ...
inrentfnli call asevrt.un. fns- of eharse. Hlieiiier
i int-nt can proIul.l-he olitalned. ny wniniK
io ML-XS 0 We aKo seed fiisi oar Hand
..' '!... i..r..,.t 1 is -lsit.-nls. Tiade-
Mirks' their co.Vs and how procured, with
idaU for procnrlm: advances on imeutiuns.
A.i.ircs. ror ine i hot. ..r ,s.-.. . ......k
Which we are Selling
Lowest Rates.
Your Inspection
jponvnisnsTG- you
Fair Competition.
eek & Watson,
It is your privile?. We aru working
for j-imr interest ad well su our ova.
anil, if we canrot ruiiko it apparent tn
your pixnl judgment thiitive nro iikenii.
thcnTw no harm tlonef. By the way, il
not fail to sco what wo have iu. the way
of ncy goHl.s. If our prices ilon't
Mr. S. G. W. Benjamin will continue openoiireyes, nothiny will. So says
tliose pnpera wlik-h have been so "lailly " Mffsa G tfCT
wkome.l by the people at larfre, being P Ml Siil
Atlministra tor's Notice.
Nntlce is herihy civen that the estate of Oorye
Ileaumont deeeasfsl. late of nurhaiinan county,
SIo., was ordered Into my hands on the loth day
of Nov. lSTU.by the. Probate court of Unit county
All iK-rsoiwhavins claims against .s.ild estate
am reniitsl to exhibit them for allowance to
the adhiluistrator within one year after the date
of .said letters, or they may In" precluded from
any benefit of said estate, and if well clahas be
not exhibited within two years from the date of
.said letters they will be forever barred.
Tubllc Administrator.
Stray Notice.
i ia.i rn
V.V.V J K. rrv- Kill pay forlnformalion leading
to recm rV .tMrM HenJ Alien. Oregon, or lo
m",? K i 0 countv.Mn.
C. SI. ALL15N.
Old Sewing Sluchliies
Can be uAchanp;eil for now ones, on
very favoraMe terms, by applying to
"Ganllicr llfothers, at Schulto Brothcra1
store, Oregon, Mo. They aro agents
for the Improved Singer, which is the
eit inachina in use. 21-1
Kx. I'rlce.Intro.rrlce.
SO 15
Appleions' First Reader $Q 10
Appletons' Second Reader 15
Appletons' Third Reader 20
Appletons' Fourth Readrr 25
AnniPinna' Fifth Reader 40
Tf" "
D. Appleton ft Co.,
New Yoik.
L.S. HOLDE3, Agent,
declares that he feels proud of the faet' jaiNS.ii:o.,37 irk Kou.r.ew Yorlt.
that more than hal." a million white men I iirancliom.-e.c.)r.r.tTtli!.tn V.-ashlnstoii.n.C.
voted to make him Vice-President. II"
may as well' do all the feeling of that
kind he can, for the half a million afore
said will never gim another chance.
Just what his ambition i.s for his speech
is said to be a bid for the Presidency
is not clear, but as ho and Hen Hill
rgrcc in their deliuation of treason he
may bo thinking of a combination of
Hendricks and Hill for 1880. That
would make a ticket and nn issue which
would suit both the Solid North and
tho Solid South.
ut- fllt. ffcnr in lnVfr tf.
Tha Young Folk's Monthly
This interesting Young People
Magazine, tho Young Tolk'.s Monthly
is upon our table, full of pleasure and
profit to thfi class for whicfi it is mtcntteii.
Dialogues for Schools aud oilier ntcr-
.iietlier . , 1eiAii
obtained, by wrilln? laiiiiuuius, a.njurai.uia..iu(j .
Trade-1 ut('- u contains S2 large pages, ami n
no iiouiit tne cncapesi .lagaznn!
price. One dollar in advance". For
S2.-13 we will send thcScNTiEKi.audtlic
Young Folk's Monthly lmth one year.
Published by Miltton Gcorgo, Chicago,
J. Foster Matihal!,
lllUl. ESTATK.
axd xotauy rannc.
Stoncy to ian on I
r.inus for a term
tliBonlv Art Series- eyor prvparcd for
yiwin l alsi. ,
Concord Pic-Nic Day.
Utulcrthis title Mr. Geo. B. liarth-tt
will present a series of Out-of-doors
Games for both Hoys itnd Girls. Theso
anmsem-nt paper will be full of Con
cord reminiscences of famous haunts,
and imteil people whose mimes arc fa
miliar lo,the liteniturc awl art of twi
Prof. M. P. Paul JHiil Dis
coveries in the Starry
Chronicled, in verso by John Jleiiry
Jack. Ulastr teil by AUiatliar Ann.
l'lia entire collection will lie iirrangetl
and edited bv John Ilrownjohu. and the
drawings ru-tonched by Mia-s Mary A.
Intcrostlntr to Teachers
A series of Twelve Original Kxcreise
Songs, for tte m Public Scliool, ari
being prejiarcil for Wido Awake, under
thesupcriUioti of Mr. Imis C. Elstiu,
a gunttcman well known to Jho musical
public of Hoston and Xew York.
Beautiful Monthly Surprises!
Now is the tim to subscribe. Only
?2.00 a year. Agents, wanted. liberal
Address nil orders nnd inquiries to
D. Lotlirop & Co.,PtilHshr's
2 Franklin Str. Hton, Mass.
Scliulte Bros,
DB3:re ts announce to to tho public that
they novf-h : oh haai a lar-joand vtall
selected z-os'i ef csods. "
It is I'lisurpassetl, if not irneipialed
for the Amount and Variuty of the Prac-
selected for the fall and winter trade, at
prices low enough to meet any compe
tition. Thanking our customers for past fa
vors, wn rcspift fully invite thoni to ex
amine our stock before Inaking the
fall and winter purchases.
The St. Louis Magazine.
The St. Louis Illustrated Magazine is,
without doubt, the handsomest montlily
publishetl for its price in tho Union. It
is brilliantly illustrated. The .stories,
poems, anif article on limelv subjects
are all original. The book contains
uvery month a profusely illustrated
fashion article, will as a wliole is a
household treasure. Sample copies
pent free on reception of two three-cent
.stamps to anv postollict?. Addrcas St.
Imis Magazine. Tit) Olive Street, St.
Louis, Mo. .
tieal Information it contains, anil for
the Ability and Extent of its Correspon
dence in tho Three Chief Diroctioas of
Fakm Cttoi-s AXI PHOCF.SSK.S,
Live Stock ani Dairyisw
while it aVsi includes all minor department-
of rural interest, such as the
Poultry Yard, Entomology, llee-Kejp-iii",
Greenhouse and Grapeiy, Veterni
nrv Ueplies, Farm Questions and An
swers, Firesido UcariSng, Domotic
lvorsomr. jt1 a mmmiary of the Xews
of the Yeck. Its Mahket Uepocts
tiKiisirtlK- iiinmlete. and more in
formation can bo gathered from its col-
31 oa-100 ACRES fi nis cast of Orer;n. ail ' mxtatt than from nnv otlier sourc 1111
under feiice and lu culllvsitlon ; iiimxI Irani . n,ni . i. 1'ro.siiects of the Crops, as
,in-A . ..i.v .nit 'ittiu 1 m i r 1 1 1 nri'iL'ini 11 1 - r - . - . -
throwing light upon ono ot tne most im
portant of all questions n nri 10 iuy
,l ii'A. Sell, ft is liberally Illus-
tralcd. aud constitutes to greater de
gree than any of it cotiteuiporarii-s a
flf ntn-er failimr interest both to Pro
ducers, ati'l Consumers of every class.
lisliril Weekly on the following tenns
when naid .strictly in advance: One
Copy, one year. S2.M): Four. Corny,
$ 10, tml fill additional cvpv far the year
free to the sender of the Club ; Ten Coi
ies.S'.'O, and an athHlionaf copy to the
sender of the Club.
For the year ltssO, these prices in
clude a com of the Ansi'ai. KF.r.iSTEit
of Kuual Affaiiis, to each .Mibscriber
a Iwiok of 14 1 pages and about 120 cn-
"ravin's a pit ot tlio nioitsuers.
aSrMI sew Subsrribtrs for 18S0,
11 fnipmwl I'
iif YearsW.t a
l'AYAllt.K ANl'Al.l.f .
Ollice over Schulte Hrothers Store.
.iK'Aiiit.:. i.i.t nut li.iusi :lliu iHiriiir; orelur.1 o
NO apple trees; 3 acres 111 keiih-s ; all Winds ot
Mnall indts ; so ncr:i uuil.er Unit one mile dis
tant w 111 tx! Mld nitn Urni. Will he suUl elieaij
itli a lMirtimi diiu. Inns time mi lulauee. Will
take SO ir lio liead id cos iu trade. TUfct li a
No. 1 farm and msmhI aiion.-h.ird as lt.-rc I
In Holt isniiity.
OQAC'IIKS; miles: .southeast nf Orrsoo-
sJ.er-s III cultivation. i 111 limtier. kixnI nm
nlns wuter on famu fan t'e limitUu low for
eiLsli or will rjlre time 011 deferred laments.
Ofin A'ltns Improvisl. 3 miles niilt!ir:u.t nf
UU (V.iii;; lno feiierd; liO in eiiitl.ati.m
so acres for pasture and hay-: -to acrei sood.
limlH-r; tine .spriic Kixl beatliiB orelianl of
apples and pearlies. Frame dueiliiiu hidisi:
1 l-i.stnrier. Fur sale rlieap. M or l dun 11 ll
aneeon lonj time.
it A 30-100 AOItKS one half mll iiortliwus
It- of C'nil; frame dttellim: !nn.s-;:il.oi:t li
iiere ill cultivation, halauen in px-ture. For
sale clieap on easy terms.
OK C1IOIEC I.OTM m. Moiiiid City. AViltsell
Z3liiw for cash, or 11 part down, lialane In 1
moni'is, A H-rfect title can he piven to lliese
onnAflll'S uniniproveil : 2 l--rultes S from
3U Mimnd City, that will Iw olA at a har
(niln either for cash or ou time. V-ilJ ikvldc if
I hitn-oi-i'- 20.an nerrs f rini-Mdrfiir fj.rff.
trh(ii ion! iV'".fiisiv rwiiufen ts- ttrii: pniting in advnnct' noir, will keceivi.
Oiraerr inni irWit.i: - ti fr.jri.tiurfi- inn , ' ,7.vrK WEEKLY, from receipt of
yr ' . iIf 1 harr iii .iir.- i.-r. ui 1 n mittatice to January 1st. 2ib0, v txu
Slaler for M-nr.il fiin.i. ".of rfrfri ' UI-j pu.vr.OE.
or rjrfiiii.ye iriifjA iw WT.fi- im. T .ttilf:l yri,- , ntoS,.v.rI1fi Cot'IEd OF THE 1'A
m, of Hi. r imqirrf tr. i in ...-I uw .4 V. I yi
k mr. A-1-tr-r-xici.i-e.i- I l.r t UEU TUCKER & SON', Publishers-ai.wii-citiMwt-r.rariiTOinrsr-'s'.
Klitu'J WOltU AUl loi
Vi'hiie we feel thankful for the pafrofi
age we have thus far received tram sur
friends, we still hope to merit a ccntirm
ance of their trade In the future, and re
sp:ctru!Iy Iniits all to give us Holt county
born "pukes" a fair trial and help us get
a fair start Come on: aad all ; no Iroubla
to show goods. Cur Motto: "CHEAP FDR
nmn man
Wsst Side of Public Square.
and fro, between the cast and west.
7Q4 Chestnut Str. SJ. LOUIS, MOJ

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