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ftrlw including tht grneralhead. Thote
fgfytfortpxr&Jn their mtctivetiUhujt: A
i. Jnl" J 'a ivniiin nitride cuhu
W. OAuUn "KI.l.,attornry-at-law" ami
-",...-,- PmIiIIm. P-irslieel:!! attention
in edTr5uiff. VnvroucW,aml InveWIsatiiiK
iTlrt. 0" onT- TerrcllU. harness store, one
a' T- BKOX, nttorny at law, will praltice
It -jnalLthc court 'f' Northwest Missouri:
Jijrtl attention Riven toliu-dm-m.lh th county"
Office' on' the west-aide ol
COL. uit"'i'
ticfoflaw. He on
north side of the l
sot. . Tt. aiIlIN(;Shasreumedtlieprae,-
irt.n5""- " ' "-'- '
vtTV s- UKr;b.i'i.r.,ani)roiT ana conn
V sellor ntlaw. rartir-nlar attention jriven
..Vjleettons. Oltire on the south side of the
Src nr Bank llnlhlins, 2J
.1 irtnuct all
business entrusted to
leamntlyand carefully. tSm he found at the
fnssurrr's oHlee, .Savannah, JIu. 21
( A. WIlrTTAKKR attorney at law and
), tienrral Claim Ajrer.t, Savannah Mo. Sol
MeTs' claim ag-ilnst the liovernment for land
nrrsnts, hack pay and bounty, widow; and
l-rjlld iienslons and general rnllectiom attended
with (treat care and promptne. Also, for
wsnliss nd land njtent for the Atchlon, Toiwka
Vr Itailrosd Comuanv. AH inquiries
Ir)raptlyanWen'il. He will ticket parties to all .
jriinu ou the nui.
Call on him.
EC. HI1KDU1CK CO., Kafile liakery,
. confectionery and restaurant, west side
sttne square. 7
IIATtDWAllE, &c.
OOLIlUltS, A CO., dealer In hardware,
tores and tinware, north side of thewpmre,
fsrannah. Mo. Jobbing in tlnwork done on
rtort notice. 47
B -jU-USTOXB, .M. II., having located In
K-iraouah, offer his iirofessfonal services
t me citizens oftheclty and vicinity. Office,,
loath aide thc.dqoare, flrt door cast ot the-nev
gam. inumuig.
DU. IS. 1C lAVEXl01tT having located In
tNirannili, offera hia urorc&jlonal ervires.
kiMritiznia of Savannah and. vlcinltv. Office
at hU rVlcnee.on Main street, one.block vast of
T. O. O. F. Savannah Lotke. Xo
Ll. H. Savannah. Mo., meeta every
ctitinii tv i-n-i.-vivis t- n.i.1
VeUows' Ilall. Northtast -corner
f the Public .HDare: All members of the order
larwl atamlinsr. vUiting the city, are oonlially
fanUrd to Meet wim us. .
" WirXLVM EXT, X. G.
J. a. Wju.Kr.R, Scc'y. SDg
CwBmonwealth Life Ins. Co. of N, Y.
Offices Booms G 7 Baldwin. Block Cor.
I nd -Felix streets. St. Joscjih Mo,
. IL E. HAlUtlXGTON President
Geo. P. DIXON Vice Tresidont
1L C. CARTER Secv.
ATF. SMITH Er. CfjmmittcQ -W.
JOHN A. DOLMAN, Gen. 1 Ageni-
Tho features of this Co. are 'Secrfrilr:
Staall Expenses . and .larse ' dividends.
Seiafasscts - :Enuitv. f-Cash.- loans ' to
dfcy holders. "Absilnt nor-forfeiture.
eaev invested cannot.bo'lost. -,Our ra-
tlobf assets to liabilities' '"swrwlargcr tlian
any other Co. We present more favora
ble features for policy holders than any.
other Lo. Be sure anil examine our
plans before insuring.
tt E. II. Beaumoxt, Special Agt.
South Side the Public Square.
mo mr old ratomers t take crest n ranre In
JL announcing that 1 hare brought from New
lark one of the larjrei-t vtwka of (roods in ray line
tier urougni 10 inis ciiy , coimiaiiiig iu imn ui
Ready-Made CLOTHING!
Eats and Caps,
Boots and Shdesj 4
Carpet Bags,
' jewelry, c.
lUTinsbeen In liosinefB in thiycity toi six
teen yeais the citlrensnf Savannah and An
drew rount) m jy rest pretty well aiwureil tliat I
had anffirieni exjieriencc to nnderstaml and ara
ptjrpmrldefur the want or the trade In thia
Call and Examine Our
Goods and Trices.
113 South Side square, Savannah.
MAW2ffETrWir,MACOHV' . '
South and Southeast
fl m aw n WJr TI,IS w TPE "
It to tVin -t.1tt T ; 1 rannlnffPtiliman
uio um JJ1UO) lUcDrawlnj-
-T.' ftfciio iiiiuvu um. v.. " " ' '
g4s the, only Line
uie wii ooui coangv.
one man-
mcnt be-,
, isthe onlyLinefS
V-w boon time.
Jkis $2.45
m&e circttltoui
aTlOT5fromSt- T'on,,
aUOl j o Xashvllle
t circuitous route ti Iioabrrille;-
wckTime- Good Cars and Close
w tnd elccant tlay coaches cqnlnped with
Webwbae Air Brake and the MUler
er ami l'latform am run in all trains.
nwoogij Tickets on Bale and Bajxaxe checked
Jthe principal Ticket Offlcea In the Went and
Askior Ticket vU the "SoDtheasttrn Rati
T." .
Jfn'ITitUtAiceut, Oen'l ilanaser,
SLJxitiU. Ht. fyiuis.
For Sale Cheap!
r 1f?lnH' man l now offered at KoreniUIr,
y",7,lke"roora formerly ocrnpieil byai.
A uLa ii"?'1 u ,UW offen-U formal cheap, or wilt
biroXV,l, rto'Ji: OT rent It. The room
' VSfcSL'7 Well finished and new. For
'MHHStfTtimUm, InnalrenfM. V.. ALUOX
At Jtoltkan.-Xudrtw County, JIo.
Coux planting is about over. '
llcvr tip j-our .s'.nnmur linen.
Tint weather for "growing iTop".
Titvthe soda-water at .s'heiln'ckV.
W S. Ea'ki keeps a large stock or
pumps. "
W S IvlTlIol-jiAn. 1. 1 4.
aiulnaiU: , ' , ,
C.vus are dailv crossing the brid-c at
St. Joe. Vrt.TZnva- rr Trr rrr
yEWLak'a1 barrel at
W. A. PrfccTs. " ' '
HowAtiD keeps mutton-chops; jilso,
buj-s hams, &c.
W. A. Pkice sells coal oil for thirty
cento per gallop -
-BEKKJlXX Sells- jmrmri.-il ipnt uirtv.
-W "
fivo'enta-a luidr,s?it5-i- ,
glfluss Aiid.lhingsrhaveibe'en crtw
mg.iast ine-uastweekv
F.irrUcst-'iMe'a'aiiicg at rrice':
11 pounds for a dollar. . ' . (
WoitTU cottntv citizens
nave an agricultural tatr.
Choice article spring wheat flour at
Price's for g.1 20 twr ctvt.
W. S. Eahls warrants his stoves to
bake, draw and not crack.
Beef steak, juicy and tender, at lTow-
ard's South Side Mjat'Store; .1 ' -"
W. A. PniCEwili sell you 81 pounds
coffee A sugar for one dollar.
O .1 . ..T.
auiemsunieni "iTopcrty at a
Sacriflcc,1 in another column.
Buckeye table mkc reaper and mower
at W. S. Earls' hardware store.
Axd W. A. Price.sells .tho best Boston
syrup; at $3.25 ier fivc.gallon.kcg.
TrxEn will buy your wool,' giving the
highest market price in cash or. trade.
Remejtoek TV. A. Price sells ten
pounds. New Orleans sugarfora dollar.
FEori.Egrumbl"o at W.-.S. . Earls l'xs
cause he tlirows in too much with his
stoves. .
Wht could not a builtting'association
be organized in Savannah with rood
Those who arc building can buy their
hardware below St. Joseph prices at V
S. Earls'. !(
A meetixo of tlie "Savannah Granffc"1
is called for Saturday, tho 11th of June,
at 10 o'clock A. M.
A licxic by the scholars of the Sixth
Street Methodist Snnday-sehool is pro
posed some time next week.
PurtE cider vinegar and no mistake
can be obtained at Howard's, next to
Post-office ; only 25 cents a gallon
Ax increase in tho. wholesale trade is
said to be already noticed in St. Joe,
consequent upon the bridgo opening.
ILvve you bought your spring hat
yet? Ladies, go at once to ilrs. Bus-
kirk's and supply yourselves and chil-
Look atW. S. Earls' show-case full
of Wade & Butcher's, and Wostenholin
& Sons' pocket and table knives and
A PniLADEi.rniA merchant vowed lie
would never advertise his wares, and
licdidii't-.lm'tthc other day the sheriff
advertised them for him.-
A full line of gents' summer clothing,
boots, shoes, trunks and valises just re
ceived at the clothing house of J. J.
Miller, north side of the Square.
FakmeilswIio' want groceries, pants
stuff, shirting, shoes, hats, &c, wjll con
sult their own interest and nromotc
their own happiness by
sell's to buy goods'.
going to Bus-
All tlie latest styles of hats and bon
nets, and tasteful trimmings; will: be
found nt Mrs. Buskirks, fwest em fif
the Square. Call andlobkatJthclargc
and elegant assortment no w'on aad..
Tire St. Joe Herald says a young man
in light clothes and hat, name unknown,
stole a horse in BolckowFriday night
last and at once made tracks for" safety.
A reward is oflcredforhis apprehension.
If you want to sec a mammoth stock
of dry goods, notions, ladies' and men's
shoes, call hpoa Tyner, who will make
you prices as low 9 any . house fan the
west. Cash- or wool takeain exchange
for goods. y-v
If yon waat ; deeds, Jjnortgagcs.or
leases drawii.acknowledgrocnts takein
collections or settlements made, go to
P. Altgeld, jittorucy-aWaw and
2otarv Public, oflice' in .front room
over Farmers iBanki r
A gueat time will 'bo. had JaSt. Joe
tomorrow- '(Saturday) nodoiibt. The
celebration of the opening of the bridge
to travel -andViho; Sngerfest togetlier
will cause an immense, .influx ironi the
countn' in every direction.- .-r- r r
to loan, nor ain't rich enough to sell
goods' , on. credit; but they can dp the
other tiling, viz: to-wit, namely : they
can and do sell' goods very low', and . say
they can afford.to sell goods lower for
cash than, anybody can' on credit. ' '
Joiix J. Miller, Esq., has bought out
tho interest of A. N. Schuster in the
clothing store northeast corner of tho
square. Mr. Miller is now. receiving a
now stock of spring and summer cloth
ing, boots and shoes, hats and caps,
which wbl be gold atlow'prices for cash.
An inspection of his goods J' earnestly
requested. Xothing will be lost by ex-!
amining.(tlicm. j
A"wife in'St. Joe lias 'fa "liege' lord"
who has been in tho habit" of getting;
,l...i- i t i oi.A nMiit. r.f
uiuua. u ueiuiu-uer. ouu uV .
her a good cndgel, and nsed, it 6n (he
gent the next time ho struck her, with
such good effect tliat he'gpt flown ton; his
knees and hedged for inorcy. .Since
which event,
tho gentlemdn'(2) afore-
said has been
i very sober pmLdocilc. -
Only one dollar for a- pound of Gun-
powdcr-ea n't Beckmau's :
- - ' - - ' - '"''. -
uocoraxa ,tne waves To-Day !
"rrancnicnts ' have been made for
lrxvst intrestth"; "services at tlnrCourt-hoi'i-ie
at"i o'clock this afterrfoon, pre
vious to til
Jlie c'ercriiorry or'ilecoratinn- the
graves of soldiers in our ceraetrcv. The
l'rngranmsu cnibraces ailtlrcsses liy
D.i'vi.i nea.'Esq"; llev. Saimtcl'liufrnian,
ami (Ipuanil William Williinsoa; essays
I fy' Ii.Jls .Shoemaker and Miss Anna
j Jloms; l-eauipg of a select iioeiii hy
V' A,e,J't Esl-5 s'"rTnfe' the
i choir: lira verb vile v. Mr. Hillios. At
1 - . 1 i J
' Tiifi r.if me II. l ?1(
'"i WlllllvMiailK Will
deliver, a. disijoursc. "Dumin's Cor
net Brass Band" will, furn'tsh music on
the occasion., A committee ou decora
tion to qbtain flowers, and, arrange them
consisting ot one hundred and cloven
ladies and gentlemen pftho city and
vicinity has been selected. The com
nuttec to designate the graves of sol
tilers consist of George T.-Bryan, L. C
btilcs, John It. Caldwell "and James
Elliott. Committee on music Henry
hargent, Ozias Alderman, Ricluird Mor
ris, Mrs. Carrie Sanborn, James Shack
elford, Miss Sylvia Stone', Miss Allie
Cook, Miss Anna Morris, Miss Lizzie
n alter, JUame Alderman, Warren B,
Martindalc, Oscar Smith, Mrs. John II,
Tyner, and Mrs. R. G. Miller. "Com-
mittce of Arrangcmeutl-IW'illiam Cald
well, Samuel Frodsham, and John W.
Let our citizens all lay aside bus
s a '
mm vuv iicnioon m uie year, ant
keep green the memories of our .valiant
dead by strewing their graves with em
blcmatic flowers and evergreens.
Death of David Walter.
A largo circle of friends :ind acquain
tances will regret to learn of tho demise
of David Walter, an old and highly re
spected citizen of Rochester, Andrew
county, Missouri.
From the St. Joseph Herald wo gath
cr the following points in.tho life of Mr,
V alter. He was born on the 18th of
November, 1802, in. the' city of Stralsund
on tjie Baltic sea. He removed to tho
city of Philadelphia in 1820, aud - there
he learned the trade of baker and con
fectioncr. After serving a faithful ap
prenticeship, ho became discontented
with tlie. small profits arising from work
ing for others, and the true spirit of
mdependance, opened business for him
self at 412 Raco street. He couducted
tlie' business successfully live years. In
the year 1825, he closed business in the
Quaker City and removed to Wines
burg, Holmes county, Ohio. Hero he
farmed until September, 1857, when he
removed to Rochester, Andrew county.
Missouri. After seven years spent iu
fanning, he embarked in merchandise,
which occupied his time and attention
until two or, three years ago, when he
retired from tho active duties of a life
well spent. Several days previous to
his de:itli,.hoJosthLi appetite,, and on
Tucsd.tr, Mar ,20, at tho ripe aire of
seventy-nne years, ho passed to that
better lanrt for which the experience
of a Christian's faith from early youth
had flttcdhiin. lie kit thirteen children
to mourn his loss. He nlso led consid
erablo property tho savings or pru-
tlcnco and economy. JIc was vcrr
popular in the community in .which he
lived, and always took an active part
in every enterprise tending to advance
the moral, social and commercial inter
ests of the people. - However, the
monrning friends can console them
selves with the reflection that their loss
is his eternal gain.
Mr. E. Brayton returned last week
from tlie State. Convention, at Knob
Noster, Johnson county. Addresses
were made by Colonel Aikins, of South
Carolina; D. W. Adams, of Iowa, Mas
ter of tlie National Grange, and Norman
J. Colman. of St. Louis. Tlie latter
gentlemen will address our farmors at
this place some time in Juno. A State
Grange was organized,. with three hun
dred subordinate granges, and Mr.
Brayton states that an average ot twenty-five
now grange.1 per week are being
organized in the State.
C. A. Clark, Esq., teacher of Spcnccri
an penmanship,' has' opened a day and
night school in a room at the Seminary
for tho purpose of teaching penmanship.
A lino, opportunity is presented to all to
improve their chirograpby. Terms,
only fifty cents per week.
Wm. C. Smith, Esq., returned homo
from St. Louis on Saturday last, whero
he has been attending law school all
winter. He was warmly welcomed by
many friends. Having completed n
thorough courso of study, ho proposes
to settle down immediately and com
mence business.
Geo. B. Bowman, Esq., tho gentle
manly correspondent and agent of tho
St. Joe Gazette, called at our sanctum
on Monday.
Mr. Allison, editor of the Telegram',
Cowley county, in Southern Kansas, has '
been visiting friends hero.
Wo arc indebted to Willard P. Hall, i
President of the St. Joseph Bridgo Com
pany, for a special invitation to attend
tho formal opening of the bridgo to-morrow
The new Odd Fellows' Hall at Bol
ckow will bo dedicated on Wednesday
next, Juno. 1. It is understood that sev
eral lodges will be in attendance. The
Savannah Lodge will bo represented by
,,. mlnn f :fa
fa J
Stiles & Hardy ain't got any nioney
to loan, nor ain't rich enough to sell
goods' on credit; but they can do the
other-thing, viz: to-wit, naruoly: they
can aiTd do sell goods very low, and say
thcrcan afford to sell goods lower for,
. - .s - '..w,
Amazonia Items.
Business remain some what qniet.
Tho ri ver 'i-rstill rising, and is report
ed rising abovoit i J - .
There heems 'to'bo a lively business
in saw-loM on the river now, .several
Tho steamer- .Mountaineer,,, a. large,
aniu-w iiueier, is on uio nver now asa
regular packet between !St. .Too anJ
points above, 'making several' trips "each
way every week. , :
Th'c'rahroad corapanr'isT nnloadinir
iiHisiuurauiu quauuuu.s ui posci and
fencing hero, and a number of hands .arc
engaged in fencing the track. T , .
Mr. L. T. Mintum, who has been .at
St. Louis for a week,, returned list'Sal-
tinlay. lie went to represent tho Odd
Fellows of his district in tho Grand
Lodge of the -State: Mr. Mintarn was
elected, at St. Louis, R. W. D..G, Mas
ter for the ensuing year. Ho says' St.
Louis is a bis: town.
Tho public schools of Amazonia
closed on Friday for the summer vaca-'
won. ' - j
On Tuesday Mr. L. R.Knowles' took'
his departure from Amazonia for well,
he didn't know where, and neither, does
anyone else.
A little boy of Mr.. Gill's has Veen
missing from his lather's residence, on
XodaWay Island, since Tuesday; Up
to Wednesday noon ho had not' been
found. r ,
On Wednesday morning Mr.. 'Peter
Moser, Sr., was kicked in the side, by
a horso and considerably hurt, two of
his ribs being broken.
This is tho way a man in Amazonia
expresses it f "I say, boys, cr you
goin' to crSangerfos? Itsasor? ofer
Hush 'rangemcn', where all er .people
of tiic United. States meet in Sain Joe,
ter celebrate 'sbridge. I'm goin', every
boz soin', an-wo're goin' t'havo erfeas'.
Can't take time t'esplain 't now "nac
countof press, s'business, but'tsbig af
fair, ana fellcr'll 's bound t'liave los
Cherry Q-rovs Items.
Farmers arc getting pretty well
through planting. Corn that was plant
ed two weeks ago is looking splendid.
Air. W illiam a. iteecc is now ou a
tour through the west for' his heal'h,
going over the Topekaand Santa Fc
Our school is in a flourishinz condi
tion, under the control ot Miss Atkins,
who has for sonic time boon' 'attendinff
the State Normal School at Kirksvillo.
' The worst case' of telecpyhcadedncss
is in one of our vounir men. who' fell
asleep in the parlor, on Sunday evening,
in the presence oi three young, lathes.
AVe were clad to see our vounsr friend
Thomas Deau again in our midst. '
A Revolution in Milling.
The St. Louis Democrat contains an
account of a "new process" by which
what have heretofore been sold as the
poorcs t grades of flour become the best
grades. A number of Minnc.ota mil
lers have been for some time" past con
verting tho dark-colored spring wheat
of the' Northwest into flour' that sold for
quite as much money -er barrel :in' the
East as did the fancy" winter' wheat St.
Louis Hours. Iu fact, in some localities
tho preference was given to the "new,
process Hour, prices being equal, ihc
chief reason why two or more grades
of flour are made out of one lot of wheat
is tliat a brown and almost impalpable
powder results from the grinding of tho
wheat, which ifts through the bolts
into tho middlings and specks the flour
made from litem. Tho "new proc-.-ss"
consists in r!loltin! tho rcffrouud mid.
dlinjrs With tlio patent boltlnsr appara
tus.' Automatic shakers and trtimpcrs
arc employed to oscillate ami jar the
bolt as tho .stream of middlings passes
tliroiiirh it. Jiy tins means the brown
powder comes to tlie top and ii blown
awav bv a stcadr eentlv Iiftinjr wind.
and the rcgninnd middlings are cliangcd
to spccklcss and pure Hour.
Atchison County Items.
From the Journal.
Tho Methodists are striving to ral.se
means to purchase a now bclLJor thoir
now vacant steeple. v -f
Oil I i Hn dim nrtv Avnnnnnnlnff fKn
most backward -season, that they Tiave
known for years. ,
Hon. A. E. Wyatt went down to
Jefferson City on Tuesday last 16 attend
tho regular scssion'of tho State Board'of
Equalization, winch is composed 'of the
members ot the semate.
(From the Kipress.
Public school commenced last Mon
day with 120 pupils. E. J. IL Beard,
principal,- Miss hello McCreary, assist
ant . ,
Farmers in this section are behind
with corn planting, and the peach crop
will not be more than -one-third.
William . Blake sports a silk hat.
which would como down over his'shoul-
crs if it was not for his ears, which
hold tho plug erect. i
Mr. Samuel Ylalkup and Oliver
Hamilton arc keeping "bach" on the
prairio on East Tarkio, and herding
cattle. Last week Mr. Walkup brought
in six wolf scalps, for which tho county
paid $30. .
Holt County Items.
From the Sentinel.!
Wo learn that Doctor Pollock, who
has been confined to his bed by con-
umption, is quite low auu not expect
ed to live.
Tho South' Methodist congregation,
who haro a beautiful church edifice in
this place, are on the point of introduc
ing a, church organ.. ,
Judtnnc fronu tho inflnx, of "M.
IVh" wi should, suiidoso .that a sivklr
season' was' expected hi Forest City.
'Anions- tho ncwlv arrived doctors wo no-
tico Dr. Dwiglifman, of Independence,
Mo. Dr. McGuirc, ot Andrew county;
Mo., and Dr. M. Saville, ofOregon, also
ttilks of moving to Jjorcsx uity.
Nodaway County Items.
.From the Democrat'.'
On Wcdnestlay of last week Deputy
Wallace organizetl a Grange of Patrons
or Hu8bantlry in Maryville, with J. M.
Boll, Master, and John .C, Terhune,
From the Kepubllcan.
The.lstM.E. Cliurchof tliis place
has been thoroughly overhauled, cleaned,
painted, and otherwise fixed np.
Many farmers in tins county who
have not sowed wheat for many years t
have put in a considerable quantity this'
spring. " j
Mr? Lewis .Tobe; who Iiad sonio,
horses stolen a fow dajs- back lounil
ti,om ncar, Whitesvillo and
them. home. .
m"W,'iriSlirhed Ly'reqnesl!'
Effects Of Tobacco:
A Weed among the plants we find
That burlathe lly and the hitud, s
l'et i.l tlie way ufKlr-alju,
We see1 ir constantly In ne.
Unpleasant to the Mnell or taste, .
. -Yet men for it their money waste;
The reasoirwhy theyscam can tell '
. -PornniieatOrftdollkeltwrU.
cmuic do it chew and me it tmoke.
Whilst others In their now it poke)' '
Tlie tasL lo them at.tlr.-t U tui-Rh,!.. , r
i Eitln r to chew, UiMwkeur siuilT:
Yet ftr.inse to till m msxa.-te Is uroVe
Thf-i nithy, rtliukin weeil to hire, -1 j
When leij, our lo, ;mr hors-., n.iriuitle,
Will acl like men .-" mush the TihiI.
TiureU, thy sty, n wonn and goat.
That cram nils i-")i.i iloivn Uioir tiirjat,
But h will Hunk mill's tite sa vile,
To rank with goals and tiie reptile.
Jt injures nun lu'erery part,
His inioil, his masule, nerves and heart,
Scurrey creates, and taints nil hreath,
And sooner brings him down to death
It tans liis skin a tawpy bne,
And much affects his eyes of blue;
Of all the plants among the weeds,
Hot one so much disorder breeds.
The women, too, of this our ilay,
Will smoke and spit their health away,
ltegarUIess.ot their golden purse.
And all the time get worse and worse.
Bjme.'ofthis plant, do ever smell,
Ak of their heal th, thejVre never well ; .
- i-t iuct on 10 urun ami puu.
'Til they can'scareely-smiiko enoush. '
jvmona- ine women inen-s a lew.
That, like the men, this weed do chew .
Home bf them white anil others black.'
True wisdom knows they something lack.
Tlie most of them will frame excuse
To justify It.t.comtant nse: 5
' Ho does the drun kanl for his grog, ' '
That makes him .vomit like a dog.
Some boys, before the age of ten.
Will chew to make them look like men;
And little girls, before they're eight.
io smoke, inejrma 10 imuaie.
How strange to think that a young n
Of this enlightened Christian land
Will go to church unit spit and chew
insiian lanu.
And spit his Ember in the t
Ami when the clcrgr offers prayer.
That nious female ifot-s not dare
Kneel down to rate her conscious breast,
Jicst she should stain her whitened dress.
And when he's in the parlor neat.
He'll chew and spit alxiut his feel,
Or up against a whitened wall
And let it ou the carpet Tall.
He'll throw his mild Um the floor.
And In his mouth he'll cram in more; j
Ills lipt, wilhamber, all liesmeared,
'Till it runs down npou liisbt-ard.
Some look as tllthy us n goat,
.Almost as nasty as a (.hunt,
And Jet they wish the ladies fair,
Oftheir resjiects loVlalma hare.
It seems lo me they're void of thought,
They never ought to have forgot
That surh conduct will much offend
Their neat and tidy female friend.
And then there is the druuken sot
That k-eps his IiIo mI forever hot,
Awl rheWH and-smokes the tllthy weed,
A most disgusting sight indeed.
Ssy, Christians and you temperance crew,
That love to smoke and love to chew,
How can Jou warn the drunken sot
When in your mouth the weed you've got?
Clean out your eyes tliat von may aeo
- mote that,"). your neighbor's be,
Or, cl'c wheu him you do exhort
til you ne ii ponroui uis retort.
Was half of his tobacco tax
Laid out for cotton. Wool and flax,
Tber's'fewsosiniple'nrso nud,
Hut knows the naked migln be clad ;
The other half In bread and meat
And given to tlie poor to eat
Would not iniKiir the Commonwealth
Ami raurb Improve the people's health.
Xow, whatl'vesaid lsmoily true,
Yet only jitstlllril by fewj
Hut what of that, since woe betide,
The limn tliat does with error side.
I Ini-tt, bright youih.'yoii'll think of me
When you tuesc lines ufrtiymiugwc.
Leave offal "iue thetlltby stuff,
And no mure smoke It, chew nor snuff.
Information Wanted
Postmaster Frodsham was last week
in receipt of tho following letter. As
he knows none -of tho parties named, it
is handed us for publication in the hope
that the parties interested will see it:
Fokest CiTy, Holt Co., -Mo., May 1,
lVntmnter at Savannah, Mo:
Slit A certain Mrs. Fclitia Norris
died here yesterday, and was buried to
day. Mrs. Norris, before she died.
claimed tltat her mother, Mrs.,Mary
Kinir. was livinir near Wm. Patterson's.
in your county, and also tliat one of her
brothers, Jlr. failas King, was living in
the Garner neighborhood. , This, as I
suppose, being the truth, I ask tho fa
vor of vou to inform Mrs. Kin?: and Mr.
Sila hinjr of tho death of Mrs. Norris.
As these parties very likely get their
mail at your office, tho task asked will
not be very troublesome
Mrs. Norris left .a threo-ycar-old
child (girl) behind. Holt county will
nave to tike caro oi her, because. Jtrs.
Norris did not leave any propertr, not
oven clothing .sufficient to dress trio lit
tle girl. Mrs. Norris was a poor wom
an. Yours respectfully,
Fi.'LLline of hardware, saddles and
bridles, cheap, at WJS. Earls'.
Finger's Fine Lumber Yard, St
Josepn, mo.
(-Wholesale and retail dealers in Ium
Lcr, la tli, shingles',' pickets, posts, sash.
doors, blinds and moulding. Best pine
fencing, all lengths, 20 0U per thousand
Jeet; rough rbam boards,. $20 00 per
.thousand feet ; dimension lumber, $12 50
to 817 AO per thousand fect, and all oth
er grades and qualities us low in pro
portion. Yard and oflice, South Fourth
Street, St. Joseph, Mo.
W. S. iEauls repairs tinware neatly,
cheaplyand promptly;
r t Scarcity of Honey ,
A gentleman said to its a few days
ago, "money is very scarce collections
are almost impossible"
"Yes" wo replied, "money is not over
"Never saw such times before," he
"And why is money so scarce with
us?" we ventured to ask, knowing some
of his frailties, and intending to teach
him a lesson.
"I don't know, unless it bo tliat tho
country is' going to ruin."
"Very likely," we said; and then
talked about his health, his family, and
other interesting matters. Ho wore at
tho tinio a pair of fine now boots, and
wo asked, "'who made your now boots?"
' "0, 1 sent to Chicago for these," ne
replied with a dignified air.
"Yes, and they cost how much?"
"Twelve dollars."
"And where did you get this suit of
clothes which you wear?" wo inquired
."IsendtoNow Yorkforrnyclothinr;,'
he informed us.,
And they cost-"
Fortv-cight'dbllars." ho said, before
wo had finished the question. '
"And vour wilo docs her shopping in
St. Louis, nerlmps?".
, "Sometimes there, and sometimes in
Chicago." ., ,
"And you' ihlitre your house in an'
"Yes in an Eastern company: bnt
why doyonask so uiaiiy impertinent
'question??"' ! ' '
Wu beggod his parJon.inntl askod.the
privilege of ono; more, only promUing
tliat wo would not press him for an an- i
swer. . ' '
"Weir," said he, "go on.
-'Can you tell mo' now why money is
scarce iu the went and iu this city?"'
Tin: natural .inference from tho above;
is ; Ifomcfint h cdrtainly a reasonable
niid pnitlcnt' tansiilcratinn. Pairoiilzo
homo shivpsi "establish homo'mannfacto-'
.ries,v encourago 'homecindtistrieji,and
keep, vioQUjtiu tticw St.. Joe
The inhabitants of the.difiVrent.States
arc nicknamed as follows : '
Maine Foxes. -T
Ncjv Hampshirei-' Granite Boys.'
Venhonf Creeri Mountain Boys.
M:us'hchnsetts Bay State.
Bhode Island Gun Flints;
New, York Kniekerliockers. r .
Ne w" Jersey Bluej or Clam Catchers.
' Pennsylvania Penhamitcs .Or Leath
erheadsV -
Delaware Muskrats.
Mar-land Clam Thumpers.
Virginia Beagles. ,
North Carolina Tuckers or Tar-boil
South Carolina Weaslcs.
Georgia Buzzards.
.Alabama Lizzar m. jt ,
Florida Fly-up-the-Crecks.:
Mississippi TadiiolM.
Texas Becfbcads, f ' -Arkansas
Toothpicks. ' .
Missouri-rl'ukcs. ,
'West VIr'riui;t '
Tennessee Whelps.
Kentucky Coriicrackersi
fOhio BnckeyRs.
IlltnoLs-pSuckcrs. ' .
Michigan Wolverines. u ' '
Wisconsin Badgers. ' '
Minncsobf fiophers. ' '
Iowa Hawkeyes: - i
" Dakoti Squatters. - j.
-Nebraska -Bngratent. v --
Kansas Javhawkefs. - -,
Colorado ftoversi
Montana Quartz Crushers.'
Idalio Fortune Seekers.
California Gold Hunters.
Oregon Hard Cnscs.
Utali PolvgamLsts.
New Mexico Bangers.
Nevada Sago liens.
.Mexifi Greasers. ,
Canada Cannes.
Nova Scotia Blue-noses.
New Brunswick Fish-heads.
French Canada Habitius.
Nicknames of cities and towns :
Kingston, Canaila Limestone Quar-
-Montreal island City.
Quebec Ancient City or Gibraltar
ui vtiuenca.
Bangor Lumber City.
Portland Hill City:
Lowell Spindle C'ity.
Fannnil Hall Cradle of liberty.
Boston Litcrarv Emporium. Modem
Athens, City of Notions, Metropolis of
xankecdom, Puntin City and Hub of
the Universe.
Plymouth Pilgrims' City.
Providence llogcr Williams' City.
Hartford Insurance City.
New, Haven Kim City.
Brooklyn City of Churches.
New York Empire Citv. Commpr-
cial Emporium, Gotham and Metrop
olis of America.
Newark Birmingham of America.
Philadelphia City of Brotherly Love.
City of Penu and Quaker City.
Pittsburg Iron or Smoky City.
Syracuse Salt works City. "
ltoehc!-er Aqueduct and Flour City.
Wellsville Kur.il City.
Dansvillo Valley City.
Buffalo Queen of the Lakes.
Cleveland Forest City.
Cincinnati Queen City. Queen of
tho West and Porkopolis. -
Louiniiius jiticKeyo City:
Baltimore Monumental" City.
Washington Federal City and Citv of
jiagnmccnt instances.
Jtichmond Cockale City.
Kaleigh O.ik City.
Cliarleston Treason City.
Savannah Forest Cityof tlie South.
Atlanta Gate City ol tho South.
Now OrleansCrescent City.
Vleksburg Key City.
Nashville Boek City.
Louisville Falls City.
Indianapolis Ihulroad Citv.
Jtichmond, Indiana Qtuker Citv of
tho West.
Lafayette Star Citr.
Detroit City of the Straits.
Kalamazoo Burr Oak" City.
Chicago Prairio or Garden Citv
Queen of tho West.
hpnngheld t lower Citv.
Milwaukee Cream City and City of
Sheboygan Evergreen City.
Wampum Prison City. -Madison
I.ake City.
St. Louis Mound C'ity.
Hannibal BlufI City.
Quincy Model City.
Keokuk Gate City.
Burlington Orchard City.
Ahvxandria Delta City.
Dubuque Key City.
McGregor Pocket City.
Lacrossa Gateway City.
Winona Belle of the West.
Wabasha Riverside.
Galena I.ead City.
St Paul North Star City.
St. Anthony Falls City.
Minneapolis Beauty Soot Citv. CUv
bf Waters and Magnet of the Wek.
'ttl tli i If I ill VUtlUU'l UUU VslVi
Denver City of tho Plains.
Salt Lakii City City or tho Saints.
San Francisco Golden Gate.
Mexico City of tho Montczumas.
Lima City of tho Kings.
Cuba Key or tho Gulp.
Mississippi Hirer Father of Waters.
St. Joscjih Blacksnake Hill City.
Savannah City under Ban.
Will somo corresiiondcnt or contcm-
porygivo us another list to add to tho
Corrected Weekly fer W. A. rrlee, TThale-
M im Retail Graeer ana Canalsslaa
Mercbajil, Savannah, Ms. .
Clear side bacon, per ixiiind S to 8 l-2c
Coimtry hams, per pound u to lo c
Country shoulders, per pound.. 7 to tt e
Prime country lard, per pound. C to 7 c
Dry flint hides, per pound 14 c
Oreen hides, jierMiund .. ft c
itees)vax, per pounu a lost
Choice butter, cr pound. . 12 1-:
Ecitt ier dozen 7 c
White corn meal. -per bushel 30 e
Oats, per bushel . 18 to SO o
New lake salt, tier bbl- a.t Ol
Stock, salt .. i -i
Choice lloston syrup, ier5-calIou ki-g.. 3 M
No. 1 family mackerel, perklt S3
So. 1 family whito lUh, lH-rkit .. . in
Choice XXX tail wheat flour, perewt.. 17.1
Choice XXX sprlns; wheat flour, iercwt. 3 20
Choice Uln couee, -per pound .... 2Jo
Cholw New Orleans sugar, per pound.. 1 lo
Kalr Xew Orleans susar, ier iiincl. loo
llest aoila, jier pounil... 8 1-3
Cltulce Carolina rice, er )ound . 10c
Choice dried apples, per i-iun.I.....-.. S to Oc
Choice drlui tieaches, ier Hiund. .. 10c
llest imperial lea, per iHiunil.....J.'Jl
tlond iraperltl tea, H-rpoillid ... 90s
llest YounirllysoM Ira. )ht pounds 1 On
ItestJauau ti-J, per pound.-- - k M
MilVerillllW, lierirallon 7Jo
Xew titk syrup; i-rralloii- .. ftss
1tbl..h.if'i.irir.liiitlasrltlll. iM-rmll..
Iure ciilrr viues ir, pel jdlfoii... Suo
Oul oil. iirr enilon J 91n
Caavased sujtar-etu-isl lianu, perlb io
llripht navy tobacco, i-r pound too
lllaek navy tolucrn, per pound. fiflo
lll.ick n.nilerWsix,iei-Kiuud ..... Uw
Choice nalunil leaf tolucco, pt-riouiid. Too
lloynl liem lobaoeo, wr puml,. goo
VlrRluia. twist tolweco, wr uund in
Ritlrixiwilrsv )M-r .un'l. ...... z:3
jitjtlus iiuw'to, pouud-... . . sou
"""PRtil'I!Tri9l B MtHMW
r-4f Xi
It Is tba great household reisedy, pletMtat W
take, yet potsnt for the rtTeaUoii ad care ot .-
illatMt. It to better tkaa Bitten, Cotdial, -feaehaorSraiaJiU.
.Bold byDragjbta. ,
tlrcly viget i'jW; lintHrajmgOs. Prioa
.-. .'-.-;i.-rtit!Jr
Tha great wftil Lif i lj., Prioa ntj,3iti
cents. Give reat ta mother sad beakjita'
Sarrlago Clatde.
Istotsttaf Work,;Ealaift1Mtlo,Kw'
Xogrsvlasa, Two-bun ilred and sixty Faces, ,
Price SO cents. Address Dai. Sens' DianOi ,
tisr, 13 North Slgjtfa Street, 8t. Loelt, Ho. -SMAdrettlMseat.'
r '
Soothing Remedy!
!' i ( l
Cum Colic and Orlplae l
Enbdoes ConTaMons i
eniaes all dlisases Inc
lntants anl,ChJldrta.
fths Towels, 'and faeil. ale
I Ui procssa ot Testhlaf.
EnbdoesConTuWonsaniroTfr-) P.
eniaes all dlssaas Incldut to SB9
lntants and,ChJldrta.. J, n-w.d
SYRUP. lla 1
Ceres Plarrbosa- rrssats-
ry aad f-umrn.r l ompiaiat.
cniioren oi ail .agos.
Tlelierea rain, lreakness or az- I eaa
haa.ttonlnlSor20mrnntes.grr. f f-JttK-lag
tune aatl powtr to tli. rstsm. J Qj;iTTtf
It Is the TfrtVnts' and Children's Great Soothiair'
Jtemsdy, ia all disorders bnmctit On by tasUibic er
any other cans.
Ps iparrlralar la canine for UBS. WHlXUuXB3
ETRUP, and take no other.
. Prspsrsd by the GRAJTOT JTZBICETE C0, Bt.
Tiimla, Mo. EoM ty SragclsU aad Daalars ia
Msdlelaa wsrywhers.
By elssnifn? the blood and aroofing Oa Brar aaaT
aterttlT organ to a healthy action, Dr. Henry's
Boot and Plant Pills cur many complalatsvhlch it
would not ba sapitewd thsy eosU reach, rech aa
neadaehe. Palat la the SlaaTllaaik.
aeaaot taallaaajiaaidreet, Ballaca,
Chlllneaa, Kkoanatlaaa. Ifearaiclai.
I.oaa or Amettte. itillana Braemterx,
Kidney Arfeetions, CaasUratloB. Be
sunTi rarera oi au uau,
ala, Jaaadlco, and other kindrsd complaints
arising from a low state CI the body, or obstrnetloa
of Its fanetlons.
Using free from Mercury and other poisons they
can b taken at all times aad under all circumstan
ces, without recant to diet, business or plaassra.
Thsr stimnUts the wsaksned and disleaptrael
parts into healthy action, giving them strength to
ills burden themselves and throw off the ob. tractions
which are th Ant cans of disease, Wlthtoma
prodnclug eitber nausea or rrlplna
AllheaTvand drowsv sensations, which ar tha
fireruncers ofdlrsfal disease och aa Apoplxyr
l'aruytic Btronea,c.ar essctnaiiy wansa
of by a few doses of thes searchlnjc PlltJ .
till dlnetlsas sraast ock tt U lasnSk. Han, Trotaj
utKruiik. rrfcucusbgs.
I ILIUIMif litunnp, itmciMV. n.iM.nk
fMJI7 Dfscsbu sad Petliirs is lUildat mrjwtm.
Northwestern Tnnring Mills,
Amazonia, Andrew Co., Mo.
stairways aud furniture makiuje. lloiua
linfshin work done in pMsIstvle ami onshore
notice. Full stock of prime hard lumber on
U4.ui. uniem soiicuvu ami promptly uiieii.
xuEn, it.
i Proprietor.
Oripal Irjiffl
Men I
It discharges itself, end thus
saves almost the entire labor or
the operator. It is an invalua
ble implemont to every farmer.
Description will be-sent, to
par ties app 1 ying, "who will please,
state in -what paper theyread
the advertisement.
Semple, Birge & Co.,
A Prlvnto Counselor to IhcXarrlesI
r those about to liarry.'oa the rbjsloloxkal ays
tsrles and ravelatioasof the sszoal syiteai, with th
latest discoveries In producing andpnvsatlac
spring, pmarrtng the complsaion,
This ii aa lalercstlsg work, of two. htrodrsd and
Uty paces, with numerous eagnTings, aad euntalna
TalualiUlafartnatloaiorlhoMWBO an' married or
contempUl atarrisce;. still itisahiekthatoa(ht
to be under lock and key and not laid carslssslr
about th hsuse.- -
Hnl u nr (tn t tazunl te TWr Ma. allmv
Br. Ealtt- Plipraurr, KUK. tlSta SUM, 8t Lnlj,H
' kotci to T33 mict csmimaTi. '
tj- acftraspelrla2lUBawMMUeuva.sdTTtlMta
piVn rrn. tJt w m lis Cr. Bats'
nrk.s. sucr .u;r SLkm U M-ku ImlwsMs jmr .
eovlltm. Ds. Bn ta k. ranHK, jmnAf otStsuIvS
mis. dUwmntsllouSlaklsworl. Office, Ka. IS zlwJk
UjkUStri,teitscaSu;c:fttCiiwuttii.Ucb,ttw '
, . : 31J445V
9 -"W-"V

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