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The Holt County sentinel. [volume] (Oregon, Missouri.) 1865-1880, December 31, 1880, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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-.-.jct'j Lardy'' ruiloiop'jr.
--?SV3 agn ;l
USlOII girl who had
at c 41
fUnrthS-hnolof piiil.wophy
I arr-vel in Brooklyn ou a
-n n:n vr.- c.fnr:i. Vtcr cm-
j My
the fun ami gum-1
tlicir O.lllJillOll 111
(1. ,. .
I-. fcoa
i a: tit)
irnmrat vvh ch their eirly
i .. s i-iits were made, the Hrook-
-.,.i:i t .ijiiiroimoliieii.mtrc
. mor.l oif.-rt;iiHmeiV
.: ' o ybh "firj ukinz lessons m
1-. How ilo on liken?'
. it's porfcAly lovely. It s about
ii i c .ou knox.
ant we a!l just Jotc
oWcn' ice."
lt-autbj nice. What :s itab tut?"
It's abnut molecules as m-ich as
any thinz else, and molecules aro jut
t 1 aivfiill.- n ce fora:ivthinir. If there's
anything I really enjoy, it's molecule."
Tell 4uj abcut them, nty dear.
VHiat are lnolccnlcs'r"
Oh! molecule. They arc little wee
things, and it lake ever s many of
t.m.a. They arc splendid things! Do
,u know, "the.v. ain't anjthina: but
"vhat's got nto'eenles in it. And Mr.
Cook is juyt as sweet as he cin be, and
vslr. Kmtrscy.i. too. Thoy explain cv-c-.
thing so beautifully."
" Hoiir I'd like to go there!" said the
Brooklyn girl, eavioitaly.
YonM enjoy it extsc to rmizb. Tlicy
trch protoplasm, too, and if there is
one thing perfectly heavenly it'g proto
p.aS'ti or molecules."
Tell me about protopltttui. I know
I should adore it." 4
"'Deed vou wonlu: it's just too
sweet to live. Yon know It's about how
things get started, or something of that
Tr'mL You ought trf iie-ir Mr. Emcrso'c
tell about it- It Vould stir" your vcry
isoid. The tirst t"Htie he explairic'd about
protoplasm thor -wasn't a dry eye in
t.:o'itioUso. -WeUanied our liats after
'him.: This is an Emerson hat. Y
. 0,1 1
eco the ribbon is drawn over
"nilnnaiifrtir with ?. liindrln ..nil n lmric!l f
-- r -- ---
'01 llowcrs. Tnen you turn up the side ;
with a snrav of forirct-me nots. Aiu"t
it just too sweet? All the girU in the
school have thorn."
"How exquisiicly lovely. Tell ma
some "mora scicaco."
"Oh! I almost forgot about difforon
tiitioa. J a:n really and truly pos.tivc
J ia love with dillercBtialion. It's
uZGfSiti Jm molecules and
And plasms, but ifrevcry b"t as nice.
T Cook!. YtittTshouM bear him go on
about it! I really believe he's perfect
ly bound tip in it This scarf is the
Ciok scarf. All the girls wear Iheui,
jin-l wcn imcd them a wr hiat just on
!""vnint of the intcrcat he take in dif
le'entijtion. '.Vhat is it, anyway?"
"This is mull trimuied with Unnjue
tloc la.e "
"T U-m't mean that -that other."
"Oh! diSercntiation! aia'l itwect?
It's cot something to do w.th species.
Ik a the way you tell one hit from -another.
30 you 11 know which U Ixcom
i"g. And we learn all about ascittlan;,
t'v. They are thcilivincst things. I'm
n-i-M'lutely enraptured with a-:cicia!H.
L. i oaly had an as ddiau of my owul I
wwidn t as-i anythtnj tlso iu the
" Vhit do they lo ik M.n. dra: ? Did
y.m ever seo"bae?'' asked tha 15rojkIyn
guTi, deeply iuteroitod.
Oh. no; nob dv ever saw enc ex-c-pt
olr. Cook and Mr. Emerson, but
thv are something like ati oxster with
a reticule hung on its belt. 1 tlrink they
u-o jaat heavenly."
Do vou lsar.1 anvlhtng else Loiidcs
all fieso?"
' Oh, vcs. 'We learn all about com
mon philosophy and logic, and those
comnim things like meranhysies. but
lie girls dou't ciro anvthing about
th isc We are just in ecstacic3 over
d'ff-TCUtiatlon and moleculc3, and Sir.
Cook, and protoplasms and ascidians,
an I Air. Emerson, and I really don't
03 why they put in those vn'gar
- branches. If auyb idvbebides Jlr. Cook
un.-l Mr. Eaicfion had done it we should
hivfj told him to his face that ha was
too terribly, awfully mean."
Aud the HrookLyn girl went to bed
that niglit in the dumps because fortune
bad not vouchsafed her the advantages
e"Ioycd by her friend, while the lloston
.girl dreamed of seeing nn ascidian
c.iaaing a uiolo ;ule over a differentiated
b.icS fence witli a club for telling a jiro
toplasrn that his youngest sster had so
rr-!nr fietkles on. her nose that they
Elude her cross-eyed. l!ro k'yn Eaylc
.Su.'jt3ntliil far Iture.
In nothing is a purchaser so oasily
do-o.vcd' as :n cabinet work. Cabinet
ma'ang is essentially an art. and de
ir.nda clear understanding of the
nature of the material which has to bo
vvu.-a.ed, and the various modes of con
struction, so as to obtain t'10 greatest
amount of strength wit't the leaftt waste
of labor or material. The carpenter is
always nn honorable person. Why
suo.ild not the dbinbt-makcrbo equally
bo? For the simple reason: that the car
penter is forced," in much of li work
(floors, joists, roofs and other responsi
ble timbers), to remember thaS lives
ioay defend upon the thoroughnesj-of
Ids work; whereat the cablnet-ruaker's
cr.t't, though requiring greator precis
ion r.nd accuracy of lm:sh. seldom lids
to resist any great strain, and the con
ao.juaa.:e is that much of the furniture
sent out is considered durable enoujfS
if it has just sufficient tenacity tc-hold
leather with careful nsaje. And tlie
jt.i.'jl c encourages this state cf things
ly asking over and over again for the
"trier article," witho-it attempting
u nirm any found judgmcat 'vt the
LI is noto: lous that we get so acens--"i7n-,d
to continual breakages in our
n-ntrure (weak joints becoming frac
tu.ed and Bits, of carving dropping off),
i. to regard them as inevitable. This
n,-.l not be if people would pay more
r (.ird to s mniriess of construction and
JV to-mererric!os om ttnent
rt' isnrJvb easiest thing to tell at a
kTiic'e whV.llier a chiir or a cabinet or
iidcbojrd is lincly to l ist a lifciinie,
nrtr'iRthcr it will "sprn; a leik" the
rt'sr after we get it home; and for this
resou a few broad hints for the 'giiid
wicu of untechnical purchasers' miy be
servi fable.
Min piviplc seem tothink the nature
nf-i-rKvl will allow of ils bum-' turned
niiil twisted .about at pleasure; but
mVmeut s roilectlon will convince rh'o
reailcr of thi absurd
tv-.f th5s. The tr.in
ilwcribediasacliLstcr of libers running
in tha direction of Us luinth, aim
thu sap llon-s.
libers coislitulo what is
'?-ain" of a wood, and
tarmed the
tr tiKire-or
liis.-' combact in il 1 tr.
(r..r.nil. u-irnrs nf lim-
-.- - --
'bi-r thus rlv:n 'rise
i ...-vi-
"r iined ' and " ope i-gr.imc I.
cl.'Vrthe gi-a'n the harder the -wood,
A Khortiio.s of grain alsti renders a
i-.jl.d ihfilr linlilif leuaivvhen used a-
lug or c-jtnmns.
Uij havy saiil-tlial the grain runs with
lh. lenztb rtf r.rtriiuk. If we want to
vu a stick out cf tho trunk of a arge
tree f'vh'c'.i. by the way, wo never
the st'dl: tlie grca'.osl possible htrengtli
Uiit let us-s ipposo m: " -
Ve Iwk out a pl-c..' jini-iar 111
tl.f! lirsi. N will" vur htf'i'ls
. . tt .
tr 1110
fitrvng'li Thf '.r-t with
tli,. 'r-'-tr nun. ',.ff:-llivi-', will not
y'f.V ttif si.-iso'i I. ii'
ten 'if SI ITm w'th I.
1 '.vn i". Ti-r i " '
TO 'd l's--J a n
.j,bt :u-fs tliu
rn nr Vs isc.
. ;., .p :c
11 f sn,-
JiLHi 0. Ul.KII II... I il -I'ltt
:ij the offshoots form better ii:adv-m ule C,uiic accomplishment, if not of money- I"
Etsiks and intn-o clasiicl, we c-ul in'th-'j n,:iking; years of strengthened prcpant- ,
..iVRcl:o:i f ils l.'iigth.-and the liber or, j:,in. years that might introdtieu and
r-raiii run 1:11 ' its natural way gives tc r't.r;.,!.;,.,, .. reirecr. instead of wasted'"
of large enough c rcitnrcicneo ti-j- .. ;
ulliw o' thn Kim--sized sti k lining i-. !l .ai. i ..-i,n, ii... I
, t.i. t . -. I 1 ll.ir. Vllil.fl tlf.l. o.n.s f.ti.t .tuuuu .it..
r,.sihe tn.uk.at rght :.i.g: l.. i 1 ,,,,, ot i,iuS star cf l.elhlc!em
trirv ir.l r.iivlli. Aft-r in .1.1 tioubJ ... . Cassioi.ia.ue-
cip'o in the ns of timber, if wo wouM
-! i l "i irn t tr.t.il ..it ininnof ,tf t rt.iitrt li
ft ,., ..til.,, .rpr.1, rim i:i ti.n natural
ji,:t;on with'
j uot .- ;
1 w;ly.
ih" length of our work.
its b.e.ulih or uarro'iYost
'j-ie strongest fnnn th it can be given
... tl,r lvu-k ilf n li-nr wli r,- til., tivn
u.jrijrut pieces are .slr.ii:-..t, or man. so.
anil c .s .Hy., ai, -truiht, anil
, mortised Ir.to.'tfri side upright.
j The ieff U :l cjiajr are i.xe.'l in two
waj. Kither they nr. pegged up into
Jqses.'; fr.iming, as inlght.-an.nl or
, bL'irooni chairs, or else the ends of the
sfnt rail, arc mortised into the upper
Vart, or sipiarc blioul.ler of the log.
'which is bv far the stroRge.'-t w.iy of
framing, an.l should be employed fur
ii..iuio, oil, miirtiivi iu viiif.vjwv
,',inin-room chairs, and whomiwr the
scat of the chair is stuffed. hero the
legs are only "pegged" it is licrcysary J
to strcngUien them by mils from one to '
the ether, but with a chair properly j
framed these arc not essential, though '
of course they add to its strength, and, ;
artistically, tlieyg'.vc a balance to the 1
chair ani prevent it look'ng tojvhcavy. ,
15estdc3. it enables us to dispense with ;
a clumsier leg than would otherwise be
necessary. Art Amateur.
An Awful SipiiiU
A Rccland jxung man until quire !
recently was courting a fat girl at the '
North End and hail progres3ed very fa
vorably with his suit. One cven'ng last
week he dressed up in.his bc5t clothes, j
carefully combed his hair, and started
out to make his tri-wcekly visit to his .
fair o'fifc'; who was waiting iri tlio jiirlor
-itu fond bxptctation in her heart anil j
a cold in her head.-siiperinduct'd by the
fluctuating weather. This was, as you
miht sav, the prologue to the tragedy. 1
T. - - l. !., ,!. f .-
il appears, iiuv.u.ui, iu inu mi iun
father who is worth many thousand
dollars in good, sensible bonds, and as
- .V , J,. t . ..
mans ic-nuer reinirii uu ior su.uii
,,:i,, ..?.. horn thn vietim of some
1 : . . ,
unknown miscreant who had raided on :
his hen pen with disastrous ctt'eet. Isick
of such foolishness, lio.hull jireparcd a 1
shastly retribution for the fowl villains, t
" , . "'.t . , t , 1.1, . 1.. 1
anil to uns enu uau niieu a o-ji aruuu
svrinze with about
beef brine, seasoned
flavored with ass:
in ambush behind
sweop every approach to wo nenncry. j
The young man. who is pretty well ae- .
quainlcd with the whole family, thought j
he would surprise his girl by entering
.1.. 1 . ,.l ...1 ! In- I li tinitt' ?
way. This is the situation:
a Is the hennery; b Is the old rfian, ur.il c the
MTiur": di. iheyiunui.ui lightly ttiruIiuT to
Iboiuhtsof love as well as tho cirnerof iho
rcno:; c is tho house iiself, painted brown;
nud Is llin rut slrl fittlr!s- by the phm and
sliiyin- "Kathor; dear lather, come home;
oiwu is the jraihcriiu darknejs.
Gaylyupllre Hack yard the young ;
man comes. Silently in ambush tlie ,
old man lies. Cheerily the fat girl j
warbles. Quiet but awful is the syringe. ;
In the uncertain light of early evonmg
tho old man sees a figure stealthily
drawing near his guarded pen. With
bated breath he -waits the onslaught.
Tlio syrinse sonnds ils dreadful " wli-s-
s-h-p," ana its ucauiy conicuis uy
thromrh tho air like a wild and mad
avenger. A yell that tore tho azuro
robe of nijrhC fairly knocked tho fat girl
d1T the piano stool and curdled the old
man's blood, followed tho discharge,
anil when tho neighbors .rushed in,
under tho imprcssiou that a political
boom had burst right in the neighbor
hood, they found tho unfortunate joung"
man pawinrr madly around on the
jrrouhd, and'sercaming outawfid Mci
i.n wonls terrible to hear. While tho
old man hovered over the scene with J
the sj'ringc in his hands, looking liko
n itn'nitirml I rilwt OCM I tlll f miTl 'ill
allegory. Sym,?athi.ing arms bore the
vouu"- man into the house, auer uicir
owners had stopped their nostrils with ,
cotton, And it required the combined
cflorts of the fat girl and eight friends '
to bring him to, and it was seme hours
before tie was able to fairly inquire it
the meteor hit anybody else wncn it
some shade of a cypress tree, whoso ,
thick branches the struggling moon-
beams vainly strove to pierce, an old
man's' -totterins form rested upon a
spade, and silently viewed a new made
grave. lie nau just uur.eu tuo sjrmge.
Uccldanl Courier.
Will Education Yield Subsistence J j
An education, yes, but what sort sjI ,
an education? A bricklayer's cduca- '
lien, an artisan'srfs-farmcr'a, would in-!
deed help him'it6"'carn x liviug. A
college education would give him n j
social advantago, but it would not, in ;
Hself, increase his chance of earning a
living; it' would rather diminish it. 1
For, as was-pointed out in nn interest-'
iug paper lately published in this mag- 1
a.inc, our colleges do not, like tlio
French and German universities, in- '
struct a young man in tho bread-win- t
n".ns pursuits; the American colleges .
arc,- on tho contrary, institutions lor ,
ganeral culture. I do not take up the i
"rjtKTstion here of tho amount and valuo,j
tl.o ftnlttirn ihv snnnlv. Tho DOillSl
for us to note is that tho educated
younj American who has not a special
J. ,.. .. - 1 .. j, t.
cuucauon as a urau-wuiiiu uiao
oflT, as to his moue' prospects, thrtu the
young American who lias no college ,
education at all. Dig ho cannot, and
to beg he is ashamed. Two-tjI tho nro- :
fessiona at letutaro fal ally overcrowded. '
The United States, with--a population
not greatly larger than that of the f
German Einnirs. frraduates every year T
live times as many physicians; for the
German Empire limits the number of
its doctors, and w6 dd not limit that of
ours. Very many of'onrphysicians jiot
.ttlt sf-vtl vnnm-fnr' nmrdioit but nivcr 1
rrot into" practice Tit all. It is much tho t
same with the profession of law. In
bath professions thord are prizes for a
few. and faHnras. mere or Icsscomnlelc,
for the mnnyt Tho- engineering, inin- j
iug an4 other sdcntille professions of- 1
fer a eomewhat better chance, and pub- '
sion, "will attract" a batter ehv-s of young
men irom j our loycar. buj npoa iub
of these, save in favored and exception-
. a c:VsCSl as where a son succeeds to liis
a Mllon of ancieut rjnESBBJft H Hfl rSSi S&aTbff&Ml B craa S tt B .-fh N
afii tlda. and was Ivinir I MOD 3 15 VI t.j? Wltilltyj tUB ftd B 15 &JO&0 n 1 0 S H 1
a box. where he could , if '
.ty and impossibUi-; father's practice, can a young mini de
L. of a tree may bo .)CC.rfor fortune, or even for immediate
support. They, too, dlTcr a csrtain so- ;
citd dirrnity. Ihtt as a rule it is thu la- :
! Ii.-.rne. nrlisnn. -or tradesman that has
(10 uc;ter chance of supporting him-
. K1.if. u u thn educated man that has.
.vait before be can j
irerore. we educate
J JllUIU JlUIJIlUMWf. . ...ft, u .... j
. hijj way. 11. iiieiu-oru, u uuu...iifj
1 our sons, it is all tlie uetter reason wny
vi-ii-should provide, not indeed for their"
jrnlepoudencc. but some aid during tho e
years which they are likely to spend m )
wailing before they can achieve their '
: they
It is to be remembered, too, that
these years of waiting may boeome. 1
with sit Ji aid, years of scholarly or sei-
n t..trs til:ll ca,i or Sp0d it. T. 21. Coan,
;;rt Uirici luanazinc
, . ...J. ,..,..1 .... ti.
coillliaiiiuii .ii "i-i. nn. 1 t-f.-fi'-st. vi. iiiu
' , f.'Pl.T, . !..r f....l,- .Via
Aim mi.i iiiii.ji. a.tiis otti. .ttj ttt.tt.w
its appearance cfntjc in .'51.. yeais. (
A hli on Mount Gnuiimnnt, in tho I
Val'o. of the Aosta, 2,7i0 feet above 1
.. . .t tt. ..i!.. . ril... 1
ini! f-(.u icvei, iiuiii iu me iusuuhx ui mu 1
Club, has be. 11 furinalij (
Saxton &
JiOJ) Felix Sir. ft, ST.OSEPH, HO.
Oivi.rfiio t!t3 increase in ojr iijsis.ss t.li fzV hi5 feit in !ucc 1
to lay in a much largerslcsk forthc coming Holidays than usual.
Wo cm assure our customers tr.at the new bargain t'tis fall in
are far superior to iast season, Much Cheaper and it: cndless.vari
ety. You will find it njcatly to your advantage to call early be
fore the rush cosies, as you will have mora tinu to look at your leis
ure, bcsidesavirig th'e greater variety to select from. All com
munications from abroad concerning yootls.villl receive prompt at
tention". Goods sent Cah on delivary, with thr privilege of opipinj
them for inspection before 3cceplanee, if not satisfactory to be
All Geods Warranted as Represented.
509 Felix Street, St-IJoseph, nflo.
F011 x rr cityjo
Intite everybody to c-tll and see the largest and bi'it assorted stock
of Fall and Winter goods in Holt county, consisting of iasu
meres, I)res Good.-, rlsnncls, Lindsays, Shawls, Cloak, Corsets,
Felt Skirts, Hosiery, Overcoats.
1 a 1 l I
-with garlic and SBa MMW ' ffi 0 Hi 1 Bl .
Custom Made Hoots and Shops, llubber Ooods, Hats and Cajx, r.'id
Cloves, lltick (JIovcs and Mittens, Ladies' an.l Ms-n's taildli'a, Hir
ni'is, and Stap work, (.rorcries, Hard vare, (Jiiet-nswaro, Salt and"
XaKs. We also handle the celebrated
Stuilebakcr and
In fact we keep every thing usually kept in a first-class store. V
buy all kinds of country produce. Old frieniU ai!w Mistuiiiers are
specially invited to-come ami res hs.
"S'r!.,(S3 3y
Cirrsbr A T5C "T5 TVTITiVr.Y tXalnra'
L i?iJ JSU IT1 i V At VI 11 j.)
n K V i TlT.1T!! ("ITW
a uul-, m -Li
DZQdAj iillig 1 1 U UUiCi.
jnt DltlTKS IXTOihe system curatlv-i ajeati
and heauniiediHns.
.,ii,:,stuat'iise d'eatli.
msc.1, 1 arts Hit
TtioiiMia-.isTeMiry o its virin.s.
n...... ninaI rlln,ii ,. ,:r tiled this v nsibie.
i:,si'.v Am.iied. and RAJJICALLY
ErSCTUAL lUiuniy.
Sold bv llmsslsta, or sent ty mail . 11 rceeint of
' I-rtro ti'i by
1 Scud for Testl- P A.TES & HANL37,
IrMiU'.s au l 131 Jlaiihton Mnvi.
i our . ok "Tlirw -fll I CAtJ l. I
1 iiirilioiis.a Ye.'.r"
sent irej. M laijor.for tlio Kartawest.
W(t ,irve r .rll ;ck ot tirst-cLm n.-.nm
s- -l Arinn flTlfl
AJ.lld.Ut, JH.11U11. dllU.
j Marshall &aWenddll
, .
. . r- I rs."!- a- t i
, 1 a 1 r 1 it;i I 1 . s
.in 11117.1011 t.t-ii. iii a.f.i ihii-i.,1 ..". ........ ........ .. -v, ... vviicp-as. .lanics j .ur. aim .f.i-i..
. !tIMls,oail:alidIwiIl.on n-;-t.sI fi: Lvw of .the NUte .d Mi.urt al tlw fc ,,HIf bv th.lr mortcas w.th powero:
s -m iTM i ' vi-iiivv liM-ir.V: lssl n-lalion sad In tlieaseof I'rd Jrs. oollccto; t,,t t.-ipfi. ,taT r Mav 1377. ctfttveyod
Wa-,Tr a-M -ersiT- QTTA Tm : LAS, n... f ll-U-county. and a jfnst Sf'liroIho fotla-Mny'dr-ned
EhI tt BO ,! C ? V. sUXa.A.'V JLSJiU K TTM. B 16 it ....... ..,,,1,1,.. vi,.t h. lluj nfirmfoiimf.tliat f1" 'T 1 " " t n ' f 1 -- - sirucvcvo
n . n u sukk a r m u vaa w v g sv:a. ..i... . .nMtHtHteaBfaaMrtfiaH
, V wriling or caning iipo.s iix Jin i'loc.-. r-- " vcmiiir. to I be ilffhest bliblrr lor casa n iiami. i A t,e paviueut of a certain oonu as 11. .vm. n.o.t- l)ne nuiiureii uuiiais a
I ' " i,,MtlfTsxldrs.iitIeiiaiid cods. I a acn-s la thesouth--ast conlr of Uie M.ut'h f"
l5y- Catalogues ami irfminatinn cheerfully furnisli..-d upon applichtitin lo
ia,k .
Jjjl.g Oil V9 tStc
iTSfs. F? 1 -Js E-f T
---J. ll'JA VlPrt
t t't'l tt,zJ$ ZZJA
t-."?Wti--r.S n&
. -1 ft I t 1 nfi " ' ' "
0L0 OKS. '
Aud all .:irases or the Kldneys.-II!.-.ddeis
and Urinary Orsan. by wearing the
fflPHOVED EffliGR KD337-
ni. .. st . .t.-i.-r ..f in- 1 ir ..,,.1 it.-t?
is .1 Ia.. l.I.of III. il.l... n.l ..Ll.ll.l .
r ; 1 . -.; I Pinn
OlITipie,CenolUlC,LtJli GOV,
. , - ,
PainSCSS. aOWei'TUl.
It CURES where -s!I else falls. 'A Revo
l.-.tlpu an-: Kivolatton lu i-.iedicliu-. Al.
Miiplion or direct applleutlon. as oppoatd to
uiisaii.faelory Internal medicines. Send for
our treatise 'on Kidney troubles, sent free.
Hold by .tiii.;;tsl.. or stilt liy.m.ill. ou receipt
of price. Address
This Is the oriit-BATSS & HANLEY,
ina! and Ceiiu- Ittl .TI.-.Hs-u. Mirrrl.
Imj Kidney fad. CIIICAUO, ILL.
Ask ..for It and
take 110 ether.
jT.uiatcet-s for the Xorlli.To.-it.
... . . ......ii
.f miji. ilur .inalily at prices th.-l defy. romi-l.
'Hon. .. .
! Kvery l'iauoorOrBiiiMiMVy nvls ruilywar-
rsiiled forQ-.e jesri, ad satisfacllan stixraii'.
'. .
tfTl ta-S. -c a-.
Crri T.O SI 9 Pa. IV3 9 9
r- .'
- MaUM-r
- - - - - 1 yJS Ar r. 1
L""J-f t
- - " 1 "
pj :..."..:.'..,... .,r u.ilt affiroi.ilil.aell Ihesanif or tnteri-St a-.dxrjl.ni ill' .. su'sesMin a 01.-11. "i
.. , ,.,.,.r,.l ;,.,..ls ior the Jimi-li K.ta. wiv.W rs,ulre pWi ' -"ul ' following .lescnoea restaur ,d cuayance ;it. made to soun nm M3nv have ma U - at "-J.
Shorl'Ps Sitle.
Hy virtue amt authority ' a special exc-iUon
ioiuwl frnm thr offlrc ol the Cl.rk of Ihcr Cln nit
l outtut Holt roiitity. Mo., ri-tiirnable at thr
.fanuary tenn, ' Cimrt.iUiil to me ill
ri'.::i .l In knur ol l.iu -late i,f 2ti.-st.ur: at V...
riUlinii ami to the uc ofFrril Mj .r1 rullt-ctur
r. n vcinir of Hull i-ouuiy ail'l asliisi
1.. 1 ii,,f...i ..K -. wit.
l!:iu I. r.illii-it ami lltnry i.ay
! J I -. li-.ii-cl iijm-ii ami m-Iji-.1 all tin r"c:it. title.
11 ( f(-l anil cam. tu iu -am ti.-ifr.ui:ii...n. 111
! ami to tite fiillouiiii .Ivsrtiiit'd rial v!at,
' li-rit :
The mrttiesM I'uarUT.if sri-ttaii 7.toKa:il; CO
of rar.se .
i All tvius art-1 Ii-Iiir la viM rjxnty. an.t State of
MLMn:ri : ami 1 v. ill, nit
tirtu'r.'ii the lioiiMof nine oVlocS in thr foVt-
nwm amlfA-foVh-rk in th.- af tit-noon of t:int
' i!ay. at tlw fimrt l!m.sp .I.Hir In the City of Ore
! pu'i. .-oanty t.f Unit aforesaid, sll tiie same or
n nitirll lli'reof :'. inav He niiiiriil. at Milille
e111Iue.U1 the Idsliel Wilder lor raMi in liami,
,0 Kaia t-x:,",,un '",riV:In:AMK.
. . . "'"""
rv.ici iii t ni.tii;.
Ity Irtu? and authority of a j-jierial vxrru
I tlon' Isne.t from the o!lle.-of the Clerk id f.e
Clrrict Cunt or Unit coH:ily.M..rrliiniati!at Ihe
.lyumirv term. Ixl. of raid Court, and to nie.li-
' rrrtrd fn favi.rof Mark trickier and Catharine
i Stricklerand :i;aliit.
i James H'Hart and TSitiz Hart,
I t have lex led iiikii:iiiiI sebiil all theilsht. !tl.
J lnteri-st and rlalm of t!ies.llj defendauls of. ill
j and to the fiillmvln diriliiit real itate.
I lit K, in block 10 In the town r Mound City
i AllJylnsand be!n-lii said i-i.u-.ity. and .Stat of
I Mluonri : and I "111. on
ntlDAY. JAXfARY. 7. ISSl.
lii-lnrrn the hour of nine oVIoek In the fore
noon and live oVIork in Hi.- aft.-ni.HKi of that
davat the Court lltms- door in theciiyof-tlre .
' Kin.routitv or Molt aforesaid, sell tlie v.mr or
i nuii-li th'en-of a mav be miKlnit. at 'iibdj
; reiidiii-.to the lii;he.-t IiIiIiIt for rash III hand.
: ta satisfy said cxeetitioti and cosl.
v. 11. ntAMi:.
! Mieriff of lfoit Ninty.
ShcriiPfl Hale. j
Ilvvlrt ue mid authorit v of a tiiicliit4rrutln
surt from the ofr.ee ur the Clerk of thn Cltcoit !
Court of lloit rountv. Mo.. iii.ni;tile at the j
.laniiarv term. IrJt. of said Con' f and to irl d"- '
1 rectnlin f:nur of Mark Slrii-kli-rand Caluarliie I
I IC Jilrickler and against ,
t Aacr CrasnU.
between the hours id nlin o'clock In the fore -
1:0011 ami RooVIock In the afternoon of Unit
davat theCour! House do.tr In Hie elly of Hre-
....... ....... .... ........... . rcr-ieii 111 lavoroi in. nune oi ..iissouti ai me vrmlur. to llw ingiirti nailer lor cau ill naiM. 1 nrMIlli ri.npr-itiini over went int- that
; Interest a id el.ilni of Use saM defendant, of. In , .,,! ,, , the use id I'reil .Mrr3. collector 5!l ,r ilKUt.tltte an- Interest or said defendant ' preseiitgLIierailiill Cl tr w tui inia inaij
and to Lie fo.lonliv de.-H.llK-d real e talu. ..rnivnuj or Holt rounly Tiulaydnat M.irv Maatirs an I John Mast-n, if. in" as to olneo liossossin" tha good WtlLcI so
!'-" : .. v-iriah DiffVomai ! Ihr abo.e deacnbeil real estate or in much . 1 . , -
I ot c. in block 17. Ib thf town of Mmuid Cily. I , . , ,",,,,'; , .,., ihcteof as will U' antn-lcnt til satlafy the fore- ' man V prominent nion III both parlies as
I' f TlkM.VT.-J.U't:A.tYG...f.:. - "'"" Sh-rl.rof'i.SlVc.mn-ty. ' the Whit. .,.
1 cun, lounty of Holt ilorcald.s.-lI Hie kaiiir orit;, ,.
i ve-tidoe. to the highest 'bidder for cash in lund.
to satisf v snld ex.-rii'.ln and ec;.
1 ' V.. V. FKAMK.
oniurii.iiii-m.iasnia.voe reiiu.rco.ai iuiiiiiv
Sherlli of lUHtV may.
Sheriff' Sale.
! tv virtue and authorit v of a jpecinl ever Milan
1 iMu:"e.1 from tlie office of the Cletk of the Cln-uit
Court of Holt eimiitv. Mo.. rituriiAhlc at the
i Jsmtarv term. 1811. ol :iid court, and to me ill.
,rrle.lu favor id the Statf of Missouri at the
relation and to the us of Fred Mvrrs. i-o!Iev!nr
! d let en tie of Holt county suit ailnst
! James A Ninuao and J H Eorriek
itt ttt ii. j.iiti. .1 1.1 .IH. 1 iuei4 iruni 1 11c ..ace 01 uie cierx I llmuirciilt
! lhave :.u-Irdu.K.nat county. Mo, relunmble at tue
; lntert and claivi of t. UU rlcr.a.Ui ts. f. i.t jan,wr.-,Mll.. s.s.uf..lWx.r:.-r.nd to me dl
; and to the follm. Imr dvsrribvd n-.d eslate. r.ted iiifaior .d Mark Mrickter amUalharine
UUI,.t.'Vl.ibIock:s.l,,tI,eUwnofKoitt K blri.kleramt apihist
! -Ity Siaael A Clans Md Sinh J Glaaa,
, WS fSlt'1 nt'1 s,-"c '" uJledKeid1
rnt'ilsi. AYjANi-AitY e. 1 -,J;to i rual
belween the hours of nine 6 rlivcK lu tar tore-
a an.l live -'clock In the arirmmm uftbatl
I day. at IlieCi.rt Hou- dm.r tu th city of (In-'
I son. wimtvof Itolt aloiesau. reii ;iif aaiaeor
1 soiunrh thereof as mnv be required, at iiuMie
i ivd.. to the hifhed bidder fsrrash In'.alik,
, to snllsfy said rxecutlnn an.l etwis.
iv. 11. r i
Shi riff of HoltCoahty.
J Shc?ri(P.s Sale. j
ltv .litue nii authnritvofa speei.-.l eecu!lon J
j isu".d from IheofiVe of Hie ilttY. of-ll.e Circuit '
Court of lioil co in!.-. Me.. r'Hiraabl at tlif
' January term. I Jl. of .ils CVtit!. a::1! in ine.i:
"re.tedfn ;;-.nr "f the Sli'te of -Mis.ourl. at It .
1 re.atlon an." to !!ie ue nf V re.1 Myeu. collecti r '
! i reT.-i.ir of Holt rountv and apai. st
' John Z Esrrel atid Ctris Vcllr.e;,
I 1 have levied r.yiii aiidselz.-d all Ih" tisht.Hl"'.
rti-t 1:111! etr-ir.! of the ;!. Uleiu;ants. 01. in
folluwltts ib-sciibed real o-aate.
est fourth r.f tie si;t!iK-t. uiiartKr
of section II. iu township 61 of mice H.
'.II iTlair nn l.-ili:i;i:i iuM ronat.-. jiiid Slut.!
I of Mlssouii : aud I '..ill. en
riSlllAY. JAXHAltY 7. tail.
I I hUwi-Jii Ihs honri cfiiiiio o'clock (a' the f:is-
aiH.u lino 11. eo chick, in uu- .i.-ni-ttn t.t i-.i
,jay t;u. fimrt IIiiiisvm Iwrr lull., city -tOr.-
' ci.n.eoiuitviir Hull afcrraald. M'll thr .-.e or
so nmei thensifas mav 1.. rvriuirrtl. ii public
vendue ti lb hiihe.t 'bi-lier to.-ra-sli In hand,
to Jiillfy.sal.'.i-s. -cation aud c.ets. .
W. II. FUtlir.
Sheriff or IIo.l ( umiiy.
r. ,
tiitenit s ate.-
I l!v virtue and Biilborlty f -isp.-rial etcnitfim
! Is.ued from thn office crttis Cleik of llu Circuit
Court of Aolt county. Mo., reluniam; as I lie
Januar lernt
ernt. :Rit.-o'r said Court, and to lue di-
r.ivor f t thehlatenr MIssoui! al ll.e ti-
I loth- use of Fred -Myers, collector
reeled 1:1 r.
- hitl'.n and
of rvvriit: or Holt countyand aetdnat
I A7ilJiivrii 33ro3kr, John F.WiUiaas and Stephca :
Q Callia:, '
1 have Itr Sp.1 upoa 'it eUrd all ti: ri;ht.lllle. '
Interest ami elr.iai of the .sia- dcf..'iidauis. t f. In '
1 and to the: oilonlu? described ir:d estate.
. to wil : J
rc 1I.....1 I ti. ..r f .. ...titlin.t .iti.i.f if 1
lilt- ..titf.ir ti t.fut ill -if -1 ......... t i... .
1 of sect!. 11 lit. township 01 of tane 4:1.
, All lv!.,e -.ltd heln- 111 said count.'. .! .State of
! MIsMiuu : and I will, on
I'Kll.AY. JAXUAKY 7. iwi.
IicH.ren tne noursoi iiineo .iiiru in me ior
Craavillo Franci?,
1 naveievi ti vpifii a.io m.-i:i-u ;iu ..ir rtiii.tiur -
em , vail, .KMiti.t. r. In
and to the foil-in In? r-.-scrlbed teal i-stj;e,
t.i.wii: 4
The northwest fourth of the l.oiihc.iM itiartcr
uf section 31. In lownshlp K-". of rnnjre tn.
Alllyin-and beliislnsald cotHity.alid Mate
al Mlssouii : and I will, on
. . t I . .T. t tt ..... fl.t .lit..
TliMbcth Jeffries. Jcrte A Jefine!, EXuai
' llHsIias.WilliaiifArclter.John llaiiiou. Kus-a-1 ;
1 Hamuli. Isabel linden. Marion liryden. l.ml- .
IrChiinln- Julm I. Chiliilns. .lohn Arclier,
, fflrSnil.ml.tKl.r,,
: I have K-tI.'I up.n anil sclzeii an ine rixi.i. 'i"
Interest sn.lel.im ot the said .cf.111ian1s.oi. 111
and to the r-!lov.!iiK dcr.crl.cil real estate.
1 .0-.. 1.
Tlie rat.! hair of the southrast finatlrr.il sec-
I lltiu I. to.nshipil, rjui-Kl.
' All IvIhk and behizhi said county, aai Stale of
j Ml".uri : and I will, on
TllfitiSHAY. JAXUA11Y , Isil.
betivrriithehuuraof iiln o'cI.K-k in the rorr
I noon, and Il.o o'clock in the afternoon of that
dar. at the Court Koine d.orln the city of Ure-
1 son. county of Holt afoitssld. a-.l I lie r.ine r,,
so much Ibeuortis may be n-iiuln-n. al l"i'''ij
f.....M.rotf !! nvH.-ittin'i n't:! fintst
.en-.ue. in .-.e iiiu.si i-muii t..
Sheriff of II'H County
fMl.tovv.v .t Co.. XewYoik. '
S .is,Vm.V,U!,r.!red,ra;:, 1 ttU4 escribed real cat.it.- to- J , MZ'
vnd.ic. to the hl;h.t bidder bir ir.ish ia hand, , I i-wtaty Coiirtdidon tlu3l!i day of Ilccemtcr. nr-o& r?KZ1f?J3 TilVttf
to satisfy said ..verutiou and ro-ts. 1 Th-v..-st hair of the southwest .;n. rvr.f JJ ,,fllfcraI1rjrrri,ierwl otr.-e..r,lf.n..ahd- KKtibO -tVCK liluiS.
V.'. II. rit.VMI.. -''tlo-i2.;.t..wadili.n .ranseWt sell s:ild prem- ,.4.w iw wt.Il acd faTut;.y Vrown.o need
rheilif id Holt C-unty. . ea-t fonrlli of the norlhwest ipisrter of sfacllo.1 j, r, m.lc!l f.-rrtd as ..111 be sH.1!'Ii-r. to Msui.-ft a.lvcitia.mMiL Ya: we-v!tji.-e o
township. t!i. ransi-St. ! pavsald debt. lule.-isun I -vmI. -;hw. thsrr- ' knlj. h f,iu: the j-or-e ,-.t the !!r ai.d s
" ' " All l.lns and beiuslu s.l.t rqiiuty. and Stale . ion-. Vy virtue ol said iiiurlita and ords-r. I . utatlKKT KE'tllbV fortii :rttf.iJ:relcr
i -s s M'.s inn :aml l ..ill. on 1 will 0:1 - 1 nialadv. it Is vroisst anff-cUTe mm aci-.oit
bhariiPs Sale. 1 FKiiiAY.JAXtuitv 7.jsi. ' fimi-ay, JAXU.vtiY :. t.-. t. V,,'luai,lr2wa:uon'3nd"f'V
, Pv villi. -isi! -iiilliorltv id a socf-la! px.-rtitl.ti lielwcen the hnursof nluo r'uiork i the fore- 1 u twrcu the hours of nlntr' clock In lh-i fore- iV.ii" h'-iflk iticnr tGs 'iniu-
! Ksi fr "m ttomh?A&ttfc Circuit : and 0 r y'cl.K-k iu .the ; of that . ru ;?.I ttw ocli.-k lu Ibe f i ; fofe8 & itiVS" vlul.r
i-.urt ttf Holt i--sintv Mo. returnable at t ho . day at tuelourt Iloti.- donriu th.-1 ity of Mire- . av at theCour: IIjiiso diMir.la tUe city ol lira- , T,m!i,
I January tcri...TS?.-f "said Ccurt. and to me I co.u.ty et ll.tt. al...rsald. se I Ibe saiae or , c-ouuty. of It .'I afore.bI. ,ss I at pub U- . , . t ,
!., rr t,.. spite ot VKsifiri ht the so.mueii iiierc.i as mav in- m ainn ai piioor tenilue in ute ii:.ic-ii oiuuer . rainia " wns .v - - - -
n TiluT? -n.lt. Iho 1 se Synti"Lot '"VUw. to tl.o holiest l.ld.ler iorca-li lu hand. Afuur ll&t. ll!l.".k-4 interest of said delri.d- , perf: and xenial, care.
ulS losiiVUfy .tM ciectitlna ami !. jf II Is now pat ep la s u. Oitsjec Ksli'. yl;h
' VV. 11. i-ii.jii-.. ra.st Iiiurtli of the si Hinivcsi .Mines- ei ri-i-o - -.. ,,rovijc a sa.U luon.f inai isnettui.,:upi-.sl um-ease m-m r.i(.i.r. .
. tSUcrilt c-r HollCouiity. , is.towuiliipei.rUiSot. g IdtLo pavnic.it of said bond accoidtar to its w.hl,v area.V to ni:ik.i ns , i-t wt ivpi -
1 -ax-s ... v I 1I!I1)A,JAM AI.W .. f,Vilf AiiJwb.-asdrfan!th.-vs be.u Viadc .iu r.ft.'akioisk.:.i.v,i.rItr to us at .up-.;. .',1
' KllOl'llFS bale. I tu.!,, th,. hours of nln u'cI.M.-k In tt..' fans- llf" ..Znt .,f said bond and wberra... far rnm'.Bed ffce. A ttrtWUUK & IS...Vih-
1 iiv,ma..s."..!nirioritT..f a .ic.-'3U-rrt:l:in n.H.11 and tlve o'clock in tin jJto.-3t.nn of that u.,lin',vi-juit did on the tth day of .p.etuj.-i ( HiUne.
, ?l dav. at tin. Court lluiise dm-i thecity of Ure- VJ01V.ake aa order entered of recqr..r..rumaud-
issi-.ril i(uuii.in..ttr. ------- , .- ..,,. r ll.ilt nr.,rr:llJTso:i tlie same or t: ti ..r.l.l r, n:ite lu seu 3.1m lir.-H.-I
. 'V''fLvit rn ivHV'ofsV limVt an i w S j 1 , Z m. PMi ,UJ, o m.ich ther.t :u will 1-f.wHrlent ta m
Januaiy term. ISHl. ol s.11.1 1 iJiirt. aiK w u . , tlio hiahest bidder for cash liiliand. , ;",u .im.i isti.rcst and cost. Now thcrslorr . ? J" J
: H.c ,?nZi a". ,U- en-f Fvd Jl.T'Vo!- to satWy said execull... al. --costs. . fjy trre ol said moitc and order. 1 UI c
1 Xirofrl-&otlIoUr.uiiUaulsalii.t .- ',', .PHn.V 1 FKIUAY. JAXUAUY 7.1i't. . I I J Jl
tt 11 i r : i-
iiUHUiYlV O uiuiiuiuiiui , - , In .!.erlvd. inid whrrees. neiau.i m.s .
iv...,..vr.l of ihU romedr. every man maybe - ra:l(Ie ., !ht. ,VyWcU : n.-.c .'"'!'.V,.usf.". .
hliovu lloelor. It may be ill. bed Into the T3T TSTonr.;-Ive. by nnKiii.u r.i m-, jw ; fori-, at the rC'Sest or tno !e-ai w w m.,, Vi-.vHi.ijI ill l( U lll'l.'
M.I.-W ?w "aVa.h anylutBtiial compUInt: hUi Hi f olden ,-Vai.i;.- I; ..!I.i.-d. Ihejis-bv ai.sxxA ta coa-.pU-.ue.-,", tho, l"Of ' '', ' ' T-UC Cl 5 JiCfal 111-111 WUH
bv 't wo iiie snH I" the li -M. J k: -pii iJovorty from your docs, sabf tlfScd of Trust, notice Is hereby irlvsu l!n.t
r.ro-t 3 ni-ii IJ.er Sid.ic or other part llfJ Thi.se who al:..s tako advautaji of ,niIo., -.
. U iau- infalTlble r.-Aiedv' for ltd, Ir. Had e k,hI ehan.-es for mat: mm,.-y that an. YIT.SPAY. JAXVAKY IS. If-I. , havo Ul j wy fos. thu abov- 1. .-
! W$ViZrXnl-,U'Ut-,,hBn- . fLvrl remrl,; .. rr-r for .lie for . 'hlua for Holt colllltv "''l' i' " '
. "" Jrnlyv$!ti- Henniol. o't W.i.l rY- l.aak out I.T R0.a M V i
lint unti tMii:iurui. i.ui-r .it. x- j v.,ni.r ..... - ' ni - ... . .....
SheriiP.s Sale. I
Br virtue and authority rt a ipctl.il execution
Issued Inmi the ofnc. nf the Clerk nf the Uicuit 1
lourtol null coimiy, .mi... reiumanic -at i
, n--ju-.rof Id" Stl-in of Mbsoml at tint ,
r-.-Iiii :mi ui'i ax- . 1 : 1 t--r. collector
ui'n'i .-111.; l v'-f1.1' Ji-.J.-pilri-l
t im .. i .. . .... i.-.i ir.- j.: :!., ti '.1. iltlj '
TIIUIt.Sjm'. .!AN'f ..!:Y c. lfM.
bclireen tho hours of iia- nVue H i- rre-
noon ar.d live o-clwk bi I tie nlenit- uf that '
day. at the Court Hutt- : iirtli- ei. tin.- '
jroii. county oMIolt alor. I.!.np:i t-j ..-.r r ,
.o much thereof as mav be nt-irrd
l! plllttV-
in hand.
Triiilne. to the hiirliest bidder ;r ras"!
to satisfy said execution and !-:.
W. II. K WK.
KJierin of ..o.t Co.ialy
ShoriiPs Sale.
Itv .Irtiieand autJiorlty of isih :a: lerntl in
i-iiiiil fr.ni the oilier of the fieri t.:e I Irrxlt
Court of Hull county. Mo., retmiuuie a.' to.
.Iauiiai term, lssi, of nald Court. iiid torn- di
rected In i.Tnri:f the Stat' of MUwiiri a! 'the
ue 1
. , v 1 i . .-.iiu..,i
Elizabcta Bro-sra aaa Henry Easacic
I have le.led upon and .seized all t'.- risht, title. ;
nun claim "I tlie Kiiii .ieieuujiiii, oi.in .
:i!id t t!:u folluu-iu" ib'Tribed real estate. .
tn-wit :
aIZ cf the r.nit!iw.st .niart?rof ."etl.i:i 37. 1
lorviHlilnci. ranse In : rwid tliNuatli half of
lun Ofilll 11. I.tit tu ; i'i m; i,n iitt ii
tVesmtl-ea-t fourtii of thv xmlhwest i;u.irtir of .
s.Idsi-rtlon. towtishlp.aud rai;ie.
ill Ivli.- r.n.l brbi2- In miI.1 roimtv. and J5L-.tr
ol Msiiiri : and 1 will, oil
betw'n the l..r.of iiln.- o'clock In the fnr
nixin and five o'clock In tliv alti-movu of that
d:iv. at the Court lloma- door ill the rilr f Oro-
S-ri, county of Holt afi'resai.ll the same or
' vJjueli Iticn-of a- mav be r.eulicd.at biiblic
1 tihiiiw. tu 111 -highest lildib-.r tor rasUln hand.
... ..11. r.. ..t.t . vh..i.tt..t. ....I .....i .
, iu anit.it .Mill tAt.utiuu hmi. "a'.
' tt- if t
V. 11. KHAMKi .
Sheriff of Il.lt County.
Sheriff's Sale.
Ily lrtne ami autheritv of a special exemtloa
Usiinl (mm th' ofllcc of the Clerk of tl.e Circuit
Court Holt ci-imJv. Mo., reliiruable at 111.
danaarv term. 11. of said Court, anil to iw di-
' lit 5. of the sonthy-c. naarter of nvIUii 55. i
, ami K .l-.-ICO acres id frartior.al oulliwt-si (
. ijnartt rot seeircs'3. all In toilhi!iBJof tanji- ,
All l ins and be na In said eouav. and tale ot
Missmiii 'aud I will, on
bcU.eiw llui buur.s of iline. o'clock III th- fore
JiUiiii and Uve oMock ill the r.ftriuimli of that
day. at tin Court Hum iIiNfriii Hmrtty f 'te
riiu. county of Tiolt afrn-jiiit. tha samr -r
i5i iBlurh (hereof as may be required, at public
vendue, to the highest Milder for cash lu hand
to satisfy said cccutio:rai:d cots.
W. II. FK.VMir.
aheriff of Holt Comity
SheriffH Sale.
I!y lrtiie and authority of a sprvial e.rei:tln:i
1 ... - f.. 1.1 t. .'1.. ti... ..r sf if.it..
' ' H i').
,A,i ' i 1 1? coiialy ami Mati.
u. i.uuii a.u , .11
ri.ilAl.SA.tij.uti t. ia.-i.
between the hours of nine o'cl.ck In the fore.
ri"un aud firs o'clock in thearierueui of that
day at th Court llonsc door h.Jiie.vtty of Ore.
ijoj. cousty of Holt aOiresai.l.M-11-llu: same or
.-i.iucl-. thereur a.sn.iy b rvi;.":irv.l at puLli.-TtCii'ite-.
to the llL-'.u-t .Ulterior rash in litnj,
te .uti.fy aaid exrcullou an. costs.
.'.hsrlir -' Hotl Counly.
SheriilV. A:ile,
My V'rlne aud asilhorlty of a sperlal fit .'Ion
Lsu'cd ro'ii I he oillre 11! t::e Cl.rk of -the I irri:l:
"Hit ol lloU cuaty. Mo., rcltsrnab'.r at tb
.laniuir. Irrtil. IS.1. of sal.t Court.aiul tit (,: .tl
tccted iu U.fr of lfC t-tate of Mia..si:l : t li.e
rcbtloi: and theiersta Kn-d Myt-ts. collector
of 1 t"iu? or IK.lt otiMy. aiU -j-ifctst
ila-y J O.-r Hi'-tis 0 Pitteraia.Srtssl X O.t,
William I'atterso. Jaiaes I. dir. Mary O.r.
Cliii-toph.r M (Irr. I.i.s " limljli. 5,lrit,
i;il !i, and A'Jra.t'.ik Ksnilh.
f !... 'Irrtei! uii:i and seizrd all tie rl-!.: life.
iulcivst and elr.ii.1 or th.- sr.ul tJr'eialart'. f. ta
, ?iljf'
lr. .o,low;i:c lUicitstu 1c.1l estate.
- .
! Ta lo-rtheast .i.arter aud .ie tte.t h.'f of
' s -ctl.m IS. tiiKtisMnd. rarif- ts t tt cart ha.f
, of svetieu 1 1 : the v;t hsH of tie SiiuMivt st
.tiarler -'.-elio:i I : Ih- ..iit haif of tire s..iitli-
LVstoinrlrrotsHeiill-th-tiorl!! Uatrofll.e
1 MKiIliK't-st oiLirterof s-c.!.i.i II : ti; nuithwesl
1 ipiarisroi .'4.-1:0:1 11 ;iiie vnai!ivvesr-;oaiTU .i i
j uortliu.i.tiUaitFrof t'rlioii II; tin- southeast
iiHarit-r oisr.fio-i .1. 11 1.1 .it.iisuiii ii, roa o.-.
Vlllviu. and beitir-'lii said rountv. an! Jttali.
Ml Ivin- and beins In said munty. an I States
of Ml.sfitm.aatl lv.ni.oa
Ttll'ItSll.'v Y, JAXl'AKY 0, if.s.
betweeii the tiouta of lih-.e o'clock III Ik forr- J
noon and fl.o o'clock in the afleniiKin of tuat
. day. at the Court House door iu the rlly of lire-
1 ro:i. caiuty of Hull afonisild.sell the s-iwe or
s.i inurli tltereo as may be re.rSrJ. at ynbsiir
vendue. Itathehiiesi libtilertur easa ia nacil. .
lu satisfy will eveeutloa and c.sts.
v.'. H. ri:.M."i
Shvrttf of llo'.t enuiity.
. . ,. . . ,
, Kv ylrttfe and niithoiity of a trait'i-npt evreu-
! !.'" fro.:, the office ot the Cb-rK of the
; L ?. Ti T M
, ;,irceUdTnf..v.,r If J tTliatr.er.and ailnst
) lloarv Shctts.
Sheriff of Holt County.
Sherifl''H Sale.
I ..... 1
Zo U.fcieS!
;..'.. ,.,, f iiuit roUntv. Mo., rcta
.i." allafvs term. ISSl. ol "said wuirt. and tu
' 1""ot of Hour, ttos.liu, and
acalast .
ViUJamBcrtnn and BiaielGrsa,
t bare leyli ilSuiKin and selz--it a'l the risht. title
luten.t aud ibli.i oflhe said det-.:dnts of. lu
and lo the followiiu; ilc.cril.nl real .state, to-.ilt
Uira.block2liitliet.iKii-f Cr.rr.lhS.
AIIfiisar.d licins i.i said couaty. au Mateo.
Miitfiurt :.aud 1 wid 011
l'i!ItAY..IAXl: II.Y 7, Is!.
, ,,, hll llf .j ...w .j. ii.xTut
,11,1 five o'rlock lu iho aft-.rn. 0:1 .f dwt
.1 1 ni th.. c-.iorl lloiisod.vir in iii' ciiv o. ir-
cob.rim-.itv of Holt afiirsild.s.!I the sarao or
"iiimiehtlirrtaf as mav be. r-.ialirJ. at public
.1 inin.. ft tt.. 1.1. ........ . - - 1---
l aatlsty sal.l ex-icu!leii and ci...
A. It 1 ;.Ain.
ci.nrirr ,r f! c.iitiia-
ks.1II. J -
voursimir i..mei,l.s. K-.M i.len.iflon hild al
ihul . ..e.-ue- ta. fi.t. ba.X v..
Iiueresi .1. 1-.0 i-j . ; iu rn-i.a-w. 01, 10 1 ; .. .... ...... ............ ............ , , . I.-Yird ti-xin and seize;" all th: r!sht.tUI.,
and to t .... ..v.i U a- -eril e:-. xal estate. : , arJbitOAi
2t :icrcs on i;:n-s. r!" r-l ' SJ it.'i half " , , ... .. , . ult:
of the ii.irthe.i-. c ..tier of s-:Ui rT. I. ..B3hi. TUk i tM- ' " t!wi:i-irit tasrter . Mmw.-st 'uurtli l rtat!ieajt nnar
C0.rai.Ke3V. ofsertio..51.t.v..ihlplU.rj;i.5o.. J MjJ 'Jj.lfi,.,-, J th.
All lyiiiB-aud he'i hi vld -.i;.S-. nni SHstJ Ail ljrliiK and 1-eius It al.l runaty. nn.I Ma! northw-at ..uait-jr: and tt.' Si.--u.v.vtfH:rt!i ol
of Mi-Miouri : and I trill. 011 , .f MU-umrl ; and I wi.l. n - ' s'-r ouUiwt cnailrr of iectii M. all I.t tuwa-
ShoriAs Sale. M .
ltv virtue and authority of a sp-clexeciilif.ii , '
issued from tlieotli-e of the Clerk ofMhe Clrcuii r. a r-
Courtor Holt .nuntv. Mo.. n-tir.bl: at tt SliEIrt3 SALE,
. . t.-3l . . .-.. 1 .1 '..... hM I in Ml- ..... . . . I 1
nv vlrl-in and authorit
ritv of afpcrl.il cxoflrti f
uf the Oleic of the Htit f f'
r. i!n.. rjtarrjiMi: at iiTs ; tji
:..;.ed from the utllcc
Juaiy t-rtn. ISSl. c"f said Cuit. nn:: t lue ,t
uaiy t-rai. Iti. cf sn
r 111 faTur 1 J the :its
r--ui iu faror 14 the tilatc ni Ju-irl ti
rri.Mi.in and to 11:; iw of Tn-il M yen. tit".!
llatc of i-k-ori tt tiif
iie-ry t,.aco-or a a j i.crru,
bi.'. wen the hour. of nine wVlock In the fore- '
iinou and ilvc o'elock U th af:eini;it cf tail ,
day. at th Ciut llouo ooor iii t le city of Ore-
county of llo t 7'5'
ZtotEbl&MnWti Kl: b nv,.,-e!oc. U th aften,UJu of tn.t
to aalWy sal J eit-JUti.i and e ott ' dij at the Court IIom. iloor lu th City of )rs
V. H. KltAJIK. , j?n.eianty Uo! aforuiaid. s:ll tan s-mj o
Sherl." ef flolt Coutty. o lour!: thereof as may h. fr-ittircd -at pailic
. j rendu- to thn lij ihet bidder fariush t.-. nasi.
tSheriiPs Sale.
Wboreai, ?.lary Matter, and J-din Masters, hrr ,
h:iband. bvth-lrm.r7:isi? with power of alr j
dated the rJSh dar of lit. . nbt-r. ltTT.ioiney.d 1
to Iloit county. Mo., the foilowin,; described ,
: n-.il uatale. tn-wit : i
... - . ... ... . ..
..-ah or 1011 iv.. aim mrec in i;:ock
rommeiicinir thirlv-seTcu ami ea.-li.ilf iii l-ai ,
r- im f the Imrtliwe.t ecrner of said lot two. I
ui. menro e:i.n 1111ny-sv1.11 an., o.e-uau : -
(7 l-i). th.-ue.' .south on.' buiulml and slsty
iltO) tret, to Hie south linr of lot thn- O). 1
thruee rit thirty mt.'i ami no-lulf 137 l-i
feet, ihem-r nortli oo liuudnl ahd lxty tr.t I
icti. -ii
to pla.c
c 01 uetiuia;r. ,
Iii Limt'i.r!tnpi trai mtilo tt surr"
the navnunt of a ri-rtaiu lUind as In said mort-
piw.witii leiwcri.fJileKdeserihed.aiid wherc-1
its it is nru
of tlie p..iueut of said bjiid areanliiii; to lis
1-rtii.tM.iil f.frp.A lltt.ii. !ir.rilf nf icslit nMilitv
..f ....I.I ,.. I.j 5
itiHiUl proceed nitbmit suit 0:1 sjU inortg-.ge to
srh jx'.I mortjgsd .nremlvs to sat!s:y said ,
il-bL And vhcrrasf.Ietau t has been m:ide la .
, .'.,!-.,.,.. ji.i,.,, tim T;h .Itv nf I w-inrvur t
ll:r payment of -said bnd and wherca.. the
lite0.hiaeiir.Ierenter. I of n.-.ril curimalul- i
1 Jlig the Sherllt f.s.-.ld rouiily to sell said pr.nii-
v .""'j .i . j
rs .ir tiu iii.ic 1 ui"rtfii as win siuucieu. .0 ,
, pav said debt. IntttnMt a.id ot. Xow tticr 1
fore, by irtue of said in irt.jrais and ordrr, I )
! will on
brtwprii the hour, of ulliL o'clock In the fore- '
noon and f!e o'clock In the aftcm'inn of :.that '
dar at the Court llousodoiu-lu the City of Ore-.
Kiin.county.f liolt aforr.ald. r.'l at pu'.lic ;
SherilT'.s StUe.
AVliereas. nowcll UCaton and Virginia t'aton. ;
hl wife, Iit their lurrlcaBe. vtiUi poner of sale ,
ilat.-d Uiesltli .lay of September. is73.e4uvecj '
to Holt cotwtv, .Io the foilowlnj dr.x'iiard ,
tr.il rstatr, Ijluf and belcjc ritualnd In said
cttunlv and .Lite. to-wit :
niectuJ.-it fourth or the northwest fourth'
1 sicthui a, towudilp c, rausj w.
Vt'lilch ;;Jd ronreyatice was in trust to secure
the pajment of a er;alH Ixmiias In said .:rt-
pare Kith Micrf. sale Index ilbnlaud wiiere
Silt Is ilniTldml In said moitjss-e that in dr.far.lt
01 tue pavin-ni 01 saiu 001111 sreofuu
leniw ssif effect.. Jliat the she-12 of sal
inl'ht oioreed nkhout suit ou said
lo writ said leortffaed rremiies to satisfy
i debt. And r.hcreMS. default has been made in
the pajnieut or s;d.lriuiid aad -wVtrcas the
County Co.rt didsi.i thv 4ilt day of Xovnuber.
lsrn. uake au onlsr entored t record eowjiiand-
' lajr the Hheil.T of said count- to sell said prcm-lt..or.-o
much llicreot as will be suCh-Icnt to
I iay said debt, lulercst and cost. 'Xow tlwrvr.
ly virtue or salt! inoitjtSK and order. I will on
bclwein the hiir.rs of idne u'elo'V la !' fi.re
! msjii and Uve oVwk tn the altemooa at that
1 .l.-iv. r.I thr Ci.uit IIous dour In the city of Uru-
- rn rtitmlv- nf Unit aforerrld. .'ell lit ollWi:
f, iar. to the bl.-;it 1-I.lder for caaJi I-. hand.
J,, fa, i;t:eaud Interest cf -.aid . owtll I.
i'alon aud Ylreir.Ia Cilen.uLai 10 uieawiTr
described rcat cateti orso i.iueii Uere.-r a will
In-iKfReiriit M sMii:.; Kie fcrujoiug itKirtsace.
Iiiieirst and cost. . . .
' W. If. Fit t HE.
J-heiiZMfJIolt Ct-uaiy.
Tr;ifitee'n ..-Jjale.
7heieas br lire I ofT-dvi dated the lSlh day
if April ife-i. aed r-rotded "n the Ite
rordr ofUee of IIo.l reuuly. Mo., la
Ito-h te. at n: 117. T Itcti;aiuia I:ar.
t .1 !trti.fn!i I. iv. sroll. eVrd lj Jseon
r.M'i'rv. as Iru-te-. tl' lollttpr iljerlticr! 1
ijerlber: 1 '
-st;-t-. tj ii s and i't-s In Hie rrimty
l:.lla:nisu:ev( sirs"-".. s-wii :
A'l -fli.t !2 In t r:si55,as eahjlttled
Ittiil of M ua-T
Wltieh saW Peed of Tn-t waa rrr
the i-..vi.-.ent -f ac-.iUin nolti III sai-t TniM
lltts! it'.cntiaa d and d-s-tiUi-t. rM uhorrj-j
said lietu by Its terms is .Irr aud u jsdit.
wiieic.is. jac: Kl.-vj srf .. t ac: a
siieh trust.- as -s id : wi.l wa'rras It 1.
jroviJcd in said !.-ilef Trust Hiat In ra.-e !
hi ..i-t.r.- .Hi. refusal t rl. nr" thssbiiit. .
bi anv wtn of I . tnutee. t-au lt)erli:i; s.i-
J of .-.i.t cotwly. l!i.. M fin -e;-.-sirI -ae le-
i:o:s.r o: si ito.s. i-rfs-vtiT -t.
inrty "u ri-lnVbirede crib-d.
Sow. tlu-roSare. tir...-r toe .rurouii. . -i ,;o::..1 w. traee tfs;.rssia. nt-.ui-l.e t-AJ,
lleeil -f rnrst.aud by virtu.' -r IV jrarr ttrri--" .p . irl!llT : ! ti- fiver tl.e. jasci-.L-B
ill ciiutairosl. the uuitershttcd Shci.X-wiil it.t rjni .allow revir: to tbtsb-jW-s.iliaj'jo-a. .;-.,
all the lishl. lille. iiitrr.-t and nalM of thr 1 rSi-ry. ro:i.iiat!oi:. piles a.-.i fctcla : to lhar
-.aldjr Ileal ,l.-asi-. In aud ta llu tlov rrsi i,,.,. ctir.uiintiou. te. : tir the Wood, scroti -rstatv
afotcsai-J for sale at I'liMo- vendue. 1 .sMisvT auJ all cu!i:"-es erNptir.us. By
Im :l:i-bl"lirtXSlJorfurc-jsl: .t IheC-irt ilous. . ! ti.j ej .s; fluid bate ar.J
door lu 111 Civ 'i J rrev . Un t eu-'iy. ..
d.r la 111 C W 'I J-"n-2ev . Ho't .eu-fty.
eiwicii m.-uuurs i ,-n " h-k 01 tw
j u.hiii at rive o cia.K 1:1 u.v nii'i'.uiw u
, f,
'or tie,riii ovs of .aid Trtt.t.
W. II. t-A.i-
' " '
1VI:erea..'A Jhar T.-ir.-e. bv hla murlrS with
powtr of sal listed the ad" day of Ver.niary.
WW. niuveyed lit Unit eoaaty. MO..J tho Mlon-1
las itrst-niinl real .-siaie. n-wu ;
Tlie southca ,t roiirth of the northwest 'inarUT
of veclUn to. township l, ran?-57.
"Which salilcr.nveaance was mjde. tn sncan-
llw lavluf lit of j. certain iHiu.t :e It. sat. b t-
ia nusvri.t.Ttt rfft ...it-..
'bMlVcordins 'to li.
Wrnis and wfisris thai th sheritf of svi county
MirtleUai loiilLifj tho lorcsolli inortgaijc.t'i-
lerrst aud cost. W tj I'ltAMi-.
JU rltt e.f ttolt CoiuitT.
. . . . .... 1 - ..!.. .titrlr In His core-
1 neiweeit inc iinu.. .. - s---" -- 7 ,
ntHinaod uvuocioc. mi. t.-t - .
la and to the ,aboV .Ues.,m-.i k. 1 c.- e .o. a..
niiicn mri-o. -js nip i sua ....... -4
lieissi miii. sw a j
V. Il l L.-i-f.,
.Ctlft of Holt .sjtir.tr. (
Trr.ttte'.s Sale.
WhurrKs. by Hce.', of Trust dsted the 1U day Cu
January. !.
1 i. .ita.. ttft If..!! co:.itv
- 1U.; forty-tw-ls.) ut i'Si'ap.'A X tiUaa attil
a.l-1-.mit. t.t
Il Kram. ss trustee, tbi foli.-wiac drietiiut
real estate. Ivins and bclus lu tho counly ol
. t.t . . t m.. lilj i.-lfa mitlVVCU III ..1..I1ETI
HoItaadM.it-.ot 2;jss.'"n. 10-n.': .
' .Allot .VkrU? MIT ' '" 1,!u"'-,ln
v . . . i.rritiiUnirv not? lIi!ro-
i Iff I t.i Ul fl j . -.aT 1 " I- .
coit ami
1 . l i l 1st ...
' dav al the Court llouw diwrln tho city d Ow- l
coil co tilv of litdt aforesaid. suU at pi'.U ,
execu- " Sue." . It:.. hlKt.ust bidder tor 01 in liSd. OfT, n
of th- in th.. ribt-title and interest of sai l d-feud- . '1
r in it s. w .1 nix .i.A.:tai.
i t.. ----- . . s., . AT-ais. - nr. ' rsj ito
Shcriil's S.do;
r.v?t!rtue ami aatUuiitr ct a.'fnral axe
utton inactl Iruni 111 uSii o' the !rrk of
"li? Cln-uit t-'ort of Hudiauan ooiintv. Jfo.. rc-
turuablrlat tli Janulrv Term, lial. of MSiil
;". aua 111 niccjri- itx.r,oi :'-
11 v
raior, iirnry uv.ct, aim k
smu.yi. ranae 34.
Ail bin and b.-irr in fll c3imty.a--iilibtito
ur ilo, :anll nlli. ou
ruiHAY. JAXC.V2YT,.1I,
twM3 th U.iuri t.l iiia.j aM.wfc Hi the fon-
it . ilt.fe iM eect:t!tiiuil . "Lh
1 U yRAMK, .
Khcria of HultCouuSj
Tor Coughs and Coldi,
Take BioT.n's Cough Iftbani.
For Soro Thn and Hoarser.wj,
Use Brown's Tar Troclws.
Thosb are cute fellows, those New
.., ..
One of theia adver-
' ,IM1r-1J
t, -e,! that hccuultt care a ttirn-UD aoiie.
t .
aim WOUIU x;nu airue.liiui iu au
......i.i f.,irJ a dollar. A ladv sent
., - .JJ. , .. 1
this amou'i.t, ami w:w told in reply tu
umplov a bhicksinith to h:
,, ... . ... . .,
the rJlli! With :t s1l-iI.j ha::
hit her r.oas on
For Headache nrd ililiousnesj,
LS3 Broun'3 Liver Tills.
For Iudiyestiou,
Take I5rown3 Pepstii Tonic.
A Veteran Washington correspond' nt
, .. . i.,:j .tvi-tmr t!,i.
observes that no t res.dunt Unug tlio
For Purifmg the r.looil,
L'so Sars.s.p:yilla and Dandeltoz.
For1 Western Diseases-, u-e
ttrrtwo'c V.V.fjtrl. .It..me;j
. ...
For salt by sll De-ders in Meuisiue.s'i
. j
Yr Lest. Ho7- Hestored.
Jtbt publtshod.a mwitt.tioocr IJriCntTor
vrell'i. OlnbriUjKt- lzay fix lue radical
cure inithout u-.villjiuc- of .-n-EKAsERnuiv
or .tiil.al Wakucda. l:iv;;1ta.T ri la.ca. !ju
ss. Inip(.tabe.. Msir.at aad n.r'iSl lacapact
I tr. Iiupedlincliti to Jiirriiit-. etc.: alao. Ca
u upt.on. pite;ty uii jL..m-Ju--e.t by st'.t iu
du'selice 01 e.Iut txtmTa.jani:?, ct".
Thee.icLrated auihurla thb ai-'uilrible es
say, clearly dciiionalrjf.es. '1 uu tJirty yearn'
' snKvrsful pririr"e. taat h it'tTait-ig e.jss.
i;i;cuc.j ol ii.-.r-aouie imj L- mitlal.y csired 5
prtntin'-rNiit a fd.". CKir -. of.rt auaLtr. . r
laiu ami :tf.ls .. lkjU ol wtiiti every stf
JVrr. no i-alt-r vvh.t -I r nCitii-.n rjjv tir.UKi.
jie hlcisrlfehMipl. piiTSUiy. mt n.d:da.S.
i Tills Iretre ahoiitu In- i. tit bandv t
ys y vtni'i and v. .v ir,. it hi thd laud.
Jj-i.tutdj-tSrfsl iu a jlsia itvclopr. to aay
I adiireiu. poat pjiJ, un rvwij.; ct is cent or ... i
Ar.dr.s ini- pub'lslreri.
tui: ii s. tit w c, 1. jij:di a i. ro
41 Anu tilrrel n.r lorU.
fosii.Sc-- Sp iis.
ltXereIs..ToirJ:idtf-n.-:it.--V aewrr and b.l-It-rpL':-ohy.
Tpuildu.ta alt aba.-.id aul
nati-.aated notloai of ditea.es acd its carr.
and toestaill.ti a ration..! srt..m .in Lie rain,
has tie-rit II. e!.ir e:-deavr cf Ur. lloon
wsv tl.ro. iif-. y..!ic- lie ri;i:i of U- cc e
r."tr., lit'. ud lliii:mrn:-rr..fU:.wil-ii. thff
.ht.-i-tir!tiMtt...in t..-M. tri-j-i-e suL-eivirat
j0 r.iare. ra.aer ia- . vartruce on
erlawi.like tho-e in ji.':.l w. To llu-
haltUy wr raay aafe v def tfce attscics of dis-
. as. r.r j ao injiiWue .it rritr.u for tLU
' r-i-r.-oae e.n o.nu thu eti-.- .f taesj lilts a; I
ia::nct, as-tJetj- dive u tae sbuI of the tiii-i
dr. a-.d lrptiii: its e.virs--.uetn,y it. e!r
I ui-iRTA :;t tnuiis.-Souo arj sua.'5
hu!-u t'jtfilxnvtuns o: J. tiivimcs:. s-s sine
for thn L'aitetl States, surtoi-nds ecb boi tt
I'llla aa Ohitii cut. lloxa;l ctaU. i2cut
an- SI asst. oM'hv dr.-nl.ts Trwh9ie.
fartier- eoialdtraaie vavbts ij txilas
the uicr JU-a.
Tie IbbCltr bi .IBPB thrrcefcrn! tbb -
tlon of ccntitT !aakrk Ii nsi.xrT to bsvc r-
Il IJLf fri-r will e.-.el Cf lHe.
IWUl.oo. Fcriatetyalt PreiTMs. Vrt
xpe.liv.lirc vti wl't rd nr br..;tnra Urn
,ai-.vvhlt cruaalniu-a ftll Ilt t our l-(arf.-:ciif
t-. 5.yes laoiA'w, k
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